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Eastern Shore 2003 M


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									                      Eastern Shore 2003 M.O.M. Project:
                              Bigger and Better!!

For many individuals living on small incomes or without dental insurance, dental care is
a luxury that they cannot afford. Many go for years (sometimes decades) without seeing
a dentist. The 3rd Annual Mission of Mercy Project, hosted by the Eastern Shore Rural
Health System, would welcome the indigent and uninsured to the one and a half day
dental clinic that many have come to rely on as their only option for receiving any type of
dental care. On March 29th, people began forming a line as early as 2 a.m. outside the
Nandua High School in Onley, VA for the chance to receive much needed dental care.

When the doors opened at 7 a.m. 90 dentists, 20 hygienists, 50 dental assistants, 41
students and 38 staff were waiting. Some of the stories told were heartbreaking. Time
after time one would hear how this was the only opportunity to receive dental care in this
rural community. For others it was the last stop, as they have what it is left of their
decaying teeth extracted because of the limited or no access to dental care. One woman
drove from Chesapeake to have all of her teeth extracted because she was in pain and had
no other option.

But without the selflessness of our volunteers, these projects would not continue to be so
successful. These dedicated dental professionals were willing to give up their weekend to
work in two woodworking and mechanical shop areas that were temporarily transformed
into make shift M.A.S.H. units.

And the efforts of this team of volunteers paid off. Great (and record breaking) things
happened on March 29-30th. The MOM team provided services to some 786 people and
included 1,343 extractions (OMS Team led by Charlie Cuttino and included Jackson
Faircloth, Glenn Fritz, Paul Hartmann, James Krochmal, Darryl Pirok, Rick Quigg,
Warren West and Omar Abubaker- 395 more extractions than last year), 412 restorations
(87more), and 196 prophys (thanks to the leadership of Coral Diaz and Kim (sealant
queen) Puckett -28 more). This was the first Eastern Shore M.O.M. where volunteers
provided sedation and sealants to pediatric patients. The number of children treated
significantly increased thanks, in part, to the four Navy dental vans (provided courtesy of
Captain Wally Milnichuck of the Mid-Atlantic Naval Command- we also appreciate
drivers: DT3 Carlette Washington, DT3 Shucko Jackson, DN Ronald Patterson, DN
Randy Bonilla, DN James Walker, DN Jacinte Miller; and repairman: DT1 Kenneth
Lawrence for their valuable contribution to this project) and to the dedicated Pediatric
dental team (Matt Cooke, Frank Farrington, Roger Wood, Mike Avent, Meera Gokli, Jim
Keeton and Steve Lubbe).

Amazingly, the denture team ( Dr.’s Bud Zimmer and Anne Adams and Edie and Tina
from Geri Zeno’s Lab in Virginia Beach) was able to construct 2 full sets of dentures and
2 flippers in fifteen short hours, (along with several denture repairs and relines)-
something never before offered on the Eastern Shore. Make sure you thank Geri the next
time you use his lab (Virginia Dental Lab). Tina and Edie were there Saturday night past
8 pm- true team members. Overall, $268,925 in services were provided to those in need
(up from $185,237 in 2002). I don’t know how much the neck and back massages were
valued at but we sure appreciate Kristin Farrington’s (Frank’s daughter) talent in giving
up her weekend to loosen us up!

Each M.O.M. project continues to treat an increasing number of patients and provides
more and better dental care. Volunteers complete one M.O.M. project only to anticipate
the date of the next. More and more people are showing their support for this worthy
cause by providing their professional services, donating needed supplies, and providing
monetary contributions. Plans are already being finalized for the Eastern Shore M.O.M.
2004 project (March 20-21, 2004). You are invited to join the “TEAM” July 25-27th as
M.O.M. returns to Wise County, VA for its fourth project. Volunteers may register at
www.vadental.org under Mission of Mercy. Sign up soon as hotel rooms go fast!

Dr. “Bud” Zimmer’s (VDA Past President) “Make A Difference” pins sum up the
mission of every M.O.M. project. It is through the dedication and compassion of M.O.M.
volunteers that make this outreach program possible. The VDA would like to express its
gratitude to the following for making Eastern Shore M.O.M. 2003 the most successful
Eastern Shore M.O.M. Project to date:

Dr. Dave Abbott         Denny Cheshire           Dr. Hunter Francis       Jonathan Jones
Dr. Omar Abubaker       Tom Childrey             Dr. Scott Francis        Kim Jones
Dr. Abrar Algharair     Donna Cockerille         Jan Franklin             Jennifer Joyce
Carolee Allen           Dr. Matthew Cooke        Michele Freeman          Dr. James Keeton
Brad Allen              Dr. Tom Cooke            Dr. Glenn Fritz          David Keeton
Stephanie Arnold        Milton Cooke             Gabriel Fritz            Debbie Keller
Dr. Michael Avent       Sherry Corraro           Christina Gaffos         Dr. Todd King
Katherine Aylor         Dr. David Crouse         Dr. Graham Gardner       Shera Kite
Joyce Barcroft          Carol Crouse             Bryan Geary              Dr. Rodney Klima
Dr. Richard Barnes      Ben Crowley              Avi Gibberman            Carol Klima
Sheron Barnes           Dr. Charles Cuttino      Dr. Meera Gokli          Dr. Louis Korpics
Dr. Bob Barnes          Dr. Colleen Daley        Laurie Grasso            Dr. James Krochmal
Ricardo Belinchon       Robin Dalton             Missy Griffith           Carol Krochmal
Jennifer Benedict       Dr. Bruce DeGinder       Jenny Gross              Dr. Richard Lachine
Bill Berara             Jill Delvillar           Wendy Hager              Kim Lake
Beverly Berry           Dr. David DeViese        Christie Hagert          Dr. James Lance
Pamela Blankenship      Coral Diaz               Dr. Madeline Hahn        Jocelyn Lance
Elaine Bowser           Dr. Terry Dickinson      Bill Hall                Margaret Larson
Dr. Jay Boyle           Dr. Wally Edens          Dr. John Han             Bonnie Lellingwell
Dr. Carol Brooks        Sayword Edwards          Cindy Hanrahan           Kelly Lewis
Dr. J. Wayne Browder    Joyce Estes              Dr. Paul Hartmann        David Lewis
Becky Brown             Pam Evans                Dr. Mike Healy           Dr. Dan Lill
Dr. Bruce Brown         Rob Eye                  Dr. Clay Hendricks       Dr. Steven Lubbe
Kendra Brown            Dr. Jackson Faircloth    Amy Hendricks            Dr. Ron Lynch
Keri Butler             Dr. Frank Farrington     Heidi Hessler-Allen      Megan Lynch
Dr. Gibby Button        Kristin Farrington       Dr. Lanny Hinson         Anna Manilla
Dr. Shawn Cabbell       Abby Ferrar              Tina Horne               Ron Manilla
Dr. Robert Candler      Marcus Fields            Shalie Houseknecht       Dominic Manilla
Zachary Candler         Kathleen Filicko         John Howard              Danny Manilla
Abby Candler            Rachael Finch            Dr. Ralph Howell         Joey Manilla
John Candler            Patrick Finnerty         Tammy Howell             Dr. Diana Marchibroda
Shannon Candler         Carol Finnerty           Jennifer Jacovides       Mim Martenez
Susan Carr              Helen Fortner            Cathleen Johnson         Nicole Matern
Carol McCarthy           Alejandra Perez-Rubio     Anna Nichole Rollins     Cathy Toler
Whitney McDaniel         Jackie Perry              Dr. Noel Root            Amanda Tucker
Angela McElreath         Michelle Peters           Dr. Jennifer Rose        Charlene Velvarde
Marina McGraw            Annah Phung               Rosanne Rosenberg        Carol Walsh
Dr. Tony Meares          Dr. Darryl Pirok          Cheryl Rosner            Jennifer Waterman
Dr. Emanuel Michaels     Rebecca Pirok             Dr. John Ross            Dr. Jerome Weinstein
Faye Miles               Stephanie Pirok           Angela Rowan             Dr. Edward Weisberg
Naomi Mitchell           Dr. Brad Pirok            Vicki Semter             Dr. Jeffrey Weisberg
Niloo Mofakhami          Dan Pouchot               Kara Shantz              Dr. Charles Wesley
Melissa Moore            Melissa Pouchot           Sue Shekoski             Dr. L. Warren West
Dr. John Mosher          Dr. McKinley Price        Wendy Shinault           Deena West
Dr. Byron Murphy         Kim Pucket                Vali Shoop               Dr. Gregory Whitmer
Amir Naiminejad          Sherry Purchas            Heather Simmons          Teresa Wiley
Barbara Nichols          Cameron Quayle            Dr. Albert Solomon       Dr. Daniel Williams
Bonnie Nickerson         Dr. Rick Quigg            Betsey Soulsby           Keith Williams
Dr. James Nottingham     Bridget Reilly-Sheridan   Robyn Sparks             Jonathan Williams
Lin Nunnally             Dr. James Rhodes          Dr. Carl Steger          Dr. Hollis Wolcott
Hannah Oakland           Paige Rich                Dr. Matthew Storm        Dr. Roger Wood
Dr. Stuart Oglesby       Dr. Gary Riggs            Lisa Storm               Dr. Krista Woodlock
Dr. Udo Ogueri           Dr. Kathryn Roberts       Dr. Richard Suter        Judy Woolridge
Dr. Edward S. O'Keefe    Patrick Roberts           Mary Suter               Dr. Allan Zeno
Nicole Olsen             Dr. Kate Roberts          Sharon Swanson           Arlene Zeno
Rose Marie Owen          Pat Roberts               Dr. Jack Thompson        Dr. Andrew Zimmer
Sara Painter             Sharon Robinson           Margaret Thompson
Dr. Russell Pape         Neal Rollins              Alison Thompson
Julieta Perezrubio       Barbara Rollins           Ben Thornal

There was a noticeable absence by one of our Team Leaders- Carol Brooks (who hasn’t
missed one project until this one). In spite of her medical challenges lately, she, until the
day before, was prepared to come but made the right choice in staying home and taking
care of herself- what dedication! We also missed Dr. Jack Pash who was in the hospital
the day before the project and we hope to see him in July with Wally Edens at his side.
Our thanks to Jennifer Rose for stepping in Carol’s shoes and managing the oral surgery
side of things.

A special note of thanks should go to the packing and unpacking team of Tom Cooke, Al
Stenger, Bryan Brassington, Clint Norris and Greg Cole. Al and Bryan didn’t work the
project this time but did drive over Friday afternoon to help with the set-up (just a 6 hour
round trip!). And we have to honor our new team members, Pat Finnerty and his wife
Carol. For those who don’t know, Pat is the new Director of the Department of Medical
Assistant Services (Medicaid, etc.) and Carol is a dental assistant who works for a dentist
on the Southside of Richmond. Pat called and wanted to help with the set up and he and
Carol did! Not only for the set-up, but walked out with Terry Dickinson, Graham
Gardner, Frank Farrington and Bill Hall as we shut it down on Sunday afternoon.
Speaking of Bill Hall, we can’t say enough about him and his dedication to our project.
He comes early and stays late! He, because of the high winds on Sunday, had to leave his
trailer in the parking lot at the toll booth heading back and had to return to pick it up
another day- he keeps on giving! Terry Dickinson and Darryl and Becky Pirok got to
spend the night since both were pulling trailers. There was hope that the winds would die
down on Monday morning. Unfortunately they didn’t and Darryl and Becky headed
north through Maryland and then back down as they had their office equipment with
them and couldn’t operate without it. Terry finally gave up and left his trailer there as he
knew he would be coming back to rescue the VCU bus- but that’s another Keith story.

The VDA would also like to send a special thanks to those who donated over 265 stuffed
animals for the children seen at M.O.M. There is no price to great to pay to see that smile
on a child’s face when handed one of the stuffed animals. M.O.M. continues to make
caring visible.

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