Hazard Ranking and Vulnerability Analysis Brainstorming by linzhengnd


									                                HIRA Sub-Committee
                            Conference Call 6/26/08 at 3pm

Conference Call Information:
Phone Number: 1-888-790-2919
Passcode: 279617#

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                         HIRA Sub-Committee Agenda

I.     Local Plan Assessment
          a. Hazard Ranking Maps
          b. Loss Estimates


          Hazard Ranking “homework” Review

          Available Data & Algorithms
              a. Flooding (coastal, riverine, flash)
              b. Wind (tornado, severe storm, hurricane, nor’easter)
              c. Winter Storms (snow, ice, freezing rain, extreme cold)
              d. Wildfire
              e. Landslide
              f. Karst
              g. Earthquake
              h. Drought
              i. Impoundments

          Assets (Critical & State Owned Facilities)
              a. Local Plan Data
              b. VAPS Database
              c. Supplemental Information

III.   Brian Crumpler (VDEM) White Paper Presentation

IV.    Next Steps

       a. Algorithm Development
       b. Hazard Ranking

           HIRA TIMELINE:
                September/October 2008: Draft HIRA Meeting (TBD)
                January 2009: Completed HIRA Meeting with State HMP
                  Committee (TBD)

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