8th Grade Syllabus

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					8th Grade Syllabus

Spanish Fort Middle School
           8th Grade Teachers
•   Mrs. Brown       •   Mrs. Helms
•   Mrs. Calloway    •   Mrs. Jordan
•   Mr. Daniels      •   Mrs. Ramirez
•   Mrs. Harrison    •   Mrs. Turn
•   Mrs. Dreaper     •   Mrs. K. Walker
•   Coach Warfield   •   Ms. Cloer
•   Coach Jones      •   Dr. Coker
             Bell Schedule
• Students must be in homeroom no later
  than 7:55.
• If the student is not in the classroom at
  that time, he/she will be marked absent.
• A textbook for each subject as been
  checked out to you.
• Take good care of it.
• If you lose it or it is stolen, you will have to
  pay for a replacement.
      Homework Schedule
       Day              Subjects
Monday       Language Arts/Reading/Math
Tuesday      Science/Social Studies/Math
Wednesday    Language Arts/Reading/Math
Thursday     Science/Social Studies/Math
Friday       Language Arts/Reading/Math
        Homework Schedule
• You will have homework every night.
• It should take you about one hour to
  complete all of your homework.
  – Consider this when doing your homework:
     • Environment
     • Time management
     • Study Skills
       Grade Determination
• 60% Mastery
• 30% Practice
• 10% Introduction/Activation/Review
       Student Accountability
• If a student is performing below 70%,
  he/she will be required to attend Café
  Study Hall during lunch on Tuesday,
  Wednesday and Thursday.
• If the student does not attend, he/she will
  lose one Toro Buck for each day missed.
            Discipline Procedure
• For major discipline infractions, students will be
  sent directly to the office.
• For other infractions, students will sign their
  teacher’s discipline log with the following
   –   1st Infraction-warning
   –   2nd Infraction-lose a Toro Buck
   –   3rd Infraction-Break Detention/Lose a Toro Buck
   –   4th Infraction-Parent Contacted/Lose a Toro Buck
   –   5th Infraction-Office Referral/Lose a Toro Buck
              Toro Bucks
• To recognize students who are doing what
  they are supposed to be doing every day!
• Each week a student does NOT sign the
  discipline log, he/she will earn a Toro Buck
• Could earn up to 5 Toro Bucks a week
• Can earn more for going above and
• Win fabulous privileges and prizes for high
  Toro Buck accounts!
            Cheating Policy
• Cheating will NOT be tolerated.
• If a student is caught cheating, he/she will
  swiftly receive the most severe
 Absences and Make-Up Work
• Students have 3 days to make up missed
• Teachers will not provide assignments in
• Students are responsible for taking care of
  missed work
• Extra credit not an option
        Parent Conferences
• Parents can schedule conferences by
  emailing one of the student’s teachers
• Conference times are Tuesday-Friday
• All of your students’ core teachers will be
             Hall Passes
• Students receive 5 hall passes each
  quarter to use to go to their lockers or
• Students may redeem hall passes for Toro
• Students may not leave the classroom
  without the hall pass
• If you do not return your library book on
  time, you will be fined 10¢ per day.
• All fines must be paid in order to receive
  your next year’s schedule.
• Students are allowed to use E-readers in
  their language arts classes.
• Students may be allowed to use E-
  Readers in other classes upon the
  teacher’s discretion.
• Students and parents must sign a
  permission form to use E-readers.
• Students will go to break with their 3rd
  period teacher.
• After break students will return to their 3rd
  period teacher’s room, pick up their books
  and go to their 4th period class
• Students will go to their lockers after 5th
  period, grab their stuff for 6th period and go
  to their 6th period class.
• The 6th period teacher will escort students
  to the cafetorium.
• Be sure to check your teacher’s website
  for important information.
• If you are out, look at the website instead
  of contacting your teacher.

  Famous Failures (hq).mp4
       This is your last year at
     Spanish Fort Middle School.

Try some new things. Take some risks.

 Put forth your very best effort every

   Make this year, your best year!

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