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Christmas Lights and Display Contest


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									Valley Ridge’s Community Newsletter

Available online at www.calgaryarea.com/nw/valleyridge/valleyridge.htm                        December 2009
Christmas Lights and
Display Contest
 Season’s greetings to all our
 Valley Ridge neighbours! Once
 again, your community association
 is holding a Christmas lights
 and display contest. Our top
 two winners will receive a gift
 certificate to Van Gogh’s. The
 actual contest will be held over the
 weekend of December 11 to 13. As
 always, we look forward to seeing
 the hard work of our residents
 as they celebrate this wonderful
 holiday by brightening up our
 neighbourhood. Results will be
 posted in the February issue of the
 Valley Breeze.

                                                                       Valley Brook Circle Wins Big
                                                                       in Pumpkin Carving Contest
                                                                                               Details on page 13

                                        Second Annual Mayor’s
                                        Food Drive in Valley Ridge
                                        The time is upon us once more to         to the Valley Ridge Pharmacy by
                                        think of others less fortunate than      December 18, 2009. Last year, 90 lbs
                                        ourselves. One very easy way to          of food and $150 were donated by
                                        do this is to donate to the Interfaith   our generous residents. Let’s beat our
                                        Food Bank. And it is easier than         first year’s donations: one can of soup
                                        you think! There is a donation box       weighs approximately one pound, so
                                        at our local Counter Care pharmacy       if every household drops off even one
                                        (Thank you Mr. Pasha!). Please           can, our community will donate close
                                        bring any and all non-perishable         to 2,000 pounds of food!
                                        food items or a donation of funds
                                                                            The Valley Breeze                                                     Page 3

                                                                                                                  The Valley Breeze
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                       leafvalleyridge@yahoo.ca 286-3421

VALLEY RIDGE SOCCER CLUB                    www.valleyridgesoccer.com
  Suzanne Brett Welsh                      info@valleyridgesoccer.com

Bermuda Beach                                                    288-8265
Edward Jones                                                     286-5636
Jennifer Noble: Agent, State Farm Insurance                      286-7009
Luna Salon & Spa                                                 262-4460
Richard’s Cleaners     M-F 10am-7pm; Sa 9am-5pm; Su closed       451-7468
Pachet Assessment and Rehabilitation Services Inc.
                                www.pachetservices.com           232-1212
Pizza 73                                  www.pizza73.com        273-7373
SmartMart                   M-F 6:30a-10p, Sat 7-10, Sun 8-10    247-7677
Post Office                 M-F 8-8, Sat 10-6, Closed Sun/Hol.   603-1359
Stoney Trail Veterinary Clinic
                             www.stoneytrailvet.infovet.ca       247-2737

                                                                                            VALLEY V RIDGE
Valley Ridge Dental Centre
                        www.valleyridgedentalcentre.com          202-2266
Valley Ridge Family Physicians                                   282-3806
Valley Ridge Massage Therapy Clinic                              247-5007
Valley Ridge CounterCare Pharmacy                                532-4500                            Valley Ridge
Valley Ridge Wine and Liquor          jamesslee@shaw.ca          247-0341                        Community Association
Valley Ridge Chiropractic & Wellness Centre
   Chiropractors/Acupuncturist/Naturopath                        202-1114
Valley Ridge Psychologist: Dr. Tanja Haley                                                          Board meetings
                                           www.drtanja.com       669-0005                        are held every fourth
Van Gogh Grill & Bar                                             288-9664                      Wednesday of the month at
ELECTED OFFICIALS                                                                              The Lodge at Valley Ridge
Alderman, Dale Hodges            Dale.Hodges@calgary.ca 268-2430                                 starting at 7:00 p.m.
M.L.A., Alana Delong         calgary.bow@assembly.ab.ca 216-5400
M.P., Rob Anders                      robanders@telus.net 292-6666
                                                                                               VRCA Planning Committee
Block Parents Monica Webster             mcmwebster@yahoo.ca                                 Please contact Grant Knowles
Calgary Public Library              www.calgarypubliclibrary.com                               for the next meeting date,
                          Bowness 221-2022 Crowfoot 221-4122
Century Group                         www.valleyridgeestates.com                                     time and place:
Community Liaison Officer                              249-7701                                 grantknowles@shaw.ca.
Lodge at Valley Ridge     www.lodgeatvalleyridge.ca    286-4414
Valley Ridge Golf Club    www.valleyridgegolf.com      221-9682                             Residents are welcome to attend
Valley Ridge Scout Group Jeff Schaffhauser             283-4993                                either of these meetings.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                   DECEMBER 2009                                                        5

 From the Editor’s Desk
What an interesting and dynamic           Submissions Welcome                        Just in Case You Didn’t Know…
community we live in. With such
diverse opinions and attitudes, there’s   If you have a story or pictures            You can view the current issue of the
never a dull moment in the ‘Ridge.        you would like to share with your          Valley Breeze electronic file at our
Amusingly enough, as I was perusing       neighbours, feel free to contact the       publisher’s website:
a magazine recently, I came across a      editors of the Valley Breeze. If you       www.suburbanjournals.ca. Also, if
list of oxymorons; along with such        have a community event you would           you have misplaced a current issue,
                                          like to highlight on our calendar, we      additional copies may be picked up at
favourites as “jumbo shrimp,” it listed
                                          can help out. The deadline for any         the Valley Ridge pharmacy, Counter
“valley ridge.” How do you like living    submission is the fifth day of each        Care. For this month’s electronic
in an oxymoron?                           month, for the next month’s issue.         edition you can also visit
                                          You can send your submissions to           www.calgaryarea.com/nw/
It’s great to get out and meet our        valleybreeze@shaw.ca if you have           valleyridge/valleyridge.htm.
neighbours; everyone has a story to       any questions. Please note, the editors
tell. Check out this month’s article      reserve the right to edit submissions
on the Valley Ridge Dinner Club’s         for content and accuracy.
tenth anniversary. Next month we’ll
be featuring a Valley Ridge woman         Calling All Home Businesses!               VRCA
who will be carrying the Olympic
torch in January. Do you know any
                                          The Valley Breeze has a feature
                                          column profiling community Valley
fascinating people we should profile
in the Breeze? Send an email to
                                          Ridge entrepreneurs. If you would
                                          like to contribute, please email
valleybreeze@shaw.ca.                     valleybreeze@shaw.ca and tell us           Membership in the VRCA runs the
                                          a little bit about yourself and your       calendar year, January to December.
Easy access to the Stoney Trail ring      business.                                  The membership is per household, not
road is one of the things that make                                                  per individual and one membership
Valley Ridge a great place to live!       2009 Memberships On Sale Online            covers all individuals living at that
Have you tried out the newly opened                                                  address, including children. Contact
sections of Stoney Trail? Recently I      The VRCA is selling memberships
                                                                                     information collected by the VRCA
zipped from Deerfoot Trail to home        online, through the Valley
                                          Ridge soccer web site: www.                will only be used by the VRCA
in under 20 minutes. That included                                                   and will not be sold or otherwise
                                          valleyridgesoccer.com. If you have
stopping at two of the three traffic      never used the soccer web site before,     distributed. Notices regarding
lights and slowing down to navigate       you will need to set up a profile which    upcoming community events may be
the detour between Country Hills          will be stored for future years. It will   sent via email. Memberships may
Boulevard and Crowchild Trail. A 30       read Valley Ridge soccer on your           be purchased online using the soccer
minute drive to visit my grandchildren    receipt, but this will be replaced by      registration website (you do not need
has suddenly been reduced to 16           a VRCA receipt and membership              to register for soccer:
minutes without even speeding!            card. The web site accepts VISA or         www.valleyridgesoccer.com).
In the next week or two, take time to                                                Your membership helps to fund
drop off some food at the Pharmacy        Plazebo Pauze                              activities within our community and
for our Mayor’s annual food drive                                                    provides support for VRCA initiatives
                                          Local businesses are invited to submit     and future facilities, making Valley
and help make this winter season a bit
                                          short profile articles to the Breeze.      Ridge a better place to live. If you
easier for those less fortunate.          Content restrictions are minimal –         have any questions, call Shannon
                                          we are interested in knowing more
Here’s wishing you a very merry                                                      (Membership Chair) at 403-289-7150
                                          about the people who invest so much
Christmas and holiday season!                                                        or email shwinkelmann@yahoo.ca.
                                          time and energy in their businesses
                                          at the Plazebo. Contact the editors
                                          for more information by emailing           See the next page for the membership
J’Anne Claridge
                                          valleybreeze@shaw.ca.                      form.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                     DECEMBER 2009                                                               7

 Beautification Update                                                                Letter to the
The LEAF Committee is happy to             The LEAF Committee is very pleased         Editor
announce that the tendering process        that all of our yearly goals were
for next year’s beautification contract    accomplished. We wish to thank the         Just read about the VR hero... and
has begun. At this point, we have          residents of Valley Ridge and the          laughed aloud! That was funny! LOL!
enlisted the help of a professional to     VRCA Board for their support, advice
ensure that our contract is complete.      and assistance.                            Good work! For the first time in years,
Once the contract has been written, it                                                I’m looking forward to the next issue
will be submitted to all landscapers       I also wish to thank the members of        with a positive attitude! And I will be
who fit the requirements deemed            the LEAF Committee. Without your           watching my speed to become the next
necessary by the City. The LEAF            invaluable dedication, these goals         hero!
Committee will debate the merits of        would never have been reached. It is
each returned bid, as well as the City’s   with regret that we say goodbye to two     Bob
past performance this year, and will       members of our committee. Huguette
base our decision upon an evaluation       Sonier-Wing and Judy Aitken both           P.S. If cat owners obeyed the bylaws,
matrix to determine the successful         showed passion and dedication to the
                                                                                      their cats wouldn’t be getting ‘et’ by
bidder. We expect that the entire          community. We thank you so much for
                                                                                      the coyotes! (the cats are supposed to
tendering process will last until late     all your help, and wish you the very
                                                                                      be on a leash!)
January or early February 2010, and        best!
will keep the community updated as
we learn more.                             Christa McKegney
                                           Co-Chair of Beautification
We are also happy to report that
this past year’s landscaping was
within budget! We were able to
achieve a number of goals. First, we
saw the successful creation of the
planters at the four-way stop sign.
What a difference this made to our
community! Second, all the shrub beds
in the community received pruning
and weeding. Some shrub beds were
almost completely rehabilitated.
The LEAF Committee is especially
thrilled about this, as we expected it
to take several years to get to all the
shrub beds. Thirdly, we saw herbicide                                                    I would like to become a member of the
spraying in the community. While this                                                    Valley Ridge Community Association
is a controversial subject, we hope                                                                    New q       Renewal q
that the spraying will allow us to get
some grass back into our grassy areas.
                                              Name:     ________________________________________________
Finally, we saw some rehabilitation
occur to the playfields. We, along with
                                              Address: ________________________________________________
the Valley Ridge soccer club, hope to
further rehabilitate the fields and will
keep the community posted.
                                              Phone:    ________________       Email: ________________________
Next year, we will focus our
beautification efforts on improving the                         Mail membership form & cheque for $35 to
quality of the grass in the medians and                            Valley Ridge Community Association
                                                                          C/O Membership Chair
boulevards. We will also investigate                           75 Valley Brook Circle NW, Calgary, T3B 5S3
decorative planters for the boulevards.                            Please make cheque payable to VRCA
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                   DECEMBER 2009                                                          9

 VRCA Outdoor Rink                                                                  A U4 to U10 mixed gender program
                                                                                    will be offered; age group assignment
As I write this article, the long range   do not get support from rink users to     will be based on year of birth to better
weather forecast shows less than          maintain the ice surfaces, flooding and   align with other soccer programs.
optimal temperatures needed to make       clearing activity will be minimal.
ice on our community rinks. While                                                   A 2010 VRCA membership fee is
we hope to have the rinks in service      If you are interested in helping with     required to play in the Valley Ridge
as soon as possible, we are dependant     the rinks, email me at rl.dickson@        Soccer Club. Intercommunity League
on the weather, so I am not sure if the   shaw.ca, and put “Rink Volunteer” in      (ICL) play for U8 and above is offered
rinks will be ready by the time you       the subject line. Clearing and flooding   through Calgary West Soccer (and
read this.                                will take place most evenings from 9      also requires a VRCA membership).
                                          to 11 p.m.                                The fee structure for the Valley Ridge
Once again this year, we intend to                                                  Soccer program is being reviewed,
have the hockey rink, oval and skating    -Russ Dickson                             and we hope to offer an early bird
pond available for residents to use                                                 reduction to families who register
through the winter months. The hours                                                before March 1. Registration will
                                                                                    begin the third week of January. For
of operation will be consistent with
Calgary noise bylaws, as follows:         2010 Soccer                               more information, visit
7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Saturday      Season
9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday and holidays
                                          Planning for the upcoming soccer
However, these hours include snow
                                          season has begun. Some turnover on
clearing; therefore, the rinks will
                                          the soccer committee has resulted in a
generally be shut down at 9 pm
                                          number of key positions that require
most evenings in order to facilitate
                                          volunteers. These include secretary &
                                          communications coordinator, uniform
                                          coordinator, U4 coordinator, and a
In addition, rinks will be closed after
                                          Calgary West soccer liaison. For more
heavy snowfalls until volunteers have
                                          information or to volunteer, contact
the opportunity to properly clear the
                                          Suzanne (sbwelsh@ucalgary.ca or
As in the past, we will not be renting
                                                            A Great Stocking Stuffer!
the rinks to groups. This means that
the rinks are available at all times
to all residents of the community.                          Entertainment
Hockey will be pick-up shinny, and no
                                                            Book on Sale
one is to be excluded from joining in.
We also ask that the level of play be                       Now!
appropriate to the weakest or smallest
participants on the ice.
                                             Valley Ridge resident Linda DeRinzy is selling the
It should also be noted that hockey          Calgary Entertainment Book for 2009-10, with all
sticks and pucks WILL NOT be                 proceeds from this fundraiser going to the Valley Ridge
permitted on the oval or skating             Facilities account. This coupon and discount book
pond (exception: very small children/
                                             costs only $40 (with hundreds of dollars of savings
beginners under the age of six).
                                             to be had) and can be obtained by calling Linda at
It is important to be aware that this        403-289-1949. Books are available now. Order early!
is a community facility HEAVILY              These popular money savers will go fast!
dependent on volunteer effort. If we
 THE VALLEY BREEZE                                   DECEMBER 2009                                                        11

 Valley Ridge Dinner Club Celebrates Tenth
This past October marked the tenth         Hamilton creates the schedule for the
year of the Valley Ridge Dinner Club,      year.
and I ask you to join in a toast to this
group’s success.                           “At these dinners, the visiting
                                           members bring a dish following
When the original members met at           the theme selected by the hosting
each other’s houses regularly, there       member,” added Hamilton. In its
were about six couples who thought         ten years of association, the themes
it would be great to meet others who       have varied from pizza parties to
also liked to have dinner parties. They    extravagant meals hosted by some
advertised the idea of forming a dinner    of Valley Ridge’s incognito gourmet
club in the Valley Breeze and within       chefs and the group never seems to run
months, the group became a rapidly         out of culinary ideas.
growing bunch that presently has
approximately 16 couples. The club         My husband and I joined the club
meets as a large group in June for a       a few months ago and from what
BBQ and in December for a festive          I can tell so far, each member of
night of hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.     the club has joined because of our
On the second Saturday of the month,       enjoyment of food, drink, intellectual                  Jerry Schulze
groups made up of three or four            conversations, witty banter and the
couples meet at one of the couples’        search of new culinary delights.           Julia’s book, I dusted off my “Joy of
houses.                                                                               Cooking,” which was also written
                                           At the last dinner my husband and I        around the same time and followed
“It’s the hosting couple’s turn to make    attended, the theme was “Julie and         a recipe for stuffed mushrooms. It
the main dish,” said Melody Hamilton,      Julia,” after the recent movie Julie &     seemed that butter was the theme of
who is the current organizer of the        Julia which is a drama/comedy film         that night’s dinner as everything Julia
club and has been part of the club         depicting events in the life of chef       Child cooked requires butter and more
since inception. Every September,          Julia Child in the early years in her      butter.
                                                                   culinary career,
                                                                   contrasting her    If you are a busy person, then you
                                                                   life with Julie    may not have time to plan dinners
                                                                   Powell who         with your friends. This is the main
                                                                   aspires to cook    reason many people enjoy gourmet
                                                                   all 524 recipes    dinner clubs. Every month, you have
                                                                   from Child’s       a standing date to get together with
                                                                   cookbook during    others who also put off making dinner
                                                                   a single year.     plans. These clubs prompt you to
                                                                                      make new recipes that are usually
                                                                 Our host asked       more challenging than normal. You
                                                                 us to bring a dish   may also use ingredients and cooking
                                                                 from “Mastering      methods that may be new and exciting
                                                                 the Art of French    too.
                                                                 Cooking,” which
                                                                 Julia Child          If you like to cook, love gourmet food
                                                                 wrote in the         and enjoy being with people, please
                                                                 1960s. Since I       join me in a toast to the Valley Ridge
                                                                 had not watched      Dinner Club.
                                                                 the movie and
                  Michael and Laura Thomas
                                                                 did not have         by Sandra Schulze
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                    DECEMBER 2009                   13

 Board Matters                               Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest
 Highlights of the                           Winners
 October 28, 2009
                                            On October 30, the Community
 Board Meeting                              Events directors drove around the
                                            neighbourhood to examine the carved
Traffic calming: The Traffic                pumpkins. We noticed that fewer
Committee continues to move forward         homes had actual carved pumpkins
with the VRCA traffic calming plan.         this year, although the decorations
The City has approved the design            were certainly spectacular. We finally
and location for three sets of curb         decided upon three winning homes:
extensions along Valley Ridge Drive         two on Valley Brook Circle (the east
west. The City requires the VRCA            side of VR), and one on Valley Woods
to survey the affected houses, and          Way (the north side of VR). We hope
dictates which houses are to be             that you enjoy these pumpkin pictures
surveyed. That survey is currently          as much as we did!
being conducted; and once completed,
will be submitted to the City. The
Committee hopes to have the official
results of the survey back in time to
print in the January Valley Breeze.

Melcor extension update:
The Planning and Development
Committee has received the stripping
and grading plans from the City
of Calgary for Melcor’s plan to
commence construction for the new
35-acre Valley Ridge extension at
the west edge of the community. The
Committee also requested a plan to
minimize blowing dust, as well as
signs and fences that will be put up
to warn residents, and especially their
children, to stay off the site for safety
reasons for the duration of the project.
The Committee is working with
Melcor and the City on these issues.
A more detailed status update on the
Melcor extension appears elsewhere in
this issue of the Valley Breeze.

Appointment: Devin Wagner was
appointed the new Director of Sports,
taking over from director Suzanne
Brett Welsh. Suzanne, in turn, will
chair the New Facilities Committee,
which will examine options for a
community centre. Thanks Suzanne,
and welcome, Devin!

Lynne Dulaney
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                    DECEMBER 2009                                                            15

 A Message From Your Alderman                                                           Nostalgic
In my previous article for the Valley      and businesses and help keep private         Christmas Carols
Breeze Newsletter, I provided current      property graffiti free. Graffiti is
information on The Province of             defined by the Community Standards          Iris Talbot, a Valley Ridge resident
Alberta’s Stoney Trail/Scenic Acres        bylaw as words, figures, letters,           for over three years, was recently
Link Interchange as well as a Taxi         drawings or stickers applied, scribbled,    lamenting the fact that at Christmas
Survey of Passengers and Citizens. In      scratched, etched, sprayed or attached      time no one sings the old Christmas
this article, I will provide information   on or to a surface.                         carols and hymns anymore. In
on the Tax Talk Website for Citizens                                                   response, Talbot, who teaches voice
and the Graffiti Citizen Program.          The program ran on a pilot basis in         lessons, is organizing a Christmas
                                           2007-08 and is now being expanded           carol sing on Sunday, December 13.
Tax Talk Website for Citizens              across the city. It will continue through
The Customer Service and                   the end of 2009 or until the funds run      As a professional singer with over
Communications Department                  out. Under the program, residents can       40 years, she has numerous contacts
launched a Tax Talk website at www.        call 3-1-1 to report graffiti on their      across the city. For this special
calgary.ca/taxtalk in mid-October          property. They will be asked to pay a       evening, she has pulled together
2009. Citizens will be able to input       $25 fee and sign a waiver granting a        choirs, duets, quartets and even a
the amount of their taxes and become       City contractor permission to remove        hand bell choir to join together in
familiar with the services they            the graffiti. There is a $100 removal       an evening of Christmas hymns and
receive for their tax dollars and the      fee for businesses. All revenue will be     carols.
value those services bring to their        reinvested into the program.
communities. This supports the City’s                                                  With audience participation included,
corporate communications campaign          Under the current bylaw, Calgarians         the evening will bring back memories
goal, “to inform citizens of the value     are required to remove, paint over          for everyone who wants to reminisce
of their tax dollars,” and provide         or permanently block any graffiti           about an earlier time when Silent
communications support during              on their property. Statistics indicate      Night, O Come All Ye Faithful, and
Council’s November 23 to 26 budget         quickly removing graffiti increases         Joy to the World were sung regularly
debate regarding the 2010 budget.          the likelihood graffiti will not spread     and were part of Christmas traditions.
                                           to the surrounding community or
The City has established this new          reappear.                                   Children are welcome and the event is
website to address citizens’ questions                                                 free of charge, light refreshments will
about how tax dollars are spent in         If you have questions regarding this        be served.
addition to updates on the City’s          article or any other municipal issue,
budget adjustment process and the          contact my office by telephone at 403-      December 13, 6:30 p.m.
changes that result.                       268-2430 or by email at www.calgary.        LDS Chapel,
                                           ca/aldermen/ward1.                          81 Royal Elm Dr NW.
It is important to know that in 2008,
Calgary’s taxes were amongst the           From the office of Dale Hodges
lowest of any major city in Canada
for municipal residential property tax
rates for single detached houses.

Graffiti Citizen Program
The City of Calgary will partner with
residents and business owners in an
effort to remove graffiti from private

Calgary’s City Council has approved
funding of $250,000 to share the
cost of removing graffiti from homes
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                     DECEMBER 2009                                                         17

 Traffic Circle Landscaping Update
As many residents may be aware, the         is simple but attractive, which suits      In addition, the Traffic Circle
Valley Ridge Community Association          our traffic circle. Eventually, the        Committee and the VRCA Board
has long desired to improve the             traffic circle will be eliminated and      agreed that an entrance sign to Valley
landscaping within the traffic circle.      a new entrance to Valley Ridge and         Ridge should once again exist.
However, the construction company           Crestmont built (part of the Stoney        The sign’s location is still being
that designed the traffic circle and        Trail design) which influenced the         considered, with the requirements
implemented the landscaping did not         Traffic Circle Committee’s decision        being that it be placed on Valley Ridge
fulfill their contractual obligations       to limit the capital costs. The            land and be in a location where it is
until August of this year, and the land     plants chosen should also survive          unlikely to be disturbed when future
had not been turned over to the City        transplanting, and will be redistributed   road works commence. Currently,
for maintenance purposes.                   within the community’s public areas        a sign designer is working on an
                                            when the traffic circle is replaced.       acceptable design. We will update you
A Traffic Circle Committee was                                                         once we have further details.
created in the spring of 2009,              The initial landscaping and new
and those dedicated individuals             plantings in the traffic circle will be    Christa McKegney
interviewed several landscape design        funded by the VRCA. Maintenance            Co-Chair of Beautification
artists. One designer was chosen, and       of the traffic circle will become part
their design was formally accepted          of LEAF’s responsibilities, once the
by the Traffic Circle Committee, the        design has been fully implemented.
LEAF Committee, and the VRCA
Board of Directors.

The accepted design will involve the
re-use of healthy current plantings,
with the addition of rose bushes, and
other trees and shrubs. This will give
height and winter interest to the circle.
In addition, the centre of the circle
will be raised with loam, in order to
allow the plantings to be viewed by
pedestrians and motorists.

The final steps in this process involve
receiving approval from the City’s
roads department on our design               3rd Annual Crestmont Christmas Fair
plan, and then selecting a landscape
contractor to implement the design          Christmas events seem to start earlier     over $260 collected. Many thanks for
in spring 2010. The City roads              every year and this year’s Christmas       this overwhelming generosity.
department has sent the specifications      Fair at the Crestmont Residents’
for landscaping to ensure drivers’          Hall was no exception. On Sunday,          The event organizers would like to
vision of oncoming vehicles, and these      November 15 over 40 vendors, crafters      thank Jennifer Noble from the Valley
requirements have been implemented          and small business consultants alike,      Ridge State Farm Insurance office for
by the designer. This is primarily what     some from Valley Ridge or Crestmont,       donating her time and the beverages
we wish the City Roads department to        gathered for the 3rd annual Christmas      and treats that were available gratis to
approve.                                    Fair. It was well attended by Valley       attendees. Early planning has started
                                            Ridge and Crestmont residents.             for the 4th annual Christmas Fair in
The Traffic Circle Committee is very        Admission was free with donation           2010. Interested vendors should email
pleased with the overall design. It is      to either the Salvation Army or the        info@crestmontchristmasfair.ca for
cost-effective, easy to maintain, and       Inter-Faith Foodbank and support was       more information.
requires little watering. The design        strong with 3 large boxes of food and
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                     DECEMBER 2009                                                        19

Melcor Development Update
Melcor’s proposal to extend Valley          will seed the pile to provide dust
Ridge westward into a 35-acre parcel        protection. Melcor will also ensure
at the west end of Valley Ridge Drive       that the loam piles are watered on
was approved by City Council in             a regular basis to further reduce the
mid-September. Recently Melcor’s            impact of blowing dust.
proposal for the excavation, stripping
and grading plan for the site was           Melcor’s application will likely be
circulated to the VRCA’s Planning           approved by mid-November after
Committee.                                  being advertised in both papers in
                                            early November. Once approval is
The Planning Committee reviewed             granted, the company advises us that
Melcor’s proposal and provided              if the weather holds up, stripping and
feedback to them via the City planning      grading will commence during the          Season’s Greetings!
department. During construction,            later part of November. However, if
traffic will enter the site via a           the work cannot be completed due to       On behalf of our residents and staff
permanent emergency access ramp             weather, Melcor will start construction   and their families, we wish all of you a
off of the TransCanada Highway at           in April/ May 2010.                       happy and healthy holiday season, and
the west end of Valley Ridge. We                                                      all the very best for the New Year.
understand that this emergency access       We will continue to work with Melcor
will be similar to the one at the east      to address any issues of concern from     We invite you to tour our comfortable
end of Valley Ridge Drive to Stoney         community residents. Contact Grant        community living lodge for active
Trail. Construction traffic will have to    Knowles at grantknowles@shaw.ca for       seniors. We offer the perfect blend of
exit through the community via Valley       more information.                         the independence you want and the
Ridge Drive. We therefore requested                                                   assistance you sometimes need. We
that Melcor take precautions with their     Submitted by the VRCA Planning            are almost at full occupancy at this
builders and contractors to ensure that     Committee                                 time, with just few units available.
all construction traffic exiting through                                              With the right touch, one could be a
the community via Valley Ridge Drive                                                  beautiful home for you or a family
take extreme care and drive slowly so                                                 member, so come by and view for
as not to cause or create incidents with                                              yourselves before they’re gone! If you
either pedestrian or residential traffic.                                             or a family member is interested in
                                            Varsity Acres School                      touring the Lodge please feel free to
In addition, we requested that signs be                                               call and book, 403-286-4414, or just
posted on the site and that a fence be      Open House                                drop in, we would love to see you.
erected along the boundary to ensure
that residents and especially children      Valley Ridge’s Public French              If you are a local talent, be it a
keep away during construction. We           Immersion Elementary School, Varsity      musician, dancer, or an author, we
want to underscore this point and ask       Acres is holding an Open House for        would love to have you come and
that all residents keep out of the site     prospective students at 7:00 p.m. on      perform at the Lodge.
while construction is ongoing.              January 11, 2010. You’ll hear about
                                            their excellent French Immersion          For all those who wish to offer free
We are also concerned about dust            program from past students, current       time as a volunteer to support active
blowing off of the site onto nearby         parents, staff and administration.        living seniors, we would love to have
homes and the rest of the community.        Children turning five on or before        you join us. You may contact our
There will be two loam piles located        March 1, 2011 are eligible for            Recreation Programmer, Cora at
on site after it has been stripped          Kindergarten entry. Parents registering   403-286-4414 ext 110.
and graded. One of the piles will be        children for other grades are also
actively used by the builders on a          encouraged to attend. Join them at        Ellie Morris
regular basis. However, if the second       4255-40th Street NW or call               Marketing Manager
pile is not actively being used, Melcor     403-777-6090 for details.                 The Lodge at Valley Ridge
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                   DECEMBER 2009                                                               21

       CALGARY PUBLIC LIBRARY                              Programs are free with a valid
                  www.calgarypubliclibrary.com               Calgary Public Library card.

                                          • Feeding Your Baby: Thurs. Dec. 10,
 Crowfoot Library                           10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. A registered
                                            dietician addresses questions about
                                            feeding your baby in the first 12
• Introduction to Microsoft Word:           months. Co-sponsored by Alberta
  Mon. Dec. 14, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.       Health Services. Register by calling
  Learn how to type, format, save and       403-781-1450.
  print a Word document. Basic
  computer skills required.               • New Winter 2010 Program                         recommendations on how to reduce
                                            Guides: Will be available for                   spending in a responsible way. Every
• Christmas Drop-In Storytime:              pick-up and online close to                     effort was made to protect the delivery
  Wed. Dec. 2 and 9, 10:15 a.m. –           Christmas.                                      of core programming and resist across
  10:45 a.m. Drop in for stories, songs                                                     the board cuts. Part of the conversation
  and fingerplays the whole family        • Did you know? Library cards are                 has been the identification of
  can enjoy. Ages 2 to 5 with a parent/     free for kids 12 and under!                     opportunities to improve and reform
  caregiver.                                                                                the ways that education is delivered in
                                          • Download E-Books from the                       Alberta.
• Look out for our new Program              Calgary Public Library website in
  Guides.                                   the E-Library!                                  As part of this process, I have been
                                                                                            involved in discussions organized
Please note changes in hours for all      Look for the new Library Careers link             through the provincial Inspiring
Calgary Public Library locations:         on our website and the Careers at the
Thurs. Dec. 24 (Closed at 4 p.m.)                                                           Education initiative to identify
                                          Library kiosk at your local library               different ways of learning as well as
Fri. Dec. 25 (Closed all day)             branch!
Sat. Dec. 26 (Closed all day)                                                               what a student in Alberta will need
Thurs. Dec. 31 (Closed at 4 p.m.)                                                           to learn in order to be successful
                                          Our website at                                    twenty years from now. To address
                                          www.calgarypubliclibrary.com                      the diversity of student needs and the
Visit www.calgarypubliclibrary.com        brings a world of information to your
for more information on these                                                               current policy framework for special
                                          fingertips.                                       needs, the province also organized
programs. Registration is required for
all programs unless otherwise noted.                                                        Setting the Direction, an opportunity

                                           Calgary Board of                                 to gather input from communities,
                                                                                            organizations and parents. The Board
 Bowness Library                           Education Trustee                                of Trustees took advantage of this
                                                                                            process to provide a CBE perspective.
Mon. and Wed. - 1 to 9 p.m.
                                           Report                                           At the CBE, we believe that public
Tues. - 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.                                                                   education is an investment in
Thur. and Sat. - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.        Many of you may have heard                        the future that must be managed
Sun. - 12 to 5 p.m.                       conflicting stories about possible                thoughtfully and responsibly. We are
                                          budget cuts coming from Alberta                   committed to working with Alberta
December 2009 programs                    Education in 2010. Recognizing this,              Education and other school boards
Programs are FREE with a library          it seemed timely to inform you about              to come up with solutions that focus
card. Register in person, by calling      some steps taken to address this issue.           on what is best for students. With a
403-260-2620 or online at                                                                   collaborative and innovative approach
www.calgarypubliclibrary.com              While the Board hopes there will                  such as this, we are actively pursuing
                                          not be significant cuts to public                 every means possible to maintain a
• Green Cleaning: Wed. Dec. 2,            education, we recognize that the                  high quality learning environment for
  7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Learn how to      current fiscal situation may require              CBE students.
  improve indoor air quality and select   the CBE to tighten its belt. With this
  green cleaning products. Presented      in mind, the CBE has provided to                  Gordon Dirks
  by the Clean Calgary Association.       Alberta Education, as requested, some             Trustee, Wards 1 and 2
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                               DECEMBER 2009                                                                        23

                                                Private residential ads are $5 per month; small
                                                                                                       NEW DAYHOME IN VALLEY RIDGE.
                                                home business ads are $10 per month. There is a
                                                                                                       Mother of two opening dayhome January 1,
                                                40 word maximum per ad. Payment is required in
                                                                                                       2010. 3 full-time spaces available (one for child
                                                advance in the form of cheque payable to “VRCA”.
                                                                                                       under 2). Reasonable rates. Non-smoking and
 PLEASE drop off or mail in care of the Valley Breeze Assistant Editor, 117 Valley Creek Place NW,
                                                                                                       no-pet home. Snacks and lunches provided.
 T3B 5V1. All proceeds will go to the Valley Ridge Facilities Fund. Please contact Charlene Randles
                                                                                                       Part-time and drop-ins negotiable. Christa
 at 403-669-4154 or randles@telus.net for more information.
                                                                                                       403-695-7533 or saudi_chg@hotmail.com.

THE PAMPERED CHEF MAKES                              NEW CREATIVE MEMORIES                             BOOKEEPER WANTED IN VALLEY
HOLIDAY BAKING EASY!                                 CONSULTANT. Lots of new products to               RIDGE - Data input and Simply Accounting
December hosts choose up to 2 Holiday                complete your albums and display your photos.     software knowledge essential. Five to ten hours
Favorites (like Cookie Press or Snowmen              Creative Memories now has gone Digital! Call      a week, any time between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Plates) at 60% off! Guests receive a Decorator       Colette at 403-225-9262 or go to                  Enquiries call Santer at 403-264-0695.
Bottle Set FREE! Christmas delivery deadline         www.mycmsite.com/valleyridgescrappers.
December 11 at 8:00 p.m. Visit www.                  Looking for scrapbookers to work together on
pamperedchef.biz/pattyspage                          albums!                                           MASSAGE AWAY YOUR STRESS AND
                                                                                                       PAINS! A Massage Therapist with 5 years
RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN                                                                            experience and MTAA qualifications is now
PACKAGES - Complete design packages                  PLUMBING WORK - and city certified                accepting new clients. Call Christa McKegney
including 1.5 hour consultation, space planning,     back flow device inspections for your in-slab     at 403-471-9363 to set up your initial FREE
decorating tips and color consultation for $85.      heating. Need a shower repaired or toilet         assessment, or to arrange an appointment time.
Extensive Show Home and Benjamin Moore               replaced? Give me a call for advice and
experience. Koehn Design will rejuvenate your        reasonable rates. Local Valley Ridge Business.
                                                     Call Bill at 403-288-7710.                        SKI FREE! Receive 2 Adult and 2 child lift
space. To book a consultation call                                                                     tickets to Panorama Village with min 3 nights
403-990-9976.                                                                                          stay 20 minutes from the hill. Fully equipped
                                                     PRINCESS BIRTHDAY SPA PARTY                       Invermere condo sleeps 6-8 with 2 bedrooms
HERITAGE MAKERS DIGITAL                              (MOBILE) - Ages 5-12. Mini manicures,             and den, hot tub, fitness etc. Non-smoking.
STORYBOOKING - Do you need a priceless               professional makeup, mini hairdos, mini           $165/night. Corrie at
gift this year? Heritage is priceless… And with      pedicures, mini facials, sparkles and glitter.    invermerevacation@gmail.com
Christmas just around the corner let me show         Affordable and exciting BIRTHDAY FUN! Call
you how to create one. Call Mary Ann at              403-619-1241 or email beyondbeautiful@live.ca.
403-226-3456 or check out my website at                                                                RESIDENTIAL CLEANING - Monthly,
www.treasureyourtales.com.                                                                             bi-weekly or weekly. Affordable and
                                                     SILK ESTHETIC SERVICES NOW OPEN                   trustworthy. References available. Call Sarah at
                                                     IN CRESTMONT! Services include: waxing,           403-383-6185 or email
PHOTOGRAPHER - for all your weddings,                                                                  sarah_mwangi@hotmail.com for estimates.
engagements, anniversaries and other special         threading, and henna tattooing. Play area
events. Valley Ridge resident. Husband and           available for children. Call Rupy and book your
wife team work together to make your day             appointment today at 403-455-5231 or              PIANO, GUITAR, VOICE, THEORY AND
special. View sample photos at                       403-918-5231.                                     HARMONY LESSONS. Certified teacher
http://photoshare.shaw.ca/gallery/skaugdm/.                                                            in Valley Ridge with many years experience
Email Daryl or Maria at                                                                                and satisfied students. Reasonable prices. Gift
whiteknightphotography@shaw.ca                       LONDONDERRY PAINTING and                          certificates and music books available. Call
or call 403-247-3239.                                DECORATING - Interior, exterior painting          Irene at 403-510-3474 or email isoby@shaw.ca.
                                                     and wallpaper application and removal. In
                                                     business since 1980. Call Howard at
HOUSE and PET SITTER - Will look after               403-226-3456 for a FREE estimate.                 ARE YOU LOOKING FOR QUALITY
your house and small pets for short terms while                                                        CHILDCARE? Your child deserves it! I offer
you are away. Experienced, trustworthy and                                                             healthy homemade lunches, clean and safe
reliable - a Valley Ridge resident with good         EXCELLENT CLEANING MAID                           smoke-free home and fun activities. Before and
references. Please contact Marion Butcher at         SERVICE - Detailed house cleaning; 10 years       after school available. I will pick up kids from
403-285-3974 or email                                experience. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.         bus stop. Contact Maryam at 403-202-3664 or
mbutcher@shawcable.com.                              Carpet cleaning, move in and move out. 100%       e_safarz@yahoo.com
                                                     satisfaction guaranteed. Licenced, insured and
COOL SCHOOL TUTORING for all your                    bonded. Call Toni at 403-470-6548.
                                                                                                       2 BEDROOM TIMESHARE FOR SALE
Academic learning needs: Math (Grades 1-8),                                                            - Red Season (anytime), 6 locations (Daytona
Reading, Writing, Grammar, Punctuation               SNOW REMOVAL by Squeegee Brothers                 Beach and Island Lakes near Disneyworld
and Spelling (Grades 1-12). Call Kathy               - prompt, reliable and affordable. Satisfaction   (Florida), Lake Tahoe, Banderas Texas and
BPE/BEd Certified Teacher 18 years. Email            guaranteed. References available. Call Steeve     Dominican Republic) or trade into RCI for
coolschooltutoring@shaw.ca or call                   for information and pricing at                    other locations. $2300 call Charlene at
403-282-8359.                                        403-383-4309 or spotvin1@telus.net.               403-669-4154 or email randles@telus.net.
SOME OPENINGS. Lil Rascals Dayhome                   SELL YOUR GOLD FOR CASH:                          BOBBIE’S CLEANING SERVICES -
has openings for children ages 3+ for part           Exclusively Gold provides a fun, safe and         Reliable, bonded, trustworthy and flexible.
time or drop in (mornings or afternoons). We         easy way to sell your gold jewellery. Host a      Over 15 years experience with many references
provide crafts, stories and park time. Please call   party in your home and have your jewellery        available. Reasonable rates. Call Bobbie for a
Amary to make an appointment at                      professionally evaluated. We pay you directly.    free estimate at 403-288-8151 or cell
403-764-5096.                                        Visit exclusivelygold.ca or call 403-815-7674.    403-968-8151 or email ramack20@hotmail.com.
THE VALLEY BREEZE                                     DECEMBER 2009                                                        25

   BABYSITTER LIST: Debbie Burke has a list of eligible babysitters in the neighbourhood. New babysitters, please
   call Debbie to add your name to the list as many of our senior babysitters are retiring. Parents, please feel free to
   contact Debbie if you need a babysitter. Debbie can be reached at 403-286-5286 or bvinc@shaw.ca.

   ODD JOBS LIST: Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Babysitter List, the VRCA has started a list for
   Miscellaneous/Odd Jobs such as snow shovelling, dog walking, pet sitting, fence painting, etc. If you are interested
   in being added to the list, or finding someone who can help you with your odd jobs, please contact Debbie Burke at
   403-286-5286 or bvinc@shaw.ca. Debbie will continue to screen people asking for the list to ensure they are Valley
   Ridge or Crestmont residents.

   Community Cell Phone Recycling

                                               Bermuda Beach Tanning Salon continues to collect redundant cell phones
                                               for our community facilities fundraiser. This is a tremendous redirection
                                               of hazardous waste from our landfills. If you have any questions, call
                                               Suzanne at 403-836-5631 or email sbwelsh@ucalgary.ca.

                    VALLEY RIDGE MOTORHEADS
                        & Libertarian Debating Society
         Tuesday, December 8, 7:30 p.m.
      Stop the “Traffic Calming” Initiative
      1. Support improved traffic signage and street
      2. Stop the installation of road bumps and barriers.
      3. Prevent a waste of your tax dollars.
      4. Promote better snow removal.
      5. Respect efficient traffic flow.
               A monthly get together of car enthusiasts.
                  Van Gogh’s Grill and Bar,                                Info: Jim Thornton 403-287-9818
                   11245 Valley Ridge Drive NW.                                       jgt3@telusplanet.net
 SUNDAY                  MONDAY               TUESDAY        WEDNESDAY                 THURSDAY                          FRIDAY             SATURDAY               E
                                          1                  2                         3                             4                     5
• Be a snow angel and help seniors and
  neighbors with their snow removal.
                                                                 Zoolights                                                                   Heritage Park
• Recycle Christmas trees until Jan 10.                          Calgary Zoo                                                                  Christmas            C
                                                                Dec. 1 - Jan. 2                                                                  Dec. 5 - 6
  Call 3-1-1 or visit Calgary.ca/waste.                                                                                                       9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
                                                             6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

6                      7                  8                  9                         10                            11                     12
                                              Valley Ridge                                                            VR Christmas              Dec. 12 - 19
                                              Motor Heads                                                             Lights Contest
                                               Van Goghs                                                             December 11 - 13,       Heritage Park
                                                7:30 p.m.                                                            page 1 for details
                                                                                                                                               Dec. 12 - 13
                                                                                                                                              9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

13                     14                 15                 16                       17                             18                     19                     B
                                                                                                                                             Heritage Park
                                                                                                                                               Dec. 19 - 20
                                                                                                                                              9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
20                     21                 22                 23                       24                             25                     26
                            WINTER                             VRCA Board               CHRISTMAS                     CHRISTMAS                 BOXING
                           SOLSTICE                              Meeting                   EVE                           DAY                     DAY
                                                                  The Lodge
                                                                  7:00 p.m.

27                     28                 29                 30                       31                             REMINDER:
                                                                                       New Year’s Eve                • If you lose your pet visit Calgary.ca/
                                                                                         Festival at                   animalservices to see if your dog or cat
                                                                                       Olympic Plaza                   is in the shelter.
                                                                                                                     • Blue bin recycling now in effect on
                                                                                        Zoo Year’s Eve                 garbage days.
                                                                                             6 – 9 p.m.
                                                                                                                     • Change batteries in your smoke detectors.
                                                                                     Call 403-232-9300 for tickets                                                 2009

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