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                           Interdisciplinary Applications
Introduction                                                                            Relevant Journal
           of work and                                of interest to
The naturebusiness in theorganizations has long beenunderstanding of the
  economists, administrators, and social scientists. More than ever,
conducting                 21st century involves an
                                                                                        Asia Pacific Journal of Human
complex psychological processes related to human attitudes, knowledge, and
behavior in organizations.                                                              Community, Work & Family
                                                                                        Cross Cultural Management
PsycINFO, the bibliographic database of psychology published by the
American Psychological Association (APA), is an excellent tool for locating             European Journal of Work &
research and theory in industrial/organizational psychology and organization-             Organizational Psychology
al behavior from around the world. The database contains citations to journal           Gender, Work & Organization
articles, books, book chapters, and dissertations on such topics as career              Group & Organization
processes, equal opportunity, employee motivation, job design, job satisfac-              Management
tion, leadership, human resources, managerial behavior, occupational stress,            Human Resource Development
organizational change, productivity, quality of work life, personnel selection,           Quarterly
and research methodology in occupational/organizational behavior.                       Human Resource Management
Search Results: Selected Citations                                                      International Journal of Cross
Working conditions and three types of well-being: A longitudinal study with self-         Cultural Management
report and rating data.                                                                 International Journal of Industrial
By Grebner, Simone; Semmer, Norbert K.; Elfering, Achim, Journal of Occupational
Health Psychology. 10(1), Jan 2005, 31-43.                                                Ergonomics
International dimensions of organizational behavior.
                                                                                        International Journal of Training
By Rickards, Tudor, Creativity & Innovation Management. 13(4), Dec 2004, 286-287.         & Development
The complete reference checking handbook: The proven (and legal) way to                 Journal of Occupational &
prevent hiring mistakes.                                                                  Organizational Psychology
By Lust, John A., Personnel Psychology. 57(3), Sep 2004, 823-826.                       Journal of Organizational Behavior
The relative importance of psychological acceptance and emotional intelligence to       Journal of Organizational Change
workplace well-being.
By Donaldson-Feilder, Emma J.; Bond, Frank W., British Journal of Guidance &
Counselling. 32(2), May 2004, 187-203.                                                  Management Science
Eliciting and analysing employees’ expectations of a merger.                            Organizational Behavior &
By Dackert, Ingrid; Jackson, Paul R.; Brenner, Sten-Olof; Johansson, Curt R., Human       Human Decision Processes
Relations. 56(6), Jun 2003, 705-725.
                                                                                        Organizational Dynamics
Tales from the hiring line: Effects of the Internet and technology on HR
processes.                                                                              Personnel Psychology
By Ensher, Ellen A.; Nielson, Troy R.; Grant-Vallone, Elisa, Organizational Dynamics.   Work & Occupations
31(3), 2002, 224-244.
Deviant workplace behavior and the organization’s ethical climate.
By Peterson, Dane K., Journal of Business & Psychology. 17(1), Fal 2002, 47-61.

Sample Search Terms

          Human Resources                             • Supervisor Employee Interaction   • Experience Level
          Management                                  • Top Level Managers                • Job Performance
          • Affirmative Action                                                            • Job Satisfaction
          • Disability Management                     Organizational
                                                                                          • Occupational Adjustment
          • Diversity in the Workplace                                                    • Occupational Aspirations
                                                      • Organizational Change
          • Downsizing                                                                    • Occupational Stress
                                                      • Organizational Commitment
          • Employee Benefits                                                             • Occupational Success
                                                      • Organizational Effectiveness
          • Employee Turnover                                                             • Peer Evaluation
                                                      • Organizational Learning
          • Employment Discrimination                                                     • Personality Traits
                                                      • Organizational Objectives
          • Employment Tests                                                              • Private Sector
                                                      • Organizational Structure
          • Job Applicant Screening                                                       • Public Sector
          • Job Security                              Staff Training                      • Telecommuting
          • Organizational Climate                    • Career Development                • Work Load
          • Personnel Evaluation                      • Computer Training                 • Work Teams
          • Personnel Recruitment                     • Management Training               • Working Conditions
          • Personnel Selection                       • On the Job Training               • Working Women
          • Personnel Termination                     • Professional Development
          • Telecommuting                             • Personnel Training
                                                      • Sensitivity Training
                                                      • Technology
          • Labor Management Relations
          • Leadership Style                          Employee and Job
          • Management Decision Making                Characteristics
          • Management Methods                        • Career Change
          • Management Planning                       • Employee Efficiency
          • Participative Management                  • Employee Productivity
          • Professional Supervision                  • Employee Skills

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