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									             My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

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    “How To Develop & Market Your List Building Blog For Maximum Returns”

                     My List Blog - Blueprint For Success


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Please note – we cannot be held responsible for the actions & performance of external
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affiliate programs.

                      My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

      An Introduction To The Massive & Flourishing List Building Niche

We know the internet marketing niche is huge. And growing at a massive pace. But within
this digital behemoth there lies a pivotal sub-niche that provides massive opportunity to blog
/ site owners. That niche is the list building one, and this exclusive blueprint has been
developed to help you maximise your returns with your own list building blog.

Since the inception of the internet as a viable place to do business, the list building topic has
been one of the most sought after pieces of information. Business people understand that
email marketing is one of the most outstanding ways of marketing their business, products
and services to their clients and potential customers. When done correctly, email marketing
also offers one of the most economical ways of getting business. And, an opt in list is one of
the key assets of any internet business (ask any internet business entrepreneur).

Unsurprisingly, almost every person and business who comes online to do business almost
immediately seeks to build an opt in list. That means, that there are countless millions of
people who will want the exact information, video tutorials and advice in a well developed
information blog or website on this topic. And, when the information is good, your site
visitors will gladly listen to your recommendations on what list building products, courses,
software and services to subscribe through. And, from the blog owners perspective the
potential for both residual and big ticket income are massive.

For example, if you were to search the internet thoroughly you would find countless of
ebooks, video courses, audios, software and even subscription services related to email
marketing, opt in list building and newsletter publishing. The commissions for these
products and services can be anywhere from a few dollars to several hundreds of dollars
(and some offer ongoing monthly commissions too). Then there’s additional income that can
be had through pay per lead programs and Adsense income. Not to mention a suite of
additional marketing products and services (because, someone who is interested in opt in
list building will almost certainly be interested in additional products and services within the
wider marketing arena.

Later on, we’ll discuss some outstanding ways of marketing your list building blog, and
getting traffic to it at a zero/low cost. First, let’s look at some of the features of your blog
and how you can take control of it…

                      My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

                            Module 1 – Your Blog Features

We’ve developed probably the most cutting edge list building blog available anywhere!

Here are the most common things you’ll want to do with your blog and how to do them…

Making Changes To Your Blog & Using Your Blog Control Panel

The best thing about blogs is that once you have a good one set-up, it’s very simple to
maintain it and grow it even if you don’t know the first thing about adding content. We’ll
look at the features of your blog, and how to add in additional content or audios.

How To Add New Content To Your Blog

Adding new content to your blog is easy.

Simply login to the admin control panel for your blog (this would have been sent to you with
all the details for your blog). Your blog cpanel is usually found at a URL that looks like this:

From the dashboard choose “Write” and then “Page”. Make sure the default tab for the
editor is set at “visual” (it should be). If you want to add posts then choose the “posts”
option instead of the page one.

Add in the title of your content and then add in the text via the online editor.

Click on publish when finished, and a new page will be added to your blog. Easy as that.

How To Add Use Your Autoresponder Function

Login to your WP control panel. The GW Autoresponder is located on the sidebar of your
blog admin panel. You can do the following:

    -   Writing A Newsletter To Your List : From the GWA Autoresponder section
        on your blog control panel choose the “Email Leads” function. Then, write out
        your newsletter and click on continue and then send (leave the dates at the
        top blank).
    -   To Create An Autoresponder Series: Choose “Add Message”. Type In
        your message and then click on continue.

                      My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

                      Module 2 – Key Affiliate & PPL Programs

In this module we’ll look at the various affiliate programs for the list building, email
marketing and even wider internet marketing niche:

List Builder Pro - (upto $498 per sale per month)

Clickbooth (ppl & pps):

Constant Contact - $50 per sale plus $2 per lead

Icontact (Autoresponder) - $150 per sale

Other Email Marketing Aff Programs:

Get Response – 30% residual commissions every month

Aweber – 20% residual commissions every month

Other (Internet Business/Marketing Related But Not List/Email Related):

1&1 – Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration – (upto $300 per sale)

Jumpline - $10 per lead (hosting)

Web Ceo - (Earns over $70 per sale on a popular search engine
optimisation software)

Axandra - (Pays upto $157 per sale on SEO

An increasing number of businesses are choosing dedicated hosting – the affiliate program
below offers upto $775 per sale on their dedicated hosting services:

Derek Gehl Products – D.G. is a very well known marketer with some high converting
products. You can earn monthly checks of upto $4,500 through his affiliate program:

                     My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

Popular Clickbank Affiliate Programs:

Goto and search for the following internet marketing programs:

Video Propeller ( )

Internet Wealth ( )

Mike Cheyneys Traffic Videos ( )

Get Visitors Now ( )

30 Minute Backlinks ( )

Press Release Software ( )

Guru University ( )

Traffic Travis ( )

Web 20 Stampede ( )

Some Pay Per Lead Programs For Internet Marketing

Before we go on, please remember that pay per lead is a more dynamic affiliate model that
pay per sale/Adsense. This means the payouts and programs are subject to change their
offers and revenues (or even switch from PPL to PPS at their whim). Please note, the offers
below were researched directly from the affiliate directory in question and correct at time of
going to print. In case the details change, please do not email us as we’re powerless to do
anything about it!

From (Commission Junction): - $85 Per Lead (client must complete a purchase)

Yahoo Search Marketing - $15 Per Lead (get paid for giving away $50 free credit) - $5 per lead

Pro Stores - $20 to $100 per lead

                   My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

From Direct Leads:

Keyword Max - $12 per lead

                        My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

                        Module 3 – Key Affiliate & PPL Programs

In this module we’ll look at ways to maximise your traffic sources!

Overview Of Traffic Generation – Whatever anyone tells you, generating traffic is not
rocket science. All you need is a good traffic generation system, invest a little time and
effort, and the people will start coming. They will start clicking your links, and checking out
your affiliate offers. It’s what they want.

The only thing is that system will be different for different niches.

Luckily, you don’t have to experiment because I’ve devised a system that will start that
traffic flow for you…

                               Step By Step Traffic Blueprint

    1. Post FREE Ads Everyday On High Traffic Sites – I’ve been using these websites
       for some time now, and the beauty of it is that no matter what niche you’re in, you
       can get a LOT of targeted traffic every day to your sites. The thing is, you have to be
       consistent and use a variety of different ads on these.

       It takes under a minute to post to these sites (assuming you have the ad set-up),
       and you can post here everyday and start getting real, targeted people to your sites.

       The sites I’m talking about are Craigslist & Gumtree – take a look at the Alexa
       ratings on these sites…they’re comparable with eBay…so we know they’re incredibly
       high traffic sites with millions of daily visitors. The difference? It’s free to post here!
       Amazing how easy it is to draw traffic for free when you know how  - By the way, I
       get daily sales from these sites for a variety of niches.

       Here’s a video tutorial on posting on Craigslist:

       Craigslist Posting Technique

                     My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

       And here’s a further video on posting on Gumtree:

       Gumtree Posting Tutorial

    2. Offline Advertising –

       What you should be doing is identifying local and national magazines, newspapers
       and publications that email marketing prospects are likely to buy. Make a list of these
       buy going to your local news/book shop and contact them asking about their rates.

       Another good place to advertise is in local newspapers – in the UK you can post an
       ad for under £50, and it can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people – lots of
       local businesses will want to know how they can incorporate email marketing into
       their businesses.

    3. Getting Your Site Indexed & Noticed By The Search Engines – To do this we
       can take some very simple steps. First, you need to know that engines like Google
       LOVE social bookmarking sites and web 2.0 type sites…like Stumble Upon.

       In the past, new sites have been indexed by the major engines in as little as 24 to 48
       hours just because they were listed in sites like Stumble Upon.

       How can you get started with this? First, download the Stumble Upon toolbar, and
       when your site is up give it the thumbs up icon (usually top left on the toolbar). This
       shares your site with potentially interested visitors so it also can yield traffic for you.

       However, stumble is just ONE such site that can get you a lot of free traffic. With this
       blueprint you can download and view some useful web 2.0 traffic generation tutorials

       Video Tutorials On Web 2.0 Traffic:

                    My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

     Flock 1

     Flock 2

     Social Twist


     Twitter (Registering)

     Twitter (Profile Set-Up)




     Increasingly, marketers are using Facebook in order to generate traffic. Here are
     some tutorials on setting this up:

     Facebook Profile

     Facebook Signup

     Facebook Ads

     Facebook Friends

     Facebook Classifieds

     And some more web 2.0 traffic videos:


                      My List Blog - Blueprint For Success


        Yahoo 360

You should be doing this with as many high-ranking social bookmark sites as you can find. I
don’t wish to sell you anything, but you can find literally countless videos & resources on
web 2.0 traffic generation (plus lots of additional traffic tactics) at my DRR members site –
some members describe it as the most useful resource they have ever seen for building
traffic streams and their online business.

Another site that works in a very similar way to Stumble Upon is

Using this technique we have started the indexation process and traffic flow through social
media sites – but we’re just starting out.

     4. Article Posts Galore – Get Your Site Out There!

Here’s how to generate instant traffic using the PLR articles you have with this package:

        1. Spend a little time rewriting the PLR articles you wish to use, or get a content
           writer to do this for you. The directories don’t like PLR content being used “as is”
           but rewriting articles can be done very fast (typically, 5 or 10 minutes per 500
           word article).
        2. Once you rewrite, you can submit to the high traffic directories (almost all of
           them have a business category). Over time you can get a lot of targeted traffic
           through the directories, and this will convert into real revenues on your site.

                      My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

Here are the major article directories you should be posting to – there are actually MANY
more, but again the key is to penetrate only high traffic authority article directories, and not
waste your time one the small ones.

Here’s a selection of good article directories to post in:

     5. Forums – A Hotbed Of Free, Targeted Traffic (& A Great Link Link Building

        Forums are a sensational source of vibrant traffic – traffic that’s looking for exactly
        what you’re offering…in this case assistance to those seeking help with list building &
        email marketing. It’s possible to get hundreds, or even thousands of targeted
        website visitors to your site using forums (over time). Simply respond to the many
        questions about email marketing and leave your blogs URL as the signature link. Be
        sure the specific forum you visit allows this – while this is standard protocol in most

                      My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

        forums, some seem to have their own special rules and it’s crucial not to break any
        of these (or you’ll be accused of all sorts of nasty things).

        You should build up a database of marketing & list building forums - then start
        posting and drawing traffic to your sites.

        Not only does this bring fresh, targeted visitors to your site but you’ll also build
        valuable backlinks to your site.

     6. Video Submission – We’re In A New Era And Thousands Of Targeted Site
        Visitors Could Find Your Site Through Your Videos…

        I’m sure you have heard about video marketing – you may even know a few savvy
        marketers who are making some neat cash through this method.

        The simple fact is that video marketing can generate a very steady stream of website
        traffic for you – day after day, and for free.

        How can you start? First, create a simple viral video – you can do this by using a
        simple screen capture tool such as Cam Studio (you can download this tool here).

        Create simple viral videos with your website URL details in them. You can submit to
        video engines such as Google Video, Yahoo Video, You Tube and so on. This can
        take a little practice to get done but once you do, you can switch on viral traffic
        streams that can last for years.

        What about the TOOLS you need to create your video clips? Don’t worry, I’ve
        thought of that:

        Download the Windows Movie Maker tool for free (legally) here:

                      My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

        (In case the link is out of date, just do a search for “Windows Movie Maker
        Download” on Google

        You can view a tutorial on branding videos with Multimedia here:

     7. Using Other Social Sites – Squidoo & Hubpages

        Create a Squidoo lens ( ) for the topic of email marketing. You
        should also do the same on (make a few alterations to the

     8. Using Yahoo Answers – A Secret Tactic That You MUST Use In All Your
        Niches To Drive Traffic

        Yahoo Answers is a relatively untapped tactic for traffic generation. The home page
        is here:

        Basically, people post their questions here – including ones on internet business,
        marketing and list building. Answer these, making sure you link back to your blog.

     9. Using Free Press Releases - Submit your website details to free press release
        sites. Non money making sites often do quite well through press releases.

     You can view some detailed videos on using press releases to generate immediate
     profits here:

                      My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

        (there are more videos on using PR’s on this site)

     10. Using Viral Ebooks To Generate Traffic – You have been given a LOT of private
        label rights content for this niche. You can use some of this to create an ebook that
        can be distributed virally to thousands of people interested in the email
        marketing/list building topic.

        Create a free PDF eBook with some of the PLR material you have and submit it to
        various ebook directories and forums. Just remember to brand the ebook with your
        blog URL.

        Ebooks are easy to create, and when you offer them for free they can spread
        through the net like wildfire – and bring lots of people to your website for free.

        One of the biggest problems that many people have RE creating viral ebooks is
        converting their word documents into PDF’s.

        Here is a website that is free to use – you can convert .doc documents into PDFs

        You can also download the Info Product Creation Toolkit for free here, which will
        give you more advice on creating ebooks:

        Follow these simple yet effective tactics and your debt/credit help site has every
        chance of performing very well in the search engines and draw in traffic from
        multiple other sources.

        I truly hope you’ve enjoyed this entire package & wish you well on your journey to
        being a prosperous internet business entrepreneur.

                    My List Blog - Blueprint For Success

Tuks Engineer

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