12u Bracket by linzhengnd


									        12u Tournament          Pool A                              Pool B                Updated August 2nd
   2011                         Diamond Diggers                     South Adams
Thunder Sports Invintational 12U Braves                             Norwell
August 4th-7th                  Indiana Rebels                      Muncie Muddogs
                                                                                          Home             Field
Game        Time     Day                                                   Location
                                                                    Division              Umpire           Umpire
  12A      6:00 PM   Thursday   Braves vs Indiana Rebels             12   HCLL Aug 4      Taylor Schmidt   Chris Gonzolas
  12B      8:00 PM   Thursday   Norwell vs Muncie Muddogs            12   HCLL Aug 4      Chris Gonzolas   Taylor Schmidt
  12C      6:00 PM   Friday     Diamond Diggers vs Braves            12   HCLL Aug 5      Taylor Schmidt   Chris Gonzolas
  12D      9:00 AM   Saturday   Indiana Rebels vs Diamond Diggers    12   MLL     Aug 6
  12E      9:00 AM   Saturday   South Adams vs Norwell               12   HCLL Aug 6
  12F      11:00 AM Saturday    Muddogs vs South Adams               12   HCLL Aug 6
  12G      1:30 PM   Saturday   Pool A#3 seed vs Pool B#2 seed       12   HCLL Aug 6
  12H      1:30 PM   Saturday   Pool B#3Seed vs Pool A#2 Seed        12   MLL     Aug 6
  12I      12:00 PM Sunday      Winner 13G vs Pool A#1 Seed          12   HCLL Aug 7
  12j      12:00 PM Sunday      Winner 13H vs Pool B#1 Seed          12   MLL     Aug 7
  12k      4:00 PM   Sunday     Winner 13I vs Winner 13J             12   HCLL Aug 7

                                Pool A #1 Seed

                                12I, HCLL
                                12:00 PM, Sunday

Pool A #3 Seed

1:30 PM Saturday
                                                                    12u, Championship
                                                                    4:00 PM, Sunday
Pool B#2 Seed                                                       12k, HCLL

Pool B#3 Seed

12H, MLL
1:30 PM Saturday

Pool A#2 Seed                                12J, MLL
                                             12:00 PM, Sunday

                                Pool B#1 Seed
Seeding for the single elimination tournament will be based upon the following criteria:
1. Overall Record
2. Head to Head
3. Runs Allowed
4. Runs Scored--Max 20 (You can score over 20 runs in a game, only 20 will count towards tie breaker!
5. Coin Toss
There will be no time limit for tournament play.
No on field warm time is guaranteed before game time.
Please have your team warmed up prior to your scheduled game time.                There are open areas next to the fields.
Home Team needs to report score to tournament director John Hendricks 765-348-6413
If there is no official score keeper at the diamond, the home team will serve as the official book.
Run rule is 15 after 3 and 10 after 4 innings
No inning can start 2 hours after the start of the game

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