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                          A nD T HE A mA zo n ’ S c AS A DE L S uI z o


Ecuador encompasses some of the most varied topography
in South America. There are four distinct regions of Ecuador:                   H I G H L I G H T S
the Andean highlands, the coastal plains, the Upper Amazon
basin, and the Galapagos Islands located 600 miles off the                       •	 Relax in thermally heated pools at Termas
                                                                                    Papallacta Hot Springs
Pacific coast. In this program you will explore the different
terrains and regions of Ecuador, including the Upper Amazon                      •	 Explore the Colonial treasures of Quito, a
Basin at the famous Casa del Suizo. You will be exposed to                          UNESCO World Heritage Center site
the rare and unique wildlife while paddling down the calm                        •	 Delight in views at over 13,000 feet above the
rivers of the Amazon. Travel to the Bellavista Cloud Forest,                        City aboard the Telerifico tram, built on the
containing one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world,                         skirts of the Pichincha volcano
journey to the tropical dry vegetation at Machalilla National                    •	 Travel through the scenic Andes highlands
Park, and venture to Isla de la Plata or Silver Island to see
the renowned Blue-footed boobies. Holbrook’s educational                         •	 Explore the Amazon Rainforest via hiking and
program will involve you in a rich tapestry of discussions, field                   dugout canoe
observations, and geographical explorations.                                     •	 Experience immersion in the Quichua and try
                                                                                    your luck at a dart blowgun shooting contest
T R I P D E T A I L S                                                               with locals

S u G G E S T E D                                                                •	 Visit Amazoonico, a rehabilitation center for
                                                                                    wounded and displaced animals
                                                                                 •	 Straddle two hemispheres at the Middle of the
      Year Round                       BELLA VISTA
                                     CLOUD FOREST                                   World Monument
                                                          Q UITO

TRIPLEnGTH                                                                       •	 Learn about Cloud Forest Ecology at the Bella
        1 2 days                                EC          CA SA DE L SU IZO       Vista Reserve
                                                           DO                    •	 Explore Machalilla National Park mainland trails
LAnD         PRIcInG            ISLA DE LA
                                     PLATA   AYAMPE/SALAN G O                       and Isla de la Plata Island
  7+1 $2395.00
                                                 GUAYAQ UIL                      •	 Hike in tropical dry forest along the Pacific
 14+2 $2095.00                                                                      Coast
 21+3 $1945.00                                                                   •	 Plus snorkeling, kayaking, local community
                                                                                    interaction and more!
  Double supplement
     is $75, single
                                                                                Rates are based on triple and quadruple occupancy for
  supplement is $250.                                                           participants. Complimentary leader accommodations are based
   Price is land only.         Educational connEctions:                         on single and double occupancy; complimentary leaders of same
                                                                                gender are expected to share rooms. Holiday surcharges may
                                 •	 Cultural Studies                            apply. Program may incur unforeseen fuel surcharges. A $200.00
                                                                                per person deposit and enrollment form is due upon booking
                                 •	 Human Geography                             and no later than four months prior to departure. This deposit is
                                                                                refundable until 95 days prior to departure excluding a $100.00
                                 •	 Conservation                                cancellation fee. Final payments are due no later than 95 days
                                                                                prior to departure. Cancellations received less than 95 days
   This program is Carbon        •	 Social Studies                              prior to departure are not refundable. Travel/trip cancellation
     Neutral via a carbon                                                       insurance is strongly recommended. For more information call
  offset through Holbrook's                                                     800-243-3174. Holbrook’s agency number is 15849.
       partnership with
           . . 1.800.451.7111
Day 1                                                                 Quito     ton metal globe aligning the cardinal points of the compass. Here you
Your adventure begins with your arrival in Quito. Here you will meet            will find an exhibition of the different Ecuadorian cultures, customs,
with your guide and be transferred to the hotel. overnight at Hotel             typical clothing, and activities, as well as a representation of the ethnic
Sheraton Quito.                                                                 and native groups that represent part of Ecuador’s past and present.
Day 2                                                                 Quito     Celebrate the ability to be in both hemispheres at the same time - a
Quito is a unique city, surrounded by volcanoes and boasting one                once in a lifetime experience! overnight at Bellavista cloud Forest.
of the largest and best-preserved colonial centers in America. The              (B,L,D)
buildings, constructed in the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries,              Day 7                                           Bellavista cloud Forest
will be your first introduction to the city’s rich history. These colonial      Today you will explore the Bellavista Cloud Forest, a private reserve of
buildings in Quito include several beautiful churches and cathedrals            over 700 acres that contains one of the most diverse ecosystems in the
that contain many treasures of religious art. The variety of stunning           country. Bellavista reserve is a peaceful, beautiful nature sanctuary that
architecture demonstrates why Quito was declared a UNESCO World                 is home to hundreds of species of plants, birds, and other animals. You
Heritage Center. Your tour will begin at La Basilica church and continue        will have the opportunity to learn about the dedicated conservation
to the downtown Plaza de la Independencia. Independence Square is               efforts put forth by the people of the ecosystem in order to preserve
surrounded by four important buildings: the Municipal Palace in the             the magical atmosphere of the cloud forest. overnight at Bellavista
East, the Government Palace in the West, the Archbishop’s Palace                cloud Forest. (B,L,D)
in the North, and the Cathedral in the South. Next you will see the             Day 8                                           machalilla national Park
intricate gold leaf interior of La Compania de Jesus church, one of the         After departure from Quito you will begin the drive through the Cloud
richest churches in America. The tour will continue to the San Francisco        forest and head towards the Pacific coast. Along your journey you will
church and convent, the oldest church in Quito. The day will end with a         witness a transition in the vegetation as you pass through the cloud
visit to Telerifico, built at the skirts of the Pichincha volcano. The aerial   forest, the tropical humid forest, and finally the tropical dry vegetation
tram leaves the base located at 2,950m (9,680ft) and rises up across            at Machalilla National Park. On the way you will stop at a modern palm
the hill to a maximum height of 4,050m (13,290ft). While ascending in           tree plantation and extractor agri-business where you will learn about
the cable car, you will be able to see the splendor of the entire city and      the stages of obtaining oil, from the early plantation work to the oil
have the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful landscapes formed by           extraction. After lunch you will continue the drive until you arrive in
the surrounding valleys and volcanoes. overnight at Hotel Sheraton              the charming town of Ayampe, located at the Ecuadorian Pacific coast.
Quito. (B,L,D)                                                                  overnight at Finca Punta Ayampe. (B,L,D)
Day 3                                                              Amazon       Day 9                                                 Ayampe / Salango
After breakfast, you will transfer to Casa del Suizo. The drive stretches       Ayampe is a small village surrounded by the last humid tropical forest
along a scenic road that provides several opportunities to stop for             near the ocean and inhabited by less than 500 people. You will take
photographs of the lush green valleys and sparkling waterfalls as you           a hike through the beautiful forest that is home to the Papagallos
leave the majestic Andes Highlands and head down into the Oriente               Guayaquilenas, hummingbirds, and orchids. The hike will end at Rio
(the Amazon Region). En route to Casa del Suizo is a stop at Termas             Ayampe and the journey will continue by kayak. Lunch will be at one
Papallacta Hot Springs, where you will be able to enjoy the thermal             of the most famous restaurants of Salango, where you will be able to
pools and a leisurely lunch. The road ends at Punta Ahuano, a tiny              taste the “Spondylus Ceviche,” a delicious mollusk with a shell that
port town on the north bank of the Napo River, where canoes will be             was used in pre-Hispanic times as a currency. After lunch, you will learn
waiting to transport you. After a 15 minute ride downstream to La               about the first settlers of South America at a local museum before a
Casa Del Suizo, you will arrive with time to relax and enjoy a refreshing       short snorkeling excursion off the coast. overnight at Finca Punta
welcome drink as the sun sets. Later that night your guide will give an         Ayampe. (B,L,D)
informational talk and provide an orientation session about the region.         Day 10                                                    Isla de la Plata
overnight at casa del Suizo. (B,L,D)                                            Today will begin with a drive to Puerto Lopez before boarding a boat
Day 4                                                              Amazon       and enjoying an approximately 2 hour journey to Isla de la Plata, which
The day will begin with breakfast before boarding a dugout canoe                translates to Silver Island. According to local legend, the name was
and traveling for approximately 20 minutes down the Napo River to               given to the island because of the buried treasures stolen from Spanish
Cosano for a hike through the rainforest. As you walk through the               ships by the famous pirate Francis Drake. En route to the island, you
primary rainforest you will have the chance to observe tropical birds           may be lucky enough to see some humpback whales from Antarctica
and wildlife and to learn about the surrounding vegetation. Your                that mate and bear young during the months of June through October.
guides will demonstrate traditional hunting traps that were used by             Upon arrival at the island you will begin a hike and explore the flora
the natives to catch different types of animals. Later on you will visit        and fauna, getting the chance to witness Blue-footed Boobies, Frigate
Amazoonico, a rehabilitation center for wounded and displaced animals           birds, Red-footed Boobies, Nazca boobies, and Red-billed Tropical
such as coatis, tapirs, monkeys, snakes, and birds. That afternoon you          birds in their natural habitat. During the months of April to November,
will continue on to the village of Ahuano where you will learn about            visitors can also see nesting Waved Albatrosses, a species of bird that
traditional Quichua culture. A local host will show you how to make             only nests in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Before leaving you
chichi, a typical beverage, and demonstrate the spiritual cleansing             will be able to enjoy a boxed lunch and then participate in more whale
rituals that are still practiced today. Before dinner, all are welcome to       and dolphin watching on the journey back to the mainland. Dinner will
participate in a blowgun target-shooting contest. overnight at casa             be provided at the hotel. overnight at Finca Punta Ayampe. (B,L,D)
del Suizo. (B,L,D)                                                              Day 11                                                          Guayaquil
Day 5                                                              Amazon       After breakfast you will begin a hike in Machalilla National Park, one
Today you will walk through primary and secondary forest trails,                of the most outstanding examples of tropical dry forest that exists on
observing different species of birds and insects in addition to a great         the Ecuadorian Central coast. Established in 1979 and occupying more
variety of trees and plants. Your guides will explain the ways in which         than 135,000 acres, this special forest of Cretaceous origin (100 million
some plants are used not only in medicine but also in construction and          years) is distinguished by the abundant number of species that have
other important local activities, pointing out specific examples. After a       adapted to the high temperatures and low precipitation. Cacti, ceibos,
picnic lunch, your guide will teach you how to tie Balsa logs together,         carob and a species of terrestrial bromeliad are all found along the
and those who wish can build a raft and spend about an hour floating            seemingly dry, narrow river valleys. Plant growth is encouraged by the
down the Napo River back to La Casa del Suizo. Later that afternoon             high humidity levels and attracts a great number of birds, creating a
you will visit the Mariposario (Butterfly House) where you will have the        beautiful oasis amidst the otherwise arid surroundings. The hike will
opportunity to see a variety of butterflies and witness their magnificent       end at Las Frailes Beach, a white sand beach with clear blue water,
metamorphosis. overnight at casa del Suizo. (B,L,D)                             unsurprisingly considered one of the most beautiful beaches in
Day 6                                              Bellavista cloud Forest      Ecuador. Lunch will be provided at the Mantaraya Lodge before you
On the way to the Bellavista Cloud Forest, you will stop for a visit to the     travel to Guayaquil following the famous route of the sun surrounding
Equatorial Monument, where you will also have lunch. The Equatorial             the Pacific Ocean. overnight at Gran Hotel Guayaquil. (B,L,D)
monument, also referred to as the Middle of the World, is located               Day 12                                               Flight back to uSA
approximately 20 minutes from Quito and marks the location where                After being picked up from the hotel, you will transfer to the airport for
the world is divided into two hemispheres by the Equator line. The              your flight back home. (B)
Ethnographic museum is located inside the monument, which is a 2 ½

              . . 1.800.451.7111

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