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									        Make Sure Your
     New Vehicle Stays Yours
When it comes to protecting your new vehicle,
there’s no more effective system than LoJack,
the world leader in stolen vehicle recovery.
The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is
                                                                                                                         You protect what’s ours.
the only system that works directly with police                                                                        LoJack protects what’s yours.
to recover your stolen vehicle before serious
damage can be done.

In the U.S., a vehicle is stolen every 25 seconds.
That’s why millions of people have turned to
LoJack, a proven solution with 20 years of
experience, and a recovery rate over 90%.
LoJack utilizes highly covert radio frequency
technology specifically designed for stolen
vehicle recovery. Unlike GPS products, LoJack                                                                                 The ONLY stolen vehicle recovery
technology can find stolen vehicles in garages,                                                                                  system operated by police
steel containers, or pretty much anywhere
they’re hidden.                                              USA Information Office:
                                                                Navy AutoSource
The LoJack transmitter can be randomly                      175 Crossways Park West
hidden in one of thirty places in the vehicle              Woodbury, NY 11797 USA
(stealth installation), preventing thieves from      E-mail:
discovering and disarming it. LoJack tracking                 Phone: 1-866-398-8646
computers are installed in police cars,
helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, enabling
police to recover vehicles quickly. In fact, if
                                                                                                               THE OFFICIAL
your vehicle is not recovered within 24 hours,                                                                 SHIP’S STORE
the limited two-year warranty will cover the                                                                    NEW CAR
cost of your LoJack system up to the MSRP.
                                                       Military photos courtesy of the Department of Defense
                                                     The LoJack Military Advantage                                    How LoJack works:
                                                    Navy AutoSource offers LoJack for Stateside            Installation
                                                    delivery at a significant savings over the             The LoJack unit is hidden
                                                    manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).          in the vehicle by a certified
                                                    Plus, when you purchase LoJack at the same time        technician. The unit is
                                                    as you purchase your new car, you can finance          registered in the LoJack
                                                    the cost as part of the total vehicle selling price.   database.

                                                    LoJack can be installed at your home or office,                                    Notification
       The LoJack Advantage                         at your convenience. And when you purchase                                         The customer
                                                    through Navy AutoSource, the normal installation                                   reports the theft to
LoJack tracking systems may provide discounts       fee is waived—an $80 value.                                                        police, to activate the
on your comprehensive auto insurance up to                                                                                             unit and then contacts
33%. Compare that to factory security systems,      Exclusive Military Refund Policy                                                   LoJack for additional
which may provide a discount of 5–7%.                                                                                                  assistance.
                                                    If you are reassigned on military orders to an
Other security systems are GPS-dependent,           area that has no LoJack coverage, you have the         Activation
requiring a clear view to the sky. LoJack works     option of receiving a full refund within the first     When the vehicle is
by radio frequency which can track vehicles         year of ownership. If your reassignment occurs         reported stolen to the
in underground garages, or inside shipping          in the second year, you can receive a refund of        police, a radio signal is
containers.                                         50% of the original purchase price.                    sent from towers to the
                                                                                                           LoJack unit in the stolen
Equipped with a back-up battery, LoJack works                                                              vehicle. The unit emits a
even if the vehicle’s power is disabled. GPS                                                               uniquely coded signal to
products won’t work without power.                                                                         the police.

Factory security systems deter theft using only                                                                                        Tracking
audible sirens and an immobilizer. LoJack allows                                                                                       Police track the signal
police to track and recover stolen vehicles.                                                                                           and use it to recover
                                                                                                                                       the vehicle, many times
Factory security systems require the driver to                                                                                         within hours.
activate them upon leaving the vehicle. LoJack is
registered in a database that can be activated by
the police.
                                                                                                           The vehicle is returned
During the first two years of ownership, LoJack
                                                                                                           to the owner.
will refund the purchase price of the system if
your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within
24 hours.

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