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					Publications of the Microtherm group at Lancaster University
(Introductory reviews): Micro-thermal analysis: techniques and applications, H. M. Pollock
and A. Hammiche, J Phys D: Appl Phys 34, R23-R53 (2001); Micro-thermal analysis of
polymers: current capabilities and future prospects, M. Reading, D. M. Price, D B Grandy, R
M Smith, L Bozec, M Conroy, A. Hammiche & H. M. Pollock, Macromolecular Symposia
167, 45-62 (2001); „Nanoindentation', H.M. Pollock, in: Friction, Lubrication and Wear
Technology" (Metals Handbook vol. 18 pp. 419-429), P J Blau (ed.), American Society for
Metals (10th edition, 1992); „Surface Forces and Adhesion', H M Pollock, in „Fundamentals
of Friction', I L Singer and H M Pollock (eds), Kluwer (1992), pp. 77-94;

„Microspectroscopy as a tool to discriminate nano-molecular cellular alterations in
biomedical research‟, F L Martin and H M Pollock, accepted for publication in: Oxford
Handbook of Nanoscience and Technology 2 (A V Narlikar and Y Y Fu, eds.), 2009

A self-learning fuzzy classifier with feature selection for intelligent interrogation of mid-IR
spectroscopy data derived from different categories of exfoliative cervical cytology, J.G.
Kelly, P. Angelov, M.J. Walsh, H.M. Pollock, M.A. Pitt, P.L. Martin-Hirsch and F. L.
Martin, Int. J. Computational Intelligence Research, to be published (2009)

FTIR micro-spectroscopy identifies symmetric PO2- modifications as a marker of the putative
stem cell region of human intestinal crypts, Michael J. Walsh, Tariq G. Fellous, Azzedine
Hammiche, Wey-Ran Lin, Nigel J. Fullwood, Olaug Grude, Fariba Bahrami, James M.
Nicholson, Marine Cotte, Jean Susini, Hubert M. Pollock, Mairi Brittan, Pierre L. Martin-
Hirsch, Malcolm R. Alison and Francis L. Martin, Stem Cells 26, 108-118 (2008)

Discrimination of human stem cells by photothermal microspectroscopy, O Grude, T
Nakamura, A Hammiche, A J Bentley, F L Martin, H M Pollock, S Kinoshita and N J
Fullwood, Vibrational Spectroscopy (2008), doi:10.1016/j.vibspec.2008.04.008

FTIR microspectroscopy coupled with two-class discrimination segregates markers
responsible for inter- and intra-category variance in exfoliative cervical cytology, M J Walsh,
M N Singh, H F Stringfellow, H M Pollock, A Hammiche, O Grude, N J Fullwood, M A Pitt,
P L Martin-Hirsch and F L Martin, Biomarker insights 3, 179-189 (2008)

A Hammiche, M J Walsh, H M Pollock, P L. Martin-Hirsch, and F L. Martin, Non-contact
micro-cantilevers detect photothermally-induced vibrations that can segregate different
categories of exfoliative cervical cytology, J Biochem Biophys Methods 70, 675-7 (2007),

Adam J. Bentley, Takahiro Nakamura, Azzedine Hammiche, Hubert M. Pollock, Francis L.
Martin, Shigeru Kinoshita and Nigel J. Fullwood, “Characterization of human corneal stem
cells by synchrotron infrared micro-spectroscopy”, Molecular Vision 13 (27-28), 237-242

Near-field photothermal microspectroscopy for adult stem-cell identification and
characterization, O. Grude, A Hammiche, H M Pollock, A J Bentley, M J Walsh, F L Martin
and N J Fullwood, J Microscopy 228, 366-372 (2007)
Identifying variables responsible for clustering in discriminant analysis of data from infrared
microspectroscopy of a biological sample, Francis L. Martin, Matthew J. German, Ernst Wit,
Thomas Fearn, Narasimhan Ragavan and Hubert M. Pollock, J Computational Biology 14,
1176-84 (2007)

M J Walsh, M N Singh, H M Pollock, L J Cooper, M J German, H F Stringfellow, N J
Fullwood, E Paraskevaidis, P L Martin-Hirsch, F L Martin, ATR microspectroscopy with
multivariate analysis segregates grades of exfoliative cervical cytology, Biochemical and
Biophysical Research Communications 352(1), 213-9 (2007), on-line at

Walsh, m j., German, m.j., Pollock, h.m., Hammiche, a., Singh, m.†, Kyrgiou, m.,
Stringfellow, h.f. †, Paraskevaidis, e. †, Martin-Hirsch, p.l. †, Martin, F.L. IR
microspectroscopy: potential applications in cervical cancer screening. Cancer Letters 246(1-
2), 2007, 1-11.

Walsh MJ, German MJ, Pollock HM, Hammiche A, Singh M, Kyrgiou M, Stringfellow H,
Paraskevaidis E, Martin-Hirsch PL, Martin FL, Discrimination of exfoliative cytology
samples employing ATR-FTIR microspectroscopy, Mutagenesis 21(4), 289-289 (2006)

M J German, A Hammiche, N Ragavan, M J Tobin, L J Cooper, N J Fullwood, S S
Matenhelia, A C Hindley, C M Nicholson, H M Pollock and F L Martin , IR spectroscopy
with multivariate analysis potentially facilitates the segregation of different types of prostate
cell, Biophysical Journal 90(10), 3783–3795 (2006), with supplementary data.

German MJ, Pollock HM, Zhao B, Martin FL, Tobin M, Hammiche A, Bentley A, Cooper
LJ, Martin FL and Fullwood NJ, Characterization of putative stem cell populations in the
cornea, using synchrotron infrared micro-spectroscopy, Investigative Ophthalmology &
Visual Science 47, 2417-2421 (2006)

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