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									    What is Infrastructure?
    Infrastructure can mean many things to               The reason for including infrastructure that is
    different people. For the purposes of this           not the direct responsibility of Council is so
    strategy the term infrastructure will include        that effective leadership in advocating and
    basic built assets that provide a structural         stimulating its provision and maintenance can
    foundation for the community.                        occur. In other words, ensuring that Council
                                                         advocates for the aspirations of the community
    This strategy will consider infrastructure that is
                                                         and acts as a coordinator with local ownership.
    the responsibility of Blue Mountains City
    Council and also that, which is the                  Clearly, the means by which important
    responsibility of others. For the purposes of        infrastructure can be achieved changes if its
    clarity, infrastructure that is Council’s            provision is Council’s responsibility and
    responsibility will be referred to as                therefore more directly under its control.
    infrastructure assets and that provided by           This strategy therefore proposes different
    or owned by others as infrastructure.                approaches to infrastructure assets and

6                                    Blue Mountains City Council • Infrastructure Strategy

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