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									                               Pre-Calculus Honors Syllabus
                                       2011 - 2012
                                       Miss Thrush

Welcome to Pre-Calculus Honors!! I am very excited to be working with you girls during this
school year. This course is going to be exciting, yet challenging, but I will be here to help
and guide you throughout. The work you will perform will be at a higher level and at a
quicker pace than the regular Pre-Calculus course. If at any time you feel uncomfortable
with what we are doing please do not be afraid to ask questions or to see me for extra
help!!! Questioning is how we gain a better understanding on difficult topics and become
masters of the material.

I will be available in the TLC 7th period every other day and afterschool pretty much every
day in room 100. If you do plan to stay after school, please see me by 3:00pm, but if you
need to come later just let me know. If you are unavailable during these times, just see me
and we can make other arrangements. Please know that I am here to help you and to
make sure that you succeed, but I cannot do that without you. Thus, if you are having
difficulty or feel behind, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with me.

   Pencils with erasers (work in pen is not accepted)
   2" binder w/ dividers (notes, homework, tests/quizzes, weekly assigns, misc)
   Lined paper
   Graph paper
   TI graphing calculator (TI 83/84 plus)
   Ruler
   Colored pencils
   Highlighters
   Composition notebook

    Homework:
     o Part 1: Daily assignments - Homework will be given each night based on the
       material covered in class. Students are expected to complete the homework (with
       work shown) and have it ready to be checked at the beginning of class the
       following day. You will be given a monthly calendar which will be stamped based
       on the completeness of your homework. Full credit is worth 2 points, partial is 1,
       incomplete or not in class is 0. The calendar will be collected periodically to be
       recorded. It is your responsibility to keep this sheet in a safe place as your
       homework grade relies on this.
     o Part 2: Weekly assignments - At the beginning of the week, you will receive a sheet
       with 5 problems on it, one for each night of the week. These problems should take
       approximately 5-10 minutes each to complete. The questions assigned will be
       review of important topics covered in previous classes. All of the questions will be
       word problems that will prepare you for the SAT’s and also for upper level math
       courses in high school and college. At the beginning of the following week, this
       sheet will be collected and graded out of 10 possible points (2 per question). NO
                *All work needs to be your own, no 2 papers should ever look alike!*
       o Part 3: Composition Notebook - This notebook will be kept as a term of review. At
         the end of each chapter I will give you a list of topics that I feel are most
         important. You will use this list to create a personal review of your notes. You may
         also include any other information that you would like. This notebook then can be
         used as a review for quizzes, tests, and final exam. This will help to keep your
         materials organized and thus you will have just about everything you need in one
         spot. The date in which I will check your notebook will be posted on the topic
       Quizzes:
        Quizzes will be given on a regular basis, usually with one to two days notice. Quizzes
        must be completed in pencil and all work must be shown in order to receive any
        partial credit. Quizzes will contain material from the current chapter only.
       Tests:
        There will be one test per chapter - unless the chapter is extensive - in this case there
        will be two tests. Like quizzes, tests must be completed in pencil. Each test will cover
        the material from the chapter and possibly a couple of review questions. Therefore it
        is important to know the material from previous chapters. Corrections are required
        after each test with a score less than 85% - the number of points returned will be
        determined by the difficulty of the test. The two grades will then be averaged for
        your new test grade. NOTE: Each test will be ½ calculator & ½ no calculator. (Most
        of the time the test will take 2 days)

       Mid-term & Final Exam:
        There is both a mid-term and final exam for this course - both of which will be
        comprehensive. Thus, the review questions on tests are extremely important to keep
        significant material fresh in your mind. This does not mean that the only questions on
        the mid-term & final will be the review questions - these are just important ones.
       Class Participation:
        Participation is an extremely important part of this class. Participation includes
        completing problems on the board, answering questions in class, behavior, having
        the appropriate materials, and participating in group-work. Also, if you are
        constantly late to class, your participation grade will be lowered.
Your grade will be calculated using the following breakdown.

            Daily assignments                               10%
            Weekly assignments                              15%
            Composition Notebook                             5%
        Quizzes                                             25%
        Tests                                               40%
        Participation                                        5%
Extra Credit:
Each week a new extra credit problem will be posted on the course webpage. You will
have 1 week to complete the given problem. (see webpage for further details) **Note:
Each correct extra credit problem will be worth 2 points which will may be added to any
Online Webpage:
Our class has an online webpage – it is your responsibility to check it on a regular basis as it
will contain important information about our course such as notes, homework, etc …
If you are absent …
       it is YOUR responsibility to make up any missed work and to turn in any assignments
from the previous day(s). If you miss a quiz or test, you must see me about making it up.
You will have 1 week from the missed quiz/test day to make it up. If there is a school
function going on in which you will not be in class - it is your responsibility to get the
assigned work to me - either before you leave or through a responsible friend that day.

All work should be your own - any type of copying/cheating will result in a ZERO. This
includes homework, tests, quizzes, extra credit, etc.; see student handbook for details

Course Expectations:
–Be respectful to yourself, others & myself
    Act in a cooperative, responsible, respectful and mature manner at all times.
    Stay in your seat until the bell rings.
–Be responsible – take control of your own actions
    Always check our class webpage for notes, homework, test/quiz dates, & extra
–Be prepared – always have the appropriate materials for class & be ready to learn
    All assignments are to be turned in neatly on loose-leaf paper & in pencil. If I cannot
      read your work then it cannot be graded. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE
–Be on time & ready to work when the bell rings
    If you need to use the restroom, come to class first and ask permission, but do not
      make it an ongoing habit.
    Three lates = detention
–Enjoy learning – if you don’t get something or are having difficulties, ASK – there is no
      harm in getting help to do well!!!

Blank Notes Available Online:

When you check the daily notes, you will find the completed notes given that day and
also a blank set of the notes to be given the following day. These notes will be in PDF
format and thus are easily accessible and printable. NOTE: It is not mandatory for you to
print the notes, but it is a good idea so that you do not have to write so much in class and
can focus on the lesson. Please sign below to show that you are aware that the notes will
be available and that it is NOT mandatory for them to be printed.
     I am really looking forward to this school year and think it is going to be
 fantastic!! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at my
                    email: 

          Please sign & return the bottom of this page for your first homework assignment.
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I                              have read and understand the course syllabus. By signing
below, I am accountable for the rules and procedures in this classroom. I also understand
that each days notes will be available online to print out before the given lesson. I also
understand that I do not have to print them if I do not want to, but it may be helpful in
staying on task throughout the lesson.

                        Signature of Student                                                                                           Date

I have read and understand the course syllabus. By signing below, I acknowledge that my
student is accountable for the rules and procedures in this classroom. I also understand
that the notes for each class will be posted online for my student to print out and that it
may be beneficial for them to do so, but if they choose not too it is their responsibility to
stay focused throughout the lesson.

                Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                                                            Date

Parent/Guardian Information

Parent/Guardian Name:

The best way to contact me is

You may also wish to contact                                                                                              at

Is there anything else you would like me to know about your student?

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