Students fear possible eviction by mm6889


									Students fear
possible eviction
         Assistant News Editor
         BY CAROLYN MASO                        the community, a condition present in rela-
                                                tively few communities.”
                                                     Senior Mike Dinneny, who rents a
     Off-campus students already fear possi-    house on Seton Place with five of his broth-
ble eviction from their homes after multiple    ers from Pi Kappa Phi, said he fears his pos-
quality-of-life violation tickets were issued   sible eviction because his house received a
by the South Orange Police in the first week    noise violation at 9 p.m. on the first week-
of the fall semester.                           end of the fall semester after his neighbors
     Due to frequent disruptive conduct and     called the police.
many complaints in residential neighbor-             “As a student that has lived off-campus
hoods, the South Orange Board of Trustees       within a South Orange community for three
adopted an ordinance commonly known as          years, it is a disgrace to watch a blatant act
the “Animal House” law on July 27 that          of discrimination occur,” he said.
imposes sanctions on landlords who do not            Dinneny and his roommates have
evict tenants repeatedly violating quality-     already found a new house to move into if
of-life-laws.                                   they are evicted from their home.
     The ordinance stipulates landlords who          Robyn Brody-Kaplan lives on Seton

                                                                                                   Starting from left: Pi Kappa Phi brothers Frank Daniello, Mike
fail to evict tenants convicted of more than    Place as well with her partner and three                                                                       Milan Stanic • THE SETONIAN

                                                                                                   Dinneny, Michael Chester, Patrick Reilly, William Stetzner, Matt Reagan
one violation per year face a minimum fine      children under 6 years old. She said the

                                                                                                   and Peter Marlys outside their house on Seton Place.
of $500 or possible revocation of rental        excessive noise problem on her block has
license.                                        grown worse within the past two years
     Violations of quality-of-life laws fall    when her neighbors began waking her chil-
under conviction for disorderly, indecent,      dren up between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m.                 of day is not always an issue when receiv-     on everything because we can’t even listen
tumultuous or riotous conduct, including             “When we hear noise and we hear par-          ing a sound violation.                         to music in the house too loud (or) watch
simple assault, assault, terroristic threats,   ties, we just call the cops because it’s a res-         White said he had about 15 friends over   TV too loud.”
harassment, urinating or defecating in pub-     idential neighborhood and they’re waking           the first weekend of fall semester when a          Senior Andy Spentzos lives on Grove
lic, lewdness, criminal mischief and crimes     up our children,” Brody-Kaplan said.               police officer showed up at his door around    Street with his brothers from Phi Kappa
against property or excessive noise.            “Literally last night our little girl woke up at   7 p.m. and with no explanation gave him a      Sigma. The students received a noise viola-
     Off-campus students are angry about        12:30 a.m. or quarter to 1 and she’s like,         noise violation due to a complaining neigh-    tion in their rented house around 10:30 p.m.
the ordinance because they feel it specifi-     ‘Mommy, I can’t sleep, there are people            bor.                                           on the first weekend of the fall semester.
cally targets college students when it states   outside talking.’”                                      “It’s not even a party situation, we’re
that the cause for the ruling is “due to the         According to senior Steve White, who          not even nervous for that,” White said.

                                                                             Additional off-campus housing not in Seton Hall future
presence of numerous university students in     also rents a house on Seton Place, the time        “We’re just nervous on a day-to-day basis                   See ORDINANCE, Page 5

                                                                                                                          “Buy a block! Take a whole           Although a good idea, Vice
                                                                                  Assistant News Editor
                                                                                  BY CAROLYN MASO
                                                                                                                     block, take three blocks, make it     President for Student Affairs and
                                                                                                                     all Seton Hall or add more to their   Enrollment Services Laura
                                                                                 Both students and other South       campus,” she said.                    Wankel said “any housing the uni-
                                                                             Orange residents have said that if           Senior Mike Dinneny an off-      versity owns and operates is sub-
                                                                             Seton Hall were to buy housing in       campus student who also lives on      ject to a whole host of other
                                                                             a section of the Village specifical-    Seton Place said he feels that        requirements.” She said such an
                                                                             ly for their students off campus, it    something along the lines of a        arrangement is not in the schools
                                                                             would alleviate some of the prob-       “Frat Row” would “absolutely          future because there are many
                                                                             lem.                                    solve the problem.”                   complications with operating off-
                                                                                 Timothy Boisvert, a resident             Senior Andy Spentzos, an off-    campus facilities of that kind.
                                                                             on Seton Place said he thinks a so-     campus student who lives on               Wankel said she is not trying
                                                                             called “college street” would help      Grove Street said he thinks a frat    to take a side in the matter of the
                                                                             the problem.                            row wouldn’t solve the problem,       ordinance. “I hope it enables the
                                                                                 “I have sympathy for them,          but would help diminish it in         village to be more vigilant in pro-
                                                                             but it’s a two-way street. They         some ways.                            tecting our students as it relates to
                                                                             need to know that they’re living in          “The problem with frat row       health and safety codes of the
                                                                             residential       neighborhoods,”       causes one thing, it says that the    buildings being rented,” she said.
                                                                             Boisvert said. “I do think that a       problem is Greek Life and I don’t     “If the ordinance elevates peo-
                                                                             designated area of housing for stu-     want people to assume that the        ple’s sense of responsibility to be
                                                                             dents would help.”                      problem is Greek Life,” Spentzos      good neighbors in a community, I

Rented homes such as those in Seton Grove provide off-
                                          Milan Stanic • THE SETONIAN            Robyn Brody-Kaplan, a resi-         said.                                 am confident that our students can

campus housing to many students. Students must now be
                                                                             dent on Seton Place who has filed            While South Orange residents     rise to the occasion.”

cautious of any disruptive behavior that could lead to
                                                                             complaints about her noisy neigh-       are in agreement with this idea, a        Carolyn Maso can be

violations or possible eviction.
                                                                             bors said a college street would        “College Street” is not in the uni-   reached at carolyn.maso@stu-
                                                                             probably make sense.                    versity’s future.           

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  2   News                                                                                                                                                 Setonian

                                                                                                           Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sheeran to step down in June of 2010
                  Managing Editor
               BY BRIAN WISOWATY                                                                                           by-day,” Sheeran said. “I’ve seen the students become
                                                                                                                           rich in diversity, politically engaged, technologically
                                                                                                                           proficient and wanting to discuss important issues like
    Less than a month after most students on campus                                                                        sustainability.”
left for the summer months or graduated, the Seton Hall                                                                        The procedure of “Presidential Transition 2010”
community received a shock when University President                                                                       officially began with the appointment of Joseph LaSala
Msgr. Robert Sheeran announced his resignation effec-                                                                      as chair of the Presidential Search and Screen
tive June 1, 2010.                                                                                                         Committee. He is a member of both current Boards of
    “I was quite surprised,” Phyllis Hansell, Dean of the                                                                  Trustees and Regents and a partner in one of New
College of Nursing, said in July. “I fully expected that                                                                   Jersey’s largest law firms.
Monsignor would continue as president (of the univer-                                                                          After being named to his position, LaSala posted a
sity) for many years to come.”                                                                                             letter to the community on a portion of the university’s
    The news came through a broadcast e-mail around                                                                        website designed as a central location on updates in the
the 4 a.m. hour on June 4, the same day that Sheeran                                                                       search.
held a conference call to explain his decision.                                                                                He wrote in the letter, which appeared online first at
    “Shock and awe is the word,” Sheeran said before                                                                       the end of July, that a “leadership statement is being
speaking about the content of his e-mail message,                                                                          developed by the Board of Regents” and that the
which cited his choice to step down as being “spiritual                                                                    remainder of the committee would be selected “in the
and deeply personal.”                                                                                                      coming weeks.”
    Sheeran, 63, has spent nearly three decades around                                                                         Since the initial creation of the web page, there have
Seton Hall and the university’s administration.                                                                            been no further updates as of press time.
    He began his presidency in 1995 and said during the                                                                        Also commenting on Sheeran’s resignation was Rev.
conference call that he is planning to take a year’s sab-                                                                  John Myers, the Archbishop of Newark. As per his posi-
batical upon leaving the university.                                                                                       tion within the Catholic Church in Newark, he serves as
    Kurt Borowsky, chairman of the Board of Trustees                                                                       the chair of the Board of Trustees and the president of
and Regents, also spoke during the conference call                                                                         the Board of Regents.
about the process of finding the next university presi-                                                                        “Renovation of the university’s historic chapel,
dent.                                                                                                                      institution of the DOVE student volunteer program, and
    “Monsignor will probably not have a direct role,”                                                                      enlivening and strengthening of the campus ministry are

                                                              Monsignor Robert Sheeran announced his resig-
Borowsky said. “(It will be) more so under the board’s                                  Kyle McLaughlin • THE SETONIAN     only a few examples of (his) accomplishments,” Myers

                                                              nation less than a month after Spring ‘09 classes
jurisdiction.”                                                                                                             said in a statement.

                                                              ended. His resignation will be effective in June
    Some of Sheeran’s accomplishments during his                                                                               The appointment of a new leader will lead to the

                                                              of 2010.
presidency include the creation of the Whitehead                                                                           school’s 21st president.
School of Diplomacy and International Relations in                                                                             Borowsky said during the conference call that the
1997 and the establishment of campus-wide wireless                                                                         committee hopes to find a replacement by the spring,
Internet access.                                                  He also played a significant role in the creation of     allotting time for a transition with Sheeran involved
    He was also a focal point for the campus communi-         the “Remember circle” outside the hall and the bell          before his departure.

Numerous office changes
ty following the Boland Hall fire in 2000. After the res-     tower next to Jubilee Hall, both which serve as a memo-          Brian      Wisowaty       can     be    reached     at
idence hall re-opened, Sheeran moved into the building        rial to the three students that perished in the blaze.
with the freshmen.                                                “Looking back, I’ve tried to give my very best day-

follow resignation notice
                                                                                                                              SEPTEMBER 11
                                                                                                                              BELL SCHEDULE
       News Editor
  BY STEPHANIE BOWER                       “I knew he would be able to     not new in their job and are very          8:46 a.m.     American Airlines #11 crashes into World
                                     work well with the Provost,           helpful.”                                                Trade Center North Tower
                                     especially as Dr. Esteban worked          Gottlieb said she seemed like
                                     to put the new Strategic Plan         the logical person to take charge          9:03 a.m.     United Airlines #175 crashes into World
    A flurry of changes among        together,” Sheeran said. “In          because she worked so closely                            Trade Center South Tower
university offices followed          addition, I felt that the bulk of     with Enrollment Services any-
Msgr. Robert Sheeran’s summer        Enrollment Services might bene-       way.                                       9:37 a.m.     American Airlines #77 crashes into the
announcement that he will be         fit from a closer association with        Because of the change in                             Pentagon
stepping down.                       Academic Affairs, to whom it          Enrollment Services, Admission,
    The first change was in the      reports in a vast majority of our     Financial Aid and Registrar now            9:59 a.m.     World trade Center South collapses
Executive Vice President for         peer institutions.”                   report to the Provost, while the
Administration’s office, as Sister        In late August, a broadcast e-   Bursar reports to the Vice                 10:03 a.m.    United Airlines #93 crashes in Pennsylvania
Paula Buley, who occupied the        mail was sent announcing Bryan        President for Finance and
position for five years, resigned.   Terry’s resignation from his          Technology.                                10:28 a.m.    World Trade Center North Tower collapses
    “I went to Father Paul           position as Associate Vice                 “Dean Hobbs (dean and pro-

Holmes immediately and asked         President       of     Enrollment     fessor of Law Patrick Hobbs)
if he would step in as EVP           Services.                             had already been working with
(Executive Vice President for             Terry accepted a job at          athletics, and was instrumental,
Administration),” Sheeran said       Montclair State University, and       in the arrangements to move the
in an email interview. “In his       Tracy Gottlieb, Dean of               team to the Prudential Center in
capacity as ‘VP and Assistant to     Freshman Studies and Special          Newark,” Sheeran said. “In this
the President,’ Father Holmes        Academic Programs, agreed to          capacity, Dean Hobbs reports
was already acting as a ‘chief of    serve as Interim Associate            directly to me.”                        Friday marks the 8th anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11.
staff’ for the Office of the         Provost        of      Enrollment           “Because they are often           Campus Ministry has planned a number of memorials dedicated
President, so I asked him to         Management.                           housed in the University            to those lost that day.
coordinate the divisions of               Gottlieb said that the job of    Counsel’s office, I asked               “Remembering the events of 9/11 and the innocent victims high-
Students Affairs, Finance &          Associate         Provost      for    Catherine Kiernan to oversee        lights the need to work for peace through justice and dialogue, not
Technology, and University           Enrollment Services will hope-        Compliance and Internal Audit,”     acts of violence,” Rev. James Spera, the director of Campus
Counsel. Human Resources also        fully be posted within the next       Sheeran said.                       Ministry said.
reports to him.”                     few days.                                 Sheeran said that any person-       Two masses will be held in the Chapel of Immaculate
    Sheeran said that Holmes              She said that she is carrying    nel decisions are driven to move    Conception for the victims of Sept. 11.
had been in charge of Enrollment     the ball for the time being and       the University forward.                 The names of the Seton Hall community victims will be read
Services, Human Resources,           will step down as soon as some-            “I feel confident that these   during the Mass.
Athletics, Compliance and Risk       body new is found.                    changes will do just that,”             A short prayer and wreath laying ceremony at the 9/11 memori-
Management years back, and                 “I’m wearing two hats, in       Sheeran said. “Of course, when      al will take place at 11:45 a.m. at the side entrance of Boland Hall.
added that Holmes had signifi-       the morning I work in Freshman        he arrives, the new president can       The cross at the side entrance of Boland Hall was made from the
cant administrative experience.      Studies and in the afternoons I       make any changes he deems nec-      steel from the Twin Towers.
    He added that Holmes had         work in Enrollment Services,”         essary.”                                In addition to the Mass and ceremony, bells will toll in the order
been the Associate Provost for       Gottlieb said.                            Stephanie Bower can be          of the events that happened that morning.
Administration and Vice Chair             “I’m lucky to have a team of     reached at stephanie.bower@stu-
of the Faculty Senate.               people who report to me who are                                                            -Compiled by Stephanie Bower
TheSetonian                      Thursday, September 10, 2009                                                                                                           News                   3

Service increases as
SOS replaces SHU500
       News Editor
  BY STEPHANIE BOWER                   at.”
                                            A small number of students
                                       means that participants will be
    For years students utilized        able to do more personal work and
SHU500 to quickly fulfill service      make more lasting connections on
requirements and dedicate a day to     sites. Some of the hands on activ-
service. This year, SHU500 is          ities, such as landscaping and
being replaced with Service On         painting, will be at the earlier SOS
Saturdays (SOS) in an effort to        dates, while the November dates
better serve the community and         stick to indoor sites as an adjust-
students.                              ment to the weather.
    SOS will take place over four           Jill Matthews, the director of
Saturdays instead of the one day       Media Relations, has worked
of service. Student may sign up        closely in the past with SHU500.
for one of the four days. Each site         “These changes really reflect
can host anywhere from 20-200          what the students were asking for,
students and each day will last        they wanted a more meaningful
from about 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.            experience a time where they
    “Discussions on how to             could really work closely with the
enhance SHU500 began quite a           organization that they’re serving,”
few years ago,” Michelle               Matthews said.
Sheridan, the director for the              Matthews pointed out that

                                                                              Junior Matthew Dicarlo (far left) leads students at the St. John’s Soup Kitchen at last
Division of Volunteer Efforts said.    there once was a cap on the num-                                                                              Courtesy of Division of Volunteer Efforts flickr

                                                                              year’s SHU500.
“Our numbers were increasing           ber of students with SHU500 only
and we wanted to give our stu-         serving 750 students. SOS will be
dents a hands on and personal          able to serve about 1,200 students.
experience in service.”                     Junior Matthew DiCarlo has             Thomas Russamanno, the              munity, and extra space to write        visible to the university communi-
    Focus groups were established      been involved with DOVE for            assistant director of DOVE, said         out a reflection.                       ty so that they know that we’re
two years ago and last spring          three years now, and has attended      that each site will be slightly dif-         Jenny Zmirski, a student on         here to serve to enhance the com-
semester to examine student feed-      the past two SHU500s.                  ferent.                                  Education Committee for SOS,            munity and make a sustainable
back on how the DOVE program                “Having service opportunities          “Some sites will be repeats         said that her committee is in           impact on the site we’re serving,”
was going.                             on four different days should be       from years past, not necessarily         charge of putting together the          Sheridan said.
    “Out of that focus group we        more flexible and accommodating        last        year’s         SHU500,”      brochures and coordinating the              Students may sign up now for
decided that this was something to     than one giant event,” DiCarlo         Russamanno said.“There are a             student leaders. She said that the      SOS dates on Sept. 26 and Oct. 24
try to make a more sustainable         said.                                  significant amount of new sites.         committee is looking for about 20       dates. Registration for the Nov. 7
impact on the community by                  “It should be less confusing      We want to build a relationship          students to act as leaders.             and 21 begins on Oct. 12. Students
being present at these sights, four    and hectic than SHU500. Not to         between Seton Hall and places we             “I like the fact that it’s a con-   who are interested in becoming
times rather than one time, to give    say SHU500 wasn’t great; having        haven’t volunteered at before.”          sistency with the service, where        team leaders must attend the infor-
our students a real, solid connec-     attended the past two years I can           Brochures will be given out to      we’re not focusing on service just      mation session at 9 p.m. tonight in
tion with our sites,” Sheridan said.   say the experiences have been          all participants that tell the student   for a day because it shouldn’t be       the Faculty Lounge.
    “It’s less numbers of students     worthwhile and provided as a           who they are serving, the history        something we do every once in a             Stephanie Bower can be
and easier for them to interact        great way to work with fellow          of the site, what their service          while,” Zmirski said.                   reached at stephanie bower@stu-
with the sites they will be working    classmates.”                           means to New Jersey or the com-              “We want to get the students

Students act fast against new university printing rules
             Copy Editor
        BY CAITLIN CARROLL                       used in library.                                 er place.                                          their personal paper limits.”
                                                     “We wanted to find out what we could              Stern said that he saw the amount of               Boege said that the solution suggested
                                                 do to lower that number,” Stern, who is also     paper students were printing in the library        in the resolution is to install a printer in the
    As of Aug. 31, full-time students using      a university librarian, said.                    and thought that there had to be something         SGA office.
the university’s printers may only print 400         Stern and Taylor said that the effort to     the university could do to effectively reduce           “The basic idea is that club E-Board
pages per semester for free.                     reduce wasted paper originally began as a        that number.                                       members could come during SGA office
    Use more paper than that and the uni-        student-run grassroots movement towards               “There are many universities that don’t       hours and print their materials, which would
versity will charge five cents per page print-   making the university greener a few years        give students any free printing,” Taylor said.     be supervised by SGA E-Board members
ed. The money will be deducted from the          ago. According to Taylor, the students           “Paper is one of the most polluting indus-         and senators,” Boege said, adding that there
students’ Pirate’s Gold account.                 bought the issue to University President         tries in the United States.”                       would be a system put in place to ensure the
    Part-time students are allotted 200 free     Monsignor Sheeran, who then charged the               Stern and Taylor said that they original-     printer was only used for club materials and
pages per semester, according to a broadcast     university with that same goal.                  ly decided upon 200 pages per semester             not personal use.
e-mail sent on Aug. 26.                              The Teaching Learning Technology             after talking to various administrators and             Taylor and Stern agreed that they were
    According to Richard Stern and               Roundtable originally tapped Stern and           faculty. However, the TLTR decided to up           open to compromise on the number, but that
Michael Taylor, heads of the Digital             Taylor to head the Digital Sustainability        the number to 400 for full-time students.          they also wanted to see the data for this
Sustainability Committee, last year the uni-     Committee last year. The roundtable asked             “(In order to) err on the side of caution,”   semester in order to better analyze the
versity’s printers used in excess of three       the committee to look into using teaching        Taylor said.                                       amount of paper used.
million pages, 80 percent of which were          and technology to make Seton Hall a green-            Not everybody is happy with the new                “(By swiping the card) you might be
                                                                                                  limit, though, and the Student Government          more aware of how much you are printing,”
                                                                                                  Association is currently working on a bill         Taylor said.
                                                                                                  that will increase the paper limit.                     While Taylor and Stern said they were
                                                                                                       The movement, spearheaded by Arts             more than willing to work with the SGA and
                                                                                                  and Sciences Senator Dana Kappel, will up          students, they also said that they have to bal-
                                                                                                  the paper limit to 1,000 for full-time stu-        ance the needs of the students with the goal
                                                                                                  dents and 500 for part-time students.              of being more environmentally friendly.
                                                                                                       “We came up with this number because               Boege added that while some students
                                                                                                  of it is high enough where we can be agree-        have majors that require very little paper
                                                                                                  able to negotiations without compromising          usage, others have majors or have joined
                                                                                                  the original purpose of the bill,” Melissa         activities that require a lot of printing.
                                                                                                  Boege, an Arts and Sciences senator for the             Both parties agree that their numbers are
                                                                                                  SGA, said.                                         estimates and probably will need some
                                                                                                       Additionally, the bill includes a provi-      tweaking in the future.
                                                                                                  sion to ask faculty to consider the printing            They also agree that faculty should help
                                                                                                  limit when assigning lengthy articles and to       with the new printing restrictions.
                                                                                                  reconsider banning laptops in the class-                According to Boege, the bill to increase
                                                                                                  room.                                              the printing limit has been drafted and is in
                                                                                                       According to Boege, the third provision       the revisionary process. Boege said that the
                                                                                                  of the bill is “an idea as to how Executive        bill sponsors are hoping to present it at the

Sophomore Robert Rementeria a shift leader at PCSS loading paper in the
                                                                Mel Watson • THE SETONIAN         Board members of clubs and organizations           Sept. 14 meeting.

Walsh Library printer yesterday.
                                                                                                  could go about printing materials for their             Caitlin Carroll can be reached at
                                                                                                  organizations without it interfering with
  4   News                                                                                                                                                 Setonian

                                                                                                           Thursday, September 10, 2009

HRL upgrades facilities to satisfy student needs
         Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                          access to the internet port located on the
                                                                                                                                          top of Xavier Hall.
    Housing and Residence Life has                                                                                                            If the residents wanted to receive
changed services on campus including                                                                                                      internet and cable, they had to go to an
laundry, cable and internet in residence                                                                                                  outside source and pay on their own.
halls.                                                                                                                                        Every year Hall Director Lindsey
    Residents living in campus housing                                                                                                    James and her staff give out a Bench
will be the first ones to use the new high                                                                                                Marking Survey to hear the opinions of
efficiency washing machines and dryers.                                                                                                   the residents.
    All residence halls, excluding Turrell                                                                                                    “We saw consistently that the Ora
Manor, have the high efficiency washers                                                                                                   Manor residents were dissatisfied,” James
and dryers available to their convenience.                                                                                                said.
    According to Jas Verem, associate                                                                                                         According to the Assistant Director
director of Housing and Residence Life,                                                                                                   for Conferences, Robert Foreman,
the high efficiency washers and dryers                                                                                                    Housing and Residence Life worked with
have a greater capacity for washing larger                                                                                                the Department of Business Affairs to bid
loads and using less water.                                                                                                               on companies that would provide the
    Last year, the old washing machines                                                                                                   service of installing a cable wire and
and dryers used an average of 35 gallons                                                                                                  internet without increasing room rates.
of water, while the high efficiency models                                                                                                    “I think our system is built for our stu-
use only 12 gallons per wash.                                                                                                             dents to have the basic needs of cable and
    The machines require a small amount                                                                                                   internet,” Foreman said. “However, the

                                               Junior Meleane Millington washing her clothes in Xavier Hall yesterday.
of detergent per load since the soap will                                                                 Mel Watson • THE SETONIAN       constant change in technology pushes us
create suds causing it to overflow and                                                                                                    to reassess our needs each academic
lock the machine.                                                                                                                         year.”
    When a machine locks, the clothes          wash and dry.                                 a text message and e-mail.                       The department accepted a bid from
inside are irretrievable and technicians are       Freshman Caitlyn Rittenhouse found            Verem believes that the new laundry      Privatel Incorporated who now provides a
required to come and unlock the machine.       her experience with the machine very          system will be more efficient for the stu-   service for the students, who do not have
    Students are not required to purchase      easy and fun.                                 dents.                                       to pay any extra cost for cable and inter-
the specific detergent that is used for the        “I didn’t have a lot of experience            “(These machines are) more sustain-      net but receive it through Seton Hall.
high efficiency washers and dryers.            doing laundry but the machines were easy      able for the university and when fully           “I’m glad as the hall director that we
    If using a regular type of detergent,      to use and I had fun hanging out with my      implemented it will make laundry more        have met the goal of improving our sys-
students should remember to only use           friends while doing my laundry,”              convenient for students,” Verem said.        tem from previous years,” James said.
one-eighth of a cup per load, but if using     Rittenhouse said.                                 Meanwhile, residents in Ora Manor        “However, we’re always looking for ways
a high efficiency soap, follow the direc-          Starting in October, students will have   will now have internet outlets in each       to improve our halls and wireless connec-
tions on the bottle to prevent over-sud-       the option of logging onto Blackboard to      room.                                        tion is something we thought a lot about
ding.                                          determine which washers and dryers are            Up until two years ago, Seton Hall did   and are looking into a way to increase our
    Students are required to use Pirate’s      available.                                    not provide Ora Manor with cable or          improvement and satisfaction for the stu-
Gold when doing their laundry because              The Pirate Alert System will notify       wireless internet. Since Ora Manor is a      dent.”
the coin operated machines are no longer       students when their laundry is finished,      few blocks away on Valley Street, the            Jacqueline DeBenedetto can be
provided. The price of laundry has not         without physically checking every 30          building is not able to receive wireless     reached at jacqueline debenedetto@stu-
changed and is currently one dollar per        minutes. Students will be alerted through     connection because they don’t have 
TheSetonian                                                News 5
                                 Thursday, September 10, 2009

Transfer students help maintain budget after freshmen class fell short
           Copy Editor
      BY BRENDEN HIGASHI               said the admission’s team works
                                       hard to bring both freshmen and
                                       transfer students to Seton Hall.
    Last spring, the Seton Hall        In an effort to bring more stu-
University Admissions office           dents to Seton Hall, the universi-
was not sure whether enough            ty adjusted the type of aid
freshmen would decide to enroll        offered to students to encourage
ensuring the university would          more to select the Hall over other
maintain its budget projections        colleges and universities.
for the 2009-2010 academic                 “This has been a tough year
year.                                  economically for many people,”
    While the Class of 2013 fell       Gottlieb said. “Seton Hall's pri-
short of the admissions office’s       vate tuition could be an expen-
enrollment goal, Seton Hall had        sive proposition for a family that
more transfer students than had        faces economic uncertainty.”
been hoped for, putting the uni-           As a result, Seton Hall scaled
versity on track to maintain its       back the number of merit based
budget forecast.                       scholarships offered to incoming
    “Freshmen enrollment was           freshmen and increased the size
down a little bit, down about 100      of its need based offers, recog-
students of what we wanted to          nizing the weak economic situa-
have,” Peter Nacy, Assistant           tion that many families face.
Vice-President for Admissions              For some students, however,
said. “We’re at 1,149 and we           the Seton Hall name and reputa-

                                                                              Incoming freshmen have their arms full of room accessories while they move into their
wanted to have 1,250, but our          tion is well worth the extra costs                                                                                      Milan Stanic • THE SETONIAN

                                                                              residence halls during Move-In Day on campus.
transfer students are very strong      of enrollment.
this year. “                               “(Seton Hall) is really good
    Nacy said that the 101 stu-        for secondary education, had a
dent deficit in the freshmen class     better choice of classes, and a        Diplomacy and International            open seat, most classes are not      freshmen and returning students,
was offset by the 300 transfer         better reputation,” freshman Pat       Relations program.                     likely to be affected by the size    who applied for on-campus
students, 80 more than expected,       Ressegue, a secondary education            The impact that the size of        of the Class of 2013. Nacy did       housing and were wait-listed.
as well as a large turnout of sec-     and history major who chose            the       smaller-than-hoped-for       say, however, that the large pop-        Additionally, as the add/drop
ond degree nurses. The strong          Seton Hall over Montclair State        freshmen class will have on the        ulation of nursing students          period closed Tuesday night,
numbers of transfer and graduate       University, said.                      campus environment will largely        among the freshmen class might       Gottlieb noted that Seton Hall
students places the total number           Ressegue is not alone among        be offset by the larger-than-aver-     place some strain on the hard sci-   appears on track to maintain its
of new students at around 1,500,       his peers; many have chosen to         age group of transfer students.        ences, particularly chemistry and    usual retention rate, (the percent
surpassing the 1,470 new stu-          attend Seton Hall for the reputa-      Gottlieb said that, “from a stu-       biology.                             of freshmen who return for their
dents hoped for when the budget        tion many of the University’s          dent’s perspective, the slightly            Cheryl Janus, Assistant         sophomore year) at about 83 per-
was formulated in the spring.          programs have. Freshmen Kait           smaller freshman class could           Director of Housing and              cent.
    Dr. Tracy Gottlieb, Interim        Uttermark selected Seton Hall          translate into a shorter line in the   Residence Life, said the smaller         “That is very good retention
Associate         Provost      for     for the university’s seven year        cafeteria, a seat in a normally        size of the freshmen class has       for our university,” she said.
Enrollment Management and              physical therapy program while         closed class or a parking space in     also allowed Housing and                 Brenden Higashi can be

ORDINANCE: Party paranoia
Dean of Freshman Studies and           Anthony Pinto was impressed            the middle of the day.”                Residence Life to accommodate        reached at brenden higashi@stu-
Special Academic Programs,             with the Whitehead School of               Aside from the occasional          all of the students, both incoming

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                                                to me is a critical component that seems to
                                                be lost in much of the media coverage.”
    “Although we do live in a big house              Wankel said the university receives
and we do have a lot of people around, we       police reports on a daily basis of any
keep the noise under control after having       arrests or interventions that involve a
that first scare,” Spentzos said.               Seton Hall student. In 2007, 102 reports
    “It’s not like I’m defecating on peo-       were received from the South Orange
ple’s lawns or doing all these weird trashy     Police Departments and in 2008 only 68
things, we’re just enjoying ourselves as        reports were received.
college students…having a few drinks and             “If you look at the math of it all it
hanging with a few friends and there are        would seem that maybe 1,000 to 1,200 stu-
time where things get out of control and        dents live off campus,” Wankel said. She
too loud, but that’s the place of living by a   said it’s important to compare the number
university.”                                    of violations to the number of off-campus
    Village President Douglas Newman            residents.
said that the ordinance was not made to              One frustration Wankel said she has
attack college students specifically.           with the ordinance is the “Animal House”
    “When doing a local law, you have to        stereotype.
have a statement of findings as to why               “(The ordinance) has painted an
you’re even going down the path of doing        appearance of the Seton Hall student that is
something,” Newman said. “It’s important        truly the exception rather than the typical,”
because you have to establish what both-        she said.
ered even pursuing an ordinance in the first         Not all South Orange residents support
place if you don’t have a reason that’s dif-    the ordinance and its stereotype.
ferent from perhaps a different town.”               Ralston Morris who lives on Seton
    Newman said the difference in South         Place said he thinks the ordinance is
Orange is that it is home to a university,      ridiculous.
which makes it unique.                               “I went to college too, and to be forced
    However, because the ordinance              to leave my house just because I had a lit-
penalizes college students, many of those       tle too much noise at my party just seems
who live in off-campus housing are begin-       excessive,” Morris said. “That’s totally
ning to wonder what Seton Hall’s role in        unfair to both the landlord and the stu-
the matter is.                                  dent.”
    Vice President for Student Affairs and           Wankel said the university has done a
Enrollment Services Laura Wankel said           fair amount to try and reach and work with
she would be “hard pressed” to think that       campus students to educate them on two
there wasn’t a relationship between Seton       fronts, “not only what their responsibilities
Hall students and the ordinance.                are to be good neighbors but also what
    However she said she thinks “it’s           some of their rights are.”
unfortunate that there’s a perception that           For more information students can
the University has done nothing because         visit to find a link to
in fact, for many years now (the universi-      the ordinance.
ty) has been very involved with managing             Carolyn Maso can be reached at car-
off-campus behavior of students and that
6   News                                  Setonian

           Thursday, September 10, 2009
News from the road - summer2009
Brand New gets intimate with small venue summer tour
            Staff Writer

     A long-time staple on the music scene,
with three albums under its belt and one
due to be released this fall, Brand New is a
band that does whatever it wants to do.
Coming out of a string of college shows
and time spent recording their fourth
album, the Long Island-based band played
a series of small club shows in July.
Limited to nine dates, demand for tickets
was incredible. All shows sold out within
a day, most within seconds.
     In Philadelphia, Brand New played at
North Star Bar which, with a 200 person
capacity, is a tenth of the size of the
Electric Factory, the standard Philadelphia
stop for the band. Fans clamored for the
opportunity to see their favorite band in an
intimate venue. The show was scalper
heaven; some fans, unable to secure tickets
in time, shelled out hundreds of dollars for
one ticket into a show. (Of course, the
unfortunate secret is that, at least in the
case of Williamsburg, the venue let those
scouting for tickets into the venue for $40,
only $5 more than regular sale tickets,
after the opening bands. Ouch.)
     Brand New’s show at Brooklyn’s
Music Hall of Williamsburg, only a few
short train rides away from Long Island,
was the closest the tour had to a home
show. Williamsburg, a part of Brooklyn
known for being a sort of lethargic hipster

                                               Brand New’s fourth full-length album “Daisy” will be released on September 22 on Interscope Records.
central, faced a bit of an anomaly in its                                                                                                          Photo courtesy of Interscope Records
parts: the L train was packed, energy was
high, and the line for the show wrapped
around the block.
     The VIP section was full to bursting,     went unheard. After years of disregarding    good spirits, cracking jokes and enjoying          Perhaps you missed Brand New on
even family members weren’t going to           requests for older songs from fans, Brand    directed catcalls. After driving the crowd     this tour, but it wasn’t your last opportuni-
miss this show. When a band like Brand         New seems to have finally turned over a      into a frenzy, the band cooled down the        ty to see them this year.
New plays in tiny venues, things get done      new leaf.                                    show with “Play Crack the Sky” leading             In addition to their upcoming full U.S.
a little bit differently.                          In Williamsburg, the band tore through   into “Soco Amaretto Lime.” The crowd,          tour, Brand New will play a homecoming
     Since the 2006 release of Brand New’s     a surprisingly balanced 20-song set. It      often singing louder than the band’s           show at Nassau Coliseum on November
third album, “The Devil and God Are            was composed mainly of songs from            vocals, carried the show to its culmination.   28 with special guests Thrice, Glassjaw,
Raging Inside Me,” their sets have drifted     2003’s “Deja Entendu,”and surprisingly           Look for Brand New’s new album,            Manchester Orchestra, Kevin Devine and
from their first two releases. It became a     there were just as many songs from 2001’s    “Daisy,” out September 22 on Interscope        Crime in Stereo.
rarity to see older songs being played.        “Your Favorite Weapon” as from their         Records. The initially announced title,            Bonnie Falconer can be reached at
     Chants for the especially elusive         newest album, as well as three new songs     the mythology-inspired “and one head can                              bonnie.falconer@stu-
“Seventy Times 7” became standard fare,        from the band’s upcoming release.            never die,” was quickly changed to the                             
but, to fans’ disappointment, their cries          For once, the band seemed to be in       much more simple “Daisy.”

        Keane trek across the pond for some midwest BBQ
                                          Assistant Features Editor
                                           BY MEGHAN DIXON

     Piano-driven Brit rock and America’s love of grilled meat is what epic summers are made of. Of course
 I found it strange that Keane, UK chart toppers whose tunes have been featured on popular shows like
 Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill, agreed to play at the rib burn off in Cleveland, Ohio. The previous
 headliners were Bret Michaels and metal band Shinedown. I expected this from the Midwest, but not Keane.
     However, I purchased my seven dollar ticket and expected disappointment; there would be food and
 plenty of opportunity to redneck-watch. Turns out, other Clevelanders were just as excited as me for the
 concert. Lead singer Tom Chaplin stood in shock after the thunderous applause that followed the opening
 “The Lovers are Losing” off of their fall 2008 release “Spiralling.”
                                                                                                                                                                                     Interscope Records

     Playing their unique breed of Casio rock to trippy pop art images that flashed on split screens, the boys
 played a sampling from each of their full albums, including the BRIT Award winning “Hopes and Fears.”
 The crowd, some of whom had travelled from Canada to the fest, welcomed the band back for two encores.
 Oh yeah, and the ribs weren’t too bad either.
  8                                                                                                                                           Thursday, September 10, 2009

mtvU begins search forcollege activists
TOMS Shoes founderbecomes model social entrepreneur
                  Pirate Life Editor
                BY DANA CASSIDY                             leged children in developing countries since 2006 and is
                                                            projected to sell over 300,000 pairs by the end of the
     MtvU and the New York Stock Exchange Euronext              “Blake is a good model and he encapsulates what an
are sponsoring a nationwide competition called              entrepreneur is,” he said. “He is the de facto social
“Movers & Changers,” which challenges budding entre-        entrepreneur. He’s helping society and even eradicating
preneurs to promote social change through innovative        disease.”
business ideas.                                                 Blake Mycoskie was inspired to create TOMS Shoes
     The contest invites 16-28 year old college students,   after meeting barefoot children in Argentina. He found-
individually or in teams of up to three, to submit busi-    ed the organization that would donate a pair of shoes for
ness proposals for ideas that will have a positive impact   every pair purchased.
on society. The contest will run until Oct. 16, culminat-       Shoes are delivered worldwide through volunteers
ing in a short-form series premiering on Nov. 23 on         and staff. TOMS Shoes currently visits Argentina
mtvU featuring the finalists. The winner will be reward-    monthly and gives shoes away five days a week in
ed $25,000 in start-up money and the opportunity to         Ethiopia. There is also the Vagabond Tour, which reach-
ring the opening bell at the NYSE.                          es college campuses across the country to spread the
     Carlo DiMarco, Vice President of University            message of TOMS Shoes.
Relations for mtvU, said that mtvU has a legacy of giv-         Many children in developing nations walk around
ing college students exciting opportunities and “Movers     barefoot and are extremely susceptible to health risks.
& Changers” will provide students the platform to inter-    Also, children are not allowed to attend school unless
act and connect with the most influential business lead-    they own a pair of shoes. TOMS Shoes believes that
ers in the world.                                           these issues can be easily prevented with a pair of
     “College students are on the front lines of social     shoes.
change,” DiMarco said. “They have boundless creativi-           TOMS Shoes are modeled after the alpargata shoes
ty.”                                                        the local Argentineans wore while Mycoskie first visit-
     The three finalists with the most compelling busi-     ed the country. They are made of canvas or cotton fab-
ness proposals will present their ideas in New York City    rics and now come in hundreds of different styles and
at NYSE Euronext’s Global Entrepreneurship Week:            can be customizable.
Mentoring Madness to a team of panelists, including             Students can submit entries online at
TOMS Shoes founder and “chief shoe giver” Blake    until Oct. 16.
Mycoskie.                                                   Submissions should include a detailed business plan.
     When considering judges for the “Movers &                  Students are also encouraged to submit a video “ele-
Changers” Board, DiMarco said that it was a “no brain-      vator pitch” which explains the basic nature of the idea.                         Photo courtesy of
er” choosing Mycoskie, whose TOMS Shoes company                 Dana Cassidy can be reached at dana.cassidy@stu-        TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie hand delivers
has given over 150,000 pairs of shoes to underprivi-                                               and helps put on shoes to a child in need.

                                                                                                                 “College stu-
                                                                                                                  dents are on
                                                                                                                the front lines
                                                                                                                    of social
                                                                                                                 change. They
                                                                                                               have boundless
                                                                                                                                   CARLO DIMARCO,
                                                                                                                            VP of University Relations at mtvU

Photo courtesy of
   Thursday, September 10, 2009                                                                                   9

 Still fab afterfortyyears
The Beatles make their virtual debut
                 Managing Editor
              BY BRIAN WISOWATY
                                                         mium bundle. Therefore, the game lends well for
                                                         Beatle fans to try playing the guitar or drums while
    When “Beatlemania” spread across the world in        singing simultaneously.
the 1960s, it’s safe to say John, Paul, George and            Adding to this idea is the development of sepa-
Ringo would have never pegged an Xbox or                 rate harmony vocals, as the game separates the dif-
Playstation as a future venue.                           ferent vocal tones and parts of the four band mem-
    But now the Fab Four can add this generation’s       bers. This is a first for the “Rock Band” game series.
video game consoles to their resumes with the release    With the release of replica controller instruments
of “The Beatles: Rock Band” on Sept. 9.                  used by The Beatles, players can authentically
    The “Rock Band” series, with two full titles         act as their favorite member of the group.
already released, allows players to match color-              However, the most impressive feature
coded notes with corresponding buttons on a guitar       is the addition of “dreamscape” scenes as
or drum style controller in rhythm to recreate hit       a backdrop for the songs that coincide
songs. The game also allows a                            with The Beatles’ psychedelic work
vocalist to match pitch while                            following their retirement from
singing on-screen lyrics. The                            touring. “Here Comes The Sun”
players are then scored on                               places the on-screen band on a
their accuracy.                                                bright, flowery
    In this version, “The
Beatles: Rock Band” presents
45 tracks from the group’s
extensive catalogue, played on
the screen by a computerized version of the
band. The story mode allows players to travel
along the group’s career path, from Liverpool’s
Cavern Club to The Ed Sullivan Show, Shea Stadium
                                                                                                                      Photos courtesy of

and even the iconic rooftop of Apple Corp.’s London               h i l l ,
headquarters.                                            while      “Octopus’s
    The game won’t challenge the true “Rock Band”        Garden” finds the Fab Four
or “Guitar Hero” experts, as only songs such as          playing in a deep teal blue sea.
“Helter Skelter” prove lighting fast and finger-numb-        Between these visuals, the chal-
ing for guitar. Instead, “The Beatles: Rock Band”        lenge of singing while playing an
seems to be made for true fanatics of the group with     instrument and a catalogue that will
the incentive of unlockable photos and exclusive         expand through downloadable content,
audio segments after mastering songs.                    “The Beatles: Rock Band” seems to be a sure
    Tracks offered also range from well-known hits       winner for all who adore the lads from
like the classic “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “Get     Liverpool nearly 40 years after they broke up.
Back” to hidden gems, like “Dig A Pony” off of the           Consider this video game their unofficial
album “Let it Be”. However, players are more than        reunion.
likely familiar with the majority of The Beatles’ cat-       Brian Wisowaty can be reached at
alogue if they are willing to drop $249.99 on the pre-
  10                                                                                                                                            Thursday, September 10, 2009

                                    pirateplaylist                                                                                                 freshnewtrack
                                      Duets from starlet& indie star
       thebackpage                               Assistant Pirate Life Editor
                                                  BY MEGHAN DIXON

                                          Scarlett Johansson came to Pete Yorn in a
                                      dream in 2006. According to the new duo’s web
                                      site, Yorn woke with a start after a battle with
                                      insomnia and a rough breakup, declaring that he

                                      needed to make a record similar to Serge

                                                                                                                                                   “The Blueprint III”
                                      Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot. Johansson, at

                                                                                                                                                   (Roc Nation)
                                      least according to Yorn, is the 21st century
                                      equivalent of Bardot.
                                          Fast forward three years later, through
                                      Yorn’s album “Back and Forth” and Johansson’s                                                                 The international hip hop super-
                                      collection of Tom Waits covers “Anywhere I                                                                    star returns with the highly
                                      Lay My Head,” and “Breakup” has progressed                                                                    anticipated follow-up to 2001’s
                                      from a frivolous side project to a full length                                                                “Blueprint” and 2006’s
                                      album available on Sept. 15.                                                                                  “Blueprint II,” featuring the first
                                                                                          Peter Yorn & Scarlett Johansson                           single “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-
                                          The nine tracks progress from the very
                                                                                                                                                    Tune)” and “Run This Town.”
                                      beginning of a relationship with “Relator,” a

                                      fast-paced, tambourine-shaking pop song that
                                      shows off Johansson’s sultry low-register, to
                                      “Someday,” an acoustic lullaby goodbye and the
                                      eventual breakup.
                                          Being a strong, cohesive album, few songs       writing. Johansson seems to be there for the
                                      stand alone well except for the first single        perfectly cohesive melodies and celebrity draw.
                                      “Relator” and “Wear and Tear.” The album suf-           Already facing comparisons to Zooey
                                      fers from its own complexity and to be appreci-     Deschannel and M. Ward’s collaboration as the
                                      ated it requires at least three rotations.          band She & Him from various media outlets, the
                                          Oh, by the way, Johansson’s got some pipes.     two albums admittedly have a suspicious
                                      Johansson’s surprisingly deep, almost baritone,     amount in common: random movie star girl and
                                      singing voice has a retro, Doo-Wop sound, par-      indie music guy mashup, Doo-Wop fusion and
                                      ticularly in “Relator,” which doesn’t necessarily   elaborate harmonies. Both projects also began
                                                                                                                                                   A Fine Frenzy
                                      invoke Bardot’s singing but it does sound remi-     in 2006. However, the singing on She & Him’s
                                                                                                                                                   “Bomb in a Birdcage”
                                      niscent of the time she reigned in the late 50s,    album is purely Deschannel driven, whereas

                                      and early 60s.                                      “Breakup” is truly a series of duets. Yorn is
                                            However, some moments in the album are        more than willing to share vocals.
                                      held back by her tendency to sound monotone,            The album wouldn’t have the same genuine

                                                                                                                                                   The alternative singer-song-
                                      as on the backing vocals to the nonsensical         honesty if performed solo instead of as a series

                                                                                                                                                   writer releases her second
                                      “Blackie’s Dead.” The more up-tempo songs           of duets; Yorn and Johansson are in this one

                                                                                                                                                   album after 2007’s “One Cell
                                      showcase Yorn rather than Johansson, most like-     together. They both bring their personal

                                                                                                                                                   in the Sea.” Includes the first
                                      ly due to her lack of vocal power and limited       strengths and understanding of the music to

                                                                                                                                                   single, “Blow Away,” as well
                                      range.                                              present an admittedly odd but impressive album.

                                                                                                                                                   as “Happier” and “Electric
                                          The album has varied influences from the        However, as shown through their separate musi-

                                      bluegrass infused “Wear and Tear,” to the mod-      cal pursuits, this is one pair that shouldn’t push
                                      ern electronica moments in “Search Your             their luck beyond the novelty of the first release.
                                      Heart.” However, all tracks find common                 The full album is available streaming on
                                      ground in a distinct alternative folk sound.                                        - complied by Dana Cassidy
                                      Although identifiable from Yorn’s typical rock-         Meghan Dixon can be reached at
                                      driven albums, Breakup is still unmistakably his

“Love Drunk”underthe influence ofauto-tuning
Boys Like Girls sophomore attempt much worse than the first
             Staff Writer                                                                 Boys Like Girls
         BY KEVIN STEVENS                                                                                                                tweens who are too cool for the Jonas

                                                                                          “Love Drunk”
                                                                                                                                         Brothers but not quite jaded enough to
                                                                                                                                         listen to their older brother’s Hawthorne
    Love Drunk is the second album                                                                                                       Heights’ CD.
from pop-punkers Good Charlotte, I                                                                                                           But solely on a sonic level, this
mean, Boys Like Girls. The album                                                                                                         album is so unimpressive as a whole
proves that the names of both these pop-                                                                                                 that it’s difficult to know what is harder
ular bands are virtually interchangeable.                                                 chorus-verse, etc.) seem even more stale       to accomplish: finding something musi-
Case in point: Boys Like Girls (BLG)                                                      than it already is.                            cally worthwhile within it or continuing
makes great strides to defy the naysay-                                                        The auto-tuned vocals also give the       to listen in hopes that something bear-
ers who claim that Good Charlotte                                                         song a heavy feeling of insincerity.           able will appear.
might be the worst band ever.                                                             Music can be embellished but should                The most incredibly painful songs
    BLG deserves its praise for ripping                                                   never be this clean-cut; the entire album      are the slower tracks, like “Someone
off, and maybe even ruining, Good                                                         is almost neurotically spotless.               Like You,” which is plugged with emo-
Charlotte’s music with Love Drunk.                                                             And then there is the next slated sin-    tional vapidity, although Johnson tries
These guys missed their true calling by                                                   gle, “She’s Got a Boyfriend Now,”              to disguise his half-interest through his
taking up musicianship instead of butch-                                                  which sounds like your favorite Good           whiny bawls. The song comes and goes
ery. The album is so bombastic and            I’m gonna, gonna turn around and walk       Charlotte song, placing smooth synths,         (in what feels like a lifetime) but is
inane that it’s tiring to listen to repeat-   away.”                                      crunchy guitars, and smoothly produced,        musically static, and is ultimately a
edly.                                             The profundity continues with “Love     bi-layered vocals in a sunny and overall       colossal waste of four minutes of album
    Literally, it’s painful to listen to,     Drunk,” the album’s first single, which     insipid track laden with “woah-oh”             time.
beginning with the overproduced and           already has over 8 million listens on       chants.                                            With such trite elements, Boys Like
auto-tuned “Heart Heart Heartbreak,”          Myspace. Hopefully, for the benefit of           If Love Drunk is meant for a much         Girls make crafting a pop song seem
which tries extra hard to be an anthem        our civilization, the number is an enor-    younger audience it can have some              like an effortless endeavor- not in a
but cannot reach a maturity level             mous computational error.                   merit for being marketed successfully at       good way. Their music is irritating,
beyond the Radio Disney demographic.              “Love Drunk” is outrageously repet-     its target group. Judging from the             overused and unnecessary, further clog-
    This opening track starts with gur-       itive, apparently trying to see how many    band’s pictures, it seems that they have       ging the mainstream airwaves with more
gling auto-tune as lead singer Martin         times they can say “I used to be love       larger interests than making a musically       pre-adolescent nonsense.
Johnson gushes his angsty platitudes,         drunk” in less than four minutes, while     moving album anyway; they cling to the             Kevin Stevens can be reached at
“Headed for a heart, heart, heartbreak /      making the pop-single template (verse-      bad-boy emo appeal, perfect for the  
                                                                                                                                                 Opinion 11
TheSetonian                     Thursday, September 10, 2009


         TOP                                                              The Collective Opinion
                                                                     of The Setonian’s Editorial Board                                              Volume 86 • Issue 1
                                                                                                                                                  Thursday, September 10,
  Worst ideas for                  All students suffer from ordinance                                                                                  Meghan St. John
                                                                                                                                                         Editor in Chief
   future Rock
                                                                                                                                                        Brian Wisowaty
                                       When a town or village housing a major uni-            Additionally, what hurts the off-campus stu-
  Band releases                                                                                                                                         Managing Editor
                                   versity passes an ordinance with the nickname of       dent population is South Orange’s location near
                                   “Animal House,” chances are its underlying cause       historically dangerous areas, those with some of

                                   is pretty clear.                                       the highest crime rates in New Jersey. For those
                                       In South Orange, this seems to be the case.        who would consider living 10-15 minutes away
                                                                                                                                                       Stephanie Bower
                                   You can agree or disagree with the content of the      from the university and have the means to do so,
      Backstreet Boys                                                                                                                                     News Editor
                                   ordinance, but there is little debate that college     it may not be an option.
                                   students have dictated its passing.                        That leaves a high concentration of college
                                                                                                                                                        Carolyn Maso
                                       The stereotypical image of a rowdy college         students in one area, a probable cause for prob-
              9.                   student, one who spends more hours in parties          lems of different varieties. With this in mind, it           Asst. News Editor

                                                                                                                                                       Timothy LeCras
                                   than classes, has essentially been placed over the     takes a strong town-gown effort to find a real
       Garth Brooks
                                                                                                                                                          Sports Editor
                                   entire off-campus student population. Even those       solution for issues that are immediate problems
                                   who seek residence away from the university’s          involving crimes or inappropriate actions.
                                                                                                                                                        Nicholas Parco
                                   property for reasons other than partying have a            The university must look after helping its stu-
              8.                   new, legitimate concern to ponder.                     dents, while the village needs to realize the bene-
                                                                                                                                                       Asst. Sports Editor
            Cher                       In all respect to Seton Hall’s Housing and         fits of having a youthful student population.
                                                                                                                                                        Dana Cassidy
                                   Residence Life, there are benefits to living outside   Neither of these ideas seemed to be present when
                                                                                                                                                        Pirate Life Editor
                                   the campus gates. Developing an extra sense of         the ordinance was passed into law, else someone
              7.                   responsibility, such as having to prepare meals or
                                   pay utility bills, is one of the positive elements
                                                                                          would have spoken up.
                                                                                              Instead, many students returned for the fall              Meghan Dixon
         Bob Dylan                 behind seeking independence away from the Hall.        semester with an additional worry. Whether it’s by         Asst. Pirate Life Editor

                                                                                                                                                       Brenden Higashi
                                       But the ordinance takes the opposite to the        visiting friends at a South Orange apartment or
                                                                                                                                                          Copy Editor
                                   extreme, penalizing all those within the near          trying to find a home for next year, everyone in
              6.                   vicinity of the campus due to the actions of some.     the student body stands affected.
                                                                                                                                                        Caitlin Carroll
                                       This notion bring terms like “prejudice” or            That may be the clearest definition of discrim-
  Disney Soundtrack
                                                                                                                                                          Copy Editor
                                   “discrimination” into the conversation. Such isn’t     ination possible, as it’s safe to say no other group
                                   warranted at the start of a semester, where most       of individuals stands at risk to be served a quali-
              5.                   students already contend with stresses over aca-       ty-of-life violation under the new stricter rules in           Milan Stanic
                                   demics and financial obligations.                      South Orange than Seton Hall students.                          Photo Editor

                                                                                                                                                     Caitlin Cunningham
                                                                                                                                                       Graphic Designer
              4.                                                  HALLMARKS                                                                            Jennifer Wilcox
         Kenny G                                                                                                                                       Business Manager

                                                                                                                                                    Dr. Amy Kiste Nyberg
              3.                                                                                                                                         Faculty Adviser

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 12   Opinion                                                                                                                                                Setonian

                                                                                                           Thursday, September 10, 2009

True value of the Hall Nothing wrong with
evident four years later presidential advice
    As I start my senior year, I am bom-
barded with class work, responsibility,
                                                              Meghan’s                           On Tuesday, President Obama deliv-
                                                                                            ered a back-to-school speech to students                        The Wide
and the looming thought of graduating in
a mere eight months during the reces-
                                                              MADNESS                       across the country that sparked unexpect-
                                                                                            ed controversy.
                                                                                                 For many Americans, the controversy
                                                                   Editor in Chief
    Sometimes I question why I came to                         BY MEGHAN ST. JOHN           centers on whether the President should
                                                                                                                                                               Photography Editor
                                                                                                                                                              BY MILAN STANIC
a university that costs so much, especial-                                                  just visit a school or give students advice
ly after finalizing my latest loan, when I                                                  on life as if he were the child’s parent.
know I will be left with thousands of dol-                                                       The controversy includes Obama’s
lars in debt upon graduation during a         tives and experiences. In all, I can hon-     call to “pay attention to teachers” and to          A study conducted by The Career
time when it seems as if none of my           estly say I no longer dread going to class    “put in the hard work it takes to succeed.”     College Association (CCA) found that 38
graduated friends are finding jobs.           “because it’s boring,” because it is not. I   I just can't see how the President of the       percent of respondents indicated an inter-
    Yet, on my first day of classes I was     have now reached the understanding that       United States telling kids to stay in school    est in higher education. Furthermore, the
suddenly reminded why it is worth             I am not only learning from the best, but     and get the most out of their education is      study notes that “higher education looms
attending Seton Hall. First, the level of     learning hands-on so I am better pre-         a bad thing at all.                             large as an employment booster.”
academia is exceptional.                      pared for the real world.                          In fact, I think every sitting President       So why are so many people complain-
    Four out of five of my professors             Additionally, the proximity to New        should stress the importance of staying in      ing about Obama, his speech or his
have careers in their professions outside     York City offers an endless amount of         school. It's sad and depressing that some-      alleged socialistic views?
of the classroom. Two have experience in      opportunities for internships. The com-       one can't tell kids to work hard so they can        Obama’s speech is nothing more than
the journalism industry and both work at      petition of finding a hands-on internship     live a happy and successful life without        essential positive reinforcement and
local newspapers in New Jersey, one of        is high, yet I found that companies called    someone turning it into a political             behavior management that is usually
whom has been instrumental in training        me back quickly and were impressed            firestorm.                                      exhibited by teachers, administrators, or
me to get to the position I am at The         with the knowledge I had in my major as            Needless to say, I am not oblivious to     anyone with a good intention of motivat-
Setonian.                                     well as the newspaper clips I provided        the fact that some people will always dis-      ing the future of our youth, our country
     Another works at his own law firm in     them. I realized that the Seton Hall name     agree with the President. However, there        and our world.
New York City and has worked on high-         and experience will get me far.               is no question that more and more                   Milan Stanic is a sophomore
profile cases involving Leonardo                  So, I am proud to say I am a Seton        Americans are turning to some form of           International Relations and Diplomacy
Dicaprio, Quentin Tarrintino and suc-         Hall student. Bash and hate on school all     higher education during our economic cri-       major from Philadelphia, Penn. He can be
cessfully represented the Estate of Nicole    you want, but ultimately we all chose         sis.                                            reached at
Brown Simpson in the civil suit against       Seton Hall because we saw an opportuni-
O.J. Simpson. Furthermore, he is a regu-      ty for ourselves to exceed in one way or        Letters to the Editor
lar legal commentator on Fox, CNN,            another. Luckily, we have many profes-             The Setonian welcomes letters to the editor. All submissions must
NBC and CBS.                                  sors who are equally excited to help us in
    Last, my academic advisor and pro-        our endeavors. We must remember that            include the author’s first and last name and a phone number.
fessor has years of experience in the pub-    you can only get what you put into your         Submissions should be no more than 400 words. The Setonian
lic relations field and owns a firm. She      education.                                      reserves the right to edit letters for clarity and brevity -- concise let-
always uses real-life examples of her             Although I haven’t checked my               ters have a better chance of being printed.
past and current clients to help us better    favorite celebrity gossip site in days and         Letters can be e-mailed to Meghan St. John, Editor in Chief, at
understand public relations. Her enthusi-     I’m the only one in my house not glued
asm for the field has only increased my       to the TV in anticipation of the latest
excitement for my major and her guid-         90210 episode, I know that my hectic               Letters not originating from a Seton Hall e-mail address must
ance has been extremely helpful.              schedule and never-ending list of things        come with a phone number and matching postal address. Letters
    The more I talk to friends from home,     to do will get me far.                          from a Seton Hall e-mail address must include a valid phone number.
the more I realize that they do not receive       Meghan St. John is a senior public             Deadline for letters is 5 p.m. on the Tuesday preceding publica-
the same classroom experience. These          relations major from Woodbury, Conn.
are professors who are not teaching from      She       can      be       reached     at      tion.
textbooks, but from their own perspec-
TheSetonian                     Thursday, September 10, 2009                                                                                               Sports 13
The Hall falls to Long Island Univ
        Staff Writer
   BY MATTHEW BRYANT                                                                                                                                   records the third time this sea-
                                                                                                                                                       son that the Pirates have been
    The volleyball team lost its                                                                                                                           “We have a lot of young
season opener Tuesday night in                                                                                                                         players, so clearly it’s going to
the form of a sweep by Long                                                                                                                            be a work in progress. We have
Island University.                                                                                                                                     a lot we need to work on,” head
    The Pirates fell to 2-5 on the                                                                                                                     coach Kris Zeiter said. “We
season after dropping all three                                                                                                                        need to play more consistently.”
sets, 20-25, 15-25, and 22-25.                                                                                                                             Seton Hall also participated
    The Blackbirds traveled to                                                                                                                         in the Albany Classic in New
South Orange with a 0-6 record,                                                                                                                        York last weekend.
but earned their first win of the                                                                                                                          The Pirates lost the first
season.                                                                                                                                                game last Friday to Lamar, 1-3.
    Long Island used a 5-1 run                                                                                                                             The Hall only won the first
to take the lead in the first set,                                                                                                                     set of the match.
14-10.                                                                                                                                                     On Saturday morning, the
    Seton Hall pulled within two                                                                                                                       Pirates were swept by host
points after freshman Morgan                                                                                                                           Albany, 0-3.
DeVries’s kill made it 21-19.                                                                                                                              The Hall salvaged the final
    That that was the closest the                                                                                                                      game of the tournament, defeat-
Hall would get to the                                                                                                                                  ing Hofstra 3-1.
Blackbirds’s lead in the first set.                                                                                                                        The Pirates will travel to the
    In the second set, Seton Hall                                                                                                                      Bronx on Friday to begin the
was overpowered by LIU’s                                                                                                                               Rose Hill Classic, hosted by
offensive attack.                                                                                                                                      Fordham University.

                                      After being swept for the third time this season, the Pirates head to the Rose Hill Classic
    In the second set, the only                                                                                     Milan Stanic • THE SETONIAN            The first matchup places

                                      looking for answers on their poor early season play.
time the Pirates had the lead was                                                                                                                      Seton Hall against Sacred Heart,
after being down 3-0, they had a                                                                                                                       a 5-1 team, on Friday.
4-0 run.                                                                                                                                                   The second game is on
    Seton Hall pulled within          17.                                     The Blackbirds took advan-       overshadowed by Long Island’s           Friday night when the Hall will
two, 12-10, after a Blackbirds            Looking to force a fourth       tage of these two errors.            senior duo of Racic and                 face the 2-4 Fordham Rams
miscommunication on a forma-          set, the Pirates again took the         They eventually won the          Svetlana Simic.                             The Pirates lost to Fordham
tion.                                 lead, 22-20.                        third set on a Racic kill by a           The two Blackbirds com-             in their first game of the season,
     LIU answered by going on a           A kill by Long Island senior    score of 25-22.                      bined for 35 kills and 26 digs.         0-3.
13-5 run to seal the second set       Martina Racic brought the               Pirate senior Allie Matters          Junior Sarah Osmun led the              Saturday rounds out the
25-15.                                Blackbirds within one point.        continued her pursuit of the         Pirates with nine kills and 11          tournament as Seton Hall plays
    Seton Hall started the third          LIU tied the score at 22-22     career dig leaders title by          digs.                                   1-2 Central Connecticut State
set by going on a 7-2 run to take     on a Seton Hall error.              improving her double-figure dig          Pirate freshman Olivia              and 1-3 Manhattan College.
the early advantage.                      On the next play, they took     streak to 44 after recording 10      Trudeau also added 20 assists               Matthew Bryant can be
    The Blackbirds managed to         the lead when the ball landed in    in Tuesday night’s game.             and four digs.                          reached at matthew.bryant@stu-
comeback and tie the set at 17-       the middle of the Pirate defense.       Matters’s performance was            Long     Island’s    victory

Pirates’ offense explodes against Fordham
                                                                                                                “It’s tough to come from behind and
                                                                                                                easy to get down. It shows character
                                                                                  Staff Writer
                                                                             BY ZACHARY CZIRYAK

                                                                                                                that the kids have come from behind
                                                                              On the strength of three first
                                                                          half goals the women’s soccer
                                                                          team defeated Fordham 4-1 at
                                                                          Owen T. Carroll Field.
                                                                              The win was the third straight
                                                                                                                                           KAZBEK TAMBI
                                                                                                                                              Head Coach
                                                                          for the Pirates who improved to
                                                                          3-1 on the year.
                                                                              Junior Nicki Gross led the
                                                                          Hall with two goals, one of which    said.                                       The Pirates will now travel
                                                                          came in the second half, as well         In the second half, Gross           down to Charlottesville, Va. to
                                                                          as a goal and an assist from soph-   delivered yet again, this time          participate in the Virginia Nike
                                                                          omore Wiebke Balcke.                 from the center of the field, to put    Soccer Classic where they will
                                                                              Senior Kaitlyn Rogers also       the Hall up 4-0. Fordham upset          face Dartmouth and Virginia. The
                                                                          had a goal of her own.               the Pirates bid for a shutout with      Hall then opens up Big East play
                                                                              The scoring began early on a     a goal in the 89th minute from          at Rutgers University on
                                                                          header from sophomore Danielle       Megan Cookson.                          September 18.
                                                                          Schulmann to Balcke that got             Despite the late-game trou-             The team will not play at
                                                                          past Fordham goalkeeper Rachel       ble, the Hall cruised to the victo-     home again until Iona comes to
                                                                          Suther                               ry behind a strong defensive            Owen T. Carroll Field on
                                                                              “We asked the girls about try-   effort led by senior Megan Mills        September 21.
                                                                          ing to connect passes,” third year   and      freshman        goalkeeper         Zachary Cziryak can be
                                                                          head coach Kazbek Tambi said.        Jennifer Pettigrew, who posted          reached at zachary.cziryak@stu-
                                                                          “We thought if we could get          three saves in the first half to pick
                                                                          some good passes we’d have           up the win.
                                                                          opportunities to score.”                 Seton Hall outshot Fordham
                                                                              Minutes later Balcke fed a       15-9, five of which came from
                                                                          streaking Gross who blasted          leading goal scorer Gross,
                                                                          home her first goal of the game.         The Pirates are now 2-0 at
                                                                              The final goal of the half       home this season. After losing
                                                                          came when sophomore Caitlyn          their season opener to Maryland,
                                                                          Milazzo found an open Rogers in      the team picked up two come
                                                                          the middle of the field. Rogers      from behind victories over
                                                                          lofted a shot high over the goal-    Monmouth and Fairfield.                    
                                                                          keeper to put Seton Hall up three        “It’s tough to come from
                                                                          at the half.                         behind and easy to get down,”
                                            Milan Stanic • THE SETONIAN
As Nicole Peterson bumps an opposing player, the Pirates
                                                                              “It always feels better if you   Tambi said. “It shows character

head to Virginia as a final tune up for Big East play.
                                                                          can take the lead and have the       that the kids have come from
                                                                          cushion of a few goals,” Tambi       behind victories.”                       	

 14   Sports                                                                                                             Setonian

                                                                                          Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bobby Gonzalez is entering his fourth season as head coach of the
                                                          Milan Stanic • THE SETONIAN

Pirates. The reported extension would keep him with the men’s basket-
ball program until the 2014-2015 season.

Gonzalez to get
three more years
          Managing Editor
       BY BRIAN WISOWATY                         However, since taking over the
                                             coaching spot, Seton Hall has not partic-
                                             ipated in either the National Invitation
    Men’s basketball head coach Bobby        Tournament or the NCAA Tournament.
Gonzalez will receive a three-year               Gonzalez’s prior head coaching stint
extension on Thursday, according to          with Manhattan College lasted seven
online reports from The Star-Ledger and      seasons and yielded two bids in the
The Bergen Record last night.                NCAA Tournament.
    The Star Ledger report states the uni-       The timing of the contract extension
versity and Gonzalez “has reached an         could be set to correlate with yesterday’s
agreement in principle” that will keep       official start of the NCAA “contact peri-
the coach at the helm of the Pirates         od” for player recruitment.
through the 2014-2015 season.                    Brian Wisowaty can be reached at
    According to The Bergen Record’s
report, Gonzalez is currently entering
the fourth year of a five-year deal.
    In his three years as head coach,
Gonzalez has compiled a 47-46 overall
    Signature wins during his tenure
include upsets of Southern California in
the O’Reilly Auto Parts Puerto Rico Tip-
Off Tournament and against Georgetown
at Prudential Center, both wins over
ranked teams last year.
    Two seasons ago, his team also
pulled an upset at home over Louisville,
                                                    Average wins per
                                                 season in career as head

                                                    coach. (Manhattan
    He picked up his first postseason win

                                                 College and Seton Hall)
a year ago with the team, as the Hall
defeated South Florida in the Big East
Tournament, 68-54.
TheSetonian                     Thursday, September 10, 2009                                                                                               Sports 15
Soccer taken down by Tigers
      Managing Editor
   BY BRIAN WISOWATY                                                                                                                                   dictate the game’s pace in the
                                                                                                                                                       final minutes.
                                                                                                                                                           They cleared out the ball
                                                                                                                                                       into Seton Hall’s end of the field
    All it took was one moment                                                                                                                         several times to kill the half’s
midway through the first half, a                                                                                                                       remaining time.
free kick from Princeton                                                                                                                                   “Because of the few defen-
defender Josh Walburn that                                                                                                                             sive plays in the second half,
seemed to deflect off a Seton                                                                                                                          our     legs     were      tired,”
Hall defender and freeze Pirates                                                                                                                       Schellscheidt said.
keeper Paul McHenry in the net.                                                                                                                            The Pirates defeated Penn
    When the game went final,                                                                                                                          on Sept. 4, 3-2.
that momentary lapse by the                                                                                                                                However, they lost their sea-
Hall’s defense led to a second                                                                                                                         son opener to Monmouth by a 1-
straight loss to an in-state oppo-                                                                                                                     0 score on Sept. 1.
nent at the season’s start.                                                                                                                                “We need to keep our heads
    Seton Hall fell to Princeton,                                                                                                                      up and prepare for (Virginia
3-2, on Monday night at Owen                                                                                                                           C o m m o n w e a l t h ) , ”
T. Carroll Field.                                                                                                                                      Schellscheidt said. “Games
    It was the team’s first regu-                                                                                                                      come so quick that we don’t
lar season home game after                                                                                                                             have time to dwell.”
starting its year 1-1 the prior                                                                                                                            Seton Hall will host the
week.                                                                                                                                                  Rams at Owen T. Carroll Field
    Junior Steven Rose picked                                                                                                                          on Friday night.
up a pair of goals in the loss, the                                                                                                                        Game time is at 7 p.m.
first of which came on a corner                                                                                                                            Afterwards, the team hits the
kick assist by junior Brayan                                                                                                                           road.
Martinez.                                                                                                                                                    The Pirates do not return

                                      Junior Brayan Martinez fights for ball position with Princeton defender Josh Walburn
    All of the goals scored by                                                                                        Milan Stanic • THE SETONIAN      home until Sept. 25., when they

                                      during a 3-2 loss to the Princeton Tigers. on Monday night at Owen T. Carroll Field.
both teams came in the first                                                                                                                           face the Rutgers Scarlet Knights
half.                                                                                                                                                  in the heart of Big East play.
    “As much as we hate to lose,                                                                                                                           Virginia Commonwealth is
we want to acknowledge the                Walburn put Princeton             lead.                                in his 36 minutes of play.            2-0 in the regular season after
good things,” head coach              ahead for the first time around           “It was definitely a tense           Martinez, usually a catalyst      defeating St. Francis (NY) and
Manny Schellscheidt said.             the 23 minute mark with an            game,” Rose said. “Every team        for the Pirates’ attack, had a        Albany in the Coastal Carolina
“(Rose) was very good and had         unassisted score.                     is fighting for a win. They are      quiet performance outside of his      Tournament.
an excellent game besides the             But Seton Hall answered           fighting for every inch.”            assist as well.                           The Rams also played to a
goals.”                               back, this time with Rose draw-           While running out of time in         Both his shots in the game        scoreless tie with Duke and only
    Rose’s initial score at the       ing the team even through a           the second half, the Hall tried to   failed to challenge Tigers keep-      lost to No. 2 North Carolina by
10:14 mark was followed only          penalty kick.                         draw an offensive spark by sub-      er Sean Lynch.                        a single goal in exhibition play.
two minutes later by the Tigers,          The tie would last less than      stituting junior Sam Petrone             The      Pirates     outshot          Brian Wisowaty can be
when      midfielder      Antoine     two minutes of regulation play.       into the match.                      Princeton 16-11 and held a 7-4        reached                         at
Hoppenot used a burst of speed            Walburn’s second goal                 The junior forward only          edge in corner kicks.                 brian.wisowaty@student.shu.ed
to break past the Hall’s defense.     placed the Tigers back in the         mustered one shot, not on goal,           Yet the Tigers seemed to         u.

Van Es, Park lead Pirates at Turning Stone
                                                                                Assistant Sports Editor
                                                                                 BY NICK PARCO                   team to a Junior State                shot a 33-over-par, which land-
                                                                                                                 Championship by shooting a 1-         ed him in 54th place.
                                                                                                                 over-par.                                 “If the seniors did better we
                                                                                                                     The Weston, Fla. native also      could have done better,” White
                                                                                The Pirates kicked off their     won a Regional Championship           said. “We have to stay away
                                                                            2009 season this weekend, as         his junior year, and was a four       from big numbers, stay even
                                                                            they participated in the Turning     time All-County honoree.              keel.”
                                                                            Stone Tiger Intercollegiate              In the Turning Stone                  So after the first tournament
                                                                            Tournament in Verona, N.Y.           Invitational, his first college       of the season, the Seton Hall
                                                                                Led by junior Colin Van Es,      level tournament, Park went an        Pirates will get back to action at
                                                                            who finished the day two             impressive 3-over-par, and            Navy Fall Classic this coming
                                                                            strokes over-par, the Hall fin-      ended with a score of 219, the        weekend in Annapolis, Md.
                                                                            ished third overall.                 fourth lowest out of anyone in              Two years ago, the Hall
                                                                                   Collectively they shot 43-    the tournament.                       placed fifth in the tournament.
                                                                            over-par, finishing with a score         “Every year you try to get            “We need go to under the
                                                                            of 907.                              better recruits than the year         hole because the greens are
                                                                                  The Pirates were defeated      before, and it is easier to recruit   fast,” White said. “Also, we
                                                                            by runner up University of           when the team is doing better,”       need to watch game manage-
                                                                            Richmond, with a team total of       White said. “Brandon has a            ment, and play one shot at a
                                                                            897, and winners University of       good demeanor on the course,          time.”
                                                                            Missouri, with a tally of 885.       he is calm and steady.”                   Sampson is the only Pirate
                                                                                “I thought that we could’ve          In the final round of the day,    who has seen the course while
                                                                            beaten Richmond,” head coach         both Park and Van Es shot 69-         playing for the Hall, and shot a
                                                                            Clay White said. “Missouri was       under-par.                            7-over-par.
                                                                            too far ahead to catch.”                   The team combined team              The Hall will end the month
                                                                                The Pirates shot a round         total of the round, 291, was the      in Lawrence, Kan. for the
                                                                            high 307 to start off the tourna-    lowest recorded in the tourna-        Kansas Invitational on the 28
                                                                            ment.                                ment.                                 and 29.
                                                                                In the next round, their score       “Colin did not have a great           They then will participate in
                                                                            increased two strokes to 309.        sophomore year,” White said.          the Joe Agee Invitational in
                                                                                Going into the third and         “I know he is a great player and      Williamsburg, Va. on October
                                                                            final round, Seton Hall was in       has played well in practice. I’m      10th and 11th.
                                                                            fourth place and in need of a        excited for him, he could be a            As for Missouri, they head
                                                                            strong round.                        huge impact on the team.”             to Zionsville, Ind. for the Wolf
                                                                                  The Pirates shot a 291 to          Sophomore Troy Spencer            Run Intercollegiate on Sept. 12
                                                                            finish in third place.               shot a 13-over-par and tied for       and 13 , and will meet up with
                                                                                This tournament was the          the 15th best score.                  the Hall again at the Kansas
                                                                            first for freshman Brandon Park.         Senior Ryan Castanet placed       Invitational.

Collin Van Es finished 2-over-par en route to a third place
                                      Courtesy of Athletic Communications       Park was recruited from          fourth for the Hall with a solid          Nicholas Parco can be

finish at the Turning Stone Tiger Invitational.
                                                                            Cypress Bay High School in his       25 over-par.                          reached at nicholas.parco@stu-
                                                                            home state, where he led the             Also, senior David Sampson
  Garden State Woes

Princeton is too
much for the
Pirates, as men’s
soccer loses their
second straight
game to an in-
state foe.

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