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									                                              SEG Mentor

Photo                                          Name/address/telephone/e-mail

                                               Regina Baumgartner
                                               Calle Bilbao 295, int.1
                                               San Isidro, Lima 27, Peru

Current Position & focus (areas of             Relevant education/work experience
research &/or economic geology interest)       Project geologist at Teck Cominco
                                               Lecturer at PUCP in geology for geomet
Mineralogy and geometallurgy on various        program
types of deposits.                             PhD on “Sources and evolution of
Porphyry systems, focusing on base and         hydrothermal fluids at the Cerro de Pasco
precious metal epithermal deposits with        Cordilleran Cu-Zn-Pb deposit”
applications to exploration                    MSc on the “Genesis of columbite-
                                               tantalite-bearing pegmatites, northeastern
Hobbies/Other Interests                        Nationality

Outdoors, ski, diving, cooking                 Swiss

SEG activities (e.g. positions held, former    Personal philosophy re mentoring
student membership details)
                                               Help people having questions, needing
Exploration reviews for Peru in SEG            advices, support, encouragements…it is
Newsletter (current)                           just about knowing people and build up a
Student Affairs Committee (current)            network.
SEG Student/Member (01/06)
Geneva Univ. Student chapter (02-06)

Comfortable communicating in the               Other relevant information
following Languages
                                               Always happy to help (if possible) and to
French                                         meet people!

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