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     7:30 p.m. Plenary Session A
    10:30 p.m. Late Night Ops

     8:00   a.m.   Morning Op
     9:00   a.m.   Plenary Session B
    11:00   a.m.   Breakout Session 1
    12:15   p.m.   Lunch Break
     2:00   p.m.   Plenary Session C
     4:15   p.m.   Breakout Session 2
     5:30   p.m.   Dinner Break
     7:30   p.m.   Plenary Session D
    10:30   p.m.   Late Night Ops

     8:00 a.m. Morning Op
     9:00 a.m. Breakout Session 3          CONTENTS
    10:30 a.m. Plenary Session E
                                           Welcome ............................... 2
                                           General Info .. .........................3
                                           Jubilee Africana/Latino ......... ...4
                                           Extra Opportunities ................. 6
Thanks to our sponsors:                    Maps..................................... 7
Compassion International                   Notes . ...................................9
Fuller Theological Seminary                Breakout Sessions ................. 14
The Heritage Foundation                    Speakers + Artists . ................24
Christian Healthcare Ministries            Exhibitor Info ........................ 35
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Pittsburgh Year                            Recommended Reading ......... 37
WHO SPONSORS JUBILEE?                       Everything.

                  The CCO is a              That’s what God made. That’s what God cares about. That’s what Jesus reconciled
                  campus ministry
                                            through His blood on the cross. That’s what God calls us—as followers of Jesus,
                  that partners with
                  churches, colleges        enlivened by the Holy Spirit—to engage for His Kingdom’s sake.
  and other organizations to
  develop men and women who live            It’s audacious to claim that a conference could change all that, all that everything.
  out their Christian faith in every        And though we may lean toward audacity from time to time, we know it is not this
  area of life.                             weekend that could change everything. But the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the promise
  Our ministry is distinct in three
                                            that His sacrifice makes possible the redemption and restoration of the whole
  ways:                                     world—nothing is more audacious than that. That’s a truth that will change—well,
1. Our ministry is transformational.
   We challenge the students we serve       Certainly, we hope that this weekend will change you, too. We hope that here, God
   to submit every area of their lives to
                                            will expose you to new ideas, new passions, new callings and meaning for your life.
   Jesus Christ.
                                            We’re praying that you will be transformed into a change agent for God’s Kingdom.
2. We partner with churches, colleges       After all, the whole story of the Bible points us to God’s work of changing a broken
   and other organizations, placing our     world back into the perfectly aligned and thriving creation He originally intended.
   staff in strategic positions of          While we know that Jesus will be the ultimate restorer, as bearers of His image and
   influence on campus. Some of our         members of His body, He invites us into the family business—to create signposts in
   staff people serve as an arm of the
   local church on campus, while others
                                            our pieces of the everything that will point toward their ultimate restoration.
   work as residence hall directors,
   coaches or student activities            We have designed this conference to introduce you to people who are seeking to
   directors.                               live their lives as those signposts. It is our hope that in hearing from them, and from
                                            one another as you process what you are hearing, you will understand more deeply
3. We do contextual ministry, meaning
                                            your place in the larger work that Christ is doing in the world. We hope that you
   that our staff people adjust to the
   needs of the particular campus           will hear things that excite you, that challenge you, that confuse you, and that inspire
   at which they serve. No two CCO          you. Most of all, we hope this weekend isn’t just a weekend for you, but rather a
   ministries look exactly alike.           signpost on your journey—the journey of a life animated by Jesus’ love and grace in
                                            order to reflect the love and grace of Jesus in all you do.

                                            It could change everything.
        JUBILEE HQ                                      HOTEL INFO                                      SOCIALIZE
    We’ll refer to Jubilee HQ a lot this weekend.   You cannot call outside the Westin from your    Jubilee gathers together a rare community
    Jubilee HQ is your one-stop source for          hotel room phone. However, you can call         of people from all over the country. You’ll
    any information you’ll need about the           from room to room inside the hotel. Room        find women and men who share your calling,
    conference. It is located outside the Spirit    service is available on a cash basis.           interests, passions, and some with whom you
    of Pittsburgh Ballroom in the Convention                                                        have little in common. These connections
    Center.                                             CHECK OUT                                   provide incredible opportunities to explore,
                                                    Everyone must be checked out of their           discuss, learn, and discern together. Look up
        JUBILEE STORE                               rooms by 1 p.m. on Sunday. If you traveled      friends from previous Jubilees and make new
    Swing by the store and take advantage of        here by car or van, it’s a good idea to check   ones. Re-imagine the world together, share
    special conference prices! You’ll find books    out of your hotel room before Plenary           what’s working on your campus, put your
    by conference speakers, books by tons of        Session E. Take your luggage to your vehicle    frustrations and triumphs into words. Meals
    other great authors, and the newest resources   and turn your room key in at the front desk.    are a perfect time for this, so never eat alone!
    from Hearts and Minds Bookstore.
                                                        IMAGE POLICY                                    BROWSE
        VIDEO BOOTH                                 Your attendance at Jubilee 2011 implies         You won’t want to miss the exhibits! You’ll
    We’ve set up a video booth to capture your      permission for the CCO (and personnel or        find some wonderful organizations offering
    thoughts in the exhibit hall. Stop by to        agencies authorized by them) to reproduce       great resources and opportunities. Stop by
    share a bit about your experience, and check    your image, video likeness, and voice in CCO    these booths to connect, network and learn.
    out the CCO’s Facebook page where some          events. Thank you!
    of these videos will be posted after the                                                            CELEBRATE
    conference:                                         PRAY                                        We’re thrilled that this weekend will                   The Holy Spirit is the power of this            challenge you to think in new ways about
                                                    conference. Pray for the sessions, pray for     old ideas, or discover old thoughts about new
        NAME TAGS                                   one another, pray for the people you disagree   things. Don’t be afraid to have some fun as
    You’ll need to wear your name tag for           with and those who are driving you crazy.       you think. God has invited us to be part of
    admission to all Jubilee events throughout      Pray for an open heart. Take a prayer walk      his work in the world—that’s a great reason
    the weekend. (That’s why we provided the        through the city. Slip into the Prayer Room     to have a party. Jubilee is our party and we’re
    handy and stylish lanyard it hangs on. You’re   (Armstrong) for a space to pray or to be        so glad you are here!
    welcome!)                                       prayed for throughout the weekend.

    Allegheny Center Alliance Church                St. Benedict the Moor                           Trinity Cathedral (Anglican)
    250 East Ohio Street                            (Roman Catholic)                                325 Oliver Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15212                            Centre Avenue at Crawford Street                Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    (412) 321-4333                                  Pittsburgh, PA 15219                            (412) 232-6404
    Sunday, 8:30 a.m.                               (412) 281-3141                                  Sunday, 8:00 a.m.
                                                    Sunday, 9 a.m.
    First Lutheran Church                           Look for CCO staff member Sam
    615 Grant Street                                Van Eman at Jubilee HQ at 8 a.m. to
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219                            join the group walking to Mass.
    (412) 471-8125
    Sunday, 8:30 a.m.

We host JA/JL to promote discipleship for students of color. We want students to recognize their role in global
leadership in light of the connection between faith and vocation. The breakout sessions emphasize ethnic and
cultural backgrounds as unique gifts from God. Jubilee Africana/Jubilee Latino events happen throughout
Jubilee, and are open to ALL attendees, regardless of race, at no additional cost.

Worship Jam Session
Featuring student Gospel choirs from the University of Pittsburgh (Some of God’s Children) and from Clarion University
(Lift Every Voice). Come prepared to participate!
DLCC West Atrium, 10:30 p.m.

JA/JL Dinner
Join us at Trinity Cathedral in downtown Pittsburgh for dinner, which will feature Caribbean cuisine. Continue the
conversation about immigration reform with Ariel and Michelle Rivera. This is a great opportunity to connect with other
students—meet in the Westin Lobby at 5:30 p.m. to walk with the group to the dinner. The dinner has a limited amount of
spaces and will be offered on a first-come first-serve basis. Don’t miss it! The first 125 students who show up in the Westin
Lobby at 5:30 p.m. will receive a dinner ticket and will walk with the group to Trinity Cathedral.

Late Night Prayer
Come join us for a time of corporate prayer. Whether you’re seeking direction, healing, comfort or peace from God, the Jubilee
Africana/Latino team would love to take your concerns to the Lord with you. We’ll be in the Crawford Room as soon as the
Saturday night session ends, and will stay until the last person leaves.

Breakout Sessions
The African American Experience as Spiritual Metaphor
Eric DolcE
Butler West, Saturday 11:00 a.m.

“I know who I am”: A perspective on identity as the determining
factor toward U.S. Hispanic/Latino progress
Anthony rivErA
Butler West, Saturday 4:15 p.m.

Whose life is it anyway? Examining the tensions between the
children of immigrants, their parents, and their peers
SAmuEl chEz
Butler East, Sunday 9:00 a.m.
LAte night ops
    Read, Think, Pray, Be: The Ancient Practice of Lectio Divina
    for Today
    michAEl chEn
    We are inundated every day with a staggering amount of information. Our gadgets and technology bombard us with words and
    images, leaving us feeling numb, isolated and confused. What can lead us to a deeper rootedness in Christ? Come and learn
    about the ancient practice of Lectio Divina which seeks an encounter with Christ that transforms the heart and mind through a
    deliberate reading of Scripture.
    Saturday & Sunday, 8:00 a.m., Fayette

    LATE NIGHTbutOPS to go to sleep? Check out these late night opportunities to keep the
    The evening plenary session is over, you’re too excited
    Jubilee party going!

    Friday 10:30 p.m.
    Worship Jam Session
    Featuring student Gospel choirs from the University of Pittsburgh (Some of God’s Children) and from Clarion University
    (Lift Every Voice). Come prepared to participate!
    DLCC West Atrium

                            Zach Williams Concert
                            Zach was a late bloomer as songwriters go and didn’t perform his first song publicly till near the end
                            of college. That was in 2004 and the music and Zach have been growing ever since. He stumbled upon
                            a sound that is both soulful and penetrating and his music represents the communities he has had the
                            privilege to pass through, experience, and the ones he is still holding on to. The band’s Americana folk
    sound drifts towards all-out rock’ n’ roll at moments.

    Saturday 10:30 p.m.
    Living into the Story of Education in America
    GrEG vEltmAn
    As citizens and future stakeholders in American education, we are called to be engaged in the work of teaching the next
    generation and stewarding society. Whatever realm, we all need to make important decisions about the education of ourselves,
    our families, and our neighbors. Using the recent film, Waiting for Superman, we will look at some of the most pressing questions
    confronting American society in regard to education.
    DLCC 406 (up escalator near bookstore)

                            Colonizing the Cosmos Concert
                            Colonizing the Cosmos is an indie-folk band from Pittsburgh. The band made its debut in early 2010
                            with its album, The First Frontier. Colonizing the Cosmos has a creative approach to restoring the art and
                            community of live performance by electing unlikely venues, such as art museums, mountaintop city parks,
                            and partnerships with organizations.

           Please note that
           both the David
           L. Lawrence
           Convention Center
and the Westin Hotel will be
used for Jubilee sessions.

There are two ways to walk                            WESTIN
between the two buildings:                            HOTEL
Use the skywalk from the
second floor of the Westin. You
will use an elevator or stairs at
the end of the walkway to get to
the ballroom and exhibit hall.

Walk outside the Westin and
down the sidewalk toward the
Convention Center. Take the
escalator up two levels and
walk down the hallway to the
ballroom and exhibit hall.


                                                        Plenary sessions
                                                        are all held in the
                                                        Spirit of Pittsburgh
                                             Ballroom in the Convention
                                             Center. Breakout sessions are
                                             located in meeting rooms in
                                             both the Westin and Convention
                                             Center—refer to the breakout
                                             schedules for specifics.

                                                        Jubilee HQ, the
                                                        store and exhibit
                                                        booths are all in the
                                             lobby outside of the Spirit of
                                             Pittsburgh Ballroom.

     FRIDAY PlenARY                                                          __________________________________________________

                               Gabe Lyons                                    __________________________________________________
                               Author, co-FounDEr oF
                                Gabe is a co-founder of Catalyst, the        __________________________________________________
                                nation’s largest conference of young
     Christian leaders. He is the author of The Next Christians: The         __________________________________________________
     Good News About the End of Christian America, the follow-up to his
     landmark book, UnChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks
     About Christianity and Why It Matters. As a respected voice for a new   __________________________________________________
     generation of Christians, he has been featured by CNN, The New York
     Times, Newsweek, and USA Today.                                         __________________________________________________

                               Eric Mason                                    __________________________________________________
                               co-FounDEr AnD PAStor
                               At EPiPhAny FEllowShiP
                               AnD ADjunct ProFESSor
     Dr. Eric Mason is the co-founder and lead pastor of Epiphany            __________________________________________________
     Fellowship in Philadelphia and is known for articulating and
     proclaiming the Gospel with clarity and passion at churches             __________________________________________________
     and conferences nationally. Eric serves on the boards of the Acts
     29 network and Reach Life Ministries. In addition to serving
     at Epiphany Fellowship, he is an adjunct professor at Biblical          __________________________________________________
     Theological Seminary.










Saturday Plenary
                         Lisa Sharon
                         Harper                                        __________________________________________________

                         Author, co-FounDEr oF                         __________________________________________________
                         ny FAith & juSticE
Lisa Sharon Harper is author of Evangelical Does Not Equal
Republican…Or Democrat, co-founder and Executive Director of NY        __________________________________________________
Faith & Justice, and President of National Faith & Justice Network.
Ms. Harper’s work and her Shalom Talk Series have been a catalyst      __________________________________________________
for ethnic reconciliation and systemic justice across the country.

                         Soong-Chan Rah
                         PAStor, Author, AnD                           __________________________________________________
                         ASSiStAnt ProFESSor
                           Rev. Dr. Soong-Chan Rah is Assistant        __________________________________________________
                           Professor of Church Growth and
Evangelism at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago. Rah is
formerly the founding Senior Pastor of the Cambridge Community
Fellowship Church, a multi-ethnic, urban, ministry-focused church.
He is a contributor to Growing Healthy Asian-American Churches and     __________________________________________________
is the author of The Next Evangelicalism.
                         Walt Mueller                                  __________________________________________________
                         Author, FounDEr AnD
                         PrESiDEnt, cPyu
                          Dr. Walt Mueller is the founder and          __________________________________________________
                          president of the Center for Parent/Youth
Understanding, a nonprofit organization serving schools, churches,     __________________________________________________
and community organizations across the US, Canada, and worldwide.
Walt has been working with young people and families for over 32
years and has written extensively, authoring seven books including     __________________________________________________
The Space Between: A Parent’s Guide to Teenage Development and Youth
Culture 101.                                                           __________________________________________________

                          James Emery                                  __________________________________________________

                          White                                        __________________________________________________
               PAStor, Author
               AnD PrESiDEnt                                           __________________________________________________
oF SEriouS timES
James Emery White is the founding and senior pastor of                 __________________________________________________
Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina,
President of Serious Times, adjunctive professor of theology and
culture at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and author of over     __________________________________________________
a dozen books, including Embracing the Mysterious God, The Prayer
God Longs For and Rethinking the Church.                               __________________________________________________
                            Michael Gerson
                            Author, columniSt AnD                          __________________________________________________
                            SEnior ADviSor At onE
                            Michael J. Gerson is a nationally syndicated   __________________________________________________
                            columnist who appears twice weekly
  in the Washington Post and Senior Advisor at ONE, a bipartisan
  organization dedicated to the fight against extreme poverty and          __________________________________________________
  preventable diseases. A former speechwriter and policy assistant
  during the George W. Bush Administration, he is the author of            __________________________________________________
  Heroic Conservatism and co-author of City of Man: Religion and
  Politics in a New Era.

                            Bob Goff                                       __________________________________________________
                            FounDEr AnD cEo oF
                            rEStorE intErnAtionAl                          __________________________________________________
                             Bob Goff is the founding partner of a
                             Washington law firm, Goff & Dewalt,
  LLP, where he shares in the leadership of the firm, and he is an         __________________________________________________
  adjunct professor at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego.
  Bob founded Restore International after a trip to India, where he        __________________________________________________
  witnessed first-hand the atrocities and injustices committed against
  children. He is featured in Donald Miller’s book A Million Miles in a
  Thousand Years as one of “the greatest real-life storytellers.”          __________________________________________________











Breakout session 1
Check sessions you plan on attending for your own reference.
❑ Adams, Fayette
❑ Annan, Cambria East                             _____________________________________________________________________
❑ Bradley, Allegheny Ballroom 3
❑ Cook, Westmoreland East                         _____________________________________________________________________
❑ Dolce, Butler West
❑ Fea, Crawford East                              _____________________________________________________________________
❑ Harlan, DLCC 308
❑ Heffner, DLCC 304                               _____________________________________________________________________
❑ Kerr, DLCC 307
❑ Locy & Willard, DLCC 310                        _____________________________________________________________________
❑ Lee, DLCC 305
❑ Mason, DLCC 302                                 _____________________________________________________________________
❑ McGowan, Cambria West
❑ McMullen, Westmoreland Central
❑ Melleby, PA Ballroom East
❑ Messenger, Washington
❑ Metaxas, Allegheny Ballroom 1
❑ Patterson, Westmoreland West
❑ Schubert, DLCC 306
❑ Todd, DLCC Ballroom
❑ Tongen, Butler East                             _____________________________________________________________________
❑ Wauzzinski, DLCC 309
❑ Woodworth, Crawford West                        _____________________________________________________________________












Breakout P.m.
               session 2
 ❑ Adams, Atrium West                _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ Annan, Cambria East
 ❑ Barber, DLCC 305
 ❑ Bennett, Crawford West
 ❑ Cook, Westmoreland East
 ❑ Dull, Washington
 ❑ Fea, Crawford East
 ❑ Goff, DLCC 304
 ❑ Harskamp, DLCC 308
 ❑ Kerr, DLCC 307                    _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ Lutz, Westmoreland West
 ❑ Martin, DLCC 303                  _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ Merritt, DLCC 310
 ❑ Metaxas, Westmoreland Central     _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ O’Dowd, Fayette
 ❑ Overstreet, DLCC 406              _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ Peacock, DLCC 407
 ❑ Rah, Allegheny Ballroom 3         _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ Rivera, Butler West
 ❑ Russell, DLCC 311                 _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ Thompson, DLCC 306
 ❑ TOMS Shoes, DLCC 302              _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ Tongen, Butler East
 ❑ Wauzzinski, DLCC 309              _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ Weyer, Cambria West

Breakout session 3
SUNDAY, 9 A.m.
 ❑ Ashworth, Cambria East
 ❑ Bradley, Allegheny Ballroom 3    _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ Chez, Butler East
 ❑ Dolce, Butler West               _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ Goff, Allegheny Ballroom 2
 ❑ Joustra & Wilkinson, Fayette     _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ McMullen, Washington
 ❑ Mueller, Westmoreland Central    _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ O’Dowd, Westmoreland East
 ❑ Overstreet, DLCC 302             _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ Reitz, PA Ballroom East
 ❑ Russell, Westmoreland West       _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ Shinabarger, DLCC 305
 ❑ Strauss, Crawford West           _____________________________________________________________________
 ❑ Vander Giessen-Reitsma, Cambria West
 ❑ Wardell, DLCC 303
 ❑ White, Allegheny Ballroom 1
 ❑ Wilkinson, Crawford East
 ❑ Wright, PA Ballroom West
                                                                           The African American Experience
                                                                           as Spiritual Metaphor
session one
                                                                           Eric DolcE
                                                                           Many Christians are uncomfortable discussing race and ethnicity
                                                                           and even think faith erases the unique histories and social issues that
                                                                           make people groups distinct. In an effort to increase the appearance
                                                                           of harmony, believers often profess indifference towards the reality of
The Artist Reborn                                                          race. This seminar will explore the costs of avoiding racial issues and
Emily AnD KEnyon ADAmS                                                     the spiritual benefits of embracing the God-given differences between
In this session, we will explore faithfulness and the call of the artist   people.
in three areas: God’s faithfulness, our faithfulness, and what comes       Butler West
of faithfulness. We will share our own journey as Christian artists to
illustrate how God has used our calling as artists to help bring us to     The Power to Transform: How
wholeness and to a closer relationship with Him.
Fayette                                                                    the Study of History Can Help
                                                                           You Grow Spiritually
Searching for Honest Faith                                                 john FEA
                                                                           Can the study of history transform our spiritual lives? How can
KEnt AnnAn                                                                 the study of the past enable us to better love God and others? This
What do you do when your faith gets shaken? Or if you have                 session will discuss some of the uses and misuses of the past among
lingering questions about God? Kent spent the past year working in         Christians today.
Haiti in the wake of one of the biggest natural disasters in the world.
                                                                           Crawford East
When facing any tough issue, we have to be completely honest as we
seek God and justice. We’re searching for honest faith that makes
sense in this real, messed up, beautiful world.
                                                                           This Could Only Happen to You:
Cambria East
                                                                           Writing (and Telling) a True Story
                                                                           DEniSE FrAmE hArlAn
Transforming Male Sexuality                                                Your life is dear and precious to God—but to the rest of us, your life
Anthony BrADlEy                                                            looks a little bizarre, and you have a lot of explaining to do. When
This men-only session explores strategies for identifying and              you listen to your life, what do you hear? How will you communicate
transforming the sexual brokenness that every man battles. This will       your story to others? Why does it matter? We will talk about the
be a frank, honest conversation about issues like sexually-addictive       basics of personal writing, memoir and spiritual memoir. Bring a pen,
habits, pornography, same-sex attraction, healthy sexual desire, and       paper and life experience.
so on, as they connect to basic struggles with God-formed masculine        DLCC 308
Allegheny Ballroom 3
                                                                           A Christian Theory of Popular
                                                                           Culture, or “Why you should
A Call to Education: Convictions,                                          care about Arcade Fire, Mumford
Coaches and Communities                                                    and Sons or Taylor Swift”
juStin cooK
Are you feeling called to work in education? In this session, we’ll        KEn hEFFnEr
                                                                           The Christian community has struggled with either condemning
consider how God’s loving pursuit of us involves a deep sense of
                                                                           anything coming from “secular” pop culture or treating it as a
conviction, a coach, and a community, as Steven Garber mentions in
                                                                           commodity for which we should have little concern. What does it
his book The Fabric of Faithfulness. Come prepared to share your own
                                                                           mean to listen to music deeply and discern what is good and bad
fears and excitement about what it might mean to be a Christian and
                                                                           about it? This workshop will involve listening to music.
a teacher in the 21st Century.
Westmoreland East                                                          DLCC 304

  Students and Mobilizers of                                               PLYWOOD Presents Social
  Activism in the Church                                                   Entrepreneurship: Co/laboration
  jr KErr                                                                  chArlES lEE
  College students and the Church share an important and remarkable        No great idea can survive on its own. Whether you are leading a
  past. Throughout history, students have often been the source of the     company, an organization, and/or social change, we all need to work
  Church’s movements for justice, mercy, and the cultural good. The        together if we want our passions to become reality.
  Church is in need of young, authentic students to challenge her to       DLCC 305
  become all that God has called her to be. This seminar will challenge
  students to love the Church while compelling the Church towards
  her original intent.                                                     Missionality Disciples
  DLCC 307                                                                 Eric mASon
                                                                           This session is designed for the student who wants a more well-
                                                                           rounded understanding of discipleship that is deeply connected to the
  The Veneer of Culture                                                    mission of the Gospel—killing two birds with one stone.
  jASon locy AnD tim willArD                                               DLCC 302
  In one way or another, we all speak the language of our culture, as we
  mimic celebrities, buy in to the promise of consumption, and place
  our trust in the hope of technology. It affects the way we dress, the    From Disney Dubai to Divinity
  jobs we take, and even how we interact with our friends. Join Jason      mEl mcGowAn
  and Tim as they examine the impact the culture has on our humanity,      How have Disney’s Magic Kingdoms influenced the real world, and
  our relationships, and our view of God.                                  even impacted the advancement of God’s Kingdom? How are multi-
  DLCC 310                                                                 disciplinary designers creating environments such as Disney and
                                                                           Dubai in order to revolutionize sacred space globally? Mel will share
                                                                           his own global journey towards understanding and participating in
                                                                           “design interventions,” and will offer opportunities to get involved
                                                                           with what God is up to in redeeming places around the world.
                                                                           Cambria West

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
Spring Journey Visit Event
March 18-19, 2011

Join us for our coming visit
event! Explore your
options and see
how Pittsburgh
Seminary can lead you

on a pathway to faithful service.

                                                                                           to faithful

                                                  Bridging the Word
                                                  and World

Can God Still Use Me Even                                                 Calling and Career
Though My Life Is A Mess?                                                 williAm mESSEnGEr
                                                                          Does God call people to ordinary (non-church) work? If so, how can
jEFF mcmullEn                                                             you tell where God is calling you? You may be surprised how much
We love to tell ourselves and others that we are a lot more competent,
                                                                          the Bible has to say about your work. God’s call may be where your
successful and powerful than we really are. The truth is, the same
                                                                          gifts and skills, the needs of the world, and the deepest desires of your
brokenness that pervades the world rules our hearts. In this session,
                                                                          heart come together in the freedom of Christ.
we will explore how God can use our brokenness to redeem His
world.                                                                    Washington
Westmoreland Central
                                                                          Lessons from the Life and Death
Make College Count: A Kingdom                                             of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Vision for First-Year Students                                            Eric mEtAxAS
DErEK mEllEBy                                                             Eric Metaxas will explain how he came to write his biography of
Why are you going to college? For some, the answer is obvious: you        Bonhoeffer and will tell the story of Bonhoeffer’s life and death, with
go to college because a college degree can (potentially) open up doors    a Q & A period following.
to a successful career. But how do we define success in the Kingdom       Allegheny Ballroom 1
of God? This interactive session is for students early in their college
journey who are looking for ways to make the most of the college
experience. We will discuss the challenges to Christian faith during
the college years and think through practical ways for making a
Kingdom vision a reality on campus.
PA Ballroom East

 Engaging the world without                                                The Integration of Faith and
 destroying it or being destroyed                                          Learning: Faith’s Exciting Journey
 by it                                                                     Part 1
 jESSicA PAttErSon                                                         BoB wAuzzinSKi
 How should a Christian approach policy? Can a Christian seek to           This two-part seminar will clearly explain the integration of faith
 change evil in the world without being overwhelmed by it? How             and learning for both faculty and campus ministers. Originally given
 should a Christian in government distinguish between the mandates         to faculty, clergy, and campus ministers of central Indiana through a
 of government and the Church? Using examples from her work in             series of Lilly grants, these seminars will feature a theoretical and a
 foreign policy, Jessica Patterson will discuss how faith shapes her       practical demonstration of faith’s exciting journey. The first seminar
 approach to policy and what it means to pursue redemption in a            will discuss four theoretical positions that attempt to integrate faith
 messy, complicated world.                                                 and learning. They are: Positivism; the “Two Hats” position; Dualism;
 Westmoreland West                                                         and the “inner reformation of the sciences.” We will practically show
                                                                           in this seminar how one’s fundamental worldview teaches “facts” in a
                                                                           dramatically different manner.
 Living out the Gospel by          DLCC 309
 providing health care to the poor
 in the inner-city and Africa      Following Christ to the City: A
 chArlES SchuBErt                  Father/Son Perspective
 During this workshop, Dr. Schubert will relate his journey in
 founding a Christian health center in the inner-city from vision to
                                                                           roDGEr AnD Bj wooDworth
                                                                           In 1977, the Woodworth family moved to an urban neighborhood
 opening day and beyond. He will discuss the connection between
                                                                           in the city of Rochester, New York. Thirty-four years and seven
 seeing patients in an American inner-city and in rural Africa and
                                                                           grandchildren later, the whole family still lives and ministers in
 how the skill set necessary to work in either place is surprisingly
                                                                           two different urban neighborhoods of the city of Pittsburgh. Hear
 similar. We will also discuss insights and challenges to following your
                                                                           a father/son perspective on the Christian’s call to the city, to racial
 dreams and passions and living out your Christian call.
                                                                           righteousness and the importance of fatherhood. Join us as we explore
 DLCC 306                                                                  the relationship between the presence of Jesus and his followers and
                                                                           the prospering and preservation of our urban communities.
                                                                           Crawford West
 58: Fast. Forward. The End of
 Scott toDD
 In his highly graphical presentation, “The Church Will End Extreme
 Poverty,” Dr. Scott Todd, a skeptic turned advocate, gives clear and
 compelling evidence about why extreme poverty is on its way to
 the history books. Join him and find out how you can join a unified
 global Church in the “true fast” and begin making an impact today.
 Face up to this unsung reality: the poor will NOT always be with you.
 Ending extreme global poverty is not only possible, it’s probable. In
 our lifetime. Be a part of the possible.
 DLCC Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom

 God-honoring academics
 Anthony tonGEn
 What does it mean for you to be a Christian college student? We will
 discuss what the Bible has to say about your call as a college student
 and avenues for you to use your “studentness” to serve the King. We
 will examine academic faithfulness from the perspective of one faculty
 member’s expectations of his Christian students.
 Butler East

                                                                         PLYWOOD Presents Social
                                                                         Entrepreneurship: Creativity in
session two
SATURDAY, 4:15 p.m.
                                                                         the Hood
                                                                         lEroy BArBEr
                                                                         How can being a creative person bring life and hope into places of
                                                                         need? Imagine how your energy and ideas can cultivate the “beloved
Called to Dance                                                          community.”
Emily SorEllE ADAmS                                                      DLCC 305
In this session, I will share my story as a professional dancer and
how my faith has shaped my career and life. We will also have a
conversation regarding all of our personal stories and experiences.      Athletics and the Virtues of
This session will be geared specifically to young dancers.               Vocation
Atrium West                                                              KylE BEnnEtt
                                                                         Sports are often considered extra-curricular activities that are separate
Mission & Incarnation                                                    from the “real learning” that happens in the classroom. This session
                                                                         will explore the ways this perspective is mistaken. Sports cultivate in
KEnt AnnAn                                                               us valuable virtues and practices that help us flourish in our vocations.
My wife and I moved to Haiti eight years ago. Within 24 hours, we
                                                                         Athletics can make us better and more faithful Christians in whatever
were living with no water, no electricity, and under a tin roof with
                                                                         God has called us to.
people who spoke no English. We stumbled plenty, but also learned a
lot. How do we approach ministry on our campuses, in our American        Crawford West
inner-cities, and around the world? How do we push ourselves to
follow Jesus radically, but rely on grace along the way? We’ll deal
with these serious questions of theory and practice and be ready to
laugh at ourselves along the way.
Cambria East


        KENT ANNAN                                                        JAMES EMERY WHITE
                                After Shock                                                      Christ Among the Dragons
                                In the wake of the historic earthquake                           When medieval mapmakers came to
                                in the fragile country of Haiti, Kent                            the end of the known world, they would
                                Annan considers suffering—from the                               write, “Here Be Dragons.” Seeing
                                epic to the everyday—as a problem for                            the evangelical community drift into
                                faith.                                                           unknown waters, James Emery White
                                978-0-8308-3617-8, $15.00                                        calls for a renewed orthodoxy.
                                                                                                 978-0-8308-3312-2, $17.00
                                Following Jesus Through the Eye
                                of the Needle                                                    Serious Times
                                978-0-8308-3730-4, $16.00                                        978-0-8308-3380-1, $15.00

                          SOONG-CHAN RAH                                                    WALT MUELLER
                          The Next Evangelicalism                                           Engaging the Soul of Youth
                          978-0-8308-3360-3, $15.00                                         Culture
                                                                                            978-0-8308-3337-5, $18.00

      On sale today at the Hearts & Minds book display!                                                                                              17
Restorative Practices in                                                    Open Source Activism
Educational Communities                                                     jr KErr
                                                                            The open-source concept is the simple idea that corporate wisdom
juStin cooK                                                                 and energy of the group are always better than that of the individual.
In The Next Christians, Gabe Lyons challenges us to see ourselves
                                                                            It’s deeply impacting everything from software to organizations to
not as separatist Christians but as restorative Christians. What does
                                                                            leadership. Great leaders figure out how to craft their visions with
that look like in our day-to-day work in education? The International
                                                                            clarity and collaboration. This seminar will be a brief excursion into
Institute for Restorative Practices provides a compelling framework
                                                                            the movement from task-force leadership to open-source activism.
to answer that question. Together, we’ll consider how being a
restorative teacher shapes our social interactions, our educational         DLCC 307
spaces, and even the way we approach our curriculum and learning.
Westmoreland East                                                           Living the Everyday Mission on
Visual Bridge: Creating Dialogue                                            Campus
                                                                            StEvE lutz
about Life-Desires & the Spiritual                                          We don’t need to go on a mission trip to be part of God’s mission. It’s
through Creativity & the Arts                                               happening all around us, every day, on our campuses. But if we want
                                                                            to reach our campuses, we can’t wait for people to come to us—we
lEiGh Ann Dull                                                              must go to them. In this session, participants will be encouraged to
Images connect deeply with our emotions and experiences. They
                                                                            see their campuses through a missional lens, and will be equipped
enable us to engage with others in robust dialogue about life, and to
                                                                            with practical ideas for reaching their campuses.
have meaningful spiritual conversations. We will take a look at the
impact of images on people in a visual culture, and look specifically       Westmoreland West
at a tool called SOULARIUM, a collection of 50 artful photographs
paired with questions designed to initiate relational conversations.        Seek Justice. Rescue the
Washington                                                                  Oppressed.
                                                                            lArry mArtin
Was America Founded as a                                                    Students are propelling the justice movement that enables the
                                                                            International Justice Mission to bring rescue and freedom to victims
Christian Nation?                                                           of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression.
john FEA                                                                    Come and learn how to launch an IJM movement on your campus
Was America founded to be a Christian nation, as many evangelicals          and help bring an end to modern-day slavery in our lifetime.
assert, or a secular state as others contend? Does it really matter? This   DLCC 303
session will offer some suggestions for thinking thoughtfully and
Christianly about this aspect of American history.
Crawford East                                                               Christ and Creation: How does
                                                                            the work of Jesus speak to life
In Pursuit of Justice, Truth, and                                           on earth?
the “Do” Part                                                               jonAthAn mErritt
BoB GoFF                                                                    Jesus never addresses the issue of environmental protection. Not one
As a follower of Jesus, how do you get some skin in the game in social      time does he address climate, clean water or deforestation. So if Jesus
and global justice, whether you are a pre-law, law student or just          seemingly didn’t care, does that mean we shouldn’t care? Actually,
wondering?                                                                  buried deep within the pages of our sacred text, we find surprising
DLCC 304                                                                    truths about the work of Jesus that empower us for life on planet
                                                                            DLCC 310
“Why don’t they know that I’m
awesome?” The art of résumé                                                 Preaching the Gospel in the
writing and world domination                                                Language of the Culture
BriAn hArSKAmP                                                              Eric mEtAxAS
Why isn’t anyone hiring you? Don’t they know that you’re awesome?
                                                                            In today’s postmodern culture, the way we communicate is as
The average employer spends less than 30 seconds reviewing your
                                                                            important as the ideas we communicate when it comes to the Gospel
résumé. This practical session is designed for would-be culture-
                                                                            of Jesus Christ.  
changers who can’t seem to get past that annoying first step in
changing the world—writing a half-decent résumé. Learn what                 Westmoreland Central
employers are looking for and what résumé writing, hospitality and
Christian living have to do with one another.
18DLCC   308
Jesus is an Engineer                                                        “I know who I am”: A
ryAn o’DowD                                                                 perspective on identity as the
God does not relate to the Christian engineering student—or any
engineer for that matter—as some obscure, tech-junkie that has little       determining factor toward U.S.
to do with the Kingdom of God. Rather, the work of the engineer             Hispanic/Latino progress
gives us crucial insight into God’s identity as the creator of the world
and Jesus, through whom all things were made.
                                                                            Anthony rivErA
                                                                            This presentation will address self-identity within community as
Fayette                                                                     playing a key role in facing social challenges. Failing to address this
                                                                            issue will drive the misconceptions of what makes a Hispanic/Latino,
                                                                            a Hispanic/Latino. Anthony believes that it is this community’s
Through a Screen Darkly: A                                                  responsibility to determine who and what it is before any significant
Memoir of Dangerous Movie-                                                  progress will be achieved within the dominant culture.
going                                                                       Butler West
jEFFrEy ovErStrEEt
Film critic and novelist Jeffrey Overstreet tells stories from a lifetime   Our Souls at Work
of “dangerous movie-going” in order to share his adventurous vision
for a life-changing relationship with art. He’ll discuss how Christ’s
                                                                            mArK ruSSEll
                                                                            What does it mean to live faithfully in the secular workplace? Explore
own parables help us discern films as varied as Braveheart, Black
                                                                            what it means to bring meaning to work, love your competitor as
Swan, and Winter’s Bone. This session is about the gift of art, and how
                                                                            yourself, apply Christian ethics and deal with issues of ambition,
it can harm, heal, and awaken us to the eternity written in our hearts.
                                                                            success, and money from a Christian perspective.
DLCC 406
                                                                            DLCC 311

A Career in Music: Oxymoron or                                              Anatomy of the Soul: Loving God
Calling?                                                                    with all of your mind
chArliE PEAcocK
Grammy-Award winning record producer Charlie Peacock reveals
                                                                            curt thomPSon
                                                                            We long to love God with all of our minds. But what exactly are we
the secrets to making it in the music business. If you’re interested in
                                                                            talking about when we refer to the “mind” and what does it mean to
a career in recording, performance, or any part of the music business,
                                                                            love God with it? Emerging research in the scientific fields that study
this session is for you. It promises to be a hopeful, realistic look at
                                                                            the brain, relationships, and how they shape each other is providing
what the music business will look like in your generation.
                                                                            some answers to these questions and pointing a way forward that re-
DLCC 407                                                                    energizes what the biblical narrative has been reflecting for
                                                                            4,000 years.
Cultural Intelligence for a                                                 DLCC 306
Changing Church
SoonG-chAn rAh                                                              The TOMS Shoes Story
The United States will soon be a nation with no clear ethnic majority.      American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended children in Argentina
The American church may be moving towards that level of diversity           and was deeply moved when he saw they had no shoes to protect
at an even faster rate. We will examine the need for a biblical             their feet. Determined to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a
definition of culture and the application of cultural intelligence to       revolutionary company that gives a pair of new shoes to a child in
address the changing face of American society and the American              need for every pair they sell. Sundance-award-winning filmmaker,
church.                                                                     Kenneth Kokin, follows TOMS Shoes on an unforgettable, 3,300-
                                                                            mile trek through South America, to chronicle what has become
Allegheny Ballroom 3
                                                                            known as the first TOMS Shoe Drop. For Tomorrow: The TOMS
                                                                            Shoes Story is an inspiring look at how a simple idea can change lives
                                                                            through the power of giving. Enjoy the film and a Q&A session
                                                                            DLCC 302

 Mathematics through the eyes of
 faith—mathematics as an act of
 Anthony tonGEn
                                                                            session three
                                                                            sunday, 9 a.m.
 Have you ever considered the connection between mathematics and
 faith? We will first discuss how using mathematical analogies can
 strengthen our faith in Christ. Then we will look at mathematics
 through a Christian worldview and how it impacts our thoughts
                                                                            Havens of Grace: Hospitality and
 about mathematics and similarly encourages our walk with Christ.           the Artful Life
 Butler East                                                                AnDi AShworth
                                                                            Hospitality is a signpost of the Christian life, but what does this
                                                                            timeless practice mean for 21st Century followers? What are the
 The Integration of Faith and                                               possibilities for using imagination and creativity in the care of human
 Learning: Faith’s Exciting Journey                                         life? In a world hungry for human connection, shared tables and
                                                                            welcoming spaces are quietly powerful. Come and learn about the
 Part 2                                                                     possibilities for recovering the art of caring in our time.
 BoB wAuzzinSKi                                                             Cambria East
 This two-part seminar will clearly explain the integration of faith
 and learning for both faculty and campus ministers. Originally given
 to faculty, clergy, and campus ministers of central Indiana through        The Marketplace is Social Justice
 a series of Lilly grants, these seminars will feature a theoretical and    Anthony BrADlEy
 a practical demonstration of faith’s exciting journey. The second          This session explores why social justice is impossible without business
 seminar will focus on the practical side of Christian teaching. How        people, lawyers, architects, teachers, scientists, health-care providers,
 does our faith make a difference in the manner, the structure, the         etc. In the Kingdom, God uses the everyday vocations of his people
 content, and the goals of teaching? I can promise excitement and           to create just and virtuous communities. Because the only long-term
 meaningful learning if one commits to both seminars.                       solution to poverty is employment, it could change everything if we
 DLCC 309                                                                   see that our vocations provide the platform for justice.
                                                                            Allegheny Ballroom 3

 Where the Veil is Thin: How                                                Whose life is it anyway?
 scary and uncanny stories can                                              Examining the tensions between
 change our view of the world                                               the children of immigrants, their
 jonAthAn wEyEr
 Have you ever left the lights on because you were scared sleepless?        parents, and their peers
 Those feelings can tell us some profound things about the nature of        SAmuEl chEz
 reality. The best horror stories push us out of a naturalistic worldview   Everyone in their youth claims that parents don’t understand them
 and into one where God is the God of the “seen and the unseen.”            or their culture. But when your parents are immigrants, this isn’t
 Jonathan Weyer, author of the novel The Faithful, will talk about          just teenage angst—it is often true. Many first-generation college
 how some of his favorite writers, such as Stephen King, Flannery           students find themselves not exactly fitting in with their indigenous
 O’Connor, The Inkling Charles Williams and Cormac McCarthy,                peers. This seminar will draw upon people’s experiences as we address
 have jolted him out of his naturalistic slumber.                           the disconnect we feel between our parents and peers and try to see
 Cambria West                                                               ourselves in light of the Gospel, where our true identity lies.
                                                                            Butler East

                                                                            Jesus and Jigga
                                                                            Eric DolcE
                                                                            What does the poetry of ancient Greece have to do with the poetry
                                                                            of modern urban streets? In this breakout session, we will examine
                                                                            Acts 17:16-34 and its implications for contextual ministry. Eric will
                                                                            share the thought process behind his book, Jesus and Jigga, including
                                                                            a comparison between select lyrics from Jay-Z and various Bible
                                                                            passages. Questions and lively discussion are encouraged!
                                                                            Butler West

Preparing to be an                                                            Opening Pandora’s Box: Why
Extraordinary Family in                                                       “Pagan” Fairy Tales Need No
Ordinary Everyday Life                                                        Justification
BoB GoFF                                                                      jEFFrEy ovErStrEEt
Can you have a day job, a family and still roll your faith out the way        Voices in Christian media continue to warn us about the dangers
you were hoping to?                                                           of fantasy stories like Twilight or the Harry Potter stories. But
Allegheny Ballroom 2                                                          novelist Jeffrey Overstreet goes on reading and writing fairy tales. Is
                                                                              mythology dangerous? We’ll consider the views of Tolkien, Lewis,
                                                                              L’Engle and Rowling in order to develop discernment about danger
Food is stranger than it used                                                 and divine revelation through the mysteries of “once upon a time.”
                                                                              DLCC 302
to be: Wendell Berry meets the
world                                                                         Living as Faithful Artists after
roB jouStrA AnD AliSSA wilKinSon
Food politics might be the sexiest Millennial trend of the year, and          College
Wendell Berry is its prophet. Join Comment editors Alissa and Rob             EricA younG rEitz
as they debate the promise and pitfalls of the new food politics.             The transition from college to life after college is arguably one of the
Rob asks, “Is this ‘sustainable’ mantra the best recipe for saving the        most difficult transitions you will make up to this point in your life.
world’s hungry millions?” Alissa asks, “Or must movements like this           How can you best prepare to navigate the challenges of the first year
be waged to restore balance to a food economy that serves people?”            out of college? And how is this transition unique for artists? This
Fayette                                                                       workshop will help you consider practical ways to pursue aesthetic
                                                                              faithfulness post-college. This workshop is primarily geared towards
                                                                              college juniors and seniors; however, anyone is welcome to join the
I Know I Should Forgive You,                                                  conversation.
But…                                                                          PA Ballroom East
jEFF mcmullEn
We know Jesus says that we should forgive those who sin against us.           Vocation & Vacation
But if you have ever tried to forgive someone, you know how hard
that actually is. Forgiveness is even more difficult when someone
                                                                              mArK ruSSEll
                                                                              We will explore theological reflections on work, calling, rest and
has deeply hurt you. Using some of the principles from The Gospel-
                                                                              leisure. This discussion will be a practical, biblical and theological
Centered Life curriculum, we will explore how the Gospel frees us to
                                                                              exploration of these topics.
forgive others deeply, despite what it costs us.
                                                                              Westmoreland West

It’s all about me…or is it?                                                   PLYWOOD Presents Social
wAlt muEllEr                                                                  Entrepreneurship: Creating
It’s been said that we become what we worship. Our calling is to
worship and give glory to God in every nook and cranny of our lives.
                                                                              Something from Nothing
But our culture seems to raise, encourage, and reward those who               jEFF ShinABArGEr
worship the holy trinity of me, myself, and I. This just might be the         Do you have a great idea to help the greater good, but aren’t sure
greatest challenge to spiritual vitality that we face in our lives. In this   where to start? Hear about Jeff ’s journey to becoming a social
seminar, Walt will lead you into an understanding of narcissism, its          entrepreneur, and get started!
dynamics, and how it’s molding and shaping our lives, so that you             DLCC 305
are freed up to worship the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, rather
than yourself.                                                                Slow Politics
Westmoreland Central                                                          GiDEon StrAuSS
                                                                              The slow food movement reminds us that fast food is not good
The Perfect Woman                                                             for us, and that there are alternatives. Just as fast food has negative
                                                                              consequences, so too fast politics. Christians must not shop for
ryAn o’DowD                                                                   their politics from the most convenient sources. Rather, our politics
Modern advertising capitalizes on the feminine image for its power
                                                                              must have a deeper flavor—one that comes from biblical sources,
to sell. In its own way, the Bible has a way of revealing extraordinary
                                                                              from Christian action and reflection, and from attentiveness to what
valor, beauty, faith and perfection through the figure of a woman. In
                                                                              Christians are doing in response to the political challenges of our day.
Proverbs 31, this woman is wisdom herself, and thus a picture of the
perfectly-lived human life, whether male or female, adult or child,           Crawford West
politician or farmer, Wall Street broker or artist.
Westmoreland East
 Marry Your Neighborhood                                                    mind rather than simply being entertained. In this session, Dr. White
                                                                            will explore the disciplines—both spiritual and intellectual—that
 roB AnD KirStin vAnDEr GiESSEn-rEitSmA                                     are required to break free from cultural captivity and develop good
 We often shake our heads over the dismal divorce statistics in the         intellectual habits and a mind for God.
 U.S. today, but what about our lack of commitment to the places
 where we live? This session will explore our society’s tendency toward     Allegheny Ballroom 1
 dislocation and how the biblical narrative, including the metaphor of
 marriage, can lead us to invest deeply in relationships with the people,   A Liturgical Approach to Leading
 land and institutions that make up our neighborhoods.
 Cambria West
                                                                            Small Groups
                                                                            tom wilKinSon
                                                                            Do you feel like the elements of your small group (Bible study,
 Spiritual Formation through                                                worship through song, etc.) have become stale? Gathering together
 Corporate Worship                                                          with fellow believers should recharge us. Instead, we often feel
                                                                            distracted and stressed out and leave feeling much the same way. We
 iSAAc wArDEll                                                              will discuss ways to incorporate worship into our small groups in a
 As worshippers, we often ask questions about the quality or the            way that feeds our souls and shapes our imaginations.
 authenticity of our worship experience. We neglect the formative
 nature of our worship practices over the course of our lives. In this      Crawford East
 workshop, we’ll examine what kinds of people we are forming
 through the routines of our worship times; and we will set a vision for    Called to Love College Students
 the kinds of practices that will form us into the worshippers that God     curt wriGht
 would have us to be.                                                       With over 16 million college students from around the world
 DLCC 303                                                                   studying to be future world leaders on U.S. campuses, it sure makes
                                                                            for a vibrant mission field! Curt Wright will share how he was called
 A Mind for God                                                             to be a campus minister, and how the CCO trained and empowered
                                                                            him to do successful campus ministry. He wants to encourage you
 jAmES EmEry whitE                                                          to do campus ministry now as a student, and possibly after you
 Jesus made it clear that our minds are integral to a life lived in         graduate.
 relationship with God. But with the onslaught of popular culture, we
 are faced with a great challenge to continue to develop a Christian        PA Ballroom West

                           Emily SoRelle                                                              Leroy Barber
                           Adams                                                                      PrESiDEnt oF miSSion
                           Dancer anD Teacher                                                         yEAr
                          Emily SoRelle Adams is a freelance                                           Leroy Barber is the President of Mission
dancer and teacher based in New York City. Emily has been blessed           Year, a national urban initiative introducing 18- to 29-year-olds to
with the opportunity to work with several companies, including the          missional and communal living in city centers for one year of their
Metropolitan Opera, New Chamber Ballet, Rebecca Kelly Ballet, CT            lives.
Ballet and Eglevsky Ballet. She is one of the founding leaders of the
Dancers Vocational Group, a ministry of the Center for
Faith & Work.
                                                                                                      Kyle Bennett
                                                                                                      Author AnD inStructor
                           Kenyon Adams                                                               oF PhiloSoPhy AnD
                           Musician anD acTor                               Kyle David Bennett is a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy of religion
                          Kenyon Adams is a musician and actor
                                                                            and philosophical theology at Fuller Theological Seminary in
                          with a passion to see artists living out their
                                                                            Pasadena, California. Kyle teaches philosophy and theology at Azusa
                          kingdom callings, in community. In 2010,
                                                                            Pacific University, in Azusa, California and Providence Christian
he made his feature film debut in Lee Isaac Chung’s Lucky Life.
                                                                            College in Pasadena, California, and has written for Religious Studies
Kenyon currently works in Arts Ministries at the Center for Faith &
                                                                            Review, Comment Magazine, and Evangelical Interfaith Dialogue.
Work, Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.

                           Kent Annan                                                                 Anthony Bradley
                           auThor anD co-DirecTor                                                     ASSociAtE ProFESSor oF
                           of haiTi ParTners                                                          thEoloGy, thE KinG’S
                           Kent Annan is author of After Shock and of                                 collEGE
                           Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle.   Dr. Anthony Bradley is associate professor of theology at The
He is co-director of Haiti Partners, a nonprofit focused on education       King’s College in New York City and a research fellow at the Acton
in Haiti, where Kent has worked since 2003. He has also worked with         Institute. He writes on issues of race in America, hip hop, youth
refugee ministries in Western Europe, Albania and Kosovo.                   culture, issues among African Americans, the American family,
                                                                            welfare, education, and modern international forms of social injustice,
                                                                            slavery, and oppression.
                           Andi Ashworth
                           auThor anD co-founDer                                                      Michael Chen
                           of arT house aMerica                                                       cco cAmPuS miniStEr
                           Andi Ashworth is a writer (author of
                                                                                                      Michael Chen is a campus minister at
                           Real Love for Real Life: The Art and Work
                                                                                                      the University of Pennsylvania with the
of Caring), gardener, cook, lover of good books, and has recently
                                                                                                      CCO in partnership with City Church
finished her Master of Arts in Theological Studies. She and her
                                                                            Philadelphia. Before coming to the CCO, Mike spent several years
musical husband, Charlie Peacock (Ashworth), are the Co-Founders/
                                                                            working with students in New York City, Dublin, and Princeton, and
Executive Directors of Art House America, whose mission is “to
                                                                            also interned with the pastoral staff at Redeemer Presbyterian Church
contribute to the making of artists and artful people who become
                                                                            in New York City.
highly imaginative and creative culture-makers, who continue to
mature spiritually, love well, and make the kingdom of God visible.”

                            Samuel Chez                                                                 John Fea
                            cco vicE PrESiDEnt For                                                      Author, AnD chAir oF
                            StrAtEGic PArtnErShiPS                                                      thE hiStory DEPArtmEnt,
                           Samuel Chez is in his 13th year on CCO
                           staff and currently serves as the Vice
                                                                                                        mESSiAh collEGE
                                                                             John Fea is Associate Professor of American History and Chair of the
 President for Strategic Partnerships. A native of New York City,
                                                                             History Department at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania.
 born to a Cuban mother and Dominican father, Sam earned a BA
                                                                             Dr. Fea is the author of The Way of Improvement Leads Home: Philip
 from Messiah College and an MA from Geneva College.
                                                                             Vickers Fithian and the Rural Enlightenment in Early America, Was
                                                                             America Founded as a Christian Nation: A Historical Introduction and
                             Patrick Colletti                                co-editor of Confessing History: Explorations in Christian Faith and the
                             PrESiDEnt oF nEt hEAlth                         Historian’s Vocation.

                             SyStEmS, inc.
                           Patrick Colletti is President of Net                                         Denise Frame
                           Health Systems, Inc., which is focused
 on healing the seven million people in the US with chronic, life-                                      Harlan
 threatening, non-healing wounds often associated with diabetes.                                        writEr AnD ProFESSor
 Today, the company’s web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR),                                         Denise recently completed an MFA in
 WoundExpert®, facilitates over three million patient treatments and         Creative Writing through Seattle Pacific University’s acclaimed
 supports reimbursement for $1 billion in services annually.                 low-residency program and was commissioned to deepen and revise
                                                                             her story about learning to cook for The Spirit of Food: 34 Writers on

                            Justin Cook                                      Feasting and Fasting Toward God. She writes regularly for various
                                                                             publications, and she teaches The Great Conversation, a course on
                            DirEctor oF lAnGuAGES                            reading, writing and thinking for incoming students at Gordon
                            DEPArtmEnt, hAmilton                             College in Wenham, Massachusetts.
                            DiStrict chriStiAn
                            hiGh School                                                                 Brian Harskamp
 After teaching at high schools in British Columbia and Toronto,                                        DirEctor oF DEvEloPmEnt
 Justin Cook returned to his alma mater, Hamilton District Christian                                    with cArDuS
 High School in Hamilton, Ontario, where he serves as Head of the                                       Brian Harskamp is the Director of
 Languages Department. Justin has served on the board of directors                                      Development at Cardus, a North American
 of the Ontario Christian School Teachers Association, facilitates an        public policy think tank making technical arguments for religion in
 “Educators Helping Educators” group for secondary school English            the public square. In addition to his work at Cardus, Brian serves
 teachers in Ontario, and offers workshops in the teaching of English        on the Redeemer University Board of Governors, is the President
 and the implementation of Restorative Justice in education.                 of the Canadian Club of Hamilton, and speaks across Canada on
                                                                             various topics, including generosity, charitable branding, and career
                             Eric Dolce                                      preparation.
                             Author AnD cco
                             cAmPuS miniStEr                                                            Ken Heffner
                            Eric Dolce currently serves as campus                                       DirEctor oF StuDEnt
                            minister for the CCO at Prince George’s                                     ActivitiES AnD FEStivAl oF
 Community College in Largo, Maryland, and he leads the Youth
 and Young Adult Ministry at The New Macedonia Baptist Church.                                          FAith AnD muSic
 Eric’s passion for connecting faith in Christ to all areas of life led to   Ken Heffner is Director of Student Activities and Director of the
 his 2007 book, Jesus and Jigga: Where Hip-Hop Meets Scripture.              Festival of Faith and Music at Calvin College in Grand Rapids,
                                                                             Michigan. Calvin has a weekly concert series which has included
                                                                             Lupe Fiasco, Joanna Newsom, Sufjan Stevens, The Decemberists,
                             Leigh Ann Dull                                  Iron and Wine, Mavis Staples and Switchfoot, to name a few. Calvin
                             cErAmiciSt AnD                                  is also the host of the Festival of Faith and Music, which will take
                                                                             place April 7-9, 2011. Check out our table in the exhibit area.
                             ProGrAm DirEctor with
                           Leigh Ann Dull has worked with
 Campus Crusade for Christ for almost 25 years on college campuses
 across the United States and overseas in Hungary, Spain and
 Mongolia. Since January 2005, she has served as the director of
 transFORM Arts Ministry NYC, and also works part-time with the
 International Arts Movement, facilitating church and para-church
                           Robert Joustra                                                            Larry Martin
                           EDitor, cArDuS Policy in                                                  SEnior vicE PrESiDEnt,
                           PuBlic                                                                    EDucAtion AnD DEAn oF
                           Robert Joustra is the editor of Cardus Policy                             thE ijm inStitutE
                           in Public, a regular writer with Comment        Larry Martin serves International Justice Mission as the Senior Vice
and a lecturer on international politics at Redeemer University            President of Education and Dean of the International Justice Mission
College. He is editor, with Jonathan Chaplin, of God and Global            Institute. IJM is a human rights agency that secures justice for victims
Order: The Power of Religion in American Foreign Policy.                   of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression.
                                                                           IJM lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals work with local
                           JR Kerr                                         governments to ensure victim rescue, to prosecute perpetrators and to
                                                                           strengthen the community and civic factors that promote functioning
                           PAStor, Author AnD co-                          public justice systems.
                           FounDEr & liAiSon For
                           AitrEni GrouP
JR Kerr’s primary professional roles are as a Teaching Pastor at Park
                                                                                                     Mel McGowan
Community Church in Chicago and as co-founder of Aitreni Group,                                      PrESiDEnt AnD FounDEr
a hands-on consultancy which serves change agents. His articles                                      oF viSionEErinG StuDioS
have been published in Leadership Journal and Christianity Today, and                                Mel McGowan is president and founder
he is at work on his first book, which traces the history of influence                               of Visioneering Studios, a global church
in society to help envision this generation of leaders’ calling and        architecture, urban planning, and interior design firm. Mel’s unique
influence.                                                                 background in planning, design and engineering consultation,
                                                                           combined with a decade-long stint at the Walt Disney Company,

                           Charles Lee                                     have molded his unique vision for architectural evangelism. He is the
                                                                           author of Design Intervention: Revolutionizing Sacred Space.
                           cEo oF iDEAtion
                           StrAtEGy-conSultinG Firm
                          Charles Lee is the CEO of Ideation, a
                                                                                                     Jeff McMullen
                          consultancy that specializes in helping                                    miSSionAry, worlD
organizations and businesses implement ideas via innovative strategy,                                hArvESt miSSion
branding, design, marketing, web, social media, and creative event                                   Jeff McMullen works for World Harvest
development. He is also a founding member of JustOne, a nonprofit                                    Mission, a missions sending agency that
organization committed to addressing issues of poverty, orphans, and       believes personal renewal is the fuel for effective cross-cultural
slavery.                                                                   ministry. Jeff mentors next-generation ministry leaders in the US and
                                                                           overseas and works with college summer interns and outreach. Jeff is

                           Jason Locy                                      also an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America.

                           Author AnD crEAtivE
                           DirEctor For FivEStonE
                                                                                                     Derek Melleby
                           Jason Locy is Principal of FiveStone,                                     DirEctor oF thE collEGE
                           a brand and design firm. As a sought-                                     trAnSition initiAtivE
after Creative Director, he helps organizations move from standard                                   Derek Melleby is the director of the
marketing hype to long-term sustainable strategies. Jason’s marketing                                College Transition Initiative, a ministry
campaigns have garnered national attention, and numerous national          of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding and the CCO. He is
and international design publications have featured his work.              author of Make College Count: A Faithful Guide to Life and Learning
                                                                           and co-author of The Outrageous Idea of Academic Faithfulness.

                           Steve Lutz
                           Author AnD cco cAmPuS
                            Rev. Stephen Lutz is a campus minister
                            with the CCO at Penn State in University
Park, Pennsylvania, and Director of Life Groups with Calvary
Church. He has recently completed a book on missional ministry
to (and for) emerging adults, which Alan Hirsch calls “an intensely
practical, and theologically substantial orientation on what it means
to do campus ministry in 21st Century America.”

                               Jonathan Merritt                                                           Ryan O’Dowd
                               Author AnD FrEElAncE                                                       Author, SEnior viSitinG
                               writEr                                                                     lEcturEr oF AEroSPAcE
                               Jonathan Merritt is a faith and culture                                    StuDiES
     writer who has published over 200 articles in respected outlets such      Ryan O’Dowd is Senior Visiting Lecturer of Aerospace Studies at
     as USA Today, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, BeliefNet, Christianity   Cornell University, where he also leads students in the Air Force
     Today, The Huffington Post, and He is author of Green            Reserve Officer training program. The flip side of his life is theology,
     Like God: Unlocking the Divine Plan for Our Planet, which Publisher’s     having previously taught biblical studies and social justice at
     Weekly called “a must-read for churchgoers,” and the editor for           Briercrest College and Redeemer University College in Canada. His Jonathan first entered the public eye when a classroom        books include The Wisdom of Torah: Epistemology in Deuteronomy and
     epiphany prompted him to organize a national coalition of Christian       the Wisdom Literature and, with Craig Bartholomew, Old Testament
     leaders who care about the creation, and he founded the Southern          Wisdom Literature: A Theological Introduction, expected out in the
     Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative.                               spring of 2011.

                               William                                                                    Jeffrey
                               Messenger                                                                  Overstreet
                               EDitor, thE thEoloGy oF                                                    Author, Film critic
                                                                                                           Jeffrey Overstreet has been publishing
                               worK ProjEct, inc.
                                                                               articles on art and faith for the past 15 years for Christianity Today,
     Will Messenger is the Executive Editor of the Theology of Work
                                                                     , Paste, Books and Culture, The Curator, Relevant, and
     Project, Inc., an international organization which is researching,
                                                                               Image. Currently, he contributes two film reviews to ImageJournal.
     writing, and circulating materials about how the Christian faith can
                                                                               org each month. He is the author of Through a Screen Darkly, as well
     contribute to ordinary workplaces. Its materials are available at
                                                                               as four fantasy novels: Auralia’s Colors, Cyndere’s Midnight, Raven’s
                                                                               Ladder, and The Ale Boy’s Feast.

                                Eric Metaxas                                                              Jon Passavant
                                Author AnD FounDEr oF
                                                                                                          co-FounDEr oF moDEl
                                SocrAtES in thE city
                                 Eric Metaxas is a New York Times                                         homE ProjEct
                                                                                                            Jon Passavant has worked full time in the
                                 best-selling author and has written for
                                                                                                            modeling industry since 2001, and in 2005,
     VeggieTales, Chuck Colson, and The New York Times. Eric has been
                                                                               Jon signed with Estée Lauder in a landmark deal, which was the
     frequently featured as a cultural commentator on CNN and the
                                                                               first contract of its kind ever offered to a male model. In 2006, Jon
     Fox News Channel and he is also the founder and host of Socrates
                                                                               co-founded the Model Home Project, a nonprofit organization which
     in the City: Conversations on the Examined Life. His most recent
                                                                               seeks to mobilize the fashion industry around service projects with a
     book, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, is a follow-up to
                                                                               focus on creating safe home environments.
     the acclaimed Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic
     Campaign to End Slavery.
                                                                                                          Jessica Patterson
                               Josh Moyer                                                                 ForEiGn SErvicE oFFicEr
                                                                                                           Jessica Patterson joined the Foreign Service
                               AttornEy AnD muSiciAn
                                                                                                           in 2003, and since that time, she has served
                                Josh Moyer is a founding member of Starz
                                                                                                           in Tel Aviv, Israel; Santiago, Chile; and in
                                Moyer, LLC, a boutique law firm located
                                                                               Washington as the Algeria Desk Officer at the State Department.
                                on Pittsburgh’s historic South Side that
                                                                               Jessica is now studying Pashtu, preparing for her next assignment in
     services clients ranging from professional athletes and entertainers to
                                                                               southeastern Afghanistan. She wrestles regularly with what it means
     real estate developers, business owners and young professionals. As a
                                                                               to be full of faith and engaged in a world that could easily leave one
     musician, Josh is the director of music for Jonah’s Call, an Anglican
                                                                               cynical or apathetic.
     church located in Pittsburgh’s East End. He also helps to lead
     Colonizing the Cosmos, the Pittsburgh-based indie-folk band.

                          Charlie Peacock                                                            Anthony Rivera
                          SonGwritEr, PuBliShEr,                                                     ASSociAtE DirEctor oF
                          rEcorD ProDucEr AnD                                                        ADmiSSionS At PittSBurGh
                          FilmmAKEr                                                                  thEoloGicAl SEminAry
Charlie Peacock is a Grammy Award-winning songwriter, publisher,        Anthony Rivera, Associate Director of Admissions at Pittsburgh
record producer, and filmmaker. He has worked in pop, gospel            Theological Seminary, is also an ordained minister of the Word and
and jazz music in various capacities and his credits include Brooke     Sacrament with the Presbyterian Church (USA). He earned a BA
Waggoner, Ten Out of Tenn, Switchfoot and Sixpence None The             from La Universidad Inter-Americana de Puerto Rico and an MDiv
Richer. A long-time advocate for social justice, Charlie continues      and ThM from Princeton Theological Seminary.
to work directly with International Justice Mission and The ONE
Campaign.                                                                                            Mark Russell
                                                                                                     Author, SPEAKEr, AnD
                          Erica Young Reitz                                                          co-FounDEr oF ruSSEll
                          cco cAmPuS miniStEr                                                        mEDiA
                           Erica Young Reitz serves as director of      Mark L. Russell is the co-founder of Russell Media and the author
                           Campus Ministry at Calvary Church,           of The Missional Entrepreneur: Principles and Practices for Business as
                           reaching out to students at Penn State       Mission, the co-author of Routes and Radishes and Other Things to
University in partnership with the CCO. She, along with a team          Talk About at the Evangelical Crossroads and editor and publisher of
of church members, leads Faith for Thought, an annual conference        Our Souls at Work: How Great Leaders Live Their Faith in the Global
where people come together to explore connections between               Marketplace, a book with contributions from several Fortune 500
Christian faith and everyday life. She also serves graduating seniors   CEOs, as well as a variety of emerging social entrepreneurs.
with Senior EXIT, a one-year experience that helps prepare them for
the transition from college to life after college.

                           A Place for Truth                            The Story of God,                              The Gospel of John
                           Here in one volume are                       the Story of Us                                First in a new series
                           The Veritas Forum’s most                     Sean Gladding takes                            of innovative un-
                           notable presentations,                       us between the lines                           commentaries, Paul
                           with contributions from                      of Scripture to listen in                      Louis Metzger’s volume
                           Francis Collins, Tim                         on the conversations of                        on the Gospel of
                           Keller, N. T. Wright and                     people wrestling with the                      John wrestles with
                           others. Edited by Dallas                     great Story as it unfolded                     the question of what
                           Willard.                                     for the first time.                             happens when Love
                           978-0-8308-3845-5, $20.00                    978-0-8308-3632-1, $17.00                      comes to town and takes
                                                                                                                       up residence among us.
                           Small Faith—Great                            A Mind for God                                 978-0-8308-3641-3, $18.00
                           God                                          James Emery White
                           N. T. Wright describes                       makes a clear argument
                           the great shift that                         for the importance of
                           happens when we                              the mind in a Christian
                           stop monitoring                              framework and addresses
                           personal faith, with its                     the uses of Christian
                           weaknesses, and begin                        thought in the world.
                           cleaving to the One our                      978-0-8308-3392-4, $13.00
                           faith is in.
                           978-0-8308-3833-2, $18.00

        On sale today at the Hearts & Minds book display!                                                                                          27
                          Daniel Sepulveda                                                         Jeff Shinabarger
                          nFl FootBAll PlAyEr                                                      FounDEr, PlywooD PEoPlE
                           Daniel Sepulveda was drafted in the fourth                              & GiFt cArD GivEr
                           round by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2007                              Jeff Shinabarger recently launched Plywood
                           NFL Draft. As “Pittsburgh’s punter,” Daniel                               People, an innovative community addressing
 enjoys playing football to the best of his abilities and speaking to     social needs through sustainable goods, awareness campaigns, and
 groups about how God has shaped his life. He was the 2007 Steelers’      creative services. He is the co-founder of the Q event and spent three
 Rookie of the Year.                                                      years as Brand Manager at Catalyst, the Next Generation Leadership
                          Charles Schubert
                          ProFESSor & mEDicAl                                                       Gideon Strauss
                          DirEctor                                                                  cEo oF cEntEr For PuBlic
                          Charles J. Schubert, M.D. is Professor of                                 juSticE
                          Clinical Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s                               Gideon Strauss, a native of South Africa,
 Hospital in the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. He is also                                now serves as Chief Executive Officer
 one of the founders and the Medical Director of Crossroad Health         for the Center for Public Justice. Prior to this, he served 10 years
 Center, a faith-based community health center located in one of          as Research and Education Director of the Christian Labour
 Cincinnati’s poorest communities. Dr. Schubert’s career has focused      Association of Canada, and has also served as a Senior Fellow at the
 on delivering quality medical care to patients living in poverty, both   think tank Cardus, and as editor of the electronic and print journal
 in this country and in Africa.                                           Comment, which seeks to communicate a Christian worldview and
                                                                          cultural strategy to the next generation of cultural leaders.

                          Scott Todd                                                              Rob and Kirstin
                          SEnior miniStry                                                         Vander Giessen-
                          ADviSor, comPASSion
Dr. Scott Todd is Chairman of the Board for North America’s largest
                                                                                      co-FounDErS oF *culturE
network of Christian relief and development organizations and the       iS not oPtionAl
Senior Ministry Advisor at Compassion International. In addition        Rob and Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma are co-founders of the
to his work at Compassion, Scott Todd is one of the architects and      nonprofit organization *culture is not optional. They formed *cino
leading voices of 58: Fast. Forward. The End of Poverty. Through        in 2001 when they realized that others shared their post-college
58:, an action-based alliance of world-class, poverty-fighting          sense of isolation and desire to keep learning in community how to
organizations have joined together to unleash the power and             live faithfully in the everyday stuff of life. Rob and Kirstin helped
possibilities of the global Church to end extreme poverty.              found a fair trade store in Three Rivers, Michigan, in 2003, and
                                                                        they share a position at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan,
                                                                        doing research, education and programming around discernment and
                          Curt Thompson                                 popular culture, which includes organizing the Festival of Faith &
                          PSychiAtriSt AnD                              Music.
                          FounDEr oF BEinG
                          Known                                                                   Greg Veltman
Curt Thompson, M.D., is a psychiatrist in private practice in Falls                               mEntor At nizhoni
Church, Virginia and founder of Being Known, which develops
teaching programs, seminars and resource materials to help people
                                                                                                    Greg Veltman and his wife, Andrea,
explore the connection between interpersonal neurobiology
                                                                                                    are mentors at Nizhoni House, one of
and Christian spirituality which leads to genuine change and
                                                                        five Project Neighborhood programs run through Calvin College.
transformation. Dr. Thompson is the author of Anatomy of the Soul,
                                                                        Nizhoni is an off-campus, intentional living-learning community
and also produced a video series entitled Knowing and Being Known:
                                                                        which practices the presence of place to love and serve neighbors
The Transforming Power of Relationships.
                                                                        and neighborhoods for the renewal of the city. Greg is currently
                                                                        pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh, with a focus on
                          TOMS Shoes                                    the philosophy and sociology of education. He has taught Social
                           In 2006, American traveler Blake             Foundations of Education at the University of Pittsburgh and Grand
                           Mycoskie befriended children in a village    Valley State University, as well as sociology and the humanities at
                           in Argentina and found they had no shoes     Geneva College.
                           to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he
                           created TOMS Shoes, a company that
would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes
given to a child in need. One for One. Since 2006, TOMS has
                                                                                                  Isaac Wardell
given over one million pairs of new shoes to children through giving                              crEAtivE DirEctor,
partners around the world.                                                                        BiFroSt ArtS
                                                                                                    Isaac Wardell is the Creative Director of

                          Anthony Tongen                                                            Bifrost Arts and the Director of Worship
                                                                        at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Virginia. Isaac has
                          Author AnD ProFESSor                          taught at universities, conferences, and churches around the country
                          oF mAthEmAticS                                on the subject of spiritual formation through corporate worship. He is
                           In addition to teaching mathematics,         a graduate of Covenant College.
                           Dr. Tongen emphasizes including
college students in research, both inside and outside the classroom.
In addition to writing a book called Keeping it R.E.A.L., about                                   Bob Wauzzinski
undergraduate research in the classroom, he was recently a                                        Author AnD ProFESSor
contributing author to Mathematics through the Eyes of Faith, to be                                Bob Wauzzinski was among the very first
available from HarperOne next fall.                                                                full-time CCO staff who came on board
                                                                                                   in 1972. Bob has taught for 25 years in
                                                                        classrooms ranging from those full of doctoral students to those
                                                                        located in prisons. He is an ordained Presbyterian minister (PCUSA)
                                                                        and a Parish Associate at First Presbyterian Church in Muncie,
                                                                        Indiana, and author of four books and numerous journal articles.

                           Jonathan Weyer                                                           B.J. Woodworth
                           Author AnD cco StAFF                                                        B.J. Woodworth is the lead pastor of
                           DirEctor oF ohio                                                            The Open Door, a five-year-old PCUSA
                            Jonathan Weyer is the author of the                                        missional church community in Pittsburgh’s
 recently-released novel, The Faithful, which the Midwest Review           East End. B.J. is also the abbot of World Christian Discipleship at
 of Books calls “a stunning debut novel.” Jonathan also has just           Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. WCD is a year-long, missionally-
 completed a nonfiction book about his time working with atheists at       contemplative communal experience in spiritual and vocational
 The Ohio State University. Together with the atheists, Jonathan won       formation for young adults.
 a Multicultural Award from the university for their joint discussion
 groups on campus. Jonathan works for the CCO as the Staff Director
 for the state of Ohio.                                                                             Rodger
                           Alissa Wilkinson                                                         Woodworth
                                                                                                    PAStor AnD DirEctor oF
                           Author, EDitor AnD
                                                                                                    croSS-culturAl miniStriES
                             Alissa Wilkinson worked as a business
                                                                           For thE cco
                                                                           The Rev. Dr. Rodger Woodworth is the founding pastor to
                             analyst on Wall Street, edited a technical
                                                                           hundreds at an inter-racial church called New Hope, an Evangelical
 magazine at New York University, founded The Curator, and
                                                                           Presbyterian Church in the North Side of Pittsburgh, and he now
 developed programs and resources at International Arts Movement
                                                                           serves as Director of Cross-Cultural Ministries for the CCO. Rodger
 before accepting a full-time faculty position teaching writing at The
                                                                           is also President of New Hope’s community development corporation
 King’s College in New York City. She has been associate editor of
                                                                           and an adjunct seminary professor at Reformed Presbyterian
 Comment since 2008, and her articles and film criticism have appeared
                                                                           Theological Seminary.
 in a variety of publications.

                           Tom Wilkinson                                                             Curt Wright
                           FilmmAKEr                                                                 rEcruitinG ASSociAtE,
                            Tom Wilkinson worked as a location                                       cco
                            assistant on the Golden Globe-winning                                      Curt Wright has been working for the
                            first season of HBO’s new series Boardwalk                                 CCO since graduating from Grand Valley
 Empire. He recently left that position to start a fine art photography    State University in 2007. While working for the CCO at Penn State
 project of staged narrative scenes, in the tradition of Gregory           Altoona, Curt finished his Master of Arts in Higher Education
 Crewdson and Kelli Connell. Currently in the middle of a several-         degree from Geneva College, and his capstone work focused on racial
 month-long rehearsal process, he can often be seen trailing his actors    diversity in campus ministry fellowship groups. As a result of his
 on the street, through supermarkets, and in restaurants as they act out   experience in the CCO, and how they empowered him to do campus
 long-form improvisations in character. They hope to begin shooting        ministry, he has recently transitioned into the recruiting department
 later this spring.                                                        and is inviting people into the work he loves.

                           Tim Willard
                           Author AnD SPEAKEr
                             Tim Willard freelances articles,
                             collaborates with best-selling authors and
                             has served as the small-group study editor
 for organizations such as Catalyst, Q and Chick-fil-A Leadercast.
 He is an MA candidate at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
 specializing in Christian Thought. Tim’s passion for discipleship, the
 Bride of Christ and intimacy with God serves as the impetus for his
 first book, Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society.

 A Christian Ministry in the   Compassion International        Gift Card Giver                         Reformed Theological
 National Parks                                     Seminary                     Covenant House Faith            Image Journal                 
 Adoption Connection           Community                                     The Heritage Foundation               InterVarsity Press            
 Christians for Biblical       Crossworld                                         The Pittsburgh Project
 Equality                              Ligonier Camp and                       Denver Seminary                 Conference Center                       Trinity School for Ministry
 CCO (Coalition for                    
 Christian Outreach)           Family Guidance, Inc.           Mission Year                            Women’s Choice Network                     
 Center for Student Missions   Festival of Faith & Music       Ocean City Beach Project                World Harvest Mission
                               Fuller Theological Seminary     Pittsburgh Year                         World Orphans/Journey 117
 Christian Healthcare                        
                               Geneva College                  Plywood People                          YouthWorks!
 COMMENT Magazine
                                                               Prison Fellowship

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                                                                                                     W91˚ 1. 3’

                                                                                       N89˚ 4.298’
                                                                                       W89˚ 8.386’

                                                     G S
S39˚ 2.9
E92˚ 1.8 3’
                                   ˚ 5.5
                                N50 1.896’

                                W 20˚

                                                                                  N35˚ 1

                                                        CROSSINGS is a TWO WEEK paddling trip that teaches
                                                    college seniors how to discover GOD’S WISDOM in the midst of
                                                               TRANSITION TO LIFE AFTER COLLEGE.

                                                                                   May 19-28
                                                                          To begin your journey, go to
BOOKS                                     For most of Jubilee’s history, HEARTS & MINDS of Dallastown, Pennsylvania has been
                                          the conference bookstore. Emerging from Byron and Beth Borger’s involvement with the
                                          earliest Jubilee conferences, HEARTS & MINDS has been a local, independent bookstore
                                          which seeks to illustrate the thinking and perspective of Jubilee. The Jubilee conference
                                          and the book display affirm that Christ is Lord of every zone of life, and therefore His
                                          people must be continuously learning how best to serve Him in their various vocations,
                                          callings, classes and careers.

                                          Because of their association with the CCO and the Jubilee conference, and because
                                          of their wide knowledge of books, resources and ideas that can help us live out the
     Jubilee Special                      implications of the CCO’s Kingdom vision, we are pleased that they are with us again for

     10% OFF
                                          Jubilee 2011. Please take time to study the book display as we are confident it will enhance
                                          your experience of the conference and you will find resources to nurture your growth in
                                          faith and action in the months to come.
     of everything!

        KENT ANNAN                                       MICHAEL GERSON AND                           JONATHAN MERRITT
        After Shock: Searching for Honest                PETER WEHNER                                 Green Like God: Unlocking the
        Faith When Your World is Shaken                  City of Man: Religion and Politics           Divine Plan for Our Planet
                                                         in a New Era

        New Neighbor: An Invitation to                   DENISE FRAME HARLAN                          ERIC METAxAS
                                                         (CONTRIBUTOR)                                Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr,
        Join Beloved Community
                                                         The Spirit of Food: 34 Writers on            Prophet, Spy
                                                         Feasting and Fasting Toward God

        Liberating Black Theology: The
                                                         LISA SHARON HARPER                           WALT MUELLER
        Bible and the Black Experience in
        America                                          Evangelical Does Not Equal                   Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture:
                                                         Republican...Or Democrat                     Bridging Teen Worldviews and
                                                                                                      Christian Truth
        ERIC J. DOLCE
        Jesus & Jigga: Where Hip Hop
        Meets Scripture                                  GABE LYONS                                   JEFFREY OVERSTREET
                                                         The Next Christians: The Good News           Auralia’s Colors (A Novel)
                                                         About the End of Christian America
        JOHN FEA
        Was America Founded as a
        Christian Nation?: A Historical
        Introduction                                     DEREK MELLEBY                                CHARLIE PEACOCK
        (Coming February 23, 2011)                                                                    (CONTRIBUTOR)
                                                         Make College Count: A Faithful
                                                         Guide to Life and Learning                   It Was Good: Making Art to the
                                                                                                      Glory of God
            SOONG-CHAN RAH                                      ROB AND KIRSTIN VANDER                          TIMOTHY WILLARD &
            Many Colors: Cultural Intelligence                  GIESSEN-REITSMA                                 JASON LOCY
            for a Changing Church                               Eat Well: A Food Road Map                       Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface
                                                                                                                Society (Coming April 2011)

            MARK L. RUSSELL                                     ROBERT A. WAUZZINSKI                            JONATHAN WEYER
            Our Souls at Work: How Great                        Ruth: The Story of God’s Unending               The Faithful (A Novel)
            Leaders Live Their Faith in the                     Redemption
            Global Marketplace

            CURT THOMPSON                                      JAMES EMERY WHITE
            Anatomy of the Soul: Surprising                    Christ Among the Dragons:
            connections between neuroscience                   Finding Our Way Through Cultural
            and spiritual practices that can                   Challenges
            transform your life and relationships

BASIC CHRISTIAN                                                                                                    Heaven is a Place on Earth:
DISCIPLESHIP                                                      Unfashionable: Making a                          Why Everything You Do
                                                                  Difference in the World                          Matters to God Michael
            Welcome to the Revolution: A                          by Being Different Tullian                       Witmer (Zondervan) $16.99
            Field Guide for New Believers                         Tchividjian (Multnomah) $18.99                   This is one of the most
            Brian Tome (Nelson) $12.99                            A young, fresh, and honest voice                 enjoyable and informative
            This is the most fun, interesting,                    helping us learn what it means     books on what we mean by a “Christian
            basic, but very exciting call to        to be “in the world but not of it.” Powerful,    worldview.” A great introduction to the
Christian discipleship we’ve seen in years.         important, and very interesting.                 “Jubilee vision.”
Simple, witty, radical. Welcome to the
                                                     WORLDVIEW                                                    (Re)Thinking Worldview:
               Faith on the Edge: Daring to                                                                       Learning to Think, Live and
               Follow Jesus                                       The True Story of the Whole                     Speak in This World
               Paul Tokunaga & others (IVP)                       World: Finding Your Place                       J. Mark Bertrand (Crossway)
               $16.00 This collection of short                    in the Story of God Michael                     $16.99 Just when you thought
               readings and discussion questions                  Goheen & Craig Bartholomew         you understood the ideas of a Christian
was created by women and men who work                             (Faith Alive) $12.99 One of our    worldview, this creative book pushes us into
in campus ministry, offering busy students          favorite biblically-oriented books, a splendid   new arenas, helps us re-think our lives and
a tool for multi-faceted Christian growth.          and easy-to-read overview of the Bible, a        attitudes, and invites us to move beyond
From our relationship with God to our               thoughtful and insightful approach that helps    just “thinking” or “seeing” differently, but
relationships with others, from our daily jobs      us see the unfolding drama of redemption,        becoming faithful disciples who creatively
to the call to work for justice, from learning      and how the Bible shapes our worldview.          contribute to the renewal of culture. Fresh
to worship to learning to forgive, this guides                                                       and interesting, written by a very smart
faithful thinking for practical living across all                                                    young professor and novelist.
areas of life.
                                                                  Serious Times: Making Your                         Fabric of Faithfulness:
 VOCATION                                                         Life Matter in an Urgent Day                       Weaving Together Belief &
                                                                  James Emery White (IVP) $15.00                     Behavior Steven Garber (IVP)
               Journey Worth Taking:                              What an encouragement, and                         $16.00 Few authors have meant
               Finding Your Purpose in This                       what a challenge, to learn how                     as much to the CCO and the
               World Charles Drew (P&R)                           other faithful followers of Christ                 Jubilee conference as Steve,
               $12.99 Explores the ideas            made a difference in their own time and            whose popular book is an engaging study
               of calling and vocation by           places. Not dry history, but insightful and        of what enables young adults to sustain a
               explaining them framed by the        practical, learning lessons from the likes of      robust and public faith over the long haul of
 over-all Biblical drama. Very well done, full      William Wilberforce, Dietrich Bonhoeffer,          their lives (and why it is hard to do so in our
 of life-transforming insight.                      or Mother Teresa. Very nicely done.                contemporary culture). You’ll be moved by
                                                                                                       the stories and learn how to think about the
                What Is Vocation? Stephen                                                              deepest things that matter most.
                Nichols (P&R) $3.99                 IN SERVICE TO THE WORLD
                A very brief guide to this key                                                                       Beyond Homelessness:
                “Jubilee” concept—that God                       Generous Justice: How God’s                         Christian Faith in a Culture
                calls you to serve Him in your                   Grace Makes Us Just Timothy                         of Displacement Brian
                particular tasks. Very basic and                 Keller (Dutton) $19.95 One                          Walsh & Steve Bouma-
 quite clear.                                                    of the clearest theologians and                     Prediger (Eerdmans) $24.00
                                                                 church leaders today offers                         A magisterial study of how
                                                                 a solid, short study of how           failing to believe that God is redeeming
                                                    the Bible points us to God’s grace, which          all things (using images of home-making
 UNIVERSITY                                                                                            and home-coming) leads to a postmodern
                                                    motivates us to work for justice.
                                                                                                       dislocation from place, which helps create
              Outrageous Idea of Academic
                                                                                                       harsh economics that hurt the poor. What
              Faithfulness: A Guide for
                                                                 Zealous Love: A Practical             are the relationships between our Up in the
              Students Donald Optiz & Derek
                                                                 Guide to Social Justice               Air emptiness and the injustices of disregard
              Melleby (Brazos) $13.99 In
                                                                 Mark & Danae Yankoski                 for the Earth and the oppressed? One of
              many ways, this book developed
                                                                 (Zondervan) $16.99 A very             the most provocative, important, and serious
 alongside the Jubilee conference, the
                                                                 nicely done, creatively presented     examples of radical Christian scholarship in
 invitation to allow Christian faith to shape
                                                    with up-to-date information on various             years!
 our calling as students, and to relate faith and
                                                    social concerns, contemporary issues, global
 learning in fun and important ways. Every
                                                    problems, and how Christians can stand for                      To Change the World: The
 follower of Jesus who is a student should
                                                    God’s justice in some of the most burning                       Irony,Tragedy & Possibility
 have this on hand! Highly recommended.
                                                    causes of the day. Various chapters are by                      of Christianity in the Late
                                                    well-known experts, and lively authors                          Modern World John Davison
              Engaging God’s World: A
                                                    including Jubilee keynoter Bob Goff !                           Hunter (Oxford) $27.95 This
              Christian Vision of Faith,
                                                                                                                    prestigious text is perhaps the
              Learning, and Living Cornelius
                                                                                                       most talked about book of its kind this year!
              Plantinga, Jr. (Eerdmans) $16.00
                                                    ADVANCED STUDIES                                   Deep, rich, wise (and a bit controversial), by a
              Elegant writing by a brilliant
                                                                                                       renowned sociologist.
              thinker, helping college students
 take up their vocations in the Kingdom,                         Desiring the Kingdom:
 especially as students who love to learn, for                   Worship, Worldview, and
 God’s sake!                                                     Cultural Formation James
                                                                 K.A. Smith (BakerAcademic)
                                                                 $21.95 A deep and fabulous                Jubilee Special

                                                                                                       10% OFF
                                                    study, exploring everything from pop culture
 CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT                                consumerism to postmodern scholarship, to
                                                    how our deepest desires and ways of being
               Culture-Making: Recovering           are shaped by either the “liturgies” of secular
               Our Creative Calling Andy
               Crouch (IVP) $22.00 Andy was
                                                    culture or the liturgies of God’s Kingdom
                                                    expressed in radical worship. The first of
                                                                                                           of everything!
               a previous Jubilee main-stage        what will be a three-part magnum opus
               speaker and performer, and he        written by a philosopher from Calvin College
 reminds us here that God desires for us to be      in Michigan.
 involved in making the world a better place,
 that social initiatives can be meaningful and
 honorable to God, and that the joy of living
 includes being engaged in the world around
 us. A masterpiece!



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