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					                                                       PTO Meeting
                                                       May 11, 2010

Members Present: Christa Orn, Caroline Hecmanczuk, Tracey Williams, At Stow, Jim Bain, Kris Livingston, Lynda Lutz,
Lisa Hearl, Wendy Adkins, Sabena Thompson, Regina McGovern, Tracy Higginbottom, Elle Rasmussen, Lisa Brook, Karen
Ransom, Bill Sterrett, Debbie Ashby, Cindy Baber, Jesse Aurand, Lori Woods

Kathryn Baylor, Principal and Steve Saunders, Asst. Principal of Jack Jouett Middle School opened the meeting to discuss
5th graders transitioning to middle school.

The minutes from the April meeting were approved.

Christa reported that the Fun Fair went well. Attendance was down a little, but we netted $4,500. That includes about
$3,600 from the silent auction.

Christa is looking for feedback regarding this past year and suggestions for next year.

Karen Ransom reported that there will be one more check from Innsbrook. It will be around $1,000.

There will be a final collection of Box Tops. The classes with the most collected will have a pizza party. We recently
received a check for $145.

May 21st will be the final collection day for Vocelli box tops. The class with the most will have a pizza party.

Principal's Report
Bill thanked the parents for all that was done for Teacher Appreciation Week. The staff was pleased with everything.

After speaking with the Carson Raymond Foundation, Bill recommended that the PTO purchase a sign for the
Woodbrook field at the time of completion. The estimated cost will be $500 - $1,000. Final plans are being finalized and
t-ball clinics for kindergarteners have started.

The staff will have a reception for the teachers who will not be returning next year. The PTO decided to honor these
teachers at the end of the year luncheon.

The deadline for teachers to submit grant applications is June 4th. Grants will be awarded at the luncheon.

Teacher's Report
Jesse echoed Bill's thanks for all that was done during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Board Elections
Christa Orn was elected President, Jennifer Raymond was elected Secretary. The other positions will be filled in the Fall.

There will be a Principal Search Meeting, Tuesday May 18th at 4:00 pm in the Woodbrook Library. Bruce Benson and
Mitsuko Clemons-Nazeer from the County will be present to listen to parents ideas about what we want in the next
principal. Two parents along with 2 members of Woodbrook faculty will be chosen to be on the interview committee.

The last Cici's night will be Wednesday, June 2nd.
Field Day will be Friday, June 11th.
Teacher Luncheon will be Monday, June 14th.

The meeting was adjourned.

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