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8th Grade English Syllabus


									                                 8th Grade English Syllabus 2011-2012
                                       Mrs. Blando (Ms. Welch)
                                         Adobe Middle School
Contact Information:
             Email –
             Adobe Middle School
                3375 Jennings Way
In order to be successful, students will need to come to class prepared every day. The following list of supplies
is required for this course.
             Loose leaf notebook paper                            Flash drive
             1 file folder (graded papers will be                 Reading book
                sent home in this folder)                          Pencils
             Blue or black ink pens
             Yellow Highlighter
        Major Course Goals
        Categorized under English, the District curriculum for this course is located at:

       The Nevada State Standards for this course are located at:

       The Common Core Standards for this course are located at:

       Reading Comprehension
       One of the main goals in English is to increase reading comprehension. In order to do this, the
       class will focus on:
            Main Ideas                                          Compare & Contrast
            Context Clues                                       Fact & Opinion
            Predicting                                          Analyzing Plot
            Cause & Effect                                      Using Figurative Language

       Spelling, Vocabulary and Language - to improve skills in these areas the class will focus on:
           Skills in editing and proofreading
           Vocabulary skills

       Writing. - Writing is a daily classroom activity. Writing will be assessed in Ideas, Voice,
       Organization, and Conventions using the Nevada State Writing Proficiency Examination Grade 8
       Holistic Rubric. Main focuses for the year:
           Narrative/Descriptive Writing
           Expository Writing
           Persuasive Writing
           Research skills
           The Writing Process
           Summarizing/paraphrasing
Accelerated Reader
The Accelerated Reader program is designed to assist students in increasing their reading
comprehension skills. Students will be involved in setting their reading goals and encouraged to
reach set goals. Goals will be set at the beginning of each semester. It is the student’s
responsibility to reach their set goal by the end of each semester. The AR program is not a
substitute for reading instruction; it is a motivational tool. AR will NOT be graded. Students
who reach their semester goal will be rewarded at the end of each semester.

Reading Logs
Reading logs will be sent home every other Monday and students will have two weeks to
complete their reading log before it will be due at the beginning of class on the assigned
Monday. Students are required to read a total of 400 minutes every two weeks and respond to
what they have read. Students will be reading for 20 minutes at the beginning of school each day
in their first period class and will be required to bring a book with them. Of course this counts
towards their reading goal of 400 minutes! Reading logs will NOT be accepted late!

Class Rules
1. Be on Time
2. Be Respectful.
3. Be Prepared for class by bringing needed materials (paper, pencil/pen, reading book,
etc.) and a positive attitude.
4. Be Engaged in the classroom activity.
5. No chewing gum, eating, or drinking during class.
6. Visit the bathroom between classes; you will not be allowed to leave class.

Discipline and achievement are directly related. In our classroom students will be rewarded for
their active participation in learning and their consideration of others through consistent positive
reinforcement and other tangible rewards. Students choosing to disobey Adobe Middle School
rules and/or our classroom rules, and thus disrupt the learning environment, may face the
following consequences:
                1.      Warning
                2.      2nd Warning
                3.      Refocus
                4.      Visit with an administrator for possible disciplinary action.
Of course, there are some situations in which the student must be immediately removed from the
classroom (as in the case of a fight). Under these circumstances, a student would not receive any
warnings; he/she would be immediately sent to the office for disciplinary action.

The following is a link the District’s official grading policy:

Category 1: Formative Assessments                         15%
            This category includes things like daily assignments, journal writings, homework
Category 2: Summative Assessments                         70%
            This category includes tests, exams, quizzes, and final drafts (writing).
Category 3: Reading Log/Book Talk                         15%
Summative Assessment Re-Take Opportunities:
Retakes for summative assessments will be given at the teacher’s discretion; students will be
informed if retakes are available before the initial assessment is given. Retake opportunities for
summative assessments will be provided to students under the following criteria—Students must:

     request the retake
     make-up any missing formative assessments that are relevant to the summative
      assessment that is being retaken
     correct their first summative assessment and explain their mistakes

All summative retakes must be completed within 10 days of the original posted grade. Students
will need to make an appointment with me for retakes. No retakes will be given during lunch.

Late Work:
No formative late work will be accepted unless a student is absent.

Absences, pre-arranged, school activities:
It is the responsibility of the student to make-up missed work. All assignments are posted on the
bulletin board in the back of the room. School Policy allows students two days for each day
absent to turn in missing work and/or make up a test. If extenuating circumstances exist, the
administration may extend the time allowed for make-up (see Student Handbook). If you are
present on the day the assignment is given, it is due when you (the student) return to class.

Availability for Extra Help:
After school teacher assistance is available Monday through Thursday from 2:15 until 2:45.
Students should see me to make arrangements.

I am looking forward to getting to know each of you!

Mrs. Blando
                 Syllabus Verification Form

Please sign below, detach and return to Mrs. Blando by Tuesday, August 30th.

I have read and understand the 8th Grade English syllabus and class policies and

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