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					   CODE 1              CODE 2                         Subject 1(Desc.)                  ISBN
材料学         Materials Science         Thin Films, Surfaces & Interfaces            9780470013601
材料学         Materials Science         Materials Characterization                   9780470016084
材料学         Materials Science         Electronic Materials / Semiconductors        9780470021927
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Ceramics              9780470080528
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Ceramics              9780470080535
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Ceramics              9780470080559
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Ceramics              9780470080566
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Ceramics              9780470080573
材料学         Materials Science         Optical Materials                            9780470091265
材料学         Materials Science         Electronic Materials                         9780470095041
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Ceramics              9780470097335
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Ceramics              9780470097359
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Ceramics              9780470184141
材料学         Materials Science         Thin Films, Surfaces & Interfaces            9780471447092
材料学         Materials Science         Optical Materials                            9780471740643
材料学         Materials Science         Optical Materials                            9780471748663
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials                         9783527313211
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials                         9783527313372
材料学         Materials Science         Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials               9783527313846
材料学         Materials Science         Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials               9783527313877
材料学         Materials Science         Sensor Materials                             9783527313884
材料学         Materials Science         Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials               9783527313891
材料学         Materials Science         Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials               9783527313907
材料学         Materials Science         Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials               9783527315154
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials                         9783527315321
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Metals and Alloys     9783527315376
材料学         Materials Science         Theory, Modeling & Simulation                9783527317110
材料学         Materials Science         General & Introductory Materials Science     9783527317646
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Metals and Alloys     9783527317691
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Ceramics              9780470080542
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Ceramics              9780470082959
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Ceramics              9780470097373
材料学         Materials Science         Structural Materials / Metals and Alloys     9783527313631
参考书         Professional              Reference (General)                          9780731404223
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Program & Project Management                 9780470007655
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Software Engineering                         9780470008591
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Circuit Theory and Design                    9780470010235
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780470014394
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780470014714
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780470014868
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780470015582
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Communication Technology - Networks          9780470016336
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Communication Technology - Networks          9780470017487
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780470018224
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Communication Technology - Networks          9780470018279
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Control Systems Technology                   9780470018910
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Audio and Speech Processing & Broadcasting   9780470024003
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Communication Technology - Networks          9780470024416
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   RF / Microwave Theory and Techniques         9780470025352
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Communication Technology - Networks          9780470025536
电子电气工程      Electronics Engineering   Quality and Reliability                      9780470025833
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   RF / Microwave Theory and Techniques             9780470025871
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Remote Sensing                                   9780470026304
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470026762
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Power Technology & Power Engineering             9780470027424
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Fuzzy Systems                                    9780470027608
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Signal Processing                                9780470027639
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Communication Technology - Networks              9780470028346
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Fuzzy Systems                                    9780470029633
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470029800
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering                                                    9780470030202
                                   General & Introductory Electrical & Electronics Engr
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Communication Technology - Networks              9780470030608
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Antennas & Propagation                           9780470030738
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470032497
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Antennas & Propagation                           9780470032558
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Communication Technology - Networks              9780470032909
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470033128
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Control Systems Technology                       9780470033135
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470033265
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Satellite Communications                         9780470033357
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470033616
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Circuit Theory and Design                        9780470034163
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470034644
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Numerical Methods and Algorithms                 9780470035580
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Numerical Methods and Algorithms                 9780470035801
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Electromagnetic Compatibility                    9780470036655
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Control Systems Technology                       9780470041901
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Electromagnetic Theory                           9780470042571
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470046067
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Electromagnetic Theory                           9780470048160
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Computer Engineering                             9780470052631
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470056851
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470057384
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Intelligent Systems and Agents                   9780470057476
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Signal Processing                                9780470058299
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470058558
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470065334
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Remote Sensing                                   9780470074763
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Nanotechnology and MEMS                          9780470081464
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Computer Engineering                             9780470081884
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Antennas & Propagation                           9780470082126
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Nanotechnology and MEMS                          9780470093610
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Electromagnetic Compatibility                    9780470097724
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Systems Engineering and Management               9780470099049
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Optical Communications                           9780470099353
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Power Electronics                                9780470107614
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470107645
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Communication Technology                         9780470112687
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Program & Project Management                     9780470118825
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Software Testing                                 9780470127902
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Numerical Methods and Algorithms                 9780470147818
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470510926
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   RF / Microwave Theory and Techniques             9780470512159
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780470847558
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780470865187
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780471214793
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Antennas & Propagation                       9780471251217
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Electromagnetic Theory                       9780471263883
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Photonics and Lasers                         9780471358329
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Electromagnetic Theory                       9780471414520
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Optical Communications                       9780471460527
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Electromagnetic Theory                       9780471488897
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Signal Processing                            9780471662884
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780471681656
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Power Technology & Power Engineering         9780471683742
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Optical Communications                       9780471685968
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Systems Engineering and Management           9780471694908
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Communication Technology - Networks          9780471713432
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780471715214
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Computer Engineering                         9780471719779
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Computer Engineering / Distributed Systems   9780471719977
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Computer Engineering / Distributed Systems   9780471721017
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   EE Special Topics                            9780471725091
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Power Technology & Power Engineering         9780471731689
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Pattern Analysis                             9780471731900
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Computer Engineering / Architecture          9780471733881
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Computer Engineering                         9780471735762
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Signal Processing                            9780471735823
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   RF / Microwave Theory and Techniques         9780471737483
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Signal Processing                            9780471738411
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Systems Engineering and Management           9780471740636
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Audio and Speech Processing & Broadcasting   9780471741091
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780471742449
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780471743002
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Signal Processing                            9780471746973
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Optical Communications                       9780471756873
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780471756880
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780471757139
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Imaging Systems and Technology               9780471767770
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Software Management                          9780471768678
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Circuit Theory and Design                    9780471772552
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Software Management                          9780471775621
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Communication System Security                9780471782452
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Communication Technology - Networks          9780471782636
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Imaging Systems and Technology               9780471786290
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Audio and Speech Processing & Broadcasting   9780471791478
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications             9780471793656
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Communication System Security                9780471947837
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Software Engineering                         9780471970477
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Nanotechnology and MEMS                      9783527314577
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Fuel Cells                                   9783527314744
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Imaging Systems and Technology               9783527405848
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Robotics                                     9783527406197
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Nanotechnology and MEMS                      9783527406517
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Photonics and Lasers                         9783527406678
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering                                                    9783895781889
                                   General & Introductory Electrical & Electronics Engr
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Control Systems Technology                       9783895782763
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Control Systems Technology                       9783895782954
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Electrical Engineering - Displays                9780470015421
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470017524
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Signal Processing                                9780470027387
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470029206
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Embedded Systems & Smart Cards                   9780470058824
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470059777
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Mobile & Wireless Communications                 9780470060766
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Fuzzy Systems                                    9780470084571
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Software Management                              9780470084601
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Electromagnetic Theory                           9780470097717
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Power Technology & Power Engineering             9780470107096
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Software Engineering                             9780470148730
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Electrical Engineering - Displays                9780470852811
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Circuit Theory and Design                        9780470855416
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Communication Technology                         9780471681618
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Electromagnetic Compatibility                    9780471748656
电子电气工程   Electronics Engineering   Software Testing                                 9780471793717
工程       Engineering               Civil Engineering / Construction                 9780470025864
工程       Engineering               Fluid Mechanics                                  9780470039625
工程       Engineering               Civil Engineering / Construction                 9780470044148
工程       Engineering               Aeronautic & Aerospace                           9780470044162
工程       Engineering               Civil Engineering / Earthquake                   9780470048436
工程       Engineering               Mechanical Engineering - Design                  9780470059500
工程       Engineering                                                                9780470086315
                                   Civil Engineering/ Steel Construction & Bridge Engineering
工程       Engineering               Civil Engineering / Construction                 9780471262862
工程       Engineering               Solid Mechanics                                  9780471464518
工程       Engineering               Civil Engineering / Construction                 9780471479437
工程       Engineering               Cell, Tissue and Genetic Engineering             9780471631811
工程       Engineering                                                                9780471691624
                                   Civil Engineering/ Steel Construction & Bridge Engineering
工程       Engineering               Civil Engineering / Construction                 9780471714057
工程       Engineering               Industrial Engineering / Quality Control         9780471715290
工程       Engineering               Solid Mechanics                                  9780471721154
工程       Engineering               Civil Engineering / Hydrology                    9780471721772
工程       Engineering               Civil Engineering / Soil                         9780471721796
工程       Engineering               Industrial Engineering / Project Management      9780471721888
工程       Engineering               Mechanical Engineering - Design                  9780471726364
工程       Engineering               Mechanical Engineering - Design                  9780471726371
工程       Engineering               General & Introductory Mechanical Engineering 9780471734406
工程       Engineering               General & Introductory Mechanical Engineering 9780471738398
工程       Engineering               Mechanical Engineering - Design                  9780471739043
工程       Engineering               General & Introductory Mechanical Engineering 9780471739319
工程       Engineering                                                                9780471743828
                                   Civil Engineering/ Construction Business & Management
工程       Engineering               Civil Engineering / Transportation               9780471747321
工程       Engineering               Mechanical Engineering - Design                  9780471771715
工程       Engineering               Industrial Engineering / Project Management      9780471783541
工程       Engineering               Environmental Engineering / Environmental Impact 9780471787075
工程       Engineering               Thermodynamics                                   9780471787303
工程       Engineering               Civil Engineering / Soil                         9780471791072
工程       Engineering                                                                9780471793526
                                   Civil Engineering/ Structural & Building Engineering
工程     Engineering                                                                9780632053865
                                 Civil Engineering/ Construction Business & Management
工程     Engineering               Aeronautic & Aerospace                           9781405118170
工程     Engineering               Civil Engineering / Construction                 9781405124317
工程     Engineering                                                                9781405129787
                                 Civil Engineering/ Construction Business & Management
工程     Engineering               Civil Engineering / Construction                 9781405130431
工程     Engineering                                                                9781405131988
                                 Civil Engineering/ Construction Business & Management
工程     Engineering                                                                9781405135573
                                 Civil Engineering/ Construction Business & Management
工程     Engineering               Civil Engineering / Construction                 9781405139625
工程     Engineering                                                                9781405140485
                                 Civil Engineering/ Construction Business & Management
工程     Engineering                                                                9781405145787
                                 Civil Engineering/ Construction Business & Management
工程     Engineering                                                                9781405146715
                                 Civil Engineering/ Structural & Building Engineering
工程     Engineering               Civil Engineering / Construction                 9781405159227
工程     Engineering                                                                9781405159241
                                 Civil Engineering/ Construction Business & Management
工程     Engineering                                                                9781405161022
                                 Civil Engineering/ Construction Business & Management
工程     Engineering               Civil Engineering / Surveying                    9781405163248
工程     Engineering               Civil Engineering/ Constructional Physics        9783433018415
工程     Engineering               Industrial Engineering / Manufacturing           9780470055120
工程     Engineering               Neural Engineering                               9780470056691
工程     Engineering               Industrial Engineering / Quality Control         9780471729990
工程     Engineering               Civil Engineering / Transportation               9780471758235
工程     Engineering                                                                9781405130448
                                 Civil Engineering/ Structural & Building Engineering
工程     Engineering               Fluid Mechanics                                  9783527405787
工商管理   Business and Management   Management                                       9780470007884
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Self-Help                               9780470009802
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Strategy                                9780470009918
工商管理   Business and Management   Management                                       9780470017111
工商管理   Business and Management   Management Science                               9780470025543
工商管理   Business and Management   Strategic Marketing                              9780470025918
工商管理   Business and Management   General & Introductory Business                  9780470028322
工商管理   Business and Management   Marketing & Sales                                9780470028353
工商管理   Business and Management   Marketing & Sales                                9780470028575
工商管理   Business and Management   Marketing & Sales                                9780470028629
工商管理   Business and Management   Strategic Marketing                              9780470028803
工商管理   Business and Management   Marketing & Sales                                9780470030752
工商管理   Business and Management   General & Introductory Business                  9780470032695
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Strategy                                9780470032732
工商管理   Business and Management   Human Resource Mgmt                              9780470033180
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Strategy                                9780470033531
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Self-Help                               9780470034729
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Strategy                                9780470037164
工商管理   Business and Management   Marketing & Sales                                9780470037287
工商管理   Business and Management   Real Estate                                      9780470038000
工商管理   Business and Management   Management Science                               9780470038406
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Special Topics                          9780470040386
工商管理   Business and Management   Small Business and Entrepreneurship              9780470040973
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Self-Help                               9780470042250
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Technology                              9780470043523
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Strategy                                9780470044834
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Special Topics                          9780470045190
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Self-Help                               9780470045480
工商管理   Business and Management   General & Introductory Business                  9780470045862
工商管理   Business and Management                                                    9780470047095
                                 Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                     9780470047460
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                    9780470047491
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Technology                   9780470048689
工商管理   Business   and Management   General & Introductory Business       9780470050453
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                     9780470050767
工商管理   Business   and Management   Management                            9780470050774
工商管理   Business   and Management   Career Development                    9780470050866
工商管理   Business   and Management   Advertising                           9780470051245
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                    9780470051412
工商管理   Business   and Management   Management                            9780470051443
工商管理   Business   and Management   General & Introductory Business       9780470052341
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                     9780470055199
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                     9780470057100
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                     9780470057186
工商管理   Business   and Management   Organizational Development            9780470057551
工商管理   Business   and Management   Introductory Marketing                9780470057933
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                     9780470060278
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                     9780470060360
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                     9780470061299
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Technology                   9780470065266
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                     9780470065273
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                     9780470066546
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                     9780470068335
工商管理   Business   and Management   Quality Management                    9780470069080
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                    9780470073186
工商管理   Business   and Management   Management                            9780470078358
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                     9780470082003
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                     9780470095195
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Technology                   9780470095218
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                     9780470095881
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Special Topics               9780470097526
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                    9780470100288
工商管理   Business   and Management   Career Development                    9780470100875
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Special Topics               9780470109182
工商管理   Business   and Management   General & Introductory Business       9780470110126
工商管理   Business   and Management   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   9780470111260
工商管理   Business   and Management   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   9780470119297
工商管理   Business   and Management   Intellectual Property, Licensing      9780470120750
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Technology                   9780470122457
工商管理   Business   and Management   General & Introductory Business       9780470126837
工商管理   Business   and Management   Advertising                           9780470127124
工商管理   Business   and Management   Career Development                    9780470128183
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                     9780470131985
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                     9780470139882
工商管理   Business   and Management   Organizational Development            9780470510728
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                    9780470512807
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Special Topics               9780470807767
工商管理   Business   and Management   General & Introductory Business       9780470810828
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                     9780470821329
工商管理   Business   and Management   General & Introductory Business       9780470822012
工商管理   Business   and Management   Human Resource Mgmt                   9780470822159
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing Management                  9780470822296
工商管理   Business   and Management   Management                                      9780470823040
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                               9780470838488
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                              9780470839027
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                               9780470839423
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Statistics and Math                    9780470850794
工商管理   Business   and Management   Microeconomics                                  9780471679455
工商管理   Business   and Management   General & Introductory Economics                9780471679462
工商管理   Business   and Management   Management                                      9780471734604
工商管理   Business   and Management   Human Resource Mgmt                             9780471741213
工商管理   Business   and Management   Non-Profit Organizations / Finance & Accounting9780471741657
工商管理   Business   and Management   Non-Profit Organizations / Finance & Accounting9780471741664
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                               9780471744955
工商管理   Business   and Management   Management                                      9780471755258
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Special Topics                         9780471755272
工商管理   Business   and Management   Small Business and Entrepreneurship             9780471755456
工商管理   Business   and Management   Production Operations Management                9780471757276
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Technology                             9780471769910
工商管理   Business   and Management   Public Administration & Management              9780471772606
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                               9780471776604
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                               9780471780496
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                              9780471788621
工商管理   Business   and Management   Public Administration & Management              9780471789734
工商管理   Business   and Management   Public Administration & Management              9780471789741
工商管理   Business   and Management   Advertising                                     9780471789765
工商管理   Business   and Management   Public Administration & Management              9780471790198
工商管理   Business   and Management   Introductory Marketing                          9780471790792
工商管理   Business   and Management   Intellectual Property, Licensing                9780471793410
工商管理   Business   and Management   Public Administration & Management              9780471920779
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Special Topics                         9780471933373
工商管理   Business   and Management   Public Administration & Management              9780471959458
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                               9780471998259
工商管理   Business   and Management   Career Development                              9780731406494
工商管理   Business   and Management   Career Development                              9780731406500
工商管理   Business   and Management   Career Development                              9780731406517
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                               9780782136043
工商管理   Business   and Management   Organizational Development                      9780787977313
工商管理   Business   and Management   Non-Profit Organizations / Finance & Accounting9780787978334
工商管理   Business   and Management                                                   9780787980580
                                   Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Workplace Settings)
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                               9780787982164
工商管理   Business   and Management                                                   9780787982294
                                   Training & Human Resource Development / Presentation Skills
工商管理   Business   and Management   Human Resource Mgmt                             9780787982423
工商管理   Business   and Management                                                   9780787982720
                                   Training & Human Resource Development / Performance Improvement
工商管理   Business   and Management   Management / Leadership                         9780787983055
工商管理   Business   and Management                                                   9780787984557
                                   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship
工商管理   Business   and Management   Consulting                                      9780787985349
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                               9780787986315
工商管理   Business   and Management                                                   9780787986391
                                   Training & Human Resource Development / Coaching & Mentoring
工商管理   Business   and Management   Management / Leadership                         9780787986674
工商管理   Business   and Management   General & Introductory Business                 9780787987527
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                               9780787987794
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                              9780787988388
工商管理   Business   and Management                                                   9780787994617
                                   Non-Profit Organizations / Boards & Board Development
工商管理   Business   and Management   Consulting                                      9780787994648
工商管理   Business   and Management   Human Resource Mgmt                             9780787994877
工商管理   Business   and Management   Project Management                              9780787996291
工商管理   Business   and Management   Human Resource Mgmt                             9780787996482
工商管理   Business   and Management   Economics Special Topics                        9781405106290
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Special Topics                         9781405107563
工商管理   Business   and Management   Real Estate                                     9781405110990
工商管理   Business   and Management   *Economic Development                           9781405113373
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Special Topics                         9781405119962
工商管理   Business   and Management   Microeconomics                                  9781405125413
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Technology                             9781405125581
工商管理   Business   and Management   Economics Special Topics                        9781405131186
工商管理   Business   and Management   *International Management                       9781405133692
工商管理   Business   and Management   Econometrics                                    9781405133814
工商管理   Business   and Management   Economics Special Topics                        9781405134590
工商管理   Business   and Management                                                   9781405135481
                                   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                               9781405135757
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                               9781405135856
工商管理   Business   and Management   *Economic Development                           9781405136334
工商管理   Business   and Management   Econometrics                                    9781405136662
工商管理   Business   and Management   Economics Special Topics                        9781405136679
工商管理   Business   and Management   Small Business and Entrepreneurship             9781405141673
工商管理   Business   and Management   Real Estate                                     9781405149181
工商管理   Business   and Management   Human Resource Mgmt                             9781405149594
工商管理   Business   and Management   Real Estate                                     9781405151238
工商管理   Business   and Management   *International Management                       9781405152679
工商管理   Business   and Management   Economics Special Topics                        9781405156240
工商管理   Business   and Management   General & Introductory Economics                9781405159173
工商管理   Business   and Management   Economics Special Topics                        9781405161824
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                              9781841126319
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                              9781841127255
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                              9781841127262
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                              9781841127415
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                              9781841127439
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                              9781841127446
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                              9781841127569
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Self-Help                              9781841127613
工商管理   Business   and Management   General & Introductory Business                 9783527316670
工商管理   Business   and Management   Human Resource Mgmt                             9783895782718
工商管理   Business   and Management   Human Resource Mgmt                             9780470007945
工商管理   Business   and Management   Economics Special Topics                        9780470016855
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                               9780470040225
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Special Topics                         9780470055748
工商管理   Business   and Management   Marketing & Sales                               9780470100295
工商管理   Business   and Management   Management                                      9780470116340
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Special Topics                         9780470119877
工商管理   Business   and Management   Intellectual Property, Licensing                9780471779308
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Strategy                               9780471781417
工商管理   Business   and Management   General & Introductory Business                 9780471788836
工商管理   Business   and Management   General & Introductory Business                 9780471790778
工商管理   Business   and Management   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership9780471791898
工商管理   Business   and Management   Business Special Topics                         9780471916963
工商管理   Business and Management   General & Introductory Business               9780471980483
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Self-Help                            9780731406630
工商管理   Business and Management                                                 9780787982584
                                 Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory
工商管理   Business and Management   Consulting                                    9780787984717
工商管理   Business and Management   Organizational Development                    9780787994600
工商管理   Business and Management   Business Special Topics                       9781405137072
工商管理   Business and Management   Strategic Marketing                           9781841127064
工商管理   Business and Management   Marketing Management                          9783527502707
护理学    Professional              *Nursing / Mental Health                      9781405119023
护理学    Professional              *Nursing / Mental Health                      9781405128018
护理学    Professional              *Nursing / Clinical Practice                  9781405130714
护理学    Professional              *Nursing / Clinical Practice                  9781405134767
护理学    Professional              *Nursing / General                            9781405136518
护理学    Professional              *Nursing / General                            9781405139991
护理学    Professional              *Nursing / General                            9781405144216
护理学    Professional              *Midwifery                                    9781405144414
护理学    Professional              *Nursing / General                            9781405145985
护理学    Professional              *Nursing / Clinical Practice                  9781405148962
护理学    Professional              *Nursing Special Topics                       9781405151726
护理学    Professional              *Nursing / General                            9781405158466
护理学    Professional                                                            9781405139205
                                 *Nursing Education and Professional Development
护理学    Professional              *Nursing / Clinical Practice                  9781405144223
化学化工   Chemistry                 Chemical Engineering                          9780470007235
化学化工   Chemistry                 Methods - Synthesis & Techniques              9780470007501
化学化工   Chemistry                 Organic Chemistry                             9780470010228
化学化工   Chemistry                 Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling 9780470011867
化学化工   Chemistry                 Analytical Chemistry                          9780470012802
化学化工   Chemistry                 Chemical Engineering / Process Development    9780470014400
化学化工   Chemistry                 Spectroscopy                                  9780470016626
化学化工   Chemistry                 Chemical Engineering                          9780470016633
化学化工   Chemistry                 Bioinorganic Chemistry                        9780470016725
化学化工   Chemistry                                                               9780470016862
                                 Analytical Chemistry / Lab Automation & Chemometrics
化学化工   Chemistry                 Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry          9780470023099
化学化工   Chemistry                 Environmental / Analysis                      9780470024324
化学化工   Chemistry                 Chemical Engineering / Process Development    9780470025338
化学化工   Chemistry                 Environmental Chemistry                       9780470025772
化学化工   Chemistry                 Environmental Chemistry                       9780470027257
化学化工   Chemistry                 Organic Chemistry                             9780470029671
化学化工   Chemistry                 Polymer Science and Technology                9780470029695
化学化工   Chemistry                 Environmental / Analysis                      9780470044407
化学化工   Chemistry                 Polymer Science and Technology                9780470046104
化学化工   Chemistry                 Toxicology                                    9780470049624
化学化工   Chemistry                 Food Science Technology                       9780470049648
化学化工   Chemistry                 Industrial Chemistry                          9780470050750
化学化工   Chemistry                 Methods - Synthesis & Techniques              9780470053317
化学化工   Chemistry                 Organic Chemistry                             9780470066522
化学化工   Chemistry                 Spectroscopy                                  9780470069783
化学化工   Chemistry                 Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling 9780470082010
化学化工   Chemistry                 Biochemistry                                  9780470092095
化学化工   Chemistry                 Methods - Synthesis & Techniques              9780470098981
化学化工   Chemistry                 Industrial Chemistry                          9780470105405
化学化工   Chemistry                 Organic Chemistry                             9780470107072
化学化工   Chemistry   Physical Organic Chemistry                   9780470112816
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering / Plant Design          9780470117545
化学化工   Chemistry   Biochemistry                                 9780470122020
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                            9780470129296
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering                         9780470134030
化学化工   Chemistry   Environmental / Analysis                     9780470139028
化学化工   Chemistry   Occupational & Environmental Health          9780470146811
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering                         9780470147825
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering                         9780470165690
化学化工   Chemistry   Electrochemistry                             9780470842935
化学化工   Chemistry   Supramolecular Chemistry                     9780470858660
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry                         9780470859025
化学化工   Chemistry   Spectroscopy                                 9780470870877
化学化工   Chemistry   Spectroscopy                                 9780471194040
化学化工   Chemistry   Biochemistry                                 9780471205036
化学化工   Chemistry   Drug Discovery and Development               9780471213864
化学化工   Chemistry   General & Introductory Chemistry             9780471387343
化学化工   Chemistry   Physical Chemistry                           9780471485704
化学化工   Chemistry   Methods - Synthesis & Techniques             9780471489405
化学化工   Chemistry   Methods - Synthesis & Techniques             9780471490548
化学化工   Chemistry   Environmental / Water Chemistry              9780471499299
化学化工   Chemistry   Polymer Science and Technology               9780471662556
化学化工   Chemistry   Polymer processing                           9780471671893
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                      9780471672012
化学化工   Chemistry   Drug Discovery and Development               9780471677833
化学化工   Chemistry   Methods - Synthesis & Techniques             9780471680260
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry / Chromatography        9780471681625
化学化工   Chemistry   Physical Chemistry                           9780471682332
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                            9780471684961
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                      9780471687849
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                            9780471692782
化学化工   Chemistry   Methods - Synthesis & Techniques             9780471697541
化学化工   Chemistry   Paints, Pigments, Coatings                   9780471698067
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry / Chromatography        9780471706465
化学化工   Chemistry   Biotechnology                                9780471709077
化学化工   Chemistry   Environmental Chemistry                      9780471710974
化学化工   Chemistry   Electrochemistry                             9780471712213
化学化工   Chemistry   Paints, Pigments, Coatings                   9780471713685
化学化工   Chemistry   Occupational & Environmental Health          9780471714583
化学化工   Chemistry   Environmental Chemistry                      9780471720171
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                            9780471720911
化学化工   Chemistry   Mass Spectrometry                            9780471721840
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering / Process Development   9780471727934
化学化工   Chemistry   Polymer Science and Technology               9780471730125
化学化工   Chemistry   Polymer Science and Technology               9780471730156
化学化工   Chemistry   Occupational & Environmental Health          9780471730934
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                            9780471731665
化学化工   Chemistry   Spectroscopy                                 9780471731894
化学化工   Chemistry   Polymer Science and Technology               9780471734260
化学化工   Chemistry   Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry         9780471739074
化学化工   Chemistry   Drug Discovery and Development               9780471739524
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry / Chromatography        9780471740438
化学化工   Chemistry   Inorganic Chemistry                     9780471740469
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry / Chromatography   9780471741473
化学化工   Chemistry   General & Introductory Chemistry        9780471741534
化学化工   Chemistry   Environmental / Water Chemistry         9780471742432
化学化工   Chemistry   Electrochemistry                        9780471742487
化学化工   Chemistry   Mass Spectrometry                       9780471743446
化学化工   Chemistry   Mass Spectrometry                       9780471745167
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry                    9780471746607
化学化工   Chemistry   Methods - Synthesis & Techniques        9780471748687
化学化工   Chemistry   General & Introductory Chemistry        9780471751540
化学化工   Chemistry   Methods - Synthesis & Techniques        9780471754008
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry / Chromatography   9780471754015
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9780471763475
化学化工   Chemistry   NMR Spectroscopy                        9780471763529
化学化工   Chemistry   General & Introductory Chemistry        9780471763598
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9780471768654
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9780471770008
化学化工   Chemistry   Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry    9780471770015
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering                    9780471772613
化学化工   Chemistry   Electrochemistry                        9780471772767
化学化工   Chemistry   Environmental / Water Chemistry         9780471780441
化学化工   Chemistry   Physical Chemistry                      9780471790563
化学化工   Chemistry   Physical Organic Chemistry              9780471973584
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering                    9780471979401
化学化工   Chemistry   Methods - Synthesis & Techniques        9780471979876
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9780632064564
化学化工   Chemistry   Environmental / Analysis                9780787675158
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9780813807683
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9780813807775
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemistry Special Topics                9780813808482
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9780813808826
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9780813821092
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9780813822211
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9780813827001
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9780813828558
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9780813829685
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering                    9780816909520
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9781405121279
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9781405124607
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9781405125093
化学化工   Chemistry   Food Science Technology                 9781405129756
化学化工   Chemistry   Environmental Chemistry                 9781405131155
化学化工   Chemistry   Polymer Science and Technology          9781405132428
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry                    9781405133586
化学化工   Chemistry   Environmental Chemistry                 9781405135320
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry                    9781405135948
化学化工   Chemistry   Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry    9781405138901
化学化工   Chemistry   Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry    9781405139182
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                       9783527290604
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering                    9783527306077
化学化工   Chemistry   Physical Chemistry                      9783527307487
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9783527308040
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                       9783527308255
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry                    9783527310166
化学化工   Chemistry   Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry    9783527310586
化学化工   Chemistry   Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry    9783527310760
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry                    9783527311149
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering                    9783527311439
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                       9783527311507
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9783527311736
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry                    9783527312191
化学化工   Chemistry   Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry    9783527312504
化学化工   Chemistry   Polymer Science and Technology          9783527312719
化学化工   Chemistry   Biochemistry                            9783527312788
化学化工   Chemistry   Drug Discovery and Development          9783527312832
化学化工   Chemistry   Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry    9783527312917
化学化工   Chemistry   Environmental / Water Chemistry         9783527312979
化学化工   Chemistry   Inorganic Chemistry                     9783527312993
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                       9783527313020
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                       9783527313044
化学化工   Chemistry   Polymer Science and Technology          9783527313099
化学化工   Chemistry   Bioinorganic Chemistry                  9783527313129
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9783527313167
化学化工   Chemistry   Physical Chemistry                      9783527313174
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9783527313426
化学化工   Chemistry   Physical Chemistry                      9783527313709
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry / Chromatography   9783527313730
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                       9783527314003
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9783527314065
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry                    9783527314188
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9783527314249
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering                    9783527314256
化学化工   Chemistry   Biochemistry                            9783527314355
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                       9783527314522
化学化工   Chemistry   Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry    9783527314560
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering                    9783527314607
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9783527314621
化学化工   Chemistry   Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry    9783527314638
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                       9783527314737
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9783527314966
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9783527314973
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9783527315031
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry                    9783527315055
化学化工   Chemistry   Physical Chemistry                      9783527315062
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry                    9783527315093
化学化工   Chemistry   Inorganic Chemistry                     9783527315109
化学化工   Chemistry   Methods - Synthesis & Techniques        9783527315222
化学化工   Chemistry   Organic Chemistry                       9783527315284
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering                    9783527315291
化学化工   Chemistry   Drug Discovery and Development          9783527315307
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9783527315413
化学化工   Chemistry   Chemical Engineering                    9783527315451
化学化工   Chemistry   Industrial Chemistry                    9783527315482
化学化工   Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry                    9783527315536
化学化工       Chemistry                    Biochemistry                                 9783527315635
化学化工       Chemistry                    Environmental Chemistry                      9783527315673
化学化工       Chemistry                    Industrial Chemistry                         9783527315833
化学化工       Chemistry                    Toxicology                                   9783527315956
化学化工       Chemistry                    Toxicology                                   9783527315994
化学化工       Chemistry                    Analytical Chemistry                         9783527316014
化学化工       Chemistry                    Biotechnology                                9783527316038
化学化工       Chemistry                    Industrial Chemistry                         9783527316045
化学化工       Chemistry                    Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling 9783527316052
化学化工       Chemistry                    Catalysis                                    9783527316519
化学化工       Chemistry                    Industrial Chemistry                         9783527316632
化学化工       Chemistry                    Biochemistry                                 9783527316731
化学化工       Chemistry                    Chemical Engineering                         9783527316786
化学化工       Electronics Engineering      Chemical Engineering                         9783527316915
化学化工       Electronics Engineering      Chemical Engineering                         9783527316922
化学化工       Chemistry                    Polymer Science and Technology               9783527317479
化学化工       Chemistry                    Polymer Science and Technology               9783527317509
化学化工       Chemistry                    Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling 9783527317738
化学化工       Chemistry                    Industrial Chemistry                         9783527317752
化学化工       Chemistry                    Organic Chemistry                            9783527317868
化学化工       Chemistry                    Polymer Science and Technology               9783527318094
化学化工       Chemistry                    Organic Chemistry                            9783527318636
化学化工       Chemistry                    Inorganic Chemistry                          9783527318650
化学化工       Chemistry                    Food Science Technology                      9783527319091
化学化工       Chemistry                    Polymer Science and Technology               9783527320561
化学化工       Chemistry                    Chemistry Special Topics                     9783906390376
化学化工       Chemistry                    General & Introductory Chemistry             9783906390383
化学化工       Chemistry                    Bioinorganic Chemistry                       9780470016718
化学化工       Chemistry                    Inorganic Chemistry                          9780470018644
化学化工       Chemistry                    Chemical Engineering / Process Development   9780470319956
化学化工       Chemistry                    Inorganic Chemistry                          9780471464839
化学化工       Chemistry                    Inorganic Chemistry                          9780471682424
化学化工       Chemistry                    Environmental / Analysis                     9780471722434
化学化工       Chemistry                    Chemical Engineering                         9780471724056
化学化工       Chemistry                    Chemical Engineering / Process Development   9780471727927
化学化工       Chemistry                    Occupational & Environmental Health          9780471734871
化学化工       Chemistry                    Drug Discovery and Development               9780471743026
化学化工       Chemistry                    Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling 9780471751571
化学化工       Chemistry                    Analytical Chemistry                         9780471754961
化学化工       Chemistry                    Environmental / Analysis                     9780471755012
化学化工       Chemistry                    Organic Chemistry                            9780471761297
化学化工       Chemistry                    Occupational & Environmental Health          9780471771524
化学化工       Chemistry                    Environmental / Water Chemistry              9780471776369
化学化工       Chemistry                    Environmental Chemistry                      9780471998150
化学化工       Chemistry                    Food Science Technology                      9780813808093
化学化工       Chemistry                    Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry         9781405131421
化学化工       Chemistry                    Chemical Engineering                         9783527312207
化学化工       Chemistry                    Environmental Chemistry                      9783527316069
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Finance & Investments 9780470000106
           Accounting\Finance & investment
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Finance & Investments 9780470007204
           Accounting\Finance & investment
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                           9780470008577
会计/金融/投资                                Trading
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                           9780470008744
会计/金融/投资                                Auditing
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470009895
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470011454
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470011973
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Finance & Investments
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470013229
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Finance & Investments
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470013533
会计/金融/投资                                Financial Engineering
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470014431
会计/金融/投资                                Financial Engineering
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470015384
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Finance & Investments
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470018729
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Finance & Investments
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470019078
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Finance & Investments
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470026632
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Finance & Investments
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470030769
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Finance & Investments
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470031964
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470033197
会计/金融/投资                                Finance & Investments Special Topics
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470034156
会计/金融/投资                                Accounting Special Topics
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470034514
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate/Managerial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470038154
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470038659
会计/金融/投资                                Trading
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470038666
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470040379
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470042663
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470043578
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate/Managerial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470044698
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470045350
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470047255
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470047668
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470047736
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470047972
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470049778
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470050828
会计/金融/投资                                Auditing / Internal
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470050842
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470051368
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470052648
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470055175
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate/Managerial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470055182
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470055892
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470056684
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Finance & Investments
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470058268
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470058435
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470058442
会计/金融/投资                                Financial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470058985
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470062036
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470066454
会计/金融/投资                                Finance & Investments Special Topics
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470074282
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470080146
会计/金融/投资                                Trading
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470086230
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470086247
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470087237
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate/Managerial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470087282
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate/Managerial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470095911
会计/金融/投资                                Trading
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470097298
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470104934
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470106778
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470110034
会计/金融/投资                                Personal Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470111239
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Finance & Investments
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470117989
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate/Managerial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470124864
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470124871
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470126301
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate/Managerial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470126882
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470128602
会计/金融/投资                                Auditing
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470134689
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470135549
会计/金融/投资                                Accounting Theory
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470807668
会计/金融/投资                                Financial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470808238
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470808382
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470809082
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470810729
会计/金融/投资                                Auditing / External
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470810910
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470815151
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470815168
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470821350
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470821435
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470821442
会计/金融/投资                                Finance & Investments Special Topics
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470821824
会计/金融/投资                                Finance & Investments Special Topics
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470821886
会计/金融/投资                                Finance & Investments Special Topics
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470821893
会计/金融/投资                                Finance & Investments Special Topics
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470822197
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470822265
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470865729
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471227274
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471251095
会计/金融/投资                                Accounting Technology
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471485797
会计/金融/投资                                Valuation
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471694830
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471705642
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471731733
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471737148
会计/金融/投资                                Government Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471739289
会计/金融/投资                                Auditing / Internal
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471741152
会计/金融/投资                                Financial Engineering
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471747499
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Finance & Investments
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471751137
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471757689
会计/金融/投资                                Valuation
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471761174
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471770817
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471773771
会计/金融/投资                                Personal Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471776161
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471777724
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471780519
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471784500
会计/金融/投资                                Auditing / Internal
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471785910
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471786320
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471788126
会计/金融/投资                                Financial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471790389
会计/金融/投资                                Financial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471790396
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate/Managerial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471790433
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471791324
会计/金融/投资                                Financial Engineering
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471792512
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471794677
会计/金融/投资                                CPA
           Accounting\Finance & investment / Review                                    9780471797562
会计/金融/投资                                CPA
           Accounting\Finance & investment / Review                                    9780471797654
会计/金融/投资                                GAAP
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471798200
会计/金融/投资                                International Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471798231
会计/金融/投资                                GAAP
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471798262
会计/金融/投资                                Auditing
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471798309
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate/Managerial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471931348
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471980193
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate Finance / Treasury Management
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9783527502400
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470009901
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470043899
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470047811
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470052211
会计/金融/投资                                General & Introductory Finance & Investments
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470057537
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate/Managerial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470057704
会计/金融/投资                                GAAP
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470081839
会计/金融/投资                                Government Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470087343
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470096420
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470128336
会计/金融/投资                                Finance & Investments Special Topics
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780470510346
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate/Managerial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471746867
会计/金融/投资                                Corporate/Managerial Accounting
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471785897
会计/金融/投资                                CPA
           Accounting\Finance & investment / Review                                    9780471797579
会计/金融/投资                                CPA
           Accounting\Finance & investment / Review                                    9780471797746
会计/金融/投资                                Investments and Securities
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471921226
会计/金融/投资                                Institutional Finance
           Accounting\Finance & investment                                             9780471980209
计算机        Computing Science            Web Site Development                           9780470017197
计算机        Computing Science            Programming / User Interface Design            9780470018668
计算机        Computing Science            Object Technologies                            9780470025611
计算机        Computing Science            Computing Special Topics                       9780470027219
计算机        Computing Science            Programming / User Interface Design            9780470027271
计算机        Computing Science            Web Site Development / Electronic Commerce     9780470030301
计算机        Computing Science            Computing Special Topics                       9780470030318
计算机        Computing Science            Computer Science - General Interest            9780470030394
计算机        Computing Science            Computer Graphics                              9780470031605
计算机        Computing Science            Programming / User Interface Design            9780470041802
计算机        Computing Science            Information Technologies                       9780470042618
计算机        Computing Science            Information Technologies                       9780470046395
计算机        Computing Science            Networking / Security                          9780470047521
计算机        Computing Science            Networking                                     9780470053676
计算机        Computing Science            Information Technologies                       9780470054352
计算机        Computing Science            Object Technologies                            9780470059029
计算机        Computing Science            Web Site Development                           9780470060896
计算机        Computing Science            Networking                                     9780470072691
计算机        Computing Science            Networking / Security                          9780470080221
计算机        Computing Science            Web Site Development                           9780470082805
计算机        Computing Science            Web Site Development                           9780470087886
计算机        Computing Science            Programming & Software Development             9780470089842
计算机        Computing Science            Object Technologies - Java                     9780470090251
计算机   Computing Science   Information Technologies                         9780470101223
计算机   Computing Science   Computer Hardware (general)                      9780470104514
计算机   Computing Science   Networking / UNIX                                9780470107591
计算机   Computing Science   Networking                                       9780470114131
计算机   Computing Science                                                    9780470124192
                          Office Productivity-Microsoft (General & Office suite)
计算机   Computing Science   Internet Business                                9780470124741
计算机   Computing Science   Web Site Development                             9780470137949
计算机   Computing Science   Programming & Software Development               9780470512289
计算机   Computing Science   Information Technologies                         9780471265825
计算机   Computing Science   Programming & Software Development               9780471455936
计算机   Computing Science   Object Technologies                              9780471486480
计算机   Computing Science   Database & Data Warehousing Technologies         9780471666554
计算机   Computing Science   Networking / Security                            9780471703556
计算机   Computing Science   Networking                                       9780471771166
计算机   Computing Science   Web Site Development / HTML                      9780471773917
计算机   Computing Science   Programming & Software Development               9780471776130
计算机   Computing Science   Networking                                       9780471783954
计算机   Computing Science   Information Technologies                         9780471787129
计算机   Computing Science   Networking                                       9780471787563
计算机   Computing Science   Information Technologies                         9780471788560
计算机   Computing Science   Database & Data Warehousing Technologies         9780471790495
计算机   Computing Science   Computer Science Special Topics                  9780471798149
计算机   Computing Science   Programming & Software Development               9780471998037
计算机   Computing Science   Computer Science Special Topics                  9780471998136
计算机   Computing Science   Networking / LINUX                               9780470082782
计算机   Computing Science   Database & Data Warehousing Technologies         9780470114100
计算机   Computing Science   Information Technologies                         9780470114865
计算机   Computing Science   Programming & Software Development               9780470121672
计算机   Computing Science   General & Introductory Computer Science          9780471769071
计算机   Computing Science   Database & Data Warehousing Technologies         9780471777960
建筑    Professional        Building Design                                  9780470007525
建筑    Professional        General & Introductory Architecture              9780470015926
建筑    Professional        General & Introductory Architecture              9780470019252
建筑    Professional        General & Introductory Architecture              9780470025857
建筑    Professional        General & Introductory Architecture              9780470026342
建筑    Professional        General & Introductory Architecture              9780470026526
建筑    Professional        General & Introductory Architecture              9780470030103
建筑    Professional        General & Introductory Architecture              9780470033166
建筑    Professional        General & Introductory Architecture              9780470034798
建筑    Professional        Building Design                                  9780470048474
建筑    Professional        Design, Drawing and Presentation                 9780470057834
建筑    Professional        Architecture Special Topics                      9780470319116
建筑    Professional        General & Introductory Architecture              9780470852910
建筑    Professional        General & Introductory Architecture              9780471268925
建筑    Professional        Landscape Design                                 9780471477556
建筑    Professional        Building Design                                  9780471488170
建筑    Professional        Architectural Graphic Standards                  9780471700913
建筑    Professional        Building Design                                  9780471709534
建筑    Professional        Building Design                                  9780471719564
建筑    Professional        Landscape Design                                 9780471722281
建筑    Professional        Building Design                                  9780471736226
建筑    Professional        Building Design                                  9780471741893
建筑     Professional   Design, Drawing and Presentation        9780471741909
建筑     Professional   Architectural Graphic Standards         9780471760900
建筑     Professional   Building Design                         9780471775355
建筑     Professional   Building Design                         9780471789048
建筑     Professional   Building Design                         9780471931515
建筑     Professional   Design, Drawing and Presentation        9780470047163
建筑     Professional   Building Design                         9780471725510
酒店管理   Professional   Catering & Events Management            9780471429814
酒店管理   Professional   General & Introductory Hospitality      9780471692164
酒店管理   Professional   Catering & Events Management            9780471699408
酒店管理   Professional   Food Service Operations & Management    9780471745228
酒店管理   Professional   Hospitality Accounting                  9780471745907
酒店管理   Professional   Food Service Operations & Management    9780471781820
酒店管理   Professional   Food Service Operations & Management    9780471784487
酒店管理   Professional   Beverages                               9780471794073
酒店管理   Professional   Baking & Pastry                         9781405127028
酒店管理   Professional   Beverages                               9781405134354
考试     Professional   Certification (MSCE, Novell, etc.)      9780470050682
考试     Professional   Certification (MSCE, Novell, etc.)      9780470083482
考试     Professional   Certification (MSCE, Novell, etc.)      9780470152508
考试     Professional   Certification (MSCE, Novell, etc.)      9780470152515
考试     Professional   Certification (MSCE, Novell, etc.)      9780471789529
人文     Humanities     General & Introductory History          9780470053843
人文     Humanities     History Special Topics                  9780470128589
人文     Humanities     General & Introductory History          9780471743583
人文     Humanities     General & Introductory History          9780471780793
人文     Humanities     History Special Topics                  9780471986775
人文     Humanities     *Ancient and Classical History          9780631202622
人文     Humanities     *20th Century English Lit               9780631213062
人文     Humanities     *Ethics                                 9780631219453
人文     Humanities     *Old, Middle & Medieval English Lit     9780631219736
人文     Humanities     *17th Century English Lit               9780631221692
人文     Humanities     *Social Philosophy                      9780631224280
人文     Humanities     *Renaissance English Lit                9780631226307
人文     Humanities     *Ancient and Classical History          9780631226680
人文     Humanities     *Ancient and Classical History          9780631230144
人文     Humanities     *20th Century English Lit               9780631230779
人文     Humanities     *Literary and Cultural Theory           9780631232735
人文     Humanities     *16th, 17th & 18th Century Philosophy   9780631233459
人文     Humanities     *Clothing and Fashion Manufacture       9780632058464
人文     Humanities     *Media Studies                          9780745612737
人文     Humanities     *Literary and Cultural Theory           9780745616599
人文     Humanities     *History of Philosophy                  9780745627441
人文     Humanities     *20th Century Philosophy                9780745630038
人文     Humanities     *Literary Criticism and History         9780745630052
人文     Humanities     *Social Philosophy                      9780745630137
人文     Humanities     General & Introductory History          9780745631899
人文     Humanities     *General Philosophy                     9780745631998
人文     Humanities     *Literary and Cultural Theory           9780745632858
人文     Humanities     Military History                        9780745633916
人文     Humanities     *Shakespeare                            9780745633930
人文     Humanities     *Political & Economic Philosophy        9780745634135
人文   Humanities   *Film & Television Criticism                  9780745634739
人文   Humanities   *Media Studies                                9780745635040
人文   Humanities   *Media Studies                                9780745636122
人文   Humanities   *Media Studies                                9780745636146
人文   Humanities   *Continental Philosophy                       9780745636320
人文   Humanities   *Communication & Media Studies General        9780745636849
人文   Humanities   Military History                              9780745636924
人文   Humanities   *Literary and Cultural Theory                 9780745638300
人文   Humanities   *Philosophy of Science & Technology           9780745642208
人文   Humanities   Religion and Culture                          9780787978938
人文   Humanities   History of Science                            9780787982676
人文   Humanities   Religion, History, Issues & Current Affairs   9780787984434
人文   Humanities   Religion Special Topics                       9780787984953
人文   Humanities   Church Life, Ministry & Leadership            9780787985202
人文   Humanities   Religion Special Topics                       9780787987862
人文   Humanities   *Journalism                                   9780813800493
人文   Humanities   *Journalism                                   9780813807720
人文   Humanities   *20th Century English Lit                     9781405101141
人文   Humanities   Religion and Culture                          9781405101363
人文   Humanities   *Ancient and Classical History                9781405102179
人文   Humanities   *20th Century Philosophy                      9781405106245
人文   Humanities   *Ancient & Classical Literature               9781405106894
人文   Humanities   *Literary and Cultural Theory                 9781405107204
人文   Humanities   *Philosophy of Language                       9781405108430
人文   Humanities   *Ancient and Classical History                9781405108560
人文   Humanities   *Ethics                                       9781405111546
人文   Humanities   *16th, 17th & 18th Century Philosophy         9781405111973
人文   Humanities   *Literary and Cultural Theory                 9781405112017
人文   Humanities   *Classical Studies Special Topics             9781405112949
人文   Humanities   *Literary Criticism and History               9781405113168
人文   Humanities   *20th Century English Lit                     9781405113854
人文   Humanities   *20th Century English Lit                     9781405113861
人文   Humanities   *Shakespeare                                  9781405113977
人文   Humanities   *Ancient & Medieval Philosophy                9781405115216
人文   Humanities   *Australasian History                         9781405116909
人文   Humanities   Spirituality & Spiritual Growth               9781405117708
人文   Humanities   *Communication & Media Studies General        9781405118101
人文   Humanities   *Clothing and Fashion Design                  9781405118347
人文   Humanities   *Early Modern History (1500 - 1780)           9781405119542
人文   Humanities   *Ancient and Classical History                9781405120548
人文   Humanities   *Ancient and Classical History                9781405120913
人文   Humanities   *Shakespeare                                  9781405121552
人文   Humanities   *Islam                                        9781405121743
人文   Humanities   *20th Century American Lit                    9781405122245
人文   Humanities   *Literary Criticism and History               9781405122283
人文   Humanities   *19th Century American Lit                    9781405122313
人文   Humanities   *Classical Studies Special Topics             9781405122948
人文   Humanities   *Metaphysics                                  9781405123679
人文   Humanities   *Ancient & Classical Literature               9781405125512
人文   Humanities   *Applied Ethics                               9781405125840
人文   Humanities   *Ethics                                       9781405129527
人文   Humanities   *Political & Economic Philosophy              9781405129602
人文   Humanities   *Philosophy of Education                      9781405130233
人文   Humanities   *Philosophy of Science & Technology           9781405130349
人文   Humanities   *Applied Ethics                               9781405130400
人文   Humanities   Religion, History, Issues & Current Affairs   9781405130516
人文   Humanities   *Classical Studies Special Topics             9781405131452
人文   Humanities   *Classical Studies Special Topics             9781405131834
人文   Humanities   *Film & Television Criticism                  9781405132336
人文   Humanities   *Ethics                                       9781405133203
人文   Humanities   *Philosophy of Mind                           9781405133241
人文   Humanities   *Media Studies                                9781405133852
人文   Humanities   *Art History and Criticism                    9781405134613
人文   Humanities   *Art History and Criticism                    9781405135382
人文   Humanities   *Australasian History                         9781405135399
人文   Humanities   *16th, 17th & 18th Century Philosophy         9781405135672
人文   Humanities   *Clothing and Fashion Design                  9781405135993
人文   Humanities   *Clothing and Fashion Manufacture             9781405136204
人文   Humanities   *Museum studies                               9781405136280
人文   Humanities   *Film & Television Criticism                  9781405139021
人文   Humanities   *Clothing and Fashion Design                  9781405139526
人文   Humanities   *Introductory Philosophy                      9781405141796
人文   Humanities   *Communication & Media Studies General        9781405144124
人文   Humanities   *Political & Economic Philosophy              9781405145046
人文   Humanities   *Ancient and Classical History                9781405145268
人文   Humanities   *Political & Economic Philosophy              9781405145350
人文   Humanities   *Applied Ethics                               9781405145404
人文   Humanities   *Art History and Criticism                    9781405146418
人文   Humanities   History Special Topics                        9781405146654
人文   Humanities   *16th, 17th & 18th Century Philosophy         9781405146883
人文   Humanities   *Old, Middle & Medieval English Lit           9781405146906
人文   Humanities   History Special Topics                        9781405146968
人文   Humanities   *Social Philosophy                            9781405148481
人文   Humanities   *Ethics                                       9781405148504
人文   Humanities   *Ancient and Classical History                9781405149112
人文   Humanities   *Clothing and Fashion Design                  9781405149921
人文   Humanities   *Communication & Media Studies General        9781405150552
人文   Humanities   *Political & Economic Philosophy              9781405150651
人文   Humanities   *Literary Criticism and History               9781405151412
人文   Humanities   *Literary and Cultural Theory                 9781405151528
人文   Humanities   *Ethics                                       9781405152419
人文   Humanities   *Twentieth Century and Contemporary History   9781405152440
人文   Humanities   *Old, Middle & Medieval English Lit           9781405152723
人文   Humanities   Religion, History, Issues & Current Affairs   9781405153782
人文   Humanities   *Philosophy of Religion                       9781405154918
人文   Humanities   *Esthetics                                    9781405155250
人文   Humanities   *Philosophy of Education                      9781405156011
人文   Humanities   *Modern History (1780 - 1900)                 9781405156790
人文   Humanities   *Australasian History                         9781405156806
人文   Humanities   *Ancient and Classical History                9781405156813
人文   Humanities   Religion, History, Issues & Current Affairs   9781405157445
人文   Humanities   Ethics and Theology                           9781405157469
人文   Humanities   *Early Modern History (1500 - 1780)           9781405157834
人文   Humanities   *Ancient & Classical Literature               9781405159739
人文     Humanities       Ethics and Theology                           9781405159753
人文     Humanities       *Philosophy of Mind                           9781405160001
人文     Humanities       *Clothing and Fashion Design                  9781405160551
人文     Humanities       *Media Studies                                9781405160650
人文     Humanities       General & Introductory Religion               9781405162487
人文     Humanities       *General Philosophy                           9781405163484
人文     Humanities       *American Literature                          9781405163682
人文     Humanities       *Film & Television Criticism                  9781405163712
人文     Humanities       *Twentieth Century and Contemporary History   9781405167307
人文     Humanities       *General Philosophy                           9781405167895
人文     Humanities       General & Introductory History                9780470098219
人文     Humanities       *Ancient and Classical History                9780631232469
人文     Humanities       History Special Topics                        9780745631073
人文     Humanities       *Introductory Philosophy                      9780745633176
人文     Humanities       *Media Studies                                9780745635927
人文     Humanities       *Art History and Criticism                    9781405120722
人文     Humanities       *Ancient and Classical History                9781405121538
人文     Humanities       *Applied Ethics                               9781405129459
人文     Humanities       *Communication & Media Studies General        9781405144193
人文     Humanities       *Art History and Criticism                    9781405146944
人文     Humanities       *Film & Television Criticism                  9781405150538
人文     Humanities       *20th Century Philosophy                      9781405152808
人文     Humanities       *Metaphysics                                  9781405162043
社会科学   Social science   Physical Geography                            9780470859100
社会科学   Social science   *Theoretical Linguistics                      9780631196617
社会科学   Social science   *Theoretical Linguistics                      9780631196624
社会科学   Social science   Urban Geography                               9780631211211
社会科学   Social science   *Historical & Regional Anthropology           9780631225744
社会科学   Social science   *Syntax                                       9780631233046
社会科学   Social science   *Linguistic Anthropology                      9780631234241
社会科学   Social science   General & Introductory Geography              9780731405213
社会科学   Social science   *Anthropological Theory & Methods             9780745608099
社会科学   Social science   *Political Philosophy & Theory                9780745619774
社会科学   Social science   *Political Philosophy & Theory                9780745624068
社会科学   Social science   *Sociology of Culture                         9780745624839
社会科学   Social science   *Sociology of Health and Illness              9780745625348
社会科学   Social science   *Political Philosophy & Theory                9780745627625
社会科学   Social science   *Political Philosophy & Theory                9780745627748
社会科学   Social science   *Political Philosophy & Theory                9780745629995
社会科学   Social science   *Globalization                                9780745630878
社会科学   Social science   *Political Issues & Behavior                  9780745630991
社会科学   Social science   *International Relations                      9780745631837
社会科学   Social science   *Political Philosophy & Theory                9780745632117
社会科学   Social science   *International Politics                       9780745632261
社会科学   Social science   *International Relations                      9780745632452
社会科学   Social science   *Political Systems                            9780745632520
社会科学   Social science   *International Relations                      9780745632834
社会科学   Social science   *Race, Class and Gender                       9780745632896
社会科学   Social science   *International Relations                      9780745632933
社会科学   Social science   *International Politics                       9780745633312
社会科学   Social science   *Sociology Special Topics                     9780745634333
社会科学   Social science   *Political Science General                    9780745634418
社会科学   Social science   *Sociology of Health and Illness           9780745634548
社会科学   Social science   *International Politics                    9780745635194
社会科学   Social science   *International Relations                   9780745635415
社会科学   Social science   *Globalization                             9780745635941
社会科学   Social science   *International Relations                   9780745636504
社会科学   Social science   *Social Theory                             9780745636801
社会科学   Social science   Procedural Law / Criminal Proceedings      9780745638294
社会科学   Social science   *Political Philosophy & Theory             9780745638348
社会科学   Social science   *Social Theory                             9780745638409
社会科学   Social science   *International Relations                   9780745638645
社会科学   Social science   *Globalization                             9780745638874
社会科学   Social science   *Globalization                             9780745639093
社会科学   Social science   *Public Policy and Administration          9780745639345
社会科学   Social science   *Sociology of Culture                      9780745639871
社会科学   Social science   *Globalization                             9780745639994
社会科学   Social science   *Social Theory                             9780745640020
社会科学   Social science   *Political Science General                 9780745640129
社会科学   Social science   *Political Science General                 9780745640228
社会科学   Social science   *International Politics                    9780745642239
社会科学   Social science   *Archaeology                               9781405101608
社会科学   Social science   *Language and Linguistics General          9781405110655
社会科学   Social science   *Applied Linguistics                       9781405111430
社会科学   Social science   *Language and Linguistics Special Topics   9781405111850
社会科学   Social science   *Language and Linguistics Special Topics   9781405113823
社会科学   Social science   *Archaeology                               9781405118866
社会科学   Social science   *Anthropological Theory & Methods          9781405125925
社会科学   Social science   *Anthropological Theory & Methods          9781405125932
社会科学   Social science   *Linguistic Anthropology                   9781405125949
社会科学   Social science   *International Politics                    9781405126458
社会科学   Social science   Human & Cultural Geography                 9781405127301
社会科学   Social science   *Linguistic Anthropology                   9781405129558
社会科学   Social science   *Theoretical Linguistics                   9781405130837
社会科学   Social science   *Sociology of Culture                      9781405131919
社会科学   Social science   Political & Economic Geography             9781405132190
社会科学   Social science   Human & Cultural Geography                 9781405140348
社会科学   Social science   *Human Evolution                           9781405145893
社会科学   Social science   *Political Systems                         9781405147194
社会科学   Social science   *Social Theory                             9781405148542
社会科学   Social science   Human & Cultural Geography                 9781405149228
社会科学   Social science   *Human Evolution                           9781405150897
社会科学   Social science   *Social and Cultural Anthropology          9781405152501
社会科学   Social science   *Sociology Special Topics                  9781405152907
社会科学   Social science   *Globalization                             9781405153904
社会科学   Social science   *Globalization                             9781405155281
社会科学   Social science   *Political Philosophy & Theory             9781405155786
社会科学   Social science   *Language and Linguistics Special Topics   9781405156264
社会科学   Social science   Regional Geography                         9781405156325
社会科学   Social science   *Archaeology                               9781405156783
社会科学   Social science   *Theoretical Linguistics                   9781405161329
社会科学   Social science   General & Introductory Law                 9781405163132
社会科学   Social science   *Race, Class and Gender                    9781405167949
社会科学   Social science   *Archaeology                               9781557866578
社会科学    Social science   *Political Philosophy & Theory             9780745623764
社会科学    Social science   *International Relations                   9780745633657
社会科学    Social science   *Political Philosophy & Theory             9780745638355
社会科学    Social science   *Political Systems                         9780745641133
社会科学    Social science   *Language and Linguistics General          9781405110662
社会科学    Social science   *Social and Cultural Anthropology          9781405116039
社会科学    Social science   *Globalization                             9781405132374
社会科学    Social science   *Social Theory                             9781405148566
社会科学    Social science   *Sociolinguistics                          9781405161718
生活自助类   Professional     Motivational                               9781841127347
生活自助类   Professional     Motivational                               9780731405824
生命科学    Life science     Neuroscience                               9780470013595
生命科学    Life science     Biology                                    9780470014783
生命科学    Life science     Neuroscience                               9780470015643
生命科学    Life science     Cell and Molecular Biology                 9780470015971
生命科学    Life science     Microbiology and Virology                  9780470016435
生命科学    Life science     Anatomy and Physiology                     9780470016589
生命科学    Life science     Anatomy and Physiology                     9780470017678
生命科学    Life science     Microbiology and Virology                  9780470019238
生命科学    Life science     Bioinformatics                             9780470020012
生命科学    Life science     Genetics                                   9780470026199
生命科学    Life science     Comparative Biology (Botany and Zoology)   9780470034293
生命科学    Life science     Microbiology and Virology                  9780470035450
生命科学    Life science     Anatomy and Physiology                     9780470040003
生命科学    Life science     Agriculture                                9780470052419
生命科学    Life science     Biotechnology                              9780470052464
生命科学    Life science     Cell and Molecular Biology                 9780470055168
生命科学    Life science     Cell and Molecular Biology                 9780470057667
生命科学    Life science     Genetics                                   9780470095010
生命科学    Life science     Biology                                    9780470131312
生命科学    Life science     Genetics                                   9780470870242
生命科学    Life science     Zoology                                    9780471247234
生命科学    Life science     Microbiology and Virology                  9780471351511
生命科学    Life science     Cell and Molecular Biology                 9780471396284
生命科学    Life science     Genetics                                   9780471409519
生命科学    Life science     Neuroscience                               9780471471929
生命科学    Life science     Zoology                                    9780471489733
生命科学    Life science     Microbiology and Virology                  9780471657323
生命科学    Life science     Neuroscience                               9780471694625
生命科学    Life science     Proteomics                                 9780471699750
生命科学    Life science     Agriculture                                9780471732143
生命科学    Life science     Cell and Molecular Biology                 9780471784074
生命科学    Life science     Agriculture                                9780471997986
生命科学    Life science     Geomorphology                              9780632054541
生命科学    Life science     *General and Introductory Agriculture      9780813804538
生命科学    Life science     *Crustaceans & Mollusks                    9780813826554
生命科学    Life science     Plant Science                              9780813827476
生命科学    Life science     *Horticulture                              9780813828244
生命科学    Life science     Cell and Molecular Biology                 9781405103794
生命科学    Life science     *Agricultural Economics & Management       9781405105972
生命科学    Life science     *Crops                                     9781405108591
生命科学    Life science     *Crustaceans & Mollusks                    9781405113632
生命科学   Life science   *Sedimentology & Stratigraphy           9781405115155
生命科学   Life science   *Fisheries                              9781405115827
生命科学   Life science   Hydrological Science                    9781405121439
生命科学   Life science   *Ecology (Biology)                      9781405121460
生命科学   Life science   General & Introductory Earth Science    9781405122559
生命科学   Life science   *Aquaculture                            9781405126106
生命科学   Life science   Microbiology and Virology               9781405126656
生命科学   Life science   Microbiology and Virology               9781405129329
生命科学   Life science   *Ecology (Biology)                      9781405131599
生命科学   Life science   Plant Science                           9781405131926
生命科学   Life science   *Fisheries                              9781405134293
生命科学   Life science   Microbiology and Virology               9781405136457
生命科学   Life science   Plant Science                           9781405136464
生命科学   Life science   *Ecology (Biology)                      9781405136853
生命科学   Life science   Plant Science                           9781405138871
生命科学   Life science   Plant Science                           9781405138925
生命科学   Life science   *Fisheries                              9781405139328
生命科学   Life science   Plant Science                           9781405139830
生命科学   Life science   Plant Science                           9781405139847
生命科学   Life science   Plant Science                           9781405139953
生命科学   Life science   Climatology & Meteorology               9781405140393
生命科学   Life science   *Fisheries                              9781405141611
生命科学   Life science   Microbiology and Virology               9781405144049
生命科学   Life science   Plant Science                           9781405144292
生命科学   Life science   *Conservation Science                   9781405144391
生命科学   Life science   Plant Science                           9781405145282
生命科学   Life science   Plant Science                           9781405145381
生命科学   Life science   Plant Science                           9781405149396
生命科学   Life science   *Sedimentology & Stratigraphy           9781405151214
生命科学   Life science   *Conservation Science                   9781405167611
生命科学   Life science   Neuroscience                            9781573315708
生命科学   Life science   *Pests, Diseases & Weeds                9781840760187
生命科学   Life science   Plant Science                           9781840760514
生命科学   Life science   *General and Introductory Agriculture   9781840760750
生命科学   Life science   Cell and Molecular Biology              9783527310180
生命科学   Life science   Neuroscience                            9783527313075
生命科学   Life science   Biotechnology                           9783527313938
生命科学   Life science   Cell and Molecular Biology              9783527313969
生命科学   Life science   Biotechnology                           9783527314089
生命科学   Life science   Biotechnology                           9783527314126
生命科学   Life science   Biotechnology                           9783527314409
生命科学   Life science   Biotechnology                           9783527314430
生命科学   Life science   Cell and Molecular Biology              9783527314508
生命科学   Life science   Genetics                                9783527314874
生命科学   Life science   Cell and Molecular Biology              9783527314881
生命科学   Life science   Neuroscience                            9783527315048
生命科学   Life science   Cell and Molecular Biology              9783527316083
生命科学   Life science   Genetics                                9783527316090
生命科学   Life science   Microbiology and Virology               9783527316113
生命科学   Life science   Proteomics                              9783527317578
生命科学   Life science   Proteomics                              9783527317592
生命科学   Life science   Biotechnology                           9783527317615
生命科学     Life science               Cell and Molecular Biology                    9783527317684
生命科学     Life science               Cell and Molecular Biology                    9783527317707
生命科学     Life science               Genetics                                      9780470024959
生命科学     Life science               Neuroscience                                  9780470026267
生命科学     Life science               Climatology & Meteorology                     9780470861721
生命科学     Life science               Genetics                                      9780471350156
生命科学     Life science               Cell and Molecular Biology                    9780471713975
生命科学     Life science               Agriculture                                   9780471738282
生命科学     Life science               Environmental Science                         9781405129763
生命科学     Life science               *Pests, Diseases & Weeds                      9781405134477
生命科学     Life science               *Conservation Science                         9781405135450
生命科学     Life science               *General and Introductory Agriculture         9781840760637
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine - Dogs & Cats            9780683039122
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9780781741484
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9780781757355
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Practice Management               9780781759847
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9780781762304
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9780781766579
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine - Farm Animal            9780813805160
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9780813806563
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9780813807119
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine - Farm Animal            9780813814186
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine General                  9780813815015
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9780813821405
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9780813824956
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine - Birds                  9780813827490
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine - Zoo & Wildlife         9780813828121
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9780813828435
兽医学      Professional               *Animal Welfare and Ethics                    9780813829661
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine - Dogs & Cats            9780905214801
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine - Dogs & Cats            9780905214931
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine - Dogs & Cats            9780905214986
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine General                  9781405111010
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine - Small Animal General   9781405123723
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine General                  9781405127813
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9781405131957
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine - Farm Animal            9781405134149
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9781405136495
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9781405150590
兽医学      Professional               *Equine Science                               9781405150613
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9781405156271
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine - Farm Animal            9781840760491
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine General                  9781840760712
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine - Small Animal General   9781840760767
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9783794524853
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9780813806785
兽医学      Professional               *Veterinary Medicine Special Topics           9780813812472
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Applied Probability & Statistics - Models     9780470014967
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Applied Probability and Statistics            9780470015230
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Bayesian Analysis                             9780470015629
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Bayesian Analysis                             9780470018750
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Applied Probability & Statistics - Models     9780470024232
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Biometrics                                        9780470027776
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Survey Research Methods and Sampling              9780470027783
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Bayesian Analysis                                 9780470029992
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Probability & Mathematical Statistics             9780470040010
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Probability & Mathematical Statistics             9780470043837
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Statistics - Experimental Design                  9780470053324
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Statistics - Experimental Design                  9780470053577
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics                                                     9780470058060
                                    Applied Probability & Statistics - Survival Analysis
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Biostatistics                                     9780470068120
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Nonparametric Analysis                            9780470081471
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Survey Research Methods and Sampling              9780470081488
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Data Analysis and Data Mining                     9780470090169
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Biostatistics                                     9780470094754
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Probability & Mathematical Statistics             9780470095713
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Geometry and Topology                             9780470096055
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   General & Introductory Mathematics                9780470114018
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Time Series                                       9780470114025
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Survey Research Methods and Sampling              9780470114957
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Biostatistics                                     9780470117750
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Data Analysis and Data Mining                     9780470149010
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Computational and Graphical Statistics            9780470510247
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Statistics for Finance, Business and Economics 9780470809440
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Biostatistics                                     9780470849811
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Computational and Graphical Statistics            9780470854945
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Bayesian Analysis                                 9780470855027
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Biostatistics                                     9780470856260
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Biostatistics                                     9780470870686
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Statistics - Experimental Design                  9780471210771
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Multivariate Analysis                             9780471214885
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Categorial Data Analysis                          9780471226185
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Probability & Mathematical Statistics             9780471458920
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Differential Equations                            9780471651413
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Clinical Trials                                   9780471653967
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Computational and Graphical Statistics            9780471681601
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Geometry and Topology                             9780471687559
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Differential Equations                            9780471690733
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Algebra                                           9780471694922
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Calculus                                          9780471725695
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Applied Math / Science & Engineering              9780471733140
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Combinatorics                                     9780471735076
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Applied Probability and Statistics                9780471741084
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Regression Analysis                               9780471754954
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   General & Introductory Statistics                 9780471755302
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Algebra                                           9780471756835
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Algebra                                           9780471756859
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Statistics for Finance, Business and Economics 9780471760894
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Logic and Foundations                             9780471789017
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Mathematical Analysis                             9780471792307
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Regression Analysis                               9780471970330
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Evaluation and Research Methods                   9780787981969
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Data Analysis and Data Mining                     9780470074718
数学/统计学   Mathematics & statistics   Statistics - Experimental Design                  9780470081495
图形设计   Professional   Graphic Design                            9780470095836
图形设计   Professional   Graphic Design                            9780471748915
图形设计   Professional   Graphic Design                            9780471761389
图形设计   Professional   Graphic Design                            9780471783909
图形设计   Professional   Graphic Design                            9780471662952
物理     Physics        Astronomy                                 9780470013052
物理     Physics        Astronomy                                 9780470018309
物理     Physics        Political Science                         9780470025529
物理     Physics        Optics & Laser Physics                    9780471238164
物理     Physics        Astronomy                                 9780471696575
物理     Physics        Optics & Laser Physics                    9780471743040
物理     Physics        Astronomy                                 9780471750635
物理     Physics        Optics & Laser Physics                    9780471751533
物理     Physics        General & Introductory Physics            9780471758013
物理     Physics        General Science                           9780471769927
物理     Physics        Optics & Laser Physics                    9780471899303
物理     Physics        General Science                           9780731403479
物理     Physics        General Science                           9783527320424
物理     Physics        Solid State Physics                       9783527404117
物理     Physics        Solid State Physics / Condensed Matter    9783527404841
物理     Physics        Quantum Physics & Field Theory            9783527405275
物理     Physics        Solid State Physics                       9783527405404
物理     Physics        Solid State Physics                       9783527405435
物理     Physics        Medical and Health Physics                9783527405589
物理     Physics        Solid State Physics / Semiconductor       9783527405619
物理     Physics        Physics Special Topics                    9783527405756
物理     Physics        Nuclear & High Energy Physics             9783527405909
物理     Physics        Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics       9783527405978
物理     Physics        Astronomy                                 9783527406029
物理     Physics        Medical and Health Physics                9783527406067
物理     Physics        Thermal Physics & Statistical Mechanics   9783527406128
物理     Physics        Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics       9783527406173
物理     Physics        Mathematical Physics                      9783527406234
物理     Physics        Thermal Physics & Statistical Mechanics   9783527406340
物理     Physics        Solid State Physics / Semiconductor       9783527406388
物理     Physics        Thermal Physics & Statistical Mechanics   9783527406487
物理     Physics        Astronomy                                 9783527406609
物理     Physics        Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics       9783527406616
物理     Physics        Astronomy                                 9783527406692
物理     Physics        Physics Special Topics                    9783527406708
物理     Physics        Nuclear & High Energy Physics             9783527406791
物理     Physics        Thermal Physics & Statistical Mechanics   9783527406814
物理     Physics        Classical & Fluid Mechanics               9783527406838
物理     Physics        General & Introductory Physics            9783527406845
物理     Physics        Optics & Laser Physics                    9783527406876
物理     Physics        General & Introductory Physics            9783527406906
物理     Physics        General & Introductory Physics            9783527406999
物理     Physics        Optics & Laser Physics                    9780470017838
物理     Physics        General & Introductory Physics            9780470065297
物理     Physics        Optics & Laser Physics                    9783527406289
物理     Physics        Astronomy                                 9783527406623
物理     Physics        Solid State Physics                       9783527407125
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Social Work and Welfare                        9780470011386
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780470012314
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Human Sexuality                                9780470012871
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Forensic                 9780470015070
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780470015612
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Social Work and Welfare                        9780470015742
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Social Work and Welfare                        9780470016022
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Developmental & Infant-Child Psychology        9780470018859
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Social Psychology                              9780470019351
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Psychotherapy and Counseling                   9780470019412
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780470019436
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Special Education / General                    9780470019481
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   General & Introductory Psychology              9780470019542
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Special Education / Learning Disabilities      9780470019894
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Personality                                    9780470021347
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Forensic                 9780470023365
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780470024485
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Psychotherapy and Counseling                   9780470025420
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Health & Behavioral      9780470026397
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Abnormal Psychology                            9780470026861
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Special Education / General                    9780470026922
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Special Education / General                    9780470027479
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Forensic                 9780470027509
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Health & Behavioral      9780470027912
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780470030295
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Developmental & Infant-Child Psychology        9780470030721
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Health & Behavioral      9780470034484
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780470037973
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   General & Introductory Psychology              9780470056950
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780470057766
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Forensic                 9780470059531
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Developmental & Infant-Child Psychology        9780470060063
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Health & Behavioral      9780470092071
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Forensic                 9780470092132
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Social Work and Welfare                        9780470092514
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Practice Management                            9780470125168
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Psychological Methods, Research & Statistics   9780470134870
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Adult & Continuing Education                   9780470181539
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   General & Introductory Psychology              9780470811238
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Assessment               9780471264125
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Addictions               9780471484844
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Addictions               9780471656302
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Social Work and Welfare                        9780471693048
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   General & Introductory Psychology              9780471699774
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Forensic                 9780471714071
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780471717706
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780471717713
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Ecological & Community   9780471719267
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   General & Introductory Psychology              9780471738114
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Abnormal Psychology                            9780471745846
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Social Work and Welfare                        9780471752202
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Educational and School Psychology              9780471757702
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Assessment               9780471757719
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Aging & Adult Development                      9780471771708
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Educational and School Psychology              9780471783725
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780471785354
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780471785361
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780471785385
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780471785392
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   *Social Work and Social Problems               9780727918178
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Social Psychology                              9780745629667
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Social Work and Welfare                        9780745635217
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Social Work and Welfare                        9780745635569
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Writing                                        9780745636887
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Education / Higher Education General           9780787966133
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Adult & Continuing Education                   9780787975883
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Leadership & Administration (K-12)             9780787984007
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education                                                  9780787986407
                               Assessment, Evaluation & Research (Higher Education)
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Diversity & Culture (K-12)                     9780787987657
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Leadership & Administration (K-12)             9780787987664
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Education Special Topics                       9780787988180
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Teaching and Learning (Higher Education)       9780787988258
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Psychotherapy and Counseling                   9780787994006
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Abnormal Psychology                            9780787994136
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   General & Introductory Education               9780787996062
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Psychological Methods, Research & Statistics   9781405114905
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Psychological Methods, Research & Statistics   9781405125260
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9781405126410
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Personality                                    9781405130080
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Developmental & Infant-Child Psychology        9781405132534
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Psychotherapy and Counseling                   9781405133081
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Organizational / Industrial / Human Factors    9781405133739
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Psychological Methods, Research & Statistics   9781405134392
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Cognitive Psychology                           9781405136389
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Educational and School Psychology              9781405140522
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   School Psychology & Counseling (K-12)          9781405146593
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   General & Introductory Psychology              9781405147262
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Developmental & Infant-Child Psychology        9781405149525
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Social Work and Welfare                        9781405151719
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Psychological Methods, Research & Statistics   9781405153959
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Human Sexuality                                9781405155830
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Cognitive Psychology                           9781405157599
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Cognitive Psychology                           9781405160223
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Reading                                        9781405160919
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Social Work and Welfare                        9781405162418
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Education / Higher Education General           9781405163125
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology / Forensic                 9781861564559
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education                                                  9781933371214
                               Assessment, Evaluation & Research (Higher Education)
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education                                                  9781933371276
                               Leadership, Administration & Policy (Higher Education)
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Developmental & Infant-Child Psychology        9780470014448
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Clinical Psychology                            9780471717720
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education                                                  9780787982614
                               Leadership, Administration & Policy (Higher Education)
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   General & Introductory Education               9780787994914
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education                                                  9780787995720
                               Assessment, Evaluation & Research (Higher Education)
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Organizational / Industrial / Human Factors      9781405134507
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Cognitive Psychology                             9781405139823
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education                                                    9781405144360
                               Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Family settings)
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education   Developmental & Infant-Child Psychology          9781405153928
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education                                                    9781933371177
                               Leadership, Administration & Policy (Higher Education)
心理学/教育   Psycology/Education                                                    9781933371207
                               Assessment, Evaluation & Research (Higher Education)
牙科医学     Professional          *Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery                    9780813805597
牙科医学     Professional          *Restorative Dentistry                           9780813808819
牙科医学     Professional          *Dentistry General                               9780813812137
牙科医学     Professional          *Restorative Dentistry                           9780813822686
牙科医学     Professional          *Restorative Dentistry                           9780813826028
牙科医学     Professional          *Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics            9780813826233
牙科医学     Professional          *Dentistry General                               9781405124966
牙科医学     Professional          *Dental Sciences & Technology                    9781405128032
牙科医学     Professional          *Dental Traumatology                             9781405129541
牙科医学     Professional          *Dental Sciences & Technology                    9781405135405
牙科医学     Professional          *Dental Professional Practice                    9781405138888
牙科医学     Professional          *Dental Sciences & Technology                    9781405148313
牙科医学     Professional          *Dentistry General                               9781555812621
牙科医学     Professional          *Esthetic and Implant Dentistry                  9780813828831
牙科医学     Professional          *Oral Pathology                                  9781405149372
医学       Medical Sciences      Sports Medicine                                  9780470010976
医学       Medical Sciences      Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine           9780470015957
医学       Medical Sciences      Cardiovascular Disease                           9780470016008
医学       Medical Sciences      Endocrinology                                    9780470017289
医学       Medical Sciences      Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine           9780470018033
医学       Medical Sciences      Speech Therapy                                   9780470019757
医学       Medical Sciences      Obstetrics & Gynecology                          9780470025383
医学       Medical Sciences      General & Introductory Medical Sciences          9780470026212
医学       Medical Sciences      Immunology                                       9780470026564
医学       Medical Sciences      General & Introductory Medical Sciences          9780470027134
医学       Medical Sciences      Immunology                                       9780470027981
医学       Medical Sciences      Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine           9780470029244
医学       Medical Sciences      Audiology                                        9780470029640
医学       Medical Sciences      Psychiatry                                       9780470033920
医学       Medical Sciences      Endocrinology                                    9780470035221
医学       Medical Sciences      Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition               9780470048429
医学       Medical Sciences      Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine           9780470058169
医学       Medical Sciences      Psychiatry                                       9780470058237
医学       Medical Sciences      Occupational Therapy                             9780470065112
医学       Medical Sciences      Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine           9780470093139
医学       Medical Sciences      Surgery                                          9780470093160
医学       Medical Sciences      Endocrinology                                    9780470512173
医学       Medical Sciences      Psychiatry                                       9780470512296
医学       Medical Sciences      Psychiatry                                       9780470512456
医学       Medical Sciences      Consumer Health                                  9780470838914
医学       Medical Sciences      Immunology                                       9780471701323
医学       Medical Sciences      Medical Sciences Special Topics                  9780471714576
医学       Medical Sciences      Consumer Health                                  9780471724285
医学       Medical Sciences      Consumer Health                                  9780471739296
医学       Medical Sciences      Consumer Health                                  9780471747048
医学       Medical Sciences      Consumer Health                                  9780471750239
医学   Medical Sciences   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition        9780471756101
医学   Medical Sciences   Health Care Administration                9780471790754
医学   Medical Sciences   Health Care Administration                9780471790761
医学   Medical Sciences   Health Care Administration                9780471790785
医学   Medical Sciences   Consumer Health                           9780471946540
医学   Medical Sciences   General & Introductory Medical Sciences   9780632046560
医学   Medical Sciences   Medical Sciences Special Topics           9780632056569
医学   Medical Sciences   Medical Sciences Special Topics           9780727915283
医学   Medical Sciences   Cardiovascular Disease                    9780727916440
医学   Medical Sciences   Medical Sciences Special Topics           9780727916495
医学   Medical Sciences   *Dermatology                              9780727916952
医学   Medical Sciences   *Anesthesia & Pain management             9780727917737
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                 9780727918116
医学   Medical Sciences   *Pediatrics                               9780727918703
医学   Medical Sciences   Public Health / Behavior & Education      9780787982058
医学   Medical Sciences   *Nutrition & Dietetics                    9780813818788
医学   Medical Sciences   General & Introductory Medical Sciences   9781405104449
医学   Medical Sciences   Imaging / Radiology                       9781405104845
医学   Medical Sciences   General & Introductory Medical Sciences   9781405118668
医学   Medical Sciences   *Allergy & Respiratory                    9781405122047
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                 9781405122061
医学   Medical Sciences   Cardiovascular Disease                    9781405122085
医学   Medical Sciences   Surgery                                   9781405122108
医学   Medical Sciences   General & Introductory Medical Sciences   9781405122733
医学   Medical Sciences   *Allergy & Respiratory                    9781405122894
医学   Medical Sciences   *Transplants                              9781405124072
医学   Medical Sciences   Obstetrics & Gynecology                   9781405127820
医学   Medical Sciences   General & Introductory Medical Sciences   9781405130035
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                 9781405130509
医学   Medical Sciences   Oncology                                  9781405130790
医学   Medical Sciences   Surgery                                   9781405131322
医学   Medical Sciences   Obstetrics & Gynecology                   9781405131377
医学   Medical Sciences   Cardiovascular Disease                    9781405131551
医学   Medical Sciences   *Gastroenterology                         9781405131933
医学   Medical Sciences   Obstetrics & Gynecology                   9781405132169
医学   Medical Sciences   *Public Health / General                  9781405132664
医学   Medical Sciences   Sports Medicine                           9781405132985
医学   Medical Sciences   Obstetrics & Gynecology                   9781405133555
医学   Medical Sciences   Hematology                                9781405134002
医学   Medical Sciences   Hematology                                9781405134019
医学   Medical Sciences   *Allergy & Respiratory                    9781405134484
医学   Medical Sciences   Cardiovascular Disease                    9781405134880
医学   Medical Sciences   Medical Sciences Special Topics           9781405134910
医学   Medical Sciences   *Nutrition & Dietetics                    9781405134934
医学   Medical Sciences   Medical Sciences Special Topics           9781405135122
医学   Medical Sciences   General & Introductory Medical Sciences   9781405135153
医学   Medical Sciences   Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine    9781405135191
医学   Medical Sciences   Hematology                                9781405135610
医学   Medical Sciences   Immunology                                9781405136037
医学   Medical Sciences   Endocrinology                             9781405136488
医学   Medical Sciences   Medical Sciences Special Topics           9781405136563
医学   Medical Sciences   *Nephrology                               9781405136754
医学   Medical Sciences   General & Introductory Medical Sciences   9781405138048
医学   Medical Sciences   *Allergy & Respiratory                    9781405138079
医学   Medical Sciences   *Gastroenterology                         9781405139083
医学   Medical Sciences   Surgery                                   9781405139113
医学   Medical Sciences   *Urology                                  9781405139595
医学   Medical Sciences   Medical Sciences Special Topics           9781405139724
医学   Medical Sciences   *General & Internal Medicine              9781405139731
医学   Medical Sciences   *Dermatology                              9781405139779
医学   Medical Sciences   Cardiovascular Disease                    9781405140317
医学   Medical Sciences   Medical Sciences Special Topics           9781405141666
医学   Medical Sciences   Oncology                                  9781405142687
医学   Medical Sciences   Surgery                                   9781405145084
医学   Medical Sciences   *Dermatology                              9781405145213
医学   Medical Sciences   *Anesthesia & Pain management             9781405146456
医学   Medical Sciences   Occupational Therapy                      9781405146661
医学   Medical Sciences   Occupational Therapy                      9781405146876
医学   Medical Sciences   *Allergy & Respiratory                    9781405147118
医学   Medical Sciences   *Pediatrics                               9781405148450
医学   Medical Sciences   *Gastroenterology                         9781405149495
医学   Medical Sciences   Endocrinology                             9781405149501
医学   Medical Sciences   Cardiovascular Disease                    9781405151085
医学   Medical Sciences   Imaging                                   9781405151092
医学   Medical Sciences   Hematology                                9781405151313
医学   Medical Sciences   Hematology                                9781405153539
医学   Medical Sciences   Psychiatry                                9781405153690
医学   Medical Sciences   Imaging                                   9781405155694
医学   Medical Sciences   Cardiovascular Disease                    9781405155700
医学   Medical Sciences   Obstetrics & Gynecology                   9781405156097
医学   Medical Sciences   Sports Medicine                           9781405156707
医学   Medical Sciences   Medical Sciences Special Topics           9781405157131
医学   Medical Sciences   *Urology                                  9781405157193
医学   Medical Sciences   Medical Sciences Special Topics           9781405157483
医学   Medical Sciences   Medical Sciences Special Topics           9781405157865
医学   Medical Sciences   Medical Sciences Special Topics           9781405157889
医学   Medical Sciences   *Gastroenterology                         9781405158862
医学   Medical Sciences   Imaging                                   9781405158992
医学   Medical Sciences   Hematology                                9781405167161
医学   Medical Sciences   General & Introductory Medical Sciences   9781563635687
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                 9781573316552
医学   Medical Sciences   *Allergy & Respiratory                    9781840760453
医学   Medical Sciences   Cardiovascular Disease                    9781840760521
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                 9781840760613
医学   Medical Sciences   *General & Internal Medicine              9781840760699
医学   Medical Sciences   *Pediatrics                               9781840760965
医学   Medical Sciences   Audiology                                 9781861564092
医学   Medical Sciences   Occupational Therapy                      9781861564221
医学   Medical Sciences   Speech Therapy                            9781861564429
医学   Medical Sciences   Occupational Therapy                      9781861564801
医学   Medical Sciences   Speech Therapy                            9781861565051
医学   Medical Sciences   *Pediatrics                               9781874545279
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                 9781898683049
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                 9781898683056
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683087
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683117
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683155
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683162
医学   Medical Sciences   Hematology                               9781898683186
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683193
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683209
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683223
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683247
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683254
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683278
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683322
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683339
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683353
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683377
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683407
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683445
医学   Medical Sciences   *Pediatrics                              9781898683476
医学   Medical Sciences   *Pediatrics                              9781898683483
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683490
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683506
医学   Medical Sciences   Oncology                                 9783527310562
医学   Medical Sciences   Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine   9783527312214
医学   Medical Sciences   Endocrinology                            9780470014585
医学   Medical Sciences   Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine   9780470024508
医学   Medical Sciences   Immunology                               9780470027554
医学   Medical Sciences   Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine   9780470034705
医学   Medical Sciences   Endocrinology / Diabetes                 9780470061268
医学   Medical Sciences   Oncology                                 9780471695981
医学   Medical Sciences   Consumer Health                          9780471778943
医学   Medical Sciences   Cardiovascular Disease                   9781405122030
医学   Medical Sciences   *General & Internal Medicine             9781405130615
医学   Medical Sciences   *General & Internal Medicine             9781405136747
医学   Medical Sciences   Obstetrics & Gynecology                  9781405145176
医学   Medical Sciences   Cardiovascular Disease                   9781405148429
医学   Medical Sciences   *Medical Ethics                          9781405159579
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683148
医学   Medical Sciences   Neurology                                9781898683285
  ISBN10     Price(US$)   Price(RMB)    Medium        Author      Number of pages
0470013605     $230.00        ¥1,913   Cloth     Baklanov        508
0470016086     $190.00        ¥1,580   Cloth     Fujiwara        388
0470021926     $260.00        ¥2,162   Cloth     Singh           448
0470080523       $79.95         ¥665   Paper     Wereszczak      808
0470080531       $79.95         ¥665   Paper     Wereszczak      334
0470080558       $79.95         ¥665   Paper     Wereszczak      190
0470080566       $79.95         ¥665   Paper     Wereszczak      156
0470080574       $79.95         ¥665   Paper     Wereszczak      262
0470091266     $250.00        ¥2,079   Cloth     Poortmans       502
0470095040     $240.00        ¥1,996   Cloth     Baranovski      498
0470097337       $99.95         ¥831   Cloth     Mobasher        238
0470097353       $74.95         ¥623   Paper     Faust           219
0470184140     $108.95          ¥906   Cloth     Ewsuk           490
0471447099     $174.95        ¥1,455   Cloth     Eason           682
0471740640       $99.95         ¥831   Cloth     Scharf          400
0471748668     $114.95          ¥956   Cloth     Frejlich        336
3527313214     $320.00        ¥2,661   Cloth     Pfeiler         1003
3527313370     $130.00        ¥1,081   Cloth     Schneider       285
3527313842     $180.00        ¥1,497   Cloth     Kumar           489
3527313877     $180.00        ¥1,497   Cloth     Kumar           448
3527313885     $180.00        ¥1,497   Cloth     Kumar           430
3527313893     $180.00        ¥1,497   Cloth     Kumar           540
3527313907     $180.00        ¥1,497   Cloth     Kumar           757
3527315152     $165.00        ¥1,372   Cloth     Staikov         279
3527315322     $180.00        ¥1,497   Cloth     Bach            346
3527315373     $115.00          ¥956   Cloth     Krupp           311
3527317112     $155.00        ¥1,289   Cloth     Gottstein       314
3527317643     $380.00        ¥3,160   Cloth     Kainer          1126
3527317694       $75.00         ¥624   Cloth     Lipowsky        191
047008054X       $79.95         ¥665   Paper     Wereszczak      437
047008295X     $114.95          ¥956   Paper     Schwartz        529
047009737X     $124.95        ¥1,039   Cloth     Varner          484
352731363X     $155.00        ¥1,289   Cloth     Hirsch          405
073140422X       $54.95         ¥457   Paper     GREENWOOD 160
0470007656       $74.95         ¥623   Cloth     Gibson          335
0470008598       $49.95         ¥415   Paper     Holmes          324
0470010231     $125.00        ¥1,040   Cloth     Kursun          242
0470014393     $125.00        ¥1,040   Cloth     Walke           402
0470014717     $145.00        ¥1,206   Cloth     Mishra          542
0470014865     $155.00        ¥1,289   Cloth     Sheluhin        334
0470015586       $95.00         ¥790   Cloth     Morelos-Zaragoz 278
0470016337     $105.00          ¥873   Cloth     Reid            268
0470017481     $105.00          ¥873   Cloth     Travostino      372
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0470018275       $95.00         ¥790   Cloth     Little          256
0470018917     $125.00        ¥1,040   Cloth     Langton         254
0470024003     $125.00        ¥1,040   Cloth     Peinado         274
0470024410     $115.00          ¥956   Cloth     Hanrahan        464
0470025352     $145.00        ¥1,206   Cloth     Grebennikov     458
0470025530     $125.00        ¥1,040   Cloth     Bates           364
0470025832     $125.00        ¥1,040   Cloth     Tang            426
0470025875   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Gutiérrez       180
0470026308   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Cherniakov      518
0470026766    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Sauter          382
0470027428   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Hase            574
0470027606   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Valente de Oliv 454
0470027630    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Ghavami         334
0470028343   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Burke           368
0470029633   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Jantzen         230
0470029803   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Graham          422
0470030208    $80.00    ¥665    Paper   Askoolum        524
0470030607   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Raake           336
0470030739   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Chen            304
0470032499   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Kreher          226
0470032553   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Allen           508
0470032901   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Barbeau         274
0470033126    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Webb            274
0470033134   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Adams           476
0470033266   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Chevallier      412
0470033355   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Maini           576
0470033614    $80.00    ¥665    Cloth   Ballard         260
0470034165   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Paret           434
0470034645    $90.00    ¥748    Paper   Lehikoinen      382
0470035587   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Hervouet        360
0470035803    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Fish            336
0470036656   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Poljak          496
0470041900    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Grewal          525
0470042575   $122.95   ¥1,022   Cloth   Wentworth       672
0470046066    $54.95    ¥457    Cloth   Thompson        230
0470048166   $129.95   ¥1,081   Cloth   Tsimring        573
0470052635    $38.95    ¥324    Paper   Vahid           192
0470056851    $80.00    ¥665    Paper   Laitinen        218
0470057386    $70.00    ¥582    Cloth   Mikkonen        244
0470057475   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Bellifemine     300
0470058293   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Ebner           408
0470058552   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Chakraborty     370
0470065338   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Kreher          574
0470074760   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Mott            309
0470081465    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Luryi           459
0470081880    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Korn            221
0470082127   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Hamkins         435
0470093617   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Varadan         418
0470097728    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Morrison        193
0470099046    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Rouse           472
0470099356   $144.95   ¥1,205   Paper   Hudson          642
0470107618    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Akagi           379
0470107642    $59.95    ¥499    Cloth   Hunt            214
0470112689    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   IEEE Communicat 692
0470118822   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Mazer           313
0470127902    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Black           366
0470147814    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   van den Bos     288
0470510927   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Niebert         286
0470512156   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Wu              274
0470847557   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Voldman         420
0470865180   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Bard            462
0471214795    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Giannakis       464
0471251216   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Blaunstein      614
0471263885   $144.95   ¥1,205   Cloth   Van Bladel      1155
0471358320   $139.95   ¥1,164   Cloth   Saleh           1177
0471414522   $164.95   ¥1,372   Cloth   Welker          498
0471460524   $114.95    ¥956    Cloth   Vacca           472
0471488895    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Haupt           301
0471662887   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   van Bosse       784
0471681652    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Koodli          365
0471683744    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Curtis          484
0471685968    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Papadimitriou   250
0471694908   $104.95    ¥873    Cloth   El-Haik         404
0471713430    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Sherif          247
0471715212    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Arslan          520
0471719773    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Greenwood       208
0471719978   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Santoro         608
0471721018    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Talbi           330
0471725099    $59.95    ¥499    Cloth   Rice            342
0471731684   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Bollen          861
0471731900    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Cook            500
0471733881   $113.95    ¥948    Cloth   Murdocca        544
0471735760    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Sinnen          296
0471735825    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Haykin          230
0471737488   $114.95    ¥956    Cloth   Ahn             304
0471738417   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Gan             486
0471740632    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Christopher     503
0471741094    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Wang            395
0471742449   $104.95    ¥873    Cloth   Mitola          473
0471743003    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Sohraby         307
0471746975   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Chang           440
0471756873   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Chen            462
0471756881    $74.95    ¥623    Paper   Anjum           247
0471757136   $144.95   ¥1,205   Cloth   Freeman         880
0471767778   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Pratt           782
0471768677    $92.95    ¥773    Paper   Land            418
0471772550   $116.95    ¥973    Cloth   Staszewski      261
0471775622    $71.95    ¥598    Paper   Reifer          548
0471782459    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Jakobsson       700
0471782637    $42.95    ¥357    Paper   Minoli          443
0471786292    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Blundell        425
0471791474    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Spanias         464
0471793655    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Banks           528
0471947830    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Konheim         544
0471970476    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   de Gyurky       292
3527314571   $130.00   ¥1,081   Cloth   Malanowski      294
3527314741   $130.00   ¥1,081   Cloth   Sundmacher      260
3527405844   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Hornberg        822
3527406190   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Monkman         463
3527406514    $75.00    ¥624    Paper   Wolf            308
3527406670   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Piprek          519
3895781886   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Antoni            1841
3895782769    $60.00    ¥499    Cloth   Berger            223
3895782955    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Berger            540
047001542X   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Yang              394
047001752X   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Marchese          328
047002738X   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Bilinskis         454
047002920X    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Castineira More   388
047005882X   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Rankl             236
047005977X   $200.00   ¥1,663   Cloth   Glisic            888
047006076X   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Luzzatto          286
047008457X    $74.95    ¥623    Paper   Pullum            133
047008460X    $59.95    ¥499    Paper   Yeakley           178
047009771X   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Ufimtsev          329
047010709X   $129.95   ¥1,081   Cloth   Clark             280
047014873X    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Selby             832
047085281X   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Armitage          396
047085541X   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Enz               328
047168161X    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Reeve             500
047174865X   $131.95   ¥1,097   Cloth   Misra             507
047179371X    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Everett           280
0470025867    $25.99    ¥216    Paper   Walliman          390
0470039620   $115.95    ¥964    Paper   Young             528
0470044144    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Ambrose           448
0470044160   $129.95   ¥1,081   Cloth   Saarlas           296
0470048433   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Erdey             448
0470059508    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Matthews          168
0470086319    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Ambrose           480
0471262862   $134.95   ¥1,122   Cloth   Wang              960
0471464511   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Qu                400
0471479438   $174.95   ¥1,455   Cloth   Powers            656
0471631817    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Akay              297
0471691623   $129.95   ¥1,081   Cloth   Yanev             672
0471714054   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Simmons           1232
0471715298   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Yang              544
0471721158   $123.95   ¥1,031   Cloth   Ugural            736
0471721778   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Seybert           392
0471721794   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Schor             368
0471721883    $59.95    ¥499    Paper   Solomon           300
0471726362   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Kutz              408
0471726370   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Kutz              360
0471734403   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Gilat             480
0471738395   $104.95    ¥873    Cloth   Woodfin           363
0471739049   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Kutz              480
0471739316   $128.95   ¥1,072   Cloth   Meriam            744
0471743828    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Yates             400
0471747327   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Sinha             576
0471771716   $129.95   ¥1,081   Cloth   Rao               744
0471783544    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Milosevic         576
0471787078    $64.95    ¥540    Paper   Vallero           384
0471787302    $30.95    ¥257    Paper   Moran             120
0471791075   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Helwany           400
0471793523    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Biringer          384
0632053860   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Eggleston      378
1405118172   $175.00   ¥1,455   Cloth   Padfield       641
1405124318    $80.00    ¥665    Paper   Pryke          316
1405129786    $80.00    ¥665    Paper   Boyd           314
1405130431    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Coutts         264
1405131985    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Hackett        378
1405135573    $85.00    ¥707    Paper   Shah           301
1405139625    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Treloar        448
1405140488   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Barnes         370
1405145781    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Ashworth       426
1405146710    $90.00    ¥748    Paper   Ozelton        542
1405159227   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Billington     968
1405159243   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Chappell       278
1405161027   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   McGuinness     546
1405163240    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Chynoweth      486
3433018413    $70.95    ¥590    Paper   Hens           284
047005512X   $134.95   ¥1,122   Cloth   DeGarmo        1032
047005669X   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Akay           662
047172999X   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Vachtsevanos   456
047175823X   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Vuchic         624
140513044X   $175.00   ¥1,455   Cloth   Curtin         392
352740578X   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Städtke        288
0470007885    $21.95    ¥183    Cloth   Dauten         200
0470009802    $16.95    ¥141    Paper   Vitale         211
0470009918    $44.95    ¥374    Cloth   Paladino       400
0470017112    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Somers         348
0470025549    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Checkland      224
0470025913    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Mazur          248
0470028327    $31.95    ¥266    Cloth   Ennals         434
0470028351    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Taylor         284
0470028572    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Nichols        280
0470028629    $65.00    ¥541    Paper   Gronroos       496
0470028807    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Donaldson      288
0470030755    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Ind            288
0470032693    $65.00    ¥541    Paper   Bessant        476
0470032731    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Sparrow        326
0470033185    $47.95    ¥399    Cloth   Smilansky      332
0470033533    $55.95    ¥465    Cloth   Andersen       320
0470034726    $15.95    ¥133    Paper   Yeung          288
0470037164    $21.95    ¥183    Paper   Olsen          384
0470037288    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Thull          238
0470038004    $44.95    ¥374    Paper   Larsen         456
0470038403    $87.95    ¥731    Cloth   Powell         528
0470040386    $54.95    ¥457    Cloth   Myers          224
0470040971    $19.95    ¥166    Paper   O'Berry        224
0470042257    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Shelton        272
0470043520    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Mack           570
0470044837   $144.95   ¥1,205   Cloth   Halvey         600
0470045191    $19.95    ¥166    Paper   Gygi           312
0470045485    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Vitale         240
0470045868    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Ross           288
0470047097    $16.95    ¥141    Paper   Swan           256
0470047461    $44.95    ¥374    Cloth   Smith          240
0470047496    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Scheinfeld     256
0470048689    $49.95    ¥415    Cloth   Stenzel        384
0470050454    $16.95    ¥141    Paper   Calagione      256
0470050764   $131.95   ¥1,097   Cloth   Aaker          792
0470050772    $75.95    ¥632    Paper   Quinn          400
0470050861    $19.95    ¥166    Paper   Chandler       240
0470051248    $19.95    ¥166    Paper   Sugarman       360
0470051418    $21.95    ¥183    Cloth   Hogan          223
0470051442    $27.95    ¥232    Cloth   Giannetto      187
0470052341    $27.95    ¥232    Cloth   Foster         284
0470055197    $34.95    ¥291    Cloth   Conway         240
0470057106    $71.95    ¥598    Cloth   Hennigfeld     456
0470057181   $143.95   ¥1,197   Cloth   O'Brien        424
0470057556    $47.95    ¥399    Cloth   Kearns         288
0470057939    $26.95    ¥224    Paper   Carter         302
0470060271    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Burkitt        388
0470060360    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Earls          368
0470061294    $42.95    ¥357    Paper   Gronroos       236
0470065265   $130.00   ¥1,081   Cloth   Finnegan       342
0470065273    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Esomar         720
0470066547    $47.95    ¥399    Cloth   Tyler          264
0470068337    $17.95    ¥149    Paper   Acuff          256
0470069082    $44.95    ¥374    Cloth   Watson         360
0470073187    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Brenner        224
0470078359   $146.95   ¥1,222   Cloth   Schermerhorn   656
0470082003    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Bragg          456
0470095199    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Vitale         209
0470095210    $74.95    ¥623    Cloth   Baschab        672
0470095881    $44.95    ¥374    Cloth   Parmenter      256
0470097523    $27.95    ¥232    Cloth   Beyster        222
0470100281    $21.95    ¥183    Cloth   Gordon         192
0470100877    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Babb           256
0470109181    $27.95    ¥232    Cloth   Makansi        306
0470110120    $44.95    ¥374    Cloth   Hubbard        304
0470111267    $44.95    ¥374    Paper   Hodgetts       576
0470119292    $19.95    ¥166    Paper   Diamond        288
0470120754    $34.95    ¥291    Cloth   Shearer        288
0470122455    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Baggott        294
0470126833    $14.95    ¥124    Paper   Bergdahl       272
0470127120    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Deming         204
0470128186    $21.95    ¥183    Cloth   Arruda         224
0470131985   $105.95    ¥881    Paper   McDaniel       544
0470139889    $22.95    ¥191    Cloth   Koch           208
0470510722    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Steger         312
0470512806    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   McLeod         316
0470807768    $56.95    ¥474    Paper   DREDGE         504
0470810823    $62.95    ¥523    Paper   SCHAPER        496
0470821329    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Davis          440
0470822015    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Rajadhyaksha   250
0470822155    $19.95    ¥166    Paper   Wong           300
0470822295    $19.95    ¥166    Paper   Dhar           200
0470823046    $24.95   ¥207   Cloth   MANI/JEE       200
0470838485    $23.95   ¥199   Cloth   Allen          288
0470839023    $17.95   ¥149   Paper   Prentice       288
0470839422    $15.95   ¥133   Paper   Robertson      224
0470850795    $60.00   ¥499   Paper   Bradley        674
0471679453   $101.95   ¥848   Cloth   Besanko        632
0471679461   $106.95   ¥889   Paper   Welch          560
0471734608   $100.95   ¥840   Paper   Schermerhorn   448
0471741213    $49.95   ¥415   Cloth   Burkholder     288
0471741655    $84.95   ¥706   Cloth   Zietlow        456
0471741663    $84.95   ¥706   Cloth   Zietlow        624
0471744956    $29.95   ¥249   Cloth   Young          288
0471755257    $64.95   ¥540   Paper   Trevino        432
0471755273   $109.95   ¥914   Paper   Kotabe         704
0471755451   $109.95   ¥914   Paper   Bygrave        613
0471757276    $74.95   ¥623   Cloth   Proud          688
0471769916    $64.95   ¥540   Cloth   Wood           336
0471772607    $51.95   ¥432   Paper   Lindell        624
0471776602    $27.95   ¥232   Cloth   Barnes         224
0471780499    $44.95   ¥374   Cloth   Niven          336
0471788627    $24.95   ¥207   Cloth   Nast           288
0471789739    $51.95   ¥432   Paper   Pine           312
0471789747    $51.95   ¥432   Paper   McEntire       504
0471789763    $29.95   ¥249   Cloth   Steel          288
0471790192    $51.95   ¥432   Paper   Schwab         600
0471790796    $44.95   ¥374   Paper   Hiam           384
0471793418    $64.95   ¥540   Cloth   Slottje        336
0471920770    $51.95   ¥432   Paper   Perry          552
0471933376    $22.95   ¥191   Cloth   Krass          278
0471959456    $44.95   ¥374   Cloth   Cole           208
0471998257    $39.95   ¥332   Cloth   Jackson        176
0731406494    $21.95   ¥183   Paper   EUNSON         160
0731406508    $21.95   ¥183   Paper   EUNSON         160
0731406516    $21.95   ¥183   Paper   EUNSON         160
0782136044    $34.95   ¥291   Cloth   Hopwood        256
0787977314    $34.95   ¥291   Paper   Bens           176
0787978337    $24.95   ¥207   Paper   Linzer         160
0787980587    $74.95   ¥623   Cloth   Deutsch        960
0787982164    $54.95   ¥457   Cloth   Rangan         456
0787982296    $49.95   ¥415   Cloth   Powers         320
0787982423    $74.95   ¥623   Cloth   McPhail        488
0787982725    $49.95   ¥415   Cloth   Gupta          352
0787983055    $49.95   ¥415   Cloth   Conger         432
0787984558    $37.95   ¥316   Paper   Klein          560
0787985341    $49.95   ¥415   Paper   Hale           300
0787986313    $39.95   ¥332   Cloth   Aronson        368
0787986399    $44.95   ¥374   Cloth   O'Neill        352
0787986674    $27.95   ¥232   Cloth   Hesselbein     336
0787987522    $22.95   ¥191   Cloth   Berenbaum      224
0787987794    $27.95   ¥232   Cloth   Dodd           272
0787988383    $22.95   ¥191   Cloth   Trias de Bes   176
0787994618    $39.95   ¥332   Cloth   Boardsource    352
0787994642    $49.95    ¥415    Cloth   Biech            340
0787994871    $34.95    ¥291    Cloth   Scott            288
0787996297    $44.95    ¥374    Cloth   Wong             368
0787996483    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Hunt             304
1405106298   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Arnott           574
1405107561    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Defillippi       276
1405110996    $95.00    ¥790    Paper   Ball             271
1405113375    $55.00    ¥457    Cloth   Rosefielde       260
1405119969    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Bilton           190
1405125411    $70.00    ¥582    Cloth   Skipper          751
1405125586    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Feng             244
1405131187    $70.00    ¥582    Cloth   McDonald         619
1405133694    $65.00    ¥541    Cloth   Rudman           249
1405133813    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Turkington       365
1405134593    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Samuels          712
1405135484    $80.00    ¥665    Cloth   Wallace          238
1405135751    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Helfat           147
1405135859    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Gibbert          197
1405136332   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Agenor           543
1405136669    $60.00    ¥499    Cloth   Rasmusen         528
1405136677    $70.00    ¥582    Cloth   Hudson           235
1405141670   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Cooper           236
1405149183    $95.00    ¥790    Paper   Wellings         290
1405149590    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Schuler          478
1405151234   $100.00    ¥832    Paper   Buitelaar        196
1405152672    $65.00    ¥541    Paper   Lane             476
1405156244    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   CHOW             450
1405159170    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Samuelson        419
1405161825    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Jacobsen         482
1841126314    $16.95    ¥141    Paper   Allan            222
1841127256    $14.95    ¥124    Paper   Bull             216
1841127264    $16.95    ¥141    Paper   Bilimoria        192
1841127418    $16.95    ¥141    Paper   Shaw             256
1841127434    $14.95    ¥124    Paper   McGee            278
1841127442    $10.95     ¥91    Paper   Parkes Cordock   208
1841127566    $14.95    ¥124    Paper   Taylor           312
1841127612    $14.95    ¥124    Paper   Webb             192
3527316671   $100.00    ¥832    Cloth   Schütz           229
3895782718    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   O'Flanagan       312
047000794X   $115.95    ¥964    Paper   DeCenzo          480
047001685X    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Morris           416
047004022X    $29.95    ¥249    Cloth   Passikoff        256
047005574X    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Joyner           256
047010029X    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Hallward         240
047011634X    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Walker           304
047011987X    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Lenzer Kirk      278
047177930X    $34.95    ¥291    Cloth   Kahn             336
047178141X    $49.95    ¥415    Cloth   Blanchard        320
047178883X    $22.95    ¥191    Cloth   Tahmincioglu     225
047179077X    $44.95    ¥374    Paper   Brounstein       480
047179189X    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Burnett          336
047191696X    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Shelp            228
047198048X    $16.95    ¥141    Paper   Bonner         370
073140663X    $21.95    ¥183    Paper   BANKS          200
078798258X    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Silberman      400
078798471X    $74.95    ¥623    Cloth   Preziosi       304
078799460X    $47.95    ¥399    Cloth   Galpin         336
140513707X    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Luo            276
184112706X     $8.95     ¥74    Paper   Coomber        136
352750270X    $80.00    ¥665    Cloth   Plötner        235
1405119020    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Rassool        306
1405128011    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   McDougall      309
1405130717    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Mann           298
1405134763    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Moffatt        440
1405136510    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Petersen       650
1405139994    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Wills          196
1405144211    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Hampson        336
1405144416    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Edwards        233
1405145986    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Lloyd          234
1405148969    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   UCL            239
1405151722    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   Taylor         278
1405158468    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Dougherty      870
140513920X    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   McSherry       182
140514422X    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Albarran       264
0470007230    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Goldberg       224
0470007508    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Lednicer       190
0470010223   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Fuchs          424
0470011866   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Jensen         624
0470012803   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Stuart         444
0470014407   $175.00   ¥1,455   Cloth   Li             316
0470016620   $250.00   ¥2,079   Cloth   Everall        586
0470016639   $175.00   ¥1,455   Cloth   Roffel         560
0470016728   $345.00   ¥2,869   Cloth   Sigel          678
0470016868   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Brereton       396
0470023090   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Bertholf       308
0470024321   $380.00   ¥3,160   Cloth   Wilkinson      702
0470025336   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Svrcek         344
0470025778   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Dean           316
0470027258   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Vincent        636
0470029676   $175.00   ¥1,455   Cloth   Hodgson        414
0470029692   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Freund         338
0470044403    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Bakus          435
0470046104   $349.95   ¥2,910   Cloth   Mark           1462
0470049626   $139.95   ¥1,164   Cloth   Ekins          814
0470049642   $499.95   ¥4,158   Cloth   Hui            2308
0470050756    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Pollak         234
0470053313    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Taber          216
0470066520   $475.00   ¥3,950   Cloth   Crich          2184
0470069783   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Mason          240
0470082011   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Lipkowitz      484
0470092092   $210.00   ¥1,746   Cloth   Konigsberger   302
0470098988   $129.95   ¥1,081   Cloth   Overman        552
0470105402   $494.95   ¥4,116   Cloth   Wiley          2573
0470107073    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Pirrung        198
0470112816   $174.95   ¥1,455   Cloth   Lipkowitz      517
0470117540    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   CCPS           248
0470122021    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Hammes         376
0470129298    $32.95    ¥274    Paper   Klein          336
0470134038   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   CCPS           164
0470139021   $124.95   ¥1,039   Paper   Reynolds       968
0470146818    $54.95    ¥457    Paper   Forsberg       203
0470147822   $149.95   ¥1,247   Paper   Qin            266
0470165693   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   CCPS           768
0470842938   $175.00   ¥1,455   Cloth   Wright         602
0470858664   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Steed          320
0470859024   $175.00   ¥1,455   Cloth   Rouessac       600
0470870877   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Pivonka        384
0471194042   $114.95    ¥956    Cloth   Griffiths      529
0471205036   $129.95   ¥1,081   Cloth   Toone          314
0471213861   $194.95   ¥1,621   Cloth   Gad            1680
0471387347    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Billo          480
0471485705   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Telle          516
0471489409   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Wyatt          918
0471490547   $210.00   ¥1,746   Cloth   Derouane       258
0471499293   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Quevauviller   408
0471662550   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Harper         743
0471671894   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Shah           634
0471672017    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Ozaki          424
0471677833   $164.95   ¥1,372   Cloth   Ette           1205
0471680265    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Mikami         418
0471681628   $174.95   ¥1,455   Cloth   Kazakevich     1104
0471682330   $174.95   ¥1,455   Cloth   Rice           324
0471684961   $163.95   ¥1,363   Cloth   Solomons       1280
0471687847   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Caroli         733
0471692786   $104.95    ¥873    Cloth   Abdel-Magid    323
0471697540    $98.95    ¥823    Cloth   Wuts           1082
0471698067   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Wicks          722
0471706469   $114.95    ¥956    Cloth   Snyder         496
0471709077   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Liu            1088
0471710970    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Zhang          436
0471712213    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Paunovic       373
0471713686   $114.95    ¥956    Cloth   Gutoff         368
0471714585   $174.95   ¥1,455   Cloth   Patnaik        1059
0471720178   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Seinfeld       1203
0471720917    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Smith          2357
0471721840   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Laskin         687
0471727938   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Bloch          574
0471730122   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Abd-El-Aziz    206
0471730157   $134.95   ¥1,122   Cloth   Abd-El-Aziz    533
0471730939    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Yang           273
0471731668   $114.95    ¥956    Cloth   Platz          472
0471731897   $131.95   ¥1,097   Cloth   Schlick        353
0471734268   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Morgan         421
0471739073   $114.95    ¥956    Cloth   Singh          449
0471739529    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Wasan          205
0471740438    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Barry          298
0471740462    $59.95    ¥499    Paper   Yoder         200
0471741477    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Bliesner      304
0471741531   $118.95    ¥989    Cloth   Hein          672
0471742430    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Pinder        468
0471742481    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Roberge       383
0471743445    $74.95    ¥623    Cloth   Villas-Boas   311
0471745162    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Hamdan        377
0471746606    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Xu            308
0471748684   $129.95   ¥1,081   Cloth   Li            753
0471751545    $69.95    ¥582    Cloth   Greenberg     664
0471754005    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Tundo         314
0471754013    $74.95    ¥623    Cloth   McMaster      238
0471763470   $159.95   ¥1,330   Cloth   Asadi         866
0471763527   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Wenzel        576
0471763594    $41.95    ¥349    Paper   Garoutte      216
0471768650   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Lewis         1379
0471770000    $59.95    ¥499    Cloth   Castle        163
0471770019   $114.95    ¥956    Cloth   Martinez      346
0471772615   $114.95    ¥956    Cloth   Krantz        529
0471772763    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Little        279
0471780448    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Russell       288
0471790567   $174.95   ¥1,455   Cloth   Mazziotti     574
0471973580   $175.00   ¥1,455   Cloth   Anh           304
0471979406   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   CCPS          405
0471979872    $59.95    ¥499    Cloth   Curran        254
0632064560   $200.00   ¥1,663   Cloth   Smith         244
0787675156   $204.95   ¥1,704   Cloth   Wood          842
0813807689   $184.95   ¥1,538   Cloth   Otwell        243
0813807778   $184.95   ¥1,538   Cloth   Marquart      335
0813808480   $199.95   ¥1,663   Cloth   Wille         392
0813808820   $184.95   ¥1,538   Cloth   Sommers       317
0813821096   $199.95   ¥1,663   Cloth   Minko         288
0813822211   $184.95   ¥1,538   Cloth   Nollet        384
0813827000   $199.95   ¥1,663   Cloth   Botana        368
0813828554   $184.95   ¥1,538   Cloth   Lakkis        256
0813829682   $184.95   ¥1,538   Cloth   Tewari        281
0816909520   $118.95    ¥989    Cloth   CCPS          320
1405121270   $200.00   ¥1,663   Cloth   Belton        247
1405124601   $200.00   ¥1,663   Cloth   Tamime        324
1405125098   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Crozier       372
1405129751   $200.00   ¥1,663   Cloth   Tamime        304
1405131152   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Koppmann      500
1405132426   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Williams      344
1405133589   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Smith         288
1405135328    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Pulford       132
1405135948   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Hill          427
1405138904   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Lindström     424
1405139188    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Joule         150
3527290605   $205.00   ¥1,705   Cloth   Tietze        631
3527306072   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Dobre         568
3527307486   $205.00   ¥1,705   Cloth   Matta         567
3527308040   $375.00   ¥3,119   Cloth   Puigjaner     910
3527308253   $200.00   ¥1,663   Cloth   Hiersemann       591
3527310169   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Daunert          256
3527310584   $320.00   ¥2,661   Cloth   Buschmann        1260
3527310762   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Francotte        370
3527311149   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Funk             24
3527311432   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Keil             422
3527311505   $600.00   ¥4,990   Cloth   Schreiber        1280
3527311734   $255.00   ¥2,121   Cloth   Elias            664
3527312196   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Wiesmann         391
3527312501   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Langer           395
3527312714   $320.00   ¥2,661   Cloth   Hadziioannou     768
3527312781   $600.00   ¥4,990   Cloth   Lengauer         1814
3527312838   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Hüser            362
3527312919   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Jahnke           391
3527312978   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Reemtsma         368
3527312994   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Kickelbick       516
3527313028   $320.00   ¥2,661   Cloth   Müller           612
3527313044   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Dugave           368
3527313095   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Lazzari          447
3527313125   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Tolman           382
3527313168   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Pereira Nunes    354
3527313176   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Alkire           445
3527313427   $140.00   ¥1,164   Cloth   Sammells         291
3527313702   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Gompper          337
3527313737   $130.00   ¥1,081   Cloth   Rood             344
3527314008   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Nolan            319
3527314067   $295.00   ¥2,453   Cloth   Ziegler          852
3527314180    $85.00    ¥707    Paper   Otto             343
3527314245   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Kubota           530
3527314253   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Koch             520
3527314350   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Mayer            252
3527314520   $375.00   ¥3,119   Cloth   Loupy            1033
3527314563   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Wanner           460
3527314601   $130.00   ¥1,081   Cloth   Asano            290
3527314628   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Tadros           448
3527314636   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Tadros           456
3527314733   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Enders           470
3527314962   $510.00   ¥4,241   Cloth   Krämer           1394
3527314970   $320.00   ¥2,661   Cloth   Mang             890
3527315039   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Tadros           412
3527315055   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Schalley         502
3527315063   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Braga            362
3527315098   $205.00   ¥1,705   Cloth   Subramanian      641
3527315101   $130.00   ¥1,081   Paper   Meyer            375
3527315225   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Dalko            559
3527315284    $80.00    ¥665    Paper   Lindhorst        332
3527315292   $325.00   ¥2,703   Cloth   Bröckel          760
3527315306   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Ahmad            404
3527315411   $130.00   ¥1,081   Cloth   Bender           409
3527315454   $130.00   ¥1,081   Cloth   Agachi           290
3527315489   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Schrieber        347
3527315535   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Hahn-Deinstrop   330
3527315632   $205.00   ¥1,705   Cloth   Hecht           456
3527315675   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Bester          263
3527315837    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Bhagwati        235
3527315950   $205.00   ¥1,705   Cloth   Greim           308
3527315993   $110.00    ¥915    Paper   Deutsche Forsch 261
3527316019   $140.00   ¥1,164   Cloth   Parlar          187
3527316035   $375.00   ¥3,119   Cloth   Wiley-VCH       874
3527316043   $440.00   ¥3,659   Cloth   Wiley-VCH       932
3527316051   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Wiley-VCH       470
3527316515   $130.00   ¥1,081   Cloth   Niemantsverdrie 344
3527316639   $205.00   ¥1,705   Cloth   Ohkawa          538
3527316736   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Mirkin          459
3527316787   $295.00   ¥2,453   Cloth   Ingham          640
3527316914   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Pistikopoulos   324
3527316922   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Pistikopoulos   275
3527317473   $140.00   ¥1,164   Cloth   Sivaram         264
3527317503   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Hutchinson      222
3527317732    $75.00    ¥624    Cloth   Rode            195
3527317759   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Bamfield        289
3527317864    $65.00    ¥541    Cloth   Breitmaier      223
3527318097    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Martin          294
3527318631    $32.50    ¥270    Cloth   Emsley          249
3527318658    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Roesky          240
3527319093   $125.00   ¥1,040   Paper   Senate Commissi 294
3527320563   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Buback          268
3906390373   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Kaiser          304
3906390381   $105.00    ¥873    Paper   Wagnière        256
047001671X   $375.00   ¥3,119   Cloth   Sigel           728
047001864X   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Muller          280
047031995X   $260.00   ¥2,162   Cloth   Rao             1328
047146483X    $59.95    ¥499    Cloth   Marusak         266
047168242X   $174.95   ¥1,455   Cloth   Karlin          768
047172243X    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Fjeld           390
047172405X   $134.95   ¥1,122   Cloth   Rodriguez       717
047172792X    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Bloch           339
047173487X    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Canton          349
047174302X   $114.95    ¥956    Cloth   Arya            319
047175157X   $184.95   ¥1,538   Cloth   Li              216
047175496X   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Weil            664
047175501X   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Singh           592
047176129X   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Li              417
047177152X    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Bennett         466
047177636X    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Hill            455
047199815X    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Hites           204
081380809X   $184.95   ¥1,538   Cloth   Beckley         400
140513142X   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Maskill         370
352731220X   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Woods           479
352731606X   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Klöpffer        258
0470000104   $120.95   ¥1,006   Cloth   Blackwell       512
0470007206    $44.95    ¥374    Paper   Melicher        600
0470008571    $44.95    ¥374    Cloth   Axson           288
0470008741    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Aronson         544
0470009896    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Cascarino        512
0470011459    $95.95    ¥798    Cloth   Wystup           340
0470011971    $63.95    ¥532    Cloth   Gazdar           352
0470013222    $71.95    ¥598    Cloth   Haug             384
0470013532    $55.95    ¥465    Cloth   Read             396
0470014431    $95.95    ¥798    Cloth   Gatarek          290
0470015381    $95.95    ¥798    Cloth   Duffy            438
0470018720    $55.95    ¥465    Cloth   O'Brien          220
0470019077    $71.95    ¥598    Cloth   Naim             286
0470026634   $159.95   ¥1,330   Cloth   Lhabitant        654
0470030763    $71.95    ¥598    Cloth   Huang            274
0470031964    $71.95    ¥598    Cloth   Schindler        210
0470033193   $159.95   ¥1,330   Cloth   Muller           834
0470034157   $111.95    ¥931    Cloth   Jurczenko        258
0470034513    $65.00    ¥541    Paper   Solomon          402
0470038152   $131.95   ¥1,097   Cloth   Jiambalvo        624
0470038659    $64.95    ¥540    Cloth   Collins          245
0470038667    $54.95    ¥457    Cloth   Steenbarger      304
0470040378    $88.95    ¥740    Cloth   Ryan             528
0470042664    $74.95    ¥623    Cloth   Ineichen         352
0470043571    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Guizot           448
0470044691    $44.95    ¥374    Cloth   Callahan         192
0470045353    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Fabozzi          400
0470047259    $64.95    ¥540    Cloth   Navin            208
0470047666    $27.95    ¥232    Cloth   Lewis            447
0470047739    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Fabozzi          318
0470047976    $69.95    ¥582    Cloth   Alexander        301
0470049774    $19.95    ¥166    Paper   Edleson          234
0470050829   $141.95   ¥1,180   Cloth   Elton            752
0470050845    $49.95    ¥415    Cloth   Switzer          256
0470051361    $27.95    ¥232    Cloth   Herbst           230
0470052643    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Pettit           304
0470055170    $74.95    ¥623    Cloth   Bragg            384
0470055189    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Bragg            416
0470055898    $19.95    ¥166    Cloth   Browne           180
0470056681    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Anand            224
0470058269    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Wilmott          428
0470058439    $55.95    ¥465    Cloth   Blake            484
0470058447    $47.95    ¥399    Cloth   Blake            270
0470058986    $65.00    ¥541    Paper   Jones            500
0470062037    $31.95    ¥266    Paper   Russell          198
0470066458    $55.95    ¥465    Cloth   Fraser-Sampson   284
0470074280    $95.95    ¥798    Cloth   Metrick          592
0470080140    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Maginn           960
0470086238    $89.95    ¥748    Paper   Salov            264
0470086246    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Finnerty         476
0470087234    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Ambachtsheer     368
0470087285    $59.95    ¥499    Cloth   Stenzel          352
0470095911    $67.95    ¥565    Cloth   Wells            456
0470097299    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Ponsi            250
0470104937    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Maginn           240
0470106778    $49.95    ¥415    Cloth   Busch            244
0470110031    $19.95    ¥166    Cloth   Loeb            336
0470111232    $44.95    ¥374    Paper   Bajtelsmit      528
0470117982    $29.95    ¥249    Cloth   Kitao           164
0470124865    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Balkaran        288
0470124873    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Marks           224
0470126302   $169.95   ¥1,413   Paper   Jorion          713
0470126884    $64.95    ¥540    Cloth   Sanwal          224
0470128607    $27.95    ¥232    Cloth   Lehmann         234
0470134682    $67.95    ¥565    Cloth   Wells           624
0470135549    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Lucas           287
0470807660    $61.95    ¥515    Paper   DREVER          432
0470808233    $86.95    ¥723    Paper   ALFREDSON       1256
0470808381    $80.95    ¥673    Paper   KIDWELL         664
0470809086    $88.95    ¥740    Paper   WEYGANDT        1176
0470810726    $80.95    ¥673    Paper   GUP             598
0470810912    $86.95    ¥723    Paper   LEUNG           744
0470815159    $52.95    ¥440    Paper   ICAA            1672
0470815167    $62.95    ¥523    Paper   ICAA            1944
0470821353    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Choudhry        1440
0470821434    $34.95    ¥291    Cloth   Mobius          250
0470821442    $34.95    ¥291    Cloth   MOBIUS          250
0470821825   $120.00    ¥998    Cloth   Matz            350
0470821884    $49.95    ¥415    Cloth   Iqbal           350
0470821892   $120.00    ¥998    Cloth   Karim           350
0470822198   $120.00    ¥998    Cloth   Kuhn            500
0470822260    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   BOLLAND         120
0470865725    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   O'Regan         634
0471227277    $27.95    ¥232    Cloth   Bookstaber      288
0471251097    $64.95    ¥540    Cloth   Bragg           192
0471485799    $77.95    ¥648    Cloth   Raval           432
0471694835    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Fishman         368
0471705640    $74.95    ¥623    Cloth   Gaughan         648
0471731730    $29.95    ¥249    Cloth   Bernstein       304
0471737143    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Nawalkha        683
0471739286    $79.95    ¥665    Paper   Tierney         376
0471741159    $44.95    ¥374    Cloth   Moeller         384
0471747491    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Rajan           496
0471751138    $69.95    ¥582    Cloth   Picker          295
0471757683    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Vince           448
0471761176   $114.95    ¥956    Cloth   Hitchner        1368
0471770817    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Rogers          256
0471773778    $27.95    ¥232    Cloth   Riedel          224
0471776165    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Golio           224
0471777722    $54.95    ¥457    Cloth   Schwarz Young   240
0471780510    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Chernobai       300
0471784508    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Rachev          576
0471785911    $64.95    ¥540    Cloth   Singleton       336
0471786322   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Whaley          930
0471788120    $59.95    ¥499    Paper   Bragg           192
0471790389    $94.95    ¥790    Paper   Carmichael      1056
0471790397    $94.95    ¥790    Paper   Carmichael      864
0471790435    $74.95    ¥623    Cloth   Sollish         480
0471791326    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Dorsey          384
0471792519    $59.95    ¥499    Cloth   Gatheral        208
0471794678    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Labatt          288
0471797561    $54.95    ¥457    Paper   Delaney         648
0471797650    $54.95    ¥457    Paper   Delaney         408
0471798207    $90.95    ¥756    Paper   Epstein         1288
0471798231    $86.95    ¥723    Paper   Epstein         1224
0471798266    $86.95    ¥723    Paper   Ruppel          512
0471798304    $84.95    ¥706    Paper   Ramos           832
0471931349    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Cendrowski      456
0471980196   $147.95   ¥1,230   Cloth   Weygandt        1280
3527502408   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Kross           256
047000990X    $78.95    ¥657    Cloth   Karayan         480
047004389X    $27.95    ¥232    Cloth   Pabrai          208
047004781X   $100.95    ¥840    Paper   Jones           646
047005221X    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Fabozzi         768
047005753X   $103.95    ¥864    Cloth   Weron           192
047005770X    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Jones           298
047008183X    $94.95    ¥790    Paper   Bragg           432
047008734X   $134.95   ¥1,122   Cloth   Granof          768
047009642X    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Paul            240
047012833X    $29.95    ¥249    Cloth   Priest          192
047051034X    $55.95    ¥465    Cloth   Skinner         210
047174686X    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Marchetti       96
047178589X    $44.95    ¥374    Cloth   Schaeffer       256
047179757X    $54.95    ¥457    Paper   Delaney         1008
047179774X    $54.95    ¥457    Paper   Delaney         744
047192122X    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Fabozzi         495
047198020X    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Anson           720
0470017198    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Moseley         410
0470018666    $79.95    ¥665    Paper   Sharp           800
0470025611    $70.00    ¥582    Cloth   Schummer        600
0470027215    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Graham          288
0470027274    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Lazar           626
0470030305    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Fasli           480
0470030313    $65.00    ¥541    Paper   Wegener         310
0470030399    $40.00    ¥333    Paper   Wyatt-Haines    472
0470031603    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Ammeraal        386
0470041803    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Andrade         480
0470042613    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Wysocki         672
0470046392    $20.95    ¥174    Paper   Piercy
0470047526    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Schell          432
0470053674   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Chao            640
0470054352    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Hurwitz         384
0470059028    $50.00    ¥416    Cloth   Buschmann       636
0470060891    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Chapman         692
0470072695    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Tidrow          289
0470080221    $44.95    ¥374    Paper   Litchfield      190
0470082801    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Moore           565
0470087889    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   van der Vlist   552
0470089849    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Klein           430
0470090251    $65.00    ¥541    Paper   Winder          912
0470101229    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Gardner           144
0470104511    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Rahimzadeh        378
0470107596    $54.95    ¥457    Paper   Gookin            556
0470114134    $25.95    ¥216    Paper   Suehring          403
0470124199    $43.95    ¥365    Paper   Martin            336
0470124741    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Burby             288
0470137940    $49.95    ¥415    Cloth   Tetlow            239
0470512288    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Campbell          462
0471265829    $88.95    ¥740    Paper   Huber             448
0471455938    $64.95    ¥540    Paper   Pezze             488
0471486485    $55.00    ¥457    Cloth   Buschmann         490
0471666556    $69.95    ¥582    Cloth   Markov            218
0471703559    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Douligeris        572
0471771163   $127.95   ¥1,064   Cloth   FitzGerald        592
0471773913    $69.95    ¥582    Cloth   Gabarro           295
0471776130    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Masters           465
0471783951    $49.95    ¥415    Cloth   Goldworm          384
0471787124   $147.95   ¥1,230   Cloth   Turban            720
0471787566    $59.95    ¥499    Cloth   Dept of Defense   688
0471788562   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Ahamed            548
0471790494    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Ponniah           464
0471798142    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Fant              269
0471998036    $60.95    ¥507    Paper   Tavani            432
0471998133    $54.95    ¥457    Paper   Koenig            281
047008278X    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Negus             1082
047011410X    $25.95    ¥216    Paper   Gillenson         312
047011486X    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Stamp             401
047012167X    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Mongan            264
047176907X   $113.95    ¥948    Cloth   Silberschatz      992
047177796X    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Hu                363
0470007524    $64.95    ¥540    Cloth   McClure           424
0470015926    $42.95    ¥357    Paper   Morris            216
0470019255   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Droege            322
0470025859    $36.95    ¥307    Paper   Silver            134
0470026340    $36.95    ¥307    Paper   Garcia            136
0470026529    $36.95    ¥307    Paper   Perry             136
0470030100    $95.95    ¥798    Cloth   Jencks            240
0470033169    $65.00    ¥541    Cloth   Stanwick          272
0470034793    $36.95    ¥307    Paper   Spens             146
0470048476    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Winkel            432
0470057831   $111.95    ¥931    Cloth   Franck            200
0470319119    $36.95    ¥307    Paper   Bullivant         128
0470852917    $95.95    ¥798    Cloth   Yeang             500
0471268925    $74.95    ¥623    Cloth   Ching             816
0471477559   $198.95   ¥1,654   Cloth   Hopper            1088
0471488178    $64.95    ¥540    Paper   Allen             336
0471700916   $249.95   ¥2,079   Cloth   American Instit   1120
0471709530    $74.95    ¥623    Cloth   Williams          304
0471719560    $98.95    ¥823    Cloth   Meacham           544
0471722286    $74.95    ¥623    Paper   Sipes             192
0471736228    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Allen             480
0471741892    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Ching             416
0471741906    $64.95    ¥540    Cloth   Doyle             432
0471760900    $84.95    ¥706    Paper   American Planni   448
0471775355    $69.95    ¥582    Cloth   Lerum             304
0471789046   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Underwood         816
0471931519    $69.95    ¥582    Cloth   Ballast           384
047004716X    $54.95    ¥457    Paper   Cooper            240
047172551X    $98.95    ¥823    Cloth   Place             640
0471429813    $64.95    ¥540    Cloth   Scanlon           304
0471692166    $74.95    ¥623    Cloth   DeFranco          384
0471699403    $59.95    ¥499    Cloth   Krugman           288
0471745227    $59.95    ¥499    Paper   Sommerville       360
0471745901    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Lynch             320
0471781827    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Paster            80
0471784486    $59.95    ¥499    Paper   Paster            352
0471794074    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Harrington        336
1405127023   $200.00   ¥1,663   Cloth   Cauvain           228
1405134356   $200.00   ¥1,663   Cloth   Steen             348
0470050683    $59.95    ¥499    Paper   Bogardus          576
0470083484    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Smith             335
0470152508    $59.95    ¥499    Paper   Heldman           594
0470152516    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Heldman           857
0471789526    $59.95    ¥499    Paper   Coleman           576
0470053844    $14.95    ¥124    Paper   Siegel            256
0470128585    $15.95    ¥133    Paper   Hamburger         272
0471743585    $25.95    ¥216    Cloth   Darnell           320
0471780790    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Robb              224
0471986771    $25.95    ¥216    Cloth   O'Hanlon          240
0631202625    $45.00    ¥374    Cloth   Cameron           275
0631213066   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Mahaffey          242
0631219455    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   LaFollette        300
0631219730   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Brown             668
0631221697   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Corns             463
0631224289    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Alcoff            292
0631226303    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Womack            325
0631226680    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Hall              321
0631230149   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Kinzl             606
0631230777   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Whitworth         310
0631232737    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Castle            340
0631233458    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Gombay            151
0632058463    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Cooklin           196
0745612733   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Gill              296
0745616593    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Littau            194
0745627447    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Phemister         238
0745630030    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   OShea             224
0745630057    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Pearce            214
0745630138    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   Adorno            348
0745631894    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Hughes            180
0745631991    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   Adorno            278
0745632858    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Morton            199
0745633919    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Morillo           150
0745633935    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Cartelli          201
0745634133    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Dryzek            191
0745634737    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Harbord         198
0745635040    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Silverstone     215
0745636128    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Chapman         166
0745636144    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Virilio         120
0745636322    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Badiou          233
0745636845    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Rojek           173
0745636926    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Kalashnikov     175
0745638309    $29.95    ¥249    Cloth   Adorno          117
0745642209    $50.00    ¥416    Cloth   NEFFE           300
0787978930    $21.95    ¥183    Cloth   Staub           256
0787982679    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   McNichol        208
0787984434    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Pederson        288
0787984957    $17.95    ¥149    Paper   Bundesen        208
0787985201    $23.95    ¥199    Cloth   Creps           240
0787987867    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Slack           240
0813800498    $36.95    ¥307    Paper   Wulfemeyer      153
0813807727    $64.95    ¥540    Paper   Ludwig          276
1405101148    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Shaffer         256
1405101369   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Sawyer          555
1405102179   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Rosenstein      737
1405106247    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Macdonald       247
1405106891    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Hooley          189
1405107200    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Ryan            238
1405108436    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Fine            146
1405108568    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Mitchell        469
1405111542    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Driver          186
1405111976   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Bird            530
1405112018    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Olaniyan        774
1405112948    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   DeMaria         523
1405113162   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Gerrard         605
1405113855    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Bradford        259
1405113863    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Bradford        259
1405113979    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Callaghan       162
1405115211   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Benson          473
1405116900   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Tsutsui         618
1405117702    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Sheldrake       251
1405118105    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   McMillin        265
1405118342    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Goworek         201
1405119543    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Najemy          515
1405120541   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   OGDEN           520
1405120916   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Dominik         523
1405121556   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Schoenfeldt     521
1405121742   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Abu-Rabi        675
1405122242   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Moreland        538
1405122285   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Luckhurst       584
1405122315   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Kelley          582
1405122943   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Kallendorf      491
1405123672    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Beebee          244
1405125519   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Worthington     616
1405125845    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Rhodes          435
1405129522    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Shafer-Landau   504
1405129603    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Murphy          214
1405130237    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Curren          582
1405130342    $45.00   ¥374   Paper   Lange           649
1405130407    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Goodpaster      306
1405130512    $90.00   ¥748   Cloth   Hawkins         194
1405131454    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Martindale      335
1405131837    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Winkler         231
1405132337    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Codell          474
1405133201    $45.00   ¥374   Paper   Shafer-Landau 796
1405133244    $34.95   ¥291   Paper   Braddon-Mitchel 325
1405133856    $29.95   ¥249   Paper   Trend           139
1405134615    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Pollock         247
1405135387    $50.00   ¥416   Paper   OSBORNE         240
1405135395    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Morgan          246
1405135670    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Martinich       324
1405135999    $60.00   ¥499   Paper   Jones           317
1405136200    $50.00   ¥416   Paper   Aldrich         218
1405136286    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   POLLOCK         264
1405139021    $34.95   ¥291   Paper   Worland         324
1405139528    $50.00   ¥416   Paper   McKelvey        272
1405141794    $29.95   ¥249   Paper   Kenny           404
1405144122    $32.50   ¥270   Paper   Newsom          153
1405145048    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Carter          505
1405145269    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Raaflaub        385
1405145358    $34.95   ¥291   Paper   Nickel          267
1405145404    $15.99   ¥133   Paper   Newton          105
1405146419    $34.95   ¥291   Paper   Richardson      449
1405146656    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Hayes           350
1405146885   $115.00   ¥956   Cloth   Radcliffe       376
1405146907    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Mitchell        432
1405146966    $37.50   ¥312   Paper   Livi-Bacci      279
1405148489    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Card            278
1405148500    $29.95   ¥249   Paper   Boylan          204
1405149116    $37.50   ¥312   Paper   Van De Mieroop 341
1405149922    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Goworek         190
1405150556    $34.95   ¥291   Paper   Orlik           273
1405150653    $32.50   ¥270   Paper   LEVINE          312
1405151412    $18.99   ¥158   Paper   Eagleton        182
1405151528    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Wallace         342
1405152419    $32.50   ¥270   Paper   Mahoney         215
1405152443    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Glennerster     321
1405152729    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Baker           388
1405153784    $34.95   ¥291   Paper   Markham         212
1405154918    $24.95   ¥207   Paper   SARKAR          232
1405155256    $80.00   ¥665   Cloth   Carroll         180
1405156015    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Sardoc          108
1405156791    $50.00   ¥416   Paper   Williams        606
1405156805    $39.95   ¥332   Paper   Garthwaite      311
1405156813    $50.00   ¥416   Paper   TODD            528
1405157445    $50.00   ¥416   Paper   Scott           566
1405157461    $50.00   ¥416   Paper   McGrath         512
1405157836    $50.00   ¥416   Paper   RUGGIERO        561
1405159731    $34.95   ¥291   Paper   Ross            154
1405159758    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Jones         586
1405160004    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Velmans       744
1405160551    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Centner       183
1405160659    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   LULL          248
1405162481    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Hauerwas      222
1405163488    $18.99    ¥158    Paper   Irwin         272
1405163682    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Krasner       576
1405163712    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   NOCHIMSON     320
1405167300    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Addison       583
1405167890    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Pfister       164
047009821X    $15.95    ¥133    Paper   Davis         304
063123246X    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Thomas        254
074563107X    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Meisner       222
074563317X    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   OBrien        212
074563592X    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   LYON          256
140512072X    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   HOFFMAN       448
140512153X   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   ERDKAMP       600
140512945X    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   LaFollette    745
140514419X    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Lemish        257
140514694X    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   CHERRY        240
140515053X    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Hilliard      294
140515280X    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Baker         312
140516204X    $18.99    ¥158    Paper   LESLIE        112
0470859105   $352.00   ¥2,927   Cloth   Boardman      878
0631196617   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Hale          269
0631196625    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Hale          269
0631211217    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Cochrane      178
0631225749    $50.00    ¥416    Cloth   Kapstein      360
0631233040    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Boskovic      449
0631234241   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Goodwin       329
0731405218    $61.95    ¥515    Paper   MRAZ          88
0745608094    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Moore         272
0745619770    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Knight        247
0745624065    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Festenstein   197
0745624839    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   LASH          250
0745625347    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Howarth       301
0745627625    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Thompson      211
0745627749    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   White         197
0745629997    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Matravers     167
0745630871    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   McGrew        228
0745630995    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Hay           187
0745631835    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Shaw          222
0745632114    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Held          273
0745632262    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Stansfield    262
0745632459    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Gill          228
0745632521    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Colas         232
0745632831    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Bellamy       280
0745632890    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   MODOOD        160
0745632939    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Fierke        235
0745633315    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Driver        242
0745634338    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Sutton        187
0745634419    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Jones         258
0745634540    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Payne          229
0745635199    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Habermas       224
0745635415    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Dannreuther    263
0745635946    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Milton-Edwards 311
0745636500    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Ikenberry      300
0745636802    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Bauman         188
0745638295    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Ericson        256
0745638341    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Young          216
0745638406    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Callinicos     376
0745638643    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Kaldor         231
0745638872    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Held           282
0745639097    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Hafez          224
0745639348   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Giddens        309
0745639879    $18.99    ¥158    Paper   Bauman         115
0745639992    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Zeitlin        181
0745640028    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   BAUMAN         208
0745640125    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Giddens        246
0745640222    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Weiss          196
0745642233    $18.99    ¥158    Paper   Giddens        188
1405101601    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Johnson        242
1405110651    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   TSUJIMURA 520
1405111437    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Barton         245
1405111852   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Kachru         811
1405113820   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Aarts          806
1405118865    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Kipfer         467
1405125926    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Robben         616
1405125934   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Robben         616
1405125942    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Monaghan       482
1405126450    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Longhurst      113
1405127309    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   IVESON         256
1405129557    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Modan          357
1405130830    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Clark          487
1405131918    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   McKee          231
1405132191    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Coe            426
1405140348    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   JONES          232
1405145897    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Ellen          202
1405147199    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Dench          272
1405148543    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   CALHOUN        512
1405149221    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   MOSELEY        488
1405150890   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Stone          314
1405152508    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Saillant       305
1405152907    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Horne          199
1405153903    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Ho             275
1405155280    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Lund           272
1405155787    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Dove           258
1405156260    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Green          290
1405156325    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Legg           254
1405156783    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Meskell        430
1405161329    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   STEADMAN-JONES 296
1405163135    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Motha          162
1405167947    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   SHILLING       208
1557866570   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Preucel        332
074562376X    $29.95    ¥249    Cloth   BRADLEY        250
074563365X    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Thornton       241
074563835X    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Young          216
074564113X    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   MEYER          280
140511066X   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Tsujimura      501
140511603X    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   Makris         348
140513237X    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Roberts        450
140514856X    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   CALHOUN        504
140516171X    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   SAFOUAN        128
1841127345    $10.95     ¥91    Paper   Suphi          344
073140582X    $21.95    ¥183    Paper   BURGESS        208
0470013591   $335.00   ¥2,786   Cloth   Marrs          750
0470014784   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Gennard        244
0470015640   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Verkhratsky    230
0470015977   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Novartis       302
0470016434   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Novartis       276
0470016582   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Perera         348
0470017678   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Nigg           686
0470019239    $80.00    ¥665    Cloth   Kavanagh       348
0470020016    $70.00    ¥582    Cloth   Dardel         252
0470026197   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Barnes         576
0470034297   $160.00   ¥1,331   Cloth   Novartis       300
0470035455   $115.00    ¥956    Paper   Singleton      908
0470040009    $74.95    ¥623    Paper   Leichnetz      104
0470052414   $224.95   ¥1,871   Cloth   Janick         456
0470052465   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Freshney       343
0470055162   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Harvey Society 224
0470057661   $160.00   ¥1,331   Cloth   Novartis       286
0470095016   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Caldwell       246
0470131314   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Smolin
0470870249   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Serre          270
0471247235    $69.95    ¥582    Cloth   Chiappe        192
0471351512   $101.95    ¥848    Paper   Acheson        432
0471396281   $134.95   ¥1,122   Cloth   Jena           300
0471409510   $104.95    ¥873    Cloth   Templeton      720
0471471925    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Crawley        523
0471489735   $430.00   ¥3,576   Cloth   Blackman       1460
0471657328   $174.95   ¥1,455   Cloth   Tibayrenc      747
0471694622   $294.95   ¥2,453   Cloth   O'Rahilly      358
0471699756   $134.95   ¥1,122   Cloth   Humphery-Smith 512
0471732141   $224.95   ¥1,871   Cloth   Janick         464
0471784079   $134.95   ¥1,122   Cloth   Knudsen        185
0471997986   $224.95   ¥1,871   Cloth   Janick         352
0632054549    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Konhauser      425
0813804531    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Otto           287
0813826551   $179.95   ¥1,496   Cloth   Leung          335
0813827477   $100.00    ¥832    Cloth   Lersten        212
0813828244   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Lamkey         379
1405103795    $70.00    ¥582    Cloth   Allison        725
1405105976    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Southgate      402
1405108592    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Hay            314
1405113634   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Hardy          315
1405115157    $80.00    ¥665    Paper   Perry           441
1405115823   $200.00   ¥1,663   Cloth   Verspoor        520
1405121432    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Younger         318
1405121467    $65.00    ¥541    Paper   Mills           407
1405122552    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Rollinson       285
1405126108   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Lekang          352
1405126655    $75.00    ¥624    Paper   Bannister       544
1405129328    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   Elliott         273
1405131594    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Hames           293
1405131926   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Morison         213
1405134291   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Brown           328
1405136456    $65.00    ¥541    Paper   Dimmock         516
1405136464    $80.00    ¥665    Cloth   ACQUAAH         569
1405136855    $95.00    ¥790    Paper   Valiela         368
1405138874   $210.00   ¥1,746   Cloth   Hedden          348
1405138920   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Roberts         232
1405139323   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   McClanahan      332
1405139838   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Bradford        367
1405139846   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Gan             352
1405139951   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Yeo             424
1405140399    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Archer          194
1405141611   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Bjorndal        308
1405144041   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Garrett         388
1405144297   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Finnie          253
1405144394    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Owen-Smith      332
1405145285   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Grasser         350
1405145382   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Whitelam        325
1405149396   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Logan           360
1405151218   $155.00   ¥1,289   Paper   Smith           390
1405167610    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Hunter          200
1573315702   $155.00   ¥1,289   Paper   Vaudry          529
1840760184    $70.00    ¥582    Cloth   AJddle          128
1840760516   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Alford          461
1840760753   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Koike           448
3527310185   $140.00   ¥1,164   Cloth   Ho              288
3527313079   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   von Bohlen      402
3527313931   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Heller          322
3527313966   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Messerschmidt   318
3527314083   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Meibohm         426
3527314121   $105.00    ¥873    Paper   Wink            828
3527314407   $130.00   ¥1,081   Cloth   Hillenkamp      362
3527314431   $295.00   ¥2,453   Cloth   Kayser          618
3527314504   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Deretic         286
3527314873   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Dolezel         479
3527314881   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Marx            318
3527315047   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Becker          423
3527316086   $445.00   ¥3,701   Cloth   Meyers          1218
3527316094   $445.00   ¥3,701   Cloth   Meyers          1228
3527316116   $230.00   ¥1,913   Cloth   Mendez-Vilas    820
3527317570   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Omenn           394
3527317597   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Jungblut        343
3527317619   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Lion            360
3527317686   $240.00   ¥1,996   Cloth   Meyers        478
3527317708   $240.00   ¥1,996   Cloth   Meyers        465
047002495X   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Rapley        258
047002626X   $160.00   ¥1,331   Cloth   Novartis      240
047086172X   $168.00   ¥1,397   Cloth   Lynch         290
047135015X   $349.95   ¥2,910   Cloth   O'Brien       714
047171397X   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Tsai          740
047173828X    $74.95    ¥623    Paper   Maynard       640
140512976X    $65.00    ¥541    Paper   Slaymaker     261
140513447X   $200.00   ¥1,663   Cloth   Walters       258
140513545X    $70.00    ¥582    Cloth   HUNTER        497
184076063X    $80.00    ¥665    Cloth   Bridge        152
0683039121    $69.95    ¥582    Cloth   Hart          373
0781741483    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Eurell        405
0781757355    $89.95    ¥748    Paper   Horwitz       616
0781759846    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Ackerman      654
0781762308    $89.95    ¥748    Paper   Lobprise      414
0781766575   $299.95   ¥2,494   Cloth   Gelatt        1696
0813805163   $129.95   ¥1,081   Cloth   Scott         241
0813806569   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Giguere       626
0813807115    $89.95    ¥748    Paper   Burrows       307
0813814189    $69.95    ¥582    Cloth   van Amstel    212
0813815010    $89.95    ¥748    Paper   Merck         368
0813821401    $69.95    ¥582    Paper   Jackson       363
0813824958    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Cheville      370
0813827493    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Luescher      332
0813828120    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Thomas        504
0813828430   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Bagley        570
0813829666    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Hrapkiewicz   370
0905214803   $155.00   ¥1,289   Paper   Houlton       438
0905214935   $140.00   ¥1,164   Paper   Elliott       298
0905214986   $145.00   ¥1,206   Paper   Seymour       344
1405111011   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Cooper        432
1405123729   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Tutt          282
1405127813    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Petrie        299
1405131950    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   McGowan       258
1405134143   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Aitken        624
1405136499    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Hoffbrand     380
1405150599    $95.00    ¥790    Paper   Chandler      724
1405150610    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Bromiley      218
1405156279    $90.00    ¥748    Paper   Thrusfield    610
1840760494   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Scott         336
1840760710    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   FREEMAN       192
1840760761   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Ware          240
3794524853   $375.00   ¥3,119   Cloth   Konig         768
081380678X    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Berger        234
081381247X   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Xie           359
0470014962    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Galwey        376
0470015233   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Mandjes       336
0470015624   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Goldstein     536
0470018755   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Congdon       596
0470024232   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Lee           458
0470027770    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Winkel         280
0470027789   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Wallgren       258
0470029994    $75.00    ¥624    Cloth   O'Hagan        338
0470040017    $59.95    ¥499    Cloth   Olofsson       280
0470043830    $64.95    ¥540    Cloth   Lindley        272
0470053321    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Street         344
0470053577   $114.95    ¥956    Cloth   Box            857
0470058064   $240.00   ¥1,996   Cloth   Keiding        550
0470068124   $104.95    ¥873    Cloth   Lombardo       458
0470081473   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Kvam           420
0470081481    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Alwin          408
0470090162   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Billard        330
0470094753   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Hauschke       328
0470095717    $89.95    ¥748    Paper   Fuller         440
0470096055    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Shick          271
0470114010    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Rising         304
0470114029    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Palma          304
0470114959    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Saris          376
0470117753    $85.95    ¥715    Paper   Le
0470149019    $79.95    ¥665    Paper   Matignon       564
0470510242   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Crawley        950
0470809442    $75.95    ¥632    Paper   BLACK          934
0470849819   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Molenberghs    526
0470854944   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Dagpunar       348
0470855029   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Singpurwalla   396
0470856262    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Willan         210
0470870680    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Pintilie       240
0471210773   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Ryan           593
0471214884    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Muller         410
0471226181    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Agresti        372
0471458929   $137.95   ¥1,147   Cloth   Miller         488
0471651419   $134.95   ¥1,122   Cloth   Brannan        704
0471653969    $95.95    ¥798    Cloth   Hu             232
0471681601    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Young          400
0471687553    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Basener        384
0471690732   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Zauderer       930
0471694924   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Nicholson      534
0471725692   $110.95    ¥923    Cloth   Lovric         640
0471733148   $124.95   ¥1,039   Cloth   Placko         372
0471735078   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Tucker         496
0471741086    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Dunne          288
0471754951   $118.95    ¥989    Cloth   Montgomery     640
0471755303   $122.95   ¥1,022   Cloth   Mann           720
0471756830   $132.95   ¥1,106   Cloth   Young          1200
0471756857   $119.95    ¥998    Cloth   Young          624
0471760897    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Panjer         448
0471789011    $48.95    ¥407    Paper   Zeitz          384
0471792306    $94.95    ¥790    Cloth   Bridger        302
0471970336   $104.95    ¥873    Cloth   Pardoe         324
0787981966    $47.95    ¥399    Paper   Frechtling     160
047007471X    $74.95    ¥623    Paper   Myatt          292
047008149X    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Federer        270
0470095830    $44.95    ¥374    Paper   Ablan             314
0471748919    $59.95    ¥499    Cloth   Calori            224
0471761389    $64.95    ¥540    Cloth   Johansson         320
0471783900    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Carter            336
047166295X    $49.95    ¥415    Cloth   Lipton            272
0470013052   $175.00   ¥1,455   Cloth   Irwin             446
0470018305   $175.00   ¥1,455   Cloth   Jones             470
0470025522    $35.00    ¥291    Paper   Goodwin           456
0471238163   $109.95    ¥914    Cloth   Ersoy             413
0471696579    $19.95    ¥166    Paper   Schaaf            288
0471743046    $89.95    ¥748    Cloth   Wang              362
0471750638    $21.95    ¥183    Paper   Harrington        432
0471751537   $134.95   ¥1,122   Cloth   Khoo              368
0471758019   $163.95   ¥1,363   Cloth   Halliday          1328
0471769924   $111.95    ¥931    Paper   Trefil            616
0471899305   $220.00   ¥1,830   Cloth   Band              656
0731403479    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   LOFTS             280
3527320423    $65.00    ¥541    Paper   Deutsche Forsch   182
3527404112   $380.00   ¥3,160   Cloth   Clarke            1050
3527404848   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Vedmedenko        215
3527405275    $90.00    ¥748    Paper   Bruß              634
3527405402   $100.00    ¥832    Paper   Schwoerer         438
3527405437    $90.00    ¥748    Paper   Haussühl          453
3527405585   $230.00   ¥1,913   Cloth   Andrä             655
3527405615   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Deveaud           328
3527405755   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Baidakov          352
3527405909   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Talman            494
3527405976   $205.00   ¥1,705   Cloth   Aprile            362
3527406026   $105.00    ¥873    Paper   Iliadis           680
3527406069   $125.00   ¥1,040   Paper   Turner            606
3527406123   $255.00   ¥2,121   Cloth   Sinaiski          810
3527406174   $180.00   ¥1,497   Cloth   Sarid             310
3527406239   $205.00   ¥1,705   Cloth   Schelter          514
3527406344   $140.00   ¥1,164   Cloth   Oks               181
3527406387   $105.00    ¥873    Paper   Heinzel           412
3527406484   $105.00    ¥873    Paper   Mazenko           492
3527406603    $90.00    ¥748    Paper   Horneck           434
3527406611    $75.00    ¥624    Paper   Hill              325
3527406697    $75.00    ¥624    Paper   Shore             472
3527406700   $230.00   ¥1,913   Cloth   Chakrabarti       648
3527406794   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Stacey            735
3527406816   $105.00    ¥873    Paper   Smirnov           582
3527406832   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Talman            605
3527406840    $75.00    ¥624    Paper   Audretsch         357
3527406875   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Glauber           656
3527406905    $50.00    ¥416    Cloth   Braun             371
3527406999   $105.00    ¥873    Paper   Poole             535
047001783X   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Smith             516
047006529X    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Mansfield         776
352740628X   $100.00    ¥832    Paper   Meschede          560
352740662X   $140.00   ¥1,164   Cloth   Röser             353
352740712X   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Chen              423
0470011386    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Iwaniec         304
0470012315   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Young           318
0470012870   $200.00   ¥1,663   Cloth   Clarke          496
0470015071   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Christianson    400
0470015616    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Allen           362
0470015748    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Ford            204
0470016027   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Masson          260
0470018852   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Engels          190
0470019352   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Bonner          284
0470019417    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Baruch          194
0470019433    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Caputi          358
0470019484    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Rondal          234
0470019549   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Feltham         300
0470019891    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Rennie          374
0470021349   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Vollrath        362
0470023368    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Hollin          310
0470024488    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Free            400
0470025425    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Partridge       268
0470026391    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Champion        192
0470026863    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Bowler          318
0470026928    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Chinn           336
0470027479    $45.00    ¥374    Cloth   Miles           168
0470027509    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Webster         224
0470027916    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Pasqualini      290
0470030291    $90.00    ¥748    Paper   Stickley        384
0470030720   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Barnes          306
0470034483    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Buckroyd        232
0470037970    $59.95    ¥499    Cloth   Qualls          288
0470056959    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Smith           274
0470057769   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Austen          342
0470059532   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Proulx          274
0470060069    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Rondal          228
0470092076    $40.00    ¥333    Paper   Coleman         256
0470092130   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Kebbell         248
0470092513   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Browne          234
0470125160    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Wiger           304
0470134879   $122.95   ¥1,022   Cloth   King            512
0470181532    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Merriam         400
0470811234    $25.95    ¥216    Paper   BURTON          224
0471264121    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Homack          208
0471484849    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   McCown          304
0471656305    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Martin          248
0471693049    $74.95    ¥623    Cloth   Thyer           624
0471699772    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Murdoch         288
0471714070   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Goldstein       840
0471717703    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Millon          288
0471717711    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Millon          360
0471719269    $44.95    ¥374    Paper   Prilleltensky   416
0471738115   $149.95   ¥1,247   Cloth   Tenenbaum       960
0471745847   $104.95    ¥873    Cloth   Hersen          744
0471752207    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Rocha           224
0471757705    $79.95    ¥665    Cloth   Jacob           432
0471757713    $44.95    ¥374    Paper   Flanagan       432
0471771708    $84.95    ¥706    Cloth   Blackburn      600
0471783722    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Miller         464
0471785350    $54.95    ¥457    Paper   Jongsma        368
0471785369    $54.95    ¥457    Paper   Jongsma        416
0471785385    $54.95    ¥457    Paper   Jongsma        432
0471785393    $54.95    ¥457    Paper   Jongsma        368
0727918176    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Meadow         106
0745629660    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Moscovici      296
0745635210    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Pierson        273
0745635563    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Pierson        492
0745636888    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Bulman         249
0787966134    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Gappa          400
0787975885    $51.95    ¥432    Cloth   Merriam        560
0787984000    $31.95    ¥266    Paper   Jossey-Bass    496
0787986402    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Miller         280
0787987654    $27.95    ¥232    Paper   Banks          528
0787987662    $17.95    ¥149    Paper   Fullan         176
0787988189    $54.95    ¥457    Cloth   Bacchetti      528
0787988251    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Palloff        320
0787994006    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Pope           480
0787994138    $15.95    ¥133    Paper   Kottler        336
0787996068    $19.95    ¥166    Paper   Education Week 256
1405114908    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Robson         159
1405125268    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Dyer           325
1405126418    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Velleman       268
1405130083    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   CHAMORRO-PREMUZ240
1405132531   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Hoff           502
1405133082    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   King           227
1405133732   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   ALLEN          520
1405134399    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Kimmel         405
1405136383    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   MACE           240
1405140526    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Buskist        101
1405146591    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Boyle          226
1405147261    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Tomasello      155
1405149523    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   BJORKLUND 288
1405151714    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Stevenson      182
1405153954    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Teti           565
1405155833    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   CHIN           392
1405157593    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Koehler        664
1405160225    $29.95    ¥249    Paper   Frith          234
1405160918    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   CORNELISSEN 192
1405162414    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   GIARCHI        176
1405163127    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   O'LEARY        512
1861564554    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Morrall        214
1933371218    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Chism          228
1933371277    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Lyons          280
047001444X   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Fitzgerald     536
047171772X    $49.95    ¥415    Paper   Millon         360
078798261X    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Sullivan       240
078799491X   $114.95    ¥956    Paper   Jossey Bass    1128
078799572X    $14.95    ¥124    Paper   Banta          80
140513450X    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   CROSBY            352
140513982X    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Uttl              310
140514436X    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Barker            286
140515392X    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Field             330
193337117X    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Leaming           512
193337120X    $39.95    ¥332    Cloth   Bresciani         280
0813805597   $119.95    ¥998    Paper   Koerner           320
0813808812   $129.95   ¥1,081   Cloth   Shafie            247
0813812135    $79.95    ¥665    Paper   Mostofsky         301
0813822688    $69.95    ¥582    Cloth   Dibart            108
0813826020    $69.95    ¥582    Paper   Vandersall        219
0813826233    $69.95    ¥582    Paper   Ackerman          160
1405124962    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Hackshaw          225
1405128038    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Bonehill          232
1405129549   $295.00   ¥2,453   Cloth   Andreasen         897
1405135409    $95.00    ¥790    Paper   Ireland           522
1405138882    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Bridges           219
1405148314    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Hollins           233
1555812627   $105.00    ¥873    Paper   Lamont            458
081382883X    $99.95    ¥831    Cloth   Drago             244
140514937X   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Shear             228
0470010975   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   McMorris          348
0470015950   $240.00   ¥1,996   Cloth   Brown             528
0470016000   $175.00   ¥1,455   Cloth   Staton            410
0470017287   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Roden             422
0470018038   $335.00   ¥2,786   Cloth   Mann              702
0470019751    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Clegg             240
0470025387    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Jolley            252
0470026219    $75.00    ¥624    Paper   Enderby           160
0470026561   $160.00   ¥1,331   Cloth   Novartis          238
0470027134   $335.00   ¥2,786   Cloth   Ashcroft          864
0470027983   $160.00   ¥1,331   Cloth   Novartis Founda   302
0470029242   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Strom             518
0470029641    $65.00    ¥541    Paper   Stephens          376
0470033924    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Gill              432
0470035226   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Katsilambros      482
0470048425    $49.95    ¥415    Cloth   ADA               688
0470058161   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Day               262
0470058234    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Aubry             296
0470065117    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Creek             250
0470093137   $240.00   ¥1,996   Cloth   Edwards           780
0470093161   $315.00   ¥2,620   Cloth   Stark             754
0470512172    $29.95    ¥249    Cloth   Byrne             144
0470512296    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Lee               166
0470512458    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Remschmidt        256
0470838914    $13.95    ¥116    Paper   Graci             400
0471701327   $124.95   ¥1,039   Paper   Zola              581
0471714577    $69.95    ¥582    Paper   Scott             679
0471724289    $16.95    ¥141    Paper   Trock             256
0471739294    $17.95    ¥149    Paper   Rodman            288
0471747041    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Sinatra           272
0471750239    $25.95    ¥216    Cloth   AMA               288
0471756105    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Challem       288
0471790753    $57.95    ¥482    Paper   Pointer       408
0471790761    $57.95    ¥482    Paper   Getzen        384
0471790788    $57.95    ¥482    Paper   Lombardi      456
0471946540    $24.95    ¥207    Cloth   Nathan        272
0632046562    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Korf          278
0632056568    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Carter        227
0727915282    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Chan          134
0727916440    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Davis         63
0727916491    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Hodgetts      145
0727916955    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Grey          50
0727917730   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Webster       466
0727918117   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Candelise     288
0727918702    $80.00    ¥665    Paper   Schulman      365
0787982059    $59.95    ¥499    Paper   Schiavo       464
0813818788    $44.95    ¥374    Cloth   Maher         213
1405104449   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Avram         136
1405104848    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Powsner       206
1405118660    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Johnson       316
1405122048   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Simoff        361
1405122064   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Amar          272
1405122080   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   De Caterina   432
1405122102   $120.00    ¥998    Cloth   Bridges       174
1405122730    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Moulton       441
1405122897   $315.00   ¥2,620   Cloth   Stockley      892
1405124075   $260.00   ¥2,162   Cloth   Fine          470
1405127821   $175.00   ¥1,455   Cloth   Queenan       471
1405130032    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   Bradley       160
1405130504   $230.00   ¥1,913   Cloth   Hughes        623
1405130792    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Fallon        88
1405131322    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Slaughter     112
1405131373   $315.00   ¥2,620   Cloth   Jordan        662
1405131551   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Germano       367
1405131934   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Gershman      208
1405132167   $285.00   ¥2,370   Cloth   Reece         1560
1405132663    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Jadad         136
1405132981   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   MacAuley      640
1405133554   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   Edmonds       736
1405134003   $295.00   ¥2,453   Cloth   Arceci        826
1405134011   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Cant          205
1405134488    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   Ward          108
1405134887   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Oakley        354
1405134917    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Holstege      156
1405134933   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Shaw          632
1405135123    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Pope          156
1405135158    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   Bulstrode     104
1405135190    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   Reid          304
1405135611   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Brown         216
1405136030    $75.00    ¥624    Paper   Delves        474
1405136480    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Holt          272
1405136561    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Ludman        107
1405136758    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Goldsmith     82
1405138041    $65.00    ¥541    Paper   Ellis           439
1405138076   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Stein           476
1405139080   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Kojiro          174
1405139110    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   Ellis           423
1405139595    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Dawson          52
1405139722    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Cooper          206
1405139730    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Cooper          243
1405139773    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   Graham-Brown    217
1405140313    $80.00    ¥665    Paper   Nguyen          451
1405141662    $60.00    ¥499    Paper   Mattu           111
1405142685   $220.00   ¥1,830   Cloth   Pinkerton       576
1405145080    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   Bull            207
1405145218   $175.00   ¥1,455   Cloth   Gupta           290
1405146451    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Robinson        200
1405146664    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Long            196
1405146877    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Addy            257
1405147113    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Currie          39
1405148454    $37.50    ¥312    Paper   Miall           151
1405149493   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Talley          270
1405149507   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Pacak           172
1405151080    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Abedin          295
1405151099    $90.00    ¥748    Paper   Garcia-Civera   322
1405151315   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Seeber          389
1405153539    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Provan          99
1405153695    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Kutcher         134
1405155698    $70.00    ¥582    Cloth   Mond            136
1405155701   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Lumsden         220
1405156090   $105.00    ¥873    Paper   Reece           570
1405156708   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Woo             233
1405157135    $24.95    ¥207    Paper   Nordenstrom     91
1405157194   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Porst           401
1405157488    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Girgis          332
1405157860    $70.00    ¥582    Paper   Bayes De Luna   99
1405157887    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Blundell        246
1405158867   $210.00   ¥1,746   Cloth   Cohen           318
1405158999    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Lue             86
1405167165   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Roberts         256
1563635682   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   PPA             3558
1573316555   $125.00   ¥1,040   Paper   Sobue           243
1840760451    $39.95    ¥332    Paper   Partridge       176
1840760524   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Falk            272
1840760613    $50.00    ¥416    Paper   Greene          240
1840760699    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   LEDGER          160
1840760966    $32.50    ¥270    Paper   Strobel         576
1861564090   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Luxon           800
1861564228    $55.00    ¥457    Paper   Cross           266
1861564422    $95.00    ¥790    Paper   Enderby         18
1861564805    $80.00    ¥665    Paper   Fawcett         490
1861565054   $100.00    ¥832    Paper   Cichero         580
1874545278    $95.00    ¥790    Paper   Strobel         640
1898683042    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Zinkin          238
1898683050    $70.00    ¥582    Cloth   Brazelton       150
1898683085    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Sullivan       160
1898683115   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Whitmore       304
1898683158    $80.00    ¥665    Cloth   Dubowitz       155
1898683166   $315.00   ¥2,620   Cloth   Aicardi        897
1898683182    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Gillberg       189
1898683190    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Neville        217
1898683204    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Stanley        251
1898683220   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Gillberg       330
1898683247    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Stores         221
1898683255    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Cockerill      185
1898683271    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   O'Brien        239
1898683328    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Scrutton       204
1898683336   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Banta          273
1898683352   $185.00   ¥1,538   Cloth   Minns          512
1898683379   $165.00   ¥1,372   Cloth   Gage           448
1898683409    $60.00    ¥499    Cloth   Einspieler     91
1898683441    $90.00    ¥748    Cloth   Baker          153
1898683476   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Gilvarry       248
1898683484   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Eeg-Olofsson   264
1898683492   $125.00   ¥1,040   Cloth   Tuchman        354
1898683506   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   MacGregor      272
3527310568   $190.00   ¥1,580   Cloth   zur Hausen     531
3527312218   $205.00   ¥1,705   Cloth   Arnetz         434
047001458X   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Dunning        420
047002450X   $115.00    ¥956    Cloth   Fayers         566
047002755X   $160.00   ¥1,331   Cloth   Novartis       232
047003470X   $135.00   ¥1,123   Cloth   Rowe           308
047006126X   $155.00   ¥1,289   Cloth   Mazze          448
047169598X   $294.95   ¥2,453   Cloth   Magro          499
047177894X    $16.95    ¥141    Paper   Zied           288
140512203X   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   McCarthy       314
140513061X    $45.00    ¥374    Paper   Beevers        83
140513674X    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   Sattar         50
140514517X    $80.00    ¥665    Paper   Hey            309
140514842X   $145.00   ¥1,206   Cloth   Leri           229
140515957X    $34.95    ¥291    Paper   BMA            144
189868314X   $105.00    ¥873    Cloth   Connolly       276
189868328X    $95.00    ¥790    Cloth   Baxter         181
                                      Full title                                            Chinese title
Dielectric Films for Advanced Microelectronics                                      高级微电子学介电薄膜
Spectroscopic Ellipsometry: Principles and Applications                             椭圆光度法:原理与应用
Optical Properties of Condensed Matter and Applications                             凝聚态物质光学性质与应用
                                                                                    工程陶瓷学的机械性质与性能 II\陶瓷工程与科学会
Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics II, Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Cocoa Beach, Volume
                                                                                    高级陶瓷涂层\陶瓷工程与科学会议录 第27卷 第
Advanced Ceramic Coatings and Interfaces, Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Cocoa Beach, Volume 27, Issue 3
Ceramics in Nuclear and Alternative Energy Applications, Ceramic Engineering and核与代用能源应用中的陶瓷\陶瓷工程与科学会议录
                                                                                     Science Proceedings, Cocoa Beach, Volume 27, Issue
Advances in Bioceramics and Biocomposites II, Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 27, Issue 6
                                                                                    陶瓷防护II\陶瓷工程与科学会议录 第27卷 第6期
Advances in Ceramic Armor II, Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Cocoa Beach, Volume 27, Issue 7
Thin Film Solar Cells: Fabrication, Characterization and Applications               薄膜太阳电池:制造、特性化与应用
Charge Transport in Disordered Solids with Applications in Electronics              无序固体电荷输送及电子学应用
Transport Properties and Concrete Quality: Materials Science of Concrete, Special Volume
68th Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum: A collection of papers presented at the 68th Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum,
Characterization and Control of Interfaces for High Quality Advanced Materials II: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 198
Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin Films: Applications-Led Growth of Functional Materials
Polarized Light in Liquid Crystals and Polymers                                     液态结晶与聚合体偏振光
Photorefractive Materials: Fundamental Concepts, Holographic Recording and Materials Characterization
Alloy Physics: A Comprehensive Reference                                            合金物理学
Thermal Spraying for Power Generation Components                                    发电部分热喷涂
Nanodevices for the Life Sciences                                                   生命科学纳米仪器
Nanomaterials for Cancer Diagnosis                                                  癌诊断纳米材料
Nanomaterials for Biosensors                                                        生物感受器用的纳米材料
Tissue, Cell and Organ Engineering                                                  组织、细胞与器官工程学
Nanomaterials for Medical Diagnosis and Therapy                                     医疗诊断与治疗用纳米材料
Electrocrystallization in Nanotechnology                                            电结晶钠米技术
Modern Surface Technology                                                           现代表面技术
Fatigue Crack Propagation in Metals and Alloys: Microstructural Aspects and Modelling Concepts
Integral Materials Modeling: Towards Physics-Based Through-Process Models           整体材料建模
Magnesium: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Magnesium Alloys 镁合金及其应用\会议录
                                                                                    and Their Applications
Copper in the Automotive Industry                                                   汽车工业中的铜
                                                                                    固体氧化物燃料电池进展 II\陶瓷工程与科学会议录
Advances in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells II, Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Cocoa Beach, Volume 27, Issue 4
Electroceramic Materials and Applications: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 196         电子陶瓷材料及应用:陶瓷汇刊 第196卷
Fractography of Glasses and Ceramics V                                              玻璃与陶瓷断口金相学 V
Virtual Fabrication of Aluminum Products: Microstructural Modeling in Industrial Aluminum Production
LANGUAGE ALIVE 1 TEACHER SUPPORT BOOK                                               生动语言 1 教师手册
How to Do Systems Analysis                                                          如何进行系统分析
Computers and People: Essays from The Profession                                    计算机与人
Multi-voltage CMOS Circuit Design                                                   多路电源与阈电压CMOS电路
                                                                                    IEEE 802 无线通讯系统:标准、模式与通信特性
IEEE 802 Wireless Systems: Protocols, Multi-Hop Mesh/Relaying, Performance and Spectrum Coexistence
Advanced Cellular Network Planning and Optimisation: 2G/2.5G/3G...Evolution to 终端对终端蜂窝状网络规划与最佳化: GSM/GPRS
Self-Similar Processes in Telecommunications                                        通信自相似过程
The Art of Error Correcting Coding, 2nd Edition                                     纠错编码的艺术 第2版
Data Lifecycles: Managing Data for Strategic Advantage                              数据寿命:为战略优势管理数据
Grid Networks: Enabling Grids with Advanced Communication Technology                格状网:以先进通信技术启用网格
Communication Systems: Fundamentals and Design Methods                              通讯系统导论
Digital Data Integrity: The Evolution from Passive Protection to Active Management  数据一体化:数据保护与管理
Stability and Control of Aircraft Systems: Introduction to Classical Feedback Control
Speech Recognition Over Digital Channels: Robustness and Standards                  数字通道上的语言识别
Network Convergence: Services, Applications, Transport, and Operations Support 网络汇合:服务、应用、运输与运营支持
RF and Microwave Transistor Oscillator Design                                       射频与微波晶体管振荡器设计
Converged Multimedia Networks                                                       集中多媒体网络
Six Sigma: Advanced Tools for Black Belts and Master Black Belts                    六西格玛:黑腰带级与大师级高级工具
Design and Characterization of Integrated Varactors for RF Applications           射频应用手册:集成变容二极管设计与特性化
Bistatic Radar: Principles and Practice                                           双基地雷达:原理与实践
Communication Systems for the Mobile Information Society                          移动信息社会通讯系统
Handbook of Power System Engineering                                              电力系统工程技能与科学
Advances in Fuzzy Clustering and its Applications                                 模糊聚类及其应用
Ultra Wideband Signals and Systems in Communication Engineering, 2nd Edition 通信工程中的超宽带信号与系统 第2版
Speech Processing for IP Networks: Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP)         媒体源控制规程:IP网络语音处理技术
Foundations of Fuzzy Control                                                      模糊控制导论
Mobile Radio Network Design in the VHF and UHF Bands: A Practical Approach VHF与UHF波段移动无线电通信实用方法
System Building with APL + WIN                                                    用 APL+WIN 的系统建立
Speech Quality of VoIP: Assessment and Prediction                                 VoIP 感知质量:测量与预测
Antennas for Portable Devices                                                     手提装置用天线
UMTS Performance Measurement: A Practical Guide to KPIs for the UTRAN Environment性能测量: UTRAN 环境 KPIs 实用指南 (无
Ultra Wideband Antennas and Propagation for Communications, Radar and Imaging通信、雷达与成像的超宽带天线与传播
Principles of Ad-hoc Networking                                                   Ad-hoc 网络原理
Wireless Communications: The Future                                               未来无线通信
Health Monitoring of Structural Materials and Components: Methods with Applications
WCDMA (UMTS) Deployment Handbook: Planning and Optimization Aspects               WCDMA(UMTS)系统配置手册:规划与最佳化问题
Satellite Technology: Principles and Applications                                 卫星技术:原理与应用
Designing the Mobile User Experience                                              移动用户经验设计
Multiplexed Networks for Embedded Systems: CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Safe-by-Wire...嵌入式系统用多元化网络
Personal Content Experience: Managing Digital Life in the Mobile Age              数字化时代个人数字内容管理
Hydrodynamics of Free Surface Flows: Modelling with the Finite Element Method 无压流的流体力学
A First Course in Finite Elements                                                 有限元初级教程
Advanced Modeling in Computational Electromagnetic Compatibility                  计算电磁兼容性的高级建模
Global Positioning Systems, Inertial Navigation, and Integration, 2nd Edition     全球定位系统、惯性导航与整合
Applied Electromagnetics: Early Transmission Lines Approach                       电磁理论
Crystal Clear: The Struggle for Reliable Communications Technology in World War II透彻化:第二次世界大战期间可靠通信技术演进史
Electron Beams and Microwave Vacuum Electronics                                   电子束与微波真空电子学
VHDL for Digital Design                                                           数字设计用VHDL
S60 Smartphone Quality Assurance: A Guide for Mobile Engineers and Developers S60智能电话质量保证:移动工程师与开发人员指南
Programming Mobile Devices: An Introduction for Practitioners                     移动装置程序设计:开发者导论
Developing Multi-Agent Systems with JADE                                          利用 JADE 开发多代理系统
Color Constancy                                                                   色感一致性
IMS Multimedia Telephony over Cellular Systems: VoIP Evolution in a Converged IMS 超越蜂窝式系统的多媒体电话技术:汇聚电信
                                                                                  Telecommunication World
UMTS Signaling: UMTS Interfaces, Protocols, Message Flows and Procedures Analyzed and Explained, 2nd Edition
Remote Sensing with Polarimetric Radar                                            遥感与偏振测定雷达
Future Trends in Microelectronics: Up the Nano Creek                              微电子学未来趋势
Advanced Dynamic-system Simulation: Model-replication Techniques and Monte Carlo Simulation
Autonomous Software-Defined Radio Receivers for Deep Space Applications           外层空间应用的自动软件界定的收音机 
Smart Material Systems and MEMS: Design and Development Methodologies             智能材料系统与MEMS:设计与开发方法论
Grounding and Shielding: Circuits and Interference, 5th Edition                   接地与屏蔽:电路与接口 第5版
People and Organizations: Explorations of Human-Centered Design                   人与机构:探索人类行为与表现
Infrared System Engineering                                                       红外线系统工程
Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power Conditioning                 瞬间活跃与无功功率理论与应用
RFID-A Guide to Radio Frequency Identification                                    无线电通信频率鉴定指南
The Best of the Best: Fifty Years of Communications and Networking Research       最好中的最好:通信与网络研究五十年
Electric Power Planning for Regulated and Deregulated Markets                     电力工业风险管理
Pragmatic Software Testing: Becoming an Effective and Efficient Test Professional
Parameter Estimation for Scientists and Engineers                                 参数估计:科学家与工程师适用
Ambient Networks: Co-operative Mobile Networking for the Wireless World
Software VNA and Microwave Network Design and Characterisation                    VNA软件与微波网络设计及特征化
ESD: RF Technology and Circuits                                                  静电放电射频技术
Software Defined Radio: The Software Communications Architecture                 定义无线电的软件:软件通信的体系结构
Space-Time Coding for Broadband Wireless Communications                          宽带无线通信的空间-时间编码
Radio Propagation and Adaptive Antennas for Wireless Communication Links: Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Ionospheric
Electromagnetic Fields, 2nd Edition                                              电磁场 第2版
Fundamentals of Photonics, 2nd Edition                                           光子学原理 第2版
Contamination and ESD Control in High Technology Manufacturing                   高技术制造的污染与静电放电控制
Optical Networking Best Practices Handbook                                       光纤网络最佳实施手册
Genetic Algorithms in Electromagnetics                                           电磁学遗传算法
Signaling in Telecommunication Networks, 2nd Edition                             通信网络信号发送
Mobile Internetworking with IPv6: Concepts, Principles and Practices             IPv6 移动网际互连:概念、原理与实践
Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment                       全天候仸务保障系统
Optical Switching                                                                光交换
Simulation-based Lean Six-Sigma and Design for Six-Sigma                         六西格玛模拟:问题解决与持续改善
Managing Projects in Telecommunication Services                                  通讯业项目管理
Ultra Wideband Wireless Communication                                            超宽频无线通讯
Introduction to Evolvable Hardware: A Practical Guide for Designing Self-Adaptive自我攒机实用指南
Design and Analysis of Distributed Algorithms                                    分布式算法设计与分析
Parallel Combinatorial Optimization                                              并行组合优化
How To Prepare Defense-Related Scientific and Technical Reports: Guidance for Government, Academia, and Industry
Signal Processing of Power Quality Disturbances                                  动力质量干扰的信号处理
Mining Graph Data                                                                图形数据采掘
Computer Architecture and Organization: An Integrated Approach                   计算机组成与架构
Task Scheduling for Parallel Systems                                             并行系统任务调度
Adaptive Radar Signal Processing                                                 自适应雷达:智能雷达开发
Asymmetric Passive Components in Microwave Integrated Circuits                   微波集成电路非对称无源元件
Embedded Signal Processing with the Micro Signal Architecture                    嵌入式信号处理与微信号体系结构
Holistic Management: Managing What Matters for Company Success                   整体管理:有助公司成功的管理要素
Computational Auditory Scene Analysis: Principles, Algorithms, and Applications 计算机听觉分析原理、算法与应用
Cognitive Radio Architecture: The Engineering Foundations of Radio XML           认知无线电结构:Radio XML 工程基础
Wireless Sensor Networks: Technology, Protocols, and Applications                无线传感器网络:技术、协议与应用
Hyperspectral Data Exploitation: Theory and Applications
Foundations for Guided-Wave Optics                                               导波光学精要
Security for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks                                            无线专用网络安全手册
Radio System Design for Telecommunication, 3rd Edition                           无线电系统设计 第3版
Digital Image Processing: PIKS Scientific Inside, 4th Edition                    数字图像处理
                                                                                 ISO 9001软件项目文件化使用指南
Practical Support for ISO 9001 Software Project Documentation: Using IEEE Software Engineering Standards
All-Digital Frequency Synthesizer in Deep-Submicron CMOS                         深亚微米CMOS全数字频率合成器
Software Management, 7th Edition                                                 软件管理指南 第7版
Phishing and Countermeasures: Understanding the Increasing Problem of Electronic钓鱼与对策:电子身份窃贼问题剖析
                                                                                  Identity Theft
Minoli-Cordovana's Authoritative Computer & Network Security Dictionary          网络与计算机安全权威辞典
Enhanced Visualization: Making Space for 3-D Images                              增强视觉化:制作三维空间图像
Audio Signal Processing and Coding                                               音频信号处理与编码
RFID Applied                                                                     射频识别实用手册
Computer Security and Cryptography                                               计算机安全与密码术
The Cognitive Dynamics of Computer Science: Cost-Effective Large Scale Software计算机科学认知动力学:有效大规模软件开发成本
Growth Market Nanotechnology: An Analysis of Technology and Innovation           纳米技术成长市场:技术与创新分析
Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells: Modeling, Analysis, Simulation, and Control         熔融碳酸盐燃料电池:模型、分析、模拟与控制
Handbook of Machine Vision                                                       机器视觉手册
Robot Grippers                                                                   机器人机械爪
Nanophysics and Nanotechnology: An Introduction to Modern Concepts in Nanoscience, 2nd, Updated and Enlarged Edition
Nitride Semiconductor Devices: Principles and Simulation                         氮化物半导体装置:原理与模拟
Dictionary of Drives / Wörterbuch Antriebstechnik: Terms from the Fields of Drives驱动辞典:驱动与自动控制系统领域的术语形成
                                                                                   and Automation / Begriffe aus der Antriebs- und Autom
Automating with SIMATIC: Controllers, Software, Programming, Data Communication Operator Control and Process Monitoring
                                                                                  STL和SCL中应用STEP 7的自动化:SIMATIC S7-30
Automating with STEP 7 in STL and SCL: Programmable Controllers SIMATIC S7-300/400, 4th, Updated Edition
Fundamentals of Liquid Crystal Devices                                            液晶器件原理
QoS Over Heterogeneous Networks                                                   异机种网络服务质量
Digital Alias-free Signal Processing                                              数字无假信号的信号处理
Essentials of Error-Control Coding                                                误差控制编码导论
Smart Card Applications: Design models for using and programming smart cards 智能卡应用:智能卡编程与使用方法
Advanced Wireless Communications: 4G Cognitive and Cooperative Broadband Technologies, 2nd Edition
Wireless Transceiver Design: Mastering the Design of Modern Wireless Equipment无线收发器设计:现代无线电设备与系统总体设计
                                                                                   and Systems
Guidance for the Verification and Validation of Neural Networks                   神经网络与自适应系统的检验与确认指导
Collaborative Process Improvement: With Examples from the Software World          游击质量:工艺改进人员的创新方法
Fundamentals of the Physical Theory of Diffraction                                衍射物理理论原理
Elements of Tidal-Electric Engineering                                            潮汐-电子工程的原理
                                                                                  软件工程:Barry W. and Research
Software Engineering: Barry W. Boehm's Lifetime Contributions to Software Development, Management, Boehm传奇
Introduction to Microdisplays                                                     显微显示概论
Charge-Based MOS Transistor Modeling: The EKV Model for Low-Power and RF IC DesignMOS集成电路设计晶体管建模:EKV模式的使用
DC Power System Design for Telecommunications                                     通信用直流电源系统设计
Practical Electromagnetics: From Biomedical Sciences to Wireless Communication 实用电磁学:从无线通讯到生物医学应用
Software Testing: Testing Across the Entire Software Development Life Cycle       软件测试
Self Build and Renovation For Dummies                                             自我建设与建筑翻新
A Brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 4th Edition                              流体力学简明导论(附光盘)
Simplified Design of Concrete Structures, 8th Edition                             简明混凝土结构设计 第8版
Aircraft Performance                                                              航空器性能
Earthquake Engineering: Application to Design                                     地震工程
Pressure Systems Safety Regulations: PSSRs: SI 128                                压力系统安全规章:PSSRS - SI 128 A 快速指南
Simplified Design of Steel Structures, 8th Edition                                简明钢铁结构设计 第8版
Reinforced Concrete Design, 7th Edition                                           钢筋混凝土设计
Fundamentals of Micromechanics of Solids                                          固体微力学导论
Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Control: New Methods and Applications, 3rd Edition
Genomics and Proteomics Engineering in Medicine and Biology                       医学与生物学中的基因组与蛋白组工程
Bridge Management                                                                 桥梁管理
Olin's Construction: Principles, Materials, and Methods, 8th Edition              建筑学:原理、材料与方法
Life Cycle Reliability Engineering                                                可靠性工程寿命周期
Mechanics of Materials                                                            材料力学:综合方法
Stormwater Management for Land Development: Methods and Calculations for Quantity Control
Landforming: An Environmental Approach to Hillside Development, Mine Reclamation and Watershed Restoration
Performance-Based Earned Value                                                    绩效导向型项目价值
Environmentally Conscious Mechanical Design                                       具有环保意识的机械设计
Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing                                           具有环保意识的制造业
Numerical Methods with Matlab                                                     Matlab 数学方法
Trace Chemical Sensing of Explosives                                              爆炸物化学探测
Environmentally Conscious Materials and Chemicals Processing                      具有环保意识的材料与化学加工 第3卷
Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, 6th Edition                                      力学动力学工程应用
Global Engineering and Construction                                               世界工程与建设
Transportation Decision Making: Principles of Project Evaluation and Programming运输决策:项目评估与程序原理
Vibration of Continuous Systems                                                   连续系统的振动
Program Management for Improved Business Results                                  改进商业成效的规划管理
Socially Responsible Engineering: Justice in Risk Management                      社会责任工程学:风险管理中的公正
Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, Appendices, 6th Edition               工程热力学基础 附录
Applied Soil Mechanics with ABAQUS Applications                                   应用土壤力学与ABAQUS应用
Security Risk Assessment and Management: A Professional Practice Guide for Protecting Buildings and Infrastructures
NEC 3 Engineering and Construction Contract 2e - a Commentary                      NEC 3 工程与施工合同:评论
Helicopter Flight Dynamics, Second Edition                                         直升机飞行动力学 第2版
The Management of Complex Projects - A            Relationship Approach            复杂系统管理:关系途径
Understanding the Construction Client                                              了解工程业主
Loft Conversions                                                                   细微的变化
The Aqua Group Guide to Procurement, Tendering & Contract Administration           Aqua 集团采购、投标与合同管理指南
Sustainable Practice for the Facilities Manager                                    后勤管理员实践
Plumbing 3e                                                                        卫生管道工程
JCT 05 Standard Building Sub-Contract                                              JCT 05 标准建筑转包合同
Willis's Practice and Procedure for the Quantity Surveyor 12e                      Willis 预算师实践与规程 第2版
Timber Designers' Manual, Third Edition                                            木材设计师手册
The Building Regulations                                                           房建规则:注解插图
The JCT Design and Build Contract 2005                                             JCT 设计与建筑合同 2005
The Law and Management of Building Subcontracts 2e                                 建筑转包合同法律与管理
The Party Wall Casebook                                                            共用隔墙实例集
Building Physics - Heat, Air and Moisture: Fundamentals and Engineering Methods with Examples and Exercises
DeGarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing, 10th Edition                   制造业的材料与工艺 第10版
Handbook of Neural Engineering                                                     神经工程手册 (IEEE 生物医学工程丛书)
Intelligent Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis for Engineering Systems                  机器故障与诊断:方法与实例研究
Urban Transit Systems and Technology                                               城市运输系统与技术
Structural Foundation Designers' Manual                                            建筑地基设计师手册
Gasdynamic Aspects of Two-Phase Flow: Hyperbolicity, Wave Propagation Phenomena, and Related Numerical Methods
(Great) Employees Only: How Gifted Bosses Hire and De-Hire Their Way to Success    老板用人之道
The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or Anything Else) from the 诱人因素:创造财富的5个简捷步骤
                                                                                   Inside Out
Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management                            绩效管理:快速应用手册
Coaching at Work: Powering your Team with Awareness, Responsibility and Trust 职场辅导指南
Learning For Action: A Short Definitive Account of Soft Systems Methodology, and its use Practitioners, Teachers and Students
Conversations with Marketing Masters                                               营销大师访谈录
From Slavery to Citizenship                                                        从奴隶到市民
Brand Vision: How to Energize Your Team to Drive Business Growth                   商标影响力
Return on Ideas: A Practical Guide to Making Innovation Pay                        新观念的回报:创新报酬
Service Management and Marketing: Customer Management in Service Competition, 3rd Edition
Strategic Market Relationships: From Strategy to Implementation, 2nd Edition       战略市场关系
Branding Governance: A Participatory Approach to the Brand Building Process        商标管理:商标创立过程的分享研究
Innovation and Entrepreneurship                                                    革新与企业家
Applied Emotional Intelligence: The Importance of Attitudes in Developing Emotional Intelligence
Developing Executive Talent: Best Practices from Global Leaders                    行政管理人材开发:英国20家经验
Discount Business Strategy: How the New Market Leaders are Redefining Business 商业折扣战略方法与实施
Public Speaking and Presentations for Dummies                                      表达与演说入门
Strategic Planning For Dummies                                                     战略规划
Exceptional Selling: How the Best Connect and Win in High Stakes Sales             如何销售才能物有所值
Wiley Pathways Real Estate, 1st Edition                                            房地产
Management Science: The Art of Modeling with Spreadsheets, 2nd Edition             用电子制表软件建模的艺术 第2版
Business Continuity Strategies: Protecting Against Unplanned Disasters, 3rd Edition企业永续战略:免于突致灾难
Small Business Cash Flow: Strategies for Making Your Business a Financial Success 企业现金流:事业与财务成功策略
Blind Spots: Achieve Success by Seeing What You Can't See                          盲点:通过观察你所看到的获得成功
Podcasting Bible                                                                   博客宝典
Business Process Outsourcing: Process, Strategies, and Contracts, 2nd Edition      商业流程外包:过程、策略与合同
Six Sigma Workbook For Dummies                                                     六西格玛练习
Meet and Grow Rich: How to Easily Create and Operate Your Own "Mastermind" Group for Health, Wealth, and More
Trump-Style Negotiation: Powerful Strategies and Tactics for Mastering Every Deal王牌式谈判:掌握每笔生意的强大战略与战术
Ready-to-Use Performance Appraisals: Downloadable, Customizable Tools for Better, Faster Reviews!
Business Process Management and the Balanced Scorecard: Using Processes as Strategic Drivers
Busting Loose From the Money Game: Mind-Blowing Strategies for Changing the Rules of a Game You Can't Win
CIO Best Practices: Enabling Strategic Value with Information Technology         首席信息官的最优方案:高级信息管理人员的职责
Brewing Up a Business: Adventures in Entrepreneurship from the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Marketing Research, 9th Edition                                                  营销研究 第9版
Becoming a Master Manager: A Competing Values Approach, 4th Edition              成为大师级管理者:竞争价值途径
From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, E-books, and Information Products
                                                                                 Adweek 版权手册:从美国顶级广告文书写家那里摘录
The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Powerful Advertising and Marketing Copy from One of America's To
Covert Persuasion: Psychological Tactics and Tricks to Win the Game              隐蔽说服:心理战术与获胜策略
The Performance Power Grid: The Proven Method to Create and Sustain Superior Organizational Performance
The Power of Positive Profit: How You Can Improve Any Bottom Line in Sales, Marketing, and Management with MoneyMath
The Think Factory: Managing Today's Most Precious Resource, People!              思想工厂:今日最宝贵资源-信息的管理
The ICCA Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility                             公司社会责任ICCA手册
Supporting Strategy: Frameworks, Methods and Models
The Value Motive: The Only Alternative to the Profit Motive                      有价值的动机:谋利动机的唯一选择
Digital Marketing For Dummies                                                    数字营销傻瓜书
Marketing Excellence: Winning Companies Reveal the Secrets of Their Success      卓越的销售:成功公司披露其成功秘诀
Herd: How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing Our True Nature                 群:怎样利用本性驱使改变群体行为
In Search of a New Logic for Marketing: Foundations of Contemporary Theory       营销学新逻辑探索:当代市场营销理论基础
Implementing CRM: From Technology to Knowledge
Market Research Best Practice: 30 Visions for the Future                         市场调查最优方法
Business Genetics: Understanding 21st Century Corporations using xBML            xBML业务建模:21世纪商业管理工具
The Relationship Edge: The Key to Strategic Influence and Selling Success, 2nd Edition
Strategic Benchmarking Reloaded with Six Sigma: Improving Your Company's Performance Using Global Best Practice
Move the World: Persuade Your Audience, Change Minds, and Achieve Your Goals     改变世界:说服客户、改变思想并达成你的目标
Management, 9th Edition                                                          管理学
The New CFO Financial Leadership Manual, 2nd Edition                             全新 CFO 财务领导手册 第2版
Buying Trances: A New Psychology of Sales and Marketing                          购物迷:销售与营销新型心理学
The Executive's Guide to Information Technology, 2nd Edition                     信息技术经理人指南
Key Performance Indicators : Developing, Implementing,and Using Winning KPIs 关键绩效指标:发展、实施与利用成功的KPI
The SAIC Solution: How We Built an $8 Billion Employee-Owned Technology Company  SAIC解决方案:如何建立一个拥有职员及80亿美元
The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy能量 Bus:点燃生活、工作与团队积极能量的十项法
Make Money Teaching Online: How to Land Your First Academic Job, Build Credibility, and Earn a Six-Figure Salary
Lights Out: The Electricity Crisis, the Global Economy, and What It Means To You熄灯号:电能危机,全球经济及其对你的影响
How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of "Intangibles" in Business          如何衡量一切:寻找企业“无形资产”的价值
Wiley Pathways Small Business Management                                         小本经营
How to Incorporate: A Handbook for Entrepreneurs and Professionals, 5th Edition 如何合并:企业家与专家手册 第5版
Business Power: Creating New Wealth from IP Assets                               商业动力:从IP资产中创造新财富
Email Marketing By the Numbers: How to Use the World's Greatest Marketing Tool常规电子邮件营销:如何利用世界上最好的营销工
                                                                                   to Take Any Organization to the Next Level
The 10 Rules of Sam Walton: Success Secrets for Remarkable Results               Sam Walton的10条法则:非凡成就的成功秘诀
The Brand Who Cried Wolf: Deliver on Your Company's Promise and Create Customers for Life
Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand                             成功人士非凡职业决策
Marketing Research Essentials with SPSS, 6th Edition
The Science of Success: How Market-Based Management Built the World's Largest Private Company
Managing Complexity in Global Organizations
Self-Coaching Leadership: Simple steps from Manager to Leader                    自学领导:从经理到领导的速成战略
Tourism Planning and Policy                                                      旅游规划与政策
Measuring Marketing: 103 Key Metrics Every Marketer Needs                        数量优势营销:如何制定有效的营销计划
The Rise of India: Its Transformation from Poverty to Prosperity                 印度崛起
The Power of Ren: China's Coaching Phenomenon
Brand Management 101: 101 Lessons from Real-World Marketing
On the Edge : A Comprehensive Guide to Blade Server Technology
The Executive's Guide to Corporate Events and Business Entertaining: How to Choose and Use Corporate Functions to Increase Brand Awa
Cool Down: Getting Further by Going Slower                                       平静心绪:循序渐进
The Secrets of Power Selling: 101 Tips to Help You Improve Your Sales Results 销售的秘密:改善销售业绩的101项技巧
Essential Statistics for Economics, Business and Management                      经济学、商务与管理统计学精要
Economics of Strategy, 4th Edition                                               战略经济学
Economics: Theory and Practice, 8th Edition                                      经济学:理论与实践
Exploring Management: In Modules                                                 管理学精要
Ultimate Performance: Measuring Human Resources at Work                          注重绩效:人力资本组合学
Cash & Investment Management for Nonprofit Organizations                         非营利组织的现金及投资管理
Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations: Policies and Practices         非营利组织财务管理:政策与程序
Marketing Champions: Practical Strategies for Improving Marketing's Power, Influence, and Business Impact
Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk About How To Do It Right, 4th Edition 商业道德管理
Global Marketing Management, 4th Edition                                         全球营销管理
Entrepreneurship                                                                 企业家
Master Scheduling: A Practical Guide to Competitive Manufacturing, 3rd Edition 掌控时序:竞争性制造实用指南
SAP SCM: Applications and Modeling for Supply Chain Management (with BW Primer)APO 解析:供应链管理综合运用与模型
Wiley Pathways Introduction to Emergency Management, 1st Edition                 应急措施导论
Build Your Customer Strategy: A Guide to Creating Profitable Customer Relationships
                                                                                 记分卡渐近指南:绩效最大化与成果保持 第2版
Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step: Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results, 2nd Edition
Idea Mapping: How to Access Your Hidden Brain Power, Learn Faster, Remember More, and Achieve Success in Business
Wiley Pathways Technology in Emergency Management, 1st Edition                   应急管理技术
Wiley Pathways Disaster Response and Recovery, 1st Edition                       灾难应对与恢复
Perfect Pitch: The Art of Selling Ideas and Winning New Business                 明察秋毫:推销思想的艺术
Wiley Pathways Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness                                危害化解与预防
Wiley Pathways Marketing, 1st Edition
Economic Damages in Intellectual Property: A Hands-On Guide to Litigation        知识产权的经济赔偿:导论
Wiley Pathways Emergency Planning, 1st Edition                                   应急计划
Ignorance, Confidence, and Filthy Rich Friends: The Business Adventures of Mark Twain, Chronic Speculator and Entrepreneur
Unlocking Public Value: A New Model For Achieving High Performance In Public 公立机构评估模型
                                                                                 Service Organizations
Sarbanes-Oxley for Small Businesses: Leveraging Compliance for Maximum Advantage Sarbanes-Oxley 法与小型企业
BUSINESS WRITING                                                                 商业写作
COMMUNICATION IN THE WORKPLACE                                                   工作场所的沟通
CONFLICT MANAGEMENT                                                              冲突解决
Workplace Safety: A Guide for Small and Midsized Companies                       职业安全与小企业经理人手册
Facilitating to Lead!: Leadership Strategies for a Networked World
The Cash Flow Solution: The Nonprofit Board Member's Guide to Financial Success 金流转方案:非营利董事会成员财政成功指南
The Handbook of Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition
Business Solutions for the Global Poor: Creating Social and Economic Value       企业与全球贫困:创造社会经济价值的解决办法
Instructor Excellence: Mastering the Delivery of Training, 2nd Edition           优秀指导:精通培训 第2版
Alternative Validation Strategies: Developing New and Leveraging Existing Validity Evidence
A Practical Guide to Needs Assessment, 2nd Edition                               需求评估使用手册(附CD-ROM)
The Practice of Leadership: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders
Fundraising for Social Change, 5th Edition, Revised & Expanded
The Performance Consultant's Fieldbook: Tools and Techniques for Improving Organizations and People, 2nd Edition
The Public Relations Writer's Handbook: The Digital Age, 2nd Edition             公共关系写作手册
Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart: A Systems Approach to Engaging Leaders with Their Challenges, 2nd Edition
The Leader of the Future 2: Visions, Strategies, and Practices for the New Era   集成化项目管理系统Future2.0 中的领导:新纪元的
How to Talk to Customers: Create a Great Impression Every Time withMAGIC         如何与客户谈话:时刻创造深刻印象的MAGIC系统
The Three Tensions: Winning the Struggle to Perform Without Compromise           如何于同一时间达到更多目标
The Time Seller: A Business Satire                                               时间推销员:商业讽刺作品
The Nonprofit Board Answer Book: A Practical Guide for Board Members and Chief Executives, 2nd Edition
The Business of Consulting: The Basics and Beyond (CD-ROM Included), 2nd Edition
Evaluating Human Resources Programs: A 6-Phase Approach for Optimizing Performance
Human Factors in Project Management: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques for Inspiring Teamwork and Motivation
Hiring Success: The Art and Science of Staffing Assessment and Employee Selection
A Companion to Urban Economics                                                    城市经济学指南
Knowledge at Work: Creative Collaboration in the Global Economy                   工作知识:全球经济中的创新协作
Markets & Institutions in Real Estate & Construction
The Russian Economy: From Lenin to Putin                                          俄罗斯经济:从列宁到普京
Management and Creativity - From Creative                                         管理与创造力:从创造性行业到创新管理
                                                  Industries to Creative Management
Risk Management and Insurance: Perspectives in a Global Economy                   全球风险管理与保险:全球研究
What is e-Business? How the Internet Transforms Organizations                     什么是电子商务?:国际互连网是如何改变机构的
Urban Economics and Real Estate: Theory and Policy                                都市经济学与房地产:理论与政策
The Multinational Corporation in China: Controlling Interests
Mathematical Tools for Economics                                                  经济学的数学工具
A Companion to the History of Economic Thought                                    Blackwell当代经济学指南
Managing Change in the Public Services                                            公共朋务的变化管理
Dynamic Capabilities - Understanding Strategic Change in Organizations            动态能力:认识组织战略变化
Strategic Networks: Learning to Compete                                           战略网络:学习竞争
Adjustment Policies, Poverty, and Unemployment: The IMMPA Framework               调整政策、贫穷与失业: IMMPA 框架
Games and Information: An Introduction to Game Theory, 4th Edition                博弈与信息:博弈论导论
Agricultural Markets and Prices                                                   农业市场与价格
Entrepreneurial Strategies: New Tchenologies in Emerging Markets                  企业家战略:新兴市场的新技术
British Housebuilders - History and Analysis                                      英国住房建造者:历史与分析
Strategic Human Resource Management, Second Edition                               战略人力资源管理
Cost of Land Use Decisions                                                        土地费用决策:应用计划与发展交易费用经济学
The Blackwell Handbook of Global Management: A Guide to Management Complexity     全球管理Blackwell手册:管理的复杂性指南
China's Economic Transformation 2e
Inside the Economist's Mind: Conversations with Eminent Economists                经济学家头脑:与杰出经济学家会话
The Economics of Gender Third Edition                                             两性经济学
Making Good: The Inspiring Story of Serial Entrepreneur, Maverick and Restaurateur
The Game Plan: Your Guide to Mental Toughness at Work                             对策:商业难题制胜方法
Bottled for Business: The Less Gassy Guide to Entrepreneurship                    眼镜蛇传奇
Business Coaching: Achieving Practical Results Through Effective Engagement       使训练更加有效
SUMO Your Relationships: How to handle not strangle the people you live and work with
Business Upgrade: 21 Days to Reignite the Entrepreneurial Spirit in You and Your Team
The Naked Coach: Business Coaching Made Simple                                    轻松学习指导商业
Make Your First Million: Ditch the 9-5 and Start the Business of Your Dreams      怎样挣到第一个百万美金:摆脱朝九晚五开始你的
Comparative Risk Assessment: Concepts, Problems and Applications                  比较风险评估:理念、问题与应用
Dictionary of Personnel and Ecucational Terms: English - German / German - English人事与教育术语辞典:英-德/德-英
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 9th Edition                            人力资源管理基本原则
Economic Analysis in Health Care                                                  卫生保健经济学分析
Predicting Market Success: New Ways to Measure Customer Loyalty and Engage Consumers With Your Brand
The eBay Billionaires' Club: Exclusive Secrets for Building an Even Bigger and More Profitable Online Business
Gimme! The Human Nature of Successful Marketing                                   给我!成功行销的人类天性
A-HA! Performance: Building and Managing a Self-Motivated Workforce               自我激励团队:塑造与管理
The ParentPreneur Edge: What Parenting Teaches About Building a Successful Business
Innovate or Perish: Managing the Enduring Technology Company in the Global Market 创新或死亡:技术公司如何在世界市场环境下实现
Supply Chain Management Best Practices                                            供应链管理最佳实践指南
From the Sandbox to the Corner Office: Lessons Learned on the Journey to the Top 造就CEO
Wiley Pathways Business Communication
Nonprofit Marketing Best Practices                                                非赢利营销最佳实践
Fallen Giant: The Amazing Story of Hank Greenberg and the History of AIG          巨人倒下:Hank Greenberg 传奇与AIG的历史
Empire of Debt: The Rise of an Epic Financial Crisis                             债务帝国:大规模金融危机的展现
The Handbook of Experiential Learning
The 2007 Pfeiffer Annual: Human Resource Management                              2007年Pfeiffer年鉴:人力资源管理
The Complete Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions: Process Tools to Support M&A Integration at Every Level, 2nd Edition
Global Dimensions of Corporate Governance - Global Dimensions of Business        公司管理的全球范围
Branding, 2nd edition
Bringing Technology to Market: Trends, Cases, Solutions                          技术市场化:趋势、实例与解决方法
Dual Diagnosis Nursing                                                           双重诊断护理
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nursing                                       儿童与青少年心理健康护理
Pain Management                                                                  疼痛处理
Leg Ulcer Management                                                             腿部溃疡
Human Physiology - Lecture Notes 5e                                              讲义:人体生理学
Promoting Health                                                                 护士须知:增进健康
Practice Nurse Handbook 5e                                                       实用护士手册
Essential Midwifery Practice - Public Health
Principles of Care
UCL Hospitals Injectable Medicines Administration Guide
Sociology of Health and Health Care 4e                                           健康与保健的社会学
The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures, Pocket Edition, 6th Edition
Clinical Governance - A Guide to Implementation for Healthcare Professionals 2e 临床管理:卫生保健专业人员的实施指南
Chest Pain - Advanced Assesment and Management Skills                            胸腔疼痛:高级评估与管理技巧
The Entrepreneurial Engineer                                                     企业家工程师
New Drug Discovery and Development                                               新药物发现与进展
Handbook of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, Reagents for Direct FunctionalizationC-H 键控制功能化试剂
                                                                                  of C-H Bonds
Introduction to Computational Chemistry, 2nd Edition                             计算化学导论
Analytical Techniques in Materials Conservation
Ceramic Membranes for Separation and Reaction                                    陶瓷膜分离与反应
Vibrational Spectroscopy of Polymers: Principles and Practice                    聚合体振动谱学:原理与实践
Process Dynamics and Control: Modeling for Control and Prediction                过程动态与控制:控制与预测的建模 (精装本)
The Ubiquitous Roles of Cytochrome P450 Proteins: Metal Ions in Life Sciences, Volume 3 P450 蛋白质的优质作用:生命科学中的金
Applied Chemometrics for Scientists                                              科学家应用化学计量学
Chromatographic Methods in Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology                     临床化学与毒物学层析法
Environmental Colloids and Particles: Behaviour, Separation and Characterisation 环境胶质与粒子:行为、分离与特性化
A Real-Time Approach to Process Control, 2nd Edition                             过程控制实时方法
Bioavailability, Bioaccessibility and Mobility of Environmental Contaminants
Aerosol Sampling: Science, Standards, Instrumentation and Applications           气溶胶取样:学科、标准与应用
Organic Chemistry of Explosives                                                  爆炸的有机化学
Self-Doped Conducting Polymers                                                   自掺杂导电聚合物
                                                                                 海洋生物群落定量分析: Field 生物学与环境
Quantitative Analysis of Marine Biological Communities: Field Biology and Environment
Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology, Concise, 3rd Edition             聚合物科学与技术百科全书 第3版
Computational Toxicology: Risk Assessment for Pharmaceutical and Environmental计算毒理学:制药与环境化学的风险评估
Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing, 2 Volume Set                            食产品制造手册 2卷集
Fine Chemicals: The Industry and the Business                                    精细化学:产业与经营
Organic Synthesis: State of the Art 2003 - 2005                                  有机合成:最新发展 2003-2005年
Handbook of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, Set II 4 Volume Set, Handbook of Organic Reagents
Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy                                         磁性圆二色光谱学
Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 23                                    计算化学评论 第23卷
Biomineralization: Medical Aspects of Solubility                                 生物矿化:溶解度医学课题
Organic Reactions, Volume 68                                                     有机反应 第68卷
Kirk-Othmer Chemical Technology and the Environment: Two-Volume Set              Kirk-Othmer化学技术与环境(2卷集)
The Synthetic Organic Chemists Companion                                         合成有机化学家指南
Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 24
Human Factors Methods for Improving Performance in the Process Industries         提高加工业业绩的人性因素法
Physical Chemistry for the Biological Sciences                                    生物科学:物理化学
Organic Chemistry as a Second LanguageTM, 2nd Edition                             作为第二语言的有机化学
Guidelines for Performing Effective Pre-Startup Safety Reviews                    启用前有效安全检查手册
Handbook of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Calculations                   化学与环境工程计算学手册
Quick Selection Guide to Chemical Protective Clothing, 5th Edition                化学防护衣速选指南
Chemical Engineering Faculty Directory: 2006-2007                                 化工学院名录2006--2007
Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety                                          风险型工艺安全指南
An Introduction to Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions                                  电解溶液的性质,特征和属性
Core Concepts in Supramolecular Chemistry and Nanochemistry
Chemical Analysis: Modern Instrumentation Methods and Techniques, 2nd Edition 化学分析:现代装置方法与技术 第2版
Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy in Pharmaceutical Research and Development
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry, 2nd Edition                              博立叶红光光谱转变 第2版
Advances in Enzymology and Related Areas of Molecular Biology, Volume 75, Protein Evolution
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology                                          生物工艺学与分析开发手册
Excel for Scientists and Engineers: Numerical Methods                             科学家与工程师用Excel
Laser Chemistry: Spectroscopy, Dynamics & Applications                            激光化学:光谱学、动力学与应用
Organic Synthesis: Strategy and Control                                           有机合成战略
Catalysts for Fine Chemical Synthesis, Volume 4, Microporous and Mesoporous Solid Catalysts
Wastewater Quality Monitoring and Treatment                                       废水质量监测:在线方法
Handbook of Plastic Processes                                                     塑料工艺手册
Handbook of Plastics Testing and Failure Analysis, 3rd Edition                    塑料试验技术手册
Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Food Science and Technology                         食品科技近红外分光学
Pharmacometrics: The Science of Quantitative Pharmacology                         药物统计学:定量药理学科学
New Frontiers in Asymmetric Catalysis                                             不对称催化前沿进展
HPLC for Pharmaceutical Scientists                                                药剂师用高效液相色谱(HPLC)
Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 135, Prigogine Special Volume                化学物理学进展 第132卷
Organic Chemistry, 9th Edition                                                    有机化学
The Determination of Chemical Elements in Food : Applications for Atomic and Mass Spectrometry
Fundamentals of Early Clinical Drug Development: From Synthesis Design to Formulation
Greene's Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis, 4th Edition                      Greene 有机合成保护基 第4版
Organic Coatings: Science and Technology, 3rd Edition                             有机涂料:科学与技术 第3版
High-Performance Gradient Elution: The Practical Application of the Linear-Solvent-Strength Model
Bioregenerative Engineering: Principles and Applications                          生物再生工程的原理与应用
Fundamentals of Environmental Sampling and Analysis                               环境取样与分析的基础
Fundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition, 2nd Edition                           电化学沉积导论
Coating and Drying Defects: Troubleshooting Operating Problems, 2nd Edition       喷涂与干燥缺陷:操作问题探寻
                                                                                  化学物质危险工具祥解 第3版
A Comprehensive Guide to the Hazardous Properties of Chemical Substances, 3rd Edition
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics: From Air Pollution to Climate Change, 2nd Edition
March's Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms, and Structure, 6th Edition
Principles of Mass Spectrometry Applied to Biomolecules                           生物分子质谱学原理
A Practical Guide to Compressor Technology, 2nd Edition                           压缩机技术实用指南 第2版
Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements, Volume 8, Boron-Containing Particles
Frontiers in Transition Metal-Containing Polymers                                 含金属聚合物前沿课题
Sampling and Analysis of Indoor Microorganisms                                    室内微生物污染高级手册
Reviews of Reactive Intermediate Chemistry                                        活性媒介物化学评论
Advanced ESR Methods in Polymer Research                                          聚合物研究的高级电子自旋共振方法
Flame Retardant Polymer Nanocomposites                                            阻燃剂聚合物纳米合成物
Vaccine Adjuvants and Delivery Systems                                            疫苗辅药与输送系统
Role of Lipid Excipients in Modifying Oral and Parenteral Drug Delivery: Basic Principles and Biological Examples
Columns for Gas Chromatography: Performance and Selection                         气相色谱分析栏:性能与选择
Ionic Compounds: Applications of Chemistry to Mineralogy                         离子化合物:化学在矿物学的应用
Validating Chromatographic Methods: A Practical Guide                            层析法确认:实用指南
Foundations of College Chemistry, 12th Edition                                   大学化学基础
Subsurface Hydrology                                                             地下水文学
Corrosion Inspection and Monitoring                                              腐蚀检查与监测
Metabolome Analysis: An Introduction                                             相位谱分析:导论
Cancer Biomarkers: Analytical Techniques for Discovery                           肿瘤生物标志:显像分析技术
New Frontiers in Ultrasensitive Bioanalysis: Advanced Analytical Chemistry Applications in Nanobiotechnology, Single Molecule Detectio
Name Reactions of Functional Group Transformations                               功能团转换名称反映
From Alchemy to Chemistry in Picture and Story                                   从炼金术到化学:图文读本
Methods and Reagents for Green Chemistry: An Introduction
HPLC: A Practical User's Guide, 2nd Edition                                      HPLC:实用用户指南
Beet-Sugar Handbook                                                              甜菜糖手册
Discrimination of Chiral Compounds Using NMR Spectroscopy                        利用NMR光谱学区分手性化合物
General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry, 1st Edition        普通、有机与生物化学:面向探索
Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary, 15th Edition                             Hawley 简明化学辞典 第15版 影印版
Science, Society, and the Supermarket: The Opportunities and Challenges of Nutrigenomics
Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 (GSK-3) and Its Inhibitors: Drug Discovery and Development
Scaling Analysis in Modeling Transport and Reaction Processes: A Systematic Approach to Model Building and the Art of Approximation
Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion                                           微生物影响下的腐蚀
Practical Wastewater Treatment                                                   实用废水处理
Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 134, Reduced-Density-Matrix Mechanics: With Application to Many-Electron Atoms and Molecul
Frontier Orbitals: A Practical Manual                                            前沿轨道
Guidelines for Safe and Reliable Instrumented Protective Systems                 安全可靠仪表化保护系统纲要
Organic Syntheses, Volume 83                                                     有机合成 第83卷
Applications of Fluidization to Food Processing                                  食品加工流态化应用
The Weather Almanac: A Reference Guide to Weather, Climate, and Related Issues in the United States and Its Key Cities, 11th Edition
Modified Atmospheric Processing and Packaging of Fish: Filtered Smokes, Carbon 鱼的空气改进处理与包装:烟过滤、一氧化碳与减
                                                                                  Monoxide, and Reduced Oxygen Packaging
Whole Grains and Health                                                          整谷粒与健康
Skin Delivery Systems: Transdermals, Dermatologicals, and Cosmetic Actives       透皮释放系统:穿过表皮、皮肤学与化妆品活性
Food Irradiation Research and Technology                                         食物放射研究与技术
Responsive Polymer Materials: Design and Applications                            反应聚合物:设计与应用
Advances in Food Diagnostics                                                     食品检验学进展
Phycotoxins: Chemistry and Biochemistry                                          藻毒素:化学与生物化学
Encapsulation and Controlled Release Technologies in Food Systems
Advances in Thermal and Non-Thermal Food Preservation                            热敏性与非热敏性食品保藏进展
Guidelines for Mechanical Integrity Systems                                      机械完整性系统纲要
Chemical Physics of Food                                                         食品化学物理学
Brined Cheeses                                                                   卤干酪
Plant Secondary Metabolites Occurrence, Structure and Role in the Human Diet     植物次级代谢产物:人类饮食中的出现、结构与作
Structure of Dairy Products                                                      奶制品的结构
Volatile Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere
Handbook of Industrial Water Soluble Polymers                                    工业水溶性聚合物手册
Analysis of Drug Impurities                                                      药物杂质分析
Environmental Chemistry at a Glance                                              环境化学
Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry and its Applications                     感应耦合等离子体光谱测定及其应用
Organic Reactions in Water                                                       水中的有机反应
Heterocyclic Chemistry at a Glance                                               杂环化学导论
Domino Reactions in Organic Synthesis
Chemical Engineering: Modelling, Simulation and Similitude                       化学工程研究:建模、模拟与相似
The Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules: From Solid State to DNA and Drug Design分子原子量子论:从固体到DNA及药物设计
Computer Aided Process and Product Engineering (CAPE)                            CAPE:计算机辅助加工与产品工程
The Claisen Rearrangement: Methods and Applications                                Claisen重排作用:方法与应用
Photoproteins in Bioanalysis                                                       生物分析中的光蛋白   
Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, Anxiolytics: From Chemistry and Pharmacology to抗抑郁症药、抗精神病药、抗焦虑药:从化学与药
                                                                                    Clinical Application, 2 Volume Set
Chirality in Drug Research                                                         药物研究的手性:从合成到药理学
Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry: Applications in Environmental, Food and Materials Analysis, Biotechnology, and Medical Engi
Modeling of Process Intensification                                                工艺强化模型化
Chemical Biology: From Small Molecules to Systems Biology and Drug Design, Three Volume Set
Macromolecules: Volume 2: Industrial Polymers and Syntheses                        高分子(第2卷):工业聚合体与合成
Fundamentals of Biological Wastewater Treatment                                    废水生物法处理:原理、微生物学与工业处理过程
Pharmacophores and Pharmacophore Searches                                          药效团及其研究
Semiconducting Polymers: Chemistry, Physics and Engineering, 2nd Edition           高分子半导体:化学、物理学与工程学
Bioinformatics - From Genomes to Therapies: Volume 1: The Building Blocks: Molecular Sequences and Structures; Volume 2: Getting at
High-Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery                                        药物发现高吞吐量筛选
Fragment-based Approaches in Drug Discovery                                        药物开发碎片法
Organic Pollutants in the Water Cycle: Properties, Occurrence, Analysis and Environmental Relevance of Polar Compounds
Hybrid Materials: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications                    混合材料:合成、特性化与应用
Functional Organic Materials: Syntheses, Strategies and Applications               功能性有机材料:合成、策略与应用
cis-trans Isomerization in Biochemistry                                            生物化学顺反异构化
Block Copolymers in Nanoscience                                                    纳米科学中的嵌段共聚物
Activation of Small Molecules: Organometallic and Bioinorganic Perspectives        小分子活化
Membrane Technology: in the Chemical Industry, 2nd, Revised and Enlarged Edition 技术膜
Advances in Electrochemical Science and Engineering, Volume 9                      电化学科学与工程进展 第9卷
Nonporous Inorganic Membranes: for Chemical Processing                             非多孔无机膜:化学处理
Soft Matter: Volume 3: Colloidal Order: Entropic and Surface Forces                软物质,第3卷
The Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide for Gas Chromatographers, 4th, Revised and Updated Edition
N-Heterocyclic Carbenes in Synthesis                                               合成用N-杂环卡宾
Flavourings: Production, Composition, Applications, Regulations, 2nd Edition       调味剂:生产、合成、应用与法规
Chemometrics: Statistics and Computer Application in Analytical Chemistry, 2nd Edition
Propellants and Explosives: Thermochemical Aspects of Combustion, 2nd, Completely Revised and Extended Edition
Micro Instrumentation: for High Throughput Experimentation and Process Intensification
Protein Degradation: Cell Biology of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System, Volume 3 蛋白质降解 第3卷:泛素-蛋白水解酶复合体细胞生
Microwaves in Organic Synthesis (Two Volume Set), 2nd, Completely Revised and 有机合成微波应用
                                                                                   Enlarged Edition
Mass Spectrometry in Medicinal Chemistry: Applications in Drug Discovery, Volume 36医学化学质谱学
Mass Transfer: From Fundamentals to Modern Industrial Applications                 质量转移:从基础到现代工业应用
Colloid Stability: The Role of Surface Forces, Part I, Volume 1                    胶体稳定性:表面力作用 2
Colloid Stability and Application in Pharmacy: Colloids and Interface Science Vol. 3 药业中的胶体稳定性与应用 第3卷
Asymmetric Synthesis with Chemical and Biological Methods                          化学生物学方法不对称合成
Modern Crop Protection Compounds, 3 Volume Set                                     现代植物保护制品
Lubricants and Lubrication, 2nd, Completely Revised and Extended Edition           润滑剂与润滑油
Colloid Stability: The Role of Surface Forces, Part II, Volume 2                   胶体稳定性:表面力作用 1
Analytical Methods in Supramolecular Chemistry                                     超分子化学分析方法
Making Crystals by Design: Methods, Techniques and Applications                    晶体生成设计:方法、技术与应用
Chiral Separation Techniques: A Practical Approach, 3rd, Completely Revised and Updated Edition
Inorganic Chemistry in Focus III                                                   核心有机化学 III
Enantioselective Organocatalysis: Reactions and Experimental Procedures            对映选择性有机催化:反应与试验工艺
Essentials of Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry                              碳水化合物化学与生物化学概论
Product Design and Engineering: Best Practices, 2 Volume Set                       产品设计与工程:最佳实践
Modern Phytomedicine: Turning Medicinal Plants into Drugs                          现代植物药学:如何将药用植物转化为药物
Hazardous Chemicals: Control and Regulation in the European Market                 危险性化学药品:欧洲市场控制与法规
Model Based Control: Case Studies in Process Engineering                           模式型控制:工艺学实例研究
Gelatine Handbook: Theory and Industrial Practice                                  胶质手册:理论与工业实践
Applied Thin-Layer Chromatography: Best Practice and Avoidance of Mistakes, 2nd Edition
Foldamers: Structure, Properties, and Applications                                 次生构造:构架、特性与应用
Personal Care Compounds in the Environment: Pathways, Fate and Methods for Determination
Managing Safety: A Guide for Executives                                            安全管理:经理人手册
                                                                                   MAK职业卫生与安全文集 第I部分:MAK值文献
The MAK-Collection for Occupational Health and Safety: Part I: MAK Value Documentations, Volume 23
List of MAK and BAT Values 2006: Maximum Concentrations and Biological Tolerance Values at the Workplace. Report 42
The MAK-Collection for Occupational Health and Safety: Part III: Air Monitoring Methods, Volume 10
Ullmann's Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering: 2 Volume Set                  Ullmann 生物技术与生物化学工程
Ullmann's Agrochemicals, 2 Volumes                                                 Ullmann 农用化学品
Ullmann's Modeling and Simulation                                                  Ullmann模型与模拟
Spectroscopy in Catalysis: An Introduction, 3rd, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition
Pesticide Chemistry: Crop Protection, Public Health, Environmental Safety          杀虫剂化学:农作物保护、公共健康与环境安全
Nanobiotechnology II: More Concepts and Applications                               纳米生物技术2:更多概念及其应用
Chemical Engineering Dynamics: An Introduction to Modelling and Computer Simulation, Third, Completely Revised Edition
Process Systems Engineering: Volume 1: Multi-Parametric Programming                多参数程序调计:理论、算法与应用
Process Systems Engineering: Volume 2: Multi-Parametric Model-Based Control 基于模型的多参数控制:理论与应用
Recent Trends in Ionic Polymerization                                              离子聚合的最新趋势
Polymer Reaction Engineering VI                                                    聚合体反应工艺
The Basics of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry                              理论与计算化学基础
Research and Development in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, 3rd, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition
Terpenes: Flavors, Fragrances, Pharmaca, Pheromones                                萜烃:气味、香味、配药学、信息素
Polymers, Patents, Profits: A Classic Case Study for Patent Infighting             聚合物与专利:卡尔齐格勒组,1953-1998年
Better Looking, Better Living, Better Loving: How Chemistry can Help You Achieve Life's Goals
Spectacular Chemical Experiments                                                   引人入胜的化学实验
Thermal Processing of Food: Potential Health Benefits and Risks                    食品的热处理:潜在的健康受益与风险
Radical Polymerization: Kinetics and Mechanism
Meaningful Scents Around the World: Olfactory, Chemical, Biological, and Cultural Considerations
On Chirality and the Universal Asymmetry: Reflections on Image and Mirror Image手性与普遍不对称:关于形象与镜像的反思
Nickel and Its Surprising Impact in Nature: Metal Ions in Life Sciences, Volume 2 镍及其在自然中的惊奇影响:生命科学中的金属离
Inorganic Structural Chemistry, 2nd Edition                                        无机结构化学
The Chemistry of Process Development in Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, 2nd Edition
Integrated Approach to Coordination Chemistry: An Inorganic Laboratory Guide 配位化学整体方法:无机实验室指南
Progress in Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 55                                         无机化学进展 第55卷
Quantitative Environmental Risk Analysis for Human Health                          人类健康定量环境风险分析
Synthesis, Properties, and Applications of Oxide Nanomaterials                     氧化物纳米材料的合成、特性与应用
Compressors and Modern Process Applications                                        压缩机与现代制造应用
Emergency Management: Concepts and Strategies for Effective Programs               综合应急管理:有效应急管理开发指南
Aminoglycoside Antibiotics: From Chemical Biology to Drug Discovery                氨基糖苷类抗生素:从化学生物学到药物发现
Developing Chemical Information Systems: An Object-Oriented Approach Using Enterprise Java
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance: Elementary Theory and Practical Applications, 2nd Edition
Mycoremediation: Fungal Bioremediation                                             真菌生物改善环境工程
Comprehensive Organic Reactions in Aqueous Media, 2nd Edition                      水介质综合有机反应
Understanding, Assessing, and Responding to Terrorism: Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Personnel
Effective Groundwater Model Calibration: With Analysis of Data, Sensitivities, Predictions, and Uncertainty
Elements of Environmental Chemistry                                                环境化学简明综述
Accelerating New Food Product Design and Development                               加速新食品设计与开发
Investigation of Organic Reactions and their    Mechanisms                         有机反应及其机理研究
Rules of Thumb in Engineering Practice                                             工程实践经验法则
Atmospheric Degradation of Organic Substances: Data for Persistence and Long-range Transport Potential
Modern Financial Markets: Prices, Yields, and Risk Analysis                        资本市场:风险价值估值与管理
Wiley Pathways Finance, 1st Edition
Best Practices in Planning and Performance Management: From Data to Decisions, 2nd Edition
Evidence-Based Technical Analysis: Applying the Scientific Method and Statistical 实证技术分析:如何利用科学与统计学评估技术指
                                                                                   Inference to Trading Signals
Auditor's Guide to Information Systems Auditing                                    信息系统审计审计员指南
FX Options and Structured Products                                                 外汇期权与结构性产品
Reporting Nonfinancials                                                            非财务指标报告
Derivatives Models on Models                                                       衍生:模型之模型
Creating Value in a Regulated World: CFO Perspectives                              价值黑洞:未来金融管理决策
The LIBOR Market Model in Practice                                                 实用 LIBOR 市场模型
Introduction to C++ for Financial Engineers: An Object-Oriented Approach           金融工程师C++导论:面向对象的研究
Redesigning Financial Regulation: The Politics of Enforcement                      金融管制
Risk Quantification: Management, Diagnosis and Hedging                             风险量化:管理、诊断与避险
Handbook of Hedge Funds                                                            套利基金手册
Institutional Banking for Emerging Markets: Principles and Practice                新兴市场的机构金融:原理与实践
Rumors in Financial Markets: Insights into Behavioral Finance                      金融市场风传
Anti-Money Laundering: International Law and Practice                              反洗钱:国际法与实践
Multi-moment Asset Allocation and Pricing Models                                   多组份资产调拨价格模型
Corporate Governance and Accountability, 2nd Edition                               公司管理与责任制 第2版
Managerial Accounting, 3rd Edition                                                 管理会计学
Beating the Financial Futures Market: Combining Small Biases into Powerful Money Making Strategies
Enhancing Trader Performance: Proven Strategies From the Cutting Edge of Trading Psychology
Financial Instruments and Institutions: Accounting and Disclosure Rules, 2nd Edition 融根据与机构:会计与披露准则
Asymmetric Returns: The Future of Active Asset Management                          非对称回报:活动资产管理的未来
The Hedge Fund Compliance and Risk Management Guide                                套利基金执行与风险管理指南
Project Management Accounting: Budgeting, Tracking, and Reporting Costs and Profitability
Introduction to Structured Finance                                                 结构性融资导论
The Mathematics of Derivatives: Tools for Designing Numerical Algorithms           衍生数学:数字算法设计工具
Gold: The Once and Future Money                                                    黄金:以前的与未来的货币
Mortgage-Backed Securities: Products, Structuring, and Analytical Techniques       抵押证券:产品、结构与分析技术
Performance Dashboards and Analysis for Value Creation                             价值创造的性能显示与分析 + 光盘:如何创造股东
Value Averaging: The Safe and Easy Strategy for Higher Investment Returns          值平均:高级投资回报的安全与简易战略
Modern Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis, 7th Edition                       现代最佳证券投资理论与分析 第7版
Internal Audit Reports Post Sarbanes-Oxley: A Guide to Process-Driven Reporting Sarbanes Oxley 内部审计报告:过程驱动报告
Nuclear Energy Now: Why the Time Has Come for the World's Most Misunderstood Energy Source
Strategic Corporate Finance: Applications in Valuation and Capital Structure       战略合作金融:评估与资本结构的应用
Business Ratios and Formulas: A Comprehensive Guide, 2nd Edition                   企业比率与公式:综合指南
Financial Analysis: A Controller's Guide, 2nd Edition                              金融分析:管理员指南
The Little Book of Value Investing                                                 价值投资小手册
Essentials of Sarbanes-Oxley                                                       Sarbanes-Oxley 基础
Frequently Asked Questions in Quantitative Finance                                 定量财政学常见问答
Pension Finance                                                                    兹老金财政学
Pension Economics                                                                  兹老金经济学
Financial Accounting                                                               金融会计学
An Introduction to Mutual Funds Worldwide                                          世界互助基金导论
Private Equity as an Asset Class
Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation                                      风险资本与革新财政 
Managing Investment Portfolios: A Dynamic Process, 3rd Edition                     投资组合的管理:动态过程
                                                                                   使用 C++ 的最大营业利润建模:新型贸易与货币管
Modeling Maximum Trading Profits with C++: New Trading and Money Management Concepts
Project Financing: Asset-Based Financial Engineering, 2nd Edition                  项目融资:以资产为基础的金融工程
Pension Revolution: A Solution to the Pensions Crisis                              退休金革命:退休金危机的解决方案
Lean Accounting: Best Practices for Sustainable Integration                        薄利会计学:最佳综合实践
Corporate Fraud Handbook: Prevention and Detection, 2nd Edition                    公司防诈骗手册:预防和侦查
Forex Patterns & Probabilities: Trading Strategies for Trending & Range-Bound Markets
Managing Investment Portfolios Workbook: A Dynamic Process, 3rd Edition            投资组合的管理:动态过程 练习册
World Event Trading: How to Analyze and Profit from Today's Headlines              世界贸易大事:如何从头条中分析获利
The Battle for Investment Survival                                                投资生存斗争
Wiley Pathways Personal Finance                                                   个人理财
The SBI Group Vision & Strategy: Continuously Evolving Management                SBI集体观点与策略:持续性的发展管理
Directory of Global Professional Accounting and Business Certifications
Rocking Wall Street: Four Powerful Strategies That will Shake Up the Way You Invest, Build Your Wealth And Give You Your Life Back
Financial Risk Manager Handbook, 4th Edition                                      金融风险管理者手册
Optimizing Corporate Portfolio Management: Aligning Investment Proposals with Organizational Strategy
Income Investing Today: Safety & High Income Through Diversification              今日投资所得:通过多样化的投资获得安全与高收
Fraud Casebook: Lessons from the Bad Side of Business                            Fraud案例书:69个前方实例
Developments in Collateralized Debt Obligations: New Products and Insights        抵押债务责任的发展:新产品和见解
Contemporary Issues in Accounting                                                 金融会计学理论
Applying International Financial Reporting Standards Enhanced Edition             实用国际财务报告准则
FINANCIAL MARKETS, INSTITUTIONS AND MONEY                                         金融市场、机构与货币
PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING                                                          会计学原理
COMMERCIAL BANKING: THE MANAGEMENT OF RISK                                        商业银行学
MODERN AUDITING AND ASSURANCE SERVICES 3E                                         现代审计保险业
FINANCIAL REPORTING HANDBOOK 2007                                                 财务报表手册2007
Bank Asset                                                                        银行资产与负债管理
Mutual Funds: An Introduction to the Core Concepts                                共同基金:Mark Mobius 大师系列
Equities: An Introduction to the Core Concepts                                    资产:M·Mobius大师丛书
Liquidity Risk Measurement and Management: A Practitioner's Guide to Global Best Practices
An Introduction to Islamic Finance: Theory and Practice                           伊斯兰金融导论
Islamic Finance: The Regulatory Challenge                                         伊斯兰金融:管理挑战
China's Banking and Financial Markets: The Internal Research Report of the Chinese Government
Writing Securities Research: A Best Practice Guide                                证券研究写作:最佳实践指南
Financial Information Analysis, 2nd Edition                                       财务信息分析 第2版
A Demon of Our Own Design: Markets, Hedge Funds, and the Perils of Financial Innovation
Throughput Accounting: A Guide to Constraint Management                           产量会计学:约束管理指南
Risks, Controls, and Security: Concepts and Applications, 1st Edition             计算机型系统的安全与控制
Standards of Value: Theory and Applications                                       价值标准:理论与应用
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructurings, 4th Edition                  兺并、收购与公司调整
Capital Ideas Evolving                                                            二十一世纪资本观念
Dynamic Term Structure Modeling: The Fixed Income Valuation Course & CD-ROM 限结构 书与光盘
Federal Accounting Handbook: Policies, Standards, Procedures, Practices, 2nd Edition
COSO Enterprise Risk Management: Understanding the New Integrated ERM Framework 企业风险管理:ERM 新综合框架导论
The Structured Credit Handbook                                                    结构信用产品手册
International Economic Indicators and Central Banks                               国际经济指标与中央银行
The Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics: Formulas for Optimal Allocation & Leverage 有价证券数学手册:最佳分配与杠杆作用的公式
Financial Valuation: Applications and Models, 2nd Edition                         财政价值:应用与模型
The 90% Solution: Higher Returns, Less Risk                                       今日股市实用操作指南
Finding the Hot Spots: 10 Strategies for Global Investing                         寻找热点:投资者策略
Engineering Your Retirement: Retirement Planning for Technology Professionals 退休金理财学
The Options Doctor: Option Strategies for Every Kind of Market                    选择博士:各种市场形态的选择策略
Operational Risk: A Guide to Basel II Capital Requirements, Models, and Analysis 操作风险:Basel II 资本需求、模型与分析指南
Financial Econometrics: From Basics to Advanced Modeling Techniques               金融计量经济学:从基础到高级建模技术
Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting, 3rd Edition                               欺诈审计与司法会计
Derivatives: Markets, Valuation, and Risk Management                              衍生:市场、评估、风险管理
Wiley Revenue Recognition: Rules and Scenarios                                    收入确认
Accountants' Handbook, Volume 1, Financial Accounting and General Topics, 11th 会计手册(第1卷):财务会计一般问题
Accountants' Handbook, Volume 2, Special Industries and Special Topics, 11th Edition
The Procurement and Supply Manager's Desk Reference                               采购与供应部门经理桌面参考
Active Alpha: A Portfolio Approach to Selecting and Managing Alternative Investments
The Volatility Surface: A Practitioner's Guide                                     金融波动性指南
Carbon Finance: The Financial Implications of Climate Change                       碳金融:气候变化的金融意义
Wiley CPA Exam Review 2007 Auditing and Attestation                                CPA 考试评论2007:审计与认证
Wiley CPA Exam Review 2007 Business Environment and Concepts                       CPA 考试评论2007:经营环境与概念
Wiley GAAP 2007: Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
                                                                                   Wiley 国际财务报表准则(IFRS)2007:国际财务报
Wiley IFRS 2007: Interpretation and Application of International Financial Reporting Standards
Wiley GAAP for Governments 2007: Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for State and Local Gove
Wiley Practitioner's Guide to GAAS 2007: Covering all SASs, SSAEs, SSARSs, and Interpretations2007 手册
The Handbook of Fraud Deterrence                                                   司法会计学手册
Accounting Principles, 8th Edition                                                 会计原理
Organized Opportunities: Risk Management in Financial Services Operations          编组时机:财经服务社运营中的风险管理
Strategic Business Tax Planning, 2nd Edition                                       企业理税策略
The Dhandho Investor: The Low - Risk Value Method to High Returns                  Dhandho投资商:对高回报的低风险价值法
Investments: Analysis and Management, 10th Edition                                 投资:分析与管理
Fixed Income Analysis, 2nd Edition                                                 固定收入分析 第2版
Modeling and Forecasting Electricity Loads and Prices: A Statistical Approach      建模与预测电流负荷与定价:统计法
Management Accounting                                                              管理会计学
Wiley GAAP Policies and Procedures, 2nd Edition                                    GAAP规则与程序
Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting: Concepts and Practices, 4th Edition 政府与非营利会计学:概念与实践
Future Energy: How the New Oil Industry Will Change People, Politics and Portfolios未来能源:今日石油价格飞涨如何于明天中获益
Free Cash Flow and Shareholder Yield: New Priorities for the Global Investor       现金流与股东收益:全球投资者青睐新选择
The Future of Banking In a Globalised World                                        21世纪的银行业
Sarbanes-Oxley Ongoing Compliance Guide: Key Processes and Summary Checklists      Sarbanes-Oxley现行顺应性指南:模板、关键过程与
Controller and CFO's Guide to Accounts Payable                                     应付款手册
Wiley CPA Exam Review 2007 Financial Accounting and Reporting                      CPA 考试评论2007:财务会计与报表
Wiley CPA Exam Review 2007 Regulation                                              CPA 考试评论2007:法规
Robust Portfolio Optimization and Management                                       健壮股份单最优化与管理
Handbook of Alternative Assets, 2nd Edition                                        替代性资产手册
Developing Web Applications                                                        开发网络应用
Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction, 2nd Edition                 人机交互性设计
Patterns for Computer-Mediated Interaction                                         以计算机为媒介的交互作用模式
Business Rules Management and Service Oriented Architecture: A Pattern Language    商务规则管理系统
Universal Usability: Designing Computer Interfaces for Diverse User Populations 通用性:不同用户信息系统设计
Agent Technology For E-Commerce                                                    电子商务代理技术
Aligning Business and IT with Metadata: The Financial Services Way                 利用元数据调整商业与信息技术:金融服务之路
Align IT: Business Impact Through IT                                               IT整合:IT如何依据企业战略实施
Computer Graphics for Java Programmers, 2nd Edition                                Java程序员用计算机图形
Professional WPF Programming: .NET Development with the Windows Presentation Foundation
Effective Project Management: Traditional, Adaptive, Extreme, 4th Edition          有效的项目管理:传统、调整与极端
Using Microsoft Office 2003: Tutorials and Projects                                Microsoft Office 2003 的使用:辅导与方案
Webster's New WorldTM Hacker Dictionary                                            韦氏新世界黑客辞典
High Performance Switches and Routers                                              高效路由器与转换器
Service Oriented Architecture For Dummies                                          面向架构朋务的傻瓜书
                                                                                   面向模式的软件结构:分布式对象计算模式语言 第
Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture: A Pattern Language for Distributed Computing, Volume 4
Web Design: A Complete Introduction                                                网络设计:导论大全
Teach Yourself VISUALLYTM Wireless Networking, 2nd Edition                         自学无线网络
The Oracle Hacker's Handbook: Hacking and Defending Oracle                         Oracle 黑客手册:Oracle 破坏与防御
Professional Rich Internet Applications: AJAX and Beyond                           Professional Rich 因特网的应用:AJAX及其它
Professional Web 2.0 Programming                                                   专家 Web 2.0 编程
                                                                                   专业 WCF 程序设计:Windows Communication Foun
Professional WCF Programming: .NET Development with the Windows Communication Foundation
Developing Java Software, 3rd Edition                                              Java 软件开发
MIS Cases: Solving Small Business Scenarios Using Application Software
                                                                                    破解 PSP:游戏机指南
Hacking the PSPTM: Cool Hacks, Mods, and Customizations for the Sony PlayStation Portable, 2nd Edition
Programmer's Guide to NCurses                                                       ncurses 程序员指南
Wiley Pathways Windows Network Administration Project Manual                        Windows 网络管理项目手册
Discovering Microsoft Office 2007: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint                  Microsoft Office 2007探索
Actionable Web Analytics: Using Data to Make Smart Business Decisions               引起诉讼的网络分析学:利用数据作出精明的商业
The Web's Awake: An Introduction to the Field of Web Science and the Concept of Web Life
Symbian OS Communications Programming, 2nd Edition                                  Symbian操作系统通信编程
Information Systems: Creating Business Value                                        商业信息学导论
Software Testing and Analysis: Process, Principles and Techniques                   软件测试与分析:过程、原理与技术
Pattern Oriented Software Architecture: On Patterns and Pattern Languages, Volume 5 基于模示的软件结构 - 语言概念 第2版
Data Mining the Web: Uncovering Patterns in Web Content, Structure, and Usage 网络数据挖掘:揭示网络内容、结构与使用的模式
Network Security: Current Status and Future Directions                              网络安全:现状与未来趋势
Business Data Communications and Networking, 9th Edition                            企业数据通讯与网络
                                                                                    互联网应用工程与实施:Apache, PHP5, MySQL 与
Web Application Design and Implementation: Apache 2, PHP5, MySQL, JavaScript, and Linux/UNIX
Professional Linux Programming
                                                                                    Blade Server 手册
Blade Servers and Virtualization: Transforming Enterprise Computing While Cutting Costs
Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organizations in the Digital Economy, 6th Edition
Department of Defense Sponsored Information Security Research: New Methods for信息防卫安全部报告:互联网保卫反恐新模式
                                                                                     Protecting Against Cyber Threats
Intelligent Internet Knowledge Networks: Processing of Concepts and Wisdom          智能互联网化知识网络
Data Modeling Fundamentals: A Practical Guide for IT Professionals
Computer Science Reconsidered: The Invocation Model of Process Expression           过程表达的调用模型
Ethics and Technology: Ethical Issues in an Age of Information and Communication伦理学与技术:信息通信时代的伦理问题
Knowledge Structures for Communications in Human-Computer Systems: General Automata-Based
FedoraTM 6 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Bible                                       Fedora 6 与Red Hat企业Linux宝典
Wiley Pathways Introduction to Database Management Project Manual                   数据库项目手册导论
Applied Cryptanalysis: Breaking Ciphers in the Real World                           应用密码分析学:破解真实世界的密码
Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job, 2nd Edition 程序员面试攻略
Operating System Concepts with Java, 7th Edition                                    操作系统概念
Knowledge Discovery in Bioinformatics: Techniques, Methods, and Applications 生物信息学知识新发现:技术,方法与应用
The Built Environment: A Collaborative Inquiry Into Design and Planning, 2nd Edition建筑环境:设计与规划合作调查
Models: Architecture and the Miniature                                              建筑模型:结构与微模型
The Renewable City: A comprehensive guide to an urban revolution                    可更新城市:城市革命综合指南
Programming Cultures: Architecture, Art and Science in the Age of Software Development
Architextiles                                                                       建筑织物
Collective Intelligence in Design                                                   设计中的综合智能
Critical Modernism: Where is Post-Modernism Going? What is Post-Modernism?, 5th Edition
Design City Toronto                                                                 设计城多伦多
Landscape                                                                           景观
Building Codes Illustrated for Healthcare Facilities: A Guide to Understanding the 2006 International Building Code
Architecture from the Inside Out: From the body, the Senses, the Site and the Community, 2nd Edition
4dsocial: Interactive Design Environments                                           4dSocial:交互式环境设计
Ecodesign: A Manual for Ecological Design                                           生态设计:生态设计手册
A Global History of Architecture                                                    世界建筑史
Landscape Architectural Graphic Standards                                           风景建筑图样规范
Architectural Detailing: Function - Constructibility - Aesthetics, 2nd Edition      建筑细部:功能建筑性美学
Architectural Graphic Standards, 11th Edition                                       建筑图形标准
Sustainable Design: Ecology, Architecture, and Planning                             可持续设计:结构、规划与生态学
Egress Design Solutions: A Guide to Evacuation and Crowd Management Planning 出口设计解决方案:疏散与聚众管理策划指南
Digital Land: Integrating Technology into the Land Planning Process                 数字国土:把科技纳入土地规划过程
The Architect's Studio Companion: Rules of Thumb for Preliminary Design, 4th Edition建筑初步设计经验法则
Building Codes Illustrated: A Guide to Understanding the 2006 International Building Code, 2nd Edition
Color Drawing: Design Drawing Skills and Techniques for Architects, Landscape Architects, and Interior Designers, 3rd Edition
Planning and Urban Design Standards, Student Edition                              规划与城市设计标准
High-Performance Building                                                         巨型建筑物如何作业
Structural Design: A Practical Guide for Architects, 2nd Edition                  建筑设计:建筑师实用指南 第2版
Handbook of Construction Tolerances, 2nd Edition                                  建筑公差手册
Drawing and Perceiving: Real-World Drawing for Students of Architecture and Design, 4th Edition
Architectural Structures                                                          结构体系
Catering Management, 3rd Edition                                                  公共饮食业管理
Hospitality Financial Management                                                  饭店业财务管理
Global Meetings and Exhibitions                                                   国际会议与展览
Hospitality Employee Management and Supervision: Concepts and Practical Applications
The Book of Yields: Accuracy in Food Costing and Purchasing, 7th Edition          实战手册:食品成本计算与采购的准确性
The HACCP Food Safety Employee Manual                                             HACCP 食品安全员工手册
The HACCP Food Safety, Training Manual                                            HACCP 食品安全培训手册
Food and Wine Pairing: A Sensory Experience                                       食物与酒的搭配:感性经验
Baked Products ¿ Science, Technology and Practice                                 烘烤制品:科学、技术与实践
Carbonated Soft Drinks: Formulation and Manufacture                               汽水软饮料:配方与制造
PHR/SPHR: Professional in Human Resources Certification Study Guide, 2nd Edition  PHR/SPHR:人力资源证书学习指南 (附光盘) 第2
Linux Administrator Street Smarts: A Real World Guide to Linux Certification Skills inux Administrator Street Smarts:Linux 认证技巧实
PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide, 4th Edition                项目管理人员学习手册
PMP Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide, Deluxe, 2nd Edition PMP:项目管理专业学习指南 豪华版(含光盘)
CWNA: Certified Wireless Network AdministratorTM Study Guide (Exam PW0-100)       CWNA:认证无线网络管理研究指南
False Alarm: The Truth about the Epidemic of Fear                                 假警报:恐惧流行的真实性
One Party Country: The Republican Plan for Dominance in the 21st Century          一党国家:21世纪治理的共和计划
Tutankhamun's Armies: Battle and Conquest During Ancient Egypt's Late Eighteenth Dynasty
Brave New War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization           挑战新战争:恐怖主义的下一步与全球化的终结
A War Like No Other: The Truth About China's Challenge to America
The Byzantines                                                                    拜占庭
Modernist Literature: Challenging Fictions
The Practice of Ethics
A Companion To Medieval English Literature and Culture C.1350 - C.1500            中世纪英语文学与文化指南 1350 - 1500
A History of Seventeenth-Century English        Literature                        17世纪英国文学史
The Blackwell Guide to Feminist Philosophy
English Renaissance Drama
A History of the Archaic Greek World                                              古希腊雕塑历史
A Companion to the Classical Greek World                                          古希腊世界指南
Modernism                                                                         现代主义:评论指南
The Blackwell Guide to Literary Theory                                            Blackwell 文学理论指南
Descartes                                                                         迪卡尔
Introduction to Clothing Manufacture 2e                                           朋饰制造业导论
Gender and the Media
Theories of Reading: Books, Bodies, and         Bibliomania                       阅读理论:书籍、身体与藏书癖
The Rationalists: Descartes, Spinoza and Leibniz                                  理性主义者: 笛卡尔、斯宾诺莎与莱布尼茨
Wilfrid Sellars                                                                   威尔弗里德·塞勒斯
Romance Writing                                                                   爱情文学作品
History and Freedom: Lectures 1964-1965                                           历史与自由:讲义 1964-1965
What is Environmental History?                                                    什么是环境史
Towards a Theory of Musical Reproduction: Notes, a Draft and Two Schemata         音乐再生产的理论
Gayatri Spivak - Ethics, Subalternity and the Critique of Postcolonial Reason     佳娅特丽 斯皮瓦克:伦理学、臣属与殖民后原因评
What is Military History?                                                         什么是军事史?
New Wave Shakespeare on Screen                                                    新潮银屏莎士比亚
Deliberative Global Politics                                                      协商全球政治
The Evolution of Film - Rethinking Film Studies                                   电影的发展:电影研究
Media and Morality - On the Rise of the Mediapolis                                媒体与道德:论 Mediapolis 公司的兴起
Documentary in Practice                                                           实用记录片:电影制片人与生产选择
The Original Accident (Translated by Julie Rose)                                  原始事故
The Century                                                                       世纪
Cultural Studies                                                                  文化研究
The Gun that Changed the World                                                    改变世界的枪
Dream Notes                                                                       梦想笔记
Einstein                                                                          爱因斯坦传记
The Culturally Savvy Christian: A Manifesto for Deepening Faith and Enriching Popular Culture in an Age of Christianity-Lite
AC/DC: The Savage Tale of the First Standards War
The Lost Apostle: Searching for the Truth About Junia
The Feminine Spirit: Recapturing the Heart of Scripture
Off-Road Disciplines: Spiritual Adventures of Missional Leaders
The Battle Over the Meaning of Everything: Evolution, Intelligent Design, and a School Board in Dover, PA
Online Newswriting                                                                在线新闻编辑
Modern News Editing, 5th Edition                                                  现代新闻编辑 第5版
Reading the Novel in English 1950-2000                                            英国小说文集 1950-2000
The Blackwell Companion to the Bible and Culture
A Companion to the Roman Republic
McDowell and His Critics                                                          麦克道尔及其评论家
Roman Satire                                                                      罗马讽刺文学
Literary Theory: A Practical Introduction, Second Edition                         文学理论:实用导论
Semantic Relationism                                                              语义相对论
                                                                                  罗马帝国晚期历史,AD 284–641,古代世界的转化
A History of the Later Roman Empire, AD 284-641: The Transformation of the Ancient World
Ethics: The Fundamentals                                                          伦理学:原理
A Companion to Kant                                                               康德指南
African Literature: An Anthology of Criticism and Theory
Classical Literature and its Reception: An Anthology                              古典文学及其畅销:文集
A Companion to Eighteenth-Century Poetry                                          19世纪诗歌指南
The Novel Now: Contemporary British Fiction                                       小说:当代英国小说
The Novel Now: Contemporary British Fiction                                       现行小说:当代英国小说
Shakespeare's Sonnets                                                             莎士比亚诗集
A Companion to Plato                                                              柏拉图指南
A Companion to Japanese History
A Brief History of Spirituality
International Media Studies
Careers in Fashion and Textiles                                                   时尚与纺织物行业
History of Florence 1200-1575                                                     佛罗伦萨史 1200-1575
Companion to Greek Religion
A Companion to Roman Rhetoric                                                     罗马修辞指南
A Companion to Shakespeare's Sonnets                                              莎士比亚十四行诗指南
The Blackwell Companion to Contemporary Islamic Thought
A Companion to William Faulkner                                                   威廉 福克纳指南
A Companion to Modern British and Irish Drama 1880-2005                           现代英国与爱尔兰戏剧指南:1880-2005
A Companion to Herman Melville                                                    十九世纪的美国作家赫曼·梅尔维尔指南
A Companion to the Classical Tradition                                            古典传统指南
Reading Metaphysics - Selected Texts with       Interactive Commentary            阅读形而上学:文选与交互注释
A Companion to Greek Rhetoric                                                     希腊修辞学指南
The Blackwell Guide to Medical Ethics                                             Blackwell 医学伦理学指南
Foundations of Ethics: An Anthology                                               伦理原理:文集
Philosophy of Law                                                                 法律的哲学:原理
Philosophy of Education - An Anthology                                          教育哲学:文选
Philosophy of Science: An Anthology                                             科学的哲学:文集
Conscience and Corporate Culture                                                道德心与企业文化
Dante: A Brief History                                                          但丁简史
Classics and the Uses of Reception                                              经典与接待的使用
Troy: From Homer's Iliad to Hollywood Epic                                      特洛伊:从荷马的<<伊利亚特>>到好莱坞史诗
Genre, Gender, Race and World Cinema                                            流派、性别、种族与世界电影:文集
Ethical Theory
Philosophy of Mind and Cognition - An Introduction2e                            头脑与认知的哲学:导论
The Myth of Media Violence: A Critical Introduction                             媒体暴力的神话:导论
Psychoanalysis and the Image: Transdisciplinary Perspectives                    心理分析与图像:跨学科展望
Art's Agency and Art History                                                    艺术中介与艺术史
The Mongols 2e                                                                  蒙古人
Early Modern Philosophy - Essential Readings with Commentary                    早期现代哲学:基本阅读与评论
The Apparel Industry 2e                                                         朋装业
Fabric, Form and Flat Pattern Cutting, Second Edition                           织物、外形与图案切割
Museums After Modernism                                                         后现代主义博物馆:契约战略
The Horror Film: An Introduction                                                恐怖片:导论
Illustrating Fashion, Second Edition                                            图解时装
An Illustrated Brief History of Western        Philosophy                       西方哲学插图简史
Bridging the Gaps in Global Communication                                       全球通信的连通
Freedom - A Philosophical Anthology                                             自由:哲学文集
War and Peace in the Ancient World
Making Sense of Human Rights 2e                                                 人权意义
Permission to Steal - Revealing the Roots of    Corporate Scandal
Renaissance Art Reconsidered: An Anthology of Primary Sources                   文艺复兴艺术再思考:原始资料文集
Visual Genders, Visual Histories: A Special Issue of Gender & History           可视性别,可视历史
Late Modern Philosophy - Essential Readings with Commentary
A Guide to Old English 7e                                                       古英语指南 第7版
A Concise History of World Population, Fourth Edition                           世界人口简史
Genocide's Aftermath - Responsibility and Repair                                种族灭绝的后果:责任与补救
The Extinction of Desire
History of the Ancient Near East - Ca. 3000-323 BC                              古代近东史
Fashion Buying 2e                                                               购买时装
Exploring Electronic Media: Chronicles and Challenges                           探索电子媒体:历代记与挑战
Political Keywords
How to Read a Poem                                                              如何读诗
Premodern Places: Calais to Surinam, Chaucer to Aphra Behn                      现代化之前的地方:从加来到苏里南、从乔叟到 A
The Challenge of Human Rights - Origin,          Development and Significance   人权挑战:起源、发展与意义
British Social Policy - 1945 to the Present 3e                                  英国社会政策:1945 至今
Introduction to Old English Second Edition                                      古代英语导论
Do Morals Matter? - A Guide to Contemporary         Religious Ethics
Doubting Darwin?                                                                怀疑达尔文?:进化论创造设计
Comedy Incarnate                                                                喜剧体现:Buster Keaton 的肢体幽默
Citizenship, Inclusion and Democracy: A Symposium on Iris Marion Young          公民权、包含与民主:Iris Marion Young 讨论会
A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Britain                                       19世纪不列颠指南
Persians                                                                        波斯
Companion to Roman Britain                                                      罗马时代英国指南
The Blackwell Companion to Political Theology
The Blackwell Companion to Protestantism
A Companion to the Worlds of the Renaissance                                    文艺复兴世界指南
Virgil's Aeneid - A Reader's Guide                                              维吉尔的埃涅伊德叙事诗:读者指南
The Blackwell Companion to Modern Theology
The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness                                       Blackwell 意识指南
Fashion Designer¿s Handbook for Adobe Illustrator                              用 Adobe Illustrator 的时装设计师手册
Culture-on-Demand: Communication in a Crisis World                             即需文化:危机世界的沟通
The State of the University - Academic Knowledges and the Knowledge of God
Metallica and Philosophy                                                       “金属与哲学”:脑外科速成教程
Companion to Twentieth-Century American Drama                                  20世纪美国戏剧指南
Dying to Belong: Gangster Movies in Hollywood and Hong Kong
A Companion to Contemporary Britain 1939-2000                                  当代英国指南:1939-2000
Hermeneutical Thinking in Chinese Philosophy
                                                                               世纪盛宴:Truman Capote 及其《黑白舞会》
Party of the Century: The Fabulous Story of Truman Capote and His Black and White Ball
Alexander the Great in his World                                               亚历山大大帝的世界
Mao Zedong: A Political and Intellectual Portrait
An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge                                     认识论导论
Surveillance Studies                                                           监督研究:综述(平装)
Late Antique and Medieval Art of the MediterraneanWorld                        地中海世界晚期古物与中世纪艺术
Companion to the Roman Army                                                    罗马军队指南
Ethics in Practice - An Anthology 3e                                           实用伦理学
Children and Television: A Global Perspective                                  儿童与电视:全球透视
Location                                                                       艺术定位
Dirty Discourse: Sex and Indecency in Broadcasting, 2nd Edition                下流言论:广播中的性与不适当话语
Wittgenstein's Method: Neglected Aspects                                       维特根斯坦的方法:被忽视的方面
Immortality Defended
Soil Erosion in Europe                                                         欧洲土壤腐蚀
Historical Linguistics - Theory and Method                                     历史语言学:理论与方法
Historical Linguistics -Theory and Method
Understanding Urban Policy - A Critical Approach
Minimalist Syntax: The Essential Readings                                      微言主义者句法学
The Hidden Life of Girls: Games of Stance, Status, and Exclusion               女孩生活的另一面
The Subject of Anthropology                                                    人类学主题
Aristotelian Philosophy - Ethics and Politics from Aristotle to Macintyre      亚里斯多德哲学:从亚里斯多德到麦金太尔的伦理
Negotiating Diversity: Culture, Deliberation,Trust                             多样性协商:自由主义、民主政治与文化差异
Global Culture Industry                                                        全球文化产业:事物的调解
Death and Dying: A Sociological Introduction                                   死与濒死:社会导论
The Political Theory of Recognition: A Critical Introduction                   认知的政治理论
Equality                                                                       平等
Responsibility and Justice                                                     责任与正义
Globalization, Development and Human Security                                  全球化、发展与人类安全
Why We Hate Politics                                                           政治 (Hardback: 0745630987 GBP: 50.00)
What is Genocide?                                                              什么是种族灭绝?
Globalization Theory - Approaches and           Controversies                  全球化理论:途径与争论
Iraq - People, History, Politics                                               伊拉克:人物、历史与政治
Intelligence in an Insecure World                                              不安全世界中的情报:监视、间谍
Empire                                                                         帝国
Just Wars: From Cicero to Iraq                                                 正义战争:从西塞罗到伊拉克
Multiculturalism                                                               多元文化主义
Critical Approaches to International Security                                  国际安全评论研究
New Labour, Second Edition                                                     新工党
Environment - a Sociological Introduction                                      环境:社会学导论
Dictionary of Globalization                                                    全球化辞典
The Health of Men and Women                                                     男人与女人的健康
The Divided West                                                                分裂的西方
International Security - The Contemporary Agenda                                国际安全:当代议程
Contemporary Politics in the Middle East Second Edition                         当代中东政治
Liberal Order and Imperial Ambition                                             无约束秩序与帝国野心:美国超级大国与国际秩序
Liquid Fear                                                                     流动的恐怖
Crime in an Insecure World                                                      不安全世界的犯罪
Global Challenges: War, Self Determination, and Responsibility for Justice      全球挑战
Social Theory - A Historical Introduction 2e                                    社会理论:历史导论
New and Old Wars 2e - Organized Violence in a Global Era                        新老战争:全球时代的有组织暴力
Global Inequality: Patterns and Explanations                                    全球不平等:模式与解释
The Myth of Media Globalization                                                 媒体全球化神话
Global Europe, Social Europe
Liquid Times - Living in an Age of Uncertainty                                  变迁岁月:不确定时代的生活
The Historical Muhammad                                                         历史上的穆罕默德
Consuming Life                                                                  消费与生活
Europe in the Global Age                                                        全球时代的欧洲
Humanitarian Intervention - Ideas in Action                                     人道主义干涉:实际观念
Over to You, Mr Brown                                                           英国劳工如何再次获胜
Ideas of Landscape                                                              景观观念:导论
Introduction to Japanese Linguistics                                            日本语言学导论
Literacy: An Introduction to the Ecology of Written Language, 2nd Edition       读写能力:书面语生态学导论
Handbook of World Englishes                                                     世界英语手册
Handbook of English Linguistics                                                 英语语言学手册
The Archaeologist's Fieldwork Companion                                         考古学家实地指南
Ethnographic Fieldwork, An Anthropological Reader                               民族志实地调查:人类学读物
Ethnographic Fieldwork: An Anthropological Reader                               民族志与实地调查
A Cultural Approach to Interpersonal Communication- Essential Readings          人际沟通的文化途径:基本读物
The New Atlanticist - Poland's Foreign and      Security Policy Priorities      新大西洋主义者:波兰的外交优先权与安全优先权
Publics and the City                                                            公众与城市
Turf Wars: Discourse, Diversity, and the Politics of Place                      草皮战争:论述、多样性与场地政治
An Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology, Third Edition                       语音学与音韵学导论
Beautiful Things in Popular Culture                                             通俗文化的美好事物
Economic Geography - A Contemporary Introduction                                经济地理学:现代导论
Ethnobiology and the Science of Humankind: Journalof the Royal Anthropological Institute Special Issue No 1
The Rise and Rise of Meritocracy                                                学术界名流的兴起
Classical Sociological Theory                                                   经典社会学理论
The Introductory Reader in Human Geography                                      人文地理学导读:现代争论与经典文献
Genes, Culture, and Human Evolution: A Synthesis                                基因与文化在人类进化过程中的作用
Medical Anthropology - Regional Perspectives and Shared Concerns                医学人类学:区域景象与共享方面
Sports Mega-Events                                                              体育大型活动:全球现象的社会科学分析
China's Limits to Growth: Greening State and Society
Twilight Institutions - Public Authority and   Local Politics in Africa         协会雏形:非洲公共权力与当地政治
Good Representative                                                             好的代表 (谁是美国好总统)
Focus in Hausa                                                                  豪撒语
Spaces of Colonialism: Delhi's Urban Governmentalities                          殖民主义空间:德里的都市政府
A Companion to Social Archaeology                                               社会考古学指南
Colonialism and Grammatical Representation                                      殖民主义与语法表达:约翰.吉尔克里斯特与18世
Democracy's Empire: Sovereignty, Law, and Violence                              民主帝国:主权、法律与暴力
Embodying Sociology                                                             社会学具体化:回顾、进步与前景
Archaeological Semiotics                                                        考古符号学
Gender                                                                              性别
Asymmetric Warfare: Threat and Response in the Twenty-First Century                 不对称的战事:21世纪的威胁与反应
Global Challenges - War, Self-Determination and Responsibility for Justice          全球挑战:战争、自身测定与正义的责任
Theory of Social Democracy                                                          社会民主理论
Introduction to Japanese Linguistics, Second Edition
Islam in the Middle East: A Living Tradition
The Globalization and Development Reader-         Perspectives on Development and全球化与发展读物:发展与全球变化透视
                                                                                     Global Change
Contemporary Sociological Theory                                                    当代社会学理论
Why Are The Arabs Not Free?
More Than Men and Make-Up: Empowering you to achieve success and happiness 男人之外 - 妇女生活指南
Natural Born Success: Discover the Instinctive DrivesTMThat Make You Tick!
Chemical Warfare Agents: Toxicology and Treatment, 2nd Edition                      化学战剂:毒物学与治疗
Forensic Entomology: An Introduction                                                法医昆虫学:导论 (布皮版)
Glial Neurobiology                                                                  神经胶质生理学
Heart Failure: Molecules, Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targets, No. 274               心力衰竭:分子、机理与治疗目标 No.274
New Treatment Strategies for Dengue and Other Flaviviral Diseases, No. 277          登革热与其他 Flaviviral 疾病,第277辑
Integrated Medical Sciences: The Essentials                                         综合医学科学:医学与生物医学专业学生用 (布皮
Biomechanics of the Musculo-skeletal System, 3rd Edition                            肌骨系统生物力学 第3版
Medical Mycology: Cellular and Molecular Techniques                                 医学真菌学:细胞与分子技术
Bioinformatics: Genomics and Post-Genomics                                          生物信息学:基因组学与后基因组学
Bioinformatics for Geneticists: A Bioinformatics Primer for the Analysis of Genetic 遗传学家用的生物信息学:遗传数据分析的生物信
                                                                                    Data, 2nd Edition
Tinkering: The Microevolution of Development, No. 284                               熔补:发展的微进化/研讨会
Dictionary of Microbiology & Molecular Biology, 3rd Edition, Revised                微生物学与分子生物学辞典
Digital Neuroanatomy: An Interactive CD Atlas withText                              神经解剖学导论:图文互动版(附光盘)
Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 29                                                   植物栽培评论 第29卷
Culture of Human Stem Cells
The Harvey Lectures: Series 100, 2004 - 2005                                        哈维讲义:Series 100, 2004-2005
Acetaldehyde-Related Pathology: Bridging the Trans-Disciplinary Divide, No. 285 乙醛相关病理学
Integrated Genomics: A Discovery-Based Laboratory Course                            综合遗传学:实验室研究过程
Nutrition: Science and Applications 1st Edition with Booklet Set
Diagnostic Techniques in Genetics                                                   遗传学诊断技术
Glorified Dinosaurs: The Origin and Early Evolution of Birds                        鸟类起源与早期进化
Fundamentals of Molecular Virology                                                  分子病毒学导论
Force Microscopy: Applications in Biology and Medicine                              力显微镜法:生物学与医学应用
Population Genetics and Microevolutionary Theory                                    人口遗传学与进化理论
What's Wrong With My Mouse?: Behavioral Phenotyping of Transgenic and Knockout Mice, 2nd Edition
Aphids on the World's Herbaceous Plants and Shrubs, 2 Volume Set                    世界草本植物与灌木蚜虫:识别与信息指南
Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases: Modern Methodologies                           传染病百科全书:现代方法
The Embryonic Human Brain: An Atlas Of Developmental Stages, 3rd Edition
Microbial Proteomics: Functional Biology of Whole Organisms                         微生物蛋白体学:全部有机体功能生物学
Horticultural Reviews, Volume 33                                                    园艺评述,第33卷
Cancer Diagnostics with DNA Microarrays                                             DNA微序列癌症诊断
Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 28                                                   植物栽培评论 第28卷
Introduction to Geomicrobiology                                                     地球微生物学导论
Community Policy Analysis Modeling                                                  社区政策分析建模
Shrimp Culture: Econmoics, Market, and Trade                                        虾养殖:经济学、市场与贸易
Flowering Plant Embryology
Plant Breeding: The Arnel R. Hallauer International Symposium                       作物育种
Fundamental Molecular Biology +CD                                                   基础分子生物学
The World Food economy                                                              世界食品经济
Physiology of Crop Yield 2e                                                         农作物产量的生理学
Scallop Farming 2e                                                                  扇贝养殖
Environmental Sedimentology                                                    环境沉积学
The Atlantic Salmon                                                            大西洋鲑:遗传学、保护与管理
Groundwater in the Environment: An Introduction                                环境中的地下水
Conservation of Wildlife Populations: Demography, Genetics and Management      野生动物种群保护:种群统计、遗传学与管理
Early Earth Systems: A Geochemical Approach                                    早期地球系统:地球化学途径
Aquaculture Engineering                                                        水产养殖工程
Infection Microbiology and Management 3e                                       传染病:微生物学与处理
Medical Microbiology & Infection 4e                                            讲义:医学微生物学与传染
Peer Review and Manuscript Management in          Scientific Journals          科学期刊中的同行评议与原稿管理:良好做法指导
Plant Growth and Climate Change                                                植物生长与气候变化
Fish Cognition and Behavior                                                    鱼类认知与行为
Introduction to Modern Virology 6e                                             现代病毒学导论
Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding                                      植物遗传学与培育原理
Global Coastal Change                                                          全球海岸变化
Plant Hormone Signaling: Annual Plant Reviews, Volume 24                       植物激素信号
Plant Cell Separation and Adhesion - Annual Plant Reviews v25                  植物细胞分离与粘附
Fisheries Management - Progress toward         Sustainability                  渔业管理:向可持续性进展
Seed Development, Dormancy and Germination                                     种子发展,冬眠与萌芽
Senescence Processes in Plants                                                 植物衰败过程
Plant Solute Transport                                                         植物溶质运移
Global Warming - Understanding the Forecast                                    全球变暖:预测导论
Advances in Fisheries Economics                                                水产业经济学
Archaea: Evolution, Physiology, and Molecular Biology                          古生菌:进化、生理学与分子生物学
Plant Proteomics                                                               植物蛋白质体学
Introduction to Modeling in Wildlife and Resource Conservation                 野生动物与资源管理建模导论
Regulation of Transcription in Plants - Annual Plant Reviews, V29              植物的转录规则
Light and Plant Development - Annual Plant Reviews V30                         光与植物生长
Plant Mitochondria                                                             植物线粒体
Braided Rivers: Process, Deposits, Ecology and Management, No. 36              辫状河:过程、沉积物、生态与管理
Saving the Earth as a Career: Advice on Becoming a Conservation Professional   拯救地球事业:成为自然保护专业人员的忠告
Trends in Comparitive Endocrinology and Neurobiology (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 1040)
Pests, Diseases and Disorders of Peas and Beans - A Colour Handbook
Pests of Fruit Crops - A Colour Handbook                                       果树虫害
Vegetable Diseases - a Colour Handbook                                         蔬菜病害颜色手册
Stem Cell Transplantation: Biology, Processes, Therapy                         干细胞移植:生物学、过程与疗法
Neurotransmitters and Neuromodulators: Handbook of Receptors and Biological Effects, 2nd, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition
Genetically Engineered Food: Methods and Detection, 2nd, Updated and Enlarged Edition
X-Ray Crystallography of Biomacromolecules: A Practical Guide                  生物大分子X射线结晶学实用手册:原理与应用
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Biotech Drugs: Principles and Case Studies in Drug Development
An Introduction to Molecular Biotechnology: Molecular Fundamentals, Methods and Applications in Modern Biotechnology
MALDI MS: A Practical Guide to Instrumentation, Methods and Applications       MALDI MS 实用指南:仪器、方法与应用
Medicinal Plant Biotechnology: From Basic Research to Industrial Applications  药用植物生物技术:从基础研究到产业应用
Autophagy in Immunity and Infection: A Novel Immune Effector                   免疫与感染自体吞噬:新免疫效应器
Flow Cytometry with Plant Cells: Analysis of Genes, Chromosomes and Genomes 植物细胞流式细胞术:基因、染色体与基因组学的
Drug Testing In Vitro: Breakthroughs and Trends in Cell Culture Technology     体外药物测试:细胞培养技术的突破与趋势
Model Organisms in Spinal Cord Regeneration                                    中枢神经系统再生典型生物体
Proteins: From Analytics to Structural Genomics, 2 Volume Set                  蛋白质:从分析学到结构基因组学
Genomics and Genetics: From Molecular Details to Analysis and Techniques, 2-Volume Set
Modern Multidisciplinary Applied Microbiology: Exploiting Microbes and Their Interactions
Exploring the Human Plasma Proteome                                            人体血浆蛋白组学
Proteomics of Microbial Pathogens                                              微生物病原体的蛋白组学
Microfluidic Applications in Biology: From Technologies to Systems Biology     生物学的微流体应用:从技术到系统生物学
Cancer: From Mechanisms to Therapeutic Approaches                               癌症:从器械到治疗法
Immunology: From Cell Biology to Disease                                        免疫学:从细胞生物学到疾病
Molecular Forensics                                                             分子法医学
Empathy and Fairness, No. 278                                                   移情与适当 267 (神经科学类)
Applied Atmospheric Dynamics                                                    应用大气动力学
Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes                                                  哺乳动物染色体图谱
Biomacromolecules: Introduction to Structure, Function and Informatics          生物高分子:结构与功能导论
Knott's Handbook for Vegetable Growers, 5th Edition                             蔬菜栽培者手册
The Cryosphere and Global Environmental Change                                  低温层与全球环境变化
Induced Resistance for Plant Defence: A Sustainable Approach to Crop Protection 植物防护的诱导阻力:庄稼保护的可持续途径
Fundamentals of Conservation Biology, 3rd Edition                               保护生物学原理
Plant Nematodes of Agricultural Importance - A Colour Handbook                  农业专治植物线虫彩色图解手册
Canine and Feline Behavior Therapy, 2nd Edition                                 犬科与猫科的行为治疗
Dellmann's Textbook of Veterinary Histology, 6th Edition                        Dellmann兽医组织学教程 附CD
Blackwell's Five Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion : Canine & Feline Behavior with CD
Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Practice Management Consult                  Blackwell 五分钟兽医实用管理咨询
                                                                                Blackwell 五分钟兽医咨询临床指南小动物牙科学
Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Small Animal Dentistry
Veterinary Ophthalmology, 2-Volume Set, 4th Edition                             兽医眼科学
Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology                                          家畜彩色图谱
Antimicrobial Therapy in Veterinary Medicine, 4th Edition                       兽医抗生素治疗
Handbook of Toxic Plants of North America                                       北美有毒植物手册
Manual for Treatment and Control of Lameness in Cattle                          牛跛治疗与控制手册
Veterinary Forensics: Animal Cruelty Investigations
Veterinary Clinical Pathology: An Introduction                                  兽医临床病理学导论
Introduction to Veterinary Pathology, 3rd Edition                               兽医病理学导论
Manual of Parrot Behavior                                                       鹦鹉行为手册
Infectious Diseases of Wild Birds                                               野鸟传染病
Fundamentals of Veterinary Clinical Neurology                                   兽医临床神经学精要
Clinical Laboratory Animal Medicine: An Introduction, 3rd Edition               临床实验动物医学与光盘 第3版
BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Musculoskeletal Disorders                     BSAVA犬科与猫科关节外科术手册
BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Nephrology and Urology 2e                     BSAVA犬科与猫科肾脏学与泌尿学手册
BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Anaesthesia and Analgesia                     BSAVA犬科猫科麻醉法与痛觉丧失手册
Introduction to Veterinary and Comparative       Forensic Medicine              兽医与比较法医学导论
Small Animal Dentistry                                                          小动物牙科
Statistics for Veterinary and Animal Science 2e +CD                             兽医与动物科学统计学
Animal Physiotherapy - Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Animals      动物物理治疗:动物的物疗评价、治疗与复原
Diseases of Sheep                                                               绵羊疾病
Essential Haematology                                                           血液学概要
Feline Medicine and Therapeutics 3e                                             猫科医学与治疗学 (纸皮重排版)
Equine Injury, Therapy and Rehabilitation 3e                                    马的受伤、治疗与康复 第3版
Veterinary Epidemiology 3e                                                      牲畜流行病学
Sheep Medicine                                                                  绵羊医学
Self-Assessment Colour Review of Veterinary       Cytology                      兽医细胞学自我评估彩色评论
Cardiovascular Disease in Small Animal Medicine
Veterinary Anatomy of Domestic Mammals: Textbook and Colour Atlas, 3rd Edition
Veterinary Laser Surgery: A Practical Guide                                     兽医激光外科手术:实践指南
Xie's Veterinary Acupuncture
Introduction to Mixed Modelling: Beyond Regression and Analysis of Variance     混合模型导论:回归与方差分析及其他问题
Large Deviations for Gaussian Queues: Modelling Communication Networks          高斯序列的大偏差:通信网络建模
Bayes Linear Statistics: Theory & Methods                                       贝叶斯线性统计学:理论与方法
Bayesian Statistical Modelling, 2nd Edition                                     贝氏统计模型
Structural Equation Modelling: A Bayesian Approach                              结构方程建模:贝氏方法
Statistical Development of Quality in Medicine                                   临床医学质量统计进展
Register-based Statistics: Administrative Data for Statistical Purposes          基于记录的统计学:统计用管理性数据
Uncertain Judgements: Eliciting Experts' Probabilities                           不确定判断:引发专家概率
Probabilities: The Little Numbers That Rule Our Lives                            概率:决定人们生活的短时数字
Understanding Uncertainty                                                        不确定性解析
The Construction of Optimal Stated Choice Experiments: Theory and Methods        优化表明选择实验法的构成:理论与方法 647
Response Surfaces, Mixtures, and Ridge Analyses, 2nd Edition                     反应面、混合物与 Ridge 分析 第2版
Survival and Event History Analysis                                              生存分析与事件历史分析
Disease Surveillance: A Public Health Informatics Approach                       疾病监测:公共卫生信息学方法
Nonparametric Statistics with Applications to Science and Engineering            非参数统计学及对科学与工程的应用
Margins of Error: A Study of Reliability in Survey Measurement                   误差幅度:调查测量中的可靠性研究 547
Symbolic Data Analysis: Conceptual Statistics and Data Mining                    符号数据分析:从复数数据中提取知识
Bioequivalence Studies in Drug Development: Methods and Applications             药物开发生物等效性研究:方法与应用
Measurement Error Models                                                         测量误差模式
Topology: Point-Set and Geometric                                                拓扑学:点集与几何学
Inside Your Calculator: From Simple Programs to Significant Insights             计算器揭秘:从简单程序到重要顿悟
Long-Memory Time Series: Theory and Methods                                      长记忆模型时间序列:理论与方法
Design, Evaluation, and Analysis of Questionnaires for Survey Research           调查问卷设计、评估与分析
                                                                                 健康与数字:生物统计学基于问题的导论 附SPSS
Health and Numbers: A Problems-Based Introduction to Biostatistics 2nd Edition with SPSS Softwre CD-Rom 14.0 Set
Data Mining Using SAS Enterprise MinerTM                                         利用SAS Enterprise Miner进行数据挖掘
The R Book                                                                       R语言手册
AUSTRALASIAN BUSINESS STATISTICS                                                 澳洲商业统计学
Missing Data in Clinical Studies                                                 临床研究中遗失的数据
Simulation and Monte Carlo: With applications in finance and MCMC                Maple软件金融应用模拟手册
Reliability and Risk: A Bayesian Perspective                                     可靠性与风险:贝氏模型分析
Statistical Analysis of Cost-Effectiveness Data                                  成本效益数据统计分析
Competing Risks: A Practical Perspective                                         竞争风险:实务分析
Modern Experimental Design                                                       实验规划
Linear Model Theory: Univariate, Multivariate, and Mixed Models                  多元线性模型导论:理论与应用
An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis, 2nd Edition                        分类数据分析导论
Probability: Modeling and Applications to Random Processes                       概率:随机过程建模与应用
Differential Equations: An Introduction to Modern Methods and Applications, 1st Edition
The Theory of Response-Adaptive Randomization in Clinical Trials                 相依变量随机化理论
Visual Statistics: Seeing Data with Dynamic Interactive Graphics                 视觉化统计学
Topology and Its Applications                                                    拓扑学及其应用
Partial Differential Equations of Applied Mathematics, 3rd Edition               应用数学偏微分方程
Introduction to Abstract Algebra, 3rd Edition                                    抽象代数导论
Vector Calculus                                                                  向量计算导论
DPSM for Modeling Engineering Problems                                           工程模型DPSM理论
Applied Combinatorics, 5th Edition                                               应用组合数学
A Statistical Approach to Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition                神经网络统计学方法
Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis, 4th Edition                          线性回归分析导论 第4版
Introductory Statistics, 6th Edition                                             统计学导论 第6版
Algebra and Trigonometry                                                         大学代数与三角学
Trigonometry                                                                     三角学
Operational Risk: Modeling Analytics                                             企业风险管理
The Art and Craft of Problem Solving, 2nd Edition                                数学解题技巧
Real Analysis: A Constructive Approach                                           实分析:建设性研究
Applied Regression Modeling: A Business Approach                                 实用回归模型:业务应用方法
Logic Modeling Methods in Program Evaluation                                     项目评估逻辑建模方法
Making Sense of Data: A Practical Guide to Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining
Variations on Split Plot and Split Block Experiment Designs                      裂区与裂区试验设计中的变分
Digital Photography for 3D Imaging and Animation                                 3D成像与动画的数字摄影
Signage and Wayfinding Design: A Complete Guide to Creating Environmental Graphic Design Systems
A Guide to Graphic Print Production, 2nd Edition                                 图形印刷生产指南 第2版
Typographic Design: Form and Communication, 4th Edition                          印刷设计:模板与通信
The Practical Guide to Information Design                                        信息设计实用指南
Astrophysics: Decoding the Cosmos
Discovering the Solar System, 2nd Edition                                        发现太阳系 第2版
Using Political Ideas, 5th Edition                                               政治观念应用
Diffraction, Fourier Optics and Imaging                                          傅氏光学与衍射光学
                                                                                  Comets, Meteor Showers, and Other Celestial Wonder
The 50 Best Sights in Astronomy and How to See Them: Observing Eclipses, Bright50个最佳天文学观望点及如何观看:观测月食、明
Biomedical Optics: Principles and Imaging                                        生物医学光学:原理与成像
Star Ware: The Amateur Astronomer's Guide to Choosing, Buying, and Using Telescopes and Accessories, 4th Edition
Liquid Crystals, 2nd Edition                                                     液晶
Fundamentals of Physics Extended, 8th Edition
The Sciences: An Integrated Approach, 5th Edition                                科学:综合研究 第5版
Light and Matter: Electromagnetism, Optics, Spectroscopy and Lasers              光与物质:电磁学、光学、光谱学与激光
SCIENCE QUEST 3 3E ESSENTIAL LEARNING EDITION                                    科学探索 3 基础学习版
Funding Ranking 2006: Institutions - Regions - Networks DFG Approvals and Other Basic Data on Publicly Funded Research
The SQUID Handbook: Set                                                          SQUID手册 全集
Competing Interactions and Pattern Formation in Nanoworld                        纳米世界中的交互作用与模式竞争
Lectures on Quantum Information                                                  量子信息讲义
Organic Molecular Solids                                                         有机分子固体
Physical Properties of Crystals: An Introduction                                 晶体物理特性:导论
Magnetism in Medicine: A Handbook, 2nd, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition  医学中的磁: 手册 第2完全修订扩大版
The Physics of Semiconductor Microcavities                                       半导体微腔物理学
Explosive Boiling of Superheated Cryogenic Liquids                               过热化深冷液爆性沸腾
Accelerator X-Ray Sources                                                        加速器 X-射线源:能量回收直线性加速器
Noble Gas Detectors                                                              惰性可燃气体探测器
Nuclear Physics of Stars                                                         星球热核反应
Atoms, Radiation, and Radiation Protection                                       原子、射线与辐射防护
Separation of Multiphase, Multicomponent Systems                                 多相多元系分离指南
Exploring Scanning Probe Microscopy with MATHEMATICA, 2nd, Revised and Enlarged Edition
Handbook of Time Series Analysis: Recent Theoretical Developments and Applications
Plasma Cathode Electron Sources: Physics, Technology, Applications               等离子体阴极电子源:物理学、技术与应用
Mesoscopic Electronics in Solid State Nanostructures, 2nd, Completely Revised and固体纳米结构中规模电子学
                                                                                  Enlarged Edition
Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics                                             非平衡统计力学
Complete Course in Astrobiology                                                  天体生物学讲义
Light-Matter Interaction: Atoms and Molecules in External Fields and Nonlinear Optics
Astrophysical Hydrodynamics: An Introduction, Second Edition                     天体物理学的流体力学:导论
Econophysics and Sociophysics: Trends and Perspectives                           经济物理学与社会物理学:趋势与透视
Nuclear Reactor Physics, 2nd, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition
Plasma Processes and Plasma Kinetics: 580 Worked-Out Problems for Science and Technology
Geometric Mechanics: Toward a Unification of Classical Physics, 2nd, Revised and 几何力学Edition
Entangled Systems: New Directions in Quantum Physics                             纠缠系统:量子物理学新方法
Quantum Theory of Optical Coherence: Selected Papers and Lectures                光学相干量子论:论文与讲义选集
Joseph Rotblat: Visionary for Peace                                              Joseph Rotblat:和平的梦想者
The Physics Handbook: Fundamentals and Key Equations, 2nd Edition                物理手册:基本原理与主要方程式
Optics and Photonics: An Introduction, 2nd Edition                               光学与光子学:导论 第2版
Understanding Physics                                                            物理学解析
Optics, Light and Lasers: The Practical Approach to Modern Aspects of Photonics and Laser Physics, 2nd Edition
                                                                                 现代天文学评论:宇宙的多面体 - 利用新仪器的发现
Reviews in Modern Astronomy: The Many Facets of the Universe - Revelations by New Instruments, Volume 19
Mössbauer Effect in Lattice Dynamics: Experimental Techniques and Applications 点阵动力学中的M?ssbauer效果:实验技术与应用
The Child's Journey Through Care: Placement Stability, Care Planning, and Achieving Permanency
ADHD in Adults: A Psychological Guide to Practice                                 成人注意力缺陷症:临床心理学指南
Out in Psychology: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer Perspectives           另类心理学:同性恋与变性剖析
Offenders' Memories of Violent Crimes                                             罪犯暴力犯罪回忆录
The Handbook of Mentalization-Based Treatment                                     精神基础治疗手册
Women Who Sexually Abuse Children                                                 儿童性侵犯女性实施者
Protecting Powers: Emergency Intervention for Children's Protection               儿童保护应急手册(布皮版)
Friends, Lovers and Groups: Key Relationships in Adolescence                      朊友、情人与组合:青春期重要关系
Social Exclusion and the Way Out: An individual and community response to human social dysfunction
Reaching the Hard to Reach: Evidence-based Funding Priorities for Intervention and勇攀高峰
Personal Construct Psychology: New Ideas                                          个体结构心理学:新观念
Down Syndrome: Neurobehavioural Specificity                                       唐氏综合征:神经行为特异性
What's Wrong with Us?: The Anthropathology Thesis                                 我们出了什么问题?人类病理学论题
                                                                                  残疾人的学习:身体治疗与管理 合作研究版
Learning Disability: Physical Therapy Treatment and Management, A Collaborative Appoach, 2nd Edition
Handbook of Personality and Health                                                个性与健康
Offending Behaviour Programmes: Development, Application and Controversies 不愉快行为程序:发展、应用与争论
Cognitive Therapy in Groups: Guidelines and Resources for Practice, 2nd Edition 小组认知疗法
Recent Advances in Physiotherapy                                                  神经物理疗法最新进展
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: A Resource for Group-Based Education and Intervention
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Psychological Theory and Research                      自闭性障碍:心理学理论与研究
Mathematics for Dyslexics: Including Dyscalculia, 3rd Edition                     诵读困难者数学
Fifty Years in Dyslexia Research                                                  研究诵读困难50年
Violence Risk: Assessment and Management                                          临床风险评估与管理
Patient Education for People with Parkinson's Disease and their Carers: A Manual 帕金森氏症患者教育及其护理手册
Teaching Mental Health                                                            精神健康的教与学
Down Our Way: The Relevance of Neighbourhoods for Parenting and Child Development 生长的街道:街坊四邻对双亲与儿童发展的相关性
Therapeutic Groups for Obese Women: A Group Leader's Handbook                     肤胖妇女的治疗小组:团队领导手册
Psychotherapy for Depression in Older Adults                                      成人抑郁与忧虑心理疗法
Families, Carers and Professionals: Building Constructive Conversations
Deafness and Challenging Behaviour: The 360° Perspective                          耳聋与希望:360度评估
Sexual Murderers: A Comparative Analysis and New Perspectives                     性谋杀:比较分析和新视角
Therapies and Rehabilitation in Down Syndrome
Adolescence and Health                                                            青少年与健康
Practical Psychology for Forensic Investigations and Prosecutions                 法庭调查实用心理学
                                                                                  婴幼儿及其家长评估社区保健方法: C.A.R.E 计划
A Community Health Approach to the Assessment of Infants and their Parents: The CARE Programme
The Well-Managed Mental Health Practice: Your Guide to Building and Managing a Successful Practice, Group, or Clinic
Statistical Reasoning in the Behavioral Sciences, 5th Edition
The Profession and Practice of Adult Education: An Introduction
Interactive Approach to Writing Essays and Research Reports in Psychology, 2nd Edition
Essentials of Assessment with Brief Intelligence Tests                            简易智力测验评估精要
Treating Gambling Problems                                                        赌博问题处置
Healing Addiction: An Integrated Pharmacopsychosocial Approach to Treatment 帮助吸毒者:生物心理学综合治疗法
Social Work in Mental Health: An Evidence-Based Approach                          实证社会工作实施指南
IQ: A Smart History of a Failed Idea                                              大话智商
Forensic Psychology: Emerging Topics and Expanding Roles                          法医生理学:最新课题与更多作用
Resolving Difficult Clinical Syndromes: A Personalized Psychotherapy Approach 临床症状难点的解决:个性心理治疗方法
Overcoming Resistant Personality Disorders: A Personalized Psychotherapy Approach 克朋反人格障碍:个性心理治疗方法
Promoting Well-Being: Linking Personal, Organizational, and Community Change 促进安康:心理、组织与社区的变革
Handbook of Sport Psychology, 3rd Edition                                         运动心理学手册 第3版
Adult Psychopathology and Diagnosis, 5th Edition                                  成人心理病理学与诊断 第5版
Essentials of Social Work Policy Practice                                         社会工作实践的政策要点
Ethics and Law for School Psychologists, 5th Edition                              学校心理学者伦理学与法学
Essentials of Cross-Battery Assessment with C/D Rom, 2nd Edition                  跨量表测评概要 第2版
Handbook of Gerontology: Evidence-Based Approaches to Theory, Practice, and Policy老年医学手册:理论、实践与政策的循证方法
Essentials of School Neuropsychological Assessment                                学校神经心理学文选
The Child Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, 4th Edition                            儿童心理疗法治疗设计者
The Child Psychotherapy Progress Notes Planner, 3rd Edition                       儿童心理疗法病情记录设计者
The Adolescent Psychotherapy Progress Notes Planner, 3rd Edition                  青春期精神治疗病情记录计划 第3版
The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, 4th Edition                       青少年心理疗法治疗设计者
ABC of Child Protection, 4th Edition                                              儿童保护必读
The Making of Modern Social Psychology: The Hidden Story of How an International Social Science Was Created
Beyond the Welfare State 3e - the New Political Economoy of Welfare               超越福利国家:福利的新政治经济
Welfare State Reader 2e                                                           福利国家读物
Creative Writing - A Guide and Glossary to      Fiction Writing                   创造性写作:小说写作词汇指南
Rethinking Faculty Work: Higher Education's Strategic Imperative
Learning in Adulthood: A Comprehensive Guide, 3rd Edition                         成年学习:综合指南
The Jossey-Bass Reader on Educational Leadership, 2nd Edition
Assessing Organizational Performance in Higher Education                          高等教育组织绩效评估
Diversity and Citizenship Education: Global Perspectives                          多样性与公民教育:全球透视
Leading in a Culture of Change                                                    变革文化的引导
Reconnecting Education and Foundations: Turning Good Intentions into Educational Capital
Building Online Learning Communities: Effective Strategies for the Virtual Classroom
Ethics in Psychotherapy and Counseling: A Practical Guide, 3rd Edition            心理疗法与咨询业中的道德:实用指南
Divine Madness: Ten Stories of Creative Struggle
The Last Word: The Best Commentary and Controversy in American Education          定论:来自教育周的最佳注解与争论
How to do a Research Project - A Guide for       Undergraduate Students           如何做研究项目:本科生指南
Research in Psychology - A Practical Guide to Methods and Statistics              心理学研究:方法与统计学实用指南
Changing Outcomes in Psychosis - Collaborative Cases from Practitioners, Users and Carers
Personality and Individual Differences                                            个性与个体差异
Blackwell Handbook of Language Development                                        Blackwell 语言发展手册
Handbook of Psychosocial Rehabilitation                                           社会心理康复手册
The Blackwell Handbook of Mentoring: A Multiple Perspectives Approach             Blackwell导师手册:多重展望研究
Ethical Issues in Behavioral Research 2e - Basic and Applied Perspectives         行为研究的伦理问题:基础与应用透视
Involuntary Memory                                                                无意识记忆
                                                                                  心理学考研预习:101 道问答题
Preparing for Graduate Study in Psychology: 101 Questions and Answers Second Edition
Educational Testing - a Competence-Based Approach                                 教育测试:基于能力的途径
The Emergence of Social Cognition in Three Young Chimpanzees                      三种幼黑猩猩属的社会认知出现
Why Youth is Not Wasted on the Young                                              为何青春不是用来挥霍的:人类发展的未成熟
Neglected Children and Their Families 2e                                          被忽略的儿童及其家庭
Handbook of Research Methods in Developmental Science                             发展科学的研究方法手册
Women and Leadership                                                              女性与领导:变化的观点与不同的声音
Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making                                Blackwell 判断与决策手册
Making up the Mind: How the Brain Creates our Mental World
Visual Factors in Reading                                                         阅读中的可视因素
Challenging Welfare Issues in the Global       Countryside                        全球农村挑战性福利问题
Guide to the World's Top Universities: Exclusively Featuring the Official World University Rankings
Murder and Society                                                                谋杀与社会
Peer Review of Teaching: A Sourcebook, 2nd Edition
Best Practices for Supporting Adjunct Faculty
Handbook of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder                              儿童多动症手册
Moderating Severe Personality Disorders: A Personalized Psychotherapy Approach 重症人格障碍的缓解:个性心理治疗方法
Educating Lawyers: Preparation for the Profession of Law                          律师教育:法律专业的准备
Jossey-Bass Leadership Library in Education - Expanded Edition Set                Jossey-Bass教育领导要素
Assessing Student Learning in the Disciplines: Assessment Update Collections
Sex Discrimination in the Workplace                                             工作场所的性别歧视:多学科透视
Memory and Emotion - Interdisciplanary          Perspectives                    记忆与情绪:多学科透视
Basic Family Therapy, 5th Edition                                               基础家庭心理治疗
The Amazing Infant                                                              惊异的婴儿
Academic Leadership: A Practical Guide to Chairing the Department, 2nd Edition
Assessing Student Learning in General Education: Good Practice Case Studies
Manual of Minor Oral Surgery for the General Dentist                            普通牙医口腔小手术手册
Clinical and Laboratory Manual of Implant Overdentures                          Implant Overdentures 临床与实验手册
Behavioral Dentistry                                                            行为牙科
Practical Periodontal Plastic Surgery                                           实用牙周整形外科
Concise Encyclopedia of Periodontology                                          简明牙周病学百科全书
Enhancement Orthodontics: Theory and Practice                                   增强正牙学
Evidence-Based Dentistry An Introduction                                        基于实证的牙科学:导论
Handbook for Dental Nurses                                                      牙科护理手册
Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth 4e                  牙齿外伤彩色图谱教科书
Clinical Textbook of Dental Hygiene and Therapy                                 口腔卫生与治疗临床教程
Dental Reception and Practice Management                                        牙齿接受与实践管理
Questions and Answers for Dental Nurses 2e                                      牙科护士问答
Oral Microbiology and Immunology
Implant Restorations: A Step-by-Step Guide, 2nd Edition                         口腔种植学:进阶指南
Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions                                     口腔与颌鼻甲骨区的囊肿
Coaching Science: Theory into Practice                                          在职辅导培训科学:理论到实践
Medical Device Epidemiology and Surveillance                                    流行病学与监测医学设备
Angiogenesis Assays: A Critical Appraisal of Current Techniques                 血管生成化验:最新技术评估
Clinical Diabetes Research: Methods and Techniques                              临床糖尿病研究:方法与技术
Pharmacovigilance, 2nd Edition                                                  药物性失眠症
Language and Social Disadvantage: Theory into Practice                          语言与社会缺陷
Gynaecology: Changing Services for Changing Needs                               妇科:变化需求的变化服务
                                                                                Therapy, Physiotherapy, 第2版
Therapy Outcome Measures for Rehabilitation Professionals: Speech and Language 康复专业治疗效果评估 Occupational Therapy, 2nd Ed
Innate Immunity to Pulmonary Infection, No. 279                                 肺感染先天性免疫
Principles of Health Care Ethics, 2nd Edition                                   卫生保健伦理学原理
Sepsis: New Insights, New Therapies, Novartis Foundation Symposium, No. 280 败血症:新理论与新疗法
Textbook of Pharmacoepidemiology                                                药物流行病学 2007
The Effects of Genetic Hearing Impairment in the Family                         听力损伤家庭史
Hughes' Outline of Modern Psychiatry, 5th Edition                               休斯精神病纲要
Diabetes in Clinical Practice: Questions and Answers from Case Studies          临床实践中的糖尿病:实例研究问答
American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 3rd Edition
Dictionary for Clinical Trials, 2nd Edition                                     临床试验词典(第3版)
Pharmacotherapy of Bipolar Disorders                                            精神失调药物疗法 
Contemporary Issues in Occupational Therapy: Reasoning and Reflection           职业治疗法:新展望
Principles and Practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine, 2nd Edition                 制药学原理与实践
Surgery for Congenital Heart Defects, 3rd Edition                               先天性心脏缺陷外科术 第3版
The Metabolic Syndrome and Primary Care
War and Health: Lessons from the Gulf War                                       战争与健康:海湾战争经验
The Mental Health of Children and Adolescents: An area of global neglect        儿童青少年心理健康:全球考察
The Bone-Building Solution                                                      强骨素质突破
Leukocyte and Stromal Cell Molecules: The CD Markers                            白细胞与基质细胞分子:CD制造者
Tietz's Applied Laboratory Medicine, 2nd Edition                                Tietz 应用实验室医学
Healing Fibromyalgia: The Three-Step Solution                                   纤维肌痛的治疗:三步解决法
No More Kidney Stones: The Experts Tell You All You Need to Know about Prevention and Treatment, Revised and Expanded Edition
Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It's Too Late
American Medical Association Guide to Living with Diabetes: Preventing and Treating Type 2 Diabetes - Essential Information You and Y
The Food-Mood Solution: All-Natural Ways to Banish Anxiety, Depression, Anger, 食品与情绪解决方案:营养与生活方式规划
                                                                                   Stress, Overeating, and Alcohol and Drug Problems--an
Wiley Pathways Introduction to U.S. Health Care, 1st Edition                      美国卫生保健制度导论
Wiley Pathways Health Care Economics, 1st Edition                                 卫生保健经济学
Wiley Pathways Health Care Management                                             卫生保健管理
The Cancer Treatment Revolution: How Smart Drugs and Other New Therapies are 癌症治疗的革命:先进药物及其它新治疗法重燃我
                                                                                   Renewing Our Hope and Changing the Face of Medicin
Human Genetics and Genomics 3e                                                    人类遗传学与基因体学
Imaging Science
ABC of Emergency Radiology 2e
ABC of Heart Failure 2e                                                           心力衰竭初阶
Trauma Rules 2 - Incorporating Military Trauma Rules
ABC of Wound Healing                                                              伤口愈合
Anaesthesia Science
Evidence-based Neurology: Management of           Neurological Disorders          基于实证的神经学:神经障碍处置
                                                                                  新生儿与儿科 Statistical Analysis
Managing your Patients' data in the Neonatal and Pediatric ICU - An Introduction to Databases andICU 患者数据管理:数据库与统计分
Health Communication: From Theory to Practice                                     卫生交流:从理论到实践
Simplified Diet Manual, 10th Edition                                              简明食物手册
Management of Comorbidities in Kidney Disease in the 21st Century: Anemia, Bone Disease, Malnutrition, and Inflammation
Essential Nuclear Medicine Physics, Second Edition                                核医学物理概要
Essential Reproduction                                                            基础生殖
Thoracic Endoscopy: Advances in Interventional Pulmonology                        胸部内窥镜检查:介入肺病学
Surgical Management of Spinal Cord Injury                                         脊髓损伤外科管理:争论与共识
Endothelial Dysfunctions in Vascular Disease                                      血管病内皮机能障碍
Myocardial Laser Revascularization                                                心肌激光血管重建
Emergency Medicine 3e                                                             讲义:急诊医学
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease                                             慢性阻塞性肺病:管理实践指南
Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation, Second Edition                             小儿固体器官移植
Management of High-Risk Pregnancy: An Evidence-Based Approach, 5th Edition 高危怀孕管理:实证方法
Medical Genetics 3e                                                               医学遗传学讲义
European Handbook of Neurological Management                                      欧洲神经处置手册
ABC of Palliative Care 2e                                                         减轻保护 ABC
Cardiac Surgery in Chronic Renal Failure                                          慢性肾衰竭心脏外科术:临床处置及后果
The Cervix, Second Edition                                                        子宫颈
Clinical Gated Cardiac SPECT, Second Edition                                      临床闸式心脏分散观测
Practical Pediatric Gastrointestinal Endoscopy                                    实用儿科胃肠内窥镜检测法
Clinical Obstetrics - The Fetus and Mother 3e +CD +Q and A                        临床产科学:胎儿与母亲
Randomized Controlled Trials: Questions, Answers and Musings, 2nd Edition         随机对照试验
Evidence-based Sports Medicine
Dewhurst's Textbook of Obstetrics & Gynaecology                                   Dewhurst产科与妇科教程
Pediatric Hematology Third Edition                                                儿科血液学
Practical Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation                                 实用造血干细胞移植
The Respiratory System at a Glance 2e                                             呼吸系统概要
Heart Disease in Pregnancy 2e
Visual Diagnosis in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine
Clinical Paediatric Dietetics                                                     临床儿科营养学
Qualitative Research in Health Care 3e                                            卫生保健定性研究
The Musculoskeletal System at a Glance                                            肌骨系统概要
Lecture Notes - Clinical Pharmacology and       Therapeutics 7e                   讲义:临床药理学与治疗学
Bone Marrow Diagnosis: An illustrated guide, Second Edition                       骨髓诊断:附插图指南
Roitt's Essential Immunology 11e                                                  Roitt免疫学导论
Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes                                              基础内分泌学与糖尿病
ABC of Ear, Nose and Throat 5e                                                    耳鼻喉常识
ABC of Kidney Disease                                                             肾病常识
Clinical Anatomy: Applied Anatomy for Students and Junior Doctors, Eleventh Edition
Pulmonary Embolism                                                              肺栓塞症 第2版
Pathology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma                                           肝细胞癌病理学
General Surgery 11e                                                             讲义:普通外科学
ABC of Urology 2e                                                               泌尿学 ABC
Essential Guide to Acute Care, Second Edition                                   急症护理基础指南
Essential Guide to Generic Skills                                               普通技巧基本指南
Dermatology 9e                                                                  讲义:皮肤病学
Management of Complex Cardiovascular Problems: TheEvidence-Based Medicine Approach
Emergency Medicine - Avoiding the Pitfalls and Improving the Outcomes           急症医学:避免缺陷与改进效果
Evidence-based Pediatric Oncology                                               实证儿科肿瘤学
Lecture Notes: Diseases of the Ear, Nose & Throat                               耳鼻喉疾病
Surgical Management of Vitiligo                                                 白癜风外科处置
How to Survive in Anaesthesia - A Guide for     Trainees 3e
Occupational Therapy Evidence in Practice for Mental Health                     心理健康实践的职业治疗实证
Occupational Therapy Evidence in Practice for Physical Rehabilitation           身体康复实践的职业治疗实证
Paediatrics at a Glance 2e                                                      儿科概要
GI Epidemiology                                                                 胃肠流行病学
Pheochromocytoma                                                                嗜铬细胞瘤:诊断、局部化与治疗
Essential Cardiac Electrophysiology: With Self Assessment                       基础心电生理学:及自我评估
Syncope Cases                                                                   昏厥
Basics of Blood Management                                                      血液管理基础
ABC of Clinical Haematology 3e                                                  临床血液学 ABC
Suicide Risk Management: A Manual for Health Professionals                      自杀危害管理:保健专家手册
Pacing Options in the Adult Patient with Congenital Heart Disease               成人先天性心脏病患者的起搏选择
Advanced Endovascular Therapy of Aortic Disease                                 大动脉疾患的高级血管内治疗
Handbook of Clinical Obstetrics: The Fetus & Mother Second Edition              临床产科 - 手册
Tendinopathy in Athletes - Volume XII of the    Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine运动员的肌腱病:运动医学百科全书 第12卷
                                                                                  an IOC Medical Commission Publication
Evidence-Based Medicine - In Sherlock Holmes' Footsteps                         福尔摩斯足步中基于实证的医学
Standard Practice in Sexual Medicine                                            性医学标准实践
The Insiders' Guide to UK Medical Schools       2007/2008 9e                    英国医学院内行指南
The 12 Lead ECG in ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction: A Practical Approcah for ST段抬高心肌梗塞的12 引入心电图:医师实用途径
Essential Guide to Becoming a Doctor                                            成为一名医生基础指南
Comprehensive Atlas of High Definition Endoscopy and Narrowband Imaging         高分辨率内镜检查术与窄带成像综合图谱
ECG in the Child and Adolescent: Normal Standards and Percentile Charts         儿童与青少年心电图:正常标准与百分位图
Haemophilia and Haemostasis
Physicians' Desk Reference 61e 2007
Integrated Molecular Medicine for Neuronal and Neoplastic Disorders (Annals of 神经元与肿瘤障碍的综合分子医学Volume 1086)
                                                                                 the New York Academy of Sciences,
Understanding Respiratory Medicine - a Problem- Orientated Approach             呼吸系统医学解析
Ischemic Heart Disease                                                          缺血性心脏病
Understanding Neurology - A Problem-Orientated Approach                         神经病学概论
Vulvo-Vaginal Infections                                                        外阴阴道感染
ELST - Great Ormond Street Colour Handbook of Paediatrics and Child Health
Noise and its Effects                                                           噪声及其效应
The Practice-Based Educator: A Reflective Tool for CPD and Accreditation        基于实践的教育人员:CPD 与认证思考工具
Frenchay Aphasia Screening Test, 2nd Edition                                    Frenchay失语症筛选测验
Principles of Assessment and Outcome Measurement for Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists: Theory, Skills and Application
Dysphagia: Foundation, Theory and Practice                                      吞咽困难:基础、理论与实践
Great Ormond Street Colour Handbook of Paediatricsand Child Health              大奥梦得街(儿童医院)小儿外科学彩色手册(附
Disabled Children and Developing Countries -                                    残疾儿童与发展中国家
                                                 Clinics in Developmental Medicine No 136
Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale 3e
Feeding the Disabled Child
Neurodevelopmental Approach to Specific Learning Disorders
Neurological Assessment of the Preterm and        Fullterm Newborn Infant 2e       不足月与足月新生儿神经学评价 第2版
Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood                                        儿童神经系统疾病 第2版
Developmental Disability and Behaviour
Congenital Hemiplegia
Cerebral Palsies - Epidemiology and Causal        Pathways
Biology of the Autistic Syndromes 3e
Sleep Disturbance in Children and Adolescents with Disorders of Development - Its Significance and Management
Communicating without Speech - Practical          Augmentative and Alternative Communication       Clinics in Development Medicine 156
Behavioural Phenotypes in Clinical Practice - Clinics in Developmental Medicine No 157
Management of the Motor Disorders of Children with Cerebral Palsy 2e
Hip Disorders in Childhood
Shaking and Other Non-Accidental Head Injuries in Children
Treatment of Gait Problems in Cerebral Palsy +CD
Prechtl's Method on the Qualitative Assessment of General Movements in Preterm, Term and Young         Infants
The Placenta and Neurodisability
Alcohol, Drugs and Young People                                                    酒精、药物与青年人:临床方法
Pediatric Clinical Neurophysiology
Autism - A Neurological Disorder of Early Brain Development
Head Injury in Childhood and Adolescence                                           儿童青少年头部损伤
Infections Causing Human Cancer                                                    人类致癌性传染
Stress in Health and Disease                                                       应激手册:形成健康或有病的大脑
Complementary Therapies and the Management of Diabetes and Vascular Disease: A Matter of Balance
Quality of Life: The Assessment, Analysis and Interpretation of Patient-reported Outcomes, 2nd Edition
                                                                                   免疫反应的染色体组控制解码:研讨会 第281号
Decoding the Genomic Control of Immune Reactions: Novartis Foundation Symposium, No. 281
Essential Statistics for the Pharmaceutical Sciences
Staged Diabetes Management, 2nd Edition, Revised                                   各时期糖尿病治疗
The Cutaneous Lymphoid Proliferations: A Comprehensive Textbook of Lymphocytic Infiltrates of the Skin
Feed Your Family Right!: How to Make Smart Food and Fitness Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle
Heart Failure: A Combined Medical and Surgical Approach                            心脏病:内科外科综合疗法
ABC of Hypertension, Fifth Edition                                                 高血压知识
ABC of Obesity                                                                     肤胖 ABC
Neonatal Formulary 5: Drug Use in Pregnancy and the First Year of Life (nnf5)
Cardiovascular Regeneration and Stem Cell Therapy                                  心血管再生与干细胞疗法
Withholding and Withdrawing Life-prolonging          Medical Treatment             濒死与濒死期延长生命医疗
Psychobiology of the Hand                                                          手的精神生物学
Vitamin Responsive Conditions in Paediatric       Neurology - International Review of Child     Neurology Series
Pub Date                                          About the book
   9-Feb-07    This book presents an in-depth overview of the novel developments, made by the scientific leaders in the are of modern diele
  26-Jan-07    The proposed book deals with fundamental principles and applications of spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE). It will be organiz
   1-Sep-06    Following a semi-quantitative approach, this book presents a summary of the basic concepts, with examples and applications
  9-Nov-06     This volume contains over 70 papers on advanced research and development of processing, mechanical properties and mecha
  9-Nov-06     Recent advances in coating development, processing, microstructure and property characterization, and life prediction are inc
  9-Nov-06     This volume focuses on recent developments and advances of ceramics and ceramic matrix composites for use in fission and
  9-Nov-06     The use of ceramics in biological environments and biomedical applications is of increasing importance, as is the understand
  9-Nov-06     This proceedings contains current research from industry, academia and government organizations working on opaque and tr
   8-Sep-06    Thin-film solar cells are either emerging or about to emerge from the research laboratory to become commercially available d
 11-Aug-06     This text aims to cover conduction in disordered solids from fundamental physical principles and theories, through practical m
 14-Dec-06     A workshop on Transport Properties & Concrete Quality was held at the campus of Arizona State University on October 10-1
   9-Feb-07    Papers that comprise this book are taken from the 68th Annual Porcelain Enamel institute Technical Forum, May 15-18, 200
  19-Jun-07    This volume includes papers from the Second International Conference on Characterization and Control of Interfaces for Hig
  9-Nov-06     This book is a topical update of Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin Films from 1994. Since that time, PLD as a technique has b
  8-Nov-06     The books deals with linear optics of birefringent materials such as liquid crystals and polymers. It gives a survey of light pro
  9-Nov-06     Most books already published in this area are either focused on diffraction properties and applications or are a collection of i
   11-Jul-07   This book covers the current fields in alloy physics together with the necessary basic principles. It offers the reader a sound u
  10-Oct-06    Coatings are essential for modern power generation at extremely high temperatures ensuring high energy efficiency. This boo
 18-Aug-06     The focus of this volume lies on both nanodevices directly assembled from biological materials as well as nanodevice constru
    2-Jan-07   This volume focuses on nanotechnological approaches to the diagnosis of cancer as well as combined diagnostic/therapeutic
    8-Jan-07   This volume begins with development approaches and bioprobe design, then covers the various sensor types by measuring pr
  10-Oct-06    This volume starts out with the scaffolding of nanomaterials and biomaterials, then covers strategies for the engineering of tis
  26-Jan-07    This volume starts out with an overview of nanotechnologies for diagnostic purposes and nanoparticle-based magnetic resona
  11-Jan-07    The aim of the proposed publication is to report the latest progress in the nano-structuring and -modification of solid surfaces
   21-Jul-06   This translation of the successful German Second Edition gives a broad and fundamental overview on the state-of-the-art of c
 23-Feb-07     The book starts with a comprehensive overview on the history of fatigue and fracture research and the basic concepts of fatig
 23-Feb-07     This book provides key results from research coordinated by the German Research Council's special research centre on integ
   1-Dec-06    The need for light-weight materials especially in the automobile industry caused renewed interest in innovative applications o
  3-Nov-06     The work is a comprehensive and substantial source of information on useful properties, production, processing and the appli
  9-Nov-06     Due to its many potential benefits, including high electrical efficiency and low environmental emissions, solid oxide fuel cell
    7-Jul-06   Electroceramic materials have become increasingly important in key technologies such as computers, telecommunications, an
   24-Jul-07   This volume contains papers presented at The Fifth Conference on the Fractography of Glasses and Ceramics Held in Roches
  10-Oct-06    Aluminum production is the second largest metal market worldwide, and the number of applications is still growing. To save
  8-May-07     This book focuses on systems analysis, broadly defined to also include problem formulation and interpretation of proposed al
  16-Oct-06    This book is a selection of essays on relevant topics already published in Computer, mostly in the column The Profession ove
 11-Aug-06     This book presents an in-depth treatment of various power reduction and speed enhancement techniques based on multiple su
 17-Nov-06     This work collates state-of-the-art information on IEEE 802 wireless systems which is intended to provide the necessary theo
  27-Oct-06    This book sets out to provide comprehensive coverage of cellular network planning and optimization, focusing on radio, tran
   2-Mar-07    The key strength of the book lies in its broad-based, yet highly detailed approach to the subject: mathematical models used as
   14-Jul-06   This book includes additional features to the first edition which offered a practical introductory approach to the techniques of
   1-Dec-06    Despite the fact that plenty of storage products are now available, the challenge remains for companies to understand how to
   14-Jul-06   This book describes the convergence of advanced networking technologies and Grid technologies, with special focus on their
  3-Nov-06     This book sets out to address the fundamental theory of communication systems, providing models for transmission systems a
 23-Mar-07     This book throws light on the data integrity landscape of the future, it shows how the whole subject of data integrity is changi
 22-Sep-06       Introduction to Feedback Control provides an easy to read and to understand monograph that describes control theory usin
   28-Jul-06   During the last four years, this subject are has been extensively treated in journals and conferences, but as yet there is no boo
 23-Feb-07     The book creates a framework to aid the understanding of Next Generation Networks, their potential for supporting new and
 13-Apr-07     This book begins with an analysis of non-linear circuit design methods including spectral-domain analysis, time-domain anal
 11-Aug-06     Convergence of the internet and other services such as telephony has been predicted for several years. However, several deve
   6-Oct-06    This book is a valuable reference text that systematically outlines the DMAIC approach to advanced tools for implementing S
15-Dec-06     This text brings together information about the design, modelling and measurement of optimised integrated varactors for Rad
 23-Feb-07    This text provides a complete and comprehensive introduction to the field of bistatic radars, covering information on basic pr
   7-Jul-06   The content is on the one hand a technical description of the different wireless systems available today. On the other hand it a
 20-Apr-07    This book is very wide ranging and covers most technical aspects of power system engineering. In order to understand the na
 20-Apr-07    Divided into four sections the first section, Fuzzy clustering-the primer, covers the essentials of fuzzy clustering including mo
 12-Jan-07    This is a thorough update of the first edition, featuring new standards, developments and applications. It will address not only
  2-Mar-07    MRCP (Media Resource Control Protocol) is not a standalone protocol but is based on several technologies that span both th
 23-Feb-07    This book gives a full and clearly set out introduction to the topic of fuzzy control, which is key to the efficient working of m
17-Nov-06     This comprehensive text offers a how to do it for professional engineers, providing practical advice on the factors involved in
   7-Jul-06   Software modernisation or re-engineering is an undefined concept that tends to mean different things to different people. Thi
  8-Sep-06    Perceived Quality of VoIPaddresses speech quality of VoIP networks, whilst addressing the implications for the design of Vo
16-Mar-07     This text provides a complete and cutting-edge guide to the design and engineering of small antennas for portable electronic
   7-Jul-06   Part 1 explains the basics of UMTS performance measurement that needs to be understood before KPI definitions and results
  6-Oct-06    Despite previous books on UWB systems for radar systems and more recently, communications, no book exists that deals wit
 13-Apr-07    The book explores in detail six fundamental, carefully selected topics that all ad hoc networks share: 1) Wireless Data Comm
 12-Jan-07    The author offers a broad and long-term forecast across all the different elements of wireless communications and into related
 20-Apr-07    This book covers the health monitoring of structural materials and components, and is split into three main areas: 1) loads ide
   7-Jul-06   This book is a practical guide to the life cycle of a WCDMA/UMTS cellular network deployment, offering network planners
  1-Dec-06    This is a concise reference on satellite technology, which covers in one volume both the technological as well as the applicati
 16-Feb-07    The author provides the professional with an understanding of the users, technologies, design principles, techniques and indu
11-May-07     This book provides a comprehensive guide to automotive vehicle buses, covering the principles, components, implementation
 13-Apr-07    This book takes a personal approach to mobile content management, focusing on the consumer point of view. The authors co
  5-Apr-07    The aims of the book are to provide people who want to use hydro-informatic systems with knowledge on the basic principle
 13-Apr-07    The text material evolved from over 50 years of combined teaching experience it deals with a formulation and application of
 27-Feb-07    This book will provide readers to handle various EMC problems, to develop their own EMC computational models in applica
   5-Jan-07   Wiley currently publishes two of the best books in this subject area. Brookner is a new title aimed at an introductory market,
19-Dec-06     Exploring transmission lines first, Wentworth breaks away from the traditional to provide readers with a more dynamic appro
 29-Sep-06    Crystal Clear chronicles a critical episode in both military and electronics history --- the difficult creation of reliable quartz c
 21-Sep-06    Vacuum electronics is a subject area critical to the national defense, yet experts in the field are few and the number of univers
 20-Feb-07    Digital Design provides a modern approach to learning the increasingly important topic of digital systems design. The text's f
 12-Jan-07    Series 60 Smartphone Quality Assurance is a quality and compatibility guide for the Symbian OS, Series 60 smartphone prog
  9-Feb-07    A practical advanced text giving a solid introduction to mobile systems programming. The book is the only platform-indepen
 23-Feb-07    Developing Multi-Agent Systems with JADE is a practical guide for users of JADE. The text gives an introduction to agent t
 20-Apr-07    This book is a detailed investigation into how understanding the human visual system can lead to the development of colour c
 26-Jan-07    The voice and multimedia telephony solutions currently being developed and standardized in 3GPP to replace the existing cir
  9-Feb-07    The key purpose of this book is to give a deep insight into UMTS signaling on the wireline interfaces. The book is divided in
14-Dec-06     The book covers a variety of aspects central to radar remote sensing, with a focus on polarimetric topics. The chapters on ele
 8-May-07     In this book leading profesionals in the semiconductor microelectronics field discuss the future evolution of their profession.
 16-Jan-07    This book is not intended to be an elementary introduction to simulation; it introduces fundamental basic techniques and soft
 28-Sep-06    This book treats the design and development of algorithms that allow successful autonomous operation of a software-defined
  1-Sep-06    Presenting unified coverage of the design and modeling of smart micro- and macrosystems, this book addresses fabrication is
 28-Feb-07    The fifth edition of Grounding and Shielding has been revised throughout. The author has added material on transmission lin
 13-Jun-07    This book is about people who operate, maintain, design, research, and manage complex systems, ranging from air traffic con
 28-Sep-06    This book was the first applications-oriented engineering treatment of the infrared system. This classic opens with a history
 21-Feb-07    This book presents a deep review of power theories and shows that the instantaneous active power theory gives an important
27-Mar-07     This book will provide an introduction to RFID technology. Its goal is to describe an address the following: How RFID wor
20-Dec-06     The Best of the Best: Fifty Years of Communications and Networking Research consists of a group of 50 papers selected as t
27-Mar-07     Companies and agencies operating in the power sector require the combined skill sets across several disciplines including eng
  2-Feb-07    Pragmatic Software Testing covers the strategies, techniques, and concepts that effective and efficient test professionals need
 29-Jun-07    The subject of this book is estimating parameters of expectation models of statistical observations. The book describes the m
 13-Apr-07    This text offers a complete and detailed overview of the Ambient Networking concept and technology. The authors explain t
 20-Apr-07    This book is a practical introduction and guide to microwave network analysis and circuit design, focusing on the vector netw
  1-Sep-06    This volume is designed as the third in a series of three books addressing Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) physics, devices, circ
16-Mar-07     Because of its complexity and presentation, the Software Communications Architecture is widely misunderstood and under-u
11-Dec-06     The number of subscribers to wireless communications services is increasing daily and the amount of data being transmitted
   5-Oct-06   Today there is a conversion of existing wireless networks, labeled as the second generation (2G), third (3G), and fourth (4G
21-May-07     Professor Jean Van Bladel, an eminent researcher and educator in fundamental electromagnetic theory and its application in e
 22-Feb-07    The first edition of Fundamentals of Photonics featured a logical blend of theory and applications, coverage includes detailed
  5-Sep-06    This is an interdisciplinary book that discusses the benefits of contamination control in the aforementioned industries (semico
  8-Nov-06    This book presents Optical Networking in a comprehensive way, ideal for non-engineers who need to understand the fundam
27-Mar-07     Genetic algorithms (GAs) have become very important in many fields. They have proven to be tenacious in finding optimal r
  8-Nov-06    This book provides a comprehensive description of signaling systems, including subscriber signaling and network signaling i
 25-Jun-07      This book presents Mobile Internetworking concepts, principles and practices. It describes how Mobile IPv6, an Internet St
 21-Feb-07    The book is a comprehensive study of mission critical systems, geared to educate property managers and facility engineers ab
27-Nov-06     This book covers all the major issues related to optical switching, ranging from the fabrication of all-optical switch fabrics (d
 14-Sep-06    This book concentrates on Six Sigma (DMAIC) and DFSS in simulation environments. For example, axiomatic design, desig
 25-Sep-06    Many senior managers and management consultants seem to be unaware of the differences between development projects in
 28-Sep-06    Focusing on ultra wideband (UWB) communication technology for applications including WPAN, sensor and ad-hoc networ
   5-Oct-06   Introduction to Evolvable Hardware: A Practical Guide for Designing Self-Adaptive Systems provides a fundamental introdu
 16-Oct-06    This professional reference is for designers and researchers focuses on the design and analysis of distributed algorithms and p
 29-Sep-06    The scope of this very practical title is to cover frameworks and optimization methodologies with a balance of theory, practic
 26-Jan-07    This book provides thorough and specific guidance on how to prepare defense-related scientific and technical reports, includ
  21-Jul-06   This book treats various power-quality disturbances and the way the measurements of these disturbances are processed. From
10-Nov-06     This books illustrates how data mining techniques, through the application of algorithms and graphs, have been responding to
 16-Feb-07    Taking an integrated approach, this book addresses the great diversity of areas that a computer professional must know. It ex
 20-Apr-07    Extending beyond the classic approach by focusing on more advanced, accurate, and realistic models, this book investigates t
 27-Oct-06    The book is unique, describing work completed by Professor Simon Haykin and his collaborates over a period of 20 years. A
  18-Jul-06   This book deals with a new design of asymmetric passive microwave integrated circuits. This topic has become more import
 31-Jan-07    This will be a real-time digital signal processing textbook using the latest embedded Blackfin processor Analog Devices, Inc
 8-May-07     This book presents two recently developed knowledge areas that can significantly improve the management and the performa
 14-Sep-06    This book presents fundamental concepts and state-of-the-art techniques in CASA. It covers tracking of multiple pitch contou
31-Aug-06     This text is intended to make the design principles of cognitive radio (CR) more accessible to researchers and students of tele
23-Mar-07     This book is intended to be a high-quality textbook that provides a carefully designed exposition of the important aspects of W
23-Mar-07     Authored by a panel of experts in the field, this book focuses on hyperspectral image analysis, systems, and applications. Wit
 31-Oct-06    The book focuses on optical fibers and is divided into three sections: integrated optics, fiber optics, and the pulse evolution a
  5-Feb-07    This book addresses the problems and brings solutions to the security issues of ad hoc networks. Topics included are threat a
  9-Apr-07    The third edition of Radio System Design for Telecommunications is an expansion of the previous edition, taking into accoun
 26-Jan-07    This is a best selling text by a well-known author. Its first two editions have sold over 25,000 copies. The fourth edition wil
 28-Sep-06    This book provides a set of templates supporting the documentation required for basic software project control and managem
23-Aug-06     This book describes techniques for the design and implementation of an all-digital RF synthesizer. The design of RF synthes
16-Aug-06     This book covers a broad range of topics ranging from traditional management subjects to supplier and risk management. It
30-Nov-06     The book discusses how and why phishing is a threat, and presents countermeasures. It serves to educate the reader on how p
25-Aug-06     This dictionary gathers clear, concise, authoritative, and up-to-date definitions of terms, concepts, methods, solutions, tools, m
  9-Feb-07    This authoritative book focuses on the technologies and techniques that may be used to enable computer-processed images to
 25-Jan-07    This book provides an in-depth treatment of algorithms and standards for perceptual coding of high-fidelity audio. This is a s
19-Mar-07     Radio frequency identification or RFID is a broad-based technology that impacts business and society. With the rapid expan
 11-Jan-07    This book provides the tools for understanding the central issues in data security. Through the book, instructors gain a wide
  18-Jul-06   This book has three major objectives:         To propose an ontology for computer software        To provide a methodology for
18-Aug-06     Accurately assessing the economic potential of nanotechnology it is currently a very diffcult undertaking if using only quantit
   6-Jun-07   Our book deals with recent developments of this innovative energy technology and will focus on operation, process analysis,
  21-Jul-06   The monographs and reference works currently on the market are primarily focused on mathematics, information theory and
10-Nov-06     Robot gripper technology is one of the central knowledges in handling and robot engineering. This book teaches the basics o
18-Aug-06     Everybody is talking about nanotechnology, and many universities have started to teach courses in this area. Until the publica
 26-Jan-07    Since the breakthrough demonstration of GaN-based laser diodes by Shuji Nakamura one decade ago, the field of GaN-based
 12-Sep-06    No other dictionary for this field in the chinese market
   3-Oct-06   New Controllers, latest version of the STEP 7 basic software is described
  28-Jul-06   Liquid Crystal Technologies is an inter-disciplinary textbook providing a comprehensive overview of the basics and applicati
 20-Apr-07    This book sets out to provide comprehensive coverage of Quality of Service issues within a heterogeneous network environm
 13-Apr-07    This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the theory and techniques behind digital alias-free signal processing, which
  21-Jul-06   Rapid advances in electronic and optical devices and systems have enabled the implementation of very powerful codes with c
 20-Apr-07    This book is a wholly practical guide to the specification, development and programming of smart card systems, so you can e
   8-Jun-07   This comprehensive book provides a comparative study of adaptive WCDMA, ATDMA, Multicarrier (OFDMA) and Ultra W
 12-Jan-07    This book will enable readers to:        Fully understand the specifications that characterize the performance of modern wirel
 22-Feb-07    This book provides specific guidance on the development and verification and validation of neural networks/adaptive system
  5-Mar-07    Todays economic climate makes it more important to work smarter. Dedicated Quality personnel are stretched to the limit, an
 31-Jan-07    This book is the first complete and comprehensive description of the modern Physical Theory of Diffraction (PTD) based on
15-Mar-07     The book is poised to take advantage of renewed interest in Tidal-Electric Power Generation. Presents information on the ma
21-May-07     Featuring the most authoritative archive of Barry Boehm's contributions to software engineering. The value to the reader is co
 15-Sep-06    Introduction to Microdisplays covers the structure and performance of microdisplays and their associated optical imaging sys
  14-Jul-06   As technology scales down to sub-micron dimensions the modelling of MOS device operation becomes of greater concern. T
   5-Oct-06   DC Power System Design for Telecommunications describes how to design direct current power systems for telecommunicat
10-Nov-06     The book will discuss electromagnetism, a phenomena involving magnets and electric currents through conductors, thus prod
 29-Jun-07    Software Testing presents one of the first comprehensive guides to testing activities, ranging from test planning through test c
 27-Oct-06    Creating your dream home is an exciting idea, but its also a major project and one where you need to be an expert on everyth
   9-Jan-07   Now readers can quickly learn the basic concepts and principles of modern fluid mechanics with this concise book. It clearly
   4-Jan-07   This leading book in the Parker/Ambrose Simplified Design Guides is the most effectively concise reference available on the
15-Nov-06     In the proposal the author states that the book has been written as a teaching tool for courses in aircraft performance and to fo
13-Dec-06     The strength of this book is its focus on demonstrating how to actually design structural members and joints for seismic resist
 8-May-07     This leading book in the Parker/Ambrose Simplified Design Guides is the most effectively concise reference available on the
  15-Jul-06   Now in its seventh edition, this book examines the design procedures for reinforced concrete structures. Strength and behavio
  7-Aug-06    This book is the first to be specifically written to meet the needs of courses in advanced mechanics that focus on the dynamic
 20-Apr-07    This third edition brings the book up to date with current technology & practice and expands its coverage to include the impo
13-Dec-06     The book highlights current applications of biomedical informatics, as well as advancements in genomics-proteomics areas. S
   5-Jan-07   This book, written with civil and transportation engineers in mind, is a practical guide to bridge management in the real-worl
 20-Oct-06    Established as one of the leading books on the materials and methods of construction, the Eighth Edition of Construction has
 22-Jan-07    As the Lead Reliability Engineer for Ford Motor Company, the author is involved with all aspects of the design and productio
 21-Feb-07    Ugural provides a comprehensive and methodical presentation of the basic concepts in the analysis of members subjected to a
29-Aug-06     Many of the existing books covering stormwater management techniques are written at an advanced level expressly for civil e
  13-Jul-07   Landform grading design and construction technology have advanced rapidly during the past decade. The use of more natura
15-Nov-06      Performance-Based Earned Value (PBEV) is the complete guide to earned value management (EVM). It was written for bot
 28-Feb-07    The Wiley Series in Environmentally Conscious Engineering will be made up of a number of contributed books, each coverin
 28-Feb-07    The Wiley Series in Environmentally Conscious Engineering will be made up of a number of contributed books, each coverin
19-Mar-07     Following a unique approach, this innovative book integrates the learning of numerical methods with practicing computer pro
14-Dec-06     This book describes the current state of the art in chemical sensing of explosives. Beginning with a broad view of the need fo
 28-Feb-07    The Wiley Series in Environmentally Conscious Engineering will be made up of a number of contributed books, each coverin
  3-Aug-06    Over the past 50 years, Meriam & Kraige's Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics has established a highly respected tradition of
 20-Oct-06    The first book written for the construction and engineering project team member or manager on how to manage international
14-May-07     Details applied, up-to-date principles and procedures for project evaluation and programming of transportation system develo
 11-Jan-07    This book presents the analytical and numerical methods of vibration analysis of continuous structural systems, including stri
26-Mar-07     The need for information on program management is more critical now than ever before. PMIs develpment of a new standar
18-Aug-06     All engineering projects impact people for good and ill. Modern civilization requires water and wastewater treatment, and th
30-Mar-07     In the new sixth edition, readers will learn how to solve thermodynamics problems with the help of a structured methodology
 27-Feb-07    Wiley has long held a pre-eminent position as a publisher of books on geotechnical engineering, with a particular strength in
 20-Feb-07    The result of over 40 years of research on risk assessment, this book provides a practical, real-world guide to implementing th
29-Aug-07     The behaviour of helicopters is so complex that understanding the physical mechanisms at work in trim, stability and respons
  19-Jul-06   Domestic loft conversions have gained enormously in popularity as a way of providing more space without the substantial co
 19-Jan-07    sectors including offices, retail and manufacturing. It explains the facilities managers role in incorporating sustainability into
  5-Mar-07    The Building Regulations: Explained and Illustrated provides a detailed, authoritative and well illustrated guide to building c
  1-Mar-07    The Party Wall Casebook, now available in paperback, is an essential reference tool for surveyors, architects, engineers and l
11-May-07     Bad experiences with construction quality, the energy crises of 1973 and 1979, complaints about 'sick buildings', thermal, aco
 26-Feb-07    No other book in the field has stood the test of time as Degarmo. Now the new tenth edition continues the tradition by presen
20-Dec-06     The Handbook of Neural Engineering provides the theoretical foundations and current applications from the leading research
 14-Sep-06    This book presents the basic foundations for fault diagnosis and prognosis and the newly emerging discipline of "intelligent m
  5-Feb-07    This is the only current and in print book covering the full field of transit systems and technology. Beginning with a history o
 12-Oct-06    This manual for civil and structural engineers aims to simplify as much as possible a complex subject which is often treated t
  5-Sep-06    The numerical simulation of two-phase flow systems is an essential field in e.g. nuclear reactor engineering and physics. Dr.
  5-Sep-06    After searching for the best bosses in America, Dale Dauten discovered a little-known fact about some of the countrys great m
   5-Oct-06   Ever notice how many people do all the right things but yet get the wrong results? The secret isn't in what we are doing, but i
   8-Jan-07   This book not only chronicles Hall of Fame award winning techniques, but also shares the rapid four-phased Performance Ma
   6-Oct-06   Coaching, as explored in this book, is a process of raising awareness, generating responsibility and building trust. The real sk
  28-Jul-06   After an explanation of the books purpose, the authors provide in Part 1 first an overview of SSM as a whole, then a fleshed-
 26-Jan-07    The purpose of this book is to offer compelling insights into marketing today by bringing together the collected wisdom of th
  9-Feb-07    Citizenship is not a spectator sport; it is all about engagement. This book is part of a bigger picture - a development process f
  1-Dec-06    Visionary brands such as Apple, Absolut, Nike and Porsche do much more than sell products they are frames of reference w
 13-Apr-07    Return on Ideas will be a practical and action-oriented guide on how to create innovation and turn it into brand growth. It pro
 19-Jan-07    All chapters have been fully updated to include up to date research from the services marketing and relationship marketing fi
 13-Apr-07    The book develops the readers understanding of the nature, relevance and importance of creating and sustaining relationships
30-Mar-07     Organizations are operative machines that connect internal systems with external stakeholders. Challenging the concept of or
 20-Apr-07    Accessible text on innovation and entrepreneurship aimed specifically at undergraduate students, primarily for those studying
  1-Dec-06    Most large organizations are now bringing Talent Management into their wider strategy, yet the systems they put in place are
 22-Sep-06    Businesses such as Ryan Air, CBB and Lidl have risen to prominence in densely populated and highly competitive marketpla
  3-Nov-06    Anxious about public speaking? Many of us are, but you neednt be. This friendly guide shows you how to prepare yourself
 13-Oct-06    Strategic Planning for Dummies is for business owners and entrepreneurs who seek to build and sustain a competitive edge, s
  7-Aug-06    The business-to business, complex sales arena is the most challenging and rewarding environment in the sales world and the
   4-Jan-07   Whether preparing for a career, or seeking a better understanding of real estate in everyday life, this book will provide the ba
   4-Jan-07   Successful business modeling is much more than a technical discipline; it's an art. And as in most professional disciplines, yo
 14-Sep-06    With the increased dependency of modern corporations on computer technology and special-purpose facilities, contingency p
   3-Oct-06   Most small business owners dont have a clue about what is required to be successful on the money side of their business. The
  9-Mar-07    Blind Spots is a series of success stories about how people learn to see what it is they can't see about themselves. It is also the
 26-Jan-07    The concept of podcasting distributing on-demand audio content over the Internet, is surging through the media world. This
 27-Feb-07    Many corporations are currently restructuring their business processes in order to become more competitive and cost effectiv
 15-Sep-06    The Six Sigma Workbook For Dummies fills the need for a hands-on, practice guide for both the management and technical a
  2-Aug-06    Meet and Grow Rich explains step-by-step how to create a network for success. Written by two authors known for their expe
29-Aug-06     Trump became the worlds most famous negotiator with the publication of his million-copy seller, The Art of the Deal. That b
   9-Oct-06   Completing performance reviews is one of the most onerous tasks facing managers. They frequently have too many to do in
22-Nov-06     This book provides a how to approach with multiple real-world examples on how to select the proper processes and measures
21-Aug-06     The Money Game is a game you can't win. Renowned coach and consultant Bob Scheinfeld reveals in this book that, no matt
 17-Jan-07    CIO Best Practices will be a comprehensive, practical guide for the seasoned IT executive. It will include real-world example
 20-Sep-06    Brewing Up a Business details how Sam Calagione achieved great success and built Dogfish Head Craft Brewery into Ameri
 21-Sep-06    This new edition brings to the forefront the relevance of marketing intelligence and the power of the Internet in marketing res
18-Aug-06     Becoming a master manager is an effective tool for stimulating thinking and building management skills. It takes readers thro
  9-Nov-06    The term infopreneur is a relatively new industry buzz word that is making waves because it opens doors for entrepreneurs to
17-Nov-06     The Adweek Copywriting Authority will cover all aspects of the copywriting process in simple and easy-to-understand steps.
  5-Sep-06    How do you persuade an individual to buy or try your product or service, contribute to your cause or vote for your candidate?
   5-Oct-06   The Performance Power Grid is not another book on how to change people or organizations. Instead it is a plan that builds on
16-Nov-06     Hundreds of big and small organizations have no trouble making sales, only to find there is no bottom line left. In The Power
27-Dec-06     This book outlines a proven approach to provide the reader with a framework for measuring the gains from procedures, traini
 22-Sep-06    This application-orientated Handbook is a practical guide to implementing Corporate Social Responsibility within companies
  4-Apr-07    The rationale for the book is that for effective decision-making, creativity and evaluation need to be supported by formal, stru
23-Mar-07     Historically organizations have been motivated by profit, pure and simple. With ethical considerations now on boards agenda
 23-Feb-07    Digital marketing is coming of age. With nearly half the population with access to the internet, its now becoming a key mediu
24-Nov-06     This book will be a compelling contribution to the debate about just what excellent marketing is. It will be based on winners
 26-Jan-07    The central tenet of this book is a challenge to the assumption that the individual is the starting point for understanding huma
 12-Jan-07    In Search of a New Logic for Marketing features 9 previously published journal articles written by Christian Grönroos betwe
23-Mar-07     The book focuses on the actuality of implementing CRM. It uncovers the micro political, behavioural, psychological and kno
 23-Feb-07    This book is a collection of 31 papers from some 70 contributors in total, that offers the most up-to-date best practice as pres
 13-Apr-07    As organisations and value chains become increasingly complex, interrelated and global, the need to consistently and explicit
  8-Dec-06    Relationships are the basic unit of business. A business grows as it expands and improves its network of relationships with cu
 20-Apr-07    Strategic Benchmarking will be a revised and updated version of Watsons successful 1993 book. Some of the updated materi
20-Mar-07     What would happen if there were a formula for perfect persuasion, so if anyone followed the rules he or she would be able to
 26-Feb-07    What are the qualifications that today's managers must have? What skills are needed to move ahead in a company? Now in it
 10-Jan-07    The new edition will feature the following additions:      A new chapter on Corporate Restructurings with a discussion of spi
  2-Mar-07    Buying Trances: A New Psychology of Sales and Marketing introduces readers to one of the most powerful and maybe even
  8-Mar-07    A follow-up to the first edition of The Executives Guide to Information Technology (published in 2003), this book and CD se
26-Dec-06     This book is divided into seven parts: Part One explains a new way of breaking performance measures into key result indicato
13-Mar-07     In 1969, Dr. J. Robert Beyster founded the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) with a unique vision of an
   8-Jan-07   According to Gallup polls, negativity in the workplace is costing companies 300 billion dollars a year. So companies are spen
 24-Jan-07    The authors of this book explain how they each make more than $175,000 yearly working part time from anywhere while trav
18-May-07     A nightmarish vision of blackouts, brownouts, and higher electricity costs is looming as a result of a variety of forces impacti
  12-Jul-07   This book boldly asserts that there are no actual intangibles and that any perception of immeasurability is based on certain po
  8-Mar-07    Small Business Management provides budding entrepreneurs a valuable introduction to launching and running their own firm
 11-Jun-07    Author Michael R. Diamond weighs the pros and cons of incorporating and helps you choose the form of corporation thats be
  6-Apr-07    Intellectual property is unique: new ventures can be created without interrupting existing revenue streams and cash flows. IP
  5-Apr-07    There are 20 million small businesses out there, and email is the greatest marketing tool they ever had. We just need to teach
30-May-07     Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, is the most successful entrepreneur in the history of the world. Yet, to his dying day, h
 11-Apr-07    Deming describes how sales, marketing, and customer service people, can each help create the ultimate customer experience.
15-May-07     Career Distinction explains the proven personal branding process and provides examples of incredibly successful professiona
  6-Feb-07    When conducted properly, marketing research can lead to better products, improved services, and a higher level of customer
 13-Feb-07    Market Based Management (MBM) is a holistic approach to management that integrates theory and practice and prepares org
30-Mar-07     This book offers insights on an emerging management challenge - increasing and overwhelming complexity. It outlines a con
18-May-07     Generally, leadership is about influence and encouraging people to follow in order to make things happen. Management, by c
 13-Sep-06    Marketing has long been considered an art and not a science. However, that perception is beginning to change, as increasingl
 20-Sep-06    India Rising is the story of an ancient civilisation that is transforming itself into a modern economic powerhouse. More than a
   4-Oct-06   The Power of Ren is a unique book that describes a new approach to corporate coaching, based on a hybrid model of Chinese
15-Mar-07     Brand Management 101 offers 101 "lessons" into the real world application of marketing principles. Broadly structured arou
  30-Jul-07   This book demystifies blades server technology and explains what it is, why it is important and how it will change your busin
22-Dec-06     Corporate events and business entertaining are a major part of a companys communication, marketing and public relations str
  9-Feb-07    Cool Down highlights the harmful effects of speed on productivity. It is a prescriptive book on how to apply "slow" concepts
 23-Jan-07    Virtually every sales-related book focuses on helping people learn specific elements of the sales process, such as asking ques
20-Apr-07     Essential Statistics for Economics, Business and Management is aimed at introductory undergraduate courses and assumes no
  25-Jul-06   Now in its fourth edition, The Economics of Strategy delves into the key concepts involved in sound business strategy. The b
  26-Jul-06     How does the rise in inflation affect interest rates? How will the economy respond to an increase in the price of consumer g
 17-Oct-06    Designed to meet the needs of today's changing classroom, this book offers an active-learning, focused approach to the study
  6-Apr-07    This will be a contributed handbook.       Using HR as the starting point for all human capital measurement, this book will giv
11-Apr-07     Nonprofit CFOs need to have a framework for financial management that facilitates their standing as "proficient financial ma
  7-Dec-06    Nonprofit CFOs need to have a framework for financial management that facilitates their standing as "proficient financial ma
31-Aug-06     Marketing Champions explains to marketing professionals how to make the marketing department an influential, powerful, an
  17-Jul-06   This text moves beyond the scope of prescriptive individual ethical decision making, to examine how managers and organiza
26-Dec-06     Global Marketing Management, 4e offers a fundamental paradigm shift in teaching global marketing. Rather than being boun
12-Mar-07     How do you come up with a good idea for a business? What are the unique marketing challenges that youll face? How do you
 29-Jan-07    This easy-to follow handbook enables readers to understand the basic and more advanced concepts behind master scheduling
 17-Jan-07    The focus of this book is that SAPTM APOTM represents a revolutionary new class of business application, but that the revo
 16-Oct-06                                                                                               ”
              Introduction to Emergency Management addresses all phases of emergency managementâ€rom the social and environmental p
29-Aug-06     This book is a revision of a McGraw Hill book published in 2001. The original book was known as the "customer's perspect
16-Aug-06     Balanced Scorecard is a widely recognized and accepted performance measurement tool that is currently used in thousands o
31-Aug-06     Idea Mapping is a simple and profound method that helps individuals use less brainpower and at the same time, create and pr
 10-Oct-06    Emergency Management Technology provides an introduction and overview of the application of technology in emergency m
  9-Aug-06    Disaster Response and Recovery promotes effective response and recovery operations in the emergency management profess
 18-Oct-06    This book will show how the principles of advertising research and planning can also be applied to the dirty business of prese
 13-Oct-06    Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness is designed to introduce readers to some of the major principles involved in preparing fo
  4-Aug-06    From advertising and public relations to selling and packaging, marketing plays a key role in almost every business process. T
17-Aug-06     Economic Damages in Intellectual Property Matters presents a series of chapters by leading economists, IP professionals, and
28-Aug-06     This volume introduces the process and practice of emergency planning, a critical avenue to community emergency prepared
13-Feb-07     Mark Twain was not only a legendary author and humorist; he was also a successful businessman in a variety of ventures. He
21-Aug-06     The book presents Accentures path-breaking approach of applying key principles of Shareholder Value Analysis, used to gau
21-Aug-06     The book discusses the implications of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) for small businesses and the value proposition that bei
21-Aug-06     This book provides updated information and real world case studies illustrating how to prevent as well as confront the comm
  9-Aug-06    Of all the skill sets that support the shift from a traditional management role to a more collaborative approach, none is more r
 23-Oct-06    In their struggle to find enough money to address todays complex societal issues, many nonprofit institutions and foundations
  5-Sep-06    The original hardcover edition of this classic compendium has net sales since 2000 of 7,377 ($329,952), and has become req
21-Dec-06     This book will be the result of a 3-day colloquium at HBS, Dec 1-3, 2005 designed to generate and share knowledge about ho
   9-Jan-07   The original edition of this book, published in 1992, was quite successful. The purpose of the second edition will be to updat
 22-Jan-07    I/O psychology offers a number of alternative strategies that provide advantages of time and cost and, in some cases, may im
21-Dec-06     The landscape for needs assessment has changed in the last six years and the authors bring this popular book up to date, show
 9-Nov-06     This collection by top scholars outlines the best leadership practices for the benefit of the practicing leader. Each chapter foc
 16-Oct-06    Fundraising for Social Change is one of the most widely used books on fundraising in the United States. It provides hands-on
 23-Oct-06    This book helps trainers, training managers, and internal and external consultants working in partnership with their clients to
14-Mar-07     The first Public Relations Writer's Handbook has become one of the most well-known reference books in the PR industry. A
   6-Jul-07   In this revised edition of Mary Beth O'Neill's classic book, she outlines her dynamic approach to coaching leaders, developed
30-Aug-06     The first Leader of the Future to date has sold more than 200,000 copies and broke new ground in leadership literature. Now,
  9-Mar-07    Using case studies and real-live anecdotes from their work with over 200 companies, the authors focus on the critical convers
27-Dec-06     This book tackles the central challenge of business leadership: to perform well on many fronts at the same time. In many com
29-Nov-06     This second book of business fiction from Fernando Trias de Bes (co-author of Good Luck) reads like a whimsical fable/pole
   6-Jul-07   The Nonprofit Board Answer Book, 2nd Edition, is a revision and expansion of a successful title that contains 30-40% new m
14-May-07     The first edition of BoC was successful because there was candid, practical, and eminently useful. Major revisions include:
22-May-07     Phase 1: Identify Stakeholders, Evaluators, and Evaluation Questions. Covers identifying the participants in the program eval
   7-Jun-07   With a background in industry and science and a leader of 250 project teams, Wong attempts to provide a summary of "peop
30-May-07     Hire the Best helps practitioners understand how to determine the value of assessments for their business, what assessments t
 23-Oct-06    This book's unique perspective stems from its knowledge diamond framework to examine how individuals, communities, org
20-Dec-06     The epic tale of the Soviet Union's quest to construct a socialist economy was, until recently, the principal motif of textbooks
21-Aug-06     This book explores the relationship between the management of creativity and creative approaches to management.Challenge
 28-Jun-07    Kwon & Skipper's Risk Management & Insurance: Perspectives in a Global Economy provides an in-depth understanding of
18-Aug-06     Based on fifteen years experience teaching e-Business modules, Feng Li takes the reader through the vast range of topics and
 18-Sep-06    Unique in its coverage, Urban Economics and Real Estate allows an instructor to teach separate courses in either urban econo
11-Aug-06     The Multinational Corporation in China: Controlling Interests addresses the question of how multinational corporations contr
 10-Oct-06    Designed to demonstrate the essential mathematical conceptscomprehensively and economicallywithout re-teaching basic ma
17-Nov-06     Assembling contributions from top thinkers in the field, this companion offers a comprehensive and sophisticated exploration
15-Dec-06     This book explores the creation of 'learning networks' and sheds light on how they function:- real versus virtual forms of inter
 11-Oct-06    Written in a crisp and approachable style, Games and Information uses simple modeling techniques and straightforward expla
 20-Sep-06    This text incorporates new information and devotes more time and space to the issues of agricultural industrialization and ma
  4-Aug-06    This book presents a series of studies from different scholars, looking at entrepreneurial strategies and innovation in emergin
18-Dec-06     The second edition of this popular volume provides management students and senior practitioners with a completely new and
   3-Jul-06   This book provides an overview of current approaches and research in the field of international organizations with a focus on
20-Dec-06     Will China's recent economic growth continue at the same rate? For how long? What obstacles lie in the way of sustained gro
  9-Nov-06    By focusing on the human side as well as the intellectual dimensions of how economists work and think, this collection of int
 28-Jun-07    The Economics of Gender, 3e offers an affordable, comprehensive, and up-to-date introduction to the contemporary research
18-Aug-06     Packed with entertaining anecdotes, Tony gives a real insight into one of the few remaining characters on the UK's restaurant
25-Aug-06     The book contains a model of mental toughness that has been road-tested extensively with successive cricket and Olympic te
 26-Jan-07    This book will get to the heart of why s best-loved brands. The story will be infused with the passion, belief, energy and visio
   8-Jun-07   The aim of this book is primarily to enable those wanting to invest in coaching to be able to do so in the most effective way w
25-May-07     The quality of your relationships dramatically impacts your levels of success and happiness in life. In this brutally honest, pra
24-Nov-06     Business Upgrade introduces the reader to the concepts of I BELIEVE (the leader), WE BELIEVE (the team) and THEY BE
 13-Apr-07    This will be the definitive, seminal book on coaching. stripping away the hype, jargon and mystery to give coaching a definit
 25-Apr-07    There are huge bunch of people out there dissatisfied with working for an organisation. They talk about how fed up they are
   7-Jul-06   The book provides a discussion of main concepts and approaches to comparative risk assessment (CRA) and explores possib
 10-Oct-06    This dictionary contains the essential terminology for areas such as wages and salaries, social affairs, pension-relevant matter
  24-Jul-06   Written in a clear, lively, concise, and conversational style, this book addresses the most critical issues in human resource ma
  4-Apr-07    Economic Analysis in Health Care provides a comprehensive coverage of both the economics of health care systems and the
31-Aug-06     21st Century companies need predictive methods of tracking what customers want. Frustrated by the growing inability of tra
 11-Apr-07    Of the millions of eBay sellers, only a handful qualify for membership in a special club consisting of the auction sites cream o
  5-Feb-07    Company brands today are old and familiar. They are under attack from copycat brands, from price brands, from the powerfu
 13-Jun-07    A-HA! Performance provides managers with the skill sets they need to enhance employee performance in a quick and easy m
31-May-07     In The ParentPreneur Edge, award winning entrepreneur and mother of two, Julie Lenzer Kirk draws upon her extensive expe
27-Nov-06     In India, there are 555 million young people under the age of 25 lining up for outsourced American jobs. So many, in fact, th
16-Nov-06     This book shows readers how to build supply chains that work, by showing them how leading companies are doing it. It iden
 18-Sep-06    Based on more than 50 interviews with corporate executives, Tahmincioglu will be able to answer what has made these leade
  4-Aug-06    In order to succeed in today's competitive environment, it's imperative that a person has a strong foundation in business comm
  9-Mar-07    The number of nonprofit organizations continues to grow dramatically each year, however very little progress has been made
 25-Sep-06    From meetings with spies around the world (from CIA directors to Mossad agents), presidents, leading investment figures an
 20-Sep-06    In clear but almost literary prose, the authors cast a wide angel lens that looks back in history and ahead to the coming centur
13-Mar-07     In this collaborative work, Mel Silberman draws together contemporary thought and practice on a wide gamut of experiential
31-May-07     Galpin and Herndon show why the typical M Galpin and Herndon provide sound guidance for successfully integrating differe
  4-Aug-06    This book looks at the condition of corporate governance in the new millennium; illuminating its complexities and examining
  20-Jul-07   Introduction to Branding What is the role of branding in the modern world of business? This chapter considers the changing
  1-Dec-06    Sales executives manage their product and services business, lead the sales force, and represent the organization for which th
21-Nov-06     Lecture Notes: Human Physiology provides concise coverage of general physiology for medical students as well as students o
29-Aug-06     The Entrepreneurial Engineer is a concise, thoroughly readable book on an increasingly relevant topic in the world of engine
   5-Oct-06   This book examines the origins of some of the more popular types of drug therapies that exist today. It surveys a variety of d
 20-Oct-06    The Handbook will provide concise and informative articles written by an expert in the area and provides comprehensive refe
 20-Oct-06    Introduction to Computational Chemistry Second Edition provides a comprehensive account of the fundamental principles un
  9-Feb-07    This book will introduce the reader to the wide variety of analytical techniques that are employed by those working on the co
30-Mar-07     Ceramic Membranes for Reaction and Separation is the first single-authored guide to the developing area of ceramic membra
 20-Apr-07    In this book, measurements using vibrational spectroscopy techniques for both the chemical and physical characteristics of po
17-Nov-06              Process Dynamics and Control: Modeling for Control and Prediction is a comprehensive introduction to the subject d
23-Mar-07     Helmut Sigel, Astrid Sigel and Roland K.O. Sigel, in close cooperation with John Wiley Metal Ions in Life Sciences. The ph
 16-Feb-07    The book introduces most of the basic tools of chemometrics including experimental design, signal analysis, statistical metho
 12-Jan-07    This book aims to fill the gap that exists between theoretical treatments of chromatography, and clinical chemistry and toxico
15-Dec-06     This book will present current knowledge of environmental colloids and will include reviews of current understanding of the
  28-Jul-06   A Real- Time Approach to Process Control provides the student with both a theoretical and practical introduction to this incr
23-Mar-07     This book covers all aspects of bioavailability, as related to environmental contaminants. After a discussion of the definition
  9-Mar-07    This book provides a comprehensive account of the important field of aerosol sampling as it is applied to the measurement of
24-Nov-06     At present, if a research chemist needs to review the methods for introducing a certain explosophore (explosive functional gro
 16-Feb-07    The book provides an introduction to conducting polymers in general and self-doped conducting polymers in particular. This
   3-Jan-07   This book represents a comprehensive coverage of quantitative methods in field biology, experimentation, environment, and
 16-Jan-07    This will be a single-volume concise edition derived from the third edition of the Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Tech
 13-Jun-07    Currently, many companies and organizations have or are evaluating new predictive tools to improve human hazard assessme
 13-Apr-07    This comprehensive volume features the manufacturing and processing of over 100 common food products. It includes up to
  7-Mar-07    This book is a comprehensive reference on one of the most exciting and challenging segments of the modern chemical indust
  7-Sep-06    Volume 1 of Organic Synthesis: State of the Art introduces the reader to this new and exciting series. The objective of the se
  3-Nov-06    EROS has become a brand name for high quality information on organic reagents. For chemists at the bench we have develop
 29-Jun-07    The book is a technical guide aimed at chemists and spectroscopists (graduate students and professionals), and presents a con
 26-Jan-07    This volume, like those prior to it, features chapters by experts in various fields of computational chemistry. Topics in Volum
  14-Jul-06   In the proposed book, the approach to the central role of solubility in pathological biomineralisation is of an interdisciplinary
 20-Apr-07    For all volumes: the volumes of Organic Reactions are collections of chapters each devoted to a single reaction or a definitiv
 8-May-07     The two-volume reference work Chemical Technology and the Environment willprovide readers with knowledge on contemp
 26-Jun-07    The Organic Chemists' Companion provides a practical, hands-on resource for students and practioners getting started on org
   5-Jun-07   This volume, like those prior to it, features chapters by experts in various fields of computational chemistry. Topics in Volum
20-Dec-06     This book consists of three parts. The first part is an introduction to the subject of human factors. The second part addresses t
27-Mar-07     This volume in Methods in Biochemical Analysis covers the physical chemistry of the biological sciences. The goal of this bo
29-May-07     Readers continue to turn to Klein because it enables them to better understand fundamental principles, solve problems, and fo
27-Mar-07     This book provides guidance to those having responsibility for scheduling and executing a Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR
 24-Jan-07    Calculation books are some of the best selling books in the professional arena. The purpose of the proposed book is to provid
17-May-07     The goal of Chemical Protective Clothing is to provide the users of the Guide with latest information on Selection, Use and
 21-Feb-07    This comprehensive reference tool is unique and valuable in that there is no such directory available on chemical engineerin
27-Mar-07     The purpose of the Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) guideline is to provide a paradigm shift for industries that manufacture
 20-Apr-07    Supramolecular chemistry and nanochemistry are two strongly interrelated, cutting edge frontiers in research in the chemical
30-Mar-07     Chemical Analysis: Second Edition is an essential introduction to a wide range of analytical techniques and instruments. Assu
23-Mar-07     Although vibrational spectroscopy is a critical technology within the pharmaceutical industry, currently the literature regardin
 12-Apr-07    An up-to-date introduction to the theory, instrumentation and applications of FT-IR spectrometry, including new and emergin
 20-Oct-06    Volume 75 in the classic series Advances in Enzymology and Related Areas of Molecular Biology explores the area of prote
25-May-07     This Handbook describes the use of biotechnology to develop pharmaceuticals. The process of biotechnological drug develop
26-Mar-07     Instead of using a range of commercial programs to perform data analysis, users will be able to take advantage of the scientif
 13-Apr-07    Laser techniques are increasingly being applied to solving problems in chemistry and now form an integral part of a physical
 20-Apr-07    Organic Synthesis: Strategy and Control is a sequel to Stuart Warrens bestseller Organic Synthesis: The Disconnection Appro
25-Aug-06     Volume 4 in the series Catalysts for Fine Chemical Synthesis describes in practical details, the application of micro- and mes
  26-Jul-06   This book covers the most important and useful information, data, and guidelines within the process as discussed in each cha
 20-Feb-07    Written in easy-to-read and -use format, this book updates and revises its bestselling predecessor to become the most comple
 10-Oct-06    While there are many books on Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS), there are few that apply this valuable analytical techniqu
26-Mar-07     This book, Pharmacometrics: The Science of Quantitative Pharmacology, lays out the science of pharmacometrics and its app
 20-Apr-07    This field of asymmetric catalysis has grown explosively. Catalytic asymmetric processes promoted by man-made chiral cata
18-Dec-06     In the modern pharmaceutical industry, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a major analytical tool applied in
15-Mar-07     Volume 135 in the Advances in Chemical Physics series honors Ilya Prigogine and his life's work, covering topics that he illu
 30-Jan-07    This bestseller helps readers master basic skills with its clear and easy-to-follow presentation of key concepts. It focuses on th
  13-Jul-07   This book highlights the role played by atomic and mass spectrometry (with particular reference to atomic absorption spectro
29-Aug-06     Divided into two parts, this book will cover both the synthesis of drug substances and the road from drug substance to drug p
 17-Oct-06    The Fourth Edition of Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis include updates on protective group chemistry from the years 1
 11-Jan-07    Since publication of the second edition there have been many changes in both the scientific and technological aspects of the o
27-Nov-06     High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is widely used for the separation and analysis of different samples. Many
 12-Apr-07    The book consists of two parts: the foundations of bioregenerative engineering, and the principles and applications of biorege
 26-Feb-07    This book introduces a comprehensive overview on the fundamentals of environmental sampling and analysis for students in
  21-Jul-06   This book is an update of a successful current work, to reflect significant advances in the field, the addition of 3 new chapters
  31-Jul-06   This book updates a well-received and established first edition. This second edition incorporates new technologies that have
10-May-07     This book bridges the gap between hazmat and chemistry, which gives it appeal to professionals in the hazardous materials w
  31-Jul-06   One of the most recognized and established text in atmospheric science, this book provides a rigorous and comprehensive tre
   2-Jan-07   Marchs Advanced Organic Chemistry, Sixth Edition, clearly explains the theories and examples of organic chemistry, provid
 25-Sep-06    Matrix Assisted Laser Desoption/Ionization (MALDI) and Electrospray Ionization (ESI) have led to a revolution in biologica
31-Aug-06     This book offers information on the operating characteristics, efficiencies, design features, reliability, and maintenance of pos
   4-Jun-07   This series provides a useful, applications-oriented forum for the next generation of macromolecules and materials. This volu
20-Dec-06     The field of transition metal-containing polymers has greatly expanded in the past five decades, in light of the promising elec
 20-Feb-07    This book is a multi- and inter-disciplinary book, including authors who have the best and deepest knowledge as well as anal
  2-Apr-07    The chemistry of reactive intermediates is central to a modern mechanistic and quantitative understanding of organic chemist
  5-Sep-06    This one of a kind book introduces the fundamentals of ESR to polymer scientists while focusing on the application and signi
  2-Apr-07    This book is a comprehensive look at polymer nanocomposites for flame retardancy applications and includes nanocomposite
 13-Jun-07    New technologies, including recombinant protein and DNA, have sparked advances in vaccine development and delivery sys
 27-Oct-06    As a new and evolving discipline, oral lipid-based drug delivery has attracted considerable attention from academia to indust
27-Mar-07     Although gas chromatography (GC) may be viewed in general as a mature analytical technique, improvements in column tech
 21-Sep-06     This book introduces students to fundamental principles for understanding the structure and bonding interactions in many min
31-Aug-06      Validating Chromatographic Methods: A Practical Guide intends to bring order to the potentially chaotic process of methods
 12-Oct-06     Learning the fundamentals of chemistry can be a difficult task to undertake. The market leader for 35 years, Foundations of C
 14-Sep-06     This book focuses on water movement as well as the movement of various kinds of pollutants in the subsurface. The primar
 26-Jan-07     This book provides a comprehensive source of information on modern techniques and methods available to monitor and insp
  2-Feb-07     In the post-genomic era, scientists have been making increasing efforts to describe the relationship between the genome and p
 26-Jan-07     The past five years have witnessed an unprecedented acceleration in the search for disease biomarkers. The lion's share of th
 25-Jun-07     This book presents a comprehensive treatise on name reactions of functional group transformations. Each section includes a
14-Dec-06                                                                                                 t            )
               Alchemy originated as a practical discipline for converting base metals into noble metals (“ransmutation”. Its beliefs centere
   4-Jun-07    The main objectives of the book are to stimulate and promote the wide-ranging aspects of green chemistry and its major role
  5-Dec-06     HPLC is a major analytical tool for spearating mixtures of organic and biological compounts in analytical, preparative, clinic
21-Nov-06      The Beet-Sugar Handbook describes the principles of beet sugar technology and the methods of analysis commonly used in t
27-Mar-07      This book provides a comprehensive disucssion of the use of NMR spectroscopy for chiral discrimination. One goal is to sho
 16-Jan-07     Hawleys is not a dictionary in the traditional sense, but it is a compilation of technical data and descriptive information cover
27-Nov-06      Nutrigenomics is heading toward a new understanding of nutrient-gene interactions, one in which disease prevention and pers
   5-Oct-06    This book gathers and systematically analyzes relevant up-to-date information concerning GSK-3 and its known inhibitors. S
 18-Jun-07     This book is unique as the first effort to expound on the subject of systematic scaling analysis. Not written for a specific disci
15-Mar-07      This book provides a balanced overview of the causative microorganisms, mechanisms, the influence of engineering design, m
29-Aug-06      This book serves as both a textbook for the working professional and a guide for the student to learn about the elements of w
15-Mar-07      This series provides the chemical physics field with a forum for critical, authoritative evaluations of advances in every area o
 13-Apr-07     Many chemical phenomena cannot be explained by classical physics and need quantum mechanics for a full understanding. H
 20-Apr-07     This book explains the decision-making processes for the management of instrumented protective systems (IPS) throughout a
 18-Sep-06     The current volume continues the tradition of providing significant and interesting procedures, which should prove worthwhi
 30-Jan-07     The Weather Almanac presents hundreds of in-depth weather records for 108 major U.S. cities and a climatic overview of the
    4-Jul-06   In Modified Atmospheric Processing and Packaging of Fish: Filtered Smokes, Carbon Monoxide, and Reduced Oxygen Pack
   9-Jan-07    Whole Grains and Health presents a science-based discussion of whole grains and their expanding role in health and disease.
 18-Jun-07     Food diagnostics is a relatively new and emerging area fuelled in large part by the ever-increasing demand for food safety. A
 19-Jun-07     In Encapsulation and Controlled Release Technologies in Food Systems, editor Lakkis has gathered a highly respected collec
12-Mar-07      Advances in Thermal and Non-Thermal Food Preservation provides current, definitive and factual material written by expert
  28-Jul-06    Over the past few years, process safety management system compliance audits have revealed that organizations often have sig
 30-Apr-07     Structure of Dairy ProductsSOCIETY OF DAIRY TECHNOLOGY SERIESEdited by A. Y. TamimeThe Society of Dairy T
  4-Aug-06     The topic of the book is helpful for a broad target group. Reaction sequences like domino reactions are a current and hot topi
11-May-07      · This work complements our already existing titles in this field and expands our presence there. · This work offers a wider o
 26-Jan-07     In this book, the editors capture the essence of the progess made in the last 10 years, complementing both the classic Bader b
  3-Nov-06     With this 2-volume set we complete our cluster of books on process engineering. Editors and authors are leading experts, an
23-Feb-07     This book fits perfectly into our organic synthesis program. With our Metathesis book of Grubbs, the Aldol Reaction book by
 5-Sep-06     This handy reference summarizes modern advanced photoprotein detection techniques and their applications to bioanalytical
 9-Mar-07     A complete survey of neuropharmaceuticals for the treatment of psychiatric disorders, this unique reference presents chemica
10-Oct-06     This practice-oriented handbook highlights all issues relating to chirality of pharmaceuticals, from challenges in the synthesis
31-Oct-06     The authors present a unique and well-proven strategy for quality assurance that is based on methods of statistics. The scope
23-Feb-07     With this title we are expanding our cluster of books on integrated chemical processes and process intensification (Sanchez/T
23-Feb-07     The topic of this handbook will become a major new focus in organic chemistry, drug discovery and the molecular life scienc
 3-Nov-06     Wiley(-VCH) has a very good program cluster (both books and journals) on polymers and plastics which is continuously sup
 1-Dec-06     Starting out with wastewater characteristics, this book covers the fundamental aspects of how microbial metabolisms can pro
 4-Aug-06     In 15 chapters by leading experts from academia and from small and large pharmaceutical companies (e. g. Aventis, Novo N
 3-Nov-06     Key title which connects our polymers and functional materials title clusters. First edition enjoyed very good sales (Oct 1999
11-Jan-07     Thomas Lengauer is one of the most prominent bioinformaticians in Europe and across the world. Building on his highly suc
  6-Oct-06    This book is designed as a professional guide for successful compound screening in pharmaceutical research and chemical bi
 4-Aug-06     The book is aimed at the professional drug developer who wishes to speed up a drug discovery program by making use of the
 21-Jul-06    The book is based on an initiative of the German Water Chemical Society, with which we have a long lasting and successful
  8-Jan-07    With the Gomez-Romero we have a title in the same field, but with a different focus (material science, highly specialized). A
  8-Jan-07    In the expanding field of functional organic materials, the first step is always the synthesis of the wanted product. If the mater
 5-Sep-06     In the book the field of cis-trans isomerization in organic chemistry and bioorganic chemistry is presented comprehensively.
10-Oct-06     Covering all existing and potential uses of polymers in nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology, this book places particular em
10-Oct-06     This book will consist of chapters by contributing authors, each focused on a particular small molecule(s). The overarching th
 21-Jul-06    Our book outlines some theoretical aspects of membrane processes and currently available membranes; the main part covers
 4-Aug-06     In this topical volume, the authors provide in-depth coverage on the characterization of electrode surfaces and their role in th
   7-Jul-06   This book combines all aspects of ionically conducting membrane technology (materials for both oxygen and hydrogen trans
23-Feb-07     This book fits well in our program and spans over physical chemistry, solid state chemistry, materials science and physics. Th
  6-Jun-07    One of the goals of this book is to provide practical information that will maximize both lifetime and performance of gas chro
10-Oct-06     The class of N-heterocyclic carbenes is a useful tool in organic synthesis. C-C-coupling reactions, oxidation reactions and mo
26-Jan-07     This book presents a comprehensive insight into the production, processing and applications of various food flavourings. Me
23-Feb-07     Matthias Otto introduces the statistical-mathematical evaluation of chemical, especially analytical, measurements. He provide
 3-Nov-06     The book provides updated knowledge on the thermodynamics, thermochemistry, combustion dynamics and energetics of exp
23-Feb-07     The work reviews the areas of process intensification and micro-instrumentation and shows how these intertwine to enable a
  6-Oct-06    A prime reference on a key topic. Within the four-volume series, virtually all aspects of intracellular protein degradation are
 5-Sep-06     This two-volume reference work is the successor of the bestselling first edition. It is THE standard reference book in the boo
23-Feb-07     After a general introduction to the use of Mass Spectrometry in biological and pharmaceutical analysis, 12 chapters present a
 5-Sep-06     This book is intended for both graduate students as well as practicing chemical engineers and professional academics workin
 3-Nov-06     Although colloidal dispersions are used in numerous areas of science and technology, very few colloidal systems are produce
 18-Jul-07    Although colloidal dispersions are used in numerous areas of science and technology, very few colloidal systems are produce
23-Feb-07     This book summarizes the research results of a collaborative research centre of the German Research Foundation called "Asy
23-Feb-07     This books presents the most important substance classes of modern agrochemicals. From the history to the mode of action a
11-Jan-07     This book provides chemists and engineers with a clear interdisciplinary introduction and orientation to all major lubricant ap
  8-Jan-07    Although colloidal dispersions are used in numerous areas of science and technology, very few colloidal systems are produce
  2-Jan-07    The topic of the book is to give an overview on the methods used to examine supramolecular aggregates from a methodologi
 1-Dec-06     The field of crystal engineering has reached a new level of maturity and a book that could provide a state-of-art overview of t
 3-Nov-06     The content scope of this new edition has significantly increased, due to the appearance of novel technologies in small- and la
 4-Aug-06     Intended to serve as a link between textbooks and research- and data-oriented monographs and handbooks, the Inorganic Che
23-Feb-07     Asymmetric organocatalysis is a fast growing segment of organic chemistry. While a considerable effort has been made for th
23-Feb-07     From synthesis to biological function, the book introduces the entire range of modern carbohydrate chemistry and chemical b
23-Feb-07     Product Design and Engineering is a fast-growing field of industrial interest. The main reason is the competitive advantage in
10-Oct-06     Following a general introduction on the potential and problems of plant-based medicines, the current obstacles facing drug de
  2-Jan-07    After a general introduction on the legislation and toxicological terms and definitions associated with hazardous chemicals, th
10-Oct-06     The case studies treated in our book present a large variety of MPC application examples, serving as representative know-how
23-Feb-07     The book describes history, trends, physical, chemical and technological properties of gelatine, processing and industrial app
 3-Nov-06     Based on the author's many years of practical experience, the book provides a concise introduction to the applications of thin
11-May-07     Although the topic - and even the term "foldamer" - are rather young and most activities have occurred within the last decade
   8-Jan-07   The first part of this reference systematically covers the most important classes of chemicals from personal care compounds t
 10-Oct-06    This book shows how to work towards creating an accident-free atmosphere in the company without investing lots of money
 23-Feb-07    For occupational toxicants of current relevance, the documentations for the established MAK values are provided. These incl
  5-Sep-06    Being an indispensable reference book for occupational health and safety professionals, the book and the enclosed CD-ROM
25-May-07     For important occupational toxicants, detailed, ready-to-use protocols for air monitoring methods are provided. All methods
   6-Jun-07   A smaller subject-oriented handbook using the Ullmann's brand and offering the high quality information contained in the U
 26-Jan-07    Chemicals for plant growth and crop protection are a very important segment in the chemical industry world wide. In view of
 26-Jan-07    A smaller subject-oriented handbook using the Ullmann's brand and offering the high quality information contained in the U
   6-Jun-07   'Spectroscopy in Catalysis' describes the most important modern analytical techniques used to investigate catalytic surfaces. E
   6-Jun-07   This volume contains the proceedings of the 11th IUPAC International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry held in Kobe, Japan
 26-Jan-07    Following the spectacularly successful approach of the editors' first book on the subject, chemists, life scientists, physicists an
   6-Jun-07   The book treats basics of one of our most important subject areas in a modern approach. The reader is taught the modelling o
  9-Feb-07    This volume presents a comprehensive set of chapters covering theoretical advances and developments, computational challe
  9-Feb-07    This volume presents a comprehensive set of chapters covering theoretical advances and developments, computational challe
  2-Feb-07    allgemein verständlich, worum es bei diesem Buch geht.
 26-Jan-07    Theoretical chemistry foundations are presented based on vector space theory of matter, thus giving access to this topic with
18-Aug-06     The first edition enjoyed excellent reader acclaim due to the key nature of the contents for industrial careers. Armed with scie
18-Aug-06     The first edition of this book was published by Teubner in German. The second edition is completely revised and enlarged an
  9-Feb-07    "Polymers and Patents" presents a 45 years historic as well as scientific overview about the different national and internation
25-May-07     The book is a follow-up from previous Emsley titles in which he demystifies the science behind things used in our homes and
18-May-07     More than 80 illustrative experiments from all fields of chemistry are described and scientifically explained. The book contai
 23-Feb-07    The book is based on a recent symposium held by the DFG-Senate Commission on Food Safety, which led to the Commissio
 13-Apr-07    This volume of the Macromolecular Symposia series presents the contributions of the "International Symposium on Radical P
  2-Feb-07    Helmut Sigel, Astrid Sigel and Roland K.O. Sigel, in close cooperation with John Wiley Metal Ions in Life Sciences. The ph
   6-Oct-06   The 2nd Edition is built on the success of the first edition. The overall structure of the book will remain the same with one ma
 23-Feb-07    An ideal process for the manufacture of a fine chemical should be cost effective, safe and environmentally benign and lead to
 13-Apr-07    This text offers a series of investigative inorganic laboratories approached through systematic coordination chemistry. This te
 27-Jun-07    This series provides inorganic chemists and materials scientists with a forum for critical, authoritative evaluations of advance
 11-Jan-07    This book explains the fundamental methodology for analyzing environmental risk with examples for selected applications. K
 21-Feb-07    This book offers a review of recent advances in the area of oxide nanomaterials. It contains contributions exposing a general
29-Aug-06     This book includes modern flow schematics and associated process descriptions. Compressors, cryogenic, and hot gas expand
27-Nov-06     Comprehensive Emergency Management approaches the development of an emergency management program from the persp
 13-Jun-07    This book serves as a reference or a textbook for graduate students and researchers who are interested in gaining an initial ov
28-Nov-06     This work provides both newcomers and advanced computer scientists and chemists with an excellent comprehensive how-to
 21-Feb-07    This book provides an introduction to the underlying theory, fundamentals, and applications of EPR spectroscopy, as well as
  8-Nov-06    Mycoremediation: Fungal Bioremediation contains comprehensive coverage, history, and the most up-to-date account on this
   4-Jun-07   Presents a comprehensive account of organic reactions and their behavior in water. Coverage is organized by the reactions o
27-Mar-07     This book provides readers (including facility managers, safety engineers, and emergency responders) with a thorough under
   5-Jan-07   This book presents a set of methods and guidelines for calibrating and analyzing mathematical groundwater models. The met
 20-Apr-07    A Brief Survey of Environmental Chemistry is exactly that: a short, problem-centered book ideal for a one-semester introduc
23-May-07     To compete in today's marketplace, food product developers are under pressure to create innovative new products at a time w
 23-Feb-07    In chemical plant operation, engineers must, for the sake of cost efficiency, deal with any problems cropping up in an extrem
  9-Feb-07    The present book has originated from a scientific study effort sponsored by the Umweltbundesamt, the German Federal Envir
  7-Dec-06    Throughout this concise, accessible book, readers will quickly learn the fundamental concepts of managerial finance while di
  8-Sep-06    How do financial markets and institutions affect businesses and individuals? How do firms raise funds? How can an individu
22-Dec-06     This new edition updates the subject of best practices for changes in the market, regulatory and technology environments, and
 20-Oct-06    Evidence-Based Technical Analysis is a breakthrough book in that it rigorously applies science and statistics to determine the
 27-Feb-07    This book is designed for those who need to gain a working knowledge of the risks and control opportunities within an IT en
17-Nov-06     There has been an explosive growth in the number of corporates, investors and financial institutions turning to structured pro
  9-Feb-07    According to research carried out by Ernst strengths and then improving their disclosure through annual, quarterly, CSR, and
25-May-07     A high level, theoretical and practical look at the latest and most important derivatives pricing models which will include illu
  5-Oct-06    This book is about championing a move away from simply evaluating physical assets to understanding and evaluating the inta
  8-Dec-06    The LIBOR market model is an interest rate model that is used to price derivatives. Whilst the number of books on interest r
 13-Oct-06    This book is the introductory companion to Daniel Duffys book Financial Instrument Pricing Using C++. It is a thorough ste
 20-Oct-06    At the height of the 1990s boom, Jack Grubman, one of the most successful analysts in Wall Street proclaimed what used to b
  8-Dec-06    The book aims to equip the reader with a sound understanding of the tools available for assessing exposure to risk i.e. quantif
  8-Dec-06    Hedge funds are the fastest growing sector of the financial industry, and probably still the least understood, including by mar
23-Mar-07     With the increased concern over money laundering and fear of terrorism, banking, which includes correspondent banking, in
 26-Jan-07    This book focuses on the notion that rumours on the trade floors create panic and excitement and provoke decisions affecting
 20-Apr-07    First an outline will be given of the general approach taken by supra-national organisations like the United Nations and the E
 22-Sep-06    The book presents the theories and development of multi-moment asset allocation and pricing models in a single volume, col
 12-Jan-07    Corporate Governance and Accountability, 2nd Edition is written to provide readers with an up-to-date summary of both theo
  2-Oct-06    Offering a comprehensive accounting package, Jiambalvo provides readers with a book, CD, and web site that work seamless
 25-Sep-06    There are many day trade manuals, but most offer methodologies that are either unsubstantiated or unnecessarily complicated
 17-Oct-06    Traders can mentor themselves and further their development by drawing upon research and practice from psychology and va
  4-Apr-07    This book examines the main accounting and disclosure rules for financial institutions (e.g., thrifts, mortgage banks, commer
28-Nov-06     There is still a lot of discussion as to what a hedge fund is or is not. Asymmetric Returns explores the entire field of active inv
 19-Oct-06    The book will provide an authoritative examination of hedge fund operations throughout the world, showing how managed as
20-Mar-07     This book will help project managers figure out how costs interact with the general ledger and help them make decisions abo
  6-Oct-06    This book offers readers access to information on all aspects of structured finance. Structured finance is a broad term. It can
16-Nov-06     Picking up the formalism for derivatives modeling is not an easy task. This book gives readers - from beginners with a backg
 20-Apr-07    Gold has always been an appealing commodity. From the past, the present, and into the future gold is a commodity that has i
 26-Jun-07    This book is essentially going to be a more focused revision of Fabozzi's CMOs (1883249627) book. The reason to do MBS
 20-Oct-06    Business Performance Dashboards is unique in that it finds the linkage between value, business activities and non-financial m
 13-Oct-06    Most investors are taught that dollar cost averagingthe process of investing in the stock market at regular intervalsis a pruden
13-Nov-06     An update of a classic book in the field, Modern Portfolio Theory examines the characteristics and analysis of individual secu
   8-Jan-07   Internal Audit Reports Post Sarbanes-Oxley: A Guide to Process-Driven Reporting will demonstrate "best practices" for prod
  7-Mar-07    The growing trend of global "Resource Nationalism" is challenging established commodity supply networks. There are curre
27-Dec-06     Strategic Corporate Finance provides a 'real-world' application of the principles of modern corporate finance, with a practical
 27-Oct-06    Business ratios, formulas, and statistics are used by business managers and analysts to evaluate company operations in major
  5-Dec-06    This book describes how to conduct financial analysis from the viewpoint of the corporate controller. While there are chapter
 11-Sep-06    This book discusses the most important methods, ideas, and approaches in value investing including chapters on subjects like
   6-Jul-07   This book provides an overview of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Following the Essentials series format, it will have "Tips and Te
10-Nov-06     Paul Wilmott answers over 100 questions collected from the Wilmott.com forum s used in Quantitative Finance. Other ques
 20-Oct-06    This book provides a secure grounding in the theory and practice of finance insofar as it deals with pension matters. By using
 20-Oct-06    While not attempting to train readers as professional economists, this book aims to provide a secure grounding in the theory a
  8-Sep-06    Financial Accounting provides a very accessible and easy-to-follow introduction to the subject. It is intended as a core textbo
 16-Feb-07    The objective of this guide is to explain what mutual funds are, how they have developed and how they are used, regulated an
 16-Feb-07    This book provides a full description of all types of private equity activity, how returns should be viewed, and how each sub-
 11-Sep-06    Beginning with a comprehensive guide to understanding Venture Capital, Metrick uses this background to present an underst
 26-Feb-07    Each chapter in Managing Investment Portfolios: A Dynamic Process, Third Edition presents an authoritative, unified and ill
 22-Jan-07    The book describes how to effectively calculate the potential profit available in the markets with the idea of developing a mo
 20-Apr-07    Project Financing, Second Edition includes updated and revised material on the rationale for project financing, assessing risk
 11-Jan-07    Pension Revolution represents the original thinking of Keith Ambachtsheer, author of The Ambachtsheer Letter. This text ref
21-Mar-07     This book is organized into three parts. The first part quickly educates readers in lean manufacturing principles and vocabula
29-Mar-07     It is much more cost effective to prevent fraud than to punish it and such is the focus of this comprehensive book, Corporate
   6-Jul-07   The book will provide strategies to capitalize on the trading opportunities offered constantly in the foreign exchange market.
 20-Feb-07    This is the Workbook accompanying the authoritative, unified, and comprehensive work on portfolio management, from form
 29-Jun-07    World Event Trading is divided into three sections: infectious diseases; natural disasters; and politics (terrorist attacks, gover
23-May-07     The Battle for Investment Survival is a memorable classic, originally written in 1935, that offers a timeless perspective on inv
  8-Mar-07    Whether looking to create and adhere to a budget or trying to best utilize consumer credit and loans, Personal Finance will he
 11-Apr-07    This book tells the story of the creation of SBI Holdings, a major Japanese financial services holding company created just se
 26-Jan-07    This book will be organized as a directory for easy reference of all the accounting and business designation, designatory lette
 17-Jan-07    This book offers out of the box financial advice from a professional rock musician turned asset manager. The markets since 2
   6-Jun-07   The Financial Risk Management Exam (FRM Exam) is a test given annually in November to risk professionals who want to e
 11-Apr-07    The approach in this book differs from any of the books on optimizing resource allocation because it is predicated on a pragm
 20-Apr-07    With millions of baby-boomers starting to become anxious about their retirement, income investing is certainly much on their
 28-Jun-07    This one-of-a-kind collection consists of 62 actual cases written by fraud examiners out in the field. These cases were hand s
 20-Apr-07    Subsequent to the publication of Collateralized Debt Obligations, Second Edition, there have been a number of market devel
  7-Dec-06    Applying International Financial Reporting Standards (Enhanced Edition) contains a number of content revisions as a conseq
 17-Apr-07    Banks are a vital part of the global economy, and the essence of banking is asset-liability management (ALM). This book is a
 11-Jan-07       Mark Mobius is widely acknowledged as one of the worlds most astute investment professionals. His work as a leading em
 30-Oct-06       Mark Mobius is widely acknowledged as one of the worlds most astute investment professionals. His work in the emerging
 17-Oct-06    This book gives you the guidance and the tools you require to take control of your bank's liquidity risk. No other resource tak
 28-Sep-06    This timely book offers comprehensive coverage on the fundamental theory of Islamic finance and banking, according to the
   3-Jan-07   The book aims to provide readers interested in the international financial services and their regulation with an in-depth evalua
27-Dec-06     This is the only English language book that officially describes the current state of affairs, issues, challenges, opportunities in
27-Dec-06     The book is a practical guide to help global and local investment banks and securities houses publish their securities research
  1-Sep-06    In the book Financial Information Analysis, Philip ORegan addresses the nature and role of accounting information in moder
21-Mar-07     In A Demon of Our Own Design, Richard Bookstaber paints a vivid picture of a financial world that is ever edging toward di
30-Mar-07     Throughput accounting is a new topic that is crossing over from its origination point of production capacity planning. Under
   3-Jan-07   This book uncovers the control and security challenges that businesses face in todays digital economy. It provides readers wi
 25-Oct-06    Standards of Value: Theory and Applications covers the underlying assumption in many of the prominent standards of value,
 18-Jan-07    Corporate restructurings continue to be an indispensable tool in building the emerging generation of re-engineered companie
28-Mar-07     Capital Ideas Evolving describes how the core concepts of modern finance developed between 1952 and 1973 transformed th
18-May-07     Dynamic Term Structure Modeling + CD-ROM is the second book of three in the Fixed Income Valuation Course, collective
   9-Oct-06   Federal accounting covers the what, why, when and how the federal government performs its accounting and financial manag
  9-Apr-07    The tentative contents for this book include: (1) Understanding an Important Management Concept, (2) Importance of ERM
 29-Jan-07    Structured Credit Products is a comprehensive handbook focused on all types of credit-linked financial instruments. Much of
 24-Jan-07    This book fills a major void in information on measures of international economic performance, namely international econom
 8-May-07     Virtually everything can be measured mathematically including the risks and rewards of trading. Approximately 15 years ago
 13-Sep-06    Presents a consensus view from 25 of the top valuations experts. Shows the appropriate and defensible way to prepare and pr
 11-Sep-06    A look at the 90% solution: this explains that 90% of the success of a mutual fund, for instance, has nothing to do with the fu
  8-Aug-06    Using the research techniques that he uses when working with his clients, Riedel offers a practical approach to investing in eq
15-Nov-06     Engineering Your Retirement helps engineers and scientists develop a plan for their safe and successful retirement. The book
   2-Jan-07   The Option Doctor is a practical guide to using options to profit in any kind of market environment. The book is divided into
31-May-07     Modeling, Analyzing, and Quantifying Operational Risk gives readers a deep understanding of all aspects of operational risk
  8-Dec-06    An increasing number of asset management firms are using econometrics in financial modeling. Moreover, more universities
21-Aug-06     This book updates the 2nd Edition of Fraud Auditing. It will include new material on SAS 99, Sarbanes-Oxley, COSO, ERM
 25-Sep-06    This book details the derivatives markets and why and how they flourish. Derivative contracts are incredibly powerful tools
  3-Apr-07    An overview of revenue recognition that addresses the general principles behind revenue recognition and the concepts of sale
26-Mar-07     This highly regarded reference is relied on by a considerable part of the accounting profession in their day-to-day work. This
26-Mar-07     This highly regarded reference is relied on by a considerable part of the accounting profession in their day-to-day work. This
 11-Apr-07    The Procurement and Supply Manager's Desk Reference is a comprehensive and practical resource. It covers all of the key r
  19-Jul-07   There is a developing trend among institutional investors to consider alternative investments (hedge funds, private equity, rea
21-Aug-06     This book illustrates the dynamic nature of the volatility of options and presents models for accurately calibrating volatility to
21-Mar-07     Climate change -- and the increased impact of weather-related disasters -- have huge implications for the ways banks and insu
14-Nov-06     The Auditing and Attestation Volume of the Wiley CPA Examination Study Guides arms readers with detailed outlines and s
16-Nov-06     The Business Environment and Concepts Volume of the Wiley CPA Examination Study Guides arms readers with detailed ou
28-Aug-06     Wiley GAAP 2007 is a thorough study and analysis of all generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) set forth in the p
20-Dec-06     For many years the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has been working to develop a set of accounting stand
20-Dec-06     Governmental GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) consists of all the promulgated accounting principles appl
 27-Oct-06    GAAS (Generally Accepted Auditing Standards) covers the auditing standards, practices and procedures in use today. An aud
30-Nov-06     The Handbook of Fraud Deterrence is the first work of its kind to explain fraud deterrence through internal control and organ
24-May-07     This engaging book lays the foundation for readers to succeed on the CPA exam and ultimately in their professional practice.
   2-Jan-07   Organized Opportunities addresses core aspects of integrating risk-based decision-making and optimization techniques in the
 28-Sep-06    This book will enable readers to think about the big things in taxes in an organized fashion without having to learn taxations
21-Mar-07     In a straightforward and accessible manner, The Dhandho Investor lays out the powerful framework of value investing. Writt
 21-Sep-06    This bestseller teaches readers not only how to identify successful investment opportunities, but how to anticipate and deal w
   8-Jan-07   Authored and edited by Frank J. Fabozzi, this book offers readers the best in information concerning the area of fixed income
 27-Oct-06    The book presents a common framework for modeling and forecasting two crucial processes for energy companies: electricit
  8-Sep-06    Management Accounting provides a very accessible and easy-to-follow introduction to the subject. It is intended as a core te
 11-Apr-07    GAAP Policies and Procedures 2E includes new chapters on interim reporting, segment reporting and accounting changes an
26-Dec-06     Revised and updated, Granof's Fourth Edition incorporates the latest GASB pronouncements and takes a fresh look at the uni
 24-Jan-07    With oil prices having doubled since 2003, the world is in the grip of an energy crunch which promises to get even worse. Pr
19-Dec-06     Free Cash Flow and Shareholder Yield looks to first define what shareholder yield is and what it can do for both the institutio
 20-Apr-07    The world of banking is changing dramatically as a result of regulation, technology and society. New developments in the pa
19-Mar-07     This book provides step by step guidance to setting up an on-going compliance program for Sarbanes-Oxley in a quick, easy-
 29-Sep-06    Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), Sarbanes-Oxley, and good business practices require that controllers, CFO
16-Nov-06     The Financial Accounting and Reporting Volume of the Wiley CPA Examination Study Guides arms readers with detailed ou
10-Nov-06     The Regulation Volume of the Wiley CPA Examination Study Guides arms readers with detailed outlines and study guideline
17-May-07     This book attempts to present approaches to implement modern portfolio theory that can be used by market participants. The
16-Aug-06     This fully updated revision examines the five major classes of alternative assets: hedge funds, private equity, commodity futu
  8-Dec-06    Building applications for the Internet is a complex and fast-moving field which utilizes a variety of continually evolving tech
 12-Jan-07    Rather than attempting to cover every nook and cranny of the HCI discipline - both in terms of its academic study as well as i
 29-Jun-07    Written by well-respected experts, this how-to guide provides patterns for the design of human computer human interaction (
17-Nov-06     This proposed title brings together the following key ideas in modern enterprise system development best practice.          The ne
 20-Apr-07    Universal Usability is the concept of designing computer interfaces that are easy for all users to utilize. It is a concept which
   6-Jul-07   Financial services institutions like international banks and insurance companies frequently need to adapt to changes in their e
 13-Apr-07    This new book enables IT managers to implement strategy rather than develop it. IT professionals tend to focus on implem
 12-Jan-07    The book covers elementary concepts - how to produce simple graphical objects using logical coordinates, producing filled r
 20-Apr-07    The initial chapters convey the general concepts and technical boundaries of the framework. That is, what the WPF is, and ho
  1-Dec-06    The Fourth Edition of Effective Project Management: Traditional, Adaptive, Extreme provides greatly expanded coverage of
  1-Aug-06    The primary target with Using Microsoft Office 2003: Tutorials and Projects is to support instruction in the basic use of the m
18-Aug-06     The book contains approximately 900 entries. Depending on their importance and complexity, entries range from a brief men
26-Mar-07     Written by an IEEE Fellow, this book will benefit from the IEEE Computer Society branding.         High Performance Switches
 20-Oct-06    Not embalmed with nitty-gritty technology details, this is a true Dummies book that aims at demystifying SOA and making S
16-Mar-07     The eagerly awaited Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture (POSA) Volume 4 is about a pattern language for distributed co
 27-Oct-06    Simply the best introduction to all aspects of the design and development of successful Web sites. As the World Wide Web
 15-Sep-06    The Internet is everywhere and wireless home entertainment is one of the hottest trends in consumer electronicsby the end of
 12-Jan-07    The Oracle Hacker's Handbook will examine in depth all the techniques and tools hackers use to break into Oracle database s
  2-Mar-07     Professional Rich Internet Application Development: AJAX and Beyond takes a look at full-fledged applications that while
10-Nov-06     After beginning by showing the links between the business requirements and the attempt to provide better Web 2.0 user expe
30-Mar-07     Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and around the Web Services architecture, Windows Communication Foundation (f
 20-Oct-06    This significantly updated new edition of Developing Java Software is a thorough presentation of object-oriented design and
  3-Apr-07     Packed with practical assignments with business solving scenarios, this problem-solving book will help readers grasp the skil
 13-Oct-06     Roll up your sleeves and dig into the ultimate guide to hacking, modifying, customizing, and getting the most out of the hotte
  2-Feb-07     This book solves two problems. First the book is a tutorial, taking a C language programmer from the very basics of NCurses
 20-Apr-07     This is the Project Manual to accompany Wiley Pathways Windows Network Administration. The PM contains a series of ex
11-May-07      Web metrics experts Jason Burby and Shane Atchison go beyond web metrics tools to provide a framework for using web an
 20-Apr-07     The central thesis of The Web's Awake is that the phenomenal growth and complexity of the web is beginning to outstrip our
  13-Jul-07    An up-to-date insight into Communications programming at Symbian, incorporating changes introduced by the latest version
28-Nov-06      This comprehensive book begins with a spiral approach, reinforcing learning through the expansion of topics from the individ
27-Mar-07      Software Testing & Analysis teaches readers how to test and analyze software to achieve an acceptable level of quality at an
 13-Apr-07     This volume in the POSA series explores the concepts underlying patterns. The goal is to bring together the POSA pattern th
 12-Apr-07     This book introduces the reader to methods of data mining on the web, including uncovering patterns in web content (classifi
   4-Jun-07    This book covers a wide range of topics dealing with network security. It is focused on the current status of security protocol
  31-Jul-06    With the rapid changes in technology, staying on top of the latest developments is a priority. Not only does this bestselling bo
11-Dec-06      This book uses a hands-on approach of the major technologies and programming languages teach readers web development.
 23-Feb-07     The book will be sub-divided into four primary sections: Linux Nuts & Bolts, The Linux Kernel, The Linux Desktop, and Lin
  2-Mar-07     Part I: Technology Evolution Chapter 1: Understanding Blade Solutions Chapter 2: History and Evolution of Computing T
 16-Feb-07     Now in its fifth edition, this book has been updated to simplify and streamline the concepts and information that IT professio
 29-Jun-07     The book will be grouped by topic and written in language accessible to a general technical reader. Only the best methods, pr
 10-Oct-06     The proposed book deals with the design and architecture of information systems that include and emphasize the interactive r
    9-Jul-07   The purpose of this book is to provide a practical approach for IT professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge and expe
 18-Jun-07     Computer Science Reconsidered: The Invocation Model of Process Expression argues that mathematics does not provide the
 13-Oct-06     Offering thought-provoking insights and up-to-date coverage of the rapidly expanding field of cyberethics, this new book intr
 23-Oct-06      The resulting model provides knowledge representations for software engineering. Six features required of a method to ach
  1-Dec-06      The Fedora 6 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Biblegives clear thorough instructions for the basic user and administrator sk
23-Mar-07      This is the Project Manual to accompany Wiley Pathways Introduction to Database Management. The PM contains a series o
 12-Apr-07     The purpose of the book is to provide an introduction to "applied" cryptanalysis, that is, cryptanalysis that actually breaks cip
 13-Apr-07     The core of the book is 50 interview scenarios and an in-depth analysis of the possible solutions, or ways of approaching a so
  4-Dec-06     Completely updated, this new edition employs Java to give readers an understanding of operating systems concepts. It also in
   7-Jun-07    The purpose of this edited book is to bring together the ideas and findings of data mining researchers and bioinformaticians b
29-Mar-07      Drawing from the expertise of prominent academics in their respective fields, this collaborative work takes a sweeping view o
 22-Sep-06     Models: Architecture and the Miniature looks at the relationship Architects have with the Model today. Focussing on a range
15-Dec-06      This is an original guide to an entirely unprecedented urban transition, squarely focused on action. It supports design, plannin
11-Aug-06      An AD edition that addresses programming as a discipline central to the development of new ways of working. It helps show
24-Nov-06      Architextiles explores the links between architectural and urban design and fashion and textile design. Focussing on fashion a
 13-Oct-06     Exploring how todays most compelling architecture is emerging from new forms of collaborative practice, this title of AD en
30-Mar-07      Critical modernism is shown here to emerge at two different levels. First, as an underground movement, it is the notion that th
 13-Apr-07     Design City: Toronto showcases over thirty exemplary contemporary interior and architectural projects, both complete and u
16-Mar-07      The issue includes comprehensive overviews of landscape architecture in the US and Europe by Jayne Merkel and Lucy Bull
26-Mar-07      This Building Codes Illustrated series on specific building types features the graphic skills of Steven Juroszek, the editoral ov
 20-Apr-07     As signature buildings and heavily branded architecture have come to the fore, architects, clients and users of buildings have
    6-Jul-07   The various fascinating aspects of social interactive design are explored through a new set of interviews with leading, interna
  1-Sep-06     This book is differentiated from other books on sustainable design by its emphasis on the ecologist's concept of the ecosystem
  7-Aug-06     The first textbook on the history of architecture to expand beyond architecture of the western world, A Global History of Arc
 18-Oct-06     New edition of the standard on architectural detailing, now greatly expanded with new instructional sections covering analysi
20-Mar-07      Since 1932, the ten editions of Architectural Graphic Standards have been referred to as the "architect's bible." From site exc
 20-Apr-07     Written by an architect who is an expert in sustainable design and is a former chair of the AIA's Committee on the Environme
 20-Apr-07     The architect's primary source for information on designing for egress, evacuation, and life safety, Egress Design Solutions is
 23-Apr-07     This is a guide to the design and planning process related to land and how digital technology fits into this process. This book
13-Nov-06      The Architect's Studio Companion is the only handbook the practicing architect needs. Packed with useful information, it is m
 30-Oct-06     This book will cover the updates to the international building code for 2006 (the first edition covered the IBC for 2000, not 2
 6-Nov-06     A revision of this best selling drawing book continues the tradition of offering a complete body of illustrated instruction that
13-Sep-06     Planning and Urban Design Standards Student Edition is an abridged version of Planning and Urban Design Standards (publ
  12-Jul-07   Finally, an architect's guide to good, sustainable design shows how to analyze and evaluate buildings. How Great Buildings W
   5-Jun-07   For the beginning architect, this practical guide to structural design is all that is needed to successfully complete this compon
27-Feb-07     This is an updated and expanded version of this book, which is the only comprehensive guide to construction tolerances prim
   9-Jan-07   The basics of drawing are universal to all design disciplines. Understanding these basics (mass, volume, form, shape, contour
27-Feb-07     This major survey of structural design supplies the fundamental information for architects and builders to establish the structu
 24-Oct-06    Catering is the business of providing food (and often, service) for events. According to the National Restaurant Association's
29-Sep-06     Financial Management is a junior level course that covers the principles of hospitality finance including the mathematics of f
25-Sep-06     This book is a part of the Wiley Events Series. It takes the reader through the basics of the meeting planning industry and con
  7-Feb-07    In many hospitality establishments, the manager or supervisor is the human resources department, expected to make all hiring
12-Feb-07     The Book of Yields is a comprehensive collection of accurate food measurements: weight-to-volume equivalents, trim yields
31-Aug-06     HACCP, the abbreviation for Hazard Analysis Critcial Control Point (and pronounced has-sip), is a dynamic process that use
31-Aug-06     HACCP, the abbreviation for Hazard Analysis Critcial Control Point (and pronounced has-sip), is a dynamic process that use
13-Feb-07     Food and Wine Pairing provides a series of discussion and exercises ranging from identifying basic wine characteristics inclu
 12-Jan-07    Completely Revised and Enhanced for the New 2007 Exams! Whether you're a HR professional seeking to validate the skill
 13-Oct-06    Building on the most common and challenging tasks Linux Admins must face, this book shows the reader step-by-step how to
 29-Jun-07    This book will be a concise, yet comprehensive study aid for the upcoming Project Management Professional (PMP) certifica
  13-Jul-07   The Deluxe Edition of the highly acclaimed PMP Study Guide covers the revised PMP exam (released September 2006). It i
25-Aug-06     The book will cover all the exam objectives for the latest version of the CWNA, including:      Radio Technologies Antenna
20-Sep-06     In the fall of 2001, Dr. Marc Siegel was appearing on a national television show, administering a portable anthrax diagnosis k
 18-Jun-07     As the Democrats saw in 2006, even in the ideal political atmosphere, they're limited by the strongly pro-Republican redistri
  9-Apr-07    Terrorism has become global, and incredibly complex, because it exists inside a social and economic system that's become gl
15-Mar-07     China is fast becoming a true rival of the United States in economic, diplomatic, and military power, and in their surprising, c
22-Dec-06     This book introduces the reader to the complex history, ethnicity, and identity of the Byzantines.Brings Byzantium - often mi
18-Dec-06     This inclusive guide to Modernist literature considers the high Modernist writers such as Eliot, Joyce, Pound and Yeats along
17-Nov-06     The Practice of Ethics is an outstanding guide to the burgeoning field of applied ethics, and offers a coherent narrative that is
18-Dec-06     A Companion to Medieval English Literature and Culture, c.1350-c.1500 challenges readers to think beyond a narrowly defin
 3-Nov-06     A History of Seventeenth-century Literature outlines significant developments in the English literary tradition between the ye
 3-Nov-06     The Blackwell Guide to Feminist Philosophy is a definitive introduction to the field, consisting of 15 newly-contributed essay
30-Aug-06     The book considers the London theatrical culture which took shape in the 1570s and came to an end in 1642.Places emphasis
 24-Oct-06    A History of the Archaic Greek World offers a theme-based approach to the development of the Greek world in the years 120
  1-Dec-06    This Companion provides scholarly yet accessible new interpretations of Greek history of the Classical period, from the after
14-Dec-06     This guide helps readers to engage with the major critical debates surrounding literary modernism. A judicious selection of k
  9-Feb-07    This student-friendly text introduces students to the history and scope of literary theory, as well as showing them how to perf
14-Dec-06     A bold and insightful departure from related texts, Descartes goes beyond the categorical associations placed on the philosop
  14-Jul-06   The revised version of this established textbook provides a unique introduction for students and new entrants to the clothing i
14-Nov-06     Written in a clear and accessible style, with lots of examples from Anglo-American media. the book offers a critical introduc
19-Dec-06     A compelling history of theories of reading, a common component of literary theory and history of the book courses at under
  20-Jul-06   Clear introduction to the work of Descartes, Leibniz and Spinoza Explains the similarities of each philosopher's stance within
19-Mar-07     This is a comprehensive critical introduction to the work of Wilfrid SellarsProvides a clear and systematic analysis of Sellars
  6-Dec-06    The first comprehensive study of the romance genre for over 50 years.Introduces and examines romantic love in a wide range
  7-Oct-06    A new volume from one of the most influential thinkers of the twentieth century.This important book gives the reader an over
  7-Oct-06    First port of call textbook for anyone new to environmental history.Written by one of the most distinguished and senior schol
 11-Oct-06    This book has considerable value as a text by one of the leading social and philosophical thinkers of the 20th century, and ha
11-Dec-06     A concise and authoritative introduction to the work of this increasingly important thinkerWritten by an author with an establ
  31-Jul-06   Presents a clear, readable introduction to a popular and growing field of history.Concise chapters explain the fundamental fea
22-Aug-06     A timely and original book by leading political theorist, John S. DryzekOffers a unique interpretation of global conflicts in te
   4-Oct-06   A high quality, path-breaking book by one of the worlds leading scholars of the media.Develops an original theory of the med
19-Dec-06     A unique guidebook to the process of documentary making, from initial planning stages through to marketing and distribution
29-Nov-06     This groundbreaking new book presents a biting meditation on techno-scientific progress at all costs and without restraint.Th
27-Feb-07     Major new book by leading French philosopher Alain BadiouThis book seeks to examine the last century through a discussio
 30-Jan-07    Adorno is one of the most important social thinkers and philosophers of the twentieth century. He was one of the leading figu
18-Sep-07     illuminating new biography of Albert Einstein by the acclaimed academic and author, Jrgen Neffepresents a clear and probin
22-Mar-07     People on spiritual journeys both in and out of the church have lost the memory of an authentic Christianity that understands
21-Aug-06     AC/DC is an intoxicating mix of technological and business history that draws clear parallels to current day standards battles
25-Aug-06     THE LOST APOSTLEÂ is a lively and informative search for insight and information about a woman some say was the first
15-Mar-07     Using a variety of analytical and descriptive tools, the book goes deeply into the biblical text to uncover new insights about w
29-Aug-06     Explores 12 central spiritual disciplinessix personal and six organizational(death, truth, perspective, assessment, learning, har
 7-May-07     THE BATTLE OVER THE MEANING OF EVERYTHING is science journalist Gordy Slack's account of the Dover, PA, tr
11-Sep-07     Written in clear, jargon-free prose, this introductory text charts the variety of novel writing in English in the second half of th
 24-Oct-06    The Blackwell Companion to the Bible and Culture provides readers with a concise, readable and scholarly introduction to tw
  1-Dec-06    This Companion provides an authoritative and up-to-date overview of Roman Republican history as it is currently practiced.H
21-Sep-06     The most comprehensive discussion available of the work of philosopher, John McDowell. Contains newly commissioned pa
 3-Nov-06     This compact and critically up-to-date introduction to Roman satire examines the development of the genre, focusing particul
   4-Jan-07   Michael Ryan's Literary Theory: A Practical Introduction, Second Edition introduces students to the full range of contempora
19-Sep-07     Introducing a new and ambitious position in the field, Kit Fines Semantic Relationism is a major contribution to the philosop
  9-Aug-06    This book presents a historical study of the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity from the accession of the emperor Diocletian 28
18-Aug-06     Ethics: The Fundamentals explores core ideas and arguments in moral theory by introducing students to different philosophic
11-Aug-06     This Companion provides an authoritative survey of the whole range of Kants work, giving readers an idea of its immense sc
 4-May-07     This is the first anthology to bring together the key texts of African literary theory and criticism.Brings together key texts tha
15-Nov-06     This anthology presents a selection of works that illustrates the traffic between British poetry and classical literature.Gives re
13-Sep-06     This broad-ranging Companion gives readers a thorough grounding in both the background and the substance of eighteenth-c
18-Dec-06     The Novel Now is an intelligent and engaging survey of contemporary British fiction. Discusses familiar names such as Mart
18-Dec-06     The Novel Now is an intelligent and engaging survey of contemporary British fiction. Discusses familiar names such as Mart
22-Dec-06     This introduction provides a concise overview of the central issues and critical responses to Shakespeares sonnets, looking at
 16-Oct-06    This broad-ranging Companion comprises original contributions from leading Platonic scholars and reflects the different way
  5-Dec-06    A Companion to Japanese History provides an authoritative overview of current debates and approaches within the study of J
   8-Jan-07   A Brief History of Spirituality tells the story of Christian spirituality from its origins in the New Testament to the present day
22-Dec-06     International Media Studies is a bold introduction to the field that focuses on a de-centering of media epistemology to represe
 25-Oct-06    In this history of Florence, distinguished historian John Najemy discusses all the major developments in Florentine history fro
  3-Apr-07    This major addition to Blackwells Companions to the Ancient World series covers all aspects of religion in the ancient Greek
22-Dec-06     A Companion to Roman Rhetoric introduces the reader to the wide-ranging importance of rhetoric in Roman culture. A guide
14-Dec-06     This Companion represents the myriad ways of thinking about the remarkable achievement of Shakespeares sonnets.An autho
  7-Aug-06    The Blackwell Companion to Contemporary Islamic Thought reflects the variety of trends, voices, and opinions in the contem
22-Dec-06     This comprehensive Companion to William Faulkner reflects the current dynamic state of Faulkner studies.Explores the cont
29-Sep-06     This wide-ranging Companion to Modern British and Irish Drama offers challenging analyses of a range of plays in their poli
14-Sep-06     In a series of 35 original essays, this Companion demonstrates the relevance of Melvilles works in the twenty-first century. P
11-Dec-06     A Companion to the Classical Tradition accommodates the pressing need for an up-to-date introduction and overview of the
15-Dec-06     This collection brings together key contemporary texts in metaphysics and features an interactive commentary which helps re
15-Nov-06     This complete guide to ancient Greek rhetoric is exceptional both in its chronological range and the breadth of topics it cover
13-Dec-06     The Blackwell Guide to Medical Ethics is a guide to the complex literature written on the increasingly dense topic of ethics i
21-Sep-06     A substantial collection of seminal articles, Foundations of Ethics covers all of the major issues in metaethics. Covers all of t
18-Aug-06     The Philosophy of Law is a broad-reaching text that guides readers through the basic analytical and normative issues in the fi
  5-Dec-06    Philosophy of Education: An Anthology brings together the essential historical and contemporary readings in the philosophy
 3-Nov-06     Philosophy of Science: An Anthology assembles some of the finest papers in the philosophy of science since 1945, showcasin
  19-Jul-06   Conscience and Corporate Culture advances the constructive dialogue on a moral conscience for corporations. Written for ed
 17-Oct-06    In Dante: A Brief History, Peter S. Hawkins brings this great Italian writer to life. A lively and appealing profile of the great
31-Aug-06     This landmark collection presents a wide variety of viewpoints on the value and role of reception theory within the modern d
  27-Jul-06   This is the first book systematically to examine Wolfgang Petersens epic film Troy from different archaeological, literary, cu
21-Sep-06     Genre, Gender, Race, and World Cinema is an innovative anthology that introduces the study of film theory using the four to
28-Aug-07     Ethical Theory: An Anthology is an authoritative collection of key essays by top scholars in the field, addressing core issues
  1-Dec-06    David Braddon-Mitchell and Frank Jacksons popular introduction to philosophy of mind and cognition is now available in a
14-Dec-06     The Myth of Media Violence: A Critical Introduction assesses the current and historical debates over violence in film, televis
   5-Jul-06   Psychoanalysis and the Image brings together an influential team of international scholars who demonstrate innovative ways
16-Apr-07     Art's Agency and Art History re-articulates the relationship of the anthropology of art to key methodological and theoretical a
 28-Jun-07    The revised second edition of this highly praised introduction to the Mongol Empire takes account of recent scholarship in th
  8-Dec-06    Part of the Blackwell Readings in the History of Philosophy series, this survey of early modern philosophy focuses on the key
   4-Jul-06   This textbook describes the structure of the industry in the UK and globally, and explains the current problems and strategic r
16-Apr-07     Museums After Modernism is a unique collectionthat showcases the ways questions about the museum go to the heart of cont
 10-Oct-06    Combining historical narrative with close readings of several significant horror films, this brief volume offers a broad and liv
 10-Oct-06    This major textbook for a growing area of study provides the reader with the framework necessary for understanding the imp
18-Dec-06     Edited by leading contributors to the literature, Freedom: An Anthology is the most complete anthology on social, political an
 26-Jan-07    This book is the first to focus on war and peace in the ancient world from a global perspective.The first book to focus on war
  4-Dec-06    This fully revised and extended edition of James Nickels classic study explains and defends the contemporary conception of
 30-Oct-06    Citing recent examples including Enron, Arthur Andersen, and WorldCom, Permission to Steal explores what went wrong an
22-Dec-06     Renaissance Art Reconsidered showcases the aesthetic principles and the workaday practices guiding daily life through these
17-Nov-06     This innovative book breaks new ground in visual studies with its specific exploration of the visual dimensions of gender. Ex
   4-Jan-07   Part of the Blackwell Readings in the History of Philosophy series, this survey of late modern philosophy focuses on the key
  5-Dec-06    The seventh edition of this popular introduction to Old English language and literature retains the general structure and style
 1-Nov-06     The new edition of this standard history of world population has been updated to include projections to the year 2050. It inclu
  6-Feb-07    This landmark collection addresses the hard moral dilemmas that have arisen in the wake of genocide and crimes against hum
13-Sep-07     What would you do if you suddenly became rich? Michael OMeara had never asked himself this question. A high school hist
  1-Dec-06    This book presents a clear, concise history of the extraordinary multicultural civilizations of the ancient Near East. Bestsellin
22-Dec-06     Peter B. Orlik is also the author of Career Perspectives in Electronic Media. For more information visit http://store.blackwell
20-Feb-07     Written by renowned political philosopher Andrew Levine, Political Keywords guides readers through todays most commonl
20-Sep-06     Lucid, entertaining and full of insight, How To Read A Poem is designed to banish the intimidation that too often attends the
15-Aug-06     This book recovers places appearing in the mental mapping of medieval and Renaissance writers, from Chaucer to Aphra Beh
 11-Oct-06    The Challenge of Human Rights traces the history of human rights theory from classical antiquity through the enlightenment
28-Mar-07     Introduction to Old English is the leading text available designed to help students engage with Old English literary and histor
21-Nov-06     Do Morals Matter? is an accessible and informed guide to contemporary ethical issues that reflects upon the intersection of re
17-Apr-07     Noted biologist and philosopher Sahotra Sarkar exposes the frauds and fallacies of Intelligent Design Theory, and its claim to
   5-Jan-07   In Comedy Incarnate, Noël Carroll surveys the characteristics of Buster Keatons unique visual style, to reveal the distinctive
  6-Sep-06    In Citizenship, Inclusion, and Democracy, six expert contributors explore the conceptual and empirical significance of the wo
29-Aug-06     A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Britain presents 33 essays by expert scholars on all the major aspects of the political, so
  1-Sep-06    The Persians is a succinct narrative of Iranian history from the time of Cyrus the Great in 560BC to the present day.A succinc
14-Dec-06     This major survey of the history and culture of Roman Britain spans the period from the first century BC to the fifth century A
 11-Oct-06    Written by a team of international experts, drawn from various traditions of political theology, this outstanding resource bring
  4-Oct-06    This Companion brings together new contributions from internationally renowned scholars in order to examine the past, pres
 24-Oct-06    This volume brings together some of the most exciting renaissance scholars to suggest new ways of thinking about the period
16-Feb-07     Written by eminent scholar David O. Ross, this guide helps readers to engage with the poetry, thought, and background of Vi
  6-Mar-07    In this major reference work, a team of the world's leading theologians provides a powerful overview of modern theology. Co
  7-Dec-06    With fifty-five peer reviewed chapters written by the leading authors in the field, The Blackwell Companion to Consciousnes
 12-Apr-07    This highly original, thought-provoking book written by a pioneer of communication studies is the first to analyze the post 9
 28-Jun-07    In this book, controversial and world-renowned theologian, Stanley Hauerwas, tackles the issue of theology being sidelined a
  3-Apr-07    Hit the lights and jump in the fire, youre about to enter the School of Rock! Todays lecture will be a crash course in brain sur
  6-Mar-07    This Companion provides an original and authoritative survey of twentieth-century American drama studies, written by some
 20-Apr-07    This fascinating book begins with a new definition of the gangster film and a challenging exploration of the Hong Kong and H
  6-Mar-07    A Companion to Contemporary Britain covers the key themes and debates of twentieth-century history from the outbreak of t
  4-Sep-07    This volume is devoted to studying the emergence and flourishing of new humanistically informed developments in philosop
 17-Jan-07    A book on the glittering black-and-white masked ball given in honor of Katharine Graham by Truman Capote at the Plaza Ho
 22-Feb-07    Major new political biography of Mao, written by one of the worlds leading authorities on Chinese revolutionary politicsOffe
 18-Sep-06    A clear and concise introduction to contemporary debates in epistemologyCovers current hot topics such as testimony, the in
 17-Sep-07    The first ever textbook on the relatively new discipline of Surveillance Studies.Written by an internationally renowned schola
22-Mar-07     Late Antique and Medieval Art of the Mediterranean World is a much-needed teaching anthology that rethinks and broadens
15-Mar-07     This Companion provides an extensive account of the Roman army, exploring its role in Roman politics and society as well a
17-Nov-06     With incisive and engaging introductions by the editor, Ethics in Practice integrates ethical theory and the discussion of pract
 11-Sep-06    This book offers an integrative view on children and television from the accumulated global literature in this field of the last
 3-May-07     A collection of essays by art historians, anthropologists and commentators on contemporary visual culture on the theme of Lo
   5-Jul-06   Changes in society, the pluralistic nature of the citizens and the geographic breadth of America preclude a common definition
  21-Jul-06   This is a collection of the key articles written by renowned Wittgenstein scholar, G.P. Baker, on Wittgensteins later philosoph
11-May-07     Might we be parts of a divine mind? Could anything like an afterlife make sense? Starting with a Platonic answer to why the
 27-Oct-06    This volume presents a comprehensive assessment of erosion processes, rates, spatial distribution and significance of erosion
  1-Dec-06    This extensive review of urban policy explores the interaction of urban policy with changing perspectives on urban life and s
 12-Oct-06    This book provides a clear and comprehensive introduction to Tibet, its culture and history.A clear and comprehensive overv
29-Nov-06     This book is a collection of key readings on Minimalist Syntax, the most recent, and arguably most important, theoretical dev
  1-Dec-06    In this ground-breaking ethnography of girls on a playground, Goodwin offers a window into their complex social worlds. Co
 29-Jan-07    This is ambitious new book by Henrietta Moore, one of the leading theorists of gender in Social Anthropology.Draws on anth
 25-Jan-07    Kelvin Knight is one of the foremost theorists writing on the work of Alasdair MacIntyre and this work constitutes a major re
  1-Mar-07    Compelling and startlingly original account of the global dominance of brands from two important figures in the fieldTheoret
27-Nov-06     This stimulating new book provides a sophisticated introduction to the key issues in the sociology of death and dying.Despite
11-Aug-06     The first book-length introduction to an increasingly central topic in political theory and social theoryIn-depth discussion of t
 12-Oct-06    The demand for equality is central to modern politics. But what exactly do we mean by equality? Does it threaten other impo
   9-Jan-07   A lively analysis of the concept of individual responsibility one of the key terms in contemporary political debateRe-connects
19-Dec-06     A groundbreaking collection of essays which attempts to reunite development studies with the broader study of global politic
 29-Jan-07    Politics was once a term with an array of broadly positive connotations, associated with public scrutiny, deliberation and acco
 15-Jan-07    Book on a timely topic by an author of international standing.First book to really get to grips with the concept of genocide ot
 26-Feb-07    A fourth volume in the hugely successful and highly acclaimed Global Transformations seriesFeatures contributions from wo
 19-Feb-07    Another volume in Polity's new series on global political hot spots.Offers a compelling analysis of conflict in one of the worl
   3-Jul-06   Major new student introduction to intelligence-gathering in the 21st CenturyOffers an authoritative and accessible guide to th
13-Dec-06     The notion of empire has in recent years taken on a renewed importance in world politics. US foreign policy has in particular
 12-Sep-06    Comprehensive introduction to a key topic in security and conflict studiesProvides a detailed historical analysis of the just wa
21-May-07     At a time when many public commentators are turning against multiculturalism in response to fears about militant Islam, imm
  2-Feb-07    Truly introductory text offering comprehensive coverage of the sociology of the environment.There are no other general texts
  21-Jul-06   The first dictionary to provide a critical overview of the contemporary globalization debateThe entries, ranging from 100 to 5
   8-Jul-06   Textbook that identifies global patterns of health for men and womenStraightforward and approachable styleFirst book to tak
 14-Sep-06    The Divided West is a major intervention by one of the most highly regarded political thinkers of our time.In this important n
13-Mar-07     a cutting-edge introductory textbook exploring key security challenges and developments in the post-Cold War world.drawin
10-Aug-06     A new volume from the a leading figure in the new generation of American IR theoristsUnique analysis of Americas status as
10-Aug-06     New book by Zygmunt Bauman one of foremost social thinkers of our timesInventory of modern fears and anxieties which ar
  1-Dec-06    This is a collection of essays by one of the most distinguished figures in International politics.Clear and accessible essays wri
29-Nov-06     Comprehensive overview of global inequality with contributions from the top names in the international field.This collection
 30-Jan-07    A provocative and original assessment of a key contemporary topic: the globalization of the media.Rather than simply herald
 29-Jan-07    a major new book by Irving Zeitlin, a leading scholar in the sociology of religion whose previous books on ancient Judaism a
30-Aug-07     A new book by Zygmunt Bauman, one of the foremost social thinkers of our timeBauman examines consumer culture in light
 26-Oct-06    Anthony Giddens is a leading contributor to the worldwide discussion about European PoliticsThis new book examines the c
28-Mar-07     Path breaking new book by Anthony Giddens, the author of Beyond Left and Right and The Third WayMaps out a future for
11-Aug-06     Ideas of Landscape discusses the current theory and practice of landscape archaeology and offers an alternative agenda for la
  8-Sep-06    The new edition of An Introduction to Japanese Linguistics gives an updated, comprehensive account of Japanese linguistics,
14-Dec-06     This introduction to the expanding field of literacy studies has been fully revised for the second edition. It explores recent dev
  3-Nov-06    The Handbook of World Englishes is a collection of newly commissioned articles focusing on selected critical dimensions an
  14-Jul-06   The Handbook of English Linguistics is a collection of articles written by leading specialists on all core areas of English ling
  8-Sep-06    The Archaeologists Fieldwork Companion is the only current one-volume collection of the practical information and materia
 12-Oct-06    Ethnographic Fieldwork: An Anthropological Reader provides a comprehensive selection of classic and contemporary reflec
  8-Dec-06    Ethnographic Fieldwork: An Anthropological Reader provides a comprehensive selection of classic and contemporary reflec
18-Dec-06     Starting from the premise that interpersonal communication is inseparable from culture, this collection moves beyond traditio
 15-Jan-07    This book is an authoritative account of Poland's emerging foreign and security policies and will contribute to an understandi
 8-May-07     Publics and the City investigates struggles over the making of urban publics, considering how the production, management an
14-Dec-06     Turf Wars: Discourse, Diversity, and the Politics of Place is the fascinating story of an urban neighborhood undergoing rapid
  4-Dec-06    This fully revised third edition integrates updated references, new findings, and modern theories, to present readers with the m
 21-Sep-06    This is an innovative book that addresses the question of how consumers make decisions about what is good and what is bad
 28-Jun-07    Economic Geography is a comprehensive introduction to this growing field, providing students with a vibrant and distinctive
14-May-07     People/States/Territories examines the role of state personnel in shaping, and being shaped by, state organizations and territo
  8-Sep-06    This landmark volume assesses the contribution of recent work in ethnobiology to anthropological thought.Considers the way
20-Dec-06     Fifty years after the term meritocracy was coined, this book asks where the idea of meritocracy has led.A team of commentat
 16-Apr-07    This comprehensive collection of classical sociological theory is a definitive guide to the roots of sociology from its undiscip
 4-May-07     A lively and stimulating companion to standard classroom texts in human geography.Selections are influential in the develop
 11-Oct-06    Genes, Culture, and Human Evolution: A Synthesisis a textbook on human evolution that offers students a unique combinatio
15-Nov-06     Medical Anthropology: Regional Perspectives and Shared Concerns surveys medical anthropology by examining the multipli
  8-Sep-06    This volume offers a distinctive and timely comparative analysis of the sociological, economic, and political significance of b
  8-Sep-06    In this book a multi-disciplinary team of experts from around the world studies the environmental challenge posed by Chinas
 31-Jan-07    Focusing on the condition of public authority in Africa, Twilight Institutions investigates how, when confronted with state fai
  4-Dec-06    In The Good Representative, Suzanne Dovi argues that democratic citizens should assess their representatives by their displa
 27-Feb-07    This book investigates the morphosyntax, semantics and discourse properties of focus and wh-constructions in Hausa, and int
29-May-07     Examines the residential, policed, and infrastructural landscapes of New and Old Delhi under British Rule. Provides a structu
29-Aug-06     The Companion to Social Archaeology is the first scholarly work to explore the encounter of social theory and archaeology o
 16-Apr-07    A detailed study of Gilchrists grammatical praxis which presents a picture of the complex relationship between grammatical i
 27-Feb-07    The essays in this volume take on the challenge of explaining the current formation of the relation between sovereignty, law a
  4-Apr-07    A study of the body - one of the fastest growing, most influential, and most contested subjects in the social sciences and huma
15-Dec-06     This book explores the multiple ways in which archaeologists give meaning to the past, highlighting debates over the ontolog
10-Sep-07      Gender issues have become an increasingly prominent concern of academics and policy-makers. Although the death of femin
18-Dec-06      An accessible student introduction to a key topic in security and conflict studiesUnpacks the meaning and significance of asy
19-Dec-06      This is a collection of essays by one of the most distinguished figures in International politics.Clear and accessible essays wri
  5-Sep-07     a groundbreaking new book by Thomas Meyer, a leading theorist of contemporary politics, written with Lewis Hinchmanthis
11-Sep-06      The new edition of An Introduction to Japanese Linguistics gives an updated, comprehensive account of Japanese linguistics,
  4-Aug-06     This concise book offers a nuanced introduction to Islam in the Middle East. It presentsIslam as both a unified tradition of th
14-Dec-06      The Globalization and Development Reader builds on the success of From Modernization to Globalization, published by the
16-Apr-07      This meticulous collection of contemporary sociological theory is the definitive guide to current perspectives and approaches
16-Apr-07      Moustapha Safouan, in this courageous and honest book, confronts head-on the problem of Arab despotism, examining it fro
 13-Oct-06     More Than Men and Make-Up provides a series of techniques accompanied by enjoyable and simply structured exercises to
  9-Mar-07     Paul Burgess has developed a unique psychometric profiling tool called ID (Instinctive Drives). In this book, Paul will explai
23-Mar-07      The first edition of this book was published in 1996. It gathered together, for the first time, information on the medical effec
23-Feb-07      Forensic Entomology is a concise introduction to entomology in a forensic context and also a practical guide to collecting en
 29-Jun-07     With recent developments in our understanding of the brain we are witnessing the appearance of a fundamentally new concep
  28-Jul-06    Over the past five years, there has been dramatic progress in unravelling the cellular circuitry involved in cardiac failure, as w
25-Aug-06      Dengue fever is becoming more prevalent and is regarded as an emerging disease. After an initial infection with the virus, w
20-Apr-07      Integrated Medical Sciences: The Essentials is a concise, accessible problem-based approach to the subject using case scenar
 26-Jan-07     The latest edition of this well organised and authoritative book provides a comprehensive account of the mechanics of the ne
 27-Oct-06     Medical Mycology is a comprehensive text covering a variety of techniques critical to the study of medical mycology. Drawi
  28-Jul-06    The book provides an introduction to and general overview of the use of bioinformatics to analyse genomic data. It has been
  9-Mar-07     This book is targeted primarily at research scientists in the field of Human and Mammalian genetics. However, our increasing
 15-Jun-07     This book explores theoretical and practical issues regarding small-scale evolutionary development known as tinkering. Such
  8-Sep-06     This is a revised edition of a unique, encyclopaedic reference work covering the whole field of pure and applied microbiolog
   5-Oct-06    Digital Essential Neuroanatomy is an interactive, annotated digital atlas of over 300 original images with text labels microgra
   8-Jun-07    Culture of human stem cells is a new and rapidly expanding field in which many of the culture techniques are only now being
10-Aug-06      The Harvey Lectures reflect "the evolution of physiology and physiological chemistry into biochemistry and the developmen
20-Apr-07      Acetaldehyde-related pathology is an area of increasing research interest with important public health implications but much
  28-Jul-06    Integrated Genomics: A Discovery-Based Laboratory Course introduces the excitement of discovery to the basic molecular b
25-Aug-06      Diagnostic Techniques in Genetics provides a broad overview of the fundamental theory and applications used in the diagnos
 11-Jan-07     The last few years have witnessed an unparalleled rate of discoveries of early birds and their dinosaurian predecessors. Glorif
 27-Oct-06     This book gives a modern molecular description of the way viruses replicate. Each virus is described in a brief chapter writte
    5-Jul-06   This book provides an overview of the utility of force microscopy in biology and medicine, offering the reader some perspec
18-Sep-06      This new book provides a solid basis in population genetics, with an emphasis on comprehending the biological implications
  8-Mar-07     This new edition continues to provide the most thorough overview of mutant mouse technology and readable introduction to
  8-Dec-06     This book covers aphids on ornamental shrubs, cultivated amenity plants and wild plants (including weeds). It is the complem
  17-Jul-07    This book was developed out of the understanding that advances in infectious disease research are dependent upon the develo
 17-Oct-06     This atlas represents the integration of analysis of the serial sections of human embryos in the Carnegie collection with result
  27-Jul-06    This work provides an overview of microbial proteomics with the aim of highlighting practical deliverables that can be applie
28-Aug-06      This book is the first of its kind in dealing with direct clinical application of microarray data to oncology diagnosis, with the i
28-Sep-06      Introduction to Geomicrobiology is a timely and comprehensive overview of how microbial life has affected Earths environm
  27-Jul-06    With the shifting of responsibility for designing, planning and managing federally funded programs to state and local governm
 10-Jan-07     Published in Cooperation with THE WORLD AQUACULTURE SOCIETYShrimp is the most important commodity, by val
15-Dec-06      More accessible to beginning students in the field than its encyclopedic counterparts, Fundamental Molecular Biology provid
 12-Oct-06     The questions of population growth and food supply have long been of central concern to economists. The World Food Econ
11-Sep-06      First published in 1989, Physiology of Crop Yield was the first student textbook to digest and assimilate the many advances i
 25-Oct-06     Environmental Sedimentology provides a comprehensive introduction to this rapidly expanding field which addresses the fun
  1-Dec-06     Conservation of Wildlife Populations provides an accessible introduction to the most relevant concepts and principles for sol
15-Dec-06      Early Earth Systems provides a complete history of the Earth from its beginnings to the end of the Archaean. This journey thr
  27-Jul-06    Infection: Microbiology and Management provides a core resource for the understanding of medical microbiology and infect
29-Nov-06      A core text for students, Lecture Notes: Medical Microbiology and Infection has been updated and revised in this fourth editi
27-Mar-07      This comprehensive yet concise book provides a thorough and complete guide to every aspect of managing the peer review p
 27-Sep-06     Until recently, plant breeders have depended primarily on classical tools to develop new and improved products for producer
    5-Jul-06   Global Coastal Changeprovides a comprehensive overview of the environmental factors changing the marine systems of the w
   2-Jan-07    The worlds stocks of wild fish continue to decline, making the task of finding innovative, sustainable and socially acceptable
   5-Jan-07    The formation, dispersal and germination of seeds are crucial stages in the life cycles of gymnosperm and angiosperm plants.
15-Mar-07      The scientific and economic significance of plant senescence means that much effort has been made to understand the proces
31-May-07      This book provides students with the skills to develop their own models for application in conservation biology and wildlife m
30-Mar-07      Mitochondria are critical organelles in the metabolic regulation of almost all eukaryotic organisms. Knowledge of their bioch
31-Aug-06      This important book brings together eighteen cutting-edge research papers first presented at the Second International Confere
 11-Sep-07     Written in an informal and engaging style, Saving the Earth as a Career is an ideal resource for students and professionals pu
  26-Jul-06    This volume provides a comprehensive review of recent developments in the fields of vertebrate and invertebrate endocrinolo
 27-Feb-07     Covering the most important pathogens, this handbook provides clear, concise descriptions of the symptoms and cycles of dis
 27-Feb-07     A completely revised edition of this highly regarded book gives a systematic account of fruit and hop pests their recognition,
    7-Jul-06   Stem cell research remains a hot topic with an enormous potential of applications in regenerative medicine. Recent findings i
  5-Sep-06     Neurosciences are one of the most dynamically developing fields within life and medical sciences. This is underlined by the 2
 10-Oct-06     Provides a survey of recent developments in the technology, detection, and regulation of genetically modified foods. This sec
   2-Jan-07    The book provides the theoretical basis and covers the experimental techniques of X-ray crystal structure determination of bi
 10-Oct-06     In recent years, biotechnologically-derived drugs (biotech drugs), including proteins, peptides, monoclonal antibodies and an
    7-Jul-06   Molecular biotechnology is a major branch in modern life sciences and an integral part of biology, biotechnology and biologi
 11-Jan-07     The introduction of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization technique (MALDI) changed mass spectrometry (MS) into a v
  3-Nov-06     Book focuses on the application of biotechnology methods to medicinal plants - plants that can be used for medicinal purpose
    7-Jul-06   This is a brand new field of study and we are the first to cover this topic with a book. The editor published one of the ground
 23-Feb-07     This book is a user's guide to the novel technique of flow cytometry with plant cells. After a brief introduction that highlights
  3-Nov-06     For the pharmaceutical, biotechnological as well as cosmetics and nutritional industry the development of powerful cell mode
   8-Jan-07    Knowledge about regeneration in the central nervous system (CNS) has rapidly progressed in the last several years. Still, the
 17-Oct-06     This book is a collection of articles covering the topic of protein biology. The chapters have been taken, unaltered, directly fr
  1-Dec-06     This book comprises a collection of articles on the topic of Genetics and Genomics. The chapters have been selected, directly
  4-Aug-06     The proceedings of the BioMicroWorld 2005 conference in Badajoz, Spain. Includes full papers based on oral and written pr
 17-Oct-06     The book contains a collection of articles previously published in a special topical issue of our journal "Proteomics" Volume
   2-Jan-07    The book holds a selection of articles taken from a topical issue of our Proteomics journal Volume 4 Issue 10. This issue was
   6-Oct-06    The book contains a number of high-quality research papers as well as review articles, selected from the Electrophoresis jour
   6-Jun-07    The book is a collection of articles, covering a broad range of subjects in the area of cancer biology. The chapters have been
   6-Jun-07    This book is a collection of articles from the area of immunology, all chapters extracted directly from R.A. Meyer's Encyclop
 13-Apr-07     Molecular Forensics offers comprehensive coverage of the increasingly important role molecular analysis plays within forens
  3-Nov-06     This book brings together work from a wide range of disciplines to explain processes underlying empathy and fairness. It app
  14-Jul-06    Atmospheric dynamics is a difficult yet essential topic for students to understand. The leading book in the field (Holton, Intro
 30-Oct-06     This book provides an integrated treatment of the structure and function of nucleic acids, proteins, and glycans, including tho
 29-Sep-06     This 5th edition of Knotts Handbook for Vegetable Growers is a compact compendium of factual data for commercial vegeta
22-Dec-06      This is the first textbook to consider all aspects of the cryosphere system in the context of global environmental change drive
  3-Nov-06     In the new edition of this highly successful book, Malcolm Hunter and new co-author James Gibbs offer a thorough introduct
  27-Jul-06    This user-friendly handbook on plants poisonous to animals has been written and organized to serve the needs of veterinarian
   3-Jan-07    Unique among current literature as a rich source of clinical case material, this book can be used by veterinary students as a re
15-Mar-07      First published in 1983, Diseases of Sheep has become a definitive reference book on sheep diseases. This new edition has be
   4-Oct-06    Essential Haematology is established as the most authoritative introduction to the subject for bioscience and medical students
 9-May-07      Mary Bromileys book remains essential reading for both professionals and the general riding community. This new edition bu
 20-Sep-06     The author has many years experience in both farm animal practice and commercial sheep farming. In this book he aims to ta
 15-Sep-07     This is a comprehensive, authoritative yet user friendly guide to cardiovascular diseases and disorders in the dog and cat. It is
   5-Oct-06    A revised third edition of this bestselling textbook. It contains a unique blend of text, colour photographs, imaging and diagra
  24-Jul-06    Surgical and therapeutic use of lasers began in human medicine in the early 1960s. Technology and equipment advanced rapi
 22-Sep-06     Mixed modelling is one of the most promising and exciting areas of statistical analysis, enabling the analysis of nontraditiona
 20-Apr-07     This book describes how modern queuing theory can be applied to problems in telecommunication engineering. It starts with
 20-Apr-07     This book explains the foundations, theory, methodology, mathematics & practicalities of what is generally termed the Bayes
24-Nov-06      The goal of this book is to provide an accessible approach to Bayesian computing and data analysis, with an emphasis on the
 26-Jan-07     In recent years there has been a tremendous upsurge in research into SEMs, focusing on an increasing range of applications. T
20-Apr-07     Those responsible for the implementation of quality assurance and control measures to improve medical processes need an un
  5-Apr-07    This book seeks to lay down some common ground for the theory and practice of register-based statistics. It begins by definin
  21-Jul-06   An aim of much statistical research is to wring as much from data as is possible. Improved usage of expert opinion (or, in so
 27-Oct-06    This book is intended as a popular, but abbreviated treatise on probability theory. Basic concepts and techniques are introduc
23-Aug-06     This book discusses, in simplistic detail, the logic of uncertainty, its truths and falsehoods. The object of the book is to explai
 22-Jun-07    The principal aim of the book is to make accessible the construction methods for the best possible designs to use to model hu
12-Mar-07     1. There is a need to keep this volume current given the authoritative nature of its content and its presentation. 2. The book i
   6-Oct-06   Arranged in an A-Z format, "Survival and Event Analysis", edited by Niels Keiding and Per Andersen, will contain 96 article
  2-Apr-07    The overall objective of this book is to present the various components (research, development, implementation, and operatio
  10-Jul-07   This book presents modern nonparametric statistics from a practical point of view. It is primarily intended for use with engine
 21-Jun-07    Over the past two decades there has been burgeoning research literature on survey methodology, focusing especially on prob
  1-Dec-06    Symbolic data analysis is a relatively new field that provides a range of methods for analyzing complex datasets. Standard sta
 19-Jan-07    There is a real need for a good up-to-date book on the design and analysis of bioequivalence studies and this book fulfills it b
  7-Aug-06    This valuable book-length treatment of the field offers coverage of estimation for situations where the model variables are ob
 26-Jan-07    This text is designed to be covered in one semester by typical math majors; however, it is still quite rigorous, modeling for th
 27-Jun-07    Many of us want to understand how the technological instruments that so pervade modern society operate. This book answer
16-Mar-07     During the last decades long-memory processes have evolved as a vital and important part of time series analysis. This book
  23-Jul-07   This book aims to give students and survey researchers a state-of-the-art introduction to questionnaire design. The authors are
  23-Jul-07   Data Mining Using SAS Enterprise Miner(TM) introduces the reader to a wide variety of data mining techniques in SAS Ent
20-Apr-07     The R language is recognized as one of the most powerful and flexible statistical software packages, and it enables the user to
  9-Mar-07    Since the early 70s, research into statistical analysis of data with missing values has increased considerably. This is in somew
 26-Jan-07    Simulation and Monte Carlo methods are increasingly becoming more important to many areas of application, particularly fin
  4-Aug-06    Risk assessment and risk analysis are now firmly fixed in the biostatistician's and engineer's lexicon. Reliability is the other k
  14-Jul-06   With the increasing importance of new interventions in health care, studies of the cost-effectiveness of these products have be
25-Aug-06     The need to understand, interpret and analyse competing risk data is key to many areas of science, particularly medical resear
 16-Jan-07    1. Complementary nature of the book via-a-vis the Wiley list 2. Author track record 3. Author institution and background 4
  21-Jul-06   Statisticians often use linear models for data analysis, and for developing new statistical methods. A solid understanding of t
  7-Mar-07    The first edition of this text has sold over 19,600 copies. However, the use of statistical methods for categorical data has incr
  9-Aug-06    This text is designed for a one semester calculus-based introduction to probability theory and its applications. A unique featu
21-Nov-06       Differential Equations: An Introduction to Modern Methods and Applications is a more modern offering from one of the m
  7-Aug-06    In this book, the authors treat the fundamental question of response-adaptive randomization as dealing with the trade-off betw
  24-Jul-06   The authors have chosen ViSta, which is available on the Internet free of charge, as the main visual statistics system to illustr
 16-Oct-06    This book has been structured around a theoretical framework of topology. However, it is intuitive, moving from the concret
  24-Jul-06   The book begins with a demonstration of how the three basic types of equations (parabolic, hyperbolic, and elliptic) can be d
10-Nov-06     A new edition of a successful book, Introduction to Abstract Algebra, Third Edition, is intended for a one or two semester ab
19-Dec-06     With this book, readers will develop a strong foundation in the theory of functions of several variables and of modern vector
   8-Jun-07   This book is the first book on this technique; it describes the theory of DPSM in detail and covers its applications in ultrasoni
  5-Dec-06    Updated with new material, this Fifth Edition of the most widely used book in combinatorial problems explains how to reaso
 29-Jun-07    This book presents a statistical treatment of the Multilayer Perceptron (MLP), which is the most widely used of the neural ne
  10-Jul-06   Clearly balancing theory with applications, this book describes both the conventional and less common uses of linear regressi
  4-Aug-06    Author Prem Mann makes statistics both interesting and accessible to a wide and varied audience. Readers will find the expla
 29-Jan-07    Young bridges the gap between algebra & trigonometry by utilizing an innovative method that clearly helps them learn and a
20-Nov-06     This innovative book combines a wide variety of relevant applications with a unique method to help properly prepare readers
  14-Jul-06   Conceived as a derivative product of the best-seller, LOSS MODELS: FROM DATA TO DECISIONS (by Klugman, Panjer
16-Aug-06     A revised and updated edition of a mathematical cult classic, Dr. Zeitz brings his problem solving approach to a new generati
 8-Nov-06     Dr. Bridger chooses families of rational intervals, rather than Cauchy sequences, to define real numbers, and his "law of boun
  10-Jul-06   This text represents a consciously fused effort to put all the building blocks of regression modeling in one place (with chapter
21-Feb-07     Review comments: (1) "This could be the right text at the right time. Project designers and staff that I work with are constan
10-Nov-06     Making Sense of Data covers a series of technical topics that address how to analyze data. The book is divided into five part
   3-Jan-07   This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the design of split-plot and blocked experiments, two types of experiments
 19-Jan-07    Digital Photography for 3D Imaging and Animation is focused on the ever growing digital photography market, but geared to
 15-Feb-07    Signage and Wayfinding Design: A Process Guide is an essential reference for design professionals. Comprehensive and acc
26-Dec-06     Print production involves elements of graphic design, typography, illustration, editing, workflow management, materials traff
 18-Oct-06    Typographic Design is one of our best selling graphic design books. This revision will bring the book up to date and further s
 22-Jan-07    The field of information design applies traditional and evolving design principles to the process of translating complex, unorg
 20-Apr-07    Astrophysics: Decoding the Cosmos is an accessible introduction to the key principles and theories underlying astrophysics. T
25-May-07     Discovering the Solar System, Second Edition covers the sun, the planets, their satellites and the host of smaller bodies that o
30-Mar-07     Have we a duty to conserve the worlds resources for future generations? Does the majority have the right to dictate to minori
15-Nov-06     Fourier and Diffractive Optics is a required course in electrical engineering and physics programs. Professor Ersoy's book, w
  10-Jul-07   A basic guide to viewing the 50 best sights in astronomy for beginning astronomers. One of the most experienced and well-re
15-May-07     This entry-level textbook, covering the area of tissue optics, is based on the lecture notes for a graduate course (Bio-optical I
  9-Apr-07    The fourth edition of Philip Harrington's popular and comprehensive guide to astronomical equipment, for new astronomers a
 21-Feb-07    Liquid Crystals, Second Edition, is a comprehensive revision and expansion of the 1994 book Liquid Crystals: Physical Prop
 21-Feb-07    No other book on the market today can match the 30-year success of Halliday, Resnick and Walker's Fundamentals of Physic
 13-Oct-06    The Sciences, 5th Edition integrates major concepts from physics, chemistry, astronomy, earth sciences, and biology to help
  21-Jul-06   Light and Matter covers both the theory, and the practical consequences and applications of, the ways in which light interacts
   6-Jun-07   Indicators for scientific excellence based on grants received are outlined and university as well as non-university research ins
25-Aug-06     While there are numerous books on SQUIDS, there is currently none comprising both conventional low-Tc and modern high
 26-Jan-07    While there a many books on simple interactions in different systems, and also a few books describing competing interaction
20-Dec-06     The aim of this book is to present a collection of lectures on both theoretical and experimental topics in Quantum Information
   8-Jan-07   This is the first textbook in this specific area, and even in textbooks which deal with solid state physics in a comprehensive w
11-May-07     Crystal physics is a fundamental basis of semiconductor physics and materials science, which play an important role in the te
  3-Nov-06    The book imparts up-to-date information about both the state of the art and the need for further progress with magnetism in m
  1-Dec-06    - Wide coverage of aspects in the field of semiconductor microcavities, written by experts from leading research institutes - T
 26-Jan-07    The author is an outstanding expert in a small and so far scarcely researched field related to cyrogenic liquids. Prof. Baidako
  21-Jul-06   The author Professor Richard Talman is a researcher with a long-standing experience in the treated subject. His affiliations in
 17-Oct-06    The technology of noble fluid detectors has grown rapidly during the last few years. The subject has attracted wide attention
 23-Feb-07    The goal of this book is to present in detail the topics of nuclear reaction and structure theory, thermonuclear reaction rate for
11-May-07     The present book illustrates the basic physical principles of radiation and radiation protection with an abundance of practical
   6-Jun-07   The processing and refinery of oil and natural gas is a complex scientific task, if it is to be done in an efficient way to safe co
   2-Jan-07   This new and completely updated edition of the successful 'Exploring Scanning Probe Microscopy with Mathematica' feature
   6-Oct-06   - The authors are experts in the field, working at the renowned "Freiburg Center for Data Analysis and Modeling (FDM)", wi
   6-Oct-06   Plasma cathode electron sources have attracted significant interest and are widely used in various application areas world-wid
   2-Jan-07   - completely updated and expanded second edition of successful textbook: includes new chapters on spin electronics and qua
 17-Oct-06    The study of systems out of equilibrium is currently a hot research topic so there will be a significant, growing demand for a
 23-Feb-07    There is a growing interest in the study of astrobiology, a newly emerging field of science. Its central focus is directed toward
  3-Nov-06    This is the second volume to John Weiner's and P.-T. Ho's "Light-Matter Interaction Vol.1: Fundamentals and Applications"
  18-Jul-07   The title has been published by Academic Press in 1992. Because AP has been taken over by a major competitor, the author d
 17-Oct-06    This is a monograph on a very interdisciplinary new field of research which is growing rapidly and which is attracting ever m
11-May-07     This book is suitable for an undergraduate and first-year graduate semester-length course in nuclear reactor physics (Part 1: c
 23-Feb-07    Plasma applications gain importance in a variety of fields of research and manufacturing. Most plasma texts though concentr
25-May-07     General Relativity and String Theory - topics that used to be considered as too advanced to be incorporated in the physics cu
 23-Feb-07    Research developments of the last two decades resulted in a significant shift of accents in many researchers' way of thinking a
   2-Jan-07   Written by Nobel Prize Winner Roy Glauber, this book combines all fundamental works in the field of optical coherence phe
18-May-07     Sir Joseph Rotblat (1908-2005), a British physicist and one of the most prominent critics of the nuclear arms race, received th
   8-Jan-07   As the subtitle implies, this reference is a succinct compilation of the key equations and fundamental concepts that are typica
 20-Apr-07    The Second Edition of this successful textbook provides a clear, well-written introduction to both the fundamental principles
   2-Jan-07   This text has been written for newcomers to the topic and benefits from the author's ability to explain difficult sequences and
  21-Jul-06   · Review lectures of invited international experts in the field of astronomy and astrophysics · Society relationship · Large imp
   6-Jun-07   The application of the Moessbauer effect in the investigation of various materials is subject of unabated research and numero
  28-Jul-06    This is an edited book which will be in 4 sections The Developmental Needs of Children, Children in Foster Care, Residenti
 20-Oct-06     The book begins with an overview of the theory of ADHD and its assessment, diagnosis and treatment. The core of the book
23-Mar-07      This edited collection aims to showcase latest thinking in LGBTQ psychology. The book will have 21 chapters covering subj
  9-Feb-07     The book is an edited collection and will sit within the Crime, Policing and Law series. It is organized in three parts: part 1 d
  28-Jul-06    Pioneering research has been carried out over the last decade on mentalization and the promotion of mentalizing capacity - th
  14-Jul-06    Until recently, the topic of female sexual offenders remained under-researched, and many incorrect assumptions and beliefs s
23-Mar-07      The book will be based on two research projects on emergency intervention, which were carried out by the author and her co
 12-Jan-07     The book will be the first in a series of three that examines the latest research in key areas of developmental psychology, edit
15-Dec-06      The book will focus on the key issues which promote an understanding of the development of integrative models of care and
  1-Dec-06       This authored book explores the role of psychoanalysis in the health service. A full table of contents is to follow.
 22-Sep-06     The book consists of 24 chapters covering five key areas of PCP: Theory and History; Assessment and Understanding; Probl
  28-Jul-06    The key question in this provocative and state-of-the-art research volume is whether people with Down syndrome have a spec
 15-Jun-07     The book introduces key concepts within anthropathology. The chapters are:           1. What is anthropathology? 2. History and
 13-Apr-07     This is an updated version of a comprehensive book written as a resource for health professionals working with people (prim
  14-Jul-06    The book will be organised in three parts: personality and health outcomes; mechanisms relating personality and health; perso
18-Aug-06      This book will be part of the Wiley Series in Forensic Clinical Psychology. It will cover the subject at two levels the technic
 26-Jan-07     This fully revised and updated second edition of Cognitive Therapy in Groups has been completely rewritten as a 25-session
  2-Mar-07     This book is a companion volume to Partridge: Neurological Physiotherapy: Bases of Evidence for Practice, (Whurr 2002).
    7-Jul-06   The bulk of the book is formed of sessions plans for the six sessions over which the group may be run. The session plans incl
   6-Oct-06    Psychological research into autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) has increased exponentially in the last two decades. Much of
 20-Oct-06     This handbook discusses the factors that contribute to the potential difficulties many dyslexic learners may have with mathem
  14-Jul-06    Tracing important developments in theories and ways of treating the condition, this book shows how scientific understanding
 19-Jan-07     The aim of the book is to provide background and information to mental health professionals working in forensic settings on
 15-Sep-06     The book has grown out of an EduPark Grant from the EU to investigate the use of self-monitoring for people with Parkinson
16-Mar-07      The book is aimed at all those teaching or training new Mental Health Workers. It takes an inter-disciplinary approach and in
30-Mar-07      This book will describe in detail what it is like to be a parent in four different communities in England. The research data tha
  4-Apr-07     This book provides a practical, comprehensive guide to the group treatment of obesity. It is derived from a 5 year research pr
   5-Oct-06    The field of geriatric mental health will grow rapidly in the next decade as the Baby Boomers age. However, many analyses
30-Mar-07      Based on interviews with both professionals and families/carers, this book aims to improve communication between both gro
  3-Nov-06     Challenging behaviours, such as aggression and violence, are more common in deaf people than hearing people. Filling a cru
  4-Apr-07     The book has already been published in French, by the University of Montreal Press. The University of Montreal Press will a
  4-Apr-07     The chapters of the book (see below) taken together will supply a state of the art accessible to the professional, regarding the
 20-Apr-07       This book provides the first, comprehensive text at the right level for health professionals working with adolescents. Adoes
11-Aug-06      This book fills the gap between the specialized, academic works with a narrow focus on one part of the process, and popular
25-Aug-06      This is a practical guide in how to assess the emotional growth of infants, work with parents and implement the CARE progra
 18-Jun-07     Each year, thousands of therapists move away from working as employees in order to start their own private practices--either
 12-Apr-07     Substantially revised and updated, the Fifth Edition of Statistical Reasoning reflects the changes that have occurred in the fiel
 26-Jun-07     This book fills the gap for a comprehensive, authoritative introduction to the field of adult and continuing education. Two of
 17-Jan-07     This new book in the Essentials series reviews brief intelligence testing and presents concise information on the brief intellige
  9-Mar-07     Filled with practical information on assessing, diagnosing, and treating gambling addiction, this handy manual in the new Wi
 10-Oct-06     Based on recent advances in brain science that prove addiction is a disease involving changes in the brain similar to those tha
  7-Dec-06     This new text from the editors of the classic Handbook of Empirical Social Work Practice draws upon the significant advanc
25-May-07      This is a provocative and intriguing book about intelligence testing that covers its background, its significance in modern soc
  3-Aug-06     Forensic Psychology covers topics and areas of practice not addressed in the hugely successful, Handbook of Psychology, Vo
  3-Apr-07     This volume provides clinicians with a unique combination of conceptual background and step-by-step practical advice to gu
30-Mar-07      This volume provides clinicians with a unique combination of conceptual background and step-by-step practical advice to gu
 22-Sep-06     Promoting Well-Being: Linking Psychological, Organizational, and Community Change combines theory, research and actio
 19-Jan-07     The Third Edition of this widely praised volume has been completely updated and revised and features the work of prominen
12-Mar-07        Thoroughly updated and revised, this classic text offers balanced and comprehensive coverage of the major psychological d
30-Mar-07      The Essentials of Social Work Policy Practice presents, in the popular Essentials format, the key information social workers a
   5-Oct-06    Now in its Fifth Edition, Ethics and Law for School Psychologists continues to be the leading source of information on profe
22-Mar-07     The CHC (Cattell-Horn-Carroll)-based Cross-Battery approach is a time-efficient assessment method grounded solidly within
  5-Apr-07    The Handbook of Gerontology: Evidence-Based Approaches to Theory, Practice, and Policy provides readers with an interdi
 17-Jan-07    Current research has highlighted the importance of neuropsychological factors in common childhood disorders and learning d
 22-Sep-06    The Child Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, 4e provides treatment planning guidelines and an array of pre-written treatment
20-Dec-06     As with the previous edition, the Child Psychotherapy Progress Notes Planner, Third Edition helps mental health practitioner
  5-Sep-06    As with the previous edition, the Adolescent Psychotherapy Progress Notes Planner, Third Edition helps mental health practi
18-Aug-06     The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, 4e provides treatment planning guidelines and an array of pre-written trea
 28-Jun-07    The fourth edition of this important and highly praised guide has been substantially revised and updated, providing concise, p
10-Aug-06     This is a scholarly book, which has received rave reviews from senior social psychologists in the UK and US.It will appeal to
13-Dec-06     This book explores the makings of a meaningful faculty career. Speaking to the concerns of both faculty and administrators, i
 16-Oct-06    This landmark work pulls together seminal work and current thinking on adult learning in one volume, providing a comprehe
 20-Oct-06    This expanded and updated edition of a popular anthology contains the articles, book excerpts, and seminal reports that defin
   5-Oct-06   The book offers educational leaders a new, conceptual model that has been well-tested and refined for integrating and expand
 3-May-07     The increasing ethnic, racial, cultural, religious, and language diversity in nations throughout the world is forcing educators a
 18-Jan-07    Good leadership is not innate. One must learn to lead by mastering five core competencies -- attending to moral purpose, und
 10-Oct-06    Concerned that major philanthropic foundations are withdrawing support for education, the Carnegie Foundation for the Adv
 25-Jun-07    Written for faculty in any online learning setting, Building Virtual Learning Communities shows how to create an online clas
 13-Feb-07    The third edition of Ethics is Psychotherapy and Counseling: A Practical Guide provides guidance on the ethical dilemmas an
  2-Mar-07    Many great creative artists -- writers, musicians, actors, painters -- have suffered from emotional issues like depression, anxi
29-Mar-07     One of the most popular pages in Education Week is the back-page Commentary. This is an extended op-ed piece that highli
  8-Sep-06    Colin Dyers Research in Psychology provides a concise and accessible introduction to research methods and statistics in the f
22-Dec-06     This book presents a series of cases of psychosocial interventions with schizophrenia and other serious mental health difficul
 12-Apr-07    Personality and Individual Differences covers the salient and recent literature on personality, intellectual ability, motivation,
10-May-07     The Blackwell Handbook of Mentoring reveals an innovative, multi-disciplinary approach to the practice and theory of mento
  9-Feb-07    With concerns rising over the ethical dimensions of behavioral research and the developments in ethical codification and the
 19-Apr-07    Involuntary memory was identified by the pioneering memory researcher Hermann Ebbinghaus more than a century ago, but
 29-Sep-06    The second edition of this highly successful book helps psychology students plan and prepare for graduate study at every step
18-Dec-06     Educational Testing provides support for those undertaking training in, and for training providers of, the Certificate of Comp
   3-Jan-07   This Monograph reports a series of ten studies on the social-cognitive abilities of three young chimpanzees, ages to four year
15-Mar-07     Why Youth is Not Wasted on the Young examines the nature of childhood through an evolutionary lens and argues that child
 28-Jun-07    Those who work with children and young people have a responsibility to safeguard and promote their welfare. Recognizing a
  5-Sep-06    The Handbook of Research Methods in Developmental Science is a collection of newly written articles that provide an overv
10-May-07     Over the past thirty years the number of women assuming leadership roles has grown dramatically. This original and importa
   8-Jan-07   The Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making is a state-of-the art overview of current topics and research in th
 3-May-07     Making Up the Mind is the first accessible account of experimental studies showing how the brain creates our mental world.W
20-Mar-07     This collection of essays examines how our visual and language systems interact in relationship to reading. Addresses four im
30-Mar-07     This book focuses attention upon rural social policy and welfare issues within selected areas in the US, Australia, continental
18-Dec-06     Based on the Times Higher - QS World University Rankings, this is the definitive guide to the top universities around the wo
  8-Sep-06    This book is organized into five chapters that each answer a specific question on murder: What is Murder? Who Commits
  8-Aug-07    The new edition of this bestselling book builds on the authors extensive administrative and consulting experience as well as s
 20-Apr-07    The number of part-time faculty members is increasing steadily, to the point that most colleges and universities could not fun
 13-Apr-07    A major clinical and research handbook, comprehensive in scope and with contributions from those working at the cutting-ed
  3-Apr-07    This volume provides clinicians with a unique combination of conceptual background and step-by-step practical advice to gu
 26-Feb-07    The Foundations two-year study of legal education involved a comprehensive look at teaching and learning in American and
10-May-07     Sex Discrimination in the Workplace is an interdisciplinary volume that examines the various approaches to the study of sex
22-Aug-06     Memory and Emotion: Interdisciplinary Perspectives is a collection of original articles that explores cutting-edge research in
   2-Jan-07   Tiffany Field, world renowned infant development scholar, writes an engaging and comprehensive book that collects and rev
  8-Aug-07    Many resources on implementing general education are available, but few are written to help those faculty and administrators
  11-Jul-06   The Manual of Minor Oral Surgery for the General Dentist provides a clear and thorough practical guide to performing the co
 27-Apr-07    Dr. Hamid Shafies Clinical and Laboratory Manual of Implant Overdentures is a ground-breaking guide to this popular and e
   3-Jul-06   Behavioral Dentistry surveys the vast and absorbing topic of the role of behavioral science in the study and clinical practice o
 12-Sep-06    Practical Periodontal Plastic Surgery provides the qualified and trainee periodontist with a pragmatic approach to mucogingiv
 10-Jan-07    The Concise Encyclopedia of Periodontology offers an indispensable guide to the terminology, technical vocabulary, classic
15-Mar-07     Enhancement Orthodontics: Theory and Practice provides a concise and compact clinical guide to achieving esthetic results t
 28-Jun-07    Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth encompasses the full scope of acute dental trauma, including all
13-Nov-06     This text is constructed within the context of modern concepts of bacteriology and pathogenicity, and integrates basic and ap
   3-Jan-07   Implant Restorations: A Step-by-Step Guide offers clinicians a practical, step-by-step approach to treatment planning and res
18-Aug-06     Coaching Science and Coaching Studies courses are appearing in increasing numbers in many universities. The textbooks use
 23-Feb-07    Medical devices are crucial in medical care today and device technology advances at a dizzying pace. Medical Device Epide
15-Dec-06     There are increasing numbers of angiogenesis assays, both in vitro and in vivo, being described. Identification of the cellular
  20-Jul-07   During the last decade, new methods and techniques have been introduced and are being developed further that facilitate mo
 26-Jan-07    Pharmacovigilance is the study of the safety of marketed drugs under practical conditions of clinical usage in large communit
11-Aug-06     This book critically analyses and reviews the development of language in direct relation to social disadvantage in the early ye
  14-Jul-06   The book discusses a wide range of topical gynaecological issues. The areas chosen reflect the changes that are taking place i
 29-Sep-06    Previously published as two separate books for Speech and Language Therapists and for Physiotherapists, Occupational Ther
  1-Dec-06    The global epidemic of tuberculosis is one of the better known and more widely studied lung infections. Many other microorg
 15-Jun-07    Principles of Health Care Ethics is a standard resource for students, professionals, and academics wishing to understand curre
 26-Jan-07    The number of deaths from sepsis each year rivals those occurring from myocardial infarction and exceeds the mortality rate
  8-Dec-06    Currently, students of pharmaceutical medicine, pharmacology, public health and epidemiology have no one-stop resource to
 20-Apr-07    As did previous editions, this Fifth Edition presents a comprehensive account of current practice in psychiatry, summarizing
24-Nov-06     The book is presented in the form of questions concerning diabetes diagnosis, management and therapy based on real-life cas
  5-Sep-06    The American Dietetic Association has analyzed the newest nutrition research to provide the most up-to-date and reliable ans
 13-Apr-07    As a result of the expansion in the area of pharmaceutical medicine there is an ever-increasing need for educational resources
 13-Apr-07    This text reviews in detail all pharmacological treatments of bipolar disorders. The first section provides epidemiological dat
 13-Apr-07    This book is a collection of essays on occupational therapy theory and its application in practice. They represent the reflectio
 20-Apr-07    The first edition of Principles and Practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine has been well received. It assessed the current status
11-Aug-06     A graphic, highly visual how-to book, Surgery for Congenital Heart Defects 3e describes in detail appropriate operative techn
  9-Mar-07    Metabolic syndrome has become a hot topic, of increasing importance to people working in primary care. The global epidem
11-May-07     Questions over the long-term health effects of deployment to the Gulf have dominated the news for over a decade and led to r
  2-Mar-07    Although the majority of the worlds population are children and adolescents, of whom a significant proportion suffer from m
  6-Sep-06    The Bone-Builder Breakthrough will be insightful reading with endless enthusiasm and encouragement, with invaluable sugg
 19-Jan-07    This book will offer comprehensive coverage of all known CD molecules based on the results of the latest Human Leukocyte
 12-Feb-07    This book uses interesting cases to illustrate the current use and interpretation of the most commonly available clinical labora
 12-Apr-07    Healing Fibromyalgia will be the most recent and thorough book written on the subject of fibromyalgia. Rather than a first p
  2-Apr-07    This revised edition of the classic No More Kidney Stones contains comprehensive advice for preventative dietary and lifesty
 17-Oct-06    Two innovative cardiologists, with a combined fifty years of experience, share their clinical insights on how to stop, reverse,
18-Aug-06     An up-to-date, comprehensive handbook for preventing and managing Type 2 diabetes. AMA suggests lifestyle guidelines fo
 16-Feb-07    Challem introduces the nutrisocial concept, the food-mood connection, with an analysis of how neuronutrients affect your bra
  1-Nov-06    Entering the healthcare system in the United States can be an overwhelming experience even for the most seasoned professio
   4-Jan-07   Becoming a manager of a health care organization requires a broad understanding of the field. This includes a strong grasp of
14-Aug-06     Managing a health services organization is a difficult task that requires the right mindset and skills. Critical decisions must be
15-Mar-07     In a highly readable combination of deft story-telling and scientific revelation, Dr. David Nathan chronicles the history of the
30-Nov-06     Human Genetics and Genomics, Third Edition, is the new rendition of the classic textbook Human Genetics: A Problem-Base
 28-Jun-07    A great source of examples that can be referred to in the heat of emergency.Mistakes can easily be made when interpreting em
 30-Oct-06    This new edition of the ABC of Heart Failure provides coherent and concise information relating to the epidemiology, pathop
   2-Oct-06   Trauma Rules 2 retains its lively and fun presentation to help you remember the essential principles of trauma care and feel c
  19-Jul-06   This brand new title in the ABC series looks at the treatment and management of wounds and healing procedure - it's the perf
 11-Oct-06    Anaesthesia Science presents the scientific foundations upon which the clinical practice of anaesthesia and care of the critical
 30-Apr-07    In Evidence-based Neurology: Management of Neurological Disorders a carefully selected group of clinically experienced co
  2-Aug-06    With accompanying software! Clinicians manage a lot of data - on assorted bits of paper and in their heads. This book is abou
26-Mar-07     Health Communication: Theory to Practice is a long-needed entry-level textbook in this growing field. It provides a compreh
11-Aug-06     Essential Nuclear Medicine Physics provides an excellent introduction to the basic concepts of the daunting area of nuclear p
11-Aug-06     Written by some of the world's leading practitioners - and pioneers - in the field, Thoracic Endoscopy is the first up-to-the-mi
 13-Apr-07    Surgical Management of Spinal Cord Injury: Controversies and Consensus reviews the controversies pertaining to the emerge
15-Mar-07     Bridging the gap between the laboratory and the bedside, this timely volume illuminates the connection between endothelial d
25-Aug-06     Finally, there is a dependable guide to transmyocardial laser revasculariztion (TMR). In this groundbreaking volume, clinicia
 22-Sep-06    Lecture Notes: Emergency Medicine covers all the core aspects of accident and emergency work. It concentrates on the essen
12-Dec-06     The only international clinical textbook for COPD one of the top 5 causes of death and disability worldwideThe only COPD
 24-Jan-07    Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation is a comprehensive and succinct text on all aspects of pediatric solid organ transplanta
14-May-07     This book is a must-have for all health professionals involved in the care of women with high risk pregnancies. It is a concise
 30-Oct-06    Lecture Notes: Medical Genetics provides a concise and straightforward introduction to medical genetics. The text aims to gi
 22-Sep-06    The European Handbook of Neurological Management, published in collaboration with the European Federation of Neurolog
 11-Sep-06    This brand new edition pulls together the most up-to-date information on this complex, multidisciplinary area in a practical, u
 13-Apr-07    The work focuses on a phenomenon that is occurring with increasing frequency in the practice of cardiac surgery, namely the
  3-Nov-06    At over 600 pages, with more than 400 illustrations and photographs this text spans everything from embryology to the emoti
 10-Oct-06    "This book will be useful for all physicians involved in cardiac imaging, whether they are in radiology, nuclear medicine, or c
15-Nov-06     Practical Pediatric Gastrointestinal Endoscopy is the only text available that provides detailed instructions of all practical asp
 19-Jan-07    The third edition of Clinical Obstetrics - The Fetus and Mother is unique in that it gives in-depth attention to the two patients
  3-Sep-07    Randomized controlled trials are one of the most powerful and revolutionary tools of research. This book is a convenient and
30-Mar-07     This second edition of the popular book Evidence-based Sports Medicine builds on the features that made the first edition su
12-Mar-07     This time honoured classic has been re-built completely: after six editions the editor has decided that a radical revision is nec
31-Aug-06     Pediatric Hematology is a comprehensive and succinct referenced text on the diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases in ch
   8-Jan-07   Practical Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation is the only comprehensive yet practical guide to the total care of the trans
21-Aug-06     The Respiratory System at a Glance is a concise, readily accessible introduction and revision text for medical students. Part o
 20-Feb-07    The new edition of this practical guide draws on the clinical skills of a wide range of international experts to help you recogn
 30-Oct-06    Containing high quality images, this book presents the common visual diagnoses that are either pathognomonic or suggestive
  12-Jul-06   This fully revised and updated edition of Qualitative Research in Health Care offers a clear and accessible introduction to con
 13-Apr-07    This new title in the at a Glance series contains essential information on the anatomy, physiology, pathology and clinical man
31-Aug-06     Lecture Notes: Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics is the core text for medical students, junior doctors, students in nursin
  14-Jul-06   Bone Marrow Diagnosis is an essential resource for all those who need to report bone marrow trephine biopsies. The text is s
  18-Jul-06   Roitt's Essential Immunology has established itself as the book of choice for students of immunology worldwide. This excelle
30-Nov-06     This new edition of Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes has been rewritten and revised by a new author team. Easy-to-use
 28-Jun-07    This new edition of the best-selling ABC of Otolaryngology offers an up-to-date overview of otolaryngology, and head and n
 28-Jun-07    The ABC of Kidney Disease is a brand new title in the successful ABC series which explains this complicated area thoroughl
 10-Oct-06    Clinical Anatomy has remained the word of the same author for nearly half a century. Initially written for clinical medical stu
 17-Sep-07    the best book Ive seen on this topic-- William C. Roberts, MD, Editor in Chief of the American Journal of Cardiology, in a re
  4-Sep-06    This book covers the huge advances made in clinical diagnosis enabling earlier detection, while addressing the recent progres
 28-Sep-06    Lecture Notes on General Surgery introduces the student to the principles of common surgical operations and systematically
 15-Sep-06    Urological problems encompass a wide range of both distressing and potentially life threatening conditions and the number o
   7-Jul-06   What you really need to know, but no one told you.The Essential Guide to Acute Care contains everything you really need to
  4-Sep-06    This is a vital text to help you with the competency assessment in the UK Foundation Programme giving practical advice in a
30-Nov-06     This tried and trusted guide to Dermatology is now in its ninth edition. Lecture Notes: Dermatology provides medical student
 29-Jan-07    "What the practicing cardiologist really needs is a text that emphasizes unbiased, up to date information and that places this i
 29-Jan-07    Emergency Medicine is a brand new book focusing on the common pitfalls and mistakes that can occur when dealing with hi
 13-Apr-07    Using the available systematic reviews and Standard Options Recommendations (SORs) which are evidence-based treatment
25-May-07     Lecture Notes: Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat, now in its tenth edition, is an ideal learning aid covering the core princi
 30-Oct-06    Although vitiligo has traditionally been very difficult to treat, a new breakthrough surgical treatment is expanding options for
 10-Oct-06    How to Survive in Anaesthesia, third edition, continues to provide an essential, step-by-step guide for new trainees to practic
15-Nov-06     Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common problem encountered in both primary and secondary care and c
  4-Sep-07    Authoritative new text from the experts in GI population studiesThis book covers both key methodological issues and the mo
  7-Sep-07    Pheochromocytomas are rare but treacherous catecholamine-producing tumors, which if missed or not properly treated, will a
21-Nov-06     This concise collection of electrophysiological facts prepares you to face the clinical questions surrounding arrhythmia and c
  27-Jul-06   This book presents a unique collection of clinical cases to help combat the difficulty of diagnosis and treatment of Syncope. M
25-May-07     This unique and practical book introduces the reader to the concept of blood management and explains how to improve patie
 28-Jun-07    This ABC has established itself as a popular introduction to Clinical Haematology, relevant both for postgraduate students an
 30-Oct-06    Suicide Risk Management: A Manual for Health Professionals provides health professionals with the tools to recognize, asse
  3-Nov-06    Finally, a pacing book dedicated to the adult patient with CHD. Drawing on their vast experience, Drs. Mond and Karpawich
 20-Feb-07    At last, years of clinical experience and the latest clinical evidence comes together in one comprehensive collection by world
30-Nov-06     The second edition of this quick reference handbook for obstetricians and gynecologists and primary care physicians is desig
 14-Feb-07    This concise volume in the Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine series, published under the auspices of the International Olymp
21-Nov-06     This lively handbook on the fundamentals of Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) leads the reader, step by step, through a proce
 22-Sep-06    The new international standard reference work for sexual medicineWritten under the auspices of the International Society for
18-May-07     This book provides helpful profiles of all UK medical schools, featuring need-to-know details of courses and life as a medica
 20-Sep-06    This guide to the proper use of the ECG in diagnosing acute myocardial infarction puts the combined experience of internatio
31-Aug-07     An informative guide for anyone contemplating a career in medicine. Up-to-date, essential information for a wide group of sc
28-Aug-07     To help you accelerate your learning curve, Dr. Cohen offers this helpful new atlas with over 900 endoscopic images. Empha
 22-Sep-06    Compiled from electrocardiographic data on more than 1,800 normal newborns, infants, children, and adolescents, this conve
 20-Sep-07    This unique book covers the major cases one might encounter in diagnosing, managing and treating haemophilia. It will prov
 26-Jan-07    Neurodegenerative disorders and malignant tumors are usually resistant to any treatment, and the mortality rate is very high f
  24-Jul-06   A practical book with a symptom, problem based, approach backed up by disease specific facts appropriate for undergraduat
28-Mar-07     If you are ordering from US / Canada, order this book at http://www.BlackwellCardiology.com/9781405175418A concise str
28-Mar-07     In gynaecological practice one third of patient complaints involve vulvo-vaginal infections. This book aims to help the practi
  7-Sep-07    The product of a world centre of excellence in teaching and medical and surgical practice, this colour handbook combines the
 13-Apr-07    Noise is an increasing problem in everyday life, and many noise-induced hearing problems are irreversible. This book focuse
  14-Jul-06   The book is designed for all those involved in education within the practice-based setting. It encourages the reader to become
11-Aug-06     This is an aphasia assessment pack, consisting of a test manual and a laminated stimulus picture card with stimulus sentences
  9-Mar-07    This textbook on assessment is written for both occupational therapy and physiotherapy students. It begins by defining what i
  14-Jul-06   This book offers a concise, readable explanation of the theory of dysphagia and bridges that with material on clinical applica
  8-Sep-07    The product of a world centre of excellence in teaching and medical and surgical practice, this colour handbook combines the
   1-Jan-07   Pediatric Clinical Neurophysiology introduces clinical neurophysiology and its applications to the paediatric neurologist. It d
  5-Sep-06    Infections must be thought as one of the most important, if not the most important risk factors for cancer development in hum
15-Aug-06     The costs of stress in most of the developed and developing world have risen in terms of increased sickness absence, labour t
  3-Nov-06    People with diabetes are significant users of complementary therapies. The health professionals who care for them regularly
  2-Mar-07    When originally written, this was the first volume to lay down guidelines on assessing, analysing and interpreting quality of l
  9-Mar-07    Contributors to this book explore existing strategies and examine possible new strategies for using the genome sequences of h
  9-Mar-07    Essential Statistics for the Pharmaceutical Sciences is a clear, accessible introduction to the key statistical techniques employ
  8-Dec-06    Using evidence-based medicine, Staged Diabetes Management addresses the prominent issues of primary care diabetes mana
 28-Feb-07    The Lymphoid Proliferation provides a complete summary of the clinical features, phenotype, pathogenesis, histopathology,
 29-Jan-07    Elisa Zied, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, isn't willing to accept that we're do
   8-Jan-07   Providing optimal care for heart failure patients is a complex challenge that requires cooperation and coordination across mu
   8-Jan-07   Hypertension is a condition which affects millions of people worldwide and its treatment greatly reduces the risk of strokes a
 28-Jun-07    Obesity is a hugely expensive and increasing problem worldwide, leading to disability, reproductive problems, depression an
 30-Oct-06    The Neonatal Formulary is a unique book providing advice on the safe use of drugs during pregnancy, labour and throughout
 20-Feb-07    This book is the definitive reference on two of the most exciting areas of cardiovascular research myocardial regeneration an
 16-Feb-07    This book, the latest in the International Child Neurology Review series, is the first authoritative synthesis of the role of vitam
This book is intended for postgraduate level students, PhD students and industrial researchers to enable them to gain an insight into this imp
Academic/research and graduate students in optics, physics, chemistry, and engineering including a broad range from semiconductors to bio
Senior undergraduate and postgraduate students; teaching and research professionals in industry and academia working in the disciplines of
Professional researchers in industry or government labs interested in mechanical properties and performance engineering. Academics in me
Professional researchers in industry or government labs interested in coating development, processing, microstructure and property characte
Ceramics researchers and materials scientists. Chemistry and Engineering libraries.
Professional researchers in industry or government labs interested in biological environments and biomedical appliacations. Academics in b
Professional researchers in industry or government labs interested in opaque and transparent ceramic armor. Academics in ceramics armor.
This book is intended for postgraduate level students and industrial researchers to enable them to gain an insight into this important and pote
The book is intended for postgraduate level students and academic and industrial researchers in the fields of physics, materials science, elec

Scientists and engineers working with thin films in research and applications, including individuals in the fields of materials science, physics
Specialist scientists, professors, and engineers in the areas of optics and displays.
Scientists and engineers working in optics and optical techniques; lecturers and students in courses on optics and optical techniques in schoo
Materials Scientists, Solid State Physicists, Solid State Chemists, Libraries at Universities, Libraries at University Institutes
Materials Scientists, Engineers in Power Technology, Physicists in Industry, Surface Chemists, Surface Physicists, Energy Supplying Comp
Materials Scientists, Biologists, Chemists, Engineers, Physicists, Libraries, Semiconductor Industry, Sensor Industry, Pharmaceutical Indust
Materials Scientists, Cancer Researchers, Biologists, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Libraries, Sensor Industry, Biochemists, Clinical Chemists
Materials Scientists, Sensor Developper, Sensor Industry, Clinical Chemists, Pharma Engineers, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biologists, Pharm
Materials Scientists, Clinical Chemists, Physiological Chemists, Libraries, Biologists, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Physicists
Materials Scientists, Medicinal Chemists, Clinical Chemists, Bioengineers, Institutes, Institutions, Libraries, Pharmaceutical Industry, Senso
Electrochemists, Physical Chemists, Solid State Chemists, Spectroscopists, Surface Chemists, Materials Scientists, Libraries
Materials Scientists, Electrical Engineers, Electrochemists, Energy Supplying Companies
Materials Scientists, Chemists, Engineers, Libraries, Physicists, Lecturers, Graduate Students
Materials scientists, physicists, chemists, engineers, libraries, institutes, institutions, industry, physical chemists.
Materials Scientists, Automobile Industry, Aircraft and Space Industry, Physicists in Industry, Engineers
Of interest to metallurgical, development, design and testing engineers in the automotive industry and other industries using copper.
Professional researchers in industry or government labs interested in fuel cell technology or alternate energy sources. Academics in mechani
Ceramic and glass scientists, electrical engineers, and physicists in industries and academia. Materials, chemical, engineering, physics and c

Materials Scientists, Applied Physicists, Mechanical Engineers, Metallurgists, Automobile Industry, Metal Processing Industry

Professionals in fields that need input from systems engineering, such as telecommunications, business consulting, and health care; senior un
Educators, computing professionals, and general readers.
Researchers and design engineers in high technology companies (e.g. Intel, IBM, AMD, and Texas Instruments); Researchers in universities
Wireless communications consultants, R graduate students who are familiar with the field of wireless networking and who want to gain grea
New and experienced network planning engineers, experts working on integrated systems along with scientists, engineers, and professors wo
Engineers and system designers in the field of telecommunications; Post graduate students and researchers on telecommunications courses s
Engineers and computer scientists interested in practical coverage of the practice of error correcting coding; researchers and postgraduates i
Network managers, system administrators, storage/system architects, network managers, information management directors, and the busines
Engineers and product managers; research scientists within academia, industry, and government agencies; advanced students and faculty in
Undergraduate students of electrical engineering, computer science, and telecommunications; graduate students, engineers, and operators in
System administrators; database administrators and managers; decision makers; management; resellers and channel partners of VERITAS so

Engineers using speech recognition systems, researchers involved in ASR systems and those interested in processing and transmitting speec
Electrical engineering and computer science graduate students, professionals working for telecommunications network operators, equipmen

Network planners, network architects in the telecommunications industry; Advanced students on first and higher degree courses in universit
Six Sigma Black Belts, Master Black Belts and other practising engineers involved in quality improvement projects in electronics, commun
Practicing Radio Frequency Circuit Design Engineers, and those working on electronic devices for integrated circuits; Postgraduate students
Practising engineers and researchers involved in the design and implementation of bistatic radar in aerospace, communications, defence, tra

Engineers associated with power generation, transmission-lines, sub-station equipments, total network-dispatching control, local equipment

Technical managers, product managers, software developers, and technical marketing professionals working for network equipment manufa
Graduate students and researchers who need a practical guide to the various fuzzy control systems in the areas of mechanical and electrical e
Radio network design consultants and engineers, network operator technical managers, radio regulation engineers, and military radio netwo

Antenna engineers in industry, R&D organizations, researchers in academia, graduate students, consultants,researchers, RF professionals, te

Graduate students and researchers involved with UWB technology; practising engineers in industry; Government agencies, commercial high
Graduate students in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Physics professionals in wireless telecoms, netw

Information architects, user experience planners and designers, interaction designers, human factors specialists, ergonomists, product marke
Practicing Electronics Engineers in industry and researchers developing automotive electronic systems; senior undergraduate and postgradu

Those involved in computational fluid dynamics, environmental impact assessments, hydrologists, and bridge, coastal and dam engineers.
The book is intended as an undergraduate level textbook for junior and senior level undergraduate students in science and engineering. FE i
Undergraduate and graduate level students and professors in electrical engineering, applied math, physics, bioengineering and computationa
Senior and graduate students; researchers and practitioners in both academia and industry working in control engineering.
Electrical Engineers. Students of Electrical Engineering
Current participants in the electronics and frequency control industry and, in particular, IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferrolectrics, and Frequency Con

Advanced students and professors/lecturers in CS and EE courses; Professionals in industry such as software developers, programmers, atte
Final year undergraduate and postgraduate students in CS and advanced networking/telecoms courses (ubicomp, ambient networks); multi-a

Professional engineers; researchers; managers in industry; and graduate students.
Engineering professionals (electrical, mechanical and chemical engineers), computer science professionals, and graduate students.

Final year undergraduates and postgraduate students in electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering, and physics, professional engineers

Professionals, educators and students interested in human system integration, systems of systems, enterprise tranformation , and allied topics

Upper-level undergraduates, graduate students and electrical engineers interested in understanding or solving harmonic pollution problems,

Research libraries and to those doing research (both students and academics) doing research in communications and networking.
Lawyers, economists, regulators, and market participants involved in wholesale energy markets.
RF and wireless device and systems designers and electronics and communications engineers.

Practicing engineers and network designers in the wireless communication industry.
Professional engineers working in communications, antennas, and propagation; Students, seniors and above, in electrical engineering; Mana
A core text for graduate courses in Electromagnetic Theory or a supplementary text in conjunction with a more elementary one.
Upper level undergraduate/first year graduate students in photonics courses; professionals in the fields of optics, photonics, and lasers.
Professionals, suppliers, and engineers involved in disk drives, semiconductors, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
Senior level network engineers, network managers, data communication consultants, IT professionals, equipment providers, carrier and serv
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Network engineers, other professionals in the telecom industry.
Engineers, architects, and researchers involved in the development of advanced IP data networking concepts and products, graduate student
Property managers and facility engineers; graduate students in engineering.
Seniors and graduates; working engineers.
Corporate management; design and manufacturing engineers; six sigma practitioners; quality control consultants; graduate students in mana
Professionals as well as graduate students in telecommunications management.
Consultants, researchers, communications professionals, technical managers, designers, practitioners, researchers, marketing and sales profe
Engineers working in the area of EHW; Useful as a textbook by graduate students in computer engineering, electrical engineering, or adapti
Graduates in Distributed Computing/Distributed Algorithms/Network Algorithms/Distributed Computations; system-protocol designers; res
Researchers; developers; designer's engineers; graduates; and Ph.D. students.
DoD authors, editors, and publishers; the Department of Homeland Security; state and local government agencies; and researchers in academ
Utility personnel and power engineers, post-graduate students, and educators.
Students, professors, and researchers from industry and academia in the areas of computer science, information systems, business, and scien
Computer Engineers and Systems Administrators.

Engineers in the radar community: industry, research centers and universities.
Engineers and graduate students in microwave engineering.
Undergraduate and graduate students in embedded signal processing design and/or real-time signal processing courses. Professionals and en
Managers at all levels in business, industry, government, non-profits, and non-government organizations.
Professionals that are members of several IEEE Societies, the Acoustic Society of America and the American Association of Artificial Intell
Researchers and practitioners in Cognitive Radio (CR) and Software-Defined Radio (SDR), and graduate students, industry members, and a
Networking professionals, managers, and practitioners who want to understand the benefits of this new technology; introductory course in th
Researchers and professionals working in government agencies, homeland security, defense, intelligence, law enforcement, military, agricul
Graduate students and instructors of electrical and computer engineering or physics; researchers; and practitioners in the field.
Graduate students, instructors, researchers, and practitioners in the field of security and computer networks.

Practitioners; graduate students; researchers; and libraries.
 Software project managers, software team members tasked with process definition and improvement, software engineers, quality managers
Application engineers, RF CMOS integrated circuit design engineers; graduate students familiar with VLSI; researchers in industry and acad
 Software engineers, software project leaders, software managers, software directors, vice presidents of information technology.
Technical managers; engineers; security professionals; and students and instructors of computer science and informatics.
Industry professionals, managers, and planners; individuals who want to understand the computer and communications industry and the lang
Researchers; professionals in industry; professors; students studying visualization, computer graphics, and holography.
Scientists in industry who are interested in audio applications and implementation; academics in the speech area who want to learn more abo
Industrial, mechanical, electrical, or computer engineers; associations and societies with connections or interest grouped in the RFID comm
Junior and senior undergraduates in computer science programs; professionals in e-commerce, IT, and the computer industry.

Materials Scientists, Chemists, Physicists, Research Institutes, Libraries, Management Consultants, Engineers, Chemical Organizations, Che
Process Engineers, Electrochemists, Materials Scientists, Chemical Engineers, Chemists, Power Engineers, Energy Supplying Companies, E
Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Automation Engineers, Optical Industry, Students in Electrical Engineering, Students in Physic
Robotics Engineers, Automation Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Industry, Automation Industry, Physicists, Apparatus Construction Engine
Students in Physics, Students in Measurement and Control Engineering, Students in Electrical Engineering, Students in Information Techno
Students in Electrical Engineering, Students in Physics, Automobile Industry, Manufacturers of Optoelectronic Devices, Electrical Engineer
Engineers, professionals in industry, consultants, translators, academics.
Automation Industry, Engineers for Measurement and Control, Polytechnics for Automation
Automation Industry, Automation Engineers, Lecturers in Measurement and Control Engineering, Polytechnics for Automation

Industry designers, developers, managers and consultants wanting to broaden their knowledge of QoS issues within a heterogeneous networ

System engineers; postgraduate students.

Developers and V&V practitioners working with artificial intelligent systems, such as neural networks and other adaptive systems. The book
Small to mid size organizations with process improvement and quality control concerns, vice presidents, directors, managers and operations

Upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and professional markets, the book is poised to take advantage of renewed interest in the topic.
An advanced undergraduate textbook, graduate textbook, continuing education textbook, or supplemental reading. Some typical courses titl
Display technology manufacturers and developers and system integrators.

Engineers, engineering managers, operations managers, technicians, and installation personnel in the telecommunications industry; as well a
Graduate students of electrical engineering and physics; practicing engineers; and scientists.
Graduate level students of Computer Science and Management Information Systems, software professionals, and business system analysts.
    Self-builders and renovators looking for friendly, informal guidance     Aspiring self builders who want to read about their dream
Students and Instructors of Engineering, Engineers.
Students and newly liscensed Architects studying for the registration exam and Civil Engineers.
Juniors and seniors in mechanical and aerospace engineering departments in courses of aircraft performance, or mechanics as a follow-up to
Practicing structural engineers and students.

Students of Architecture (mid-level Structures courses), Architectural Technology, Construction, Civil Engineering, Architects studying for
Structural engineers, Civil engineers, Environmental engineers, and students of engineering.
Senior level undergraduate or first year graduate students in courses of micromechanics or advanced mechanics in departments of mechanic
Practicing civil engineers; geotechnical engineers and contractors; geologists; structural engineers; architects; students in civil engineering,
Dentists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Radiologists, Computer Scientists, Mathematicians, Statisticians, Biomedical Engineers.
Structural, civil, and transportation engineers working for federal, state, regional, local, and city Departments of Transportation, and various
Students, architects, engineers, home builders, interior designers, carpenters, project managers, masons, concrete workers, millworkers, cod
Reliability engineers in industry; members of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Professionals in surveying, civil engineering, and engineering technology taking courses in hydrology, land development, and environmenta
Primary: Geotechnical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Landscape Architects and Geologists working for the USGS, FHWA, Army Corps of En
Corporations that develop large-scale systems for government, software, and systems engineering process group leaders; business managem
Practicing engineers and upper level students in mechanical, chemical, industrial, manufacturing, plant, and environmental engineering; eng
Practicing engineers and upper level students in mechanical, chemical, industrial, manufacturing, plant and environmental engineering; engi
Engineers and Students of Engineering.
Explosives engineers, systems engineers, government agencies and NGOs involved in demining, government program managers and procur

Engineers and Students of Engineering.
Engineers, constructors, construction managers, and project management personnel, as well as students.
Transportation planners for city, state, and federal agencies charged with assessing transportation needs and developing cost effective plans
Engineers and researchers in academia, government research facilities, and in industry in the areas of structures, dynamics, vibrations and de
Professional program and project managers; general business managers; executives in a broad range of businesses; candidates for the PMP e
Planners, civil and environmental engineers and scientists involved in assessing the impact of engineering projects on the surrounding comm
Engineers, Students and Instructors of Engineering Thermodynamics.
Students in civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, and geology; practicing civil engineers; geotechnical engineers; contractors; geolog
Civil and structural engineers; architects; architectural engineers; building managers; facility managers; security; project managers; owners i
Although designed as introductory textbooks for HNC and undergraduate students construction, architecture, quantity surveying - both book
Facilities Managers; Property Managers; and other professionals with property management/operational management responsibilities Suppo

Civil Engineers, Architects, Engineering Consultants, Students, Analytical Laboratories in Industry, Company Libraries, Libraries at Univer
Industrial Engineers, Manufacturers, Students and Instructors of Engineering.
Computer scientists, electrical engineers, medical researchers, physicists, chemists, mathemeticians, and graduate bioengineering students.
Reliability and systems engineers in industry especially automotive, aerospace, electronics and computer industries; members of the Americ
Professionals working in transit authorities or for consulting companies who have been contracted to design, build and operate transit system

Engineers, Engineers in Power Technology, Physicists, Nuclear Physicists, Nuclear Industry, Physical Institutes, Libraries at University Inst

Managers, supervisors, trainers, and HR professionals; team leaders; and managers.

Marketing directors, innovation managers, brand managers, R&D managers, and design and advertising agencies.

Management professionals.
CEO's, Executives, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers and MBA students.
Business, engineering and science professionals.
Business Leaders, Training Professionals, HR Professionals, Managers, Change Consultants and Coaches.
Senior executives, HR professionals.
Managers and executives; management consultants; MBA and executive education students.

Real Estate Agents and General Readers.
Business Analysts, Managers, Students and Instructors of Business.
CFOs, CEOs, Controllers, Auditors, Corporate Managers.

Controllers, CEOs, CFOs, managers, and attorneys.
CFOs, Controllers, Managers, business process consultants.

CIOs, CEOs, CFOs, IT Managers and Executives.

Marketing Professionals, Students of Marketing and Business
Managers, business professionals.

Operational Research professionals.
Managers, Investment analysts and specialist professionals.

Senior Marketing Managers, brand managers and MBA students.

Market Researchers and students studying market research
Senior business leaders, middle management and business owners.

Business Managers.
CFOs, controllers, and treasurers.

IT managers, executives, and consultants.

Entrepreneurs, managers, business students.

Executives, CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs.
Managers and senior executives; coaches and consultants.

Marketers, CEOs, CFOs and MBA Students.

Coaches, entrepreneurs, and senior management.
Undergraduate students of economics, business, and management studying statistics at an introductory level.
Business Managers and students of Economics
Economists, Business Managers, Students of Economics, and General Readers.
Business Managers, Students and Instructors of Business.
Human resource managers, staffing professionals, and consultants.
Nonprofit CFOs, controllers, treasurers, business managers, accountants and lawyers consulting to nonprofits, and executive directors involv
Accountants, Financial Managers, CFOs, Treasurers, Controllers, Bookkeepers, Executives and Directors, Boards of Directors/Trustees, A

Chief Ethics Officers, Corporate Counsel, Heads of Human Resources, Professionals involved in Training, Communications, and Complian
Marketing Managers, Business Professionals, and Students and Instructors of Business.
Entrepreneurs. Students of Business and Management.
Production operations managers, upper management, consultants, and other practitioners.
CIOs; CFOs; and supply chain managers.
Emergency responders

Emergency Responders, Civil Engineers, and Public Health Administrators.
Emergency Responders, Civil Engineers, and Public Health Administrators.

Emergency Responders, Civil Engineers, and Public Health Administrators.
Marketing Professionals and General Business Readers.
IP lawyers, private sector economists and accoutnants, IP professionals, academic institutions, government institutions, law schools, and eco
Emergency Responders, Civil Engineers, and Public Health Administrators.

CEOs, controllers, business managers, and HR managers.
Frontline Supervisors and Managers, Including Team and Project Leaders, Senior Managers, and Facilitators, HR and Trainers.
Nonprofit Board and Staff Members, Foundation Officials and Funders, Government Agencies, Consultants, Student and Faculty and Tax, L
Conflict Resolution Professionals, Mediators, Arbitrators, Neutrals, Attorneys, Judges, Academics, Teachers, and Students of Conflict Reso
CEOs and senior executives of global companies, public administrators, NGOs, global nonprofits, academics and students of public policy,
Trainers, training managers, and performance improvement professionals/ HRD/OD professionals.
I/O Psychologists; faculty in human resource management educational programs; human resource specialists tasked with test validation; hum
Trainers, training managers, performance consultants, instructional designers, and IT professionals, human resource professionals, and cons
Leaders, Leadership Development and Human Resources Specialists, Academics and Students in Organizational Behavior and Leadership C
Practitioners, Executive Directors and Staff, Board Members, and Students.
Trainers, Performance Consultants and Managers.
Businesses of all sizes in for-profit, nonprofit and government, experienced and new public relations professionals, and advertising professio
Executive coaches, career and life coaches who want to move into senior coaching, psychologists, human resources, executives, organizatio

Nonprofit board members and chief executives; secondarily, senior staff members and consultants.
Human resource professionals, personnel specialists, and consultants who are charged with assessing the effectiveness of an organizations H
Project managers and those aspiring to be project managers.

upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate students in urban economics, and also in postgraduate-level courses in planning, regional scienc
students and researchers of knowledge management, project management, organizational theory, organizational learning or human resource

Upper-level undergraduate students in economics, political science, and international relations courses on the Russian (or Soviet) economy,
students of creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge management or strategic management; students of arts management, arts
upper-level undergraduate/MBA courses on Risk Management & Insurance
students of e-business, innovation and strategic management
upper-level undergraduates in urban economics courses
MBA students and final year undergraduates taking courses in international management, strategy and organization, organizational behavior
intermediate mathematical economics courses
undergraduate and graduate students in economics and philosophy
graduates in Services Management and Public Sector Management
advanced students, researchers, and consultants in business strategy and management theory
graduates and consultants in global strategy; corporate strategy; organizational learning internationalization; entrepreneurship
graduate students in developmental economics; policy-makers and academics; international organizations (IMF, World Bank, Interamerican
undergraduates in economics and mathematics; graduate students in political science, law, and economics who need an introductory text
upper-level undergraduates and graduate students of agricultural marketing or price analysis courses; advanced agricultural economics
students of entrepreneurship, international business or strategic management; managers and management consultants; entrepreneurs

advanced students and senior practitioners in human resource planning, global management and people management
1. Lecturers and researchers in urban planning, town planning, public administration, land economics.2. post-graduate students in planning;
upper level students, including PhD students for overview on the field of international management behavior; faculty who teach global exec
undergraduate and graduate students of international economics and business
general audience; students of economics and economic thought

Environmental Chemists, Safety Officers, Chemists in Industry, Chemical Industry, Chemical Engineers, International Lawyers, Public Heal
Industry, Translation Agencies, Small and Medium Sized Companies, Trade Association, Instructors, Continuing Education Schools, Specia
Human Resource Managers.
Advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students with knowledge of economic analysis.

General Business Readers.
Training and development professionals; performance improvement, and OD specialists; independent training and OD consultants.

Executives, managers, human resource professionals, consultants, and anyone who is going through a merger.
undergraduate, MBA, and doctorate students; business executives and consultants and scholars in international business, international marke

Sales and marketing managers in national and international companies, acting on B2B markets for technical systems and services
Primary market: nurses working clinically in dual diagnosis; specialists in addiction psychiatry sevices; nurse researchers in dual diagnosis;
CAMHS nurses; CAMHS students; children's nurses; school nurses; health visitors; other CAMHS professionals especially OTs
Pre-registration students and newly qualified nurses; other healthcare professionals

Medical students (MBBS), Physiology students, pharmacology students (BPharm), sports science students

Primary - Pre-registration nursing students Secondary - Qualified nurses and other health professionals

undergraduate and postgraduate nurses in clinical practice and education; nurses at all stages of their careers

Undergraduate students or recent graduates in engineering.
Researchers in pharmaceuticals and medicinal chemists interested in drug discovery.
Advanced undergraduate, graduate students, postdocs and researchers working in organic chemistry, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry
Students and professors in computatational and physical chemistry.
Conservators employed in museums, galleries and universities, as well as students of conservation.

Students and teachers in universities and institutes (especially analytical and polymer departments), polymer chemists, analytical chemists, p
Process engineers, chemical engineers, and mechanical engineers; Upper level undergraduate students within chemical engineering and othe
Medicinal chemists, bioinorganic and bioorganic chemists interested in metal-protein interactions, pharmaceutical chemists, coordination ch
There are two markets--specialists in chemometrics and others working in different areas but needing a chemometrics background. This boo
Analytical chemists, clinical chemists, analytical toxicologists, forensic toxicologists, environmental toxicologists, biochemists, molecular b
University and corporate libraries; Researchers in the field of colloid science; Environmental toxicologists.
Chemical and petroleum engineers, specifically process engineers
Advanced undergraduate and graduate students in environmental science, as well as courses in related disciplines e.g. chemistry, biology; en

Chemists working in the field of explosives, and for chemists with an interest in the chemistry of nitramines, nitro compounds, nitrate esters
Industrial sectors where conducting polymers are used, including the rapidly growing area of organic light emitting diodes which use conduc
Biologists conducting research or teaching in areas related to ecology, population dynamics, and the protection of the environment and natu
Purchasers of the Concise Second Edition; Chemistry, chemical engineering, applied physics, and other science and engineering libraries in
Management and bench-level toxicologists, chemists, ADME/Tox, and pharmaceutical scientists; computational chemists; drug discovery sc
 Food scientists, Technologists, Engineers, Processors, Nutritionists, Dietitians, and students in those areas; academic, institutional, governm
The fine chemical industry; contract research organizations; suppliers (chemical industry, equipment manufacturers, software companies); c
Organic chemists in academia, government, and industry, including pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, agriculture, food, petroleum, and polym

Chemists interested in solution chemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, crystallization, biochemistry, biomineralization, medicinal chemistry, i

Laboratory Technicians in organic synthesis and related fields; organic chemists getting started in the laboratory; professionals in governme
Process safety and loss prevention professionals; process engineers and plant engineers; safety professionals; technical managers and plant m
Students of biochemistry or biology; biochemistry, medical, health sciences (nutrition), and chemistry libraries, professionals in government
Anyone needing an additional resource for Organic Chemistry.
Project planners, designers, and engineering specialists involved in project support.
Environmental engineers, plant engineers, professionals and researchers in pollution engineering, environmental protection, environmental s
Industrial hygienists; chemical health and safety personnel; safety engineers; first responders; hazardous material professionals; chemists; ch
University, technical and corporate libraries worldwide
Managers at all levels with responsibility for process safety performance, Process Safety professionals in both corporate and plant staff, Bus

Organic, inorganic, and polymer chemists; undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in both organic and inorganic chemistry.
Aimed at undergraduates taking a first course in instrumental analytical chemistry. It will be of particular interest to those students taking de
Spectroscopists; medicinal chemists; analytical development chemists; technicians; plant engineers; analysts within the pharmaceutical indu
Chemists and chemical engineers in industry and academia, technicians working in analytical laboratories, advanced undergraduates and gra
Professionals in biochemistry, bioorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and pharmaceutical chemistry.
Pharmaceutical Scientists, Medicinal Chemists, Computational Chemists, Analytical Development Researchers, Toxicologists, Biochemists
Professionals in the fields of chemistry, engineering, biology, medicine/pharmacology, mathematics, computer science, and physics.
Beginning researchers and students interested in physical chemistry, spectroscopy, and analytical chemistry.

Local water companies responsible for supplying and cleaning water (e.g. Portsmouth Water, Southern Water), industrial companies produc
Purchasing and production managers, supervisors, marketing people; Technicians, chemists, engineers and product designers; Students.
Quality control and research and development managers; design engineers; materials engineers; laboratory managers; and technicians.
Researchers working at national and regional agricultural and food science institutes and private companies; Advanced graduate courses in c
Pharmacometricians, Statisticians, Teachers, and Graduate and Undergraduate Stsudents in academia, industry, and regulatory agencies.
Student and Professional Organic Chemists in academia, government, and industries including pharmaceutical, biotech, fine chemical, polym
Pharmaceutical scientists and technicians who use HPLC in different stages of drug development and entry-level to senior-level scientists in
Physical chemists, chemical physicists, and researchers.
Organic chemists. Students of Organic Chemistry
Food laboratories in the public and private sectors and academia and regulatory bodies that recommend and pass legislation related to food.
Organic chemists, process and medicinal chemists in the pharmaceutical industry and academia, graduate students, and professional courses
Synthetic Organic Chemists or medicinal chemists in Academia, Industry (pharmaceuticals, food, agrochemicals, biotech), or government (N
Technical personnel in companies that manufacture coatings, use coatings, or manufacture raw materials for the industry; industrial users of
Chromatographers who use liquid chromatography (LC), primarily in the pharmaceutical, environmental, and academic areas; Graduate stud
Scientific researchers and medical doctors; Graduate and undergraduate students in biomedical engineering, bioengineering, chemical engin
Upper level undergraduates and graduate students in environmental science and engineering; environmental professionals such as Quality A
Researchers and professionals in the field of electrodeposition, as well as others who use this rapidly expanding method; Students in advanc
Engineers, Chemists, and other Scientists involved in coating both in R Manufacturing and Production personnel involved in coating operat
Professionals in the field of chemistry, chemical engineering, and health and safety; industrial hygienists; occupational physicians; hazmat p
Engineering and science students in Atmospheric Chemistry / Science, Environmental Engineering, Meteorology, Oceanography, Chemical
Students of organic chemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, polymers; Libraries of chemistry, biochemistry, engineering, medical, health scie
Scientists and graduate students in the life sciences as well as physicists and physical chemists and some computational chemists.
Plant Operation Personnel, Machinery Engineering Specialists, and Process Engineers; R Mechanical, Maintenance, and Reliability Technic
Polymer and material scientists.
Researchers and graduate students in polymer chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, biomedical science; academ
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) technical personnel; EH public health officials; professionals in Environmental and Occupational Health and Safe
Professionals in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, agricultural, and biotechnical industries; chemical and biochemical libraries; graduate le
Academics and graduate students in chemistry, physics, materials science, and related engineering; Researchers, engineers, and professional
Researchers in academia, government, and industry; researchers with advanced degrees, or those pursuing advanced degrees, who need to le
Scientists in biotechnology, cancer therapy, immunotherapy, and medicine; Medical Professionals, Regulatory Specialists, Clinical Research
Researchers in both academic and industrial settings engaged in drug discovery and development; Research and formulation scientists; Grad
Lab Technicians, Scientists in Environmental, Clinical, Forensic and other fields using Gas Chromatography; Undergraduate and Graduate S
Inorganic chemists, solid state chemists, mineralogists, environmental scientists, geochemists, and anyone teaching in those or similar fields
Scientists responsible for chromatographic method development and validation and individuals with responsibility for laboratory manageme
Instructors in Introductory Science, Allied Health, and Science Education.
Groundwater professionals in industry and government; other professionals responsible for groundwater-related issues; senior-level undergr
Professionals involved in the maintenance of industrial systems and structures; academic, industrial, and governmental researchers; corrosio
Research scientists in biochemistry and analytical chemistry; academics, researchers, and technicians in the fields of functional genomics, m
Cancer researchers; Scientists working in proteomics and bioinformatics; Pharmaceutical scientists; Oncologists; Biochemists; Biologists; C
Analytical Chemists; Biomedical Researchers; Graduate and Advanced Undergraduate Students.
Research organic chemists and medicinal chemists in various industries including pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, ag/biotech, and polymers
Chemists in academia and industry, chemistry instructors, chemistry students, historians of science, and university, college, public libraries.
Advanced undergraduate chemistry and chemical engineering students taking courses in green chemistry, catalysis or clean organic synthesi
Analytical chemists and others involved with separation and identification in many industries including environmental, forensic, and pharma
Beet-sugar chemists and technologists, students in sugar technology courses, researchers, processors, factory personnel.
Organic Chemists in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and other areas who routinely prepare chiral compounds; Medicinal Chemists;

Industrial hygienists; safety officers, plant managers, purchasing agents; chemists and chemistry technicians; libraries; chemical and industri
Policy makers; regulators; biotechnology companies; food companies; nutritionists, dietitians; genetic counselors; members of medical com
Biochemists and Cell Biologists; Clinicians working in animal studies and clinical trials; Pharmaceutical and Drug Design and Developmen
Engineers and scientists who need to understand and develop mathematical models for transport and reaction processes; applied scientists in
Professionals in specific industries known to have problems with microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), e.g., food processing, fire p
Practicing Civil or Chemical Engineers who deal with wastewater; Consulting and Design Engineers in wastewater treatment; Engineers and
Student and professionals in chemical physics and physical chemistry from academia, government, and industries including chemical, pharm

Process Control, Process Safety, Reliability, Production, and Maintenance Engineers, Instrument Technicians, Facility Managers, and other
Chemistry Libraries; Upper-level and Graduate level Chemistry Students and Professors; Organic Chemists; Libraries in industries such as p
food technologists in commercial organisations (e.g. food companies) and research establishments; food company plant managers

Seafood manufacturers, processors, and suppliers worldwide; federal, state, and local regulatory agencies; seafood retailers; upper undergra
Nutritional researchers and scientists in academe, industry, and government; food scientists/technologists working for food manufacturers w

industry food scientists involved in the processing of meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables; food microbiologists and radiation processing specia
Polymer scientists and researchers; specialists in conductive polymers (in academia, as well as electronics and coatings industries); material
Food scientists specializing in food diagnostics, food analysis, food microbiology, and food safety; laboratories conducting food diagnostics
academic departments and institutions worldwide, including food science, medicine, veterinary medicine, public health, toxicology, pharma
Food professionals involved in encapsulation and controlled research and application in industry and academia; formulators in the food, con
Food safety and microbiology professionals, university researchers, professors, students, industrial scientists, regulatory scientists, food insp
Process safety professionals at the corporate and plant level; Process engineers involved in process scale-up and design; Small facility mana
Food scientists, food technologists, food chemists and physicists. Libraries in university departments, research establishments and food com

Chemists, biochemists and nutritionists in the food science and related areas, in both industry and academe
Dairy scientists and technologists in industry and academia, general food scientists and food technologists. All those involved in the formula
· Atmospheric, environmental and analytical chemists in academe and in government research institutions or programmes· Postgraduate and
Research, development and formulation chemists, technologists and engineers at graduate level and beyond in the pharmaceutical, fine & sp

Undergraduate students of chemistry, environmental chemistry, environmental science, geochemistry etc.

Organic chemists in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical andspecialty organic chemicals industriesPostgraduate and advanced undergraduate s
Undergraduate students of chemistry, medicinal chemistry and biochemistry
Organic chemists, chemists, chemists in industry, students and professors in chemistry.
Process and chemical engineers and students in chemical engineering.
Physical Chemists, Chemists, Physicists, Libraries, Physical Institutes, Spectroscopists, Materials Scientists
Apparatus construction engineers, chemical industry, process engineers, graduate students, and IT engineers.
Organic Chemists, Catalytic Chemists, Chemists Working with/on Organometallics, Chemists in Industry, Libraries
Analytical Chemists, Medicinal Chemists, Molecular Biologists, Biochemists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Libraries
Pharmaceutical Chemists, Pharmacologists, Medicinal Chemists, Neurologists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Psychiatrists
Medicinal Chemists, Organic Chemists, Chemists in Industry, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Pharmaceutical Industry
Analytical Chemists, Environmental Chemists, Water Chemists, Biotechnologists, Clinical Chemists, Bioengineers
Chemical Engineers, Process Engineers, Apparatus Construction Engineers, Chemical Industry, Chemists in Industry, IT Engineers
Organic Chemists, Biochemists, Molecular Biologists, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Gene Technologists, Natural Pro
Polymer Chemists, Plastics Technologists, Plastics Industry, Materials Scientists, Materials Scientists, Company Libraries
Chemists, Engineers, Libraries, Industry, Universities, Microbiologists, Water Chemists, Analytical Chemists, Institutes, Institutions, Lectur
Medicinal Chemists, Organic Chemists, Pharmacologists, Pharmaceutical Industry
Materials Scientists, Polymer Chemists, Solid State Physicists, Organic Chemists, Materials Institutes, Manufacturers of Optoelectronic Dev
Biochemists, Molecular Biologists, Gene Technologists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotechnological Industry, Computer Specialists
Medicinal Chemists, Biochemists, Biotechnologists, Molecular Biologists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotechnological Industry
Medicinal Chemists, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotechnological Industry, Biochemists
Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Detergents Industry, Food Industry, Environmental Chemists, Engineers, Water Chemists, Geo
Materials Scientists, Inorganic Chemists, Solid State Chemists, Organic Chemists, and Polymer Chemists
Organic Chemists, Materials Scientists, Polymer Chemists, Physical Chemists, Chemical Industry, Libraries
Biochemists, Organic Chemists, Physical Chemists, Photochemists, Polymer Chemists, Medicinal Chemists, Libraries
Chemists, materials scientists, solid state physicists, materials institutes, libraries, plastics industry, optical industry, biologists.
Bioinorganic Chemists, Chemists Working with/on Organometallics, Biochemists, Complex Chemists, Catalytic Chemists, Libraries
Chemical Engineers, Process Engineers, Chemists in Industry, Materials Scientists, Electrochemists, and Environmental Chemists
Electrochemists, Physical Chemists, Surface Chemists, Materials Scientists, Physicists, Libraries
Materials Scientists, Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Electrochemists, and Environmental Chemists
Chemists, Physical Chemists, Materials Scientists, Inorganic Chemists, Solid State Chemists, Biophysicists, Physicists, Libraries
Lab technicians in chemistry, analytical chemists, food chemists, pharmaceutists, medicinal chemists, environmental chemists.
Organic Chemists, Chemists Working with/on Organometallics, Chemical Industry, Libraries
Chemical Engineers, Food Industry, Food Chemists, Food Technologists, Chemists in Industry, Analytical Chemists, Biotechnologists, Mic
Students in Chemistry, Students in Pharmacy, Students in Biochemistry, Students in Food Chemistry, Analytical Chemists, Lecturers in Che
Chemists, Physical Chemists, Materials Scientists, Process Engineers
Chemical Engineers, Process Engineers, Analytical Chemists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Engineers, Apparatus Construction Engin
Molecular Biologists, Biochemists, Cell Biologists, Developmental Biologists, Libraries
Organic Chemists, Catalytic Chemists, Physical Chemists, Medicinal Chemists, Industry, Libraries
Medicinal Chemists, Spectroscopists, Organic Chemists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Libraries
Chemists, Graduate Students, Chemical Engineers, Process Engineers, and Thermodynamics Physicists
Surface Chemists, Physical Chemists, Materials Scientists, Chemical Engineers, Polymer Chemists
Surface Chemists, Physical Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Pharmaceutical Industry
Organic chemists, catalytic chemists, chemists working with/on organometallics, biochemists, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, li
Chemical Industry, Biochemists, Organic Chemists, Agricultural Scientists, Chemical Engineers, Libraries
Chemical Engineers, Materials Scientists, Chemical Engineers, Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Process Engineers, Apparatus Constructio
Surface Chemists, Physical Chemists, Materials Scientists, Chemical Engineers, Polymer Chemists
Organic Chemists, Analytical Chemists, Spectroscopists, Materials Scientists, Libraries, Complex Chemists, Chemists Working with/on Org
Physical Chemists, Inorganic Chemists, Cristallographers, Solid State Chemists, Materials Scientists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Libraries
Stereo Chemists, Analytical Chemists, Medicinal Chemists, Biochemists, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry
Inorganic Chemists, Bioinorganic Chemists, Complex Chemists, Chemists Working with/on Organometallics, Solid State Chemists, Materia
Chemists, Organic Chemists, Catalytic Chemists, Medicinal Chemists, Industry, Libraries
Students in Chemistry, Lecturers in Chemistry, Students in Biochemistry, Students in Pharmacy, Biology Students, Libraries.
Process Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Chemical Industry, Chemists in Industry, Pharma Engineers, Pharmaceutical Industry, Food Indust
Medicinal Chemists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Pharmacologists, Natural Products Chemists
Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemists in Industry, Laboratory Heads, Safety Officers, Public Authorities
Chemical Engineers and Process Engineers; Students in Chemical Engineering; Apparatus Construction Engineers, the Chemical and Autom
Food Chemists, Food Technologists, Chemical Engineers, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Agricultural Scientists, Biotechnologists, and Material
Chemists, Biologists, Pharmaceutists, Food Chemists, Clinical Chemists, Lab Technicians, Chemistry Courses at Vocational Schools, Instru
Organic Chemists, Biochemists, Molecular Biologists, Biologists, Protein Chemists, Libraries
Environmental Chemists, Water Chemists, Chemical Industry, Cosmetics Industry, Perfume Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Analytical L
Chemical Industry, Safety Officers, Apparatus Construction Engineers, Process Engineers, Physicians Working in Industrial Medicine, Bioe
Toxicologists, Physicians Working in Industrial Medicine, Libraries, Chemical Industry
Physicians Working in Industrial Medicine, Factory Doctors, Toxicologists, Trade Association
Analytical Laboratories, Toxicologists, Physicians Working in Industrial Medicine, Factory Doctors, Trade Association
Chemical Industry, University Institutes and Libraries, Biotechnological Industry, Biochemical Institutes, Pharmaceutical Industry, Apparat
Chemical Industry, University Institutes and Libraries, Ecotoxicologists, Agricultural Scientists, Food Scientists, Biotechnological Industry,
Process Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Apparatus Construction Engineers, and IT Engineers
Catalytic Chemists, Spectroscopists, Surface Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Analytical Chemists, Chemists in Industry, Lecturers in Chemi
Chemists in Industry, Organic Chemists, Food Chemists, Agricultural Scientists, Environmental Chemists, Chemical Industry
Chemists, Biochemists, Biotechnologists, Materials Scientists, Bioengineers, Lecturers, Libraries
Chemical Engineers, Chemists in Industry, Process Engineers, Chemical Industry, Lecturers in Chemical Engineering, Students in Chemical
Chemical Engineers, Process Engineers, Engineers for Measurement and Control, and Automation Engineers; Students in Chemical Enginee
Chemical Engineers, Process Engineers, Engineers for Measurement and Control, and Automation Engineers; Students in Chemical Enginee
Students in Chemistry, Students in Physics, Lecturers in Chemistry, Lecturers in Physics, Chemical Organizations, Chemical Industry, Univ
Students in Chemistry, Students in Physics, Lecturers in Chemistry, Lecturers in Physics, Chemical Organizations, Chemical Industry, Univ
Students, Chemists, Physicists, Materials Scientists, Engineers, Libraries, Institutes, Institutions
Chemists in Industry, Pharmaceutists, Management Consultants, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Chemical Organizations, Libraries, Graduate Stu
Organic Chemists, Biochemists, Natural Products Chemists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Students in Chemistry, Biology Students, Students wi
Chemists, All (Natural) Scientists, Trade Association, Law Departments in Industry, Patent Departments in Industry, Libraries
All (Natural) Scientists, Everybody Interested in Chemistry, Interested in Natural Sciences, Chemistry Courses in High School, Public Libra
Lecturers in Chemistry, Teachers at Vocational Schools, Students, Chemical Institutes, Chemistry Courses in High School, Public Libraries
Food Chemists, Food Technologists, Food Scientists, Toxicologists, Food Industry
Polymer Chemists, Materials Scientists, Chemical Engineers, Physical Chemists, Plastics Technologists, Libraries, Chemists in Industry
Organic Chemists, Biochemists, Perfumers, Natural Products Chemists, Biologists
Chemists, Physicists, Biologists, Stereo Chemists, Organic Chemists, Students, Biochemists

Solid state chemists, inorganic chemists, material scientists; Advanced undergraduate and graduate level students within chemistry and cryst

Professionals and students interested in inorganic chemistry.
Chemistry libraries; inorganic scientists; material scientists
Civil and environmental engineering students at upper undergraduate or graduate levels; Risk analysis practitioners in industry, environmen
Chemists, Physicists, Materials Scientists, and Engineers; Industrial and Government Researchers; Graduate Students.
Chemical and mechanical engineers; Operating supervisors and wage personnel; Asset preservation managers and reliability technicians.
State and local emergency managers; Emergency management coordinators, emergency program managers, business continuity program ma
Industrial and academic researchers; Pharmaceutical companies; Graduate students in medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, molecular interact

Professionals in a wide range of fields including organic, inorganic, biological, and analytical chemistry, chemical physics, minerology, and
Remediation design engineers, scientists, contractors, consultants, regulators, managers and leaders in the research and practice of fungi in b
Organic chemists, biological chemists, and chemical engineers in various industries (pharmaceuticals, biotech/ag, polymers, fine chemical, e
Private and public sector risk managers, safety engineers, industrial hygienists, security professionals, facility managers, safety engineers, em
Practicing scientists and engineers who conduct groundwater and environmental modeling; Businesses, communities, local, state, and feder
This is a textbook for undergraduate or graduate level courses in Environmental Chemistry. The course may be taught in either chemistry de
Professionals engaged in new food product design and development food scientists, food engineers, quality assurance personnel, sensory sc
* Process development chemists in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical & fine chemicals industries * Lecturers and postgraduate students of o
Process engineers, chemists in industry, chemical engineers, and bioengineers
Environmental chemists, photochemists, chemists in industry, environmental officers, environmental agencies, chemical industry.
CFOs, Financial Analysts, Business Majors, Students of Financial Management, and MBA Students.
Investors, Consultants, and General Readers.
Auditors and CFOs.

Corporate Executives, Accountants, Institutional and Private Investors, Analysts, and Fund Managers.

Financial analysts, developers, and quants as well as professionals in research and design.
Readers interested in regulatory policy, corporate governance design, political campaigns, corporate crime and financial scandal; under- and

Traders and private and institutional investors; finance and behavioral economics academics.
Lawyers and compliance officers of international banks; fiduciaries and trust companies; accountants, auditors, and other financial professio

Accountants and Managers, Students of Accounting.

CFOs, controllers, managers of financial reporting, financial analysts, and risk managers in financial institutions.

CFOs, controllers, project managers, and accounting managers.

Financial Consultants, Brokers, Investors, and Students of Finance.
Internal and external auditors, controllers, CFOs.

Controllers, business managers, operational consultants, and lenders.
Controllers; business managers; and treasurers.

New entrants to the securities industry, investment managers, fund managers, pension fund managers, equity strategists, and compliance offi

CFOs, controllers, management accountants, and consultants.
Auditors; controllers; managers; executives; and investigators.
Anyone interested in managing their finances.

Corporate departments, libraries, universities, professional bodies, auditors, human resources departments, students, career counselors, searc

CFOs, controllers, and budget managers.

Fraud examiners, auditors, controllers, accounting and finance managers, consultants, and law enforcement professionals.

Investment banks, accounting bodies, bankers, corporate treasurers, researchers.

Financial professionals.
Professional bankers, investment bankers, fund managers, and professionals who work in worldwide finance and the banking industries and
Anyone involved in the publishing of research at all other houses globally should similarly benefit. All securities professionals, especially re
Undergraduate and MBA students taking courses in financial information analysis or financial statement analysis.
Investment professionals, and the financial media.
CFOs, controllers, accounting managers, and systems analysts.
Accounting and information systems professionals and students
Appraisers; accountants; and attorneys.

All Federal financial management personnel: accountants, budget officials, directors and staff of chief financial officers, inspector generals a
Internal Auditors, CPAs, CFOs, Corporate Directors, Members of Audit Committees.

Electrical engineers, professionals with technical or mathematical backgrounds (other engineers and scientists), financial planners and accou

Auditors; investigators; corporate attorneys; accountants.

Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, and other finance professionals, CPAs and public accountants in public accounting firms, Auditors, R
Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, and other finance professionals, CPAs and public accountants in public accounting firms, Auditors, R
CFOs, Controllers, Supply and Procurement Managers, Supply vendors.
Accountants, CPAs, Financial Professionals.
Certified public accountants, chartered accountants, financial analysts, bankers, and auditors.

Accountants, litigators and attorneys.
Accountants and Business Professionals.
CEOs, CFOs ,CROs, treasurers, risk managers, asset and liability managers, insurers, reinsurers.
CEOs, CFOs, controllers, treasurers, tax managers.

Investment Professionals, Financial Analysts, and Students and Instructors of Business, Accounting, and Finance.

Quantitative analysts in utility companies and energy trading desks of hedge funds and financial institutions.

Primarily designed for CFOs, controllers, accounting managers and general ledger accountants who need to know the proper treatment of al
CPAs, Government Officials, and Managers of Not-for-Profit Organizations. Accounting Students.

Controllers, CFOs, auditors, project mangers, line managers.
Controllers, CFOs, financial managers

Users and designers of groupware systems. (Groupware is a generic term for specialized computer aids that are designed for the use of colla

Usability professionals and practitioners.
Computing and IT professionals.

CIOs, IT Directors, and managers in all organizations in all sectors, as well as CEOs, Marketing Directors, strategy/business planners who w
Undergraduate and graduate students majoring in computer science, computer engineering and related disciplines; professionals and industr

Project managers in all business and technical disciplines.

Electrical engineers, computer engineers, computer scientists, optical engineers and graduate students represent the market. Engineers from

IT managers, programmers, and developers.

Computer programmers.
Managers, IT professionals, Students and Instructors of Business Management

Network Administrators

Readers with some literacy in computing, evolution, physics, or biology who are interested in the future development and growth of the Wo

IT and Business Professionals. Students of IT and IS

Readers who are actively involved in designing or maintaining state-of-the-art network security protocols and systems and graduate students
Computer Engineers and Systems Designers.
Professionals and students in web programming and development, and software project management.

Technology professionals such as network operators, technicians, engineers, storage and data center professionals, and Web technology pro
IT and Business Professionals.
Security technology vendors, including software developers, security engineers and architects, consultants, corporate global network operati
Advanced graduate level telecommunications and network courses and senior undergraduate computer and network architecture courses; co
Information Technology professionals with novice to advanced experience with database projects and data modeling; IT consultants; and un

Computer Scientists, ethicists, MIS and business professionals, and readers interested in ethical and social issues in information technology.
Engineering Software Groups.

System Administrators and Developers.

Bioinformatics specialists in academia and industry, including graduate students and instructors, pharmacists, data mining researchers, and m

Architects, architecture students, model-makers, educators, libraries, designers, artists
Architectural and environmental students, as well as academics, professionals and policy makers but it also intended to stimulate and respon
Architects, students, software designers and architectural technicians.
Architects and architecture students; Interior designers and students; Urban designers and students; Fashion designers and students; Textile
Architecture professionals, academics, students of architecture, Web designers and content providers.
Students and academics of architecture; professional architects.
Architects and designers.
Architects, landscape architects, landscape designers, landscape artists and students.
Architects, builders, and interior designers of healthcare facilities, including hospitals and clinics.
Academics, architects, undergraduate 2nd or 3rd year students and postgraduates.
Architectural and art students, architects, designers and artists
Architects, designers, planners, ecologists, and researchers.

Landscape architects, architects, landscape designers, landscape contractors, local government officials, urban planners and designers, conse
Architecture students and practicing architects.
Architects; architecture firms; architectural engineers; construction engineers; and architectural libraries.
Architects; urban designers; urban planners; interior designers; and developers.
Architects; facility managers; engineers; interior designers; and code officials.
Professionals and students in landscape architecture, urban planning, and architecture; developers; government agencies; and stakeholders in
Architects, Builders, and Students.
Students and those studying for AICP certification.
Architects, environmental engineers, and students.
Students of Architecture (primarily third year students, although some schools begin the structures sequence in the second or fourth years), D
Architects; engineers; interior designers; contractors; lawyers; and code officials.
Students of Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture and Students of Art, Practicing Professionals in Ar
Architects, architects preparing for registration exams, construction managers, structural engineers, and students.
Non-financial hospitality managers, owners, and prospective owners of small hospitality businesses, and students.
Event professionals and hospitality students.
Managers of small-lodging or foodservice operations; Students in culinary arts and hotel-restaurant management programs
Students in culinary arts programs and professional chefs.
Employees of foodservice operations including commercial and non-commercial (hospitals, schools, etc.) venues.
Restauranteurs, foodservice managers, and chefs working in commercial and non-commercial (hospitals, schools, etc.) venues; Students in c
Students taking a wine and food pairing course or wine fundamentals course taken in a culinary arts or hospitality management curriculum.
Food scientists and food technologists within bakery companies. Ingredient suppliers, flour millers and general food companies.

general readers, students and scholars interested in the history of the late antique and medieval periods
students of Modernist literature; general readers
undergraduate introductory ethics and applied ethics
students, researchers and faculty of medieval literature and culture
students and scholars of seventeenth-century English literature; general readers
advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics interested in feminist philosophy and feminist theory in departments of philo
students of Renaissance drama
upper-level undergraduates and lower-level graduates of Archaic Greek history
upper level students, researchers and faculty in ancient history, classical archaeology or classics; general readers
students of literary modernism or twentieth-century literature; general readers
students of literary theory
general readers; graduate and undergraduate students of Descartes and early modern philosophy
all fashion and clothing students as an introductory text, from C&G + BTEC to HND and degrees, and non-technical executives in the fashi
students and scholars of gender and media studies.
upper level students of literary theory and related disciplines.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students in philosophy and related subjects like cognitive science
first year undergraduates and above of romance literature, popular literature, womens writing and related disciplines.
Upper level and postgraduate students and Scholars of Philosophy, History and Sociology
first year undergraduates and above in environmental history and history, plus related disciplines.
second and third year undergraduates, graduate students and academics in philosophy, musicology, aesthetics and performance studies
Third year undergraduate and graduate students in literature and literary theory, cultural theory and gender studies.

second year undergraduates and above taking courses on Shakespeare and film, plus related disciplines.
Upper level students and scholars of political theory and international relations
Third year students and above in film studies and media departments.
2nd year students and above in media, communications and cultural studies; students of journalism; students in politics and sociology.
Undergraduate and graduate students of documentary practice, plus a general reader.
Students and scholars in social and cultural theory, media and cultural studies. Interested general readers.
Students and scholars of philosophy, literary and cultural theory, literary and cultural studies.
Beginning students of cultural studies, at undergraduate level and on taught MAs.

Students and scholars in sociology, philosophy, literature and cultural studies.
Interested General reader as well as students and Scholars of Twentieth Century History and Scientific History .

students and faculty in print, radio, television, and online journalism programs

students of the post-war British or Irish novel, contemporary fiction, contemporary literary culture or world fiction in English
students and scholars of Religious Studies, Theology, Biblical Studies, 21st century approaches to the Bible, the Bible and Literature, and th
undergraduate and graduate students of Roman History in departments of history or classics, historians of other periods and fields, and scho
advanced undergraduates and researchers in philosophy, particularly those working in ancient philosophy, moral philosophy, philosophy of
students of classics and literature
students of literary or cultural theory
for advanced students and scholars interested in philosophy of language and mind and the nature of representation
students of the Roman Empire, late antiquity or early medieval history; general readers
undergraduate students of ethics and moral philosophy
students and researchers of philosophy; professional philosophers
students of African studies, African literature, world literature, the modern novel, or postcolonial studies or ethnic studies
students of British literature, comparative literature or classics; general readers
students of eighteenth-century literature, eighteenth-century studies or the Restoration
students of contemporary fiction in Britain; general readers with an interest in the novel today
students of contemporary fiction in Britain; general readers with an interest in the novel today
students at all levels studying Shakespeare, Renaissance poetry, or poetry
Students or researchers of Plato, ancient Greek philosophy or the history of philosophy
students and scholars of Japanese history or Asian history; general readers
students and teachers of Christian spirituality; general readers
second and third year undergraduate and graduate students in media studies
students of fashion, textile design and related subjects such as textile technology and fashion marketing
scholars of history, art history, literature and political science;
undergraduate students in courses on ancient Greek religion and ancient Greek culture; graduate students and scholars working in these area
undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty working in the field of Greek and Roman rhetoric and classical literature, Roman social histo
students, researchers and scholars of Shakespeare, the English sonnet, or Renaissance poetry; general readers
students of Islamic studies, Near Eastern studies, comparative religion or world religions and students of comparative philosophy
advanced undergraduate and graduate students of Faulkner, modern literature, Southern literature, the novel, or American literature
students of nineteenth and twentieth-century British and Irish studies, Modernism, modern drama or theatre studies, cultural studies, post-co
upper level students, researchers, or faculty teaching Melville or the American novel, short fiction, or poetry
students and scholars of classics and literature
students of metaphysics
students and scholars of rhetoric and of oratory in departments of classics, ancient history, literature or communication studies
university students in undergraduate, graduate, and medical school courses in medical ethics; health professionals; health lawyers and teache
intermediate to advanced undergrads and graduate students studying ethics, particularly meta-ethics
undergradutates studying philosophy of law indepartments of philosophy and law
students of the philosophy of education in either philosophy departments or schools of education
intermediate to advanced undergraduates, and graduates studying philosophy of science
educators in the field of business ethics, practicing corporate executives, educated general audience
general readers; students of theology, religious studies, medieval studies or Italian literature
students, researchers and scholars of classics, ancient history, literary theory or the humanities more broadly
students and teachers of classics, archaeology, film studies, mythology, comparative literature, American studies, cultural studies; general re
second year undergraduates and above of film studies, film theory, and world cinema
upper-level undergraduates studying ethics
undergraduate and graduate students of philosophy of mind and philosophy of cognitive science
undergraduate students and above studying cultural studies, media studies, and communication studies
Advanced undergraduate and post-graduate students in art history andvisual culture.
advanced undergraduates and postgraduates in art history and anthropology of art
general readers, scholars and students of history, archaeology and anthropology
undergraduates taking courses in early modern philosophy
advanced undergraduates and postgraduates of clothing and fashion
students of fashion design and practising designers
advanced undergraduates and graduate students in museum studies, visual culture and art history
undergraduate students and above studying horror within film genre and film studies courses; general readers interested in horror films
Students of fashion, clothing and textiles at all levels from GNVQ to degree
beginning students of philosophy and history of philosophy; general readers
second and third year undergraduates and above studying communication studies, mass communication, and related subjects
undergraduates and graduates taking courses in political philosophy and theory, in both philosophy and politics departments
students, researchers and teachers of ancient history, ancient civilizations, anthropology, and the history of warfare; general readers
undergraduate and graduate students studying human rights in departments of philosophy, law and politics
general readers, and undergraduates studying applied ethics or business ethics
advanced undergradaute and graduate students studying Renaissance Art in art history courses
students, academics and researchers of art history, gender history, gender studies or museum studies; artists, photographers, film-critics, mus
undergraduates taking courses in late modern philosophy
undergraduates and post-graduates studying Old English language and literature
students of demography, world history, development, anthropology, economic history, and related fields
students and scholars of genocide in the fields of moral philosophy, history, politics and cultural studies
general readers interested in Buddhism or philosophy; undergraduate students of philosophy
undergraduate and graduate students studying the ancient Near East
Students of fashion design, fashion marketing, fashion promotion and fashion buying in Further & Higher Education. (There are over 100 in
first year undergraduates and above studying electronic media within mass media and communication studies; media and broadcasting profe
general readers; undergraduate and graduate students working within a variety of academic fields
students and scholars of English literature and poetry, general readers
upper level students and researchers of medieval and Renaissance literature in English; upper level students and researchers of Italian, Afric
undergraduates and graduates studying human rights in departments of philosophy, stduents, teachers and practioners in the fields of law, po
students on courses in social policy, post-war social policy, and in the history of the welfare state
students of Old English
students of ethics in departments of theology and religion and within seminaries; general readers interested in ethical debates and questions
students and scholars in philosophy and religion; general readers
scholars and graduate students in film theory and the philosophy of film, serious fans of the comedy of Buster Keaton
postgraduates, researchers and faculty in philosophy of education, political philosophy and educational theory
students and scholars of modern British history in general and the nineteenth century in particular
students of Middle Eastern history or Middle Eastern studies; general readers
advanced students and scholars of Roman British history; general readers
students and researchers of Christian theology, political theology, religion and society, and social ethics; clergy
students of theology, Christian thought, church history, and doctrine in seminaries, theological colleges and universities; clergy
students and scholars of Renaissance studies
undergraduates and graduate students of classical studies and literature studying Virgil, Latin literature, and poetry
undergraduate and graduate students in theology; scholars
undergraduate and graduate students, scholars, and researchers of consciousness in departments of philosophy, psychology and neuroscienc
Students of fashion; practising designers
interested general readers, students and instructors in the areas of communications, media studies, cultural studies, journalism, and speech co
upper-level undergraduate and graduate students; faculty; and all those interested in the work of Stanley Hauerwas
a godsend to Metallica fans everywhere. Metal isn't just for morons!
upper level students and researchers of twentieth-century American drama, theatre studies, or literary and cultural history; theatre and drama
undergraduate and graduate students in courses on the gangster film, contemporary Asian cinema, and genre studies; general readers interes
students and scholars of twentieth-century British history and politics, modern history more generally and international relations; general rea
advanced students and scholars interested in Chinese philosophy in departments of philosophy, Chinese Studies, and religion

students and scholars of Alexander the Great in departments of classics or ancient history and general readers interested in this mysterious y
Students of politics, East Asian history and international relations as well as interested general readers
AS Level and 1st year undergraduate students of philosophy
Upper level undergraduates and MA students of surveillance, in sociology, politics, media & cultural studies.
undergraduates and graduate students studying Medieval, Early Christian, and Byzantine art and architecture
students and scholars of ancient history, military history or classics
students at all levels studying applied ethics
Upper level undergraduates studying children and the media, intercultural secondary markets in sociology, psychology, and education.
upper level students, researchers and faculty in art history, anthropology and visual culture
general readers interested in popular culture and radio; undergraduate students and above studying broadcasting; communication law and et
upper-level students, researchers and academics in philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, continental philosophy, or the philosophy o
general readers interested in science, philosophy, cosmology, and the divine
Postgraduates and researchers in Geography, Soil Science, Engineering, Hydrology and Agriculture. Professional organisations, policy and
advanced undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in Historical Linguistics
advanced undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in Historical Linguistics
students of human geography, urban policy, comparative urbanisation and urban planning in departments of geography, sociology, politics a
students and general readers interested in Tibet, Asian history, Asian studies and Buddhism
advanced undergraduate and graduate students of syntax
advanced undergraduates, graduates, and researchers in all subdisciplines of cultural anthropology. These books should also have trade appe

Students and Scholars of Anthropology, feminism and gender studies and psychoanalysis.
Upper level students and scholars of philosophy, ethics and political theory.
Upper level students of political theory and political philosophy
Students at year two and above taking courses in globalisation, cultural studies, and the sociology of consumerism, and scholars in sociology
Upper-level students taking courses on the sociology of death and dying, and death studies, and those taking more vocational courses that m
Undergraduate and graduate students of political theory and the politics of multiculturalism and diversity.
Students and scholars of politics, political theory, philosophy and sociology
Students and scholars of political theory and philosophy
Students of development studies, international relations and politics, globalization and economics.
students and scholars of politics and international relations as well as interested general readers.
Upper-level students and scholars across the social sciences, particularly political sociology, human rights, Holocaust and genocide studies,
First year undergraduates and above in politics, international relations and sociology
Students of Middle Eastern and international politics, as well as anyone interested in current affairs.
2nd year undergraduates and above in war and security studies, intelligence studies, international relations and related disciplines
Students of world history, international relations, comparative politics and global sociology
Students of war and security studies, politics, international relations, international law, theology and religious studies.
Students and scholars of sociology, politics, social policy and the interested general public
Undergraduates and postgraduates of security studies, international relations and politics.
Students of British politics, history and public policy as well as anyone interested in New Labour and the Blair government.
Undergraduate students studing the sociology of the environment for the first time, whether on traditional social science degrees or part of a
Students taking a course or part course covering globalization
This new volume will be essential reading for students of sociology, politics, international relations and international law, and it will be of g
Students of international relations, international security and strategic studies.
Students of politics and Middle Eastern studies.
Postgraduate students and academics working on International Relations and US Foreign Policy. Public intellectuals and the general reader.
First year students and above in sociology and politics; interested general readers
2nd year students and above in criminology, sociology and politics
Second year students and above in politics, international relations and gender studies.
Students of social and political theory, sociology and politics requiring a historically grounded overview of social theory. It will be essential
Students and scholars of peace and conflict studies, security studies and international politics.
Scholars, students and policy-makers in development studies, politics, international relations and social policy.
Students and scholars of the media and globalization
Undergraduate and postgraduate students of Politics, Sociology, and Eurpoean Studies as well as policy makers concerned with critical ques
First year students and above in Sociology, politics and cultural studies. Interested general readers.
Undergraduates and graduate students in religious studies, Islamic studies, Middle Eastern Studies, sociology of religion
First year students and above in Sociology, politics and interested general readers.
Students of Politics, Sociology, European Studies, policy makers and interested General readers
Students of politics, international relations, security and human rights.

nonspecialists, scholars, and students interested in archaeology, landscape archaeology, and landscape studies more broadly
advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students studying Japanese linguistics
second-year undergraduates and above studying literacy within linguistics or education; literacy professionals
advanced graduate students, faculty and researchers studying World Englishes in subfields such as sociolinguistics and applied linguistics
graduate students, faculty and researchers studying English language and linguistics
Professional archaeological field workers, students in field schools, and students in archaeology methodology courses.
advanced undergraduates & graduates in socio-cultural anthropology.
advanced undergraduates & graduates in socio-cultural anthropology.
students in interpersonal communication courses with a focus on cultural context, also of interest to students in linguistic anthropology and l
advanced level students, researchers and faculty interested in Europe in departments of politics, geography, economics, international relation
academics, graduate students, and high level undergraduates in geography, architecture and planning studies, sociology, anthropology, and p
students and general readers across social and cultural anthropology, especially those interested in linguistic anthropology, urban anthropolo
undergraduate and graduate students studying phonetics and phonology within linguistics or speech sciences departments
undergraduate students and above media, cultural anmd communication studies; general readers interested in popular culture

students in geography, politics and sociology
upper level students, researchers and academics in anthropology, ethnobiology, ethnobotany, archaeology, and cognitive science
students, researchers and faculty in sociology; political commentators; general readers
undergraduates and beginning graduate students of sociology and social theory
undergraduate students taking introductory human geography courses, especially though not exclusively in the US, represent the primary ma
undergraduates studying human evolution, biocultural anthropology, and evolutionary anthropology. Also of interest to students of bio- and
advanced undergraduates and graduate students in medical anthropology
academics, researchers and undergraduates of social, political and economic theory
students, scholars and professionals in environmental studies, environmental policy, development studies, urban studies, rural studies, devel
undergraduates, graduates, and academics interested in Africa; development workers looking to further their understanding of social movem
upper level undergraduate and graduate students, scholars and researchers in political theory and political science
undergraduates, postgraduates, and experienced researchers within the field of linguistics
students, historians, anthropologist, architects, and social and cultural theorists
students and scholars of archaeology
undergraduates, academics, and researchers interested in linguistics, particularly Gilchrist, the Hindustani language and the politics of colon
students, academics, researchers and practitioners within law; particularly in relation to the history of legal order within empires
academics, researchers, and advanced undergraduates of sociology
upper level students and scholars of archaeology
Students of gender studies, sociology and related disciplines
Students of war and security and strategic studies, terrorism, international relations and related disciplines
Second year students and above in politics, international relations and gender studies.
Second year students and above in politics and sociology
advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students studying Japanese linguistics
students of the anthropology of religion, especially the anthropology of Islam, and theology, history of religion, sociology, politics, history,
upper level undergraduate and graduate students of development, modernization, and social change
students on undergraduate and postgraduate courses in sociological theory, social theory, and modernity and postmodernity
required reading for all those interested in the relations between language and culture, religion and politics

Toxicologists, military physicians and healthcare professionals, anesthesiologists, pharmacologists, anyone interested in management of the
Undergraduate forensic science and criminology students and those on conversion postgraduate M.Sc courses in forensic science; scenes of
Undergraduate and postgraduate neuroscience, biomedical, medical, pharmacy, pharmacology, neurology, neurosurgery, and physiology stu
Biochemists and molecular cell biologists involved in cardiovascular research. Also people working in drug discovery and biotechnology; c
Tropical disease specialists, virologists. Also molecular biologists, immunologists, public health specialists.
First and second year undergraduates taking medical or biomedical sciences; nursing degree students; and allied health students.
Advanced undergraduate/ postgraduate students studying biomechanics in departments of sport and exercise science, kinesiology, medicine,

Postgraduate level researchers and professionals in the field of genetics, including both clinical researchers and those based in the pharmace
Anyone working in the area of evolution, developmental biology, palaeontology, zoology or genetics.

Students, teachers, and scientists in neuroanatomy, neurology, neuroscience, psychiatry, and psychology; medical school neuroscience and n
Plant Breeders, Crop Scientists, Geneticists, Plant Molecular Biologists
Graduate students, post-doctoral scientists, clinical scientists with interests in tissue replacement therapies; departmental and institutional lib

Pathologists; biochemists; cell and molecular biologists; toxicologists.

Paleontologists, ornithologists, and evolutionary biologists in general; geology and life sciences students; people interested in dinosaurs and
Research virologists, microbiologists, instructors, and students of virology and microbiology.

Graduate students in genetics and evolutionary biology; advanced undergraduate biology majors.
Behavioral neuroscientists and molecular geneticists; graduate students in biology and behavioral sciences.

Basic and clinical infectious disease researchers, as well as physicians, health professionals, and students.
Neuroscientists, developmental biologists, comparative anatomists, neurologists, pathologists, radiologists, and neurosurgeons.
Professionals and students across the genomic sciences, including Biochemists, Microbiologists, Molecular Biologists, Geneticists, Biomed
Horticultural Scientists, Plant Breeders at Universities, Agricultural Research Stations, and Private Industry
Research and clinical oncologists; pharmacologic research and development professionals; biomedical statisticians, general physicians treat
Plant Breeders, Crop Scientists, Geneticists, Plant Molecular Biologists
upper level undergraduate and graduate students in earth and biological sciences, and students and researchers in soil sciences, limnology/oc

shrimp farmers, shrimp traders, farm managers, processors and aquaculture personnel, aquaculture economics experts, government employe

agronomists, horticulturists, and plant biologists
upper-level undergraduate students in molecular biology courses
undergraduates studying world food economics and agricultural development. There should be a secondary market in classes on internationa
Upper level students in agricultural and plant sciences studying courses including: agriculture, environmental sciences, plant sciences, crop
All those involved in scallop farming including scallop farmers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, traders and policy makers. Environ
upper level undergraduate and graduate level courses in earth and environmental science degree programmes
Fish biologists, ecologists, population biologists, geneticists, fishery scientists and managers, scientific aquaculture personnel, libraries in un
first and second year undergraduates in environmental science, physical geography and earth science
upper level undergraduates and graduates taking courses in applied population ecology, wildlife ecology, wildlife management, applied con
undergraduates and graduates in earth science departments
Fish farmers and other personnel involved in the aquaculture industry. Suppliers to fish farming businesses, including designers and manufa
Medical students, post-graduate candidates for higher examinations in medicine, microbiology and infectious disease.Allied health students.
Medical student, junior doctors
journal editorial offices; journal editors and editorial office staff

Fish biologists, animal behaviorists (ethologists), fisheries managers and scientists, aquatic ecologists, aquaculture personnel, ecologists. Up
upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in virology courses
upper undergraduate and graduate students, as well as industry professionals and researchers in the field
undergraduates, graduates and professionals studying marineenvironmental science

Fisheries scientists and managers, fish biologists, marine biologists and ecologists, environmental scientists, conservation biologists and oce
Researchers and professionals in plant molecular genetics, physiology, biochemistry and crop science.
Researchers and professionals in plant molecular genetics, physiology and biochemistry.
Postgraduates, researchers and professionals in plant physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology
undergraduates studying global warming in departments of earth science and environmental science
Fisheries economists, managers, scientists and fish biologists. Upper level undergraduate and graduate students.
upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in microbiology courses, as well as researchers in the field

advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students of population and community ecology, wildlife conservation and natural resource
Researchers and professionals in plant molecular biology, biochemistry and biotechnology
Researchers and professionals working in plant molecular biology, plant physiology and plant biochemistry
Researchers and professionals in plant physiology, cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, developmental biology and agric
essential reading for geomorphologists, earth scientists, engineers and ecologists with a pure and applied interest in the study, modelling and
undergraduate and graduate students planning advanced study and careers in environmental conservation; professionals looking to change c

growers/farmers, scientists, instructors, advisors, consultants and students in horticulture, viticulture, agriculture, entomology, acarology, pe

Molecular Biologists, Cell Biologists, Immunologists, Developmental Biologists, Biotechnologists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotechnologi
Molecular Biologists, Biochemists, Neurochemists, Neurobiologists, Neurophysiologists, Neurologists, Pharmacologists, Pharmaceutical In
Biotechnologists, Molecular Biologists, Analytical Chemists, Food Chemists, Consumer Associations, Investigating Authorities, Food Indus
Molecular Biologists, Biochemists, Biophysicists, Biotechnologists, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotechnological In
Biotechnologists, Pharmaceutists, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Toxicologists, Medicinal Chemists, Biotechnological Industry, Pharmaceutical
Students of Biotechnology, Students in Molecular Biology, Biology Students, Students in Biochemistry, Students in Chemical Engineering
Spectroscopists, Analytical Chemists, Biophysicists, Biotechnologists, Biochemists, Molecular Biologists, Organic Chemists
Biotechnologists, Pharmaceutists, Pharmacologists, Biochemists, Medicinal Chemists, Organic Chemists, Biotechnological Institutes, Biote
Cell Biologists, Immunologists, Microbiologists, Pharmaceutical Industry
Geneticists, Cell Biologists, Biotechnologists, Plant Breeders, Plant Physiologists, Botanists
Cell Biologists, Molecular Biologists, Biotechnologists, Medicinal Chemists, Pharmacologists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotechnological I
Neurologists, Neurobiologists, Developmental Biologists, Neurophysiologists
Molecular Biologists, Cell Biologists, Biochemists, Biophysicists, Biotechnologists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotechnological Industry, Li
Geneticists, Molecular Biologists, Biochemists, Biotechnologists, Pharmacologists, Developmental Biologists, Libraries at University Instit
Microbiologists, Biotechnologists, Geneticists, Pharmaceutists, Libraries at Universities, Libraries at University Institutes, Company Librari
Molecular Biologists, Hematologists, Physiologists, Analytical Chemists, Physiological Chemists, Biochemists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Li
Molecular Biologists, Microbiologists, Analytical Chemists, Protein Chemists, Pharmacologists, Libraries at Universities, Libraries at Unive
Biotechnologists, Chemists Working in Micro Analysis, Biophysicists, Bioengineers, Molecular Biologists, Libraries at Universities, Librar
Cell Biologists, Molecular Biologists, Cancer Researchers, Oncologists, Pharmacologists, Libraries at Universities, Libraries at University I
Immunologists, Cell Biologists, Molecular Biologists, Pharmacologists, Libraries at Universities, Libraries at University Institutes, Compan

Upper-level undergraduates and Masters students in Departments of Meteorology/Atmospheric Sciences, and Geography and Environmenta
Cytogeneticists, geneticists, zoologists, biologists interested in comparative genomics, systematics, evolution.
Designed as a rigorous introduction for research professionals wishing to move into genomics, proteomics, and glycomics research. Also us
Commercial vegetable growers, truck farmers, horticulture students and professionals, soil and crop Scientists, agricultural advisors and ext
senior undergraduates and graduates in earth sciences, physical geography and environmental science
Agricultural scientists, agronomists, plant scientists, plant pathologists, molecular biologists, geneticists and crop protection personnel.
undergraduate students in conservation biology courses

canine and feline veterinary practitioners, veterinary medicine students
veterinarians and veterinary students
Veterinary practitioners and students
practicing veterinarians
Veterinary practitioners and students
Veterinary ophthalmologists and residents, veterinary students and practitioners.
veterinary dermatologists, large animal and mixed animal veterinarians, veterinary students
Industry and research scientists, veterinary practitioners, and students
Veterinary practitioners and students. Livestock producers, ranchers, farmers. Animal scientists. Other animal owners.
veterinarians, animal and dairy scientists, commercial hoof trimmers, dairy farmers, dairy health technicians
veterinarians, veterinary pathologists, veterinary students, shelter and humane association workers, animal control, and law enforcement offi

Veterinarians, wildlife researchers and biologists

Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary students and laboratory staff.

Members of the veterinary profession, lawyers, enforcement bodies and welfare and conservation organisations.

Physiotherapists committed to working with both companion and performance animals.
Any veterinarian working with sheep, as well as veterinary students, agriculture students, sheep farmers and breeders.
Medical Students, junior doctors and residents, biomedical students, haematology technicians, haematolgy nurses, nurse practitioners and ph

Horseowners, trainers and riders, as well as professional equine therapists

Veterinarians in training and practice.

veterinarians in practice and training, and veterinary cardiologists
Students, practitioners, educators and researchers in veterinary medicine and comparative anatomy

Veterinary practitioners and students
Final-year undergraduate students; postgraduate students; and professional researchers in statistics, bioinformatics, medicine, industry, and e
Postgraduate students in applied probability, computer science, and electrical engineering; researchers in telecommunication labs; and unive
Statisticians using Bayes methods in industry, and statistics students at third year/ postgraduate level.
Researchers in applied statistics, medical science, public health, and the social sciences; graduate students of applied statistics, data analysis
Researchers in biostatistics, business, education, psychology, social science, and statistics. Suitable for a graduate course on SEMs in any of
Statisticians working with health care problems; diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies; research nurses; graduate and postgraduate stude
Experts working globally in National Statistics Institutes, especially the many looking to develop statistics infrastructures that rely strongly o
Statisticians, statistical consultants, and researchers in the medical and social sciences; psychology professionals interested in evidentiary sta
For general readers interested in the subject.
Advanced students of probability and/or uncertainty. For serious scientists who have an interest in probability theory and its applications

A reference for researchers of the subject matter; a supplementary text for design of experiments courses at the Upper-undergraduate and be

For master's-level public health informatics students studying disease surveillance and as a reference guide for health department officials ex
Well-prepared MS or beginning level Ph.D. students in engineering and the physical and mathematical sciences as well as science researche
For applied statisticians and practitioners in the fields of public opinion and survey research.
Statisticians; data analysts; scientists working on problems involving large volumes of data from a range of disciplines; and graduate studen
Primarily aimed at pharmaceutical scientists/medical practitioners working on bioequivalence studies, who wish to understand the basic prin

Junior/senior level topology course, intended to be covered in one semester by typical math majors (as opposed to some "one-semester" text
Intelligent general reader, often defined as the person who can read Scientific American magazine with some understanding.

Active survey researchers; students in research questionnaire planning at the upper undergraduate or beginning graduate levels; inactive surv

As a supplemental text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of statistics and computer science; as a reference and self-study fo

Statisticians working in medical research; statistically minded medical professionals working on clinical trials; and graduate students of bios
Advanced undergraduates taking courses in the mathematical sciences, and graduate students of financial mathematics, statistics and operati
Researchers and graduate students from statistics and biostatistics, as well people working in engineering, reliability, and risk with a good b
Biostatisticians and health economists in academia and industry and graduate students of biostatistics, public health, and economics.
Statisticians working in medical research, the pharmaceutical industry, public health; practitioners working in the above areas; graduate stud
 First-year graduate students of experimental design; practitioners who desire a handy but complete, down-to-earth reference guide; academ
Professors of and students in graduate courses on multivariate linear models; academic libraries
Students taking introductory courses in categorical data analysis.
Junior or seniors majoring in mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering
Engineers and Scientists.
Graduate students in mathematics, statistics, and biostatistics; researchers in mathematical statistics; biostatisticians in industry or academia;
Undergraduates majoring or minoring in science, engineering, computer science, and mathematics; appropriate for graduate students; profes
 Undergraduate and graduate students of mathematics; libraries.
 Advanced-undergraduate to graduate-level text for students in engineering, the sciences, and applied mathematics and a valuable working r
As a textbook for advanced seniors / beginning graduate students, with applications to engineering and computer science. Also as a self-stud
Mathematicians, Students and Instructors of Math.
Engineers in research and development.
Students and Instructors of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Operations Research, and Management Science.
Engineers, scientists, statisticians, and graduate students.
As a primary textbook in statistical regression at the upper-undergraduate level; as a supplemental book for a year-long course in regression
Managers and Students and Instructors of Statistics.
Business Professionals, Math Students and Instructors.
Business Professionals, Math Students and Instructors.
Graduate students studying enterprise risk management; and practitioners (i.e. bank managers, insurance executives, researchers) in both ER
Mathematicians and Students and Instructors of Mathematics, specifically Mathematical Problem-Solving.
For upper-level text for junior/senior undergraduate or introductory graduate math majors/students. Also for students in engineering and the
 Practitioners in business who were not able to apply the study of regression in business-type settings
Faculty and students in Education (Program Evaluation), Policy Sciences (Policy Analysis), Public Administration (Grants), Sociology (Ass
For undergraduate and graduate students in data analysis and data mining courses.
For applied statisticians/consultants and academicians/researchers as well as upper-undergraduate and beginning graduate students in this ar
Interior designers, architects, graphic designers, and industrial designers.
Students of graphic design, production technology, and visual communication.

Second and third year undergraduate students taking an Astrophysics degree course; physics undergraduates; final year and graduate studen
Undergraduate level students taking introductory astronomy courses.

Senior and graduate level courses in electrical engineering and physics departments; practicing engineers in optical engineering, including fi

Undergraduate and graduate students and faculty in all of the following courses: Tissue Optics, Bio-optical Imaging, Laser-Tissue Interactio

Engineers and device development researchers as well as senior and graduate university students; industrial and government research labora
Physicists, physics students and instructors.
Anyone interested in science.

All Scientists, Research Institutes, Universities
Solid state physicists, electrical engineers, materials scientists, bioengineers, physical industry, clinical physicists, libraries at universities,
Theoretical physicists, solid state physicists, materials scientists, neurochemists, biophysicists, libraries at universities, libraries at university
Students in Physics, Students of Informatics, Lecturers in Physics, Lecturers in Informatics, Physicists in Industry, Experimental Physicists,
Students in Physics, Students in Chemistry, Lecturers in Physics, Lecturers in Chemistry, Libraries at Universities, Libraries at University In
Students in Physics, Students in Chemistry, Solid State Physicists, Materials Scientists, Solid State Chemists, Libraries at University Institut
Clinical Physicists, Low Temperature Physicists, Biophysicists, Libraries at Hospitals, Hospitals, Physicians, Company Libraries, Physicists
Semiconductor Physicists, Libraries at Universities, Research Institutes
Physical Chemists, Theoretical Chemists, Theoretical Physicists, Chemical Institutes, Physical Institutes, Analytical Research Institutes, Che
Physicists, High Energy Physicists, Radiation physicists, Libraries at University Institutes, Libraries at Universities, Company Libraries
Radiation physicists, Radiation Physicians, Physical Chemists, Nuclear Chemists, Radiation Chemists, Nuclear Industry, Supplier of Measu
Students in Astronomy, Astronomers, Nuclear Physicists, Lecturers in Physics, Libraries at Universities, Libraries at University Institutes
Students in Physics, Lecturers in Physics, Biophysicists, Physicists in Industry, Nuclear Physicists, Radiation physicists, Clinical Physicists
Chemical engineers, process engineers, engineers for motors and drives, engineering students, engineering consultants.
Physical Institutes, Physical Industry, Physicists in Industry, Solid State Physicists, Engineers for Measurement and Control, Libraries at Un
Theoretical Physicists, Statistics Specialists, Applied Mathematicians, All (Natural) Scientists, Libraries at Universities, Research Institutes
Plasmaphysicists, Materials Scientists, Industry, Company Libraries, Libraries at University Institutes, Libraries at Universities
Students in Physics, Lecturers in Physics, Physicists, Engineers, Libraries at Universities, Libraries at University Institutes, Physical Institut
Students in Physics, Lecturers in Physics, Solid State Physicists, Materials Scientists, Applied Physicists, Libraries at Universities, Libraries
Graduate Students, Students in Physics, Students in Astronomy, Biology Students, Lecturers in Physics, Lecturers in Biology, Libraries at U
Students in Physics, Students in Chemistry, Lecturers in Physics, Lecturers in Chemistry, Electrical Engineers, Students in Electrical Engine
Graduate Students, Students in Astronomy, Astronomers, Theoretical Physicists, Libraries at University Institutes, Libraries at Universities
Graduate Students, Students in Physics, Economists, Sociologists, Physicists, Libraries at University Institutes, Libraries at Universities
Students in Physics, Lecturers in Physics, Nuclear Physicists, Libraries at Universities, Libraries at University Institutes
Graduate Students, Students in Physics, Lecturers in Physics, Plasmaphysicists, Physicists in Industry, Libraries at University Institutes, Lib
Graduate Students, Students in Physics, Theoretical Physicists, Libraries at University Institutes, Libraries at Universities
Graduate Students, Students in Physics, Students in Chemistry, Students in Mathematics, Students of Informatics, Lecturers, Libraries at Un
Graduate Students, Students in Physics, Physicists, Libraries at Universities, Libraries at University Institutes
Physicists, All (Natural) Scientists, Teachers, Libraries, Highschool Graduates/ A-Level Graduates, Interested in Natural Sciences
Students in Physics, Lecturers in Physics, Physicists, Libraries at Universities, Libraries at University Institutes
Undergraduate physics students taking a first full course in optics; science and engineering students taking a variety of optics based courses.

Students in Physics, Students in Chemistry, Students with Physics as Second Subject, Lecturers in Physics, Laser Specialists, Libraries at Un
Students in Astronomy, Students in Physics, Libraries at Universities, Company Libraries
Solid State Physicists, Solid State Chemists, Semiconductor Physicists, Semiconductor Industry, Libraries at University Institutes, Company
Child protection workers, social workers, social services managers, and child care research institutes.
Clinical psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, and mental health nurses.
Psychologists, social workers, counselors, and other mental health professionals.
Forensic psychologists, police officers, and lawyers.
Psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, and counselors; academics engaged in applied research in the field of attachment.
Child protection workers; social workers; forensic and clinical psychologists; counselors and therapists working with sexual offenders.
Child protection workers; ACPC members; police officers; academic social workers; social work managers; social work students; and famil
Researchers in developmental psychology; child psychologists; other mental health professionals.
Postgraduate students and researchers in psychology, sociology and social policy; charities which tackle social problems such as Shelter and
Psychoanalysts; students of psychoanalysis.
Hypnotherapists; clinical psychologists; and other mental health professionals.
Researchers in genetics, neurobiology, neuropsychology, intellectual disability, early intervention, and language development.
Counselors and psychoanalysts.

Health psychologists.
Forensic psychologists, criminologists, probation and prison officers.
Psychologists, psychiatrists, nurse specialists and occupational therapists; social workers; counselors; and other mental health professionals.
Practising physiotherapists; and researchers in physiotherapy and related fields.
Health psychologists; clinical psychologists; occupational therapists; speech and language therapists; neuropsychologists.
Psychologists; school psychologists; special education teachers; teachers with a specific interest in the education of children with autism; sp

Forensic psychologists; clinical psychologists; students in forensic psychology; psychiatric nurses; psychiatrists.
Health psychologists; clinical health psychologists; Parkinson's disease nurse specialists; psychiatrists; clinical psychologists.
Mental health workers.

Clinical psychologists; health psychologists; counselors; psychotherapists working in healthcare settings; nurses and other healthcare profes
Mental health professionals, including psychologists, counselors, and social workers.
Clinical psychologists, medical staff, social workers, caregivers, families with mentally ill members.

Forensic psychologists, clinical psychologists, lawyers, and criminal justice professionals.
Mental health and healthcare professionals, geneticists, neurologists.
Graduate students in psychology, social work, nursing, occupational therapy, and medicine.
Forensic psychologists; social workers and academics; police officers; lawyers.
All primary health care workers, including social workers and pediatricians.
Mental health professionals interested in starting their own practices; managers of existing clinics and practices.
Scientists, Statisticians, Students and Instructors of Psychology and Statistics, Researchers.

School and clinical psychologists, learning specialists, educators/special education teachers.
Addiction Counselors and Human Services Professionals; Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists.
Addiction professionals, psychologists, counselors, social workers, and therapists.
Graduate students in social work (MSW students specializing in clinical social work, the most popular program. Courses: Advanced Practic

Forensic mental health professionals, civil and criminal attorneys, and advanced students.
Mental health professionals; graduate students.
Mental health professionals; graduate students.
Psychologists, counselors, social workers, human service professionals.
Sports Psychologists, graduate students in sport psychology, libraries, as well as coaches and athletes.
Graduate students studying adult psychopathology, psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, other mental health professionals, libraries.
Social workers and social work students.
School psychologists, school social workers, school administrators, and other school personnel.
School psychologists; clinical psychologists, especially child psychologists.
Mental health professionals, educators, researchers, and policy-makers in gerontology; graduate students.
School psychologists, learning specialists; Students in school psychology.
Clinical psychologists, social workers, therapists and other mental health practitioners who work with child clients.
Psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, counselors, social workers, and other mental health professionals who work with child clients.
Psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, counselors, social workers, and other mental health professionals who work with adolescent clients
Clinical psychologists, social workers, therapists and other mental health practitioners who work with adult clients.
Hospital doctors, GPs, emergency medicine staff, police surgeons, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, lawyers, teachers and nurse tutors. T
Scholars and upper-level undergraduates and postgraduates interested in the history of the social sciences in general, and social psychology
Students of social policy and welfare, particularly at the second year and above. The book is used widely in sociology, social policy and pol
Students of social policy and welfare, particularly at the second year and above. The book is used widely in sociology, social policy and pol
A level English students, or first year undergraduates taking courses on creative writing, specifically on fiction. Also suitable for adult/conti
Academic administrators, faculty members, and graduate students.
Adult Educators, Academics, and Researchers.
Educators, preservice education students, educational administrators and leaders.
Practitioners in the field of higher education assessment: Deans, department chairs, and faculty in unversities, four-year colleges, and comm
Professors, students, and researchers in multicultural education, international/comparative education, and social sciences. Also, academic lib
School principals, district superintendents, school boards, teachers, and other educational leaders; professors of educational administration a
College and university presidents, provosts, vice presidents, deans, program directors, members of education organizations, including K-12
Faculty in any online learning setting.
Psychologists, therapists, counselors, students and instructors in university and college ethics courses, staff and trainees in clinics, hospitals,

second-year undergradtuates and above working on research projects across the social sciences
undergraduates and graduate students with modest backgrounds in research methods and statistics
Mental health workers of all disciplines, including clinical psychologists; psychiatric nurses; occupational therapists; psychiatrists; graduate
undergraduate students studying personality and individual differences
graduate students and researchers of language development

students in psychology, education, counselling, management, and related fields, as well as mentoring researchers and professionals involved
advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students taking ethics, research ethics, and research methods courses in psychology; also po
graduate students and researchers in cognitive science and psychology
undergraduate psychology students
People wishing to take the Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing, and their trainers.These people will be found in Britain and th
professionals working in the area of human and animal social-cognitive abilities
advanced undergraduates or graduate students in child development; evolutionary psychology; social development; and human developmen
social workers; health visitors; child psychologists; children's nurses
advanced undergraduates, graduates, researchers, and practitioners in experimental psychology and in research methods in psychology
undergraduate, graduate students, academics and researchers in psychology of women, women studies, leadership and organizational develo
advanced undergraduates, graduates, researchers, and academics studying judgment and decision making
general educated readers; instructors teaching courses on brain and behavior, physiological psychology, and cognitive science/ neuroscience
students, researchers and academics within education, language, literacy and linguistics
undergraduate and post-graduate students and researchers in geography, sociology, politics and social policy, as well as health faculties spec
anyone interested in studying at university at home or abroad
Mental health professionals; forensic psychologists; criminologists; sociologists; social psychologists; psychiatrists.

Psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and educators.
Mental health professionals; graduate students.
undergraduate and graduate students in courses on sex/gender discrimination, discrimination in the workplace, prejudice and discrimination
advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers in memory, cognitive psychology, emotion, and cognitive neuroscience
Students and practitioners of family therapy.
second-year undergraduates and above, graduate students and professional infancy and child development within psychology; general reade

General dentists; undergraduate and graduate dental students; endodontists worldwide
Practicing restorative dentists who treat fully edentulous patients, including general dentists and prosthodontists. Dental students, Advanced
behavioral-medicine specialists, post-graduates in practice management, preventive dentistry, pediatric dentistry, geriatric dentistry, special
periodontists, dentists, residents, and students
Post-graduate students in periodontology, periodontics residents and those preparing for Board accreditation, students of general dentistry a
practicing and studying orthodontists, esthetic and cosmetic dentists, and general dentists wishing to advance their orthodontic and dental en
Students and practising dentists, interested dental care professionals
Practising dental nurses; trainee dental nurses, newly qualified dental nurses and those returning to work.
Postgraduates and clinicians in the field of dental trauma (pediatric dentistry, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, sports dentistry).
Following course developments and an expansion in the remit of both hygienists and therapists, this book has been written not only for stude
Dental office administrators

Students of dentistry and dental hygiene.
General dentists and prosthodontists, post-graduate residents and pre-doctoral students.

Epidemiologists, pharmacoepidemiologists, academics, graduate students, and everybody working in the medical device industry.
Basic scientists currently working on angiogenesis in both the academic community worldwide and in pharmaceutical companies running la
Researchers in the field of human metabolism; clinical endocrinologists and diabetologists who are involved in clinical studies; professional

Speech and language therapists; psychologists; teachers; educational psychologists; all those researching in the field of social disadvantage;

Medical Practitioners, Heath Administrators, Postgraduate Medical and Healthcare Ethics Students (Level: BSc/MSc/MA/PhD courses/prog
Critical care physicians and researchers, also immunologists, endocrinologists, neuroendocrinologists, physiologists, and pharmacologists.
Researchers in electromagnetics, free-space communications; and graduate students.

Psychologists, psychiatrists, interns and residents in psychiatry; general practitioners, clinicians, nurses, and any others who are involved wi

Pharmaceutical physicians; Regulatory physicians; Clinical researchers; Pharmacists; Drug developers; Marketing executives; Research nur

Immunologists, hematologists, pathologists, and clinicians; also biologists, technicians, professionals in the diagnostic and research reagents
Clinical chemists, clinical lab technologists, pathologists, allied health professionals, general practitioners, residents, medical students, and e
Health care Managers.
Health care Managers.
Healthcare Managers.

Medical students, genetic counsellors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners

GPs, junior hospital doctors, medical students, accident and emergency staff, trainee radiologists, nurses, and radiographers.
GPs, hospital doctors, cardiovascular nurses, and students

Junior Doctors, specialist registrars in surgery, specialist nurses, students, hospital doctors and GPs
Trainee anaesthetists preparing for the Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (FRCA), the European Diploma of Anaesthesiology
Neurologists, neurologists in training, psychiatrists and neuropsychiatrists

Faculty and professional members of Society for Public Health Education, American Association of Health Education, American Public He
Dietitians; diet and nutrition consultants; foodservice managers; long-term care facilities, hospitals, and outpatient service centers

nuclear medicine and radiology residents and fellows as well as nuclear cardiology fellows; Upper level undergraduate and post graduate co
Undergraduate & Masters postgraduate courses for medical, veterinary, midwifery, and biological sciences students

Neurosurgeons, orthopedists, emergency department physicans, and physiatrists
cardiologists and specialists in vascular medicine.
Cardiac Surgeons
4th/5th Year Clinical Medicine Students, Senior House Officers on A&E Rotation, A&E Junior Doctors & Emergency Nurse Practitioners

Primary: Transplant physicians and surgeons; pediatric transplant surgeons; pediatric surgeons.Secondary: Pediatric specialists in related dis
Postgraduate, trainees in Ob/Gyn
Medical Students, Junior Doctors and Residents
Neurologists in training and practice

Cardiologists, general physicians and healthcare professionals
Trainee and practising gynecologists, pathologists, colposcopists
Cardiologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians and nuclear cardiologists
Pediatric endoscopists, including trainees Pediatric gastroenterologists, including trainees Pediatric endoscopy specialist nurses Gastroenter
Clincal obstetricians, obstetricians in training and house staff physicians.
Health care professionals reading journals and/or participating in clinical trialsClinical researchersStudents
Main market: sports medicine physiciansSecondary markets: orthopaedic surgeons, family physicians with sports medicine diploma, physio
Postgraduate. Specialist trainees, residents.
Trainees/residents in pediatrics and pediatric hematology and/or oncology. Pediatricians with an interest in hematology and oncology
Primary: Trainees in haematology, specialist nursing staffSecondary: Other allied health professions working on bone marrow transplant un
This book is intended for medical students in their early years who need a straightforward explanation of the Respiratory System.
Cardiologists and obstetricians
emergency medicine clinicians, other emergency medicine staff, intensivists and family practitioners
With worked examples of dietary management given throughout, Clinical Paediatric Dietetics is an indispensable guide for all those involve
Health care researchers, clinicians, nurses and students
Primary: medical studentsSecondary: nurses, sports science/medicine students, osteopath students, physiotherapy students, GPs
Medical Students, Junior doctors, dental students, nurse practitioners
PostgraduatePrimary: Haematologists; pathologists; histopathologists; laboratory haematologistsSecondary: Oncologists
Primary - Medical Students and Biological Science StudentsSecondary - Allied health students
medical students (MB BS, USMLE 1, 2), junior doctors and residents (leading to MRCP, USMLE 3), veterinary students, biochemistry and
GPs and junior doctors, speech therapists, nurses, healthcare practitioners working with deafness and hearing impairment.
GPs, practice nurses, junior doctors, and students
Senior medical students, junior doctors, residents, surgeons studying for higher and recertification exams. Surgical nurses, physiotherapists,
Pulmonologists, Cardiologists, Surgeons, Internists, Radiologists
Liver pathologists, Hepatologists, Radiologists, Liver surgeons & Oncologists
Medical students and junior doctors
GPs, practice nurses, junior doctors, and students
Junior Doctors
Junior Doctors
Medical Students, Junior Doctors and GPs
Primary market: Internist and general cardiologists in the US and outside the US. Secondary market: Vascular surgeons, surgeons, radiologi
Emergency medicine physicians, especially US boards candidate, traineesEmergency medicine staffCritical care staffFamily physicians
Paediatric oncologists, oncologists, paediatricians, specialist nurses
Medical Studenrs, Junior doctors and GPs
Practising dermatologists, plastic surgeons
Anaesthesia trainees, intensivists, operating department staff.

Undergraduates, postgraduates and occupational therapists working in physical rehabilitation.
GPs, practice nurses, junior doctors, and students
Primary - Medical students and junior doctorsSecondary - Student nurses, Paediatric nurses, Physiotherapists
This book is appropriate for book is gastroenterologists (including hepatologists and endoscopists), trainee gastroenterologists and epidemio
Endocrinologists, including trainees and residentsOncologists, including trainees and residents
Cardiologists, electrophysiologists, internal medicine residents, medical students, and nurses who are involved in the care of patients with ar
Cardiologists, internal medicine physicians, emergency medicine physicians, neurologists and general practitioners who face with patients w
Specialists in haematology and transfusion medicine.Other health professionals working as part of the blood management team such as anae
GPs, junior doctors and medical students
Psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, general practitioners, nurses, and other allied health professionals
All internal medicine and pediatric pacemaker physicians and implanters occasionally confront a patient with adult congenital heart disease.
endovascular therapists, cardiologists, vascular surgeons, radiologists, and cardiothoracic surgeons
clinical obstetricians, obstetricians in training, house staff physicians, and midwives
sports medicine physicians; musculoskeletal experts; physical therapists
Medical students, junior doctors, nursing students, allied health care students and workers. Holmes collectivists.
urologists, gynecologists and other practitioners interested in sexual medicine, such as psychiatrists
school students, careers advisers, parents
emergency medicine physicians, and electrophysiologists
sixth form students, medical students, junior doctors
Endoscopists and general gastroenterologists
students, residents, fellows, physicians and surgeons
hematologists in training and in practice working in the fields of coagulation, hemostasis and thrombosis; other health care professionals wo

medical students and instructors, respiratory technicians and nurses
Cardiologists in training and practice.

Gynaecologists in practice and in training. Physicians working in emergency departments, outpatient clinics and general practice.

Community and hospital based stroke services; stroke nurse specialists/consultants; allied health stroke specialists; stroke units; medical soc
Undergraduate occupational therapy and physiotherapy students; Qualified Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists returning to highe
Wide range of professionals, from teachers, general practitioners, paediatric staff and adolescent psychiatry and addiction

Oncologists, Immunologists, Microbiologists, Molecular Biologists, Laboratory Medics, Pharmaceutists, Libraries at University Institutes, C
Pathophysiologists, Pharmaceutical Industry, Social Psychologists, Social Medics

Everyone involved in quality of life and is applicable to medical and non-medical, statistical and non-statistical readers. It is of particular re
Genomics and bioinformatics researchers; immunologists; microbiologists and virologists. Molecular biologists; cell biologists; biotechnolo
Students and professionals in the biological and pharmacological sciences.

Dermatologists, dermatopathologists, oncologists, and general pathologists.

Specialists in heart failure, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and interventionalists.
GPs, practice nurses, junior doctors and students.
GPs, practice nurses, junior doctors, healthcare professionals, and students
neonatologists, hospital pharmacists, midwives and other specialist nurses, obstetricians, Pediatricians, Neonatal nursesNote from AQ:Area

Health professionals, especially doctors and nurses caring for the dying; medical lawyers; hospital administrators; politicians
                               Table of contents
Series Preface.   Preface. (Mikhail Baklanov, Martin Green and Karen Maex).     1. Low and Ultralow Dielectric Constant Films Prepared
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. 1 Introduction to Spectroscopic Ellipsometry. 1.1 Features of Spectroscopic Ellipsometry. 1.2
Series Preface. Preface. 1. Fundamental Optical Properties of Materials (W.C. Tan, K. Koughia, J. Singh, and S.O. Kasap). 1.1 Introduc

Preface. Introduction. Advanced Thermal Barrier Coating Development and Testing. Relation of Thermal Conductivity with Process Ind
Preface. Introduction. Irradiation Effects in Ceramics. (GenlV) Next Generation Nuclear Power and Requirements for Standards, Codes
Preface. Introduction. In Vitro Evaluation. Initial In Vitro Interaction of Human Osteoblasts with Nanostructured Hydroxyapatite (NHA
Preface. Introduction. A Review of Computational Ceramic Armor Modeling (Charles E. Anderson. Jr.). Silicon Carbide. Biomorphic
Series Preface. Preface. 1. Epitaxial thin-film crystalline Si solar cells on low-cost Si carriers (Jef Poortmans). 2.Crystalline Silicon Thin
Introduction. 1. Charge Transport via Delocalized States in Disordered Materials (Igor P. Zvyagin). 2. Description of Charge Transport in
Dedication. Preface. Mechanisms. Ten Observations from Experiments to Quantify Water Movement and Porosity Percolation in Hydra
Preface. 2006 PEI Officers. 2006 Technical Forum Committee. Past PEI Technical Forum Committee Chairs. A. I. Andrews Memorial

Preface. Contributors. SECTION I. 1. Pulsed Laser Deposition of Complex Materials: Progress Towards Applications (D. Norton). SE
Preface. 1 Polarized Light. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Concept of Light Polarization. 1.3 Description of The State of Polarization. 1.4 The S
Preface. Foreword (Robert W. Cahn). Motto. List of Contributors. 1. Introduction (Wolf Pfeiler). 2. Crystal Structure and Chemical B
Preface. The Authors of this Book. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Requirements for Materials and Coatings in Powerplants. 1.2 Examples of Coat
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 The Physics and Modeling of Biofunctionalized Nanoelectromechanical Systems (Mark R. Paul and Jerry
Preface. List of Authors. 1 Dendrimers in Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis (Srinivasa-Gopalan Sampathkumar, and Kevin J. Yarema). 1
Preface. List of Authors. 1 Biosensing using Carbon Nanotube Field-effect Transistors (Padmakar D. Kichambare and Alexander Star).
Preface. List of Authors. 1 Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering: The Scaffold Based Approach (Lakshmi S. Nair, Subhabrata Bhattac
Foreword. Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Nanotechnologies for Diagnosis Present and Future (Gareth A. Hughes). 1.1 Introduction to
Preface. List of Contributors. I Fundamentals. 1 The Impact of Electrocrystallization on Nanotechnology (Georgi Staikov and Alexande
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Selecting Surface-treatment Technologies (W. Tillmann, E. Vogli). 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Requirements
Foreword. Preface. Symbols and Abbreviations. 1 Introduction. 2 Basic Concepts of Metal Fatigue and Fracture in the Engineering De
List of Contributors. 1 Introduction (G. Gottstein). 2 Integral Materials Modeling (G. Gottstein). Abstract. 2.1 Introduction. 2.2 The C
Alloy Development. The Viability of Mg Alloy with Nano/Sub-micron Structure as a new Material for Practical Applications (E. Aghion,
Preface. 1 Raw Material Resources. 1.1 Primary Raw Materials. 1.2 Availability. 2 Production. 2.1 From Ore to Copper Concentrate.

Preface. List of Contributors. Introduction (Jürgen Hirsch (Editor)). Part I: Main Al Alloys Processing, Microstructure, Simulation and

Preface. A Personal Note from William T. Scherer. A Personal Note from William F. Gibson. A Personal Note from Scott F. Ferber. O
Preface. The Context. The Background. The Chapters. 1. The Basis of Computing. 2. Computing So Far. 3. Computers and Educatio
List of Tables. List of Figures. Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Evolution of Integrated Circuits. 1.2 Outline of the Book. 2 Sources of Po
Preface. 1 Introduction (Bernhard Walke, Guido Hiertz and Lars Berlemann). 1.1 Standardization. 1.2 Next-Generation Systems. 1.3 T
Forewords. Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1 Cellular Networks (Ajay R Mishra). 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 First Generation Cellular N
Foreword. About the authors. Acknowledgements. 1 Principal Concepts of Fractal Theory and Self-Similar Processes. 1.1 Fractals and
Preface. Foreword. The ECC web site. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Error correcting coding: Basic concepts. 1.1.1 Block codes and convolutio
Preface. Who should read this book. Purpose of this book. 1 Introducing Utility Computing. 1.1 Real problems and real solutions. 1.2
Editors and Contributors. Contributors. Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction: The Grid and Grid Networks. 1. The Grid and Gr
Preface. Introduction. 1 Preliminaries on Deterministic and Random Signals. 1.1 Time and frequency domain representation. 1.2 Energ
Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. An Introduction to Data Protection Today. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Traditional Backup and Recovery
Series Preface. Preface. 1. Developing the Foundation. 1.1 Engineering Units. 1.2 Block Diagrams. 1.3 Differential Equations. 1.4 S
Forward. Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 RSR over Digital Channels. 1.3 Organization of the Book. 2 Speech Recogni
Preface. Acknowledgments. Conventions. Companion Website. Abbreviations. Principal Graphic Symbols. 1 Setting the Context for
About the Author. Preface. Acknowledgements. 1 Nonlinear circuit design methods. 1.1 Spectral-domain analysis. 1.2 Time-domain a
Foreword. Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Motivation for Network Convergence. 1.2 The Core Network. 1.3 Legacy Service Requiremen
Preface. PART A: SIX SIGMA: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. 1. Six Sigma: A Preamble (H. S. Yam). 2. A Strategic Assessment
List of Figures. List of Tables. Preface. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. PN-junction Varactors. Chapter 3. M
List of Contributors. Preface. PART I: Radar Principles. 1 Radar Systems. 1.1 General Properties of Radar Systems. 1.2 Block Diagra
Preface. List of Figures. List of Tables. List of Abbreviations. 1. Global System for Mobile Communications. 1.1 Circuit-Switched D
List of Contributors. Foreword. Preface. Part I Fundamentals. 1 Fundamentals of Fuzzy Clustering (Rudolf Kruse, Christian Döring an
Preface. Acknowledgments. List of Figures. List of Tables. Introduction. I.1 Ultra wideband overview. I.2 A note on terminology. I
PART I. BACKGROUND. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Introduction to Speech Applications. 1.2 The MRCP Value Proposition. 1.3 History of
Foreword. Preface. List of Figures. 1 Introduction. 1.1 What Is Fuzzy Control? 1.2 Why Fuzzy Control? 1.3 Controller Design. 1.4
Foreword. Preface. Glossary. PART ONE. 1. Introduction. 2. Spectrum and Standards. 3. Mobile Radio Technologies. 4. The Mob
Editorial Foreword. Acknowledgements. Preface. Chapter 1 - System Building Overview. 1.1 Why APL? 1.2 Which APL? 1.3 The n
Preface. List of Abbreviations. Introduction. 1 Speech Quality in Telephony. 1.1 Speech. 1.2 Speech Quality. 2 Speech Quality Mea
Foreword. Acknowledgements. List of Contributors. 1 Introduction (Zhi Ning Chen). References. 2 Handset Antennas (Brian S. Colli
Preface. Acknowledgements. 1 Basics of Performance Measurement in UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN). 1.1 Genera
Editors. Prime Contributors. Preface. Acknowledgments. Abbreviations s Equations. 2.3 Resulting Principles. References. 3 Basic
Preface. Glossary. 1. Wireless Data Communications. 1.1 Signal Representation. 1.2 Analog to Digital Conversion. 1.3 Digital to Ana
Preface. Acknowledgements. About the Author. 1 Predicting the Future is a Necessary Part of Business. 2 Previous Predictions have be
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Basics of Health Monitoring. 1.2 Commercial Needs for Health Monitoring Technolog
List of contributors. Foreword. Preface. Acronyms. Acknowledgement. 1. INTRODUCTION TO UMTS NETWORKS (Patrick Chan
Preface. Part I Satellite Technology. 1 Introduction to Satellites and their Applications. 1.1 Ever-expanding Application Spectrum. 1.2
Preface. About the Author. 1 Introduction: Mobility is Different. 1.1 Mobilizing Applications. 1.2 What is Mobile Anyhow? 1.3 The
Preface. Acknowledgements. Part A CAN: from concept to reality. 1 The CAN bus: general. 1.1 Concepts of bus access and arbitration
Foreword. Acknowledgements. List of Abbreviations. Prologue. Chapter 1: Digital Memories and the Personal Content Explosion. 1.
List of Figures. List of Tables. List of Plates. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1. Acknowledgements. Chapter 2. Equations of free surfac
Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Direct approach for Discrete Systems. 3. Strong and Weak Forms for One-dimensional Problems. 4. Appro
Preface. Acknowledgments. Dedication. Acronyms. 1 Introduction. 1.1 GNSS/INS Integration Overview. 1.2 GNSS Overview. 1.3
CHAPTER 1. Introduction. 1.1 Electromagnetic Fields. Electric Fields. Magnetic Fields. Field Linkage. 1.2 The Electromagnetic Spe
Acknowledgments. Introduction: We Were Heavily Armed and We Had Crystals. 1 From Wire to Wireless: The Developmentand Accep
PREFACE. Introduction. I.1 Outline of the Book. I.2 List of Symbols. I.3 Electromagnetic Fields and Potentials. I.4 Principle of Leas

About the Author. Preface. Chapter 1: Introduction to S60. 1.1 The Competitive Advantage of the S60 Platform. 1.2 S60 Architecture.
Foreword by Jan Bosch. Foreword by Antero Taivalsaari. Preface. Acknowledgments. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Motivation. 1.2 Commonl
The Authors. List of Contributors. Preface. 1 Introduction. 2 Agent Technology Overview. 2.1 About agents. 2.2 The Foundation fo
Series Preface. Preface.. 1 Introduction. 1.1 What is Color Constancy? 1.2 Classic Experiments. 1.3 Overview. 2 The Visual System
Preface. Acknowledgments. Glossary. 1 Introduction (Shyam Chakraborty, Tomas Frankkila). 1.1 Convergence of Networking Paradig
Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Authors. 1 UMTS Basics. 1.1 Standards. 1.2 Network Architecture. 1.3 UMTS Interfaces. 1
PREFACE. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. 1. ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES. 1.1. The Time-Invariant Maxwell Equations. 1.2. The Ele
Preface (S. Luryi, J. M. Xu, and A. Zaslavskyix ). 1. PHYSICS: THE FOUNDATIONS1. Is Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation Really
Preface. Chapter 1. Introduction to Dynamic-system Simulation. Chapter 2. Models with Difference Equations, Limiters, and Switches.
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Contributors. Chapter 1 : Introduction and Overview (Jon Harnkins and Marvin K . Simon). 1
Preface. About the Authors. PART 1: FUNDAMENTALS. 1. Introduction to Smart Systems. 1.1 Components of a smart system. 1.2
Preface to the Fifth Edition. 1. Voltage and Capacitance. 1.1. Introduction. 1.2. Charges and Electrons. 1.3. The Electric Force Field.
Preface. The Author. Chapter 1: The Path of Serendipity. Chapter 2: Estimation, Mental Models & Teams. Chapter 3: Processes, Netw
PART 1. THE ELEMENTS OF THE INFRARED SYSTEM. Chapter 1. Introduction to Infrared System Engineering. Chapter 2. Infrared
Preface. 1. Introduction. 1.1. Concepts and Evolution of Electric Power Theory. 1.2. Applications of the p-q Theory to Power Electronic
Preface. PHYSICAL AND LINL LAYER ASPECTS OF COMMUNICATIONS. Turbo Space-Time Processing to Improve Wireless Ch
Preface. Acknowledgments. Figure Citations. About the Author. 1. Overview. 1.1 The Power Delivery Chain in a Vertically Integrate
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part I Goals, Strategies, and Tactics. Chapter 1 What Does It Mean to Be Pragmatic? What Do Effect
Preface. 1 Introduction. 2 Parametric Models of Observations. 3 Distributions of Observations. 4 Precision and Accuracy. 5 Precise a
Acknowledgements. 1 Introduction. 1.1 The Current Communications Environment. 1.2 The Ambient Networking Concept. 1.3 The A
Foreword Preface Chapter 1. Introduction to Network Analysis of Microwave Circuits 1.1 One-Port Network 1.1.1 Total Voltage and C
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. RF DESIGN and ESD. 1.1 Fundamental Concepts of ESD design. 1.2 Fundamental Concepts o
Acknowledgments. Foreword. Preface. Audience. Scope. Conventions Used in this Book. Organization. Additional Material and A
Preface. Acronyms. 1. Motivation and Context. 1.1 Evolution of Wireless Communication Systems. 1.2 Wireless Propagation Effects.
Preface. Chapter One: Fundamentals of Radio Communications. 1.1. Radio Communication Link. 1.2. Frequency Band for Radio Comm
Preface. 1. Linear Analysis. 1.1 Linear Spaces. 1.2 Linear Transformations. 1.3 The Inversion Problem. 1.4 Greens Functions. 1.5 R
Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. 1 Ray Optics. 2 Wave Optics. 3 Beam Optics. 4 Fourier Optics. 5 Electro
PREFACE. 1 FUNDAMENTALS OF CONTAMINATION CONTROL. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Glossary of Contamination Control Term
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. 1: Optical Networking Fundamentals. 1.1 Fiber Optics: A Brief History in Time. 1.2 Distribut
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Introduction to Optimization in Electromagnetics. 1.1 Optimizing a Function of One Variable. 1.1.1 Exh
Preface to the Second Edition. Chapter 1 Introduction to Telecommunications. 1.1 Telecommunication Networks. 1.2 Numbering Plans.

Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. An Overview of Reliability and Resilience in Todays Mission Critical Facilities. 1.1 Introduc
PREFACE. ABOUT THE AUTHORS. 1 Introduction. 1.1 The Evolution of Optical Networks. 1.1.1 Broadcast-and-Select Networks.
PREFACE. PART I SIX-SIGMA FUNDAMENTALS. 1 Six-Sigma Fundamentals. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Quality and Six-Sigma Define
Foreword. Preface. 1 Projects in Telecommunication Services. Introduction. Project Management Versus Product Management. Virtu
Preface. Contributors. Chapter 1 Introduction to Ultra Wideband (Hüseyin Arslan and Maria-Gabriella Di Benedetto) 1.1 Introduction.
PREFACE. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. ACRONYMS. 1 INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Characteristics of Evolvable Circuits and Systems. 1
Preface. 1. Distributed Computing Environments. 1.1 Entities. 1.2 Communication. 1.3 Axioms and Restrictions. 1.3.1 Axioms. 1.3.
Preface. Acknowledgments. Contributors. 1. Parallel Branch-and-Bound Algorithms (T. Crainic, B. Lecun, C. Roucairol). 2. Parallel D
Figures. Tables. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Background. Chapter 2. Organization and Design. Chapter 3. Fr
PREFACE. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. 1 INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Modern View of Power Systems. 1.2 Power Quality. 1.3 Signal Pro
Preface. Acknowledgments. Contributors. 1 INTRODUCTION (Lawrence B. Holder and Diane J. Cook). 1.1 Terminology. 1.2 Grap
1. Introduction. 2. Data Representation. 3. Arithmetic. 4. The Instruction Set Architecture. 5. Datapath and Control. 6. Languages and
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Overview. 1.2 Organization. 2. Parallel Systems and Programming. 2.1 Parallel Arc
Preface. Contributors List. 1. Introduction (Simon Haykin). Experimental Radar Facilities. Organization of the Book. Part I Radar Sp
Preface. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Asymmetric Passive Components. 1.2 Circuit Parameters. 1.3 Asymmetric Four-Port Hybrids. 1.4 Asymm
Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Authors. Chapter 1. Introduction. PART A: DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING CONCEPTS.
Foreword, Antoine D. Savary. Preface. Contributors for Chapter 3. 1. From System ScienceA New Way to Structure and Manage the Co
Foreword. Preface. Contributors. Acronyms. 1. Fundamentals of Computational Auditory Scene Analysis (DeLiang Wang and Guy J. B
Preface. 1. Introduction. SECTION I: FOUNDATIONS. 2. Technical Overview. 3. Evolving from Aware and Adaptive to Cognitive R
Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview of Wireless Sensor Networks. Chapter 2. Commercial and Scientific Applications of Wireless Senso
1. Chapter 1: Overview (Chein-I Chang) PART I: TUTORALS 2. Chapter 2. Hyperspectral Imaging Systems (John P. Kerekes and John
Preface. 1. Brief review of Electromagnetics and Guided Waves. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Maxwell's equations. 1.3 Uniform plane waves i
Preface. Foreword. Acknowledgments. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Definition of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. 1.2 Applications of Wireless Ad
Preface. Chapter 1. Radio Propagation. Chapter 2. Line-of-Sight Microwave Radiolinks. Chapter 3. Digital Line-of-Sight Microwave Ra
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART 1 CONTINUOUS IMAGE CHARACTERIZATION. 1 Continuous Image Mathematical Characteriz
Preface. 1. Introduction and Overview. 2. Summary of ISO 9001. 3. Relationship to Software Engineering Standards. 4. Implementatio
PREFACE. 1 INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Frequency Synthesis. 1.1.1 Noise in Oscillators. 1.1.2 Frequency Synthesis Techniques. 1.2 Fre
Foreword (Barry Boehm). Preface (Donald J. Reifer) Chapter 1. Introduction. Software Management's Seven Deadly Sins (Donald J. R
Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction to Phishing. 1.1 What is Phishing? 1.2 A Brief History of Phishing. 1.3 The Costs to Soc

Preface. Acknowledgements. Chapter One. Setting the Scene. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Historical Background. 1.2.1 Interaction. 1.2.2 T
Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Signal Processing Essentials. 3. Quantization and Entropy Coding. 4. Linear Prediction in Narrowband and
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. Trademarks. Part A RFID Applied. Chapter 1 The Stage Is Set. Chapter 2 Past, Present, and
FOREWORD. PREFACE. ABOUT THE AUTHOR. CHAPTER 1: APERITIFS. 1.1 The Lexicon of Cryptography. 1.2 Cryptograph
List of Figures. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Introduction. 1.1 The Retention of Software Jobs. 1.2 Depth of Experience. 1.3 The Sc
Foreword. Contributors. Overall Synopsis. 1 Introduction (Norbert Malanowski and Axel Zweck). 1.1 Initial Situation and Goal of the
Preface. List of Contributors. Part I Design and Operation. 1 MTUs Carbonate Fuel Cell HotModule (Gerhard Huppmann). 1.1 The Si
1 Processing of Information in the Human Visual System (Prof. Dr. F. Schaeffel, University of Tübingen). 1.1 Preface. 1.2 Design and St
Preface. 1 Introduction to Prehension Technology. 1.1 Grippers for Mechanization and Automation. 1.2 Definitions and Conceptual Bas
Preface. Preface to 1st Edition. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Nanometers, Micrometers, Millimeters. 1.2 Moores Law. 1.3 Esakis Quantum Tun
Preface. List of Contributors. Part 1 Material Properties. 1 Introduction (Joachim Piprek). 1.1 A Brief History. 1.2 Unique Material P
Electrical machines. AC and DC Converters. Closed-loop controls. Control engineering and automation. Industrial systems and proces
1. Introduction. 2. SIMATIC ControllersThe Hardware Platform. 3. STEP 7: Standard Tool for SIMATIC. 4. The Programming Langua
Introduction. 1. SIMATIC S&-300/400 Programmable Controller. 2. STEP 7 Programming Software. 3. SIMATIC S& Program. Basic
Foreword. Series Editors Foreword. Preface. 1. Liquid crystal physics.        Introduction. Thermodynamics and statistic physics. Orien
Preface. List of Abbreviations. Chapter 1. What is QoS? 1.1 QoS Definition. 1.2 Applications. 1.3 QoS Metrics. 1.4 The Concept O
  Preface. Frequently Used Symbols and Abbreviations. 1 Introduction: Signal Digitizing and Digital Processing. 1.1 Subject Matter. 1
Preface s Theorems. 1.10 Signal Spaces and the Channel Coding Theorem. 1.11 Error Control Coding. 1.12 Limits to Communication a
Foreword. Symbols and Notation. Abbreviations. 1 Overview of Smart Cards. 1.1 Card Classification. 1.2 Card Formats. 1.3 Card E
Preface. 1 Fundamentals. 2 Adaptive coding. 3 Adaptive and Reconfigurable Modulation 4 Space Time Coding. 5 Multiuser commun
Preface. About the Authors. Abbreviations. 1 Modern Transceiver Architectures. 1.1 Overview. 1.2 Receiver Architectures. 1.3 Tran
Preface. Acknowledgements. 1 Overview. 1.1 Definitions and Conventions. 1.2 Organization of the Book. 2 Areas of Consideration f
List of Figures. Preface. How to Read This Book. Introduction. Special Thanks and Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Your World-Unde
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Basic Notions in Acoustic and Electromagnetic Diffraction Problems. 1.1 For
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1 Historical Development. 2 Tidal Phenomenon. 2.1 Introduction. 2.2 Ocean Tides. 2.3 Types of Tides.
Introduction. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1. Software Architecture and Quality. Chapter 2. Software Economics. Chapter 3. Software
Series Editors Foreword.     Preface.    1. Introduction.   1.1 Microdisplays. 1.2 Human Factors. 1.3 Display Specifications. 1.4 Disp
Foreword. Preface. List of Symbols. 1. Introduction. 1.1 The Importance of Device Modeling for IC Design. 1.2 A Short History of th
Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Basic Requirements for Telecommunications Power Systems. 1.2 Applications Review. 1.3 Direct Current Po
Preface. 1. INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Electrical sources and fundamental quantities. 1.2 Static and dynamic fields. 1.3 Working with com
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Overview of Testing. 2. The Software Development Lifecycle. 3. Overview of Structured Testing. 4. T
Introduction. Part I: Preparing to Create the Perfect Home. Chapter 1: The Basics of Self-Build. Chapter 2: Forking Out the Finances. C
Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Fluid Statics. Chapter 3. Elementary Fluid Dynamics The Bernoulli Equation. Chapter 4. Fluid Kin
Preface to the Eighth Edition. Preface to the First Edition. Chapter 1. Structural Use of Concrete. Chapter 2. Considerations for Producti
1 The General Performance Problem. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Performance Characteristics. 1.2.1 Absolute Performance Characteristics. 1
Preface. Acknowledgments. Notation. 1. OVERVIEW. 1.1.Introduction. 1.2 Concepts, Terminology, and Source of Earthquakes. 1.3

Preface to the Eight Edition. Preface to the First Edition. Introduction. Chapter 1. Considerations for Use of Steel. Chapter 2. Structura
Preface. Conversion Factors. 1. Introduction, Materials, and Properties. 2. Design Methods and Requirements. 3. Strenght of Rectangu
Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Background and Motivation. 1.2 Objectives. 1.3 Organization of Book. 1.4 Notation Conventions. Refer
Groundwater in Construction. 1.1 Groundwater in the Hydrologic Cycle. 1.2 Origins of Dewatering. 1.3 Development of Modern Dewat
Preface. Contributors. 1. Qualitative Knowledge Models in Functional Genomics and Proteomics (Mor Peleg, Irene S. Gabashvili, and Ru
Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction: Engineering and Management. Chapter 1: Engineering and Management: The Dynamic Equil
Preface. A Tribute. Acknowledgments. Acknowledgments for the Eight Edition. Disclaimer. Chapter 1. Design and Contracting Requ
Preface. 1. Reliability Engineering and Product Life Cycle. 1.1.Reliability Engineering. 1.2.Product Life Cycle. 1.3.Integration of Relia
* Introduction * Concepts of Stress * Stress and Strain * Axially Loaded Members * Torsion * Shear and Moment in Beams * Stresses in B
Preface. 1. Introduction to Landform grading and Revegetation. 2. Surficial Erosion and Mass Wasting of Slopes. 3. Influence of Vegeta
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Topic. Chapter 2. Principles and Guidelines of PBEV. Chapter 3. Product Requirem
Contributors. Preface. 1 Design for Environment (DfE): Strategies, Practices, Guidelines, Methods, and Tools (Daniel P. Fitzgerald, Jeffr
Contributors. Preface. 1 Environmentally Benign Manufacturing (William E. Biles). 2 Design for the Environment (Jack Jeswiet). 3 Or
Foreword. Preface. List of Contributors. PART I: FUNDAMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS. Chapter 1. Chemical Sensing. Chapter 2.
Contributors. Preface. 1. Engineering of Mineral Extraction (Michael G. Nelson). 2. Waste Reduction in Metals manufacturing (Carl C.
Preface. About the Author. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Introduction. 1.1 Global Engineers and Constructors. 1.2 Engineering and C
Preface. 1. Introductory Concepts in Transportation Decision-Making. 1.0 General Introduction. 1.1 Overall Transportation Program De
Preface. Symbols. Chapter 1. Introduction: Basic Concepts and Terminology. Chapter 2. Vibration of Discrete Systems: Brief Review.
Preface. Acknowledgements. PART I. ITS ABOUT THE BUSINESS. 1. Demystifying Program Management. 2. The Business Case fo
Foreword. Preface. 1 And Justice for All. 2 Moral Justification for Environmental Justice. 3 Justice and the Engineering Profession. 4

Chapter 1. Properties of Soil. Chapter 2. Elasticity and Plasticity. Chapter 3. Stresses in Soil. Chapter 4. Consolidation. Chapter 5. She
1. Security Risk Assessment and Management Process. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Security Risk Equation. 1.3 Security Risk Assessment and
Preface.1 Introduction.1.1 Development of NEC contracts.1.2 Characteristics of NEC 3.1.3 Structure of NEC 3.1.4 Feedback from ECC 2.1
Introduction; Helicopter flight dynamics: an introductory tour; Modelling helicopter flight dynamics: building a simulation model; Modellin
Introduction: Overview of book.Chapter 1: Scoping the subject in theory and practice.Section I: Mindsets, behaviour and competencies in p
Foreword - by Graham Farrant, Chair of Clients' Constrction Group.Preface: Building Not about Building!.Chapter 1. Clients?.1.1 Introduct
Preface.Acknowledgements.Chapter 1 Planning and legal considerations.Permitted Development The GPDO Volume calculation Certific
Part I Briefing the Building Team.Chapter 1. The Building Team.Chapter 2. Assessing the Needs.Part II Available Procurement Methods.C
Case Studies.Company Profiles.Preface.Introduction.1. Sustainable development and facilities management.2. Sustainable Business Manage
Underpinning Knowledge; Hot and Cold Water Supplies; Central Heating; Gas Supplies; Oil Supplies; Electrical Work; Sanitation; Drainag
Chapter 1 The purpose and use of the JCT Standard Building Sub-Contract (2005 Edition)... Background and Introduction. Sub-Contractin
1 The Work of the Quantity Surveyor.2 Education, Training and Employment.3 Organisation and Management.4 The Quantity Surveyor an
The materials used in timber engineering; Stress levels for solid timber; Loading; The design of beams - general notes; Beams of solid timbe
I: Legal and Administrative.1 Building control: an overview.2 The Building Regulations and approved documents.3 Local authority control
Preface .1. INTRODUCTION .1.1 Definitions.1.2 Advantages and disadvantages.1.3 The architect's role.1.4 Standard forms available.1.5 T
Definitions; Introduction; Tender; Contract; Subcontractors selected by a third party; Programming of the Subcontract work; Organisation a
What is a party wall?; What is 'Work in pursuance of the Act'?; Identifying the owners; The validity of notices; The nature of the surveyor's
Preface. 0 Introduction. 0.1 Subject of the Book. 0.2 Building Physics. 0.2.1 Definition. 0.2.2 Criteria. Comfort. He
Preface. Chapter 1. Introduction to DeGarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing. Chapter 2. Properties of Materials. Chapter 3
PREFACE. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. PROLOGUE. 1 INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Historical Perspective. 1.2 Diagnostic and Prognostic
Part 1 Approach and First Considerations: Principles of foundation design; Soil mechanics, lab testing and geology; Ground investigation; P
Preface. 1 Introduction. 2 Single-Phase Gas Flow. 2.1 Euler equations forone-dimensional flow. 2.2 Quasi-one-dimensional flow in du
Preface. 48 Things Gifted Bosses Know. PART I: 90-10-0: The Formula for Leadership Success. Number 1: Hiring Is Motivation, or Its
Foreword. Preface: The Author's True Confession. Miracles Never Stop. The Proof. What Are You Dismissing? How to Attract Mon
Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Introduction: Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management. Best Practice Award-Winning E
Acknowledgements. About the Authors. Introduction. 1 Philip Kotler: The founding father. 2 David Aaker: Brand equity trailblazer. 3
PREFACE.         Introduction. Preparation. Personal Context. Work. Silences. History. Communication.             1 Nations and Empires. M
Warning: Dont Read This Book. Tools. brandgym network. brandgym.com. wheresthesausage.com. The Oscar Acceptance Speech.
About the Author. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1. This is getting us nowhere. Chapter 2. How to navigate this book. PART I: THE CA
Preface. 1 The Service and Relationship Imperative: Managing in Service Competition. 2 Managing Customer Relationships: An Alterna
Preface. About the Authors. Acknowledgements. Part 1: Relationship strategy. Chapter 1. Introduction to strategic market relationships
LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES. INTRODUCTION. The philosophy of the book and the concept of participation. The participatory
Preface. Acknowledgements. PART 1: PRINCIPLES. Chapter 1. The innovation imperative. Chapter 2. Organizing innovation and ent
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements.            Part I HOW OUR ATTITUDES UNDERPIN OUR EI.                 1 Why EI Now. 2 The IQ vs. EQ
Acknowledgements. 1. What is this book about? 2. The importance of talent management for long-term business success. 3. An overview
Foreword. 1. Why are some companies more successful than others? The real life laboratory. Creating value and simultaneous destructio
Introduction. Part I: Getting Started. Chapter 1: Giving a Presentation or Speech. Chapter 2: Getting Ready to Present. Chapter 3: Mak
Introduction. Part I: Laying the Foundation for Your Strategic Plan. Chapter 1: What Is Strategic Planning Anyhow? Chapter 2: Why St
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Part I: "What We Got Here Is a Failure to Communicate." 1 The More You Sweat, the Less Yo
Part I: Principles. 1. Introduction to the Real Estate Business. 2. Concepts of Home Ownership. Part II: Real Estate Ownership and the L
CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Models and Modeling. 1.2 The Role of Spreadsheets. 1.3 The Real World and the Model World. 1.4 L
About the Author. Preface. 1 Defining the Problem. Business Continuity Concerns. Characteristics of a Sound Program. Cost-Reducti
About the Author. Preface. Chapter 1. Understanding Cash Flow-Your Number-One Priority. Chapter 2. Your Business Partner-The Ac
Preface. Acknowledgments. SECTION ONE Unlock the Secrets of Your Greatest Strengths. 1. See Blind Spots. 2. Develop Clear Sigh
Preface. Acknowledgments. Part I: Podcasting: Where It Came From and Where Its Going. Chapter 1: Stars Being Born Every Day. C
Introduction. Part I: Getting Started in Six Sigma. Chapter 1: Getting Ready for Six Sigma: The Effects of Variation. Chapter 2: Formin
Introduction. Part I. 1 What Is a Mastermind Group? 2 Case Studies: Inside Three Mastermind Groups. 3 A Peek inside a Mastermind.
Foreword by Donald J. Trump. Introduction: How I Became Donald Trump's Negotiator. Chapter 1: What Is Negotiation...Really? PAR
Preface. Chapter 1. A World of Change. Chapter 2. How Process Can Drive Strategy. Chapter 3. The Strategic Process. Chapter 4. Stra
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1. The Rules of the Game. Chapter 2. The Three Haunting Questions. Chapter 3.
Preface. About the Contributing Authors. Chapter 1: Harnessing IT to Drive Enterprise Strategy (Michael Hugos). Chapter 2: Architectu
Foreword by Michael Jackson. Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. The Unconventional Beginnings of an Entrepreneur. Chapter 2.
PART I: THE NATURE AND SCOPE OF MARKETING RESEARCH. Chapter 1. A Decision-Making Perspective on Marketing Intellig
CHAPTER 1 The Competing Values Approach to Management. The Evolution of Management Models. Action Imperatives: Collaborate
Preface. CHAPTER 1. Information Product Opportunities: Fire Up Those Revenue Streams. Benefits of Information Products. Generati
Foreword: The Sugarman Legacy (Ray Schultz). Acknowledgments. Introduction: The Origin of This Book. SECTION ONE: UNDERS
Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1 Covert Persuasion Begins in the Mind. 2 From No to Yes. 3 Covert Strategies for Changing Beliefs
Author's Note. Preface. Chapter 1. The Performance Puzzle. Chapter 2. The Impact on Power. Chapter 3. Harnessing the Power. Chap
Foreword by Kerry Cattell. Preface by Walter J. Reinhart. Introduction. Chapter One: Overcoming a Shaky Start: Millennium Novum.
Foreword. Acknowledgments. PART I. CLARIFYING THE INSIDE-OUT WORKPLACE. 1. The Essence of I-Work. 2. Cubicle-Line
List of Contributors. Foreword (Judith Hennigfeld, Manfred Pohl and Nick Tolhurst). Acknowledgements. PART I: INTRODUCTION
Preface. About the Contributors. Chapter 1. The Strategic Development Process (Robert G. Dyson, Jim Bryant, John Morecroft and Fran
Preface. About the author. Introduction. Chapter 1. Profit is not a dirty word but value is much cleaner. Is profit the best way to allocat
Introduction. Part I: Getting Started with Digital Marketing. Chapter 1: Getting Net-Savvy. Chapter 2: Market Size Matters. Chapter 3:
Foreword. Introduction: So Whats the Big Idea? Acknowledgements. About the Authors. 1 Marketing Measurement Excellence. 2 Cu
Dedication. Foreword by Russell Davies. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Part One: A We-Species with an illusion of I. 1: The Sup
Preface. Introduction: I Did It My Way. Chapter 1. Marketing - A Discipline In Crisis. PART ONE: ARTICLES ON SERVICE MARK
About The Authors. Series Preface. Preface. Chapter 1 Introduction and CRM Overview. Chapter 2 - Positioning CRM As IT-Enabled
Contributors. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements.           PART ONE: FACILITATING DECISION-MAKING.                   1 Creating Maximu
Acknowledgements. Preface. 1 Whats the issue and why should I care? 2 Why are tools to understand business so inadequate? 2.1 How
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Climbing the Relationship Pyramid. Building Relationships Is a Skill. Payback Time in Mem

Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. Part 1 Overview. 1 CFOs Place in the Corporation. First Days in the Position. Specif
Foreword by Kevin Hogan. Acknowledgments. Author's Strange Introduction. Got Trance? The World's Largest Private Collection of
PART I: THE EFFECTIE IT ORGANIZATION. Chapter 1. The IT Dilemma. Chapter 2. IT Ineffectiveness Sources and Causes. Chapt
Preface. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1. Introduction. Key Result Indicators. Key Performance Indicators. Management Models that H
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. 1 The Result: An $8 Billion Business Success. 2 The Culture: People First. 3 The Vision: Free

Acknowledgments. Chapter 1Introduction to Online Teaching. Our Experiences. A Message from Dani. A Message from Jim. Substa
Preface. Acknowledgments. Part One. The Worst-Case Scenario. Chapter 1. Night of the Living Dead. Chapter 2. The Production and
Preface. Acknowledgements. Section I. Measurement: The Solution Exists. Chapter 1. The Intangibles and the Challenge. Chapter 2. A

1. Introduction. 2. The Corporation. 3. Choice of Form. 4. Preincorporation Activities and incorporation. 5. Financial Structure. 6. Di
Section One Up Front. Foreword (The Honorable Robert C. Cresanti). Acknowledgments. Introduction. Section Two Defining the Stak
Intro By the numbers: whats it all about? 1. What is marketing's goal? 2. Is email the perfect marketing tool? 3. What's wrong with emai
Foreword by Rob Walton. Acknowledgments. Introduction Set High Expectations for Everything You Do. Rule #1 COMMIT to Achiev
Preface. Whats Up with the Childrens Stories? Creating Beliefs that Shape Your Brand. Introduction. The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Cha
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Understand the Future of Work. 2. Adopt the Career Distinction Mindset. 3. Brand Yoursel

Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Evolution of a Business. Chapter 2. The Science of Human Action. Chapter 3. Vision. Chapte
Contributors.      Foreword by the Editors.  Acknowledgements. Part I Conceptual Framework and Trends on the Macro-level. Chapt
List of Illustrations. About the Author. Preface. Acknowledgments. PART ONE : LEADERSHIP OF SELF. Chapter 1. Time. Chapt

Acknowledgments. Introduction. SECTION I: MARKETING PLANNING AND CUSTOMER. 1. Revenue.                        2. Gross Profits. 3. V
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1: Fear Over the Valley Chapter 2: A Century of Lost Opportunities Chapter 3: People Powe
Introduction. Part 1: People, Not Issues. 1. The Human Touch. Part 2: Ren at Work. 2. Changing Attitudes. 3. Finding Opportunities
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Positioning. Chapter 1. Building a better mousetrap. Chapter 2. Breaching the defenses. Chapter 3. E
1. An Introduction to Blade servers....................................................... 10 2 . The Blades Hardware.................................................................
Acknowledgments. Preface. Chapter One. The Evolution of Business Functions and the Ways They can Be Used to Successfully Drive B
Introduction. Chapter 1: The road to Burnout. Chapter 2: The Silo Effect. Chapter 3: Personal Blur. Chapter 4: What Is the Slow Move

Introduction     1. Data collection and its graphical presentation. 1.1 Introduction to statistics . 1.2 Data collection, samples, surveys and
Introduction: Strategy and Economics. Primer: Economic Concepts for Strategy. PART ONE: FIRM BOUNDARIES. 1. The Evolution
Preface. PART ONE: Introduction to Economics. CHAPTER 1. Introduction to Economics. What Is Economics? Economics and Scarc
PART I. MANAGERS TODAY. Module 1. Our New Workplace: This is no time for Complacency. 1.1 What Issues and Concerns Comp
Preface. Introduction. CHAPTER 1. Imperatives of Metrics. CHAPTER 2. A Path to Alignment. CHAPTER 3. Supporting Human Cap
About the Authors. Acknowledgments. Preface. CHAPTER 1: CASH FLOW AND YOUR CASH POSITION. 1.1 Life in the Nonprof
About the Authors. Acknowledgments. Preface. 1 Understanding Nonprofit Organization Finances. 1.1 Definition of Nonprofit Organi
Preface: Are You A Marketing Champion? Why This Book? The Marketing Champions Imperative. The Marketing Compass. About O
Preface. PART I. INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS ETHICS. Chapter 1. Introducing Straight Talk About Managing Business Ethics: W
1. Globalization Imperative. 2. Economic Environment. 3. Financial Environment. 4. Global Cultural Environment and Buyer Behavior.
1. The Power of Entrepreneurship. 2. The Entrepreneurial Process. 3. Opportunity Recognition, Shaping, and Reshaping. 4. Understandin
Acknowledgments. Foreword. Introduction. 1. Chaos in Manufacturing. Problems in Manufacturing. Symptoms of Master Scheduling
Preface. Acknowledgments. Table of Abbreviations. PART 1. CULTURAL BACKGROUND: THE BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL C
1. Introduction to Emergency Management. 2. Emergency Management Stakeholders. 3. Building an Effective Emergency Management O
Introduction. Chapter 1 How Do You Make Them Feel? The Focus Is on the CustomerJust Listen! Are You Customer Focused? Wear
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Performance Measurement and the Need for a balanced Scorecard. Chapter 2. Getting Started.
List of Figures. Acknowledgments. About the Author. Foreword. Preface. Introduction. 1 Battle of the Brains. 2 What is an Idea M
1 Using Technology: Technology as a Tool. 2 Emergency Management and the Internet: Information Superhighway. 3 Networks and Com
Introduction. 1. Knowing What to Expect: Hazards and Disasters. 2. Understanding the Actors: Role and Responsibilities of Disaster Par
Introduction: An Audience with Steve Jobs. Chapter 1. Presentation Crime: Why Most Presentations Fail. Chapter 2. Imperfect Pitch: Th
1. Hazards vs. Disasters. 2. Meteorological and Hydrological Hazards. 3. Geological Hazards. 4. Man-Made Hazards. 5. Hazards Man
Introducing Marketing Part I: Business Marketing 1. Making Marketing Happen 2. The Marketing Plan Part II: Analyzing Marketing Opp
About the Authors. Introduction. PART ONE: IP LAW ON ECONOMIC DAMAGES. Chapter 1. U.S. Case Law and Economic Damag
1. Introduction to Emergency Planning. 2. The Emergency Planning Process. 3. Patterned Human Behavior in Disasters . 4. Fostering Su
Chapter one. Early Hard Knocks on the Road to Riches and Fame. Quirky Habits and Brazen Philosophy: How to Outwit Your Superiors.
Introduction. Preface. Chapter 1: The Public Sector Squeeze. Chapter 2: Zeroing In on Outcomes. Chapter 3: Why Is It So Hard to Me
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: History and Legislative Background of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Chapter 2: Why Should

Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Introduction: What IsWorkplace Safety? Workplace Safety Management Is Strategic and Tactic
Preface. Acknowledgments. The Author. 1. The Leadership Context. The Transforming Workplace. Matrix Work Is Different. Exam
Exhibits and Figures. Foreword (Philip Horn). Preface. Acknowledgments. The Authors. Part I: Seeking a New Solution Using Cash F
Preface. Introduction (Morton Deutsch). PART ONE: INTERPERSONAL AND INTERGROUP PROCESSES. 1 Cooperation and Com

List of Exhibits. Contents of the CD-ROM. Foreword. Preface to the Second Edition. Acknowledgments. Pretest: On What Issues Do
Foreword (Allan H. Church and Janine Waclawski). Preface (S. Morton McPhail). The Authors. 1 Development of Validation Evidence
List of Figures. List of Toolkit Forms on CD-ROM. Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART ONE: FUNDAMENTALS OF NEEDS A
Foreword (Bernard M. Bass). About the Authors. Introduction (Jay A. Conger and Ronald E. Riggio). Part One: Leadership Developme
Preface to the Fifth Edition. Acknowledgments. The Author. Introduction. PART ONE: Fundraising Framework. 1 Philanthropy in A
Figures. CD-ROM Contents. Preface. Introduction. Part One: Making the Transition. 1. Performance Consulting. 2. The Transition.
Introduction. 1. Public Relations Goes Digital ~MS. A Few Words About the Truth. A Few Words About Grammar. E-Mail Is Not Pri
Preface. Acknowledgments. The Author. PART ONE: CORE CONCEPTS: THE COACH'S STANCE. 1. An Introduction to Executiv
Preface (Frances Hesselbein and Marshall Goldsmith). Part One: A Vision of Leadership. 1. Peter F. Drucker on Executive Leadership an
Preface. PART ONE The Essence of MAGIC. INTRODUCTION. 1 What Does MAGIC Really Mean? 2 What Are the Benefits of MA
Foreword. Introduction. 1 The Corporate Cycle. 2 Profitability vs. Growth. 3 Today vs. Tomorrow. 4 Whole vs. Parts. 5 Breaking th
Prologue. C1. AGs A s A & L. Two Endings. Epilogue. Post Epilogue. Afterword. Acknowledgments. About the Author.
About BoardSource. Introduction: The World of Nonprofits. PART ONE: BASIC BOARD FUNCTIONS. 1. What are the basic respon
List of Exhibits on the CD-ROM. Foreword, by Jim Kouzes. Preface. ONE: So You Want to Be a Consultant. What Is Consulting? Fo
List of Tables, Figures, and Exhibits. Preface. A Few Words of Thanks. Overview: Human Resources (HR) Program Evaluation. Chap
Acknowledgments. The Author. Introduction. ONE: Emergence of Human Factors. TWO: Human Factors and Team Dynamics in Proj
List of Sidebars, Tables, and Figures. Authors Foreword. Acknowledgments. ONE: Introduction. What Information Is the Book Based
List of Figures.List of Tables.List of Contributors.Preface.Part I: Urbanization:.1. The Micro-Empirics of Agglomeration Economies: Stuart
Preface.1. Knowledge Workers and Knowledge Work.Knowledge Work in the Global Economy.What Do Knowledge Workers Do?.Explic
1 Prologue.2 An Introduction To The Analysis Of Markets And Institutions In Real Estate And Construction.3 House Price Cycles: Evidenc
List of Figures.List of Tables.Preface.Acknowledgments.Acronyms.Part I: Foundations.1. Muscovy and the West.2. Economic Fundamenta
Foreword.Acknowledgements.Introduction: Creativity and the Creative Industries.1. Defining Creativity.A Tale of Two Corridors.What Is C
Preface.Part I: Introduction .1 Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance .Introduction.The Importance of an International Perspective
Preface.Acknowledgements.1. Introduction.2. What Is E-Business and Does It Still Matter?.Part I: The New E-Business Environment:.3. Th
Preface.Acknowledgements.Part I: Economics and Urban Areas:.1. Introduction to Urban Economics.2. Schools of Thought in Urban Econo
Acknowledgments.Dedication.INTRODUCTION.Part I: Theory and Context.1 Control and Coordination within Multinational Corporations
Part I: Matrix Algebra and Linear Economic Moders:.1. Matrix Algebra.1.1 Basic Concepts.1.2 Determinants.1.3 The Inverse of a Matrix.1
List of Figures.List of Tables.List of Contributors.Preface.1. Research Styles In The History Of Economic Thought: Jeff E. Biddle (Michiga
List of Contributors.Introduction: Managing Public Service Change or Coping with its Complexity?: Mike Wallace (University of Bath), M
Notes on Authors.Foreword.1. Dynamic Capabilities: Foundations.2. Managers, Markets, and Dynamic Capabilities.3. Dynamic Capabilitie
Notes on Contributors.List of Figures.List of Tables.Foreword: Yves Doz.Acknowledgements.Introduction: Thomas Durand (Ecole Central
Acknowledgments.About the Editors.Introduction and Overview: Pierre-Richard Agénor, Alejandro Izquierdo, and Henning Tarp Jensen.1.
List of Figures.List of Tables.List of Games.Preface.Contents and Purpose.Changes in the Second Edition (1994).Changes in the Third Edit
Preface.Acknowledgments.Introduction.Part I: Models and Analysis of Perfectly Competitive Markets:.1. Market Demand.2. Market Supply
Chapter 1: Introduction, by A. Cooper, S. Alvarez, A. Carrera, L. Mesquita and R. Vassolo.Section I: Entrepreneurial Theory about Uncerta
Preface.Introduction.Part 1: The Supply Side of the Housebuilding Industry.2. Methodology, Sources and Definitions.3. The Pre-War Hous
Preface.Acknowledgements.Introduction.Part I: Overview of SHRM.1. Looking Inside for Competitive Advantage: Jay B. Barney.2. Under
Preface .1 The Cost of Making Land Use Decisions .Introduction.Beyond the market versus the government debates.The study of transactio
List of contributors.Preface.Introducing ION: The International Organization Network.How ION Works.Blackwell Handbook of Global Ma
Preface.Introduction: Transformation of Chinas Economy.Part I: Historical Background and General Survey.1. Economic Lessons from His
..Coeditor's Foreword: Reflections on How Biographies of Individual Scholars Can Relate to a Science's Biography (Paul A. Samuelson).Co
Preface.Part I: What Are the Issues in the Economics of Gender?:.1. Introduction.What is the Economics of Gender?.Why Study the Econom
Acknowledgements. Dramatis Personae. Chapter One The First Few Quid. Chapter Two The Heat of the Kitchen. Chapter Three From
Acknowledgements. Foreword. 1. Beginning with the Ashes in Mind. 2. What is this Thing We Call Mental Toughness? 3. Turnaround
Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. Persistence Pays. 2. The First Steps. 3. Financing Cobra. 4. Look After Your Product. 5. The C
Acknowledgements. Foreword. Introduction. 1. Effective Engagement. 2. The Impact of Coaching. 3. Coaching in Context: Changes
SUMO Appreciation. Introduction. PART ONE. The Seven SUMO Realities. Reality Rules. E + R = O. Remember The Beach Ball.
Acknowledgements. Preface. Introduction. Prologue. Chapter One. Chapter Two. Chapter 2a. Chapter 2b. Chapter Three. Chapt
Prepare... ONE:COACHING FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE - YOURS. 1. You, Here, Now. 2. The Obvious Secret. 3. The D
Prologue: The false start. Part 1. 1 Introduction. 2 Starting again. 3 Putting the idea into practice. 4 The opening days. 5 Building on
Foreword. Acknowledgements. Summary. 1 Introduction. 2 Concepts and Definitions. 2.1 Risk. 2.2 Danger/Potential for DamageHa

PART 1 UNDERSTANDING HRM. 1 Strategic Implications of a Dynamic HRM Environment. 2 Fundamentals of HRM. PART 2 THE
Preface. Chapter 1 Introduction to Economic Analysis in Health Care. 1.1 Life, Death and Big Business: Why Health Economics is Impo
Foreword Jack Trout. Acknowledgments. Introduction: Why the Four P's No Longer Work and the Three Words (Including Loyalty) That
Acknowledgements. Introduction. Essential Steps for Getting Started on eBay. Chapter 1 . Anthony Roberts, AACS Autographs. Chap
Acknowledgments. About the Author, and Why "Gimme!" Introduction. PART I: TODAY'S MARKETING CHALLENGES AND THE
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1 Receptionist Goes Nuts . . . and Goes. 2 Needs: The Hidden Fundamentals of Motivation
Chapter 1. Running a Business is Like Raising a Child. Chapter 2. Preparing for Entrepreneurship. Chapter 3. Launching. Chapter 4. Th
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART I: INTRODUCTION TO SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. 1. If Supply Chain Is the Answer, Th
Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Parents: Less Carrot, More Stick. 2. First Jobs: Child Labor Pays Off. 3. Adversity: Overcoming, th
Part I: Foundations of Business Communication. 1. Understanding Business Communication. 2. Mastering Communication Skills. 3. Eff
Acknowledgments. About the Author. Preface. 1 Nonprofits: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Introduction. The Purposes of Nonpr
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. PROLOGUE. Chapter I: How Hank Greenberg Did It. Chapter II: Shanghai Starr. Chapter III: Secrets to B
Introducing The Handbook of Experiential Learning. PART I: FOUNDATIONS OF EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. Chapter 1: Changin
Preface. Introduction to The 2007 Pfeiffer Annual: Human Resource Management. Current Practices. Introduction to Current Practices.
Foreword by Jon Katzenbach.. Preface. The Authors. 1. Integration: The Real Deal. Buyer Beware!. Why Deals Are Done. Integrati
Preface.Acknowledgments.1. Corporate Governance in International Business: Concepts and Mechanisms.Executive Summary.Defining Co

Introduction (Olaf Plötner). 1 Market-Oriented Management in Global Markets (Albrecht Söllner/Wulff Plinke). 2 From Selling Goods to
Part 1 Background.Chapter 1: Understanding Dual Diagnosis: an Overview.Chapter 2: Policy Initiatives in Substance Misuse and Mental H
Chapter 1: Defining the Terms.Chapter 2: The Bigger Picture: CAMHS, nursing and the strategic context.Chapter 3: Nursing Children and Y
Chapter 1: Understanding the Principles of Pain Management.Chapter 2: Types of Pain and Basic Strategies for Pain Management.Chapter
Ch 1 Introduction.Ch 2 Causes of Leg Ulceration.Ch 3 An assessment framework.Ch 4 Understanding non-invasive vascular assessment.Ch
Preface.1. Cell Physiology.2. Cellular Communication.3. Introduction to the Nervous System.4. Signalling in the Nervous System.5. Muscle
1. Introduction.2. Health and Health Promotion.3. Influences on Health.4. Approaches to Promoting Health.5. Priorities for Public Health.6
Teamwork in General Practice.General Practice Nursing.Practice Organisation.Management of the Nurses' Rooms.Nursing Treatments and
Chapter 1: The Midwifery Public Health Agenda Setting the Scene.Chapter 2: Health and Inequality- What can midwives do?.Chapter 3: S
Section 1: Principles of Health and Illness.Chapter 1: Health Models and Concepts of Health.Health beliefs and Practices.Chapter 2: Behavi
Introduction; Explanatory notes; Responsibilities of staff; Preparation of injectable drugs on wards, clinics and departments; Guidelines on f
Part I: Introduction.1. Sociology, social research and health.What is sociology?.Social research.Doing social research.Research Methods.Th
1. Context of care.2. Communication and assessment.3. Abdominal paracentesis.4. Aseptic technique.5. Barrier nursing: nursing the infectio
Section 1 Principles of assessment and diagnosis.Chapter 1: Background to the assessment and management of patients with chest pain.Cha
1. The Entrepreneurial Engineer: Ready for the 21st Century. 1.1 21ST Century Engineers Moving at Internet Time. 1.2 Engineering Edu
Preface. 1. Antibiotics. 2. Antiviral Drugs. 3. Antihypertensive Agents. 4. Lipid Lowering Drugs. 5. Centrally Acting Analgesics. 6.

Preface to the First Edition. Preface to the Second Edition. 1. Introduction. 2 Force Field Methods. 3. Electronic Structure Methods: In
1. Conservation materials. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Proteins. 1.3 Lipids. 1.4 Carbohydrates. 1.5 Natural resins. 1.6 Natural materials. 1
Chapter 1. Ceramic Membranes and Membrane Processes. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Membrane Processes. 1.2.1 Gas separation. 1.2.2 Per
List of Contributors. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Plastics, Polymers and Rubbers by Vibrational Spectroscopy (John M. Chalm
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgement. 1 Introduction to Process Modelling. 2 Process Modelling Fundamentals. 3 Extended Analy
Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Development of Chemometrics. 1.2 Application Areas. 1.3 How to Use this Book. 1.4 Literature and Oth
Preface. List of Contributors. 1. Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Method Validation in Chromatographic Applications (Michele L
List of Contributors. Series Preface. Preface. 1 Environmental Colloids and Particles: Current Knowledge and Future Developments (Ja
Preface. Acknowledgements. Endorsement. About the authors. 1 A brief history of control and simulation. 2 Process control hardware
Preface.    Series Preface.    Glossary of Terms. 1.0 Contaminated land and the link to human health. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Soil Guidel
Part A: SCIENTIFIC FRAMEWORK FOR AEROSOL SAMPLING. Chapter 1: Introduction. Aerosols. Particle size. Elementary part
Foreword. Preface. Abbreviations. Acknowledgements. Background. 1 Synthetic Routes to Aliphatic C-Nitro Functionality. 1.1 Intro
1. Introduction. 1.1 Conducting Polymers. 1.2 What Are Self-doped Conducting Polymers? 1.3 Types of Self-doped Polymers. 1.4 Dop
Preface. Acknowledgments. Contributors. 1. Biological Sampling Design and Related Topics. 1.1 Profi ling Methods and Underwater

Series Introduction. Preface. Acknowledgments. Contributors. PART I: INTRODUCTION TO TOXICOLOGY METHODS. 1. An In
Principles, Bakery, Beverages, Cereals, Cheese, Confectionary, Fats, Fruits, and Functional Foods. PREFACE. CONTRIBUTORS LIST.
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. PREFACE. PART I THE INDUSTRY. 1. What Fine Chemicals Are. 1.1 Defi nition. 1.2 Positioning on th
Preface. 1. Transition metal-mediated reactions in organic synthesis. 2. Biotransformations in organic synthesis. 3. Catalytic Enantiosele

Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Polarized Light. 3. Theoretical Framework: Definition of MCD Terms. 4. Measurement of MCD Spectra.
1. Linear-Scaling Methods in Quantum Chemistry (Christian Ochsenfeld, Jörg Kussmann, and Daniel S. Lambrecht). Introduction. Some
List of Contributors. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. 1 Solubility Phenomena Related to Normal and Pathological Biominerali
1. COTRIMERIZATIONS OF ACETYLENIC COMPOUNDS (Nicolas Agenet, Olivier Buisine, Franck Slowinski, Vincent Gandon, Corin
VOLUME 1. General Aspects. 1. Green Chemistry. 2. Life Cycle Assessment. 3. Sustainable Development and Chemistry. "Green" T
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Searching the Literature. 1.1. Commercial availability. 1.2. Literature preparations. 2. Reagents. 2.1.
Preface. Acknowledgments. Abbreviations and Acronyms. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Purpose of This Book. 1.2 Human Factors. 1.3 Human
    PREFACE. THERMODYNAMICS. 1. Heat, Work, and Energy. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Temperature. 1.3 Heat. 1.4 Work. 1.5 D
Introduction. Chapter 1. Bond-Line Drawings. How to Read Bond-Line Drawings. How to Draw Bond-Line Drawings. Mistakes to Av
List of Tables. List of Figures. Items on the CD Accompanying This Book. Acronyms and abbreviations. Glossary. Acknowledgemen
Preface. PART I: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING FUDNAMENTALS. Chapter 1. Units and Dimensions (UAD). Chapter 2. Conservatio
Preface. Acknowledgments. Sectionon I. Introduction. Performance Data. Rational for Selecting Chemical Protective Clothing. How

List of Tables. List of Figures. Acronyms and Abbreviations. Glossaiy. Acknowledgments. Preface. Executive Summaiy. Purpose o
Preface. Preliminary Chapter Guidance to Student. List of symbols. 1 Concepts and Ideas: Setting the Stage. 1.1 Electrolyte solutions
Preface.    About the authors.     1 Introduction.   1.1 What is supramolecular chemistry? 1.2 Selectivity. 1.3 Supramolecular interactio
Foreword to the first English edition. Preface to the first English edition. Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction. PART 1. SEPAR

PREFACE. CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION TO VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY. 1.1. Introduction. 1.2. Molecular Vibrations. 1
Contributors. Preface. Abstracts. Molecular Paleoscience: Systems Biology from the Past (Steven A. Benner, Slim O. Sassi, and Eric A.
Preface. 1.1 From Gene to Product: The Advantage of Integrative Biotechnology (Frank-Ranier Schmidt). 1.2 Sequencing the Human Ge
Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. Chapter 1. Introducing Visual Basic for Applications. Chapter 2. Fundamentals of Prog
Preface. About the book. About the authors. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1 Introduction. 1.1 Basic concepts in laser chemistry. 1.2 O
Preface. A: Introduction: Selectivity. 1. Planning Organic Syntheses: Tactics, Strategy, and Control. 2. Chemoselectivity. 3. Regioselec
Series Preface. Preface to Volume 4. Abbreviations. 1 An Overview of Zeolite, Zeotype and Mesoporous Solids Chemistry: Design, Syn
Series Preface. Preface. List of Contributors. 1.1 Wastewater Regulation (Violeta Vinceviciene). 1.2 Sampling Assistance (Olivier Tho
Contributors Preface. 1. Injection Molding (Peter F. Grelle) 2. Assisted Injection Molding (Steve Ham) 3. Sheet Extrusion (Dana R. H
Foreword. Preface to Third Edition. Preface to Second Edition. Preface to First Edition. 1 Basic Concepts in Advancement and Testing
Preface. Acknowledgments. Contributors. Chapter 1: Introduction (W. Fred McClure). Chapter 2. Principles of Molecular Vibrations f
Dedication. Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Chapter 1. Pharmacometrics: Impacting Drug Development and Pharmacotherp
Introductory Preface (K. Mikami and M. Lautens). Chapter 1. Ligand Design for Catalytic Asymmetric Reduction (T. Ohkuma, M. Kitamu
PREFACE. CONTRIBUTORS. PART I HPLC THEORY AND PRACTICE. 1 Introduction (Yuri Kazakevich and Rosario LoBrutto).

1. THE BASICS: Bonding and Molecular Structure. 2. REPRESENTATIVE CARBON COMPOUNDS: Functional Groups, Intermolecul
Preface. Contributors. SECTION 1: FUNDAMENTALS AND METHOD DEVELOPMENT. 1. Improvement in Pretreatment and Anal
Contributors. Preface. 1. Reflections on Process Research II (Edward J. J. Grabowski). 2. Development and Scale-Up of a Heterocyclic
Preface to the Fourth Edition. Preface to the Third Edition. Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. Abbreviations.
Preface. Symbols and Units. 1. What Are Coatings? 1.1. Definitions and Scope. 1.2. Composition of Coatings. References. 2. Polym
PREFACE. GLOSSARY OF SYMBOLS AND TERMS. 1 INTRODUCTION. 1.1 The General Elution Problem and the Need for Grad
Preface. 1. Introduction to Environmental Data Acquisition. 1.1 Introduction. 1.1.1 Importance of Scientifically Reliable and Legally De
Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. 1. Overview. 2. Water and Ionic Solutions. 3. Metals and Metal Sufaces. 4
Preface. Preface to the First Edition. About the Authors. 1. Introduction. 2. Troubleshooting or Problem Solving Procedure. Basic Tro
Preface. Preface to the First Edition. Acknowledgments. PART A. I. Introduction. II. Glossary. III. Physical Properties of Compound
Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition 1. The Atmosphere. 2. Atmosphere Trace Constituents. 3. Chemical Kinetic
Preface. Biographical Note. Abbreviations. PART 1. Chapter 1. Localized Chemical Bonding. Chapter 2. Delocalized Chemical Bond
Contributors. Preface. STRUCTURES AND DYNAMICS OF GAS-PHASE BIOMOLECULES. 1. Spectroscopy of neutral Peptides in
Preface. Series Preface. Chapter 1. The State of the Art in Boron Polymer Chemistry (Manoj K. Kolel-Veetil and Teddy M. Keller).. Ch
Contributors. Chapter 1. Organometallic Polymers. The Early Days (Charles U. Pittman, and Charles E. Carraher). Chapter 2. Recent Dev
PREFACE. CONTRIBUTORS. PART 1 REACTIVE INTERMEDIATES. 1. Tetrahedral Intermediates Derived from Carbonyl Compo
Preface. The Editor. Contributors. Dedication. PART I: ESR FUNDAMENTALS. Chapter 1. Continuous-Wave and Pulsed ESR Met
Chapter 1. Introduction to Flame Retardancy and Polymer Flammability. Chapter 2. Polymer Nanocomposite Technology, Fundamentals.
Contributors. Preface. Chapter 1. Development of vaccine adjuvants - a historical perspective (Gary Ott and Gary Van Nest). Chapter 2.
Preface. Contributors. Chapter 1. Interaction of Drug Transporters with Excipients (K. Sandy Pang, Lichuan Liu, and Huadong Sun). Ch
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Evolution of Gas Chromatographic Columns. 1.2 Central Role Played by the Column.
Chapter 1. Bonding and Composition. Types of Bonding. Ionic Compounds. Types of Ions. Names of Ions. Percent Composition and
Preface. 1. Overview of Methods Validation. 2. Components of Methods Validation. 3. Step 1: Method Evaluation and Further Method

Preface. 1. Water and the Subsurface Environment. 1.1 Groundwater Hydrology. 1.2 Groundwater and the Hydrologic Cycle. 1.3 Grou
Preface. Chapter 1. Corrosion and its Cost in a Modern World. Chapter 2. Corrosion Detectability. Chapter 3. Maintenance, Managemen
Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1 Overview. 1.1. Introduction. 1.2. Cancer Biomarkers. 1.3. Phases of Biomarkers Develo
Preface. Contributors. Chapter 1. Is One Enough (Andrew C. Beveridge, James H. Jett, and Richard A. Keller)? Chapter 2. Dissecting C
Foreword. Preface. Contributing Authors. Chapter 1. Asymmetric Synthesis. Chapter 2. Reduction. Chapter 3. Oxidation. Chapter 4.
Preface. Suggestions for Further Reading and Touring. Acknowledgments. SECTION I. PRACTICAL CHEMISTRY: MINING, META
Foreword. Preface. Contributors. PART 1. GREEN REAGENTS. 1. The Four-Component reaction and Other MultiComponent Reacti
PREFACE. I HPLC PRIMER. 1 Advantages and Disadvantages of HPLC. 1.1 How It Works. 1.1.1 A Separation Model of the Column
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1 Basics of Beet-Sugar Technology. Section 1 Sugar. Section 2 Beet-Sugar Factory. Section 3 S
Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Aryl-containing Carboxylic Acids. Chapter 3. Other Carboxylic Acid-Based Reagents. Chapter 4. H
To the Instructor. To the Student. Acknowledgements. Table of Contents. Recorder's Report A. Recorder's Report B. ChemActivity

Preface. Acknowledgments. 1 NUTRITIONAL GENOMICS: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 What is
Foreword: The Origins of GSK-3. Preface. Acknowledgments. Contributors. Abbreviations. PART I: CELLULAR FUNCTIONS OF
1. Introduction. 1.1 Motivation for Using Scaling Analysis. 1.2 Organization of this Book. 2. Systematic Method for Scaling Analysis.
1. Biofilm Formation. 2. Causative Organisms and Possible Mechanisms. 3. Diagnosing MIC. 4. Electrochemical Techniques Applied to
1 Introduction. Introduction. Water Composition. Pure Water. Salts and Ions in Water. Principal Contaminants and Ions in Water and
Preface. CHAPTER I. What can we do with Frontier Orbitals? I. The advantages of the perturbation method. II. The uses of frontier orb
Acknowledgements. Preface. List of Figures. List of Tables. INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Purpose. 1.2 Target Audience. Book Road M

Applications of fluidization to food processing.Part 1: Fundamentals of fluidization.Chapter 1: A description of fluidized bed behaviour.Cha
Foreword. Introduction. U.S. Weather in Atlas Format. Summary of 2002 Weather. El Nino & La Nina. Winter Storms. Heat & Hum
Section 1: Use of Carbon Monoxide and Filtered Smokes in Fish Processing.1. Use of Filtered Smokes and Carbon Monoxide in Fish Proce
Part I. Introduction to Whole Grains and Health.1. The Future of Whole Grains.2. Using a Model of the Food and Nutrition System for Exa
Section I: General Skin Considerations.Chapter 1 Fundamental Concepts in Skin Reactivity- John J. Wille and Agis F. Kydonieus.Chapter 2
Chapter 1. Introduction: Food Irradiation Moving On.Joseph Borsa.Chapter 2. Advances in Gamma Ray, Electron Beam, and X-ray Techno
Chapter 1. Stimuli Responsive Brush Molecules (By Jamie R. Boyce, Frank C. Sun, and Sergei S. Sheiko).Chapter 2. Design of Responsive
1. Assuring Safety and Quality along the Food Chain.2. Methodologies for improved quality control assessment of food products.3. Applica
Gambierols.Makoto Sasaki, Eva Cagide, and Carmen Louzao Brevetoxins: Structure, Toxicology and Origin.Ambrose Furey, Keith OCalla
Preface.Contributors.1. Introduction to Encapsulation and Controlled Release in Food Systems.Jamileh M. Lakkis.2. Improved Solubilizatio
1. Basic food microbiology.Sadhana Ravishankar and Nicole Maks.2. Thermal processing of liquid foods with or without particulates.Gaura
List of Tables. List of Figures. Items on the CD Accompanying this Book. Acronyms and Abbreviations. Glossary. Acknowledgemen
Chapter 1 Emulsions.John N. Coupland.Chapter 2 Physico-Chemical Behaviour of Starch in Food Applications.Alain Buleon and Paul Colo
Chapter 1. Constituents and Properties of Milk from Different Species.Dr Thom Huppertz, Dr Vivek K. Upadhyay and Dr A.L. Kelly, Univ
1 Phenols, Polyphenols and Tannins: An Overview.Introduction.Classification of phenolic compounds.Biosynthesis.Databases.References..
Chapter 1.Overview of Microscopical Approaches..Chapter 2.Instrumental Techniques for Sample Preparation.Chapter 3.Microstructure of
1 Volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere: An overview.2 Anthropogenic volatile organic compounds.3 Biogenic volatile organic com
1 Introduction.2 Natural thickeners.3 Acrylic polymers as rheology modifiers for water-based solutions.4 Gelling agents.5 Emulsification an
1. Organic impurities in drug substances: origin, control and measurement..2. Organic impurities in drug products: origin, control and measu
1. Rocks and Minerals.2. Weathering Processes.3. Clay Minerals.4. Hydrous Oxides.5. Humified Organic Matter.6. Flocculation and Disper
1. Introduction a forward looking perspective.2. Fundamental principles of inductively coupled plasmas.3. Basic concepts and Instrumentat
1. A Fifty Year Perspective on Chemistry in Water (R. Breslow).1.1 Enzyme mimics and models.1.1.1 Thiamine.1.1.2 Cyclodextrins.1.1.3 C
1. Heterocyclic Nomenclature.2. Structures of Heteroaromatic Compounds.3. Common reaction types in heterocyclic chemistry.4. Pyridines
Introduction. Cationic Transformations. Anionic Transformations. Radical Transformations. Transformations with Carbenes and Nitrenes
Preface. 1 Why Modelling? 1.1 Process and Process Modelling. 1.2 Observations on Some General Aspects of Modelling Methodology
Foreword. Preface. List of Abbreviations Appearing in this Volume. List of Contributors. 1 An Introduction to the Quantum Theory of
Preface. Foreword. List of Contributors. Volume 1. 1 Introduction. Section 1 Computer-aided Modeling and Simulation. 1 Large-Sc
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Chorismate-Mutase-Catalyzed Claisen Rearrangement (Hong Guo and Niny Rao). 1.1 Introduction. 1.2
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 The Photoproteins (Osamu Shimomura). 1.1 Discovery of Photoprotein. 1.2 Various Types of Photopro
Preface 1. Preface 2. A view from Esteve. Dedication and Acknowledgements. List of Contributors. Glossary. VOLUME 1. 1 Depr
Preface. List of Contributors. Introduction. 1 Chiral Drugs from a Historical Point of View (Joseph Gal). 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 A Wor
Preface. List of Symbols. 0 Introduction. 0.1 General Differentiation of Analytical Processes. 0.2 Quality of Analytical Processes and R
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Modeling of Process Intensifi cation An Introduction and Overview (Frerich J. Keil). 2 Process Intensif
PART I: INTRODUCTION Chemistry and Biology -- Historial and Philosophical Aspects (Gerhard Quinkert, Frankfurt University) PART
Motto. Preface. List of Symbols. 1. Introduction. 2. Structure and Properties of Polymers. 3. Raw Materials and Energy. 4. Base Che
Preface. List of Symbols and Abbreviations. 1 Historical Development of Wastewater Collection and Treatment. 1.1 Water Supply and
Preface. A Personal Foreword. List of Contributors. Part I Introduction. 1 Pharmacophores: Historical Perspective and Viewpoint from
Foreword. Preface. List of Contributors. VOLUME 1. Synthetic Methods. 1 Synthetic Methods for Semiconducting Polymers (Albert
Volume 1. Preface. List of Contributors. Part 1 Introduction. 1 Bioinformatics -- From Genomes to Therapies (Thomas Lengauer). Pa
Preface. List of Contributors. Part I: Concept of Screening. 1 Chemical Genetics: Use of High-throughput Screening to Identify Small-m
Preface. A Personal Foreword. List of Contributors. Part I: Concept and Theory. 1 The Concept of Fragment-based Drug Discovery (D
Preface. 1 Analytical Methods for Polar Pollutants (Thorsten Reemtsma and José Benito Quintana). 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 The Analytica
1 Introduction to Hybrid Materials (Guido Kickelbick). 1.1 Introduction. 1.1.1 Natural Origins. 1.1.2 The Development of Hybrid Mate
Preface. List of Contributors. Part I 3-D Carbon-rich -Systems Nanotubes and Segments. 1 Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes (An
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Nomenclature (Christophe Dugave). 2 General Mechanisms of Cis-Trans Isomerization: A Rapid Survey
Preface. List of Contributors. 1. An Introduction to Block Copolymer Applications: State-of-the-art and Future Developments. 2. Guidel
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Carbon Dioxide Reduction and Uses as a Chemical Feedstock (Michele Aresta). 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 P
Part I: Membrane Materials and Membrane Preparation (S. P. Nunes and K.-V. Peinemann). 1 Introduction. 2 Membrane Market. 3 Mem
Series Preface. Volume Preface. List of Contributors. 1 In-situ X-ray Diffraction Studies of the Electrode/Solution Interface (Christophe
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Dense Ceramic Membranes for Hydrogen Separation (Truls Norby and Reidar Haugsrud). 1.1 Introducti
Entropic attraction and ordering. Inhomogeneous platelet and rod fluids. Colloids on patterned substrates. Melting in two-dimensional collo
Preface. Intentions and Introduction. 1 Introduction to Capillary Gas Chromatography. 1.1 What Is Gas Chromatography? 1.2 What Ty
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 N-Heterocyclic CarbeneRuthenium Complexes in Olefin Metathesis (Samuel Beligny and Siegfried Blech
INTRODUCTION. Dynamics in the Business with Taste. MANUFACTURING PROCESSES. Physical Processes. Biotechnological P
1 What is Chemometrics? 1.1 The Computer-based Laboratory. 1.2 Statistics and Data Interpretation. 1.3 Computer-based Information S
Preface. Preface to the Second Edition. 1 Foundations of Pyrodynamics. 1.1 Heat and Pressure. 1.2 Thermodynamics in a Flow Field.
Preface. List of Contributors. Part I Introducing the Concepts. 1 Introduction (Melvin V. Koch). 1.1 Background. 1.2 Analytical Tool
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Ubiquitin: A New Player in the Peroxisome Field (Astrid Kragt, Rob Benne, and Ben Distel). 1.1 Introd
Volume 1. Preface. About European Cooperation in COST Chemistry Programs. List of Authors. 1 MicrowaveMaterial Interactions an
Preface. A Personal Foreword. List of Contributors. I Introduction to MS in bioanalysis. 1 Mass Spectrometry in Bioanalysis Methods
Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 The Beginnings of Mass Transfer. 1.2 Characteristics of Mass Transfer. 1.3 Three Fundamental Laws of T
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 General Principles of Colloid Stability and the Role of Surface Forces (Tharwat F. Tadros). 1.1 Introduc
Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Dispersions Solubilization of a Poorly-soluble Aromatic Drug by Micellar Solutions of Amphiphilic Block Copoly
Foreword. Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Stoichiometric Asymmetric Synthesis. 1.1 Development of Novel Enantioselective Synthetic
Volume 1. Preface. List of Contributors. I Herbicides. Overview (Wolfgang Krämer and Ulrich Schirmer). 1 HRAC Classification of
List of Contributors. Preface, Foreword 2nd Edition. AWord of Thanks. List of Abbreviations. 1 Lubricants and their Market (Theo M
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Wetting of Surfaces and Interfaces: a Conceptual Equilibrium Thermodynamic Approach (Jarl B. Rosenh
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Introduction (Christoph A. Schalley). 1.1 Some Historical Remarks on Supramolecular Chemistry. 1.2
1 Geometry and Energetics. 1.1 Supramolecular Interactions: Energetic Considerations (Angelo Gavezzotti). 1.1.1 Introduction. 1.1.2 E
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Method Development and Optimization of Enantioseparations Using Macrocyclic Glycopeptide Chiral St
Dedicated. In Praise of Synthesis. Preface. List of Contributors. Biographical Sketches. 1 Inter-electron Repulsion and Irregularities i
Preface. List of Contributors. List of Abbreviations. 1 Asymmetric Organocatalysis: A New Stream in Organic Synthesis (Peter I. Dalko
Introduction to Carbohydrates Structure of Saccharides Protecting Groups for Carbohydrates Important modifications and functionalizations
Preface. List of Contributors. Volume I. 1. Introduction (Ulrich Bröckel, Willi Meier, Gerhard Wagner). 1.1 Why this Book? 1.2 Why
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Bioactive Phytocompounds: New Approaches in the Phytosciences (Ricardo Ramos Mendonça-Filho). 1
Preface. 1 Regulations of the European Union Concerning Chemicals. 1.1 The European Institutions. 1.2 European Legislation. 1.3 De
Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Introductory Concepts of Process Control. 1.2 Advanced Process Control Techniques. 1.2.1 Key Problems
Gelatine An Element of Our Life. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Gelatine Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. 1.1.1 The Future of Gelatine Has Jus
1 Introduction. 1.1 What Does TLCMean? 1.2 When Is TLC Used? 1.3 Where Is TLC Used? 1.4 How Is the Result of a TLC Represen
Foreword. Preface. List of Contributors. Part 1 Structure: Foldamer Design Concepts. 1 Foldamers Based on Local Conformational Pre
Preface. Acknowledgments. List of Contributors. List of Abbreviations. 1 Introduction. 1.1 General Considerations (Kai Bester). 1.2
Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Consequences of Accidents. 1. The victim himself. 2. His family. 3. His colleagues. 4. His superiors. 5.
Antimony 5-Chloro-2-methyl-2,3-dihydroisothiazol-3-on Cobalt Hard metal 2-Methyl-2,3-dihydroisothiazol-3-on Rhodium Tungsten 3,5-D
Maximum Concentrations at the Workplace. I. Significance, use and derivation of MAK values. II. List of substances. III. Carcinogenic
Working Group "Analytical Chemistry" of the Commission for the Investigation of Health Hazards of Chemical Compounds in the Work A
Volume 1. Symbols and Units. Conversion Factors. Abbreviations. Country Codes. Periodic Table of Elements. Biotechnology. Nu
Volume 1. Symbols and Units. Conversion Factors. Abbreviations. Country Codes. Periodic Table of Elements. Fertilizers. Ammon
Symbols and Units. Conversion Factors. Abbreviations. Country Codes. Periodic Table of Elements. Mathematics in Chemical Engin
Preface. List of Acronyms. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Heterogeneous Catalysis. 1.2 The Aim of Catalyst Characterization. 1.3 Spectroscopic
11th IUPAC International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry. Preface. List of Contributors. I Keynote and Plenary Lectures. 1 Challenge
Preface. List of Contributors. I Self-Assembly and Nanoparticles: Novel Principles. 1 Self-Assembled Artificial Transmembrane Ion Ch
Preface. Nomenclature. 1. Basic Concepts. 1.1 Modelling Fundamentals. 1.2 Formulation of Dynamic Models. 1.3 Chemical Kinetics
PrefaceVolume 1: Multiparametric Programming. List of Authors. Related Titles. Part I Theory and Algorithms. 1 Multiparametric Lin
PrefaceVolume 2: Muliparametric Model-Based Control. References. List of Authors. Part I Theory. 1 Linear Model Predictive Contro
Preface. Indian Turmeric and its Use in Cationic Photopolymerizations Synthesis of 3- and4- Arm Star-Block Copolypeptides using Mult

Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Theory and Models Interpretation of Experimental Data. 1.2 The Notation. 1.3 Vector Space Vn and Func
Introduction. 1 An Overview of the Scope and Contents of the Book. 1.1 The Industry. 1.2 The Role and Breadth of R&D. 1.3 R&D O
Preface. 1 Terpenes: Importance, General Structure, and Biosynthesis. 1.1 Term and Significance. 1.2 General Structure: The Isoprene R
1 The Invention. 1.1 First Observations 1950/1953. 1.1.1 Standard Oil of Indiana. 1.1.2 Phillips Petroleum Company. 1.1.3 Du Pont.
Explaining the Things We Use Now - and News from the Future. Acknowledgements. Things to Bear in Mind. Introduction - The Right
Foreword. Preface. Part I: Water. Experiment 1 Spontaneous ignition by adding water. Experiment 2 Blowing-up an iron ball. Experi
Vorwort. Preface. I Bericht und Schlussfolgerungen. 1 Einleitung. 2 Allgemeine und lebensmitteltechnologische Aspekte. 3 Gesundhe
Preface. Fundamentals of Radical Polymerization. The Cutthroat Competition Between Termination and Transfer to Shape the Kinetics o

Preface. Introduction. 1. Image and Mirror Image in molecules. 2. The Violation of Parity. 3. Light, Magnetism, and Chirality. 4. The
Preface. 1 Introduction. 2 Description of Chemical Structures. 3 Symmetry. 4 Polymorphism and Phase Transitions. 5 Chemical Bond
Preface. Acknowledgements. Abbreviations. 1. The Nature of Process Development. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Desirable Goals of Process
Acknowledgments. 1. Experimental Inorganic Chemistry: A History of Dazzling Color! 2. Levels 12. Werners NotionCreating the Field:
Chapter 1 Elucidation of Electron-Transfer Pathways in Copper and Iron Proteins by Pulse Radiolysis Experiments (OLE FARVER AND IS
Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Risk Analysis. 1.2 Risk. 1.3 Contaminants in the Environment. 1.4 Uses of Environmental Risk Assessme
Preface. Illustration Credits and Photo Acknowledgments. PART I. Chapter 1. Positive Displacement Compressors. 1.1 Reciprocating
Chapter 1. Emergency Management: A Historical Perspective. Chapter 2. Emergency Management: A Social Science Perspective. Chapte
Preface. Contributors. 1. In the Beginning There Was Streptomycin (Julian Davies). 2. The Biochemistry and Genetics of Aminoglycosi
1. Introduction. 2. Software Development Principles: High-Low Open-Closed Principles. 3. Introduction to the Object-Oriented Approac
Preface. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Fungal Biodegradation and Biodeterioration. 1.2 How a Fungus Escapes Water to Grow in Air? 1.3 Funga
PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION. 1. INTRODUCTION. 1.1 The Structure and Forms of Water. 1.2 Properties of Water. 1.3 S
Chapter 1. The Terrorist Threat. Chapter 2. Critical Infrastructure. Chapter 3. Types of Terrorist Attack. Chapter 4. Weapons of Mass D
Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Book and Associated Contributions: Methods, Guidelines, Exercises, Answers, Software, and PowerPoint Fil
Chapter 1. Simple Tool Skills. 1. 1. Unit Conversions. 1. 2. Estimating. 1. 3. Ideal Gas Law. 1. 4. Stoichiometry. 1. 5. Problem Set. C
1. Introduction.Jacqueline H.P. Beckley (The Understanding s food industry.2. How did the food industry get here?.D. Toops (Food Proces
1 Introduction.2 Investigation Of Reaction Mechanisms By Product Studies.3 Experimental Methods For Investigating Kinetics.4 The Relat
Preface. 1 Rules of Thumb. 1.1 Rules of Thumb about Process Equipment. 1.2 Rules of Thumb about the Context for a Chemical Proces
Foreword. Preface. Chapter 1 Significance of Photo-degradation in Environmental Risk Assessment. 1 Introduction. 2 Persistence and
Chapter 1. Overview of Risk, return, and Efficiency in Financial Markets. Chapter 2. Overview of Financial Institutions. Chapter 3. The L
Preface. Acknowledgments. Part I: Basic Financial Principles. 1. Introduction to Finance. Introduction. 1.1 Why Study Finance? 1.2
Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to teh First Edition. Introduction. Acknowledgments. PART ONE. WHY PERFORMANCE MA
Acknowledgments. About the Author. Introduction. PART I Methodological, Psychological, Philosophical, and Statistical Foundations.
PREFACE. ABOUT THE CD. PART I. IS Audit Process. CHAPTER 1. Technology and Audit. Technology and Audit. Batch and O
Preface. Scope of this Book. The Readership. About the Author. Acknowledgments. 1 Foreign Exchange Options. 1.1 A Journey thr
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction: Goodwill and Blue Skies? Getting a Grip on Nonfinancials. Closing the gap between book
Authors Disclaimer. Introduction. Derivatives Models on Models. Nassim Taleb on Black Swans. Chapter 1 The Discovery of Fat-Tail
1. Todays Challenges, Tomorrows AspirationTodays Aspirations. Riding the two-headed monster. Getting back in the saddle. Coping w
Acknowledgments. About the Authors. Introduction. PART I: THEORY. 1 Mathematics in a Pill. 2 Heath-Jarrow-Morton and Brace-
0. Goals of this Book and Global Overview. Part I C++ Essential Skills.      1 Introduction to C++ and Quantitative Finance. 2 The Mech
Author's note. 1 Redesigning financial regulation: the politics of enforcement. 2 Taming the corporation? SarbanesOxley and the politics
Forewords. Introduction.     1 Foundations. Risk management: principles and practice. Definitions. Systematic and unsystematic risk.
Foreword by Mark Anson.      1 Introduction.    PART I HEDGE FUND OVERVIEW.                2 History Revisited.   3 Legal Environment.
Preface. Introduction. PART I EMERGING MARKETS. 1 Country Classification: Principles and Practice. 1.1 Definition and Scope.
List of Symbols. Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Objectives of this book. 1.2 Structure of this book. 1.3 Research methodology. 2 Defin
Acknowledgements. Alliance partners. About this book. About the editors. Foreword. Professor Kader Asmal, President FATF 2005-
About the Contributors. Preface. 1. Theoretical Foundations of Asset Allocations and Pricing Models with Higher-order Moments (Emma
Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Part I Corporate governance: frameworks and mechanisms.             1 Defining corporate governa
1. Managerial Accounting in the Information Age. 2. Job-Order Costing for Manufacturing and Service Companies. 3. Process Costing.
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Systems and Studies in This Book. CHAPTER 1. The Problem with Non-Mechanica
Introduction. Acknowledgments. Authors Note. Chapter 1: Where Expertise Begins. Chapter 2: Finding Your Performance Niche as a
Preface. Acknowledgments. CHAPTER 1. Financial Instruments and Institutions. Main Ingredients of the Analysis of Financial Instrum
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Survival of the RichestVolatility Matters. The Future of the Asset Management Industry. Chang
Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. CHAPTER 1 History, Definition, and Roles of Hedge Funds. CHAPTER 2 Trading Ma
Preface. Chapter 1: Project Management and Accounting. Mission, Objectives, Strategy. Project Planning. Project Execution and Cont
Preface. About the Authors. Chapter 1: Introduction. Definition of Structured Finance. Other Definitions of Structured Finance. Case
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART I The Models. CHAPTER 1. Introduction to the Techniques of Derivative Modeling. 1.1 Introducti
Foreword by Addison Wiggin. Preface. Part I. Money in All its Forms. Chapter 1. Good Money Is Stable Money: A Barter Economy vs
Preface. About the Authors. PART ONE: Introduction to Mortgage and MBS Markets. Chapter 1: Overview of Mortgages and the Cons
List of Dashboards. Preface. About the Author. Acknowledgments. CHAPTER 1 The Management Challenge: Integrating Performance
Foreword by William J. Bernstein. Preface to the 2006 Edition. Preface to the 1993 Edition. Introduction. 1 Market Risk, Timing, and
PART 1: INTRODUCTION. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Financial Securities. Chapter 3. Financial Markets. PART 2: PORTF
Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. About the Institute of Internal Auditors. SECTION ONE: FROM VENI, VIDI, VICI TO
Illustrations. Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Authors. Introduction:Top Misconceptions Concerning Nuclear Power. 1 From W
Preface. List of Figures. List of Tables. Acknowledgments. About the Author. PART ONE: Managing the Left-Hand Side of the Bala
About the Author. Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Asset Utilization Measurements. Chapter 3. Opera
About the Author. Preface. PART ONE Overview. Chapter 1 Introduction. Chapter 2 The Role of Financial Analysis. PART TWO F
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter One: Buy Stocks like Steaks . . . On Sale. Chapter Two: Whats It Worth? Chapte
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1. The Background. Chapter 2. Introduction to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Chapter 3. S
Preface. 1 Quantitative Finance Timeline. 2 FAQs. 3 The Most Popular Probability Distributions and Their Uses in Finance. 4 Ten Dif
Preface. 1 Investment Assets.Held by Pension Funds. 1.1 Money-market securities. 1.2 Bonds and loans. 1.3 Shares. 1.4 Collective in
Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 What is pension economics? 1.2 Types of pension scheme. 1.3 Conclusions. 2 Individual Pension Decisio
About the Author. About the Book: Background, The Market, Scope, Coverage, Special Features. Acknowledgements. Section A: Finan
Preface. About the author. 1 INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Collective investment. 1.2 History. 1.3 Construction and authorisation. 1.4 Gro
Introduction.     Acknowledgements.     1 What is Private Equity? Fund investing versus direct investing. Terminology. Primary versus
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. CHAPTER 1: The Portfolio Management Process and the Investment Policy State
Preface. Acknowledgments. CHAPTER 1 Potential Profit as a Measure of Market Performance. Profit and Potential Profit. Price Flow
Preface. Chapter 1. What is Project Financing? Chapter 2. The Rationale for Projects? Chapter 3. What is Special about Large Projects?
Preface: Peter Druckers Pension Revolution: Here at Last. Introduction: Why a Pension Revolution Now? The Trouble with DB Plans. D
Foreword. Introduction. About the Contributing Authors. Part I Lean Essentials. 1 LEAN DILEMMA: CHOOSE SYSTEM PRINCIPL
Preface. About the ACFE. 1. INTRODUCTION. Defining Occupational Fraud and Abuse. Research in Occupational Fraud and Abuse
Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. PART ONE. THE WORLDS MOST DYNAMIC TRADING MARKET. Chapter 1. Ge
PART I: Learning Outcomes, Summary Overview, and Problems. CHAPTER 1: The Portfolio Management Process and the Investment Po
Foreword. About the Author. Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I: INFECTIOUS DISEASES. Chapter 1. The Black Plague: A
Foreword. Introduction. 1. It Requires Knowledge, Experience, and Flair. 2. Speculative Attitude Essential. 3. Is There an Ideal Investm

Preface. Introduction The Six Formative Years of the SBI Group. The Days Leading Up to the Birth of the SBI Group. Softbank Financ
Preface. About the Author. Professional Bodies and Designations and Designatory Letters: Albania. Andorra. Angola. Argentina. A
Foreword by John Mauldin. Preface. Acknowledgments. Part One:The Emotional Controls. 1: The Beginning, and the End Game. Ins
Preface. Introduction. PART ONE: Quantitative Analysis. Chapter 1: Bond Fundamentals. 1.1 Discounting, Present, and Future Value.
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgement. Chapter 1. Overview of Corporate Portfolio Management. Why Is CPM Important? Framewo
1. The Why & How of Fixed Income. 2. Information Sources & How to Use Them. 3. Bonds. 4. Preferreds & Hybrids. 5. Convertibles
Preface. PART 1: ASSET MISAPPROPRIATION. 1. High Art, Low Value: How a Connoisseur Became a Convict. 2. The Ambitious P
Preface. About the Authors. PART ONE Introduction. CHAPTER 1 Review of Collateralized Debt Obligations. Understanding CDOs

Part 1 Framework Chapter 1: The IASB: history, current structure and processes Chapter 2: The conceptual Framework of the IASB Part

Acknowledgments. 1. An Introduction to Mutual Funds. 2. Types of Mutual Funds. 3. Making Sense of Mutual Fund Documents. 4. An
Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. The Equity Concept: Why Shares Exist. Chapter 2. The Rewards of Equity Ownership. Chapter 3. Risks
Acknowledgments. About the Contributors. 1. Introduction Peter Neu and Leonard Matz). PART 1. MEASURING AND MONITORIN
Glossary. 1. Introduction. 2. The Economic System. 3. Financial Contracting and Riba (interest). 4. Financial Instruments. 5. Financia
About the Editors About the Contributors Foreword Preface Acknowledgments 1 Supervision of Islamic Banks and Basel II: The Re
Part One: Marco-Economy. 1. Economic Growth. 2. Investment. 3. Consumption. 4. Prices. 5. Household. 6. Firms Business. 7. Go
Introduction and executive summary 1 Principles of research 1.i. Summary Research coverage (definition, supervision, competence, acco
Preface. Introduction. SECTION I: CONTEXTS. Chapter 1: Regulatory and Legislative Contexts. Chapter 2: Conceptual Context. Ch
Acknowledgments. About the Author. CHAPTER 1: Introduction: The Paradox of Market Risk. CHAPTER 2: The Demons of 87. CH
About The Author. Preface. 1 Overview of the Theory of Constraints. Definitions for the Operational Aspects of the Theory of Constrai
Preface. 1. Enterprise Risk Management. 2. Information Systems Concerns and Risks. 3. Control and Security Frameworks. 4. Systems
Acknowledgments. Foreword. Preface. Introduction: Standards of Value. 1 Common Standards and Premises of Value. Common Stan
Preface. About the Web Site. Part 1 Background. 1 Introduction. Recent Ms Liabilities. Advantages of Asset Acquisitions. Asset Sel
Preface. A Note on Usage. Acknowledgments. PART I. THE BEHAVIORAL ATTACK. Chapter 1. Who Could Design A Brain. PA
List of Figures. List of Tables. CHAPTER 1. A Simple Introduction to Continuous-Time Stochastic Processes. CHAPTER 2. Arbitrage-
Preface. Introduction. Part 1 The Nature of Financial Management in the Federal Government. 1 Financial Management Legislation and
Preface. Chapter 1. Importance of Enterprise Risk Management Today. COSO Risk Management: How Did We Get Here?. COSO Inte
Acknowledgments About the Authors. About the Contributors. Introduction: A Roadmap of the New World of Structured Credit. How
List of Illustrations. List of Tables. Preface. Acknowledgments. A Brief Introduction to the Financial Markets. About the Author. PA
Preface. Introduction. PART I. Theory. Chapter 1. The Random Process and Gambling Theory. Chapter 2. Probability Distributions.
About the Editor. About the Authors. Acknowledgments. Preface. Chapter 1: Introduction to Financial Valuation. Chapter 2: Researc
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Act I Slaying the Dragons. 1 Lessons from Shakespeare's Bastard Son. 2 This Is Not Your Grandfathe
Chapter 1: Invest Internationally for Yourself. Chapter 2: Think Globally, Invest Locally. Chapter 3: DiversifyDont Put All Your Eggs in
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Retire On Your Schedule. 1.1. Retirement Options. 1.2. Is There a Retirement Crisis? 1.3. How Much
Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. PART I: Market Outlook. Chapter 1. What is Technical Analysis? Chapter 2. Basic C
Preface. About the Authors. CHAPTER 1. Operational Risk Is Not Just Other Risks. CHAPTER 2. Operational Risk: Definition, Classif
Preface. Abbreviations and Acronyms. About the Authors. CHAPTER 1: Financial Econometrics: Scope and Methods. The Data Gene
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Fraud Definitions, Models, and Taxonomies. Introduction. Classic Fraud Research. Fraud Tri
Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. PART ONE: Derivative Markets. Chapter 1: Derivative Contracts and Markets. PART
Chapter 1. Revenue Recognition General Principles and Systems. Chapter 2. Revenue Recognition when Collection Is Uncertain. Chapte
VOLUME ONE: FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING AND GENERAL TOPICS. 1 Financial Accounting Regulations and Organizations (Josep
VOLUME ONE: FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING AND GENERAL TOPICS. 1 Financial Accounting Regulations and Organizations (Josep
Preface. Acknowledgements. CHAPTER1 PROCUREMENT AND BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES. 1.1 Understanding Procurement.
Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. Part One. Alternative Investments and Investors. Chapter 1. Introduction. Integration o
List of Figures. List of Tables. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Stochastic Volatility and Local Volatility. Stochas
Foreword. About the Authors. Acknowledgments. List of Acronyms. Chapter 1: Introduction. Introduction. The Changing Climate.
Authoritative Accounting Pronouncements. 1 Researching GAAP Matters. 2 Balance Sheet. 3 Statements of Income and Comprehensive
Chapter 1: Introduction to International Financial Reporting Standards. Appendix A: Current International Accounting Standards (IAS/IFR
Chapter 1: New Developments. Chapter 2: Overview of Accounting and Financial Reporting by Governments. Chapter 3: Accounting Fu
Preface. Summary of Key Changes. 100-230 The Auditor†Responsibilities and Functions, Introduction to GAAS and the General Stand
List of Exhibits. Preface. Acknowledgments. SECTION I. PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENT OF FRAUD DETERRENCE. 1 Frau
1. Accounting in Action. What Is Accounting?        The Building Blocks of Accounting. The Basic Accounting Equation. Using the Basic
Foreword. Part I. 1 Regulatory Approaches to Risk Management. 1.1 Regulatory Frameworks for Financial Services. 1.2 Evolution and
About The Authors. Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART 1: STRATEGIC TAX PLANNING. Chapter 1. A Framework for Underst
Acknowledgments. 1. Patel Motel Dhandho. 2. Manilal Dhandho. 3. Virgin Dhandho. 4. Mittal Dhandho. 5. The Dhandho Framewor
PART ONE: BACKGROUND. Chapter 1: Understanding Investments. Chapter 2: Investment Alternatives. Chapter 3: Indirect Investin
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Note on Rounding Differences. CHAPTER 1: Features of Debt Securities. I. Introduction
Preface. Acknowledgments.        1 Complex Electricity Markets. 1.1 Liberalization. 1.2 The Marketplace. 1.2.1 Power Pools and Power
About the Author. About the Book. Second Edition. Acknowledgements. Dedication. 1 Introduction to Accounting. Introduction. N
Chapter 1 Researching GAAP Implementation Problems. Chapter 2 Cash, Receivables, and Prepaid Expenses. Chapter 3 Short-Term Inv
Chapter 1. The Government and Not-for-Profit Environment. Chapter 2. Fund Accounting. Chapter 3. Issues of Budgeting and Control.
Preface. Acknowledgments. Authors Note. CHAPTER 1. The New Oil Industry. CHAPTER 2. Terrorists, Nationalists, and Shock Abs
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. PART ONE: Defining Free Cash Flow and Shareholder Yield. Chapter 1: Free Cash Flow. Ch
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Challenges for Bankers in the 21st Century. PART 1 GLOBAL ISSUES. 1. India and China's Impact
CHAPTER 1: THE PATH TO ONGOING COMPLIANCE. The Origins of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Generating Value from Compliance
Preface xv PART I CORE FUNCTIONS 1 Chapter 1 Internal Controls in Accounts Payable 3 Ignore Accounts Payable at Your Own P
Preface. About the Authors. CHAPTER 1. Introduction. Quantitative Techniques in the Investment Management Industry. Central The
Preface. About the Author. PART ONE: Overview of Alternative Assets. Chapter 1: What Is an Alternative Asset Class? Chapter 2: W
Preface. Introduction. Features. Additional Materials. Trademarks. Acknowledgments. CHAPTER 1: THE WAY THE WEB WORK
Foreword. Preface. Chapter 1: What is interaction design? 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Good and poor design. 1.3 What is interaction design
1. Introduction. 1.1 Groupware: Systems that support computer-mediated interaction. 1.2 A day with Paul Smith. 1.3 Outline. 1.4 Ackn
Foreword. Preface. 1 Aligning IT with Business. 1.1 Historical Background. 1.2 What are Business Rules? 1.3 What is Business Rule
Editor's Note. Preface - Ben Shneiderman. 1. Introduction to Universal Usability - Jonathan Lazar. 2. Designing Searching and Browsing
List of Figures. List of Tables. Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 A paradigm shift. 1.2 Electronic commerce. 1.3 Agents and e-commerce.
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction. PART I: Changing the Way You Change. 2. The Role of Metadata in Suppor
SECTION 1. THE BUSINESS s role. Maintaining momentum. Chapter 13. Culture. What is it? How to analyze your culture. How do
Preface. Chapter 1: Elementary Concepts. 1.1 Lines, Coordinates and Pixels. 1.2 The Boundaries of Filled Regions. 1.3 Logical Coord
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1: Overview of Windows Presentation Foundation. A Brief History of the Windows API. Me
Preface to the Fourth Edition. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part I: Traditional Project Management. Chapter 1: What Is a Project?

Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Hacker Dictionary AZ . Appendix A: How Do Hackers Break into Computers? by Carolyn M
PREFACE. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. 1 INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Architecture of the Internet: Present and Future. 1.2 Router Architect
Introduction. Part I: Introducing SOA. Chapter 1: SOA What? Chapter 2: Noah's Architecture. Chapter 3: Not So Simple SOA. Chap
Foreword. About This Book. About The Authors. Guide To The Reader. PART I. SOME CONCEPTS. 1. On Patterns and Pattern La
Welcome. 1. Web Experiences. Web Pages and Sites. Using the Web. The Web Community. Web Design Principles. New Developm
Chapter 1. Introducing Wireless Networking. Discover Wireless Networks. Understanding What a Network Is. Discover the Benefits of
About the Author. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Code Samples from the Book. Oracle and Security. The Unbreakable Marketing
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part I: An Introduction to RIAs. Chapter 1: What Characterizes Rich Internet Applications? Chapter 2
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1: Hello Web 2.0 World. Introducing BuzzWatch. Charting the Landscape. Exp
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part I: Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation. Chapter 1: Windows Communication Fo
Preface. Part 1 Programming with Objects and Classes. 1 Introduction. 1.1 The Start. 1.2 A (Very!) Short History of Java. 1.3 Being a
Chapter 1. Access--Tables and Forms. Skill Set: Table Design. Field properties. Lookup wizard. Validation rule. Validation Text. I
Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Introduction. Chapter 2: Overview of the PSP. Chapter 3: Quickies. Chapter 4: Taking Apart Your PSP.
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Assumptions. Curses or NCurses? Conventions. Compatibility Issues. Contacting the Author. Cha
1. Understanding Networks 1.1. Basic OSI Knowledge 1.2. Determining a MAC Address 1.3. Using the OSI Model to Troubleshoot 1.4. Vi
Preface. Introductory Module: Introducing Windows XP and Vista. Word Processing Module: Word 2007. Spreadsheet Module: Excel
Foreword. Introduction. Part I The Changing Landscape of Marketing Online. Chapter 1 The Big Picture. New Marketing Trends. Th
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Prologue. CHAPTER 1 THE WEB AND LIFE. Introduction. Almost None of This Is New.
Contributors. About the Authors. Acknowledgments. Symbian Press Acknowledgements. Section I: Introduction and Overview. 1 Intr
PART ONE: THE INDIVIDUAL PERSPECTIVE. Chapter 1. Introduction to Information Systems. Chapter 2. Fundamentals of Informa
I Fundamentals of Test and Analysis 1 Software Test and Analysis in a Nutshell 2 A Framework for Test and Analysis 3 Basic Principles
Foreword by Richard P. Gabriel. Foreword by Wayne Cool. About the Authors. About this Book. Guide to the Reader. Beyond the H
Preface. Contributors. 1. Computer Network Security: Basic Background and Current Issues (Panayiotis Kotzanikolaou and Christos Dou
Part 1: Introduction Chapter 1: Introduction Part 2: Fundamentals Chapter 2: Application Layer Chapter 3: Physical Layer Chapter 4: Data
PREFACE. About the Author. Before We Get Started. Who Should Read this book? About The Examples. How to read this book. A
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1: Working with Linux. Chapter 2: Toolchains. Chapter 3: Portability. Chapter 4: Software
Acknowledgements. Introduction. Part I Technology Evolution. Chapter 1 Blades and Virtualization Building Blocks for Next-Generat
PART I: IT In the Organization. 1. IT Support of Organizational Performance. Chip War: Intel versus AMD. 1.1 Doing Business in the
Foreword. Acknowledgements. Introduction (Steven King). Chapter 1. Architecting Information Infrastructures for Security (Cliff Wang
Foreword. Preface. Introduction. PART I HUMAN THOUGHT AND MACHINE PROCESS. Chapter 1 Processing of Knowledge. 1
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART I: INTRODUCTION TO DATA MODELING. 1. Data Modeling: An Overview. Chapter Objective
Preface. Chapter 1. A Critical Review of the Notion of the Algorithm in Computer Science. Chapter 2. The Simplicity of Concurrency. C
1. Introduction to Cyberethics: Concepts, Perspectives, and Methodological Frameworks. 2. Ethical Concepts and Ethical Theory: Establis
Preface. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Considerations for Establishing Knowledge Structures for Computers. 1.2 Knowledge About Automata as a
Part I: Getting Started in Fedora and RHEL. Chapter 1: An Overview of Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Chapter 2: Installing Fedo
1. Introducing to Data and Data Management 1.1 Identifying Business Data 1.2 Identifying Human Data Sources 1.3 Installing SQL Server
Preface. About The Authors . Acknowledgments. 1. Classic Ciphers. 1.1 Introduction . 1.2 Good Guys and Bad Guys. 1.3 Terminolo
Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Before the Search. 2. The Job Application Process. 3. Approaches to Programming Problems. 4. Link
PART ONE: OVERVIEW. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Operating-System Structures. PART TWO: PROCESS MANAGEMEN
Contributors. Preface. 1 Current Methods for Protein Secondary-Structure Prediction Based on Support Vector Machines (Hae-Jin Hu, R
Editors Notes and Acknowledgments. Contributing Authors and Their Affiliations. Preface to the First Edition, Ian L. McHarg. PART I
Introduction : To 3D or Not to 3D.      1 A Model Education.       Sadar Vuga, House D, Velenje, Slovenia. Brain Bowman, Design for a H
Acknowledgements and Photo Credits. Introduction. About this book. Renewable energy. The fourth industrial revolution. Cities as se
Editorial (Helen Castle). Introduction. Towards a Programming Culture in the Design Arts (Mike Silver). 20 Years of Scripted Space (Ma
Editorial (Helen Castle).     Introduction: Architecture + Textiles = Architextiles (Mark Garcia).  Prologue for a History and Theory of A
Introduction: Collective Intelligence in Design (Christopher Hight and Chris Perry). Agent Intellects: Pattern as a Form of Thought (Ed Ke
Preface - A refolution in five parts. Chapter 1 ORIGINS AND BATTLES. PM is Critical Modernism. The Many Deaths of Modernism. T
Preface. Foreword by Daniel Libeskind. Introduction. Discover Explore. Art Gallery of Ontario. Bata Shoe Museum. Evergreen Com
Editorial. Helen Castle. Introduction. Site/Non-Site: Extending the Parameters in Contemporary Landscape. Michael Spens. From Mou
Preface. 1 Building Codes. 2 Navigating the Code. 3 Use and Occupancy. 4 Special Uses and Occupancies. 5 Building Heights and A
Preface. Preface to the First Edition. Chapter 1 Inside, Outside, and Inside out (Karen A. Franck). Chapter 2 From the Body (Karen A. F
Editorial (Helen Castle). Introduction: Alice in Technoland (Lucy Bullivant). Beyond the Kiosk and the Billboard (Lucy Bullivant). Dis
Preface. Chapter A: General Premises and Strategies. A1. What is ecodesign? Designing the biointegration of artificial-systems-to-natura
Preface. Color Portfolio. Introduction. 3500 BCE. Beginnings of Chinas Civilization. Early Indus Settlements. Predynastic Egypt. M
Publishers Note. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. User Guide. Part 1: PRACTICE OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE. GE
Introduction. PART I: DETAIL PATTERNS. Section 1: Function. Chapter 1 Controlling Water Leakage. Wash. Overlap. Overhang
Publishers Note. Foreword. Preface . Advisory Board . Subject Editors. Acknowledgments. Timeline. Introduction: Integrating Per
Foreword by David W. Orr. Foreword by Donald Watson, FAIA. Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part 1. CHAPTER ONE
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction. St. Lawrence University Laboratory Building. DallasFort Worth International Airport. In

Acknowledgments. How to Use This Book. SECTION 1: DESIGNING WITH BUILDING CODES. 1. Designing With Building Codes
Preface. 1. Building Codes. 2. Navigating the Code. 3. Use and Occupancy. 4. Special Uses and Occupancies. 5. Building Heights an
Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I. COLOR DRAWING FOR COMMUNICATION. 1. Initial Considerations. 2. Media and Pa
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Part 1: PLANS AND PLAN MAKING. PLAN MAKING. Plan Making. TYPES OF PLANS
Acknowledgements. PART 1: METHODS. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Climate Conditions. Chapter 3. Documents. Chapter 4
Preface. In the Beginning: The Premise. Chapter 1: Introduction: Understanding Loads. 1.1 Loads. 1.2 Tributary Areas. 1.3 Lateral L
List of tables. Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART 1. CONSTRUCTION TOLERANCES. Chapter 1. Building Layout and Sitewor
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Engaging the Visual World. Chapter 2. The Order of Appearance. Chapter 3. When Order is M
Chapter 1. Structural design Process. Chapter 2. Loads. Chapter 3. Structural Analysis. Chapter 4. Materials. Chapter 5. Axial Member
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1 Finance and the Hospitality Industry. Introduction. 2 Financial Reporting. Financial Reporting. 3 Ana
Series Editor Foreword. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1. Fundamentals of Meetings, Conventions and Exhibitions.
Preface. Acknowledgments. UNIT 1: THE LEGAL LANDSCAPE. Chapter 1. Introduction to Hiring and Supervising Employees. Cha
Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I. Chapter 1. Dry Herbs and Spices and Fresh Herbs. Chapter 2. Produce. Chapter 3. Starchy
Acknowledgments. Preface. HACCP STAR POINT 1 PREREQUISITE PROGRAMS. HACCP Pretest. Understanding and Using Prer
Acknowledgments. HACCP Introduction: Star Points to Food Safety. HACCP Pretest. Training. Job Description. Food Safety vs. San
Preface.1 The current approaches to the classification of bakery products.Introduction.An historical background to the production of baked
1. Introduction.Bob Hargitt, British Soft Drinks Association, London, UK.2. Water treatment.Walter Tatlock, CBJ Service Ltd., Mancheste
Introduction. Assessment Test. Chapter 1: Certifying Human Resource Professionals. Chapter 2: Core Knowledge Requirements for HR
Introduction. Chapter 1 Working on the Command Line. Task 1.1: Use Basic Command-Line Features. Task 1.2: Manage Files and Dire
Introduction. Assessment Test. Chapter 1: What Is a Project? Chapter 2: Creating the Project Charter and Preliminary Scope Statement.
Introduction. Assessment Test. Chapter 1 What Is a Project? Chapter 2 Creating the Project Charter and Preliminary Scope Statement.
Introduction. Assessment Test. Chapter 1: Overview of Wireless Standards and Organizations. Chapter 2: Radio Frequency Fundamenta
Preface. Introduction: The Fear Epidemic. PART I: FIGHT OR FLIGHT. 1. Why Are We So Afraid? 2. It Works for Animals but No
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1. The real Cdente3r of Power. Chapter 2. Stacking the Electoral Deck. Chapter 3. The End o
Atlas. Acknowledgments. Note to the Reader. Chronology. 1 Land of Desert and Nile. 2 The Amarna Interlude. The Founding of the
Foreword by James Fallows. Preface. Part I. THE FUTURE OF WAR IS NOW. 1 The Superempowered Competition. 2 Disorder on t
Acknowledgments. Chapter One. Thinking the Unthinkable. Chapter Two. An Emerging Rival? Chapter Three. Competition versus Opp
Figures.Maps.Preface.Abbreviations.Acknowledgements.1. What was Byzantium?.2. The changing shape of Byzantium: from late antiquity
Contents.Preface.Acknowledgements.Part I: Introduction.1. Why Read Challenging Literature?.Part II: Readings.2. Partnering: Holmes and
Acknowledgements.Introduction.Part I: Learning to Theorize:.1. The Ethical Impulse.2. A Tale of Two Theories.3. Using and Sharpening th
List of Illustrations.Notes on Contributors.Acknowledgements.Abbreviations.Introduction: Peter Brown (University of Kent at Canterbury).
List of Illustrations.Preface.1. The Last Years of Elizabeth I: Before March 1603.Literary Consumption and Production.Latin, Neo-Latin an
Notes on Contributors.Introduction: Linda Martín Alcoff (Syracuse University) and Eva Feder Kittay (Stony Brook University).Part I: Wom
Introduction.Timeline.The Set-Up.The Moment.Irreligious Drama.Courtiers and Capitalists.Actors and Writers.The Stage.Background Voic
List of maps.List of figures.List of documents.Preface.Timeline.1. The practice of history.The Lelantine War.The Lelantine War deconstruc
List of Illustrations.Notes on Contributors.Preface.Abbreviations.Maps.1. The Classical Age as a Historical Epoch: Uwe Walter (University
Acknowledgements.Note on the Texts.Part I.Introduction.Part II.1. Modernism and Romanticism.Romantic Image.Frank Kermode.Pound/S
Part I: Introduction:.Part II: The Rise of Literary Theory:.Timeline.Part III: Scope of Literary Theory Critical Theory:.Cultural Studies.Deco
Prologue.1. Life and Writings.2. Distrust and Deception.3. Me and Others.4. Me and my Maker.5. Deception and Rights.6. Idealization.7. M
Preface.Introduction.Acknowledgements.Part 1 THE CLOTHING INDUSTRY.1 Structure of the Clothing Industry.2 Sectors of the Clothin
Preface 1. Gender and the Media 2. Analysing Gender in Media Texts 3. Advertising and Postfeminism 4. News, Gender and Journalism 5.
Analytical Table of Contents Acknowledgements Picture Credits Introduction: Anatomy of Reading (Books; Bibliomania; Bodies) 1. A His
Abbreviations Introduction Chapter One System Builders Chapter Two Knowledge and Ideas Chapter Three Substance Chapter Four Spi
Table of Contents Dedication Preface Introduction Chapter One: The Philosophical Quest and the Clash of the Images The quest for a stereo
Contents Acknowledgements Preface 1 Introduction: The Alchemy of Love 2 Romance before the Eighteenth Century: The Gift of a Name
Contents History LECTURE ONE: Progress or Regression? Notes: the relationship of the lectures to Negative Dialectics; the concept of fre
Table of Contents 1. Defining Environmental History Introduction The Themes of Environmental History Among the Scholarly Disciplines
Translators Introduction Notes I Overview: X-ray image 0 Substitutability of the different dimensions of music-making I 00 Fidelity to the
Contents Introduction Chapter One Postcolonial Criticism and Beyond Chapter Two Deconstruction Chapter Three Marxism and Post-Marx
Contents 1. An Introduction to Military History Military History: definitions, topics, scope Who studies Military History and why? Overview
Contents Illustrations Acknowledgements Preface Introduction: New Wave Shakespeare on and off Screen Chapter 1: Beyond Branagh and
1.Welcome to a Divided World 2.From the Clash of Civilizations to the Engagement of Discourses 3.Deliberation in Divided Societies 4.Di
Contents 1 One hundred years of film theory 2 Hollywood's last decade 3 The limits of translation: transnational film 4 Assemblage: editing
Preface and Acknowledgements 1. Morality and Media 2. Mediapolis, or, the Space of Appearance 3. The Rhetoric of Evil 4. Contrapuntal
Introduction Chapter 1: THINKING CREATIVELY The argument Introduction: the documentary creative idea Definitions and choices Fin
CONTENTS PART ONE Caution The Invention of Accidents The Accident Argument The Accident Museum The Future of the Accident T
Contents Translating The Century Dedication 1. Search for a Method 2. The Beast 3. The Unreconciled 4. A New World. Yes, but When? 5
1 Culture Counts 2 Doing Cultural Studies 3 Culture Is Structured Like a Language 4 Zeroing-In On Culture 5 The Four Moments In Cultur
Contents Preface to English edition: The history and workings of the AK 47 Preface The Terror and the Glory 1. Treading a path of pain an
CONTENTS Dream Notes Editorial postscript Afterword

Acknowledgments. Introduction. Savvy. 1 The Popular Culture We Are In. 2 The Christianity We Are In. 3 The Story We Are In. S
Prologue Negative and Positive. 1 First Sparks. 2 Lightning in a Bottle. 3 Enter the Wizard. 4 Let There Be Light. 5 Electrifying the B
Acknowledgments. Introduction: The Search Begins. 1 Cherchez la Femme. 2 Who Was in the Apostle Club? 3 Was the Lady in Red a
Note to the Reader. Starting the Journey: How to Begin. 1. In the Beginning. 2. The Seed and the Serpent. 3. The Breasted One. 4. A
About Leadership Network. Foreword. Introduction: Off-Road Disciplines. Part One: Personal Disciplines. 1. Death: The Discipline of
Prologue. 1. The Takeover. 2. The Train to Dover. 3. The Theory Is Not A Fact. 4. Assembling Goliath. 5. Thomas More and ID Lite
Introduction.About Midcity.Acknowledgements.SECTION ONE: Theories, Philosophy, Style, Methods and Techniques.SECTION TWO: P
Preface.1. Editing in the Age of Convergence.2. Deciding Whats News.3. The Editor in the Newsroom.4. Editors as Managers.5. Working W
Acknowledgements.Preface.1. Introduction: Contexts and Concepts for Reading the Novel in English, 1950-2000.2. Kingsley Amiss Lucky
Notes on Contributors.List of figures.Introduction: John F. A. Sawyer.Part I: Revealing the Past:.1. The Ancient World: Philip R. Davies (S
Preface.Part I: Introductory:.1. Methods, Models, and Historiography: Martin Jehne (University of Dresden).2. Literary Sources: Edward B
Notes on Contributors.Introduction.1 Austerity and Openness: R. M. Sainsbury(University of Texas at Austin and Kings College London).R
Preface.Timeline: Roman satire and its influence.Introduction.1 Beginnings (?).2 Horace.3 Persius.4 Juvenal.5 Menippeans and after.Notes.
Preface to the Second Edition.Note to Teachers.1. Formalism.Exercise 1.1 William Shakespeare, King Lear.Exercise 1.2 Elizabeth Bishop,
Preface.Introduction.1. Coordination among Variables.A. The Desiderata.B. The Problem.C. The Contextualist Response.D. The Dismissiv
Contents.List of Illustrations.List of Maps.List of Diagrams.List of Abbreviations.Preface.1 An Introduction to Late Roman History.2 The N
Acknowledgments.Introduction.1. The Challenge to Moral Universalism.2. God and Human Nature.3. Classical Utilitarianism.4. Contempo
Notes on Contributors.Acknowledgments.Part I: General Introduction.1. Kants Life and Works: Allen W. Wood (Stanford University).Pre-C
Acknowledgments.Introduction: Tejumola Olaniyan and Ato Quayson.Part I: Backgrounds:.1. Africa and Writing: Alain Ricard (2004).2. S
Acknowledgments.Introduction.A Note on the Texts.English Writers.Geoffrey Chaucer (c. 1343-1400).from The Wife of Baths Prologue lin
Introduction: Christine Gerrard (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University).Part I: Contexts and Perspectives:.1. Poetry, Politics and the Rise
Preface.Acknowledgements.Part I: Realism Versus Modernism: Win, Lose or Draw?.1. Before Now. A Brief Account of the Pre-1970s Brit
Preface.Acknowledgements.Part I: Realism Versus Modernism: Win, Lose or Draw?.1. Before Now. A Brief Account of the Pre-1970s Brit
Preface.1. Introduction: Shakespeares Perfectly Wilde Sonnets.2. Identity.3. Beauty.4. Love.5. Numbers.6. Time.Appendix: Sonnet Matter:
Notes on Contributors.Preface.Abbreviations.1. The Life of Plato of Athens: Debra Nails (Michigan State University).2. Interpreting Plato:
List of Maps.Notes on Contributors.Introduction: William M. Tsutsui (University of Kansas).Part I: Japan before 1600:.1. Japanese Beginni
Preface.Introduction: What is Spirituality?.Contemporary Meaning.Spirituality and History.Interpretation.Periods and Traditions.1 Foundat
Preface.Acknowledgments.1. Introduction.From International Communication to Media Globalization.Mapping the Book.2. The Fixity of N
Preface.1 Introduction.2 Textile Design.3 Fashion Forecasting and Illustration.4 Fashion Design.5 Pattern Cutting.6 Fabric Technology.7 G
List of Illustrations.List of Maps.Acknowledgments.Introduction.1. The Elite Families.Lineages.Knighthood and Feuds.Political Alignment
List of Figures.Notes on Contributors.Acknowledgements.Notes on Authors and Translations.Abbreviations.Ancient Author Fragment Serie
Notes on Contributors.Preface.Texts and Abbreviations.Part I: Approaching Rhetoric:.1. Confronting Roman Rhetoric: William Dominik an
Notes on Contributors.Acknowledgments.Introduction: Michael Schoenfeldt (University of Michigan).Part I: Sonnet Form and Sonnet Sequ
Notes on Contributors.Introduction: Contemporary Islamic Thought: One or Many?: Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi (Hartford Seminary).Part I: Tren
Notes on Contributors.Acknowledgments.Introduction.Richard C. Moreland.Part I: Contexts:.1. A Difficult Economy: Faulkner and the Poe
Acknowledgements.List of Illustrations.Notes on Contributors.Introduction: Mary Luckhurst (University of York).Part I: Contexts:.1. Dome
List of Illustrations.Notes on Contributors.Texts and Abbreviations.Acknowledgments.Preface: Wyn Kelley (Massachusetts Institute of Tec
List of Figures.List of Maps.Notes on Contributors.Introduction.1. Education: Christopher Stray (University of Wales Swansea).Part I: Perio
Sources and Acknowledgements.Introduction.1 Personal Identity.Introduction.Derek Parfit, Personal Identity.Commentary on Parfit.Marya
Notes on Contributors.Preface: For Readers and Reviewers.Notes.Abbreviations.Speeches of the Attic Orators.Part I: Setting the Scene:.1.
Notes on Contributors.Introduction: Rosamond Rhodes (Mount Sinai School of Medicine), Leslie P. Francis (University of Utah) and Anita
.Acknowledgments.General Introduction.Part I: Moral Ontology:.Moral Error Theories.Introduction.1. The Subjectivity of Values: John Ma
Acknowledgments.Introduction.0.1 Philosophy, the familiar, and the unfamiliar.0.2 What are our commonplaces about law?.0.3 The course
Preface.Acknowledgements.A Note to Instructors on the Classics.General Introduction.Part I: The Nature and Aims of Education:.Introduct
Preface.Part I: Our Logical Empiricist Heritage.Introduction to Part I.1. Empiricist Criteria of Cognitive Significance: Problems and Change
.List of Figures.Foreword by Thomas E. Holloran.Preface.Acknowledgments.Introduction.Part I Conscience: Response to a Pathology:.1. T
List of Illustrations.Acknowledgments.List of Abbreviations.Prologue: Invitation to a Reader.1 Dantes Life and Works.The Life Story.The F
List of Illustrations.Notes on Contributors.1. Introduction: Thinking Through Reception: Charles Martindale (University of Bristol).2. Provo
Contents.List of Illustrations.Notes on Contributors.Introduction.1 Was There a Trojan War? Troy Between Fiction and Archaeological Evi
General Introduction.Part I: Genres: Ever-Changing Hybrids:.Introduction and Further Readings.1. Conclusion: A semantic/syntactic/pragm
Preface.Acknowledgments.Part I: The Status of Morality.Introduction.1. Of the Influencing Motives of the Will Moral Distinctions Not Der
Preface.Part I: From Dualism to Common-sense Functionalism.1. The Flight from Dualism.The Issue Between Dualism and Materialism.Su
Introduction: The Media Violence Tower of Babble.1. We Like to Watch: A Brief History of Media Violence.What is Media Violence?.A C
List of Figures.Notes on Contributers.Series Editor's Preface.Preface.1. The Image in Psychoanalysis and the Archaeological Metaphor: Gri
Series Editors Preface.Preface.List of Illustrations.Notes on Contributors.1. Introduction: Art and Agency and Art History: Jeremy Tanner (
List of Maps and Illustrations.Preface to the Second Edition.Preface to the Paperback Edition.Preface to the First Edition.Maps.Introduction
Preface.Acknowledgments.General Introduction.Part I: Science, Skepticism, and Religion.Introduction.1. The Apology for Raymond Sebon
What is the apparel industry?.The apparel industry in the UK: current size and structure.The apparel sector in the global economy.The role o
INTRODUCTION.PART ONE: FABRIC ESTIMATION FOR PATTERN CUTTING.A technical overview of fabrics.A categorisation for
List of Figures.Notes on Contributors.Series Editors Preface.Preface.1. Un-Framing the Modern: Critical Space/Public Possibility: Griselda
List of illustrations.Acknowledgments.1. Introduction: Undying Monsters.2 A Short History of the Horror Film:Beginnings to 1945.3. A Sh
What is fashion illustrations and how is it utilised in today's industry; How drawing has changed over the decades; How to get into the illust
Preface.List Of Illustrations.Acknowledgements.1. Philosophy in its Infancy.2. The Athens of Socrates.3. The Philosophy of Plato.4. The Sy
Preface.List of Figures.Part I: Global Sources and Systems of Communication: Concepts, Economics, and Politics.1. Organization of Inform
Preface.Acknowledgements.Introduction.Part I. Negative and Positive Freedom.Introduction.1. Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan (1651).2. Jerem
Notes on Contributors.1. Introduction: Searching for Peace in the Ancient World: Kurt A. Raaflaub (Brown University).2. Making War and
Introduction.1. The Contemporary Idea of Human Rights.2. Human Rights as Rights.3. Making Sense of Human Rights.4. Starting Points fo
Introduction: The Stories.Choosing a Path in the Woods.1. The World, the Flesh, and the Devil.A Look in the Mirror is Not Reassuring.An
Preface.Introduction.Part I: Making Renaissance Art.1. Drawing and workshop practice.Cennino Cennini on drawing.Alberti on drawing fig
Introduction: Visual Genders: Patricia Hayes.Part I: Documenting.Does Gender Matter? Filmic Representations of the Liberated Nazi Conc
Acknowledgments.General Introduction.Part I: Empiricism.Introduction.1. Essay concerning Human Understanding: John Locke.2. Three D
Foreword to the Sixth Edition.Foreword to the Seventh Edition.Map of Anglo-Saxon England.Abbreviations and Symbols.How to Use this
List of Figures.List of Tables.Preface.1. The Space and Strategy of Demographic Growth.1 Humans and Animals.2 Divide and Multiply.3 J
Notes on Contributors.1. Introduction: Genocides Aftermath: Claudia Card and Armen T. Marsoobian.2. Genocide and Social Death: Claud
The Four Noble Truths.Foreword by Charles Johnson.Prologue: An Ancient Fable.The Extinction of Desire: A Tale of Enlightenment.Ackn
List of Illustrations.List of Charts.List of Maps.List of Boxes.List of Documents.Preface to Second Edition.Preface to First Edition.Acknow
Acknowledgements .Preface.1 Introduction .What do fashion buyers do?.Fashion market levels.2 The Role of the Fashion Buyer .Qualities o
List of Illustrations.About the Authors.Preface.Acknowledgments.1. Bringing Electronic Media into Focus: Peter B. Orlik (Central Michiga
Introduction.Political Keywords AZ.Glossary
Preface.Acknowledgements.1. The Functions of Criticism.The End of Criticism?.Politics and Rhetoric.The Death of Experience.2. What is
List of illustrations.Introduction.1. At Calais Gate.2. In Flaunders.3. Dante in Somerset.4. Genoa.5. Canaries (The Fortunate Islands).6. Suri
Acknowledgments.Introduction.1. Human Rights in History.The Ancient Classical World.The World of the Bible.The Medieval World.Ren
List of Figures and Tables. Acknowledgements.1 The British Welfare State: Origins and Myths.2 Beveridge: Founding Father?.3 The Right
Preface.How to use this book.1. The Anglo-Saxons and Their Language.1.1 Who Were They?.1.2 Where Did Their Language Come From?
Acknowledgments.1 Thinking about ethics..Part One: Philosophical Ethics.2 Why not do wrong?.3 Is the ethical a human construct or a fac
List of Figures.Preface.Acknowledgements.1. Introduction.a. The Central Argument.b. The Evidence for Evolution.c. Rejecting Theories.d.
Acknowledgments.Introduction: The Phenomenological Background.1. Themes in The General.2. Style in The General.3. Keaton, Chaplin,
Introduction: Mitja Sardoc.1. Education and the Politics of Difference: Iris Young and the Politics of Education: Avigail Einsberg.2. Multic
List of Maps, Diagrams and Tables.Contributors.Introduction: Chris Williams (University of Wales, Swansea).Part I: Britain and the World
List of Figures.List of Dynistic Tables.List of Maps.Acknowledgments.Dynastic Tables.Maps.1. Persia: Place and Idea.2.The Achaemenian
List of Figures.List of Contributors.Abbreviations.Introduction: Malcolm Todd (Formerly of the University of Durham).1. Britain and the C
Contributors.Introduction.Part I: Traditioned Resources: Scripture, Traditions, Liturgy:.1. Scripture: Old Testament: Walter Brueggemann (
Contributors.Foreword: Alister E. McGrath (Wycliffe Hall, Oxford) and Darren C.Marks (University of Western Ontario).Introduction: Pro
List of Contributors.Introduction: Renaissance Dreaming: In Search of a Paradigm: Guido Ruggiero (University of Miami).Part I: The Cour
Contents.Preface.Introduction.1 Virgils Hero.2 The Victims.3 Fate and the Gods.4 Virgils Troy.5 Rome, the rerum imago.6 Virgil, His Life
Notes on Contributors.Preface.Part I: Theology and . ..1. The Practice of Faith: Robin Gill (University of Kent at Canterbury).2. Biblical Stu
List of Figures and Tables.Notes on Contributors.Introduction: Susan Schneider (University of Pennsylvania) and Max Velmans (Goldsmith
CHAPTER 1.Bitmap And Vector.Colour Modes.Create, Save And Customise A New File.Details Of Tools.Draw A Simple Shape.Type To
List of figures.Acknowledgments.Introduction.1. All Eyes on the Global Stage.Media Globalization.Modern Media Development.The Glob
Preface.Introduction.1. Theological Knowledge and the Knowledges of the University: Beginning Explorations.2. Leaving Ruins: The Gosp
Whos Who in the Metal Miltia.Heroes of the Day: Acknowledgments.Hit the Lights.DISC 1 ON THROUGH THE NEVER.1. Whisper Thi
List of Illustrations.Notes on Contributors.Preface: Molly Smith (Arena Stage in Washington, D.C.).Acknowledgements.1. Introduction: Th
Acknowledgments.List of Illustrations.1. Immigrant Movie Gangsters: The Outside Story.2. A Frankensteinian Frenzy: Gangster Identity, H
List of Tables.Notes on Contributors.Introduction.1. The Impact of the Second World War: Paul Addison (University of Edinburgh).2. The
Part I.General Introduction, Chung-ying Cheng.Part II.Editors Introduction, Lauren F. Pfister.Part III: Basic Chinese Philosophical Orientat
Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1966. 1 A Lonely Boy. 2 Small Man, Big Dreams. Trumans Swans. 3 Romance and Sadness. 4 B
List of Figures.List of Maps.Preface.Introduction.1. Basic Facts, Generally Uncontested, of Alexanders Life.2. Being Macedonian.3. Being
CONTENTS Preface Acknowledgements Chapter One: Youth (1893-1921) Chapter Two: Communism and Marxism Chapter Three: Peasan
Contents Preface and Acknowledgments Introduction Part I Viewpoints 1. The Watched World Today 2. Spreading Surveillance Sites 3. Ex
List of Contributors.List of Illustrations.Series Editors Preface.Editors Acknowledgments.Acknowledgments to Sources.Introduction: Rema
List of Figures.Notes on Contributors.Introduction.Part I: Early Rome:.1. Warfare and the Army in Early Rome: John Rich (University of N
[N]= New to third edition; [R] = Revised for Ethics in Practice; [W]= Written for Ethics in Practice.Preface to the instructor.Acknowledgme
.........Preface.Introduction.1. The Home of Television Viewing.2. Television and Individual Development.3. Television and the Behavior of
On location: Deborah Cherry and Fintan Cullen.The errant image: Rogier van derWeydens Deposition from the Cross and its copies: Amy P
Foreword.Preface.1. I can't Define It, But...2. How Many Dirty Words?.3. Crock Jocks to Shock Jocks.4. Strange Music Fills the Air...5. Yo
Acknowledgements.Introduction by Katherine J. Morris.Part I: Reading Wittgenstein:.1. Methodological Concepts:.Philosophical Investiga
Preface.Acknowledgments.1. Pantheism: A Rapid Introduction.2. Platonic Creation.3. Divine and Human Minds.4. Immortality.5. Existence
Preface. Contributors. Section 1. 1.1 Norway (Lillian Øygarden, Helge Lundekvam, Arnold H Arnoldussen and Trond Børresen). 1.2 S

1. What is Urban Policy?.2. Exploring the Roots: Race, Disorder, and Poverty.3. Managerialism and the City.4. The Meaning(s) of Commu
List of Photographs.List of Maps.Preface.Acknowledgements.A Note on Transcription and Translation.1. The Vessel and Its Contents.High
1. The basic design of language: levels of representation and interaction with interfaces.1.1. General background.Minimalist inquiries: the fr
List of Figures and Tables.Preface.Acknowledgments.1. Introduction.2. Multimodality, Conflict, and Rationality in Girls Games.3. Social D

CONTENTS Acknowledgements CHAPTER ONE Body, Mind and World CHAPTER TWO A Genealogy of the Anthropological Subject
Contents Acknowledgements Introduction I Aristotles Theoretical and Practical Philosophy II Christian Practice and Mediaeval Philosophy
Introduction Chapter 1 - Approaches to Cultural Identification Chapter 2 - Culture and Normativity Chapter 3 - The Limits of Liberal Cultur
1. Introduction: Global Culture Industry 2. Method: Ontology, Movement, Mapping 3. The Biography of Euro 96: Branding the Event 4. Ar
Contents Acknowledgements Introduction Section One: Social characteristics and attitudes to death Chapter 1: Death, Denial and Diversity
Acknowledgements Chapter One: Introduction 1. 1 The rise of recognition 1. 2 The politics of recognition 1. 3 Three theories of recognition
EQUALITY: CONTENTS 1. The Demand for Equality 1. 1 Forms of equality 1. 2 Forms of value 2. Democracy 2. 1 Natural aristocracy an
Table of Contents Acknowledgments 1. The Many Faces of Responsibility 2. Thinking About Responsibility 3. Responsibility Within Distr
Contents Preface List of Contributors Introduction Part 1 Globalization and the Transformed Context of Development Chapter 1 Globalism
Preface and Acknowledgements Chapter 1 Political Disenchantment Chapter 2 Politics, Participation and Politicisation Chapter 3 The Dom
Contents Preface INTRODUCTION 1 The Sociological Crime Social classification and genocide Studying genocide? Disciplining the study
Contents Contributors Acronyms Preface Introduction :Globalization at Risk? David Held and Anthony McGrew Part One The Making of
Contents Preface and Acknowledgements Introduction: Artificiality, Identity, Dictatorship, and State-Building Four Key Debates Analytical
Preface Abbreviations Figures and Tables Chapter One What is Intelligence? Defining Intelligence Evolution Limitations Significance Conc
Contents Chapter I: Empires in History The Meanings of Empire Contrasting Empires The Distinctiveness of Empire Chapter II: Empire as
Table of Contents Preface and Acknowledgements Introduction - PART I: MAPPING THE JUST WAR TRADITION Chapter 1: Antiquity
Chapter 1: Is Multiculturalism Appropriate for the 21st Century?Chapter 2: A Liberals BiasChapter 3: Difference, Multi and EqualityChapt
Contents Introduction Chapter 1 Definitions and Redefinitions Chapter 2 The Proliferation of Concepts Chapter 3 Change Chapter 4 Identit
Preface Introduction Chapter 1 The Making of New Labour Chapter 2 New Labour and Social Democracy Chapter 3 Labour and the Econ
The Environment: A Sociological Introduction Acknowledgements Contents Introduction CHAPTER ONE Natural Environments 1. Defini
Defining Globalization: A Guide on How to Use this Book The Dictionary of Globalization (A-Z) Additional Readings
Contents Chapter 1 :Sex, gender and health Introduction Mens health, womens health and gender equity The complexity of mens and wome
Editors Preface Authors Foreword Part I: After September 11 Chapter 1: Fundamentalism and Terror Chapter 2: Interpreting the Fall of a M
Contents 1. Introduction: The Challenge of the New Security Agenda Part 1: Analytical Framework 2. Thinking about Security after the Col
Preface Second Edition Introduction What is the Middle East? Orientalism the debate State types: making sense of multiplicity Further read
Acknowledgements Introduction Part One: Constitutionalism and Liberal Hegemony Chapter One: Rethinking the Origins of American Heg
CONTENTS 0.Introduction: On the Origin, Dynamics, and Uses of Fear 1.Dread of Death 2.Fear and Evil 3.Horror of the Unmanageable 4
Contents Acknowledgments 1 Crime, Risk and Uncertainty 2 National Security 3 Social Security 4 Corporate Security 5 Domestic Security
Contents Part I: Self-Determination Chapter 1: Hybrid Democracy: Iroquois Federalism and the Postcolonial Project Chapter 2: Two Conce
Introduction 1. The Enlightenment 1. 1 Prehistory 1. 2 The concept of modernity 1. 3 A moral science 1. 4 The development of social theor
Contents Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Old Wars Chapter 3: Bosnia-Herzegovina: A Case Study of a New War Chapter 4: The Politics
Global Inequality: Patterns and Explanations Edited by David Held and Ayse Kaya Contents Editors Preface Notes on Contributors 1 Edito
Introduction 1. Theory structural transformation of the global public sphere? 1.1 System connectivity 1.2 System change 1.3 System interde
List of Contents Policy Network Page Introduction Anthony Giddens, Roger Liddle and Patrick Diamond 1. A Social Model for Europe? A
Contents Introduction: Bravely into the Hotbed of Uncertainties Chapter One: Liquid-Modern Life and its Fears Chapter Two: Humanity on
Table of Contents Preface Introduction and Overview of the Life of Muhammad Donners Reply to the Skeptics Enter Muhammad: An Over
CONTENTS Introduction, or the most closely guarded secret of the society of consumers 1.Consumption vs. Consumerism 2.Society of Con
Preface Glossary 1. The Social Model 2. Change and Innovation in Europe 3. Social Justice in Europe 4. From Negative to Positive Welfare
Table of Contents About the Author List of Abbreviations Foreword by Gareth Evans Acknowledgements Introduction 1 Conceptual Buildi

List of Figures.Acknowledgements.The Argument.Preface: Thinking about Swaledale.1. Introduction.2. Lonely as a Cloud.3. A Good Pair o
List of Figures, Tables, and Maps.Preface to the Second Edition.Acknowledgments.1. Introduction.Suggested Readings.2. Phonetics.1. Pho
Preface.Preface to first edition.1. An Integrated Approach to Literacy.Introduction.Literacy in Everyday Life.The Study of Literacy.Outline
List of Figures and Tables.List of Contributors.Preface.Introduction: The World of World Englishes: Braj B. Kachru (University of Illinois,
List of Contributors.1. Introduction: Bas Aarts (University College London) and April McMahon (University of Edinburgh).Part I: Methodo
Acknowledgments.Introduction.1. Classification and Typology.2. Forms and Records.3. Lists and Checklists.4. Mapping, Drawing, and Pho
Acknowledgments.About the Editors.1.Fieldwork in Cultural Anthropology: An Introduction: Jeffrey A. Sluka and Antonius C.G.M. Robbe
Acknowledgments.About the Editors.1.Fieldwork in Cultural Anthropology: An Introduction: Jeffrey A. Sluka and Antonius C.G.M. Robbe
Notes on Contributors.Preface for Instructors.Editors Acknowledgments.Acknowledgments to Sources.Introduction: Jane E. Goodman and
1. Introduction.2. The past as prologue: the culture of Polish foreign and security policy.3. The emergence of an Atlanticist: the strategic ori
List of Illustrations.Acknowledgements.1 The Problem with Public Space.2 Publics and the City.3 Making a Claim: The Regulation of Prote
Series Preface.List of Figures.Acknowledgments.Part I: The Ethnography:.1. Sketching the Landscape.2. Mt. Pleasant History and Social G
List of Figures.List of Tables.Preface to the Third Edition.List of Abbreviations.1. Introduction.2. Segmental Articulation.3. Units of Speec
List of Figures.Notes on Contributors.Introduction: Alan McKee.1. The Best Contemporary Mainstream Superhero Comics Writer Brian M
List of Figures.List of Tables.List of Boxes.Preface.Acknowledgements.Part I: Conceptual Foundations:.1. A Geographical Approach to the
Series Editors Preface.Acknowledgements.1. Introduction: state personnel and the reproduction of state forms.2. Analysing an emergent sta
1. Introduction: Roy Ellen (University of Kent, UK).2. Speculations on the First Congress of Ethnozoological Nomenclature: Brent Berlin (
Acknowledgements.Notes on Contributors.Introduction: Reviewing Meritocracy: Geoff Dench.Part I: Origin and reception.The Labour Part
General Introduction..Part I: Precursors to Sociological Theory..Introduction.1. Of the Social Contract.Jean-Jacques Rousseau.2. What is En
Notes on the Editors.Preface and Acknowledgements.Introduction: Situating Human Geography.Part I: Introductory Readings:.1. The Four
.List of Figures and Plates.Preface.Introduction by L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza.1. Genetic and Cultural Theory: A Brief Overview.2. Human Des
Notes on Contributors.Preface.Acknowledgments.Introduction: Francine Saillant and Serge Genest.Part I: Perspectives from the Americas:.
1. An introduction to the sociology of sports mega-events: John Horne (University of Edinburgh, UK) and Wolfram Manzenreiter (Universi
Part 1. From Developmental to Environmental Policies.1. Trajectories for Greening in China: Theory and Practice: Peter Ho (Groningen Un
1. Twilight Institutions An Introduction: Christian Lund (International Development Studies, Roskilde University).2. Twilight Institutions.
Preface.Acknowledgments.1. Who is a Good Representative?.An Ethics of Democratic Representation.The Proper Scope of an Ethics of De
Preface.Acknowledgements.List of tables.Abbreviations, symbols and transcription.1 Introduction.1.1 Aims and overview.1.2 The data.2 Th
Preface.Abbreviations.Archival references.1. Imperial Delhi.1.1 New Delhi: Showcase of Sovereignty.1.2 Colonial Governmentality.2. Res
List of Figures.Notes on Contributors.Part I: Knowledges:.1. The Social in Archaeological Theory: An Historical and Contemporary Perspe
Preface.Introduction.Part I: Contexts:.1. The Political Context.2. The Personal Context.3. The Intellectual Context.Part II: Case Studies:.4. N
1. Democracy's Empire: Sovereignty, Law and Violence: Stewart Motha.2. Church, State, Resistance: Jean-Luc Nancy.3. Constitutional Vio
1. Sociology and the body: classical traditions and new agendas: Chris Shilling (University of Portsmouth).2. Culture, Technologies and Bo
List of Figures.List of Tables.Preface.Acknowledgments.1. Introduction.What is Semiotics?.Archaeology and Semiotics.Theorizing Materia
CONTENTS Introduction In and Out of the Frame: a Personal History of Gender Chapter One. Whats in a Name? Gendering and Class: Gr
Contents Chapters: 1. What is Asymmetric Warfare? 2. The Terrorist Asymmetric Adversary 3. Asymmetry and Information Warfare 4. Asy
Contents Part I: Self-Determination Chapter 1: Hybrid Democracy: Iroquois Federalism and the Postcolonial Project Chapter 2: Two Conce
Contents Introduction I. Political Theory 1. Social Rights, Risks and Obligations 2. Regulation, Participation and Actors II. Political Econom
List of Figures, Tables, and Maps.Preface to the Second Edition.Acknowledgments.1. Introduction.Suggested Readings.2. Phonetics.1. Pho
Acknowledgments.Transliteration and Abbreviations.Preface.Introduction.1. The Islamic Community through History.2. The Foundations o
....About the Editors.Preface and Acknowledgments.Acknowledgments to Sources.Development and Globalization: Recurring Themes: Am
General Introduction..Part I: Micro-Sociological Analysis.Introduction.1. The Phenomenology of the Social World.Alfred Schutz.2. The So
Foreword by Colin MacCabe.Acknowledgements.Introduction.1. Components of Western Dominance.2. Questions that in our Political Phil
Acknowledgements. 0.0 Introduction. 0.1 Getting the Most from this Book. Part 1 Helping You Create the Life You Want. 1.0 Introdu
Acknowledgements Foreword Introduction 1 The I.D. SystemTM 2 The four Instinctive DrivesTM 3 In stride with your career choice 4 In s
List of Contributors. Preface. 1 Opinions of Chemical Warfare (Robert L. Maynard). 2 The Physicochemical Properties and General To
List of figures. List of tables. Preface. Acknowledgements.        1 The breadth of forensic entomology. 1.1 History of forensic entomolog
Preface. List of abbreviations. PART I Physiology of Glia. 1 Introduction to Glia. 1.1 Founders of glial research: from Gabriel Valentin
Introduction (Eric N. Olson).     Control of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure by histone acetylation/deacetylation (Eric N. Olson, Johan
Chairs introduction (Charles Rice).    Dengue/dengue hemorrhagic fever: history and current status (Duane J. Gubler). Discussion.          Mo
About this book..... Acknowledgments. List of Abbreviations. Chapter 1 The respiratory system. Zoes breathing difficulties.... Grandm
Contributors. Preface. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Definition of Biomechanics (B. M. Nigg). 1.2 Selected Historical Highlights (B. M. Nigg).
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Diagnosis of Candida Infection in Tissue by Immunohistochemistry (Malcolm D. Richardson, Riina Raut
Chapter 1. Genome sequencing. 1.1 Automatic sequencing. 1.2 Sequencing strategies. 1.3 Fragmentation strategies. 1.4 Sequence assem
Symposium on Tinkering: the microevolution of development, held at the Novartis Foundation, London, 11-13 July 2006. Editors: Gregor

Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Light-Microscopic (LM) Neurohistology. 2. Electron-Microscopic (EM) Neurohistology. 3. Skull, Men
Contributors. Chapter 1.Dedication: Theodore Hymowitz Scientist, Plant Explorer, Soybean Geneticist. Reid G. Palmer Chapter 2. Black
Preface. List of Contributors. Abbreviations. 1. Quality Control Procedures for Stem Cell Lines (Glyn N. Stacey and Jonathan M. Auerb
Constitution of Harvey Society. By-Laws of the Harvey Society, Inc. Officers of the Harvey Society. Corporate Sponsors. Preface: A B
Symposium on Acetaldehyde-related pathology: bridging the trans-disciplinary divide, held at the Novartis Foundation, London 57th Septem
Preface. Author biographies. Acknowledgments. List of figures. 1 Introduction to basic laboratory genetics. 1.1 Transferring and hand

Preface. List of Contributors. 1. Techniques and Tools in Molecular Biology Used in Genetic Diagnoses. 1.1 Nucleic acids. 1.2 The di
Preface. Chapter One. Mesozoinc Birds and Their World. Chapter Two. The Ancestry of Birds and the Origin of Flight. Chapter Three:
Part I. Introduction. 1. Introduction to Virology (Nicholas H. Acheson, McGill University). 2. Virus Structure (Stephen C. Harrison, Harv
Preface. Contributors. Chapter 1. Porosome: The Universal Secretory Machinery in Cells (Bhanu P. Jena). Chapter 2. Molecular Mecha
Preface. 1. Scope and Basic Premises of Population Genetics. PART I:POPULATION STRUCTURE AND HISTORY. 2. Modeling Ev
Preface. Preface to the First Edition. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Designer Mice. Chapter 2. Of Unicorns and Chimeras. Chapter 3.
Preface. Volume 1. Host Lists and Keys. Introduction. Host Plant Lists and Identification Keys (in alphabetical order of plant genera).
Contributors. Biographical. Introduction: Infectious Diseases, the Major Challenge of Twenty-First Century Medicine. 1. Pulmonary Tu
Preface to the Third Edition. 1. Historical Aspects. 2. Techniques. 3. Prenatal Measurements. 4. Embryonic Staging. 5. Prenatal Age.
Contributors. Dedication: Daniel J. Cantliffe (Peter J. Stoffella). 1. Genetic Resources of Kiwifruit: Domestication and Breeding (Hongw
Preface. Acnowldegments. 1. Introduction to DNA Microarray Technology. 2. Image Analysis. 3. Basic Data Analysis. 4. Visualizatio
Contributors. 1. Dedication: Norman E. Borlaug The Humanitarian Plant Scientist Who Changed the World (Rodomiro Ortiz, David Mow
Preface.1. Microbial properties and diversity.2. Microbial metabolism.3. Cell surface reactivity and metal sorption.4. Biomineralization.5. M
Chapter 1 Introduction to Community Policy Analysis Modeling.Chapter 2 New Governance and the Changing Face of Rural America.Chap
List of Contributors.Preface.Part I: Market and Trade.1. An Overview of Global Shrimp Market and Trade.2. Export Performance of Frozen
1. Introduction.2. Stamen and Androecium.3. Pollen DevelopmentTheme and Variations.4. Pollen DevelopmentDetails of Stages.5. Carpel
1. Plant Breeding: Past, Present, and Future.2. Who Are Plant Breeders, What Do They Do, and Why?.3. Social and Environmental Benefit
Preface.1. The Beginnings of Molecular Biology.2. The Structure of DNA.3. Genome Organization: From Nucleotides to Chromatin.4. The
Acknowledgements.Part I: Introduction.1.1 Our Focus.1.2 Chapter Outline.Study Questions.Part II: The Demand Side: How Population Gro
CONTENTS.Preface.Acknowledgements.1. Introduction.2. Development and Phenology. How Crops Fit Their Environment: Concepts and
Section 1 General information.Chapter 1 A bit of background information about the species.Chapter 2 The farm environment and its micros
Preface.1. Environmental Sedimentology: Introduction: Chris Perry & Kevin Taylor (Manchester Metropolitan University).2. Mountain Env
Foreword.Preface.Acknowledgements.1 Introduction.E. Verspoor.1.1 Background.1.2 Genetics, management and conservation.1.2 Purpose
Preface.Acknowledgments.1. Occurrence of Water Underground.1.1. Groundwater and the Global Water Cycle.1.2. The Natural Zonation o
List of boxes.List of symbols.Preface.Acknowledgments.PART I: Background to applied population biology.1. The Big Picture: Human po
1. The Earth System.Introduction.The Nature of the Early Geological Record.Archaean Lithological Associations.The Oldest Rocks.How M
1 Introduction.2 Water transport.3 Water quality and water treatment: an introduction.4 Adjustment of pH.5 Removal of particles.6 Disinfec
Part 1: Infection, Pathogens and Antimicrobial Agents.1 The Nature and Pathogenesis of Infection.2 Structure and Classification of Pathoge
Basic microbiology.1 Basic bacteriology: structure.2 Basic bacteriology: physiology.3 Basic bacteriology: genetics.4 Classification of bacte
Foreword.Preface.1. Introduction.What should peer review do?.What does peer review assume?.What is this book trying to achieve?.2. The
1. Recent and future climate change and its implications for plant growth.David Viner, Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, N
..Foreword by Tony Pitcher.1. Fish cognition and behaviour.Culum Brown, Kevin Laland first experimental evidence and consequence.5.5
Preface..Part I: What is a virus?:.1. Towards a Definition of a Virus.2. Some Methods for Studying Animal Viruses.3. The Structure of Viru
Industry highlights boxes.Industry highlights authors.Preface.Acknowledgments.Part I: Underlying Science and Methods of Plant Breeding.
Preface.1. The global context of coastal change.2. Atmospheric-driven changes.3. Sea level rise.4. Alteration of freshwater discharges.5. Al
1. Abscisic acid.2. Auxins.3. Brassinosteroids.4. Cytokinins.5. Ethylene.6. Gibberellins.7. Oxylipins.8. Salicylic acid.9. Hormone distributio
1. Cell separation and adhesion processes in plants.Jeremy Roberts and Zinnia GonzalezCarranza.Plant Sciences Division, School of Biosci
I. Introduction.Chapter 1. A Brief History of Fisheries Management.O. Defeo, T. McClanahan and J.C. Castilla.Fishery Science and Manag
Chapter 1. Genetic Control of Seed Development and Seed Mass.Masa-aki Ohto1, Sandra L. Stone2 and John J. Harada2.1Department of P
..1. Mitotic senescence in plants.Dr Susheng Gan, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA.2. Chlorophyll c
1. General Introduction.Anthony Yeo, West Sussex, UK.2. Solutes, what are they, where are they and what do they do?.Tim Flowers, Depar
List of Online Models.Preface.1. Introduction: Humankind and Climate.Part I: The Greenhouse Effect:.2. Blackbody Radiation.3. The Laye
Chapter 1: On the Contributions of Professor G.R. Munro to Economics.T. Bjørndal and D.V. Gordon.Section 1. Property rights and fisheri
List of Contributors.Preface.1. The Birth of the Archaea: A Personal Retrospective: Carl R. Woese (University of Illinois).2. Natural Histor
.1. Plant Proteomics: Challenges and Resources.Joshua L. Heazlewood and A. Harvey Millar.ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Bi
Preface.1. Introduction: Why Learn Modeling?.2. A Starting Problem: Conservation of the Dodo.3. Descriptive Models: Choosing an Equat
.Part 1: Introducing the key players..1. General transcription factors and the core promoter: ancient roots.William B. Gurley, Kevin OGrady
Part 1: Photoreceptors.Chapter 1. Phytochromes.Andreas Hiltbrunner, Ferenc Nagy and Eberhard Schäfer.Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freib
1 Mitochondrial dynamics: the control of mitochondrial shape, size, number, motility and cellular inheritance.Iain Scott and David C. Logan
1. Braided Rivers: Where Have We Come in 10 Years? Progress and Future Needs: Greg Sambrook Smith, Jim Best, Charlie Bristow and G
Preface.Read this before you begin.1. Is this the right career for you?.2. Establishing an undergraduate foundation.3. Selecting an education
Preface: The Beauty of the Comparative Approach: Dan Larhammar, Gert Flik, Eric Roubos, Liliane Schoofs, and Hubert Vaudry..1. Neuro

Introduction.Smaller insect orders.True bugs.Beetles and Weevils.True flies.Butterflies and Moths.Sawflies, ants and wasps.Mites.Pests of s
Chapter 1: Introduction to Vegetable Crops, Chapter 2: Causes of Plant Diseases, Chapter 3: Diagnosing Diseases of Vegetables and Other
Preface. List of Contributors. Part I Stem Cell Biology. 1 Clinical Potentials of Stem Cells: Hype or Hope? (Anthony D. Ho and Wolfga
Preface for the Second Edition. Preface for the First Edition. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Neuroactive Substances. 1.1.1 Neurotransmitters. 1.1
Preface. List of Contributors. Part I Application and Perspectives. 1 Transgenic Modification of Production Traits in Farm Animals (Go
Preface. Part I Principles and Methods. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Crystals and Symmetry. 1.2 Protein Solubility. 1.3 Experimental Techniqu
Foreword. Preface. List of Contributors. Part I: Introduction. 1 The Role of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics in the Developm
Preface. List of Contributors. Abbreviations. Colour Plates. Part I: Fundamentals of Cellular and Molecular Biology. 1 The Cell as th
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 The MALDI Process and Method (Franz Hillenkamp and Michael Karas). 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Analyt
Preface. Foreword. List of Contributors. Color Plates. Volume I. Part 1 Linking Plants, Genes, and Biotechnology. 1 The Engineerin
Preface. Foreword. List of Contributors. Colour Plates. Part I Introduction to Autophagy. 1 Overview of Autophagy (Julie E. Legakis
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Cytometry and Cytometers: Development and Growth (Howard M. Shapiro). Overview. 1.1 Origins. 1
Foreword (Rolf Krebs). Preface. List of Contributors. Part I Emerging In-Vitro Culture Technologies. 1 Intelligent Biomatrices and En
Preface. List of Contributors. I Mammalian Models of CNS Regeneration. 1 The Role of Inhibitory Molecules in Limiting Axonal Rege
Volume 1. Preface. Color Plates. 1 Structure and Function. 1 X-Ray Diffraction of Biological Macromolecules (Albrecht Messerschmi
Volume 1. Preface. Color Plates. 1. Molecular Genetics. 1. Molecular Basis of Genetics (D. Peter Snustad). 2. DNA Replication and
1. Environmental Microbiology, Marine Microbiology, Water/Aquatic Microbiology, Geomicrobiology 2. Industrial Microbiology - Future
1 Overview of the HUPO Plasma Proteome Project: Results from the pilot phase with 35 collaborating laboratories and multiple analytical g
Proteomics of microbial pathogens Genome and proteome analysis of Chlamydia Helicobacter pylori vaccine development based on comb
Chapter 1.On-line chemiluminescence detection for isoelectric focusing of heme proteins on microchips. Chapter 2. A simple microfluidic
Preface. Color Plates. PART I: MOLECULAR MECHANISMS. 1. Molecular Oncology. (Miguel H. Bronchud) 2. Oncogenes. (Zhong
Preface. Color Plates. PART I: INNATE AND ADAPTIVE IMMUNITY. 1. Immunology. (Cindy Takeuchi and Paul Wentworth) 2. S
Preface.    List of contributors.    1. Current and Future Trends In Forensic Molecular Biology (Simon J. Walsh). 2. Introduction to PCR
Symposium on Empathy and Fairness, held at the Novartis Foundation, London, 25-27 October 2005. Editors: Greg Bock (Organizer) and
Preface. PART I: ANATOMY OF A CYCLONE. 1. Anatomy of a Cyclone. 2. Mathematical Methods in Fluid Dynamics. 3. Propertie
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. MONOTREMATA. Order Monotremata. MARSUPIALIA. Order Didelphimorphia. Order
Preface. Abbreviations in Repetitive Use. CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Prelude. 1.2 Covalent Bonds. 1.3 Noncovalent Intera
Preface.1. The Evidence for Cryospheric Change.2. The Monitoring of Cryospheric Change.3. Processes of Cryospheric Change.4. Patterns
Chapter 1: Introduction.Ray Hammerschmidt.Chapter 2: Agents that can elicit induced resistance.Gary D Lyon.Chapter 3: Genomics in indu
Preface.Part I: Biodiversity and Its Importance:.1. Conservation and Conservation Biology.2. What is Biodiversity?.3. Species Diversity.4.

Preface.Chapter 1: Introduction.Section I: Basis for Techniques of Behavior Therapy.Chapter 2: Medical Interview and Case History Asses
1. Cytology.2. Epithelium.3. Connective and Supportive Tissues.4. Blood and Bone Marrow.5. Muscle.6. Nervous Tissue.7. Cardiovascular
Preface.Acknowledgments.Introduction.1. Acral Lick dermatitis: canine.2. Aggression/Canine: Classification and overview.3. Aggression/C
Chapter 1 Marketplace.1.1 Veterinary Demographics.1.2 Todays Pet Owner.1.3 Models of Veterinary Practice.1.4 Trade Areas and Region
Diagnostics Section.Chap 1: Oral Exam/Charting.Chap 2: Periodontal Probing.Chap 3: Transillumination.Chap 4: Intraoral Radiology .Tech
Section I: Basic Vision Sciences.Chapter 1: Ocular Embryology and Congenital Malformations.Chapter 2: Ophthalmic Anatomy.Chapter 3:
Section 1 - Bovine.1.1 - Bacterial Skin Diseases.1.2 - Fungal Skin Diseases.1.3 - Parasitic Skin Diseases.1.4 - Viral and Protozoal Skin Dise
Section I - General Principles of Antimicrobial Therapy.1. Antimicrobial drug action and interaction: an introduction.2. Antimicrobial susce
Preface.1 Plants Affecting the Blood.2 Plants Affecting the Cardiovascular System.3 Plants Affecting the Digestive System.4 Plants Affecti
Chapter 1:.An Introduction to Cattle Lameness.Background Information.Chapter 2:.Normal Horn Formation: Structure and function.Anatom
Dedication.Foreword.Preface.Acknowledgments.Introduction.Chapter 1. The Legal System and the Veterinarians Role.Chapter 2. Crime Sc
Chapter 1 Erythrocytes.Chapter 2 Leukocytes.Chapter 3 Hemopoietic Neoplasia.Chapter 4 Hemostasis.Chapter 5 Cytology.Chapter 6 Fluids
Preface.Introduction.1. Overview: Injury, Death and Adaptive Responses. The Language of Pathology. The Diagnosis. Necrosis. Adaptive R
1. The Classification and the Status of Wild Populations of Parrots.2. Behavior of Wild Amazona and Rhynchopsitta Parrots with Comparat
Viral Diseases.Chapter 1: Newcastle Disease.Chapter 2: Arbovirus.Chapter 3: Avian Herpesviruses.Chapter 4: Duck Plague.Chapter 5: Avi
Preface.Part I.Chapter 1. Neuroanatomy.Chapter 2. Pathophysiology.Chapter 3. Clinical Neurologic examination.Chapter 4. Neuroanatomic
Preface.Chapter 1 Mice.Chapter 2 Rats.Chapter 3 Gerbils.Chapter 4 Hamsters.Chapter 5 Guinea Pigs.Chapter 6 Chinchillas.Chapter 7 R

Dysuria and haematuria; Polyuria/Polydipsia; Urinary incontinence/Urine retention; Abnormal renal palpation; Uraemia; Proteinuria; Juven
Part 1: Basic principles:.Legal and ethical aspects; Preoperative assessment; Preoperative care; The anaesthetic machine; Breathing systems
Dedication.Foreword.Authors Preface.Part I: Introduction:.1. What is forensic medicine?.2. The special features of veterinary and comparat
Acknowledgements.Chapter 1.Tooth Development (Odontogenesis).Chapter 2.Clinical examination.Chapter 3.Equipping a veterinary denta

.1. Introduction.2. Applied Animal Behaviour.3. Applied Animal Nutrition.4. Comparative Biomechanics of the Locomotor System.5. Com
Part I: Introduction.1. Sheep: A UK Perspective on a World Resource: D A R Davies.Part II: Welfare.2. Sheep Welfare: Standards and Prac
Contents..Preface to fifth edition.Preface to first edition.Bibliography.1 Blood cell formation (haemopoiesis).2 Erythropoiesis and general a
Special considerations in feline therapeutics.A current approach to immunoprophylaxis.Chemotherapy in the treatment of neoplasia.An appr
Foreword.Preface.Acknowledgements.The musculoskeletal system explained.Injury - Effects, repair and causes.Problem assessment.Comm
From the preface to the first edition; From the preface to the second edition; Preface to the third edition; The development of veterinary med
Preface.Introduction.1. Husbandry.2. The Reproductive System.3. Perinatal Lamb Mortality.4. The Digestive System.5. The Cardiorespirato

Section 1: Introduction and Normal Reference Information, 1. The normal cardiovascular system, 2. The cardiovascular examination, 3. Ov
Introduction and General anatomy.History of veterinary anatomy.Directional terms and planes of the animal body.Division of the animal bo
Preface.1. Basic Laser Physics.2. Power Density and the Basic Effects of Radiant Energy on Tissue.3. Heat Transfer through Soft Tissue an
Introduction to Meridian Introduction to Acupoints Equine Transpositional Acupoints Equine Classical Acupoints Canine Transpositional A
Preface. 1. The need for more than one random-effect term when fitting a regression line. 2. The need for more than one random-effect te
Preface and acknowledgments. 1 Introduction. Part A: Gaussian traffic and large deviations. 2 The Gaussian source model. 2.1 Modeli
Preface. 1 The Bayes linear approach. 2 Expectation. 3 Adjusting beliefs. 4 The observed adjustment. 5 Partial Bayes linear analysis.
Preface. Chapter 1 Introduction: The Bayesian Method, its Benefits and Implementation. Chapter 2 Bayesian Model Choice, Comparison
About the Author. Preface. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Some Basic Structural Equation Models. Chapter 3. Covariance Structu
Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction on quality of health care in general. I.1 Quality of health care. I.2 Measures and indicators o
Preface. Chapter 1. Register-based surveys an introduction. 1.1 Do we need a theory on register-based surveys? 1.2 What is a statistical
Preface. 1. Fundamentals of Probability and Judgement. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Probability and elicitation. 1.3 Uncertainty and the interp
Preface. 1. Computing Probabilities: Right Ways and Wrong Ways. The Probabilist. The Probabilist's Toys and Language. The Probab
Preface. Prologue. 1. Uncertainty. 1.1. Introduction. 1.2. Examples. 1.3. Suppression of Uncertainty. 1.4. The Removal of Uncertain
List of Tables. Preface. Chapter 1. Typical Stated Choice Experiments. Chapter 2. Factorial Designs. Chapter 3. The MNL Model and
Preface to the Second Edition. Chapter 1. Introduction to response Surface Methodology. Chapter 2. The Use of Graduating Functions.
List of Contributors. Series Preface. Preface. List of Abbreviations and Acronyms. Aalen-Johansen Estimator. Aalen's Additive Regre
1. Disease Surveillance (J. Lombardo & D. Ross). 2. Understanding the Data (S. Babin, et al.). 3. Obtaining the Data (R. Wojcik, et al.).
Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Probability Basics. 3. Statistics Basics. 4. Bayesian Statistics. 5. Order Statistics. 6. Goodness of Fit. 7.
Preface. Acknowledgements. Foreward. 1. Measurement Errors in Surveys. 2. Sources of Survey Measurement Error. 3. Reliability T
1. Introduction. References. 2. Symbolic Data. 2.1 Symbolic and Classical Data. 2.2 Categories, Concepts and Symbolic Objects. 2.3
Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Definitions. 1.2 When are bioequivalence studies performed. 1.3 Design and conduct of bioequivalence stu
List of Examples. List of Principal Results. List of Figures. 1. A Single Explanatory Variable. 2. Vector Explanatory Variables. 3. Ex
Foreword. Acknowledgments. 1. Introduction: Intuitive Topology. 2. Background on Sets and Functions. 3. Topological Spaces. 4. M
Preface. PART I: THE SETTING. Chapter 1. Introduction. PART II: ALGORITHMS AND PROGRAMS. Chapter 2. Numbers, Algo
Preface. Acronyms. 1. Stationary Processes. 2. State Space Systems. 3. Long-Memory Processes. 4. Estimation Methods. 5. Asympt

Introduction. Chapter 1. Sample Nodes. Chapter 2. Explore Nodes. Chapter 3. Modify Nodes. Chapter 4. Model Nodes. Chapter 5. A
Preface. 1 Getting Started. 2 Essentials of the R Language. 3 Data Input. 4 Dataframes. 5 Graphics. 6 Tables. 7 Mathematics. 8 Cl

Preface. Acknowledgements. I Preliminaries. 1 Introduction. 1.1 From Imbalance to the Field of Missing Data Research. 1.2 Incompl
Preface. Glossary. 1 Introduction to simulation and Monte Carlo. 1.1 Evaluating a definite integral. 1.2 Monte Carlo is integral estimat
Preface. Acknowledgements. 1 Introduction and Overview. 1.1 Preamble: What do Reliability, Risk and Robustness Mean? 1.2 Object
Preface. 1. Concepts. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Cost-effectiveness data and the parameters of interest. 1.3 The cost-effectiveness plane, the
Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Historical notes. 1.2 Defining competing risks. 1.3 Use of the KaplanMeier method
Preface. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Experiments All Around Us. 1.2 Objectives for Experimental Designs. 1.3 Planned Experimentation versu
Preface. PART I: MODELS AND EXAMPLES. 1. Matrix Algebra for Linear Models. 1.1 Notation. 1.2 Some Operators and Special T
Preface to the Second Edition. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Categorical Response Data. 1.1.1 Response/Explanatory Variable Distinction. 1.1.2
Preface. To the Student. To the Instructor. Coverage. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Modeling. 1.1 Choice and Chance. 1.2 The M
 1. Introduction. 1.1 Some Basic Mathematical Models; Direction Fields. 1.2 Solutions of Some Differential Equations. 1.3 Numerical A
Dedication. Preface. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Randomization in clinical trials. 1.2 Response-adaptive randomization in a historical context.
PART I: INTRODUCTION. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Examples. PART II: SEE DATA-THE PROCESS. Chapter 3. Interfa
Preface. Introduction. I. 1 Preliminaries. 1.2 Cardinality. 1. Continuity. 1. 1 Continuity and Open Sets in Rn. 1.2 Continuity and Ope
Preface. 1. Random Walks and Partial Differential Equations. 2. First Order Partial Differential Equations. 3. Classification of Equation
Preface. Acknowledgment. Notations Used in the Text. A Sketch of the History of Algebra to 1929. 0. Preliminaries. 0.1 Proofs. 0.2
Chapter 1: Vectors, Matrices, and Applications. Chapter 2: Calculus of Functions of Several Variables. Chapter 3: Vector-Valued Functio
Chapter 1. Basic Theory of Distributed Point Source Method (DPSM) and its Application to Some Simple Problems (D. Placko and T. Kun
Prelude. PART ONE: GRAPH THEORY. Chapter 1. Elements of Graph Theory. Chapter 2. Covering Circuits and Graph Coloring. Ch
Notation and Code Examples. Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Introduction. 2. The Multi-Layer Perception Model. 3. Linear Discrimin
Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Simple Linear Regression. 3. Multiple Linear Regression. 4. Model Adequacy Checking. 5. Transformatio
Chapter 1. Introduction. 1.1 What Is Statistics? 1.2 Types of Statistics. Case Study 11 10 Weeks in Front of the TV. Case Study 12 Do
CHAPTER 0. PREREQUISITES AND REVIEW. Real Numbers. Exponents and Radicals. Polynomials: Basic Operations. Factoring Pol
CHAPTER 1. Right Triangle Trigonometry. Angles, Degrees and Triangles. Similar Triangles. Definition 1 of Trigonometric Functions: R
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART I: INTRODUCTIN TO OPERATIONAL RISK MODELING. 1. Operational Risk. 2. Basic Probab
Chapter 1. What This Book is About and How to Read It. Chapter 2. Strategies for Investigating Problems. Chapter 3. Tactics for Solving
Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction. 0 Preliminaries. 0.1 The Natural Numbers. 0.2 The Rationals. 1 The Real Numbers and C
Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Foundations. 2. Simple linear regression. 3. Multiple liner regression. 4. Regression mo
List of Figures. Preface. 1. Evaluation and Logic Models. 2. The Uses of Logic Models. 3. The Components of a Logic Model. 4. The
Preface. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Overview. 1.2 Problem definition. 1.3 Data preparation. 1.4 Implementation of the analysis. 1.5 Deploy
Preface. Chapter 1. The standard split plot experiment design. 1.1. Introduction. 1.2. Statistical design. 1.3. Examples of split-plot-desi
Introduction. Chapter 1 Photography and 3D. Early Imaging. 3D Animation. Merging Technologies. Digital Incorporation. Chapter
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1. What Is Environmental Graphic Design? Chapter 2. The Design Process. Chap
Chapter 1. Graphic Print Production. Chapter 2. The Computer. Chapter 3. Chromatics. Chapter 4. Digital Images. Chapter 5. Image E
Introduction. 1. The Evolution of Typography. 2. The Anatomy of Typography. 3. Syntax and Communication. 4. Legibility. 5. the T
Acknowledgments. Introduction. SECTION I: AUDIENCE. Identifying the Audience. Chapter 1. How humans (almost) universally Pe

List of Tables. Preface and Study Guide to the First Edition. Preface to the Second Edition. 1 The Sun and its Family. 1.1 The Sun. 1.
Preface to the Fifth Edition. PART I INTRODUCTION. 1 What is Political Theory? This chapter defines terms such as political theory,
Preface. 1. Diffraction, Fourier Optics and Imaging. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Examples of Emerging Applications with Growing Significanc
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Basic Information for Astronomical Observers. Field of View. 180° (the Whole Sky) to 100° (Naked-
Preface. 1. INTRODUCTION. 1.1.Motivation for optical imaging. 1.2.General behavior of light in biological tissue. 1.3.Basic physics
Preface to the Fourth Edition. Acknowledgments. 1. Parlez Vous "Telescope?" 2. In the Beginning. 3. So You Want to Buy a Telescop
Preface. Chapter 1. Introduction to Liquid Crystals. 1.1. Molecular Structures and Chemical Compositions. 1.2. Electronic Properties.

Brief Table of Contents Chapter 1 - Science: A Way of Knowing Chapter 2 - The Ordered Universe Chapter 3 - Energy Chapter 4 - Heat
Preface. 1. Electromagnetic radiation. 1.1 Brief history of the interaction of light and matter. 1.2 Light in vacuum. 1.3 Mattersource of

1. Introduction. 2. Funding-Based Research Indicators Basis and Background. 2.1 Introduction. 2.2 Methodological Aspects. 2.2.1 Re
Volume I. Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 The Beginning. 1.2 Subsequent Developments. 1.3 The dc SQUID: A First Look. 1.4 The rf S
Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 How the Story Began. 1.1.1 Structure Periodicity and Modulated Phases. 1.1.2 Ferromagnetic and Ferroele
Preface. List of Contributors. I Classical Information Theory. 1 Classical Information Theory and Classical Error Correction (M. Grassl
1 Introduction. 1.1 What are Organic Solids? 1.2 What are the Special Characteristics of Organic Solids? 1.3 Goals and Future Outlook.
1. Fundamentals. 2. Sample Preparation. 3. Definitions. 4. Special Tensors. 5. Thermodynamic Relationships. 6. Non-Tensorial Prope
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Introduction. 1.1 The History of Magnetism in Medicine (Urs Häfeli). 1.1.1 Origins. 1.1.2 First Medic
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Fifteen Years of Microcavity Polaritons (Vincenzo Savona). 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 The Past. 1.3 The P
Foreword. Preface. 1 Introduction. 2 Equilibrium, Stability, and Metastability. 2.1 Types of Equilibria: Stability Criteria. 2.2 Boundar
Preface. 1. Beams of Electrons or Photons. 1.1 Preview. 1.2 Coordinate Definitions. 1.3 One-dimensional Transverse Propagation Equ
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Units and Definitions. 1.2 Brie