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					                               FORSYTH COUNTY COURSE SYLLABUS
                               10th Grade Literature and Composition

Course Description:
10Th Grade Literature & Composition is designed to make you a successful writer. You will not simply develop essays
but perfect them in all areas of a well-designed composition. You will be expected to excel in your grammar and
vocabulary knowledge in order to communicate clearly in your writing to your audience. As a student of 10th Grade
Literature & Composition, you will examine the literature in the text as well as read various novels within the class and
on your own time. Class discussion and testing will focus on not only the text but the novels as well. I will only accept
work of the highest quality from each of you. I must be fair to you and prepare you to be a potential student on the
college level.

The Georgia Performance Standards are the guidelines for this course as determined by the state of Georgia. Students
and parents may find a copy of these standards by going to

Learning Resources/Textbook(s):
   Supplemental readings
   Also four novels (These four novels will be chosen by the teacher and will vary from teacher to teacher)

Required Assignments/Units:

Short Stories                                                        Essays as assigned
Nonfiction                                                           Research Paper
Antigone                                                             Novels
Poetry                                                               Vocabulary
Julius Caesar                                                        Daily Language
The Hero

*You will be responsible for keeping up with the supplemental and novel reading assignments outside of class.

Availability for Extra Help:
Assistance to students is available, but the student will need to check with his or her teacher to determine the times

Makeup Work:
Makeup/Late Work: Per SFHS English Department policy, twenty percent (20%) of an assignment’s score will be deducted
for up to three school days following the missed due date; “school days” refers to days of the week when school is in session, not only
days when a class meets. After three days, the assignment will earn no credit. The formative assignment grade will be determined by
quality of the work less deducted points or percentage. No formative assignments will be accepted after the summative assessment
connected to the previous formative assignment(s) is administered.

The English Department follows SFHS make-up policies as outlined in the SFHS student handbook. Summative-level projects,
research papers, and essays that are not submitted by the designated date will have 30 points (or 30 percent) deducted if the
assignment is submitted one day late. The assignment will not be accepted if submitted later than one day after the established
deadline. One-day late assignments can receive a maximum score of 70%. It is the responsibility of the student, not the
teacher, as to what he or she missed when absent.

Technological difficulties are not considered a legitimate excuse for late work. Computers are available for
student use weekdays 7:30am to 4:00pm in the media center and in student learning centers. Students are also
welcome to submit work through ANGEL.
Grading Calculations:
Course Average = 40% (1ST Sem. Course Work) + 40% (2ND Sem. Course Work) + 20% EOCT or Final Exam
1ST & 2ND Semester Course Work = 75% Summative + 25% Formative
Concept of formative assessment:

Grading Policy:
A = 90 – 100    Failing = Below 70
B = 80 – 89
C = 70 – 79

*Formative Assessments include but are not limited to homework, class work, quizzes, practice tests, rough
drafts, and sections of projects/ research papers/presentations.

*Summative Assessments include but are not limited to unit tests, final projects, final essays, final research
papers, and final presentations.

Materials Needed:
You should bring a blue or black ink pen, loose-leaf paper, and a three ring binder with tabs labeled Literature, Novels,
Writing, Daily Language, and Vocabulary. The three ring binders with tabs are for organizational purposes.

Class Expectations:
1.    RESPECT. If we all practice courtesy, consideration, and cooperation, we will have a classroom environment
      conducive to learning. Disruption of that environment will result in detention or being asked to leave the

2.    COME TO CLASS ON TIME AND BE PREPARED. This means you should be in your seat when the bell
      rings and have all of your necessary materials. All work should be ready to turn in at the BEGINNING of class.

3.   PARTICIPATE. You should be prepared for class and ready to discuss and/or read the work assigned for that
     day. Sleeping in class is not acceptable.

4.   OBSERVE DUE DATES. Be certain you are aware of due dates and get your work in on time. Formative
     assignments that are turned in late will be accepted until the summative assessment occurs. However, ten points
     will be deducted each day for the first five days following the due date, and the final grade will be determined by
     the quality of the work. A student who turns in work five days late or more than five days late can only receive a
     maximum grade of 50. No formative assignments will be accepted after the summative assessment is given. The
     English Department will follow the school makeup policy as outlined in the handbook concerning absences.
     Otherwise, for projects, research papers, and essays that are summative, thirty points will be deducted for the
     assignment that is turned in one day late. Therefore, a late summative grade can only earn a maximum grade of

5.    MAKE UP ANY WORK YOU MISS. Please know that you can always check ANGEL for daily lesson plans.
      Use these lesson plans to help you stay on top of your work as well as a tool to see what you missed when absent.
      Go to to access ANGEL. You will need to provide your log-in
      information. Once you are logged in, you will need to find the Honors World Literature class you have been
      added to. From there, you will go to Lessons and then the weekly assignments. Choose the appropriate week in
      which you have days absent, and then find the daily lessons for the day you missed.

6.   INTEGRITY. Cheating will result in a zero and a parent phone call home. Please be aware this
     rule applies to all parties involved (i.e. loaning your homework /classwork to another student).
     Plagiarism will result in a zero.

7.   ATTENDANCE. Please refer to the student handbook regarding absences and tardies for the
     procedures you must follow.

8.   FOOD AND DRINK. There will be no food or drinks, per school policy, allowed in class at any time
     other than water in a clear container.

9.   RESTROOM POLICY. You may ask to use the restroom during class. Only one student will be
     allowed out of the classroom at a time. Please do not ask to go to the restroom in the middle of a
     lesson or presentation of material.

NOTE: The teacher reserves the right to make changes on the syllabus as needed to meet the needs of the individual

Parent Contact and Consent Form
I look forward to working with you this year. Please contact me any time you have questions or need
assistance. I will be glad to help you in any way I can. Thank you.

Parent/Guardian Contact Information: Please include at least one e-mail contact. I will be sending out
periodic e-mails to inform parents/guardians of their child’s grade and any other relevant information
imperative to the success of the student. Please Print to Ensure Legibility.

Name(s): _________________________________________________


Most efficient mode of communication (phone numbers, e-mail addresses):



Please sign below to verify that you have read, understood, and agreed to the information contained
in Coach Nash’s syllabus.

Parent/Guardian __________________________________ Date ________________________

Student __________________________________________ Date ________________________

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