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  Volume 7 Issue 3                                                                                                                       March/April 2009

                                                                                                                                      “...if your mind is always

   SLEEPY-TIME KIDS                                                                                                                       on your phone, it’s
                                                                                                                                        not on other things.”
                                                                                                                                      -Naomi Baron, Professor of Lin-
                                                                                                                                        guistics, American University

 Late bedtimes affecting student performance                                                                                          : By Shanelle Pina

 By Matt Pacheco
                                                             A                                                                           LOL... Is
                                                                                                                                     text messaging

    t happens every day. You or one of your
    fellow students is sleeping in class.

                                                           zz - Block                                                                 addicting? -_-

    What is causing so many students from                                                                                               Options             Send
staying awake in class? Research shows
that more than 20% of high school students
                     sleep in class, accord-
                     ing to*.
                                                                                                                                     W       e text at home, in
                                                                                                                                             school, at work, even
                                                                                                                                     while driving. Seventy-nine
                     Most teens need about 8                                                                                         percent of people have even
      Most teens ½ to 9 hours of sleep a                                                                                             admitted to texting while
    need about       night, yet many are get-                                                                                        using the bathroom! Stud-
      8 ½ to 9       ting a lot less than that.                                                                                      ies say the average teenager
   hours of sleep Getting a full night’s                                                                                             sends about 182 text mes-
     a night, yet    sleep can help you                                                                                              sages a day. It is a world-
        many         concentrate better for                                                                                          wide issue, as some would
    are getting      tests and it can help you                                                                                       see it.
      a lot less     perform better in sports.                                                                                         It has been said that over-
     than that.      If you are having diffi-                                                                                        excessive text-messaging
                     culties waking up in the                        Rola Hassoun of the Crimson Courier feigns                      is due to a mental illness.
                     morning, having trouble                          a sleeping student in a photo illustration                     That may sound hard to
                     concentrating, or falling                                                                                       believe, but keep an open
asleep in class, then you are most likely not
getting enough sleep at night.                       Movin’ on up...                                                                 mind to the following facts.
                                                                                                                                     The alleged symptoms
  Fifty students at New Bedford High filled          Mr. Kulak, Ms. Purcell and Ms. Viveiros                                         of text addiction include:
out a survey about sleeping habits recently.         take on new positions at NBHS                                                   withdrawals, which would
Here are the results.                                                                                                                cause a person to become
  The average time a student goes to sleep at         by Kenya Baer-Clark, editor                                                    aggravated or depressed
night is 11 P.M.                                                                                                                     when they are unable to use
  70% of students say they have or do sleep
in class.                                            A    s you may have already heard through the
                                                          grapevine, Mr. Pereira, our former assistant
                                                     headmaster has left our New Bedford High com-
                                                                                                                                     the computer or cellular de-
                                                                                                                                     vice; and intolerance, which
  62% of students go out on school nights.                                                                                           would make the person
  68% of students think school starts too            munity to join the FBI. However what you proba-
                                                                                                                                     want better equipment or
early.                                               bly haven’t heard is who has been in his spot. The answer to that is none
                                                     other than Mr. Kulak, the tan housemaster. “I am very excited to serve          more hours of use. Believe-
  68% of students leave the house in the                                                                                             it-or-not, texting sometimes
                                                     New Bedford High school in this capacity. I care very deeply about this
                     See Tips, Continued on page 3                                                                                                     See texting,
                                                                                             See Movin’ on up, Continued on page 2            Continued on page 11

        Inside                     Houtman on History
                                  -Celina offers the
                                                                     Whaler baseball preview
                                                                     - Middle infielders
                                                                                                    Entrepreneurs design
                                                                                                    tees, make $$$$                  Rola’s Blog
     Dream come true              history of cell phones and         lead the way                   page 13                          - Page 10
   -Senior dances her way         the Crimson Courier                Back page
      to college Page 8                       page 6
  Volume 7 Issue 3

Movin’ on up,
                                                           Our School
                                                  “When I am in the halls and speaking with students, I think most tend
                                                                                                                                                  March/April 2009

from page 1                                  to see me as Mr. Kulak and not Mr. Kulak the assistant headmaster.” -Mr Kulak

school and enjoy being part         I think it was more about the      lier here; I enjoy                                                      know how many
of its operation and seeing         big truck than being the driv-     walking down the                                                      scholarships we are
things from a new perspec-          er.” High school made him          hall and hearing                                                      getting? Do they
                                    realize his interest in science    ‘Hey, Ms. Purcell!                                                    know how well our
tive. “Mr. Kulak’s main goal
                                                                                                                                             music department
in any position here at NBH         which led him to become            Good morning.”
                                                                                                                                             is doing? Do they
was to help students succeed.       a science teacher. “I taught       When asked how                                                        know how our sports
Being an assistant headmas-         Chemistry here at NBHS for         has the students                                                      teams are doing?
ter hasn’t changed the way          a few years. Teaching and          differed from the                                                     My kids, niece and
kids act around him. “When          helping students is how I          time she was in                                                       nephew came here
                                           became interested in        school and now                                                        because they knew
                                           administration.”            she responds with         Ms. Viveiros                                the education and
                                             Taking the position of    “How has the                                                          the opportunities
                                           tan housemaster, will       world changed. Being an           Ms. Viveiros was a tan house        they’d get. They also
                                           be Ms. Purcell, for-        administrator hasn’t affected student herself when she was            knew they would get
                                           merly the assistant tan     Ms. Purcell’s personal life to in high school. There wasn’t           a piece of the real
                                           housemaster. “Mr. Ku-       a great extent; however she       a freshmen class then and ev-       world. Like I said
                                           lak and I were in sync,”    does have a lot more on her       erything was new. “I actually       the kids here are
                                                                                                                                             genuine, who smile
                                           confessed Ms. Purcell,      plate. In the education realm wanted to be a marine biolo-
                                                                                                                                             and like being here.”
                                           who has been with tan       she has to be a lot more seri- gist when I was younger, but           – Ms. Purcell
                                           house for quite awhile      ous and see what needs to         money was tough and instead
                                           now. “I’m used to the       change and what needs to be I went to UMass where I took           •	 “First, let me say
                                           system, I still have a      faced. “The boss? No I don’t history classes and became               that New Bedford
                                           lot to learn about being    see myself as the boss; I’m       a history teacher in blue           High School is a
            Ms. Purcell                                                                                  house.” From blue house to
                                           housemaster but I’m         part of a team.                                                       fantastic place to
                                           getting there.” Mr.            As I entered the office of     tan, student behavior is the        learn and get an
I am in the halls and speak-        Kulak thinks she is doing                                            same. “No one gets a prize          education. There is
                                                                       the new assistant tan house-
ing with students, I think          fine without him, and thinks                                         for best house.”                    an enormous amount
                                                                       master, to my shock, I was
most tend to see me as Mr.          tan house is in good hands.                                          I had asked each of these           of opportunity in
                                                                       offered candy, (a lot of can-
Kulak and not Mr. Kulak the Ms. Purcell started teaching                                                 administrators what I thought       academic choices
                                                                       dy). “Kids are kids, if offer-                                        as well as activities.
assistant headmaster. Maybe in 1972. Since then she has                                                  was a question everyone
                                                                       ing candy makes it easier to                                          Most schools do not
the reason for this is because been a Social Studies teacher                                             would want to be answered;
                                                                       communicate so be it. “ Ms.                                           even come close to
I try to speak to the students      for gold house, guidance for                                         what do you think of the
                                                                       Viveiros explained with a                                             what we offer our
or adults for that matter,          green and also a dean. By far,                                       outside ‘bad talk’ about New
                                                                       warm smile. Assistant house-                                          students. Many of
as individuals                                     assistant house-                                      Bedford High School?
                                                                       master is a temporary posi-                                           our students do great
and treat them                                     master has been
with respect             “If I had to say,
                                                                       tion for the rest of this year,       •	 “Kids at NBHS are            things for them-
                                                   the best. It cov-   but Ms. Viveiros would love               the best in the world.      selves, for the school
without abusing          the kids at New                                                                                                     and for the commu-
                                                   ers most of the     to keep it for next year. “It is          I don’t care what any
the authority of           Bedford are                                                                                                       nity. Visitors to this
                        genuine. We are            areas; you get      an answer to a dream, I’ve                one else has to say
any position.”                                     to teach when       wanted this for a long time               - actually I don’t let      school are always
Since Mr. Kulak          friendlier here;                                                                                                    amazed at the great
                         I enjoy walking           necessary and       and I never thought it would              them say it. When I
is such a great                                                                                                                              things that happen
                       down the hall and           give guidance       happen.” Her first day in this            see them I think of
administrator it’s                                                                                               my own kids. Every-         here. Unfortunately,
                         hearing: “Hey,            to the students.    new position, was a bit dif-
hard to believe                                                                                                  body should be treat-       the small amount of
                       Ms. Purcell! Good           In 1999, Ms.        ferent than she had expected,                                         negativity that sur-
he wanted to do                                    Purcell had                                                   ed with the same
                            morning.”                                  “ Now you’re in charge, so                                            rounds us gets too
anything outside                                                                                                 amount of respect.
                                 - Ms. Purcell     received a call     everything winds up on your                                           much attention and
of education.                                                                                                    It doesn’t matter
                                                   from Falmouth;      desk, you have to be the one              what they do.” -Ms.         publicity. I would
Finding out that
                                    she surprisingly accepted it,      to make the decisions, its                                            like to see more of
he first wanted to become a                                                                                      Viveiros.
                                    but only to see the difference.    like all the teacher work and                                         the positive things
big truck driver was a sur-
                                    To our surprise it wasn’t that     conduct cards I sent in are           •	 “I take offense. They        get the attention
prise. “When I was a kid and                                                                                     don’t know how our
                                    different. The same problems       coming back to haunt me.                                              they deserve.” – Mr.
traveling with my family, I                                                                                      school is. Do they
                                    here were there. “If I had to      Now I have to make a deci-                                            Kulak.
was fascinated with the big                                                                                      know how well our
                                    say, the kids at New Bedford       sion for the students without
trailer trucks. But back then                                                                                    grades are? Do they                  page 2
                                    are genuine. We are friend-        it affecting their education.”
 Volume 7 Issue 3                                        Our School                                                                       March/April 2009

 Tips for staying awake in school, from page 1                      Early school start time blamed for sleepy kids
                                                                    By Gloriemarie Guzman
morning in a rush for school.
      •	 Only 32% of students eat breakfast in the
          morning.                                                 H     ave you ever found yourself falling asleep in class?
                                                                           I’m pretty sure at one point everyone has caught themselves falling asleep in class.
                                                                   There are days when I’m so tired, I have already planned to take a nap in class; 99% of
  Having a full night’s sleep
can really help you in the long                                    the time it doesn’t end up happen-
                                        If you are having
                                                                   ing. There are plenty of reasons why
run. Here are some tips to help       difficulties waking up
improve your sleeping habits.                                      we kids sleep in class. Is it because
                                         in the morning,
  According to teenshealth.                                        we’re staying up too late or because
                                          having trouble
org*, these tips can help with                                     we’re waking up too early?
your bad sleeping habits.                                            Don’t you think school starts just
                                         or falling asleep
    1. You should try to avoid                                     a bit too early? I think school should
                                           in class, then
        stimulants such as                                         be moved back an hour. If it did it
                                       you are most likely
        caffeine or drinks with                                    would give us time for breakfast
                                       not getting enough
        lots of sugar after 4                                      and extra sleep. With that alone I
                                           sleep at night.
        P.M. This may cause                                        think students might be a little more
        you to have a hard time                                    energetic in the morning. Unless
        falling asleep.                                            students are just bored with their
   2. Don’t take naps after                                        classes? Have you ever seen a class-
      school, as this will also cause you to have a                mate who sleeps in class but then
      difficult time falling asleep at night.                      gets the highest grades when it comes to test and quizzes?
                                                                     Some students are just bored, because maybe the teacher talks a little too much, and
   3. Try to wake up in the morning with bright lights             when you are tired it is hard to stay concentrated. Sometimes it seems like your mind is
      because light signals the body that its time to wake         somewhere else                                                             and you’re thinking
      up.                                                          about everything                                                           except what the
   4. Always eat breakfast in the morning so you can               teacher is talking                                                         about. It could also
      have energy through the day.                                 be that maybe you               I think school should be moved             are having a bad
                                                                   day so you put                   back an hour. If it did it would          your head down
   Generally speaking, these tips will not only improve            to forget about it.                 give us time for breakfast             Every kid thinks of
   your success in school, but will also impact the quality        it the same way:                and extra sleep. With that alone           if we can get away
   and happiness of your daily life.                               with it, why not                    I think students might be              sleep in class all
   Have a good night’s sleep and see you in the morning.           the time?                   a little more energetic in the morning.
                                                                     There are plenty                                                         of reasons why we
                                                                   don’t get as much                                     -Gloriemarie Guzman sleep as we need
                                                                   to. They say teens                                                         are supposed to
   *TeensHealth is part of the KidsHealth family of websites.      get about eight or                                                         nine hours of sleep
   These sites, run by the nonprofit    Nemours Center for         a night. Scientists recommend that we fall asleep at nine or ten to wake up for six. If you
   Children’s Health Media, provide accurate, up-to-date           think about it, that’s way too early, especially if you are getting home late and you have all
   health information that’s free of “doctor-speak.”               types of things to do. Part time jobs, sports, and after school activities can take up a lot of
                                                                   your time. What about if you have homework? Homework could either be quick and easy
                                                                   or it can be hard and take forever to do. Usually all the good television shows start at nine,
   A team of pediatricians and other medical experts reviews       and go on until about eleven, and everyone has that show they just don’t want to miss.
   all KidsHealth content regularly to ensure the information is     Sleeping in class happens everywhere, even in college, as I was reading on some on-
   as current as possible. That doesn’t mean TeensHealth takes     line forums. In fact, on the Internet they give you ways to sleep in class without getting
   the place of an in-person visit with a doctor. Nothing beats    caught. Not that I condone sleeping in class but I thought it would be interesting to hear
   a personal consultation with a physician who can get your       a few of the steps. Find a spot away from the teacher, preferably the corner. Make sure
                                                                   a friend sits near you, to give you a heads up. Don’t wear earplugs; you won’t be able
   health history, do a physical exam, and talk with you one-
                                                                   to hear what exactly is going on. You could ask the person who sits in front of you to sit
   on-one. What TeensHealth can do is help you learn ways to       back, blocking the teachers view. Watch your grades. It also mentions one I believe every-
   keep your body and mind healthy.                                one is familiar with - shielding your face with a book. Remember classmates the teachers
       Page 3                                                      are also reading and now they will most likely be on the lookout!
 Volume 7 Issue 3                    Second Front Page                                                                                      March/April 2009

Corey Melo Wins New England                                                                                  Jon Williams
Wrestling Championship                                                                           1st in All-States, 2nd in NE
                                                                                                                        By: Patrick Nunes
                By George      can win it all” he said before   in a shorter amount of time.
                Tarabaih       the tournament “I just need      He already has 96 wins to
               On Wrestling    to wrestle well” and wrestle
                               well he did do beating some
                                                                only 25 losses. None of our
                                                                former wrestlers have gone
                                                                                                 H     ave you heard of the name Jon Williams lately? Actu-
                                                                                                       ally, have you heard of a boy in our own high school
                                                                                                 who’s been doing incredible in track and field? That boy
                               of the best wrestlers Mas-       as far as to win the New         is Jon Williams. Jon Williams is a junior who tops off at
N     ew Bedford High
      School may have a rela- sachussets, Conneticutt, and
tively new program when
                                                                England tournament and
                                                                 for Corey to do that in his
                                                                                                 about 5’8. He runs the 100-meter or 200-meter dash, the
                                                                                                 4 by 1, and is greatly known for his long jump. This year
it comes to their wrestling                                      Junior year is rediculous.      alone he placed 1st in the MSTCA elite meet at the Reggie
team but lets not mistake                                        How did Corey become such       Lewis center in Boston with a long jump of 22ft, which
that with an unsuccessful                                        a good wrestler? Well for       was the 2nd best jump in Massachusetts this season. This
program. Established in                                          starters he was wrestling at    year he also placed 1st at the all-state meet with a jump of
1997 by coach Fred Pimen-                                        a relitively young age. In      21 feet, 9 ¾ inches. Also at the Division 1 meet he placed
tal, the Whalers have had                                        eigth grade he wrestled for     3rd with a jump of 21 feet, 5 ½ inches. Then at the New
more then their fair share                                       Roosevelt Middle School         England meet he placed 2nd with a jump of 21 feet, 8 ¼
of success on the mat. They                                      and was forced into the         inches. The way long-jumping works, Williams tells me,
have had individual accom-                                       varsity lineup for the Whal-    is that whatever touches first when you jump is what gets
plishments and achieve-                                          ers his freshman year. The      marked for your jump distance. Jon Williams also told me
ments as well as team                                            experience he gained in his
eliteness throught the past                                      freshman year was priceless.
decade.                                                          But what is most impres-
For all New Bedford High                                         sive about Corey Melo isnt
has achieved over the years                                      just his skill its his work
however, they have yet to      Rhode Island had to offer.        ethic. He is a 3 time con-
have a wrestler win it all at  Where does this rank Corey       secutive “iron man” winner.
“New Englands”. That is        amoung the elite wrestlers of    That means that he hasnt
untill Corey Melo beat out     New Bedford history? “Top        missed one practice for 3
Matt Bucco 3-2 in the final    5” was the words spoken by       years straight for any reason.
round of the tournament.       both Coach Pimental and          Whether it was manditory or
That win would revenge his Corey himself. “It feels great       not you could always count
previus loss to Bucco that he                                   on Corey showing up to a
suffered in the “All States”                                    team function. “He showed
                                      “It feels great to
tournament in the final                                         passion for that sport” said
                                       have my name
round.                                                          Corey’s good friend John         he learned this from Coach Houtman who started Jon out
Coming into the season ex-                                      Shoesmith “he would blow         and taught him everything. When I talked to the coaches,
                                      with the likes of
pectations where already set                                    us all off to go wrestle over    all they could say about Jon were good things - things like
                                        John Marsh,             playing basketball all the
high for Melo. He made the            Kenny Francis,                                             how he’s a very coach-able kid and how they can’t wait
“State Championship” finals                                     time.” He spent his entire       to see him next season hoping to take home next year’s
                                     Dennis Piva, and
last year and was poised to            Ryan Goddu.”
                                                                offseason working with           New England title. After finding out all about the compe-
have another great season.                                      Kenny Francis and John           titions and the rules of track, I asked Jon a couple ques-
“We expected him to place in                                    Marsh in efforts to make         tions. When I asked Jon how he became a long jumper, he
                                           - Corey Melo         himself the best wrestler he
New Englands but winning it                                                                      answered: “I just like it.” He’s been doing it for 3 seasons,
all is an amazing acomplish-                                    could possibly be. That kind     which means he started as a freshman. Besides his long
ment” said Coach Pimental                                       of work ethic is what trans-     jump though, he does enjoy the 100-meter and 200-meter
after Corey’s victory. After   to have my name mentioned        lates into great skill. And      dash along with the 4 by 1. Jon is a very hardworking kid
an amazing 41-5 season,        with the likes of John Marsh,    for Corey, that kind of work     who constantly looks to get better and is very disciplined.
a sectional championship       Kenny Francis, Dennis Piva,      ethic is what puts him in top    “Track isn’t necessarily easy, but newcomers are wel-
crown, a State championship and Ryan Goddu” said Corey          consideration for next years     come,” coach Giasson says. Check out track just to see if
crown, and being a final-      in an interview. It should be    team captain,                    you like it. You might feel the same way as Jon.
ist in the All state tourna-   noted however that Corey            In the words of coach
ment, Corey was not lacking has more acomplishments             Pimental: “Corey leads                                                           Page 4
confidence one bit. “I think I then any of these wrestlers      by example.”
 Volume 7 Issue 3                 Women’s History Month                                                                                  March/April 2009

 Teacher Fights for Women’s Rights in Middle East
 Ms. Sabeh cofounds only feminist group in Middle East
 By Rola Hassoun, senior writer

W       omen’s rights are a joke. A joke? Yes, a joke! In the U.S., women still
        get paid less than men…what year is it? Last time I checked it was
2009… 2009!
  If this goes on in the home of the brave and land of the free then imagine
how bad it is outside these borders. Well, Ms. Marlene Sabeh, a teacher at
New Bedford High School has decided to make a difference in the lives of
young girls and women around the world. She cofounded the only feminist
group for the Middle East; you can learn more about it at
This site contains articles supporting women’s rights in the Middle East, it
contains information about famous Arab women who have gone far in their
lives, and you can even add your own articles and discuss different ways that
women are stripped of their freedoms.
                                           Ms. Sabeh grew up in the middle
                                         of it all. She was born and raised
                                         in Lebanon, a small country in the
                                         Middle East that has undergone many
          About 3 years ago,             horrific wars. Growing up in such an
          Ms. Sabeh decided              environment has an effect on a person
                                         and, as she puts it, “That triggered
         to start a non-profit           something in me!” About 3 years ago,
                                                                                             New Bedford High School teacher, Ms Marlene Sabeh, has
                                                                                           cofounded the only women’s rights group in the Middle East.
          organization that              Ms. Sabeh decided to start a non-
            would support                profit organization that would support Ms. Sabeh merely tries to educate more people about what goes on outside
          womens rights in               women’s rights in the Middle East.       their little box of the United States and help the many women abroad that
                                         When she and two supporting law-         don’t believe in themselves. She says, “A woman’s worst enemy is her-
           the Middle East.              yers brought this issue up to political self.” Women don’t know the power they have and we should show them
                                         models in the country and several        what they can do. “We want to give them confidence and motivation, and
                                         different Lebanese lawyers the idea      try to help them find themselves. ” To reach this goal, unfortunately, Ms.
                                         was turned down because it simply        Sabeh and her supports must rely on word of mouth. As they put all their
                                         “gave women more rights.” “These         efforts into trying to help women, there are young girls who still don’t
men had no shame in saying these words. They refused to allow the program know that their future lies as far away from the men that put them down as
because it would make young girls and women believe that                                                                           humanly possible. How hard
they can actually be something in this world - be whatever                                                                         and long is this process? The
they wanted - anything they dreamed of.”                                                                                           answer is VERY, VERY,
   Ms. Sabeh is still pushing for her goals of starting this                                                                       VERY HARD!!! So, let’s
program in Lebanon. She wants speakers to be able to sup-           “...the idea was turned down because it simply                 give a hand to our very own
port young women and speak to them about their futures.                                                                            Ms. Sabeh, who is clearly
This, however, will be put off as long as there is political
                                                                  ‘gave women more rights.’ These men had no
                                                                                                                                   one of the most hardwork-
turmoil in the country. Therefore, it may take a while. Ms.       shame in saying these words. They refused to al-                 ing and most caring teachers
Sabeh described the situation as “volatile”.                      low the program because it would make young                      at this school. While you’re
  As for Ms. Sabeh, she has published two novels: A Little        girls and women believe that they can actually be applauding don’t forget to
Odd which is a book for preteens and Tell Them You Can,                                                                            visit lebanista on Facebook
a book for teenagers. A Little Odd is based on the story of
                                                                  something in this world - be whatever they
                                                                                                                                   or go to Http://Onlypeace.
thirteen-year-old boy and the hardships he went through,          wanted - anything they dreamed of.”                     (Ms. Sabeh’s
this is based on a personal experience. Both books are                                                            -Ms. Sabeh blog) and support the cause.
translated into Arabic and have become great successes in
Lebanon. Through these different books and foundations,

                                                                                                                                         Page 5
 Volume 7 Issue 3                                              History                                                                      March/April 2009

         The Crimson Courier                                                                                  The Cell Phone
                             by Celina Houtman                                                                       by Celina Houtman

                                                                                                    ave you ever wondered about the first cell phones, then the

D      id you know that the Crimson Courier was not, at different        Houtman on His tory:
       times, called the Crimson Courier? Dating all the way back to 1941,
                                                                                             H      ones after that, then the ones after that, and why everyone
                                                                                  is so addicted to using them? I have, so I decided to do a little history-check
the New Bedford High School newspaper has somewhat of an amusing yet on those crazy little contraptions that once could not fit into our pockets.
interesting history.                                                                Any history of cell phones started with Samuel Morse – you know, that
                                  From researching the Crimson Log ar-            guy who invented the telegraph? Yeah, him. He created the first electro-
                                chives, I found out that the first mention of     magnetic telegraph in 1832, then later creating a experimental version in
                                the Crimson Courier was in 1942.                  1835. In October of 1842, he laid wires between two places about a mile
                                  It was created in the fall of ’41 by the        apart, Governer’s Island and Castle Garden, New York. Most of it was un-
    ...the first mention        school’s Honor Society. It continued on for       derwater, mainly because he wanted to prove to people that an underwater
       of the Crimson           about five or six more years before it mysteri- cable could transmit signals as well as copper wires on poles. His experi-
      Courier was in            ously - *dun dun dun!* - disappeared. Why it ment ended, it seemed, when a ship pulled up his cable. Of course, it didn’t
            1942.               stopped, I wouldn’t know – I’m not sure any- daunt Morse a bit, proceeding without the cable and transferring signals
      It was created in         one does. Unless, of course, you were there.      throughtout the water itself. Hence, that introduced the idea of wireless by
                                  Then in 1951 a senior named Harris Weis-        conduction.
     the fall of ’41 by                                                             So now people knew that magnetic fields
                                man started it up again as “Scuttlebutt”,
   the school’s Honor           which lasted two years. The name “Scuttle-        could be carried out through the water. The
           Society.             butt” was actually voted to be the school         next step – can magnetic fields transfer through the sixties and
                                newspaper’s name by the entire school body. the air? In 1863 Michael Faraday began to                      seventies, Motorola
                                In 1954 it was changed to the “Crimson            research whether electricity could be created           and Bell Labrotories
                                Highlights”. Why couldn’t people just decide throughout space. Now what exactly do you                       were in a race to
                                on a name, right? Well everyone thought           think the result of that was? The answer was:              actually create a
                                everything was just fine and dandy with the       yes! In 1865 Dr. Mahlon Loomis of Virginia                  cellular device.
current newspaper name until four years                                           became the first person to communicate wire-
later in ’58, when the newspaper was                                              lessly via atmosphere. From 1866 through
once again changed, now to “The Har-                                              1873 he transmitted telegraphic messages at a
poon.” I would think that the continu-                                            distance of up to eighteen miles. Most inven-
                                                   Then in 1951 a se-
ous name-changing would get tiring.                                               tors focused on wire line telegraphy between
Then again, different classes, different
                                                  nior named Harris               poles, now called telephone poles.
names. Then once more, it disappeared,             Weisman started                  Fast-forward! >>> The necessary principles to send messages have been
from 1959 to 1965, no mention of it in                it up again as              developed. Martin Cooper, the “father of cell phones”, was hired by Mo-
the Crimson Log yearbooks. In 1966               “Scuttlebutt”, which             torola in 1954. He worked on trying to develop portable products for the
it reappeared, with much thanks to the              lasted two years.             company, one being the first portable police two-way radio. From there he
Latin Club, and was, once and for all,                                            began to lead Motorola’s cellular research. During that, Bell Labrotories
                                                         The name
the “Crimson Courier”.                                                            began to introduce the concept of cellular communications. But in the six-
  Now you’re probably wondering
                                                      “Scuttlebutt”               ties and seventies, Motorola and Bell Labrotories were in a race to actually
what the title of our newspaper actually         was actually voted to            create a cellular device.
means. “Crimson,” as all of you know,                 be the school                 Cooper won the race. He then set up a base in New York, with the Mo-
is a deep red color, resembling the color         newspaper’s name                torola Dyna-Tac. Cooper and Motorola, after a few initial tests, took the
of brick. “Courier” means a messenger                  by the entire              newly created technology to the public on April 3rd, 1973. With a 30-ounce
that is traveling in haste and/or carrying                                        phone, Martin Cooper placed his first phone call on the first cellular phone
                                                       school body.
urgent information. My guess is that the                                          to his rival at Bell Labrotories, and I quote: “As I walked down the street
title of our newspaper is talking about                                           while talking on the phone, sophisticated New Yorkers gaped at the sight
Paul Revere, because that was indeed                                              of someone making a phone call while walking…I made numerous calls,
very important to those who live in the                                           including one where I crossed the street while talking to a reporter – prob-
New Bedford-Boston area and anywhere & everywhere in between.                     ably one of the more dangerous things I’ve done in my life.”

                                                                                                                                                   Page 6
 Volume 7 Issue 3                                               Opinion                                                                         March/April 2009

  Op-Ed articles are the opinions of the author and do not represent the philosophy of the Crimson Courier, New Bedford High School or New Bedford
Public Schools. Articles will be reprinted only if they are in good taste and are not offensive to any individual person or group. Subjects must be topical and
articles must be legiable and grammatically sound. Submit article to: - Karrin Wurm, Kenya Baer-Clark, editors.

If we can trust a woman with a child,                             full comprehensive sex edu-       ish to stick our heads in the     Share The Spotlight
     then we can trust a woman                                    cation. Every single scien-       sand and just say “Well if                  -ShaNika
       with a choice. -Walter Silveira                            tific study done on the matter    we don’t tell them about sex,
                                                                  has unquestionably conclud-       they’ll never have it!” that
         n January 23rd, 1973 to have the right to decide
                                                                  ed a simple fact: Abstinence-     is delusion. Education about     W        hy is it that New
                                                                                                                                              Bedford High puts all

O        the Supreme Court      very personal questions for
         came to a landmark every woman in America.
decision regarding one of          Pro-lifers want us to
                                                                  only education does not
                                                                  work. It is an old, outdated,
                                                                  puritannical and politically
                                                                  motivated non-solution that
                                                                                                    contraception and safe sex
                                                                                                    is clearly the best way to
                                                                                                    reduce abortion rates.
                                                                                                      And yet, every time a
                                                                                                                                     their focus, and attention on
                                                                                                                                     only the seniors? I spent most
                                                                                                                                     of my time in the back of the
                                                                                                                                     library looking at the old year
the most controversial court ignore the fact that the vast
                                                                  is harming our children           comprehensive sex educa-         books asking myself, why
cases in history, sparking a    majority of abortions are
                                                                  with misinformation or no         tion class or contraceptive
conflict that would                     performed on lower-                                                                          is it all about them? At my
                                                                  information at all. Compre-       accessibility program springs    recent high school, Newton
polarize the politi-                    income and unwed
                                                                  hensive sex education does        up, it is savagely opposed       South High, the yearbook
cal sphere for many                     women, women who
                                                                  not “encourage” kids to have      by the same group that is        staff took pictures of every-
years to come. This                     are often teenagers
                                                                  sex; when I learned that cars     so stridently anti-abortion:
decision was, of                        that lack the finan-                                                                         one so we can all be featured
                                                                  had airbags I didn’t suddenly     religious conservatives.         inside. We get that they’re
course, Roe v. Wade.                    cial resources and
                                                                  get the urge to start crash-        Perhaps I missed it, but       graduating, but that doesn’t
Soon after, abortion became emotional maturity to raise
                                                                  ing into things. The concept      nowhere in the Bible did I       make them more important
a hot-button issue in almost healthy children. Indeed, un-
                                                                  that knowledge could ever         read the words “Thou shalt       then the rest of the student
every part of the country.      wanted children are the most
The country was split be-       common victims of domes-
                                                                  be morally corrupting is          oppose comprehensive sex         body. I don’t find it fair that
                                                                  anti-intellectual and patently    education and contracep-         my face can’t be in the year-
tween two camps, ‘Pro-          tic abuse in the USA. The
                                                                  absurd. Abstinence is equally     tives.” Of course, nor does      book, or my friends so I can
Life’ and ‘Pro-Choice’. The physical and psychological
                                                                  stressed in comprehensive         the bible say anything about     look back on it years from
“abortion question” became abuse these children endure
                                                                  sex education, but it also        stem cell research or abor-      now. Besides, some seniors
a litmus test like none other stunts their intellectual and
                                                                  answers important questions,      tion, but apparently modern      have associates outside of
for most voters, especially     emotional growth, perhaps
                                                                  such as how to form healthy       Christians have adopted          their year, and they would
evangelical Christians          irreparably so. Victims of
                                                                  relationships and iden-           “Sola Scriptura” minus the       like to see pictures of their
  Over the years, polling has this abuse often fall behind
                                                                                    tify signs of   Scriptura.                       fellow friends. Well, if it’s
shown support for the pro-      in school
                                                                                    abuse.          The reality is that no one       only about the upper class-
life movement to be waning; and become                                                As a
however the controversy is      delinquents.             Now people are                             is “pro-abortion.” There         men then why can anyone
                                                                                    second and      is no mastermind with an         buy it? I mean what fresh-
by no means over [as the re- Our criminal             entitled to their own         equally
                                justice system                                                      eye-patch in some Planned        man, sophomore, or junior
cent spate of pro-life Op-Eds                        viewpoints, but what important
will attest].                   is overflowing                                                      Parenthood Headquarters          wants a yearbook that does
                                with the prod-
                                                    they are not entitled to step, we               laughing maniacally about        not have their face inside. I
  The pro-life movement
                                ucts of these        is the power to force should make              how great it is to abort fe-     can understand that this is a
would have us believe that
an embyo is a “baby” and        unprepared           their narrow-minded contracep-                 tuses. Nobody is advocating      tradition that’s been going
                                                                                    tives and       dragging women into clinics      on for years now, but like
that abortion is “killing the   parents.            theological and moral birth con-
                                  Perhaps,                                                          and forcing them to have         Obama says, “it’s time for
baby” or “murder”, and                                   opinions on the            trol freely                                      change.” Lets not keep the
therefore “wrong”. Now          realistically                                                       abortions. What I advocate
                                speaking, the
                                                            rest of us.             available to
                                                                                                    is merely the view that a        spotlight only on the Se-
people are entitled to their                                                        whoever is                                       niors, lets share the light with
                                pro-life and                     -Walter Silveira in need of        woman can make decisions
own viewpoints, but what                                                                                                             everyone. So I say whoever
                                pro-choice                                                          about her own body better
they are not entitled to is the                                                     them. Now,                                       is in charge, whether it’s the
                                camps will                                                          then some government
power to force their narrow                                                         again, no-                                       principal or the yearbook
                                never see com-                                                      bureaucracy can.
minded theological and mor-                                                         body is ad-                                      staff, they put every single
                                pletely eye-to-eye, but we                                          In short, I believe that if we
al opinions on the rest of us. can and should agree to work vocating prancing about the                                              student’s face inside that
If you morally disagree with together to prevent unwanted elementary school system                  can trust a woman with a
                                                                                                                                     book so we can all have an
abortion that is an accept-                                       tossing condoms through the       child, then we can trust a
                                and unplanned pregnancies.                                                                           image memory of our peers.
able standpoint: simply don’t First and foremost, we              air and shouting, “Have a         woman with a choice.
have one. But do not claim                                        blast, kids!” but it is fool-                                                       Page 7
                                must advocate strongly for
   Volume 7 Issue 3                                         The Arts                                                                        March/April 2009

                                                 Dancing with the Stars
         ew Bedford High is all about
         preparing its students for the future
         whether that is in art, music, or
in one student’s case, dance. Shaharazad                   Senior Shaharazad
Arteaga, a senior here at NBH, has been                   Arteaga follows her
taking ballet since she was nine years old.                 childhood dream -
Eight years later and it is still what she
loves to do. “It’s my number one priority. It
                                                              all the way to the
always comes first,” she said. Shaharazad                                 University
was born in New Bedford, but moved to                               of Cincinnati.
Cape Verde when she was four-years-old            by Chelsea Allen
to attend kindergarten, because she was too
young to start school here. She came back
to our beloved town of New Bedford halfway through third grade. Upon
returning, Shaharazad had to relearn how to speak English and took bilin-
                                                    gual classes through third
                                                     and fourth grade. She
                                                     finally was able to catch
                                                     up in fourth grade. Danc- return for working in the office at the studio. Then around seven she begins
                                                     ing wasn’t always what      her own lessons, and gets home around nine at night. When she gets home,
                                                     she did though. Shaha-      Shaharazad eats dinner, does her homework, and does something relaxing
                                                     razad had taken gymnas- such as going                                                       online to talk
                                                     tics while in Cape Verde to friends or                   “Dancing is a constant             listening to
                                                     until she was eight, but    the radio. She                battle with myself.”              doesn’t even
                                                     then she switched to        go to bed until                                                 around eleven
                                                                                 or twelve at                                -Shaharazad Arteaga night. Her
                                                     ballet after returning to
                                                     the states. Her mom was only day off                                                        from dancing
                                                     hesitant about letting      is Friday,                                                      which is
                                                     her take dance at first in  sometimes hard because she doesn’t always get to hang out with her friends.
                                                     case she decided to quit, With all this going on it’s no wonder Shaharazad sometimes struggles with
                                                     but from the beginning,     being “burned out.” Burn-out is a condi-
                                                     Shaharazad had fallen in tion that dancers get when they feel too
                                                     love with it. “It is what I stressed out and/or overworked - like they
                                                     want to do for the rest of can’t overcome something or not feel good
                                                     my life,” says a smiling    enough. Luckily for her, Shaharazad’s
                                                     Shaharazad. It was no       family, dance instructors, and friends are
                                                     wonder that she loved to all supportive of her, especially when she
                                                     dance, coming from the      feels like that. Although her social life suf-
                                                     musical family that she     fers slightly, her grades couldn’t be better.
                                                     did. Almost everyone in Shaharazad is a straight-A, honor society
                                                     her family knows how to student. She also recently found out that
                                                     play some sort of instru- she got into the college she wants to go
                                                     ment so Shaharazad          to, which is the University of Cincinnati
                                                    grew up around music         “College Conservatory of Music.” She
and dancing. Even when she was a little girl, she would dance around             will be going there for, of course, dancing.
her house in tutus and slippers. “It shows people how you can express            Shaharazad had gone there during February
yourself and it tells a story without using words,” says Shaharazad when I vacation to audition there and says that it is
ask her why she loves to dance. But don’t get the idea that what she does        really nice there. Although, it is no surprise
is easy. Dancing takes a lot of practice, skill, and it takes up a lot of her    that she made the cut, what with all those
time. Shaharazad comes home from school then drives over to her dance            years of dance and all the practice she has
studio in New Bedford to start work. She gets her dance classes free in                            continued on next page
 Volume 7 Issue 3                                              The Arts                                                                      March/April 2009

 Shaharazad, from previous page
had. Shaharazad has been in the following productions that her studio put           although, she always thinks that she can be better, whether with her weight,
on: ‘The Wizard of Oz’ playing an Emerald city dancer, ‘Peter Pan’ being            her grades, and her dancing. “That is the way a dancer thinks, they always
a pirate and a butterfly lead, ‘The Door Beyond the Sun’ as the jester, ‘The        strive for perfection and can NOT do less than that,” she told me. She is
Nutcracker’ as a Spanish dancer, a Russian dancer, a dew                                                                                              definitely
drop, and Drosslemieir, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ dancing as                                                                                              a perfec-
the mad hatter, ‘Peter and the Wolf’ as Peter, ‘Snow Queen’                                                                                           tionist
dancing as the snow queen and the lady of summer, and                                                                                                 and things
                                     ‘Hansel and Gretel’ as the                                                                                       are never
                                     witch and the dew fairy.                                                                                         quite good
                                     She was even on TV on the                                                                                        enough for
       “When you first start Portuguese station “Cabo                                                                                                 her or her
        out, your feet are           Verde TV” when she visited                                                                                       dancing.
                                     Cape Verde 3 or 4 sum-                                                                                           I asked
     sensitive and not used mers ago. This summer, her                                                                                                her what
    to that kind of pain but studio is doing ‘la Fille Mal                                                                                            she would
       eventually your feet          Guardee’ and Shaharazad                                                                                          miss most
     get tougher and used will be playing the lead role                                                                                               about
                                     of Lisette and will be per-                                                                                      dancing
      to it. You go through          forming with a guest artist                                                                                      if she had
    so much that it doesn’t who comes from a profes-                                                                                                  to walk
             faze you.”              sional dance company! I                                                                                          away from
                                     asked Shaharazad if, be-                                                                                         it right
               -Shaharazad Arteaga tween the point shoes and                                                                                          now. “All
                                     putting that much pressure                                                                                       of it, but
                                     on your feet if her feet were                                                                                    performing
                                     sore afterwards. “When                                                                                           in general.
you first start out, your feet are sensitive and not used to that                                                                                     Dancing
kind of pain but eventually your feet get tougher and used to                                                                                         is my life,
it. You go through so much that it doesn’t faze you. Person-                                                                                          though.
ally my feet don’t get that bad,” was the response I got. She                                                                                         If it’s not
does get the occasional blisters, but blisters and bunions are                                                                                        part of my
commonly found on ballet dancers’ feet. Also, it is not just                                                                                          life then I
her feet that are in good shape. Shaharazad makes sure that                                                                                           have noth-
she stays in shape and at a good weight, not for her dance                                                                                            ing to live
teachers, but for herself. “It feels better when you have less                                                                                        for,” she
                                                        weight on                                                                                     responded.
                                                        you,”                                                                                         Shaha-
                                                        she says.                                                                                     razad’s
               “If you love something                   When                                                                                          goal after
             then you need to work for it               she used                                                                                      college
                 and never give up,”                    to get                                                                                        is to join
                                                        stressed                                                                                      a dance
                                 -Shaharazad Areteaga out, Shaharazad said          company and tour around the world - especially Europe - and to some day
                                                        that she would notice it    open up her own dance studio. Some advice that she gives to others who
                                                        affecting her weight. She   have a goal they want to achieve is to never give up. “If you love some-
                                                        has tried many different    thing then you need to work for it and never r give up,” says Shaharazad.
                                                        types of diets such as      Well, this writer and the whole New Bedford High family would like to
eating smaller portions, fruits and vegetables, vegetables and lean diets, etc.     wish Shaharazad the best of luck with her dancing and hope that all her
She lost eight pounds using the fruits and vegetables diet and says that one        dreams become reality!
and the lean diets have been working the best, and she has liked the results,
                                                                                                                                                   Page 9
    Volume 7 Issue 3                                       Cool Stuff                                                                            March/April 2009

                                                                                                         Rola’s Blog
                       Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh
                        (Happy Saint Patricks Day)
By: Kara King                      and fled home to Britain.         looks like a little old man

A     lthough St. Patrick’s
      Day began in Ireland,
                                   While home, Patrick decided
                                   to be a priest and return to
                                   Ireland someday to spread
                                                                     and dresses like a shoe-
                                                                     maker. Their personalities
                                                                     are usually described as
                                                                                                      T    HE SEASON HAS COME! I rejoice as the most unap-
                                                                                                           preciated team at New Bedford High School begins
                                                                                                      their glorious new season. Tennis is a sport played all over
the tradition didn’t stay          his Christianity. After many      unfriendly and aloof and         the world on both the professional level and unprofessional
there. It turns out; it’s more     years of studying, he did so.     have a knack for mischief.       level, but at New Bedford High School I’d be surprised if
of an American holiday                                               According to legend, if          anyone knew we existed. I recall proudly walking down the
then an Irish one. It is a fun                                       anyone keeps an eye on           halls in my tennis uniform last year when I heard the boy
holiday celebrated on March                                          one, he cannot escape, but       behind me say “yo dude I didn’t even know we had a tennis
17 in Countries around the                                           the moment the gaze is           team, did you?” I giggled at his ignorance and walked on. I
world. As the saying goes,                                           withdrawn, he vanishes.          thought to myself, did I just walk by an idiot or are we re-
on this day “Everyone is                                                                              ally that unknown to our school?
Irish!” People like to remind                                         The Color green                    Sprints, drills, suicides, stretches, long runs around the
themselves of the beautiful                                                                           school and much more. These are the things our practices
green countryside by wear-                                             So, why do we all wear         consist of. Hard work is the rule we follow and heart is
ing green, eating corned beef                                        green on St. Patty’s day?        what we put into our game, right before sweat. We’ve had
and cabbage, and taking part                                         Because you’ll get pinched       injuries and moments that were simply too painful to watch
                                   St. Patrick did exactly what
in festivals.                                                        if you don’t!. School            but we’ve always played our hardest. I’D LIKE JUST A
                                   he set out to do and is said to
  Have you ever wondered                                             children are the ones            LITTLE ATTENTION PLEASE.
                                   have converted the nobles.
where this holiday origi-                                            who started this tradition.         I’m sure no one knows that our first match is on Thursday
                                   Patrick stayed there for thirty
nated from? Well it turns out                                        Originally people wore           April 2nd. I am also sure that we will have about NO, zip,
                                   years to spread what he be-       blue on Saint Patrick’s
the real life St. Patrick was                                                                         nada, ZERO fans on the sidelines rooting for us. Either way
                                   lieved in. He died on March       Day but throughout the
thought to have lived “be-                                                                            it doesn’t matter. We’ve managed to survive our past sea-
                                   17 and, surprisingly, he his      years its gotten changed         sons with no fans, we’ve supported one another and that’s
tween 432-461 A.D” At the
                                   commemorated each year on         to green because of the          been enough, so we won’t die without fans, we would just
young age of 16, Patrick was
                                   this date rather then his birth   resemblance of the lush          like some. Appreciation is always nice and watching girls
kidnapped from the Roman
                                   date.                             green landscape In Ireland.      run around on sunny tennis courts isn’t too bad either. Three
British isles and sold into
                                     As you know, there are                     Fun Facts             home games will take place before our first away game so
slavery in Ireland. Patrick
                                   many symbols and traditions         In Chicago, on St. Pat-        you have plenty of time to come watch the New Bedford
turned to religion for com-
                                   that come to mind when you        rick’s Day, the rivers are       High School girl’s tennis team give other schools a racket
fort. It’s said that St. Patrick
                                   think of Saint Patrick’s Day.     dyed green.                      beat down.
used a shamrock to demon-
strate the principle behind
                                   Some of the most common             The very first St. Patrick’s
                                   are four leaf clovers, lepre-     Day parade was not in              I can’t explain the joys of attending a school where you
                                   chauns, and the color green.      Ireland. It was in Boston in     can watch a wrestling match up-close…in the middle of
                                                                     1737.                            your cafeteria. Actually, I’d like to try and explain this won-
       The very first                                                  According to the Guinness      derful feeling. “I WON’T SLAP YOU!?” is the phrase that
     St. Patrick’s Day             Four Leaf Clovers                 Book of World Records, the       catches my attention. I turn around slowly when I see one
      parade was not                                                 highest number of leaves         student aggressively jump out of her seat and smack another
         in Ireland.                 These may be very rare to       found on a clover is 14.         girl right across the cheek. THE FIGHT BEGINS! One
          It was in                come across, but they do in         The harp is the symbol of      student is on her knees getting hit in the head and the other
           Boston                  fact exist. It’s said to bring    Ireland.                         is basically hoping and wishing for a glorious suspension.
          in 1737.                 you extreme luck if you hap-        One estimate suggests          Meanwhile, two frightened teachers simply yell “STOP!
                                   pen to stumble across one. It     that there are about 10,000      STOP!” I looked around and realized no one was going to
                                   is believed that each leaf rep-   regular three-leaf clovers for   stop this, no one wanted to because sadly, it was exciting.
                                   resents something different.      every lucky four-leaf clover.    I thought to myself “should I get up and help the teach-
                                   The first is hope, the second       A Traditional Irish greet-     ers, should I really interfere?” Thankfully in the middle of
the trinity by pointing to         faith, the third love, and the    ing on St. Patrick’s Day:        my slow thinking and questioning process a brave student
the three leaflets. One stood      fourth happiness.                 “Beannacht na feile Padrig       (Jessica Goncalves) jumped between the girls and helped
for the father, one stood for                                        oraibh,” which means             the teachers tear them apart. What a rush! I don’t know if
son, and the other stood for                                         “May the blessings of St.        anyone had serious injuries or if anyone got in trouble, but
Holy Spirit. After six years        Leprechauns                      Patrick be with you.”            I think the question to be asking is, why was that sight both
of slavery he finally escaped       A leprechaun typically                                            disgusting and enjoyable?                        Page 10
 Volume 7 Issue 3                                         Cool StuffTexting, from page 1          just as dangerous as driv-
                                                                                                                                              March/April 2009

 Your Shoe’s Untied - April Fools’                                                                ing under the influence of
                                                                    turns out to be the root      alcohol! However, 57% of
 We hope no one made you a fool this April Fools’Day.                                             people still admit to doing it.
 Here is some information as to the origin of this fun day.         of many problems; it has                                           The Crimson Courier
                                                                    already caused a number of The majority of people that
                    By Kenya Baer-Clark, editor                     fatal car accidents.          text and drive are young, and            is published several
                                                                                                                                        times a school year and is
                                                                      There was an accident in have been driving only for a             now also available online
                                                                    Harrisburg that consisted     few years.                                       at:
       pril Fool’s Day, although not classified as an official
A      holiday, has no certain history behind it. However
it is mostly understood that it started back in 1582, in
                                                                    of a 4-car chain reaction.      Nationally, more than 75
                                                                    In Utah, James Furfaro was billion text messages are sent

                                                                    hit and                                             a month,
France when the calendar was reformed into the Gregorian                                                                                          Advisor
                                                                    killed                                              and the               Mr Mike Couto*
calendar and New Year’s week was moved from March
                                                                    by a                                                most avid
25 – April 1st to January 1st. Back then things traveled                                                                                          Editors
                                                                    driver                                              texters
slowly, so most people only found out years later. Some                                                                                        Karrin Wurm
people refused the change and still continued to go by the          who                                                 are 13 to            Kenya Baer-Clark*
                          old calendar and celebrate the last       was                                                 17, say
                                                                    texting.                                            research-               Senior Writer
                          day of celebration on April 1st. The                                                                                  Rola Hassoun
                          general population labeled these          Patrick                                             ers. Teens
                                                                    Sims, in                                            with cell-                Reporters started back in rebels “fools” and sent them on                                                                  phones                Matthew Pacheco
                          “fools’ errands” - like sending them      Denver,
   1582, in France                                                                                average 2,272 text mes-                     Celina Houtman
                          to a nonexistent party, and had other     almost hit a cyclist in the                                                 Chelsea Allen
   when the calen-
                                                                    bike lane.                    sages a month, compared to
  dar was reformed practical jokes played on them.                                                                                          Glorie-Marie Guzman
                            The harassment evolved over               On a personal note, I am 203 calls, according to the                     Alysa Rogerson
 into the Gregorian                                                                                                                             Patrick Nunes
                                                                    sure that your boyfriend      Nielsen Co.
  calendar and New time and prank-playing continued                                                                                             Ashley Abreu
                          to happen on April 1st. The tradition     or girlfriend wouldn’t be       Addicted or not, hard-core                    Kara King
   Year’s week was
                                                                    too thrilled to find a little texters find it difficult to be               Shanelle Pina
 moved from March eventually spread and came to the                                                                                            Walter Silveira
    25 – April 1st to     American colonies by the English          surprise in your inbox        “in the moment” with other
                                                                                                                                            Kaileen Santos Lopez
                          and the French. Since the spread          when they “accidentally       people because they are                      Kendra Lebeau
      January 1st.
                          April Fool’s Day has been cel-            stumble” into your text       constantly being summoned                       ShaNika*
                          ebrated in many countries in differ-      messages.                     by someone else in another                     Sarah Lessa
                                                                                                                                               Barbara Miller
                          ent ways. For example, in Scotland          A normal text message is place, said Naomi Baron,                          Paige Jones
April Fool’s Day involves the buttocks and is nicknamed             read within 15 minutes of professor of linguistics at                     Chantalle Chaves
Taily Day. The butts of these jokes are known as April              receiving it and replied to American University.                           Holly Haggerty
‘Gowk’, another name for cuckoo bird. The origins of the            within an hour. This world- “It is part of a larger phe-                      Sports
“Kick Me” sign can be traced back to Scotland. In Eng-              wide trend has affected       nomenon of where is your                     Jeremy Colon
land it was considered bad luck to play a practical joke on         people of all ages. Twenty mind, and if your mind is al-                  George Tarabaih
                                                                                                  ways on your phone, it’s not                  James Lake
someone after noon.                                                 two percent of texters are                                                 Matthew Costa
   Wherever you are in the world don’t be surprised if              between the ages of 35-54. on other things,” she said.
you’re the victim of an April Fool’s prank.                         It has even been said that                                                 Photographers*
                                                                    texting while driving is                                                   Parker Ciminello

                                 this topic was when I was         the recycling bin, instead of   offering internet classes to cut   of throwing a paper in the
            Green!               watching The K.C.A.’s (Kids       throwing out a bottle, or can   back on the use of paper. Even     garbage recycle it, or when
                                 Choice Awards) Saturday           of soda. RECYCLE IT!!! Just     though to me this seems odd,       you think of driving your car
By Alysa Rogerson                night with my niece. They         by doing simple things like     but buying things wrapped in       walk instead. You, me and so
                                 were giving out an award for      that we can help our HOME.      glass instead of plastic also      many other people can help to
W      hat do you think of
       when you hear the
word green? Is it the color,
                                 someone that has done the
                                 most work on trying to help
                                                                   There are so many things
                                                                   available to us today to help
                                                                                                   helps out the Earth. I don’t re-
                                                                                                   member where I saw this but I
                                                                                                                                      just by doing small things like
                                                                                                                                      this. To find out more infor-
the trees, the grass? How        OUR home, Mother Earth.           out, Bio-Degradable, and        remember reading something         mation on going green check
about mother earth? What         And it got me thinking that       reusable bags found at our      like. If everybody that owns       out
gave me the inspiration to       we can do so much to help         local grocery stores, hybrid    an SUV stopped driving it          going-green/tips/ , greenliv-
                        write    out too. Like before you          cars, fluorescent light bulbs   and bought compact cars we
                        on       think of throwing a piece of      and so many other things. And   wouldn’t need to import oil.       going_green_fast, and www.
       Page 11                   paper in the garbage, put it in   now a day’s all colleges are    So the next time you think
 Volume 7 Issue 3                                         Scuttlebutt                                                                       March/April 2009

     Crimson Highlights                                                               Summer BlockBusters By Karrin Wurm, editor
                    By Kenya Baer-Clark, editor
                                                                                     W hen you think of summer what do you see? Sitting by the pool,
                                                                                       hanging out with friends, having fun while it lasts? Well for
                                                                                 many teens it’s going to see the big blockbuster movies. Here are a
 Mrs. S. Rivera, a tan house Spanish teacher was invited to
San Antonio, Texas to present a workshop in July, 2009.     few of blockbusters that you’ll die to see.

                                                                  •	 Fast & Furious- When a crime brings them back to L.A., fugitive ex-con Dom Toretto (Die-
  New Bedford High show choir, Pure Energy, directed by
                                                                     sel) reignites his feud with agent Brian O’Connor (Walker). But as they are forced to con-
Ms. Brazil, won the award Best Vocals and took home the              front a shared enemy, Dom and Brian must give in to an uncertain new trust if they hope
Grand Champion award at the 4th Annual New England                   to outmaneuver him. And from convoy heists to precision tunnel crawls across internatio-
Classic Show Choir. (See photo on page 13.)                          nal lines, two men will find the best way to get revenge: push the limits of what’s possible
  The best female soloist award went to Marlena John-                behind the wheel. The film is due to be released on April 3rd , 2009.
son. “Everyone was so happy and we were jumping up and
                                                                  •	 X-Men Origins: Wolverine- Set around twenty years prior to X-Men the film, X-Men Origins
down and hugging. We worked so hard for this and it was              will focus on Wolverine’s past and early encounters with Wil-
an amazing feeling to come home champions.”                          liam Stryker. Wolverine will be played by Hugh Jackman. The
                                                                     film is due to release on May 1st, 2009
  At 8 p.m. on March 17, 2009 Patrick Nunes witnessed
the space shuttle, Discovery from the front of his house. “It     •	 Star Trek- Director J.J. Abrams resurrects the classic science
was a memorable moment to see a space shuttle like that,             fiction franchise created by Gene Roddenberry with this
                   it was pretty exciting.” The space shuttle        feature film that embraces the rich history of the influential
                                                                     television and film series while also exploring some unchart-
                   was launched from Mission Control                 ed territory. Set before the original series of ‘Star Trek’, newly
                   Center in Houston, Texas. The astronauts          graduated cadets from Starfleet Academy James T. Kirk and
                   operation was to link the ship to the Inter-      Spock, are sent on their first space mission. The film is due to
                   national Space Center.                            be released on May 8th ,2009

                                                                  •	 Angels & Demons- Based on the novel by Dan Brown, this
                        Congratulations to Mr Joseph Twomey
                                                                     movie is about the main character Robert Langdon, who is
                      and Mr Nelson Rodrigues for becoming           played by Tom Hanks, is called to Vatican City to investigate
  Mr twomey           first-time daddies in March. Mr. Twomey        a murder victim who is branded with the Illuminati symbol, leading him to discover the
                     and wife Mary have a baby daughter,             secret society’s plot to murder four cardinals, and searching for a new deadly weapon that
                    Grace Bridget, born on March 18th and            could kill millions. The film is due to release ion May 15th, 2009
                    Mr. Rodrigues and Ms. Holly Vieira’s
                                                                  •	 Terminator Salvation- Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor, played by Christian Bale,
                    daughter Neila was born on the 25th.
                                                                     is the man fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators.
                                                                     The film is due to be released on May 21st, 2009
                   Also celebrating their first children are
                  Mrs. Beth Jupin and husband Tom who             •	 Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen- The battle for Earth
                 welcomed their son, Thomas Mitchell on              has ended but the battle for the universe has just begun.
                 Valentine’s Day and Mr. Jason                       After returning to Cybertron, Starscream assumes com-
     Mr Rod                                                          mand of the Decepticons, and has decided to return to
                 Torres who has been seen carrying baby              Earth with force. The Autobots find out that Megatron’s
Mia Riley alongside mom, Michelle in the Green House                 dead body has been stolen from the US Military Now
recently. Mia was born on October 13, 2008. Hmmm, three              Megatron is back seeking revenge and with Starscream
of these teachers are in the Math Department proving that            and more Decepticon reinforcements on the way, the Au-
they know more about multiplying than most. Tee Hee.                 tobots with reinforcements of their own. The film is due to be released on June 24th, 2009.

                                                                  •	 Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince- The Sixth installment of the Harry Potter series, Half
  It may or may not be true, but overheard through the Tan           Blood Prince is about the evil Lord Voldemort and death eaters creating havoc in both the
House faculty room door was that an election was recently            magical and muggle worlds and Hogwarts is no longer the safe haven that it was. Now
held for which teacher would be voted “Queen of Every-               Harry with help of his friends must stop Voldemort from taking over. The Film is due to be
thing” and supposedly Mrs. Sabeh eked out a one-vote                 released on July 17th 2009
victory over Mrs. Santos. Through the office grapevine
was leaked that the deciding vote was cast by Mr. Kulak.          •	 GI Joe: Rise Of the Cobra-Set ten years in the future, the film is an origin story, showing
What’s the portuguese word for recount? LOL.                         the rise of the Cobra Organization. The story is set at Brussels-based GIJOE, an acronym
                                                                     for the Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity, and revolves around an international co-
                                                                     ed force of operatives who use high-tech equipment to battle Cobra Organization. The film
                                                                     is due to be released on August 7th, 2009.
       Page 12
Volume 7 Issue 3
                                                          Our School                                                                          March/April 2009

                                  with the actual purchasing, ordering, and
                                  class work assignments for the shirts. Even
                                  good ideas need some help though some-
Run on                            times, as they admitted that Mr. Gouveia
                                  helped them financially which helped them
By Matt Costa                     get the project off the ground.
                                    Profit-wise, they’re not doing that bad you
Y     ou’ve all seen ‘em.
        If you look around
and don’t see them, take a
                                  might say. Run NB is selling the shirts for
                                  10 dollars for white and 12 for black and
                                  has sold nearly 100 shirts, one of them be-
look at what you’re wearing
                                  ing sold, as Mr. Duarte put it, “right off my
and then you’ll
definitely see
one. The T-
shirt designs
of “Run NB”
and “Young
Men” are
When asked if
                                                                                           Pure Energy
they thought                                                                                   (above)
it would be as
big a hit as it                                                                                (RIght)
is the entire                                                                             Dapper Dudes
“Run NB”                                                                                Sean Vieira, Bren-
group con-                                                                                dan Cardona,
jointly snick-                                                                          Andrew Mark and
ered and replied “yeah”.                                                                  Jordan Drolet
                                   back.” “After seeing the success of what’s
“Run NB” pressured John                                                                 model Tuxes from
                                   going on right now, we want to continue
Gomes and his group,                                                                    Sullivan Brothers
                                   into the summer” said Mr. Barnes, right-
“Young Business Men” to
                                   fully so. They also plan on coming out with
also come with something
                                   new colors and limited editions for the truly
unique. His Obama in-
                                             fresh New Bedford High Scholar.

    “After seeing the success of
                                             Young Business Men charge 10 dol-
                                             lars per shirt and had sold 26 shirts
                                                                                     T    he Student Ad-
                                                                                          visory Council
                                                                                     is a group of five
    what’s going on right now,               even though they hadn’t been on
        we want to continue                                                          students elected from
                                             sale for that long at the time of the
          into the summer”                                                           their school peers
                                             interview during the second week of
                           -Ethan Barnes March. Even though Mr. Gomes and            to address students
                                                                                     concerns. They serve
                                             the rest of “Young Business Men”
                                                                                     as the voice of the
                                             have been very successful, Mr.
                                                                                     student body and as
                                   Gomes said that the group does not plan on
spired shirt was also was an                                                         leaders of the school.
                                   continuing on sell shirts into the summer.
instant hit.                                                                         The students of the
                                     The shirt designs have also sparked a
  Talking to Ethan Barnes,                                                           Student Advisory
                                   wave of young New Bedford High school
of Run NB, I found that the                                                          Council have many responsibilities. Every month they meet with the head-
                                   students to make their own shirts. “Run NB
entire group played a pivot-                                                         master and the assistant headmaster to work on projects to help better the
                                   and Young Business Men have inspired me
al role in the creation of the                                                       school, along with the student body. The chairman of the S.A.C. attends
                                   to want to create my own shirts” says New
shirts. Vi Nguyen designed                                                           all statewide regional S.A.C. meetings the first Tuesday of every month.
                                   Bedford high senior Jose Buitrago. Evident-
the logo and is proclaimed                                                           Some projects the current group is working on are ID promo, student/
                                   ly, it seems that a simple idea sparked by
the groups secretary. Ethan,                                                         teacher activity nights, and the elementary reading program. Next year’s
                                   a few students has created a revival in the
Goncalo DeOliviera, and                                                              five Student Advisory Council members are:
                                   creativity of students at New Bedford High,
Paulo Duarte all helped                                                              (l to r) Noreen Costa, Taylor Garron, Margaret Poyant, Filipe Andrade
                                   something that will hopefully carry on for
                                                                                     and Alex Ledeux. Dean Cetenich says she’s “really looking forward” to
  page 13                          years to come.
                                                                                     next year’s group and what the new group shall bring. - Paige Jones
 Volume 7 Issue 3                                                 Music                                                                           March/April 2009

       Music In History                                                                 MTV - 10 great songs of all time
                                                                                                            By Barbara Miller and Patrick Nunes
                        By Alysa Rogerson

L    iL’ Wayne, T.I., T-Pain, Leona Lewis, Katy Perry, Chris Brown these
     are just to name a few of the new artists that have surfaced in just a few
short years, but what really has happened to music in the last 10 years?
                                                                                            Take on me (1985) Reached #1 on charts .........
                                                                                   Artist: A-ha

                                                                                   •	      Video killed the radio star(1979) Reached #1
  The music genre has changed drastically from Pop to Rap to Rock to               on the charts ........Artist: The Buggles
R&B. But what type of music has made the most drastic change in the last
10 years? To me, in my eyes, I would say that would be Rap because, back           •	      Harder Better Faster Stronger(2001) Reached
in the 90’s Rap                                                                    #1 on the charts ....... Artist: Daft Punk
had a different                                                                    •	      It was a good day(1993) Reached #7 on the                      A-ha
meaning to it.                                                                     charts ....... Artist: Ice Cube
The Rappers
would sing or                                                                      •	      Whip It(1980) Reached #3 on the charts ....... Artist: Devo
rap about what                                                                     •	       These boots are made for walkin(1966) Reached #1 on the charts ....
                                                                  Lil’ Wayne
has happened                                                                       Artist: Nancy Sinatra
in their life, and
today you have                                                                     •	      One More Time(2000) Reached #2 on the charts ....... Artist: Daft Punk
yet to see or
                                                                                   •	       Electric Feel Cover(2008) Reached #20 on                the charts ........
hear anything                                                                      Artist: MGMT
about it. And
now all the rap-                                                                   •	       Sweet Dreams (Are made of this)
pers talk about                                                                    (1983) Reached #48 on the charts ......
is sex and drugs,                                                                  Artist: Eurythmics
and every other word is a swear word.                                              •	      U can’t touch this(1989) Reached #3
  So what is it that makes the other types of music different from then and        on the charts ........Artist: M.C Hammer
now? What is the type of music that people still prefer to listen to, 90’s or
music nowadays? I asked a few of my friends what type they would listen                                                                        Eurythmics
to and why. One of my friends said that they prefer music from the 90’s. “I        According to music charts, these songs were ranked among the best of all time. A
prefer the 90’s style of music because it actually has a meaning to it if you      few of our songs are from the same time periods, and most are in the same genre.
listened closely”, she said, “but that doesn’t mean I still don’t like to listen   The ironic part of our list is that most of our songs are not listened to or bothered
to music nowadays. And for some reason I can relate to it.” Another person         with nowadays. How do you feel about this list seeing what each song reached on
said “I would rather listen to music from now cause it’s hot, music from the       the charts? Here are some interviews of kids around our school.
90’s was way to popish.”
  But really what type of music is played more on their iPod’s or MP3 play-        Walter Silveira said:
ers? I know on my iPod it’s a mix between Pop, and R&B. I believe that the         I strongly believe Daft Punk should be up there, but I don’t know about the rest
only song on my iPod from the 90’s is ‘Barbie Girl’ from Aqua. One of the          of them. These songs are all memorable songs, but that doesn’t mean that they’d
artists from the 90’s has made it, fallen, and now is slowly climbing her way      make the top songs list. In the end though, these songs are all from what I’d con-
up to the charts the indestructible, Ms. Brittney Spears. Spears first made her    sider good music.
appearance on the music scene the mid 90’s with her hit ‘Baby One More
Time’ and since then she has made her way up and down the charts several           Peter Collins
times. Her hit single right now in 2009 is from her latest album ‘Circus’
                                                                                   I don’t think that this music should be up there. With a taste for indie music, I can
and her hit off of that album is ‘Circus’. And a new person on the charts
                                                                                   respect things like Mgmt, Daft punk, and Devo, but people like MC hammer and
right now that is making their way, which everyone is calling the country          Ice cube shouldn’t even be called artists. I have a hard time calling that music.
cutie is Miss Taylor Swift. Even thought she showed up in 2006 with her hit
‘Teardrops on My Guitar’ from her self-titled debut album. She didn’t re-          Kendra Lebeau and Kaileen Lopez
ally show up on the scene until people started saying that her and Joe Jonas
from the Jonas Brothers were dating. And because of their break up she was         We haven’t really heard of anyone on this list except MC hammer and Ice cube,
putting her new CD ‘Fearless’ in the news and because of that she made her         and we knew these boots are made for walkin, but we didn’t know the artist. Ice
way with the hit off of it: ‘Love Story.’ She is truly one to look out for. And    cube is a good rapper, and Mc hammer is just funny. All of these songs are just
                                                                                   funny and not serious and we don’t think they should be up here.
another brand new face is Lady GaGa she just came out on the music scene
late last year with her hit ‘Just Dance’ and her new hit ’Poker Face’. These
two unremarkable women are truly going to explode on the music scene.
         Page 14
 Volume 7 Issue 3                                  Whaler Sports                                                                               March/April 2009

The New Bedford                                                        Andrea Nogueira leads Girls Lacrosse
Skateboarding Scene                                                                          By Rola Hassoun, senior writer
 By Patrick Nunes

I  n the heart of southeastern district court (also known
   Massachusetts, we have           as 3D), Metal grind down at        T    he NBHS girl’s lacrosse
                                                                            team has a tighter grip
                                                                                                     sprinting etc. they perform
                                                                                                     plyometric training which
                                                                                                                                    coach said our girls have
                                                                                                                                    better stick skills this year.
one unique city called New the docks, or the little ledge              on the game this year thanks  includes flexibility, jumping, The coach commented on
Bedford. A city that once           near the fountain. Remember        to Coach                                                                   our sportsman-
was the richest in the world though, most of the spots                 McRae, for-                                                                ship and attitude
now seems to have fallen off around are businesses of                  mer swimming                                                               which was a
the map. In                                       city buildings,      coach and new                                                              huge compli-
our secret little                                 so expect to get     girl’s lacrosse                                                            ment.
city we have                                      kicked out at the    coach. She de-                                                               Like every
our artists,                                      least. If you’re     cided to coach                                                             good team there
musicians,                                        not looking for      the team for                                                               are the “best”
the working-                                      trouble with         several good                                                               players. For
man, and to                                       older people or      reasons. She                                                               the best of-
it off, your                                      police, we have      knew a lot of                                                              fensive player
skateboard-                                       a couple nice        the athletes and                                                           the team has
ers. Usually                                      little areas you     got along with                                                             Andrea Nogu-
skateboarders                                     can check out.       many of them.
get harassed                                                                                                                                      eria. For their
                                                     In Brooklawn      Later on she
for riding                                                                                                                                        first game she
                  New Bedford’s Nick Dompierre       Park in the       found out that
their skate-                                                                                         stretching, and so on. They    scored 2 goals and is one of
                  competing in the X-games           north end of      they needed a coach, so she
board by                                                                                             work on their stick skills and the 3 captains. For the best
                                                     New Bed-          decided to step in. After all
either your local punk or the ford, you can check out the                                            try to clean up their game.    defensive player there was
                                                                       lacrosse is a great sport.
local business owner. Obvi- matrix ledges and a but-                                                 Now, such hardworking          a 3-way tie. The talented
                                                                         No matter how great,
ously, one will admit skating tery wide flat rail, all inside                                        must have a hardworking        girls are Alicia Gonsalves,
a spot is defiling a certain        some smooth tennis courts.
                                                                                                      coach and that is exactly     Emily Cabalo, and Margret
place, whether it’s grind-                                                                            what coach McRae is. To       Madesky. All four girls are
                                    Between the west and north
ing down a granite ledge or ends of New Bedford, you                                                  be worthy of coaching         part of one hardworking
wearing the paint off a rail.       can check out the overpass                                        this team, she took online    team. Their record last year
There always are punks who that has some nice vert and                          “The girls who        courses, attended lacrosse    was 7 wins and 8 losses, and
skate, but that doesn’t mean tranny spots along with                         have made the team       coaching practices and also made 1 tie, and they made it
every kid is bad, and that’s        a manual pad, some stuff
                                                                              worked really hard      got advice from her friend    to the first round in a tourna-
why you can’t look down                                                      to get on the team…      who happens to be the         ment. As for this year, Coach
                                    to grind and slide, and an
upon every skateboarder.                                                       they’ll do great.”     UMass Dartmouth lacrosse McRae expects the best. She
                                    intense gap of three differ-
To make sure kids feel at           ent sizes. Then to end it off,                                    coach, and it’s working       is confident that they will
                                                                                      - Coach McRae
home, there’s always a place in the north end of New                                                  great for her.                have a better record and will
to which you can escape. In Bedford, you can check out                                                  On Tuesday March 31 ,   st
                                                                                                                                    get past the first round in
downtown New Bedford,               Riverside Park. It’s not the                                      the lacrosse team played      tournament. Coach McRae
you can head over to Wil-           friendliest all the time, but                                     their first match losing to   said “The girls who have
liam Street and check out           it’s your traditional little old                                  state powerhouse Martha’s made the team worked really
our local skate shop Solstice. skate park. These are only a                                           Vineyard High school.         hard to get on the team…
Solstice is owned and oper- few of the many sick spots                 lacrosse is still harder than
                                                                                                     Coach McRae stated that it’s they’ll do great.” With these
ated by skateboarders and                                              anyone could imagine. I
                                    we have around our city, but                                     not a devastating loss: “We    amazing captains, Andrea
is probably one of the most                                            asked about the training and
                                    there’s plenty more to be                                        learned some great stuff       Nogueria, Emily Saunders,
comfortable skate shops in                                             I was shocked by what these
                                    found and messed around                                          from watching them.” What and Emily Cabalo, and one
the U.S. Then, while you’re                                            girls have to do to simply
                                    on. So if you ever have the                                      made the situation better      amazing coach the team will
downtown, you can head                                                 make the team, let alone
                                    time, bring a friend or tag                                      was the fact that our girl’s   go far.
to some of our recogniz-                                               continue being on it. They go
                                    along, and come check out                                        team got some good com-
able spots such as the third                                           through conditioning train-
                                    the New Bedford skate-                                           pliments from the Martha
                                                                       ing which includes running,                                                    Page 15
                                    boarding scene.                                                  Vineyard’s coach. Their
 Volume 7 Issue 3                                  Whaler Sports                                                                             March/April 2009

 Whalers have high hopes in hardball 2009
A    fter losing to Barnstable
     in the fourteenth inning
of the second round in last
                                 including two of the best
                                 players on the team: Josh
                                 Messier and Ian Desrosiers.
                                                                                   By Jeremy
                                                                                                   Little League. This explains
                                                                                                   the amount of chemistry
                                                                                                   among the players. Although
                                                                                                                                   days Ian lifts with the team,
                                                                                                                                   and still finds the time and
                                                                                                                                   strength to get to the batting
year’s tournament, all but       Josh is a 5’11” 160-pound         different positions, but it     Ian and Josh have had plenty    cages. Last but not least, Ian
two of last year’s players       junior, while Ian is a senior,    would be nice to be captain     of glory moments and some       practices at the cages on Fri-
are expected to be returning     standing at 5’8 160-pounds        just like him.” When asked      not-so-glorious moments,        days and Sundays. Although
hungry and ready to play,        also. Both Josh and Ian have      how both Josh’s and Ian’s       neither josh nor Ian nor New    Josh and Ian are both great
                                 played varsity baseball since     family support their sports     Bedford high school want        student athletes that have
                                 their sophomore year. When        careers, they both agreed       to portray that anything
                                 asked about the end of last       that their parents are very     in life that is worth
                                 year’s heart-crushing loss        supportive. Josh’s father is    having is going to
                                 they both had a lot to say. “It   actually the president of the   come easy! Josh and
                                 was very hard losing in the       South End                       Ian have worked
                                 fourteenth inning and see-        Youth                                  extremely hard
                                 ing my brother Aaron end          Athletic
                                 his high school career with       Asso-
                                 a loss,” said Josh. “It was a     ciation (S.E.Y.A.A). Seeing   to get
                                 tough loss; we had the game       how both players are poten-   where they’re
                                 won, we just couldn’t hold        tial captains, they were both at, including
                                 on. We play them first this       asked about the potential     putting their bodies through
                                 year so hopefully we can get      returning lineup. “We should  excruciating labor. “I work
                                 some revenge,” is what Ian                                      out every day at least six
        Ian Desrosiers,          had to say on the subject. If                                   days a week. I sometimes
      (above), Brendan                                                         Although
                                 you’re wondering who that                                       workout with Norm Met-
     Cardona, (below),                                                    Josh and Ian are
                                 “Aaron” kid is or how he is                                     zeler, the team trainer here
     and Josh Messier,           relevant to this year’s New                  both great
                                                                                                 at New Bedford high”
     (right) are looking         Bedford high baseball team,               student/athletes
                                                                                                 is how Josh explained
      toward a banner            Aaron Messier is Josh Mess-            that have supportive
                                                                                                 his workout habits. He
       baseball season.                                                  families, they don’t
                                 ier’s older brother. Aaron                                      later said that on Monday
                                 was the team captain, ace                take anything for      nights he works on his
                                 pitcher, third basemen and is               granted and         agility, running, and plyo-
                                 one of the two seniors that            work hard every day      metrics. On Tuesdays
                                 graduated last year. He now                 of their life to    he weight lifts with the
                                 attends Westfield state col-          achieve their dream.      team, along with up-
                                 lage. Ian also had a brother                                    per and lower body
                                 to look up to, but although                                     workouts. With the                  sup-
                                 he didn’t play high school                                      remaining days                    portive fami-
                                 baseball with him, Matt           have a good team this year.   of the                            lies, they don’t
                                 Desrosiers was also a captain     We only had two seniors last week                               take anything
                                 his senior year, graduated        year, one being my brother    Josh finds                        for granted and work hard
                                 in 2006. When asked about         Aaron. So most of our play- himself working-out on his          every day of their life to
                                 the pressure of living up to      ers should be coming back     own at the Howland Place          achieve their dream. Even
                                 their older brothers’ poten-      this year.” said Josh. “I     Fitness Center where Josh is      though Josh is a junior and
                                 tial, Josh said “we never         think we are going to be a    employed. On the other hand       Ian is a senior, they both feel
                                 really competed with each         good contender for the state Ian approaches his workout         that this is their most impor-
                                 other, we were always on          championship, considering     habits a little differently. On   tant season yet. Hopefully
                                 the same team so there is not     how far we got last year” is  Monday Ian goes’ running.         they will continue to pursue
                                 that much pressure to match       what Ian had to say about     On Tuesdays he lifts weights      their dreams and play col-
                                 his potential.” Ian feels that    the returning lineup. Most    with the team. Wednesday          lege baseball, but until then
                                 “there’s not that much pres-      players that play for the New is when he makes his way          LET’S GO WHALERS!
       Page 16                   sure because we play two          Bedford baseball team have to the batting cages. Thurs-
                                                                   been playing together since

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