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									China World Hotel, Beijing, China                                        “The skyscraper establishes the block, the
                                                                          block creates the street, the street offers
13th & 14th September 2010                                                itself to man.”
                                                                                        Roland Barthes (1915-1980), French literary theorist, philosopher and critic

                                                                            Integrating sustainable design and construction methods with commercial acumen and
                                                                            efficient management to achieve greater returns on investment and create successful
                                                                            Tall Buildings

Key international presentations & distinguished speakers:
Robert Forest Founding Principal                         David Malott Senior Associate Principal                   Ahmad Abdelrazaq Executive Vice President –
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture,                 Kohn Pedersen Fox, USA                                    Highrise & Complex Buildings
US                                                                                                                 Samsung C & T Corporation, Korea
                                                         Bruce Kuwabara Founding Principal
Richard Smith Group Chair – Carbon Critical              KPMB Architects, Canada                                   Dr Han Jihong Vice-Director of Building
Buildings & Technical Director – Middle East                                                                       Technology
Atkins, Dubai                                            Donald Davies Partner                                     Shanghai Research Institute for Building
                                                         Magnusson Klemencic Associates, US                        Sciences (SRIBS)
Michael Barnes Director – China                                                                                    Administrative Vice Director of Green Building R&D
Altus Page Kirkland, China                               James Zheng Partner                                       Centre
                                                         Goettsch Partners, China                                  Ministry of Housing & Urban-Rural
Mingchun Luo Fire Safety Expert, Director of                                                                       Development (MOHURD), China
Consulting                                               Jeffrey Heller Founding Principal
Arup, Hong Kong                                          Heller Manus Architects, US                               Cathy Yang Assistant Vice President
                                                                                                                   Taipei 101, Taiwan
David Littler Group Director – Building Services         Senior Representative
Buro Happold, Hong Kong                                  KONE, China                                               Stefan Krummeck Principal Director
                                                                                                                   TFP Farrells, Hong Kong
Ahmad Kasem Chief Development Officer                    Ma Yan Song Founding Principal
Cayan Investment & Development, Dubai                    MAD Architects, China                                     Dominic Bettison Principal
                                                                                                                   Wilkinson Eyre Architects, UK
Tan Jee Long Director of Development                     Cho Minsuk Founding Principal
China World Trade Centre, Beijing, China                 Mass Studies, Korea                                       Wong Mun Summ Founding Director
                                                                                                                   WOHA, Singapore
Greg Sang Director – Projects                            Ian Milne Design Principal – Asia
Emaar Properties, Dubai                                  RMJM, Hong Kong                                           Patrick Daly Principal
                                                                                                                   Woods Bagot

Featuring international case studies on iconic Tall Building projects:
Burj Khalifa, Dubai (World’s Tallest Building) • Manitoba Hydro Place (CTBUH Best Tall Building, Americas, 2009) • Shanghai Tower (Shanghai’s next Tallest Building)
• China World Trade Centre, Beijing (Tallest Building in Beijing) • Infinity Tower, Dubai • Taipei 101, Taipei (Aiming for the World’s Tallest Green Building) • Boutique
Monaco, Seoul (CTBUH Best Tall Building, Asia & Australasia Finalist, 2009) • The Met, Bangkok (World Housing Development of the Year, World Architecture Festival
2009) • Kingkey Finance Tower, Shenzhen (Shenzhen’s Tallest Building) • 1080 East Dondaming, (1st Pre-certified LEED-CS Gold Building in Shanghai)

 Featuring an exclusive site tour to China World Trade Centre Tower III!
 The recently completed 74 storey China World Trade Centre (WTC) Tower III is the latest addition to the China WTC group. Standing at 330m high, it is the tallest
 building in Beijing. The site tour will take delegates behind the scenes into the internal operations system to see what makes the tower tick as well as to admire
 the magnificent views of Beijing from the observation deck.

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0830       Registration and morning coffee

0900       Opening and welcome remarks from the Chairperson

0915       Plenary One – Welding sustainability into Tall Buildings whilst addressing the economic considerations and ecological concerns for better urban planning

1000       Plenary Two – Uncovering the latest technological advances in Tall Building design and engineering for better construction planning
           Ahmad Abdelrazaq Executive Vice President – Highrise & Complex Buildings
           Samsung C & T Corporation, Korea

1045       Morning refreshments

1115       Plenary Three – Implementing LEED certification in Tall Buildings - Calculating the ROI for developers and building owners

1200       Plenary Four – Case Study – Green Star Certification of the Shanghai Tower
           Dr Han Jihong Vice-Director of Building Technology
           Shanghai Research Institute for Building Sciences (SRIBS)
           Administrative Vice Director of Green Building R&D Centre
           Ministry of Housing & Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), China

1245       Networking luncheon

Stream One                                                           Stream Two                                                        Stream Three
Design & Construction I                                              Commercial Aspects I                                              MEP Engineering & Facilities Management

1400       Chairperson’s opening remarks                             1400      Chairperson’s opening remarks                           1400     Chairperson’s opening remarks

1405       Case Study: Exploring the sustainable design
                                                                     1405     Assessing the commercial considerations in               1405     Probing MEP design step changes needed
           features of the Manitoba Hydro Place
                                                                              the design and operation of mixed-use Tall                        for differing height and mix density to
       •   How to organise an effective Integrated Design                     Buildings                                                         examine why Tall Buildings are not scalable
                                                                            • Acknowledging the need for diversification of risks in          • Clarifying the increased trend for mix-use building
       •   Examining the relationship of real time energy                     the selection of the usage type of Tall Buildings                 construction
           modeling with the building design
                                                                            • Exploring the design considerations in terms of floor           • Examining the key factors in successful MEP design
       •   Maximising integrated passive building systems to                  efficiency, transportation systems and ceiling heights            for supertalls
           reduce energy consumption                                          in order to maximise the value of the investment                • Determining the added installation and fitting
       •   Analysing critical factors in organising a working               • Best practices in the management of a mixed-use Tall              challenges in implementing MEP designs for mixed-
           environment for 2000 people in a vertical campus                   Building                                                          use Tall Buildings
           Bruce Kuwabara Founding Principal                                  Tan Jee Long Director                                             Richard F Smith Group Chair – Carbon Critical
           KPMB Architects, Canada                                            China World Trade Centre                                          Buildings & Technical Director, Middle East and India
1450     Meeting the challenges of designing tall,
         sustainable and commercially viable                         1450     Maximising developer’s Return on
         buildings amidst congested urban settings                            Investment (ROI) through design                          1450     Tackling the challenges of vertical
                                                                              optimisation and demographical targeting                          transportation in Tall Buildings to ensure
       • Elaborating on the need for increased densification
                                                                            • Identifying the issues that are most important to                 efficient service and reduced wait times
         and the cultural factors involved behind building tall
         in China                                                             tenants in search for the perfect property                      • Examining sustainable building transport technologies
                                                                            • Investigating how developers can effectively engage               in depth - How vertical transportation contributes to
       • Balancing the need for new modern design with
                                                                              across sectors to deliver cost-effective solutions                greening your buildings
         historic influences in order to create culturally
         sensitive iconic towers                                            • Examining cash flow considerations and the impact               • Capitalising on evolutionary space-saving
                                                                              of mixed-use models to determine the viability of the             technologies for buildings with high traffic demand
       • Creating breathing spaces and communal points for
                                                                              investment                                                        to improve floor efficiencies
         the creation of a healthy environment in the building
                                                                                                                                              • Easing travel times for occupants via an Intelligent
         Ma Yan Song Founding Principal
                                                                     1535      Afternoon refreshments                                           Traffic Management system for Tall Buildings
         MAD Architects, China
                                                                                                                                                Senior Representative
1535       Afternoon refreshments                                                                                                               KONE
                                                                     1600     Greening your Tall Building as an
                                                                              innovative marketing technique to attract
1600       Examining the cost drivers behind Tall                                                                                      1535     Afternoon refreshments
                                                                              new tenants and retain existing ones
                                                                            • Understanding the developer’s rationale in carrying
       •   Establishing the project’s feasibility on projected
                                                                              out LEED certification – What is the ROI?                1600     Case Study: Fire safety design for Super
           revenue and expected expenditure
                                                                            • Carefully assessing the work and costs necessary to               High-rise Buildings
       •   Optimising the cost drivers in order to determine the
                                                                              upgrade Taipei 101 to meet LEED standards and                   • Addressing the egress and people movement with
           construction method and appropriate structure
                                                                              evaluate the return period for the investment                     the extended vertical travel distance in order to
       •   Moving beyond building and land cost to see the                                                                                      ensure occupant safety
                                                                            • Scheduling and monitoring the upgrading process to
           value created in a Tall Building project
                                                                              minimise disruption to existing tenants and shoppers            • Overcoming the challenges of increased occupancy
       •   Understand the risks associated with the building and                                                                                and fire load due to the multiple stacking of floor
                                                                              Cathy Yang Assistant Vice President
           how by building tall these risks are intensified and so                                                                              upon floor
                                                                              Taipei 101, Taiwan
           drive costs
                                                                                                                                              • Assessing the present alternative options for
       •   Assessing the role cost drivers play in the overall                                                                                  protection without evacuation
                                                                     1645     Quantifying the costs and benefits of LEED
           building life cycle
                                                                              Certification in attracting tenants and                           Mingchun Luo Fire Safety Expert, Director of
           Michael Barnes Director – China                                                                                                      Consulting
                                                                              reducing operational costs
           Altus Page Kirkland                                                                                                                  Arup
                                                                            • Clarifying the market demand for LEED Certified
1645     Case Study: A series of Matrix studies                               buildings in Asia to determine whether new
         related to Boutique Monaco                                           developments should be certified                         1645     Examining the trend of zoning within Tall
                                                                            • Moving past the hype of LEED certification into hard              Buildings and the impact on MEP systems
       • Elaborating on the “Systematic Heterogeneity”
                                                                              numbers of tenant take-up rates in LEED certified                 design with the goal of maximising
         concept that is the key idea in the designing of
                                                                              buildings                                                         comfort and management
         Boutique Monaco
                                                                            • Keeping track of the building’s operational costs to            • Comparing and contrasting the benefits of spreading
       • Magnifying the concept of “Vertical Urbanity” as a way
                                                                              see whether they are meeting the designed cost                    mechanical floors throughout a building versus
         to resolve the densification issue faced within cities
                                                                              savings                                                           concentrating them
       • Establishing the increased need for communal spaces
                                                                                                                                              • Elaborating on the challenges in designing MEP
         within Tall Buildings as a means to improve the
                                                                     1730      Chairperson’s closing remarks                                    systems on multiple floors
         habitability of buildings and integrate them with their
         environments                                                                                                                         • Examining successful examples of buildings with
                                                                     1740      End of Day One                                                   zoned MEP systems
         Cho Minsuk Founding Principal
         Mass Studies, Korea
                                                                                                                                       1730     Chairperson’s closing remarks
1730       Chairperson’s closing remarks
                                                                                                                                       1740     End of Day One
1740       End of Day One
Day 2

Tuesday 14th September 2010
0830       Registration and morning coffee

0900       Opening and welcome remarks from the Chairperson

0915       Plenary One – Evolution of the Skyscraper – Examining future trends in the design of Tall Buildings
           David Malott Senior Associate Principal
           Kohn Pedersen Fox, USA

1000       Plenary Two – Tapping into cultural, environment and location specific influences to design an iconic Tall building that fits into the urban landscape whilst
           gaining acceptance by the people
           Wong Mun Summ Founding Director
           WOHA, Singapore

1045       Morning refreshments

Stream One                                                           Stream Two                                                        Stream Three
Design & Construction II                                             Commercial Aspects II                                             Energy Efficiency

1115       Chairperson’s opening remarks                             1115      Chairperson’s opening remarks                           1115       Chairperson’s opening remarks

1120     Case Study on the unique design attributes                  1120     Retrofitting Tall Buildings to boost                     1120       Going for Gold in Shanghai - The City’s first
         of Kingkey Finance Tower                                             aesthetics, attract new clientele and improve                       Gold Pre-certified High-Rise
       • Context Driven: Response to the environment,                         profitability over the building life cycle                      •   Expanding on sustainability as a motivating force for
         culture, demand, patronage and scale                               • Scrap or Retrofit? Key considerations in deciding                   both the client and the city of Shanghai.
       • Elaborating on design and construction challenges -                  whether to go ahead with the refurbishment of a Tall            •   Comparing and contrasting green building standards
         Geometry of the tower, vertical transportation,                      Building                                                            – Why the LEED system was used in this project
         viewing deck and façade                                            • Estimating the increased value of refurbished Tall              •   Exploring the rationale and added benefits behind
       • Strength and Capability: Visual and technical                        Buildings to new and existing clients                               the move from LEED-Silver to LEED-Gold certification
         solutions for wind, seismic load and sustainability                • Financing the improvements – Identifying cost-                  •   Facts and figures – A detailed analysis
         considerations                                                       efficient improvements which deliver the fastest                    Jeffrey Heller Founding Principal
         Stefan Krummeck Principal Director                                   returns on investment                                               Heller Manus Architects
         TFP Farrells, Hong Kong
                                                                     1205     Case Study on the Infinity Tower: Infinity               1205     Utilising building simulation tools to create
1205     Examining innovative uses of outrigger                               Marina Front Diaphragm Wall Breach and                            energy models to minimise energy
         trusses as an aesthetic tool and for                                 the impact to the commercial viability of                         consumption in Tall Buildings
         stabilising Tall Buildings from high winds,                          the project
                                                                                                                                              • Enhancing building environmental design through
         earthquakes and typhoons                                           • Discussing the unknown existing conditions and                    simulations
       • Tracking the increased frequency of earthquakes and                  structures together with the impact as part of the
                                                                                                                                              • Improving façade design through modelling to improve
         wind related events in the region                                    Diaphragm Wall Breach
                                                                                                                                                energy efficiency
       • Exploring successful implementations of trusses in                 • Examining the utilities corridor alongside the plot
                                                                                                                                              • Leveraging on energy models to estimate energy
         seismic and wind resistant construction of Tall Buildings            limits and the culvert that crosses under the Marina
                                                                                                                                                efficiencies associated with plant, systems and
       • Form and function - Examining the aesthetic                          to feed the other side of the development
                                                                                                                                                renewable technologies
         contribution of trusses in iconic buildings                        • Expanding on remedial works and all construction
                                                                                                                                                David Littler Group Director – Building Services
         James Zheng Partner                                                  challenges to complete the Infinity Tower
                                                                                                                                                Buro Happold
         Goettsch Partners                                                    Ahmad Kasem Chief Development Officer
                                                                              Cayan Investment & Development                           1250       Networking luncheon
1250       Networking luncheon
                                                                     1250      Networking luncheon                                     1400     Case Studies: Sustainable Tall Buildings – An
1400     Evaluating the use of BIM systems to                                                                                                   MEP perspective
         reduce costs, prevent wastage and enable                    1400     Bringing best practices in the project
                                                                                                                                              • Integrating building systems with the overall design in
         better project management in constructing                            management of Tall Building construction
                                                                                                                                                order to achieve sustainable goals
         Tall Buildings                                                       to minimise costs and build faster – A
                                                                                                                                              • Exploring in depth how design can contribute to
       • Best practices and technologies for the design of                    developer’s perspective
                                                                                                                                                make MEP systems more effective
         high-rise structures: Building Information Modelling               • Identifying risks early to the construction completion
                                                                                                                                              • Focusing on several successful examples of
         (BIM) and simulation software solutions                              process to manage schedules and build contingency
                                                                                                                                                architectural input in MEP design for Tall Buildings
       • Achieving better coordination between stakeholders:                  plans to ensure the project runs on schedule
                                                                                                                                                Ian Milne Design Principal – Asia
         BIM solutions for complex projects                                 • Providing an overview on site management,
       • Exploring the power and benefits of the BIM and                      manpower training and development of team
         future potential applications for Tall Buildings                     management skills in the project
                                                                                                                                       1445     Working closely with MEP engineers to
         Patrick Daly Principal                                             • Ensuring potential issues are dealt with early through            ensure building systems match with the
         Woods Bagot                                                          constant communication to minimise delays to the                  proposed design objectives
                                                                              construction schedule
                                                                                                                                              • Maximising building efficiency in design to achieve
1445       Performance Based Seismic Design (PBD) for                         Greg Sang Director – Projects                                     environmental performance objectives
           Tall Buildings – Opportunities and challenges                      Emaar Properties
                                                                                                                                              • Setting parameters for operational efficiency of the
       •   Performance Based seismic engineering offers greater                                                                                 building
           building reliability, and freedom in design - What’s      1445     Analysing the latest trend of achieving
                                                                              phased occupancy whilst construction                            • Optimising building and system design for maximum
           the catch?
                                                                              continues to reap better economic returns                         efficiency and predicting the performance of building
       •   Citing case study examples in US for both structural                                                                                 systems
           steel and concrete PBD towers in high seismic regions            • Identifying when and how to best project manage
                                                                              the ongoing construction process with minimal                     Dominic Bettison Director
       •   Summary of recent PBD research and practical design                                                                                  Wilkinson Eyre Architects
           lessons learned
                                                                            • Getting the necessary approvals to have the building
       •   Opportunities in China to advance the state of the
                                                                              let out and occupied whilst work continues
           practice - Are we focusing on the right things?
                                                                            • Handling the challenges in ensuring building safety
           Donald Davies, P.E., S.E. Partner
                                                                              and occupant comfort levels
           Magnusson Klemencic Associates, US

1530       Afternoon refreshments

1600       Plenary Three – Arcologies - Tackling the problem of urban densification by creating a vertical city within a Tall Building
           Robert Forest Founding Principal
           Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture LLP

1645       Plenary Four – Getting the right equilibrium between Tall Buildings developments and heritage considerations to boost a city’s investment environment
           and economic strength

1730       Chairperson’s closing remarks

1740       End of Day Two
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Who should attend
                                                                                             Why you cannot miss this event?
This regional conference is designed to attract the following:
                                                                                             Tall buildings have always been symbolic of a city’s economic and financial
• Building Owners
                                                                                             strength. Despite the economic woes that have plagued the world recently,
• Facilities and Property Management Directors / Managers                                    tall building construction has proceeded at an unprecedented pace.
• Architects & Designers                                                                     According to the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, 2010 will see
• Developers, Contractors & Funders                                                          over 100 buildings 200m or taller completed, with over half of these in the
                                                                                             Asia Pacific and 30% in China alone.
• Legal advisors
• Financial Advisors / Bankers                                                               However with the construction of so many tall buildings, there has been an
• Property / Real Estate Agents                                                              increased scrutiny on their commercial and financial viability, not to
• Insurers                                                                                   mention the sustainability aspect in their construction. It has become
                                                                                             increasingly important for architects, engineers and developers to create
                                                                                             thriving communities within the Tall Building environment that
Local Government, Government Departments, Agencies & Authorities:                            incorporates the best in technological advances, engineering skill and
• Director Planning / Planning Services                                                      commercial know-how in order to ensure that these massive skyscrapers
• Statutory Planning Director / Manager                                                      are sustainable both to the environment and to the people who live in
• Urban Designer
• City / Town Planner                                                                        Covering the entire life cycle of a tall building from its design and
• Environmental Strategist                                                                   construction to its finance and operations, the 4th Annual Tall Buildings
                                                                                             conference aims to expound on the commercial aspects of tall buildings
• Policy & Project Director / Officers
                                                                                             whilst retaining its strength in focusing on selected case studies featuring
                                                                                             the latest in design and engineering these mega-structures of the future.
Engineers, Consultants, Project Managers and Contractors involved in:                        Join this conference to discover the key challenges and solutions to help
• Structural/Electrical/Plumbing/Mechanical                                                  prepare Tall Building professionals to succeed and gain an edge in this
                                                                                             highly competitive market.
• Heating & Ventilating
• Air Conditioning
                                                                                             Follow your own agenda with a choice of six streams over 2 days:
• Lighting/Environment
• Construction                                                                               Stream I          Design & Construction I
• Wind                                                                                       Stream II         Commercial Aspects I
• Fire/Alarm                                                                                 Stream III        MEP Engineering & Facilities Management
• Communication systems                                                                      Stream IV         Design & Construction II
• Exit & Evacuation systems
                                                                                             Stream V          Commercial Aspects II
                                                                                             Stream VI         Energy Efficiency
Manufacturers and Suppliers of:
• Building Materials
• Raw Materials
• Pre fabricated Materials                                                                   Attending this premier marcus evans conference will
                                                                                             enable you to:
                                                                                             • Assessing the commercial considerations in the design and operation
Geographical market of delegates:                                                              of mixed-use Tall Buildings
• China / Korea / Taiwan / Japan                45%                                          • Greening your Tall Building as an innovative marketing technique to
• India / South East Asia                       40%                                            attract new tenants and retain existing ones
• Australia / New Zealand / Middle East         10%                                          • Bringing best practices in the project management of Tall Building
• America / Canada / Europe                     5%                                             construction to minimise costs and build faster – A developer’s

                                                                                             • Analysing the opportunities and challenges of Performance Based
                                                                                               Seismic Design for tall buildings

                                                                                             • Uncovering the latest technological advances in Tall Building design
                                                                                               and engineering for better construction planning

                                                                                             • Utilising building simulation tools to create energy models to minimise
                                                                                               energy consumption in Tall Buildings

                                                                                             • Tapping into cultural, environment and location specific influences to
 Acknowledgement                                                                               design an iconic Tall building to improve fit into urban landscape and
 marcus evans would like to thank all the world-leading visionaries, solution                  adoption by the people
 providers, associations, operators, end-users and delegates who have contributed to
 and supported the marcus evans 4th Annual Tall Buildings regional event. We                 • Meeting the challenges of designing tall, sustainable and commercially
 would particularly like to mention our speakers for their help in the research behind the     viable buildings amidst congested urban settings
 event and also our sponsors for their continued support and commitment.
                                                                                             • Networking and benchmarking opportunities with some of the
 On behalf of marcus evans we hope you have a rewarding, enjoyable and productive
                                                                                               leading names in Tall Buildings and construction sector.
 time. We personally look forward to meeting you all and working with you at our
 future regional events planned in 2010. See you in September!
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