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					                                 Curriculum Vitae

       Name:                  Mr. Suharman Noerman
Position for this             Social Development Consultant (STC)
Nationality:                  Indonesia
Contact information:          Phone. 021-8718070 ext 201, Mobile. 0812 935 8386
                              Email address;
Language Skills:              English, Indonesia
Educational and other         Engineer, Graduate from Andalas University Padang, West
Qualifications:               Sumatera. ,
                              Maj. Social Economics Studies 1986 from Faculty of
                              Animals Husbandry’

                              Master Studies for Management , JIMS, Jakarta 1997-98
Summary of Experience:

Born in Payakumbuh West Sumatera on February 20, 1963,

Mr. Noerman has experience as United Nations Volunteers (UNV) in India under UNDP
program in the year 1990/92, then He was Team Leader for several community based
project in Urban slum such as MHT III Project under NGO Institute for Development
Studies / Lembaga Studi Pembangunan (LSP) Jakarta in collaboration with The World
Bank 1994/1996.
In 1997 He was Project Manager for Piet Area Development Project of Central Kalimantan
run by multi-stakeholder (multi-sectors) of Indonesia Government, at the time the host of
program is Nusamba Company.

From 1999 up to 2009 He is the Project Director for several Food and Nutrition Project in
collaboration with UN WFP such as OPSM (Rice Distribution for Community self reliant),
Fortified Delvita Project for low income mother and children, Nutrition Rehabilitation
Program such Posyandu (Helath Community Center) Empowerment, Schools Feeding. In

He was Vice Team Leader of Urban Poverty Project (P2KP I) for East Java Region
funded by The World Bank through Bappenas during 1999- 2001. (microfinance,
social and environment)

Mr. Noerman is active participant in International Development Forum/ Conference in the
context social economic and environment development such as in New Delhi India 1992,
Kyoto Japan 1994, New York USA 1995, Dhaka Bangladesh 1996, Addis Ababa Ethiopia
1998, Kalibo Aklan Philippines 1999, Tokyo Japan 2000, 2002 and 2006.

 Mr. Noerman is one of ISO 26000 Social responsibility Experts of Working Group
representing Indonesia in preparing the document of ISO 26000/SR. He is actively joint
ISO 26000 / WGSR Meeting in Sydney Australia (February 2007), New Delhi India ( April
2007) and Vienna Austria (November 2007), Santiago – Chile (September 2008),
Colombo Sri Lanka (March 2010), Copenhagen Denmark (May 2010) as representing SSRO
Expert on Social Responsibilities issues from Indonesia.

Since 2000 up to now, Mr. Noerman is Chairperson NGO Youth Eradicating Hunger (YEH)
Indonesia which strong collaboration program with UN Agencies such as Unicef, UN World
Food Program, UNDP, FAO for more than 10 years. At the same time he was Responsible
person for Associates Office of HFW Japan operates in Indonesia (2002-2006).

Mr. Noerman is Member of Indonesian Institute of Commissioners and Directors, institute
for promoting good corporate governance and policy reforms, professional qualification of
Corporate manager and Director in Indonesia. (since October 2009).

He is one board of Corporate Forum for Community Development (CFCD), and Chair for
International Affair from 2008 – 2011. Mr. Noerman is CFCD expert on CSR program
development, assessment, monitoring and evaluation of best practices of CSR, such as CSR
Mining (Coal, Gas & Oil), CSR agro-industry, CSR manufacturing, CSR banking and CSR

In 2008 involved as Committee Expert on Indonesia CSR Awards 2008 for selection of the
nominee for the awards. He is experienced in evaluating the CSR best practices in many
sector such Mining (Coal, Oil and Gas), Manufacturing, Agro-industry and services such CSR
Training workshop:

   1. Skill enhancement for community (social) development, UNDP, New Delhi, August,
   2. Farming system development, DSE – Feldafing, Munich - Germany, May, 1994
   3. Consumers issues on Social responsibility, Indian Standards- Indian Consumers
      Association, Delhi Indi, April, 2007
   4. Developing Country workshop on Social Responsibility, Vienna, Austria, Nov, 2007
   5. Government Workshop on Social Responsibility, Santiago Chile, Sept, 2008
   6. ISO 26000 Social Responsibility workshop, Colombo, Sri Lanka, March, 2010
   7. Developing Country Workshop on Social Responsibility, Copenhagen, Nov, 2010
   8. Expert Member of Post Publication Organization of ISO 26 000 SR from SSRO Expert
      categories, Dec 2010 – onward (representing Developing countries)

Relevant Experience (From most recent):

Period:    Name of activity/           Job Title and Activities undertaken:
From –     funding organisation:
2010       Safer Community             Responsible Person to the Project on Program
           Disaster Risk Reduction     design on Community based Disaster Risk
Sept       (SCDRR), Solok – West       Reduction, FGD activities, HVCA tools trainings,
2010-      Sumatera                    Multi-stakeholder Forum establishment,
August     UNDP-Depdagri-              monitoring team and capacity building.
2011-      Bappenas

                                       Expert Committee on Awards; TOR, indicators,
2009-                                  scoring and ranking, Table and Field evaluation,
2010       Community Development       impact achievement, Final Judgment.
           Expo &Awards (GKPM
           Awards &Expo) - CFCD
           and Coordinating
           Ministry of People
           Welfare - P
2009       Women Expo: Women           Project Director, Program design, Liaison role to
           Voice in Democracy -         local stakeholder especially to Local CSO (women
           UNDP - MDP Election: 8       groups) , local government and local parliament
           region: Sulawesi             members.
           Tenggara, Kalteng, Kalsel,
           Papua Barat, Bengkulu,
           Lampung and Aceh.
2008       Indonesian CSR Awards        Secretary of Committee Expert on Awards:
January-   2008, CFCD and Social        Formulating Indicator and evaluation system.
Des 2008   Ministry Office:             Desk Evaluation, Presentation evaluation and
           20 Corporate participants    debate, Field visit assessment. And Final Judgment
                                        on Awards.
2007       CSR Regional Expo,           Project director, Program design, Liaison role to
           Seminar and Talk show –      Corporate and local stakeholder groups, Team
           CFCD; Makassar,              Project supervision
           Banjarmasin, Pekanbaru
           and Palembang
2007       Post Flood Relief to         Project Director: Program design, Project team
           Children Under Five, in      supervising, coordinating meeting with donors
           East Jakarta                 and government, field monitoring, community
           UNOCHA                       empowerment and training facilitator.

2005-      Training Workshop on         Source person and facilitator:
2009       Community Development        Strategy community Development, Participatory
           strategy (tools and          Rural Appraisal (PRA), Social Mapping,
           methodology)=Basic and       Community Need Assessment.
           Advance level - CFCD

2005-      NRP and TB program,
2009       YEH – UN WFP Project;        Project Director: Program design, Project team
           Bekasi area, East Jakarta,   supervising, coordinating meeting with donors
           and Banten Province.         and government, field monitoring, community
                                        empowerment and training facilitator

2002-      Hunger Free World Japan      Responsible Person for Associates Office of HFW
2006                                    in Indonesia through YEH Indonesia: designing
                                        micro finance, water and sanitation project
         Market Operation for
1999 –   Community self Reliant         Project Director: Program design, Project team
December through Rice distribution      supervising, coordinating meeting with donors
2005     (OPSM), YEH – UN WFP           and government, field monitoring, community
         Project                        empowerment and training facilitator
1999 -   Urban Poverty Project          Vice Team Leader: assist the Team leader on
2001     (P2KP)                    Project management on: Integrated work of
         For Eastern Java Region   several experts such: Micro finance (economic),
         (119 villages)            social and environment studies and design of
         Bappenas –                program. Lead the field staff in community
         The World Bank            organizing, need assessment, organize community
                                   workshop on development, community proposal
                                   refer to a participatory planning. Report writing.
                                   Meeting with stakeholders.
1996-    Piet Area Development     Project Manager: Project designing, Supervising
1998     project of Central        Project staff, Stakeholders meeting and
         Kalimantan – Multi-sector coordinating roles, community need assessment,
         of GoI                    capacity building of local farmers

1995 -   CEMIS project, LSP –     Team Leader: Organizing CEMIS Module
1996     UNCHS (Habitat)          workshop with stakeholders, environment
         A living environment     information system development with local
         program                  residence in the area of water and sanitation,
                                  garbage management, public latrine as well
                                  linkage local people economic such income
1993-    MHT III Project : three  Facilitator: assisting communities to undertake
1995     sectors development for  community planning activities, implement
         Urban slums residence of community based infrastructure programmes, and
         Jakarta, World Bank-     micro finance for local community and Monitoring
         Local Govt.              activities
Referees: Mr. Sujana Royat,
          Deputy at The Coordinating Ministries for People Welfare, GOI,
          Jl. Medeka Barat No. 3, Jakarta 10110
          Mobile Phone: 0811183969
          Email address:

            Mr. Mas Achmad Daniri, ,
            Chairman on National Committee on Policy and Governance (KNKG)
            phone: +62 811108256

            Mr. Thendri Supiatno, Chairman of Corporate Forum for Community
            Development (CFCD) phone: 08164842451

            Ms. Mariski NIRWAN, UNDP Election MDP unit

            Mohamad Saleheen, UNWFP Country Director
            Ms. Angela Van Rynbach, UNWFP Country Representative
            Phone. 021- 5709004, 570 9005 Email address.
            Mr. Janne.Suvanto, UN WFP Head Program Unit
            Phone. 021-5709004, 570 905 Email address.

            Mr. Kiyotaka Watanabe (Hunger Free World – HFW Japan, Executive Director)
            Phobe. +81 3 – 3261 – 4700, Email address.

Declaration: I declare that the written data above is valid and true.

Suharman Noerman

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