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Position Description Template - DOC


									Catholic Care
Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

                                    POSITION DESCRIPTION

1. POSITION TITLE                         2. ORGANISATION LOCATION                 3. PERFORMANCE MANAGER
Senior Caseworker                         Youth Services                           Casework Manager

4. POSITION CATEGORY                      5. CLASSIFICATION                        6. POSITION STATUS
Permanent                                 SCHADs Award Level 4                     Part time 24 hrs/week

The Senior Case Worker will provide early intervention case management, information and support for vulnerable
young people aged 12 to 17 and their families living in the Cessnock Community. This roles main focus will be to
assist young people and their families who are identified as needing support however are not considered to meet
Community Service’s significant risk of harm threshold. The program aims to link young people and their families with
appropriate local services as well as providing medium-term strength based case management and parenting groups.


     Demonstrated understanding and ability and commitment to implement child protection risk management
      strategies under the KTS legislation.
     Demonstrated understanding and experience working with at risk young people 12 to 17 and their families
     Demonstrated ability to work within a strength based philosophy
     Demonstrated experience in providing early intervention through the provision of case management to
      vulnerable young people and their families
     A commitment to work within the CatholicCare Mission, Vision and Values
     Organisational skills including administration, time management, meeting specific outcomes with specified timeframes
     Valid Drivers Licence and own car

     Tertiary qualifications in a related discipline e.g. Social Sciences, Welfare or similar
     Excellent computer skills and working knowledge of Microsoft programs and various databases
     A knowledge of the Cessnock area including local stakeholders and support services
     Demonstration knowledge and experience working with culturally diverse disadvantaged and emerging

CatholicCare is a not for profit provider of a range of social services to individuals, families, and groups as agencies of
the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.

11.                                          MISSION - VISION - VALUES
                                               Our Mission…
      CatholicCare Hunter Manning listens and responds by working together with communities to
              build a stronger, fairer and kinder society that values children, young people, families
             and individuals. Through Christ’s mission we seek to provide opportunities for people to
                                          ‘have life and have it to the full’.

                                               Our Vision…
         For inclusive, just and strong communities. We nurture, respect and encourage strong
                relationships where the individuality and strengths of each person are respected,
                                             valued and celebrated.

                                           Our Values…
         Innovation – we continually challenge ourselves to consider all creative options
 Acknowledging – our feelings and actions; we acknowledge our circumstances and choose to
                        respond respectfully; we take responsibility for our behaviour
  Learning and improving – we all bring skills and practice knowledge that we share to achieve
                                         continuous improvement
                 Inspiring – we encourage each other to reach our full potential.
                                         creative options
Acknowledging – our feelings and actions; we acknowledge our circumstances and choose; we
                                         take responsibility for ue
 12. Key Performance                                   Key Tasks                                                Performance Indicators

1. Provide a safe,                   Ensure the Keep them Safe child                                   Policy and procedures have been followed
secure and client                     protection legislation is adhered to                               and the service environment is safe and
focussed environment                 Report inappropriate and unprofessional                            secure and client focused.
for young people and                  behaviour
                                     Ensure the safety and security of the                             Young people and their families have
their families
                                      workplace                                                          access to Quality assurance and the
                                     Ensure Quality Assurance policy and                                opportunity to and assistance to give
                                      procedure are followed (Complaints and                             feedback
                                      feedback process)
                                     Understand the needs and experiences                              Supervision has been utilised to identify and
                                      of young people and their families                                 develop skills including skills in conflict
                                     Model effective conflict resolution                                resolution.
                                     Use skills to diffuse potential conflict
                                     Ensure young people and their families
                                      are involved in all decision making
                                     Understand and implement safety and
                                      security policies and procedures

2.      Provide                      Ensure appropriate support provided to                            The program has promoted age appropriate
        appropriate                   young people and their families                                    activities and assisted families with strategies
                                                                                                         for strengthening parenting skills
        support and                  Ensure program are delivered as per
        resources for                                                                                   Assisted family to develop effective
                                      funding agreement
                                                                                                         communication skills.
        young people                 Ensure that feedback processes are                                The program has provided maximum benefit
        and their                     properly utilised   in the collection of                           to young people and their families this has
        families                      information to gage effectiveness                                  been evident in data collected from client
                                                                                                         group and collated which has demonstrated
                                                                                                         that client’s goals have been met.
                                                                                                        Clients have reported improvement in their
                                                                                                         situation including increased confidence in
                                                                                                         dealing with conflict and challenges..
                                                                                                        Appropriate referrals received and accepted
                                                                                                         into the program which is reflected in data
                                                                                                        High needs intensive support clients have
                                                                                                         been referred to appropriate services
                                                                                                        Transparent and consultative processes
                                                                                                         have been followed.
                                                                                                        Evidence has been collected to compile
                                                                                                         reports to review effectiveness of program.

-------------------------------       ------------------------------------------------------      Establishment of appropriate partnerships with
2. Networking,                        Networking with appropriate                                  service providers for maximum benefit of the
relationships                         stakeholders to ensure appropriate                           provision of case management.
                                      referrals                                                   Networking links have been maintained with local
                                      Ensure that CatholicCare is well                             services and community
                                      represented and promoted within the                         Stakeholder/funding body relationships are
                                      community as a quality provider of social                    maintained and proactive feedback is sort to
                                      services and customer focussed care                          quantify outcomes
                                     Maintain working and responsive
                                      relationships with stakeholders and
                                      funding bodies

3. Record keeping,                         Maintain quality records in relation to                     records have been maintained and contain
reporting and                               activities                                                   high quality information relating to project
performance                                Provide detailed and identified                              activities
accountability                              reporting of milestone activities to                        Budget expenditure under jurisdiction has
                                            Manager in agreed format                                     accountability systems & follows
                                           Maintain accountability & reporting                          organisational policy & reporting
                                            requirements for any budget                                  requirements
                                            expenditure under the jurisdiction of
                                            the role.

4. Policy Planning                 Participate in the development,                  Policies have been developed and reviewed
OH&S & Quality                      review and implementation of                     Area of policy deficit are identified &
Improvement                         service specific policies and                     developed
                                    procedures                                       Monthly reporting occurs and outcomes with
                                   Maintain knowledge, awareness and                 evidence
                                    promote OHS policy and procedure                 Involvement in service & organisational
                                    as it relates to tasks and specific               policy development & review is observed
                                    environments using a risk                        Business plan identifies clear KPI’s / KRA’s
                                    management approach                               for position /role with targets and time frames
                                   Assist with implementation of quality
                                    standard framework, performance
                                   Contribute to the completion of
                                    annual business plan for the service

5. Participate as                  attend staff / team meetings                Attendance at team meetings
member of the Service              Provide a monthly service report to         Monthly reports delivered to schedule & contain all
Team within the                     Service Manager                              identified and relevant information
broader context of                 Promote and follow CatholicCare’s           Designated and /or relevant training is attended to
Catholic Care Social                organisational and specific service          maintain professional currency of practice
                                    policies & procedures                       Staff reflect positive attitude and proactive
                                   Maintain high level of confidentiality       engagement in service delivery, service growth
                                                                                 and associated changes in practice

                  RELATIONSHIP                                                   PURPOSE & FREQUENCY

1.Case work Manager Early intervention and                   Day to day issues
support                                                      Monthly supervision

2. Youth Development Manager                                 Reports

2. East Cessnock Community                                   Attend Network Meetings

4. Funding Body                                              As required the giving and receiving of information

5. CatholicCare service units                                As required for OH&S, procurement, maintenance and HR

                      What?                                                               Why?

This program is small and can only take on a             Working in collaboration with a range of stakeholders in a
small case load. Local services and potential            disadvantaged community to provide early intervention medium
clients may get frustrated with the limitations.         level support for non chronic clients.
Working with both young people and their                 Delivering programs that effectively engage and met the needs of
families as clients can be a challenge especially        young people and their families.
when the goals and aspirations of young people
may be in conflict with the rest of the families
goals and aspirations.

 Engaging with the community to promote the              Marketing and promoting the project throughout the community.
project at the same time working realistically
within the programs capacity.


All CatholicCare employees are required to participate in performance management, in accordance with our policies
and procedures.
In line with our values, all CatholicCare employees are offered appropriate education and development opportunities,
some of which may require compulsory attendance.

Remuneration will normally consist of:
Base Salary, plus,
9% Superannuation
As per SCHADS Award (Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010)
Remuneration packages may vary. Some packages may also include:
Mobile Phone

All eligible employees have the option to salary sacrifice base salary for $16,050 tax free benefits.

Occupants must:
    Abide by the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and NSW and the polices of CatholicCare. Any criminal
     or civil action taken against the occupant must be reported immediately to the CEO/HR Director;
    take reasonable action to familiarise himself / herself with CatholicCare policies and procedures., and
     compliance with OH&S laws and regulations;
    not take advantage of their role in CatholicCare for personal gain;
    take responsibility for their personal safety and the wellbeing of other employees, volunteers, clients,
     contractors and other visitors to CatholicCare; and,
    Only make decisions within their delegated responsibilities.


         Employees must:

          Display a commitment to the Mission, Vision & Values of CatholicCare
          Display respect for themselves, their colleagues and all volunteers
          Have a commitment to teamwork and contribute to the team and organisational performance by seeking ways
            to continually improve
          Deal with residents/clients in a correct manner
          Attend staff meetings and compulsory education when required
          Maintain confidentiality and exercise discretion in relation to all CatholicCare matters and personal information
            concerning colleagues, volunteers and residents / clients.

8. ORGANISATIONAL CHART - Main functional links (unbroken) and main relational links (dotted)

            Director SS


        Case Work

                         Senior                           Caseworkers                      Residential
                       Caseworkers                           Youth                           Youth
                                                           Workers                          Workers

P.D Last Reviewed __29__/___6__/__2011__                                        Next Review is due on ____/______/_____


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