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10 steps to building a killer by ps94506


									10 steps to building a killer
*Set up a business that makes you thousands, a charity that changes the world, or a site that rocks for $76.88

                                             By James Clear
     This guide is free and you are welcome to
      Know someone who has a website or wants to start a one? Or someone that wants to start a business?

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10 steps to building a killer business for under $100
James Clear – Creative Commons License 3.0
This guide includes 6 affiliate links.
 1. Buy a domain name                                 page 6

2. Buy web hosting                                    page 10

 3. Get a content management system                   page 17

4. Download FTP software                              page 18

 5. Get a theme for WordPress                         page 19

6. Work more efficiently (and safely)                 page 20

 7. Track your site statistics                        page 22

8. Connect with your audience using email marketing   page 23

9. Discover what your audience wants                  page 24

10. Get paid                                          page 25

SET UP A BUSINESS THAT MAKES                              If you’re not running a business and just want to get
                                                          a site up, then you can stop after step 7.
CHANGES THE WORLD, OR A SITE                              How hard is it? Honestly, it’s not hard. Is there a
THAT ROCKS FOR UNDER $100                                 learning curve? Sure there is. Will you have
                                                          questions? Yes, I’m sure you will. But be patient
                                                          with yourself. You don’t need to understand it all
I’m really excited about this guide. I’m going to give
                                                          right now. If you don’t know what a word means,
you the 10 tools you need to build a business online
                                                          then look it up real quick on Google. If it seems too
for under $100 (or start a site for any other
                                                          complex, just move on. Focus on taking steps
purpose). These are the exact tools and resources
that I use to run the site you’re looking at right now.
How much is this really going to cost me?                 How much time will it take? Not as much as
At the cheapest, my method will cost you $76.88 for       you might think. I am confident that even if you
one year. This comes out to be about $6.40 per            have never done this before (just like me before I
month. That will get your site online and set up a        built this site), you could set up each of these steps
system to get paid for products that you make like        in one hour. So, this whole process might take you
ebooks, audio, and video.                                 10 hours total. Again, be patient.

I also recommend making a one time payment for a          Buy your domain name and web hosting today. Set
premium website theme or hiring a web designer,           up the site tomorrow. Create your content next
but this is optional. Other paid services that I          week. You don’t have to do it all right now. Just take
mention can be added once you get some visitors to        a step in the right direction. And don’t worry – this
your site.                                                page will always be available to you in the Index
                                                          page on my site.
Even if you did buy everything I recommend in this
guide, it would still only cost you an average of
$54.50 per month for the first year. But like I said,
you don’t need it all right away.

Important: There are alternatives to each step, but
I’m suggesting these particular services because I
use them, trust them, and believe in them. I’m sure
you can find successful people online who don’t use
any of these services. There is more than one way to
solve most problems – and there is certainly more
than one way to be successful online. That said, you
can drive yourself crazy trying to research all of the
options to find the exact perfect one. Forget about it.
Abandon perfection so that you can get to execution.
Save yourself the headache of researching all of the
options. I’ve already done it for you. I trust my
businesses everyday with these products and I am
confident they will work well for you too.

I’ve set this guide up so that when you click on a link, it will open in a new window. You can put
the two windows side-by-side and read this page while working on the other one. Nice, huh?

                                                            In general, I would stick with a .com or .net
Where: NameCheap                                            extension. There are lots of websites out there and
                                                            many domain names have already been taken, so
Cost: $10.16                                                you may have to get creative.

Why you need a domain name: A domain name                   For example, hyphens are a common variation for
is the address of the website. This website is              domain names. So, I could use or — that’s my domain name.        or or james-
Before you create a website, you need to have an  … those are 4 easily recognizable options
address where you can send people. The domain               for the name of the site. Give it a little bit of thought
name is that address.                                       and you should be able to find a combination that
                                                            works well for your needs.
Why use NameCheap: Typically, I would say that
it doesn’t really matter where you buy your domain
                                                            Click here to go to NameCheap and type in the
name. However, NameCheap offers free WhoIs
                                                            domain name that you want. The screen will look
Guard for the first year.
                                                            like the image below.
What does that mean? You know how you can
choose to be unlisted in the phonebook? WhoIs
Guard is sort of like that for the online world. Most
of the time you can look up who owns a domain
name just like you can look up someone’s phone
number, but WhoIs Guard means you can’t do that.
It’s not a big deal, but it’s a nice little privacy bonus
for free.

How to use NameCheap: Don’t rush through
this step because you can’t change the domain name
later. If you have to change it, then you’re stuck
buying a new one.

NameCheap will then tell you if that domain name is available or not. If it is available and you want to buy it,
then click the Add To Cart button. The screen will look like the image below.

When you’re ready to check out, be sure to type in the coupon code. It will save you 10% or so (which I believe
is an astounding $1.00 or so, but hey it’s still a $1.00) As I am writing this, the coupon code is
GETITCHEAPER — but it changes every now and then, so go to this website to find the most recent coupon.
The screen will look like the image below.

Once you have purchased your domain name, move on to step 2.

Where: HostGator
Cost: Choose between $66.72 for one year or $8.95
per month
Why you need web hosting: Now that you have
a domain name, you need a place to store stuff
online. Purchasing web hosting from HostGator will
give you space on some of their servers. All of the
data on your website will be stored there.
Why use HostGator: The prices are low, millions
of websites use them for hosting, and their customer
service representatives have always answered my
questions quickly and accurately.
How to use HostGator: This step is a little long,
but you will only have to do this once.

Click here to visit HostGator. Then click “View Web
Hosting Plans”. The screen will look like the image

HostGator has 3 plans: Hatchling, Baby, and Business. If this is your first site, then I recommend starting with
Hatchling. That’s what I did. You can always contact them and upgrade if you need to. (I went through the
upgrade process from Hatchling to Baby and it took less than 24 hours, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem.)
The screen will look like the image below.

Once you choose a plan, enter the domain name that you purchased in step 1 and click Continue to Step 2. Oh,
and as of the time writing this, the coupon code is SPRING and you get 20% off. The screen will look like the
image below.

On the next page you will choose a username and password. Write them down. You will need
them soon. Complete the checkout process and go to your email inbox. You should see a welcome email from
HostGator containing a link to your cPanel. Click on that link. Click the image below to see what the email will
look like.

Enter your username and password (also included in the welcome email) and log in to the cPanel. Once you
are logged in, scroll down the page and click on Fantastico De Luxe as shown in the image below.

One last step and you’ll have a site! On the left side
of the page there is a list of options. Click
“WordPress” under the Blogs heading.

This page has quite a few boxes though, so we’re
going to break it out by number. I numbered them
straight down the page as in the image below.

   1. Click on this box and choose your domain
   2. Leave box #2 blank.
   3. This is your WordPress username. We will get
      to WordPress in the next step, but make sure
      you write down this username now.
   4. This is your WordPress password. Write this
      down as well. You will need it soon.
   5. Leave box #5 blank.
   6. Enter your primary email address here.
      WordPress will contact you at this email
      address if there are any issues.
   7. (Optional) Enter the name of your site here
      (not the domain name, just the name). Don’t
      worry you can change this later in WordPress
      if you want.                                       Click “Install WordPress” and then “Finish
   8. (Optional) Enter the tagline or slogan for your    Installation” on the next page.
      site. You can change this in WordPress as well.
                                                         Your site is ready! It may take 30 minutes or longer,
                                                         but soon you will be able to type in your domain
                                                         name and see a page on your site. While you’re
                                                         waiting for that to happen, move on to step 3 to find
                                                         out why you are using WordPress.

3. GET A CONTENT MANAGEMENT                              into a post or page. Or you can do many other things
                                                         related to creating content or designing the look of
   SYSTEM                                                your site. Here is a comprehensive list of over 100
                                                         WordPress videos and tutorials that will help you
Where: WordPress                                         solve any problems you encounter and help you see
                                                         how things work.
Cost: Free
Why you need WordPress: WordPress is the                 What you will probably want to do first is change
standard for publishing content on the web. At the       the theme, and for that you will need FTP software.
time of this writing, there are about 27 million sites
using WordPress.                                         Move on to step 4.

Many of the steps in this guide you only need to
complete once, but you will be using WordPress
again and again. You won’t understand it all right
away, but don’t worry. I have some resources below
to help you pick it up quick.

How to use it: You can log in to your WordPress
Dashboard by going to


Then, enter the WordPress username and password
that you created in Fantastico De Luxe near the end
of step 2.

From there, you can create a post (article), which is
what I did to write this. You can make a page, which
is similar to a post but it remains constant (like my
About page). You can upload a photo and insert it

Where: FileZilla
Cost: Free
Why you need FileZilla: Remember how
HostGator offers you space to store stuff on their
servers? Well, FileZilla let’s you take files from your
computer and send them to those servers. For
example, a new design or theme for your site.

Plus, FileZilla is free, it works on PC and Mac, and
has the least problems of the other options out
How to use FileZilla: Click here and download it
for free. Then watch this tutorial, which will show
you why and how to use FileZilla.

5. GET A THEME FOR WORDPRESS                             (most likely FileZilla from step 4) and then drag and
                                                         drop the theme folder into the following directory:
Where: Browse the free themes here or I                  /public_html/wp-content/themes
recommend Headway (a premium theme)
                                                         Click on public_html, then click on wp-content,
Cost: Free or $87 for Headway                            then click on themes to get there.

Why you need Headway: Why would you spend                Once your theme is set up and you are happy with
$87 when you could have a free theme? The way I          the look of your website, you can begin producing
see it, if you don’t know how to write enough code       content. Move on to step 6 to see how I do that
for your own website, you have three options: 1) get     safely and efficiently.
a free theme and try to learn enough code to tweak
it, 2) hire a web designer to create your page for you
(a great option but it can cost anywhere between
$500 to $5000), or 3) buy a theme that allows you
to customize a site without knowing code. Headway
can help you do option 3 for a very reasonable
amount of money.

In case you haven’t figured it out, I used Headway to
build this website with no design experience. As in,
this is the first website that I have ever built and I
had no outside help. Yes, I have a simple and clean
design, but that’s my style and Headway is a
powerful theme that can do much more.
How to use your theme: Specific customization
options will depend on what theme you choose for
your site, but uploading the new theme is pretty
much the same regardless. Once you download the
theme, you will need to open your FTP software

6. WORK MORE EFFICIENTLY                                  reformat your posts and pages once you paste them
                                                          into WordPress, so the simple layout of Notational
   (AND SAFELY)                                           Velocity actually saves you the time of formatting
                                                          things twice.
Where: Notational Velocity/DropBox/SimpleNote
(Unfortunately, Notational Velocity only works for        Notational Velocity is unique because it
Mac. However, you should be able to create a              automatically saves everything without you pressing
similar setup with DropBox and SimpleNote on a            Save. Just type the next letter and it has already
PC.)                                                      saved the document. I don’t know why other
Cost: Free                                                programs haven’t move to this auto-save format.
                                                          Secondly, you can sync Notational Velocity up with
Why you need this setup: You may think that               SimpleNote. I think SimpleNote is actually an
I’m cheating with this 3-in-1 choice, but they all        iPhone app, but it works by storing your documents
work together so I think it’s fair.                       online — for free. Just open the Preferences in
                                                          Notational Velocity and enter the synchronization
Presumably, whatever you are creating online is           info under the Notes tab. Once it is synced with
going to be important to you. And you don’t want all      Notational    Velocity,   your    documents     will
of your hard work to vanish. My current system            automatically be saved by Notational Velocity and
automatically backs up all of my writing in three         then saved online by SimpleNote without you doing
different places. I can access anything I write from      a thing.
anywhere in the world and every document is saved
immediately without me doing a thing.                     If you want to do a triple back up like me, then you
                                                          can set up a DropBox account. Dropbox is also free
How to use this setup: I use a program called             if you choose their 2GB version. DropBox creates a
Notational Velocity to write everything. It is a really   folder on your computer and anything you put in
simple text editor. At first this program may seem        that folder is also backed up online. You can then
really bland when compared to Microsoft Word, but         access the folder by signing in to DropBox from
give it a shot. When all of the formatting options        anywhere in the world. Once you have this set up
and the bazillion buttons of Word are gone from the       you can move the Notational Velocity folder into
screen it becomes really easy to focus on just            your DropBox folder.
writing. Furthermore, you will typically have to

(A helpful hint: the folder is automatically titled
“Notational Data” and is in the Library folder by
default. It took me forever to find it.)

When you’re finished, the process looks like this:
Type a note. Automatically saved by Notational
Velocity. Automatically available in your DropBox
folder, which you can sign into from anywhere in
the world. Automatically sent to your SimpleNote
account, where you can access it online from

I’ll fess up and tell you that I actually got this idea
from Leo Babuata on his minimalist blog. If you
want, you can read Leo’s description of the setup
here. Sometimes it’s helpful to hear another person
describe each step.

7. TRACK YOUR SITE STATISTICS                           one of the plugins. When you set the plugin up, you
                                                        can then enter your tracking code from Google
                                                        Analytics and you’re all set!
Where: Google Analytics
Cost: Free
Why you need Google Analytics: This is the
basic idea is that if you know how people are getting
to your site, then you can figure out how to get more
of them to come back. Once you install Google
Analytics, you will know all types of things about
your site that you never knew before.

This is the best tracking tool out there today.
Sometimes it blows me away with the amount of
information it gives you for free. This short Google
Analytics tour shows you the capabilities of the

How to use Google Analytics: Click here to visit
Google Analytics and sign up for an account.

Once you sign up, you will get a tracking code. The
tracking code is a series of letters and numbers and
is listed next to your site name when you sign in to
Google Analytics.

The easiest way get Google Analytics up and
running on a WordPress site is to log in to your
WordPress dashboard, Click on Plugins, Click Add
New, Search “Google Analytics”, and then install

8. CONNECT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE                            Secondly, AWeber’s delivery rate is excellent. This
                                                         means that their emails almost always get through
   USING EMAIL MARKETING                                 to the individual’s inbox instead of being sent to
                                                         SPAM. Obviously, a good thing.
This one is really important — maybe the most
important outside of actually creating a site.           Finally, AWeber offers sequential autoresponders,
                                                         which may be the most powerful tool that you have
Where: AWeber                                            in your arsenal. This system allows you to set up a
Cost: $19/month                                          sequence of quality email messages that will be sent
                                                         out over time to anyone that signs up. In other
Why you need AWeber: You will see all types of           words, type the messages once and they can be sent
billboards and advertisements when you drive down        out over and over and over again whenever a new
the road, but you only notice them for a split           person signs up.
second. Most websites are the same way. People
move all over the internet and see a site for a          How to use AWeber: Click here to visit
moment or two and then leave. They may never    and sign up for an account. AWeber
come back again. But if you set up an email system       has excellent video tutorials to help you get started.
and a visitor signs up for the email list during their
visit, well, then you can keep in contact with them
over and over again.

AWeber sets the standard for email marketing. Here
are three reasons why AWeber is worth every penny.
First, AWeber requires opt-in email subscription.
This means that you can’t sign people up for an
email list without their permission. This is great
because it allows you to build a qualified list over
time. You will only be speaking to people who are
genuinely interested.

I’m about to let you in on an advanced technique
that everyone should be using – and it’s really
simple. Ask people what they want from you.

Where: Survey Monkey (or you can create your
own in Google Docs for free)
Cost: $16/month (or free)
Why you need Survey Monkey: It is critical that
you get to know the people that spend time on your
site. Ask them what they want. Get to know their
interests and needs. You will gain valuable insights
about what you should be offering.
How to use Survey Monkey: Google Docs is a
cheap option for you to use, but Survey Monkey is
clean, easy to use, and professional looking. I know
a few people who use Google Docs and love it
though, so it’s up to you. Either way, head over to
Survey Monkey and see what they offer.
Two survey tips: Have a purpose for sending out
the survey. People are busy, so keep your surveys
short. I typically use 3 questions or less.
Also, use open ended questions that are proven to
get responses. For example, a great question would
go like this, “With respect to [your topic], what is
the number one problem that I can help you with?”

10. GET PAID                                             link). Also, here is a list of all the PayPal buttons you
                                                         can put on your site.
Finally. Pay day.
                                                         If you don’t have your own products, then you can
Where: PayPal                                            create reviews for products that you like and join the
                                                         affiliate program for that product. Often times you
Cost: Free (Actually better than free. PayPal lets       can use your PayPal account to get paid by the
other people pay you. Although, PayPal does keep         affiliate program.
2%-3% of each sale for executing the transaction.)
Why you need PayPal: PayPal is the standard for
online payments. Some people only buy online with
PayPal, so if you don’t offer it, you will miss out on

Plus, every now and then people use the money in
their PayPal account as extra cash to buy things they
wouldn’t usually buy. This means that if you spark
their interest on something, then they may purchase
it with their PayPal account even if they wouldn’t
typically buy the product.
How to use PayPal: Click here to visit PayPal and
sign up for an account. Once you finish linking it to
your bank account, then you can begin setting
different payment systems up.

If you have your own products, then you will want to
put a PayPal button beneath them, so people can
purchase them. Watch this PayPal demo to learn
how to do that (click “See Demo” after clicking that

If you want, this is what I would like you to
do now:

  1. If you think this guide could help someone
     out, then email it to a friend or post it on

  2. Think the guide is missing something? Let me
     know by emailing me at

Be sure to tell me why a different service should be
included and what makes it essential.

Thanks and good luck!


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