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					natural times
                                  March/April 2008
                               Volume 19/Number 2

 we are all in it

                             your local co-op
EARTH DAY ....... APRIL 22
    New Leaf Market is committed to building a vibrant and healthy local community by providing natural and organic
    foods and products. As a cooperative, we emphasize socially and environmentally-responsible practices, and
    provide education and information about our products and the cooperative principles upon which we are based.

                         3 General Manager’s Report
    table of contents

                        4 Serve Your Co-op

                        4 Board Candidacy Forums
                                                                         22 Don’t Forget Your Reusable Bags!
                         5 Expansion Update
                                                                         23 Green Cleaning
                         6 Live Simply That Others May Live...
                                                                         24 BOD President Letter —
                                                                                    Owner Equity Issues
                         8 What Is Green & Sustainable Living?                      & Explanations

                        10 Wakulla Springs                               25 Scholarship Application
                                   Still Sick... But Getting Treatment
                                                                         26 In Memory of Jim O’ Toole
                        12 Local Spotlight: Sauce Boss
                        14 Cook’s Corner                                 27 Seminars

                        18 Owner Advantage Sales Flyer                   30 Owner Advantage Business Partners
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2       Natural Times             March/April 2008
                                                                     GENERAL MANAGER’S REPORT

                             Have you been to
                               New Leaf Market lately?
                                         BY LARRANE HARTRIDGE

                             T in the store since the beginning
                                hose of you who haven’t been      New bulk bins was one of the items
                                                                  that had been temporarily cut from
                             of our construction are missing out. our expansion budget to balance
                             Visit to the high mechanical and
                             follow the progress. Our marketing engineering costs. Thanks to the
                             department has been doing a great decision of our Board of Directors
                             job of keeping the site current and to finally have all of our owners
                             up-to-date on a weekly basis. The    participate equally at a $100
                             project has been moving along a
                             bit slower than anticipated but we
                             are extremely pleased with what’s
                             been done so far. A huge thank you
                             goes out to our Store Manager, Phil
General Manager Larrane      Valentine, who orchestrated the
Hartridge is prepared for    three overnight shifts that repo-
anything (above). Trenches   sitioned the grocery and wellness
are dug for plumbing and     shelving and relocated the registers
electricity (below).         with the help of some very
                             dedicated staff.

                             Balancing construction with the            Staff rolls shelves together
                             operation of the store is a                during overnight shift.
                             challenge and we anticipated that          refundable equity amount, we
                             we may have a few hiccups in the           now can afford to replace the bulk
                             process. To date, we have had only         bins. We have had well over 1,000
                             three hiccups, starting with yours         responses from owners who joined
                             truly stepping into a freshly poured       the Co-op at the $25 level and have
                             trench of cement. Then some                received over $60,000 in additional
                             ceiling tiles were blown loose             equity! Some owners even paid
                             from the ceiling near the entrance.        more than they needed to in order
                             Seems we created quite a wind              to help owners who couldn’t afford
                             tunnel there. Don’t be concerned,          to up their equity. Others rushed in
                             the ceiling was repaired and rein-         to pay the additional equity, having
                             forced. Finally, just the other day a      heard from their friends about the
                             section of our bulk shelving—housing       increase, even before they received
                             eight bins of grains—collapsed and         a letter. The response has been so
                             we had to contend with 300 pounds          positive and we thank you all for
                             of spilled grains.                         your participation.

                                                  w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p   Natural Times    3
Serve Your Co-op
                          BY JOSHUA YOUNGBLOOD
                                                                      Run for a Seat
                                                                      on the NLM

         ould you like to take a more active role in
    W    your co-op’s future? Perhaps you want to
    satisfy a personal need for more community
    involvement. If so, please consider running for
    a seat on the NLM Board of Directors. New
                                                                      Board of Directors
    Leaf Market is seeking primary owners
    interested in running for the Board. Find out
    more by attending the Board Candidacy
    Forums—Thursday, March 6, and Thursday,
    March 13 at Word Traffic Books.

    The Board plays a unique role in the
    governance of the store. It has specific
    responsibilities and makes decisions through a
    consensus model, using a facilitator to preside
    over meetings. The policy manual directs the
    Board to govern with the following tenets in
           • an emphasis on outward vision
              rather than internal preoccupation
           • strategic leadership rather than
              administrative detail
           • collective rather than individual
           • a vision for the future rather than
              past or present
           • a proactive rather than reactive
                                                       Board Candidacy Forums
           • an encouragement of diversity in
    Board members receive ongoing training and         Word Traffic Books
    leadership development from Cooperative            (behind New Leaf Market on Lafayette Street)
    Consulting Services. Training not only assists
    with developing more effective board
    members, but builds personal leadership skills     Thursday, March 6, 2008 6:30-8:00 pm
    that can be applied to other endeavors.            Thursday, March 13, 2008 6:30-8:00 pm
                                                       (No reservation is required to attend a forum.)
    At the upcoming March forums, experienced
    board members will share information on the        Note: If you are a primary owner wishing to run
    Board’s role and responsibilities, on board        for a seat on the Board, please complete a BOD
    structure and special job descriptions. They       declaration of candidacy. Declaration applications
    will provide information about the expec-          are now available at the customer service desk.
    tations required of each board member, as
    defined in the code of ethics, and the antici-     BOD declaration of candidacy must be submitted
    pated time                                         no later than Tuesday, March 25, at the customer
    commitment for board and committee work.           service desk.
    If you are interested in learning more, stop by    For more information, please contact Dave Watson
    one of the forums.                                 at; phone: 562-1035.

4   Natural Times          March/April 2008
Expansion Update
                                    BY CRISTIN BURNS
  o much has happened since I last wrote that I am at a  The new electrical service is a
S loss for where to begin. The biggest piece of news is
that our timeline has been modified. Phase One of
                                                         huge undertaking—keeping all of
                                                         our existing equipment running
construction is now scheduled to be complete around      while adding all of the new elec-
April 1. Consequently, the project completion date       trical lines and eventually combin-
will not be May 2008 as stated in the January Natural    ing the two. Once everything is
Times. We now hope that the renovation will be           in place we will disconnect from
complete some time this summer.                          our old service and connect to
                                                         the new service. The switch will
I’m thrilled that our customers can finally see proof of temporarily shut off our power for
the work that is being accomplished. If you’ve shopped several hours. However, we plan
in the past couple of weeks you have seen the            to do this overnight so as
temporary partition at the front of the store. We made not to disturb the operations of
room for the wall by shifting the grocery and            the store.
registers. If you are having any difficulties locating
products, please ask us. Nothing was discontinued, with I have to take this opportunity to
the exception of the water machine which will return thank Mad Dog Design and
at the end of the project, however some products have Construction, Darnell and
been relocated. Behind that wall our new restrooms       Associates and Weston Trawick
and an office are being built. The exterior partition is for working overnight shifts. Their
allowing the front of the building to be demolished and willingness to work around our
reframed with the new entrance doors and windows.        store hours has been beyond
                                                         helpful. As Phase Two approaches
Beyond the construction zone signs the underground       we will be reorganizing the store yet again.
plumbing and electrical work has been completed, the
trenches have been filled with concrete and portions of Once Phase Two begins, the deli counter and seating
the new concrete floor have been poured. In the rear     area will be demolished. In order to continue providing
of the building the grease trap was installed, the new   the hot bar and salad bar, some deli equipment will be
receiving pad has been poured and the opening for the temporarily relocated. During this time the deli will
new stock room doors has been cut.                       be unable to offer made-to-order sandwiches,
                                                         smoothies, espresso drinks and fresh juices. To
After occupying our space for almost 20 years, we        accommodate for this inconvenience, the grab ’n go
continue to discover quirks about our building. For      section will be better than ever, including packaged
instance, although we were aware that our building       sandwiches made fresh daily.
used to be a Sears, we were unaware that vestiges        As we approach the end of Phase One and the
of that time still inhabit our rafters—like plumbing     beginning of Phase Two, I’m sure we will discover
and electrical lines that run the length of the center.  further surprises. Please visit our website
Detaching ourselves from this antiquated system is for updates and photos
proving harder than we thought.                          of the progress.

                                                          w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p   Natural Times   5
Live Simply that Others May Live
                   BY GRETCHEN HEIN

“   ive simply that others may        with a small inside portable line. If
    live.” I remember the first time
I saw this quote, the simplicity and
                                      you can’t do it with every load, try
                                      one load a week. I love the smell
potency of it struck a deep chord     of laundry hung on the line and I use
within me. I grew up attending Girl   the time to enjoy the season, listen
Scout meetings where our motto        to the birds and insects and notice
was to leave things better than we    what’s flowering. If the clothes feel
found them. I took that intention     too stiff they can be fluffed in the
with me as I grew up, left home and   dryer for just a few minutes.
created my own family. I put the      Buy water saving-devices that
two of these ideas together and       reduce the flow of water at your
they became my guide for living my    sinks and showers. And, cut your
life.                                 shower time to five minutes or
Recently I investigated the Internet less. Make longer, warmer showers
as a resource to locate sites that    a special treat.
not only provide me with informa- Invest in a water filter and
tion about global warming, but also stop buying bottled water.
to help me reduce the effect my       In recent years, discarded plastic
lifestyle has on global warming.      water bottles have become an
                                      enormous problem. Filtering water
Large corporations such as Google, at your own sink and then carrying
Wal-Mart, and UPS are beginning to your own water bottle around in a
change their carbon footprint. You safe, reusable container is your best
can do it too. Following are a few, bet. If you don’t want to install a
easy steps you can take to reduce filter, you can buy a countertop wa-
your own carbon footprint.            ter filter almost anywhere. North
                                      Florida has some of the best water
Around the house                      in the world. Filtered Tallahassee
Change light bulbs. Replace your water tastes great!
incandescent light bulbs with
energy efficient compact              Purchase or make
fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. They environmentally-friendly
not only use less electricity, but in household cleaners. One simple
summer, they produce less heat.       thing I recently discovered was
You can use the extra moment they to fill a spray bottle with white
take to light up as a moment to       vinegar which I then periodically
pause and take a breath.              spray on shower walls. The vinegar      keep your home comfortable when
                                      prevents the growth of molds            you’re there and reduce energy use
Plug your computer, TV, sound         and keeps the shower clean. Even        when you’re away. Take another
system and other appliances into a better, you don’t have to rinse the        look at passive solar water heaters
power strip that you can easily shower walls after the vinegar                and solar panels. Many changes have
turn off. Many of these appliances spray.                                     improved technology in recent
are designed to continue to con-                                              years, and costs have come down.
sume power even when turned off. Reduce junk mail by visiting
Cutting the power to them reduces and signing up to ‘find and
electricity consumption               decline’ unwanted catalogs. You list    As you drive
considerably. Or, simply unplug       what you want to eliminate and          Lighten your foot on the
your appliance when not in use.       the site contacts the company to        pedal. Observe the speed limit.
                                      remove you from the mailing list.       Those extra five miles above the
Reduce your dependence on the                                                 speed limit result in a six percent
clothes dryer. Line dry clothes       Consider investing in a program-        loss of fuel economy. If you were
either outside in the fresh air or    mable thermostat. This will             traveling for eight hours, those five
6       Natural Times      March/April 2008
                                                     ...because less really is more
                                        than ten seconds at a drive-through
                                        or school pick-up, turn your car             — an easy-to-use site that exposes
                                        engine off. Lobby your school to             the dangers, the science and myths
                                        encourage this.                              of global warming. Easy tips. A PDF
                                        Keep your engine tuned and your              booklet of tips and handouts you
                                        tires balanced, properly inflated and        can print and share.
                                         replace when worn. And the next   
                                           time you are shopping for a car,          — offers periodic updates and tips
                                            look at models with the highest          to help improve the imprint you
                                              gas efficiency or take a hybrid        leave, with a promise not to share
                                               for a test drive.                     your email address.
                                               When you shop                         — another site full of useful infor-
                                                  Purchase locally grown             mation about simple ways to live a
                                                   as often as possible.             greener life. Includes press releases
                                                    Purchasing only 10 percent       and scientific articles about living
                                                     of your produce from            green. This site ranks food in terms
                                                      local farms                    of pesticide use. It also contains a
                                                            reduces your             link that lets you opt out of mail-
                                                       annual consumption            order catalogs.
                                        of fossil fuels by 300,000 gallons,
                                        reducing CO2 emissions 8,000,000             — a great place to learn about
                                        pounds. Just imagine the reduction           global warming. Includes informa-
                                        by buying more, or even better,              tion about presidential candidates’
                                        growing some of what you eat.                positions on environmental issues.
                                        Invest in cloth bags and then                — helps you calculate your carbon
                                        use them. See Bridget’s article on           footprint.
                                        page for tips on how to
                                        remember your bags.
                                                                                     — a guide to purchasing sustainable
                                        Invest in energy efficient                   seafood. The seafood guide on this
                                        appliances.                                  site identifies sustainable and
                                                                                     unsustainable seafood. Fish and
                                        Support locally owned                        other seafood are ranked as “Best
                                        businesses, artists and                      Choices, Good Alternative, and
                                        craftspeople.                                Avoid,” to help consumers with
extra miles per hour would put you      Buy less. Take a closer look at              purchasing decisions.
at your destination only 40 minutes     what you need versus what you
sooner. Around town, the differ-        want. Do a little research to edu-           I discovered how many practices
ence is negligible. Along the same      cate yourself about the product              I had already incorporated into
lines, avoid rabbit starts and stops,   you’re considering and from there,           my life and what more I could
accelerate slowly, and pace yourself    make a more informed decision.               do. Changing my carbon footprint
for those frequent stops at lights.                                                  doesn’t mean living a life of
See if you can eliminate one trip                                                    deprivation. Once I began to
from home each week and look for
opportunities to carpool to work        A few of my favorite sites                   shift my awareness to what I
or social events. Start small and                        can do, what I once thought
look for opportunities to expand.       — a National Geographic site full of         was hard, became easier. For
                                        great information. Includes articles,        me, living more simply has become
Turn off engine when idling.            videos, quizzes and product infor-           a responsibility to the world I live
If you’re going to be idling for more   mation.                                      in and future generations.
                                                              w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p   Natural Times      7
                What is Green and
                                                             Goods and
                                      BY PAUL RUTKOVSKY
        ost of us have probably heard about living           sevices that
    M   a sustainable “lifestyle” and buying “green”
    products. Many farmers, whether they are part of
                                                             inflict minimal
    large agribusiness corporations or run small organic     harm on the
    farms, can be defined as green only because their
    crops may be green in color. However, that of            environment can
    course does not mean they are responsibly green          be considered green.
    and rotate crops, use nontoxic-based fertilizers,
    free-range feed their animal stock and sell their
    products regionally.

    Home cleaning products, gardening, and construc-
    tion products are increasingly being advertised as
    green as well. Selling green and sustainable prod-
    ucts is becoming big business, and it’s a complex
    jungle for the consumer to sort out which busi-
    nesses are truly green.

    What is sustainable? Simply put, sustainable can be
    defined as a closed system. The book, Cradle to
    Cradle, by William McDonough and Michael Braun-
    gart, has a great title that illustrates the concept
    of sustainability. A tree in a forest is a cradle-to-
    cradle organism. It grows from a seed, produces
    other new seeds, dies, and decays and fertilizes the
    new trees. The cycle begins again, or actually it’s
    a never-ending cycle unless it’s disturbed. Most of
    our “man-made” or built environment cycles from
    cradle to grave or manufactured product to landfill.
    In the past, there has been very little effort to re-
    turn the product back to its source or to recycle it.

    Another definition of sustainable, from Wikipe-
    dia, characterizes it as follows: “Sustainability is
    a characteristic of a process or state that can be
    maintained at a certain level indefinitely. The term,
    in its environmental usage, refers to the potential
    longevity of vital human ecological support sys-
    tems, such as the planet’s climatic system, systems
    of agriculture, industry, forestry, and fisheries, and
    human communities in general and the various sys-

8    Natural Times           March/April 2008
Sustainable Living?
                   tems on which they depend in balance with         sustainably, but it’s important to do your
                   the impacts of our unsustainable or sustain-      homework and not take an advertising claim
                   able design.”                                     at face value. Patronize reputable busi-
                                                                     nesses that you trust. Most will research
                   Goods and services that inflict minimal           their sources and give out correct informa-
                   harm on the environment can be considered         tion. Also, there is a new business in town—
                   green. Many of these products are cradle          Green Living Center, located at 1020
                   to cradle and do not end up in the land-          North Monroe Street. The owner, Lindsey
                   fill. Products are finally being developed        Billesbach-Spear, carries many green prod-
                   that have “disposable costs” built into the       ucts and organizes workshops. Whether
                   front-end price. In other words, when you         you are planning to renovate or build a new
                   buy a kitchen appliance you will be paying        home or business, you should visit Green
                   extra for the recycling of the plastic, tin,      Living and see the actual products
                   rubber, glass, etc. But if the components
                   of the appliance have very complex plastic        A new residential community and commer-
                   compounds or exotic chemical-based addi-          cial district called Evening Rose is being de-
                   tives, the cost of greening the parts will be     veloped by K2 Urban Corp in Tallahassee.
                   even more expensive. The complete cost            The developers say they are applying for
                   of manufacturing and responsibly disposing        LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmen-
                   of the product should, and eventually will        tal Design) certification. This is the most
                   be, part of the point-of-purchase cost.           difficult “green certification” to receive and
                                                                     if successful, they will be the first in the
                   The biggest task however, is identify-            region to receive the certification.
                   ing which companies are actually ethical
                   and doing what they say they are doing in
                   terms of greening their processes and prod-
                   ucts. There is very little oversight or regu-     FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:
                   lation of the industry. For instance, there
                   are roughly 80,000 manufactured chemicals         Sustainability Institute
                   in our consumer/business environment of 
                   which not even one-fifth have been tested.
                   We are the test site. We use the prod-            Green Guide
                   uct (e.g. lead-based paint) and later find
                   out that it’s toxic. There are many more
                   examples but not enough space to enumer-          Organic Consumers Association
                   ate. Organic food standards are relatively
                   safe, but the industry is constantly chipping
                   away and eliminating important safeguards.        Co-op America
This is gray and   See for specific
black and white    examples.
and quite toxic.                                                     Low Impact Living
Not green.         There is much opportunity for those     
                   interested in going green and living more

                                                        w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p   Natural Times     9
Still Sick...
but Getting Treatment
                                   BY CRYSTAL WAKOA
 On a cold December morning in 2007, two cold and
 hungry divers with the Woodville Karst Plain Project
 emerged from their world record-setting dive that
 connected the Leon Sinks cave system with Wakulla
 Springs. A group of manatees appeared in the spring
 bowl just before the divers, as if to join with the
 crowd on the bank in welcoming the divers and
 applauding their feat. Manatees have never before
 over-wintered at Wakulla Springs, and park staff can’t
 explain their prolonged presence this year.

 Some things we know. Some things we don’t. But as
 we connect the dots between what goes on in
 Tallahassee and the health of Wakulla Springs, the
 knowledge of our interconnectedness becomes
 harder and harder to deny.

 What is the health of Wakulla Springs these days? If
 we took her temperature, she would still be running       take responsibility. Step up it has, committing to
 a high fever. She remains challenged by high nitrate      upgrade its treatment plants to advanced
 levels that cause rapid growth of invasive hydrilla,      wastewater treatment (AWT) in six years, which will
 yearly herbicide treatment by park staff to knock it      drastically reduce the concentration of nitrates in the
 back, proliferation of bad algae that, along with the     effluent—a huge victory for all of us fighting for the
 hydrilla, suck oxygen from the water—which chases         restoration of Wakulla Springs.
 the bass population elsewhere, fewer gallinules and
 night herons, and still not enough apple snails to        The second largest polluter of Wakulla Springs is sep-
 lure the limpkin back. Wakulla Springs’ health is still   tic tanks, which also leak nitrates into the soil. With
 ranked in the lowest 20 percent of all Florida rivers.    30,000 septic tanks in Leon County, 10,000 in Wakulla
                                                           County and the population climbing, septic tanks
 And yet there is cause for great hope. We know            could become the Springs’ leading cause of nitrate
 where the nitrate pollution is coming from, and we        pollution in years to come, should business as usual
 are beginning to take responsibility for reducing it      prevail. But there is good news on this front, too. As
 so that Wakulla Springs will have a chance to thrive      of mid-2007, all new Wakulla County development
 again.                                                    not on the central sewage system must install per-
                                                           formance-based (i.e., nitrate reducing) septic systems.
 The Springs’ biggest polluter is the City of Talla-       In addition, any older, standard septic tank that fails
 hassee’s wastewater treatment facilities. Treated         must be replaced with the performance-based sys-
 wastewater (effluent) from the sewage treatment           tem. Leon County is not far behind—county officials
 plants is piped to the sprayfield farm on Tram Road.      are considering requiring those same advanced septic
 The nitrate-laden effluent is sprayed on crops that       tanks in the southern part of Leon County.
 are meant to absorb the nitrogen, but too much of it
 seeps into the porous soil, entering limestone            Tallahassee sits uphill from Wakulla Springs. It is now
 conduits that lead to Wakulla Springs. It took a          well documented that Munson Slough, into which all
 lawsuit to get the City to step up to the plate and       of Tallahassee’s drainage ditches flow, itself drains to
10   Natural Times           March/April 2008
                                                          Wakulla Springs’ health is still ranked
                                                          in the lowest 20 percent of all Florida rivers.

Wakulla Springs, making storm water runoff a third        the hope that even with all the changes Wakulla
significant contributor to the degradation of Wakulla     Springs will be restored to her former, pristine glory.
Springs. In response to this, Leon County continues       The population of our region is projected to double in
to build more storm water retention ponds, which          the next 40 years. All the newcomers will need to
reduce the toxicity of the runoff. The Department         flush their toilets, just like we do. The sheer volume
of Transportation eliminated all fertilizer application   of effluent the City will need to dispose of, and the
(218 tons per year!) on roadsides within the Wakulla      radical rise in the number of septic systems, could
Springs basin. And the Tallahassee-Leon County            negate the effects of the advanced technologies.
Planning Department has developed a set of                Conservation is key in this regard. It will take all of
pollution-reducing recommendations in their               us doing our part by installing water-saving toilets, as
Comprehensive Plan, that will strengthen protective       well as water-saving washing machines, and
measures for the Springs.                                 conserving water in all of our activities. It will take
                                                          a willingness to let go of picture-perfect lawns that
All of these recent developments that hold out so         require fertilizers and pesticides, and to take pride
much hope have come about as the result of                instead in Florida-friendly landscaping. It will take an
scientists, environmental organizations, non-profits,     awareness of our interconnectedness with our water
local and state governments, activists, and our local     supply, our springs, rivers, bays and estuaries, and a
newspaper coming together, sharing information, rais-     personal commitment to lighten our load on them.
ing awareness, and applying pressure where needed
to highlight the plight of Wakulla Springs and ham-       For inspiration, take a drive to Wakulla Springs. Climb
mer out solutions. The cooperation and concern of         to the top of the diving platform where you have a
so many diverse groups of people to protect and re-       good chance of seeing a pod of manatees—ten in all,
store Wakulla Springs is a testament to the intrinsic     including two calves. We may not know why they’re
value Wakulla Springs holds for us as a community.        taking up winter residence here, but we know that
                                                          their fate, and the fate of Wakulla Springs depend
But there’s a catch to all this good news, a hitch in     entirely on us.

                                                          w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p   Natural Times   11
 Sauce Boss Ladles
 Soup for the
 Homeless                           BY ISABEL SHERIDAN

 B   ill Wharton and his wife Ruth have been coming to
     New Leaf Market since 1973. They were members
 back when the Co-op was located on Macomb Street.
                                                          gumbo with the homeless all over the country. His
                                                          website lists the concerts he’s done for homeless cen-
                                                          ters around the nation; he’s performed in Washington,
 So when Bill became the “Sauce Boss” and started mar-    D.C., Indiana, Pennsylvania, many cities in Florida, and
 keting his now famous hot sauces, it was only natural    in New Orleans’ 9th Ward. Since 2002 Bill has cooked
 that he approach New Leaf Market with his products.      gumbo for over 135,000 people.
 “In 1987 I began to sell my sauces. New Leaf was one
 of my first customers and has been ever since,” Bill     You can help Bill Wharton “feed the needy, in body and
 says with a touch of pride.                              soul.” Visit his website for Planet Gumbo, the non-
                                                          profit foundation he set up to help the homeless, at
 Bill had been making hot sauces for family and friends And, if you really want to get
 for years. Twenty-one years ago he was persuaded         involved, join Bill and Ruth the second Wednesday of
 to go into business. And now his “Liquid Summer” hot     each month at the homeless shelter in Tallahassee to
 sauces are a must-have for customers all over the Tal-   make a meal and music.
 lahassee area. In New Leaf Market’s condiment section,
 you can find Bill’s three Liquid Summer products: Datil Bill’s next CD, “Soft Boss Raw,” will be released at the
 Pepper Sauce is named for a pepper that is native to      Bradfordville Blues Club at a gumbo party on Saturday,
 St. Augustine; Habañnero Sauce is made from the hot-      May 3.
 test pepper there is; and Hot Q Sauce is a little bit
 spicy barbecue sauce made with peaches.
                                                                                                Bill is mixing
 Bill’s second passion is making music. “I’ve always been                                     it up on stage.
 a musician,” he states. Nineteen years ago, when Bill                                         I wonder how
 was cutting a CD in Orlando, he met Raful Neal, a                                               much sauce
 musician from Baton Rouge. While Bill and Raful were                                                 he uses.
 recording, Raful’s wife was across the hall, just a whiff
 away, cooking gumbo for the crew’s lunch. “What a
 great way to showcase my hot sauces,” Bill thought. “I
 watched her cook, got a few tips from her, and started
 making gumbo on stage,” he declares. “I bring a fish
 cooker on stage and cook during the show. The audi-
 ence helps by adding ingredients and stirring the pot.
 They love it.”

 And then, to hot sauces, music and making gumbo on
 stage, Bill added another passion—feeding the home-
 less. In 2002 Bill was invited to sing and make gumbo
 at the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen in Orlando, his home
 town. A new world opened up for him—and for the
 homeless. Since then he has been making music and

12   Natural Times        March/April 2008
                                                 Since 2002 Bill Wharton
                                                 has cooked gumbo for
local spotlight                                  over 135,000 people.

                  w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p   Natural Times   13
                               Corner    of salt and garlic powder or a     approximately 5 minutes.
                                         spoonful of miso and a sprig of    Remove the asparagus
                         COMPILED BY
                        JEAN CROZIER     marjoram the last 15 minutes       and immediately rinse in cold
                                         of cooking.) You can also use      water to stop the cooking
     ARUGULA PESTO                       precooked, organic canned                  process. Drain thor-
     Makes 2/3 cup                       beans.                                       oughly.
     2 cups packed baby arugula          In a blender or food proces-                 In a small bowl,
     2 T white mellow miso               sor, add the garlic, rosemary,                mash the avocado,
     1/3-1/2 cup pine nuts or            vinegars, salt, and pepper.                    lime juice, and
     walnuts                             Blend while slowly adding the                   garlic into a coarse
     1/4-1/3 cup olive oil               olive oil.                                       puree.
     1-2 cloves garlic, chopped
                                         Add the beans, arugula,                          In another small
     Blend all ingredients in food       tomatoes and olives to a                       bowl, stir together
     processor. Add more olive oil if    large salad bowl. Pour de-                     the rice and yogurt
     necessary. Delicious on crackers,   sired amount of the dressing                      to mix well.
     whole grain crusty bread, pasta,    over and mix and combine.
     or raw veggies.                     Serve at room temperature.                     Heat a large dry
                                         From Delicious Living                         frying pan (not one
     ARUGULA & WHITE BEAN                magazine                                     with a nonstick
     SALAD                                                                          surface) over
     Serves 6                            ASPARAGUS                            medium heat. One
     2 cups (365g) dried white           & AVOCADO WRAPS                    at a time, heat the tortillas in
     northern beans, soaked in water     Serves 6                           the hot pan until softened,
     overnight (or 2 cans organic        24 asparagus spears                approximately 20 seconds per
     white beans)                        1 ripe avocado, pitted and         side.
     2 cloves garlic                     peeled
     1 3-inch stem of rosemary                                              Lay the tortillas flat on a clean
                                         1 T lime juice                     work surface. Spread the
     (leaves removed), or 3/4 tsp        1 clove garlic, minced
     dried rosemary                                                         avocado mixture equally
                                         1 1/2 cups cooked, cold            among the tortillas. Top each
     1 T red wine vinegar                long-grain white rice
     3 T balsamic or sherry vinegar                                         with an equal amount of the
                                         3 T plain nonfat yogurt            rice mixture, asparagus,
     1/2 tsp sea salt                    3 whole wheat tortillas, 10        cilantro, and onion.
     1/2 tsp ground black pepper         inches in diameter
     1/3 cup olive oil                   1/3 cup fresh cilantro leaves      Fold in both sides and the
     1 bunch arugula, washed, stems      2 T chopped red onion              bottom of each tortilla up over
     removed, and finely chopped                                            the filling; then roll to close.
     3–4 Roma tomatoes, finely diced     In a medium-sized saucepan         If made in advance, cover with
     1/4 cup chopped Kalamata olives     over high heat, bring 2 inches     plastic wrap and refrigerate for
                                         water to a boil.                   up to 1 hour.
     Drain and cook beans in simmer-                                        (cont.)
     ing water until tender, about 40    Place the asparagus in a
     minutes. (Beans have better fla- steamer basket, cover, and
     vor if you add 1/2 tsp each (con.t) steam until just tender, (cont.)

14   Natural Times        March/April 2008
Return to room temperature before         STIR FRIED SNOW PEAS
serving.                                  & MUSHROOMS
                                          Serves 4
To serve, cut each wrap in half
crosswise.                                1 T sesame seeds
From Mayo Clinic Williams-Sonoma          1 T olive oil
Cookbook by Mayo Clinic                   1/2 pound snow peas
                                          4 ounces fresh mushrooms, thinly
WILTED SPINACH SALAD                      sliced
WITH ASPARAGUS                            2 T teriyaki sauce
Serves 2                                  In a medium skillet over medium
                                          heat, cook the sesame seeds about
2 cups fresh baby spinach leaves,         5 minutes, stirring frequently, until
washed, dried and chilled                 lightly browned. Remove from heat,
1 pound asparagus stalks, washed          and set aside.
and trimmed
3 T good quality balsamic vinegar         Heat oil in the skillet over medium
2 T extra-virgin olive oil                high heat. Stir in snow peas and
2 T minced red onion                      mushrooms, and cook 3 to 4 minutes,
1 clove garlic, minced                    until tender.
1/4 tsp coarsely ground black pepper      Transfer snow peas and mushrooms
1 hard-cooked egg, chopped                to a medium bowl. Toss with sesame
                                          seeds and teriyaki sauce, and serve
Place spinach on individual serving       warm.
plates.                                   From
Blanch the asparagus in lightly salted
boiling water for approximately 3         TOFU SALAD WITH SNOW PEAS
minutes or until crisp-tender; do not     Serves 4
overcook. Remove from heat and re-        1 T sweet chili sauce
fresh under cold water; drain and dry     1/2 tsp grated fresh ginger root
well; set aside.                          2 cloves garlic, crushed
                                          1 T dark soy sauce
In a large frying pan over medium         1 T sesame oil
heat, whisk together balsamic vin-        1/2 (16 ounce) package extra-firm
egar, olive oil, red onion, garlic, and   tofu, drained and diced
pepper; heat balsamic mixture until       1 cup snow peas, trimmed
hot, stirring occasionally. Add cooked    2 small carrots, grated
asparagus spears to dressing mixture,     1 cup finely shredded red cabbage
tossing to coat and reheat.               2 T chopped peanuts
Remove from heat. Place asparagus         In a large bowl, mix the chili sauce,
spears over the top of the spinach.       ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and sesame
Pour warm dressing over asparagus         oil. Place tofu in the mixture, and
and spinach. Sprinkle with chopped        marinate 1 hour in the refrigerator.
eggs and serve immediately.
From                                      Bring a pot of water to a boil.               Immerse the snow peas in the
                                          boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes,
                                          then immerse in a bowl of cold
                                          water. Drain, and set aside.
                                          Toss the peas, carrots,
                                          cabbage, and peanuts with
                                          the tofu and marinade to

                                                      w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p   Natural Times   15
AND FETA                                             GRAPEFRUIT & ITALIAN SALAMI
Serves 4-6                                           Serves 4
2 tsp cumin seeds                                    2 large red grapefruit
2 T fresh lime juice                                 1 small shallot, minced
2 tsp honey                                          1 T white wine vinegar
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil                       Additional fresh grapefruit juice
3 T chopped fresh dill                               1 tsp minced fresh tarragon
4 cups fresh shelled peas (from about 4 pounds       6 T walnut oil or olive oil
peas in pods) or 1 pound frozen petite peas
1 bunch radishes, trimmed, and thinly sliced         8 cups packed mixed baby greens (about 5
1 cup crumbled feta cheese (about 4 ounces)          ounces)
3 cups fresh pea tendrils, coarsely chopped, or      4 ounces thinly sliced soppressata or other
pea sprouts (optional)                               Italian salami, cut into thin strips
                                                     Parmesan cheese shavings.
Heat small skillet over                              Cut peel and white pith from grapefruit. Holding
medium heat. Add cumin seeds and toast until         grapefruit over bowl to catch juices, cut between
aromatic and slightly darker, about 2                membranes to release segments.
minutes. Cool; grind finely in spice mill. Whisk
lime juice, honey, and cumin in small bowl. Grad-    Combine shallot and vinegar in small bowl. Let
ually whisk in oil; stir in dill. Season dressing    stand 15 minutes. Add enough additional grape-
with salt and pepper. Can be made 1 day ahead.       fruit juice to collected juices to measure 1/4 cup;
Cover and chill. Bring to room temperature           whisk into vinegar. Add tarragon. Whisk in oil.
before serving.                                      Season with salt and pepper.
SALAD:                                               Place greens in large bowl. Drizzle 2/3 of dress-
Cook peas in pot of boiling salted water until
                                                     ing over and toss to coat. Divide salad among 4
almost tender, about 5 minutes for fresh (or
                                                     plates. Scatter soppressata over each. Top with
about 2 minutes for frozen). Drain; rinse under
                                                     grapefruit and Parmesan. Drizzle remaining
cold water, then drain well. Transfer to large
                                                     dressing over and serve.
bowl. Add radishes, feta, and dressing; toss.
                                                     From bon appétit & Gourmet, April 2007 (www.
Season with salt and pepper. If using pea tendrils
or sprouts, divide among bowls. Divide salad
among bowls. Serve. From bon appétit &               GLORIA’S SALMON & CREAM SAUCE
Gourmet, April 2007 (             Serves 4-6
SRING SALAD SUPREME                                  1 large wild salmon filet
Serves 4-6                                           2 T Gloria’s Salmon Seasoning Mix
                                                     1/2 cup Earth Balance™ buttery spread or 1/4
1/2 red onion, thinly sliced julienne style          cup Earth Balance™ and 1/4 cup olive oil
1 Granny Smith Apple, thinly sliced, half moons      1 cup milk
1/2 cup Annie’s Shitake Sesame                       1/2 cup cream
Vinaigrette or just enough to cover onion and        1 T corn starch
10 ounces organic spring mix                         Remove skin from salmon. Heat
1-2 T crumbled Stilton blue cheese                   electric fry skillet or other large skillet. Add Earth
                                                     Balance™ until melted. Add salmon. Sprinkle
      Combine apple and red onion and                seasoning mix (recipe below) generously over
         marinate in dressing for several hours.     salmon. Cook over medium-high heat for 5 min-
           When ready to serve, place spring         utes until fish flakes.
              mix in large salad bowl and
                  lightly toss in marinated onion    To make cream sauce combine milk, cream and
                     and apple. Sprinkle cheese      corn starch. Stir over medium high heat until
                         on top. Serve immedi-       thickened. Spoon over salmon and serve.
                            ately.                   From Gloria Everett
                                By Katie Crozier

16   Natural Times      March/April 2008
                                                       TOP FOODS
Makes 2 T
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp lemon pepper
1 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp ground thyme (takes out any                                  Adapted from
fishy taste)
1/2 tsp dried dill weed                                  10. Tuna and Crackers. Get the cans with the
                                                         pull-top lid. Packets of mayonnaise can make
Combine all seasonings. Makes enough for                 an instant tuna salad. Serve on pita, bagel or
1 large salmon filet.                                    crackers.
From Gloria Everett                                      9. Hard cheese and crackers. Hard cheeses are
                                                         robust enough to survive on the trail and can
GLORIA’S SALMON WITH SAUTÉED                             take a moderate amount of heat. Sharp cheddar
VEGGIES & STUFFING                                       is the best.
Serves 4-6                                               8. Peanut butter or other nut butters. Repack
1 large wild salmon filet                                into a squeeze tube (available at camping
                                                         stores). Spread on crackers, bagels, etc.
1 large onion, chopped                                   Sprinkle with raisins for extra energy.
1 large shallot, chopped                                 7. Cookies and candy. Look for natural gummy
1 large red pepper, chopped                              candies, jelly beans, sesame stick candy and
4 garlic cloves, minced                                  more. Jenny’s Macaroons come individually
1/2 bunch parsley, chopped                               wrapped for instant access and energy.
1 tsp garlic powder                                      6. Fresh fruit. Nothing satisfies like a good or-
1 tsp onion powder                                       ganic apple, orange, or pear. Take fruit that can
1 tsp dried dill                                         stand rolling around in the back pack. Cheese,
1 tsp ground thyme                                       cracker and apple slice make a nice lunch.
1 tsp lemon pepper                                       5. Beef Jerky. Get the real stuff.
2 tsp sea salt                                           4. Dried Fruit. These are very durable, gener-
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper                                   ate less trash and pack more caloric bang for
1/2 cup Earth Balance™ Buttery Spread                    the buck.
1 package Arrowhead Mills™ Stuffing Mix,                 3. Granola. More varieties than ever before.
prepared according to package directions                 Loaded with carbohydrates and fiber and good
                                                         fat, depending on the granola. Granola is an
Remove skin from salmon. In hot skillet                  excellent food source on the trail.
melt Earth Balance™. Add salmon,                         2. Energy Bars. So little time, so many great
vegetables and herbs. Sauté until fish is                energy bars. Jenny’s new Omega-3 bars come
done. Serve over hot stuffing.                           in 3 flavors, chocolate, coconut and almond.
                                                         1. GORP. Also known as trail mix. Buy already
TRAIL MIX                                                make from the bulk bins or make your own.
Serves 12-15                                             Just toss together any of the following in-
                                                         gredients: Sunspire™         Sundrops, pretzels,
1 box Annie’s™ Whole Wheat Bunnies                       Cereal O’s or other                 hearty cereal
2 packets Barbara’s™ animal cookies (2 1/8               shapes, raisins and other            chopped
oz.), any flavor                                         dried fruit, dried coco-             nut, nuts
1 1/2 cups dry roasted mixed nuts                        (cashews, peanuts, Brazil             nuts, maca-
1 bag Sunspire™ Sundrops, plain                          damia etc.) The best                  part of mak-
2 cups raisins or dried sweetened                        ing your own GORP                    is you have
cranberries or mixture of both                           no trash to pack if                   you use your
                                                         own reusable                           container.
Mix all ingredients in a large bowl with a
big spoon. When mixed, use spoon to fill
snack size baggies with trail mix. It usually
makes about 12-15 bags. Keep in a cool dry
place. They are easy to grab for that hike or
bike ride, or a ride in the car.
Adapted from

                                                w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p   Natural Times   17
                                       GROCERY                 REFRIGERATED
                                       Baker Organic Breads ........................................................$3.99
                                       24oz Assorted Varieties [Suggested Retail $5.69-6.19]
                                       Earth’s Best Organic Baby Formula ..................................$15.99
                                       13.2oz [Suggested Retail $21.29]
                                       Earth’s Best Cookies & Crackers ...........................................$1.99
     1.33                              Oatmeal Cinnamon, Cheddar, Plain [Suggested Retail $2.39]
                                       Food For Life Genesis 1:29 Organic Bread ...........................$3.49
 Cliff Builder’s Bars
 2.4oz Chocolate, Cookies ‘n           24oz [Suggested Retail $3.99]
 Cream, Peanut Butter, Vanilla         Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Organic Bread ..............................$2.99
 Almond [Suggested Retail $1.99]       24oz [Suggested Retail $3.39]
                                       Food For Life Organic Sprouted Grain Tortillas ........................$1.99
                                       12oz [Suggested Retail $2.29]
                                       Made In Nature Apple Pieces .............................................$2.49
                                       3oz [Suggested Retail $3.29]
                                       Made In Nature Organic Prunes .......................................$2.79
                                       6oz [Suggested Retail $3.49]
                                       McCann’s Oatmeal Cereal ................................................$2.99
                         5.79          16oz [Suggested Retail $3.49]
                         McCann’s      McCann’s Steel Cut Quick Oatmeal ..................................$2.79
                    Irish Oatmeal      16oz [Suggested Retail $3.49]
       28oz [Suggested Retail $6.99]
                                       Nate’s Meatless Meatballs ................................................$3.79
                                       16oz Original, Italian, Mushroom [Suggested Retail $4.99]
                                       Organic Valley Colby Stringles ...........................................$3.99
                                       6oz [Suggested Retail $4.49]
                                       Saphara Teas .........,,,.........................................................$5.79
                                       15bag Assorted Varieties [Suggested Retail $6.19]
                                       Shelton’s Free Range Ground Turkey .....................................$2.49
                                       [Suggested Retail $3.49]
 $                                                                                                                        1.99
                                       Tofurky Jurky .....................................................................$
     2.79                              2oz Original, Peppered [Suggested Retail $2.79]
 Organic Ville Dressings               Westbrae Organic Canned Vegetables .................................               1.39
 8oz Herbs De Provence, Olive Oil      14.5-15.25oz Yellow Corn, Green Beans, Sweet Peas
 & Balsalmic, Orange Cranberry, Sun    [Suggested Retail $1.69]
 Dried Tomato & Garlic, Sesame                                                                                            $
 Goddess, Sesame Tamari                Yummy Organic Pomegranate Candy .....................................              1.69
 [Suggested Retail $3.99]              3.3oz [Suggested Retail $2.39]

18   Natural Times          March/April 2008
           OWNER’S ADVANTAGE                                                                                MARCH 2008

                                                     Shikai Henna Gold Shampoo ...............................$4.99
                                                     12oz [Suggested Retail $7.29]
                                                     South of France Liquid Soaps ................................$6.99
                                                     16.9oz Green Tea, Lavender[Suggested Retail $8.99]
                                                     Tea Tree Therapy Mouthwash ..............................$4.99
                                                     12oz Alcohol Free [Suggested Retail $5.99]
                                                     Tea Tree Therapy Antibacterial Liquid Soap ........$4.49
                                     8.99            8oz [Suggested Retail $4.99]
                                                     Tea Tree Therapy ..................................................$2.29
                                  Albet I Noya
                                 750ml Xarello,
                                                     3.5oz [Suggested Retail $3.25]
                                                     Tea Tree Therapy Antiseptic Ointment ..................$5.99
                         [Suggested Retail $10.99]   2oz [Suggested Retail $7.69]
                                                     Tea Tree Therapy Pure Tea Tree Oil ..........................$12.99
BU L K                                               2oz [Suggested Retail $17.99]
                                                     Tiger Balm Arthritis ...........................................$10.99
Cinnamon Ground Korin ......... 4.99/lb              18g [Suggested Retail $12.69]
[Suggested Retail $8.99]
                                                     Tiger Balm Regular ..............................................$5.49
Whole Cloves .................. $ 11.99/lb           18g [Suggested Retail $6.79]
[Suggested Retail $19.59]
Organic Ginger .......................$10.99/lb      Tiger Balm Patch .................................................$4.79
[Suggested Retail $18.99]                            5pk [Suggested Retail $5.99]
Whole Wheat Honey Fig Bar ....$3.49/lb               Tiger Balm Ultra ...................................................$5.99
[Suggested Retail $4.29]                             18g [Suggested Retail $6.99]
Organic Cranberry Harvest Mix .. $5.99/lb            Tiger Balm Ultra Sports Rub ................................$9.99
[Suggested Retail $7.89]                             50g [Suggested Retail $11.39]
Organic Trail Mix ...................$4.99/lb
[Suggested Retail $5.99]                             Rainbow Light Just Once Multi-Vitamin ................$17.99
                                                     60tb [Suggested Retail $22.49]
Yogurt Pretzels .....................$4.99/lb
[Suggested Retail $6.69]                             Rainbow Light Menopause One ........................$8.99
Organic Dark Chocolate Chips ..$ 6.99/lb             30tb [Suggested Retail $12.99]
[Suggested Retail $8.49]
Chocolate Blueberries ..........$8.99/lb             PET CARE
[Suggested Retail $11.89]
Chocolate Peanuts ................$5.49/lb           Catswell Happy Hips Vitakitty .........................$2.49
[Suggested Retail $7.49]                             2oz Chicken Breat [Suggested Retail $2.79-3.69]
Milk Chocolate Raisins ..................$5.49/lb    Dogswell Dog Treats .........................................$4.79
[Suggested Retail $7.49]                             6oz Assorted Varieties [Suggested Retail $6.99]
Sundrops ...............................$5.49/lb     Pet Guard Cat Dinner ........................... $ 0.89
[Suggested Retail $6.99]                             5.5oz Assorted Varieties [Suggested Retail $1.29]

                                                                w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p    Natural Times       19
                                         GROCERY                 REFRIGERATED
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                                         Amy’s Pot Pie................................................................ $ 1.99
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     2.79                                Annie’s Organic Shells & Cheddar ...............................................$2.79
 Annie’s Deluxe Pastas                   10.5oz [Suggested Retail $3.49]
 12oz Elbows, Shells                     Annie’s Organic Pasta Meals ......................................................$1.69
 [Suggested Retail $2.99]
                                         15oz All Stars, Arthur Loops, Bernie O’s, Cheezy Ravioli,
                                         Cheezy Spaghetti [Suggested Retail $2.19]
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                                         [Suggested Retail $8.49]
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     Barbara’s Bakery Snackimals         12oz [Suggested Retail $4.49]
     2oz Chocolate, Snickerdoodle,
      Vanilla [Suggested Retail $0.99]   Imagine Chocolate Coated Vanilla Bars ..................................$2.49
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 $                                       Late July Organic Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookies ................$0.79
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 Equal Exchange                          Lesser Evil Popcorn ..................................................................$2.49
 Coffee                                  3.65oz Black & White, Kettle, Maple Pecan, Peanut & Chocolate
 12oz Assorted Varieties                 [Suggested Retail $3.19]
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20 Natural Times               March/April 2008
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                                           Simply Asia Noodle Bowl ...........................................................$1.33
                           $               2.5oz Garlic, Sesame, Shitake Mushroom, Onion [Suggested Retail $1.69]
                       4.99                Tasty Bite Pilaf ...........................................................................$1.99
            Organic Valley Butter          10oz Tandoori, Thai Lime [Suggested Retail $2.39]
                 16oz Salted, No Salt
               [Suggested Retail $5.99]    Thai Kitchen Noodles ...............................................................$2.29
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                                           Nature’s Gate Aqua Sunblock 30 spf .............................................$5.79
 1.69                                      4oz Giggleberry, Sportblock, Lotion [Suggested Retail $8.49]
                                           Pure Life Organic Vitamin E Aloe Cream ..................................$6.79
Thai Kitchen
Organic Coconut Milk                       4.7oz [Suggested Retail $8.99]
14oz Original, Light                       Pure Life Organic Volcano Mask & Scrub ...................................$6.79
[Suggested Retail $2.09]                   Varied Sizes [Suggested Retail $8.99]
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                                           Rainbow Light Advanced Enzymes System ............................$9.99
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                       Wolfgang Puck       WINE
                        Organic Soup       Our Daily Red Wine ..................................................................$9.99
                           14.5 — 15.5oz   750ml [Suggested Retail $11.99]
               [Suggested Retail $2.99]
                                           Orlean’s Hills Wine ..................................................................$8.99
                                           750ml [Suggested Retail $9.99]

                                                                       w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p      Natural Times            21
 Don’t Forget Your Reusable Bags!
                                        BY BRIDGET KAMKE
     e all know that bringing and reusing bags is
 W   superior to using the paper or plastic ones available
at the store. It’s all about reducing and reusing, the most
energy efficient two options in the recycling trinity.
Many people say they have bags but forget to use them.
Below are some ideas for remembering them.
You can use cloth bags, a backpack, a basket or just reuse
store bags so you don’t even have to buy bags. Doubled
paper bags can be reused almost forever, unless you
get caught in the rain. Plastic bags can be reused several
times and can be crumpled down really small and stuffed
in your purse, wallet or pocket.
Sometimes larger purses, that aren’t overfilled, can be
handy when you just buy a few items—throw the apple
and the can of beans in your purse!
Once you have bags, there are two parts to                                          Americans throw away about
remembering them. One is taking them to your vehicle.                               100 billion plastic bags
The other is taking them into the store.                                            each year, according to the
                                                                                    Worldwatch Institute.
After you unload groceries hang the bags on the
doorknob back to the carport/garage/driveway. Or you Sometimes all we need is to step up our level of
can keep them by your keys so they make it back to your commitment. If you are into tough love, you can be
car when next you go.                                       tough on yourself and make yourself carry everything out
                                                            to your car without a bag whenever you forget, and soon
My friend folds her cloth bag and puts it at the bottom you will be much better about remembering them.
of her purse. Another thing to do if you don’t carry a
purse is to carry your keys and wallet out of your house When I pile my groceries on the conveyor at New Leaf
and into the store in your cloth bag.                       Market and elsewhere, I place my bags on top of the
                                                            front of the pile to help remind the bagger that I’ll take
If you live in a family, make it a game to see who will     neither paper nor plastic. This especially helps at
remember the bags first as you head out the door.           conventional stores where the bagger is used to auto-
Keep the bags somewhere easy to see and reach, like the matically bagging with plastic.
foot well of your car.
                                                            If you truly commit to using reusable bags, within a
I have been using cloth bags for about ten years. In the couple weeks you will have broken your old bagging hab-
beginning, if I forgot my bags, I’d make myself run outside its and will be in the flow of checking to make sure you
and get them from my car before I got my groceries.         have your bags before you go shopping. You can do it!

22 Natural Times            March/April 2008
Green Cleaning: Cheaper,                                  Consequently, many companies have been quick to
                                                          jump on the green bandwagon by stamping their
                                                          labels with “biodegradable” (how long—a hundred

Easier, Better For You,
                                                          years?), “non-toxic” (this is meaningless) or “organic”
                                                          (organic cleaning products aren’t regulated by the
                                                          Organic Foods Production Act).

Better For Your Earth                                     “Simple” is my mantra when it comes to eating as well
                                                          as cleaning. If there are ingredients that only a
                                                          biochemist could understand, it doesn’t go in my
                                                          shopping cart.
                                        BY SANDY BECK

  ou could eat off my mother’s floor. The white           Using a few basic “green cleaners” eliminates potent
  walls were spotless. The windows shimmered.             toxins from our home. Experiment with
The tub sparkled.                                         combinations of these simple ingredients to create
Every weekend my mother filled a pail with sudsy          your own concoctions.
ammonia, slipped on rubber gloves and scrubbed. She            • White vinegar: An antifungal that also kills
always said “a little ammonia and elbow grease” could     germs and bacteria. I use vinegar mixed with water
clean anything.                                           and a little lavender oil to clean windows and wood
                                                          floors. Straight vinegar removes mineral deposits from
Her garden was also perfect. The grass was thick,         our stainless steel sink and faucets and cleans the
green and insect-free, and her roses robust. Our          birdcages. A 1/4 cup of white vinegar and a few drops
garage smelled like the chemical fertilizers, which she   of olive oil will polish furniture. Add a little essential
applied as directed.                                      oil (I love lavender) to make it smell nice.
After World War II, when returning GIs bought their            • Baking soda: Eliminates odors, works as a gentle
dream homes, the motto was “Better living through         scouring powder and fizzes when combined with
chemistry” (thank you, Dupont). Our parents were          water or vinegar. Burned food? Sprinkle baking soda,
assured using such products would result in a cleaner     let it fizz awhile (overnight for really tough jobs),
house and pest-free garden.                               then scrub off. The baking soda also does a good
                                                          job on the sink, counters and oven. Baking soda and
Fast-forward a few years.                                 vinegar with a chaser of boiling hot water will unclog
“In the United States, the annual incidence of Non-       drains.
Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) rose from 5.9 per 100,000             • Borax (sodium borate): Disinfects, bleaches and
people in 1950 to 9.3 per 100,000 in 1975, to 13.7 in     deodorizes. Dissolve 1/2 cup Borax in hot water.
1989. The elderly showed the greatest increase.”          Effective not only in the laundry, but also on tub and
                                                          tile scum. A mixture of 1/2 Borax, 1/2 baking soda and
This quote is from the Annals of Oncology, 1994,          a little vinegar is a very effective cocktail for greasy
which provides solid evidence linking common              jobs.
pesticides and other chemicals to early onset of major
health problems.                                                        • Hydrogen Peroxide (3 percent):
                                                          A nontoxic bleach and disinfectant.
In 1981, my mother—an otherwise healthy and
remarkably beautiful woman—died from NHL at the                            I have also sampled several of the
age of 59.                                                                  all-natural cleaning products that New
                                                                            Leaf Market carries.
I have always suspected the plethora of cleaning                           Here are my favorites:
and garden chemicals. So, you will understand
why I am conscientious (obsessive) not only about                        Seventh Generation Natural Laundry
the quality of the food we eat, but also the                            Detergent and Dish Liquids, Citrasolv
substances in and around our home.                                  Natural Cleaner and Degreaser, Earth
                                                                    Friendly Products’ Window Kleener with
Open the cabinet below your sink. Pick a                            Lavender, Naturally Clean by ChemFree Solu-
cleaner. Does it contain sodium hydroxide,                          tions, Inc. - Tub and Tile and Mildew cleaners,
phenol, ammonia, chlorine bleach (one whiff gives                   and Sun and Earth Fabric Softener.
me a sore throat and headache for hours), sodium
lauryl sulfate or formaldehyde? How about the                       Two old favorites are Bon Ami cleaning
innocuous-sounding word “fragrance?”                                  powder (with the little chick on the can)
                                                                       and Shaklee’s Basic-H, which I’ve used to
These and many more can be toxic.                                      wash fruit and vegetables for many years.
Dangerous not only to your family but also to                          People used to think this was nuts . . .
everyone and everything downstream. EPA                                used to.
reports warn that exposure to the chemicals
in many common household cleaners “can                                  I’ve discovered many benefits to using
cause cancer in animals; some are suspected or                          green cleaners, not least of all is peace
known to cause cancer in humans.”                                       of mind.
                                                          w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p   Natural Times   23
Dear NLM Owners,

   arlier this year, many of you received a letter
   informing you that owner equity had increased
to $100 and asked those of you who joined NLM for
a lesser amount to increase your equity to this new
                                                          Owner Equity:
level. As noted in that letter, the owner equity
actually increased to $100 in 2004. It was decided at
that time that it would be necessary to increase the
                                                          Issues & Explanations
equity level at a later date so that all owners would
be at the same level.
As Larrane notes in her GM report, (page 3) the           Why didn’t we know in advance that owner
response has been very positive. A small number of        equity was going to increase for everyone?
owners have contacted board members directly with         The Board has discussed eliminating inequities among
questions about the change in equity. Below are the       owners since the amount was raised for new owners
most common questions and our responses.                  in 2004. One of the guiding cooperative principles is
                                                          that all owners should have an equal investment in the
What is the financial condition of NLM?                   co-op. In retrospect, the Board probably should have
NLM is financially sound and can finance the expansion    notified all existing owners in 2004 that the one-time
without hardship. During the early stages of              refundable equity amount had increased to $100 and
expansion planning, several banks approached us           required that everyone make up the difference from
because of our excellent financial status. Our GM         their current equity level. In hindsight,
negotiated our loan with the National Cooperative         the increase in equity should have been
Bank. However, the Board felt it is in the best inter-    communicated to owners directly through
est of the Co-op to fund as much expansion costs as       a newsletter article or an owner forum.
possible from owners, rather than borrowing additional
monies entirely from a corporate bank.                    What happened to Crystal
How did the Board arrive at the $100 equity               Connection?
                                                          The owner of Crystal Connection wanted
level in 2004? The equity level was set after we          to sell her business and retire for the past
conducted a survey, in 2003, of 19 medium-to-large        three years. Several staff at her store
food co-ops and an additional 11 co-ops located in the    wished to purchase it, but did not wish to
southeast. Equity levels among the medium-to-large        maintain such a large store. Fortunately,
co-ops ranged from a low of $25 (NLM) to a high of $225   they were able to negotiate with both
(People’s Food Co-op, Oregon) with an average of $112.    the owner and the property manager and
The equity levels of the southeast co-ops ranged from     relocate to their prior space behind Olive
a low of $5 (Life Grocery Natural Food Co-op Market       Garden.
and Cafe, Georgia) to a high of $250 (French Broad Food
Co-op, North Carolina) with an average of $77. With       A Few Words on Expansion. As you can
the exception of NLM, all southeast co-ops with equity    tell even before entering the store the
amounts under $100 are assessed on an annual basis.       expansion is in full swing. The Board
                                                          wants to express our appreciation for
After considering owner equity levels among food          your continued consideration, tolerance,
co-ops nationally and realizing that NLM has never        humor, and sense of adventure as we
altered its owner equity amount in any significant        collectively participate in our store’s
fashion, the Board increased equity to $100 with the      expansion. Please be sure and express
belief that this change would enable the Co-op to         your appreciation to our staff that daily
meet the needs of its owners and further our goals in     withstands the noise and commotion
promoting our greater community in the foreseeable        while making our shopping an enjoyable
future.                                                   experience.
We tried to make it as easy as possible for owners to     I hope this article addresses your concerns
meet the new equity level by offering a variety of        regarding the financial stability of the Co-
payment options. We have also established an              op, as well as with its capacity to assume
assistance program for owners unable to bring their       the unanticipated costs associated with
equity level up to the new level.                         the expansion project. In addition, I hope

24 Natural Times           March/April 2008
you have a clearer picture of the Board’s thinking and
reasoning for the change in owner equity.

If you have any additional questions, comments or
suggestions for the Board you may leave a message at
the service desk, fill out a customer comment card, or
email us at                    Applications
Sincerely,                                                                                           available at

                                                                                          By Chuck Hungerford
                                                          2008 marks the tenth year that the New
                                                          Leaf Market Matthew Tansey Memorial
Chuck Hungerford,                                         Scholarship will be offered to those
Board President                                           enrolled in a program for health, healing or
                                                          nutrition. It is also the third year for the
                                                          New Leaf Market Bryce Buchanan Memo-
                                                          rial Scholarship for the Arts. If you are
                                                          currently enrolled in a program of study in
                                                          the area of health, healing, nutrition or the
                                                          arts, you may want to pick up an applica-
                                                          tion at the NLM customer service desk
                                                          and apply for one of these scholarships.

                          One of the guiding              One thousand dollars will be available
                      cooperative principles              for each of the two scholarships. In the
                           is that all owners             past, the $1,000 has been shared between
                       should have an equal               two applicants. Scholarships are open to
                    investment in the co-op.
                                                          New Leaf Market owners and non-owners,
                                                          although the scholarship committee
                                                          reserves the right to give preference to
                                                          owners and employees as well as
                                                          applicants enrolled in programs of
                                                          alternative health, healing, or nutrition,
                                                          or pursuing art careers that might benefit
                                                          others in unique ways.

                                                          Previous applicants and recipients may
                                                          reapply each year. Applications are
                                                          available at NLM’s customer service desk.
                                                          The deadline for submitting applications is
                                                          April 30. Recognition of the award
                                                          recipients will take place at the annual
                                                          ownership meeting held June 21, 2008.
                                                          Advertising for the scholarship is minimal,
                                                          so please help us spread the word!

                                                         w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p    Natural Times   25
 In Memory

 J im O’Toole,owned O’Toole’snurs-
    wife Betty,
                 along with his

 Farm, a certified organic herb

 ery and garden located in nearby
 Madison, FL. New Leaf Market buys
 fresh herbs and other products from
 O’Toole’s and promotes tours of the
 farm. Jim O’Toole died at home on
 Sunday, December 16, 2007.
 The land here is peaceful. The
 rolling hills of winter browns, the
 old tree line standing tall and
 majestic like guards, the two old
 cracker houses surrounded by a
 butterfly garden quietly sleeping, a
 shady patch edged with fallen logs
 blanketed with resurrection fern
 alive from the recent rains, and a
 secret garden kept hidden by two
 loquat trees that reach willingly
 towards the sky and lovingly to
 the ground. It is here that I learned
 what it meant to know and love Jim
                                             “Making people feel comfortable
 I never had the privilege of know-       and welcome came to him naturally”
 ing Jim while he still walked these
 grounds but it is here that I learned    Two greenhouses are filled with the    that helped start and sustain their
 about him through the compassion         smell of life. Dozens of different     dream. She explains how she lost
 and love of his wife Betty, or ‘B’ as    herbs planted in homemade organic      her best friend, husband, and busi-
 she is known. We sat in the warmth       soil cover the long tables. These      ness partner all at once.
 of the sun on the front steps of one     plants thrive today in the soil that
 of the old houses that was saved         was mixed with the strength of         A family friend told me she will
 from destruction and brought to the      Jim’s hands and his passion to grow    always remember Jim as loving his
 property. The wraparound porch           healthy plants in a sustainable way.   wife more than anything and after
 is lined with rockers that are well      Walking back through the gardens I     visiting the herb farm and meeting
 worn from Jim’s hours of listening       can’t help but squeeze a rosemary      ‘B’ it is easy to see why Jim O’Toole
 to his friends and family—he never       bush; one of the few green giants      is missed by so many. I left the farm
 forgot a name. Making people feel        still awake in the winter beds. ‘B’    with an ache in my heart, wishing
 comfortable and welcome came to          smiles and tells me that her garden-   I could have shared in a conversa-
 him naturally and that feeling of        ing knowledge was learned through      tion with Jim, rocking on the porch,
 acceptance is still here as ‘B’ shares   experience but it was Jim’s total      watching the gardens of life grow
 her memories with me.                    submersion into her love of it         up all around us.

26 Natural Times            March/April 2008
March/April 2008 Seminars                                   WINE TASTING
Off Site Seminars: Due to store                             Location: New Leaf Market
                                                            Saturday, March 8 ∙ 4:00-6:00 pm ∙ FREE!
renovations, most seminars will take place                  Friday, March 14 ∙ 6:00-7:00 pm ∙ FREE!
at other community locations. Please pay                    Saturday, April 12 ∙ 4:00-6:00 pm ∙ FREE!
particular attention to the location of each                Friday, April 18 ∙ 6:00-7:00 pm ∙ FREE!
                                                            Drop by the Co-op this evening and enjoy two wines
                                                            that don’t get as much attention as others—Zinfandel
This spring let us help you with your spring                and Syrah/Shiraz. Zinfandel, offers a broad spectrum
cleaning, spring planting, and get you                      of flavors from full bodied and spicy, to medium bod-
outside enjoying the fabulous spring                        ied and fruity. Syrah/Shiraz offers full-bodied fruit
                                                            flavors, which are always a favorite.
CLASS REGISTRATION                                          PLANT A SALAD
                                                            Location: O’Toole’s Organic Herb Farm
                                                            305 Artemesia Trail, Madison, FL
In-Store: Fill out a registration form at the front desk.   Sunday, March 9 ∙ 2:00-4:00 pm ∙ FREE!
 By Phone/e-mail: Call 942-2557 ext. 229 or e-mail        “B” O’Toole, owner of O’Toole’s Organic Herb Farm,
 Jean at Payments, if            will demonstrate how to create a planter full of
 applicable, can be made by mail or left at service desk. vibrant, organically-grown salad greens. Organic pot-
 Refund policy: A courtesy 24-hour cancellation           ting soil, organic worm castings, and organic salad
 notice is required to receive a refund of fees paid in   plants will be for sale. Bring your own planter or you
 advance. Sorry, we cannot save seminar materials for may purchase one at the farm. “B” will help you plant
 those who are unable to attend.                          it right! Families are welcome. Healthy, delicious
 Disclaimer: These seminars offer specific information snacks and door prizes will be provided by New Leaf
 or activities to participants and are not intended as    Market.
 a source of medical advice. We do not endorse any
 claims made by seminar presenters and/or their           AMAZING PESTO
 products.                                                Location: Brown’s Home Kitchen Center
                                                          2551 Capitol Circle NE
THE BASICS OF WILD ANIMAL RESCUE                          Saturday, March 15 ∙ 11:00 am-1:00 pm
Location: The Living Green Center                         $5 owners, $7 non-owners
1020 N. Monroe, next to Decent Pizza
Wednesday, March 5 ∙ 7:00-8:15 pm                         Location: Canopy Roads Culinary Arts Studio and
Suggested Donation $3.00                                  Catering
                                                          101 W. 7th Ave., Havana, FL
Jane Fleitman, certified state and federal wildlife       Wednesday, April 23 ∙ 7:00-8:30 pm
rehabilitator, will explain the do’s and don’ts of        $5 owners, $7 non-owners
rescuing injured and sick wildlife. This is a great
program for all ages.                                     More than just basil, pesto can be made from other
                                                          greens such as spinach and arugula. Pesto is easy
                                                          to make, uses fresh ingredients and is delicious. Jill
                                                          Welch, whole foods educator, will delight your taste
Location: Word Traffic Books
                                                          buds and introduce you to some amazing pesto.
1227 E. Lafayette Street, behind New Leaf Market
Thursday, March 6 ∙ 6:30-8:00 pm ∙ FREE!
Thursday, March 13 ∙ 6:30-8:00 pm ∙ FREE!
                                                            SEE PAGE 4 FOR FURTHER
Interested in participating in your co-op? Consider
running for the Board of Directors. Attend a forum to       INFORMATION IF YOU ARE
speak with current board members and learn more
about the responsibilities of being a director.             INTERESTED IN RUNNING FOR
                                                            THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                             w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p   Natural Times   27
                                                            New leaf market:
                                                              your source for
 Location: Brown’s Home Kitchen Center
 2551 Capitol Circle NE
 Saturday, March 15 ∙ 2:00-4:00 pm
                                                        community & education
 Saturday, April 19 ∙ 2:00-4:00 pm                        GREEN CLEANING
 $5 owners, $7 non-owners                                 Location: The Green Living Center
                                                          1020 N. Monroe, next to Decent Pizza
 Join Barry Courtney, long time co-op owner, as he        Wednesday, March 19 ∙ 7:00-8:30 pm
 shares his enthusiasm for the California roll. Stu-      Saturday, April 19 ∙ 11:00-12:30 pm
 dents will learn how to make sushi rice and practice     $5 owners, $7 non-owners
 rolling this vegan sushi. Yes, students can sample
 their creations! We will reserve your seat when pre-     Location: Brown’s Home Kitchen Center
 payment is made. Limit 10.                               2551 Capitol Circle NE
                                                          Saturday, April 5 ∙ 10:00-11:30 am
                                                          $5 owners, $7 non-owners
                                                          Location: Tallahassee Museum
 Location: YMCA Parkway
                                                          3945 Museum Drive
 Thursday, March 13 ∙ 7:00-8:30 pm
                                                          Saturday, April 12 ∙ 10:00-11:30 am
 Thursday, April 10 ∙ 7:00-8:30 pm
                                                          $5 owners, $7 non-owners
 $3 owners, $5 non-owners, donations to YMCA
                                                          Join Maureen Rogers for a discussion of green
 Enhance your self-esteem and develop a better
                                                          cleaning. Green cleaning, also called Earth-friendly
 body image with this special seminar for women
                                                          or eco-friendly cleaning, is using methods and prod-
 (ages 15+). You will learn special movement
                                                          ucts to clean that are healthy for you, your children,
 exercises, the basics of the first impression, how to
                                                          pets and plants as well as the Earth’s soil, water, and
 dress to impress, and more. Please wear
                                                          air. Seminar topics will include:
 comfortable clothing (business casual to dressy)
                                                              • Defining green cleaning
 and bring and/or wear pumps.
                                                              • Making a green cleaning kit
                                                              • Making home-made cleansers
 Instructor: Fatimah Zaid, certified yoga
                                                          Please bring a small plastic container and a small
 instructor, certified cardio for seniors instructor,
                                                          spray bottle to the seminar for your home-made
 graduate certificate program Tallahassee
                                                          cleaners. A few earth-friendly cleaners, coupled
 Community College, personal/health and fitness
                                                          with an intention to honor life, create harmony in
 training, assistant fitness instructor, YMCA.

                                                          SUSTAINABLE BIG BEND GREEN LIVING
 Location: R&R Physical Therapy Inc.
                                                          & ENERGY EXPO
 1818 Miccosukee Commons Drive
                                                          Location: Riversprings Middle School, Wakulla
 Wednesday, March 19 ∙ 6:30-7:45 pm ∙ FREE!
 Wednesday, April 16 ∙ 6:30-7:45 pm ∙ FREE!
                                                          800 Spring Creek Highway, Crawfordville, FL
                                                          Saturday, March 22 ∙ 9:00am - 4:00pm ∙ FREE!
 Join Rene Luna, licensed physical therapist of R
 & R Physical Therapy, Inc., as he demonstrates a
                                                          Discover hundreds of the best products and services
 natural and a quick way to relieve muscular and
                                                          that promote sustainability. Find ways to create a
 joint pain. He will introduce simple maneuvers and
                                                          simple, healthy life. Visit the New Leaf Market booth
 movements—specific exercises that anyone may use
                                                          while you are there. The Green Cleaning workshop,
 to help get rid of their pain. Rene also believes in
                                                          presented by Maureen Rogers, is sponsored by
 empowering his patients with proactive therapy that
                                                          New Leaf Market. For more information, visit
 makes them part of their own healing process. For
 more information, call 656-3163 or email

28 Natural Times            March/April 2008
THE ART OF BREATHING                                    HERBS FOR KIDS
Location: Word Traffic Books                            Location: The Green Living Center
1227 E. Lafayette Street, behind New Leaf Market        1020 N. Monroe, next to Decent Pizza
Monday, March 24 ∙ 7:00-8:30 pm ∙ FREE!                 Thursday, April 3 ∙ 6:00-8:00 pm
                                                        $5 owners,
Join Bridget Kamke, LMT, in a demonstration of          $7 non-owners
breathing consciously and properly for optimum
health. You will learn the physical and mental          Wendy Creel, master
benefits of deep breathing, and practice several        herbalist and
yogic breathing techniques to rejuvenate your body,     naturopathic
refresh your mind and deepen your connection            physician, will
with yourself. Bridget has been practicing massage      discuss proper use of
therapy and Kundalini yoga for ten years.               nature’s botanicals for
Saturday, March 29 ∙ 10:30 am-12:30 pm
Don’t miss your co-op in the parade! Look for our
banner, “Oh, the Foods You’ll Eat!”

                                                        ORGANIC PLANT SALE
                                                        Location: New Leaf Market
                                                        Saturday, April 5 ∙ Noon–3 pm

                                                        Certified organic plants from O’Toole’s Organic
                                                        Herb Farm will be on sale in front of the Co-op
                                                        today. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase some
                                                        of the healthiest, vibrant plants available in our
                                                        area. Potting soil and worm castings will also be for
COMPOST, COMPOST, COMPOST                               sale.
Location: Turkey Hill Farm
3546 Baum Rd.
Sunday, March 30 ∙ 1:00 pm-dark                         MAKE YOUR OWN KIMCHEE
$5 gate fee                                             Location: The Green Living Center
                                                        1020 N. Monroe, next to Decent Pizza
Herman Holly, “Farmer Herman,” and special guests       Thursday, April 24 ∙ 7:30-8:45 pm
will present an afternoon of in-depth composting        $5 owners, $7 non-owners
information. Whether you are making compost for
the farm or just want to recycle your kitchen scraps,   Kimchee, the pro-biotic pickled vegetable condi-
there will be a workshop for you. Herman will           ment from Korea, can be easily made at home.
demonstrate the way Turkey Hill makes their com-        Learn how with Jill Welch, whole foods educator.
post for the farm using fish waste from Southern        Payment includes the cost of one jar kimchee.
Seafood and stable cleanings from the horses next
door. Mary from Native Nurseries will teach you how     POSTURE, BREATHING, BALANCE
worms can eat your garbage right in your kitchen        & STRETCHING
and manufacture plant food, too. Ed Schroeder,          Location: YMCA Southwood
master gardener, will explain the ins and outs of       3196 Merchants Blvd.
composting for your vegetable garden. Leon County       Tuesday, April 29 ∙ 7:00-8:30 pm
Waste Management will be here to share their ex-        $3 owners, $5 non-owners, Donation to YMCA
pertise and information about recycling and com-
posting yard waste. They may have the black plastic     Learn simple exercises for total body improvement
bins for sale at the farm, too. New Leaf Market will    with Fatimah Zaid.
be selling and sampling delicious, healthy food and
drinks and Slow Food Tallahassee will be selling
yummy deserts.

                                                        w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p   Natural Times   29
                                                     OWNER ADVANTAGE BUSINESS PARTNERS
AAA                                         KIRA MATTESON ROSEN, LMT                  TALLAHASSEE THERAPEUTIC
Keith McCulloch                             10% off massage therapy for all new       HEALING CENTER
14 months of AAA membership                 clients, the Trager Approach™ or the      Far infrared radiant heat therapy
for the price of 12 with a new AAA          ionCleanse™ detoxifying footbath.         for accelerated healing.
membership.                                 847 E. Park Ave.                          10% off of any single therapy
2910 Kerry Forest Pky. Suite D1             Tallahassee, FL 32301                     session or 15% off of 10 sessions
Tallahassee, FL 32309                       850.524.0787 - MA23718                    for all NLM owners with card.
850.907.1031                                                                          Some restrictions apply to federal
                                            KUMON MATH AND READING                    workers comp, state vocational
BIOPRO TECHNOLOGY                           CENTER OF TALLAHASSEE                     rehabilitation, and insurance cases.
Debra Ray, consultant 15% discount off      Half off registration.          
any product—environmental, bodyworn,        ($25 savings)                             1989 Capital Circle NE
or nutritional— to protect and enhance      10% off first month’s tuition.            Suite 9, Royal Oak Plaza
health in electropolluted environments.     311 Mahan Drive Suite 31                  Tallahassee, FL 32308
Includes new i-water system.                Tallahassee, FL 32308                     850.391.2536
850.228.0412 or 512.505.6877                850.219.6284
for recorded info.                                                                    TALLAHASSEE YMCA
                                            MAMA AND BABY LOVE L.L.C.                 No joiner’s fee for new members.
A CRITTER GETTER                            Stephanie Brandt, L.M.T., CYT, CD         Parkway YMCA, 2001 Apalachee Pkwy.
$10 discount on yearly pest control (for    10% off any massage appointment           Tallahassee, FL 32301
new customers only).                        or private class. Childbirth classes,     850.877.6151
1440 Ox Bottom Rd.                          prenatal, baby, toddler and kids’ yoga.   Northwest YMCA, 3215 N. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32312                       Prenatal massage therapy, infant          Tallahassee, FL 32303
850.668.0911                                massage classes and much more.            850.536.9622
                                            850.350.0609 - MA35223                    SouthWood YMCA, 3196
CYNTHIA COWEN, LMT                                   Merchants Row Blvd. Suite 200
$10 off first massage.                              Tallahassee, Fl 32311
1535 Killearn Center Blvd., Suite A-5                                                 850.701.0461
Tallahassee, FL 32309                       MAY I HAVE YOUR
850.264.9145 - MA49191                      “TENSION” PLEASE?                         WHOLE HEALTH                           Rick Garzaniti, L.M.T./Nice Guy           CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC
                                            $10 off first massage or Quantum Touch    Peri Dwyer, DC Free bottle of
FERTILE CRESCENT                            session for all new clients.              multivitamins at time of initial
REIKI CENTER                                850.544.5994 - MA9054                     examination or X-rays. Does not apply
Susie Howell, M.S., Reiki Master                                                      to no-charge initial consultation.
90 min. Reiki treatment for $35.            THE MEDICAL HEALING CENTER                2819-1 E. Mahan Dr.
First time only.                            Angela Myers, ARNP-C and                  Tallahassee, FL 32308
MLC-45 9601 Miccosukee Rd.                  Kay Dorian, ARNP-C                        850.877.8980
Tallahassee, FL 32309                       Primary Care & Women’s Health
850.877.0371                                A holistic fundamental                    THE WILDERNESS WAY -
                                            approach to healthcare                    WILDERNESS EXCURSIONS
GOLD’S GYM                                  10% off - Some insurance                  10% off all products under $50,
Ask for details at service desk.            restrictions apply. Discounts             $5 off canoe and kayak rentals and
1147 Apalachee Pkwy.                        do not apply to lab fees.                 nature-based tours and classes
Tallahassee, FL 32301                       225 Office Plaza                          (first time NLM customers).
850.942.9712                                Tallahassee, FL 32301                     4901 Woodville Hwy.
                                            850.309.1665                              Tallahassee, FL 32305
GOLDEN RULE CLEANING                                                                  850.877.7200
Let us clean your church, house,
apartment, office, or business the          SPOILED ROTTEN SALON
                                            Members receive a free cut, style         YOGA UNLIMITED
earth-friendly nontoxic way. 10%                                                      WITH LESLIE HANKS
discount with your New Leaf Market          and brow wax with any purchased
                                            color or perm service. Call Tina for an   10% off first set of group classes
card. Please call Julie for a free                                                    and the yoga cooking class.
estimate.                                   appointment.
                                            4225 W. Pensacola St.                     Betton Hills
850.294.0646 or 850.877.6461                Tallahassee, FL 32303                     Tallahassee, FL 32312
                                            850.528.8048                              850.385.6904
HEALTHCARE, INC.                            TALLAHASSEE ROCK GYM
Primary medical care, offering              50% off introductory “orientation
alternative services. 10% off cash paid     course” for new climbers (regular
services, in addition to the 20% off they   price is $6, NLM owners pay $3).
usually offer for cash paid at time of      629-F Industrial Drive
visit. Some insurance restrictions apply.   ( Railroad Square)
Discounts do not apply to lab fees.         Tallahassee, FL 32310
2016 Delta Blvd. Suite 100.                 850.224.7625
Tallahassee, FL 32303
850.878.4434                                        For more information on becoming an Owner Advantage Business Partner,
                                                                             contact Melissa Franklin at 850.942.2557 x245.
30 Natural Times               March/April 2008
Spring                                                 Wine
Savings                                                of the
Coming                                                 Month
Soon!                                                  Peter
                                                       This wine is one of
                                                       my favorites. For
                                                       the price, it is a steal
                                                       and goes with a wide
                                                       variety of food and
                                                       cheeses. It is a
                                                       wonderful blend of
                                                       Shiraz (43 percent),
                                                       Cabernet Sauvignon
                                                       (42 percent) and
 Integrative Healthcare                                Merlot (15 percent). It
     Holistic Health Clinic
                                                       has nice full body, rich
 Conventional and Alternative Primary Care             flavors, and a smooth
   We listen and work with you to help:                finish. I like to pair it
 • General medical problems                            with brie and fresh
 • Menopause & hormone problems                        strawberries.
 • Chronic fatigue and pain
 • Chronic infections                                  Chris Terrell
 • Reflux and irritable bowel                           Merchandising Manager
 • Blood pressure and blood sugar
 Most insurance accepted. For more information see
           our website:
                  Elizabeth Markovich,
                  Nurse Practitioner
                  Certified in Natural Health
                  I.B. Price, MD
                  acupuncture and hypnosis
                  Cynthia Cowen, LMT
                  massage, myofascial work, MA 49191
                 Call us at:
                 2016 Delta Blvd

                                                       w w w. n e w l e a f m a r ke t . c o o p   Natural Times   31
                                                       “Never doubt that a small
                                                            group of thoughtful,
                                                         committed citizens can
                                                              change the world;
                                                             indeed it’s the only
                                                           thing that ever has.”
                                                                                - Margaret Mead

                                                1235 Apalachee Parkway, Tallahassee, FL 32301-4543
                                                (850) 942-2557          Open Daily 8am-10pm

                                                                                          PRSRT STD
                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                       TALLAHASSEE, FL
                                                                                        PERMIT NO.100

Our Co-op Principles:
1. Voluntary and Open Ownership
2. Democratic Owner Control
3. Owner Economic Participation
4. Autonomy and Independence
5. Education, Training and Information
6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives
7. Concern for Community                 Visit our web site at

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