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AHP SPRING2005newsindd


									                     AHP For the record
 An association newsletter for members of American Horse Publications                                          Spring 2005

       AHP 2004-2005
      Board of Directors
President: Deborah Tatum
   UK Gluck Equine Research & Service
1st Vice President:
   Connie Lechleitner
   Ohio Quarter Horse News
2nd Vice President:
   Carl Mullins
   Cowboy Publishing Group
Executive Board Members:
   Dean Hoffman
      Hoof Beats
   Pat Trowbridge
      BowTie, Inc.
Immediate Past President:
    Doug Hayes
      The American Quarter Horse
                                                            JUNE 9-11, 2005
      The American Quarter Racing
                                                        Seattle Seminar Highlights
                                          Friday, June 10                             veloping complex internet solutions, in-
Executive Director:
   Christine W. Brune                         SUSAN WEISS will present two            cluding, web software development,
Directors                                 breakout sessions on Friday. “Web Sites     ebusiness applications, interactive web
   Jennifer Bryant                        101” is for organizations planning on       sites and intranets. Net Tango, Inc. has
      Affiliate member                    building a web first generation web site    been recognized for innovative technol-
   Cheryl Erpelding                       or upgrading an already existing web        ogy solutions earning The Landmark of
      California Riding Magazine          site. This session will cover a step-by-    Excellence Award from the Public Rela-
   Kimberly Herbert                       step process of building a basis web site   tions Society of America and the Public
      The Horse
   Dean Jacobson                          including: redesign/design consider-        Affairs Council Grassroots Innovation
      Virginia Horse Journel              ations, do’s and don’ts of graphic de-      Award.
   Sandy Kucharski                        sign, basic ingredients of engaging site        Prior to founding Net Tango, Susan
      The Sentinel                        visitors, web hosting, domain name reg-     spent 12 years in various management,
   Lindsay Serrell                        istration, search engines and advertising   system development and marketing po-
      Maverick Press                      basics. “Advanced Web Sites” will fo-       sitions in Washington D.C. and Chica-
                                          cus on ideas for taking your web site to    go. Susan earned a bachelors degree in
 For more information on AHP or           the next level. Learn about emerging        Business and Economics from The
   any of its programs, contact:          web site technologies including: RSS        American University and an MBA from
    AMERICAN HORSE                        News Feeds, Podcasting, Blogs and the       the University of Louisville.
     PUBLICATIONS                         latest trends with online advertising and       Susan currently serves on The Ken-
        49 Spinnaker Circle               web site metrics.                           tucky Science and Technology Corpora-
     South Daytona, FL 32119                  Susan will also be providing 15-min-    tion Board and Executive Committee,
 386-760-7743; Fax: 386-760-7728          ute Web Site Critiquing Sessions on         The University of Louisville’s Entrepre-
   E-mail:             Saturday. A reservation form was sent to    neurship Council and The Center for
                                                                                                                                  continued on page 2

             Web Site:                    members on March 14th. Reservations         Information Technology Enterprises              are on a first-come, first-served basis.    Board. She was recently selected to serve
        AHP For the record                    Susan is President of Net Tango, a      on the National Entrepreneurship Advi-
        Chris Brune, Editor               web-based software development com-         sory Council. Susan has also served on a
      Barrie Reightler, Design            pany, founded in 1996 in Louisville,        number of other boards and has re-
                                          Kentucky. Net Tango specializes in de-      ceived the Women Business Owner of
                                                   AHP For the record / 1
the Year Award by the National Associa-         JIM WHITING will present “Killer           helpful sources, how copy editors
tion of Women Business Owners and            Leads and Corpus Delicti,” on Satur-          (should) cover your assets, fact check-
the Distinguished Alumni Service             day afternoon from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.          ing, and more.
Award from the University of Louisville.     This session focuses on what might be
                                             termed “Not Quite Ready for Prime                     Additional sessions
   BRIAN WOOD will present two ses-          Time,” stories with useful information               planned for Saturday
sions on Friday beginning with a morn-       for readers but which require editorial            More 45 Ideas in 45 Minutes
ing session on “PhotoShop CS” and a          polishing to make them shine.                    Moderator: Pat Trowbridge, BowTie, Inc.
seminar on “Quark to InDesign” in               Traditionally, a “killer lead” is an
the afternoon. Brian is VP/Director of       opening so compelling that readers are                New Technology to Make
Training of eVolve Computer Graphics         quickly pulled into the story. There’s al-              Publishing Easier
Training Inc., a Seattle-based company.      so another meaning: an introduction
His clients include BowTie Inc./Fancy        that immediately extinguishes any fur-                Small, But Mighty IV
Publications, The Seattle Times, Washing-    ther interest in what follows. Sometimes         How To Educate Your Advertisers
ton Newspaper Publishers Association,        the solution is relatively simple: identi-           Moderators: Dean Jacobson,
Rational Island Publishing, Starbucks,       fying a more powerful paragraph later                Virginia Horse Journal,
Nintendo, Kraft Foods and many oth-          in the story and using it as the lead.                 and Cheryl Erpelding,
ers. Brian is an Adobe Certified Instruc-    Sometimes the solution is more com-                    Riding Publications
tor/Print Specialist, which includes a       plex, requiring some judicious rewrit-
certification in InDesign, Photoshop         ing. Plenty of examples illustrate both             Improving Your Media Kit
and Acrobat. He is also certified in         fixes.                                            Moderator: Lua Oas Southard, Equine
QuarkXPress and has taught and used             It’s not enough to have a graphic                  Resources International
both Quark and PageMaker for many            grabber. The body of the story needs to
years. Brian’s recent speaking engage-       maintain the same high level of interest               TIME SCHEDULE
ments include organizations like the         and avoid the numerous compositional                     (Subject to change)
Graphic Arts Guild, Society of Techni-       crimes that even established writers can
cal Communication, and XEROX.                unwittingly commit. Additional exam-          Wednesday, June 8, 2005
                                             ples suggest ways of changing stories         12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
        Additional sessions                  that may be DOA to A-OK through your          Board of Directors Luncheon
        planned for Friday                   ER (Editorial Rescue).
        Style Guide Workshop                    The presentation concludes by shed-        1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
     Moderator: Connie Lechleitner, Ohiio    ding light on the its-it’s conundrum, a       Board of Directors Meeting
          Quarter Horse News                 seemingly simple grammatical issue            Thursday, June 9, 2005
                                             which has confounded countless writers
   Freelancer/Publisher Workshop:            and editors, including a number who           9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
                                                                                           Best of Seattle City Tour (optional)
    Buying Text and Photography              work for big-city dailies.
        Moderators: Jennifer Bryant             Jim has been a journalist, author and      7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
          and Audrey Pavia                   editor for more than 30 years. He served      Welcome Reception
                                             as editor/business manager for award-
Saturday, June 11                            winning Northwest Runner (a regional          Friday, June 10, 2005
   MILTON C. TOBY, JD, will be pre-          running magazine) for seventeen years.        7:30 - 9:30 a.m.
senting the session, “Copyright Myths:       More recently, he has written and edited      Registration
Print, Electronic and Image” on Sat-         more than 150 children’s books. During
urday morning. Confused about what           his long career, his varied subjects have     8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
the federal copyright law means to your      included saints and scientists, emperors      Equine Industry Vision Award
publication and your contributors? Baf-      and explorers, opera singers and Antarc-      Breakfast
fled by your rights and obligations un-      tic travel, restaurants and recreational      9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
der the law? If so, you’re not alone.        opportunities – and of course horses.         PhotoShop CS
Copyright law is confusing under the            Jim’s session will be followed by a
best of circumstances, and misunder-         panel discussion titled, “Developmen-         9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
standings and misinformation make            tal Copy Editing and Fact Checking”           Advanced Web Sites
the situation worse. This session will ad-   moderated by Kimberly Herbert, The
dress the basics of copyright and explore    Horse. Your colleagues will share actual      9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
some of the most common misconcep-           good text and garbage, giving you the         AHP Resource Center and Lounge
tions about the law.                         chance to make suggestions and ask
   Milt is a Lexington, Kentucky, attor-     questions on how specific arti-               10:30 – 11:00 a.m.
ney with long-standing interests in both                                                   Mid-Morning Break
                                             cles should be (and were) edited. This
horses and publications law. A writer        will include discussions on how to as-        11:00 – 12:00
and photographer for The Blood-Horse         sign stories to get what you want, what       Style Guide Workshop
for 12 years, a freelance photographer, a    happens if you don’t get the story you
frequent contributor to The Horse, and       assigned, leads (the good, the bad, and       12:00 - 1:30 p.m.
author of four books, he brings a unique     the run-on-because-it-feels-good-and-         Networking Luncheon
perspective to his presentation on copy-     someone-will-make-it-better-and-it-re-
right myths and misunderstandings.           ally-isn’t-my-problem), free-lance re-        1:30 – 4:30 p.m.
                                             writes (or the decision to do it in-house),   Quark to InDesign

                                                      AHP For the record / 2
1:30 - 3:00 p.m.                     11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Freelancer/Publisher Workshop:       New Technology to Make Publishing   AHP Best of Seattle
Buying Text and Photography          Easier
                                                                             City Tour
3:00 - 3:30 p.m.                     12:00 - 1:30 p.m.
Mid-Afternoon Break

3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Web Sites 101

                                     1:30 - 2:00 p.m.
                                     General Membership Meeting
                                                                         E      arly arrivals will have an opportu-
                                                                                nity to take the bus tour on
                                                                                Thursday, June 9 which departs
                                                                         the Red Lion Hotel at 9:00 a.m. and re-
                                                                         turns to the hotel at 3:30 p.m.
                                     and Election of Officers
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.                                                            Attendees will learn why Seattle has
AHP World’s Fair                     2:00 - 3:30 p.m.                    been named one of America’s most liv-
Student Fund Silent Auction          Small, But Mighty IV:               able cities! Friendly and informative
Student Award Reception              How To Educate Your Advertisers     guides will give historical background
                                                                         on the area, point out interesting land-
6:30 – 10:00 p.m.                    2:00 – 3:00 p.m.                    marks, as well as give insider tips on spe-
Student Award Dinner                 Killer Leads and Corpus Delicti     cial shopping and sightseeing areas. In-
Saturday, June 11, 2005                                                  cluded in the tour are historic Pioneer
                                     2:00 – 5:00                         Square and the International District. A
7:30 - 9:00 a.m.                     Web Site Critiquing Sessions
Registration                                                             drive over one of Seattle’s two floating
                                     3:00 - 3:30 p.m.                    bridges will provide views of beautiful
8:00 - 9:00 a.m.                     Mid-Afternoon Break                 Lake Washington. A stop at the Hiram
Breakfast                                                                M. Chittenden Locks will show how the
                                     3:30 – 4:30 p.m.                    area’s fresh and salt waters meet, and
9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.                Developmental Copy Editing and      you will enjoy the underwater viewing at
More 45 Ideas in 45 Minutes          Fact Checking                       the adjoining salmon ladders.
                                                                            You will have the opportunity to
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.                3:30 – 4:30 p.m.                    spend some time at the Seattle Center
AHP Resource Center and Lounge       Improving Your Media Kit            and tour Seattle’s most recognizable
9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.               6:00 - 7:00 p.m.                    landmark, the Space Needle. Admission
Web Site Critiquing Sessions         Awards Reception                    to the Observation Deck is $13 per
                                                                         adult; $6 per child age 4-13; and $11 se-
9:45 a.m. –12:00 p.m.                7:00 - 10:00 p.m.                   niors age 65+. The Space Needle is locat-
Copyright Myths: Print, Electronic   Awards Banquet                      ed next to the Pacific Science Center and
and Image                                                                the Experience Music Project.
                                                                            The tour will stop at the Pike Place
10:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.                                                  Market where attendees will enjoy lunch
Mid-Morning Break                                                        on your own. Seattle’s renowned Pike
                                                                         Place Market, an exciting array of color,
                                                                         aroma and sounds is sure to leave a last-
                                                                         ing impression. There will be time to
                                                                         shop and explore this fascinating area,
                                                                         and easy-to-read maps will be provided.
                                                                            Last but not least is a tour at Blowing
                                                                         Sands. Seattle has the second largest
                                                                         glass art culture in the world – second
                                                                         only to Venice, Italy! Blowing Sands is
                                                                         owned by David Smith, who was intro-
                                                                         duced to the art of glass blowing in 1978
                                                                         while studying for a degree in Materials
        Go back in time with us at the AHP World’s                       Science and Engineering at MIT. In
                                                                         1992, he established his own studio hot
         Fair on Friday night, June 10. Transform                        shop in Ballard. As its popularity grew,
                                                                         he has recently moved from is original
         yourself to the 1960’s when the World’s                         studio to a much larger studio nearby.
                                                                         His art glass has been collected and ap-
          Fair was held in Seattle. 1960’s dress is                      preciated around the world, and his
        encouraged! Stroll our street fair complete                      glass castings are installed in the Atlan-
                                                                         ta Federal Building as well as public and
        with games of chance, meet 60’s celebrities                      private buildings in the Northwest. You
                                                                         will view the artist’s blowing glass and
        and more. Have a great time while we raise                       have the opportunity to purchase some
                                                                         of the incredible works.
            money for the AHP Student Fund!                                 Cost per person to be determined,
                                                                         but will be very reasonable.

                                              AHP For the record / 3
                                                 and Pioneer Square are within walk-            Check-in: 3:00 PM; Check-out:
            Hotel                                ing distance.                                     12:00 PM
         Headquarters                               The 20-floor hotel has 297 reno-            CUT OFF DATE FOR GROUP
                                                 vated guestrooms that feature king or             RATE: MAY 16

   H        otel headquarters is the Red
            Lion Hotel On Fifth Avenue,
            located in the heart of Seat-
   tle’s downtown. Surrounded by 10
   million square feet of upscale shop-
                                                 queen bedding, coffee makers, fully
                                                 stocked honor bars, hair dryers, irons
                                                 and Wireless High Speed Internet Ac-
                                                 cess. Limited parking is available on-
                                                                                                Cancellation Policy: 48 hours prior to 6
                                                                                                   p.m. day of arrival.
                                                                                                GuestAwards Program: Sign up at
                                                 site for registered guests at a charge of      For additional information about
   ping, restaurants and business head-          $22 per day for self-parking.               the seminar, contact Chris Brune at
   quarters, the hotel is truly, “smack-                                                     (386) 760-7743 or ahorsepubs@aol.
   dab-in-the-middle” of it all. Pike Place         Hotel Reservations:                      com.
   Market, the monorail to the Seattle                800-504-3909
   Center’s Space Needle and the Experi-            Group Room Rate: $129 Single/
   ence Music Project, the waterfront,                Double; $149 Triple; $169
                                                      Quad (plus 15.6% room tax)

        AHP Horse By Northwest Seminar Optional Post Tours

A      ttendees who don’t have time to
       take the Alaska Cruise, but wish
       to explore Seattle beyond the
Horse by Northwest Seminar for a cou-
ple days, are being offered the choice of
                                                TOUR REGISTRATION
                                                DEADLINE DATE:
                                                TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2005
                                                                                              fer aboard the Victoria Clipper to Friday
                                                                                              Harbor. Once at Friday Harbor, guests
                                                                                              can choose to go on the Clipper’s sched-
                                                                                              uled whale watching or enjoy some time
                                                                                              on their own in town. In Friday Harbor,
two different two-day excursions de-
parting on Sunday, June 12. These tours              Overnight San                            the largest town in the San Juans, you
                                                                                              will find charming shops, galleries, res-
have been arranged by Seattle Hospitali-
ty Services. A registration form is pro-              Juan Island                             taurants and more. Of course there are
                                                                                              always the options of kayaking and mo-
vided. For all questions and further in-
formation regarding these tours, please
contact Seattle Hospitality Services at
                                                       Excursion                              peding as well.
                                                                                                  Accommodations will be provided at
                                                                                              the Friday Harbor Inn, where you will or 206-                Sunday, June 12, 2005                   experience comfort and convenience.
623-2090. Please mention you are with                                                         From your freshly-appointed room,
American Horse Publications.
   Advance purchased tickets must be
                                                S     aid to be the jewel of the Pacific
                                                      Northwest, The San Juan Islands
                                                      offer a surplus of wildlife and
                                                beautiful landscape. The San Juan Is-
                                                lands are a refuge for some of the
                                                                                              you’ll be within easy walking distance to
                                                                                              all the great shops, restaurants and en-
                                                                                              tertainment that Friday Harbor has to
picked up at the Seattle Hospitality Ser-
vices Tour Registration Desk at the Red         world’s most rare and regal species, as       Price:    $194.00 per Guest Based on
Lion Hotel. Please look for posted hours        well as humans who seek inspiration                     Double Occupancy
upon your arrival. You may also pur-            and respite from their life on land. Your               $280.00 per Guest Based on
chase additional tickets on-site at the         morning will begin with a scenic trans-                 Single Occupancy
registration desk based on availability.
There will be an additional $3.00 fee
for tickets purchased after deadline.
    Please note that for the Victoria and San
Juan Island Excursions, you will be responsi-
ble for arranging your own transportation to
and from Pier 69, which is a short cab ride
from the Red Lion. You must check in at the
dock 45 minutes prior to departure to collect
your boarding passes.
   Prepaid tour registrations are refund-
able only if canceled by the deadline
date. Tour refunds will be made less a
$3.00 per ticket handling charge. There
will be no refunds or exchanges after-
Tuesday, April 26, 2005.
                                                         AHP For the record /4
Overnight Victoria
  BC Excursion
         Sunday, June 12, 2005

U        nlike anywhere else in Canada,
         this magnificent city preserves
         the spirit of Great Britain with
double-decker bus tours, elegant Victo-
rian houses, shops full of woolens, tar-
tan plaids, and toffees, as well as plenty
of other delights steeped in British tra-
   Cruise from downtown Seattle’s Pier          minutes prior to departure to collect      rienced the authentic settings of many
                                                their boarding passes.                     exhibits.
69 directly to downtown Victoria, BC,                                                      Price:                $15.00 per Guest
aboard the Victoria Clipper. Be sure to
watch for whales or other sea life as you       Guests wishing to have High Tea at         City Tour with Butchart
cruise through unparalleled beauty. En-         the Empress Hotel should be aware
                                                that there is a dress code. Shorts, blue
joy the day visiting the Fairmont Em-                                                      This tour is a relaxing way to see the city.
press Hotel, the Parliament building,           jeans, jogging attire and T-shirts are
                                                not allowed.                               With your hands free of the wheel, you
Crystal Gardens, Chinatown, Butchart                                                       can immerse yourself in the city’s beau-
Gardens, shopping and so much more.          Victoria BC Options                           ty and listen along as the narrator ex-
   Accommodation will be provided at                                                       plains the history of Victoria and all her
the Hotel Grand Pacific, which enjoys a      Victoria Grand City Tour                      famous sites. After your city tour, you’ll
reputation as one of the finest five star                                                  step off the bus and enter fifty-five acres
                                             As you board an English-style double-         of floral splendor at the Butchart Gar-
hotels in British Columbia, Canada. Set      decker bus for a tour of beautiful Vic-
in the inspiring, relaxing surroundings                                                    dens - one of Victoria’s most famous
                                             toria, British Columbia you will be           and popular attractions.
of Victoria’s Inner Harbor, Hotel Grand      awed at the sight of this peaceful city       Price:                   $48.00 per Guest
Pacific is adjacent to the Parliament        surrounded by mountains, water and
Buildings and within strolling distance      British architecture. You will see the        Five Star Whale Watching
of the myriad of boutiques, museums,         highlights of Victoria’s historic land-       Picture yourself setting sail from Victo-
galleries and cafes of historic Old Town     marks and city attractions, the exclusive     ria’s Inner Harbour and heading out in-
and Antique Row, as well as all the ame-     neighborhoods of the Victoria Uplands         to the surf for a whale of an adventure.
                                             and the Oak Bay Marina. You’ll also get
nities in downtown Victoria.                                                               Your boat speeds off into the waters of
                                             some fabulous views of the snowcapped         Vancouver Island where over 90 Orcas,
                                             Olympic Mountains and vast blue wa-
Price:     $226.00 USD per Guest Based                                                     or “Killer Whales,” make their home.
                                             ters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
           on Double Occupancy               Price:                   $20.00 per Guest     Price:                  $81.00 per Guest
           $319.00 USD per Guest Based
           on Single Occupancy               Afternoon Tea at the
                                             Empress Hotel
Notes:                                       At the beautiful Fairmont Empress ho-
  Identification is necessary for Cus-       tel in Victoria, British Columbia, you’ll
  toms and Immigrations including a          feel like you’re stepping into history.
  valid passport or driver’s license and     Experience true British society inside
  an original or certified copy of a birth   the authentic Victorian Tea Lobby at
  certificate is strongly recommended        this renowned hotel while you enjoy an
                                             old English tradition--Afternoon Tea!
  when traveling to Canada.                  At your table, you will be treated to live
                                             music, tableside tea service and deli-
   Persons with a felony may be denied       cious English sandwiches and pastries
   entrance into Canada. If you have         from an award-winning pastry chef.
   been convicted of a crime in the Unit-    Price:                   $46.00 per Guest
   ed States it may be considered a felo-
   ny in Canada. A Driving While Intox-      Royal BC Museum
   icated conviction (D.W.I.) is             The Royal BC Museum is a place of dis-
   considered a felony in Canada             covery. Through its unique galleries,
                                             the Museum showcases the human and
   Guests are responsible for arranging      natural history of British Columbia and
                                             features periodic exhibitions of interna-
   their own transportation to and           tional renown. Highly realistic and in-
   from Pier 69, which is a short cab ride   viting displays, such as the Ice Age and
   from the downtown Seattle hotels.         Coastal Forest dioramas, provide visi-
   Guests must check in at the dock 45       tors with a sense of having truly expe-

                                                      AHP For the record / 5
                                          A      merican Horse Publications will
                                                 celebrate its 35th anniversary in
                                                 2005. Established in 1970, AHP
                                          membership has grown to over 340
                                          members from the original 6 publica-
                                                                                     changed over the past 35 years, the asso-
                                                                                     ciation embraced the changes and re-in-
                                                                                     vented itself to match the needs. But
                                                                                     what have not changed are the camara-
                                                                                     derie, the lifelong friendships, and the
                                          tion members who gathered at the           support and encouragement freely giv-
                                          founding meeting on September 23,          en. Our AHP memories have become a
                                          1969 in Washington, D.C. As a member       part of the common bond we share. We
                                          since 1975, then past president, and       venture into the future to face the chal-
                                          now executive director, I have a lot of    lenges armed with the wisdom of our
                                          great memories and have learned valu-      past and surrounded by an ever-growing
                                          able lessons and tips, many from fellow    circle of support and friendship. Wheth-
                                          AHP members. Their willingness to          er you’re a newcomer to our association
                                          share their knowledge has continued        or a veteran like me, we all take pride in
                                          from my first AHP meeting in Washing-      the significant growth in equine pub-
                                          ton, D.C. Without realizing it, AHP has    lishing due to our desire for excellence
From the Executive                        developed a strong mentoring program
                                          among its members where beginners
                                                                                     and the relationships we have estab-
                                                                                        The 35th anniversary logo was de-
  Director’s Desk                         and students can find answers and
                                          where veterans can be recognized for       signed by Barrie Reightler, Mid-Atlantic
                                          their expertise.                           Thoroughbred. The association will kick
     AHP turns 35                            From the beginning, the founding        off its anniversary celebration at the
                                          members realized a need for American       Horse By Northwest Seminar in Seattle
                                          Horse Publications. What is amazing is     on June 9-11, 2005.
                                          that as the needs in equine publishing

                                                                                      Nominations being
            AHP 2005 Awards Contest                                                    accepted for the
             largest in contest history                                                2005-2006 AHP
                                                                                      Board of Directors
P      articipation in this year’s con-
       test drew a whopping 1,078 en-
       tries, an increase of 235 com-
pared to last year’s total of 843.
Member participation also increased
                                          by Merial, will be presented to the au-
                                          thor of the article that best reflects
                                          and promotes the strengthening of
                                          the relationship between human and
                                          horse. The 16 entries in this class had
                                                                                     T      wo three-year terms for Directors
                                                                                            will be available for the 2005-
                                                                                            2006 Board of Directors. Publica-
                                                                                     tion or Affiliate members are eligible to
this year with 110 AHP members over       to be published in 2004 in an AHP          serve as a Director. If you are interested
last year’s 99. The breakdown of mem-     member publication and will be             in being considered or wish to nominate
ber categories included 77 Publica-       judged for exceptional quality and on      someone, please contact Nominating
tion members, 7 Electronic Publica-       the ability to convey this concept and     Committee Chairman, Doug Hayes at
tion members, 11 Corporate                connect with the reader. All 2005 AHP      (806) 376-4888;; or
members, 10 Affiliate members, and 5      Members were eligible to enter with        Chris Brune at (386) 760-7743; e-mail:
Student members.                          no entry fee, but entries were limited
    The current AHP President, Debo-      to one per member. The winner of the          Board members must be willing and
rah Taylor Tatum, in conjunction          Merial Human-Animal Bond Award             able to attend meetings and actively par-
with Executive Director, Chris Brune,     will receive a special engraved trophy     ticipate in association activities and
is responsible for processing the en-     presented by Merial at the Awards          committees. Please state why you would
tries and acquiring the judges. Thirty-   Presentations in Seattle. The member       like to be considered for nomination,
one professional judges are placing       publication, in which the article was      how long you have been involved with
the classes and providing constructive    published, will receive an engraved        AHP, and any committees and/or activi-
critiques. The Awards Program book-       plaque.                                    ties that you have participated in. Only
let, sponsored by Life Data Labs, Inc.,       Held since 1977, the AHP Annual        one representative from a publishing
will include the contest results and be   Awards contest rules and procedures        company, orgainization or association
distributed with the judges’ com-         are reviewed every year for improve-       may serve as a director at one time.
ments after the awards presentations      ment, clarity, fairness and variety. No-       Elections will be held at the AHP
on June 11 in Seattle, Washington, or     tification letters will be mailed to fi-   General Membership Meeting sched-
mailed to non-attending members.          nalists by April 22, 2005.                 uled for Saturday, June 11, 2005, at 1:30
    For the fourth year, the Merial Hu-                                              p.m. at the Red Lion Hotel, Seattle,
man-Animal Bond Award sponsored                                                      Washington during the AHP Horse By
                                                                                     Northwest 2005 Seminar
                                                   AHP For the record / 6
               AHP Newsstand exhibits at                                                   or any additional expenses directly asso-
                Equine Affaire in 2005                                                     ciated with the booth. Participating
                                                                                           members are responsible for shipping
                                                                                           their publications or promotional piec-

T      he AHP Newsstand is a co-opera-
       tive program that provides mem-
       bers with a cost effective way to
exhibit at national and regional equine
events. Publication members have an
                                              lication to participate. A group discount
                                              is available for publication members
                                              published by the same publisher.
                                                  2 Publications = $50 discount off
                                                     total fees per event
                                                                                           es to the event on time.
                                                                                               Publication Member: $300
                                                                                                  (300 copies)
                                                                                               Publication Member under 5,000:
                                                                                                  $150 (150 copies)
opportunity to distribute their publica-          3 Publications = $100 discount off           Affiliate Member: $150 (300 copies)
tions and acquire valuable subscriber                total fees per event                      E-Publication Member or Corporate
leads generated from the free drawing             4 or more publications = $200                   Member: $300 (300 copies)
for a one-year subscription that are held            discount off total fees per event
during each event. Leads are available            Affiliate and Corporate members             The AHP Newsstand booth will be at
on labels, disk or e-mail file. Publica-      may also participate in this program         the following events in 2005.
tions with a circulation under 5,000 are      and have an opportunity to distribute        • Equine Affaire, April 7-10, Ohio
offered the option to participate in the      up to 300 copies of one promotional             Expo Center, Columbus, OH
program by choosing to send half the          piece advertising their product or ser-      • Equine Affaire, September 16-18,
number of copies for half price. Free dis-    vice. No sales or orders will be taken at       Kentucky Fair & Expo Center,
tribution allows members who contract         the booth.                                      Louisville, KY
their own space at these events to use            Member participating fees are as-        • Equine Affaire, November 10-13,
the AHP booth as a second point of dis-       sessed based on cost of exhibit space,          Eastern States Expo, W. Springfield,
tribution and members with a free pub-        furniture rental, supplies, staffing, and/      MA

          Annual Equine Industry Vision                                                    sented with the Equine Industry Vision
                                                                                           Award Perpetual Trophy, created by
                                                                                           master artisan Peter Wayne Yenawine
         Award Winner Selected for 2005                                                    and commissioned by Pfizer Animal
                                                                                              Together, Pfizer Animal Health and

P      fizer Animal Health and Ameri-
       can Horse Publications are proud
       to announce that a winner has
been selected to receive the 2005 Equine
Industry Vision Award, the first major
                                              Friends of Sound Horses, Inc.; Stan-
                                              dardbred Retirement Foundation; and
                                              The University of Montana-Western
                                              Equine Studies Program in conjunction
                                              with William Kriegel, La Cense Mon-
                                                                                           AHP developed the Equine Industry Vi-
                                                                                           sion Award to create the first major
                                                                                           award to showcase innovation across
                                                                                           the equine industry. The award is in-
award to showcase innovation across           tana Ranch. Nominees who were not se-        tended not only to serve as a unique rec-
the equine industry. Sponsored by Pfiz-       lected as finalists in 2005 may be re-       ognition of ingenuity and service, but
er Animal Health, the award is intended       nominated for 2006.                          also to benefit the industry by inspiring
to recognize innovation, leadership and          The 11 voting members of the AHP          these qualities in others. Its purpose is
service. All of the 17 nominees this year     Board of Directors, plus a Pfizer Animal     to recognize outstanding leadership,
were outstanding examples of these            Health representative, voted on the win-     creativity and meritorious contribu-
qualities.                                    ner. Finalists were judged on their per-     tions in the equine industry. Previous
    The Equine Industry Vision Award          formance in relation to the                  recipients of the Equine Industry Vision
Committee reviewed nominations and            achievement(s) cited and their demon-        Award are Alexander Mackay-Smith in
the list of nominees was narrowed to six      stration of the following attributes and     2002, Don Burt in 2003, and the Ameri-
finalists. The committee selected the         abilities: 1) The vision and innovation      can Quarter Horse Association in 2004.
following finalists (listed in alphabetical   of a true pioneer; 2) Leadership, com-
order): Stanley F. Bergstein, John Ryan       mitment, dedication and willingness to
Gaines, Douglas Herthel, DVM, Mat-            serve; 3) Original and effective ideas
thew Mackay-Smith, DVM, David
O’Connor, and Pat Parelli, All non-win-
                                              and/or products, services, programs; 4)
                                              High moral, ethical and professional
                                                                                               Got questions?
ning finalists will be automatically in-      standards.                                            he answers to some of the
cluded in the 2006 list of nominees.             The winner has been notified to allo               most Frequently Asked
    The remaining 11 nominations rep-         for travel arrangements; however the of-              Questions about AHP
resented a spectrum of innovative indi-       ficial announcement and presentation          membership are only a click away.
viduals and organizations within the          of the award will be made at the Equine       Visit the AHP website at www.
equine world and included: Doug But-          Industry Vision Award Breakfast, spon- F.A.Q.s are
ler, PhD, CFJ, FWCF; Bill Casner; Susan       sored by Pfizer Animal Health, on Fri-        located under Membership and Take
Kayne; Charlotte Kneeland; Ed Roberts;        day, June 10, 2005 during the AHP             Advantage of AHP Programs is
Kathleen and Allan Schwartz; Phil Spo-        Horse By Northwest Seminar in Seattle,        located under Join AHP.
nenberg, DVM, PhD;;                Washington. The recipient will be pre-
                                                       AHP For the record / 7
                                                AHP Who’s Who
   Jim Jennings, director of publications       edge of the publishing industry and       and currently serves as an AHP Execu-
   for the American Quarter Horse Assn.         the respect he garners from his peers     tive Committee member.
   will be inducted into the Livestock          certainly make him a fitting addition
   Publications Council Hall of Fame at         to the LPC Hall of Fame. Jim is also      Snowden Carter, former Maryland
   the awards ceremony in Milwaukee             a past president of American Horse        Horse editor died February 3 at age 83.
   at the Agricultural Media Summit             Publications.                             Snowden retired in 1986 following a
   on July 31 – August 3. His experience                                                  long career as editor of The Maryland
   at AQHA goes back to 1972 where he           Dean A. Hoffman, executive editor         Horse magazine and general manager
   began his career as editorial assistant      of Hoof Beats, is the winner of Harness   of the Maryland Horse Breeders As-
   for The American Quarter Horse Journal.      Tracks of America’s highest honor,        sociation. A longtime owner/breeder,
   Since then he has been instrumental          the Stan Bergstein Messenger Award.       Snowden was a racing writer for the
   in developing two additional publi-          Dean is the author of three books,        Baltimore Sun for 17 years before be-
   cations, The American Quarter Horse          with a fourth to be published this        coming general manager for MHBA
   Racing Journal and America’s Horse. He       year, and hundreds of articles on the     in 1962. He was instrumental in the
   actively served on the board for LPC         leading personalities – human and         formative years of American Horse
   from 1993 to 2001 including his year         equine – in world harness racing. He      Publications and served as its 1973-
   as president in 2000. His vast knowl-        has been executive editor since 1981      1974 President.

                                              New Member Profiles
PUBLICATION MEMBERS                            URL:
Performance Horse Magazine                     Trail Blazer                     
Cutting, reining, working cowhorse coverage    Recreation and competition trail riding    Comprehensive website of weekly Thorough-
Contact: Ross Hecox                            Contact: Susan Gibson                      bred newsmagazine
2895 Chad Drive                                4241 N. Covina Circle                      Contact: Michele MacDonald or Amy
Eugene, OR 97408                               Prescott Valley, AZ 86314                  Owens
Phone: 541-341-6508                            Phone: 928-772-9233                        P. O. Box 8237
Fax: 541-341-6509                              Fax: 928-759-7045                          Lexington, KY 40533
E-mail: rosshecox@performancehorse.            E-mail:               Phone: 859-260-9800
com                                            URL:                   Fax: 859-260-9812
URL:                                                             E-mail:
                                               ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS                    URL:
Pet Set Horse Source                           The American Quarter Horse Journal
Pet focused free quarterly                                                                Thoroughbred Times TODAY
                                               Online                                     International daily newsletter for Thor-
Contact: Joni Gleason                          Contact: Jim Bret Campbell
437 CR 510                                                                                oughbred Times subscribers
                                               P. O. Box 32470                            Contact: Michele MacDonald
Negawnee, MI 49866                             Amarillo, TX 79120
Phone: 906-475-5123                                                                       P. O. Box 8237
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                                               E-mail:                Fax: 859-260-9812
                                               URL:                   E-mail:
The Homestretch
Promote Thoroughbred industry in               The American Quarter Horse Racing          CORPORATE MEMBERS
Oklahoma                                       Journal Online
Contact: Melissa Sykes                                                                    BowTie, Inc.
                                               Contact: Jennifer K. Hancock               Publishing
2000 SE 15th Bldg. 450-A                       P. O. Box 32470
Edmond, OK 73013                                                                          Contact: Pat Trowbridge
                                               Amarillo, TX 79120                         2417 Beverly Blvd.
Phone: 405-330-1006                            Phone: 806-376-4811
Fax: 405-330-6206                                                                         Los Angeles, CA 90057
                                               Fax: 806-359-6400                          Phone: 213-385-0333
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The Horse Report                                                                          URL:
                                                                    BowTie, Inc., a leader in consumer
Newsletter to advance equine health            Thoroughbred racing news and photographs
Contact: Barbara Meierhenry                                                               pet, veterinary trade and special enthu-
                                               Contact: Cindy Pierson Dulay               siasts publishing, produces magazines
One Shields Avenue                             666 Graceland Court
Davis, CA 95616                                                                           distributed to pet- and equine-loving
                                               Pickering, ON, Canada L1V 6P1              consumers, retailers, veterinarians,
Phone: 530-752-4434                            Phone: 905-420-8316
Fax: 530-752-9379                                                                         breeders, and other special enthusiasts
                                               E-mail:             readers worldwide. Divisions of BowTie,
E-mail:                  URL:

                                                         AHP For the record / 8
                                       New Member Profiles continued
Inc. include Fancy Publications, BowTie      URL:                  Canadian Sportsman and Horse Interna-
Press, Thoroughbred Times Company,              Equine Products, LLC, distributes            tional, in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and
Global Distribution Services, Animal-        the Niagara Equissage, the unique horse         Europe. She specializes in veterinary/ and Research Solutions           massage therapy system.                         health care/nutrition, English disci-
Group.                                                                                       plines, travel and marketing/trade.
                                             Typecraft Inc. Wood & Jones
Elemental Acupressure                        Lithography                                     Sarah Donnell
Animal acupressure seminars and education-   Commercial printing, publications and           Full service advertising agency
al publications                              catalogs                                        Donnell Advertising
Contact: Susan Tenney                        Contact: Jim Dods                               7475 Peony Lane N
18543 Wolf Creek Road                        2040 E. Walnut Street                           Maple Grove, MN 55311
Grass Valley, CA 95949                       Pasadena, CA 91107                              Phone: 763-494-3204
E-mail: info@ElementalAcupressure.           Phone: 626-795-8093                             Fax: 253-660-1372
com                                          Fax: 626-795-2423                               E-mail:
URL:            E-mail:                     URL:
    Elemental Acupressure teaches a          URL:                             Donnell Advertising is a full service
comprehensive training program in acu-           Typecraft, Inc. is a mid-size sheetfed      communications boutique. They of-
pressure massage and energetic healing       commercial printer with 6 color capabil-        fer traditional advertising agency and
for horses and small animals. They also      ity utilizing two - 40” Heidelberg Speed-       direct marketing services including
publish educational materials and prod-      masters, a 5 color Heidelberg GTO               strategic and media planning, research,
ucts related to animal healing under the     14x20”, and a 2 color Speedmaster. They         branding, and print and broadcast pro-
name of “Year of the Horse Press.” El-       are a state-of-the-art CTP, computer-to-        duction without the traditional over-
emental Acupressure is based in both         plate publications printer.                     head. They are honored to work with
Northern California and Switzerland.                                                         Equibrand, Grand Meadows Nutrition-
                                             AFFILIATE MEMBERS                               al Products, Tack ‘n Togs and the U.S.
Equestrian Collections/Arnott                                                                Eventing Association.
Mason Corporation                            Wendy Beth Baker
Equestrian internet superstore               Author, freelance writer, consulting editor     Elizabeth B. Herman
Contact: Nancy Valenza                       2310 N. Keystone Street                         Freelance writer
12644 Chapel Road, Suite 212                 Burbank, CA 91504                               1935 Fruitville Pike #134
Clifton, VA 20124                            Phone: 818-841-7265                             Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: 703-802-1533                          E-mail:                   Phone: 717-380-6431
Fax: 703-815-1817                            URL:               E-mail:
E-mail: nancy@equestriancollections.            Wendy is the author of Healing Power            Beth is a freelance writer who has
com                                          of Horses: Lessons from the Lakota Indians,     been published in EQUUS magazine and
URL:           BowTie Press, June 2004 and “Some-              Flying Changes. She is the 2004 winner of
   Equestrian Collections is an eques-       thing About Mollie” in the anthology,           the USEF Media Award for Best Single
trian superstore providing apparel and       Horse Crazy, Adams Media, Spring 2006;          Article.
equipment for horse and rider from           ghostwriter of Out of the Saddle: Native
over 75 different vendors.                   American Horsemanship by GaWaNi Pony            Susan Union
                                             Boy, BowTie Press, 1998; contributor            Freelance writer
EquiMedic USA                                to The Ultimate Guide to Pampering Your         1533 Orangeview Drive
Full line of equine first aid kits           Horse by June V. Evers, Horse Hollow            Encinitas, CA 92024
Contact: Sharon L. Baker                     Press, 1996; and editor of The Horse Illus-     Phone: 760-436-4444
19895 400th Avenue                           trated Guides to: Buying a Horse, Caring for    Fax: 760-634-3949
Cyrus, MN 56323                              a Horse, English Riding, Western Riding, and    E-mail:
Contact: 320-795-2999                        Riding for the Blue, among other books.            Susan has written for Horses USA, The
Fax: 320-795-2929                                                                            Western Horse, Quarter Horses USA, and
E-mail:                Benjamin Baugh                                  was a contributing editor for The Western
URL:                       Freelance writer                                Horse (Fancy Publications, BowTie, Inc.)
   EquiMedic USA produces a full line        128A Mossback Circle                            for two years.
of equine first aid kits. These can be       Aiken, SC 29803
purchased as complete kits, kit contents     Phone: 352-804-3688
                                             E-mail:                      STUDENT MEMBERS
only, re-stocking and optional supplies
or build your own kit, on their website.                                                     Genevieve Moran Devine
Five kits are now available with more to     Karen Briggs                                    Berry College
come.                                        Freelance journalist, editor and photographer   P. O. Box 491365
                                             10707 First Line, RR #4                         Mount Berry, GA 31049-1365
Equine Products, LLC                         Roseneath, ON, CANADA K0K 2X0                   Phone: 850-624-8951 cell
Distributor, horse massage therapy           Phone: 905-352-2662                             E-mail:
equipment                                    Fax: 905-352-3368                               Permanent address
Contact: David Kamer                         E-mail:                       5918 Pinetree Ave.
2107 Croghan Cross                           URL:                    Panama City Beach, FL 32408
Louisville, KY 40207                            Karen has over 15 years experience as        Genevieve is a freshman at Berry College
Phone: 502-895-8861                          a freelance journalist, writing for pub-        majoring in journalism - communica-
Fax: 502-742-2073                            lications such as The Horse, Horse Illus-       tions. She hopes to write for equestrian
E-mail:                     trated, Horse Sport, Horse and Hound, The       publications in the future.

                                                       AHP For the record / 9

! San Juan Island and Victoria BC: Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Any registrations that arrive after the above date(s) will be registered on a case-by-case basis, based on availability.
You must pick up your advance purchased tickets at the Seattle Hospitality Services Tour Registration Desk at the Red Lion Hotel.
Please look for posted hours upon your arrival. You may also purchase additional tickets on-site at the registration desk based on
availability. There will be an additional $3.00 fee for tickets purchased after deadline.
Please note that for the Victoria and San Juan Island Excursions, you will be responsible for arranging your own transportation to and
from Pier 69, which is a short cab ride from the Red Lion. You must check in at the dock 45 minutes prior to departure to collect your
boarding passes.
Prepaid tour registrations are refundable only if canceled by the above listed deadline dates. Tour refunds will be made less a $3.00
per ticket handling charge. There will be no refunds or exchanges Tuesday, April 26, 2005.
Please write legibly to ensure that you are properly registered.



CITY:                                                    STATE:                                  ZIP:

PHONE:                                       FAX NUMBER:                                    *E-MAIL:
                                                                                                        *This information will remain confidential with
                                                                                                        Seattle Hospitality Services and will only be
                                                                                                        used for correspondence during this program.

HOTEL IN SEATTLE:                                                                 ARRIVAL DATE:

CREDIT CARD NUMBER (MC/AMEX/VISA):                                                                         EXP. DATE:

! Please check here if you have any special needs or disabilities and a representative of Seattle Hospitality Services will contact you.

  TOURS                                                             COSTS           X     #TICKETS            = TOTAL DUE
  Sunday, June 12-13, 2005
  San Juan Island
  Overnight San Juan Island (Single Occupancy)                      $280.00         x                         = $
  Overnight San Juan Island (Double Occupancy)                      $194.00         x                         = $
  Victoria BC
  Overnight Victoria BC (Single Occupancy)                          $319.00         x                         =    $
  Overnight Victoria BC (Double Occupancy)                          $226.00         x                         =    $
  Victoria Grand City Tour                                          $20.00          x                         =    $
  Afternoon Tea at the Empress Hotel                                $46.00          x                         =    $
  Royal BC Museum                                                   $15.00          x                         =    $
  City Tour with Butchart Gardens                                   $48.00          x                         =    $
  Five Star Whale Watching                                          $81.00          x                         =    $

                                                                  TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED                            $
***Canadian Tour Restrictions: Please note that proof of U.S. citizenship is required when you are leaving and entering the country. Accepted non-
expired documents that prove citizenship include either a passport, an original or certified copy of a birth certificate, or a voters registration card if
presented with photo identification. A picture drivers license alone is not considered proper identification unless accompanied with one of the
above documents. All citizens of countries other than the United States or Canada not bearing an Alien Registration Card must have a passport, and
citizens of many countries may also be required to have a Visa.
Please return the registration form by above dates along with a check, credit card number, or money order in U.S.
funds and drawn on a U.S. bank. Registration forms and payments should be sent to:
                                                 Seattle Hospitality Services
                           1500 Fourth Avenue " Suite 200 " Seattle " WA " 98101 " Fax: 206-623-2540

                                                               AHP For the record / 10
                                                                     REGISTRATION FORM

                                                                           RED LION HOTEL ON 5TH AVENUE
                                                                              SEATTLE, WASHINGTON
                                                                                  JUNE 9-11, 2005

                                                                MEMBER REGISTRATION FEES
                                                                 Registration fee includes all sessions PLUS meals including
                                                                 the Student Award Dinner and the Annual Awards Banquet.
TITLE                                                                           Guest charges are listed below.
                                                                 Members with dietary needs should contact Chris.
                                                                                          NO.         COST           TOTAL
                                                               AHP MEMBER                                 $250
                                                               BEFORE 6/1/2005
                                                               ADD’L MEMBER                               $200
                                                               SAME PUBL/COMPANY
                                                               BEFORE 6/1/2005
CITY                     STATE         ZIP
                                                               AFTER 6/1/2005                                $25
                                                               ADDITIONAL CHG.
PHONE (          )
                                                               NON MEMBER                                 $350
EMAIL ADDRESS                                                  STUDENT                                    $125
                                                               FRIDAY ONLY                                $125
                                                               INCLUDES STUDENT
            OUR PUBLICATION/COMPANY.                           AWARD DINNER
                                                               SATURDAY ONLY                              $125
                                                               INCLUDES AWARDS
TITLE                                                          BANQUET
                                                               TOUR (THURSDAY)                             TBD

TITLE                                                                   A LA CARTE CHARGES
                                                                  FOR GUESTS, FAMILY AND SPONSORS
NAME                                                                                       NO.        COST           TOTAL

                                                               FRIDAY BREAKFAST                              $20

                                                               FRIDAY LUNCHEON                               $30
               Make checks payable to:                         STUDENT AWARD                                 $50
           and mail with registration form to:                 SATURDAY                                      $20
                                                               SATURDAY LUNCHEON                             $30
              49 SPINNAKER CIRCLE
            SOUTH DAYTONA, FL 32119                            AWARDS BANQUET                                $50
           VISA/MASTERCARD ACCEPTED                            TOUR (THURSDAY)                             TBD

                                                               TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED:___________
                                                               CANCELLATION POLICY: No-shows will not be refunded.
           CHRIS BRUNE (386) 760-7743
                                                               Cancellations will not be refunded after JUNE 1, 2005.
Fax: (386) 760-7728 OR E-mail:

                                                 AHP For the record / 11

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