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guide to membership benefits
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Welcome to the Benefits of CGTA Membership!
   For more than thirty years, the Canadian Gift & Tableware Association has served as the
official representative body of the country’s giftware industry, advancing the interests of more
than 1,600 member companies of all sizes, comprising wholesalers, manufacturers,
importers, specialty providers and entrepreneurs.

    As the unifying voice of Canada’s diverse and dynamic giftware community, the CGTA
is pleased to provide its members across Canada with ongoing industry information and
intelligence, third party volume discounts, cost reduction programs, sales and support
initiatives and specialized business services.

  Through its proprietary trade shows, publications and education initiatives, the CGTA keeps
members – as well as the retail sector of the gift industry – apprised of important industry
shifts and upcoming trends throughout Canada, North America and around the world.

   Our preferred supplier and group discount programs can help members save money
in virtually all areas of operations. Savings in shipping costs, credit card processing,
telecommunications, business supplies and more, can add up to $1,500 annually for
the average CGTA Member.

   CGTA Board members assess, monitor and approve all new and existing services offered
through the association. In conjunction with the CGTA Member Services Committee and
CGTA staff, the CGTA Board of Directors works diligently to ensure all member benefits are
relevant, available nation-wide, and offer members practical opportunities to save time and/or

   In some cases, members may be able to contract different rates or services directly with
CGTA Official Benefit Suppliers, or alternative providers, based on the unique circumstances
of their businesses. On behalf of its members, the CGTA will continue to communicate and
support all negotiations with its Official Benefit Suppliers, for the duration of each contract.

  The CGTA is committed to helping its members KNOW MORE, SELL MORE and SPEND
LESS. So please take a close look at the offers in this year’s Guide to Member Benefits to
ensure you take advantage of all the services and discount opportunities.

  And remember – we’re always at your service!

                             The CGTA Mission
To improve our members’ competitive capability and business effectiveness by enhancing global
opportunities for retailer/supplier interaction; offering services that contribute to bottom-line
success; and supporting personal and corporate growth through quality educational programs
and events.
     Industry News,
Information & Research

    Communicating and Sharing Ideas                                       magazine to offer readers and advertisers a digital
    The CGTA keeps its members                                            edition. It’s exactly the same as Retail News print
    up-to-date on industry news, events,                                   magazine, just delivered online – before the print
    statistics and trends via numerous                                     edition mails. In late 2008, Retail News will offer
    high-quality monthly and periodic                                            its readers several new features including
    publications.                                                                           blogs, forums and videos.

                                                                                           Retail News Now!
    Wrap-Up                                                                                Retail News Now! is a fresh, to-
    Wrap-Up is the association’s main                                                       the-point, bi-weekly e-newsletter
    membership information vehicle.                                                         delivered to 24,000 retailers, with
    Published 10 times annually, the                                                        a focus on breaking news, hot
    newsletter highlights issues important                                                  product finds and simple-to-
    to members and is a timely source of                                                   implement business ideas.
    information on CGTA events, shows, educa-                                              Members receive a free subscrip-
    tional seminars, and other happenings. The newsletter                                tion to ensure they’re well-informed.
    includes ‘Stats & Facts’, a special section devoted to recently
    published industry reports and statistics. It also includes reports                 Retail News Website
    on regulatory and government initiatives of interest to members.                  The pages on Retail News’ Website
                                                                                      are among the most viewed on
    CGTA Market Monitor                                                      Viewers come to
    Market Monitor provides members with in-depth analysis of:                        access the publication’s award-winning
    relevant statistics, consumer and demographic trends; distribution                content, including features from current
    channels; and other timely and topical articles related to                        issues and back issues, trend reports,
    the Canadian giftware industry and its markets.                                   news and product information. In late
                                                                                      2008, Retail News will offer its readers
    CGTA Industry News                                                                several new features including blogs,
    A weekly e-mail sent to member                                                    forums and videos.
    subscribers which highlights the week’s
    top news stories from our industry’s                                              Retail News MarketPulse
    perspective.                                                                      MarketPulse tracks the pulse of
                                                                                      giftware retailing by polling over
    Retail News Magazine Print                                                        600 Canadian retail store owners
    and Digital Editions                                                              on category stocking and purchase
    Retail News is the industry’s best-read                                           trends, in addition to operational topics,
    trade magazine and the voice of giftware                                          such as Internet use and trade show
    retailing in Canada. All CGTA members                                             attendance. Reports are sent to
    receive a free subscription to keep them                                          members and retailers with Retail News
    up-to-date on news and retail trends in                                           magazine.
    the Canadian, North American and world
    markets. Retail News broke new ground in
    2008, becoming the first Canadian giftware
                      Conferences & Events

Unlike most associations, which charge members extra for conference activities, the CGTA provides no cost or low cost activities and
educational events to help members improve their operations. These include complimentary national and regional conferences and
thought-provoking presentations and debates on issues critical to the industry. The CGTA also stages member golf tournaments and
social events across the country.

2009 Conferences
The 2009 slate of member meetings and conferences are all about business and inspiration. As always, these member meetings are
complimentary, include lunch and feature nationally and internationally acclaimed keynote speakers.

Saturday, January 24, 2009            To Be Annnounced
Toronto, ON

Tuesday, March 17, 2009               Regional Member Meetings
Vancouver, BC                         Morning Keynote: Linda Nazareth: The Leisure Economy

                                      Afternoon Keynote: Jeremy Gutsche: Unlocking Cool

                                      Special Guest: 2008 CGTA Retailer of the Year

Thursday, June 11, 2009               Insight 2009
Toronto, ON                           Morning Keynote: Linda Nazareth: The Leisure Economy

                                      Afternoon Keynote: Jeremy Gutsche: Unlocking Cool

                                      Special Guest: 2008 CGTA Retailer of the Year

Saturday, August 8, 2009              To Be Annnounced
Toronto, ON

For more information on these upcoming events, please contact Angela Voelkner, Member Services Associate, at 416.642.1046 or

Social Events
Annual Golf Tournaments
In May and June of each year, hundreds of members, retail guests, benefit and service providers attend one or more of three annual
CGTA golf tournaments. These relaxing golf days provide a business as well as social networking forum.
Quebec: L’Île Perrot, PQ              Tuesday, May 26, 2009        Atlantide Golf Club
British Columbia: Surrey, BC          Tuesday, June 9, 2009        Hazlemere Golf Club
Ontario: Bolton, ON                   Tuesday, June 16, 2009       Glen Eagle Golf Club

At Canada’s largest gift trade event of the year, over 500 suppliers, retailers, benefit and service providers gather in January to honour
the winners of the Retailer/Sales Rep/Supplier Award Competitions, and in August, to recognize the winners of the Top 10 Product Awards
competition. These casual evenings provide wonderful opportunities for CGTA members to socialize and network with industry colleagues
and enjoy special keynote speakers and celebrities.

For information on competitions or events please call : Margo Warren, CGTA Special Events Manager at 416.642.1045
or e-mail
                                                Credit Interchange

CGTA has provided its members with a unique, industry specific
credit reporting system for over 25 years – the Credit
Interchange System.

What’s CIS All About?
CIS – Credit Interchange System is a member driven credit
reporting system, offering a wide array of services to help you
make informed credit decisions about more than 37,000 retailers
across Canada. Accessible via the Internet, this system puts the
credit information you need at your fingertips – seven days a
week, 24 hours a day.

Industry Specific Information
CIS credit reports are updated daily with current industry specific
information. The reports contain accounts receivable information,
allowing you to see payment trends and the value of orders placed.
Any negative occurrences against an account will also be reflected
on the report. Banking information is available once you’ve provid-
ed CIS with a completed, authorized credit application. Over
37,000 reports are available to you, and our members report that
EDC accepts CIS credit reports as a valid source of credit informa-
tion. All that is required is a commitment for members to provide
their A/R listings on a monthly basis.

Go to as a Supplier/Sales Rep and click on
Credit Interchange System to view a demo of the new
CIS, then call Pia Simkus, FCI, Credit Services Manager,
at 416.642.1043 for access to the system.

Join your peers, such as Samaco Trading, Giftcraft, Hofland,
Gunther Mele, Cherison Enterprises, Premier Gifts, Abbott
and Splash, in this unique credit reporting system.
                                                                                     a credit
We look forward to your participation.                                     to the industry
                                                                        Credit Interchange

The CGTA Website is a rich source of information for CGTA             Retail News Magazine Print and Digital Editions
members. The site provides members with industry and association      Retail News is the industry’s best-read trade magazine and the voice
news, publications, and educational opportunities in one              of giftware retailing in Canada. All CGTA members receive a free
convenient, easy to use location.                                     subscription to keep them up-to-date on news and retail trends in
                                                                      the Canadian, North American and world markets. Retail News broke
Features                                                              new ground in 2008, becoming the first Canadian giftware magazine
• Online Product Locator – a free link for retailers to source        to offer readers and advertisers a digital edition. It’s exactly the same
  your products                                                       as Retail News print magazine, just delivered online – before the
• Reps Locator – a free link to reps looking to sell your lines       print edition mails. In late 2008 Retail News will offer its readers sev-
• Reps Wanted – for members looking for sales representation;         eral new features including blogs, forums and videos.
  this page is referred to by hundreds of representatives looking
  to find new lines and companies                                     Retail News Now!
• Current Classified Bulletin – a handy way to let people know        Retail News Now! is a fresh, to-the-point, bi-weekly e-newsletter
  you have excess inventory or warehouse space                        delivered to 24,000 retailers, with a focus on breaking news, hot
• Industry News – updated regularly to help members stay on           product finds and simple-to-implement business ideas. Members
  top of breaking industry news                                       receive a free subscription to ensure they’re well-informed.
• Retail News Now! – Retailers’ leading source of market, industry
  and product information                                             Industry News, Information & Research
                                                                      The CGTA keeps its members up-to-date on industry news, events,
The Member Toolkit                                                    statistics and trends via numerous high-quality monthly and period-
Members can manage their CGTA administrative tasks online. The        ic publications, such as Retail News MarketPulse, Market Monitor,
Profile Manager, Subscriptions, My Classifieds, Product Locator,      and Industry News.
Gift Show Buyers’ Guide (Exhibitors Only) and CGTA Gift Show
Exhibitor Badge Registration can all be managed through this          For more information, contact the operations department at
area once you’ve logged in with your confidential member              416.642.1039 or at
username and password.                                      

CGTA Gift Show
CGTA Gift Show exhibitors will find information including the
exhibitor manual online, as well as order forms and gift show
rules and regulations relating to exhibiting.

Retailers can pre-plan their trips to the CGTA Gift Show using the
Online Product Locator, which includes specific information on
product/supplier locations at the show. With it, retailers can plan
their routes and even print personalized maps to use while at
the show.

Retailers and exhibitors interested in attending the CGTA Gift Show
can register online, as well as order badges and book hotels
and events.

                                 As global borders keep shrinking,      CGTA style
                                 Canadian businesses are expand-        Helping Members Expand Globally
                                 ing. With these unique opportuni-      Developed in 2000 as a member benefit, CGTA style has paved
                                 ties, come distinct challenges as      the way for hundreds of companies looking to ‘sample’ internation-
                                 business practices and communica-      al markets without over-committing, an interesting twist on the ‘try
                                 tion tools change to accommodate       before you buy’ notion. Each season, companies are selected for
                                 this market evolution. The CGTA is     participation on the basis of applications. The association relieves
                                 poised to assist members with their    the member of the burden of booth transport, which alone can be
                                 international trade goals.             a very significant cost savings. Under the CGTA style banner,
                                                                        companies exhibit within a professional, pre-assembled pavilion-
Export Ready Designation                                                like structure situated in a superior show location. CGTA handles
International buyers actively welcome contact with CGTA members         all booth assembly, lighting, cleaning and electrical work, and
able to successfully export product outside Canada. The CGTA’s          facilitates exhibitor badges and buyer’s guide listing procedures.
Export Ready designation system allows for easy identification of       CGTA style is currently featured at the Atlanta International
exporting firms with the proven ability to meet the needs of interna-   Gift & Home Furnishings Market.
tional clients. The program currently boasts over 600 Export
Ready members.                                                          For more information on the CGTA Export Ready and International
                                                                        Trade programs, offered exclusively to members of the Canadian
Export Ready Product Locator                                            Gift & Tableware Association, please contact Monica Khan,
The CGTA Product Locator is located at and can             International Trade Associate, direct at 416.642.1032; toll free
connect buyers from around the world to your site with just one         at 800.611.6100 ext. 1032, or
click. Free of charge to all Export Ready members, products
can be sourced by category, company, or keyword.

Export Ready Showcase
FREE Display Space at the CGTA Gift Show
Twice a year, the International Buyers’ Lounge at the CGTA Gift
Show welcomes buyers from around the world looking to source
new and unique products. Why not take the opportunity to
showcase your Export Ready product to both international and
domestic retailers? Export resource information is also featured
in the lounge, and staff is available to assist with trade questions.

International Trade Mentoring Program
Thanks to our volunteer network of experienced member importers
and exporters; thoughtful and confidential feedback is available
to interested companies on nearly any area of international trade.
Questions are welcomed online and via e-mail, fax and phone. To
register for the International Trade Mentoring Program, download
a participation form at, or contact your International
Trade Associate for assistance.
                                                                                                                       Awards Competitions

The CGTA: In Pursuit of Business                                                         The CGTA Top 10 Products of the Year awards.
Excellence                                                                               Winners are placed in the consumer spotlight
Through various awards programs, the                                                    and benefit enormously from the attention
CGTA encourages, recognizes and rewards                                                 gained via the national and regional media pub-
extraordinary business efforts among                                                   licity in magazines, newspapers, and on radio
members and within the gift retailing                                                 and TV segments. In addition, award recipients
community. As an investment in the future,                                            are officially honoured during a celebration held
the CGTA also provides scholarships to                                                on Sunday evening at the Fall CGTA Gift Show.
the brightest up-and-coming students
in design and merchandising.                                                         CGTA Best Booth Awards
                                                                                      During the CGTA Gift Show in January and
CGTA Supplier & Sales Rep of the Year                                                August, the CGTA assigns industry judges the
Award Competitions                                                                   task of scouring more than 1.3 million square feet
To complement the CGTA's highly regarded Retailer of the Year                        of exhibit space to find exemplary booths and
Awards (ROY) program, the association has implemented four          displays. A winner and an honourable mention are chosen in each
awards to honour exceptional suppliers and sales representatives.   of four designated categories: Small Booth; Medium Booth; Large
From among their peers, Canada's retailers nominate and choose      Booth, as well as Best New Exhibitor. Moreover, the company
the best and brightest people and companies in the giftware         receiving the judges’ highest ratings overall is presented with the
business. In addition, the industry’s supplier and sales rep who    Alan J. Browne Award, named after the CGTA’s founding president.
receive the most nominations and the runners up, win prestigious
awards and appear in a special, feature article                                          Retailer of the Year
of Retail News magazine. Winners are                                                     Established in 1976, the Retailer of the Year
officially honoured at a gala dinner held                                                Awards program recognizes outstanding
on the Sunday evening of the Spring                                                       Canadian specialty gift retailers from across
CGTA Gift Show.                                                                           the country. The awards are presented to
                                                                                           three winners — one overall Retailer of
CGTA’s Top 10 Products of the Year                                                          the Year and two Retailers of Distinction.
Awards Competition                                                                           Submissions are judged by industry
Since 1998, the CGTA has celebrated                                                          experts on demonstrated excellence in
a categorized product awards program,                                                         visual merchandising and store design,
and, in 2005, a brand new, non-catego-                                                        business achievement, advertising and
rized concept was introduced to acknowl-                                                       promotion and community involvement.
edge the top ten products in all areas of                                                      Award winners are publicly announced
giftware. Judged by a panel of Canada’s                                                         at a gala ceremony held during the
top giftware retailers, ten deserving suppli-                                                   Spring CGTA Gift Show and receive
ers are rewarded for their innovative and                                                        national media attention.
imaginative products which offer excellent
value and have that exclusive “x” factor that
makes them stand out from the crowd. The
competition’s name reflects these changes —
Advertising Opportunities:         Advertising Opportunities:
Retail News Magazine                Online/CGTA Gift Show

  CGTA Publications                                                                    Canadian giftware publication (Canadian Circulation Audit Bureau –
  Build your business with Canadian giftware retailers via the association’s           March 2008).
  affordable and award-winning publications. These publications offer mem-           • Rates in Retail News are 30% to 60% lower than rates in lesser-read
  bers several print and online advertising alternatives to reach retail buyers.       giftware magazines (based on 2008 onetime rates).
  For complete details – please be sure to view our media kit found on the
  CGTA Website at                     Retail News Inserts & Outserts
  advertising.                                                                       Mail your flyers, postcards and promotional materials with Retail News to
                                                                                     save up to 50% on postage rates.
  Retail News Magazine Print and Digital Editions
  There is simply no better platform for promoting your business. The CGTA’s         TO LEARN MORE about our                        Cheryll San Juan
  flagship publication, Retail News, is the industry’s best-read trade magazine.     award-winning publications,                    Tel: 800.611.6100 ext. 1042
  It’s where retailers turn for new product information, trends, and relevant        download the CGTA Publications                 or 416. 642.1042
  business advice. Our award winning stories, product news and profiles              Media Kit at or                   Fax: 416.679.1868
  continually receive the highest ranking among retailers. Retail News is the        contact the department’s Advertising           E-mail:
  only publication with access to the CGTA Gift Show attendee list and is            Account Manager:
  delivered free of charge to over 15,000 retail buyers, most of whom are
  recent gift show attendees. For advertisers, the publication provides a            Editorial Opportunities
  loyal following of retailers who are in business to buy, learn and succeed.        Great marketing plans include investing in advertising and seeking out
  Members also benefit from rates which are 30% to 60% lower than the                publicity. Fortunately, Retail News and Retail News Now! offer both.
  rates of lesser-read market magazines (based on 2008 rates).
                                                                                     Free editorial coverage is a great addition to advertising investments. While
  Retail News broke new ground in 2008, becoming the first Canadian giftware         there's no guarantee your products will be featured, there is a good chance
  magazine to offer readers and advertisers a digital edition. It’s exactly the      you'll receive coverage if you send us your stuff!
  same as Retail News print magazine, just delivered online – before the print
  edition mails. It’s also available to any retailer who subscribes to it, expand-   How to Submit Editorial to Retail News
  ing your reach. Ads created for Retail News magazine automatically appear          1. Send a maximum of five products, packaged in one box/envelope
  in the digital edition, hot linked to a Website specified by the advertiser.          (photographs aren't accepted).
  The digital edition offers marketers many unique opportunities including:
                                                                                     2. Mail items to:
  • Hot links from your print ad in the digital edition to your Website.
                                                                                        Retail News Editor-in-Chief              Telephone: 905.690.0492
  • Increased reach – Retail News digital edition is available to anyone
                                                                                        103 Niska Drive                          E-mail:
     who subscribes.
                                                                                        Waterdown, ON L0R 2H3
  • Instant delivery.
  • More readers – Retail News is embarking on a major marketing initiative          3. Provide a list of the items with as many of the following details as possi-
     to reach more retailers and retail employees. Now any retailer and their           ble: product name, description (materials used, dimensions, etc.), retail
     employees can each receive a free subscription.                                    or wholesale prices, and if it’s eco-friendly, handmade, Canadian-made,
  • NO ADDED COST – NO ADDITIONAL WORK REQUIRED – when you                              fair-trade, or supports a charity.
     create your ad for the print edition, it automatically appears in the digital
     edition with links to your Website.                                             4. Enclose a completed courier waybill for products if they must be
  • No Website? No problem – if you don’t have a Website, your ad still                 returned, or indicate if you don’t require a return. Canpar customers,
     appears in the digital edition of Retail News.                                     please note you’ll need to call in your pick-up for product returns.
                                                                                        Indicate your intent to use Canpar and we’ll contact you to arrange
                                                                                        return – typically two to three weeks after the deadline.
  Why Advertise?
  • Retail News is the best-read magazine in the business and where                  Note: We make an effort to include at least one item per submitting
    retailers turn for new product information, trends and relevant business         company. However, without exception, only new products which match
    advice. Our award-winning stories, product news and profiles continually         the issue theme and which arrive at the editorial office (see above address)
    receive the highest ranking among retailers.                                     by the editorial deadline date (see 2009 CGTA Publications Media Kit for
  • Retail News is the only publication with access to the CGTA Gift Show            themes and deadlines) will be considered. There’s no charge if your product
    attendee list. As such, our qualified buying audience is second to none.         or news appears in the magazine; however, the inclusion of items is not
    Furthermore, our audited circulation of 15,435 is the highest of any             guaranteed and is at the discretion of editorial staff.
                                                                                                   Advertising Opportunities:        Advertising Opportunities:
                                                                                                   Online/CGTA Gift Show              Retail News Magazine

Retail News Now!                                                                Why Advertise?
A fresh, to-the-point bi-weekly                                                 • Retail News’ Website is the leading online source of business informa-
e-newsletter delivered to 24,000                                                  tion in the Canadian gift industry. Viewers come to access our award-
retailers, with a focus on breaking                                               winning content, including features from current issues and back
news, hot product finds and simple-to-implement business ideas, Retail            issues, trend reports, news and product information.
News Now! offers both editorial and online advertising opportunities to         • The site averages 14,000 page views and 5,400 unique visitors each
communicate with your target market frequently and drive traffic to your          month.
Website.                                                                        • For advertisers, the Website provides a way to reach retailers interest-
                                                                                  ed in sourcing information and products online.
Why Advertise?                                                                  • Your advertisement will appear on each and every page of the Retail
• Retail News Now! delivers your advertising message to over 24,000               News Website, giving you real value for your online advertising dollar.
  retailers every two weeks. This dynamic and must-read newsletter
  provides readers with the latest news and hottest new products.               CGTA Gift Show Buyers’ Guide
  Advertisers benefit from instant and measurable links to their Websites.      During show time, you can’t afford to be missed. Put your company on
• Did you know that 92% of giftware retailers access the Internet for           attendees’ radar screens by advertising in the CGTA Gift Show Buyers’
  business purposes?                                                            Guide. The guide is an indispensable tool for attendees both onsite and
• Or that close to one-third have accessed CGTA member Websites                 off. Plus, studies show retailers not only refer to the guide while at the
  for product information?*                                                     show, but they also keep it for six months after the event and use it
• And that 20% of giftware retailers have placed an order online.*              as a phone book. Advertisers benefit from increased booth traffic and
*Retail News MarketPulse                                                        post-show contacts. Please note that only CGTA Gift Show exhibitors
                                                                                in good standing may advertise in the Buyers’ Guide.

How To Submit Editorial to Retail News Now!                                     CGTA Gift Show Booth Location Map
Send product details, pictures and news releases or for more information        The Booth Location Map is a low-cost advertising option for CGTA Gift
contact Erica Kirkland at:                                                      Show exhibitors. They are distributed at the information booths, placed
Retail News Editor-in-Chief                                                     on display stands, and inserted in the Welcome Bags given to attendees
103 Niska Drive                     Telephone: 905.690.0492                     that stay at show hotels. Advertisements point directly to your booth
Waterdown, ON L0R 2H3               E-mail:                      location. Please note that only CGTA Gift Show exhibitors in good stand-
                                                                                ing may advertise on the Booth Location Map.
Please note: Only members of the CGTA can submit items for editorial
consideration in Retail News Now! There’s no charge if your product or          TO LEARN MORE about our award-
news appears in the e-newsletter; however, the inclusion of items is not        winning publications, download the
guaranteed and is at the discretion of editorial staff.                         CGTA Publications Media Kit from
                                                                       or contact the depart-
                                                                                ment’s Advertising Account Manager:
Retail News Website
The pages on the magazine’s Website are among the most viewed on                Cheryll San Juan Retail News’ newly designed Website offers advertisers an         Tel: 800.611.6100 ext.1042
attention grabbing and cost-effective advertising option. Web advertising       or 416.642.1042
will strengthen your print campaign and build your brand. Plus online ads       Fax: 416.679.1868
connect your potential customers directly to your Website and provide           E-mail:
quantifiable results. In late 2008 Retail News will offer its readers several
new features including blogs, forums and videos.
                                                                        CGTA style

Entering new markets via trade shows is not easy. But having access to
knowledgeable personnel and opportunities to liaise with other exporting
companies transform a potentially arduous experience into a valuable
opportunity for success. CGTA designated Export Ready members are
eligible for participation at the CGTA style pavilion, at the Atlanta
International Gift & Home Furnishings Market.

CGTA style at the Atlanta International Gift & Home
Furnishings Market
If you’re pursuing business opportunities in the American Southeast, let
the CGTA help you create a rewarding experience that is supportive and
inexpensive. With 1,200 square feet of premium booth space visible from
nearly every floor in the building, this is your chance to be front and cen-
tre! The CGTA handles shipment of booth fixtures, installation, teardown,
negotiation of badges and assistance with paperwork, which translates
into a significant cost savings for participating CGTA members. Available
twice a year, in January and July, the cost of space in the CGTA style
booth includes fixtures, set-up and teardown, cleaning, electrical work and
lighting. Space in Atlanta goes very quickly, so make sure to apply early!

For more information on CGTA style, please contact Monica Khan,
International Trade Associate, direct at 416.642.1032, toll free
800.611.6100 ext. 1032, or
                                                                                                 CGTA Product and
                                                                                                   Rep Locator

Each year more than 36,000 retailers log on to and             Our up-to-the-minute resource of giftware reps provides contact
complete more than 210,000 online product searches. CGTA member             information, background information, the territories in which the
companies get free listings. Get listed and get noticed!                    subscribers work, types of products/lines they service and what they
                                                                            would like to add to their portfolio.
Product Locator
One of the main features of the CGTA Website is its Online Product          Members can also post a Reps Wanted Bulletin referred to by
Locator. Retailers using this popular service can search for companies      hundreds of representatives looking to source new lines and
and products at no charge, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The           companies to work with.
Online Product Locator is FREE to all CGTA members. Members simply
submit their company description, unlimited product categories, addition-
al keywords or brand names and up to five product photos with a
description. A link to your Website can also be added at no charge!
Additionally, an online member administration program is available,
which enables the member to control and update all relevant listings
and information, anytime. The Online Product Locator also acts as
a pre-event planner for retailers attending the CGTA Gift Show. While
searching for products and suppliers, booth location information and
maps are provided as a tool to pre-plan their visit to the show.

Rep Locator
For several years the Giftware Representatives Association of Canada
(GRAC) and CGTA jointly published the annual Registry of Professional
Sales Representatives. The booklet, traditionally mailed to CGTA
members once a year in the spring, is now available through our
exclusive online Sales Rep Locator.
                                                                                                                                 The CGTA Gift Show

The CGTA Gift Show is the gift industry’s largest, premier gift trade forum   Space Allocation
in North America, and the highest priority venue for buyers and sellers       Available booth space at the CGTA Gift Shows is at a premium. Once
alike. The CGTA Gift Show attracts more than 20,000 qualified retail          a company’s product is deemed appropriate for exhibiting, and its
buyers and encompasses more than 1.3 million square feet of exhibit           application for Silver Member status is approved by the CGTA Board
space. The CGTA thoroughly screens all attendees to ensure they are           of Directors, the company is automatically added to a waiting list
qualified retail customers and prospects.                                     according to its membership number. As space becomes available,
                                                                              companies are contacted in order of
The CGTA Gift Show is held twice annually in Toronto at the International     the date they were approved for Silver
Centre and the Toronto Congress Centre. In Fall 2008, an additional           member status. Once booth space has
300,000 square feet was introduced at the new Congress Centre North           been committed to and contracted,
building, creating a retail buying experience event with even more to see,    Silver members are then granted Gold
more to do and more to buy.                                                   member status as an exhibiting company
                                                                              in the CGTA Gift Show.
Exhibitor fees for the CGTA Gift Show are competitively low, making it
North America’s most cost-effective selling opportunity for manufacturers,    Special Feature Areas
distributors, importers and wholesalers.                                      Gold members are encouraged to take
                                                                              advantage of FREE opportunities to
Exhibitors also enjoy                                                         highlight some of their products within a
exclusive access to                                                           number of feature areas at the CGTA Gift
a wide variety of compli-                                                     Show. These areas are open to all Gold
mentary trade show and
                                                                              members in ‘good standing’ and include:                    PRODUCT
sales support materials                                                       New Product Galleries and window
to help market their                                                                                                                     GALLERY
                                                                              displays; Gourmet Food/Kitchen Spotlight
companies and prod-                                                           areas; Export Ready Showcase;
ucts, including free                                                          Showcase Canada/Café Canada; Store
pre-show publications                                                         Works; the new Gallery and Soapboxes
and literature, as well                                                       feature areas, and other themed show-
as invaluable product
exposure opportunities
                                                                              cases. All are staffed by the CGTA during
                                                                              show days (not by members displaying
within the Gift Show’s                                                        in them). Business cards, brochures and
numerous specialty                                                            price lists may accompany any products
areas and feature                                                             that are accepted.
showcases – all at
no charge.                                                                    Exhibitor Responsibilities
                                                                              Exhibitors must abide by CGTA Gift Show
In addition, the CGTA offers members free educational resource materials      rules and regulations, product criteria
to help them maximize the unequalled marketing exposure and sales             and booth specifications as determined
opportunities the Gift Show offers, such as the highly acclaimed online       by the CGTA. Members must notify the
trade show exhibition manual, Exhibiting Success.                             association when they change company
                                                                              information (i.e. address, phone, fax
Eligibility                                                                   numbers, company name), acquire
Gold CGTA members may exhibit at the CGTA Gift Shows provided their           or change product lines, or when the
products meet specified criteria.                                             exhibiting company is sold. This informa-
                                                                              tion is detailed in the Exhibitor’s Manual
                                                                              which is distributed prior to each show.

                                                                              For more information, please contact the CGTA Gift Show Team
                                                                              at 800.611.6100.
Domestic -


Creating value for CGTA members, CANPAR specializes in delivering
packages; in fact, 98% of everything we handle are packages.

We believe in doing one thing – and doing it well. We believe in
providing our customers with the best possible, most reliable, most
efficient service, at the best price—day-in and day-out. That’s                With over 1,600 employees and 60 hubs and terminals coast-to-
why CANPAR annually handles over 3,000,000 parcels for CGTA                    coast, CANPAR is committed to providing CGTA members with the
members.                                                                       best possible combination of price and service…we are on the
                                                                               move to increase the profitability of your business.
CGTA member rates offer substantial discounts. Compare below:
                                                                               Isn’t it time you found out how CANPAR’s special CGTA member
Participating in the special CGTA/CANPAR shipping program not                  courier program can increase the profit of your business?
only provides you with terrific rates, but offers several other services,      Call 800.387.9335 or visit us online at to take
including:                                                                     advantage of the special CGTA/CANPAR program.
• Easy-to-use shipping software, including Web-based shipping,
   as well as multiple tracking options;
• Specialized services, including Collect on Delivery, Declared
   Value and Pickup Tag;
• Friendly, helpful, caring staff.
                                                                R A T E S
From Toronto                             To Kitchener                               To Montreal                          To Vancouver
                                CGTA        Non-CGTA CGTA                    CGTA Non-CGTA CGTA                  CGTA       Non-CGTA       CGTA
                               Member        Member Savings                 Member Member Savings               Member       Member       Savings
5lbs Pkg – Ground                $4.10         $7.91       48.2%            $4.23      $8.97      52.8%          $8.29        $13.43        38.3%
10lbs Pkg – Ground               $4.91         $9.46       48.1%            $5.01     $10.87      53.9%          $9.32        $18.10        48.5%
20lbs Pkg - Ground               $7.46       $12.30        39.3%            $7.72     $14.40      46.4%         $13.14        $26.33        50.1%

***Above Rates Based on Level A Rates – Call CANPAR to determine what Rate Level you may qualify for.


As a member and partner with the Canadian Gift and Tableware
Association, Clarke Transport is pleased to offer negotiated                   in transit, request a rate quote on a particular shipment, arrange your
competitive pricing for CGTA members on Canada wide LTL and                    pick up, or to view proofs of delivery, bills of lading or statements,
TL services, to move your shipments to your valued customers.                  with Clarke Transport you have convenient, online access to all this
                                                                               information 24/7. Visit our website at to learn
In these negotiations, Clarke Transport has identified great value             more about our services.
and savings in the handling of your shipments of 200+ lbs, offering
fully integrated door-to-door service, from Toronto, Montreal and              To learn more about the pricing that has been negotiated
Kitchener, to all destinations within Canada.                                  on behalf of the CGTA members, please contact: Kelly O’Brien,
                                                                               P.Log, Vice President Sales – ON and USA who will review your
Many of our clients benefit from the advantages offered by our                 requirements and assist at 416.665.5585 x 2407 or e-mail at
Website. Whether you need to track and trace your shipments          
                                                                                                                                   Domestic -
                                                                                                                                     SIDE 2


As a CGTA member you are entitled to many benefits to assist you
with your business. One of these benefits is an association between
the CGTA and DHL Express Canada (DHL), with preferred rates
and discounts for shipments across Canada and around the world.
                                                                 , log in, click order supplies, scroll down to variable
You’ll be pleased to find that DHL Express Canada has continued           waybill, submit. Enter all information you would like to appear
to provide aggressive pricing for the “International Outbound” ship-      pre-printed on the waybill.
ments. We understand how competitive the business environment          2. Webship-Internet Shipping – Go to, click on
is, and most importantly how global it has become! This association       Webship (upper right hand corner). If you don’t have an Internet
can provide you with the competitive edge required to grow your           password click “sign up”. Fill in all necessary information. You
business in a highly competitive marketplace with innovative DHL          can now ship. If you have created your password, log in and
products like “IMPORT EXPRESS”           start shipping.
                                                                       3. DHL On-Site Shipping System – For high volume shippers, DHL
Also, DHL Express is pleased to announce that Time Definite               will supply a dedicated system with features like self invoicing,
International (TDI) services and Time Definite Domestic services          automatic addressing, e-mail reporting, networking, consolidation
(TDD) are now available. For details regarding these new services         and multiple account setup with user support and upgrades
please visit under Product & Services.                         available online. The system is complete with CPU, thermal printer,
                                                                          monitor, scale, and report printer. Note: You are required to supply
The CGTA and DHL are pleased to present, the new package of               a dedicated phone line.
rates and services available to you from DHL for your shipping
needs. These new rates are available from May 1, 2008 to May 1,        Shipment Pick-up:
2009 and can be viewed at          1. Scheduled Daily Pick-up – For daily shippers, a DHL driver will
=memberservices_money_shipping, under DHL – Preferred                     complete daily pick-ups from your location at a specified time.
Customer Agreement.                                                       For more information please contact Aliah Babwah/Inside Account
As a CGTA member, if you wish to open a DHL account, email             2. Schedule a Pick-up – online at, or call 800.225.5345 the following information:
Company’s Legal Name                                                   Locate a DHL Express Branch or Drop off Location:
Full Mailing Address                                                   1. Online:
Phone Number
Contact Person & Title                                                 Track and Trace a Shipment: If your package is en route, find out
E-mail Address                                                         where it is within seconds!
                                                                       1. Online: There are three ways to track your package
It should take 5 business days to receive the following account           in real time: waybill number, account number or, unlike our
numbers:                                                                  competitors, a reference number.
i. Domestic Account Number                                             2. DHL Customer Service at 800.225.5345 (800.CALL.DHL)
ii. International Outbound Account Number                              3.
iii. Import Express – YOU MUST mention in the e-mail that you
     want an “Impor t Express” Account Number to receive one .         We have increased the support for every CGTA member with a
     (Takes approximately 5 additional business days after you’ve      DHL account. All members will have access to a dedicated CGTA
     received your Domestic & International Outbound Account           Customer Service Representative. For general customer inquiries,
     Numbers)                                                          please contact Aliah Babwah at 905.452.5989 or
At DHL we offer a selection of services to fit your needs.
1. Pre-printed Waybills – Call 800.225.5345 or order online at         Sincerely, your DHL Canada Express Team.
                  Shipping & Customs

DELMAR INTERNATIONAL                                               IT’S EASY TO GET STARTED, SIMPLY CALL 1.888.4.DELMAR
                                                                   B en ef i ts o f u si n g D el mar f o r i n t er n at i o n al s h i p p i n g an d
                                                                   c ust om s c le ar a nc e:
Your CGTA Endorsed                                                 • Fastest Transit Time
Freight Forwarder                                                  • Preferred CGTA Pricing
                                                                   • Dedicated Customer Service
                                                                   • Automated Cargo Reporting
CGTA members are welcome to benefit from Delmar’s newly            • Integrated Customs Clearance Processes
launched Direct Service from Asia to Canada using the quickest     • Customs Database Management
vessels with unprecedented transit times.
i.e.:                                                              As a leader in providing electronic processing of shipping and
• Shanghai . . . . . . . 16 days                                   clearance activities, Delmar has a solid reputation for delivering
• Shenzhen . . . . . . . 17 days                                   timely information, critical to your supply chain processes.
• Hong Kong . . . . . 18 days
• Qingdao . . . . . . . . 18 days                                  Delmar has developed many unique programs specifically
• Tianjin . . . . . . . . . . 19 days                              designed to help save time and money on international shipping
• Dalian . . . . . . . . . . . 21 days                             activities. Ask about our …
                                                                   • FOB Savings Program
Delmar is offering all CGTA members our new direct service,        • Multiple Carrier Offerings
plus additional benefits, such as:                                 • Cross-Trade Shipping Activity
• Standard Cargo Tracking
• Dedicated Customer Support, and
• Cross Canada Coverage

For more details:

Delmar provides seamless shipping and customs clearance
activities as your single service provider, with offices in USA,
Canada and China.
                                                                                                                Shipping & Customs
                                                                                                                      SIDE 2

FEDEX                                                                  FEDEX TRADE NETWORKS

More savings with your CGTA membership                                 Want to make international trade reliable and efficient?
As a CGTA member you can receive up to 28% off your FedEx              FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage, Inc. has the
International PriorityTM shipments and up to 41% off your FedEx        resources to help.
Ground® shipments to the U.S.*
                                                                       From customs documentation to international transportation,
FedEx can help make your shipping easier with a wide range             distribution to cargo insurance, and shipment visibility to duty
of service options, competitive rates, value-added benefits and        drawback; we have the knowledge and tools to support you
reliability. When your shipments need to move quickly, you can         every step of the way. You can utilize our services as an entire
rely on FedEx Express®. When you’re looking for a dependable           package, or take advantage of individual services as needed.
and economical solution, choose FedEx Ground®. With our diverse
portfolio, it’s easier and more cost-effective than ever for your      The FedEx Advantage
business to compete in today’s marketplace.                            As a part of FedEx, we provide you with access to the world’s
                                                                       largest air cargo carrier, North America’s second largest ground
Using our online shipping application, FedEx Ship Manager™,            cargo carrier, and leading LTL carrier – advantages no one else
at – you can simplify and streamline your entire shipping     can offer. Together, we are FedEx – a worldwide network of
process.                                                               companies providing customers and businesses with the
                                                                       “absolutely, positively” zeal for service you’ve come to expect.
Stay informed on the latest FedEx shipping news, product
enhancements and special promotions by signing up for e-mail           For more information, please visit
communications at                                      o r co n ta ct th e c u sto m er s er v i ce t eam a t 86 6. 463 . 8682 .

For more information or to sign up for member savings,
call 800.GoFedEx / 800.463.3339.

As a CGTA member, save more when you ship with FedEx.

*Call 800.GoFedEx / 800.463.3339 for full details. Some restrictions
                                                                Financial Services                   Communications


Chase Paymentech Solutions is a leading global payments firm and one of the world's largest
merchant acquirers. Representing over 600,000 merchants in over 1 million locations worldwide,
we provide a suite of payments and reporting solutions to some of Canada’s largest brands. As
an industry leader in payments processing, Chase Paymentech provides credit, debit, gift card,
and e-commerce solutions; as well as the most recent Chip and PIN and Contactless point-of-sale
(POS) technology. In addition, we possess Canadian-specific industry experience and a reliable reputation that our customers depend on.

As a CGTA member, you benefit from preferred rates1 on your VISA*, MasterCard+, AMEX and INTERAC++ processing solutions from one
provider — Chase Paymentech. We have built a reputation for delivering fast transactions and superior customer service – perhaps that’s why
we’re the only electronic processing organization endorsed by CGTA. Let us help your business realize cost-efficiencies with our preferred
pricing schedule.

Imagine eliminating the need to open redundant accounts for credit and debit transactions. We make it easy! Chase Paymentech sends your
money directly to your bank of choice — with no additional fee! Plus, Chase Paymentech does not charge any fees for closing your batch at
the end of day. And that’s only the beginning of how we can help your business save money.

Program Highlights:
      VISA CDN Pricing
            Discount Rate                                + Assessment Fee                     = Merchant Discount Rate                         Plus Non-Qualified                         Plus Non-Qualified
                                                                                                                                                  Interchange                               Processing Fee
                      1.80%                                      0.06%                                      1.86%                               See footnote 2                                  0.16%
      MasterCard CDN Pricing
            Discount Rate                                + Assessment Fee                     = Merchant Discount Rate                         Plus Non-Qualified                         Plus Non-Qualified
                                                                                                                                                  Interchange                               Processing Fee
                      1.94%                                     0.064%                                      2.00%                               See footnote 2                                  0.16%

Debit Rate (Interac): $0.12 per transaction                                                                             VISA/MasterCard – receive payment within a few days instead
POS Terminal Rental: From $20.00/month                                                                                  of having to wait 30 days or more for cheques to clear;
                                                                                                                      • Offer your customers greater flexibility and convenience while
• A single, full service source for all credit/debit card processing                                                    increasing your bottom line by offering Chase Paymentech
  needs;                                                                                                                Gift Cards.
• Enjoy time-savings, the convenience of consolidated billing and
  a single point of contact;                                                                                          To participate in this excellent cost-savings program, please contact
• Deposit all your card transactions directly into your bank of choice                                                Angela Voelkner, Member Services Associate for the CGTA, at
  at no additional cost;                                                                                              800.611.6100, ext. 1046 or via e-mail: Then contact
• Receive one easy to read, on-line accessible monthly statement;                                                     Chase Paymentech by calling 877.552.5533. Remember to identify
• Save the potential delay in clearing funds and the risk of NSF fees;                                                yourself as a Canadian Gift & Tableware Association (CGTA) member.
• Beneficial to those merchants who accept US dollar

* Registered Trademark of Visa International; Chase Paymentech Solutions is a licensed user. +Registered Trademark of MasterCard International Inc. Chase Paymentech Solutions is an authorized representative of First Data
Loan Company, Canada. ++ Registered Trademark of Interac Inc. Used under license. 1 All applications are subject to credit approval and rates subject to change. Some conditions apply. A Chase Paymentech Solutions
point-of-sale solution is required to benefit from these rates. Proof of status with Canadian Gift & Tableware Association will be required. 2 Non-Qualified Transactions will be downgraded by the Payment Brand, resulting in high-
er Interchange fees. For processing such Non-Qualified Transaction, we will charge you: (a) the Merchant Discount Rate; (b) an additional fee (the “the Non-Qualifying Amount”) equal to the difference between the Interchange
fee associated with your Target Qualification Level and the Interchange fee for the Interchange level at which the Non-Qualified Transaction was actually processed; and to the extent applicable, depending on the nature of your
pricing with us or your program eligibility; (c) a Non-Qualified Processing Fee (which is calculated as a percentage of the amount of the Non-Qualified Transaction). The combined total of the Non-Qualifying Amount and the
Non-Qualified Transaction Processing Fee will appear on your statement. TM Registered Trademark of Chase Paymentech Solutions, LLC, Chase Paymentech Solutions authorized user.
                                                               Communications     Financial Services


The combined purchasing power of nanco, the CGTA and its members, coupled
with nanco’s Carrier class network and customer service, will save you time and

Our economy has changed, so call us for a quick telecom cost audit.

CGTA Adds Value with a Financial Payback:

                                                               nanco          Telco          Primus
Cost per Minute (in cents)                                         3.5c         5.0c           4.5c
Long Distance: (with local lines)   Canada & USA 10000 mins    $350.00       $500.00        $450.00
Monthly Fees                                                       0          $10.95           0
Monthly Expense                                                 $350.00      $510.95        $450.50
Total Annual Costs                                            $4,200.00    $6,131.40      $5,406.00
BIGGER Annual Savings with nanco                                           $1,931.40      $1,205.00

                                                                nanco         Telco           Primus
NEW!!! 2009 Hi Speed DSL                                       $ 74.95     $ 159.95
Reduced from $89.95

NEW!!! 2009 T1 with Internet access starting at $550/month
Call for availability
                                                               nanco        Telco           Primus
NEW!!! 2009 LOCAL LINES 1 year                                $ 32.95      $ 45.25         $ 38.95
3 LINES / YEAR ON 3 YEAR TERM more than
$550.00 per year !!!

NEW!!! 2009 3 Year Term rates available on a 1 year term. PRI’s for your new VOIP telephone
system. First month is free.


Contact nanco for more information at 888.GO.nanco (888.466.2626) or
                                                                                     Insurance &
                                                                                    Group Benefits

CANADA BROKERLINK INSURANCE SERVICES                                   Our Insurance Solutions
                                                                       Because every organization is different, we specialize in creating
Business and Ocean Marine Insurance                                    unique insurance solutions, carefully tailored to your specific needs.
                                                                       Our coverage includes solutions for:
Unparalleled Personal Service                                          •   Building, Contents & Inventory/Stock
= Unparalleled Solutions                                               •
                                                                           Equipment Breakdown
                                                                           Business Interruption/Loss of Profits
                                                                       •   Electronic Data Processing Equipment
At Canada Brokerlink, there’s one thing we’ve learned throughout       •   Theft & Burglary/Crime
decades of helping businesses like yours: the right insurance          •   General Liability
solutions require an extraordinary insurance brokerage – one that      •   Ocean Cargo Coverage
digs deeper, sees farther and pays relentless attention to detail.     •   Commercial & Fleet Vehicles
                                                                       •   Directors & Officers Liability including Employment Practices
It’s our job to know our clients inside and out. Because, whether          Coverage
we’re dealing with a small boutique, or an international manufactur-   •   Errors & Omissions
er, the more we understand your business, the better solutions we      •   Product Recall
can provide!                                                           •   Group Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Financial planning…)
                                                                       •   Special Program – Trade Show Exhibitors Coverage
The Business of Knowing                                                With more than 50 offices and locations throughout Ontario and
Your Business                                                          Alberta, Canada Brokerlink has the geographic coverage to service
                                                                       your needs wherever you’re located.

                                                                       Contact: Sue Keenan
                                                                       Canada Brokerlink
                                                                       416.497.6907 ext. 2305 or 800.268.3394
                                                                       Fax : 416.497.9925
                                         Insurance &
                                        Group Benefits
                                            SIDE 2


CGTA Group
Benefits Program
Whether you’re a small or large employer, an employee benefits        Advantages you enjoy as a CGTA member:
program is an important part of an effective compensation pack-       • Competitive premium rates
age. A comprehensive group benefit package is a fundamental           • More liberal insurance contracts
part of the successful recruitment and retention of high caliber      • Expert advice
employees. In recognition of the growing complexity of employee
benefit planning, CGTA and Morneau Sobeco, a leading employee         Contact Morneau Sobeco:
benefits consulting firm, have worked in partnership for over 14
years to establish a cost effective group benefits program specific   BY PHONE:
to the needs of the association and their members. As a member        416.445.2700 • 888.667.6328
of CGTA, the following benefits are available to you through the
association:                                                          BY FAX:
•   Life insurance
•   Dependent life insurance                                          BY MAIL:
•   Optional group life insurance                                     700-895 Don Mills Road
•   Accidental death & dismemberment insurance                        One Morneau Sobeco Centre
•   Voluntary personal accident insurance                             Toronto ON M3C 1W3
•   Short term disability insurance
•   Long term disability insurance
•   Health insurance
•   Dental insurance
•   Travel insurance

At your request, a representative of Morneau Sobeco will be
pleased to prepare a cost analysis, at no charge, and without
further obligation.
                                                                                                                               Business Supplies            CGTA Hospitality
                                                                                                                                  & Products                    Bureau

GRAND & TOY                                                            NEBS
                                                                                                                          Web Design/Hosting Service
Grand & Toy and CGTA are pleased to announce great savings             NEBS Business Products now offers                  NEBS now offers ad-free web hosting, domain
for members. I want to reaffirm that, as a member of the               everything you need to start, manage and grow      names, web design and email address services.
association, you are entitled to a group discount when ordering        your business, including business printing (from   Our affordable hosting makes NEBS the best
through our commercial division.                                       stationery to business cheques), incorporating     place to host your small business Website.
                                                                       services, web design, marketing and design         Templated do-it-yourself web design options +
Following are details of the discount structure:                       services and much more.                            Domain Name registration + E-commerce plans +
• 47% discount on all regular-priced office supplies                                                                      Webhosting and email plans + Virtual Servers.
• 20% discount on any stock furniture                                  As a member of CGTA you receive 10% off
• plus a list of your most commonly used items with savings            new products and services and 5% off               Business Registration Services
   of up to 65%.                                                       reorders. Please quote your member code            NEBS now offers Canadian small business
                                                                       22829.                                             owners online Business Registration
Please note: these discounts are not applicable to a few NET items                                                        services at a fraction of the cost charged by
in our catalogue or on SALE items from monthly flyers, however, it     Visit or call 800.461.7572             traditional providers.
does mean you will receive the best possible prices all of the time.   to learn more.                                     Online Incorporation + Business Registrations
(Please contact me directly to discuss pricing on toner cartridges                                                        (register a sole proprietorship and/or general
and paper).                                                            Business Products                                  partnership) + Corporate Name reports + Online
                                                                       NEBS has provided small and medium business-       Trademark filing + Corporate updates.
At Grand & Toy, service is the difference. Our easy ordering and       es with branded business products for over 30
fast delivery puts our products at your fingertips the next business   years. By having your company name and logo        NEBS Marketing Store Program
day. Here are some of the reasons we are able to do this:              on everything, you improve recognition with your   A consistent image not only looks good, it tells
• Prompt, knowledgeable and personal service                           customers and increase exposure to potential       people you are reliable, capable and their best
• More than 6,000 quality office products in stock                     customers. NEBS can print your name and logo       choice!
• Large selection of environmentally responsible products              on everything you need to run your business
• Professional Print and Imaging Services (business cards,             and more:                                          Growing means marketing yourself like a pro.
   letterhead, and promotional products)                               Business Cheques and Forms + Stationery +          How do you get big results with limited time and
• Easy ordering on our award winning online ordering system            Full Colour products + Logo / Graphic design       budgets? It’s easy with NEBS Marketing Store.
   and website at                                  + Custom forms + Holiday Cards and Calendars
                                                                       + Clothing and promotional items.                  Developing a marketing program can be as easy
Please feel free to contact me during regular business hours                                                              as 1-2-3 with the help of NEBS Marketing Store’s
to obtain an application for these savings or to discuss any ques-     NEBS This innovative web-hosted          program. Our small business experts offer fast,
tions you may have.                                                    payroll solution gives absolute confidence that    hassle free solutions that you need to get
                                                                       your payroll is completed on time and on budget.   noticed, build loyalty, promote yourself and
Regards,                                                               Giving you back the valuable time you need to      generate new business.
Kirk Watson                                                            focus on running your business. Call our payroll
Tel: 416.401.6300 ext 5973                                             specialists at 866.772.9932 or go to               For more details, go to
Email:                                   for a free demonstration.  
CGTA Hospitality    Business Supplies
    Bureau             & Products

  Hospitality Bureau                                                     Travel
  The thousands of buyers and exhibitors who gather in Toronto for       Special convention rates are negotiated with a major Canadian
  the CGTA Gift Show require places to stay and social activities to     airline and with a car rental company for all travellers to CGTA
  complement these major business events. The CGTA Hospitality           Gift Shows.
  Bureau caters to the needs of gift show participants with its credo:
  “Service is what it’s all about.”                                      Enter tainment/Social Activities
                                                                         The CGTA Hospitality Bureau complements the business needs
  Accommodations                                                         of show participants by organizing social events and activities.
  A CGTA representative inspects and negotiates the best possible        The CGTA purchases and sells – at cost – tickets to top theatre
  room rates based on the total number of rooms required.                productions, and also arranges complimentary bus transportation
  Approximately 18 area hotels are selected, offering a range of room    to and from theatres. A night at the horse races, or a dinner cruise
  rates and conveniences. Each hotel agrees to hold a block of rooms     around Toronto Harbour might also be scheduled. Local restau-
  for the exclusive use of the CGTA Hospitality Bureau and its CGTA      rants are contacted to participate in the CGTA Gift Show "Welcome
  Gift Show participants. Complimentary shuttle service is provided      Mat" promotion, which offers discounts on meals when showing
  between these hotels and the gift show locations, and ‘Welcome         your show badge.
  Gift Bags’ filled with information and goodies are presented to each
  participant upon check-in. During each CGTA Gift Show, the CGTA        Service is what it’s all about. Call the CGTA Hospitality Bureau
  Hospitality Booth staff accepts reservation requests for the next      and let us help you prepare for your trip to the CGTA Gift Shows.
  show – it is important to plan early and make your reservation as
  soon as possible, as preferred hotels are sold out very quickly.       CGTA Hospitality Bureau
                                                                         Tel: 800.750.1750; Fax: 705.735.1534
Know More.
 Sell More.
Spend Less.

             Canadian Gift & Tableware Association
 L’Association canadienne de cadeaux et d’accessoires de table
           42 Voyager Court South, Toronto, ON M9W 5M7
800.611.6100 ext. 1046, 416.642.1046, email:

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