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									                     North West Central School
                          Thursday Note
                           June 23, 2011

                          Principal’s Message For June 23, 2011
Final exams started today and continue until Monday. Our grade 1/2 class and 5/6 class
are away on field trips today. We hope that they enjoy themselves. Graduation exercises
are on Tuesday, June 28 at 8:00 at the NWCS gymnasium.
Parents are invited to attend a Parent Meeting tonight in the Elementary South Lunch
room at 7:00. We will be introducing new staff members, looking at the rationale of
combining the grade 6 and 7 classes, and looking at the new Math Pathways for grades
10-12. We look forward to your attendance and your support.

                                   Wildcats Wows
1. Plenty Rocks! Happy Anniversary Plenty.
2. A Wildcat WOW to everyone who has helped to make our grounds beautiful!
3. A Wildcat WOW for the grade 3 boys who encouraged Tyson at his 3rd attempt at
high jump. Congratulations on your blue ribbon Tyson!

    Graduation Banquet Information for the all Grade 11 Parents and Students
Please be at the Plenty Hall by 5:00 pm Monday, June 27th to help prepare the graduation
Please be at the hall by 4:00 pm Tuesday, June 28th to help with the set up – serving –
cleanup of the graduation banquet.
For more information please contact Sharron Kruesel at 356-2118.

 Players need to return their equipment ASAP, including their jerseys (game and
practice). If players want to purchase their jerseys, the cost is $100.00 for game jersey
and $25 for practice jersey.

                         Items found after Centennial Weekend
If you are missing a ball glove, men's running shoes or a boy's navy ball helmet please
contact the Kingwells at 932-2198. Thanks!

                                        Plenty Library
Come on down to the Plenty Library on Wednesday, August 10 at 10:30 a.m. for a free,
fantastically funtime for kids of all ages! Join performer Bonnie Logan for singable
stories and tellable songs. If you have a home in your throat for a songbird, a basement
full of belly chuckles and you're not afraid of toenails flying or gizzards flapping then
bring your silly self for a toe sloshing, finger splooshing good old time and a big splashy
pududdle of music and stories!
For more information call the library @ 932-4455.
                                    Dodsland Library
 Summer Reading @ Dodsland Library
Come and register for this year’s summer reading program “SPLASH”
Monday June 27 @7p.m. (weather permitting optional day is Wed.June29th)
We’ll kick off the summer with a Water Fight Night
Bring your loaded water guns (and a towel)
If this night doesn’t work to come sign up just stop in at the library any time after June
July and Aug. we’re open Wed.6-9p.m. and Thurs. 2-7p.m.
Mark your calendars Wednesdays August 3, 24, and 31st@6:30 we will have our
summer reading activities. Come out for a SPLASH of fun!!
Teens don’t forget to pick up your teen challenge booklets for every 10pts earned
you can enter your name into Wheatland’s draw for an ebook!

                                    Big Sky Farms Inc
Big Sky Farms Inc is recruiting for Summer Students to work at the Eagle Creek Barn
located near Plenty, Saskatchewan. This position will help cover staff holidays. To
apply or to find out more about this position, please call Devin at 932-4450; fax your
resume to 682-1926 or email a resume to hr@bigsky.sk.ca

                 Looking for your First Career? Looking for New Career?
     If you are just coming out of high school… If you are currently unemployed…
 If you are under-employed… If you want to change careers to the oil & gas industry…

                The Industry Readiness Project could be right for you!
              Funding Available for Oil & Gas Industry tickets through the
                       Industry Readiness Project Industry Project
For more information on this FREE training opportunity call the Energy Training Centre
in Kindersley today at 463-6431 or toll free at 1-888-ETC 7972

Space is limited to 30 participants and applicants must apply before June 30, 2011!

Project includes:
H2S Alive Training Red Cross First Aid and CPR
Fall Protection Petroleum Safety Training
Ground Disturbance Confined Space Entry
Computer Training Employment Portfolio
Pre-Employment Counselling
Employer Forum—Meet industry employers!

                            The Friends of Leipzig Society
The Friends of Leipzig Society would like to invite you to a Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Awareness Night on June 25 at Leipzig has been cancelled. It will take place at
another date.
                          VILLAGE OF PLENTY
                                BOX 177
                          PLENTY, SASK. S0L 2R0

Phone (306) 932-2045 Fax (306) 932-2044 Email vop@sasktel.net

Village Council would like to THANK EVERYONE for all the support and help for
the Centennial Celebration!!

The week end was a huge success and I think a lot of people enjoyed it in many ways.

We have to give a special thanks to the Plenty Centennial Committee for the organizing
of the event. As well as Crop for there organizing of the events at the sports
grounds….GOOD JOB!!!!! I would like to give a special thanks to Maureen McDonald
and Crop Council…..you can not believe the work they did….thank you!!!!

We also would like to give a big thank you to NWCS, Plenty Museum and One Speckled
Egg Gallery for having special hours for the week end…..that took a lot of work to pull

Another thank you to P & C Foods…..what would we do with out you guys…..always
there to help us with getting all the supplies we needed for the week end….you guys
rock!!!!!! As well a big thanks to the Plenty Hotel for having special meals and a special
patio for the week end….

Also a big thank you to Roselle Burton for all the flowers they placed around the
village…..it looked fantastic….

Recap of village Expenses & Income for the Plenty Centennial Celebration:

Expenses                          Amount     Village Paid   Income                           Amount
                                         $                                                           $
Supper                            6,750.00                  Supper Prepaid                    6,087.00
                                         $                                                           $
P & C Foods                         432.52                  History Book Donation/Grant       4,000.00
                                         $                                                           $
Fireworks - Dale Buxton           3,500.00                  PWT Donation                        500.00
                                         $                                                           $
Tent                              1,275.00                  Doug Richards Donation              500.00
Mike's Septic Tank                  630.00
                                         $                                                           $
                                 12,587.52                                                   11,087.00

                                Upcoming Events
June 23         Grade 1 & 2 Field Trip
June 23         Grade 5/6 Field Trip
June 28         Graduation
June 30         Report Cards

               Grade Grade Grade              Grade 11        Grade 12
               7/8   9     10
June am        11 am    11 am    Math         Math            Math
               ELA      ELA                                   (Calculus)
          pm            2:10     2:10 pm
                        pm       Life
                        Health   Transitions
June am        9 am     9 am     ELA         History          History
               Math     Math
     pm        10 am
June am                          History      Biology        Biology
                                              (Departmental) (Departmental)
     pm        2:10      12:50                   Physics          Physics
               pm        Social                  (Departmental) (Departmental)
Departmental exams are from 9 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 4 pm. Students
need to be here 15 minutes before the exam so that instructions and
procedures can be reviewed.
Grade 7 – 9 students will have regular classes during exams. They will write
their chapter tests during their regular scheduled classes. Please be
considerate that the grade 10-12’s will be writing finals and departmental so
we request that all students are quiet in the hallways.
Only Elementary students will have classes on June 28th.

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