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AP U.S. Government _ Politics Syllabus


									                                  AP U.S. Government & Politics Syllabus

Mr. Bailey Contact Information
Room: 311
Phone: 503.262.4422

TEST DATE: Tuesday, May 15 (8:00)

Course Overview:
The topic outline below summarizes the major content areas covered by the U.S. Government & Politics Exam. The multiple-choice
portion of the exam is devoted to each content area in the approximate percentages indicated. The free-response portion of the
exam will test students in some combination of the six major categories outlined below. The outline is a guide and is by no means an
exhaustive list of topics or the preferred order of topics.
         1. Constitutional Underpinnings of United States Government (5-15%)
         2. Political Beliefs and Behaviors (10-20%)
         3. Political Parties, Interest Groups, and Mass Media (10-20%)
         4. Institutions of National Government: The Congress, the Presidency, the Bureaucracy, and the Federal Courts (35-45%)
         5. Public Policy (5-15%)
         6. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (5-15%)

Grades will be determined by the following percentages:

         1. Homework & Tests                                      80%
         2. Final Exam                                            20%

        1. Follow all rules in the DDHS Student Handbook
        2. Be on time and prepared for class
        3. Respect others’ property (intellectual and physical)
        4. Do not quit early
        5. Be positive

Grading Policy
        1. Late work will be handled per DDHS Student Handbook policy
        2. All work must be turned in the next class after an excused absence to receive full credit, otherwise the work will be
        scored at a maximum of 50% credit
        3. Students with an unexcused absence will receive zero credit for missed work
        4. No late work is accepted after a unit of study is completed. Work should still be completed to prepare for semester and
        AP exam.
        5. Students may choose to retake two quizzes during the course of the semester. Studetns will earn the score from their
        second attempt. All re-takes should be complete two weeks prior to the semester final.

    Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
                                                          - Thomas Paine


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