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					Instructions to Enter Symposium Proposal


                                           Login using your current login
                                           information. If you have
                                           forgotten your password, click

                                           Or, click here to create an

                                           Scroll to the bottom of the
                                           page and click on Create New

                                           Once you have entered a
                                           session, you may log back in
                                           and click on the +Symposium
                                           to see a list of all sessions
                                           you have entered.
Enter the name of your

Select the categories

Enter a description of your

Select Yes in drop down box
to confirm all speakers have
agreed to participate in your

Enter Chair information.

Use the People Lookup
button to populate with
contact information if Chair is
listed in database. Confirm
all contact information is
current, especially the email

Otherwise, enter contact
information for the Chair in
each field.

Indicate if Chair is a member
of the Society. If not, indicate
the member name sponsoring
this submission. Email if you need
help finding a sponsor.
Continue entering Chair
contact information. Please
ensure the Email address is
current as this address is
used for communications
throughout the meeting

Enter the Institution
information for the Chair.
This information is not pre-
populated and needs to be

The Chair of each symposium
has up to $1,500 to distribute
to the non-members only in
the symposium. Enter the
amount to be distributed to
each non-member. Email to verify
membership if unknown.
There is no requirement to
distribute the entire $1,500.
Distribute based on the need
of each non-member speaker
in your session.

Complete the off-label
disclosure information
Indicate any funding source.
If none, enter “unfunded”

If you have nothing disclose
check this box

Otherwise, enter your
disclosure information in this
box for each relevant activity

This screen confirms the chair
information entered. If you
need to make any changes to
the chair record, click edit or
delete to enter a new chair.
A Symposium Co-Chair is
optional and not required.

If you will have a co-chair,
use the People Lookup or
enter the co-chair information
to populate the contact
information. Confirm the
email address is current and
correct. Click Save and
Continue to begin adding your

If you will not have a co-chair,
click the Speaker (4 Total)
link on the Step List in the left
column to begin adding your

Each Symposium must have
4 speakers.

Use the People Lookup or
enter your speaker
information. Verify the email
address is correct.

Indicate if the speaker is a
member of the Society.

Enter the suggested abstract
title for this speaker. This
speaker will have the
opportunity to confirm or
modify their title when they
are notified separately to
submit their individual

Enter how much funding, if
any, you want to provide to
this speaker only if a non-
member of the Society.
    After entering each speaker
    you will see a summary of the
    speakers entered. Continue
    to add a speaker until you
    have a total of 4 speakers.
    You may make changes by
    clicking Delete or Edit.

    Once you have a total of 4
    speakers entered, you may
    change the order of their
    presentation by clicking the
    drop down box under Sort
    Order. Once your order is
    correct, click the Save Sort
    Order button, then click

    After you have entered your
    chair, optional co-chair and 4
    speakers, you will receive a
    summary of the information
    entered. Please review and
    make any necessary changes
    by clicking on the appropriate
    Step in the Step List column.

    Once you are satisfied with
    your submission you must
    click on the Submit as Final
    button which will trigger an
    email to be sent to each of
    your symposium speakers
    which will include a link to
    submit their structured
    abstract. Each of your
    speakers will then have until
    October 31 to enter their
    individual abstract
Instructions for Presenters to Enter Individual Abstract for a Symposium

                                                                After the Chair has submitted
                                                                the symposium proposal,
                                                                each of the individual
                                                                speakers in a symposium will
                                                                receive an email with a link
                                                                and instructions to submit
                                                                their structured abstract.

                                                                Click on the link (or copy and
                                                                paste into your browser) to
                                                                submit your structured
                                                                abstract and disclosure

                                                                All individual presenters must
                                                                submit a completed abstract
                                                                by 11:59 pm on October 31st
                                                                in order for the entire session
                                                                to be sent forward to the
                                                                program committee.

                                                                Click on the Continue button
                                                                to submit this information
    Click on each link to submit
    the required information to
    complete your abstract

    Enter your abstract title. The
    title should be bolded. Do not
    use abbreviations or


    Click these links to enter
    your 250-word abstract,
    upload your abstract,
    create a table or add an
Begin adding your text
following each of the
headings. Do not change
the headings or style. Do
not add additional lines
before or after the

Abstracts should contain
relevant background, well-
described methods, study
results including number of
subjects and relevant
statistics, and a clear
statement about the novel,
unpublished findings that will
be presented. Abstracts with
“Results” promised at a later
date or at time of presentation
will be scored low.

Click the Edit link to confirm
your contact information.

Click the Edit Disclosure link
to enter your disclosure
Confirm your contact
information here. Be sure the
email address is current and
accurate as this is the
address used for all
communications for this

Read and complete the
CME disclosure

If you do not have any
financial relationships to
report, click this box.

If you do have financial
relationships to
disclosure, complete this

This screen indicates you
have Completed your contact
information and completed
your disclosure information.
Complete the off-label
Usage information

Indicate if you have funding
supporting this abstract. If
no, enter “Unfunded”

If the symposium is not
accepted for presentation,
indicate if you would like your
individual abstract considered
for an oral presentation or a
poster presentation as an

Indicate if this abstract
includes a young investigator
as a participant.
    Indicate the type of abstract

    Select the primary and
    secondary category for the

    After you have completed
    each step you will receive a
    confirmation of the
    information you entered.


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