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									                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

                                                                Date : 14-08-2011
The Chairman
IIIE, Navi Mumbai

Sub: Submission of project report on “Development of Web based Application
      for Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering (IIIE)”
Ref : preliminary observations submitted - email dated 24th May 2011

       With reference to the above subject, as per the instruction by Chairman
Commander B.M.Bhandarkar/Hon. Secretary Sri. A.H.Ippa a study has been
made by Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera on “Development of Web based Application
for IIIE”   in order to develop a web application for complete automation of
processes of IIIE. Herewith, submitting the report on the above subject in detail

With regards,

(Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera)

Copy to: Hon. Secretary

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                             1
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

                              Project Report


 Development of Web based Application for Indian Institution of
                  Industrial Engineering (IIIE)


                      Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera,
                            Hon. Treasurer
             Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                           2
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

 Development of Web based Application for Indian Institution of Industrial

Sl. No                Item Description                           Page No
1        Background                                                 4
2        Objective                                                  5
3        Scope of work                                              5
4        Justification                                              6
5        Methodology                                                6
  5.1       Study of existing system                                6
  5.2       Updation required in the existing system               14
  5.3       Consolidation of future needs                          14
  5.4       Identification of vendors                              17
  5.5       Technical Comparison of the proposal                   18
  5.6       Time Scale                                             19
6        Annual Maintenance Contract                               19
7        Cost Benefit Analysis                                     20
8        Observations & Recommendations                            20
9        Deliverables                                              22
10       Conclusion                                                23
11       Acknowledgements                                          23
                                   Annexure -1                     24
                                  Annexure - 2                     25
                                  Annexure - 3                     28
                                  Annexure - 4                     33
                                  Annexure - 5                     36
                                  Annexure - 6                     46

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                      3
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

 Development of Web based Application for Indian Institution of Industrial


As per the instruction by Chairman Commander B.M.Bhandarkar/Hon.
Secretary Sri. A.H.Ippa a study has been made by Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera
on “Development of Web Application for IIIE” in order to develop a web
application for complete automation of processes of IIIE.

Web applications add interactivity to a website. They run in a web browser like
Internet Explorer or Firefox interacting with a program on the web server. Unlike
normal website pages that never change, web application pages are intelligent
and respond to user requests. Online examination is a common example of a
web application. Web applications are usually linked to a database which stores
permanent information such as: student information, students marks. Information
in the database is updated by the web application. This could be creation or
addition of new admission, revised syllabus. Data stored on web servers can
easily be linked to other systems.

There are many advantages of web applications

   •   No special configuration or changes are need on user's PCs.
   •   Lower costs.
   •   Centralised data is secure and easy to backup.
   •   Updates can be made quickly and easily.
   •   Information is accessible to a wide audience anywhere in the world.
   •   Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
   •   Everybody has a browser - familiar interface encourages use.
   •   Online training can be completed at user's own time and pace.
   •   Always up-to-date

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                        4
                   Development of Web based Application for IIIE

Web based applications deliver benefits in view business

   •    Online class schedule display and issue of hall tickets reduce the time
        spent in giving the information to students through post
   •    Web based documentation eliminates costly and wasteful distribution of
        printed materials
   •    Public   users can    be   given   responsibility   to   maintain   their   own
        details online, saving costly staff time.
   •    Members or students located at different locations, on the road or even
        abroad, all have direct access to current information.
   •    Online assessments allow easy collection & management of results.

However, there are few difficulties associated with web applications. They are

   •    Can take longer to develop as they are more complex, have to work on
        different browsers, and different versions of browsers.

   •    Slower, as run over the internet

Security risks


Complete automation of existing processes of Indian Institutions of Industrial
Engineering (lIIE) to meet the global challenges.

3.Scope of Work:

(i) To study the existing level of automation, identification of drawbacks in the
       present system, identification of further needs

(ii) To develop, design and maintain web application for complete automation of
       existing processes

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                               5
                   Development of Web based Application for IIIE


The following benefits are expected on the implementation of the project which is
     also shown in the cost benefit analysis.

Resources Optimization: Direct manpower saving

Removal of redundancy

Productivity/Efficiency Improvement

5.Methodology :

The following methodology are the various phases of adopted methodology

Study of existing system
Updation required in the existing system
Consolidation of future needs
Finalization of needs
Identification of vendors
Technical Comparison of the proposal

5.1 Study of Existing System

The IIIE is a non-profit organization for the profession of Industrial Engineering in
     India Consisting of members from all over India. As on today the
     membership base consists of nearly six thousand individual members and
     200 organizational members with 28 chapters and National Head Quarter
     (NHQ) at Belapur Navi Mumbai.

The main activities of IIIE include

Conducting seminars and workshops


Awards for various achievements

Graduate ship examination

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                            6
                   Development of Web based Application for IIIE

MS(Industrial Engineering) course is also introduced recently

Apart from the above, IIIE is maintaining a website with address www.iiie- providing the         information related to the National council,
     chapter Councils, Students corner, Membership, Awards and IIIE journal

At NHQ, the work is divided among the four sections

              Administration Section
              Examination Section
              Accounts Section
              Library Section

Administration Section:
Its activities are broadly classified into three types- General Administration,
Dispatch, front office assistance
The activities under these heads include
General Administration
    Handling of Different Members like Associate, Affiliate, Life Member etc.
    Handling of Election eligibility and Voters list
    Handling of Election Result
    Handling of Monthly Journal eligibility and Track
    Handling of Chapter / Examination center Affiliation and Communication
    National Council Track

Maintenance of inward documents:
Any document receiving at Dispatch section will be treated as inward documents.
The same may be received from inside the Institution from different departments
or from other locations/persons. .
Receiving methods are of three types:
       By Post

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                           7
                      Development of Web based Application for IIIE

         By Courier
         By Hand .
Categorization of Inward of Documents from other locations are like:
         Exam Related
         Project Related
         Personal Documents
         Other Documents
         Further Documents are sorted in respect to the department.

Maintenance of outward documents:
Any document received at Dispatch section need to be moved to the destination.
It is of two types:
1. Delivery - Supplying of the documents within the institution which are received
from outstation / out person.
2. Post - Supplying of the documents to Outside the institution. Which are of two
By Courier - Tracking of Courier is also need to be done
By Normal Post - Franking units inventory & tracking and Tracking of Post also
need to be done

Front Office support:

This section is to support and assist the customers (Students) in their queries.
The section will give complete overview of the Institution's Policies and admission
procedures. This section will also helps in the examination results.

The overall scope of activities include the following
    Guidance on Any kind of Enquiries
    Guidance on Admission procedures
    Guidance on Fee Structure
    Guidance on Examination Chapters and Examinations Centers

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                             8
                   Development of Web based Application for IIIE

    Guidance on Examination Schedule
    Guidance on Examination Result
    Guidance on Student History both academic and financial.

Examination Section:

Examination section takes care of the activities related to the students taking
Graduate ship examination of IIIE. Its activities starts from admission to issue of
certificates to the student

The various activities taken up by this section include
    Enquiry from a student Related to Admission
    Issue of Application forms
    Filling up of Application Forms
    Submission of Application Forms along with basic qualification certificates
    Submission of additional certificates for Exemptions, if any
    Enrolling the applicant as a student member
    Allowing Exemptions to student as per qualifications
    Sending Intimation regarding student admission to respective chapter
    Sending of admission letter to student
    Application for Examination under applicable section like Preliminary,
       Section A or Section B
    Providing the list of examination centers to the students
    Approving the student for Examination after checking the fee, validity of
    Approving one examination center for student among his choices
    Preparation of Question papers by the Question setters
    Preparation of Attendance sheet -
    Sending of Attendance Sheet and Other Exam materials to Examination
    Sending Hall Ticket to students
    Attendance Marking at Examination centers

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                               9
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

    Sending back of filled Attendance Sheet and Answer sheets to
      Examination Section
    Updating of Attendance in Examination System
    Sending of answer sheets and summary to Evaluators and tracking of the
    Acceptance of Answer sheet from Evaluators
    Updating marks in the Examination System. /
    Preparation of .Result list
             Full pass
             Subject wise
             Internet publishing of results
    Preparation of Mark List
             Section Wise
             Consolidated (After Completing Section B)
    Sending of the mark list to student
    Project work by student
                   Application for Project Proposal by student
                   Approval of Project proposal and communicating the same
                    to student
                   Submission of Project report by student
                   Sending of the Project report to Project Evaluator
                   Acceptance or Rejection of the project and communicating
                    the same to student
                   Honorarium to the Project Evaluator
    Graduate Certificate to Student (after Section B and Project Report is
    Merit certificates to students (Who completed individual sections in one
      attempt and their project is approved within one year of completing their
      section B examination.)
    Conversion of Student Member to Graduate member.
    History of a student and display of the same

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                           10
                   Development of Web based Application for IIIE

     Tracking of the students under the following categories
              Fees and others amount
              Academic record
              Validity of the membership and eligibility criteria
     Re-Admission of a student after the validity period
     General things like,
.             Syllabus Control
              Linking with other Modules
              BOE resolution and Track.

Accounts Section:

Accounts section deals with the activities related to receipts and payments,
ledgers and deposits etc
The activities of this section maintenance of the following
     Receipts and Payments
     Voucher Entry
     Ledger Entry
     Journal Entry
     Receipts Cutting
     P/L account
     Trial Balance
     Fixed Assets
     Balance Sheet
     Track with Examination Section for the joining details

Library Section:

The library section activities include the maintenance of information related to the
     Inventory of Books

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                           11
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

    Sorted list of Books using the parameters like Book Name, Publisher
       Name, Subject Name,
    Book ID etc.
    Books issuing details
    Books receiving details
    Library membership Fee Details
    Fine system
    Library Time Schedule
    Usage Track

Content management system:

A content management system (CMS) is the collection of procedures used to
manage work flow in a collaborative environment. These procedures can be
manual or computer-based. The procedures are designed to do the following:

   •   Allow for a large number of people to contribute to and share stored data
   •   Control access to data, based on user roles (defining which information
       users or user groups can view, edit, publish, etc.)
   •   Aid in easy storage and retrieval of data
   •   Reduce repetitive duplicate input
   •   Improve the ease of report writing
   •   Improve communication between users

In a CMS, data can be defined as nearly anything: documents, movies, pictures,
phone numbers, scientific data, and so forth. CMSs are frequently used for
storing,   controlling,   revising,   semantically   enriching,   and   publishing
documentation. Serving as a central repository, the CMS increases the version
level of new updates to an already existing file. Version control is one of the
primary advantages of a CMS.

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                          12
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

Existing Content Management System at NHQ, Belapur

To manage the content related to the most of the activities of various sections of
NHQ, Belapur, computer based CMS is used

       The program is designed in VB6 as front end and MS SQL as Back
          End (VB6 Hard Coding)
       The present application is stored in the server (located at Belapur) and
          shared among the staffs.
       The major part of the work is covered by Administration Section and
          Examination Sections.
       In the Administration section, all the data related to inward/outward
          dispatch is entered. If any DD/Cheques are received, then it is also
          entered here and the same data is shared with other sections.
       Address      /other details are identified with Membership ID for
          Students/others. For New members data is entered manually.
       All the financial data (DD/Cheques) are being consolidated in a
          periodical manner and being sent to banks for cross reference and
          tallying the transactions.

 Content displayed in website:

Apart from internal content management, IIIE is maintaining a website with
     address providing the         information related to the
     National council, chapter Councils, Students corner, Membership, Awards
     and IIIE journal related details etc

    The available space is only 500 MB (It is updated to 3GB from October
    Master data of syllabus is not available in the form of a table as the
      program is written in Hard coding.

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                        13
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

    Most of the things in the web site is in static mode (Annexure-I)

5.2 Updation required in the existing system:

    Most of the things in the web site is in static mode and can be changed
      to dynamic content orientation (Annexure-ii). In contrast to static web
      pages, dynamic web pages which are generated by a web application.

       The availability of space is 500 MB (after September it will be 3 GB)
         and the space requirement in the future web site has to be decided as
         the photographs of the members are to be downloaded/stored.
       For space minimizations data can be compressed with pre press
         format and resolution can be fixed.
       There are about 5000 students, who are writing the Graduate ship
         exams and 2000 active members of IIIE. The students/Members data
         are to be stored along with the Photographs
       In the present content management system, the main drawback is
         Subject wise master data (table) is not available as the program is
         written in Hard coding. It is necessary that as per the syllabus
         changes, addition/deletion of subjects is to done but it is not possible to
         change in the master and for this the program is to be written again.
         While designing the web application this point is to be taken care and
         frozen properly
       To identify & train suitable persons/Resources for monitoring usage
         and taking appropriate actions.
       The requirement related to M.Sc (IE) course also should be finalized in
         view of web application.

5.3 Consolidation of future needs

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                          14
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

While consolidating the future needs, users of this application and experts in this
     field were consulted and finalized the needs

The following developments are to be brought in the existing system

          a. Online application for IIIE Exams.

          b. On line payments of fees (Banks to be identified for payment

                  i. Student Membership fees

                 ii. Student Exam fees

          c. Acknowledgement of receipt on payment.

          d. On line Journals (Acceptance of paper, Copy right form, payments)

          e. On line publications of results.(As on date it is existing, We have to
             find out the best options)

          f. Data Security and access to users.

          g. Email and SMS interface

          h. Compliant with all statutory norms and reports

          i. Any others (Mutual discussions/Suggestions)

   2) Identifying the infrastructure required for running the applications.

          a. Software’s & Hardware’s

          b. Skill set of the staff.

          c. Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC)

   3) Identifying and selecting a vendor for developing the programs as well as
      maintaining the system.

          a. The Vendor has to study the existing system and suggest the time
             period required to complete the project.

          b. Fixing up the commercial terms.

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                          15
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

   4) Designing the system with integration of Administration, Examination,
      Accounts, Library & Others(if any)

          a. Few section can be on line

          b. Few sections can be intranet.

   5) Integrating present account system. (Import/export facilities from tally to
      existing software system or Vice versa)

   6) Integrating the account statements (balance sheet) of all the chapters (at
      present 28 nos.)

   7) Providing some space for chapter activities

   8) Releasing E-Journal/E-Brochures.

          a. The abstract of the journal can be viewed and full paper(if required)
             can be down loaded with payment/permissions)

   9) Co-ordinating with bank to understand the requirement. For taking
      permission for payment gateway on line.

   10) Designing the MIS

   11)Developing pay slip and integrating with banks(payment through single

   12)Preparing the user documents/Manual

   13)Training to the staff members

   14)Arriving & Finalizing the commercial terms and conditions.

   15)Monitoring the entire project till implementation

To fulfil the above requirements the following steps are to be taken up

   1) Identifying and selecting a vendor for developing the programs for change
      in syllabus in VB6.(Under process)

   2) If the new syllabus can be developed with dotnet/other applications, then it
      will be finalized with the new vendor to take up the assignment

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                             16
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

   3) Generating the Hall tickets and Monitoring the implementation.

   4) Finalizing the commercial terms & Conditions.

5.4 Identification of vendors:

It is advised to identify the Mumbai based vendor to take up this work for easy
       logistics and communication
The following groups have submitted their proposals
Proposal by M/s Accounts & Tax Miners, Mumbai (New Entrant)
Proposal By M/s Kalikot Technology, Mumbai (existing Firm)
Proposal by M/s IBN Technology, Pune, Existing firm for Web hosting &

Discussions were held with them at NHQ, Mumbai at Various lavel which
     includes Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer & Executive Director.

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                     17
5.5 Technical Comparison
Sl    Item         Proposal by M/s           Proposal By M/s          Proposal by M/s        Remarks
No. Description    Accounts & Tax Miners,    Kalikot Technology,      IBN Technology,
                             Development of Web based Application for IIIE
                   Mumbai                    Mumbai                   Pune
1     Proposed         1) Membership                                    1. Examination        Accounts
      Module           module                                              Module             module
                       2) Administration                                   2.      Stud       proposed by
                       module                                              ent Module         M/s Accounts
                                                                                              & Tax Miners
                       3) Student admission
                                                                                              does       not
                       module                1) Examination &                                 require TALLY
                       4) Examination            Student Module                               package.
                       module                2) Management &                                  Where as it is
                       5) Accounts module        Administration                               required    by
                       6) HR & Payroll       3) Dispatch                                      By M/s Kalikot
                       module                4) Accounting                                    Technology
                       7) Dispatch module                                                     and M/s IBN
2     Proposed         • SQL Server,                                  PHP and My SQL          Technology is
      Technology                                                                              quoted for only
                       • Visual Studio 2008                                                   web application
      Platform :                             Vb.Net and My SQL
                       ASP.Net / C#
3     Proposed          • Web based                                          • Web based     SMS interface
      features          application             •   Web based                application     is Optional
                        • Centralized               application              • User          charged extra
                        architecture            •   Centralized              friendly        upon the
                        • Integrated and            architecture             screens         service
                        comprehensive           •   User friendly            • E-mail &      provider. M/s
                        modules                     screens                  SMS             IBN Informed
                        • User friendly         •   E-mail                   • Multilevel    that it may be
                                                                                             about Rs.
                        screens                 •   Multilevel user          user security
                        • E-mail and SMS            security                 • Interface
                        Interface               •   Interface with IIIE      with IIIE
                        • Multilevel user           website                  website
                        security                •   E- Journal               • E- Journal
                        • Interface with IIIE
                        • E- Journal
4     Scope             • Server hosting                                  • Server hosting Payment
      exclusions :      • Payment gateway                                 • Payment          gateway
                        • Website                                           gateway
                                                                                             cost will be
                        modification and                                  • Website          approx. 1 lakh
                        enhancement                                         modification     to be born by
                        • E-learning contents                               and              IIIE. & ICICI
                        • Hardware, system      •   Server hosting          enhancement      bank may
                        software and            •   Payment gateway       • Hardware,        charge Rs. 1
                        networking              •   Website                 system
                        • Data entry                modification and        software and
                        • Annual                    enhancement             networking
                        maintenance             •   E-learning            • Data entry
                                                    contents              • Administration
              Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                       module         18
                                                •   Hardware, system
                                                    software and          • Accounts
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

      5.6 Time Scale:             6 months to 18 month

6. Annual Maintenance Contract:
Minimum 2 visit per month and 24x7 help line.
Rs. 50000/ year for a period of 3 years and thereafter revision.
Any updation of software/ changes to be borne by the firm without any additional
Any others terms to be decided mutually.
7. Cost-Benefit Analysis:

10% productivity improvement
10% improvement by elimination of data entry
Improvement in work comfort
With this no special manpower is required to handle the activities related to the
       newly introduced courses i.e. M.Sc (IE) & also
It is not required to fill the vacancy (if any), since the work will be automated.

              Cost                              Benefits
Considering Project duration as The projected min. employee
      3 years                         requirement for M.Sc(IE) -
Project cost 3.5 lakhs                1 No.
Training      1.5 lakhs         The existing vacancy due to the
                                      retirement of employee - 1
Other costs 0.5 lakhs
AMC           1.5 lakhs
                                Total      projected    man    power
                                      requirement           - 2 Nos
                                The average salary required to be
                                      paid                          -
                                Total salary requirement for the
                                      projected manpower(3)–
                                3.6 lakhs/annum
                                In 3 years - 10.8 lakhs/3 years

                      7.0 lakhs    10.8 lakhs

8. Observations & Recommendations:

1. Proposal:

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                        19
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

After the detailed study of the existing system, proposal submitted by various
     vendors and after discussion with different user/members . the following
     four options are suggested

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                    20
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

Option 1:

To go for integrated development of software packages integrating all modules
    and web application of Students, Members & Accoucnts.

Project Cost:
3 to 4 Lakhs/Annuam + Annual Maintenance Cost(10 to 20%) of project cost

Option 2: (As proposed by M/s IBN)

a) Designing the web application only for Exam, Student & Members module

Project Cost: 1 to 1.5 Lakhs
Time Frame: 6 months to 1 year

Option 3:

a) Designing the web application in 1st Phase

Project Cost: 1 to 1.5 Lakhs
Time Frame: 6 months to 1 year

b) Integrating other Module after part (a) implementation
Project Cost: 1.5 to 2.0 Lakhs
Time Frame: 6 months to 1 year

Option 4:

To implement option 1 and addition of extra features like integrating chapter
     account with NHQ(Web application)

Project Cost:       4.0 to 6.0 Lakhs
Time Frame:         6 months to 1 year after implementation of option 1

 It is observed from the above that the minimum expenditure could be 1.5 lakhs
      and maximum 3.5 Lakhs excluding Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC).

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                    21
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

 Investment on employees on behalf of training & skill development could be 0.5

 The investment on employees could be further study and mandatory study for
      the sustenance of the IIIE.

 The web page design can be done without linking to payment gateway. i.e.
      Only DD/cheque will be accepted to fill up the form and on receiving of
      hard copy along with DD/Cheque the student enrolment process will be

 On successful implementation of web application and maintenance by the 3 rd
      party server, the payment gateway can be linked to the system in the
      subsequent stage.

 Appropriate technical specification can be made after finalization of the vendor
      and project options. Based on technical specification, the actual project
      cost may vary ± 20% of the proposed project cost.

 The proposed options may be viewed by the Chairman, Hon. Secretary & NC
      members and suitable option may be recommended to implement the

 The requirement related to M.Sc (IE) course also should be finalized in view of
      web application.

9. Deliverables:
Web application of Exam & Student Module
Membership Module
SMS interface
Payment Gateway for online payment

10. Conclusion:

It is submitted for approval to the National Council chair man/ Hon. Secretary,

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                       22
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

11. Acknowledgements:

My sincere thanks to Cdr. B.M Bhandarkar, Chairman, IIIE and Sri. A.H.Ippa,
Hon. Secretary, IIIE for making me part of this assignment. I also thanks all the
members & staff of IIIE for their support.

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                       23
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE


A static web page is a web page that is delivered to the user exactly as stored,
in contrast to dynamic web pages which are generated by a web application .
Consequently a static web page displays the same information for all users, from
all contexts, subject to modern capabilities of a web server to negotiate content-
type or language of the document where such versions are available and the
server is configured to do so.
Static web pages are often HTML documents stored as files in the file system
and made available by the web server over HTTP. However, loose
interpretations of the term could include web pages stored in a database, and
could even include pages formatted using a template and served through an
application server, as long as the page served is unchanging and presented
essentially as stored.
The advantages and disadvantages with static web pages are
   •   No programming skills are required to create a static page.
   •   Inherently publicly cacheable (ie. a cached copy can be shown to anyone).
   •   No particular hosting requirements are necessary.
   •   Can be viewed directly by a web browser without needing a web server or
       application server, for example directly from a CD-ROM or USB Drive.
   •   Any personalization or interactivity has to run client-side (ie. in the
       browser), which is restricting.
   •   Maintaining large numbers of static pages as files can be impractical
       without automated tools.

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                        24
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE


A dynamic web page is a kind of web page that has been prepared with fresh
information (content and/or layout), for each individual viewing. It is not static
because it changes with the time (ex. a news content), the user (ex. preferences
in a login session), the user interaction (ex. web page game), the context
(parametric customization), or any combination thereof.

 It can also provide a live user experience. Content (text, images, form fields,
etc.) on a web page can change in response to different contexts or conditions.
In dynamic sites, page content and page layout are created separately. The
content is retrieved from a database and is placed on a web page only when
needed or asked. This allows for quicker page loading, and it allows just about
anyone with limited web design experience to update their own website via an
administrative tool. This set-up is ideal for those who wish to make frequent
changes to their websites including text and image updates, e.g. e-commerce

Two types of dynamic web sites
Client-side scripting and content creation
Using client-side scripting to change interface behaviors within a specific web
page, in response to mouse or keyboard actions or at specified timing events. In
this case the dynamic behavior occurs within the presentation.
Such web pages use presentation technology called rich interfaced pages.
Client-side scripting languages like JavaScript or ActionScript, used for Dynamic
HTML (DHTML) and Flash technologies respectively, are frequently used to
orchestrate media types (sound, animations, changing text, etc.) of the
presentation. The scripting also allows use of remote scripting, a technique by
which the DHTML page requests additional information from a server, using a
hidden Frame, XMLHttpRequests, or a Web service.

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                        25
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

The Client-side content is generated on the user's computer. The web browser
retrieves a page from the server, then processes the code embedded in the page
(often written in JavaScript) and displays the retrieved page's content to the user.
The innerHTML property (or write command) can illustrate the client-side
dynamic page generation: two distinct pages, A and B, can be regenerated as
document.innerHTML = A and document.innerHTML = B; or "on load dynamic"
by document.write(A) and document.write(B).
There are also some utilities and frameworks for converting HTML files into
JavaScript files. For example webJS[1] uses innerHTML property for rendering
pages from converted HTML on client-side.
The first "widespread used" version of JavaScript was 1996 (with Netscape 3 an
ECMAscript standard).

Server-side scripting and content creation

A program running on the web server (server-side scripting) is used to change
the web content on various web pages, or to adjust the sequence of or reload of
the web pages. Server responses may be determined by such conditions as data
in a posted HTML form, parameters in the URL, the type of browser being used,
the passage of time, or a database or server state.
Such web pages are often created with the help of server-side languages such
as ASP, ColdFusion, Perl, PHP, and other languages. These server-side
languages often use the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) to produce dynamic
web pages. Two notable exceptions are ASP.NET and JSP, which reuse CGI
concepts in their APIs but actually dispatch all web requests into a shared virtual
machine. Server-side dynamic pages can also use the first kind of dynamic
content on the client side.

While VM-based server-side languages and CGI would be preferred for new
development, some web-servers also support Server Side Includes (typically for

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                           26
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

a file extension such as .shtml), and Jhtml was a Java server-side technology
developed before JSP.

Combining client and server side
Ajax is a web development technique for dynamically interchanging content with
the server-side, without reloading the web page. Google Maps is an example of a
web application that uses Ajax techniques and database.

Search engines work by creating indexes of published HTML web pages that
were, initially, "static". With the advent of dynamic web pages, often created from
a private database, the content is less visible. Unless this content is duplicated in
some way (for example, as a series of extra static pages on the same site), a
search may not find the information it is looking for. It is unreasonable to expect
generalized web search engines to be able to access complex database
structures, some of which in any case may be secure

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                            27
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

                                                                   Annexure - 3

What is payment Gate way

A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider service that
authorizes payments for e-businesses, online retailers, on line payments etc.
Payment gateways protect credit card details by encrypting sensitive information,
such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information is passed securely
between the customer and the merchant and also between merchant and the
payment processor.

How payment gateways work

A payment gateway facilitates the transfer of information between a payment
portal (such as a website, mobile phone or IVR service) and the Front End
Processor or acquiring bank. When a customer orders a product from a payment
gateway-enabled merchant, the payment gateway performs a variety of tasks to
process the transaction:

   1. A customer places order on website by pressing the 'Submit Order' or
      equivalent button, or perhaps enters their card details using an automatic
      phone answering service.
   2. If the order is via a website, the customer's web browser encrypts the
      information to be sent between the browser and the merchant's
      webserver. This is done via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Encryption.
   3. The merchant then forwards the transaction details to their payment
      gateway. This is another SSL encrypted connection to the payment server
      hosted by the payment gateway.
   4. The payment gateway forwards the transaction information to the payment
      processor used by the merchant's acquiring bank.
   5. The payment processor forwards the transaction information to the card
      association (e.g., Visa/MasterCard)

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                       28
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

   6. The credit card issuing bank receives the authorization request and sends
       a response back to the processor (via the same process as the request for
       authorization) with a response code.
   7. The processor forwards the response to the payment gateway.
   8. The payment gateway receives the response, and forwards it on to the
       website (or whatever interface was used to process the payment) where it
       is interpreted as a relevant response then relayed back to the cardholder
       and the merchant.
   9. The entire process typically takes 2–3 seconds.
   10. The merchant submits all their approved authorizations, in a "batch", to
       their acquiring bank for settlement via their processor.
   11. The acquiring bank deposits the total of the approved funds in to the
       merchant's nominated account. This could be an account with the
       acquiring bank if the merchant does their banking with the same bank, or
       an account with another bank.


   •   Since the customer is usually required to enter personal details, the entire
       communication of 'Submit Order' page (i.e. customer - payment gateway)
       is often carried out through HTTPS protocol.
   •   To validate the request of the payment page result, signed request is often
       used - which is the result of the hash function in which the parameters of
       an application confirmed by a «secret word», known only to the merchant
       and payment gateway.
   •   To validate the request of the payment page result, sometimes IP of the
       requesting server has to be verified.
   •   There is a growing support by acquirers, issuers and subsequently by
       payments gateways for Virtual Payer Authentication (VPA), implemented
       as 3-D Secure protocol - branded as Verified by VISA, MasterCard
       SecureCode, which adds additional layer of security for online payments.

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                         29
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

Benefits through CC Avenue:
CCAvenue: Give your online business the "Profit Edge".
Online business, any traditional business, setting up and processing costs can eat
away huge chunks of your hard-earned profits; if you are not careful. Allow us to show
you why CCAvenue makes better business sense as your preferred payment

Let's say, after extensive research and planning of your e-commerce project you have
arrived at your annual projections. Let us assume your projected annual sales stand at
about Rs. 16,00,000 from your website/portal in a year from now, with a healthy profit
margin of 20%. That would be approximately Rs. 3,20,000. Sounds good? But
chances are, you would not actually end up making that much. Here's why. Eg:

Your projected sales:        Rs 16,00,000
Profit margin:               20%
Profit (in Rs.)              3,20,000

  Particulars       Other          Amount in hand       CCAvenue          Amount in hand
                   Payment         after deductions                            after
                   Gateways            (in Rs.)                             deductions
                                                                             (in Rs.)
     Sales            5%              2,40,000              3% *             2,72,000
   Setup fee      Rs 75,000           1,65,000           Privilege           2,32,000
                                                        Rs. 40,000
                                                      (one-time fee)
    Security       Rs 50,000          1,15,000               -               2,32,000
   deposits          (min)
 Gateway rent        90,000            25,000             Privilege          2,28,400
   (Annual)       (annualized)                           Scheme***
                                                          Rs. 3,600
 Annual cost of   Rs 42,000            -17,000         The site has its
  the 128-bit                                           own Verisign
 Verisign SSL                                          certificate, you
  certificate                                         can assess your
                                                        own needs#
     Other           extra                                     --
 Final Tally on         --             -17,000               --             2,28,400**
  your profits

For all payments, Service Tax and Education Cess @ 10.30% will be charged.

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                           30
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

* TDR 3% + Service Tax for MasterCard/ Visa/ Diners/ Debit Cards. TDR on all
other payment options vary.

**These numbers are indicative and may vary according to            circumstance.
Taxes have not been considered in these calculations.

*** Premium & Economy Schemes available. For details, click here.

# Click here to verify our certificate.

  Bigger Profits, No Hidden Costs!
As you can see, by utilizing CCAvenue's payment gateway services, you actually
make a profit of Rs. 2,16,400 compared to the huge loss you could suffer if you opted
for any other payment gateway service. All you pay is a One-Time Set Up Fee,
Transaction Discount Rate on each transaction and an Annual Software Upgradation
Charge. There are absolutely no hidden costs with CCAvenue. Here you have no
need for elaborate software, large databases and expensive processing capabilities at
your end.
  'Leading Payment Gateways Integration' facilitates Complete Payment
CCAvenue has integrated multiple Payment Gateways of leading banks to ensure
'Zero' downtime of our payment gateway services. All you do is register with
CCAvenue and you can utilize the best services of each of these major payment
gateways at almost negligible costs.

This unique payment gateway of India is directly integrated with online net banking
facilities of various banks of India, allowing your customers to pay for your goods and
services directly through their personal bank accounts.

Nobody in India today, not even the Financial Institutions of India providing e-com
solutions, offers such a wide bouquet of payment gateway solutions as CCAvenue
does. And, this bouquet is growing; as CCAvenue continuously works towards
integrating as many online Indian and Foreign Banks as possible, all of whom offer
Net Banking facilities to their clients.

CCAvenue has a highly secure Mobile Payment option for customers who do not want
to use their credit cards or debit cards online. It also has a Cash Card option for the
many Indian consumers who do not own a Credit Card nor are comfortable with the
Net Banking facility offered by the banks. This Card will be especially useful for these
consumers to shop online.

As we said in the beginning, CCAvenue gives your business a 'Profitable Edge' with
comprehensive, affordable e-commerce solutions! It is the only payment gateway in
India that takes care of all payment issues and lets you to focus on more important

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                          31
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

issues, like expanding your business and beating the competition.

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                             32
                   Development of Web based Application for IIIE

                                                                   Annexure - 4

Proposal Submitted By M/s Accounts & Tax Miners, Mumbai

                            IIIE Management System

Proposed Modules :
  1) Membership module
  2) Administration module
  3) Student admission module
  4) Examination module
  5) Accounts module
  6) HR & Payroll module
  7) Dispatch module

Proposed integration :


   Membership                                    Examination

  Administration            Accounts             HR & Payroll

Proposed databases :
   • Member s

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                      33
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

   •   Chapters
   •   Courses and subjects
   •   Students
   •   Examiners
   •   Examination centers
   •   Student assessment
   •   Institute administration
   •   Employees related
   •   Accounts related

Proposed Technology Platform :
   • SQL Server,
   • Visual Studio 2008 ASP.Net / C#

Proposed deployment option :
   • To be deployed on a 3rd party a hosted server

Proposed features :
   • Web based application
   • Centralized architecture
   • Integrated and comprehensive modules
   • User friendly screens
   • E-mail and SMS Interface
   • Multilevel user security
   • Interface with IIIE website

Proposed implementation sequence :
     Phase 1
           a)   Dispatch
           b)   Membership
           c)   Student admission
           d)   Examination

       Phase 2
         a) Accounts
         b) Administration
         c) HR & payroll

Project scope :
      • Process study and re-engineering
      • Design and development of proposed modules

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                           34
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

      •   Installation of software at at IIIE and user training
      •   Configuration and creation of masters
      •   User acceptance testing

Delivery schedule :

      To be decided after completion of process study, re-engineering and
      freezing of scope of each module

Proposed budgetary provision :

      Rs. 3,00,000/- for the above project scope

Scope exclusions :
     • Server hosting
     • Payment gateway
     • Website modification and enhancement
     • E-learning contents
     • Hardware, system software and networking
     • Data entry
     • Annual maintenance

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                35
                   Development of Web based Application for IIIE

                                                                     Annexure - 5

Proposal Submitted by M/s Kalikot Technology, Mumbai

                                                                Date : 24/04/2011

The Chairman,
IIIE, CBD Belapur,
New Bombay.

            Subject : Quotation for Web based Software Development

Dear Sir,

First of all thanking you for giving us an opportunity to have a discussion with
your team related to the development of Web based Centralized software system
for your esteemed Organization.

We are attaching here with the rates which we would like to quote.

We hope to hear from you positively and favourably at the earliest. In case of
further clarifications please contact back to us.


K.V.Sajesh Nambiar

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                          36
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

Scope of Work

Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering (IIIE) top management is decided to
go for Web based Software to streamline the workflow of the examination
process. Brief Scope is as given below :

Proposed Scope of the Software

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                            37
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                          38
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                          39
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                          40
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE


Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                          41
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

                                              xm a
                                             E a in tio

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                          42
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                          43
                              Development of Web based Application for IIIE

             Price Quote

              A. Mandatory Modules
                                                    Price        (Man
              SrNo Module Name                      (INR)        Days)
                   Examination & Student             2,75,000/
                 1 Module                                    -         150
                   Management &
                 2 Administration                   80,000/-            45
                 3 Dispatch                         40,000/-            25
                 4 Accounting                       80,000/-            50
                     Total                                 -           270
             (Rs. Four Lacs Seventy Five Thousand Only)


A. Payment Schedule (Mandatory Modules)
SrN                                    Price     Advance    Post Design       Developm Post UAT
o      Module Name                     (INR)     (20%)      (30%)             ent (40%)  (10%)
   1   Examination & Student Module       275000      55000       82500           110000     27500
   2   Management & Administration         80000      16000       24000            32000       8000
   3   Dispatch                            40000       8000       12000            16000       4000
   4   Accounting                          80000      16000       24000            32000       8000
       Total                              475000      95000      142500           190000     47500

             Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                   44
                       Development of Web based Application for IIIE

B. Development Schedule (Mandatory
SrN                             (Man           Analysis       Developme
o    Module Name                Days)          & Design       nt             Testing       UAT
     Examination & Student                     01/05-                        01/08-        15/08-
   1 Module                          150       15/05          16/05-30/07    15/08         31/08
     Management &                              01/07-                        11/08-        21/08-
   2 Administration                   45       10/07          11/07-10/08    20/08         31/08
                                               01/09-                        22/10-        26/10-
  3 Dispatch                                25 05/09          06/09-21/09    26/09         30/09
                                               10/09-                        19/10-        25/10-
  4 Accounting                              50 20/09          21/09-18/10    25/10         31/10
    Total                                  270
     Terms & Conditions

        a.     Application development will be .Net based using Vb.Net and My SQL.
        b.     The time schedule will starts from the data of approval of the quotation
               by the client and providing the Advance cheque. Delay in payment
               schedule will have subsequent delay in delivery of the project.
        c.     Time delay due to client’s unavailability will not be counted as delay of
               the project by us.
        d.     For each module at least one person having adequate process
               knowledge is required to approve and freeze the requirements. All
               other changes after requirement freezing will be treated as new
        e.     If possible, expecting one PC to work at client place on requirements.
        f.     License of the Operating system and other supporting software will be
               at client’s cost.
        g.     The current quotation is not the final, there can be a deviation of 20%
               plus or minus after the detailed study and mutual        understanding.
               Optional modules and sub modules are not taken in the current
        h.     Data Migration is not included under the current costing, it will be
               charged extra as per client’s requirements.

     Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                         45
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

   i.     All taxes, as applicable will be charged extra.
   j.     Once the Project is completed the following documents will be
          handover to IIIE
          a. Software Requirement Specifications
          b. User Manual


                                                                 Annexure - 6

                          IBN TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED

               FOR Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering
                                Submitted To
                   Commander Bhasker M Bhandarkar
              Indian Institute OF Industrial Engineering (IIIE)
                                Submitted By:
                                Rajesh Shinde
                      IBN Technologies Limited, Pune.
                           IBN WEB/2011/Q 00017
                               August 8, 2011

This document contains confidential information that is the property IBN
TECHNOLOGIES LTD. No part of the contents may be used, copied, disclosed
or conveyed in whole or in part to any party, in any manner whatsoever without
prior written permission from IBN TECHNOLOGIES LTD. All Copyright and
Intellectual Property herein vests with IBN TECHNOLOGIES LTD IBN
Technologies Limited, 306, Third Floor, Crystal Corporate, Bibwewadi -Kondhwa
Rd, Bibwewadi, Pune 411 037.Tel: +91 20 2426 4182 / 83 • Fax: +91 20 2426
4184 •

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                    46
                            Development of Web based Application for IIIE

1. About IBN
Technologies........................................................................................................ 3
2. Facts &
Figures ....................................................................................................................
.......... 3
3. IBN
Services ..................................................................................................................
........... 3
4. Requirement: -- Application development for Institute                                       ............................. 4
1. Part I: CMS
Development: ..............................................................................................                     .
.................. 4
2. Part II: Application
Development                                .........................................................................
............................... 4
Commercials: .................................................. .....................................................
.                                           ..... .................. 5
6. Terms and
Conditions ..................................................................................................               .....
............. 6
7. Highlights of Proposed for
IIIE ......................................................................................                   ..................
8. Project Implementation Strategy (Phases and
Methods) ............................................                                                                 ..........
.......... 6
A. Phase 1: Freezing System Features
Scope .......................................................................                                           ........
.... 6
B. Phase 2: Finalizing Product Design
Layout .......................................................................                                            ......
....... 6
C. Phase 3: Product Prototype
Deployment .................................................................................
....... 6
D. Phase 4: Deployment of Full
Product ..............................................................................                                     ......
......... 7
E. Phase 5: Training to IIIE Core
Team .................................................................................                                  ........
..... 7

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                                                                      47
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

IBN Technologies Limited, 306, Third Floor, Crystal Corporate, Bibwewadi
-Kondhwa Rd, Bibwewadi, Pune 411 037.Tel: +91 20 2426 4182 / 83 • Fax: +91
20 2426 4184 •

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                  48
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

1. About IBN Technologies

       IBN Technologies Limited is Mid Sized IT/ITES Company catering to
requirement of clients in USA, UK, Middle East and India. IBN offer wide range of
services like Server Collocation and Maintenance, Corporate Mailing Solution,
Web Hosting, Domain Registration and products like ERP, E-Com Portal
Solution, CRM, CMS & more for different business verticals like Manufacturing,
IT, Travel and Hospitality, Finance, Ecommerce Providers , School & Colleges
IBN    Technologies   Limited   envisages    Technology     Developments,   Web
Development, Management and Maintenance Service support to World
Companies. Given the kind of enormous exposure, we are now moving ahead
more capable and confident toward fulfilling global needs in IT services.
    Committed expertise – NMS (Server and Network Management Services),
       IT Services and BPO.
    Technology Developments, Management and Maintenance service
       support to the global companies
    Ensure access to an extremely reliable, secure, and technically advanced
       operating environment.

2. Facts & Figures

    Managed the Computerization and the Digitalization of a leading Indian
    Certified Microsoft Gold Partner
    Global presence with Cliental base in US and UK.
    Successfully Managing Servers and Hosting Of Leading Financial and
     Education Institution, Corporate, Government Websites and Mailing
    Successfully established ISP setup in Pune for dialup connections
    Successful implementation of CORPCOM an online task management
     Product in integration with MAIL clients in 500 branches of Logistics
     Organization in January, 2003.
    Successful handling of ODC/BPO operations with 50seats for US/UK

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                       49
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

3. IBN Services

1. Domain Name Registration                  6. Managed Server Solutions
2. Web Hosting                               7. Semi-Dedicated Servers
3. Corporate Mailing Solutions               8. System Integration - Networking
                                             and ISP Setups
4. Website Designing and                     9. Server Collocation
5. Application Development                   10.Dedicated Server Management

4. Requirement: -- Application development for Institute
      1. Part I: CMS Development:
                  •   Home page with Flash banner:

      2. Part II: Application Development
                    Functionality Required
                  •   Student Enrolment

                  •   Online Application form:

                  •   Online payment Facility through ccAvenue

                  •   Authorizing the application form

                  •   Assigning the Membership to the Student

                  •   Maintain Student Fees details

          o Examination Enrolment
                  •   Online Examination form
                          o Preliminary Examination

                          o Section A/B Examination
                  •   Maintaining the Examination hall details
                          o Allocation of the Examination Center and hall
                  •   Result Announcement

                  •   Revaluation of Result

                  •   Project Registration

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                           50
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

      Registration for Journal.

         •   For Non members of institution ---Online fee for journal enrolment

         •   For Member of Institution

         •   Add, Edit & Delete users

         •   Allocate rights to the user

         •   Change password for users

         •   Add, Edit and Delete Student Details like;
                o Student details

                o Education Details

                o Member ship authorization/Subscription

                o Maintain Fee details

                o Managing the student examination details

                o Manage Examination Center/hall wise allocation of student

                o Result updating

                o Journals updating for non registered and registered users.i.e
                    who have paid the subscription amount

         •      Access the user account

         •      Online Application form

         •      Online Examination form

         •      Check the update of Examination Hall ticket.

         •      Center/hall allocation.

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                           51
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

         •      Results

         •      Journals for Member /Non member Authorized for Journal

         •      Apply for any change in the details required in the details
                updated by the admin

         •      Forget password

      o SMS Alert: SMS alert to Member for updating new time table,
      Application form acceptance,
      o MIS Reports
Sr.    Services                                          Price(INR)           Period
1      Application Development Which include             Rs. 1,45,000.00      One Time
       CMS with Flash :                                                     Development
       o Flash banner to be added to the Home

       Student Enrolment
       o Online Application form:
       o Online payment Facility through ccAvenue
       o Authorizing the application form
       o Assigning the Membership to the Student
       o Maintain Student Fees details
       Examination Enrolment
       o Online Examination form
       - Preliminary /Section A/B Examination
       o Maintaining the Examination hall details
       - Allocation of the Examination Center and hall
       o Result Announcement
       o Revaluation of Result
       o Project Registration
       SMS Alert integration (SMS Packages is
       additional charges)

2      Data Entry as per design of Inner pages.          Rs 17,500.00         One Time cost
       Considering 50 Pages added from CMS
#      Training and Implementation and                   Rs 10,000.00         One Time cost
       1 day onsite training and 3 days remotely
       online training with chat, phone and email

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                          52
                 Development of Web based Application for IIIE

Total payable Amount                                     Rs 1,72,500.00
#                                                        10.30% Service tax applicable on
                                                         Payable amount excluding the
                                                         domain name charges

6. Terms and Conditions
1. Charges mentioned are in INR for Development charges and are one time
2. Above Quote is given on taking into consideration standard programming
3. The SMS Package for SMS services will be provided by third party on
additional cost as per package required IBN will be integrating the SMS services
with Software.
4. Development Time : Approx 60-70 working days after PO and initial Payment
5. Any additional development work will be charged extra depending on the
scope of work (SRS Document).
6. The Application development will be on Microsoft Technologies. CMS will be
on PHP ,My SQL
7. The Contract Document with details terms will be signed between the both
8. Quote does not include any 3rd party product licensing, Any Hardware, 3rd
party Integration etc charges, Web and database Hosting, Application
Maintenance etc. These charges are purely one time Development Charges as
per specification above.
9. Taxes As applicable. Currently Service Tax-10.30%
10. Additional training needed for which IBN Engineer have to visit out of Pune
PMC. Will be cost extra @ Rs 2500 per day per person excluding lodging,
boarding, and travelling expenses.
11. AMC will be charges Additional 30 % on basic software cost
12. Hosting Charges are not included in the Proposal.
13. The additional installation and implementation work other than the application

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                         53
                   Development of Web based Application for IIIE

14. Note: The provided quotes are based on the broad discussion and our
assumptions on the project requirement as covered in this proposal, if we find the
deviation in the scope of the work there will be deviation in quote.
15. Disclaimer:
16. Payments Terms : Advance 70% & Balance 30% on delivery of all modules.
7. Highlights of Proposed for IIIE
1) 1 day free Training to 3 IIIE staff.
2) Documentation of Application.
3) Software Publish Code.
4) Local Support as IBN is located in Pune.
5) For Ease of Deployment, Maintenance and Customization we have done
Scripting in Microsoft Technology.
8. Project Implementation Strategy (Phases and Methods)
A. Phase 1: Freezing System Features Scope
Freezing of System Requirement Specs. Formation of Core Group from 2 Sides
– IBN (Project Manager and Sr. Programmer) and IIIE (Module Implementation
Supervisors). All Communication with both Teams will be on E-mail and well
B. Phase 2: Finalizing Product Design Layout
Start Of project – Finalizing Database and Application Layout Design.
Getting Approved from IIIE core Team.
C. Phase 3: Product Prototype Deployment
Application Prototype Demonstration to IIIE Core Team
D. Phase 4: Deployment of Full Product
Deploying Final Application and database Structure on IIIE server
E. Phase 5: Training to IIIE Core Team
a) IBN will train IIIE core Team .Documented Help Guide will be also provided.

b) After going through Training, IIIE team will do dummy data entry in the

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                          54
                  Development of Web based Application for IIIE

c) IBN will analyze data entered by IIIE IBN will interact with IIIE if anything
wrong is traced. Old data is cleared.

d) After everything is ok. Application is handed over IIIE for real entries.

e) Final Check for Correct Entries.

f) Sign Off

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera                                                        55

To top