6th Grade Language Arts Course Syllabus by linzhengnd


									            7th Grade Language Arts Course Syllabus
                                 Contact Information

Teacher:      Mr. Brad Shreffler
E-mail:       MrShreffler@gmail.com
Phone:        407-858-6130
Preferred method of communication is via e-mail. I will always reply within 24 hours.

                                   Course Overview

This course will focus on reading, writing and language proficiency. This course will follow the
Sunshine State Standards set forth by the Florida State Legislature and The Department of
Education. Students will focus on reading, writing (including spelling), and speaking.

                               Mr. Shreffler’s Beliefs

   1. All students can learn.
   2. A classroom is much like a business, with due dates and requirements much like that of a
   3. As such, students should be held to similar standards as employees.
   4. The worst thing that a student can do is hinder another student from learning or me from
   5. My standards for grading are strict, fair, and consistent.

                                     Grading Policy

       A= 90-100
       B = 80-89
       C = 70-79
       D = 60-69
       F = 0-59

Any turned in assignments using “text” slang will lose one letter grade per offense. This includes
lol, u, brb, ttyl, OMG, def, etc.

                                     Course Outline

Theme for the Year: Choices

1) 1st Nine Weeks
   a) Expository and Narrative Writing
   b) Vocabulary
   c) Springboard: Unit 1
2) 2nd Nine Weeks
   a) Grammar and Revisions
   b) Expository and Narrative Writing
   c) Springboard: Unit 1 & 3
3) 3rd Nine Weeks
   a) FCAT Reading Prep
   b) Persuasive Writing
   c) Expository and Narrative Writing
4) 4th Nine Weeks
   a) Public Speaking
   b) Poetry
   c) Literature Circles
   d) Springboard: Unit 2
Required Supplies (Per Student)
   1. 1 inch 3 ring binder
   2. 3 prong, 2 pocket folder, plain color
   3. Spiral notebook, at least 100 pages
   4. Insertable dividers
   5. A pack of 3x5 notecards
   6. Blue of Black Pens (multiple, as students are likely to lose them)
   7. Pencils
   8. A red pen

Requested Supplies (Optional/As Donations to Class)
   1. Facial Tissues
   2. Paper Towels
   3. Hand Sanitizer
   4. Lysol Wipes
   5. Sticky Notes
   6. Dry Erase Markers
   7. ANY Used Books
           a. As I am a first year teacher, I do not have a class-use library for students to
              borrow books from. If you have any old books that you do not want any longer,
              please donate them. You can have your child bring them to me before or after

Thank you in advance for any donations!


   1. Be Respectful. Do not speak while the teacher, any guest speaker, or a fellow student is
      talking. This is a common courtesy that should be followed in your everyday life, and
      especially in the classroom.

   2. Pay Attention. If I am taking the time to say it, what I am saying is important to the class.
      I will not repeat myself at any time. If you are not paying attention, you will likely miss
      information that will be on a test in the future.

   3. No Excuses. Excuses are not tolerated in my classroom. If I ask you to stop doing
      something, just stop. Do not tell me what you were doing, why you were doing it, or why
      you think you shouldn’t have to do it. The same goes for turning in assignments on time.

   4. Think Before You Speak. I use logic and reasoning in my class at all times, and therefore
      expect you to do the same. If you have something to say, think about it while you count
      to ten, then raise your hand. Common sense is essential in life, and therefore in the
      classroom as well.

                     Classroom Policies and Procedures

Hallway Etiquette
    Be in line outside of the classroom before the bell rings. Do not enter the room until I
      allow you in. Use a conversational voice level. Public displays of affection (kissing,
      hugging, etc.) are not allowed.
    When our class leaves the room to go to another location on campus (such as the media
      center) and classes are in session there is absolutely no talking in the halls. You are
      required to walk in a straight line. Should this rule be broken the class will stop and turn
      around. It is a privilege to go to other parts of the campus.
Entering the Classroom
    Enter the room quietly and find your assigned seat.
    Copy all homework (HW) into your planner (NH for none, never leave it blank).
    Take out all necessary materials. You should always have a blue/black pen or pencil and
       a sheet of paper in front of you to be ready to take notes or complete an assignment.
    Start the bellwork assignment. You are allowed to talk quietly during bellwork so long as
       you are working. If I feel you are abusing this privilege, it will be taken from the entire

Work Requirements
   Always head your paper with your name, date, period and assignment name. You may
     use pencil, blue or black ink. Use the front and back of lined paper unless told otherwise.

      Work turned in one day late = ½ credit.
      Work more than one day late will not be accepted.
      Any turned in assignments using “text” slang will lose one letter grade per offense.
       This includes lol, u, brb, ttyl, OMG, def, etc.

Teach Time
    Raise your hand when you have a question or appropriate comment to share with the
      class. Wait to be called on before speaking.
    Answer the teacher’s questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES, whether it be orally or
    Remain in your seat at all times unless given permission to do otherwise.
    When I need your attention, I will stand in the front of the room quietly. It is your job to
      pay attention and see that I need the class to come back together, and POLIETLY inform
      other students who are still talking that I need their attention. At that time, put your
      pencils down and remain silent for further instruction.

   Students are encouraged to read 45 minutes every day. This time can be spent on books
     being read for class, Accelerated Reader books, or your own reading selections. Reading
     logs will need to be filled out by you and signed by your parents.
   Accelerated Reader (AR) quizzes are a portion of your overall grade. You will be tested
     at the beginning of the year to give you your goals for each semester. To meet this, you
     will need to read 45 minutes every day and pass your AR quizzes. Your reading log must
     reflect that you have completed your book before you may take an AR quiz.
   Many assignments given in class may be completed for homework, at my discretion. You
     will be told if the assignment can be completed at home during class.
   In addition, I will assign homework occasionally. This may include projects that are
     worth significant points toward your final grade.

    You will have advance notice of all tests, and most quizzes (with the exception of Pop
      Quizzes). It is the student’s responsibility to study for a quiz/test.
    Once a quiz/test has been passed out, you are to work silently. There is absolutely NO
      TALKING, or other noise making, allowed until all quizzes/tests have been collected.
    ANY talking during a quiz/test will count as cheating, and you will receive a zero for the

End of the Class Period
   I dismiss you, not the bell. You are responsible for cleaning up your own desk area as
       well as the area you were working in that period. Pack up all personal materials. Clean-up
       the area surrounding your desk, including the floor.

Morning and Afternoon Announcements
   You are required to be silent and listen attentively to the announcements, whether in the
      morning, at the end of day, or middle of the day.

Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem
    You will be expected to stand and participate in both the Pledge of Allegiance and
       National Anthem. If you cannot participate for any reason, you must have your
       parent/guardian write and sign a note to be turned in to me, telling me that you are not
       required to participate. If you cannot participate, you must sit SILENTLY during this

Tardy Policy
    Hand the teacher your pass and begin classroom assignment. You will receive a detention
      for your second unexcused tardy.

Absent Students
    Take the class notebook to your desk. Copy your missed homework assignments, notes or
      classwork into your planner. DO NOT remove anything from the class notebook.
      Retrieve handouts from the appropriate folder. Turn in any work that was due while you
      were out. Use the number of days you were absent +1 to complete all work. Write
      ABSENT on the top of the page and turn in all absent work into the correct period bin.

Hall Passes
    Raise your hand to ask to use the restroom.
    There will be a hallway log near the door. You MUST fill in the appropriate information
       BEFORE leaving the room to use the restroom. The hallway pass will be next to the
       hallway log. Take the hallway pass with you.
    You have three minutes to use the restroom. If you are gone longer than that, you will
       lose your restroom privilege for the rest of the quarter.
    Only one student may use the restroom at a time.
    This is intended for emergencies only. Using this privilege continually will result in you
       losing the privilege.
    You may not leave the room during the first or last ten minutes of the period.

Cell Phone
    Cell phones are to be turned OFF and inside your backpack during the school day.
    Any phone seen or heard will need to be turned off immediately. If this issue persists, the
       phone will be given to the main office for parent pick up.

   Computers will be used as an integral part of the curriculum. You may not use computers
     without the teacher’s permission. All work on the computers MUST be related to school
     and the assignment at hand. Any deviation will result in loss of classroom computer

Off Limit Areas
    Teacher’s desk area and the storage area - including file cabinets and drawers (unless
      given permission) are off limits.

Food and Beverage Policy
    You may not eat anything in the classroom. This includes gum and candy. You may not
      drink anything that does not have a cap, preferably a screw-on cap.

If you do not follow the above procedures, the following correctional plan will be used:

   1.   Verbal warning
   2.   Written notice (signed by parent)
   3.   Parent contact via phone call or e-mail
   4.   Lunch detention
   5.   Teacher assigned detention
   6.   Administrative referral


As a class, we will develop a reward system. This system will reward you for behaving in class,
following procedures, and going above and beyond in academics. This reward system may
include physical prizes, extra credit points, and “Get Out of Homework Free” cards.

                                  Student Information
        Return this sheet completed (front and back) by Friday, September 3, 2010 for a grade!

Full Name _____________________________________________________________________

Home Phone ___________________________________________________________________

Home Address _________________________________________________________________


Student E-mail _________________________________________________________________

Who do you live with (Parent/Gaurdian)? (Include names and relationships)



Information about Father/Guardian

Name ________________________________________________________________________

Workplace ____________________________________________________________________

Work Phone ___________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone ____________________________________________________________________

Home Phone ___________________________________________________________________

E-mail ________________________________________________________________________

Information about Mother/Guardian

Name ________________________________________________________________________

Workplace ____________________________________________________________________

Work Phone ___________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone ____________________________________________________________________

Home Phone ___________________________________________________________________

E-mail ________________________________________________________________________

           Student and Parent Verification and Agreement

Please verify the acknowledgement of Mr. Shreffler’s expectations and regulations by signing

             I have read and understand Mr. Shreffler’s syllabus.

             I have read and understand Mr. Shreffler’s rules and expectations.

             I have provided the best contact information.

Please answer the following statement regarding PG rated movies:

I, _________________________________ (parent), WILL / WILL NOT (circle one) allow

my child, ________________________________ (student), to watch PG rated movies in Mr.

Shreffler’s class.

____________________________________                ____________________________________
            Student Signature                                   Parent Signature

____________________________________                ____________________________________
            Print Student Name                                  Print Parent Name

____________________________________                ____________________________________
                  Date                                                Date


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