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									Behind Kirloskar Business Park, Hebbal Phone 0091-9739177278
Road, Bangalore.                       E-mail ChintanHiremath@RediffMail.Com

Chintan Hiremath

Objective          To be a competent executive in a corporate world and to create a
                   niche for my-self in this segment.

Age                26 Years

Date of Birth      27th-August-1982

                   Presently working at Satyam Computer Services
Professional       Bangalore.
                   Presently Handling Team of 8 for Web Application
                   Vulnerability testing project.

                   Handled the IBM Bharti Project which includes:

                       Interacting with the clients and managing a team of 8 for
                        Scanning the CISCO PIX and ASA firewalls for
                        vulnerabilities, migration of rules from Checkpoint to
                        ASA and performing the basic hygiene tests before
                        bringing the firewalls to production.

                   Handled a Cisco Security Agent Project in the United
                   Kingdom for 3 months.
                   Handled the same project from Offshore for 10 months.

                       Upgrading the Cisco Security Agents (1400+ Hosts) from
                        version to

                       Handling a CISCO Host Intrusion Prevention System
                        project for a GSK Client in the United Kingdom.

                       Handled a Vulnerability Management system at Satyam
                        Computer Services Bangalore, Using Nessus and VB
[ 6-4-2006 to 30-3-2007 ]   Novell Software Development   Bangalore

Worked as a Technical Support Engineer at NOVELL
Software Development, Bangalore. Which includes:

     Troubleshooting LAN, DHCP, DNS on Windows and
      Linux platform (which also includes Novell Linux
      Desktop, SuSE Linux, SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
      and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server)
     Providing Support in Monitoring the Network
     Providing Network and system Security
     Installing and configuring Active directory services.
     Installing and configuring Exchange Server 2003.
     Configuring Outlook Express.
     Configuring Laptops with wireless connectivity and
      troubleshooting on Windows and Linux Platforms.
     Troubleshooting using telnet and VNC.
     Downloading through Novell Virtual Private Network.
     Installing and Configuration GroupWise Client to the
     Configuring CISCO Router 2500 and 2600 series.
     Installation of various Operating systems like
      Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista,
      Novell Linux Desktop, Suse Linux 10, Novell Netware
      Operating System.
     Installing Operating Systems over the large networks
      using NFS and RIS.
     Veritas Net Backup
     Monitoring the servers which also includes monitoring
      tape backup on the servers.
     Configuring NFS and Installing Linux through NFS
      over a Large Networks
     Creating Disk Images and restoring them on the
     Deploying software through Remote installation
      services on windows network.
     Creating Restore points and restoring the operating
     Restoring using Automated System Recovery
     Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Vista.
     Compiling and installing Boot loaders and configuring
      the Linux Kernel.
                 [ 1-3-2001 to 30-2-2004 ]   Eternal Software                            Hubli

                 VB Programmer
                    Worked as a VB Programmer at Eternal software and
                       developed commonly used User controls which are
                       used throughout the projects.
                    Independently Handled Production module of Vee-
                       Tech Valves Pvt. Ltd. ( Valve manufacturing company)
                    Provided Technical Support to Visual Pharmac
                       Customers (A Software Related to Pharmaceutical

                 Web / Graphic Designer
                    Worked as a Web Graphic designer using Photoshop,
                       ASP, FrontPage, Dream weaver, Flash.

                 [ 1-8-2000 to 27-1-2001 ]   Manipal Institution of Computer Education   Hubli.

                 Worked as a faculty at Manipal Institute of Computer
                  Education and handled VB and Oracle Class.

                 Completed MCSE 2003, RHCE, CCNA, check points and
                 Certified Ethical Hacking Course from Rooman
                 Technologies Bangalore.

                 Main modules covered are:

                 Ethical Hacking:

                         FootPrinting
                         Scanning
                         Enumeration
                         System Hacking
                         Trojans and Backdoors
                         Sniffers
                         Denial of Services
                         Session Hijacking
                         Hacking Web Servers
                         Web Application Vulnerabilities
                         Web based Password Cracking
                         SQL Injections
                         Hacking Wireless Networks
                         Virus and Worms
                         Physical Security
                         Linux Hacking
                         Evading Firewalls, IDS and Honeypots
                         Buffer Owerflow
    Cryptography
    Penetration Testing

Red Hat Linux:

       Installation
       RPM – Package Management
       Users, Groups and Permissions
       Linux File Security
       Network File Sharing services


LAN Administration with:

    DHCP, DNS, RRAS and Active Directory.
    Installing And configuring Exchange Server.
    Installing Windows through RIS and Ghosting using
     Norton Ghost over Large Networks.

Check Point:

       VPN-1 NGX Overview
       The Security Policy
       Monitoring Traffic and Connections
       Network Address Translations
       Smart Defense
       Authentication
       Content security and content vectoring protocols
       LDAP User Management with SmartDirectory
       Encryption and Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s)
       Configuring VPN’s
       Disaster Recovery


       Layered Models
       TCP/IP
       IP Addressing
       Configuring a Router
       Building a Network
       Managing CISCO in an Internetwork
                  Completed a three years of Advanced Diploma in
                  Software Engineering from Aptech Hubli. Main modules
                  covered are:

                          Visual Programming with Visual Basic
                          RDBMS Concepts with Oracle 8
                          VB.Net, Visual Basic 2005
                          Client / Server Concepts with Developers /
                          Developing Applications with Visual Inter Dev 6.0
                           and ASP
                          Object Oriented Programming with Visual C++
                          Internet Programming with Visual J++
                          Multi-user Operating System with Windows NT.
                          Java Script & Visual Interdev

                  Operating Systems

                        Windows
                        Linux

Other Trainings

                  ITSM Training at Satyam computer Services Bangalore

                  GSK Overview        of   Data GSK United Kingdom

                  GSK    Overview     of     IT GSK United Kingdom
                  Continuity Planning

                  GSK    Overview    of      IT GSK United Kingdom
                  Regulatory Compliance

                  Management     Certification GSK United Kingdom
                  on Business Ethics

                  Privileged Access              GSK United Kingdom

                  Remedy               Incident GSK United Kingdom
             Software Compliance        and GSK United Kingdom
             License Management

             Using the GSK Global GSK United Kingdom
             Records Retention Schedule

             Web            Application GSK United Kingdom
             Development     Standards
             Suite Part I - Client
             Standards Module 1

             iQMS Overview                     GSK United Kingdom

             Network Guidelines Access GSK United Kingdom

Projects     Projects handling at Satyam Computer Services
             Presently Handling Web Application Vulnerability testing
             project which includes:

                   Script Injections
                   SQL Injections
                   Cross site scripting
                   Client side scripting
                   User Lockouts
                   Application Lockout

             Handled IBM Bharti Project which includes:
                 Interacting with the client and managing a team of 8 for
                  Scanning the CISCO PIX and ASA firewalls for
                  vulnerabilities and performing the basic hygiene tests
                  before bringing the firewalls to production.
GSK Project:

          Worked as a Team Leader with a team of 3

          Handled a CISCO’s Host Intrusion Prevention
           System Project.

          Upgrading the Cisco Security Agents (1400+ hosts)
           from version to

             Handled a Vulnerability Management project using
              Nessus ASP.Net and VB.Net which takes the final
              output given by the Nessus Scanner and sending the
              same to SQL Server for further calculations of Risks
              and Holes in the subnet.

[ 6-4-2006 to 30-3-2007 ]   Novell Software Development    Bangalore

Projects handled at Novell Software

          Setting up of NFS Server for Installation of Linux on a
           Large Network Using SuSE Linux.
          Installing ZenWorks on SuSE Linux Used for Imaging
           the Systems.

[ 1-3-2001 to 30-2-2004 ]   Eternal Software                   Hubli

Projects handled at Eternal Softwares Hubli
          Computerization of Bellad automobiles using Oracle
           And Developer 2000, Handled a Spare parts sale
           module with a team consisting 20 members

Computerization of Womens College Hubli (Development of
Software using Visual Basic and Oracle for calculating PUC 1
Students internal marks and also print the Marks Sheet)
which also includes setting up Local Area Network with
Server 2003 and Windows XP and Installing Active Directory.
Education   [ 2003 ]           Karnatak University           Dharwad

                 Completed B.Com from C.S.I. College of Commerce

Languages   English, French, Kannada, Marathi, Hindi.

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