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									                              AMHERST SOCCER ASSOCIATION
                                    HOUSE LEAGUE
                                       FALL 2006
                                  UNDER 12 SCHEDULE

                         North French Soccer Complex

                          Field 5                  Field 6        REFEREE 5          REFEREE 6
                      Home      Away            Home       Away
Date     Time          Red      Gold             Red       Gold
9-Sep    9:00          B4         B3             B8         B7     Kulczycki         McDonald
         10:30         B6         B1             B5         B2     Kulczycki         McDonald
         Noon          G4         G3             G8         G7     Kulczycki         McDonald
         1:30          G6         G1             G5         G2     Kulczycki         McDonald

16-Sep   9:00          G5       G4                G8       G1      Kulczycki         Harris, J.
         10:30         B3       B2                B7       B6      Kulczycki         Harris, J.
         Noon          B5       B4                B8       B1      Kulczycki         Harris, J.
         1:30          G3       G2                G7       G6      Kulczycki         Harris, J.

17-Sep           TRAVEL SOCCER TEAM ASSESSMENTS -- U11 -- 10:00-11:30 -- N. FRENCH
SUNDAY                                             U12 -- 11:30-1:00

23-Sep   9:00          G6       G3                G8       G5       Walsh            Harris, G.
         1:00          G7       G2                G4       G1       Walsh            Harris, G.
         2:30          B7       B2                B8       B5       Walsh            Harris, G.
         4:00          B6       B3                B4       B1       Walsh            Harris, G.

23-Sep           TRAVEL SOCCER TEAM ASSESSMENTS -- U11 -- 10:00-11:30 -- N. FRENCH
                                                   U12 -- 11:30-1:00

30-Sep   9:00          B2       B8                B4       B6      Kulczycki         Bellinger
         10:30         G1       G7                G3       G5      Kulczycki         Bellinger
         Noon          G2       G8                G4       G6      Kulczycki         Bellinger
         1:30          B1       B7                B3       B5      Kulczycki         Bellinger

1-Oct    9:00          B4       B8                B5       B6       Walsh            McDonald
SUNDAY   10:30         B2       B1                B3       B7       Walsh            McDonald
         Noon          G4       G8                G5       G6       Walsh            McDonald
         1:30          G2       G1                G3       G7       Walsh            McDonald

7-Oct    9:00          G7       G8                G2       G6       Walsh            Harris, G
         10:30         B1       B5                B3       B4       Walsh            Harris, G.
         Noon          B7       B8                B2       B6       Walsh            Harris, G.
         1:30          G1       G5                G3       G4       Walsh            Harris, G.

8-Oct            TRAVEL SOCCER TEAM ASSESSMENTS -- U11 -- 10:00-11:30 -- N. FRENCH
SUNDAY                                             U12 -- 11:30-1:00

14-Oct   9:00          G6       G5                G1       G2      Bellinger         McDonald
         10:30         G7       G4                G8       G3      Bellinger         McDonald
         Noon          B6       B5                B1       B2      Bellinger         McDonald
         1:30          B7       B4                B8       B3      Bellinger         McDonald
                                   Field 5                         Field 6
                               Home      Away                   Home       Away
Date         Time               Red      Gold                    Red       Gold
21-Oct       9:00               B1         B3                    B5         B7             Kunkle                 McDonald
             10:30              G6         G8                    G2         G4             Kunkle                 McDonald
             Noon               G1         G3                    G5         G7             Kunkle                 McDonald
             1:30               B6         B8                    B2         B4             Kunkle                 McDonald

28-Oct     League make-up week
           (same time/place as cancelled week)

  NO.      NAME                           CODE            COACH           PHONE            EMAIL

   1       Charlotte Eagles                 B1      Javier Blanco         639-1201
   2       Cincinnati Kings                 B2      Anthony Jasinski      634-9831
   3       Harrisburg City Islanders        B3      Philip Loweecey       691-7832
   4       Long Island Rough Riders         B4      Gary Schober          689-1933
   5       New Hampshire Phantoms           B5      Warren Stanek         688-0926
    6      Pittsburgh Riverhounds           B6      Eugene Veress         691-0511
    7      Richmond Kickers                 B7      John Athans           688-5885
    8      Western Mass Pioneers            B8      Dennis Fancher        639-0288
    1     New Zealand                       G1      Larry Easter          836-8653
    2     Czech Republic                    G2      Bill Merrill          688-6413
    3     Chinese Taipei                    G3      Steve Myers           632-6613
    4     Nigeria                           G4      Marcello Troncone     633-0612
    5      Mexico                           G5      Chuck Parenti         626-0802
    6      Korea Republic                   G6      Ashish Shah           688-3899
    7      Egypt                            G7      Todd Sugarman         631-9475
    8      Kenya                            G8      Mark Haase            626-9508

Game Format
- 9 versus 9 including keeper
- 2 - 35 minute halves
- 5 minute break between halves
- Substitutions on any throw-in, goal kick, or center kick-off.
- All players should play all positions. Equal play time per player.
- Bring both jerseys in case one team is short players.
- Weather: game decision will made at the field - will play in the rain.
  (Call 559-3013 x2 for league cancellation notice [unplayable conditions] if it can be determined in advance.)

Please check the web-site for information and links to other soccer sites:

Schedule/Roster Questions:
          Dennis and Sandy Sprole                            Greg Zuefle
          Boys House Coordinators                            Girls House Coordinator
          636-0956 or        

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