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									a proud heritage

a bright future

2009-2010 annual report
ble Tots • BRAVA Awards • 15-Minute Abs • Adult Ballet • Cardio Sculpt • Dolphins S
  m • Gymnastics I • Core, Strength & Balance • Camp TA-YI-TO • Dance Fusion • Yoga
  up Power • Mat Pilates • Confidential Domestic Abuse Services • Seal Team • Mr. Gu
  cises • Charity Golf • Open-Water SCUBA Certification Course • Seniorcize • Spinnin
doscope After-School • Step • Girls Circle • Stretch & Restore • Tai Chi • Ladies Begi
nnis Clinics • Aquatics for DolphinTots • Yoga 101 • Zumba • Lifetime Fitness Classes
chool Summer Camp • ENCORE Support Class • Wellness Massage Therapy • PreBal
  Beans • Youth Personal Training • Gymnastics II • Spin & Sculpt • Advanced Gymnas
 ttle Aces • Fast Start • Duplicate Bridge • Ladies Cardio Tennis • Adult Group & Priva
  nis Lessons for Beginners & Intermediates • Adult Round Robbins • Basketball Clinic
t I • Badminton • Aquatics for DolphinBabies • Vinyasa Yoga • Ballet II/Beginning Poin
 m Clinic • Private Swim Lessons • American Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguard Trainin
 r Safety Instructor Course • Tinker Tots 3 • Gymnastics III • Discover SCUBA • Ballet
 le Makers • Water Polo • Lap Swim • DolphinMasters • Women’s Economic Advancem
 Seminars • Swim School • Aqua-Aerobics • Arthritis Class • Yoga/Meditation • June
chment Camp • Gymnastics IV • Preschool Vacation Camp • Sunrise Yoga • 1-2-3 Gro
  sage Packages • Gymnastics V • Tinker Tots for Working Parents • Music for Childre
 eidoscope Vacation Camp • Standing Pilates • Girls Circle Summer • Beginning Balle
onal Training • Tinker Tots 4 • Senior Lap Swim • Supervised Bridge • Common Grou
  es Intermediate Tennis Clinics • Women’s Place • Divorce Support Group • Aquatics
ors • Volunteer Opportunities • Community Education Preschool • Teen Aquatics • YN
Playroom Babysitting Service • Super Soccer Stars • Tumble Tots • BRAVA Awards •
 Minute Abs • Adult Ballet • Cardio Sculpt • Dolphins Swim Team • Gymnastics I • Co
 ength & Balance • Camp TA-YI-TO • Dance Fusion • Yoga • Group Power • Mat Pilates
 dential Domestic Abuse Services • Seal Team • Mr. Gu’s Exercises • Charity Golf • O
r SCUBA Certification Course • Seniorcize • Spinning • Kaleidoscope After-School •
 irls Circle • Stretch & Restore • Tai Chi • Ladies Beginner Tennis Clinics • Aquatics f
olphinTots • Yoga 101 • Zumba • Preschool Summer Camp • ENCORE Support Class
 ess Massage Therapy • PreBallet • Jelly Beans • Youth Personal Training • Gymnasti
 in & Sculpt • Advanced Gymnastics • Little Aces • Fast Start • Duplicate Bridge • Lad
dio Tennis • Adult Group & Private Tennis Lessons for Beginners & Intermediates • Ad
ound Robbins • Basketball Clinic • Ballet I • Badminton • Aquatics for DolphinBabies
yasa Yoga • Ballet II/Beginning Pointe • Swim Clinic • Private Swim Lessons • Americ
   Cross Waterfront Lifeguard Training • Water Safety Instructor Course • Tinker Tots
 ymnastics III • Discover SCUBA • Ballet II • Bubble Makers • Water Polo • Lap Swim •
hinMasters • Women’s Economic Advancement Seminars • Swim School • Aqua-Aero
  rthritis Class • Yoga/Meditation • June Enrichment Camp • Gymnastics IV • Prescho
  ion Camp • Sunrise Yoga • 1-2-3 Grow • Massage Packages • Gymnastics V • Tinker
Working Parents • Music for Children • Kaleidoscope Vacation Camp • Standing Pilate
Circle Summer • Beginning Ballet • Personal Training • Tinker Tots 4 • Senior Lap Sw
  rvised Bridge • Common Ground • Ladies Intermediate Tennis Clinics • Women’s Pla
Divorce Support Group • Aquatics for Juniors • Volunteer Opportunities • Community
 cation Preschool • Teen Aquatics • YNet • Playroom Babysitting Service • Super Soc
  • Tumble Tots • BRAVA Awards • 15-Minute Abs • Adult Ballet • Cardio Sculpt • Dolp
   Team • Gymnastics I • Core, Strength & Balance • Camp TA-YI-TO • Dance Fusion •
 oup Power • Mat Pilates • Confidential Domestic Abuse Services • Seal Team • Mr. G
  cises • Charity Golf • Open-Water SCUBA Certification Course • Seniorcize • Spinnin
                       2009-2010 annual report
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Net •     Our Mission:
ore,      YWCA Greenwich
Open-     is dedicated to
  Step    eliminating racism,
  •       empowering women,
 ics II   and promoting peace,
          justice, freedom and
  •       dignity for all.
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  Yoga                                      3
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ywca greenwich

        Board of Directors        Leadership Council
        Karen Neilinger           Carole Purse & Bert Hazlett
        Chair                     Co-Chairs
        Pattie Simon              Peter J. Appleby
        Vice Chair, Programs      Susan Bevan & Anthony Daddino
                                  Dorinda & William Bishop
        Chris Hikawa
                                  Anne & J. Randall Bourne
        Vice Chair, Development
                                  Susan & Peter Carlson
        Susan Arturi              Courtney & Chris Combe
        Secretary                 Kim & Michael Commaroto
        Joan Lynch                Lisa Corvese
        Treasurer                 Bea & Peter Crumbine
                                  Nancy & Bob Del Genio
        Berdie Brady              Donna de Varona
        Caroline Brecker          Karen & Scott Dillinger
        Diane Davol               Jean Doyen de Montaillou &
        Pamela Frame               Michael Kovner
        Marjorie Cheney Fuscone   Sabrina Forsythe
        Sasha Galantic            Jenn & Tony Frascella
        Lorraine Gordon           Kathy Gabler & Mel Cantor
        Mary Ann Henry            Pamela & Robert Goergen
        Catherine Holden          William J. Griffin
        Yumi Mera Kuwana          Myrna Haft
        Jill Plancher             Ali Hazlett
        Stephanie Raia            Lucia P. & Kevin Hoffman
        Patty Read                Pamela Hoiles
        Ellen T. Reid             Anne & Greg Islan
        Deborah Royce             Patricia & Robert Jermain
        Tyler Schuessler          Beverly & Brodie Johnson
        Lorraine Slavin           Pat & James Kalashian
        Lynn Surprenant           Joy & Marc Lautenbach
        Cathy Swei                Pamela & Marek Lewanda
        Stacey Tisdale            Katharina & Marc Lewis
        Lynne Wheat               Vilma & Richard Matteis
        Sun Jen Yung              Velyna & Jose Morales
        Carol Zuckert             Sachiko & Frank Murray
                                  Catherine & Louis Paglia
        President & CEO           Lolly Prince
                                  Charles Purse
        Adrianne C. Singer
                                  Charles M. Royce
                                  Margery & Gavin Scotti
                                  Jennifer Blei Stockman
                                  Wendy & Tony Triscari
                                  Christina Vanderlip
                                  Maureen & Lance Vitanza
                                  Joan M. Warburg
                                  Sandy & Stephen Waters

                                                                  2009-2010 annual report

Dear Friends of the Greenwich YWCA,

We are delighted to share our 2009-2010 Annual Report with you. We invite you to
read through its contents to get a closer look at the successful programs and initiatives
that you supported in our 91st year of operation.

Each year our annual membership survey asks for three words that describe YWCA
Greenwich. This year the answers were “welcoming,” “happy” and “excellence.”
These words help define who we are. The first implies that we have a well-trained and
committed staff who, from top to bottom, believe in being pleasant and caring; the
second characterizes members who walk around the facility with smiles on their faces;
and the last says that YWCA Greenwich tries to exceed member expectations…and
often succeeds. We think that trying to be better makes us better.

As you turn the pages, please note the six-year growth rates in all our core efforts.
From fiscal 2005 through fiscal 2010, we continue to serve more and more children,
parents and families each and every year. We have attracted a larger audience, even
in troubled economic times, by listening to your needs and creating programs and
services that fulfill them.

It is because of your commitment to our success that we welcome a future that looks
brighter than ever. With the help of our hard working Board of Directors, a devoted
Leadership Council, our valued YWCA membership and contributors like you, we will
continue to thrive.

With our best wishes,

    Karen Neilinger                             Adrianne Singer
     Board Chair                             President & CEO

ywca greenwich

             ywisdom &

                                                                  2009-2010 annual report

            Childhood Education
            The Steven	&	Alexandra	Cohen	Preschool	Center, open year-round,
            continues to expand, grow in attendance and build on its reputation as
            one of the finest early learning facilities in the area. A particularly skilled and
            nurturing staff engages children in developmentally appropriate activities
            that encourage social, cognitive and physical development. It is the only
            preschool in the community that offers aquatics, gymnastics and Spanish-
            language instruction.

                                      Open to girls and boys, academic-year programs
Highlights:                           include 1-2-3 Grow for 15 months to 2-year olds
                                      and Tinker Tots for 3- and 4-year olds. Both offer
                                      flexible schedules, various enrollment options, and
•	 169%	increase in                   a Lunch Bunch. There also is a popular, full-day
   Preschool & Summer
                                      program for working parents.
   Camp participation

2009-2010                             A full complement of preschool camps for girls and
•	 1,102	children attended            boys 15 months to 5 years old is offered as well.
   YWCA Summer Camps                  There are a 3-week June Enrichment Camp; two,
•	 296	children attended the          4-week sessions at Preschool Summer Camp; and
   Preschool Center                   a Preschool Vacation Camp, which is available to
                                      parents throughout the academic year when schools
                                      are closed for holidays or vacations.

            Activities at the Jennifer	&	David	Stockman	After-School	Youth	Center	
            for girls and boys in kindergarten through fifth grade	are led by a 20-year-
            experienced youth leader who, assisted by a highly trained and mature
            counselor staff, helps children to grow, make friends, learn and widen their
            interests. The offerings include two, 4-week summer sessions of 40-year-
            new Camp Ta-Yi-To; the academic-year Kaleidoscope After-School
            Program; and a Kaleidoscope Vacation Camp.

              YWCA	Greenwich	preschool	and	after-school	programs	are	licensed	by	
              the	State	of	Connecticut	Department	of	Health	Services	and	comply	with	
              all	regulation	standards	for	health	and	safety.	

ywca greenwich


                                                            2009-2010 annual report

            Health and Fitness Programs
            The YWCA Courtney & Chris Combe Fitness Center is an intimate,
            comfortable, well-outfitted (top-of-the-line spin bikes, recumbent bikes,
            treadmills, ellipticals, adaptive motion trainers, strength equipment, and
            interactive upright bikes) venue that nurtures and tones body, mind and
            spirit. Certified Personal Trainers and a welcoming staff are there to
            educate, motivate and congratulate every improvement and achievement
            toward better health; and a licensed Massage Therapist and Certified
            Reiki Master helps members to achieve well-being by reducing mental,
            emotional and physical stress.

                                   There are 35 weekly Group Exercise Classes.
Highlights:                        From a high intensity, 60-minute cardio workout
2005-2010                          named Cardio Sculpt to a beginner’s class called
•	 208% increase in children       Yoga Stretch & Restore, the YWCA has a session
   attending Gymnastics &          for every age and activity level. Among the most
   Greenwich Dance Studio          popular are Spinning on stationary bikes; a barbell,
•	 17% increase in Adult           strength-training program called Group Power; and
   Group Exercise Classes          Zumba, that combines motivating Latin music with
•	 374% increase in Soccer         unique dance moves.
   attendance (2008-2010)
                                   The Royce Porter Dance & Yoga Studio provides
                                   the community with exceptional and favored dance
•	 135% increase in Soccer
                                   programs for girls 3 to 18 years. Featured are 22
                                   classes of YDance Ballet; and 44 sessions of
•	 5% increase in children
   attending Gymnastics &          ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop taught by the
   Greenwich Dance Studio          Greenwich Dance Studio. Improved technique
                                   and performance skills are the goals.

            Our modern gymnasium and two outdoor tennis courts hold other
            activities that have grown in popularity; soccer, gymnastics and tennis.
            Forty-seven individual Super Soccer Stars classes for girls and boys 2
            to 5 years are based on age-specific curricula that guarantee each child a
            happy learning experience. Gymnastics, with 13 classes from “beginner”
            to “advanced” for ages 3 to 15 years, focuses on the vault, uneven bars,
            balance beam and tumbling. Park Tennis USA has both outdoor and
            indoor sessions for ages 3 to 11 years, plus a women’s program. Its
            innovative teaching method adapts equipment and court length to size and
            age, rapidly advancing stroke improvement.

ywca greenwich


                 Greenwich YWCA Dolphins 2009-2010

                                                          2009-2010 annual report

           Aquatic Activities
           The area’s top quality instruction and coaching for babies, children and
           adults is housed in the Nick Cavataro Pool, a warm water venue.
           Swimmers learn better techniques and improve their physical fitness.
           Therapeutic classes – the YWCA continues Fairfield County’s only Certified
           Arthritis Pool Program – help members reduce pain, increase range of
           motion and restore strength. Sixty-five youth and adults were graduated
           from the American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard
           Training courses.

                                  The 250 strong, nationally ranked, YWCA Dolphin
Highlights:                       Swim Team had a most successful season.
                                  Excellent team and individual efforts were on
                                  display at the Annapolis Meeting, the CTY League
• 123% increase in swim           Championship, the Connecticut USA Age Group
  instruction for adults          Championship, and a #2 place finish in the
  and children
                                  Sunkissed Junior-Senior Championship in
2009-2010                         Charlotte, North Carolina.
• 9% increase in swim
  instruction for adults          The 6th annual YWCA Aquatic Hall of Fame
  and children                    Luncheon took place in November at the Hyatt
• 14% increase in Dolphin         Regency, Greenwich, to raise funds for aquatic
  Swim Team members               scholarships. The event was established to recognize
                                  outstanding swimmers, divers, water polo players,
                                  coaches and volunteers who have lived in and
                                  given back to the community; 135 fans and friends
                                  joined to celebrate ten well-deserving honorees.

ywca greenwich

          ywomen’s resources

                                                              2009-2010 annual report

            Domestic Abuse Services
           Incidents of domestic violence rose again in Greenwich and the nation. As
           the sole, licensed provider of domestic violence services in the community,
           the YWCA continued to treat a growing number of victims. Our safe,
           confidential and bilingual services include a 24/7 hotline (203-622-0003),
           individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, safety planning,
           emergency shelter, legal information, court advocacy and referrals. This
                                    year, we answered 10,702 hotline and crisis calls
                                    (an average of 29 each day of the week);
Highlights:                         conducted 10,955 counseling sessions for adults
                                    and children; and spent $1.5 million to provide free
2005-2010                           services to victims.
• 637% increase in free
  services for victims              The YWCA, the largest provider of programs for child
                                    victims of domestic abuse in Fairfield County, received
                                    the prestigious Candy Necklace Award from the
• 10% increase in hotline           Senators Community Foundation for our unique
  and crisis calls to               and innovative services for children. And YNet, a
                                    YWCA and Greenwich High School partnership,
• 10% more people                   continues to play its activist and leadership role in
  educated in community
                                    working to end teenage dating violence.
  training sessions
• 4% increase in                    The very popular, 5th annual Old Bags Luncheon
  counseling sessions
                                    that raises funds exclusively for YWCA Domestic
• 4% increase in                    Abuse Services was held May 13th at the Belle
  individuals receiving             Haven Club. Featuring live and silent auctions of
  court support services
                                    gently used and new bags donated by designers,
                                    manufacturers, retailers and individuals, the event
                                    has been a sellout since its inception.

ywca greenwich

                 ywomen leaders

                                                          2009-2010 annual report

          Women Leadership Programs
          Empowering Women is a core mission of YWCA Greenwich. The Center
          for Women’s Economic Advancement celebrates, supports and enriches
          the lives of women and girls in the community. At speakers’ evenings,
          seminars and popular annual events, the YWCA creates interactive learning
          experiences and honors outstanding professional and volunteer leaders.

                                 The 17th annual Spirit of Greenwich Awards
Highlights:                      in September recognized eight outstanding
                                 women volunteers whose vision, devotion and
2005-2010                        accomplishments have enriched the lives of many.
• 117% increase in               In February, for the 33rd year, the BRAVA Awards
  overall attendance             honored nine local women as standard bearers, role
2009-2010                        models and leaders in their professions.

• 35% increase in overall
                                 YWCA Greenwich and Stamford Hospital joined
                                 to present Olympic medalist and Rhodes Scholar
                                 Bonnie St. John discussing how to stay positive
                                 and persevere. March featured a Women’s History
          Month presentation, in association with Harvard Business School Clubs
          of Connecticut, by Mika Brzezinski of CNBC’s Mornin’ Joe discussing
          her book All Things at Once. And in April, in a joint sponsorship with JP
          Morgan, featured speaker Kathy LeMay talked about the emerging role of
          women in philanthropy.

          During the Fall period, YWCA & Greenwich Library Peterson Business
          Program Series presented five women speakers. Among them were
          Sara Gould, CEO of the Ms. Foundation for Women; Leslie Bennetts, a
          contributing editor at Vanity Fair magazine; and Lee Woodruff, author of the
          #1 New York Times best seller, In An Instant.

ywca greenwich


                                                              2009-2010 annual report

            Racial Justice Initiatives
           Eliminating Racism is a core mission of YWCA Greenwich. The YWCA
           mandates diversity in staff hiring and program development. The YWCA
           has a diverse membership and is dedicated to building a community that
           respects differences, embraces equality, and rejects all forms of bigotry,
           bias and racism. As President and CEO Adrianne Singer said in a Stand
           Against Racism Day speech at Greenwich Town Hall, “We must be pro-
                                   active whenever and wherever racism raises its ugly
                                   head. We cannot sit by. We cannot ‘pass the buck.’
Highlights:                        We cannot lean away and watch another human
                                   being hurt, ridiculed, embarrassed, or defamed
                                   because of ethnicity or color. YWCA Greenwich
• 4,100% increase in               won’t. Don’t you.”
  overall attendance

2009-2010                            Each year, programs are initiated to accomplish
                                     the mission. The Dr. Martin Luther King Day
• 1,300% increase in
  overall attendance –               Celebration features our Peter DiLeo Racial
  Stand Against Racism               Justice Scholarships given to two high school
  Day responsible for                seniors who have demonstrated special efforts in
  record growth                      encouraging diversity. It also includes art works and
                                     music by African-American artists. This year we also
                                     sponsored our first Stand Against Racism Day,
                                     joined by 32 other organizations, including every
           public school in Greenwich, which culminated in a heavily attended Town
           Hall event. In addition, over 200 families attended the annual preschool,
           costumed Multicultural Fair with its passport to world-wide foods and
           games. And the YWCA hosts a monthly, 23-member Diversity Book
           Club meeting.

ywca greenwich

     We thank you for your financial contributions that enable the YWCA to continue its important
     work to eliminate racism and empower women and girls. We have raised money through
     contributions, grants and events to support our programs and services. Every effort has
     been made to list names accurately. Please contact us at 203-869-6501, ext. 106, if
     there are any errors or omissions and accept our apologies. Again, we thank you for your
     continued support of the YWCA and your commitment to our important mission.

     $50,000 +                                  $5,000 +                                     Warren B. Kanders Foundation
     Anonymous                                  Herwinder and Sarbjit Ahuja                  Sandy and Stephen Waters
     Courtney and Christopher Combe             Air Conservation Trust                       Xerox Foundation
     State of Connecticut                       Anonymous                                    Carol and Timothy Zuckert
     Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic     Susan and Perrin Arturi
       Violence, Inc.                           Laurel and Clifford Asness                   $2,500 +
     Chris Hikawa and David Windreich           Leslie and Ashish Bhutani                    Albert H. Surprenant Fund
     Deborah and Charles Royce                  Bingham McCutchen, LLP                       Anonymous
     United Way of Greenwich                    Caroline Brecker and Jon Yenor               Jacqueline and William Baxter
                                                Chanel                                       Susan Bevan and Anthony Daddino
                                                Vicki and David Craver                       Berdie and Mairtin Brady
     $25,000 +                                                                               Daphne Seybolt Culpeper Memorial
     Town of Greenwich, Community               Diane and Ward Davol
                                                DeMatteo Monness                                Foundation, Inc.
         Development Block Grant
                                                Edward & Kinga Lampert Foundation            Deutsch Charitable Foundation
     Pamela Hoiles
                                                Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge, LLP           Fairfield County Bar Foundation, Inc.
     Peter and Nancy Allatt Family Foundation
                                                Estate of Virginia S. Frank                  First Congregational Church
     Jill Seaman Plancher
                                                Fairfield County Community Foundation        Susan and Joseph Gatto
     Seaman Family Foundation
                                                Icy and Senator Scott Frantz                 George A. and Grace L. Long Foundation
     Sherman Fairchild Foundation, Inc.
                                                Jennifer and Anthony Frascella               Pamela and Robert Goergen
     Lynne Wheat
                                                Greenwich Breast Cancer Alliance, Inc.       Joanna Heimbold
                                                Greenwich Library                            Junior League of Greenwich CT, Inc.
     $15,000 +                                  Myrna Haft                                   Edna and Harry Keleshian
     Anonymous                                  Mark Hantho                                  Abbe and Gregory Large
     Carlson & Carlson Inc.                     Mary Ann Henry                               Leah Lebec
     Lucy and Nathaniel Day                     Blanca and Sunil Hirani                      Leora and Steven Levy
     Fairfield County Community Foundation      Meg and Andrew Hobson                        Lily Palmer Fry Memorial Trust
        Fund for Women and Girls                Lucia and Kevin Hoffman                      Joan Lynch
     Greenwich Hospital                         Catherine and Blake Holden                   McMahan Securities Co. L.P.
     Ali and Robert Hazlett                     Tracy and Mark Holton                        Linda and Vincent McMahon
     Joy and Marc Lautenbach                    Beverly and Brodie Johnson                   Leslie and John Moriarty
     NewAlliance Bank                           Kenneth Cole Productions                     Neiman Marcus Westchester
     Stephanie Raia and Peter Appleby           Gail and Victor Khosla                       Alyssa and David Portny
     Rudolph J. & Daphne A. Munzer              Yumi and Eiichiro Kuwana                     RBC Capital Markets Corporation
        Foundation                              Louis F. and Virginia C. Bantle Charitable   Patty and James Read
     Stamford Hospital                             Foundation, Inc.                          Robert G. Burton Charitable Foundation
     Tudor Foundation, Inc.                     Mezzanine Management                         Anna and Laurence Simon
                                                Near and Far Aid Association, Inc.           Adrianne and David Singer
     $10,000 +                                  Northern Trust Company                       Storr Family Foundation
     BNY Mellon Wealth Management               Oberlin College                              Jennifer and Brandon Stranzl
     Conway, Del Genio, Gries & Co., LLC        Per and Astrid Heidenreich Family            Lynn Surprenant
     Dalio Family Foundation                       Foundation                                Cathy and Shelton Swei
     Haley and Joseph Elmlinger                 Pitney Bowes, Inc.                           Amanda and Daniel Tapiero
     Pamela and Thomas Frame                    PricewaterhouseCoopers, PWC                  Diane and Bruce Terry
     Suzanne and Ramsey Frank                   Suzannah and Dan Ragen                       Alka and Nikhil Thukral
     Lorraine and Stephen Gordon                Ralph Lauren                                 Christina Hoyt Vanderlip
     Vilma and Richard Matteis                  RBS Sempra Commodities                       Verizon Wireless Hopeline
     Karen and Neal Neilinger                   Cathy and Roger Seasonwein                   Maureen and Lance Vitanza
     Carole and Charles Purse                   Second Congregational Church                 Hilary and Joseph Watson
     Robert and Ardis James Foundation          Mita and Michael Spilo                       Jieun and David Wax
     Ruth and Hal Launders Charitable Trust     Tanner Foundation
     Spencer Stuart Associates                  Michele Urbinati                             $1,000 +
     Steven A. and Alexandra M. Cohen           Velaj Foundation                             Ellen Adams
        Foundation, Inc.                        Verizon Foundation                           Nancy and Joel Altobello
     Lise Stolt-Nielsen                         Joan Warburg                                 Jeanne Andlinger

                                                                                 2009-2010 annual report

Anonymous                             Giovanna and Brian Miller                   Virginia and Richard Case
Appleby Charitable Lead Trust         Kim and Jerry Miller                        Patricia and John Chadwick
Anne and John Ball                    Margaret and John Montesi                   Regina and Thomas Cholnoky
Jane Condon and Kenneth Bartels       NewAlliance Foundation                      Citigroup
Fraser Bennett and Robert Beede       Nightwood Capital                           Pamela and J. Michael Cline
Tiffany Burnette                      Norman F. and Elise I. Swanton Family       Martha and James Cobbs
Susan and Peter Carlson, Jr.             Foundation                               Jean Marie and Mark Connolly
Susan and Trent Carmichael            Northfield Fuel Corporation                 Bonita and Brian Copp
Convent of the Sacred Heart           Colleen and Brian O’Neill                   Dorothy and Thomas Coughlin
Barbara Fenton and Bruce Croaning     Jane and Stephen Payne                      Crapple Foundation
Catherine and Markus Franz Deutsch    Gina and Steven Pierce                      Cathy and Kevin Dann
Patty Dhar                            Robin and Russell Pruner                    Brita and Tibor Darany von Regensburg
Karen and Scott Dillinger             Nancy and Walter Raquet                     Adria and George de Haume
Janice and Steven Doty                Lorraine and Robert Reeder                  Deborah and Russell Dekker
Elysia and Jonathan Doyle             Amanda and David Ridberg                    Katha Diddel
Dustin Dental Associates              Linda and Herald Ritch                      Dishner Charitable Trust
Maryellen and Edward Feeley           Robert A. and Leslie M. Cenci Foundation    Tomoko Dougan
Phoebe and F. Richard Ford            Kristen and Matthew Rossi                   Nancy and Kenneth Duffy
Anne Friday                           Russell Maguire Foundation                  Edward and Barbara Netter Foundation Inc.
Gabelli Foundation                    Kathy and Francis Salvo                     Edward and Patricia McLaughlin
Sasha and John Galantic               Tyler and Alexander Schuessler                  Foundation
GE Foundation                         Emily and Thomas Scott                      Liz and Stephen Edwards
Carolyn Gilbert                       Jane and Paul Shang                         Patricia Ekvall
Ruth Gretz                            Shumway Family Foundation                   Ann and Edward Elliman
Tracy and Keith Grossman              Pattie and Frederick Simon                  Anne Epstein
Tomoko Haber                          Lorraine Slavin and George Dessauer         Pamela Farr
Leslie and Peter Hanlon               Robert Smith                                Patricia and Eric Fast
Constance Hewitt                      Nancy and Stephen Stillerman                Rosemary and Carlos Ferrer
Donna and Jack Moffly                 Dorian Swerdlow                             State Representative Livvy and
Phyllis and Jerry Jacob               Delphine and Sivik Swierc                       Douglas Floren
Jacquelyn and Gregory Zehner          Megan Symington                             Sharon Fortenbaugh
   Foundation                         Luther Terry                                Joyce and Theodore Fowler
Jane Dawson Shang and Paul Shang      Stacey Tisdale and Chris Gatty              Dorothy and Michael Freeburg
   Charitable Foundation              TJX Companies, Inc                          Elizabeth Galt
Natalie and Bo Jarnstedt              Nicole and Richard Velaj                    State Representative Lile and John
John L. and Sue Ann Weinberg          Venture Portraits - Greenwich                   Gibbons
   Foundation                         Sandra and John Wilson                      Kathy and Robert Gilbert
Patricia and Kurt Jomo                Kimberly and John Wise                      Rebecca Gillan
Anne and David Juge                   Marybeth and Peter Wise                     Irmi Goldschmidt
Regina and Scott Kay                  Wendy and Peter Wright                      Amy and Sidney Goodfriend
Patrick Kelly                         Wrightson-Ramsing Foundation, Inc.          Christine and Sheldon Gordon
Joni and Kevin Kimberlin              Sun Jen and Victor Yung                     Susan Gormley
Gail Kirhoffer                        Irene and Carl Zelinsky                     Grace Jones Richardson Trust
Carol Krinsky                                                                     Jill and Richard Granoff
Nisha Kumar and Michael Behrnger      $500 +                                      Jane and Walter Granruth
Hai and Jason Kwik                    Armonk Construction Serv Inc.               Alison and Douglas Greenig
Aina Lakis                            Maxine Armstrong                            Tammy and David Grimes
Annie and Edward Lamont               Susie Baker                                 Vivian Haley
Flavia and Peter Lasalandra           Mary and Hon. Orazio Bellantoni             Elizabeth and Eugene Hall
Law Offices of Kevin T. Hoffman       David Sternberg and Susan Bernhardi         Lauren and Gray Hampton
Pamela and Marek Lewanda              Nadine Bilotta                              Jeanne and Robert Hannigan
Angie and Tao Li                      Sareeta and Bjorn Bjerke                    Sally and Wilmot Harris
Helen and John Lobrano                Cynthia and Attorney General Richard        Lynne Haven and Paul Rinaldi
Victoria Lunt                            Blumenthal                               Janine and Larry Haynes
Michelle MacAbee                      Elizabeth and David Boutry                  Health Management Associates, Inc.
Beth and John MacGillivray            Carol and William Browne                    Nicole Heath
Elaine Madonna                        Susan and David Brownwood                   Heimbold Foundation
Blake Mather                          Bruce Museum, Inc.                          Sandra Herman
Alice and L. Thomas Melly             Brunswick School                            Marie and Mel Hertzig
Marie and Joe Melone                  Amy P. Burke                                Linda and Scott Higgins
Mary Melvin                           Lisa and Leo D’Acierno                      Jack Hoyt
Melvyn L. Cantor and Kathryn Gabler   Elizabeth and Jason Cahilly                 Daryl and Geoffrey Hulme
   Philanthropic Fund                 Marjorie and William Campbell               Patricia and Robert Jermain
Barbara and Henry Miller              Lola Carson                                 Heather and Wayne Jervis

ywca greenwich

     $500 + continued                          Mary Jo Riddle                       Lynn Clarke
     Tiffany and Jon Jester                    Kathleen and John Robinson           Clifton Brokerage Corporation
     Kimberly and Christopher Johnson          Leah and Robert Rukeyser             Jill and James Cobbs, Jr.
     Alicia and Raymond Joslin                 Doreen and Michael Sanderson         Tamara and David Collins
     Patricia and James Kalashian              Carol and Robert Santora             Kim and Michael Commaroto
     Barbara and Daniel Kaplan                 Schinto Dental                       Connaught Group
     Pam and J. Douglas Kelly                  Nancy and Mark Schroeder             Michelle and Adam Cooper
     Deborah and Richard Kessler               Kyuwon and Peter Scott               Lauren and Patton Corrigan
     Mary Lee and John Burke Kiernan Jr.       Margaret and Christopher Sinclair    Caroline and Robert Crabtree
     David Kilbride                            Victoria and Spyros Skouras, Jr.     Lindsay Culbertson
     Barbara and William King                  Kathleen and Kevin Slocum            Davenport Property Management
     Tammy and Nick Kiratsous                  Patricia and Joseph Solari, Jr.      Lisa and Robert Davies
     M.E. and Gudmundur Kjaernsted             Cheryl Spielman                      Laura Davis
     Terri and Tom Kutzen                      Jane and Robert Stricker             Linda and Joseph Delgado
     Kirsten and Najib Lamhaouar               Patrick Sullivan                     Toni-Anne Demasi
     Linda Latrenta                            Alease and Paul Tallman              Jocelyne and David DeNunzio
     Mary Ellen and Harry LeBien               Vicki and Harold Tananbaum           Gay and Dennis Devere
     Hollace and Mark LeLievre                 Craig Thomas                         Cindy and Richard DiPreta
     Jennifer and J. Michael Lewis             Mario Torsiello                      Susan and Sumner Dommerich
     Katharina and Marc Lewis                  Nadja and Steven Touliopoulos        Wendy and Christopher Winget
     Limited Brands Foundation                 Wendy and Antonino Triscari          Bonny and Joe Edwards
     Linda Ruderman Interiors, Inc.            Margot and Charles Tusa              Barbara and Steven Eggers
     Lions Club of Old Greenwich               Elinor and Charles Urstadt           Susan Ellis
     Patricia and Thomas Lovejoy               Irene and David Waddill              Kelly and Francis Ennis, Jr.
     Angela Lovely                             Susan and Torben Weis                Fairfield County Swimming League
     Podie Lynch and James Torrey              Julie Woods                          Killeen and Joseph Faughnan
     Shelly Lynch                              Mary Kate and Brian Wurster          Kathleen and Dennis Fawcett
     Joanne and Norman Matthews                Marian and Michael Yagemann          Meredith Feurtado
     Lisa and Gary Matthews                    YMCA of Greenwich                    Elizabeth and William Finger
     Philip McDonough                          Anna and Zdzislaw Zyskowski          Catherine and Harold Finn, III
     McDowell Longino Charitable Fund                                               Finn Family Foundation, Inc.
     Adelaide McManus                          $250 +                               Finocchio Brothers, Inc.
     Gina Modica and James Meehan              A.B.C.D., Inc.                       First Presbyterian Church
     Sally and Robert Michler                  Christina and Scott Ackerman         Katharine and William Flatley
     Susan and Muzzafar Mirza                  Margarita Alban                      FloorFx, LLC
     Lucy and Robert Moore                     Persis and Robert Alden              Sabrina Forsythe
     Sandra and Randall Motland                Michelle and Laurence Allen          Stacy and Andrew Fox
     Jack Munger                               Susan and Dean Allen                 Phyllis Fryzel
     Paola Narder                              Barbara and Thomas Arenz             Helen and Victor Galliano
     New England Brokerage Co.                 Suzanne Armstrong                    Patricia and Richard Geismar
     Anne Niemeth                              Lisa and Richard Baker               Patricia and Robert Gelfman
     Sheila and Dan O’Donnell                  Elizabeth and David Barth            Jeanine and Robert Getz
     Beverly and Peter Orthwein                Jane and Alan Batkin                 Danah Gleason
     Mairead O’Sullivan and Arthur Landi       Maya Belubekian and Levon Kazarian   Pamela Godwin
     Julia and Michael Caruso                  Amy and Craig Bibb                   Virginia and Taylor Gray
     Catherine and Louis Paglia                Cynthia and Michael Biondi           Anne and James Green
     Lee Parfrey                               Dorinda and William Bishop           Elise and Gregory Green
     Mary Louise and W. Malcolm Parry          Melissa Boles                        Anne Greene
     Joy Patafio                               Elizabeth and Robert Boolbol         Greenwich Country Day School
     Pepsi Bottling Group                      Monica and Mark Bourgie              Greenwich Swim Committee
     Performance Imaging                       Susan and Edward Bralower            Gro Pro Landscape & Design Co.
     Leslie and Michael Petrick                Maria and Frank Brea                 Mirella and Hadi Hajjar
     Sharon and Barnet Phillips                Bright Chair Company                 Erika and John Hall
     Pisa Brothers Travel                      Nancy Burke                          Mary and George Hannigan
     Nancy Pivirotto-Barbe and William Barbe   Burning Tree Country Club            Kathy and Ervin Hanson
     Planned Parenthood Federation of          Tiffany Burton                       Georgia and Craig Harding
        America, Inc.                          Libby Callaway and Robert Carey      Lisa and Timothy Harkness
     Natalie and Malcolm Pray, Jr.             Sybille Campbell                     Marjorie and Gurnee Hart
     K. Antoinette Preudhomme and              Randa Carr                           Teresa and Michael Haskett
        Anthony Pawlowski                      Joan Carra                           Barbara and Lawrence Hathaway
     Raymond E. Dunn Revocable Trust           Joan and Christopher Carter          Patricia Heath
     Sybil Reid                                Terry and Nick Cataldo               Terry and David Heller, Sr.
     Jordan Rhodes                             Tracy and Philip Chadwell            David Hendrickson
     Colleen and Larry Richmond                Chronogram Corporation               Page Hershey

                                                                            2009-2010 annual report

Eunice Higgins                       Anita and Thomas O’Sullivan             Betsy and Neil Allen
Steve Higgins                        Suzanne and Craig Packer                Carola and Floyd Allred
Barbara and Steven Hindman           Shonu and Vinay Pande                   Karen Alterman
Alexandra and David Hochman          Amy and Brian Pennington                Barbara and Robert Amen
Hilary and Perry Hoffmeister         Evelyn and Robert Peterson              Michael Anderson
Barbara and Richmond Hopkins         Lolly and Robin Prince                  Susan and Mark Anderson
Thelma Hoyt                          Katherine Prokop                        Deborah and Gordon Andrews
Hudson Valley Bank                   Valantina and Nick Prouty               Elizabeth and Darrick Antell
Barbara and Henry Huth               William and Kendra Raine                Claes Olander and Paula Arias
Ann Marie and James Hynes            Leigh Rappaport                         Kristen and Brent Atkins
Anne and Robert Ivanhoe              Cindy Rinfret                           Laure and Cyrille Auguste
Ivey, Barnum, & O’Mara               Henri Roca                              Karen and David Austen
J. McLaughlin                        Mary and John Russell                   Emily Ayala
Lori Jackson                         Alma Rutgers and Don Snyder             Janet Baldi
Kae Jacobs                           Takashi Saito                           Jennifer and Michael Baldock
Michelle Jacobs                      Diane and C. David Sammons              Rodney Ballek
Karen and George James               Kathy Savitz                            Barbara Balsam
Herbert Johnson                      Jan Schaefer and Roy Abromowitz         Katherine and Ronald Barba
Mystique and Manuel Johnston         Riva Schmid                             Barhite & Holzinger, Inc.
Jon & Kathy Savitz Foundation        Elizabeth Schmidt                       Marianne and William Barnum
JPMorgan Chase Private Bank          Mary and Christopher Sculti             Lucy and John Barrett
Nancy Kail and Marcos Rodriguez      Vasant Shanbhogue                       Stephanie and J. David Barrett
Kaye & Hennessey, LLC                Cathy and Peter Sibirzeff               Evelyn and John Bausman
Joel Kaye, Esq.                      Valerie Silver                          Karen and Mark Bellamy
Thomas Keaveney                      Margaret Simon and David Weisbrod       Courtney Bellhumeur
Cate and Joseph Keeney               Susan Sleeper                           Otillia and David Belmont
Pamela and D. Peter Keller           Cheri Smith and Mark Fitzhugh           Priscilla Bercovici
Kristin and Ross Killian             Heidi and Scott Smith                   Rita and Jeremy Bergbaum
Jenny and John Klein                 Nancy Smith                             Jean and Richard Bergstresser
Patricia and Martin Koldyke          Kyoko and Joshua Sorensen               Steven Berizzi
Kristen and Thomas Kratky            Valerie and Jeffrey Sprague             Nancy and Allan Bernard
Landmark Tailors & Cleaners LLC      Matthew Stack                           Kathleen and Gregory Berzolla
Kathleen and Michael Langan          Mary and David Webber                   Betsy and Doug Korn Charitable Trust
Valerie and Ronald Lauderdale        Anne and Alan Suh-Hauser                Willing Biddle
Catherine and Christopher Lawrence   June and Glenn Sussman                  Michael Bingle
Elaine and Ruurd Leegstra            Elizabeth and Robert Swindell           Phyllis Blackman
Ann and George Lehmann               Shihchien Tang                          Laura Blau
Florence Levison                     Temple Sholom                           Ilene Blechner
Jenn and James Lewis                 Jill and First Selectman Peter Tesei    Virgnia and Jonathan Blum
Michelle and Steve Litt              Emily and Frederick Toohey              Judith and Joel Blumberg
Guanhong and Zhen Liu                Lucinda and Daniel Tredwell             Ted Bobroske
M.J. Rose Associates                 U. S. Bank                              Migdalia Bonilla
Mackemma Consultants, LLC            Ernestine Urquhart                      Kay and Joseph Boolbol
Doreen Madden                        Hong and Michael Wacker                 Elizabeth Boultbee
Tia and Michael Mahaffy              Candee Weed                             Allison Bourke
Barbara and Franklin Manley          Jeffrey Weir                            Jennifer and Richard Bourne
Sally and Anthony Mann               Nancy Voye and Mark Weissler            Boutelle Method, Inc.
Nancy and Theodore Mantzikos         Susan Wexler                            Sheree Boyd
Louise and Sam Marasso               Amy and David Wilfert                   Jeanne Bradley
Barbara and Mario Marcangeli         Annette and Kirk Wilson                 Gail Brathwaite
Helen McDermid                       Winokur Family Foundation               Rob Breakell
Maria and John Merrill               Carey and Scott Witmer                  Margit and Larry Breakiron
Priscilla and Jan Meyer              Allison and Steven Wolowitz             Nancy and James Breckenridge
Susan and Glenn Meyers               Susan and Cliff Yonce                   Holly Breeden
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney          Nancy and William Zisson                Catherine Brennan
Kristen and Peter Mullen             Robin and Gregory Zorthian              Margaret and David Brindley
Linda and Stephen Munger                                                     Nancy and David Brown
Rebecca Muskus and Mark Risi         Up to $249                              Suzanne Brown
Marisa and Peter Neckles             Shari Aaron                             Heather Burke
Phyllis and Bruce Nicholas           Hermine Aborn                           Mary Ellen Burke
Julia Nix                            Marilyn and Stuart Adelberg             Sandra Burke-Gaudet
Susan and Barry Nova                 Cheryl Ahto                             Joan and Perry Burns
Sandra and Francis O’Connor          Ruth and David Albert                   Sharen Butrum
Phyllis and Luke O’Keefe             Ashley Allan                            Cacace, Tusch & Santagata

ywca greenwich

     Up to $249       continued                 Susan and Ronald Dubin              Mathilde and Willi Hildebrandt
     Sheila Callaghan                           Carol and Lucien Ducret             Mary and Congressman Jim Himes
     Dorothy Campbell                           Maureen and Marc Ducret             Colleen Hines
     Ana Capella                                Isabel Dunay                        Miyuki and Masahito Hirai
     Care of Trees                              Janet and Cory Dunham               Mary Jane and Thomas Hood, Jr.
     Elizabeth and Peter Carlson                Sari Dweck                          Colette and Gary Howe
     Barbara Carmichael                         Edelman Leather                     Monica and Leo Huang
     Mary Carmichael                            Marina Elchikhani                   Margaret Hull-Jackson
     Anna Carr                                  Susan and Richard Elkin             HVAC Specialists LLC
     Nancy and Brian Carr                       Phoebe and John Erdman, Jr.         Luke Imperatone
     Susan Ceresa                               Dana and Bill Evans                 Innis Arden Golf Club
     Cynthia Chang and Brian Scanlon            Kim-Marie and Jeffrey Evans         Anne and Greg Islan
     Charles Stuttig Locksmith Inc.             Elizabeth and John Herman           Gloria and Allen Jackson
     Chase Manhattan of Connecticut             Jennifer and Frank Feenstra         E.P. James
     Peter Chichila                             Fred Feldman                        Mary and Kim Jeffery
     Christ Church Greenwich                    Carrie and John Finlayson           Martha Jeffrey
     Agnieszka and Blajez Cichy                 Georgia Firman                      Diane and Jeffery Jennings
     Clark Family Private Foundation, Inc.      First Republic Bank                 Jewish Community Endowment
     Jamie Clarke                               Lorraine and Jay Fleischman            Foundation of Stamford, Inc
     William Clemens                            Beverly and Daniel Floersheimer     Michele Johnson
     Marcia Cleveland and Mark Green            Elizabeth and William Foulk         Paige Johnson
     Coleen Cohen                               Mary Jane Franco                    Judith and Murray Johnston, Jr.
     Wendy and James Collins, Jr.               Susan Franco                        Carol Jones
     Commercial Furniture Service Corporation   Cristiana and Alexander Fraser      Estelle and Charles Jones
     Samantha Conetta                           Rebecca and Steve Fretty            Jamie Jones
     Kimberly Conti                             Guadlupe and Jose Frias             Lisa and Michael Josephson
     Elizabeth Ann Cook                         Sheree Friedman                     Meg McAuley Kaicher
     Rosa and John Cooper                       Katia Friend                        Susan Huang and Tony Kane
     Jane Corcoran                              Jenny and William Fullilove         Sherry and Kenneth Karetnick
     Ana and William Cordingley                 Marie and Leo Futia                 John Betz and Richard Katzenberg
     Aisha Crumbine                             Sheila Gallagher                    Belinda Keenan
     Bea and Peter Crumbine                     Mary Gallatin                       Cynthia Kellner
     Dennis Crumbine                            Michele and Henry Gasiorowski       Susan and Patrick Kelly
     Jen Cuccaro                                Christine Gerli                     Patricia and Philip Kemp, Jr.
     Brenda and Irvin Culpepper                 Gilford Wallcovering                Anna Kepcke
     Richard Curtin                             Anne and Robert Gilhuly             Carole Kiachif
     Jeanne and David Daniel                    Gloria Gimenez                      Marilyn and Joseph Kipp, Jr.
     Laurie and Michael D’Arcangelo             Victoria Goss and Dennis Hannigan   Gene Kirby
     Peter DaPuzzo                              Michelle and John Grady             Paula and Fred Knier
     Diane and David Darst                      Greenwich Academy                   Kathleen and Thomas Knight, Jr.
     Mary and Karl Davies                       Sandra Greer and William Welch      Ellen Komar
     Patricia Davies                            Patricia and Charles Griffis, Jr.   Malka Kravitz
     Susan and William Day                      Hope and Robert Grusky              Richard Kriskey
     Jacqueline de Bar                          Sara and Thomas Hacala              Kim Kristoff
     Michael De Masi                            Carole and Ira Hall                 Suzie Kucera
     Donna de Varona and John Pinto             Helen and Howard Hall               Gyanendra and Takako Kumar
     Carol Degener                              Julia and William Hallisey          Lisa and Warren Lagerloef
     Sam Deibler                                Ellen Hannan and Kevin Monahan      Rosemary and John Lamie
     Lou Del Bianco                             Mark Haranzo                        Melissa Lamkin
     Mary and Forbes Delany                     Jackie and Kevin Harmonay           Brian Laney
     Heather Dennis                             Maureen and Richard Harper          Susan Laughlin and Joanne Steele
     Beverly DePalo                             Elizabeth Hart                      Lin and F. Tracy Lavery
     Melissa and Thomas Devaney                 Thomas Hartch                       Felitia Lee
     Virginia DiBella                           Linda and Albert Hartig             Leslie and Charles Lee
     Catheryne and Peter DiPrete                Jonathan Hartofilis                 Mamie and James Lee
     Beth Diskin                                Barbara and Joseph Havranek, Jr.    Elizabeth Lefebvre
     Bruce Dixon                                Regina and Evan Haymes              Penelope Lehman
     Margaret Doepper                           Sherri and Jason Haymond            Maryalice and James Lerose
     Barbara Donahue                            Janine and Larry Haynes             Santina and Gerald Lessuk
     Kristin Donovan                            Jean Haynes                         Martha and Louis Paul Leta, III
     Donzini Music                              Thomas Heagney                      Alisa and Richard Lewis, Jr.
     Mary and Joseph Dowling                    Donna and Norman Heller             Linda Lin
     Jean Doyen de Montaillou and               Mary Henwood-Klotz                  Camille Linen
        Michael Kovner                          Evelyn Herchold                     Lizzie Ling

                                                                              2009-2010 annual report

Ann and Richard Loh              Chantal and Erik Morrison                     Av Rivel
Kathryn Lombardo                 Alanna Morton                                 Daniela and Andre Rizzo
Kevin Longino                    C. J. Alan Murphy                             Jennifer Roach
Anne Longo                       Joy Nazzaro                                   Katherine and Kenneth Rogers
Lennart Lonnegren                Linda Neely                                   Sylvia and Stephen Rogers
Leslie Lopez                     Lori Negroni and James Schembari              Lori and Joseph Romano
Amy and John Lowden              Barbara and Edward Netter                     Eileen Rooney
Lillian and Jeffrey Lum          Debra and Paul Neuman                         Megan and Jose Rosado
Dianne and Gerald Lynch          Michael Nicholson                             Whitney and John Rosenberg
Mary and William Lynch           Marisa Nigro                                  Anna Ross
Mary and Frank Lyon              Barbara and Timothy Nolan                     Susan Ross
Susan and Thomas Maher           Constance and Robert Norsworthy               Rick Roth
Tewflick Maitland                Obadon Hotels                                 Linda Ruderman
Marsha Malinowski                Chrissy and Dennis O’Brien                    Raymond Rudy
Malkin Fund, Inc.                Margaret O’Brien                              Rudy’s Executive Transportation
Ann Mandel                       Helen O’Connor                                Jean Ruggiero
Reginald Manesseh                Elizabeth Oestreich and David Fein            Dana Rutson
Edward Manriquez                 Joann and John O’Hara                         Frieda Saemann
Domenica Manuli                  Doris Ohlsen                                  Barbara Salop
Janet and Don Marchand           Marybeth O’Keefe                              Mary Sue and William Saltsman
Madeleine and Paul Marchese      Maureen O’Keefe                               Katherine Sanden
Denise Marcil                    Loretta and John O’Leary                      Kathleen Sanders
Anne Marcus                      Kelly O’Mara                                  Rosalia and Frank Sanni
Dolores and John Margenot, Jr.   Orthopaedic & Neurosurgery Specialists, PC    Sarah Lawrence College
Sally Markley                    Luciana Orzano                                Sulata and Chandan Sarkar
Rebecca and Kevin Marquardt      Maria and David Oxenstierna                   Susan Sarver
Beth Isbell Martin               Gary Oztemel                                  Diana Sawyer
Irene Martin                     Ladislava and Robert Pajer                    Michael Sawyer
Mary F. Blynn Revocable Trust    Traci Palmer                                  Ruth and John Schreiber
Kay and John Maxwell             Ellen and Christos Papanicolaou               Betty Schrohe
Jonathan Mayer                   Matthew Pascual                               Elizabeth and David Schrohe
McArdle’s Florist & Garden       Drew Pearson                                  Sherry and Barry Schwartz
Pamela and Joseph McCarthy       Shannon and Chris Peifer                      Christine and Rolf Sellge
Sue and Chuck McClenachan        Margaret and Joseph Pellegrino                Bruce Semer
Paul McClintock                  Michelle and Frank Pennino                    Catherine and Robert Sheridan
Mayling McCormick                Rosannne Peress                               Shipman & Goodwin LLP
Paul McCraven                    Lawrence Perry                                Kathleen Silard
Patricia and Miles McDonald      Carol Pessin                                  Jane Silberstein
Susan McKnight                   Ann Petersen                                  Silver Hill Hospital
Caitlin McVarish                 Christine and Harvey Place                    Ovadia Simha
Cara Mead                        Harriet Plavoukos                             Claire Simonelli
Dorothy Cooke Merchant and       Theresa and Matthew Plavoukos                 Cynthia Singer, Esq.
    Jane Schnitzer               Susan and John Plowden, Jr.                   Michelle and Evan Singer
Jennifer and Brian Meredith      Elizabeth Pocsik                              Lisa and James Skinner
Irina and Alexander Merson       Rita and William Polese                       Robynne and Kevin Smith
Michael Merullo                  Limor and Frank Pompa                         Sheilah Smith
Virginia and Juan Meyer          Vincenza and Romano Pompa                     Jane Snyder
Kathleen and Kendall Meyer       Michael Pope                                  Camilla Solari
Helen Mickelson                  Jennifer Port, Esq.                           Cozata Solloway
Milbrook Club, Inc.              Erford Porter                                 Constance and Arnold Stancell
Karen Miller                     Leslie Pottow                                 Karen Stanhope
Morlee Miller                    Mary and Joseph Powers                        Kelly Stanislavsky
Nancy Miller                     Penny and Frederic Putnam                     George Stapleton
Mark Minter                      Patricia and Richard Raskopf                  Joanne and John Steele, III
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams     Camilla and Michael Rawleigh                  James Steen
Elena Moffly                     Coral and James Rawn                          Fred Steinberg
Maureen Moloney                  Sara Rawson                                   Victoria Steinmetz
Jan Montana                      Virginia Reed and Cornelis Van Meel           Steven B. Fox Jewelers
Kendall and Michael Moran        Regency Limousine, Inc.                       Barbara and Paul Stevens
Alexandra and August Moret       Ellen and John Reid                           Brenda and Thomas Stiers
Cecilia and Robert Morgan        Maureen Reilly                                John Stoecker
Rhonda and Daniel Morley         Nina Restieri                                 Anne Stolley
Matthew Morningstar Esq.         Lisa Rhea                                     Joanna Stoneherman
Barbara and John Morris          Elizabeth Richman                             Katherine and Seth Strickland

ywca greenwich

     Donors                                     Gifts in Kind
     Up to $249       continued                 A.T. Proudian                        Classic Kids Photography
     Malgorzata and Adrian Stroie               Christine and Mark Abbott            Lori and Peter Clauson
     Florence and Karl Suerig                   Yoko and Yoji Abe                    Coffee Shop
     Charlotte Suhler                           Ellen Adams                          Colony Florist of Greenwich
     Chanterelle Sung                           Betsy and Neil Allen                 Courtney and Christopher Combe
     Robert Sweet                               American Ballet Theatre              Jane Condon and Kenneth Bartels
                                                American Museum of Natural History   Samantha Conetta
     Leslie and Fred Tamucci
                                                Taryn and Louis Angelos              Connecticut Cigar Company
     Gretchen and J. Conrad Tatge
                                                Annabel’s                            Continental Fine Wines
     Sergio Tello                               Anonymous                            CookieTime Productions
     Antonia Thompson                           Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa        Corbo’s Corner Deli, LLC
     Threads and Treads                         Maxine Armstrong                     Cosi
     TLG7                                       Suzanne Armstrong                    Costco
     Corinne Tolles                             Susan and Perrin Arturi              Cottages to Castles Interior Design
     Patricia Toogood                           Asiana Cafe                          Courage.b
     Eileen and Paul Toretta                    Aspen Skiing Company                 Cozy Nail & Spa
     Amber and Patrick Turner                   Atlantic Cigar Company               Creative Thinkers / Enopi Learning Center
     Sally and Roger Turner                     Carolyn Austen                       Cathy and Kevin Dann
     United Way of Westchester & Putnam, Inc.   Aux Délices                          Natalie Danysh and Steve O’Connell
     Urban League of Southwestern               Avon Theatre Film Center, Inc.       Brita and Tibor Darany von Regensburg
        Connecticut Inc.                        B. Smith Furs                        David Emberling Studio
     Bobby Valentine                            Susie Baker                          David Yurman
     Ann-Caroline Van Der Ham and               Bambou Asian Tapas & Bar             Diane and Ward Davol
        Arnold Schraa                           Nicole and Mark Bates                Lucy and Nathaniel Day
                                                Evelyn and John Bausman              Adria de Haume
     Lonneke and Rogier Van Wijk
                                                Beam & Barre                         Nancy and Robert Del Genio
     Patricia and Romano Vanderbes
                                                Becker Salon                         Delamar Greenwich Harbor
     Jeanne VanLout
                                                Fraser Bennett and Robert Beede      DeMatteo Monness
     Teresa and Vassilios Vassiliou             Beth Berelson                        Derma Science Spa
     Sharon and John Vecchiolla                 Kathleen and Gregory Berzolla        Designs by Deborah
     Versailles Patisserie & Bistro             Betteridge Jewelers                  Deutsch & Sons
     Mary and David Versfelt                    Susan Bevan and Anthony Daddino      Devi Kroell
     Linda Vincent                              Bill Robbins Landscaping, LLC        Katha Diddel
     Nancy and Eric Vincent                     Black Forest Pastry Shop             Karen and Scott Dillinger
     Volunteer Center                           Paul Blanco                          DiMare Pastry Shop
     Mary Waldron                               BlueStreak Sports Training           DirectTravel
     Terri and Chris Walker                     Priscilla and Roger Blum             Dirt Floral
     Valerie Wallace                            Blyth Industries                     Disney *ABC Domestic Television
     Daniel Wallance                            Bobby Valentine’s Sports Gallery     Tomoko Dougan
     Glynis and Robert Walsh                    Bonds.com                            Douro Restaurant & Bar
     Charlotte and Ian Watts                    Boston Red Sox                       Jean Doyen de Montaillou and
     Diane Wearin                               Bow Tie Cinemas                         Michael Kovner
                                                Boyd Family Vineyard                 Duling Designs LLC
     Jenny-Dee and Richard Weedon
                                                Bradford Renaissance Portraits       Renu Dvivedi
     Mia Weinberg
                                                Susan and Edward Bralower            Dynamic Martial Arts
     Sharon Weinstock
                                                Bruce Museum, Inc.                   EBS Plastic Surgery
     Hilary Williams                            Tommy Buckett                        Edible Arrangements
     Kirby and Joseph Williams, III             Constance and Walter Burke           Liz Edwards
     Susan and Peter Williams                   Joan and Perry Burns                 Barbara and Steven Eggers
     Agnes Wilson                               Jeremy Butler                        Patricia Ekvall
     Deborah and R. Lee Wilson                  Camera Wholesalers Inc.              Ella Vickers Recycled Sailcloth
     Carol and Howard Winklevoss                Carlisle / per se                    Elm Street Oyster House
     Deanne Howard Winokur                      Carolyn Dempsey Design               Debra Feldman
     Christopher Winters                        Carquest Of Port Chester, NY         Rosemary and Carlos Ferrer
     Louisa and John Winthrop, Jr.              Joan Carra                           Fieldstones of Greenwich
     Kelly Wohlfarth                            Denise Carter                        First Republic Bank
     Susan and Martin Wohlforth                 Chanel Inc.                          Sharon Foggarty
     Andrea and Joshua Woodruff                 Chef Jerwin of Gourmet Palate        Sabrina Forsythe
     Nicolle Woodruff                           Mai Kong and Wei Chen                Pamela and Thomas Frame
     Suzanne and Jason Woody                    Cheshire Tree Floral Designs         Frances Shin
     Marjorie Wren                              Chicken Joe’s                        Suzanne and Ramsey Frank
                                                Regina and Thomas Cholnoky           Freeman Vineyard & Winery
     Ada and Charles Wurst
                                                Christie’s                           Dinah Fulton
     Robert Wylie
                                                Barbara Cirkva                       Marjorie and Richard Fuscone
     Lizora and Samuel Yonce
                                                City Limits Diner                    Garden Catering - Old Greenwich, LLC
     Linda and William Young                    Graham Clarke                        Garelick & Herbs
     Margot and William Zales

                                                                              2009-2010 annual report

Gifts in Kind
Susan and Joseph Gatto                     Jay Ackerman Photography            Morello Bistro
Phil Geraghty                              Jeffrey Shaw Photography            Morgans Fish House
Gary Gerstein                              Heather and Wayne Jervis            Corey Morris
Gezellig - Personal Chef Service           JingleNog                           Morton’s Steakhouse
Gifts to Go                                Joey B’s Famous Chili Hub           Napa Valley Tours and Transportation
Go Figure Studios                          Kimberly and Christopher Johnson    National Basketball Association
Pamela Godwin                              Michele Johnson                     National Football League
Pamela and Robert Goergen                  Joseph Budzelek Photography         Naturallyou
Virginia and Steven Goldsmith              Juliska Flagship Store              Neal and Palmer
Christine and Sheldon Gordon               Kaia Yoga Centers                   Karen and Neal Neilinger
Lorraine and Stephen Gordon                Katie Settel Photography            Neiman Marcus Westchester
Susan Gormley                              Katzenberg’s Kafe                   Keiko and Akira Nishizawa
Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa             Barbara and David Kaytes            New Hilltop Nails
Grand Hyatt Shenzhen                       Kenneth Cole Productions            New York Football Giants
Grappolo Locanda                           Gail and Victor Khosla              New York Jets
Green Light Limousine                      Margreth Knehans                    New York Knicks
Greenwich Animal Hospital                  Paula and Fred Knier                NewAlliance Bank
Greenwich Dance Studio                     Ann Koontz                          Kaisa Newhams
Greenwich Magazine                         Carol Krinsky                       Susan and Barry Nova
Greenwich Medical Skincare & Laser Spa     Kim Kristoff LMT, CRM               Ocean Properties, Ltd.
Greenwich Optics                           Yumi and Eiichiro Kuwana            Old Bags Luncheon - Palm Beach
Greenwich Pilates Center                   La Cremaillere                      Out of the Box
Greenwich Water Club                       La Panetiere                        Rafael Palomino
Jessica Guillin                            Miriam and Donald Landsman          Pamela Einarsen Photography
Haagen-Dazs                                Flavia and Peter Lasalandra         Shonu and Vinay Pande
Myrna Haft                                 Late Show with David Letterman      Lee Parfrey
Jane G. Hall                               Joy and Marc Lautenbach             Park Tennis USA
Lauren and Gray Hampton                    Hollace and Mark LeLievre           Parking Productions-John Dent, Inc.
Leslie and Peter Hanlon                    L’Escale Restaurant Bar             Pasta Vera Restaurant
Happiness Is, Inc.                         Florence Levison                    Patricia Presents
Harper Collins Publishers                  Fern and Charles Lindsay            Patrick Mavros
Harrison Scott Ltd. Editions               Little Chocolate Company            Patron Spirits Company
Teresa and Michael Haskett                 Lodge at Sonoma                     Peninsula New York
Ali and Robert Hazlett, III                Lord & Taylor                       Penny Pincher
Sarah Hearey                               Patricia and Thomas Lovejoy         Pepsi-Cola Company
Mary Ann Henry                             Phil Luangrath                      Pet Pantry Products, Inc.
Constance Hewitt                           Lucy / Greenwich                    Petticoat Lane
Linda and Scott Higgins                    Lydia MacLear Photographs           Sharon and Barnet Phillips, IV
Chris Hikawa and David Windreich           Pat Lynch                           Piero’s Restaurant
Patricia and Benjamin Hill                 Shelly Lynch                        Kat Pitner
Mary and Congressman Jim Himes             Lynnen’s Inc.                       Jill Plancher
Pari Hirsch                                M. Z. Wallace                       PLS Limousine Service, Inc.
Hoagland’s of Greenwich                    Yuriko and Henry Macarios           Plum Pure Foods
Meg and Andrew Hobson                      Diana and Kevin Mahaney             Polpo Restaurant & Saloon
Pamela Hoiles                              Marie Robinson Salon                Pomodoro Pizzeria & Trattoria
Catherine and Blake Holden                 Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk        Porricelli’s Market
Tracy and Mark Holton                      Kathy and Julian Markby             Alyssa and David Portny
Hopscotch                                  Mary & Martha’s Catering            Natalie and Malcolm Pray, Jr.
Horseneck Wine & Liquors                   Jennifer and Jim Matthews           Pretty Wonderful Things, LLC
Hotel D’Aubusson                           Stella and Christopher Maybury      Privet House
Hotel Lutetia                              McArdle’s Florist & Garden          Stephanie Raia and Peter Appleby
Monica and Leo Huang                       Melissa McCann                      Ralph Lauren
Hudson J. Gourmet                          Patricia and Miles McDonald         Nancy and Walter Raquet
Hunan Gourmet                              Gregory McGuire                     Patty and James Read
Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach             Mediterraneo Restaurant             Reform School
Hyatt Regency Newport                      Marie and Joe Melone                Regency Limousine, Inc.
Hyatt Regency Old Greenwich                Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich          Restaurant Jean-Louis
Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill   Michael Michaud                     Jordan Rhodes
Il Sogno                                   Mikimoto                            Elizabeth Richman
Intermix                                   Letty Militana                      Rinfret, Ltd Home & Garden
J. McLaughlin                              Miller Motorcars                    Joan Rivers
J. Pocker & Son                            Mindibag, LLC                       Rockwood Capital, LLC
J. W. Tumbles Children’s Gym               Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams        Megan and Jose Rosado
Jack Jung Therapeutic / Sports Massage     Mitchells Family of Stores          Deborah and Charles Royce
Phyllis and Jerry Jacob                    Moet Hennessy USA                   Karen Free Royce
Jane Mogel Interior Design                 Morano Landscaping                  Rudy’s Executive Transportation

ywca greenwich

     Gifts in Kind
     Rye Grill & Bar                           Stacey Tisdale and Chris Gatty               Terri and Chris Walker
     Saito                                     TJX Companies, Inc                           Noelle Ward
     Saks Fifth Avenue of Greenwich            Tommy Hilfiger Foundation & Betsy Hilfiger   Warren-Tricomi Salon
     Saks Fifth Avenue-Stamford                Town of Greenwich Police Department          Jieun and David Wax
     Sally Hershberger Downtown                Trapp Optical                                Weiss Gallery
     Salon Ishi                                Wendy and Antonino Triscari                  Westport Country Playhouse
     Sam Bridge Nursery and Greenhouses, LLC   John Troiani                                 Stuart Weitzman
     Katherine Sanden                          Margot and Charles Tusa                      Lynne Wheat
     Katherine Sanford                         Two Tomatoes Records, LLC                    Whole Foods
     Kathy Savitz                              Universal Printing & Mailing Services        Barbara Wilson
     Jane Schellings                           V. K. Orchids, Inc.                          WineWise
     Tyler and Alexander Schuessler            VanCleef & Arpels                            Louisa and John Winthrop, Jr.
     Elizabeth Schwendeman                     Christina Hoyt Vanderlip                     Wishlist, Inc.
     Scott Kay Inc.                            VARMAX Liquor Pantry                         Allison Woodruff
     Catherine and Roger Seasonwein            Vendue Inn                                   Cristine Wyman
     Second Congregational Church              Venture Portraits - Greenwich                Susan and Cliff Yonce
     Katie Seguin                              Verizon Foundation                           Linda and William Young
     Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids                   Versailles Patisserie & Bistro               Sun Jen and Victor Yung
     Sheraton Society Hill Hotel               James Vidas                                  YWCA of Greenwich
     Fifi Sheridan and Paul Barbian            Villarinas                                   Carol and Timothy Zuckert
     Debra Sherwood
     Yoko and Toshiki Shimura
     Jane Silberstein
     Valerie Silver
     Robert Simonson
     Margaret and Christopher Sinclair
     Adrianne and David Singer
     Nicholas Singer
     Sitework Excavation & Landscaping
         Contractors LLC
     Sitting Service of Connecticut, LLC
     Lorraine Slavin and George Dessauer
     Smart Kids’ Toys
     Smith Party Rentals
     Smoking Cigars
     Beth Snider
     Patricia and Joseph Solari, Jr.
     Janet Sotzing
     Southern Connecticut Dermatology PC
     Mita and Michael Spilo
     Splash Car Wash
     Spur’s End Clothing LLC
     Stafford London
     Stamford Symphony
     Michael Stein
     Steven B. Fox Jewelers
     Hume Steyer
     Lisa Stillerman
     Nancy and Stephen Stillerman
     Jennifer and Brandon Stranzl
     Super Soccer Stars
     Lynn Surprenant
     Susan Ward Designs
     Megan Symington
     Tahiti Street
     Alease and Paul Tallman
     Tengda Asian Bistro
     Belinda and Luther Terry
     Thataway Cafe
     Theory of Greenwich
     Alka and Nikhil Thukral
     Tiffany & Co., Greenwich

                                                   2009-2010 annual report

financial highlights
Program Fees                          $3,808,200     51.71%
Membership Fees                         929,488      12.62%
Special Events                         1,253,731     17.02%
Grants                                  569,590       7.74%
Annual Fund                             356,607       4.84%
Campaign                                300,000       4.08%
Investment Income*                      146,600       1.99%

Total Income                          $7,364,216      100%

Program Expense                       $5,886,996     86.13%
Management, General &
National Support                        569,608       8.33%
Fund Development                        378,433       5.54%

Total Expense                         $6,835,037      100%

*Excludes unrealized gains & losses

ywca greenwich
259 E. Putnam Avenue • Greenwich, CT 06830
Phone: 203-869-6501 • Fax: 203-629-8187

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