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					JULY                                     Web:                                                      2007

                                      Long Beach , CA
                                      AirFlite Aviation Terminal
                                             Third floor lobby
                                  Meeting 2nd Thursday of the month
                                               7:30 p.m.

                                                                                                  Inside this Issue:
                                                                                                 EAA Flight Advisor           2
                                                                                                 The Eagles’ Nest             2
                              by John
                              Mahany, CFI               by Connie Anderson, Ch 7 VP              Membership Dues              3
  Greetings Chapter 7 members!                   July meeting                                    Classified Ads                3
   I will miss the July and August meetings,                                    th
                                                    We just celebrated the 4 of July. 231        Lake Havasu Journey           4
because I am teaching a class this summer        years ago our fore-Fathers stuck there
at California State University, Los Angeles.     necks out and signed the “Decoration of
                                                                                                 Calendar of Events           5
The Class is Safety Factors in Aviation,         Independence “that would assure us the          High Flight                  5
and it is scheduled from 6 – 10pm on             freedoms we enjoy today. Sometime if you          Ed Marquart
Thursday evenings through August 23.             want to go back in time go to Philadelphia
                                                                                                 Name Badges                  5
  Connie Anderson will be running the            and visit the Independence Hall and stand
meeting in my absence during July and            in the same room where the Decoration of        Chapter Shirts & Caps        6
August. Thank you, Connie.                       Independence was signed. It brings chills
                                                                                                 Secretary’s Notepad          6
                                                 to you. Did any of you know there was a
  We had a large number of guests at the         secret door for escaping if they needed to?     Chapter Application          8
June meeting. To all of the guests who at-       Remember they could be brought up on
tended, we thank you for attending. I hope       Charges of Treason.                             Chapter Officers              9
that you will consider joining! We are al-                                                        Meeting Information
ways looking for new members.
                                                   Program — July 12, 2007                       Cover / Mailing Info          9
  I would like to thank Linda Abrahams
and Dan Hall for their efforts presenting the     Our July meeting will be Home Builders         Wanted:          Roving
Ercoupe Program. It was an excellent pro-        night along with what ever else a member
                                                                                                 reporters. Been to a fly-
gram, and was very informative. Also, a big      brings forward (time permitting). I know a      in lately, taken a trip, been to
thank you to goes out to Dan for flying his      few of you have CD’s and DVD’s of things        another chapter meeting.
Ercoupe to Long Beach for display, prior to      you would like to present. Please just call     Take your camera, we’ll do
the meeting.                                     me first so I can schedule you into the         the rest. A short telephone
                                                 night (FIRST COME- FIRST SERVE).                interview and we can com-
   This month is AirVenture! Are you go-                                                         pose a great feature that
ing? I will be there, and hope to see a few         Don’t throw those old files away. Doug       your fellow members will
of you there as well. If you haven’t been        Porter will be doing a demo on how to           enjoy. See Page 7
there yet, you owe it to yourself to get         make your old files seem like new. Other
there, at least one time, to experience it.      then not having the acid there Doug will         Aircraft of the Month
AirVenture is much more than an ‘air             demonstrate how to bring back life in your
show’. It is aviation ‘Mecca’ as I see it. I     old files.
believe it is bigger in size and scope, en-
                                                   Our last meetings program was a real
compassing more, than any other air show,
                                                 success, Thank you Linda Abrams and
including Farnborough or the Paris Air
                                                 Dan Hall for your talk on the Ercoupe.
                                                   Happy and safe flying.
   Regarding the subject of user fees,                                                           Bill Cheeseman, Ch 845 in
AOPA is reporting on their website that the                                                      Redlands has modified a
Congress has written an FAA funding bill                                                         Cougar homebuilt aircraft for
                                                                                                 road use. It utilizes a Honda
that will work to improve our current sys-       Aviation Truisms                                20 hp scooter engine & can
tem, while working within the existing tax                                                       attain speeds of 30 mph.
structure that is already in place. In other     The scientific theory I like best is that the   Designed for transport from
words, no user fees! Let’s hope that this bill   rings of Saturn are composed entirely of        home to airport. Currently
is passed by the Senate as well.                 lost airline baggage                            he is working on meeting
  ( Cont’d on Page 2 )                                                                           Calif. highway requirements.
President’s Message                                                  opportunity to review, learn and improve! Or, do you try to
                                                                     find an ‘easy’ CFI who won’t ask much of you? If so, that
   Have you flown anywhere interesting lately? Is there              is a disservice to you. View this as an opportunity to see
anything you would like to share with the chapter? Do                where your flying skills and knowledge really are, as well
you have any interesting projects in mind? Please let us             as a chance to practice some maneuvers that you have
know. We would like to hear about it. Contact either Mike            not done in some time. If we don’t push ourselves, under
or myself and we will help to get it into the newsletter.            the guidance of an experienced instructor, we won’t be-
   I hope you are enjoying the summer                                come better pilots. We can all improve in one area or an-
so far!! Stay cool, check your density
altitude, and keep the blue side up!
                                                  John               other, myself included. Your family and those who fly with
                                                                     you will appreciate it!

                                                                     Fly safely, and keep the blue side up!
                                               by John Mahany
                                                EAA Ch 7 Pres
                                                2007 Mstr CFI
                                                Pacific Region
                                                                                            The Eagles’ Nest
  Here we are in the middle of summer and the heat                                                    Holly Richards
wave that goes with it.                                                                               EAA Chapter 7
                                                                                                  Young Eagles Coordinator
   As I write this I am in the midst of my annual ‘recurrent’
training at Flight Safety. Last week I was getting re-                 Although we potentially had 22 Young Eagles signed
qualified on the Cessna 300/400 series, for one more                 up for the June Rally, we flew 17 who showed up with
year. This consisted of 3 days of class room and simula-             enthusiasm and excitement. Most of the Young Eagles
tor training. The ground school training was a review of             were comprised of home schoolers, who had great inter-
all the aircraft systems, and the simulator training cov-            est in aviation.
ered normal, abnormal and emergency situations.
   This next week I will go through recurrent training on                                                      Nathan Parnham, a
the King Air 200, which is what I am currently teaching.                                                       6th grader at St.
Then I will learn the differences on the King Air 90 series,                                                   Pius V School is a
so that I can become qualified to teach that as well. This                                                     regular volunteer at
will culminate in an FAR 135 Check-ride, consisting of an                                                      our local Young
oral exam and a simulator check next week. Some time                                                           Eagle events. Here
                                                                                                               he prepared to go
later this month or next, I will also have a check ride in
                                                                                                               aloft with Al Gibbs in
the Cessna 421 Simulator with the FAA giving the check-                                                        a Diamond Katana
ride. The yearly FAR 135 check-ride counts as my Flight
                                                                        Silenika, the head of Long Beach Airport Public Rela-
   I used to get really nervous about all of this. Keep in           tions, came and spoke briefly about the history of the air-
mind that more is demanded and expected of you at this               port, and brought many nice posters of the new 747,
level, as with anything that is done professionally. Now,            arieal view of Long Beach Airport, and a retro picture of
having been through it many times, while it is not quite             the tower. She was followed by a brief introduction of all
‘fun’, I view it as part of the job. It is like taxes or a trip to   our crew, which included the following volunteers:
the dentist. No one likes it, but you have to deal with it. I        Ground Crew: Merv, Arnold, Tom, Zach, Nathan, and
do prepare thoroughly for it, each time. I don’t take any            Matthew. Our desk crew consisted of Suzanne and Dar-
chances. Keeping my job at FSI is dependent upon suc-                wyn. Our highly valued pilots were Tom Griffith, Don
cessfully passing these check-rides.                                 Thompson, Alexander Whatley and Al Gibbs. We were
  Well, how about you and your own ‘recurrent’ training?             honored with instruction of the ground school by none
Even though the ‘Flight Review’ is only required every               other than our Chapter 7 President John Mahany. With
other year, you could train for it each year. How often do           the new construction happening in the lobby of Signature,
you schedule proficiency training of any kind? Is a Flight           we still did quite well holding this event. (Cont’d on Page 3)
Review something that you anticipate, or dread? Remem-               Al Gibbs described Na-
ber, you can not fail a Flight Review. But you might need            than as “a young Top Gun
more practice to regain your proficiency, to be able to              pilot full of confidence”.
perform to the Practical Test Standards for the grade of             Many hours of MS-Flight
certificate that you hold.                                           Sim were helpful when it
                                                                     came time for the real
  Do you spend any time in preparation for this? Do you              thing. Al Gibbs was proud
have questions for your instructor? Great! That shows                to have been his Young
that you take this seriously, and that you view this as an           Eagle pilot.

                                     Classified Section
                                   Nuts, Bolts, Engines, Planes & Things
                                                               1958 Tri-Champ model, Champion Aircraft Co
                                                              White with two-tone blue trim. Always hangared. Stits
                                                              Cover. Tandem seating. C-90 engine 594 hrs SMOH
                                                              TTAF 2490, Cruise 100, stall 38. Not SLA qualified.
                                                                   Price Reduced. True showman quality.
                                                              $29,000.     Contact Dwight at: 714 / 828-7027
                                                                      O-290G Engine $800 unconverted

  FOR SALE: Cavalier SA-102.5                   Homebuilt
  aircraft, 95% + complete. This is a fast two-place, side-
  by-side low wing with a 125 hp Lycoming O-290-D that
  cruises at 140 mph on just 5-6 gph. Hangared at CNO.
           Asking $4,000 for quick sale.
  For details contact Fred Leonhardt, (714) 870 4855
                                                                   One piece wing section, trailer not included
                                      Fuselage with engine,
                                      trailer not included.

                                      Good visibility, spa-
                                      cious cockpit with
                                      ample baggage ca-
                                      pacity, excellent
                                      range, great economy
                                      & speed

LAST CALL ! ! ! It is getting too expensive to keep this in storage. We will SOON dismantle & part out engine
& instruments, donating fuselage & wing to aviation school. We would like to find a nice home for this plane
with someone who will appreciate its beauty & workmanship & bring it to fruition of one day sailing the skies.

     2007 Membership Dues
   EAA Chapter 7 continues to have one of the lowest             Many things were given out besides the things from
                                                              the Airport ; bracelets which read free flight, airplanes of
rates for membership, just $12.00 annually. Please
                                                              many types, and Sporty's cockpit posters. No one left
see the Chapter Treasurer, Don Thompson, at the meet-
                                                              empty handed, and every face left with a huge smile!
ing to complete your membership.
                                                              Thanks to all the volunteers, we could not have done this
   Printed lists of the membership will be available to       with out your help! We collected $75 in donations for the
members attending the meeting. If you receive your            Young Eagles, and all in all, the day was a fun event!
newsletter via e-mail, please send a request to and I will be sure to send you a         “Bogies are buggin’ out
copy of the membership list. It will be supplied in Adobe     and the pattern is clear.
                                                              Katana leader requests
                                                              tower fly-by.”
  I urge you to renew so you do not miss a single issue.
An application form is available from the Chapter Mem-        Nick represents the
bership Chairman, Tom Griffith. Please mail or bring to       gem we hope to dis-
                                                              cover while taking these
the meeting on Thursday.
                                                              kids under our
 If unable to attend, mail your check payable to “EAA         wings. — A.G.
Chapter 7” with $0.39 postage to: Don Thompson, EAA
Chapter 7 Treasurer, 2259 Roswell Ave., Long Beach,             Consider volunteering for the next Young Eagles event.
CA 90815-2512.                                                Print a copy of this newsletter and give it to an interested
                                                              child or parent and have them contact me to reserve a
  We ask that you complete the new form in this               space. The next Neil Armstrong to set foot
newsletter so we can update your information
for our files.
                                                              on Mars may be standing next to you in the
                                                              checkout line.                                  Holly
   By Stefan Steinberg, Ch 7 Member

   The London Bridge has always had a far away mysti-
cally name. It has been many years since Pilots West
visited The Bridge. Would the club like to go there
again? Two brave Pilots West members set off in Febru-
ary to find out.
  Lake Havasu Airport, KHII, is only 194 nm ENE from
Long Beach airport. The AOPA flight planner I use indi-
cated it was only a 1 hour 26 minutes flight in the Cessna
182, via PSP and TNP direct.
                                                                  Bridge area seemed like the only attraction. It is a very
   Palm Springs was clear as a bell and smooth, as was         nice open area to stroll around in. There are lots of
Yucca Valley and Twenty Nine Palms. From far away we           shops and places to eat under and around the bridge and
couldn‘t miss the giant bulge in the Colorado River form-      several hotels to stay at right there or farther away on the
ing Lake Havasu.                                               other side of the bridge.

                                                                  Driving out around the peninsula, we stopped at the
                                                               Split Rock Lighthouse. It is a sturdy structure to keep
                                                               the ocean vessels away from the rocky shores in stormy
   To our surprise, since we were there last, a modern         weather. Well, it’s actually a one-third size reconstruction
new airport was built on the north edge of town with a         of one in Minnesota.
nice long wide asphalt runway, modern metal hangers
and FBO’s with nice lounges offering free coffee and
cookies. A specialty restaurant is coming soon.
   Circling over the city a few times on approach to take
photos, we immediately noticed the huge increase in
population densely packed together by the lake. 55,338
people in 2005 census and a local man we spoke to said
there was a 400% increase in 10 years.. What is striking
is from the air you see a massive number of mobile home
parks everywhere. Almost 10% of the people live below
the poverty line, our research showed, as well as 1 only
movie theater and 155 restaurants.
   Phil Norris, practicing his landings from the right seat,   This double decked bus has seen better days but similar buses
landed on Runway 14, a nice long 8001 foot and turned          are used daily in London today
off early as usual. A strange note: There are strict warn-
ing about noise abatement procedures on landing and              Lake Havasu City is often the warmest location in the
takeoff for this quiet desert airport.                         entire state, and often, the entire country. It goes up to
                                                               107 in the summer, but February is really nice. It was
Somehow Phil was able to sweet talk the lady at the at
                                                               established in 1964 by Robert P. McCulloch (of
the D2 AERO FBO desk for a free car for 2 hours and we
                                                               McCulloch Chainsaws), incorporated in 1978.
were off. It was a short drive into town where the London        ( Cont’d on Page 5 )

We are in the airshow season so if you hear of an event,          The present city grew around an old mining town estab-
don’t just assume I will post it here. Send me an e-mail and      lished in the early 20th century.
I will be sure that it does get on the list for ALL the members     Want a seaplane rating while you are there? Havasu
to be aware. Let’s see if we can get some fly-outs going this     Seaplane Adventures has a guaranteed private or com-
year and let the wind blow the dust off those wings. Due to       mercial rating in a peppy 180 hp Cessna 172 for $1,550.
limited space in this column, I strongly urge anyone planning     They have an excellent website at
to attend one of these events to go to the website for more
complete details such as times, schedules, NOTAMS, fre-
quencies, accomodations, pricing, etc.
Jul 11- Jul 15: Arlington, WA. Northwest EAA Fly-In.
See website for details. Pre-registration & camping reserva-
tions. Airshow, forums, workshops. Ctc: 360 / 435-5857.

Jul 23- Jul 29: Oshkosh, WI. AirVenture 2007. Honor-
ing Women in Aviation. Daily airshow, F-22 Raptors. Fo-
rums, workshops, displays, vendors, flea market, warbirds.
It’s ALL here. Get your 2007 Planning Guide NOW !
Aug 18-19: Camarillo, CA. 27th EAA Chapter 723 Open               All in all, we recommend Lake Havasu for a one or two
House & Fly-In with CAF. Exhibits, displays, military, war-       day EAA Chapter Fly-in, two props up.
birds, homebuilts, antiques, & classics, R/C demo. Check
website for info.                                                       Oh, I have slipped the
                                                                                                    surly bonds of earth
Aug 24-25: Santa Maria, CA. Thunder Over the Valley.                                             And danced the skies on
Warbirds, homebuilts, dinner. Ctc 805 / 922-8758.                                                  laughter-silvered wings...
Aug 31 – Sep 1: Chico, CA. Airfest 2007, airshow,
isplays, more. Call 800 / 852-8570 or 530 / 891-5556 or see                           Ed Marquart                                                              Gone West — July 4, 2007
Aug 25:      Big Bear, CA. 14th Big Bear City Airport Air
Fair. Spot landing on arrival. Watch DENSITY ALTITUDE.               Memorial to be held at
Vendors, crafts, R/C demo, food, skydivers, DC-3 “Rose”.              Acheson & Graham
Nice for a weekend get-a-way, plan early. Fuel on first-           Garden of Prayer Mortuary
come, first-served. Plan accordingly. Ctc: Nancy Jones                7944 Magnolia Blvd.
909 / 585-3219. Check website for info.                                  Riverside, CA                                        10:00 a.m. — August 10th
Sep 12-16: Reno, NV. Stead Field, Reno, NV. 44th An-               Reception at Flabob Airport
nual Reno National Championship Air Races & Air Show.                Immediately following
Fly Low – Go Fast – Turn Left. Six classes of competition                                                 1922 — 2007
aircraft. Pit passes. Bring plenty of ointment for the neck.
Anything can happen at anytime and it usually does. Cana-         . . . The high untrespassed sanctity of space
dian Snowbirds return for 2007. Book lodging early. Check         Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.
website for info.
Sep 15:    Hesperia, CA. Hesperia Airport. Displays,
FREE, R/C demo, exhibits, vendors. Victor Valley Air Show
                                                                  Badges for new members can be picked up at the July
Sep 20-23: Murietta, CA. Annual West Coast Falco                  meeting.
(F.8L) Gathering, French Valley Airport (F70).       Ctc Ray      LINDA ABRAMS                 ROBERT OHLY
Hecker, EAA Ch 92, 949 / 951-6784.                                TOM KROSLOSKY                BRIAN RINGLE
Sep 22: Riverside, CA. Flabob Airport 54th Annual Fly-In          WILLIAM MOYLE                ANTHONY TREJO
and Open House.                                                   ROGER NAHAS

Sep 29-30:       Salinas, CA.     Cal International Airshow.      Also, I still have unclaimed badges for:
Blue Angels, Snowbirds.                                           DOUG ALLEN                       GARY REEVES
                                                                  BOB HARTFIELD                    JOHN REVILL

                                                                   7 will be about $1,060.
                                                                      Don said that the event was overstaffed with volunteers from
                                                                   TAFA. Connie said that the food sales area, where she worked,
                                                                   was overstaffed with TAFA volunteers. Mike Sawicki suggested
                                                                   that the Board ask the officers of Chapter 96, which is based at
                                                                   Torrance Airport, why they no longer want to work with TAFA.
                                                                   He said that the event could have been handled by 50 volun-
                                                                   teers; the 300 who showed up were excessive and many did
                                                                   not make any contribution.
                                                                     Dan Hall arrived on the ramp in her Ercoupe (N3968H).
                                                                      John Mahany does not want to work with TAFA at Torrance
                                                                   Airport again. Connie Anderson and Don Thompson concurred.
                                                                   John Mahany and Don Thompson will work together on a letter
                                                                   to be sent to EAA Oshkosh by the end of the month, discussing
                                                                   the Torrance Airport B-17 event.
                                                                      John said that Chapter 7 should be looking for other ways to
                                                                   raise money beside the B-17 event. He said that it is possible
                                                                   that in five years, because of rising fuel prices, there will be no
                                                                   B-17 tour.
                                                                      Holly Richards told members about a Young Eagles event to
                                                                   be held at Hawthorne Airport on July 21. It will be called a ce-
                                                                   lebrity flight and will be worked with Chapter 96. It is estimated
                                                                   there will be 125-150 Young Eagles. With 20-25 pilots from
                                                                   Chapters 7 and 96 the event will last about 2-1/2 hours.
                                                                      John Mahany will be instructing night classes and will not be
   Shortly after the June meeting I sent out an e-mail to          at a chapter meeting until September. Probably by the end of
all members asking that they re-submit their orders for            the year he will resign because of work commitments.
chapter shirts due to the change in colors and the deci-              Mike Sawicki showed board members photos of polo shirts to
sion of the chapter to have the Aztec Blue shirts as the           be sold to raise revenue. Price of shirts is $10 and $12.50, with
official chapter color. Other colors can be ordered. As of         the brocade chapter logo an additional $10.
this date (July 6th) I have only received orders for 7
members and a total of 14 shirts. The pricing for embroi-          GENERAL MEETING — June 14, 2007
dering cannot be maintained at such a low volume. I will
                                                                   Attendance: 40
have order forms at the meeting. If
you cannot attend the meeting,
please call me at 714 / 343-4547.
                                          Mike                        John Mahany, Chapter President, led members in the Pledge of
                                                                   Allegiance to the Flag.

                                                                   OLD BUSINESS
                                                                      Don Thompson, Chapter Treasurer, gave his report. He re-
                                                                   ceived 7 Young Eagles credits from Chapter 7, 150 from the
                                                                   EAA national office and 93 from Chapter 845. Credits are val-
                                                                   ued at $1 per flight. These credits help offset the cost of send-
     by Merv Meyer, Chapter 7 Secretary                            ing a senior candidate to the Air Academy. With the share of
                                                                   revenue received from the B17 event the chapter about broke
BOARD MEETING — June 14, 2007                                      even on recent expenditures. Connie Anderson moved that the
                                                                   report be accepted. Darwyn Wolff seconded the motion. The
  Present were John Mahany, Chapter President, Connie              motion carried.
Anderson, Vice President, Don Thompson, Treasurer, Merv
Meyer, Secretary, Mike Sawicki, Newsletter Editor, Tom Griffith,      Videotapes are available for check-out at the table to the right
Membership Coordinator, Holly Richards, Young Eagles Coordi-       of the members seating. Louis Bigelow has donated data CD’s
nator and George McDaniel.                                         of the 4313 manual. Some of these discs are still available at
                                                                   the videotape table.
   Don Thompson noted a discrepancy on the time sheets of
the EAA B17 event between his numbers and the numbers of           NEW BUSINESS
the Torrance Air Fair Association. He logged 802.5 hours
worked and the TAFA record keeper recorded 863 hours               Guests were introduced:
worked by volunteers. Tom Griffith double checked Don’s fig-       ANTHONY TREJO helped out at the Torrance Airport B-17 visit.
ures. The sign-in sheet kept by TAFA was not accurate.             NEIL MAVES has returned to the Long Beach area. For five
                                                                   years he was a member of Chapter 818 based at Skagit Air-
  Food sales totaled $2,254. Food expenses were $1,366.            port , Washington.
Chapter 7’s share of the net is $340. Don has the food money.      BILL MOYLE is building an RV-8.
He will write a check to TAFA for their share of the net, $545.    BRIAN RINGEL
Don said that the net income for the EAA B17 event for Chapter     JERRY and ROSE MILLS

   John told members that there will be an event at Flabob Air-           with a single tail. With the single tail the Aircoupe was no longer
port in Riverside on Saturday, August 18. He contacted Aircraft           considered spin proof.
Spruce on their website to establish a link with Chapter 7. Air-
                                                                             Dan said that what contributes to its stall and spin proof de-
craft Spruce sent two boxes of their catalogs, available at the
                                                                          sign is the limited up-elevator travel and the fact that most of the
meeting. John said that Aircraft Spruce wants to help Chapter 7
                                                                          weight is at or near the center of lift. Linda said that in her ex-
on events and to provide discounts. Don Thompson said that
                                                                          perience the Ercoupe will mush as speed is reduced but will
discounts to Chapter 7 members apply only to holders of the
                                                                          continue flying.
EAA Visa card.
                                                                             Linda said that some Aircoupes have been retrofitted with
   Connie Anderson, Vice President, told members that John
                                                                          rudder pedals and later model Aircoupes had rudder pedals as
Mahany is the recipient of an award from the National Associa-
                                                                          an option. She said that rudder pedals retrofitted have about
tion of Flight Instructors (NAFI).
                                                                          30% to 50% of the effect of rudder pedals in a conventional
   Holly Richards, Young Eagles Coordinator, told members                 airplane.
that there will be a large scale Young Eagles event at Haw-
                                                                             Linda’s Ercoupe originally had fabric covered surfaces.
thorne Airport on Saturday, July 21. 20 to 25 pilots from Chap-
                                                                          Some time in the 50’s it was metal covered. She flies under
ter 7 and Chapter 96 will be needed to fly an anticipated 125 to
                                                                          LSA rules, that is, VFR and under 10,000 feet. The new LSA
150 Young Eagles.
                                                                          airplanes she checked out cost around $100,000. She paid
  Mike Sawicki, Newsletter Editor, invited members to check               $22,600 for her Ercoupe.
out the 13 newsletters from other chapters. Mike did a survey of
                                                                             Dan said that the Ercoupe has great crosswind landing char-
members as to color preferences of polo shirts to be sold by the
                                                                          acteristics. Crabbing in on a crosswind final approach, when the
chapter. 14 wanted blue, 3 wanted tan and 3 wanted yellow.
                                                                          Ercoupe touches down, the nose yaws toward the runway cen-
  As members took a break before the program, Connie sug-                 terline on rollout. Only light wheel pressure on the yoke is nec-
gested that they check out Dan Hall’s Ercoupe on the ramp.                essary. Helping control on rollout is the high tailplane and the 0
                                                                          degree incidence of the wing. Linda said that she has landed
                                                                          her Ercoupe in crosswinds up to 25 knots.
                                                                             Linda said that the Ercoupe has two wing tanks and a six
    Linda Abrams discussed the distinctive characteristics of her         gallon header, or reserve tank, located just 81/2” ahead of the
Ercoupe and Dan Hall, a long time Ercoupe pilot and authority             instrument panel. This tank is serviced by an engine driven
on the type discussed the technical characteristics. They dis-            pump. There is about one hour of flight time in the header tank.
tributed to members fact sheets and copies of an article which            Excess fuel in the header tank is drained down to the wing
appeared in the 1995 edition of the Aviation Consumer’s Used              tanks.
Aircraft Guide.
                                                                             Dan said that the cockpit has plenty of head room; Fred
   The aircraft was designed by Fred Weick; he built the proto-           Weick, the designer, was 6’4” tall. You can fly the Ercoupe with
type in 1939. In the original design there are no rudder pedals.          the windows down, even at maximum speed.
The rudder control is coordinated with the ailerons by connect-
                                                                             Linda told members that the performance figures shown in
ing rods. There are no flaps. The ailerons cover the entire trail-
                                                                          the article they received are based upon an Ercoupe with a C75
ing edge of the wing except for the rounded wingtips. Linda’
                                                                          engine. Most Ercoupes have C85 engines, or more powerful.
Ercoupe has the original design with no rudder pedals. It is a
                                                                          Linda’s Ercoupe is supposed to have a maximum speed of 108
two-seater with a bubble canopy and side windows which roll up
                                                                          mph; she has not exceeded 105 mph. Dan’s Ercoupe has an
and down like automobile windows. The Ercoupe is the first
                                                                          O200 engine. It cruises at 90-95 kts. In an air race recently he
American civilian airplane to have tricycle landing gear. The
                                                                          averaged 102 kts (117 mph).
nose wheel does not caster.
                                                                             Dan has reached 12,000 ft MSL. Rate of climb approaching
  The Ercoupe will not stall and then go into a spin. The Er-
                                                                          this altitude was very slow. Linda’s Ercoupe has a listed gross
coupe was the first airplane to have a placard on the instrument
                                                                          weight of 12,600 pounds. With two people in the cockpit, the
panel which reads “This aircraft is characteristically incapable of
                                                                          rate of climb is much slower than with pilot alone.
                                                                             Linda does not need to adjust fuel mixture; her engine has a
   Linda said that with turns automatically coordinated and
                                                                          Stromberg carburetor which has automatic fuel mixture control.
ground steering done with a steering wheel like an auto, this
airplane is favored by handicapped pilots.                                   Dan said that 75-80 mph is the best climb speed. He consid-
                                                                          ers the range of his Ercoupe to be 3 hours, or about 300 statute
   Dan said that at a landing speed of 60-65 mph the Ercoupe
                                                                          miles. He did once reach 3 hours and 40 minutes with just main
has a steep sink rate, 1000 fpm, so no flaps are needed. About
200 ft above ground level the nose is lowered and a normal
landing flare is commenced.                                                  Linda said that Fred Weick, to demonstrate the value of tricy-
                                                                          cle landing gear, once landed an Ercoupe in a 40 knot cross-
  Linda said that the rudder fins are set wide enough apart to
                                                                          wind. She said that a new owner of an Ercoupe recently re-
be clear of propwash.
                                                                          searched the files of the National Transportation Safety Board.
   The Ercoupe prototype had a four cylinder in-line engine.              He did not find a single accident causing loss of life could be
Production models, built by Engineering Resources Company,                attributed to the design of the Ercoupe, an airplane which has
had the C65 engine. By 1941 they were built with the C85. In              been flying for over 60 years.
1946 4309 Ercoupes were built. This was 75% of all Ercoupes
built .From 1958 to 1962 Forney built this airplane and it was            REFRESHMENTS
renamed the Aircoupe. In the late 60’s Mooney Aircraft acquired
the building rights. At first it was built with the twin tail, and then   July . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Don Thompson

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