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									How to Buy, Sell or Invest in
Real Estate Safer and Easier with the Lease Purchase Contract

No Lender on Earth would
Ever Dare to Offer the Same Benefits
as the Lease Purchase

i know what you're thinking right now. "Okay Jeff, you have my attention -- but please don't waste my
time." You've got a deal, but please, if you remember one thing from your visit to my web site, remember
this: "Once you fully understand the power of the lease purchase contract, you will never buy or sell a
home the conventional way again. Ever."
Countless other finance techniques lace their sales pitch with fancy words and tricky rhetoric to falsely
attract customers. I am in a league all by myself and my loyal and communicative customers are living
proof of success generated with my system. My simple program has proven time and time again that
average people can enjoy the wonderful rewards that the world of real estate, whether you're buying, selling
or investing, has to offer. Would it seem too bold of a statement to say that the 3-5 minutes you spend on
this page was responsible for a Life Changing experience? I don't think so and neither do my clients.

I wrote this just before leaving my office for the night. I hope you weren't working like I was... I hope you
were at home with your family enjoying the finer things life has to offer. As for me, I busted my butt as
usual trying to get my last sales call finished before I headed home for an ice cold glass of lemonade by the
lake (I love relaxing by the lake after a hard day's work).

You see, I'm mad. To be blunt, I am as mad as I have ever been about anything. I frequently get calls from
clients who have been burned by some of these gurus who offer to teach someone how to make a million
dollars in real estate at warp speed. In fact, real estate can be the fastest way to lose a lot of money in a

While it is true that there are millions to be made in real estate, it simply isn't true that it can be done
overnight and without a little effort (the more time and effort spent on it, the greater your returns become).

I know many people who have lost thousands of dollars in real estate using these supposed (free of charge)
methods of real estate buying, selling or investing. People buy, sell or invest in real estate expecting it to
turn into some form of magical money machine. Well that just isn't true and I speak from experience.

If real estate was such a great vehicle for security and wealth accumulation, why do millions of Americans
let this dream slip away year-in and year-out? If you are currently making money in real estate...
congratulations. But let's turn those profits you're making right now into REALLY BIG PROFITS.

It's very easy to earn a substantial income from your home or office with real estate - if you know exactly
what to do.

Let me help.

You will discover the most advanced ideas, clever tricks of the trade, and key techniques for successfully
implementing the lease purchase contract. These ideas, tricks and techniques are currently being used by
the top people in the field. Find out how you can be one of the many people who are successfully using the
lease purchase contract.

This site has been designed to help you get all of the secret techniques and find out what works best for:

Marketing real estate in magical ways.
Selling your home for top dollar, even if demand is low for your property.
Saving thousands of dollars on commissions.
Buying a home for virtually no down payment quickly and easily.
Growing your equity faster than with a mortgage.
Maximize your buying power to more easily afford your dream home.
Obtaining ultimate security and privacy for you and your family.
Maximize leverage and minimize cash out of pocket.
Never worrying about home maintenance headaches again.
Attracting tenants who pay on time and who display pride in ownership.
Virtually eliminating all risks associated with landlording.
Dramatically increasing positive cash flow.
(Realtors) Opening your doors to the largest market of buyers and sellers available and never losing another
deal again.
Including essential clauses in your lease purchase agreement and how to write them to favor you no matter
what role you take in the deal.
Of all my dealings with creative real estate techniques, I now make more money with lease purchase deals
in one month than I used to make in an entire year while selling insurance. Now, every penny of income
that I have is from the structuring and implementation of lease purchase deals. The bottom line when it
comes to the lease purchase contract is - I know my stuff!

As a successful real estate investor, I can guarantee you that all the promises that these fast-buck artists are
making are completely worthless. What upsets me even more is how they prey on people who really can't
afford to throw their money away. In reality, they are making themselves rich at the expense of good,
honest people.

Now, don't get me wrong. There are legitimate ways to find bona-fide knowledgeable real estate gurus that
know how to make some serious cash. But these "get rich quick" con artists only have a theoretical
approach and no clue what the real world techniques are. Please do your research before spending your
hard earned money on their products!

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Tips for Starters to Truly Use the Lease Purchase Contract

Tip #1 - Turn Landlording into Child's Play
I have developed ways to turn landlording into a piece of cake. Remember, until recently, I didn't have any
staff members to run my real estate business. But because of my phenomenal growth, I just hired a full-
time office manager to take care of daily operations so I can start new projects and travel more.

Let me explain.

Landlords are among the leading credit grantors yet they have been very lax in using the credit tools
available to them. If you screen your tenant/buyers properly, it is unlikely that you will have any problems
with them. As the landlord/seller, the two major concerns that you will face are collecting rent on time and
the destruction of your property. These risks can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated, with a little research.

Minimize Your Risk

Have the tenant/buyer fill out a detailed rental application.
Check the tenant/buyer's credit history.
Make an unannounced visit to the tenant/buyer at their current residence to see how well they maintain it.
What you see there is what you will see at your home.
Call previous landlords to verify payment history, quality of tenants, etc. Verify the tenant/buyer's
Ask for many references and check them.
Get a large option deposit to create value in the tenant/buyer's mind.
Make the tenant/buyer responsible for the maintenance.
Use your instincts.
Why is this so important? Because you want to focus all of your time creating new opportunities and
enjoying life to it's fullest - not worrying about tenants. Here are some more...

Tricks of the Trade

Encourage tenant/buyers to allow automatic transfer from their account to yours.
Coincide rent due dates with tenant/buyer's paydays.
Send your tenant/buyer a holiday, birthday, or better yet, a Thanksgiving card. How often do you receive
Thanksgiving cards? They will definitely remember it.
Tenant/buyers who think like home buyers act in the following manner: they take better care of your home,
they pay rent on time and fulfill other obligations, they handle repairs and other maintenance and they
improve or upgrade your home. To create the appearance that they are actually homeowners, you should
send them a monthly statement that shows their current amount due, due date, late payment fees, and any
notes you want to include.
When signing a lease, give the tenant/buyer twelve stick'em labels with your address printed on them. All
they need to do is peel off one each month, place it on the envelope with a stamp and mail it.
To encourage timely rental payments, on an addendum to the option to buy, state that the tenant/buyer will
receive an option consideration bonus (maybe $1,500) if they make all of their monthly rental payments in
a timely fashion. If they don't make their payments on time, declare the option consideration bonus void by
sending written confirmation to that effect.
In the first month, welcome the tenant/buyer as a "future home buyer" and use that term in both oral and
written contact.
Send an "on-time thank you voucher," valued at either $25 or $50 good towards the purchase of the home.
If they are ever late, any vouchers received up to that point are considered null and void.
What about late rent, pets, maintenance or any other landlording headache? Read my leases. The answers to
these questions can be found there.
While lease purchasing a home to a tenant/buyer, it would be to your benefit to give them a periodical
checkup to see what progress they are making towards purchasing your home. You want them to be ready
when the time comes.
Let me repeat, you want to spend all of your time creating new opportunities and enjoying life to it's fullest
- not worrying about tenants. An ounce of prevention really pays off and your home should be on automatic
Tip #2 - The Marketplace

This is not a fad. This is not a trend. This is the beginning of the next creative real estate revolution that
will affect the way you and your family work, live, and play for the rest of your lives. According to the
Association of Progressive Rental Organizations, the rental industry's trade association, the rent-to-own
business is more than forty years old, generates about $4.4 billion in revenues for the industry, and serves
nearly three million customers. It shows no signs of slowing down, in fact, all indications point to increased
revenues for years to come - especially with the advent of the lease purchase contract in real estate.

If you think you will set out to buy a home, sell a home, or become a real estate investor and easily find
success, YOU ARE WRONG. It takes hard work, proper information and most of all, desire.

You sometimes see developers or just simple real estate investors flashing their wallets around. Then you
wonder how you could possibly attain the success that they have. Remember, these people are hard
workers, have been taught by knowledgeable mentors, and have a strong desire to achieve success. Until
now it has been difficult for anyone who wants to buy, sell or invest in real estate to really make it a big
success. I have discovered ways to make sure you are successful... just look at my successes. During the
past year alone, my company has controlled millions worth of real estate for less than $1 (I actually profited
from the acquisitions) and I am making phenomenal profits at every stage of the deals. But more
impressive is the speed at which these deals can be done.

The lease purchase is second to no other form of financing.

Consider home financing methods like a car. In the old days there were land contracts which in today's
market would be like a Model-T Ford. Currently, there are mortgages which are about as advanced as a
1978 AMC Gremlin. The future holds the lease purchase contract in it's sights as the Jetson's space-age
flying car. I have proven that any "small guy" can do it. All that is required is some innovative and creative
marketing techniques.

As much as some won't like to admit it, a business lives or dies by it's marketing; on getting the word out to
your customers. To make the most of your real estate business, you must use innovative and creative
marketing techniques. The lease purchase contract, in my humble opinion, is the answer.

Tip #3 - Offering Value and Asking for the Sale

You MUST be able to offer value to your tenant/buyers or, if you are the tenant/buyer, be able to create the
lease purchase deal and offer value to your landlord/seller. This value comes in many different forms; faster
equity accumulation (up to 99% faster - or more), top sales price - even if demand is low for the home,
higher than usual rent, no Realtor commissions, minimum cash out of pocket, non-refundable option
deposit, time to repair credit, find the best financing, or research the home/neighborhood and peace of

Lease purchase deals are not found - they are created. Using negotiation as a tool for success, you can
quickly and easily buy or sell any kind of real estate. Always remember that people never buy a product or
service because of it's features. Rather, people will buy a product or service because of the benefits they get
from it's features. For example, you wouldn't buy a home because it has a large yard, a washer and dryer
and a two-car garage. But you would buy a home if your children will have a great time playing in the large
yard, you will have more free time because you don't have to go to the laundromat to do your laundry and
you can protect your cars from the damaging elements in the garage. The idea is that they care about what
the product or service will do for them (benefits, benefits, benefits).

Ask for the sale. I will say it again. Ask for the sale. You can increase your results by up to 50% or more by
simply asking for the sale. Many top sales people understand and appreciate this simple method to increase
their productivity.
Let me prove it. While I sold insurance, I understood the concept of asking for the sale. I was in a town of
about 8,000 people - an average market. I asked every potential new customer that walked in my door if I
could have their business - whether my prices where higher or not. My conversion rate of turning potential
customers into real customers was 26%.

Another agent from my company who was in a town of 20,000 people did not understand the concept of
asking for the sale. I called and talked to him on a regular basis (he was my mentor) whenever I needed
help or just wanted to chitchat. He had more traffic in and out of his door than I did and he never asked one
person if he could have their business. His conversion rate was somewhere around 10% (and his rates were
better than mine!).

If you really look at the profile of a home buyer or seller, you'll find that these are people who are usually
well educated, hard working and have some disposable income. Almost all of them have good jobs and pay
their bills on time. Because they each have different needs and desires, it will be your job to determine
exactly what problem they have and offer a solution to their problem - this is the power of the lease
purchase contract. It is the most flexible creative finance technique available to any free market in the
world today!

Tip #4 - Rewards, Value, Safety and Security

Creating a lease purchase deal can be very rewarding (both monetarily and mentally) if you do it right. Do
you have any idea how quick and easy most lease purchase deals actually are? For example, you all have
heard of rent-to-own furniture stores.

These companies serve over three million customers each year and generate over $4.4 billion in revenues.

These are some serious numbers. In fact, there are several very successful real estate brokers who have
dedicated entire divisions to accommodating nothing but lease purchase deals. For example, Victory
Homefinders, LLC is run by a gentleman who does nothing but lease purchase deals every day. As more
and more people discover the features and benefits of the lease purchase contract, the numbers above will
increase dramatically.

You simply will not find a more safe, secure way to transfer ownership in real estate. I am reminded and
thankful of a quote that I heard from The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, "You miss 100% of the shots you
don't take." But you must have the proper knowledge in order to be successful using the lease purchase

Learning from the Best

Talk about learning from the best... I have spent thousands of dollars on creative real estate seminars,
courses, books and tapes over the past eight years. For example, one guru charges $4,000 for a one day
seminar and $2,000 per hour (that's how good this guy is). Another one charges $8,000 for a weekend
seminar! That's just to mention a few.

Below are a few examples of what you should know when it comes to buying, selling, renting, listing or
investing in real estate. They are broken up into two categories; Features & Benefits and Marketing Tips.

Features & Benefits

The lease purchase contract is the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to buy, sell or invest in real
estate. It replaces the typical adversarial relationship that usually exists between buyers and sellers with a
win-win concept of transferring real estate ownership. As a result, it is highly sought after by those who are
aware of it's powerful features and benefits.

A Small Sample of Landlord/Seller Benefits:
Top Sales Price, Even if Demand is Low for Your Home: You attract to your home more tenant/buyers
who are willing to pay a premium because of the terms and value you are offering.
Higher than Usual Rent: Since you are flexible on your terms and are offering value, you can demand a
higher than usual rent.
Positive Cash Flow: Since you can demand a higher than usual rent, this will increase your cash flow.
Non-refundable Option Consideration Up Front/Minimum Risk: When a tenant/buyer executes (signs) a
lease purchase contract, you receive an option deposit that is yours to keep if they default on the deal or
decide not to buy.
No Realtor Commissions: Since you are selling your home yourself, you will avoid paying a 6-10% Realtor
commission. In the case of For-Sale-By-Owners, you save on advertising costs because you will have your
home lease purchased more quickly.
Attraction of the Highest Quality Tenants: You are dealing with tenant/buyers who have a vested interest in
the home, therefore, they think of themselves as homeowners and tend to take better care of it.
Tax Shelter is Maintained: You remain on the deed until the option is exercised and, consequently, you
maintain all of the tax benefits of ownership.
No Maintenance, No Landlording: Tenants who have a vested interest and believe they are a homeowner
may feel a "pride of ownership" that encourages them to pay on time, perform maintenance, and make
improvements to your home. Additionally, you can delegate maintenance to the tenant in your lease
purchase agreement.
Larger Market of Buyers: You are marketing your home not only to buyers, but also to renters and
investors. These three groups make up 85% of those seeking to acquire real estate.
No Long Vacancies: Your phone will ring off the hook when you advertise your home is a lease purchase
deal. Typical turnover time is days or weeks rather than months or years.
Peace of Mind: It is safer than conventional rentals because of the quality of the tenant/buyers and their
vested interest in your home. It also means that someone is living on-site who will watch and guard your
home against vandalism, fire, etc.
A Small Sample of Tenant/Buyer Benefits:

Faster Equity Growth: Equity can accumulate exponentially faster than with conventional financing.
Rent Money is Working Toward the Purchase of the Home: Each month that you pay rent, a portion of that
payment will be credited towards your down payment or off of the sales price.
Option Consideration is Credited Towards the Purchase of the Home: When you sign a lease purchase
contract, you must pay the landlord/seller an option deposit. This money is your vested interest in the home
and will be fully credited (100%) to either your down payment or off the sales price.
Minimum Cash Out of Pocket: When you purchase a home conventionally, you must pay closing costs,
prepaids, and a down payment. With a lease purchase, you pay only first month's rent and an option
deposit. This will save you between 25% and 85%.
Frequently No Down Payment at Closing: Since you have given the landlord/seller an option deposit plus
you have been receiving large monthly rent credits, there will frequently be very little or nothing left to
come up with for a down payment at closing.

Possible Assignment (Sale) of Contract for a Profit: If you are allowed to assign your interest in the home,
you may assign it to someone for a price.
Increased Buying Power: Your buying power is dramatically increased. You can get into a lease purchase
home for as little as first month's rent and a $1 option deposit. Compare that to a lender who requires 5-
20% down plus closing costs and prepaids.
Credit Problems are Okay: Qualification restrictions are not as strict as conventional financing. You will be
approved at the sole discretion of the landlord/seller.
Control of the Home: You will be put in full legal control of the home for a specified period of time
without having to actually own it.
Maximum Leverage: You are spending very little money to control a very expensive and potentially very
profitable investment.
Time: Before you actually buy the home, you will have time to repair your credit, find the best financing
available, investigate the home and research the neighborhood.
Privacy: Since you are leasing, there will be no public record of where you live (unless you record your
Peace of Mind: You will have full control of the home and can maintain it or improve it however you wish.
Investor Benefits:

As an investor, you're probably aware of the principles of leverage (the use of borrowed funds to improve
one's capacity and to increase the rate of return on an investment). With the lease purchase contract, you
can control properties that normally require 10-30% down for a nominal amount of money without using a
lender or going through the loan application process. Additionally, the lease purchase contract is so quick
and easy to use, you can dramatically increase your productivity and, consequently, your cash flow. You
will receive the same features and benefits as the landlord/seller or the tenant/buyer, depending on which
role you take in your transactions.

Realtor Benefits:

As a Realtor, you may add the lease purchase contract to your arsenal of income producing techniques.
Imagine opening your doors to to a world of buyers and sellers that nobody else in your office has even
considered. In fact, every buyer and seller you meet is a potential lease purchase candidate. Wouldn't that
provide a niche for you? And doesn't a niche separate the top producers from the mediocre producers?

More importantly, you have a fiduciary responsibility to your clients to do what is right for them. At
minimum, you should determine what it is that they truly need. The lease purchase contract may be exactly
what they have in mind.

Marketing Tips

Learn the best types of real estate to market using the lease purchase contract and discover many different
ways you can benefit by including powerful and proven contract clauses in your deal.
Where to focus your time and energy for maximum profits.
Proven, tested marketing campaigns for buying, selling, renting or investing in a home with the lease
purchase contract.
How and where to find motivated sellers, but more importantly, how to consistently convince them that a
lease purchase deal will create a winning situation for both you and them.
How to raise your sales price and still increase interest in your home at the same time. For example, if you
are asking $100,000 for your home, I can show you how to sell it for $110,000 and possibly more -- with
more buyers interested in it.
How to create block buster offers and write "killer" classified ads that will make your phone ring so fast
that your head will spin. More importantly, you come away with a comprehensive understanding of how to
create offers that sell like wild fire. This skill alone, which few people possess, is worth a small fortune.
How to successfully promote your interest in lease purchase deals.
I will show you how to get the best results for your advertising dollar with the least amount of money.
You will learn what different options you should offer in your lease purchase contracts to maximize deals
and how to word them to maximize profits. No one else can show you how to do this!
You will have step-by-step methods for advertising explained; which ads work best, and how they can
create a huge response.
Learn how many simple tricks of the trade can double or triple your advertising results as well as what to
avoid because you may actually lose business.
The only way to approach a landlord/seller or tenant/buyer if you want to do some serious business with
How to easily clarify your position while negotiating a lease purchase deal which will save yourself
valuable time and, consequently, money.
How to put your search for lease purchase deals on automatic pilot.
How to use "pretty" words in your ads to increase response. For example, wouldn't you rather live in a
home that was "spacious" and "immaculate" rather than a home that was "big" and "nice?"
Discover how to quickly and easily find tenant/buyers for your home.
You will learn how to put on the perfect open house which will have tenant/buyers literally fighting to sign
your lease and give you a huge option deposit.
How to tap into and use the information gained from previous ad campaigns, thereby saving you money,
time, and effort for future campaigns - if you do it right.
I will show you exactly how to design your marketing flyers and posters so the phone calls come pouring
Tricks on how to get your phone ringing. This makes or breaks everyone. I will show you where to
advertise and how to be the first ad potential clients call every time.
Where to find Realtors and other people in your area who have a lot of contact with the public to get
referrals and increase your business.
I will reveal the hottest contract clauses in the lease purchase market today and give you a lot of ideas for
developing your own.
The tips, strategies and secrets mentioned in the above lists are the most effective techniques to put your
successes with the lease purchase contract through the roof.

There are literally dozens of different ways to use and market the lease purchase contract. You will learn
which ones are the easiest, fastest and most effective; and which are a waste of your time. I will show you,
step-by-step, how to make profits marketing your property with the lease purchase contract.

No nonsense, no babble and plenty of real-world examples.

You don't need to be a real estate genius. You don't need any special equipment or experience to go
immediately from real estate beginner to lease purchase expert. You can start earning income within 24-48
hours after you start your lease purchase campaign.

Techniques that make it possible for any person to start using the lease purchase contract. I cut through the
fog and show you what it really takes to consistently buy, sell, rent, list, or invest in real estate.

This knowledge comes from quietly and consistently making thousands of dollars month in and month out
with a remarkably simple automatic pilot system. And almost anyone can easily duplicate this success.
Once an automatic pilot system has been set up, there is nothing left to do except go out and look for new
ways to implement the lease purchase contract. I will share all the details of this extremely beneficial
creative finance technique.

Let me prove it one more time. Here is a scan of two checks that I received from tenant/buyers as their
down payment for lease purchasing two different homes that I controlled. As you can see, I am not blowing
hot air. This is real and I have proven it.

Most people expect to make money overnight with creative real estate. Others are more realistic and
believe they will be lucky to make any in the first six months. Unfortunately the latter is true... however, I
will guarantee you will start turning a profit a month after you study my techniques and secrets. No ifs,
ands or buts. Be prepared to work hard setting everything up and testing your plan of action. Once your
plan is on automatic pilot, just spend an hour or so each day fine tuning your business plan.

Remember, if you don't know what kind of real estate is the best to use with the lease purchase contract, I
will show you. And I guarantee that there are perfect opportunities right in your home town.

Tip #5 - Always, Always, Always Model Success

What do you think is the fastest and easiest way to use the lease purchase contract? I have learned over
many agonizing years of expensive trial and error that the fastest and easiest way is to model someone who
is already successful.

The problem is getting one of these experts to give you their most closely guarded secrets. How do you get
them to spill their guts and lay it all on the table including their most profitable tricks of the trade and sales
techniques... complete details on how the deal began, what negotiation techniques were used and full
documented results of the profits produced.
Unless you can afford to spend a small fortune to hire one of these top guns, you simply won't be privy to
the powerful insider secrets that can transform your experience with the lease purchase contract into a
powerful tool almost overnight.

Stop risking all your time, effort, and money! Let me show you proven ways to use the lease purchase
contract fast and with minimal risk!

You can catapult yourself to a new level with these insider secrets and strategies that can be applied
immediately to your situation... it doesn't matter if you're buying, selling or investing in real estate.

Why not invest in your ability to take control of your goals, increase your lifestyle and make a substantial
amount of money simply because you chose to get yourself The Lease Purchase Handbook and discover
the secrets of creating successful deals with the lease purchase contract? The course comes complete with
one 8 1/2" x 11" full-color covered manual with six different and completely customizable legal forms,
valuable timesaving resource forms including quick and easy profit calculations, prospecting forms,
property analysis forms, The Easy Offer System™ and a wealth of critical reference information. All so
you can get right down to business the minute you receive it.

You can get on the fast track to real estate success by ordering your copy of The Lease Purchase Handbook
on the internet. The cost of this course is just $197, but as an internet marketing test and until Wednesday,
December 11, 2002 at 11:59 PM EST, it is just $147. I think you will agree that this is a tremendous

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