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					                              MSL 202 SYLLABUS
                            SPRING SEMESTER 2011
1. Course Description:

         MSL 202 examines the challenges of leading tactical teams in the complex contemporary
operating environment (COE). This course highlights dimensions of terrain analysis, patrolling, and
operation orders. Further study of the theoretical basis of the Army Leadership Requirements Model
explores the dynamics of adaptive leadership in the context of military operations.

         MSL 202 provides a smooth transition into MSL 301. Cadets develop greater self awareness as
they assess their own leadership styles and practice communication and team-building skills. COE case
studies give insight into the importance and practice of teamwork and tactics in real-world scenarios.

2. Learning Objectives
The key learning objective of this semester is to explore leadership in the contemporary environment
incorporating terrain analysis, tactical strategies, and team development. Additional learning objectives for
Cadets in the MSL 202 semester include the following:

    •    Explain the situational, transformational, and adaptive leadership theories and their relationship to
         the Army Leadership Requirements Model
    •    Illustrate dimensions of transformational and situational leadership
    •    Describe methods of assessing leadership styles
    •    Explain your personal approach to leadership
    Values and Ethics
    •    Explain the Army Values and the Army’s Consideration of Others (CO2) program
    •    Identify the goals of the Army CO2 program
    •    Analyze the relationship between Army values, leadership, and CO2
    Personal Development
    •    Practice effective writing techniques in accordance with the Army standard for effective writing
    •    Explain how to set goals and manage time at the team level
    •    Develop team mission statement and goals
    •    Explain ways to establish priorities and avoid distracters
    •    Describe the history of terrorism and the basic US antiterrorism policy
    •    Explain the relationship between leadership, values, and officership
    Tactics and Techniques
    •    Distinguish between the different types of Army plans and orders
    •    Demonstrate terrain analysis and route planning skills
    •    Explain the five-paragraph format for an operations order
    •    Describe the characteristics and techniques of defensive operations
    •    Explain how squads and platoons plan for and conduct patrols
    •    List and describe the five aspects of military terrain using (OAKOC)
    •    Interpret an operation order

3. Requirements
    AR = Army Regulation
    FM = Field Manual
    MSL = Military Science & Leadership
    DA PAM = Department of the Army Pamphlet

Student Text: MSL II, Foundations of Leadership, Pearson Custom Publishing, 2006
FM 3-25.26 – Map Reading and Land Navigation
FM 5-0 Army Planning and Orders Production
FM 7-8 Infantry Platoon and Squad
FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operations
AR 25-50
DA PAM 600-67

4. Class Periods:

         a.       DAY                TIME                        LOCATION
                  Mo-Th              0600                        Pride Field (PT)
                  MW                 1300 – 1350                 GHB Room 107
                  MW                 1400 – 1450                 GHB Room 107
                  Thursday (Lab)     1550 – 1720                 Various

         b.       Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 1300 – 1350 and 1400 – 1450 hours. Four credit hours
are granted upon successful completion of this course. Leadership laboratory is a portion of the four credit
hours. Labs are held every Thursday from 1550 to 1720 hours.

         c.       Location: George Hurst Building, Room 107.

         d.       Instructor:        Major Chris Gaudet
                                     (W) 266-6869

5. Attendance:

          a.        Attendance is mandatory. Class, Lab, and Physical Training participation accounts for
10% of your overall grade and it is hard to participate if you aren’t present. Reliability and punctuality are
characteristics you must possess as a cadet and an Army officer. These characteristics contribute to your
military bearing which is included in both your participation and leadership evaluations. You are expected
to participate actively in learning through critical reflection, inquiry, dialogue, and group interactions. This
includes participating in class discussion, sharing personal perspectives and experiences related to
principles discussed in class or reading, and working with fellow students to engage in class and lab
exercises. Requests for excused absences will be considered on a case by case basis. Coordinate requests
for excused absences with the instructor.

         b.       An unexcused absence from a scheduled exam period means a zero on the exam.
Students excused from a scheduled exam will be allowed to make-up exam at a later date, but not later than
five school days following their return to class.
          c.      Coordinate National Guard/Reserve Drill conflicts with MAJ McIntyre. He has been
very successful in working with units to arrange for cadets to attend ROTC functions if there is a Drill
conflict. However, if MAJ McIntyre can’t work something out, go to Drill. You must at least try to get
excused from Drill via MAJ McIntyre.

6. Performance Evaluation: Grades are based on the accumulation of points during the semester. Points
are generated as follows:

Course Topics              Points
Class/PT Participation/Attendance 100 pts
APFT                                100 pts
Tests (Mid/Final)                   400 pts
Terrain Analysis Practical Exercise 100 pts
Effective Writing                   100 pts
Navigation and Route Planning       100 pts
Information Brief                   100 pts
Total                               1000 pts

APFT SCALE                                            GRADING SCALE
APFT Scores                Points              Grade %                             Points
290-300                    100                         A   90-100               900-1000
270-289                    95                          B   80-89.9              800-899
250-269                    90                          C   70-79.9              700-799
240-249                    85                          D   60-69.9              600-699
230-239                    80                          F   < 60                 0-599
220-229                    75
210-219                    70
200-209                    65
180-199                    60

Less than 180/event failure or failing height/weight/body fat percentage=0

50 points maximum extra credit points per student per semester.
     Scabbard and Blade                                                         10 pts
     Recruiting (Bringing in prospects to MAJ McIntyre)                         10 pts (max 30)
     Color Guard                                                                10 pts
     Ranger Challenge                                                           10 pts

Class Participation: Class participation includes active listening, thoughtful questions, attendance, note
taking, having required materials, and intelligent and professional participation in the subject under
discussion all while maintaining proper military bearing. Students will wear their ACUs in accordance
with Army and Cadet Regulations to class as well as lab on Thursdays. Students will maintain US Army
grooming standards when in uniform. Students will conduct themselves with appropriate military decorum
and follow military customs and courtesies. In addition, the Class A or Army Service Uniform will be
worn periodically throughout the semester.

Open Door:       For open door policy issues refer to Policy Letter 3 at

Homework/Project Assignments
     In addition to reading assignments, you have the following key homework assignments that are

     1) Terrain Analysis Practical Exercise – You will complete a terrain analysis assuming either an
        offensive or defensive role. An analysis of the effects of terrain, weather, and light on each
        element of OAKOC will be completed from the attacker and defender perspective. An analysis
          will also be completed on friendly and enemy troops, weapons, and equipment. You will then
          brief the rest of the class. This project will be completed individually or as a group exercise,
          depending on class format.

     2) Effective Writing: In lesson 6b, you will rewrite a poor writing sample using the Army’s Writing
        Standard, elements, and processes as discussed in class. The rewritten sample should be typed
        and double-spaced.

     3) Navigation Methods and Route Planning – Given specific grid coordinates, you will be asked to
        plan two routes from start to finish plotting all given grids along the route and using land
        navigational methods with an explanation of why particular methods were chosen.

     4) Informational Brief – In lesson 10b you will prepare an informational brief on your analysis of
        leadership qualities and characteristics of a famous military leader. The brief will be
        supplemented with a slide presentation and a detailed essay.

Classroom Courtesy: In the classroom there will be no eating, dipping, and "side bars." Turn off cell
phones, pagers, and beepers. Tardiness should be avoided; however, students who arrive late for class
because of circumstances beyond their control should enter and take their seat quietly. Students can drink in
the classroom, but not eat. Students will address officers as “Sir” or “Ma’am” and NCOs as “Sergeant.”

Highlights of the Semester:

        Classes Begin                                18 JAN
        CWST                                         27 JAN
        Spring Eagle Strike FTX                      25-27 FEB
        Spring Break-No Class                        7-11 MAR
        Seminole Pines FTX                           17-20 MAR
        Helicopter Orientation                       24 MAR
        Land Navigation FTX                          16 APR
        Easter Holiday-No Class                      22-25 APR
        ROTC Ball (Class A/ASU)                      21 APR
        Rappelling                                   28 APR
        APFT for Grade                               5 MAY
        Final Exam        #1                         1300-1350 Class-11 MAY 2011, 1330 hrs
        Final Exam        #2                         1400-1450 Class-09 MAY 2011, 1045 hrs

                                      MSL 202 Class Schedule
                         Time 1300-1350, 1400-1450 Monday and Wednesday.

DATE                                   SUBJECT
19 January 2011                        ROTC & Course Overview
24 January 2011                        Army Values and Consideration of Others
26 January 2011                        Team Goals and Time Management
31 January 2011 (Class A/ASU)          Advanced Time Management
02 February 2011                       Introduction to Terrain Analysis
07 February 2011                       Terrain Analysis Practical Exercise
09 February 2011                       Intro to Patrolling
14 February 2011                       Patrolling Organization
16 February 2011 (Class As/ASUs)       Patrol Base Operations
21 February 2011                       Defense II
23 February 2011                       Effective Writing
28 February 2011                       Mid-Term Review
        02 March 2011                          Mid- Term Examination
        14 March 2011                          Intro to Plans and Orders
        16 March 2011                          Operation Orders
        21 March 2011                          Navigational Methods & Route Planning
        23 March 2011 (Class As/ASUs)          Route Planning Practical Exercise
        28 March 2011                          Transformational Leadership
        30 March 2011                          Situational Leadership
        04 April 2011                          Adaptive Leadership
        06 April 2011                          Leadership Analysis
        11 April 2011                          Leadership Capstone Presentations
        13 April 2011 (Dress Greens/Blues)     Leadership Capstone Presentations
        18 April 2011                          Leadership Capstone Presentations
        20 April 2011                          Leadership Capstone Presentations
        27 April 2011                          Assessing Your Own Leadership
        02 May 2011                            Terrorism Awareness
        04 May 2011                            Final Review
        09 May 2011                            Final Exam 1045
        11 May 2011                            Final Exam 1330

                                               MS BASIC COURSE LAB
                                                   Time 1550-1720

DATE                                 EVENT                                                   LOCATION
20 January 2011                      Welcome Back BBQ                                        GHB
27 January 2011                      CWST/D&C                                                Payne Center
03 February 2011                     Land Navigation                                         Van Hook South
10 February 2011                     Land Navigation                                         Van Hook South
17 February 2011                     SSTX                                                    Van Hook South
24 February 2011                     PCI for Spring FTX                                      GHB
03 March 2011                        First Aid                                               GHB
10 March 2011                        Spring Break – No Lab
17 March 2011                        Seminole Pines FTX                                      Camp Shelby
24 March 2011                        Helicopter Orientation                                  Pride Field
31 March 2011                        Platoon Movement                                        Van Hook South
07 April 2011                        Platoon Tactics – Patrolling                            Van Hook South
14 April 2011                        Tactical Communications and Reporting                   GHB
21 April 2011                        ROTC Ball (Dress Greens/Blues)                          TBD
28 April 2011                        Rappelling/CoC                                          Ranger Hill
05 May 2011                          Summer Training Inventories, Equipment Turn-In,         GHB
                                     Farewell BBQ

                                                             R. CHRISTIAN GAUDET
                                                             MAJ, AD
                                                             MS II Instructor

                                                     ADA Syllabus Statement
        If a student has a disability that qualifies under the American with Disabilities Act
        (ADA) and requires accommodations, he/she should contact the Office for Disability Accommodations
        (ODA) for information on appropriate policies and procedures. Disabilities covered by ADA may include
        learning, psychiatric, physical disabilities, or Chronic health disorders. Students can contact ODA if they
        are not certain whether a medical condition/disability qualifies. Mailing address: 118 College Drive #
        8586,Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001; Telephone: (601) 266-5024; TTY: (601)266-6837; Fax: (601)266-6035

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