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					                                          H O M E C O M I N G	 & 	C L A S S	 R E U N I O N	 WE E K E N D 	2 0 1 0

     Founder’s Day Convocation
     The	Academy’s	founders	and	traditions	were	celebrated	during
     the	Founder’s	Day	Convocation	held	in	Gresham	Chapel.
                                                                                                                “You should always
     President	Stuart	Gulley	presented	            experiences	and	the	role	Woodward	                          continue to strive for
     the	Alumni	Service	Award	to	                  played	in	shaping	his	life.	When	he	
     William B. (Billy) Alford, Class of ’63.	     started	at	MIT,	he	expected	to	major	
                                                                                                                 excellence, always
     He	joined	the	U.S.	Army	in	1965,	             in	computer	science.	Because	of	his	                      continue to build your
     volunteered	for	Special	Forces	and	           Woodward	education,	the	transition	
     was	awarded	the	Special	Forces	               was	very	smooth	during	freshman	
                                                                                                               capabilities… That’s
     Qualification	Certificate	and	Green	          year.	During	sophomore	year,	he	                          how War Eagles do it.”
     Beret	in	1967.	A	year	later,	he	trans-        realized	that	computer	science	was	
     ferred	to	the	101st	Airborne	Division	        not	the	right	field	for	him.	After	                                    —	Kwatsi	Alibaruho	’90
     to	serve	with	a	parachute	infantry	           some	soul-searching,	he	changed	
     regiment	in	Vietnam.	Mr.	Alford	              his	major	to	focus	on	aero-
     was	honored	with	military	awards	             nautics	and	astronautics	
     including	the	Purple	Heart	with	Oak	          and	became	one	of	two	
     Leaf	Cluster,	Bronze	Star	for	Valor	          students	in	his	class	chosen	
     with	Oak	Leaf	Cluster	and	the	Air	            for	a	cooperative	education	
     Medal.	A	graduate	of	West	Georgia	            program	with	NASA.	
     College	with	a	B.A.	in	anthropology,	
     he	worked	for	the	Georgia	Bureau	             Later,	he	was	offered	the	
     of	Investigation	in	communications	           opportunity	for	a	career	with	
     and	public	relations	for	16	years.	He	        NASA.	Although	he	had	
     returned	to	his	college	alma	mater	           planned	to	enter	into	a	mas-
     to	work	for	several	years	before	             ter’s	program	at	Georgia	
     retiring	in	2007.                             Tech,	another	bout	of	soul-
                                                   searching	left	him	with	the	
     In	presenting	the	Alumni	Service	             realization	that	he	should	
     Award,	President	Gulley	recognized	           take	the	opportunity.	Six	
     Mr.	Alford	for	his	steadfast	and	             years	later,	he	was	selected	
     dedicated	service	to	Woodward	                as	the	youngest	manager	
     over	the	years,	particularly	for	his	         of	the	Life	Support	Systems	
     role	in	shaping	Memorial	Day	and	             group,	responsible	for	directing	
     Veterans	Day	events	at	the	school.	           the	Life	Support	flight	control	                          Mr.	Alibaruho	told	seniors	that	they	
                                                   team	while	the	International	Space	                       will	find	their	Woodward	education	
     President	Gulley	presented	Kwatsi             Station	(ISS)	was	in	development.	                        has	prepared	them	very	well	not	
     Alibaruho ’90	with	the	2010	                  In	2005,	he	was	named	ISS	Flight	                         only	for	college	but	for	life.	“Some	
     Distinguished	Alumni	Award.	                  Director	and,	since	2008,	he	has	                         of	the	most	difficult	choices	will	not	
     The	first	African-American	Flight	            served	as	a	Space	Shuttle	Flight	                         be	made	in	times	of	hardship	but	
     Director	for	NASA,	Mr.	Alibaruho	             Director.	He	has	been	awarded	the	                        in	times	of	prosperity	and	success.	
     is	among	the	youngest	people	                 NASA	Outstanding	Leadership	                              When	you	stand	in	front	of	a	row	
     ever	to	hold	that	position.	He	               Medal	and	the	NASA	Exceptional	                           of	many	open	doors,	that	is	when	
     earned	a	B.S.	degree	in	avionics	             Achievement	Medal,	in	2009	and	                           the	decisions	become	harder.”	
     from	the	Massachusetts	Institute	             2010,	respectively.	He	will	be	the	
     of	Technology	and	is	currently	               lead	Flight	Director	for	the	last	                        “The	first	thing	you	have	to	do	
     enrolled	in	the	M.B.A.	program	               shuttle	flight,	scheduled	to	take	                        is	be	very	honest	with	yourself	
     at	Rice	University	with	plans	to	             place	next	June.	Mr.	Alibaruho’s	                         about	who	and	what	you	are,”	he	
     graduate	in	May	2011.                         wife,	Macresia,	also	works	for	                           told	students.	“You	should	always	
                                                   NASA.	The	couple	has	one	child,	                          continue	to	strive	for	excellence,	
     As	keynote	speaker	for	the	convoca-           4-year-old	Mitchell,	who	goes	to	a	                       always	continue	to	build	your	
     tion,	Mr.	Alibaruho	addressed	the	            school	in	Texas	that	his	father	says	                     capabilities…	That’s	how	War	
     senior	class	and	visitors,	sharing	his	       is	similar	to	Woodward.                                   Eagles	do	it,”	he	said.

16                                                             W O O D WA R D 	 A C A D E M Y
Kwatsi	Alibaruho	’90	and	William	(Billy)	Alford	’63.

                                                       FA L L 	 2 0 1 0   17
Above	left:	Carole	Thomas	’71	and	Stan	Thomas	’72
Above	right:	Denesha	and	Bart	Brezina	’90	and	family

                                                                                            Above:	Cheerleaders	Kathryn

   All-Campus                                                                               Woodruff	and	Rachel	Sharitz.
                                                                                            Left:	First	Grader	Emeri	Tompkins.

   Alumni,	students,	parents,	faculty,	
   staff	and	friends	gathered	on	the	
   Parade	Field	for	the	annual	Tailgate	
   Party	before	Friday	night’s	football	
   game,	a	resounding	defeat	of	Arabia	
   Mountain	(28-0).	Just	before	the	
   game,	the	State	Championship	War	
   Eagle	football	teams	from	1970	and	
   1980	were	recognized	on	the	field.

   Bill	Evans	’59	and	Bob	Evans	’56,	James	Robinson	’60	and	Charmain	Robinson

 18                                                        W O O D WA R D 	 A C A D E M Y
Below	left:	Members	of	the	1970	State	Championship	football	team	flank	
Coach	Petty	Ezell	and	Coach	Johnny	Stallings	(center),	at	the	Homecoming	
game.	At	right,	members	of	the	1980	State	Championship	football	team	
with	1980	cheerleaders,	with	visitors	stands	in	the	background.

                   HOMECO M I N G 	 &	 CL A S S	 RE U N I O N 	 WE E K E N D 	2 0 1 0

         Homecoming Game
                                  War Eagles                     28
                                  Arabia Mountain                0

                                                                            FA L L 	 2 0 1 0   19
 On	Saturday	evening,	Class	
 Reunions	were	held	on	campus.	
 Alumni	from	the	Classes of 1960	
 and	1965	gathered	in	the	Ann	
 and	Ben	Johnson	III	’61	Alumni	
 Center	while	the	Classes of 1970,	
 1985,	1990,	1995,	2000	and	2005	
 gathered	in	the	Tyler	H.	Brown	
 Student	Center,	part	of	the	new	
 athletic	and	fitness	center	complex.	
 The	Classes of 1975	and	1980	held	
 their	reunions	off	campus.
                                         ’60   Members	of	the	Class	of	1960:	Ben	Kennedy,	Charles	Almand,	Tom	Antle,	
                                               Mack	Dougherty,	Robert	Briggs	and	Douglas	Palmer.


                                               Members	of	the	Class	of	1970:	Tally	Wisenbaker,	Arch	Walker	McGarity,	
                                               Tony	Morris,	Eric	Raaen,	Carl	Williams,	Mike	Dixon,	Charlie	Kahl	and	
 Michael	’65	and                               Nancy	Moynahan	Carson.
 Betty	Mayeske

                                                                         ’80    Phil	Henriott,	Diane	DeVore	Jones,	Barbara	
                                                                                Corley-Morris	and	Richard	Aldridge.

’75      Members	of	the	Class	of	1975

20                                             W O O D WA R D 	 A C A D E M Y
’90   Members	of	the	Class	of	1990

                                                                                                                  Andrew	Griffith,	Jessica	Morrow,
                                                                                                                      Lee	Hart	and	Erin	Greenway

’95   Members	of	the	Class	of	1995                                                   ’00
                                     H O M E C O M I N G	 & 	C L A S S	 R E U N I O N	 WE E K E N D 	2 0 1 0

                                                                                           Members	of	the	Class	of	2005:	Lisa	Miller,	Mary	Beth	

                                                                             ’05           Lineberry,	Vikram	Madan,	James	Porter,	Ian	Nicholson,	
                                                                                           Addison	Hosley,	Brittany	Thompson,	Tramell	Zackery,	
                                                                                           Ryn	Pollard	and	Kiley	Hodgson.

’85   Members	of	the	Class	of	1985

                                                                  FA L L 	 2 0 1 0                                                             21
     ClassNotes                                                                                            George W. Ponder	
                                                                                                retired	from	Cooper	Industries	as	

’52                         James A.
                  Haynes	is	still	hosting	
                  open	house	Sunday	
     dinners	every	week	in	his	home	
                                              ’62                       John R.
                                                              Green	is	living	large	
                                                              in	the	mountains	of	
                                                 Western	North	Carolina	with	his	
                                                                                                Environmental	Compliance	Auditor	
                                                                                                for	the	U.S.	and	Canada	manufactur-
                                                                                                ing	facilities.	He	and	his	wife,	Jean,	
                                                                                                specialize	in	landscape	and	wildlife	
     in	Paris,	France.	All	alumni	are	           wife,	Ann.	Both	are	avid	moun-                 photography,	taking	photos	for	
     invited.	He	is	currently	busy	writ-         tain	bikers	and	have	ridden	and	               the	U.S.	Fish	and	Wildlife	Service’s	
     ing	the	second	volume	of	his	               raced	throughout	the	U.S.	and	                 Refuges	in	North	Alabama.	They	
     autobiography.	                             Canada.	Recent	race	results	include	           have	four	grandchildren	and	two	
                                                 fourth	place	finishes	at	the	U.S.	             sons,	one	son	in	Birmingham	with	
                                                 National	Championships	in	2008	                the	Jefferson	County	Sheriff’s	Office	

’61                         Kent W.
                  Ewing	reports	that	
                  the	50th	reunion	for	the	
     Class	of	1961	will	be	held	on	May	
                                                 and	2007	and	fifth	at	the	World	
                                                 Masters	Championships	in	2006.	
                                                 His	mother,	who	accompanied	him	
                                                 to	his	40th	GMA	reunion,	is	doing	
                                                                                                and	one	son	in	continuing	education	
                                                                                                in	Huntsville,	Ala.	They	divide	their	
                                                                                                time	between	homes	at	the	500-mile	
                                                                                                shoreline	lake	known	as	Smith	Lake	
     27-28,	2011,	exactly	50	years	to	the	       great	at	102	and	is	looking	forward	           and	in	the	city	of	Cullman,	which	
     date	from	the	1961	graduation.	In	          to	seeing	all	who	make	it	to	the	50th	         is	the	historical	residence	of	the	
     the	planning	and	build	up	to	this	          reunion.	Her	memories	of	the	GMA	              Ponder	family.
     momentous	event,	70	members	                days	are	still	very	clear.
     of	the	class	are	in	email	contact.	If	
     you	are	from	the	Class	of	1961	and	
     have	not	been	contacted	by	email	
     or	by	the	Alumni	Office,	please	
     send	Kent	an	email	at	kentewing@
                                                          George W. Podowski	
                                                 decided	to	go	back	to	school	after	
                                                 retirement.	He	is	working	on	his	
                                                 master’s	degree	in	media	com-
                                                                                            ’64                       John K.
                                                                                                             Smith	retired	from	
                                                                                                             teaching	at	Georgia	
                                                                                                State	University	in	May	2010	and	is	so	you	can	be	added	to	         munication	and	will	be	graduat-                working	as	a	consultant	in	the	hos-
     the	list.                                   ing	in	2011.	He	still	lives	in	the	            pitality	and	construction	industries.	
                                                 Chicagoland	area	and	has	three	                Recently,	the	Cecil	B.	Day	School	of	
                                                 grandchildren,	Caden,	Alyssa	and	              Hospitality	Administration,	a	part	
                                                 Miles,	and	one	more	on	the	way.	               of	the	J.	Mack	Robinson	College	
                                                 He	plans	to	return	to	campus	in	               of	Business	at	Georgia	State,	
                                                 2012	to	celebrate	his	50th	reunion.            announced	the	creation	of	the	John	
                                                                                                Smith	Scholarship	in	Tradeshow	
                                                                                                and	Exhibition	Management.	
                                                                                                The	scholarship	will	be	awarded	

               The GMA symbol connotes alumni of Georgia Military Academy. The school became Woodward Academy in 1968.

         Upcoming	Events
                       24th Annual                                Young Alumni                  Coverage of Woodward’s annual
                       Turkey Bowl                                Holiday Celebration           Veterans Day ceremony, featuring
                                                                                                keynote speaker Col. Jack Jacobs, will
                      The	Alumni	Flag	                         Young	alumni	from	the	           be included in the winter issue of the
                      Football	game	will	                      Classes	of	2005-2010	            Woodward magazine. Photos from this
         be	held	on	Thanksgiving	Day	at	         will	gather	on	Friday,	December	17,	           meaningful event may be found online
         9	am	at	Colquitt	Stadium.               at	6	pm	at	Buckhead	Bottle.                    at

         For more information about events, you may call 404.765.4035 or email

22                                                         W O O D WA R D 	 A C A D E M Y

annually	to	students	who	are	
engaged	in	academic	programs	at	
Georgia	State	leading	to	careers	
in	the	meetings,	convention	and	
                                      ’66                      Gary L.
                                                     Roberts	has	been	
                                                     married	to	his	loving	
                                        wife,	Diane,	for	35	years.	They	
tradeshow	sectors	of	the	hospi-         have	three	sons,	all	of	whom	
tality	industry	who	also	excel	in	      graduated	from	the	University	of	
student	industry	organizations	and	     Georgia	and	are	now	employed	in	
academics.	Mr.	Smith	was	involved	      Atlanta.	He	and	his	wife	left	Atlanta	
in	the	creation	of	the	Georgia	State	   six	years	ago	to	move	to	Lake	
University	Hospitality	Learning	        Toxaway	Estates	in	the	mountains	
Center	on	the	campus	of	the	            of	North	Carolina.	He	owns	and	
Georgia	World	Congress	Center,	         operates	a	construction	company	
where	he	retired	as	general	man-        but	spends	the	majority	of	his	time	
ager	in	2004.	                          trying	to	play	golf. u

’65                  Robert E.
            Dickson	recently	
            wrote	a	health,	exer-
cise	and	nutrition	book	that	is	
                                      ’67                       Luther S.
                                                    Gartrell	has	been	
                                                    married	for	four	years.	
                                        He	enjoys	fishing	with	classmate	
being	enthusiastically	received	by	     Lupton Pittman	in	Kona	every	
educators,	coaches	and	athletes	        year.	Luther	is	still	a	hometown	
everywhere.	He	was	disappointed	        country	lawyer	in	Ashville,	Ala. u
he	could	not	attend	the	Class	of	
1965	reunion	this	year	and	hopes	
to	attend	the	50th.

’69         Raymond R.
            Abramson	was	
            recently	appointed	an	
Associate	Judge	on	the	Arkansas	
                                        Harry R. Housen	recently	spent	six	
                                        weeks	in	Afghanistan	developing	
                                        a	master	plan	for	a	military	base	in	
                                        Sharana.	The	plan	will	accommo-
Court	of	Appeals.	He	graduated	         date	an	increase	in	population	from	
from	the	University	of	Virginia	in	     6,000	to	14,000	over	the	next	three	
1973	and	from	the	University	of	        years.	Harry	spent	three	weeks	in	
Arkansas	Law	School	in	1976.	He	        Kabul	and	three	weeks	at	Sharana.	
and	his	wife,	Mockie,	have	two	         His	two	years	at	GMA	helped	him	
daughters,	Anne,	who	is	a	Ph.D.	        communicate	with	his	military	
candidate	at	Yale	University	in	        peers	and	adjust	to	the	living	condi-
astrophysics,	and	Emily,	a	graduate	
of	the	University	of	Virginia.	
                                        tions	while	on	the	base.	On	his	trip	
                                        back,	he	traveled	to	Hong	Kong	
                                        and	spent	five	days	visiting	with	
                                        classmate	Tom Jones,	who	is	there	
                                                                               ’70            p Edward N. Caylor	
                                                                                              has	been	flying	737s	for	
                                                                                              a	small	airline	based	
                                                                                 in	southern	Japan	for	the	past	two	
                                        working	on	the	resolution	of	the	        and	a	half	years.	He	had	hoped	to	
                                        Lehman	Brothers	liquidation. q           set	the	record	for	longest	distance	
                                                                                 ever	traveled	to	attend	a	Woodward	
                                                                                 reunion,	but	unfortunately	could	not	
                                                                                 attend	his	40th	reunion	this	year.	His	
                                                                                 contract	in	Japan	ends	soon,	and	he	
                                                                                 plans	to	return	to	New	Hampshire	
                                                                                 to	help	his	wife,	Janet,	run	her	
                                                                                 small	business.

                                                                                          ClassNotes continues on next page

                                                      FA L L 	 2 0 1 0                                                        23
                                                                                  ’72         Gary A. Elrod	retired	
                                                                                              from	the	National	
                                                                                              Guard	in	2009	and	
     Alumni	Association                  ’71          Glenn Carroll	is	the	
                                                      coordinator	for	Nuclear	
                                                      Watch	South,	which	
                                         opposes	the	proposed	reactors	
                                                                                   now	works	as	a	civilian	for	the	
                                                                                   Department	of	the	Army	at	
                                                                                   Redstone	Arsenal,	Alabama.
     Board	of	Directors                  in	Georgia.	Nuclear	Watch	South	
     Executive Committee

     •	 Simon	Arpiarian	’94,	President
     •	 Anthony	Webb	’99,
                                         was	started	as	Georgians	Against	
                                         Nuclear	Energy	in	1977	in	opposi-
                                         tion	to	Georgia	Power	plans	to	
                                         build	nuclear	reactors	Vogtle	and	
                                                                                  ’74            Clarence Davis	has	
                                                                                                 been	named	in	the	
                                                                                                 2010-2011	edition	of	
                                                                                   “Best	Lawyers.”	“South	Carolina					
     	 Vice	President                    Hatch.	Nuclear	Watch	South	is	            Super	Lawyers”	also	has	included	
     •	 Mary	Moore	’87,	Treasurer        currently	engaged	in	campaigns	           him	in	its	listing,	and	he	has	been	
     •	 Robert	Ashe	’93,	Secretary       including	opposing	new	nuclear	           named	as	a	“Corporate	Counsel	
     •	 Sachin	Shailendra	’96,           reactors	at	Southern	Company’s	           Super	Lawyer.”
     	 Past	President                    Vogtle	site.	This	photo	was	taken	
                                         at	the	Nuclear	Watch	South	office	

                                         by	John Bazemore ’82,	for	the	                          Lee E. Crowe	contin-
     •	 Jean	Verdel	Alexander	’76        Associated	Press	wire	service. q                        ues	to	teach	animation	
     •	 Todd	Ellenberger	’93                                                                     at	the	Art	Institute	of	
     •	 Blake	Ivey	’87                                                             Atlanta.	Her	Team	Production	class	
     •	 Daphne	Bryson	Jackson	’81                                                  just	finished	a	short	film,	“Lost	and	
     •	 Valaurie	Bridges	Lee	’90	                                                  Found,”	about	an	assortment	of	
     •	 Carlos	Moreno	’82	                                                         characters	suspicious	of	the	con-
     •	 Jack	Rhodes	’92                                                            tents	of	a	mysterious	box.	The	film	
                                                                                   will	be	featured	in	international	film	
                                                                                   festivals.	Lee	also	has	created	two	
                                                                                   online	“hubs,”	one	featuring	her	
                                                                                   drawings	and	the	other	focusing	on	
                                                                                   her	life	in	the	animation	business.	

                                         Lynn Clemmons Nilson	lives	in	            Catherine Duckworth Dial	lives	
                                         Tallahassee,	Fla.,	with	her	husband	      with	her	husband	and	children	on	
 Reconnect with classmates on            of	30	years,	an	attorney	who	works	       Lake	Lanier	in	Gainesville,	enjoying	
 Woodward’s Net Community.               for	the	state	government.	Lynn	           the	lake	life.	She	is	an	elementary	
 Get there by visiting                   keeps	busy	teaching	piano	lessons	        school	gifted	teacher	in	the	Hall                out	of	their	home.	Their	two	sons,	       County	School	District	and	was	
                                         Jonathan,	26,	and	William,	22,	live	      named	Mount	Vernon	Elementary’s	
                                         in	Tallahassee.	Jonathan	graduated	       Teacher	of	the	Year	as	well	as	
                                         from	Florida	State	University	(FSU)	      the	2010	Georgia	Gifted	Program	
                                         and	plans	to	go	to	medical	school.	       Teacher	of	the	Year.	She	recently	
 To submit your Class Notes,             William	is	in	his	senior	year	at	FSU	     completed	her	specialist	degree	
 visit           and	plans	to	go	to	law	school.            in	curriculum	and	instruction	at	
 and click on Updating Information.                                                Piedmont	College.	This	is	her	30th	
                                                                                   year	of	teaching.	
 You may also send updates to:
 Woodward Academy
 Alumni Relations
 1662 Rugby Ave.
 College Park, GA 30337
                                                                                  Claire	Hegarty,	Director	of	Alumni                                                              Relations,	with	Courtney	Lundeen,	
                                                                                  Assistant	Director	of	Alumni	
                                                                                  Relations,	at	the	Homecoming	
                                                                                  Tailgate	Party.

24                                               W O O D WA R D 	 A C A D E M Y

James K. Smith	turned	50	and	
celebrated	his	25th	year	as	a	physi-
cian.	He	is	a	partner	at	Northwest	
Rheumatology	Associates	in	
                                     ’88              Monica Lozoff
                                                      Randklev	is	the	new	
                                                      property	manager	at	
                                         Gallery	Residences	in	Buckhead.	
                                                                                   Christopher A. Morley	is	liv-
                                                                                   ing	in	Decatur,	attending	graduate	
                                                                                   school	at	Emory	University.	He	is	
                                                                                   researching	mental	health	interven-
Portland,	Ore.	His	wife,	Leyla,	is	a	    She	lives	in	Sandy	Springs	with	her	      tions	in	humanitarian	emergencies	
pediatrician.	The	couple	has	one	        two	children,	Tabitha	and	Max,	and	       in	conflict	regions.	He	just	returned	
child,	Chloe,	13.	Dr.	Smith	enjoys	      their	cat,	Betsy.	Tabitha	is	in	second	   from	several	weeks	in	the	Middle	
playing	USTA	league	tennis.	His	         grade	at	the	Woodward	Primary	            East	doing	documentarian	work	
daughter	became	Oregon	state	            School.	Max	is	in	preschool.              with	the	ArtReach	Foundation.	
chess	champion,	so	he	took	up	                                                     He	is	also	director	of	the	Armed	
chess	tournaments	as	well.	He	also	                                                Conflict	&	Public	Health	Conference	
enjoys	keeping	up	with	advances	
in	immunology	and	genomics	at	
the	annual	American	College	of	
Rheumatology	meetings.	
                                     ’90              Andrea Mechelle
                                                      Brownridge	Butler	
                                                      is	living	her	lifelong	
                                         dream,	graduating	from	medical	
                                                                                   to	be	held	at	Emory	University	in	
                                                                                   March	2011.	He	is	supported	by	his	
                                                                                   wife,	Cami,	and	his	two	amazing	
                                                                                   daughters,	Abigail,	6,	and	Sara,	2.
                                         school.	She	earned	an	engineering	
                                         degree	from	Georgia	Tech,	fol-

’79           Steven T.
              Klimaszewski	lives	in	
              Bedford	Corners,	N.Y.	
He	is	married	to	Linda	Filomio	from	
                                         lowed	by	a	J.D.	from	the	Georgia	
                                         State	Law	School.	After	practicing	
                                         law	for	five	years	in	Atlanta,	she	
                                         pursued	her	dream	of	becoming	
                                                                                ’93             Julianne Spratlin
                                                                                                Kepley	has	spent	
                                                                                                three	years	as	a	solo-
                                                                                   ist	with	the	San	Francisco	Ballet.	
Mamaroneck,	N.Y.	They	have	three	        a	doctor.	Andrea	will	be	complet-         She	recently	took	a	new	posi-
children,	Jessica,	Patrick	and	Matt.		   ing	her	residency	in	psychiatry	at	       tion	as	a	principal	artist	with	the	
Jessica	lives	and	works	in	Hawaii.	      Morehouse	School	of	Medicine.             Milwaukee	Ballet	for	the	2010-2011	
Patrick	is	a	junior	at	Skidmore	                                                   season.	She	is	looking	forward	to	
College	in	Saratoga	Springs,	                                                      dancing	for	director	Michael	Pink,	
N.Y.,	and	Matt	is	a	junior	at	Fox	
Lane	High	School	in	Bedford,	N.Y.	
Steven	owns	a	financial	planning	
firm	in	Elmsford,	N.Y.	On	October	
                                     ’91             Clifford I. Johnson	
                                                     is	the	Executive	Sous	
                                                     Chef	at	the	New	
                                         Orleans	Convention	Center,	hav-
                                                                                   whose	“Dracula,”	“The	Hunchback	
                                                                                   of	Notre	Dame”	and	“Romeo	
                                                                                   &	Juliet,”	she	danced	with	the	
                                                                                   Atlanta	Ballet.		She	will	be	com-
31,	he	ran	his	fifth	marathon,	          ing	graduated	from	Johnson	&	             muting	back	and	forth	during	the	
the	Marine	Corps	Marathon	in	            Wales	University.	He	began	his	           season	to	San	Francisco,	where	
Washington,	D.C.                         culinary	career	at	the	755	Club	at	       she	has	a	home	with	husband,	
                                         Turner	Field	in	Atlanta.	He	opened	       Scott,	and	their	bulldog,	Sanford.
Todd Sentell	spoke	at	the	               the	West	Palm	Convention	Center	
annual	conference	of	the	Georgia	        before	moving	to	New	Orleans.	
Independent	School	Association	in	
November	on	how	to	be	an	effec-
tive	rookie	teacher.	He	teaches	
Georgia	history	at	a	school	in	
                                                                    He	and	
                                                                    his	wife,	
                                                                    live	in	
                                                                                ’99           Sheara Fernando	
                                                                                              recently	received	a	
                                                                                              Ph.D.	in	school	psy-
                                                                                   chology	from	the	University	of	
Alpharetta	for	students	with	a	wide	                                Metarie,	      South	Carolina.	She	is	now	living	
range	of	learning	disabilities.	He	is	                              La.,	with	     and	working	in	Atlanta.
also	the	author	of	the	southern-fried	                              their	six-
novel,	“Toonamint	of	Champions,”	                                   year-old	      Titilayo A. Tinubu	has	been	
a	candidate	for	the	2008	Thurber	                                   son,	Trey.	    awarded	a	full	scholarship	to	
Award	for	American	Humor.                                                          attend	the	University	of	California-
                                                                                   Berkeley	School	of	Law.	

                                                                                            ClassNotes continues on next page

                                                       FA L L 	 2 0 1 0                                                         25
     ClassNotes                                                                      school	in	the	fall.	Robin	graduated	
                                                                                     with	honors	with	a	B.A.	in	Spanish	

’01              Jessica Slade
                 Whatley	started	her	
                 own	law	practice	in	
     downtown	Griffin.	She	gradu-
                                            Pi	Sigma	Alpha	Political	Science	
                                            Honors	fraternity.	Colin	is	now	
                                            attending	Cumberland	School	of	
                                            Law	at	Samford	University.
                                                                                     and	communications.	She	will	join	
                                                                                     the	corps	for	Teach	for	America	
                                                                                     in	Atlanta	for	the	two-year	ten-
                                                                                     ure.	Robin	and	Khaled	had	been	
     ated	from	Auburn	University	in	                                                 together	since	first	grade	(Vintage	
     2001	and	Samford	University’s	         Kiley E. Hodgson	joined	the	             Eagles)	at	Woodward	until	they	
     Cumberland	School	of	Law	in	2009.	     team	at	Harry	Norman,	Realtors	          graduated	from	Michigan. q
     She	was	admitted	to	the	State	Bar	     as	a	Realtor	in	March	2010.	She	is	
     of	Georgia	in	November	2009.           based	out	of	the	Buckhead	office.

                                            Julius Pryor	is	a	graduate	student	

’03               Chandler Alford	
                  was	accepted	into	the	
                  Graduate	School	of	
     Mechanical	Engineering	at	Georgia	
                                            at	the	NYU	Tisch	School	of	the	Arts,	
                                            working	on	his	Master	of	Fine	Arts.	
                                            He	is	hard	at	work	on	his	first	stu-
                                            dent	film	project.	Julius,	pictured	
     Tech	this	year	and	has	received	       with	his	brother	Christopher ’08,	
     the	STEM	(Science,	Technology,	        graduated	from	Morehouse	College	
     Engineering	and	Mathematics)	          in	2009. q
     Scholarship	given	by	the	U.S.	
     Army	Reserve	Officers’	Training	                                                Alison S. Ferst	graduated	in	May	
     Corps	(ROTC).	He	was	awarded	                                                   2010	from	the	New	York	University	
     the	scholarship	after	completion	                                               Stern	School	of	Business	with	a	
     of	a	four-week	Leader’s	Training	                                               Bachelor	of	Science,	cum	laude,	
     Course	at	Fort	Knox,	Ky.,	in	                                                   in	marketing,	with	a	concentra-
     July.	He	also	will	participate	in	a	                                            tion	in	entertainment,	media	and	
     research	assistantship	for	the	Army	                                            technology,	and	minors	in	psychol-
     Reprogramming	Analysis	Team	at	                                                 ogy	and	communications.	While	at	
     Georgia	Tech.                                                                   NYU	Stern,	she	was	a	University	
                                                                                     Honors	Scholar,	was	awarded	the	
                                                                                     NYU	Stern	Dean’s	Honor	Key	and	

’05               Colin Hill	graduated	
                  magna	cum	laude	from	
                  Auburn	University	
     with	a	bachelor’s	degree	in	politi-
                                        ’06              Meghan E. Eastman	
                                                         graduated	summa	
                                                         cum	laude	from	the	
                                            University	of	Pennsylvania	as	an	
                                                                                     made	Dean’s	List	seven	times.	Alie	
                                                                                     is	now	working	as	an	International	
                                                                                     Account	Coordinator	with	SPANX,	
                                                                                     Inc.,	in	Atlanta.
     cal	science	in	December	2009.	         honors	student	with	a	Bachelor	of	
     While	at	Auburn,	Colin	was	on	the	     Arts	in	economics.	She	is	working	                          James R.
     Dean’s	List	and	was	inducted	into	     in	Washington,	D.C.,	as	an	analyst	                         Long	gradu-
     the	National	Society	of	Collegiate	    for	Analysis	Group,	which	is	an	                            ated	from	
     Scholars	and	was	also	a	mem-           economic,	financial	and	strategy	                           the	United	
     ber	of	numerous	honor	societies	       consulting	firm.		                                          States	Naval	
     including	Phi	Eta	Sigma	Honor	                                                                     Academy	with	
     Society,	Alpha	Lamda	Delta	Honor	      Khaled O. El-Sawi	and	Robin                                 a	Bachelor	of	
     Society,	Golden	Key	International	     Beck	graduated	from	the	                                    Science.	He	
     Society	and	Phi	Sigma	Pi	National	     University	of	Michigan	on	May	                              is	currently	
     Honor	Society.	He	was	a	member	        1,	2010.	Khaled	received	a	B.S.	in	                         serving	in	the	
     of	Lambda	Chi	Alpha	fraternity	and	    political	science	and	will	enter	law	    Navy	in	Coronado,	Calif.

     Support	Student	Financial	Aid
     All	gifts	to	The	Woodward	Alumni	Fund	will	support	student	financial	aid.	You	may	donate	online	at	or	contact	the	Alumni	Office	at	404.765.4043	or
     for	more	information.	Please	make	a	gift	by	May 31, 2011,	to	help	us	reach	our	$130,000	Alumni	Fund	goal.

26                                                  W O O D WA R D 	 A C A D E M Y

’07         James Martin	gradu-
            ated	from	Bard	College	
            in	May.	He	completed	
Bard	College	in	three	years	by	
                                         and	has	quickly	adapted	to	the	
                                         Southern	California	lifestyle.	Earlier	
                                         this	year,	he	completed	the	L.A.	
                                         Marathon	and	made	his	first	sky-
                                                                                   on	three	life-changing	safari	and	
                                                                                   camping	trips	along	the	Zambezi	
                                                                                   River	and	to	national	parks	in	
                                                                                   Botswana	and	Zimbabwe.	
taking	20	credits	a	semester.	He	is	     dive	and	bungee	jump.	Christopher	
planning	on	going	to	law	school.	        was	on	the	Varsity	cross	country	         Ayanna F. Groves	was	selected	
                                         and	soccer	teams	at	Woodward	             2010	All-American	Tennis	Player.	
Blaine R. McAllister	is	a	senior	        and	says	those	experiences	helped	        Ayanna	also	was	nominated	for	
outside	hitter	on	The	Citadel’s	         him	succeed	at	USC.	When	he	is	           NJCAA	Rookie	of	the	Year	and	was	
volleyball	team.	She	was	named	          not	in	the	USC	library,	he	can	be	        honored	as	MVP	of	the	Oxford	
among	23	recipients	of	the	Coleman	      found	at	Venice	Beach,	where	he	          College	of	Emory	University	
Lew	Leadership	Award	by	the	             surfs	and	runs	in	preparation	for	        Women’s	Tennis	Team	for	the	2009-
Southern	Conference	and	Coleman	         his	next	marathon.                        2010	season.	She	will	serve	on	
Lew	&	Associates,	Inc.,	a	national	                                                the	2010-2011	Executive	Board	of	
executive	search	firm.	The	award	        Sonia Sardana	and	Shivani                 the	Black	Student	Alliance,	Oxford	
recognizes	student-athletes	from	        Sardana ’09	performed	on	                 College	of	Emory	University.	
each	of	the	Southern	Conference’s	       “America’s	Got	Talent”	on	NBC		
12	member	institutions.	Coaches	         in	August.
and	faculty	athletic	representatives	
and	senior	women	administrators	
nominate	prospective	candidates	
based	on	leadership,	academic	
                                         Maria Snider	is	attending	Miami	
                                         University	and	working	towards	
                                         her	Bachelor’s	of	Science	in	family	
                                                                                ’10             Nicki E. Alexander	
                                                                                                made	the	University	
                                                                                                of	Georgia	Equestrian	
                                                                                   team.	The	Georgia	Equestrian	staff	
excellence	and	athletic	achievement	     studies	with	a	minor	in	criminol-         held	open	tryouts	in	August	to	fill	
in	both	the	college	environment	         ogy.	She	has	made	Dean’s	List	for	        the	limited	number	of	spaces	avail-
and	the	community.                       the	past	year.	She	completed	a	           able	on	the	2010-11	Bulldog	roster.	
                                         summer	internship	in	Memphis,	            In	all,	Georgia	added	seven	new-
                                         Tenn.,	working	at	Youth	Villages.	        comers	to	the	68-person	squad.			

’08           Hali A. Hill	is	in	
              her	junior	year	at	
              Vanderbilt	University	
where	she	has	been	on	the	Dean’s	
                                         She	worked	with	adolescent	males	
                                         with	behavioral	and	emotional	
                                         problems	who	live	in	a	residential	
                                         treatment	facility.
                                                                                   Stephanie S. Morgan	is	double	
                                                                                   majoring	in	business	honors	and	
                                                                                   Plan	II	honors	at	the	University	
List	for	four	semesters.	She	is	a	                                                 of	Texas	at	Austin.	She	also	has	
member	of	many	honor	societies	                                                    been	selected	for	the	position	of	
including:	Athenian	Honor	Society,	                                                financial	committee	co-chair	for	the	
Gamma	Beta	Phi	Honor	Society,	                                                     Honors	Business	Association	at	UT.
Phi	Eta	Sigma	Honor	Society,	the	
National	Society	of	Collegiate	                                                    Coleman T. Pusateri	is	enjoy-
Scholars	and	Alpha	Lamda	Delta	                                                    ing	his	first	semester	at	Georgia	
Honor	Society,	for	which	she	                                                      Southern.	He	is	pledging	Sigma	
serves	as	secretary.	She	is	a	mem-                                                 Chi	and	taking	on	the	responsibili-
ber	of	Kappa	Delta	Sorority	and	                                                   ties	of	his	newly	elected	position	as	
serves	as	vice-president	for	public	                                               the	treasurer	of	the	pledge	class.
relations.	She	is	very	active	in	vari-
ous	service	organizations	including	                                                        ClassNotes continues on next page
Prevent	Child	Abuse	Tennessee	
and	Glamour	Gals,	an	organization	
that	visits	nursing	homes	to	give	
women	makeovers	to	help	end	
elderly	loneliness.
                                        ’09           Jason A. Dunn	is	
                                                      currently	attending	the	
                                                      University	of	North	
                                         Carolina	at	Chapel	Hill.	He	spent	
                                                                                     Alumni Parents: If your child
                                                                                     no longer lives at your address,
                                         the	summer	in	Zimbabwe,	working	            please notify the Alumni Office
Christopher J. Pryor	is	starting	        for	eight	weeks	in	the	community	           ( or
his	junior	year	at	the	University	of	    of	Victoria	Falls	through	African	          404.765.4043) of his/her new
Southern	California.	Christopher	is	     Impact.	He	was	very	fortunate	to	           mailing address, and let us
an	English	major	with	an	empha-          connect	with	a	family	friend	who	is	        know if you would like to con-
sis	in	creative	writing.	Christopher	    one	of	the	top	10	safari	guides	in	         tinue to receive this publication.
is	enjoying	being	a	USC	Trojan	          Africa.	He	took	Jason	and	a	friend	

                                                       FA L L 	 2 0 1 0                                                         27
        alumni spotlight

       Mary S. Moore ’87,	founder	and	         group	of	31	chefs	
       CEO	of	The	Cook’s	Warehouse,	           representing	Les	
       joined	chefs	from	around	the	           Dames	d’Escoffier	
       country	on	the	South	Lawn	              International,	an	
       of	the	White	House	this	sum-            association	of	
       mer	to	launch	the	“Chefs	Move	          women	leaders	
       to	Schools”	program	of	First	           in	the	culinary	
       Lady	Michelle	Obama’s	“Let’s	           professions.	She	     Mar y Moore
                                                                                 ’87 (fa r left)
                                                                                                 w ith fellow
       Move!”	campaign,	which	aims	to	         had	already	been	                                              chefs at the
                                                                                                                           W hite Hous
       end	childhood	obesity	within	a	         active	in	local	schools,	teaching	
       generation.                             culinary	workshops	for	cafeteria	              	 She	is	very	happy	to	influence	
       	 Chefs	Move	to	Schools	encour-         workers	from	the	City	Schools	of	              the	way	people	cook	for	their	
       ages	chefs	to	adopt	a	local	            Decatur,	helping	them	to	improve	              families.	“I	know	that	we’re	mak-
       school	to	help	solve	the	child-         their	cooking	techniques	and	                  ing	people	happy	in	their	own	
       hood	obesity	epidemic.	Ms.	             suggesting	ways	to	make	food	                  kitchens,	and	that	is	awesome.”	
       Moore	was	invited	to	travel	to	the	     preparation	healthier.	                        Now,	she	hopes	to	influence	the	
       capital	with	a	                         	 After	a	childhood	spent	eating	              way	children	are	nourished	in	
                                               fresh	food	and	cooking	with	her	               their	schools	by	continuing	and	
                                               relatives	on	a	Douglas	County	                 building	on	her	work	with	the	
                                               farm,	Ms.	Moore	graduated	from	                Decatur	schools.	
                                                Woodward	and	then	majored	                    	 Ms.	Moore	was	recently	
                                                in	business	at	Georgia	State	                 selected	to	serve	on	the	Small	
                                                University.	She	apprenticed	under	            Business	Council	of	the	U.S.	
                                                 local	chefs,	working	for	restau-             Chamber	of	Commerce.	She	
                                                 rants	and	for	Harry’s	Farmers	               serves	as	chair	of	the	Advisory	
                                                  Market	before	combining	her	                Board	of	the	Atlanta	Community	
                                                  love	of	food	with	her	busi-                 Food	Bank;	as	first	vice	president	
                                                  ness	background	and	opening	                of	the	international	board	of	Les	
                                                   The	Cook’s	Warehouse,	which	               Dames	d’Escoffier;	as	a	member	
                                                   offers	gourmet	cookware,	                  of	The	Carter	Center	Board	of	
                                                   professional-grade	appliances	             Councilors;	and	as	treasurer	of	
                                                   and	cooking	classes.	The	busi-             the	Woodward	Academy	Alumni	
                                                    ness	now	has	three	Atlanta	               Board.	She	also	belongs	to	numer-
                                                    locations.                                ous	other	gourmet	associations.

     Woodward	Academy	
     The	winning	foursome	at	the	18th	
     Annual	Woodward	Academy	Challenge	
     golf	tournament,	held	September	28	
     at	Piedmont	Driving	Club,	includes	
     Charles Doty,	Dusty Milner ’71,	Whitner
     Milner ’04	and	Tommy Williams.

28                                                      W O O D WA R D 	 A C A D E M Y

     alumni spotlight

   Dr.	Anthony	Malizia	Honored	with
                                                                                                  graduates	one	of	such	distinction	
   Distinguished	Alumni	Award                                                                     and	stature	as	Dr.	Malizia.”
                                                                                                  	 Speaking	to	an	assembly	
                                                                                                  of	Upper	School	students,	Dr.	
                                                       		     He	was	an	instructor	at	            Malizia	said	Woodward	was	very	
                                                       the	Mayo	Medical	School	in	                different	when	he	was	a	student.	
                                                        1984	and	served	on	the	clini-             Most	students	were	boarders,	and	
                                                        cal	faculty	of	Emory	University	          there	were	only	about	30	girls	
                                                        Medical	School	from	1985	to	              on	campus	(two	of	whom	were	
                                                         1993,	where	he	was	named	                his	sisters).	“However,	the	core	
                                                         Teacher	of	the	Year	for	four	            values	that	define	the	philosophy	
                                                         consecutive	years.	In	2004,	             of	Woodard	have	not	changed—
                                                          he	opened	the	Malizia	Clinic,	          honesty,	integrity,	perseverance	
                                                          Inc.,	as	President	and	Clinic	          and	humility.	Those	same	values	
                                                          Director.	He	has	been	pub-              and	beliefs	tie	students	of	the	
                                                           lished	in	more	than	30	medi-           past	and	present	together.”
                                                           cal	publications	and	has	              	 Describing	medicine	as	his	one	
                                                           numerous	patents.	Since	               consuming	interest,	he	advised	
                                                    1998,	he	has	given	generously	                students	to	follow	their	passions	
   Dr. Anthony A. Malizia Jr.                       of	his	time	as	a	member	of	the	               and	to	work	hard.	“Success	and	
   ’71	received	Woodward’s	                         Woodward	Academy	Board	of	                    achievement	require	patience,	
   Distinguished	Alumni	Award	in	                   Governors.	Malizia	Amphitheatre,	             commitment,	skill,	time	and,	most	
   a	ceremony	on	October	29,	one	                   in	front	of	Richardson	Hall,	was	             of	all,	passion.	The	Woodward	
   of	two	alumni	to	receive	the	                    named	in	memory	of	his	father,	               that	we	all	know	inspires	us	to	
   award	for	2010.                                  Anthony	Malizia	Sr.                           dream	more,	to	learn	more,	to	
   	 A	nationally	known	urologic	                   	 In	presenting	the	Distinguished	            do	more	and	to	become	more.	It	
   surgeon,	Dr.	Malizia	has	treated	                Alumni	Award	to	Dr.	Malizia,	                 is	the	Woodward	Way,	and	it	has	
   patients	from	34	states	and	six	                 Woodward	President	Stuart	                    made	me	the	man	I	am	today.”
   countries.	After	graduating	from	                Gulley	described	his	accomplish-              	 Dr.	Malizia	and	his	wife,	Betsey,	
   Tulane	University,	he	received	                  ments	in	medicine.	“This	is	a	man	            met	at	Tulane	University.	He	
   his	M.D.	degree	from	the	Medical	                who	has	literally	saved	the	lives	            proposed	to	her	on	the	Woodward	
   College	of	Georgia.	He	completed	                of	hundreds	of	men	around	the	                campus.	They	have	two	daugh-
   his	general	surgery	internship	and	              world,”	President	Gulley	said.	               ters,	Kathryn,	who	graduated	from	
   urology	residency	at	the	Mayo	                   “I’m	very	proud	that	Woodward	                Woodward	in	2000	and	Alexandra,	
   Clinic	in	Rochester,	Minn.	                      Academy	can	claim	among	its	                  who	graduated	in	2002.

Members	of	the	Class	of	1998:	Anita	Hsu,	Zeb	Chandler,	Stephen	Holmes,	
Chad	Patterson	and	Jason	Flake.
                                                                                        Valaurie	Bridges	Lee	‘90	and	family
Class	of	1998	Gathers
On	October	16,	the	Class	of	1998	gathered	for	a	cocktail	party	at	
                                                                                        Pumpkin	Painting	Party
the	home	of	Leigh Shattles Cardwell ’98	and	Lee Cardwell ’98.	If	                       Alumni	and	their	families	celebrated	fall	
you	are	interested	in	hosting	a	similar	party	for	your	class,	please	                   with	a	pumpkin	painting	party	on	campus	
contact	the	Alumni	Office	at                                       on	October	23,	bringing	children	and	
                                                                     FA L L 	 2 0 1 0   grandchildren	to	join	in	the	fun.                29

         i do
                                              Shannon McKnight	
                                              married	Anthony	
                                              DeMonti	Jr.	of	
                                              Charleston,	S.C.,	on	
                                              May	10,	2008.	The	
                                              wedding	was	held	at	
     1988                                     John	Wesley	United	
                                              Methodist	Church	in	
     Randy Holmes	and	Lauren	                 Charleston,	followed	
     Elizabeth	Rotchford	of	Roswell	          by	the	reception	
     were	married	on	May	8,	2010,		           at	the	Charleston	     Pictured are, front row: Rebecca White ’99, Anthony DeMonti Jr.,
     in	Greensboro,	Ga.	Holly Holmes          Yacht	Club	on	the	     Shannon McKnight DeMonti ’97, Mary Elizabeth Rozema Sprague
     Blackstock ’90	and	Towner                Ashley	River.	Family	 ’97 and Alison Disney; second row: Debbie Steele, Anne Barr Cruz
     Blackstock ’90	were	members	                                    ’97 and Andrew McKnight ’86; and back row: Ken Steele.
                                              members,	friends	
     of	the	wedding	party.	Randy	is	the	      and	co-workers	in	
     son	of	Mary	Holmes	(retired	Upper	       attendance	included	Shannon’s	
     School	faculty)	and	Dick	Holmes.	        pre-kindergarten	teacher	from	the	
     Randy	and	Lauren	live	in	Atlanta,	       Busey	School,	Debbie	Steele,	and	            Fred McConnel	and	Amber	
     where	Randy	works	with	Hughes	           her	husband	Ken,	along	with	sev-             Michael	were	married	on	May	22,	
     Telematics	and	Lauren	is	with		          eral	Woodward	alumni:	Shannon’s	             2010.	Among	the	bridal	party	were	
     The	Rubicon	Group. q                     brother,	Andrew McKnight                     Woodward	alumni	including	Daly
                                              ’86,	Anne Barr Cruz ’97,	Mary                Parker ’02,	Rachael Rothman
                                              Elizabeth Rozema Sprague                     ’02,	Laura Thwaite ’02,	Kari
                                              ’97	and	Rebecca White ’99.	                  Velazco ’02,	Meghan Whaley
                                              Shannon’s	husband	is	a	firefighter,	         ’05,	Brooke Young ’02,	Myers
                                              and	she	is	now	back	in	school	at	            Boicourt ’02,	Will Burnette
                                              the	University	of	West	Georgia,	             ’03,	Zach Mann ’02,	Drew
                                              obtaining	her	master’s	degree	in	            Northcutt ’02,	Vineet Reddy
                                              special	education.	The	couple	lives	         ’02,	Marcus Sanders ’02,	Trent
                                              in	Fayette	County.	                          Tyre ’02,	Jordan Waters ’02,	
                                                                                           David Wilkinson ’02	and	Teddy
                                                                                           Wooller ’02.	Fred	and	Amber	
                                              1999                                         reside	in	Atlanta. q
                                              Evan S. Borenstein	experienced	
                                              some	momentous	events	in	recent	
                                              years.	In	2009,	he	earned	a	Ph.D.	
                                              in	mathematics	from	Georgia	Tech	
                                              and	moved	to	New	York	City	for	
                                              the	second	time.	He	now	works	as	
                                              a	quantitative	researcher	on	Wall	
                                              Street.	In	August	2010,	he	mar-
                                              ried	Lindsay	Cropley	of	Atlanta.		
     1994                                     Evan’s	wedding	party	consisted	
     Kathryn Pierce Folk	married	             entirely	of	Woodward	alumni:	his	
     Lance	Folk,	of	Augusta,	on	August	       brother,	Adam ’96,	and	two	of	his	
     14.	Lance	is	a	fellow	Georgia	Tech	      best	friends,	Tim Kennedy ’99	
     industrial	engineer.	The	wedding	        and	Seth Chandler ’99.	Elliott
     party	included	Kathryn’s	friend	since	   Savage ’98	served	as	an	usher,	
     eighth	grade,	Joe Hughes ’94.            and	many	other	Woodward	friends	
                                              were	in	attendance.

30                                                     W O O D WA R D 	 A C A D E M Y

                                                                Lassiter             Jennifer Crawford Cowart	and	
                                                                Bennett	and	         her	husband,	Corey,	have	a	baby	
                                                                Christopher	         girl.	Emerson	Gail	Cowart	was	
                                                                Bennett	are	         born	on	April	27,	2010.	Jennifer	
1982                                                            proud	to	            was	recently	hired	as	the	new	
                                                                introduce	           Lower	School	Band	Director	at	
Kenneth E. Walker	and	his	wife,	                                their	daugh-         Woodward	Academy.
Wendy,	welcomed	their	first	child,	                             ter,	Cailynn	
Sophia	Elizabeth,	on	July	29,	2010.                             Masters	
                                                                Bennett,	born	
1989                                          on	November	2,	2008.                                       Cherise
Jenny Schneider Shoemaker	                    Michael J. Canup	welcomed	                                 Edwards	
and	her	husband,	Brad,	welcomed	              daughter	Collins	Marie	Canup	                              welcomed	her	
their	daughter,	Vivian	Selma,	                on	May	3,	2010.	She	weighed	8	                             son,	Aidan	
on	June	10,	2010.	Baby	Vivian	                pounds,	5	ounces.                                          Thomas,	on	
weighed	8	pounds,	6	ounces	and	                                                                          January	25,	
was	20	inches	long.                           Jennifer Schwartz Henderson	                               2010.	The	
                                              has	a	new	addition	to	her	family.	     family	moved	from	Charlotte	to	the	
1991                                          Andrew	Michael	Henderson	was	          small	town	of	Mint	Hill,	N.C.
                                              born	in	Atlanta	on	August	11,	2010,	
Steven I. Eisenstein	and	his	wife,	           weighing	8	pounds,	13	ounces.	He	
Lynne,	welcomed	their	third	child,	           joined	big	brother,	Ryan,	3.                                 Damian O.
Marin	Eisenstein,	in	April	2010.	                                                                          Pryor	and	his	
Their	two-year-old	twins,	Seth	and	           Kristen Maxwell Smith	and                                    wife,	Whitnei,	
Elly,	love	having	a	little	sister.	In	late	   husband,	John,	welcomed	their	                               welcomed	
August	2010,	Steven	became	a	busi-            first	baby,	Jake	Maxwell	Smith,	on	                          the	birth	of	
ness	owner	of	a	tent	rental	company	          July	3,	2010.	The	family	is	moving	                          their	first	
called	Classic	Tents	&	Events.                from	Atlanta	to	Harrisburg,	Penn.,	                          child,	Austen	
                                              this	year	for	a	job	relocation	with	                         Damian	Pryor,	
1992                                          Daily	Express.                                               on	July	15,	
                                                                                     2010.	Damian	is	an	auditor	with	the	
Emily Thwaite Farmer	and	her	                                                        General	Services	Administration’s	
husband,	Robert,	announce	with	joy	           1996                                   Office	of	Inspector	General.	The	
the	birth	of	their	first	child,	Emily	        Karen Crosta Cross	and	Elliott	        family	lives	in	College	Park.
Carole	Clymer	Farmer,	on	February	            Cross	welcomed	the	arrival	of	a	
27,	2010.	The	family	lives	in	Atlanta.        baby	girl,	Shelby	Jane	Cross,	on	
                                              April	23,	2010. q
1993                                                                                                      Sara
                                                                                                          Fanucchi	and	
                         Robert L.                                                                        her	husband,	
                         Ashe	and	his	                                                                    Tom	Taylor,	
                         wife,	Blake,	                                                                    welcomed	
                         had	their	first	                                                                 a	new	addi-
                         son,	Robert	                                                                     tion	to	their	
                         Lawrence	                                                                        family.	Linus	
                         Ashe	IV,	on	                                                                     Alexander	
                         July	16,	2010.                                              Taylor	was	born	on	May	14,	2010.	
                                              Jo Cranford Hodges	and	Kevin           The	family	lives	in	New	York	City.
                                              M. Hodges	welcomed	their	first	
                                              child,	James	Cranford	Hodges,	on	      Grant Wood	and	his	wife,	Laura,	
                                              May	7,	2010.	He	weighed	8	pounds	      have	welcomed	their	first	little		
                                              and	was	19.5	inches	long.	James	       girl.	Charlotte	Grace	Wood	was	
                                              is	named	after	his	grandfather	and	    born	August	3,	2010,	at	5	pounds,		
                                              his	two	great-grandfathers.	           5	ounces.

                                                            FA L L 	 2 0 1 0                                                 31
                                                            James Harrison “Jimmy”              One of Georgia’s earliest Eagle
     Alumni                                                 Crawford died in 2007.          Scouts, Doc was proud of the estab-
                                                            He and his brother, Peter       lishment of Boy Scout Troop 631 at
                 William L. (Bill) Paris, 84,   Crawford ’64, made NASCAR rac-              Woodward Academy, where his grand-
                 of Concord, Ga., died on       ing history on August 12, 1973. The         sons, Jonathan Thomas Overman
                 July 17, 2010. Mr. Paris       brothers, both pilots for Eastern           ’00 and Donald Benjamin Overman
     joined the Navy Flight Corps and was       Airlines, worked together on a car in       ’02, achieved their Eagle Scout
     discharged after the end of World          their parents’ College Park basement,       awards. Survivors include his three
     War II. He graduated from Auburn           hired a driver named Dick Brooks and        daughters, Natalie Jenkins Overman
     University with a B.S. in business         won the Talladega 500, according to         and her husband L. Jack Overman of
     in 1948. He joined his father at East      an article from the Stock Car Gazette.      Newnan; Genie Jenkins Wright and
     Point Ford Company, later becom-                                                       her husband Francias Wright of San
     ing president. Mr. Paris also worked                                                   Antonio, Texas; and Mary Ann Jenkins
     in securities and insurance and was                   Al A. Franklin passed            of Dallas, Texas; as well as four
     joint owner of a Fiat dealership. He                  away in Sarasota, Fla., on       grandchildren, Jonathan Overman
     and his wife began Paris & Associates                 May 10, 2010. He was             ’00, Ann Wright, Susan Wright and
     Real Estate & Appraisals in 1980. He       raised in East Point. Mr. Franklin          Francias Wright III. Donald Benjamin
     was a past president of the East Point     graduated from the University of            Overman ’02 passed away in 2004.
     Rotary Club as well as past presi-         Georgia and received his master’s               “Doc” will always be remembered
     dent of the Pike County Lion’s Club.       degree from the University of South         for his generosity to Woodward. He
     Survivors include his wife of 63 years,    Florida.                                    also was an advocate for the disabled,
     Margie Anne Green Paris; his brother,                                                  working to establish access for dis-
     Richard Eugene Paris ’47; children                                                     abled visitors to Cumberland Island, in
     and their spouses: Shay and Joe                       Allen L. Guin passed away        partnership with the Shepherd Center.
     Frohn, Rebecca Lynn Paris Bates ’73                   unexpectedly at home on
     and Danny Bates, Dr. Ray B. Paris                     July 8, 2010. He attended        Joyce M. Kimbrough, retired mem-
     ’69 and Inga Paris and William B. (Bill)   Western Carolina University and             ber of the Lower School office staff,
     Paris and Patricia Paris; and many         worked in the family business, Two          passed away on August 30, 2010.
     grandchildren, great-grandchildren,        Way Radio of Carolina, Inc. Mr. Guin
     nieces and nephews.                        spent his later years being a caregiver     Sue Rollins Longino, wife of former
                                                for his parents.                            Governing Board Member George
                                                                                            Longino, died on June 11, 2010.
                James William “Bill”                                                        Survivors include her daughter Lane
                Whitaker died August                                                        Longino Waas and her husband, Bill,
                1, 2010. After graduating                                                   of Asheville, N.C.; her son, George F.
     from GMA, he went to Georgia Tech.                                                     Longino III ’57 and his wife, Lisa, of
     He served in the U. S. Army Combat         Friends                                     Dallas, Texas; and her son, John T.
     Engineers as a Master Sergeant                                                         Longino ’69 and his wife, Donna, of
     during the Korean War. A resident of       Dr. Ben Jenkins passed away on June         Waleska, Ga.; as well as many grand-
     Terrell County since 1952, he served       4, 2010, in St. Marys, near his beloved     children and great-grandchildren.
     as president of Terrell County Tractor     Cumberland Island. Fondly known as
     Company, Farmers Gin, Georgia              “Doc,” he served the Academy on the         Donald Paul Hensel, father of
     Cotton Company, Standard Oil of            Board of Governors and the Advisory         Woodward sixth grader Grace
     Dawson and Georgia Tractor and             Board for many years.                       Hensel, passed away suddenly on
     Implement Company.                            Dr. Jenkins started his medi-            October 16, 2010.
                                                cal practice in Newnan in the early
                Grady E. Weatherly              1950s, practicing as an Eye, Ear, Nose      Sally Hopkins died in April 2010.
                died July 30, 2010. After       and Throat specialist for more than 30      Survivors include her husband, David,
                graduating from GMA, he         years before retiring to Cumberland         and their children, Foster, a fourth
     served as a military police officer in     Island. A pioneer in his field, he devel-   grader at Woodward, and John, who
     Germany as part of the U.S. Army           oped many of the first instruments          is in the seventh grade.
     occupation forces. He is survived          used in cataract surgery. He also
     by his wife, Lila Faye Weatherly, of       founded Franklin Aluminum, which            Laura Owens, mother of ninth
     Dublin, and his children.                  produced the original “Mustang Grill”       grader Sarah Anne Owens, passed
                                                for the Ford Motor Company.                 away on October 24, 2010.

32                                                    W O O D WA R D 	 A C A D E M Y
                                                                                                                      You can inspire students.
                                                                                                                               Change their future.
                                                                                                                                   Promote the arts.
                                                                                                                             Strengthen athletics.
                                                                                                                             Create opportunities.
                                                                                                                                       Build character.

                                                                                                            You can make Woodward –
                                                                                                         a place you believe in – a priority.

                                                                                                                                        Here’s how.

13475 Fall Drive Single Card.indd 1                                                                                                                            8/20/10 3:11 PM

                                      Job Name: 13475 Woodward Fund Cards 4 Ver
                                      PDF Page: 13475 Fall Drive Single Card_1.p1.pdf          Process Plan: PDF Booklet X1a[Vector]
                                      Color: Black                                             W: 8.5                   H: 5.5             Scale: 100
                                      Date: Sep-30-2010              Time: 10:27:26     seth

                                                    Woodward students are our #1 priority,
                                                         and your annual giving makes a
                                                 real difference in their everyday experiences.

                         We make contributing to The Woodward Fund easy: use the enclosed pledge card,
                            give online or call Nicole Barry Fash at 404-765-4036.
                          give online atat or call Nicole Barry at 404-765-4036.
                             You can designate your gift for student financial aid, and donors who give
                                     $1,500 or more become members of the Presidents Circle.
                               Please give by May 31 in order
                               Please give by May 31 in order to help us reach our $1.7 million goal.

                                               (Increase your giving! Please check with your company
                                                    to see if they have a matching gifts program.)
     Left	to	right:	2009	Homecoming	Queen	Kristin	Fair,	
     senior	Reeves	Kissel,	escorting	2010	Homecoming	
 Queen	Brittany	Lloyd-Jones,	and	Simon	Arpiarian	’94,	
President	of	the	Alumni	Association	Board	of	Directors.

  Woodward	Academy	combines	the	proud	
  traditions	of	Atlanta’s	oldest	college-prepara-
  tory	school	with	an	innovative,	challenging,	
  and	well-rounded	educational	experience.	
  In	a	broadly	diverse	and	caring	community,	
  Woodward	embraces	the	uniqueness	of	
  each	individual.	Guided	by	our	core	values	
  of	Excellence,	Character,	and	Opportunity,	
  we	champion	student	success.
                                                     Kwatsi	Alibar
                                                                    uho	’90	return
                                                     years	to	rece                 ed	to	campu
  Motto                                                            ive	the	Distin
                                                                                  guished	Alum
                                                                                               s	for	the	first	t
                                                                                               ni	Award	for	2 e	in	many
  Excellence	l	Character	l	Opportunity®                                                                         010.

  Vision Statement
  Woodward	Academy	will	be	a	national	
  model	in	college-preparatory	education,	
  developing	critical	thinkers	and	ethical	
  problem	solvers,	in	an	inclusive	community,	
  rich	in	opportunities	for	student	success.

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