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                        ISSUE 141          JUL-AUG 2010           1/2010-2011
                                   2010-2011 WAUPS COMMITTEE
PRESIDENT                 Tammy Gibbs              9489 7963 
VICE PRESIDENT            Danny Messom             9419-3438 
SECRETARY                 Sue Myburgh             0415 040 046   
TREASURER                 Jenny Ough               9349-5889     
MAGAZINE EDITOR           Vivien Matson-Larkin     9443-2906    
WEB MASTER                Paul Gammer             0400-171-111
COMMITTEE MEMBER          Sue Morrison             9474-1118
COMMITTEE MEMBER          Nick Djordjevic          9401-2218
COMMITTEE MEMBER          Emilie Mas              0433256681     
COMMITTEE MEMBER          Eva Boogard              9401-5494   
COMMITTEE MEMBER          Emma Hicks              0403 490272
COMMITTEE MEMBER          Karl Fehlauer           0418 613 246
WAUPS WEB PAGE                            
Meeting Place 8PM start - Games Room (building on right-hand side of the pool) past Bistro &
            Indi Bar area. The Indian Ocean Hotel, 27 Hastings St, Scarborough
NB: Opinions, practises or impressions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect those of WAUPS

Howdy Members,

Damn, has it not been tooOOoo cold of late .. brrr, hard to get motivated for a day, let alone a night dive ;-)
• The AGM has been and gone and it’s membership renewal time. The ‘Best Image For The Year” Award went
   to Chris Holman with a magnificent shot taken off Rottnest which appears on this years membership card –
   Congratulations Chris. A nomination for Life Membership of Wayne Storrie was voted on that evening also.
   Details on that plus the President’s and Preliminary Treasurer’s Reports will be included in the next two issues
   of the club newsletter.
• A few of the motley crowd turned up for brekkie at the Victoria Café in the E-Shed Markets before heading
   across to view the winning and runner-up shots from the 2009 ANZANG Nature Photography exhibition at the
   Maritime Museum. It was very pleasing to see how many Western Australian entrants have had some success
   with this competition, including WAUPS members Ann Storrie and Shannon Conway. Goodonya 
•      Our FotoFreo Fringe Festival exhibition titled Artificial Reefs: Oases For Marine Life heads up to the
       Gravity Discovery Centre after an extended period on display at the Naturaliste Discovery Centre in Hillarys. A
       big thank you to those club members who are driving up to the Gravity Centre this Saturday to hang the prints.
       That display will run from August 1 to October 2.
•      Peter Mooney from Scubapix is hopefully coming to Perth in early August with lots of underwater camera
       gear. Yet to confirm day, time and venue. As soon as I know I’ll send out an email with those details.
•      Sorry but the workshop at the Pinnacles which was planned for the weekend of Sept 4 has been cancelled due
       to the poor health of our dear Nick. For those of you new to the club Nick Djordjevic takes the most amazing
       lightening shots. Check out his website:
The WAUPS Yearbook needs updating so if you have any pics/newspaper items you think would cut the mustard
please pass them on to a committee member i.e. news clippings, funny moments, memorabilia. If anyone has been
on a trip lately drop me a line or two! All items for the newsletter gratefully accepted (dive trip reports, cartoons,
jokes, photo tips, seafood recipes, crosswords, wanted to buy or sell). Viv

Petition to protect sharks in Raja Ampat

                                        International Year of Biodiversity
The University of Western Australia Oceans Institute teams and the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
will mark the UN International Year of Biodiversity with a series of three talks at UWA Claremont.
Tickets $60.     Bookings essential.   Contact UWA Extension <> : 6488 2433

1st Talk. Tuesday 17 August from 6:30pm -8:00pm Western Australia- a biodiversity hot spot for both
seaweeds and seagrasses by Professor Gary Kendrick.
From The UWA Oceans Institute and UWA School of Plant Biology Professor Kendrick has researched seaweed
and seagrass ecology since the early 1980s and has taken his passion around the globe. He has researched and
published papers about seaweeds and seagrasses from most states of Australia, Canada, Ecuador (Galapagos),
Spain, Brazil and the USA.
2nd Talk. Tuesday 24 August from 6:30pm -8:00pm Coral Reefs- will they survive climate change? by
Professor Malcolm McCulloch.
Professor McCulloch is currently establishing a major, new, state-of-the-art geochemical and isotope facility at
UWA. His research interests focus on the modern part of the geologic record using isotopic and trace element
geochemical methods to determine how climate and anthropogenic processes have influenced both past and present
marine environments with particular emphasis on coral reefs. Malcolm has worked extensively on the Great Barrier
Reef using corals to assess the effects of river runoff on inshore reefs as well as the effects of climate change and
ocean acidification on coral reefs.

3rd Talk: Tuesday 31 August from 6:30pm -8:00pm Tagging and tracking the world’s largest fish. Dr Mark
Meekan, AIMS.
Pictures of marine life taken with a baited underwater camera at by UWA researchers off the South-West
Cape. Picture: Centre for Marine Futures, UWA

Hi Everyone,

I've been living on the Gold Coast for a number of years. Pretty crappy diving here compared to good old Perth.
The Gold Coast Seaway, rated as one of the best dive sites for biodiversity and quite interesting as long as you
don't get clobbered by a jet ski.

Shortly I'll begin putting together my long awaited film about the Cottesloe Reefs. I have some 60 hours of vision,
mostly shot underwater, and some of it is very good. The project has remained on the backburner for the past
several years, but I have some time available and there is 'theoretically' a review of the Cottesloe Fish Habitat Area
regulations set for ten years after the original declaration. That would be 2011, so a doco that shows the beauty of
the area and coincides with that review will be timely.

I hope you are all well. I see there are some very interesting pictures displayed on the WAUPS website. You've
always had EXCELLENT photographers in your group.

All the best
PS I am the Seabird Coordinator for WILDCARE here on the Coast. It's a volunteer position and I specialize in
catching injured seabirds and other birds and either fixing them on the spot or rushing them to hospital when
needed. Mostly it's hook and line injuries.

       TIMOR-LESTE Dive Photo Contest      10th - 14th October
The First “Timor-Leste Dive Photo Contest” will engage world class photographers to showcase Timor-Leste’s
tremendous scuba diving potential and promote its’ marine-based tourism to the world. The contest will also serve
as a mechanism to provide education on the environment, bio diversity and many marine based opportunities that
the pristine waters of Timor can offer the people of Timor-Leste.
All of the contests diving will be shore based and the contest will feature 12 dive sites which are within a 1.5 hour
drive of the capital of Timor-Leste, Dili. Each dive site have a coordination post, which will provide
communications and first aid, PNTL security details, electronic charging facilities and refreshments for
participants. Each participant will be assigned a vehicle with driver, a dive buddy/guide and a unique multiple tank
swapping system that will allow near unlimited access over the entire competition at all of the sites. This will allow
divers to participate and compete at the highest level possible while ensuring a world-class level of safety.
In addition there will be a centralized event center in Dili which will be open to participants 24 hrs. a day. The
event center will provide wet and dry areas for gear and its maintenance. There will also be internet access and
computer stations for the preparation of participants images.

The First “Timor-Leste Dive Photo Contest” have a minimum cash prize pool of 30.000 USD. New sponsors are
also adding to the prize pool with fantastic extras such as dive computers, camera housings and much much more!

Each of the five catagories will have the following minimum cash prizes:

                       1st Place 2,500 USD 2nd Place 1000 USD 3rd Place 500 USD
There will also be 5 Mentionable Honours Awards chosen by the President of the Republic himself which will have
a minimum value of 500 USD.
All winners will also receive a medal at the award ceremony and have their photos published in Asian Diver, our
official media sponsor.

The final prize pool will be announced and distributed on September 31st 2010 to all of our registered participants.


Registration will open from the 9th of April 2010. To register in the first intake of participants your photos must
have been published or placed in another competition. This is due to the incredible offers that we are putting
together for participants - flights out of the three entry points to Timor-Leste will be subsidised - as will
accomodation, eating and diving throughout the contest.

The second intake of participants will be open to amatuer photographers - there will be limited spots available and
registration will open 9th of June 2010.

To register or to find out more information please contact the event organiser:
Mr. Sean Ferguson-Borrell
Office of the President
+670 7382208
OR VISIT Visit the Dive Photo Contest Website at

           The Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010 Competition closes 5pm on 31st July
CIWEM’s Environmental Photographer of the Year honours amateur and professional photographers who use their
ability to raise awareness of environmental and social issues. The competition encourages entries that are
contemporary, creative, resonant, challenging, original and beautiful. But most of all, we want your pictures to
inspire people around the world to start taking care of our environment. The exhibition is open to all professional
and amateur, national and international photographers of all ages working with digital and film photography.
However, you must ensure that the image quality meets the competition’s criteria as stated below.

CATEGORIES - There will be a winner for each category, with one overall winner who will become the
Environmental Photographer of the Year. Each picture must be assigned to only one of the categories below but
you may enter more than one picture into a category. There is a maximum of seven images per entrant.
       • Mott MacDonald's Changing Climates
       • Innovation in the Environment (New Category for 2010)
       • The Natural World
       • The Underwater World (New Category for 2010)
       • Quality of Life
       • A View From the Western World (New Category for 2010).
CIWEM’s Young Environmental Photographer of the Year                      This year we are separating the Young
Environmental Photographer of the Year into two groups.
       • Young Environmental Photographer of the Year - Under 16
       • Young Environmental Photographer of the Year - Under 21
       • N.B. Entrants of any age are eligible to enter the other categories.

• Anthony Epes, professional photographer,
• Gary Braasch, professional photographer and winner of the Sierra Club's Ansel Adams Award for Conservation
Photography and author of Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World
• Ronnie Israel, professional photographer,
• Representative from Mott MacDonald, an environmental consultancy fighting the causes and effects of climate
change throughout its business: from renewable energy projects in the UK, to helping communities develop
resilience to climate change in Bangladesh and China,
• Nick Reeves, Executive Director of CIWEM, (Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management) is
an independent professional body and a registered charity, advancing the science and practice of water and
environmental management for a clean, green and sustainable world,
• Lord Smith, Chairman of the Environment Agency, the leading public organisation for protecting and improving
the environment in England and Wales,
DIMENSIONS - All entries should be jpegs over 2MB. Your image must be of good enough resolution that it can
be printed at the minimum size of approximately A3 (or the equivalent ratio of your image), meaning we require an
image to be at 300dpi.
Do not increase the file resolution to 300dpi after the photograph has been taken as this will result in a loss
of quality.
• The photographer must be the sole author and owner of the copyright for all photos entered. Please retain the
original digital file for reference; it may be necessary to prove ownership. Photographers retain the copyright of any
image entered into the Environmental Photographer of the Year
• Any images submitted must be supplied as jpegs
• Do not send images in zip files or embedded into your email as we cannot process these. No email should
exceed 10MB, although you are welcome to send multiple emails for each image. Please indicate if a larger file
will be available at a later stage if your image is selected to appear in the exhibition
• All jpgs submitted must be named clearly with the photographer’s name and the title of the image
• Please ensure that they are entered into the correct category. Entries will not be accepted if the category is
not stated. The judges reserve the right to move images to a different category
• You may only enter seven photographs in total, although you are welcome to enter different pictures across the
categories, or within the same category. No photograph can be entered into more than one category
• Images may be digitally enhanced for creative effect, but you must not add or remove significant elements of the
image. Entries will not be accepted if they have borders or locks on them. Do not add a signature to the image –
judging is done anonymously so we will not accept these entries!
• It is the entrant's responsibility to ensure that all the necessary permissions are obtained from people featured in a
• Judges appointed by CIWEM will choose the winners. The judges' decision on all matters relating to the
competition is final
• By entering the competition, you accept that your photograph(s) may be exhibited by CIWEM or other
exhibitions organised or attended by CIWEM as part of the Environmental Photographer of the Year. CIWEM
reserves the right to mount and frame shortlisted entries for exhibition purposes
• CIWEM and the sponsors reserve the right to reproduce any entry free of charge in relation to the competition and
exhibition. This includes the right to publish entries in articles, EPOTY book, calendar, posters, postcards or any
other EPOTY promotional materials. We will ensure that all photographers receive full credit
• CIWEM reserves the right to pass on any entry to online and print publications to be used either for editorial or
image based promotion relating to the Environmental Photographer of the Year, with full credit given to the
• CIWEM will ask permission of all winning and runner up photographers to include their images in a limited
edition print run. Each image will have 20 limited edition prints sold during the exhibition and photographers will
sign a contract to receive 50% of sales revenue. Photographers will receive their share via cheque once all orders
have been processed. CIWEM will not reproduce prints to be sold at any other time and photographers have the
right to refuse the agreement
• CIWEM reserves the right to cancel this competition at any stage

TO ENTER Email your entry to and include the following information:
Full Name:      Address:         Postcode:        Country:         Tel:     Email:
Age if entering the Under 16 or Under 21 categories:
Camera make and model:           ISO:     Aperture:
Where, when and what: (you are encouraged to submit as much information as you wish as this may later be used
in press releases and during the exhibition):
Any other information that you think is relevant to the competition and will enhance your entry
The winners will be announced publicly only after all winners have been contacted throughout September 2010. If
you have not been contacted by the end of September, unfortunately it will mean that you have not won, so please
do not email CIWEM to check if you are a winner.

The Up Close & Spineless competition challenges amateur and professional photographers to capture spectacular
images of invertebrates (animals without a backbone). Judging criteria will be based upon clarity of detail,
interesting behaviour, aesthetics and composition. The Australian Museum also encourages participants to seek out
unusual and rare species.
The Prize for all four categories, Professional Open, Primary and High School, is a cash prize to the value of
$600.00. Please check the conditions of entry.
The Competition is now open and closes on the 3 September 2010. The link to the online competition entry is now
available. If you wish to be added to our email notification list please contact Fara Pelarek.
Over 99% of all animal species are invertebrates (animals without a backbone). These comprise over 30 major
animal groups and more than 5 million species!
To raise awareness of the wonderful world of invertebrates, the Australian Museum is holding the photographic
competition, Up Close & Spineless. The competition is open to amateur and professional photographers and has
four entry categories: Primary School, Secondary School, Open and Professional.
All you have to do is choose the category that's right for you, then start taking photos and submit them by the due
date. Winners will each receive a voucher for $600 to spend on photographic supplies.
Before entering, please read the information provided and the terms and conditions of entry.
What are invertebrates?
Invertebrates are animals without a backbone. They include insects, crustaceans, spiders, coral, cockroaches,
caterpillars. Inverterbrates are found in all aquatic and terrestrial environments and range in size from microscopic
animals to giant squids.
If you have trouble identifying the animal(s) in your photos please contact the Australian Museum's Search &
Discover online enquiry service.
How do I enter?
    •   Take a photo that includes an invertebrate.
    •   Think of a title for each photograph and write 50 words describing the subject and how the photo was
    •   Go to the entry forms to submit your photograph online at a maximum file size of 5MB.
    •   Pay the relevant fee for your category ($10 for School categories, $15 for Open and Professional).
How will the photos be judged?
Judging criteria will be based upon:
    •   interesting animal behaviour
    •   aesthetics
    •   composition
    •   unusual or rare species
    •   high technical standards such as sharpness and correct exposure
Conditions of entry
    •   All entries must be supplied online with a maximum size of 5MB for each image.
    •   One photograph is allowed for each entry.
    •   The photograph must include at least one invertebrate (an animal without a backbone).
    •   Each photograph must be accompanied by a title and approximately 50 words describing the photograph
        and the moment in which it was taken. This text must be written by the photographer. The Museum may
        edit this as necessary for publication.
    •   A valid payment of $10 (Primary School and Secondary School categories) or $15 (Open and Professional
        categories) must be received for an entry to be accepted in the Up Close & Spineless Competition.
    •   The photograph must be taken by the person whose name appears on the registration form.
    •   The competition is open to anyone including staff of the Australian Museum.
    •   Entries must be received by close of business on the advertised closing date.
    •   Photographs that have been digitally manipulated or altered will not be accepted. Minor alterations such as
        cropping and adjusting brightness or contrast are the only exceptions to this rule.
         •   A panel of judges selected by the Australian Museum will choose the winners and finalists. All decisions
             made on all matters relating to the competition will remain confidential and will be final. No
             correspondence will be entered into concerning the competition judging and organisation.
         •   There will be one winner in each of the four stipulated categories: Primary School, Secondary School,
             Open, and Professional. The winner of each category will win a photographic voucher to the value of $600.
             There will be one Highly Commended award in each of the four stipulated categories. The winners of the
             Highly Commended awards will each receive a one-year subscription to Explore magazine.
         •   Any photographer whose work is judged as Winner, Highly Commended or Finalist will be notified by
             mail. For these works, the images, names and related text will be published on the Museum's website and
             included in the Up Close & Spineless exhibition held at the Museum.
         •   Personal details collected on this form will only be used for the purposes of this competition and related
             promotion. Your private information will not be given to any individual or organisation other than the
             Australian Museum.
         •   The Australian Museum may use images (except those in the Professional category) for Museum
             publications. Images from any category may also be used in all media for promotional purposes associated
             with this and any future Up Close & Spineless competitions. Copyright and intellectual property of the
             images remains the property of the photographer.
         •   All finalists' images will be displayed on the Australian Museum website with full acknowledgements for
             each photographer.

Online petition about Dolphins in Japan

                     OZTeK'11 Diving Technologies Conference & Exhibition 12 – 13 March 2011
OZTeK'11 Underwater Imagery Competition
The fifth Underwater Imagery Competition run in association with OZTeK'11, will allow underwater
photographers the opportunity to showcase their creative talents and win some great prizes. Full details about the
competition will be announced in coming months.

OZTeK'11 is set to feature a number of associated events that will include the OZTeK Underwater Imagery
Competition; from cameras to compressors, regulators to rebreathers, snorkels to scooters and facemasks to fins -
and not forgetting underwater lights and the full range of equipment and dive-related accessories.

Will be aboard the MV Ningaloo skippered by Asho.
Accommodation is being held in the WhiteHouse (sleeps 10). If we find we have more bodies than bed space in the
WhiteHouse there are lots of other options for accommodation ie Coral Bay Lodge, another villa close by or stay in
the Ningaloo Club which has its own swimming pool, pool table, plasma tv, Manta Bar, etc.

This safety alert is published following serious injuries to a person while filling an aluminium self-contained
underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) cylinder in August 2009. The cylinder shattered into pieces.
This is the latest in a number of incidents involving the filling of aluminium SCUBA cylinders manufactured from
6351 alloy. The 6351 alloy was used in:
• aluminium alloy cylinders manufactured between 1972 and 1988 to specifications DOT SP6498, DOT E6498,
    DOT E7042, DOT E8107, DOT E8364, and DOT E8422

                              Western Australian Underwater Photographic Society
       Preliminary Annual Treasurer's            This year                                                              Last Year
                    Report             01/06/09 to 25/05/10          01/06/08 to 31/05/09
                                        $                $         $                    $
       Opening balance                01-Jun-09        3,323.24   01-Jun-08               1,714.25

       Christmas Party                     -                         203.00
       Clothing                       1,146.45                          -
       Fundraising                     350.00                          -
       Grants                              -                           -
       Interest                         12.76                          7.81
       Membership Fees                 995.00                      1,250.00
       Other                               -                         727.70
       Raffles                          57.05                        735.00
       Scanner hire/use                 10.00                        194.00
       Stickers                          2.00                          3.00
       Trips                          7,170.86                     8,405.00
       WAUPS Exhibitions               767.00                       -
       Total Income                                  10,511.12                          11,525.51

       Christmas Party                  49.60                        280.00
       Clothing                       1,081.48                           -
       Competitions                     40.00                         91.00
       Fundraising                     315.59                           -
       Insurance                       604.36                        604.36
       Meetings                        111.99                         69.90
       Other                           307.99                        710.00
       Postage - PO Box rental          79.50                         75.00
       Trips                          7,065.00                     8,086.26
       WAUPS Exhibitions              1,159.33                           -
       Total Expenditure                            (10,814.84)                        (9,916.52)

       Cash book balance                             3,019.52                            3,323.24

       Bank Reconciliation:
       Cash at bank 25th May 2010                     3,125.52
       Outstanding Deposits                                 -
       Unpresented Cheques                             (110.00)
       Cash float                                         4.00
       WAUPS Cash Balance                             3,019.52

       Analysis of Other Expenses:     2009/10                     2008/09
       Web Hosting/Domain Name          189.00                     150.00
       Gift                              18.99                         -
       Contact Cards & Holders               -                     268.50
       Donation re Dr. Chris Brogan     100.00                         -
       Refunds re Indo Fish Books            -                      560.00
                                        307.99                      978.50

                                        F O R      S A L E
       Jenny Ough         Email:       MOB: 0400-349-589
       Bigpond ADSL Wireless Broadband modem – which is locked to Telstra/Bigpond. You can only use
       this modem if your ISP is Bigpond.
           • 2Wire Gateway 2701HGV-W modem with 4 Ethernet ports, USB port and DSL port;
           • Cables: Power, USB & Ethernet;
           • In-line Filter/Splitter;
           • Installation CD and User Guide.
         Bought new from Telstra in August 2008, only selling as I’ve changed providers and had
         to get a new modem. Excellent condition. Have used it as a wireless modem and works    $50 ONO
         very well. New list price from Telstra was $249

                                UPCOMING                         EVENTS
7:15pm for image submission for a 7:30pm start

Kingsley Klau, President of the WA Photographic Federation (WAPF) will be our guest speaker. WAPF is
undergoing major change, with a focus on digital, web-based content and delivery, whilst still retaining the
tremendous values of fellowship, skills improvement and creativity. Kingsley will tell us how WAPF is moving
forward and the services WAPF offers to clubs. Kingsley is keen to talk to WAUPS members as the wonderful
world of underwater photography is of interest to him and a style of photography he says others would be keen to
know about.

A bit about Kingsley - he is the owner/creator of PhotoCoffee in Rockingham, is a fully accredited AIPP
photographer and loves photography in general.

The Environmental Photographer Of The Year 2010 Competition - Closes 31st July

24th August 2010
Cameras and Equipment – Some members are going to bring in and talk about their setups, the pros and cons, what
can be achieved with that set-up, etc.

Up Close & Spineless Photographic Competition 2010 - Closes 3rd September

28th September 2010
Topic yet to be confirmed. Show & Tell: Land shots.

Timor-Leste Dive Photo Contest – 10th to 14th October

26th October 2010
How to put a portfolio together
Danny Messom’s photos from Gillies trip & Viv Matson-Larkin’s photos from Redang Island, Malaysia

November 2010
Novice Portfolio competition plus technical talk (topic yet to be confirmed)

OZTeK’11 - Dive Conference and Exhibition - 12th -13th March 2011

Coral Bay Dive Trip 7th – 14th May 2011

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