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Sheet1 - Simsbury Public Schools


									    Chair         Chair
     Last         First                  Email                         Committee

Bohadik         Laureen                Academic Fair
Glaser          Mary           After School Clubs
Gailey          Lori            Art Show
McNally         Chris              Babysitting (Fall - 6th Grade)
Open                                                        Babysitting (Spring - 5th Grade)
PTO                                                         Back to School Picnic
Cestone         Christy            Book Fair
Reynolds        Diane        Book Fair
Pendergast      Mary Ann            Calendar/Directory
Newton          Erin   Central School Publishing
DeRoot          Kelly        Classroom Enhancement
Open Chair                                                  Community Liason
Open Chair                                                  Cultural Enrichment
Wunderle        Christina             Fall Family Skate Night
Open Chair                                                  Fifth Grade Committee
Open Chair                                                  Gift Book
Open Chair                                                  Grounds Beautification
Catuccio        Lynda           Hospitality
Lynch           Pam             Kinder Fall Harvest Dinner
Andrews         Ellen           Labels for Education
Boswell         Anne           Little City Pizza Nights
Cinquegrana     Sandra                Little City Pizza Nights
Rodgers         Bridget           Media Center
Tracy           Lyn             Munsons
O'Dea           Jennifer              Office Assistant
Boswell         Anne           Paul Cryan Photography
Gailey          Lori            Carnival
White-Walsh     Wendy   Carnival
Open Chair                                                  Playground Improvement
Reynolds        Jay        Publicity
Zantow          Theresa             Read-A-Thon
Holbrook        Teresa          Room Parents
Peterson        Christine          Room Parents
Henderson       Curt    Scips
White-Walsh     Wendy   Silent Auction
Open Co-Chair                                               Silent Auction
Boswell         Anne              Sixth Grade Committee
Pendergast      Mary Ann               Sixth Grade Committee
Dempsey         Amy            Spaghetti Game Night
Open Chair                                                  Toy Store Night
Markelon        Laura               Website
Cinquegrana   Sandra   Winter Family Dance

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