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                Keep Your Laptop Computer Safe and

                    Keep Your Laptop Computer Safe and                                Adjust Laptop Power Settings
                                                                          Adjusting your power settings can help prevent

                    aptops are convenient to use when you have            overheating if your laptop is not in use, even for a
                    to take your work from place to place, but it’s       short period of time. Power Settings are found in the
                    important not to wear it out on the way. Watch        Control Panel on Basic PCs, or System Preferences
                these tips on keeping your laptop in tip top shape,       on the Mac. When you open up Power Options on
                and it will last you for years to come.                   your PC , or Energy Saver on your Mac, you will find
                                                                          options that allow you to control the timing of the
                    Keep Your Laptop Safe and Functional Video            monitor, standby, and hibernation settings.

                                                                          The shorter the amount of time it takes for your mo-
                    Transcript: Keep Your Laptop Safe and                 nitor to turn off, your computer to go into standby
                                  Functional                              or hibernation, the more energy your computer
                                                                          will save. For example, I will adjust my settings to
                                                                          5 minutes. This way, after 5 minutes, my computer
                                                                          will automatically begin to use less energy. On PCs,
                                                                          click OK when you are done adjusting the settings.

                                                                                                    See Also:

                                                                                      Clean Laptop Vents and Fans

                                                                          You can also prevent overheating by inspecting and
                                                                          cleaning the various air vents and fans with forced
                                                                          air dusters, which you can buy at any office supply
                                                                          store. This should be done when the computer has
                                                                          been off for at least a few minutes. The fans and
                Today, I’ll give you some tips on how to keep your        vents are located at the bottom and sides of your
                laptop computer safe. Using your laptop safely will       laptop. Make sure to blow the air out of the vents.
                help it work properly.
                                                                                        Proper Laptop Ventilation
                      Prevent Laptops From Overheating

                                                                          It is best to use a laptop on a hard surface, like a
                It is best to shut your laptop down when it is not in     desk, which allows ventilation. Avoid placing your
                use for a long period of time. This prevents overhea-     laptop on soft spots like a couch or pillow. This could
                ting.                                                     block airflow, which can cause overheating. You
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                Keep Your Laptop Computer Safe and Functional

                can also purchase an optional heat sink base or a
                laptop desk at office supply stores.

                        Tips for Traveling With Laptops

                If you are traveling, turn off your computer before
                putting it into its carrying bag. Also, unplug any
                computer accessories, such as flash drives, when
                you’re traveling with your laptop. They can scratch,
                break, or damage your laptop while traveling.

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