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									                                                 It is extraordinary how many small nations
                            A festival
                            of literature        look to Scotland for inspiration, as it
                            and thought          manages to protect both its cultural identity
                                                 and secure a devolved political settlement.
                                                 I believe Scotland can act as a beacon to
                                                 other small nations and peoples seeking to
                                                 protect their own life and culture through
                                                 nonviolent means. This year’s festival has a
                                                 particular focus on the power and perils of
                                                 democracy both at home and abroad. From
Welcome to Traquair. We hope you enjoy           the future of our royal family and Scotland

this year’s programme, which ranges from         in our own democratic system, to the plight
current debate on the future of Pakistan to      of democracy in Zimbabwe, Palestine,

literary walks along the River Tweed. Here       Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Egypt, on to the role
you will find this year’s timetable of events,   of women in empowering nations in Africa,

                     and Bikes
biographies of our participants, and a map       this year’s festival tackles some of the most
of Traquair; we have also included a reader      pressing issue of our epoch.
section, filled with extracts from many of our   Whether you listen to Dr. Abuelaish and
participants and affiliates, to digest amidst    Mark Thomas on Palestine, Marie Colvin
the tranquil surroundings of Traquair House.     and Allan Little on Libya, revolutionary
This year we bring together another              singer Ramy Essam from Tahrir Square, or
remarkable collection of Scottish                to our homespun writers, commentators,
broadcasters, international writers and          diplomats, historians from the UK, from
cultural leaders from around the world to        Jonathan Powell and Mariella Frostrup to
discuss some of the most urgent political        David Starkey and others - we are sure
and cultural themes of our time, through         you will have both a stimulating and
literature, comedy, art, dialogue, testimony     rewarding time. Thank you for supporting
and debate, and by using Scotland’s unique       Beyond Borders.
cultural and political heritage as a platform    Mark Muller Stuart QC,
for exchange.                                    Executive Director of Beyond Borders

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    Timetable of events                                                                  Timetable of events
    Saturday 20th August 2011                                                            Sunday 21st August 2011

         Time            Description                                                        Time            Description

         9:00 - 11:00    Storytelling Cycle Ride from Neidpath Castle to Traquair           09:00 - 11:45   Storytelling Cycle Ride with John Nichol (p35) from
                         with John Nichol (p35) and author Bella Bathurst (p34 ).                           Abbotsford House to Traquair.

         10:00 - 11:45   The Literary Walk with Fiona J. Houston (p35) and                  10:00 - 10:45   Woodland Walk with family historian Mary Kenny (p35).
                         Olivia Laing (p26).
                                                                                            12:00 - 12:45   The Stuart Dynasty In the Scottish Borders: Geoffrey
         10:00 - 10:45   Woodland Walk with local storyteller Mary Kenny (p35).                             Baskerville in conversation with Allan Massie (p33)
                                                                                                            and Catherine Muller Stuart (p30).
         11:15 - 11:45   Perfect Balance: An engaging portrait of the simple joys
                         of cycling with Bella Bathurst (p34) and Penny Smith (p25).        13:00 - 13:45   Zimbabwe at the Crossroads: Allan Little (p27) talks with
                                                                                                            Sir Kieran Prendergast (p27), Mordecai Mahlungu (p22),
         12:00 - 12:45   From the Source to the Sea: Olivia Laing (p26) talks                               Petina Gappah (p28) and William Burdett-Coutts (p28).
                         to James Runcie (p34).
                                                                                            14:00 - 14:45   Pakistan - A Failing State? William Dalrymple (p31)
         13:00 - 13:45   Tales from Afghanistan: Magnus Linklater (p30) talks to                            talks to Rashed Rahman (p19).
                         William Dalrymple (p31) and Des Browne (p33).
                                                                                            15:00 - 15:45   Dispatches from the Darkside: Gareth Peirce (p20) in
         14:00 - 14:45   Crown and Country: Penny Smith (p25) welcomes                                      conversation with Allan Little (p27).
                         David Starkey (p18).
                                                                                            16:00 - 16:45   The Future of Scotland & the Union with David Starkey (p18),
         15:15 - 16:00   Love and Death in Gaza: Mark Muller Stuart QC (p25)                                Sir Menzies Campbell (p22) and Lord Steel (p29).
                         talks to Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish (p17).
                                                                                            17:00 - 17:45   Dividing Small Nations: Mark Thomas (p21) talks to
         16:15 - 17:00   How to Win and Keep Hold of Power: Magnus Linklater (p30)                          Oscar Guardiola-Rivera (p26).
                         in discussion with Jonathan Powell (p23).
                                                                                            18:00 - 18:45   GREAT Women: Mariella Frostrup (p19) in conversation with
         17:15 - 18:00   The Arab Spring & the Power of Democracy –                                         Marie Colvin (p24) and Petina Gappah (p28).
                         Oscar Guardiola-Rivera (p26) talks with Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish
                         (p17), Rashed Rahman (p19), Sir Kieran Prendergast (p27),          19:15 - 20:00   GREAT Drinks Reception hosted by Mariella Frostrup (p19)
                         Marie Colvin (p24) and Ramy Essam (p23).                                           and Jason McCue (p32).

         18:30 - 19:15   Glimpses of the Middle East: Reception hosted by
                         Mark Muller Stuart QC (p25) and Joseph Maxwell Stuart (p29).

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    Challenges                                                                                          On Belarus
    by Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish                                                                           by Tom Stoppard

                                                                      It is time to change the          Belarus, landlocked between Russia,               It looks like the end-game, and while it
                                                                      search for blame into a           Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, is not     is being played out, the strange thing is
                                                                      longing of hope, and realize      a lucky country. Formerly a Soviet Republic,      that so far as the British public are aware
                                                                      that the antidote of hate and     it is now a left-over, with the last collective   of Belarus at all, this is largely due to an
                                                                      revenge is to move forward,       farms, the last KGB, the last “dissidents”        itinerant, mouse-poor theatre group. The
                                                                      and make a difference in          in the pre-1990 sense, and – in Alexander         Belarus Free Theatre company has an
                                                                      the lives of others.              Lukashenko – the last dictator in Europe.         international reputation, all of it gained
                                                                                                        A generation earlier, there was almost            outside its own country where they are
                                                                      We need to spread the
                                                                                                        nothing left standing by the time the Soviet      outlaws with individual histories of arrests
                                                                      proactive feeling that hope
                                                                                                        and Nazi armies had finished fighting over it.    and persecution. While saluting their talent,
                                                                      can be found, that good
                                                                                                        Today, Lukashenko’s control over the              we should salute their courage, too.
                                                                      deeds are present, and that
                                                     nothing is impossible in life. Hope is life, and   country is total, so far as day-to-day life       Co-founder of The Belarus Free Theatre,
    Life is complicated and full of surprises, and
                                                     is a matter of action. Each of us can do a lot     is concerned, but in a wider context              Natalia Kaliada, speaks on The Art of
    in our life we face challenges. But my life
                                                     and start to act. We must not underestimate        Belarus’s existence as an independent             Resistance, as part of Beyond Borders’
    was a challenge, and the most difficult time
                                                     ourselves and our actions.                         nation depends on a tricky and duplicitous        August programme. (23rd August,
    was a four months period; September 16th,
                                                                                                        poker game with Russia, the EU and the            Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh)
    2008 is the day when I lost my wife, and         I believe the strongest members in any
                                                                                                        IMF. Currently, Lukashenko is choosing
    January 16th, 2009 is the day when three         society are women and I am in debt to
                                                                                                        rouble-favours over euro-favours: preferring
    of my daughters and niece were killed by         my mother, wife and daughters. Women
                                                                                                        to risk absorption by Russia to being thrown
    the Israeli army.                                maintain hope and are the balance of
                                                                                                        out by his own voters in a genuinely free
    Grandma Moses said: life is what we make         our world. Women give and nurture life.
                                                                                                        election instead of the rigged and
    it, always has been, always will be. We are      The Daughters for Life foundation was
                                                                                                        brutal election which extended
    blessed to be human beings and have the          established in memory of my beloved
                                                                                                        his power last December.
    choice and think between right and wrong.        daughters for the education of girls in the
    People were expecting me be immersed             Middle East. Education is about creating
    and paralyzed with hate and revenge. Hate        a world of hope and eradicate injustice.
    and revenge is too great to bear and it          Daughters for Life provides scholarship
    injuries the hater more that the hated and       awards to encourage young women
    as Rabbi Jonathan Sacks said: the biggest        to pursue their studies at universities in
    weapon of mass destruction is the hate in        Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt
    our souls.                                       and Syria. For more information, please visit

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    Freedom in Benghazi                                                                                 GREAT Women
    by Teun Voeten                                                                                      Jason McCue and Mariella Frostrup

                                                      devoted to the creation of cartoons and                                                                                 done at grassroots
                                                      caricatures, is housed in a room named after                                                                            level, we are most
                                                      Quais Ahmed Hilal, an artist who became                                                                                 likely to be able to
                                                      a martyr when he was shot dead by the                                                                                   effect a genuine
                                                      old regime after being caught painting anti-                                                                            impact on their
                                                      Gaddafi portraits on the walls                                                                                          lives and their
                                                      of the city.                                                                                                            communities.
                                                      These caricatures illustrate how the Arab                                                                               Our belief is that
                                                      Spring of 2011 deployed art in its most                                                                                 the best strategy is
    Benghazi was the first major city to free                                                           We at GREAT believe that many women’s           to empower and enable African women to
                                                      powerful and political form, used as a
    itself from the Gaddafi regime. With it came                                                        lack of basic human rights, let alone equal     take the lead on such projects. Together,
                                                      mouthpiece of protest by young men
    new found liberty and unheard of freedom                                                            rights, across the globe is the greatest        we seek to become a coalition focus
                                                      and women willing to risk their lives for an
    of expression. One of the ways it manifest                                                          human rights abuse of the 21st century.         point for women and gender groups
                                                      ideal – democracy and freedom. Now the
    itself was in a language everybody could                                                            Women are the developing world’s                around the world.
                                                      energetic rebels produce a steady stream
    understand: caricatures and cartoons. The                                                           greatest asset but without education and
                                                      of new imagery that adorn the walls around                                                        We are also committed to expanding
    people of Libya were always surrounded by                                                           participation in the decision making process
                                                      the Square and are even exposed in a                                                              the profile of the FAS African Gender
    portraits of Gaddafi, glorified in all shapes                                                       they are ill-equipped to achieve their
                                                      small gallery outside. “Gaddafi is a gratefull                                                    Award, a brilliant initiative to make gender
    and sizes. Gaddafi continues to adorn the                                                           potential. No country can afford to leave
                                                      subject” explains one of the artists, Al-Jhani.                                                   improvements a covetable goal rather than
    city, but he is ridiculed and mocked: the                                                           half its workforce uneducated,
                                                      With his wrinkled face, sunglasses, wild                                                          reluctant responsibility for African leaders.
    colonel is now a rat caught in a mouse trap,                                                        unrepresented and without a voice.
                                                      hair, cruel mouth and fantasy costumes,                                                           This year’s recipient is Ellen Sirleaf Johnson
    a monkey eating bananas, a highway robber
                                                      his physical appearance is a dream for            The Gender Rights and Equality Action           of Liberia, Africa’s first female president.
    fleeing with bags of money.
                                                      cartoonists. These works indicate a new           Trust is dedicated to amplifying the voices     When you educate a woman, you educate
    Most of the caricatures in Benghazi are           existence of profound freedom of expression       of these unheard millions of women,             her children, and offer a future to whole
    produced in the old government buildings          that will not go away.                            lobbying to see their inclusion in political    communities. To support us in
    around the main square, dubbed Tahrir                                                               and civil society, and fundraising to support   our campaign, we have gathered together
    Square - Freedom Square. The buildings                                                              grassroots NGOs working on the ground           many leading figures from the world of
    are now occupied by the rebels and contain                                                          in Africa and beyond.                           politics, business, charities and NGO’s,
    not only officials working for the transitional                                                                                                     and other high-profile individuals from the
                                                                                                        Our partner is Femmes Africa Solidarité
    rebel council, but the foreign press office, a                                                                                                      arts and media.
                                                                                                        (FAS), a highly respected NGO. We believe
    recording studio for a local rap group as well
                                                                                                        that by working with African women, who         For more information, please visit:
    as an art department. The art section, mostly
                                                                                                        know better than anyone what needs to be

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    Caroline McNairn:                                                                                   dominates Moscow’s artistic life. She began
                                                                                                        to see Western art and her own painting
                                                                                                                                                          total irony, the rebellion of the French ‘wild
                                                                                                                                                          beasts’ looks like a life in Eden. Caroline

    One Foot in Eden                                                                                    from a different perspective”.

                                                                                                        Caroline met Hugh Collins in the late 1980’s
                                                                                                                                                          McNairn is looking for harmony in that
                                                                                                                                                          phase of twentieth century art which is

    by Andrew Brown                                                                                     when he was on day release to the 369
                                                                                                                                                          classical modernism for the contemporary
                                                                                                                                                          art historian. For Caroline McNairn art history
                                                                                                        Gallery from Barlinnie Prison where he
                                                                                                                                                          is a tool for her work just like brushes and
                                                                                                        was coming to the end of a sixteen year
                                                     the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in                                                                   paint. Her nostalgia for ‘modernism’ is a
                                                                                                        sentence for murder. From the beginning
                                                     Moscow where her work was exhibited                                                                  sign of our time which is dreaming about
                                                                                                        she believed in him both artistically
                                                     in the company of her heroes Cezanné,                                                                the heroic days when the artist still had
                                                                                                        and spiritually and he believes that his
                                                     Gauguin, and Matisse.                                                                                something to overthrow”.
                                                                                                        rehabilitation as an artist and author of four
                                                     In the early 1980s she was one of the first of     books is entirely down to her. It was love        Caroline McNairn did what all great Scottish
                                                     a new generation of Scottish expressionist         at first sight for both of them and after his     artists from the Colourists through Joan
                                                     artists to exhibit in New York and Chicago         release from prison they married in 1993 and      Eardley and Alan Davie have attempted
                                                     promoted by the 369 Gallery, Edinburgh             were inseparable from that moment on.             to do; the almost impossible task of
                                                     with which she was closely associated from                                                           synthesizing paint and experience. Before
                                                                                                        In leaving Edinburgh and moving to a rustic
                                                     its foundation in 1978, not only as a regular                                                        her untimely death from cancer last year,
                                                                                                        cottage in the Scottish Borders in 2005,
                                                     exhibitor but as an inspiring teacher and                                                            Caroline was working on a new series
    Caroline McNairn, considered by many to be                                                          she was returning to her roots for her family
                                                     artistic advisor. She had a critically acclaimed                                                     of luminous landscapes inspired by the
    the best Scottish painter of her generation,                                                        were from Hawick. Caroline’s father, John
                                                     and ground-breaking show in 1986 at the                                                              scenery around her studio in the old
    was a true Borderer. Born in 1955 in Selkirk,                                                       McNairn, who died in his 99th year in 2009,
                                                     cutting edge Avenue B Gallery in Manhattan                                                           Traquair primary school. She was at the
    her earliest works are informed by the half-                                                        studied at Edinburgh College of Art in the
                                                     where her work was admired by Keith Haring                                                           height of her abilities and her loss is a
    wild Border landscape and its exceptional                                                           1920’s and then in the early 1930’s in Paris
                                                     and Jean-Michel Basquiat. In the same year                                                           severe blow to Scottish art.
    artistic and poetic tradition. The painters                                                         under Othon Friesz, the friend and pupil of
                                                     she also had shows in Hong Kong, Los               Cezanné. Thus Caroline was only two steps         Her work will be shown in a memorial
    Anne Redpath and William Gillies were close
                                                     Angeles and Santa Fe, and in 1990 spent a          away from the father of modern art and            exhibition, in the Traquair House gallery, in
    family friends and the abstractionist William
                                                     year working in the Soviet Union exhibiting        therefore, it is not surprising that the heroic   an show that is devoted to a selection of
    Johnstone encouraged her talent and
                                                     with the notorious Kievsky Station Group in        period of early twentieth century art had         her smaller more intimate paintings, giving
    introduced her to the poetry of Edwin Muir
                                                     Moscow and Odessa.                                 such a marked influence on her.                   a moving insight into the poetic lyricism and
    who had a profound affect on Caroline’s
    aesthetic. She studied Fine Art at Edinburgh     As Christina Lodder, Professor of Art History                                                        humanity of her unique vision which blends
                                                                                                        As the distinguished Russian art critic,
    University and Edinburgh College of Art and      at St Andrews University, wrote in 1997,                                                             local tradition with an international outlook.
                                                                                                        Konstantine Akinsha wrote in 1990 “Many
    then travelled widely exhibiting with the 369    “living and working in Russia for almost a         critics have noticed the artist’s connection
    Gallery in the USA and Russia where her          year was clearly a great liberation. She was       with the tradition of the French art of the
    work was held in even higher esteem than         exposed to the extraordinary art of the Ikon,      first decade of the twentieth century. Why
    her native Scotland. Indeed, in 1989 she         the radical aesthetic of Russia’s modernists       does Caroline McNairn try to be Matisse
    was the first foreign artist since the Russian   such as Malevich, and to that passionate           with a strong Scottish accent today? For
    Revolution to have a painting purchased by       discussion of aesthetic issues which               us, the generation living in the kingdom of

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     What If Latin America                                                                               In Defence of Mother Tongue
     Ruled the World?                                                                                    by Yasar Kemal
     by Oscar Guardiola-Rivera
                                                                                                                                                          When a flower is torn away, a colour, a
                                                                                                                                                          scent is lost to our world.
     Until recently, the five members of the            mobilisation, America is set to become the
     most exclusive club in the planet made             next Latin American country. At present, four                                                     No-one has the power to deprive a person
     all decisions of global importance. Britain,       states feature non-Latino whites, or Anglos,                                                      of his culture, that is, of his essence. No
     France, Russia, the US and China, the              in the minority. The 2010 Census has shown                                                        good can come to a country that sows
     Permanent 5 of the UN Security Council,            that as many as twelve states will pass that                                                      seeds of hatred and revenge in the human
     have held the privilege of deciding on             milestone before the end of the decade. By                                                        breast. Humankind will not allow the
     matters of war and peace, life and death, for      2040 the United States will be a ‘minority-                                                       squandering and ravaging of its flowers,
     the rest of us.                                    majority’ nation, irrespective of immigration.                                                    colours and scents.

     It is a privilege, an all-exclusive prerogative.   The new Latino face of America will have                                                          My friend, Mark Muller, I know, shares this
     What justifies it? It may not be incidental that   dramatic consequences for the political                                                           belief. He has been working hard for many
                                                                                                         An extract from a message delivered by
     the members of this select club represent          future of the country and the world. How will                                                     years in defence of human dignity, and
                                                                                                         Kurdish writer Yasar Kemal at last year’s
     the two dominant features of 20th century          it affect the ‘special relationship’ between                                                      continues his struggle with his program,
                                                                                                         festival, in defence of mother tongue.
     world history: imperialism and military might.     Britain and the US, based upon an alleged                                                         “Travel Beyond Borders”, to ensure that in
                                                                                                         After describing the assault on the Kurdish
                                                        historical and cultural continuity between the                                                    this world people will not be left with only a
     That pattern is changing. At the meeting                                                            language in Turkey, Kemal issued this
                                                        two countries? Is Britain prepared for a non-                                                     single flower, a single colour, a single scent
     of the Doha Round in Cancún in 2003,                                                                message:
                                                        Anglo United States?                                                                              or a single language.
     a group of developing countries led by                                                              ‘To survive, a language cannot exist only
                                                                                                                                                          Art, true art, stands against oppression,
     Brazil and Argentina rejected decisions            By hosting the second BRIC-Summit and            in the vernacular. A language will have a
                                                                                                                                                          violence, consumer greed, and every
     taken by traditional stakeholders. Latin           the fourth IBSA-Forum, with India and South      spoken or written literature. In order for the
                                                                                                                                                          kind of inhumanity. Art, any form of art, is
     America’s international leadership                 Africa, Brazil shows the way. Recognition        language of a people to survive, it must be
                                                                                                                                                          a rebellion.
     reflected transformations within the region:       of Brazil’s momentum helps us coming             taught, there must be institutes, academies
     democracy’s entrenchment, grassroots               to terms with a wider phenomenon of              and organisations for its preservation.          Art warns people against lies, oppression,
     commitment to human and social rights,             historical significance: Latin America’s own                                                      meaningless never-ending wars and all
                                                                                                         Happily humankind has begun to
     the rise of indigenous and other traditionally     ‘reformation’. Rejecting economic and                                                             forms of evil.
                                                                                                         recognize that survival of languages and
     subordinated peoples, and importantly, a           ideological dogma, the continent dances its                                                       Sending you all my best wishes, I ask all
                                                                                                         cultures is as essential for existence as is
     departure from the strictures of economic          way through the current crisis while most                                                         of you to continue our joint struggle.’
                                                                                                         the survival of nature.
     dogma.                                             other regions, Europe in particular, stumble.
                                                                                                         How wonderful to know that our world             Yasar Kemal, Turkey, 2010
     These changes are not limited to the               So what if Latin America ruled the world? At
                                                                                                         is still a garden of cultures where tens of
     Americas south of the border. With Latinos         the very least, we would all dance better.
                                                                                                         thousands of flowers bloom.
     on the rise in the US and increased political

10   Beyond Borders                                                                                                                                                           Books, Borders & Bikes       11
     Benghazi or Bust!                                                                                   Sufism of Sindh
     by Mark Muller Stuart QC                                                                            by William Dalrymple

                                                                        to the people of his beloved     We talked all morning about the Sufism of      “You must understand,” said Sain Fakir,
                                                                        city, was dead. Both men         Sindh, and Sain Fakir’s belief that it would   putting a hand on his heart, “everything is
                                                                        had understood the power         never succumb to the Wahhabis. One of          inside. This is what we believe. Both hell
                                                                        of artistic ridicule and how     Sain Fakir’s sons brought green tea, and we    and paradise-- it is all within you. So few
                                                                        it constituted one of the        sat in the shade beside a bubbling runnel of   understand...”
                                                                        most dangerous threats for       spring water as the midday desert sun beat      “There is a story about the great Sufi saint
                                                                        any dictator who depended        down, sipping tea and tearing great flaps of   Lal Shahbaz Qalander, which Sain Sahib
                                                                        on fear to exercise power.       newly cooked naan. Every so often father       once taught me,” said Lal Peri.“ One day
                                                                        And so it was that Gaddafi       and son would burst into song, illustrating    Lal Shahbaz was wandering in the desert
     It was another breezy spring evening in          ordered an assassin into Benghazi not to           some theological point with a verse or two     with his friend, Baha ud-Din Zakariya. It was
     Benghazi as Quais Ahmed Hilal made his           execute a renegade rebel leader but a young        of the great epic of Sindh, the Risalo.        winter, and evening time, so they began
     way to the Quayside to work on his latest        artist whose work had laid bare his inner
                                                                                                                                                        to build a fire to keep themselves warm.
     offering. Good, he thought to himself, the       core. Within a few short hours of his death
                                                                                                                                                        They found some wood, but then they
     paint will dry quicker today, as he added the    Quais too was to be found on the very walls
                                                                                                                                                        realised they had no fire. So Baha ud-Din
     last remaining touches to yet another iconic     he had sought to adorn, as images of him
                                                                                                                                                        suggested that Lal Shahbaz turn himself
     image of the Libyan Revolution. Suddenly an      were erected from a dozen vantage points
                                                                                                                                                        into a falcon and get fire from hell. Off he
     unmistakable wisp rang out through the air.      throughout the city. Quais had joined the
                                                                                                                                                        flew, but an hour later he came back empty
     Quais briefly turned his head before the lone    long line of honoured martyrs who had given
                                                                                                                                                        handed. ‘There is no fire in hell,’ he reported.
     sniper’s bullet went thwack into his chest.      their lives in defence of freedom and the
                                                                                                                                                        ‘Everyone who goes there brings their own
     Immediately he dropped to his knees as           17th of February Revolution. Within a day of
                                                                                                                                                        fire, and their own pain, from this world.’”
     horrified bystanders screamed out in panic       Quais’s execution, dozens of young people
     as blood began to trickle onto the street.       presented themselves at the blackened                                                             This is an extract from Nine Lives:
     As his shattered torso fell to the ground the    office next to the Courthouse in Benghazi                                                         In Search of the Sacred in Modern India,
     image behind him came into view. It was of       to offer to paint the city’s streets afresh with                                                  (Bloomsbury, 2010)
     Colonel Gaddafi’s vengeful face emblazoned       new biting images of Gaddafi. They came
     in green, holding a black umbrella dripping      not by chance but by moral choice. The
     with blood for rain. It was to be Quais’s last   Graffiti Revolution had begun.
     piece of art. “The Graffiti King of Benghazi”,   This is an extract from a forthcoming book,
     who for a few short weeks through his            Benghazi or Bust! Six Days During the Arab
     revolutionary art had lampooned the “Mad         Spring, by Mark Muller Stuart, which will be
     Dog” of Tripoli and brought untold laughter      published in 2012.

12   Beyond Borders                                                                                                                                                         Books, Borders & Bikes         13
     The Future of Zimbabwe                                                                         that the very sharp decline into chaos
                                                                                                    occurred in Zimbabwe when the free press
                                                                                                                                                      era and refurbished and strengthened
                                                                                                                                                      immediately after independence remains

     by Mordecai Mahlangu                                                                           was muzzled or shut down and political
                                                                                                    activities proscribed. The elections held in
                                                                                                                                                      largely intact. If political stability and the rule
                                                                                                                                                      of law were re-established in Zimbabwe,
                                                                                                    2000, 2002, 2005 and 2008 were nothing            putting the economy back on track would
                                                              the coalition Government that was     but a fiasco and clearly not a reflection of      not take too many years. Although a large
                                                              in place collapsed and the new        the will of the people of Zimbabwe. In many       number of Zimbabweans, particularly the
                                                              Prime Minister deployed a ferocious   words, the unsettled political and economic       relatively young of all races, have left the
                                                              brigade of North Korean trained       situation in Zimbabwe is a product of the         country looking for greener pastures, it
                                                              soldiers on what was effectively a    failure of leadership but more seriously of the   would not be a difficult matter to lure them
                                                              purge of parts of Midlands Province   inability of leaders in power to yield to the     back. Many of them have been unable to
                                                              and most of the Matebeleland          will of the people.                               sink deep roots in their new found homes
                                                              Provinces of Zimbabwe. It is                                                            and miss their homeland. The only question
                                                                                                    Notwithstanding the gloomy picture painted
                                                              estimated that no less than                                                             is when and not whether political change will
                                                                                                    above, Zimbabwe has a future. It has
                                                              20,000 lives were lost and these                                                        come. My own feeling is that much sooner
                                                                                                    a relatively educated and sophisticated
                                                              were mostly children and women.                                                         than many think and more certainly during
                                                                                                    population which is hardworking. The
                                                              This sad chapter in the history of                                                      my lifetime.
     Zimbabwe was born on the 18th of April                                                         infrastructure set up during the colonial
     in 1981. This was a time of considerable        Zimbabwe has never been properly dealt
     excitement and hope. When the new Prime         with although fully documented and the
     Minister, Robert Gabriel Mugabe in an
     address to the nation urged us all to beat
                                                     genocide undeniable.

                                                     After the first decade of independence,
                                                                                                    James VI & I
     our swords into plough shares, in spite of      Zimbabwe experienced a decline in the          by Allan Massie
     the anxieties about the future, we were all     performance of its economy as a result
     hopeful that we could avoid mistakes which      of mismanagement, corruption and
     had been made by our brothers and sisters       unwise economic policies. The answer           On the ceiling of the banqueting hall in the      met them, lend their memory a nobility
     to the north of us.                             to this development was a World Bank           Palace of Whitehall, Rubens depicted James        their lives frequently lacked. James died, in
                                                     International Monetary Fund prescription       VI & I as the “British Solomon”, dispensing       ordinary and inglorious fashion, in his bed.
     The first few years of independence saw
                                                     of harsh economic measures described           justice amidst swirling Baroque clouds.           Highly intelligent, a scholar and a poet, he
     rapid economy growth, social and political
                                                     as an Economic Structural Adjustment           Though the most successful of the Stuarts,        was an unusual man to find on a throne,
     stability and a feeling of contentment by
                                                     Programme. Far from improving things           he has more often attracted ridicule than         perhaps the only king of either Scotland or
     many. For the lawyers however, the concern
                                                     economic, the step was retrogressive, the      admiration; the Duc de Sully, chief minister      England who may reasonably be styled an
     was that all the repressive legislation that
                                                     economy worsened and the politicians lost      of his cousin Henry IV of France, called          intellectual. He liked to call himself “the great
     was in our statute books was retained intact.
                                                     all popularity. It was then that Mr Mugabe’s   him “the wisest fool in Christendom”. His         schoolmaster of the realm”, and it is easy to
     A few years after independence, it was to
                                                     grip on power loosened and his popularity      mother Mary has never lacked devotees.            imagine him as a university don, witty and
     be employed fully by the new Government
                                                     declined dramatically. By the late nineties,   Nor has his son Charles. Their deaths on          eccentric, admired by some students and
     of an independent Zimbabwe. What is more
                                                     it was clear that he was no longer             the scaffold, and the manner in which they        mocked by others.
     some three or four years into independence,
                                                     guaranteed to win an election. It was then

14   Beyond Borders                                                                                                                                                        Books, Borders & Bikes           15
     The E-Book Revolution                                                                            Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish
                                                                                                      associated with Palestine, Israel, Gaza
     by David Robinson                                                                                Gazan surgeon Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish on why he will not
                                                                                                      hate following the death of his three daughters during the
                                                                                                      bombing of Gaza in 2009.
                                                    and the book has already been edited and
                                                    typeset. If you want to sell it yourself from a
                                                    reputable website, digitising downloadable
                                                    text won’t cost much more than £100.                                    Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, a Palestinian medical doctor who
                                                                                                                            was born and raised in the Jabalia Refugee Camp, is a
                                                    And there you are. A book that hasn’t had to
                                                                                                                            passionate and eloquent proponent of peace between
                                                    wait for months on publishers’ catalogues,
                                                                                                                            Palestinians and Israelis.
                                                    that won’t need to be warehoused and
                                                    won’t get stuck in a distribution chain. A                              Abuelaish has been an important figure in the Israeli-Palestinian
                                                    book that will also reward its author with                              relations for years, working in Israeli hospitals, treating Israeli
                                                    about double the percentage per sale than                               and Palestinian patients with the belief that health is an engine
                                                    a printed book publisher can offer.               Izzeldin Abuelaish:   for the journey to peace.
                                                                                                      Sat 15.15 & 17.15
                                                    The downside? Without marketing, without                                In 2009, Dr. Abuelaish’s three daughters and neice were
                                                    word of mouth, it will sink into oblivion. Yet                          killed during the bombing of Gaza, minutes before he was
     This is, publishers tell us, “the Kindle
                                                    with rise of the social networks, this needn’t                          due to speak on Israeli TV. This horrific tragedy did not harden
     summer”. At festivals such as Books,
                                                    happen. If our hypothetical book about Syria                            Abuelaish’s heart; neither did it weaken his resolve to act for
     Borders & Bikes you might even start seeing
                                                    really is direct, powerful, immediate – and if                          humanity. He continues to live up the description bestowed
     something you won’t have ever noticed
                                                    it is taken up by the West’s opinion formers,                           upon him by an Israeli colleague, as a magical, secret bridge
     before – audience members downloading
                                                    people with small armies of Facebook                                    between Israelis and Palestinians. He has been invited to give
     an intriguing-sounding title even before the
                                                    “friends” and hundreds of thousands of                                  speeches across the world, including the European Parliament,
     speaker has even finished talking about it.
                                                    Twitter followers - democracy might just                                the House of Commons and the American Congress. He
     Our world IS that instant these days.
                                                    be about to discover its cheapest, most                                 received the 2010 Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award of Canada,
     For writers in the less fortunate countries,                                                                           and was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize in 2010. He
                                                    effective, weapon yet.
     the e-book revolution offers enormous                                                                                  has established The Daughters for Life Foundation which
                                                    David Robinson is Books Editor of The
     potential. Suppose you live in Syria and                                                                               advocates leadership, health and education for girls and
                                                    Scotsman. In Cold Ink, his book of literary
     have already prepared, in English, a book                                                                              women in the Middle East. I Shall Not Hate is his account
                                                    essays and interviews, has just been
     giving essential background on the uprising                                                                            of his extraordinary life.
                                                    published as an e-book on Amazon Kindle.
     against the Assad dictatorship. Suppose
     you have already designed a cover image

16   Beyond Borders                                                                                                                                                Books, Borders & Bikes         17
     David Starkey                                                                                Mariella Frostrup
     associated with England, Scotland                                                            associated with Africa, UK
     David Starkey discusses his study Crown & Country:                                           Mariella Frostrup on The GREAT Initiative, and the empowerment of
     A History of England through the Monarchy and why he                                         women in Africa, in conversation with Marie Colvin and Petina Gappah.
     claims that Scotland is “a feeble little country”.
                                                                                                                          Mariella Frostrup is an acclaimed broadcaster, journalist and
                                                                                                                          critic, known for her focus on artistic programming. She has
                                                                                                                          presented many different programmes over the years including
                             David Starkey is Honorary Fellow of Fitzwilliam College,
                                                                                                                          Panaroma and Open Book (Radio 4). As a journalist, Mariella is
                             Cambridge and one of Britain’s leading historians. He is the
                                                                                                                          film critic for Harpers & Queen and has a weekly column in the
                             author of many books, including ‘Elizabeth’, ‘Six Wives: The
                                                                                                                          Observer Magazine. As a respected critic, Mariella has sat on
                             Queens of Henry VIII’ and ‘Henry: Virtuous Prince’, which was
                                                                                                                          the judging panel for the Booker Prize and the Orange Prize for
                             described as a ‘masterpiece’ by the Sunday Times. He has
                                                                                                                          Fiction. Mariella’s foundation, The Gender Rights and Equality
                             guest-curated several major historical exhibitions, most recently    Mariella Frostrup:      Action Trust (The GREAT Initiative) aims at fostering gender
                             Henry VIII: Man and Monarch at the British Library. His television   Sun 18.00 & 19.15
                                                                                                                          equality and raising awareness and funds to support the grass
                             documentaries on Elizabeth I and The Six Wives of Henry VIII
     David Starkey:                                                                                                       roots gender equality projects in Africa and beyond.
                             have won record audiences on Channel 4. He is winner of the
     Sat 14.00 & Sun 16.00
                             W.H Smith Prize for Biography and the Norton Medlicott Medal
                             for services to History presented by the Historical Association.
                             He is Hon. D. Ltt. of the Universities of Kent and Lancaster and     Rashed Rahman
                             was made a CBE in 2007. He lives in London and Kent.
                                                                                                  associated with Pakistan
                                                                                                  Rashed Rahman in conversation with William Dalrymple on the
                                                                                                  trials and tribulations of Pakistan.

                                                                                                                          Rashed Rahman is editor of the Daily Times, Pakistan’s major
                                                                                                                          English language newspaper. Rahman participated in the
                                                                                                                          Balochistan movement, an ongoing conflict between Baloch
                                                                                                                          nationalists and the government of the Islamic Republic of
                                                                                                                          Pakistan over the country’s largest province, Balochistan.
                                                                                                                          Rashed is a qualified Chartered Accountant, but decided to
                                                                                                                          take up a career in journalism. He writes extensively for the
                                                                                                                          Daily Times, and is former executive editor of English dailies
                                                                                                  Rashed Rahman:          published from Pakistan. His father was Justice S.A Rehman,
                                                                                                  Sat 17.15 & Sun 14.00
                                                                                                                          former Chief of Justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court.

18   Beyond Borders                                                                                                                                            Books, Borders & Bikes       19
     Gareth Peirce                                                                            Mark Thomas
     associated with Guantanamo,                                                              associated with Palestine, Israel, UK, Turkey, Columbia
     Northern Ireland, UK, Iraq
                                                                                              Mark Thomas discusses his recent walk along the 700km Israeli
     Civil rights lawyer Gareth Peirce on Guantánamo,                                         Separation Barrier, documented in his book Extreme Rambling:
     and the UK’s alleged complicity in torture, as she                                       Walking Israel’s Separation Barrier, For Fun.
     discusses her new book Dispatches From the Dark Side.

                           Gareth Peirce is a solicitor, known for her work in high profile                       Mark Thomas is a comedian, writer and political activist.
                           cases representing clients with Irish and Muslim backgrounds                           His acclaimed Channel 4 show The Mark Thomas Comedy
                           accused of terrorism. Gareth has become a key architect                                Product, which ran from 1996-2002, straddled comedy and
                           in the fight against anti-terrorism measures, representing                             politics – described as “a ludicrous alternative to Watchdog”
                           Moazzam Begg, a British-Pakistani Muslim who was detained                              - as Thomas used surreal methods to investigate politicians
                           in Guantánamo Bay.                                                                     and corporations. Mark is chairman of the Ilisu Dam Campaign,
                           In her book Dispatches From the Dark Side, she looks at                                temporarily blocking the development of a large-scale
                           the British government’s involvement in torture which, if not                          hydroelectric dam in southeast Turkey, that would lead to the
     Gareth Peirce:                                                                           Mark Thomas:
     Sun 15.00             accounted for, may destroy the moral and legal fabric it claims                        displacement of thousands, mainly Kurds, without adequate
                                                                                              Sun 17.00
                           to be protecting.                                                                      compensation. He has written extensively including Belching
                                                                                                                  Out the Devil (2008), an expose of the Coca Cola Company.
                                                                                                                  In 2010, Mark walked the entire length of the 700km Israeli
                                                                                                                  Separation Barrier, crossing between the Israeli and Palestinian
     Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu                                                                                sides, documented in his book Extreme Rambling: Walking
     associated with Sri Lanka                                                                                    Israel’s Separation Barrier, For Fun (2011).

     Dr Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu on the responsibility to protect
     in times of war, and the final months of Sri Lanka’s 25 year-long
     civil war.

                           Dr Paikiasothy Saravanamutt is Executive Director of the Centre
                           for Policy Alternatives (CPA) an independent and non-partisan
                           public policy institute focusing on issues of democratic
                           governance, human rights and peace through programmes
                           of research and advocacy. He is the winner of the inaugural
                           Citizens Peace Award made by the National Peace Council
                           of Sri Lanka for 2010.

     Dr. Saramavamuttu

20   Beyond Borders                                                                                                                                    Books, Borders & Bikes        21
     Sir Menzies Campbell                                                                    Jonathan Powell
     associated with UK and Scottish politics                                                associated with England, Scotland, Northern Ireland
     Former Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell in conversation                              Jonathan Powell on how to win and keep power, as he discusses
     on the future of Scotland & the Union.                                                  his latest book, The New Machiavelli: How to Wield Power in the
                                                                                             Modern World.
                             Sir Menzies Campbell MP CBE QC is a British politician,
                             advocate, and Chancellor of the University of St. Andrews.                            Jonathan Powell served as the first Downing Street Chief
                             Called to the Bar in 1968, he was appointed a QC in 1982.                             of Staff under Tony Blair between 1997-2007. During this
                             After standing in various general elections from 1974, he was                         period, he played a key role in the formation of the Blair
                             elected as Member of Parliament for North East Fife in 1987                           government foreign policy and political strategies. Most
                             and was awarded a CBE in the same year. As a politician                               notably, he was principal negotiator on Northern Ireland form
                             Campbell was appointed Deputy Leader of the Liberal                                   1997-2007 and was instrumental in bringing about peace
                             Democrats in 2003 and replaced Charles Kennedy as Leader                              through powersharing agreement. Jonathan is the only senior
     Sir Menzies Campbell:   in 2006. Sir Menzies was appointed a Privy Councillor in 1999
     Sun 16.00                                                                                                     member of staff to serve with Blair from beginning to end of
                             and knighted in 2004. He is also known for being a successful   Jonathan Powell:
                                                                                                                   his time as leader of the Labour Party. His latest book, The
                                                                                             Sat 16.15
                             athlete, competing in the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo.                                New Machiavelli reveals the inner workings of the new Labour
                                                                                                                   movement and the Blair years.

     Mordecai Mahlangu
     associated with Zimbabwe                                                                Ramy Essam
     Human rights lawyer Mordecai Mahlangu
                                                                                             associated with Egypt
     on the Rule of Law in Zimbabwe.                                                         Travel from Tahrir to Traquair with Egyptian revolutionary singer
                                                                                             Ramy Essam.
                             Mordecai Mahlangu was born in 1951 in Bulawayo,
                             Zimbabwe, and was educated at the University of Rhodesia.                             Ramy Essam is an Egyptian musician, known as the voice if
                             He is a legal practitioner of the High Court of Zimbabwe,                             the Egyptian uprising, dubbed ‘the Billy Bragg of Tahrir Square’.
                             admitted 1978. He is also a member of the International Bar                           Ramy began performing on the first day of the uprisings on
                             Association Law Society of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe                                  25th January in Mansoura, a northern city where he lived and
                             Lawyers for Human Rights. He has worked extensively in                                studied. By February, Ramy was performing countless times
                             human rights and aid, including a directorship at Climas                              a day on makeshift stages in Tahrir Square, most poignantly
                             Medical Aid Society. He enjoys tennis and golf, and lives in                          on 2nd February, ‘Bloody Wednesday’, when he continued
     Mordecai Mahlangu:      Harare with his wife and two children.                                                to perform as Mubarak supporters rode into the square on
     Sun 13.00
                                                                                             Ramy Essam:           camels and horses to attack demonstrators. His song ‘Irhal’
                                                                                             Sat 17.15
                                                                                                                   (‘Leave’) became the anthem of the revolt and a huge viral hit
                                                                                                                   on the internet.

22   Beyond Borders                                                                                                                                      Books, Borders & Bikes        23
     Marie Colvin                                                                                 Mark Muller Stuart QC
     associated with Libya, Sri Lanka, Chechnya,                                                  associated with Libya, Bahrain, Zimbabwe, Turkey
     Kosovo, Yugoslavia
                                                                                                  Mark Muller Stuart QC, director of Beyond Borders, talks
     War correspondent Marie Colvin on the Arab Spring and                                        to Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish, and introduces images from the
     the power of democracy.                                                                      Middle East.

                                                                                                                        Mark Muller Stuart QC is a senior advocate at Garden
                             Marie Colvin is an award-winning foreign correspondent for                                 Court Chambers in London and the Faculty of Advocates in
                             The Sunday Times. Throughout her career she has covered                                    Edinburgh, where he specialises in human rights, terrorism,
                             many conflicts around the globe, most recently Tunisia, Egypt                              public international law, and regularly advises bodies on
                             and Libya in the grip of the Arab spring. Although her area of                             humanitarian and conflict resolution issues. He is Chairman
                             speciality is the Arab and Persian world, she has also worked                              of the Bar Human Rights Committee, Secretary-General of
                             in Chechnya, Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka, where                                     the Kurdish Human Rights Project and a Senior Advisor to
                             she was injured in an ambush by government soldiers. She                                   the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue in Geneva, which has
                                                                                                  Mark Muller Stuart:   mediated a number of conflicts around the world. He is also
                             is a passionate advocate of the frontline war reporting, stating     Sat 15.15 & 18.30
     Marie Colvin:           “Our mission is to report the horrors of war with accuracy                                 a Senior Advisor to Intermediate, a new UK based mediation
     Sat 17.15 & Sun 18.00                                                                                              organization run by Jonathan Powell.
                             and without prejudice”. She has won many awards including
                             the British press award for “Best Foreign Correspondent”                                   Mark is also a founding Director of Beyond Borders and
                             twice, for her work in reporting the conflict in Yugoslavia, Iran,                         the Delfina Foundation, both of which promote international
                             Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Marie wrote and produced the                                       dialogue through artistic and cultural exchange as a means to
                             BBC documentary Arafat: Behind the Myth and presented                                      overcome conflict.
                             a documentary on Martha Gellhorn, the war correspondent
                             famed for her coverage of the Spanish Civil War.

                                                                                                                        Penny Smith
                                                                                                                        associated with UK
                                                                                                                        Penny Smith welcomes historian David
                                                                                                                        Starkey and journalist Bella Bathurst.

                                                                                                                        Penny Smith is a television presenter who worked for Sky
                                                                                                                        News, before becoming the presenter of `GMTV` with
                                                                                                  Penny Smith:
                                                                                                                        John Stapleton. Penny has written for a number of national
                                                                                                  Sat 11.15 & 14.00
                                                                                                                        newspapers, including columns in the Daily Mail, as well as
                                                                                                                        the Social Diary and Opera reviews for The Lady. She now
                                                                                                                        presents Market Kitchen on the Good Food Channel.

24   Beyond Borders                                                                                                                                          Books, Borders & Bikes     25
     Oscar Guardiola-Rivera                                                                       Allan Little
     associated with Colombia, South America                                                      associated with Eastern Europe,
                                                                                                  the Middle East and Africa
     Colombian philosopher Oscar Guardiola-Rivera on the Arab
     Spring and the power of democracy.                                                           BBC’s special correspondent Allan Little on the future
                                                                                                  of Zimbabwe, with Sir Kieran Prendergast and Petina Gappah.
                               Oscar Guardiola-Rivera is a Colombian writer based in London.
                               He writes poetry, philosophy, short fiction and non-fiction. His                             Allan Little is a special correspondent with the BBC, and
                               most recent work, ‘What If Latin America Ruled the World?’                                   has worked as BBC’s Africa correspondent (2000-2001), as
                               (Bloomsbury) has been included on the list of Books of the                                   well as stints in Moscow, Yugoslavia and South Africa. Allan
                               Year and Best Non-Fiction in 2010 published by the Financial                                 joined BBC Radio 4’s Today programme where he specialized
                               Times. It is also the winner of the 2010 Frantz Fanon Award,                                 in foreign reporting, including the Revolutions of 1989 in
                               together with the famous Colombian writer Gabriel García                                     Eastern Europe. From 1990 to 1995 Allan reported from
                               Márquez. He writes a weekly column in the Colombian                                          Baghdad for the 1991 Gulf war and from Kuwait, covering
     Oscar Guardiola-Rivera:   newspaper El Espectador, and teaches International Politics,                                 the Shia rebellions. Later, he spent two years as South
     Sat 17.15 & Sun 17.00                                                                        Allan Little:
                               Philosophy & Law at Birkbeck College, University of London.                                  Africa’s correspondent, during aftermath of the genocide in
                                                                                                  Sun 13.00 & 15.00
                                                                                                                            Rwanda. He has won several awards including Bayeux War
                                                                                                                            Correspondent of the Year in 1994.

     Olivia Laing
     associated with Scotland, England
                                                                                                  Sir Kieran Prendergast
     From the source to the sea: Olivia Laing, writer and former                                  associated with Zimbabwe, Turkey, Israel
     Observer Deputy Books Editor, talks about her mesmerising
     new book To the River.                                                                       Sir Kieran Prendergast, former UN and British diplomat, on the
                                                                                                  future of Zimbabwe, and in a panel discussion on the Arab Spring.
                               Olivia Laing is a writer and editor. Between 2007 and 2009,
                               she was the Observer’s Deputy Books Editor. She continues                                    Sir Kieran Prendergast is a British diplomat and former Under-
                               to write and review extensively for the Observer, TLS, New                                   Secretary-General for Political Affairs at the United Nations
                               Statesman and Guardian, among other publications, and has                                    (1997-2005), where most notably he helped call attention to
                               been awarded the MacDowell Fellowship for 2011. She also                                     human rights violations resulting from the War in Darfur.
                               has a first class BSc (Hons) in herbal medicine, and practised                                In 1982, he was appointed consul-general in Tel Aviv, Israel
                               as a medical herbalist for several years before becoming                                     and later served as High Commissioner to Zimbabwe and
                               a journalist, specialising in the treatment of anxiety and                                   Kenya, and as Ambassador to Turkey. Kieran is a member of
     Olivia Laing:             depression. She is based in Brighton.
     Sat 12.00                                                                                    Sir Kieran Prendergast:   the Advisory Council of Independent Diplomat, and a Senior
                                                                                                  Sat 17.15 & Sun 13.00     Advisor to the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue in Geneva.

26   Beyond Borders                                                                                                                                               Books, Borders & Bikes     27
     Petina Gappah                                                                                Lord David Steel
     associated with Zimbabwe                                                                     associated with British politics
     Petina Gappah talks to Allan Little and                                                      Lord Steel chairs a debate on the future of Scotland & the Union.
     Mordecai Mahlunga about the future of Zimbabwe.
                                                                                                                           Lord Steel, Baron Steel of Aikwood is, a British and Scottish
                               Petina Gappah is a Zimbabwean writer with law degrees from                                  politician and a Liberal Democrat member of the UK House of
                               Cambridge, Graz University, and the University of Zimbabwe.                                 Lords. Lord Steel is part of several prestigious orders such as
                               Her short fiction and essays have been published in eight                                   The Order of the Thistle, an order of chivalry associated with
                               countries. The Observer has noted that it is her ” frequent                                 Scotland. He was leader of the Liberal Party from 1976 until its
                               humour in these stories that makes them remarkable. Often                                   1988 merger with the Social Democratic Party that formed the
                               satirical, occasionally lyrical, they are a delight.” She lives                             Liberal Democrats, and was briefly joint interim leader of the
                               in Harare, from where she writes, and chairs the Board of                                   new party, then known as the Social and Liberal Democrats.
                                                                                                  Lord Steel:              He was also the first Presiding Officer of the Scottish
                               Harare City Library. Her story collection, An Elegy for Easterly
     Petina Gappah:                                                                               Sun 16.00
                               was published by Faber in April 2009, and was awarded the                                   Parliament, holding that post between 1999 and 2003.
     Sun 13.00 & Sun 18.00
                               Guardian First Book award. She is currently completing The
                               Book of Memory, her first novel.

                                                                                                  Joseph Maxwell Stuart
                                                                                                  associated with Scotland, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Palestine,
     William Burdett-Coutts                                                                       Lebanon & Syria.
     associated with Zimbabwe, England, Scotland
                                                                                                  An exhibition of oil paintings following in the footsteps of
     William Burdett-Coutts, founder of the Assembly Rooms, on the                                Orientalist painter David Roberts.
     future of Zimbabwe, with Mordecai Mahlangu and Petina Gappah.
                                                                                                                           Joseph Maxwell Stuart has completed a B.A Honours Degree
                               William Burdett-Coutts was born in February 1955 in                                         in Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh Art College. He now lives
                               Zimbabwe. He began his career as a theatre director in                                      and paints in the Borders at his studio situated next to the
                               Scotland in the late 1970’s before setting up the Assembly                                  Dawyck Arboretum near Peebles. His preferred mediums are
                               Rooms in 1981, which has just celebrated its 30th year. His                                 oils and watercolour, painting landscapes mostly ‘in the field’.
                               contribution to the arts in Scotland was such that in 1987 he                               He particularly delights in the challenge of working directly from
                               went on to run Mayfest, Glasgow’s International Arts Festival                               nature, whenever possible. Joseph is currently working on a
                               for three years up to 1990, when the city was European City of                              painting exhibition “The Enduring Middle East” to be held in
                                                                                                  Joseph Maxwell Stuart:   2012. This exhibition will include some 80 paintings of Egypt,
                               Culture. William became Artistic Director of Riverside Studios     Sat 18.30
     William Burdett-Coutts:   in Hammersmith in October 1993, a multi-complex arts centre                                 Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon & Syria, accompanied by a
     Sun 13.00                                                                                                             new book showing links with an earlier voyage of discovery by
                               comprising three studios, a cinema and gallery space.
                                                                                                                           the renowned 19th century Orientalist, David Roberts.

28   Beyond Borders                                                                                                                                              Books, Borders & Bikes         29
     Catherine Muller Stuart                                                                       William Dalrymple
     associated with Scotland                                                                      associated with India, Pakistan, Afghanistan
     21st Lady of Traquair Catherine Muller Stuart with Allan Massie on                            William Dalrymple on the trials and tribulations of Pakistan,
     tales of the Stuart Dynasty.                                                                  and a British perspective on 19th-century rule in Afghanistan.

                                Catherine Muller Stuart is currently the 21st Lady of Traquair.
                                On graduating from LSE Catherine began a career of working
                                                                                                                           William Dalrymple is a Scottish-born historian and travel writer,
                                for a number of theatre companies in Scotland and England.
                                                                                                                           and expert on India and the Muslim world. All seven of his
                                In 1990, she returned to Traquair, her family home and took
                                                                                                                           books have won major literary prizes; his first book In Xanadu
                                over the management of Traquair House and its associated
                                                                                                                           (1989) became a highly acclaimed bestseller, and was written
                                businesses including the Traquair Brewery. Over the past
                                                                                                                           when he was only 22. In 1989, Dalrymple moved to Delhi,
                                20 years she has been actively involved in tourism, the arts,
                                                                                                                           where he lived for six years researching City of Djinns, which
                                heritage and business both locally and nationally. She has
                                                                                                                           went on to win the Sunday Times Young British Writers of the
     Catherine Muller Stuart:   been a board member of the Scottish Enterprise Borders
     Sun 12.00                                                                                                             Year Award. Age of Kali, a collection of writing on India, won
                                and non-Exec director of Border TV. She has also been              William Dalrymple:      the French Priz D’Astrolabe in 2005. Dalrymple is fellow of the
                                actively involved in politics standing as a Labour candidate for   Sat 13.00 & Sun 14.00
                                                                                                                           Royal Society of Literature and the Royal Asiatic Society, and
                                Westminster and Scottish parliamentary elections.
                                                                                                                           is co-director of Asia’s largest literary festival, held in the city
                                                                                                                           of Jaipur. The Royal Scottish Geographical Society awarded
                                                                                                                           Dalrymple the Mungo Park Medal in 2002 for his “outstanding
     Magnus Linklater                                                                                                      contribution to travel literature”. He divides his time between
                                                                                                                           London and Delhi. His latest book, Nine Lives: In Search of
     associated with UK, Scotland
                                                                                                                           the Sacred in Modern India portrays nine spiritual seekers
     Magnus Linklater interviews Jonathan Powell, as he talks about                                                        living across India.
     his new book on the Blair years, The New Machiavelli: How to
     Wield Power in the Modern World.

                                Magnus Linklater is the Scottish Editor of The Times. He is a
                                former editor of The Scotsman, a position held between 1989-
                                1994, and was chairman of the Scottish Arts Council 1996-
                                2001. During a 25-year career in Fleet Street, he worked at the
                                Daily Express, Evening Standard, Sunday Times and Observer,
                                as well as editing The London Daily News. In Scotland, he
                                presented the current affairs programme ‘Eye to Eye’ in the late
                                1990s. He holds honorary degrees from Napier, Aberdeen and
     Magnus Linklater:          Glasgow Universities. He has written several books on current
     Sat 13.00 & 16.15
                                affairs and Scottish history.

30   Beyond Borders                                                                                                                                                 Books, Borders & Bikes        31
     Teun Voeten                                                                             Des Browne
     associated with Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt                                         associated with Europe, Afghanistan and Scottish politics
     Benghazi Speaks: Revolutionary Images from the Libyan Uprising,                         Des Browne in conversation with William Dalrymple on 19th and
     caught by Teun Voeten in Libya this Spring.                                             20th-century British rule in Afghanistan.

                         Dutch photojournalist Teun Voeten has covered conflict in                                Des Browne is a British Labour Party politician who was the
                         Yugoslavia, Haiti, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan. His                             MP for Kilmarnick and Loudoun from 1997 to 2010. He was a
                         photographic images of revolutionary graffiti were taken in Libya                        member of the Cabinet under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown,
                         in Spring 2011, during the uprisings against Gaddafi.                                    until the latter moved him from both Defence and Scottish
                                                                                                                  Secretary in 2008. His early contributions in the Commons
                                                                                                                  were largely on social security reform and the Child Support
                                                                                                                  Agency. He also made use of his expertise on human rights
                                                                                                                  law to support the incorporation of the European Convention
     Teun Voeten                                                                             Des Browne:          on Human Rights into UK law.
                                                                                             Sat 13.00

     Jason McCue                                                                             Allan Massie
     associated with Africa, Libya                                                           associated with Scotland, England
     Human rights lawyer Jason McCue on The GREAT Initiative, and                            The Stuart Dynasty In the Scottish Borders: Allan Massie in
     what men and women must do to redress gender imbalance.                                 conversation with Catherine Muller Stuart on the legacy of
                                                                                             the Stuart Dynasty.
                         Jason McCue is the founder and senior partner of McCue
                         & Partners. He is an internationally recognised expert in                                Allan Massie is a Scottish writer and journalist who lives in the
                         human rights, victims’ rights, domestic and cross-border                                 Scottish Borders. After University he taught for some years in
                         litigation, transitional justice, peace and reconciliation,                              Scotland and Italy before becoming a full-time writer. He has
                         conflict-resolution and negotiation. Jason is a leading                                  written more than twenty novels including a series of historical
                         international figure in crisis management and resolution and                             ones set in Ancient Rome and a modern trilogy, “A Question
                         is regularly called upon by heads of state, governments,                                 of Loyalties” (1989), “The Sins of the Fathers” (1991) and
                         opposition groups, corporations or public figures to provide                             “Shadows of Empire” (1997). His most recent works of fiction
     Jason McCue:        advice on a broad array of issues, from commercial and                                   are “Klaus and Other Stories” and “Death in Bordeaux”. His
     Sun 19.15                                                                               Allan Massie:
                         private concerns to transitional justice schemes and                                     non-fiction includes “Byron’s Travels” and”The Royal Stuarts”.
                                                                                             Sun 12.00
                         humanitarian matters. Jason was awarded U.K. Law                                         He writes columns for The Scotsman, the Scottish Daily Mail,
                         Society’s Solicitor of the Year 2009-2010 and in 2011 was                                and The Spectator. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of
                         honoured with a doctorate in law for, amongst other things,                              Literature and a Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.
                         his work on human rights issues in Africa.

32   Beyond Borders                                                                                                                                      Books, Borders & Bikes       33
     Bella Bathurst                                                                           John Nichol
     associated with UK, Scotland                                                                                           John Nichol is an writer, storyteller, song-smith and poet. He
                                                                                                                            has worked extensively in both community and professional
     Bella Bathurst talks to Penny Smith about her Bicycle Book,
                                                                                                                            theatre for 30 years, with nearly 40 musicals under his belt and
     and also cycles from Neidpath to Traquair.
                                                                                                                            as many plays and pantomimes. He is also a recording artist
                          Bella Bathurst is a writer and photographer. Her first book, ‘The                                 and has worked in film, television and radio. He has written
                          Lighthouse Stevensons: The Extraordinary Story of the Building                                    and performed 9 shows at the Fringe, all of which received
                          of the Scottish Lighthouses’, was shortlisted for the Guardian                                    excellent reviews.
                          First Book Award and won the Somerset Maugham Prize.
                                                                                              John Nichol: Sat & Sun 9.00
                          Her novel ‘Special’ was published in 2002 to wide acclaim,
                          and ‘The Wreckers’ was shortlisted for the Crime Writers’
                          Association Gold Dagger Award. Her latest book, ‘The Bicycle
                          Book’, has received blanket praise since it was published
                                                                                              Mary Kenny
     Bella Bathurst:      in April 2011. She has written for the Observer, Telegraph,                                       Mary has extensive experience as a traditional storyteller with
     Sat 9.00 & 11.15
                          Sunday Telegraph and Guardian, among many others.                                                 people of all ages and abilities, and is an established member
                                                                                                                            of the Scottish Storytelling Directory. A visual artist and sculptor
                                                                                                                            for 30 years, Mary’s studio ‘Little Art House’ is in the grounds of
     James Runcie                                                                                                           Traquair House. Originally from the Midlands, the Borders has
                                                                                                                            been home for many years.
     associated with Scotland, UK
     Acclaimed author James Runcie talks to writer and journalist
                                                                                              Mary Kenny: Sat & Sun 10.00
     Olivia Laing about her mesmerising new book To The River.

                          James Runcie is the Artistic Director of the Bath Literary
                          Festival and author of four novels, The Discovery of                Fiona J Houston
                          Chocolate, The Colour of Heaven, Canvey Island and
                          East Fortune. He is also an award-winning film-maker                                              In 2005 Fiona Houston (aka Fi Martynoga) was challenged to
                          and theatre director and has scripted several films for BBC                                       prove her claim that people ate better two hundred years ago
                          Television. James Runcie lives in Edinburgh with his wife                                         than they do now. In order to keep to the almost entirely local
                          and two daughters.                                                                                food of her rural ancestors, she immersed herself for a whole
                                                                                                                            year in the lifestyle of the 1790s, writing about it each month for
     James Runcie:                                                                                                          The Herald. She has since brought out a fuller account,
     Sat 12.00                                                                                                              The Garden Cottage Diaries, and continues to lecture about her
                                                                                                                            year’s experiment not simply for its historical interest but because
                                                                                              Fiona J Houston:              it reflects on how we currently live. Fi has also contributed to
                                                                                              Sat 10.00
                                                                                                                            Woodlanders, a book about people who live in, or work with,
                                                                                                                            wood, and has recently edited A Handbook of Scottish Trees.

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                       of literature
                       and thought

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