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                                      SEASON’S INFORMATION 2009-10

 Sports Programme Manager – Vikki Scott                                  8 September 2009

This pack contains an overview of the Athletics programme 2009-10. You are advised to keep
this pack with you throughout the season to refer to when you have queries.

Information Sources & Communication Lines
If you require further information throughout the year you must first contact your Athletic
Union/Sports Office.

The BUCS Essentials is available at on the second working day of each week
and will be sent to all BUCS members. The Essentials contains all the important information
regarding BUCS Events and should be used in conjunction with the Sports Specific

The Athletics webpage will also provide you further information and news and can be found at

Calendar of Events
Date        Event                     Entries         Closing         Pre Event      Entry
                                      Open            Date            Info           Process
          BUCS Cross Country
06 Feb                                                                                 Online via
          Championships                17 Nov 2009     14 Jan 2010    26 Jan 2010
2010                                                                                  Fixtures Live
          University of Stirling
          BUCS Indoor Athletics
13-14 Mar                                                                              Online via
          Championships                24 Nov 2009     11 Feb 2010    02 Mar 2010
2010                                                                                  Fixtures Live
          EIS, Sheffield
          BUCS Marathon                                                               Email entry
25 Apr
          Championships                 Nov 2009      January 2010     13 Apr 2010    form issued
          Virgin London Marathon                                                       by BUCS
          BUCS Outdoor Athletics
01-03     Championships                                                                Online via
                                       02 Mar 2010     08 Apr 2010     20 Apr 2010
May 2010 Bedford International                                                        Fixtures Live
          Athletics Stadium
          BUCS Combined Events
                                                                                      Email entry
05-06 Jun Championships
                                       30 Mar 2010         TBC        25 May 2010     form issued
2010      Northwood Stadium,
                                                                                       by BUCS

Championship Information
The following competitions are currently offered within the BUCS Programme:
Cross Country
Indoor Athletics
Outdoor Athletics
Combined Events
BUCS Championships 2010
Sheffield, 10-14 March 2010
The largest annual multi sport event in the UK returns to Sheffield for its third year and will
attract up to 5,000 competitors participating in a variety of sports. The Indoor Athletics
Championships will be part of this event on the 13-14 March.

Rules & Regulations
When participating in BUCS Competitions you must ensure you are aware of the Rules and
Regulations to which you are competing, there may have been changes to the regulations
since last season so please read them carefully. You should be aware of the following

BUCS General Regulations – these relate to all sports.
BUCS Sports Specific Regulations – these relate to Athletics only and the 2009-10 regulations
are attached to this pack in Appendix 1.
NGB’s Laws of the Sport – you should be aware of the NGB Laws of the Sport. Please contact
UK Athletics ( for more information.

Results from BUCS Athletics Championships will be circulated in the BUCS Essentials and
posted on

Your performances in BUCS Competitions will contribute to your institution’s points tally in the
BUCS Overall Championships. You can view the Overall Table throughout the year at

The way in which these points are allocated can be viewed on the BUCS website.

BUCS will field a team at the Loughborough International Meeting held in May 2010. The team
will be selected via a nomination process and by performances at the 2010 BUCS Outdoor
Championships. Nomination forms will be available on the BUCS website in the weeks
preceding the event and at the Outdoor Championships.

The World University Cross Country Championships take place in Kingston, Canada on 11
April 2010. Subject to sanctioning of a team to attend, further details on the Championships,
required paperwork and the selection policies will be posted on the International pages of the
BUCS website as soon as they are available.

Sports Management Group (SMG)
The SMG is responsible for the development of Athletics and offers technical advice to the
BUCS Sports Programme Manager throughout the season. The SMG members for 2009-10

Peter Bovill            SMG Chair
Anne Marie Hughes       Vice Chair & Strathclyde University
Piers Jones             BUCS Associate Member
Chris Coleman           Cross Country representative
Harry Mawdsley          BUCS Life Vice President
Colin Bovell             University of Bath
Steven Garrett           University of Sheffield

If you have any comments on how university Athletics can be developed and improved or any
issues you would like to raise please email and your message will
forwarded on to the relevant SMG contact.

It is the responsibility of either the individual or institution to ensure that all entrants have
appropriate insurance in order to compete. BUCS DOES NOT insure any competitor for any of
its events.

    1. Athletics Regulations 2009-10

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