The Olympics

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     The Ancient Greek Games              The Modern Olympics
•   First recorded Olympic Games     • Started again in the 19th Century
    took place in 776 BC in the        (1896) by a Frenchman named
    town of Olympia.                   Pierre de Coubertin.
•   Running Races was the only       • He believed it could contribute to
                                       world peace and international
    sport, but gradually other
    events were added.
                                     • First modern games held in 1896
•   Stopped by a Roman Emperor         in the town of Athens
    in 393 AD                        • 1912 women were first allowed
•   Were established as a way for      to compete
    the ancient Greeks to salute     • Beginning in 1924 a Winter
    their gods.                        Olympics was included.
•   The original Olympics featured   • Because of the increasing size of
    competition in music, oratory,     both Olympics, the Winter Games
    and theater performances as        were shifted to a different
    well.                              schedule after 1992.
The Olympic Symbol
         • Five rings symbolize the
           populated continents:
           Europe, Asia, Africa,
           Australia, North America,
           and South America
         • It is believed that the colors
           of the rings – blue, black,
           and red on top, yellow and
           green on the bottom –
           where chosen because at
           least one of them can be
           found in the flag of every
           country in the world.
         • The linked rings symbolize
           the coming together of all
           the people.
      Different Types of Games
                          • Olympics Summer
                          • Paralympics Summer

• Olympics Winter Games
• Paralympics Winter
    Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay
•   Began on October 22, 2009 with a traditional ritual lighting ceremony in Olympia,
    Greece (home of the Olympic Flame)
•   Will then travel by land, air, and water during a 106 – day journey as it visits more
    than 1,000 communities in Canada.

The 2010 Olympic Torch Relay in brief:
• Over 100 days in length.
• Over 1,000 communities and places of interest where torchbearers will carry the
   Olympic Flame.
• Nearly 200 celebrations hosted by communities in every province and territory.
• Approximately 90 per cent of Canada’s population will be within a one-hour drive
   of experiencing the Olympic Flame.
• Over 45,000 kilometers will be travelled.
• Extensive tour of the North including a planned visit to Alert, Nunavut, the
   northernmost permanently inhabited community in the world.
• 12,000 people will have the honor of being an Olympic Torchbearer and will help
   carry the flame to Vancouver, a majority of whom will be selected through public
 Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay
View interactive map.
          Theme of the
2010 Olympic and Paralympics Winter

      With Glowing Hearts
   Vancouver 2010
Olympic Winter Games

   * Number of Olympic
   athletes and officials:
   * Countries participating in
   Olympic Winter Games:
     Vancouver 2010
Paralympics Winter Games
            • Number of Paralympic
              athletes and officials:
            • Countries participating
              in Paralympic Winter
              Games: 40+
                      Hosting Country – Canada
                                   •   Second largest country in the world
                                       (Russian Federation is the largest)
                                   •   Ten provinces and three territories
• Canada is on the continent of        (capital cities are in brackets).
  North America                         – Provinces : Alberta (Edmonton),
• The country stretches from the           British Columbia (Victoria),
  Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific            Manitoba (Winnipeg), New
  Ocean.                                   Brunswick (Fredericton),
                                           Newfoundland and Labrador(St.
• The Arctic Ocean is north and
  the United States is south.              John's), Nova Scotia (Halifax),
                                           Ontario (Toronto), Prince Edward
• Canada is north of the 49th              Island (Charlottetown), Quebec
  parallel of latitude.                    (Quebec City), Saskatchewan
• The 49th parallel was chosen             (Regina)
  as a border from the Great
  Lakes to the west coast.              – Territories : Yukon (Whitehorse),
                                          Nunavut (Iqaluit), Northwest
                                          Territories (Yellowknife),

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