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Charles Culler Middle School


									             Charles Culler Middle School 

                                      Student/Parent Handbook

Welcome to Charles Culler Middle School. The faculty and staff extends their sincere wishes that
you will have a wonderful time at Culler while you learn all of the skills and information that you need
    succe§§Jil bjgh_scbool and_beyond. -Thmugllout-tMis handbook-the term "Parents"referslo both ­
for - -
--     ~

natural and adoptive parents and legal guardians.

The information in this handbook is for both students and parents. Please take some time to review
this handbook together. This handbook is one of the ways that we help Culler students prepare
for the future. Students should keep it with them whenever they are at school. It has most of the
information that families need to understand the policies and procedures of Culler Middle School. If
you can't find the answer to your question in the handbook, please feel free to ask any staff member,
check our website, or contact the office (436-1210). When we make updates to information in the
handbook, we will include them in the daily student announcements. Please check these daily. If you
are absent, please check them when you return. They are posted in the office window and on our
website, Have a wonderful year.


Gary Czapla, Principal

Student's N a m e : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ­

I have reviewed the information in my child's planner with them. If I have any questions, I will call the school at

Parent's Signature: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _D a t e : - - - - - - - - - ­

Student Signature_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Date: - - - - - - - - ­

                                             The Student's Day
                                                            Before School

          Student Appearance
           Students at Culler are expected to dress in a way that is appropriate for the educational setting. Students are
           not to dress in a manner that causes a disruption to the educational process, is a distraction to the learning
           environment, or in a manner contrary to the mission of Lincoln Public Schools. Prohibited dress includes
           clothing or apparel that is distracting or calls for excessive attention, incites horseplay, or that is dangerous

        - Jo_bealth~and-Safety.~-~ollowing is~a-list of-examples -of-attirEnharareconsiaered inappropriate. The list is not
           inclusive and other forms of attire deemed inappropriate by the administration may be deemed inappropriate
           for the school setting:

              • 	 Clothing or apparel that is gang related;
              • 	 Clothing that shows an inappropriate amount of bare skin or underwear (midriffs, spaghetti straps,
                  sagging pants);
              • 	 Clothing or apparel that promotes beer, alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs;
              • 	 Clothing or apparel that could be used as a weapon (chains, spiked apparel);
              • 	 Head wear including hats, caps, bandannas, and scarves within the school building;
              • 	 Clothing or apparel which exhibits nlldity, makes sexual references or carries inappropriate double
                  meanings, or which includes profanity or messages abusive to staff or other students either individually
                  or as members of groups, or that are otherwise not consistent with the educational mission;
              • 	 Clothing or apparel that references guns, knives or other weapons
              • 	 Court ordered ankle bracelets or monitors are to be concealed at all times
          Consideration will be made for students who wear special clothing as required by religious beliefs, disability, or
          to convey a particularized message protected by law. The final decision regarding attire and grooming will be
          made by the Administration or Superintendent.

          Bikes, Skateboards, Etc.
          Students riding a bicycle to school should park it in the bike racks near the west doors in the morning.
          Students are encouraged to lock their bikes at all times. Skateboards, skates/rollerblades, and scooters may
          be stored in students' lockers if space is available. Students will lose the privilege of having these items at
          school if they are ridden on school grounds or sidewalks- please walk on school grounds.

          Arriving at Campus
          To provide a safe environment for students, Culler has established campus hours and guidelines that provide
          adult supervision to students whenever they are on campus during defined operational hours.
          Culler campus opens at 7:30a.m. Students may arrive on the Culler campus beginning at that time and
          go directly to their grade level entry doors. Eighth graders enter through the southwest gymnasium doors,
          seventh graders enter through the northwest doors (red bricks), and sixth graders enter through the doors
          at the new main entry on the north side of the building off Vine Street. All students will be expected to wait
          outside except in the case of inclement weather. Students will enter the building at that time. After 7:55 a.m.,
          students will enter the building through the main doors.

          Breakfast Program
     Breakfast is available between 7:30a.m. and 7:55a.m. each morning. Students should enter in the main
     doors off Vine Street to go to breakfast@ 7:30. Students may go to breakfast through their grade level doors
     after 7:30. The current prices for breakfast will be published for families prior to the start of school.

                                                       During School

       Culler counselors are assigned to a class of students with whom they will work all three years of that class's
       attendance at Culler. Students should feel free to contact any counselor for help with school or personal
       problems. Counselors are available during the school day for conferences with students or with parents. For
       2011-2012: Ms. Robinson (Foster)- 6th grade letters K-Z and 7th grade; Ms. Haskins- 6th grade letters A-J
--~--- and~8Ufgfaae:-~-~~---~- ---~           -- ~~ -~-----~- -- ~--- ~ ~-~- ---- ------ ----~------ ·--------~--

     Students must leave the school property by 3:15p.m. unless they are registered to participate in after school

     Culler Office
     Culler's office is open for students from 7:30a.m. until 4:00p.m. All students who arrive late or leave early
     must check-in with the office staff before going anywhere else in the building or leaving the school. The office
     staff is available to answer questions and assist students during operational hours ..

    Community Learning Center (CLC)
    Culler is a 21st Century Community Learning Center. The CLC designation provides students an opportunity
    to participate in after school activities as late as 5:45 p.m. If students loiter on the school property after that
    time, they may lose the privilege to participate in the CLC program and other activities. The CLC director Troy
    Mack's phone number is 436-1347.
    Hall and gym lockers will be assigned to students at the beginning of the year based on schedules. Students
    may only use their assigned locker, and they must keep their combinations confidential. While a locker
    may seem private and safe, students should not keep personal items, valuables, or money in their lockers.
    However, if students bring personal items on campus, they should remain locked in their lockers during the
    day. Students are not allowed at their lockers until7:55 a.m.

    Part of Culler's mission is to prepare students for success in high school. One of the most important ways
    to prepare students for high school is helping them become more organized. Planners are checked out to
    students on the first day of school. They are to keep their planners with them at all times, excluding lunch
    and recess. Planners are used as hallway passes, so in order to pass in the hallway, students must
    have their planners. They are asked to write their daily activities, assignments, and future events in their
    planners every day. They are then to take their planners home and share the information with their parents.
    The planner is similar to a textbook in that it is property of the school checked out to the student. If it is lost,
    defaced, or destroyed, a replacement cost will be assessed. Please see the section on Study Time for the
    home uses of the planner.

    Announcements and Student Messages
      Announcements are read to students during 1st period each day and posted in the office window. Parents may
..    read the announcements by logging on to the Culler web site.

      Lunch and SNAP Accounts
      Culler lunch is closed-campus which means that all students eat at school. If a parent wishes to make special
      arrangements to have their child come home for lunch, he or she should contact the Associate Principal or
      Principal to make arrangements. The price for lunch is published for parents prior to the beginning of the
      school year.
       The SNAP cash register system used district-wide is operated through a computer which keeps track of
       student accounts and allows them to withdraw for payment of their meals. Students will need to deposit money
       into their accounts and receive an access identification number to access it. Students should bring in money
     ··-~_9_eposit betwe~n 7:30 and1..:.5..5JnJbe..morning-(please-eRter-thret:J§h-theVine.gireet-cJoors):-smaents-musC
       remember their number and be prepared to enter that number at lunchtime to pay for meals.

      If students have no funds available, they will be asked to pay cash or make arrangements for later payment.
      Students may not share their SNAP number with anyone. Students may bring their lunch to school.
      After students have purchased their lunches, they will be directed to a series of tables at which to eat lunch.
      They will remain at their table until dismissed to the recess area. All students will help with general clean-up
      in the cafeteria, and they are specifically responsible for cleaning up after themselves, pushing in their chairs,
      returning their own re-usables to the dishwasher, and throwing away their trash.

      Food and drink brought to or purchased in the cafeteria needs to be consumed or thrown away prior to leaving
      the lunchroom. If parents would like to deliver food to their child for lunch, they can only provide food for their
      child. Students are not allowed to share food.

      Successful Student Behavior
      It is impossible to include all of the behaviors a student is supposed to exhibit at school. Basically, Culler has
      four tenets everyone is to follow:
           • Be on Time
           • Be Safe
           • Be Responsible
           • Be Respectful
      If students follow these four tenets, they will be very successful at Culler. If they do not follow these tenets
      as described in the Lincoln Public Schools' "Rights and Responsibility of Students" (found in the Important
      Information Booklet sent with the summer mailing), students will work with their parents, teachers, counselors,
      administrators, and/or other staff to become more timely, safe, responsible, or respectful. Students will follow
      through on school assigned consequences or plans for this type of behavior. Consequences/plans can
      include loss of privileges at school, change in schedule/placement, after school detentions, after school guided
      study, and in/out-of-school suspension. This is not an exhaustive list. School staff will inform parents of their
      children's behavior when it is significantly detrimental to them or to other students.
      "Be Here." It is impossible to replicate missed instruction. While teachers can provide extra practice,
      homework, or activities following an absence, it will not match the full classroom experience. Students who are
      chronically absent will not achieve the same level of success or make the same positive connections in school
      as they would if they were in regular attendance.
                                                                   After School

      Student Use of Telephones
      After obtaining teacher permission, students may use the phone in their 7th period class after the dismissal
      bell has rung. If students need to use a telephone for emergency reasons on campus, they must use a
      school phone. These calls should be made from the Health Office, Main Office, or from a Counselor's Office.
      Students may have cell phones on campus, but they may not display or use the phones upon entry to
      the building in the morning and continuing until 3:00 p.m. Cell phones must be out of sight during the
      normal school day. If a student is observed with a cell phone during the school day the following will occur;
      first offense warning, second offense confiscation and return of the phone to the student at the end of the
______scho_ol c:l_ay_,JI]ir:Q_gffense results confiscation of the phone and parent conference required for the return of the
      cell phone to the st~d~-~t.- ---- -- ------------- --~------- --- -----------·-----------------·---- -- --· ---- -·----··· -------------- ­

      Leaving Campus
      To provide a safe environment for students, Culler has established campus hours and guidelines that provide
      adult supervision to students whenever they are on campus. Culler campus closes at 3:15p.m. Students
      must leave campus by 3:15 p.m. or report to the main office if they wish to wait on campus for a ride to pick
      them up. Students riding the bus will exit the northwest doors. Students not riding the bus will exit the west
      doors (old main exit). All students who are not in an after school activity, but are waiting at the office after 3:15
      p.m., must be picked-up by 3:30 p.m.

      After School Activities
      Students who wish to participate in after school activities should listen to or read the announcements for
      details about CLC activities, clubs, activities, and athletic opportunities offered to Culler students after
      school. Students should report by 3:05 to these activities after school. The start and end time for activities
      is advertised in the announcements. Students must leave campus or be picked up immediately at the end of
      after school activities.

      Clubs and Athletics
      Culler offers many different clubs and activities during the school year. In the past, this has included intramural
      sports for 7th and 8th grade, which includes football, volleyball, cross country, boys basketball, girls basketball,
      wrestling, and track. Weekly intramural activities for 6th graders are available throughout the year. Clubs
      open to students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade include Science Quiz Bowl, jazz band, Science Olympiad, vocal
      music, and others. This year, many new opportunities will be presented to students as part of our new CLC.
      Please listen and watch for the student announcements for more details on dates, times, and locations.

      Community Learning Center
      The CLC provides a wide range of academic and recreational activities in which all grades of students can
      participate. Last year students were involved in clubs such as Homework Zone, French, Cooking, Science,
      Chess, Soccer, and many different activities. The Community Learning Center runs from 3:00 p.m. until 5:45
      p.m. Monday through Friday. Much of the Community Learning Center programming is based on student
      interest. The programs and activities are developed throughout the year. To inquire about Community
      Learning Center activities, please contact Culler at 436-1210 and ask for the CLC coordinator.
      Evening Student Performances
      Evening student performances are considered family events. Students who wish to attend a performance must
      be accompanied by and sit with their parents or a guardian.

      The Parent's Day
                                                       Before School
                                                                                                              ---- -- ----
_- -----Students-Coming-to-School - ~------ ----------------~------ - -------- ----- -~ ---------

      If parents are dropping off students at school, remember, they may not be on campus until 7:30a.m. To
      provide the safest environment possible for children, the City of Lincoln and the Lincoln Public Schools worked
      on a traffic pattern to make it possible for all students to be dropped-off and picked-up on the school side of the
      street to avoid the risks of running through traffic. While following the traffic pattern may require more time and
      patience, it will decrease the chance of major injuries.

                                                  Culler Middle School 


                                               Student Pick Up Directions 

      If children are walking to school, it may be beneficial to have parents walk the path with them at least once
before school begins. Students who jaywalk on Vine Street are subject to disciplinary action.

When a Student Is Absent
 Parents are to call and notify the school of their student's absence. The school number is 436-1210, extension
 1 for attendance, 2 for main office. An answering machine will take attendance calls when the office is closed
 or when all the lines are busy. Parents are asked to leave their name, their child's name, the date, and the
 reason for the absence. An office staff member will take the attendance calls between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00
 p.m. on school days. If parents haven't spoken with an office staff member before their child returns from an
 absence, the parents should send a note with their child verifying the date and reason for the absence. A
 call will be made to a parent's home or work place to verify an absence unless the school is notified. If the
 parent and the school do not communicate about an absence, it is entered as truancy. Parents are welcome to
·checldheir anyJime._ Excessive.Jruall.C::Y...<::a~~~\,1\fillJ>_E~Ju rned over to the Lancaster
                                                                                                 ~-               ------ -----
                                                                                                      ------·----·~------~---  ---
                                                                                                                                -~--   ·----­

 County Attorney.

Requesting School Work During Absences
Parents may contact the school after the student has been absent for 2 days to request missing work (436­
1210). Requests will be forwarded to teachers by the office staff. Teachers will send missing work that can be
completed at home to the office as soon as it is prepared (usually within 24 hours). Most school experiences
cannot be duplicated on paper. Absent students will make-up most work after their return to school. If parents
anticipate an absence of more than three days, they should contact their students' counselors to make
arrangements with Culler staff. If families are going to be gone for a planned absence, they should contact the
school as soon as they can to make prior arrangements for student work.

                                                        During School

When a Student Is Tardy or Truant
Students are considered tardy to school if they have arrived in their assigned rooms, for any reason, after the
tardy bell rings. Students may be required to make up time/assignments or lose school privileges for their
tardiness. Students who are 15 minutes or more late for class are coded truant.

Student Health
Students who become ill at school should write a pass in their planner and ask their teacher to sign it and give
permission for them to go to the health office. Only students with emergencies will be received in the health
office without planner passes. The nurse or health technician will tend to student needs. In case of serious
accident or illness, a parent will be notified immediately to transport their child. Students are not to leave the
school premises unless parents or other authorized personnel have been notified and have given approval.

Contacting Culler Staff
Parents are encouraged to call or email their student's administrators, teachers and/or counselors for
conferences or questions that can be handled with a brief discussion. Involved problems, such as curriculum
concerns, student progress, student discipline, school policy, etc. should be discussed during a conference
at school if possible. Parents can reach any Culler staff member by calling the school number at 436-1210.
Email addresses are available at
Telephone Messages for Students
Telephone messages from parents will be relayed to students in cases of emergencies. The office staff is
not to interrupt classrooms by calling students with non-emergency messages from parents, so please make
transportation arrangements prior to the student arriving at school. On days that are forecast for storms, and
beginning at 2:00 p.m., the office may receive more phone calls than can be processed for 3:00 dismissal, and
it is impossible to receive and deliver those messages. Parents and family members are asked not to phone
students on their cell phones during the school day, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

                                                                                                           ---   --------

                                             --------- --- - - - -

        -   --~-~---   ------   ---~------

                                                 After School

Students Leaving School
If parents are picking up their child, please follow the traffic pattern. Whether walking or being picked up,
students must leave campus by 3:15p.m. All students not in after school activities, waiting for rides, must be
picked-up by 3:30 p.m. Students may not wait on campus unsupervised. Students who are in the building or
on school property after 3:15p.m. must be in an assigned area and involved in a school sponsored activity.
When the activity is over, they must leave campus immediately.

Students who study and do school work outside of school will have greater levels of achievement than those
students who do not. Good study habits will only be developed with good parent support. One of the most
important factors in learning is repeated practice and preparation. A recent research article indicated that
if students wanted to really learn something, they needed to practice it at least 24 times. Studying and
homework are important aspects of the development of students, and parents should follow these minimum
guidelines in helping their child be successful in middle school and preparing for high school.
     Students should study at least five nights a week. They should study Monday through Thursday, and at
least one time between Friday and Sunday.
     The amount of daily study time should be a factor of 10 minutes times the students' grade. Sixth graders
should study 60 minutes; seventh graders should study 70 minutes, and eighth graders 80 minutes.
     Studying includes both a general review of class work and materials, organization, and homework.
     Parents should supply a quiet space for students to study without interruption.
     Parents are encouraged to help students with homework. They should also supply structure, materials,
and encouragement for their child.
     If children need help in completing their homework, the parents should help arrange a meeting with their
children and the classroom teacher for extra help. Parents can contact the school at 436-1210 and ask for
their child's teacher or email the teacher directly.
     Study Time must include the following components to be successful:
o     Parents and child review the child's planner and school materials to determine what must be
accomplished during study time and if the child has the correct materials. If children are missing materials,
please contact the school immediately to determine if access is still available to student lockers.
o     The first priority is for children to complete homework assignments and tasks required to take part in
classes the following day.
o     The second priority is for children to review that day's activities in class to make sure they still
understand them. If they don't understand or remember activities or information from class, they should
formulate questions to ask their teachers the next day.
o     At the completion of Study Time, parents and child should review what was accomplished during study
time, make a plan for any unfinished work, and rehearse any questions the child has for their teacher to make
sure they develop a deeper understanding of the material.
o     Materials should be organized and placed so they will not be missed as the child leaves for school the
next morning.
A place at school is available most days after school for students to complete all of their study time 

requirements. CLC Homework Zone runs after school from Monday through Friday with a few exceptions, 

which are posted on the calendar and in newsletters. A certificated teacher is on hand to help students 

complete their studying, organizing, and homework. 

If students are roiitinel{unabiEftb completE::f~study~time-requirements;- donot-complete-study~timerequirements, _ ·~ _ 

or cannot complete them within the time limits described, parents are encouraged to contact their child's 

counselor immediately. Failure to contact the school about problems with studying could have significant 

impact on a child progress through middle school and beyond. 

Extra/Intramural Athletics
Culler offers a full-year of after school extra/intramurals -football/volleyball/cross country (Fall); girls basketball
(late Fall); boys basketball (Winter); wrestling (late Winter); and track (Spring). Seasons and practices are
included on the Culler website, posted on the student bulletin board, and included in daily announcements.
Contact the Culler Athletic Director with questions.

All students are expected to follow these guidelines for participation:

1. All athletes must be off campus at 4:35.
2. Student-athletes must come to practice and learn the skills to earn playing time.
3. Student-athletes should visit with the coach if they cannot be at practice.
4. Student-athletes must report to practice by 3:05 and be dressed in gym clothes and ready to practice by
5. Student-athletes must have passes from a Culler staff member to enter practice late.
6. Student-athletes must plan ahead and make arrangements to walk home, ride the city bus, or have rides
to pick them up as soon as practice is over.
7. Good sportsmanship is the expectation of all Culler Middle School athletes. Unsportsmanlike conduct
at practices, games, towards teammates, referees, coaches or other teams, may result in removal from the
practices, competitions, the season, all intramurals, or other appropriate plan for improving sportsmanship.
8.    Students on suspension or placed in-school suspension cannot participate in extra murals until after the
student has returned to regular classes. Students who are in or out of school suspended on Friday may not
participate in Saturday activities.
9.    Intramural athletes are student-athletes. "Student" comes before "Athlete" and represents student
requirements for participation. Students' classroom responsibilities come first. School work and meeting with
teachers after school and keeping grades up are more important than athletics.
10. T-shirts will be provided to athletes for games. They must be returned after each game. A financial
obligation will be imposed on any student who does not return their shirt.
11. Students should take everything they need to take home to practice. Students will not be allowed back into
the unsupervised areas or have access to areas such as hallway lockers after practice.
12. All athletes are expected to abide by the rules outlined in the LPS Rights and Responsibilities.
13. Practices are for athletes only. Friends and/or family members may not observe practices. People waiting
   to give students rides home from school should wait in their vehicles in the parking lot. Parents waiting to
   walk home with students after school should wait by the west gym doors. Other LPS students cannot wait
   on campus for students while they are practicing. They should make arrangements to meet somewhere off
   14. Students must leave school grounds within 15 minutes of the conclusion of practice.

   Students: Special Information
   Lost Articles
                                                                                                 - - - - ----- ------- -------- - - - - - -   -
                                               - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---------
----studentsWfiCffiavelo&aoooK-Cfottiing~-etc., should immediately report the loss to the office and check the
   lost and found collection that is kept near the cafeteria. Items in the lost and found collection are cleared out
   and given to charity at the end of each semester.

   School Books, Materials, Property
   Lincoln Public Schools will provide students with the facilities, equipment, materials, books, and supplies that
   are needed for the school year. Students and their families are financially responsible for the loss or damage
   of any school materials and/or property assigned to them or in their possession.

   Well ness
   Culler provides a culture and curriculum that reinforces student well ness. Culler and all Lincoln Public Schools
   property and events are tobacco, drug, and alcohol free zones. Students face disciplinary action for use,
   possession, or being under the influence of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol. Students are required to tell staff if they
   are aware of another student who is using, possessing, or under the influence of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.
   All guests to Culler are expected to refrain from any/all use of the above.

   Absences and School Work
   (From regulation 5140.2) If students are absent or tardy, it is their responsibility to contact their teachers about
   missing work. The school staff will support the student's initiative to make up work missed. Depending on
   what is missed, students may be required to stay after school or have their daytime schedule adjusted in order
   to complete required work. Some assignments or activities are impossible to recreate and absent students will
   lose those learning opportunities.
       1. 	 Absences and Class Work: It becomes more difficult for the student to master the content of the course
            when a student is absent from class for any reason. Students will have the opportunity to make-up
            work missed when absent from school. The date when make-up work is due is to be determined by
            the individual classroom teacher based on the content being studied and the length of the student's
       2. 	 Truancy and Suspension: A student is truant from school when he/she is absent without the knowledge
            and permission of the parent and the building administration. Truancy is a violation of school rules.
            Absences because of truancies may result in detention, removal from class, and/or referral to Juvenile
            Court, and/or other consequences determined to be appropriate by the principal or designee. The
            student will have the opportunity to make-up work missed. When students are suspended or are
            truant from school, the date when make-up work is due will be determined by the teacher based on
            the content being studied and the length of the student's absence. For middle school students, the
             maximum grade that can be earned for make-up work is the minimal passing grade in that class. It
             may not be possible to duplicate or even substitute equivalent activities for experiences missed during
             an absence. In such cases, credit will not be issued.

     Fire, Tornado, and Other Emergencies
       Culler has contingency plans in place in case of emergencies that may occur during the school day.
       Classroom teachers will explain the procedures to students during the first few days of school. If students fail
       to follow teachers' directions during an emergency or emergency drill, it can place students and staff in danger.
       These types of behaviors will result in disciplinary action for students. Culler staff and students practice
       emergency drills throughout the year.
             Fire emergencies are signaled with a continuous klaxon horn with fire routes posted near the door in every
··· ·· classroom:· ····-· -·              ··· .. ---- ......                     --··---..              .. ·-··-··· ..
             Weather emergencies are signaled with five short bells. Students are sent to protected areas where they
       will remain until Culler receives the all clear from LPS staff even if the emergency extends past the end of the
       school day.
             Culler staff, through coordinated efforts with LPS staff and other emergency services, prepares for
       additional situations.

     Ethical Users of Information
     Students will be ethical users of information while working on schoolwork at home or at school. Ethical
     users of information use their own words, read, and take notes from more than one source and develop
     bibliographies to give credit to original authors. Ethical use applies to print and online resources. If students
     violate any of the following statements, they will be subject to disciplinary action, which can include the
     immediate suspension of their computer privileges.
          1. 	 Students will respect copyright laws, and will not make nor download unauthorized copies of copyright
               protected materials.
         2. 	 Students will not intentionally access information that may be obscene or offensive toward any other
               individual nor will they place any such information on the network or Internet.
         3. 	 Students will respect the security of any computer system or network and will not try to gain
               unauthorized access to system programs, computer systems, or another person's files.
         4. 	 Students will not use the computer systems to disturb or harass other computer users.
         5. 	 Students will print only when necessary to appropriate printers.
         6. 	 Students will not use the network for financial gain or any commercial or illegal activity.
         7. 	 Students will not engage in vandalism, including bypassing security systems, harming or destroying any
               data on the LPS network or the Internet, or intentionally share computer viruses.
         8. 	 Students are responsible for any expenses incurred or purchases made while accessing online
               services, such as the Internet.
         9. 	 Students will not access e-mail, chat rooms, games, personal non-schoolwork files or COs, and guest
          10. LPS and Culler staff reserve the right to inspect the contents of student server folders at any time and
               may delete any non-academic files.
                                                    Charles Culler Middle School

                                                            Grading Scale

               Percentages                                Grade                      Grade                        Student                      Student
                                                                                   Description                    Conduct*                     Conduct*
                                Letter Grades        Connections

---·       -   -------------- - - - -   ----~----   --   ~----   ---- ----- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------------------- -------------------------------
                                                           c                                                          c

                                                                                   Proficient                                              : Students manage
                 90-100                 A
                                                                                                                                             themselves in 

                                                                                                                                              a manner that 

                                                                                                                                             is respectful to 

                                                                                                                                      themselves and others 

                                                                                                                                       a d conducive to their 

                                                                                                                                          )Wn well-being and 

                                                                                                                                          academic success 

                                                                                                                                          3nd of the staff and 

                                                                                                                                      s udents around them.
                                                                                                                                       lr eluded comment #2.

               85- 89                   B+                 s                                                          s                   : Students manage
                                                                                                                                           themselves in a
                                                                                                                                            manner that is
                                                                                                                                            respectful and
                                                                                                                                          conducive to their
                                                                                                                                         )Wn well-being and
                                                                                                                                         academic success.

               80- 84                   B

               75- 79                   C+

               70- 74                   c

                                                            N                   Not Proficient                         N                  : Students manage
               65- 69                   D+
                                                                                                                                            themselves in a
                                                                                                                                       r nanner that is either
                                                                                                                                         :lisrespectful or not
                                                                                                                                      c nducive to their own
                                                                                                                                                                                                   pr others well-being
                                                                                                                                                                                               0 academic success.
                                                                                                                                                                                               lr eluded comment #2.

              60- 64                                     D

                0-	 59                                   F

 -~-   ----   -----   ----~-----	   ·-   ----------   --- - - - · -   --~
                                                                            ~----···   ----- --------··   ------·-------·-··------·--·   -------   ---   ---   ------··- - · - - - - - ------··-   -----   ·----- ---     ­

he conduct mark on this report card is intended to refer to students' respect for themselves and others, as well as ensuring their actions are conducive
                                                               to academic excellence.

Parents: Special Information

Change of Address or Phone Number 

Students and parents should keep the school informed of address, phone number, and email changes. 

Corrections need to be made through the Culler school office to update records. 

Fire, Tornado, and Emergencies 

Culler has contingency plans in place in case of emergencies that may occur during the school day. Culler 

staff and students practice emergencies drills throughout the year. If someone arrives at school at the time of 

a drill, they should be patient and cooperate with us until the drill is completed. A drill or emergency procedure 

might require that the building doors be locked. 

Students will not be released to anyone other than their living with male/female, biological parents, or legal 

guardians unless permission has been provided in advance through the census form turned in at the beginning 

of the year. The emergency checkout list can be edited throughout the year, but not at the time of the 

emergency. Parents having questions or wishing to make a change should contact office staff. 

Reporting and Confidentiality
Communication to Parents
        • 	 Daily: Announcements are posted to the web at
        • 	 Parents may check their students' attendance and grades at anytime with their PIV (Pinnacle Internet
            Viewer) on the Culler web site. Parents visit the school to receive credentials to log in. (log ins and
            passwords do not change from year to year, school to school, or child to child).
         • 	 Semi-annually: Semester report cards are sent home with students at the end of first semester and
             require parents signatures in their children's planners. Semester report cards are mailed home in the
     Communication with Parents and Others
     Unless official court documents are presented to the school office and updated annually, Culler staff will share
     information with living with male/female, biological parents and legal guardians of students. Culler staff cannot
     share personal, health, or academic information with anyone else unless signed releases are completed and
     given to office staff. Release of Information Permission Forms can be withdrawn at any time, but must be
     renewed each year to stay in effect.

     Contacting Students
     Unless official court documents are presented to the school office and updated annually, Culler staff will only
     allow living with male/female, biologicaLparents_andlorJegaLguar:dians-Gf-studeAts-te-eentaet-them-during the-·­

     school day. Culler staff cannot allow anyone else contact unless permission is given by the living with male/
     female, biological parents and/or legal guardians.

     Schedule Changes
     Students should review their schedules carefully. Students should check with their parents if they have any
     questions. If parents feel that they would like a schedule change for their child, they should contact their child's

      Reasons that schedule changes ma:t be mage:               Reasons that schedule changes ma:t not be made:

          •   A child was not scheduled into a required             •   A child wishes to change classes to be with a
              class like Math or English                                friend
          •   A child was scheduled into a class first              •   A child wishes a different teacher
              semester that should be second semester               •   A child wishes to switch a class to a different
          •   A child was scheduled into the improper level             period of the day
              of class

     A low-cost group type of insurance policy is made available to parents through the school office. The schools
     act only as a public carrier for this insurance and are not involved in its sales or claims.

     All Lincoln Public Schools property and events are tobacco, drugs, and alcohol free zones. Culler parents may
     not use these items on school grounds. Culler does not have a smoking area for adults who are on campus
     waiting to pick up students, attending performances, or taking part in other business on campus. Adults
     wishing to smoke must leave campus.

     Withdrawal from School
     The parents of children withdrawing from school should contact the Culler Registrar's office at least two days
     prior to their scheduled withdrawal date to complete a required transfer form which ensures that accurate
information is forwarded to the child's next school.

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
Conferences times will be communicated at the start of the school year and reminders will be sent to families.

The School Community Intervention Program provides avenues to community services to assist students/
families with issues such as addiction, mental health, and abuse. Parents wishing more information about
community programs should contact the school and ask for a counselor.


Behavior Intervention Support Team

B.I.S.T is a school-wide behavior management plan that increases student learning time, stops disruptive/
hurtful behavior, and teaches skills that will lead to life success.

B.I.S.T. Helps Students Work on These Life Goals:

I can take good care of myself, even if I am mad. 

I can be productive and follow directions even if I don't want to. 

I can be okay when others are not okay. 

Culler Staff will partner with your child to develop skills to reach these goals. 

The Two Basic Rules of B./.S. T. are:

It is never okay to be disruptive!
It is never okay to be hurtful!

To help teachers, administrators, parents and students learn techniques to effect positive change and create a
healthy learning environment for all. This is accomplished through G.R.A.C.E. The acronym G.R.A.C.E. stands
for Giving Responsibility and Accountability to Children in Education.

Grace is:                                                                      Grace is not:
Providing what students need, not what they deserve                            Being permissive
Having a relationship when students reject you                                 Lowering standards
Having the courage to hold students accountable                                Giving more chances

Accountability is:                                                             Accountability is not:
Guiding students to look at what problems the
behaviors create in the student's lives                                        Using anger to get compliance
Providing consequences to protect students                                     Punishing students
Waiting for students to partner with adults                                    Withholding attention
   B.I.S.T. Vocabulary

  You may hear your child or your child's teachers use the following terminology.

   Early Intervention
   When an adult provides one redirection for disruptive behavior.

   Caring Confrontation
   How an adult provides the one redirection with consistent language as well as non-punitive actions and intent.

   Safe Seat
_~ Ac!E:lsignated_ §eatin ttl~ §ti.Jd~nt's regular classroomintended _to_ provide a safe place where the disruptive
   behavior can stop. The student is not in trouble. The safe seat provides a place to keep the student out of
   trouble. A student can place him/herself in the safe seat as well as being assigned by an adult.

  Stop/Think/Change Sheet
  A form used to help students reflect on how to change their disruptive or hurtful behavior.

  A discussion between the adult and student used to develop a plan for the student to be accountable for and
   change disruptive/hurtful behavior.

  Buddy Room
  A safe seat in another classroom used when a student needs an alternative safe seat for a variety reasons.

   The assignment to a safe seat or buddy room for an extended period of time for students who are having 

   difficulty changing their disruptive or hurtful behavior. 

   Protective Plan

  What the school and family develop together to provide the structure and support to stop the student's 

  disruptive behavior and to teach the student needed using skills. 

   Please Partner with US!

   For your child to learn, perform and behave at grade level or above, your child needs to behave well in school.
   This means trying to never be disruptive or hurtful. If your child is hurtful or disruptive, we will follow the B.I.S.T.
   procedure. If your child's teacher talks to you about his/her behavior, please partner with us!

  Help us build and then support a behavior plan. 

  Talk to us and ask us questions to clarify the plan. 

  Encourage your child to let adults be in charge of his/her life. 

  Show your child how strong the school, teacher, family partnership is! 

  Visiting Culler 

Visitors and Parents:
All visitors, including visiting LPS employees, must check-in the front office. For security purposes all other
doors are locked from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Anyone having difficulty accessing the building should call
the school office at 436-1210 or 436-1000. All staff and visitors in the building must sign in and wear visitor
If parents want to visit with a staff member, administrator, or counselor, they should call in advance and set­
up an appointment at 436-1210 or contact staff member via email (listing at Most staff members
are working with students throughout the day and are not immediately available.
 Culler's parking lots are to the west of the building. They usually have spots available any time of the school
-day. -Parents choosing to park on thestreetshould berespectfuLofGuller's neighbors and park_aU~ast_ _
 five feet from driveways and mailboxes. Please keep in mind that in the mornings (pick-up) and afternoon
 (dismissal) the front area of the school will be very busy with Star Tran buses and LPS buses try not to park
 there do to the amount of students and vehicles in and around that area.

Compact for Students, Parents and Faculty of Culler Middle School
                        Building-wide Title One

The students, parents and faculty of Culler Middle School recognize their joint responsibility for the success of all students. We
pledge to work together as a team, respecting and supporting each other in order to achieve our mutual goal.

Culler Middle School Students Pledge to:

1.     Be at school regularly, on time, and ready to learn
2.     Take ownership of my learning by paying attention, asking questions, searching for information, being
respectful and responsible for own behavior
3.     Complete expected work, to the best of my ability, seeking proficiency on academic standards
4. 	   Discuss with my parents what academic standards are being learned at school

Principal Signature: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.Date:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Teacher Signature:. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Date:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Culler Middle School Parents Pledge to:

1.   _ Maint~n_Cindioster_lligh_standards of academic achievemenUor-my child------------··-----------­
2.      Support my child by attending conferences, communication with the school, volunteering time and resource~
providing current contact information
3. 	    Involve myself daily with my child's academic growth by taking time to talk to, listen to, and provide a quiet
        place for my child to study
4. 	    Ensure my child receives adequate sleep and nutrition and attends school regularly and on time
5. 	    Utilize parent training, materials and resources that will assist my child in improved academic achievement

Principal Signature: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.Date:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Teacher Signature: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Date:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Culler Middle School Faculty Pledge to:

1.     Maintain and foster high standards of academic achievement by participating in professional growth
2. 	   Hold high expectations, believing all children can learn and achieve
3. 	   Treat children with courtesy, respect diversity, and foster a safe, positive learning environment
4. 	   Make myself available to help children with regards to academic, behavioral and social situations
5.     Provide timely information to parents, in a format and language that is understandable, about curriculum, sta1
standards, assessments, and their children's progress
6. 	   Communicate information for parental involvement opportunities and resources for parents

Principal Signature: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Date:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Teacher Signature: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Date:._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

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