2 niapp WP5 Budget and HRReporting for 18 - Livediverse by linzhengnd


									                                TOTAL PERSON-MONTH: Planned and Actual 18 month reporting
       Reporting Period: February 2009-
                  July 2010]

           Planned           Actual                                                    Main activity

WP-1                 0.51             0.51 Project management

                                           Collect available document, data and information related to ecological, socio-economic, cultural-
WP-2                 8.00          8.00
                                          spiritual, institutional and policy, etc., for further analysed and assessed

                                           Develop linkages and cooperation with scientific community, policy-makers, managers, and local
WP-3                 9.00          9.00
                                          authorities and local people in study sites

                                         Collect existing document on public bebiefs, perceptions, attitudes of typical ethnic groups at
WP-4                 5.01          5.00 nationwide in general and in study sites in particular. Conduct survey to collect information and data on
                                        biodiversity and livelihoods belief in study sites

                                       Conduct field survey to Vietnamese study sites to collect information on socio-economic
                                       conditions and gather data for EVI calculation to assess ecological vulnerability. Categorize
                                       and analyse existing indicators and scales for biodiversity, ecological vulnerability and
WP-5              16.00          16.00 environmental change at local, regional and global levels. Refine the set of 50 indicators used
                                       in the Environmental Vulnerability Index to be used for the studies in the case areas. Develop
                                       GIS database with information on ecological, socio-economic and cultural-spiritual
                                         Conduct village surveys, household surveys to collect data for indicators reflecting livelihood
WP-6                 8.00          8.00
                                        vulnerability and environmental change
                                         Conduct survey and collect existing information on cultural and spiritual practices, beliefs and attitudes
WP-7                 8.00          8.00
                                        in Vietnamese case area. Mapping stakeholder groups
                                           Provide information and knowledge as well as sharhing GIS mapping expertise to WP8 to formulate
WP-8                 3.00          3.00
                                          sustainable livelihood and biodiversity scenarios

                                           Gather and translate policies, regulations, resolutions, decrees, national target programmes on water
WP-9                 4.50          4.50
                                          resources management, CPRGS, Flood control, etc., as requested by WP9
Total   62.02   62.01
Budget and expenditure template for18 month (EU)
Reporting Period: Feb
2009-July 2010

                              Budget                            Work Package     Explanation of expediture
Total Person-Month                     62.02            62.01

Personnel cost                   67,961.00         67,961.00    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Slalary for 7 project's members for 18 months

WP Travel                        11,867.75         11,878.00    5,3,4,7,6,9       Expenses for travel of WP 5, 3, 4, 7, 6, 9

Coference Travel                       999.9            666.6                    Coference attended in India in December, 2009
                                                                                  Consortium meetings attended in Costa Rica (February
Consortium Meeting                8,000.00         10,860.00
                                                                                 2009) and South Africa (March, 2010)
                                                                                  Expenses for collecting data, information, purchasing
Other direct cost*               14,607.95         13,535.00    5,4,7,9,6
                                                                                 books, photocopy, translation documents, etc.,
                                                                                 Overhead expenses (stationary, communication, website
                                                                                 establishement, contracts with scientists to provide
                                                                                 expertise consultancy (biodiversity vulnerability
                                                                                 assessment; hydro-meteorological research, cutural-
                                                                                 spiritual and belief reseach, etc.,) expenses for advisory
Indirect cost (Overheads)**      29,017.00         29,017.00                     committee including stakeholders in study sites.
                                                                                 Expenses for placing articles on LiveDiverse Project in
                                                                                 the newspapers, magazines ( Hoạt động khoa học
                                                                                 (Scientific activitíe), Tạp chí Môi trường (Environment
                                                                                 magazine), Hội khoa học đất (Soil Science Magazine),

Total EU Contribution           107,114.64         97,400.00

Total Project Cost              142,126.02        138,333.21
* Other direct cost includes any other cost related to research (i.e. books, copy, translation etc). As this budget line was not part of
original budget format for EC, it needs to be reallocated from other budget lines (i.e. personnel, travel, indirect cost etc.). Also, please
report them in original budget line for EC detail budget reporting (required for every 18th and 36th month.)
** Indirect cost (Overheads): For this line, please report spending from EU contribution only. For any non-EU contribution amount, you can
include in the last line under 'total project cost'
Work Package: Please list all the relevant WP which you spent the funds for (in case you collaborate with other WP, you can also mention
Explanation of expenditure: Specify what you spent the funds for. For instance: salary of 2 researchers for 18 month. Etc.

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