Hottest Female Olympic Athletes

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					Hottest 2008 Female Olympic Athletes

Ashley Tappin (United States, swimming)‫‏‬

Serena Williams (United States, tennis)‫‏‬

Stacy Dragila (United States, pole vault)‫‏‬

Misty May (United States, beach volleyball)‫‏‬

Logan Tom (United States, volleyball)‫‏‬

Rita Dravucz (Hungary, water polo)‫‏‬

Natalie Coughlin (United States, swimming)‫‏‬

Amanda Beard (United States, swimming)‫‏‬

Haley Cope (United States, swimming)‫‏‬

Steffi Graf

Jenny Adams (United States, hurdles)‫‏‬

Description: Here is a collection of pictures of some of the hottest female athletes that will be compting in the Beijing Olympics in 2008.