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The Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation is committed to
 the greatest of Canada's natural resources: our youth. CMSF
  works to identify and support talented students who show
promise of leadership and a strong commitment to service in
the community. We fund these citizens to study on Canadian
           campuses, to the benefit of their future and ours.

                                                                TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                                           3    Message from the Chair
                                                           4    Awards Overview
                                                           5    2003 National Scholars
                                                           8    2004 Graduating National Scholars
                                                          15    Alumni Class of 1993 – Ten Years Later
                                                          18    Volunteer Selection Committees 2002-2003
                                                          21    National Scholar Enrichment
                                                          24    Trustees and Staff
                                                          25    Supporters
                                                          26    Financial Statements
                                 MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR

                                 In this, my first message in CMSF's Annual            process ably led by CMSF Trustee and Alumnus
                                 Report as Chair, I am pleased to report that the      George Georghiades, as well as formalizing our
                                 year 2002-2003 has brought about significant          development (fundraising) process. We also
                                 advances in our scholarship program, as well as       welcomed three new Trustees early in the new
                                 operationally within the Foundation.                  year—James Appleyard, President, King &
                                                                                       Appleyard Associates, Jack Darville, Partner,
                                 During this past year, our scholars have continued
                                                                                       Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and Craig Pho,
                                 to shine. Their ability to maintain academic
                                                                                       Vice President, Burgundy Asset Management.
                                 excellence, while continuing to contribute to their
                                                                                       We are grateful for their willingness to help us
                                 communities through a wide range of initiatives
                                                                                       move our important agenda forward.
                                 during their university studies, is highly impres-
“Education is the most           sive. For example, two CMSF graduates have just       I would also like to take this opportunity to recog-
 powerful weapon                 been awarded Rhodes Scholarships—Alexandra            nize and thank Clark Hortsing-Perna who has
                                 Conliffe and Maureen Hogan. Other award               been CEO of the Foundation since 2001. Clark
 which you can use to            recipients graduating this year include Heather       has chosen to pursue other personal goals after
 change the world.”              Millar—who has received a $25,000 Rotary              June of this year. He has provided direction and
 — Nelson Mandela                International Ambassadorial Scholarship to study      leadership through a challenging time for the
                                                               in Sydney, Australia,   Foundation. CMSF is in the process of growing
                                                               and was nominated       from being an organization driven by the unique
                                                               for the McMaster        vision, passion and commitment of CMSF's
                                                               Faculty of              founder Dr. Robert Cluett, to that of becoming
                                                               Health Sciences         an organization that must formalize structures and
                                                               Chancellor’s Gold       processes to ensure a solid sustainable future. We
                                                               Medal; Amber            are very grateful to Clark for filling this challeng-
                                                               Zirnhelt—a recipient    ing position over the last three years. I'm pleased
                                                               of both a Canada        to report that Clark has indicated a strong interest
                                                               Day Youth Award         in continuing to volunteer for the Foundation.
                                                               and a Vancouver
              BRYAN DAVIES                                                             In closing, I would like to thank CMSF's Board
 Chair, CMSF Board of Trustees                                                         of Trustees for their generous donation of time
                                                               Recognition Award;
                                                                                       and expertise, the staff of CMSF, our generous
                                 Mary Rose—a finalist for a Commonwealth
                                                                                       donors, as well as our volunteers across the coun-
                                 Scholarship in the UK, Rick Bhullar who received a
                                                                                       try who tirelessly help the Foundation and our
                                 Golden Jubilee Medal from HRH Queen Elizabeth,
                                                                                       scholars on an ongoing basis. We couldn't do
                                 and Kaïssa de Boer—a recipient of a “Women in
                                                                                       what we do without them.
                                 Engineering & Science” grant from the National
                                 Research Council of Canada. We applaud these
                                 young leaders of tomorrow.
                                 The number of applications we received this year,     Sincerely,
                                 both from the high school sponsored applicants and
                                 from our direct pool (students who apply directly),   Bryan Davies
                                 numbered close to four thousand. The quality of       Chair, CMSF Board of Trustees
                                 applicants from both sources remains high and         CEO, Financial Services Commission of Ontario
                                 indeed is improving. This past year, of the twenty-
                                 one finalists drawn from the direct pool, just over
                                 half went on to become National Scholars.
                                 The Board of Trustees and CMSF staff have been
                                 working towards solidifying the Foundation's
                                 future through a number of initiatives, including
                                 commencing a thorough strategic planning

                               AWARDS OVERVIEW

                               The Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation (CMSF) believes that Canada's greatest natural resource is
                               our youth. Any Canadian student in his or her final year of high school or CEGEP may apply for a
                               CMSF scholarship. CMSF scholarships support talented high school graduates, for undergraduate studies
                               at Canadian universities, and are the most valuable and unique in Canada. CMSF scholars demonstrate:
                               academic excellence, service to the community, leadership potential, and entrepreneurial energy. In part-
                               nership with twenty-five Canadian universities, we fund talented students from across Canada, to study
                               on Canadian campuses, to the benefit of their future and our country.

                                                              CMSF AWARDS FOR UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE

                                 NATIONAL AWARD                FINALIST AWARD             REGIONAL AWARD              PROVINCIAL AWARD
                                Up to 30 Awards per year.        One-time Entrance           One-time Entrance           One-time Entrance
                                Valued up to $60,000/4 yrs.   Award valued at $2,500.     Award valued at $1,500.      Award valued at $500.
                                 Tenable at CMSF partner      Tenable at any accredited   Tenable at any accredited   Tenable at any accredited
                                     universities only.          public university in        public university in        public university in
                                                                      Canada.                     Canada.                     Canada.

                               SELECTION PROCESS:
    Granting the most          The CMSF scholar evaluation process is the most unique, personalized and rigorous in North America.
                               Over three hundred volunteer evaluators, leaders in the corporate, academic and community sectors from
    prestigious and valuable   across Canada, consistently discover tomorrow's leaders at an early age.
    university undergraduate   • Over four thousand applications are received and reviewed annually by volunteer assessors
    scholarships in Canada     • Two hundred and sixty students, drawn from this initial pool of applications, are then invited to
                                 participate in personalized interviews in twenty-one cities across Canada
                               • Seventy-two students are given personalized final interviews in Toronto
                               • Thirty students are selected annually as CMSF National Scholars
                               • Each student who receives a national scholarship has been evaluated on both their written and
                                 oral skills, in one on one interviews, panel interviews and in social settings by up to twelve
                                 different assessors over a three month period

                               CMSF SCHOLARS DEMONSTRATE SUCCESS:
                               • Over thirty percent of CMSF scholars have become Rhodes Scholars or Rhodes Scholar nominees
                               • Ninety-six percent of CMSF scholars successfully complete their undergraduate studies
                                 maintaining high academic standards and continued service to the community
                               • Over eighty per cent of CMSF alumni are contributing to the medical, business, political, legal,
                                 scientific, cultural and public service sectors in Canada. The remaining alumni are active in
                                 Europe, the United States, Japan and South America

                               CMSF was founded in 1988 by eight members of the Canadian Central Committee of the John
                               Motley Morehead Foundation of Chapel Hill, N.C. Their goal was to encourage students to remain in
                               Canada for their undergraduate university studies by providing a universally available scholarship to all
                               graduating Canadian high school and CEGEP students, and to recognize academic excellence, service to
                               community and leadership potential. At the time of CMSF's inception, the granting of other Canadian
                               undergraduate scholarships was based either solely on need and/or academic excellence. Armed with
                               Morehead’s Canadian selection network, CMSF’s founding board of senior business and academic
                               leaders funded and granted the first four CMSF National Awards in 1990. To date, two hundred and
                               sixty CMSF National Awards have been granted.
                               CMSF also assists with the selection process for The John Motley Morehead Foundation in Canada,
                               and administers the selection and scholarship granting process for the Garfield Weston Merit
                               Scholarship for Colleges. A separate Annual Report is prepared for the college program.
                                     2003 NATIONAL SCHOLARS

                                     CMSF National scholars are selected from across Canada.These
                                     accomplished scholars were drawn from an initial pool of over four
                                     thousand applicants.

                                     WESTERN CANADA
“CMSF has enabled me to
                                                 CARLEY                             LIVIA
 impact my school community,                     FRIESEN                            OTTISOVA
 as well as the community at
                                                                                    West Vancouver, BC
 large, not only as an individ-                                                     McGill University
                                                 Wawanesa, MB
 ual, but as part of the larger                  University of Manitoba             Psychology &
                                                 Environmental Design               International Development
 CMSF organization, which                        CMSF – Weston                      CMSF Trust
 has helped immensely in my
 effort to become a leader.”
 — Ainsley Alexander                             HILLARY                            SUPNA
                                                 HIGGINS                            SANDHU

                                                                                    Burnaby, BC
“The CMSF scholarship has                        St. Albert, AB                     University of British
 provided me with the opportu-                   University of Alberta              Columbia
                                                 Business                           Science
 nity and encouragement to                       CMSF – Weston                      CMSF Trust
 realize my full potential. It has
 challenged me to create my                                               ONTARIO
 own experiences as a student,                   BIRINDER                           AINSLEY
                                                 MANGAT                             ALEXANDER
 leader, and global citizen.
 Most importantly, it has                        Surrey, BC                         Kingston, ON
                                                 University of British              McMaster University
 empowered me to strive for my                   Columbia                           Arts & Science
 dreams.” — Birinder Mangat                      Coordinated Science                CMSF – Morrison
                                                 CMSF Trust                         Foundation

                                                 ANDREW                             BRIANNE
                                                 MILLS                              CASTONGUAY

                                                 Victoria, BC                       Chelmsford, ON
                                                 University of Toronto              University of Guelph
                                                 Psychology, Political              Biomedical Science
                                                 Science minor                      CMSF – BMO Financial
                                                 CMSF – Weston                      Group

                                         COREY                        FAIZAL
                                         CENTEN                       ISMAIL

                                                                      Toronto, ON
                                         Ottawa, ON                   University of Toronto
                                         McMaster University          Mechanical and Industrial
                                         Engineering                  Engineering
                                         CMSF Trust                   CMSF – Weston

    “Winning a CMSF National             STEPHEN                      KIEN
                                         COSMAN                       LAMSON
     scholarship introduced me to a
     network of absolutely amazing
                                         Sarnia, ON                   Kingston, ON
     people from all across Canada;      University of Waterloo       McGill University
     their commitment to attaining       Software Engineering         Mechanical Engineering
                                         CMSF – Redknee Inc.          CMSF – Weston
     their goals has inspired me to
     pursue my own with renewed
     passion.” — Stephen Cosman          BRENDON                      MICHAEL
                                         GOODMURPHY                   O’NEILL
                                         Kitchener, ON
                                         University of British
    “Winning a CMSF award has            Columbia                     Kingston, ON
     encouraged and reinforced my        International Relations      University of Guelph
                                         & English                    International Development
     values concerning community and     CMSF – Weston                CMSF Trust
     work ethics. Through this experi-
     ence I have gained the courage to
     pursue dreams that once seemed      ADELA                        MELANIE
                                         GOTZ                         RATNAM
     out of reach.” — Natalie Parks      Thornhill, ON
                                         McGill University
                                         Political Science Major,     Toronto, ON
                                         Economics & Philosophy       University of Toronto
                                         minors                       Life Science
                                         CMSF – Weston                CMSF Trust

                                         EMMA                         MORGAN
                                         HAPKE                        VANEK

                                         Toronto, ON
                                         McGill University            Peterborough, ON
                                         Psychology, Social Studies   Queen's University
                                         of Medicine minor            English and Economics
                                         CMSF – Weston                CMSF – Weston

                                  EASTERN CANADA
         STEPHEN                          ALEXANDRA
         YOUNG                            MACLEAN

         Toronto, ON                      Charlottetown, PE
         University of Waterloo           McGill University
         Systems Design                   English Literature &
         Engineering                      Women's Studies
         CMSF – Weston                    CMSF – Weston

         RITA                             MATTO                     “CMSF has made me realize, even
         DEVLIN                           MILDENBERGER
                                                                     more so than before, that with
         Quebec City, QC                  Saint John, NB             determination, passion and char-
         University of Ottawa             University of Toronto
         Political Science and            Ecology & International
                                                                     acter there are no limits to what
         Economics                        Relations                  you can achieve!” — Hillary Higgins
         CMSF Trust                       CMSF Trust

         KIRA                             NATALIE                   “Winning a CMSF scholarship has
         FANINA-BREZHNEVA                 PARKS                      exposed me to so many truly excep-
                                                                     tional people, whose achievements
         Montreal, QC                     Halifax, NS                and success remind me to aim for
         Université de Montréal           Dalhousie University
         Civil Law                        Neuroscience
                                                                     more than I would otherwise
         CMSF Trust                       CMSF – Weston              think possible.” — Stephen Young

         CHARLES                          JORDAN
         LARSON                           SHERIKO

         Montreal, QC                     Wolfville, NS
         McGill University                Acadia University
         Medicine                         Biology and Psychology
         CMSF – Weston                    CMSF – Weston


         Saint-Léonard, QC
         McGill University
         CMSF – Weston

                                   2004 GRADUATING NATIONAL SCHOLARS

                                   TAYLOR ADAMS                         Montreal English School         Relations Director for the
                                   St. John's, NL                       Board                           Queen’s Medical Outreach,
    “CMSF has helped me            Simon Fraser University            • Vice president of               a student-run organization
                                   Psychology,                          Academics, McGill student       sending students to remote
     develop skills by             Women's Studies minor                society for Electrical and      village schools in Guyana
                                   2000 CMSF BMO Financial Group
     learning from example.                                             Computer Engineers              and Belize to teach
                                   Major Achievements:                • Class Representative,           nutrition, hygiene, AIDS
     CMSF’s web of support
                                   • Educated and encouraged            Electrical Engineering          education and other health-
     has been incredibly             underprivileged children in        Faculty, responsible for        related issues
     valuable and will help          Vancouver’s "Kidstreet"            academic advising and stu-    • Co-founder and Co-
                                     program                            dent discipline within the      Editor-in-Chief of Within
     me further develop                                                 department                      Reach, an online magazine
                                   • Completed a grade 8 teach-
     leadership skills for years     ing assistantship at Jackson     Community Service:                focusing on health and
                                     Middle School, Louisiana         • Initiated and organized a       development conditions in
     to come.” — David Beitel                                                                           underdeveloped countries
                                   • Managed, trained and coun-         charity Skate-a-thon for
                                     seled sales representatives at     children in Westmount to      • Summer volunteer on the
                                     Vector Marketing, Chicago          support the Montreal            burn/surgery ward of the
    “CMSF support goes             Community Service:                   Gazette’s Christmas Fund        Children’s Hospital at the
                                                                      • Coached competitive and         Health Sciences Centre
     beyond the financial.         • Distributed clothing and
                                                                                                        in Winnipeg
                                     sandwiches to street people        non-competitive youth
     The scholarship gives us        on Vancouver's East side           hockey and baseball           Travel/Study/Summer:
     the freedom to pursue         • Volunteer, Jam-Zone, a             through the Westmount         • Research Assistant with the
                                     community youth program            Recreation Office               Life Sciences Branch of the
     our studies as well as                                           • Gave a youth baseball team      Manitoba Government,
                                     assisting 14-16 year-old
     encouraging, support-           girls who face poverty and         the unique opportunity to       worked to increase
                                     discrimination                     see the Montreal Expos          Manitoba's involvement in
     ing and facilitating
                                                                      Travel/Study/Summer:              the life sciences and
     community service and                                            • Worked as a camp supervi-       biotechnology sector
                                   • Participated in an academic
     leadership. It allows us                                           sor in 2002                   • Lifeguard, Red Cross
                                     women's studies program
                                                                      • Coached little league base-     Water Safety Instructor &
     to grow beyond                  exploring social action
                                                                        ball in Westmount               Swimming Instructor with
     academics to develop          • Travelled and studied
                                                                                                        the Department of
                                                                      RICK BHULLAR                      National Defense
     character and become            throughout Scandinavia;
                                                                      Winnipeg, MB
                                     explored rural/urban
     active citizens. Because        Scandinavian life, sang in a
                                                                      Queen's University              STEVEN BOYCE
                                                                      Life Sciences                   Dundas, ON
     of CMSF, not only will          chorus and learned traditional   2000 CMSF Trust                 McGill University
     we have the training to         languages and customs                                            Environmental and
                                                                      Major Achievements:             International Development
     achieve success, we will      DAVID BEITEL                       • Residence Floor Senior and    Studies
     also have the social          Westmount (Montreal), QC             Floor President               2000 CMSF Trust
                                   McGill University                  • Departmental Student
     experience and skills         Electrical Engineering               Council Representative for    Major Achievements:
                                   2000 CMSF Trust                                                    • Coordinator, McGill
     necessary to improve                                               Psychology 100 and
                                                                        Biology 205                     Residence Environmental
     our community and             Major Achievements:
                                                                      • Recipient of Her Majesty        Committee
                                   • Tutored children in math
     our country.”                                                      the Queen’s Golden Jubilee    • Participant in multi-year
                                     and general subjects at the
                                                                        Medal in 2002                   research project through
     — Jeeshan Chowdhury             elementary and high
                                                                                                        McGill's School of
                                     school level through home        Community Service:
                                                                                                        Environment, exploring
                                     schooling and the                • Member and Public
                                                                                                        the establishment of a cul-
  turally-appropriate protect-   • Represented the U.S.             government to fund bur-
  ed area in the Old Factory       Consulate at the                 saries for youth in the
  Watershed of the James           Americana 2003                   child welfare system
  Bay region in Wemindji,          Environmental                  • Advanced space explo-
  Quebec—field research            Technologies conference          ration with youth in
  included a visit to the Cree   • Teaching Assistant, Human        Canada and internationally,
  community and a canoe            Resources Management             with the Canadian and           “The support that
  expedition down the Old          core course, McGill              European Space Agencies          CMSF has provided
  Factory River                  Community Service:               Community Service:                 over the last four years
Community Service:               • Taught undergraduate           • Volunteered with the
• Assistant, programming and       Commerce students                Edmonton Boys and Girls          has made me a better
  counseling staff, Wanakita       through McGill                   Club                             student and a better
  YMCA summer family camp          Organizational Behavior        • Researched the effects of HIV
• Volunteer, LifeCycles, an        Course Counselors                on inner-city communities
                                                                                                     person in my life. In the
  environmentally-oriented         Program                        • Volunteer member of the          future, I hope to do
  educational program for        • Community Education              undergraduate Science            what CMSF has done
  elementary school students       Coordinator, McGill              Society
  in Victoria, BC                  UNICEF Executive               Travel/Study/Summer:
                                                                                                     for me—open doors for
• Volunteer, McGill                Committee                      • Participated at the NASA         others. Thank you.”
  Residence Environmental        Travel/Study/Summer:               Astrobiology Academy in
  Committee and Greening
                                                                                                     — Gurpreet Singh Brar
                                 • Interned with the                Moffett Field, California
  McGill, an on-campus             International Business         • Travelled to Germany with
  environmental awareness          Development Unit,                students from across the
  and advocacy group               Canadian Embassy,                world to attend the
Travel/Study/Summer:               Washington, D.C.                 International Aeronautics
                                                                                                    “The university experi-
• Director, flatwater and        • Researched and wrote             Congress                         ence is more than text-
  whitewater kayak programs,       Economic Overview
                                                                  ALEXANDRA CONLIFFE
                                                                                                     books alone…it is
  Camp Wanakita & McGill           Reports on U.S. Mid-
• Explored both Canadian           Atlantic States for official   Kingston, ON                       through the generous
  coasts, northern Quebec          DFAIT publication              McGill University
                                                                  Mechanical Engineering,            support of the CMSF
  and Ontario, Israel, and       • Represented the Canadian
  the Palestinian Occupied         Embassy at commerce &
                                                                  International Development          and its staff that I was
  Territories                      trade-related Capitol Hill     1999 CMSF Weston                   able to explore the
GURPREET SINGH BRAR              • Summer study, Queen’s
                                                                                                     many leadership and
                                                                  Major Achievements:
Winnipeg, MB                       University International       • 2004 Rhodes Scholar              community service
McGill University                  Study Centre, East Sussex,     • Founder and President of
International Business,                                                                              opportunities available
                                   England                          McGill chapter of
Marketing, International                                                                             at Queen’s and beyond.
                                                                    Engineers Without Borders
Relations minor
                                 JEESHAN CHOWDHURY                • Co-President of the first        The experience was
2000 CMSF Weston
                                 Edmonton, AB                       annual Engineers Without
Major Achievements:              University of Alberta              Borders international
                                                                                                     truly unforgettable.”
                                 Oncology & Electrical                                               — Rick Bhullar
• Researched the Canadian                                           conference
  security market and the                                         • Member of the McGill
                                 2000 CMSF Trust
  Quebec auto-theft                                                 varsity lightweight
  deterrence product market      Major Achievements:                women’s crew
  as an intern with the          • Created an undergraduate
  United States Consulate          leadership scholarship at
  General (Foreign                 the University of Alberta
  Commercial Service Dept.)      • Lobbied the provincial
                                   Community Service:              Community Service:                 to reduce brain damage
                                   • Developed the Engineers       • Board Member, Waterloo           caused by a stroke
                                     Without Borders Chapter         Public Interest Research       Community Service:
     “CMSF's support has             Manual, which currently         Group at UW, providing         • Supported learning group
                                     assists 21 Canadian chap-       students with funding and        leader, Peer Helper Program
      helped me realize my           ters to raise community         resources in support of        • Volunteer, Physiotherapy
      childhood dreams and           awareness of the role of        action social justice and        clinic, University of Guelph
                                     technology in development       environmental issues           • Volunteer, Safe Walk pro-
      create new ones. Both        • Represented the Royal         • Co-organizer of the              gram on campus.
      the staff and the scholars     Victoria College                Rainbow Reels film festival    Travel/Study/Summer:
                                     Residence on the McGill       • Residence Life Assistant
      have provided me with                                                                         • Member of an all-female
                                     Inter-residential Women’s       providing support to first       team of Habitat for
      a wealth of passion,           Issues Committee which          year UW students                 Humanity volunteers in
      courage and determina-         initiated fundraising for a   Travel/Study/Summer:               Botswana
                                     local women’s shelter         • 4-month trip to Australia
      tion to follow through                                                                        • Saw a pride of 18 lions
                                   Travel/Study/Summer:              and New Zealand including        with an elephant they had
      on what I once thought       • Lived and taught English        a 3 week Habitat for             killed by a river during an
      were impossible tasks.         in Palestinian refugee          Humanity internship in           African safari
                                     camps in Beirut, Lebanon        Kaitaia, New Zealand and
      This network of                through the Canadian            a 1500km bike trip             LIANNE GERBER
      incredible people has          Palestinian Educational         between Brisbane and           Toronto, ON
                                     Exchange (CEPAL)                Sydney, Australia              University of Guelph
      somehow managed to           • Documented lessons            • Internship, Eberts Symes       Human Kinetics, International
      give me both roots to          learned from small-scale        Street & Corbett law firm,     Development minor
                                     potable water projects in       research for the Marc Hall     2000 CMSF Weston
      grow and wings to fly…”
                                     Uzbekistan, and provided        case, to fight the unjust      Major Achievements:
      — Shannon Harwood              recommendations to              discrimination of bringing     • Supervisor and Executive
                                     Engineers Without Borders       a same-sex partner to a          member of the University of
                                     in the Aral Sea region          high school prom                 Guelph’s First Response Team
                                                                                                    • Cluster Leader in Residence
     “CMSF has given me the        CHRIS COWPERTHWAITE             KAÏSSA DE BOER
                                                                                                    • Internship with the
                                   Toronto, ON                     Canning, NS
      support, confidence,         University of Waterloo                                             Government of Nunavut,
                                                                   University of Guelph
      and freedom to pursue        Science, Peace and Conflict     Bio-Medical Sciences               sexual health research for the
                                   Studies minor                   2000 CMSF Weston                   Medical Officer of Health
      my interests and to ini-     1999 CMSF Jostens                                                Community Service:
      tiate unique changes in                                      Major Achievements:              • Volunteer Coordinator for
                                   Major Achievements:             • Awarded a “Women in
      my own community                                                                                Habitat for Humanity
                                   • Fundraising director for        Engineering and Science          Blitz Build in Toronto,
      and abroad. It has also        GLOW (Gays and                  Research” grant by the           where six houses were built
                                     Lesbians of Waterloo)           National Research Council
      provided me with the                                                                            in nine days
                                   • Member of the Habitat           of Canada, acknowledging       • Winter volunteer with the
      friendship of a network        for Humanity team that          motivated Canadian young         Out of the Cold Homeless
                                     built two houses for Maori      women pursuing careers in
      of scholars and                                                                                 Shelter in Toronto
                                     families near Kaitaia, New      science.                       • Conversation Partner
      inspiring mentors.”            Zealand                       • Worked on the develop-           helping new Canadians
      — Helen Liu                  • Events coordinator for the      ment of a new meningitis         develop conversational
                                     Association of CMSF             vaccine                          English skills
                                     Scholars (ACMSFS)             • Completed a research project
                                                                     to develop innovative ways
                                                                                                    • Travelled to Bolivia with

  'Hands Across the Nations'        • Travelled throughout New        • Founder & Director,
  to build a community                Zealand—hiking, ice               Refugee Student
  medical clinic in the barrio        climbing, sea kayaking,           Scholarship Program
  of Cochabamba                       sand boarding and sailing       Community Service:
• Travelled throughout India                                          • Volunteer, Hospital for
  and Nepal studying local          CATHERINE LAMBERT                   Sick Kids
  NGOs working in com-              Trois-Rivières, QC
                                    York University, Glendon
                                                                      • Participant in North          “The support of CMSF
  munity development                                                    American Model United
                                    College                                                            has enabled me to con-
                                    International Studies,              Nations
SHANNON HARWOOD                                                       • Teacher, Peace by PEACE        tinue to be an active
Ottawa, ON                          Economics minor
                                    2000 CMSF Weston                    Toronto                        member of both the
Queen's University
Concurrent Education, Biology                                         Travel/Study/Summer:
                                    Major Achievements:               • Research, Stanford
                                                                                                       university and wider
                                    • Residence Don (RA) at York        University                     communities in which I
2000 CMSF Trust
                                    • Participated on the York        • Research, Harvard Medical
Major Achievements:                   Senate as the Senator for                                        reside, and to pursue
• Neuroscience researcher,            Glendon College                                                  my goal of making a
  Ottawa Health Research            • Organized and hosted            HEATHER MILLAR
                                      talent shows to promote
                                                                                                       difference in the lives of
  Institute, co-authored two                                          Thunder Bay, ON
  papers                              student talent on campus        McMaster University              others. With the assis-
• Realized my life philosophy:      Community Service:                Health Sciences
                                                                      2000 CMSF Weston
                                                                                                       tance of CMSF, I have
  to live, love, laugh, explore,    • Director of the Friends of
  share and serve – now, forever,     Glendon Board, raising                                           had the opportunity to
                                                                      Major Achievements:
  and everyday in between             funds for students in need      • Founding member and            gain valuable work
• Fulfilled my life long            • Taught salsa dance lessons        current chair of the
  dream of teaching and liv-        • Tutored children in Hong
                                                                                                       experience while utiliz-
                                                                        McMaster Womyn’s Issues
  ing in the third world              Kong                              Network                        ing and developing my
Community Service:                  Travel/Study/Summer:              • Co-Chair of Women in the       leadership skills in a
• Worked with elementary            • Participated at the 2002          Global South, an Ontario
  and secondary school chil-          International Student             Public Interest Research
                                                                                                       variety of interesting
  dren to help teach the love         Symposium on Negotiation          Group focusing on educat-      settings.”
  of learning                         and Conflict Resolution in        ing and raising awareness      — Amber Zirnhelt
• Taught inmates basic aca-           The Hague, Netherlands            of issues faced by rural
  demic and social skills in        • Volunteered in Costa Rica         women living in develop-
  federal prisons through a           and learned Spanish               ing countries
  prison literacy program                                             • Awarded a $25,000 USD         “CMSF will always
• Volunteered in the                HELEN LIU                           2003 Rotary International
  Thousand Islands Cancer           Vancouver, BC (born in Beijing)     Ambassadorial Scholarship      inspire me to combine
  Lodge planning activities         University of Toronto
                                    Neurosciences, International
                                                                        to complete a MA in            community service with
  and leading community                                                 International Public Health
  outings for cancer patients
                                    Relations minor
                                                                        in Sydney, Australia
                                                                                                       enriching experiences.”
                                    2000 CMSF Weston
Travel/Study/Summer:                                                  • Candidate for McMaster's       — Patrick Nadeau
• Taught English in Nepal           Major Achievements:                 Faculty of Health Sciences
  and climbed the highest           • Founder & President,              Chancellor's Gold Medal
  pass in the world, Thorung          Ambassadors for                 Community Service:
  La (5416 meters) in the             International Development       • Volunteer, International
  Himalayas                         • Chair, Peace by PEACE             Conference on the Impact
                                      International                     of Global Issues on
                                                                        Women and Children,

                                    organized by McMaster           • Launched an internal           • Helped deliver supplies
                                    University and Burapha            environmental audit of           with PIPAD (Projet inte-
                                    University in Thailand            the University                   grale pour le promotion de
                                  • Presented a paper on            Community Service:                 l'auto-developement), an
                                    health barriers and             • Volunteered at the               NGO in Bafoussam,
     “My fellow CMSF                HIV/AIDS susceptibility           University of Ottawa Peer        Cameroon supported by
                                    for Sub-Saharan African           Help Centre, a drop-in           Engineers Without Borders
      scholars and the CMSF
                                    women and Aboriginal              centre for students in aca-    • Volunteered at Project
      summer programs               women in Canada                   demic or personal distress       Chance, an organization
      inspired me to push         • Career Peer Helper at           • Volunteer Youth Group            dedicated to supervising
                                    McMaster’s Career Planning        leader for the Trillium          children of single student
      myself further and do         & Employment Centre                                                mothers attending
                                                                      Childhood Cancer
      more than I ever            • Student Leader at the             Support Centre                   Concordia or McGill
                                    Hammarskjold High               • Member of the judging          Travel/Study/Summer:
      thought I would! In the       School Outdoors Club,             panel at the regional-level    • Travelled to Cameroon,
      future I am certainly         teaching canoeing and             High School Science Fair         central Africa
      going to face road            wilderness skills to groups       in Gatineau, QC
                                    of high school students in      Travel/Study/Summer:             AIMÉE PELLETIER
      blocks and challenges.        Northern Ontario                                                 North Branch, ON
                                                                    • Travelled to Punta Banco,
      CMSF has taught me          Travel/Study/Summer:                                               University of British Columbia
                                                                      Costa Rica, volunteering
                                  • Travelled to Guyana, South                                       Ecology & Environmental
      with perseverance and                                           as an associate researcher     Biology
                                    America with Youth                in a Sea Turtle
      the help and support                                                                           2000 CMSF Weston
                                    Challenge International to        Conservation Project
      of others, it is possible     construct teachers’ quar-       • Worked as a civilian mem-      Major Achievements:
                                    ters, organize a Youth Skills     ber of the RCMP on classi-     • Co-organizer of first annual
      to tackle any problem.”       Summit, and educate com-                                           UBC Sustainability
                                                                      fied criminal investigations
      — Karen Roberts               munity members on pri-                                             Conference
                                    mary health concerns            JANET NIELSEN                    • Executive member of the
                                  • Currently completing an         Kingston, ON                       Student Environment
                                    honours thesis analyzing        McGill University                  Centre and Students for
                                    the effects of gender and       Mathematics & Linguistics          Environmental Action in
     “CMSF’s encouragement                                          2000 CMSF Weston
                                    power relations on the                                             New Zealand
      and support has been          experience of HIV/AIDS                                           • UBC Sustainability
                                                                    Major Achievements:
      both comforting and           for women in rural              • Taught mathematics, quan-        Ambassador
                                    Uganda as part of an              tum mechanics, theoretical     Community Service:
      motivating knowing            ongoing project with the          linguistics and a meli-        • Volunteer, Vancouver’s
      that I can do anything        Salama SHIELD                     melange course at Shad           Downtown Eastside
      I put my mind to, and         Foundation                        Valley in Calgary              • Volunteer, UBC Rezcycle
                                                                    • Published a short story          and the UBC Food Coop
      that CMSF will be           PATRICK NADEAU                      entitled, “Spadina,” in the    • Volunteer, the New
      behind me every step of     Fredericton, NB                                                      Zealand Department of
                                                                      Claremont Review literary
                                  University of Ottawa
                                                                      magazine                         Conservation in both the
      the way!”                   Biology
                                                                    • Planned two National             Forest & Bird project and
                                  2000 CMSF Weston
      — Nadia Salvaterra                                              Heritage Fairs with              Protect Our Ocean
                                  Major Achievements:                 Historica, a Canadian foun-      programs
                                  • Founded Green Campus, the         dation that aims to promote    Travel/Study/Summer:
                                    University's sustainability-      and popularize history         • Volunteer, ANAI for a Sea
                                    focused student club            Community Service:                 Turtle Conservation Project
                                  • Elected member of the           • Math tutor, McGill               and with an Agroforestry
                                    Science Students’ Association                                      Farm in Costa Rica
• Travelled to Australia to        Major Achievements:                33) for the Department of
  learn about ethnobotany of       • International coordinator        Health and Social Services,
  native Aboriginal peoples          for Accion Ecologica, an         Government of Nunavut
• Cycled through New                 Ecuadorian environmental       • Founder/chair of the
  Zealand, volunteered with          organization aimed at            Nunavut Youth Action          “CMSF provides a per-
  WWOOF, learned about the           increasing global corporate      Team on Tobacco
  indigenous Maori people            responsibility in developing   • Pursued research in the
                                                                                                     sonal support system
                                     nations. Participated in         reduction of vertical          that is always there for
KAREN ROBERTS                        letter-writing and media         transmission of HIV in
Ottawa, ON
                                                                                                     you when you need it
                                     campaigns, raising               San Jose, Costa Rica and
Queen's University                   awareness about regional         Managua, Nicaragua             most. CMSF has
Mathematics, Biology minor           issues as an outcome
2000 CMSF Anonymous Donor                                           Community Service:               opened up doors that I
                                   • Finalist for the               • Volunteer overnight youth
                                     Commonwealth                                                    never thought possible.”
Major Achievements:                                                   worker, Change Now,
• Discovered that confidence         Scholarship (UK)                 Guelph's emergency youth       — Eloise Tan
  inevitably comes with time       Community Service:                 shelter
  and that the help of friends     • Volunteer tutor, Frontier      • Coach for at-risk
  is invaluable                      College literacy program for     Nunavummiut boys in the
• Uncovered a passion for            prison inmates in Kingston-      RCMP's hockey program,        “The support given to
  human health and discovered        area penitentiaries              Start Right Stay Right         me by CMSF has,
  ways to apply a degree in        • Volunteer, Kingston-area       • Facilitator, International
  mathematics towards work           shelter for homeless and         House, a University of         without any exaggera-
  in a variety of health-related     disadvantaged youth              Guelph residence               tion, changed the
  areas                            • Volunteer, Amnesty             Travel/Study/Summer:             course of my life. It is
• Worked hard and                    International, Queen’s         • Cycled across Canada for
  succeeded!                         Project on International         the Canadian Cancer            an incredible feeling to
Community Service:                   Development, anti-war            Society’s Bike for Cancer      know that someone
• Coordinator, Learning              protests and fair trade        • Hiked the South
                                     campaigns                        Pangnirtung fiord, Baffin
                                                                                                     believes in you and is
  Skills Health Outreach
  program at Queen's               Travel/Study/Summer:               Island and paddled under       willing to invest in
• Co-chair, Math &                 • Studied Development              the midnight sun on the        your future. CMSF
  Statistics Departmental            Ethics, University of            Arctic Ocean
  Student's Council                  Havana, Cuba                                                    gives students the per-
• Volunteer, local senior's        • Studied Development,           ELOISE TAN                       sonal confidence to
  residence                          History and Anthropology       Toronto, ON
                                     in Ecuador, focusing on the    York University                  excel in their academic
                                     role Canadian companies,       International Development        and extra curricular
• Worked at the Manitoba                                            Studies
  Centre for Health Policy           NGOs and governments
                                                                    2000 CMSF Weston                 pursuits. Without the
  in Winnipeg                        play in promoting Latin
• Backpacked through the             America development            Major Achievements:              support of the
  Coast Mountains in British                                        • Founder, International         Foundation I would
  Columbia as part of a            NADIA SALVATERRA                   Development Studies
                                   Toronto, ON                        Students Association,York
                                                                                                     not be the person I am
  12-member team
                                   University of Guelph
                                                                      University                     today.” — Mary Rose
                                   Bio-Medical Sciences
                                   2000 CMSF Weston
                                                                    • Created and edited the
Toronto, ON                                                           York University
Queen's University                 Major Achievements:                International Development
History & Development Studies      • Researched, wrote and            Studies newsletter
2000 CMSF Weston                                                    • Started an annual basket-
                                     implemented the Nunavut
                                     Tobacco Control Act (Bill
                                     ball tournament fundraiser        Community Service:                • Won the Canada Day
                                     for the Schulich Charity          • Co-founder and                    Youth Award and
                                     Foundation, Schulich                Co-coordinator, Montreal          Vancouver Volunteer
                                     School of Business                  Horizons Tutoring                 Recognition Award for
                                   Community Service:                    Program, awarded the best         volunteer involvement
                                   • Volunteered with “Lawyers           student initiative in com-        with elderly people at
                                     Feed the Hungry,” a pro-            munity service at the Gala        The Arbutus Care Centre
     “Being sponsored by             gram run through                    Forces Avenir                   • Co-organizer, UBC’s First
      CMSF allowed me to             Osgoode Hall that pro-            • Implemented an intensive          Annual Sustainability
                                     vides meals in a restaurant         English summer program            Conference
      volunteer ten to fifteen                                           at an underprivileged
                                     setting to the homeless in                                          Travel/Study/Summer:
      hours a week. Thus,            downtown Toronto                    school (The Hope School)        • Conducted research on the
                                   • Matched up students with            in Pudong, China, to help         effects of forest fragmenta-
      with the help of two
                                     potential volunteer sites           the children of rural illegal     tion on species diversity in
      friends, I was able to set     through the Volunteer               immigrants integrate into         the rainforest in Bocas del
      up a tutoring program          Center at York and gave             the labor market                  Toro, Panama at the
                                     tours to potential students       • Volunteer, drop-in AIDS           Institute of Tropical
      for inner-city kids, and       and their parents                   Care Centre Montreal              Ecology and Conservation
      learned the ups and          • Mentored a young woman              (ACCM)                          • Backpacked throughout
      downs of running and           through the Big Sisters           Travel/Study/Summer:                Chile, Peru, and Bolivia
                                     organization                      • Completed a Field Study           learning about the multi-
      fundraising for a non-       Travel/Study/Summer:                  Semester in Panama                tude of diverse cultures
      profit organization.”        • Travelled to Juchitan and         • Summer language-school            and biogeoclimatic zones
                                     Xalpaltlahuec, Mexico to            participant, Fudan                in the region
      — Joël Thibert                                                     University, Shanghai, China
                                     work and live at an
                                     orphanage and in an
                                     indigenous village                AMBER ZIRNHELT
                                   • Taught environmental              Williams Lake, BC
     “I have been absolutely         research in an ecological
                                                                       University of British Columbia
                                                                       Geography, Environmental
      honoured to be a part          reserve in the highlands of
                                                                       Geography focus
      of CMSF. The personal          Ecuador through Jatun Sacha       2000 CMSF Trust
      support and wonderful        JOËL THIBERT                        Major Achievements:
                                   Montreal, QC                        • Founder and Coordinator,
      network of people have       McGill University                     “Girl Power”, Williams
      enabled me to direct         Environment Studies and               Lake, BC.
                                   International Development
      attention towards social     Studies, East-Asian studies minor
                                                                       • Organizer of a Mountain
                                                                         Bike and Leadership
      change.”                     2000 CMSF Weston
                                                                         Course for Educo
      — Heather Millar             Major Achievements:                   Adventure School
                                   • Coordinating editor, Le           • Mountain Bike Instructor,
                                     Délit Français, the only            UBC Cycling Club,
                                     McGill French-language              Williams Lake, Whistler,
                                     student publication                 and Vancouver
                                   • Coordinating editor, La           Community Service:
                                     Colline, a publication of         • Volunteer workshop
                                     the Parlement Jeunesse              coordinator for adolescent
                                     Québec (PJQ)                        females at high schools in
                                   • Directed a play for the             Vancouver through Real
                                     McGill Drama Festival               Power Youth Society

CMSF alumni are one of the Foundation's greatest assets. Now numbering one hundred and twenty,
these alumni have, and will continue to contribute to the future success of the Foundation.
We are excited by the tremendous opportunities that the Foundation and the Alumni create in support
of each other, and our communities. The class of 1993 clearly demonstrates the significant contribu-
tions CMSF scholars continue to make as they move forward in the development of their personal and
professional lives in Canada, and on the international stage.

Hometown: Woodstock, ON
BAH History, Queen’s University
LLB, Dalhousie University
Current: Crown Counsel, Justice Canada
Edmonton, AB
Erin is a lawyer specializing in Environmental Law in Environmental and Regulatory Prosecutions. She
is a CMSF Interviewer and Application Assessor for the Edmonton and Northern Alberta area commit-
tee, and is also interim director of the newly founded CMSF Alumni Association. Erin’s community
service work focuses on the Girl Guides, United Way and environmental groups.
“CMSF has helped me prosper in three main ways: 1) CMSF gave me a greater sense of self and made me more
aware of the values that are important to me. As a National Scholar, I more consciously strove towards the values
of leadership, character and service. It is these values that I now try to instill in young girls though Girl Guides.
2) CMSF has given me personal support. As a National Scholar, the directors at CMSF gave me personal support
and positive suggestions for anything I wanted to try, for instance working overseas at a children's hospital for
victims of Chernobyl. As a CMSF alumna, I know I can count on similar support from other alumni whenever
needed. 3) CMSF opened employment opportunities. There are very few opportunities in Canada to prosecute
environmental offenses. CMSF put me in contact with the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation, through
which I obtained the necessary employment experience to reach my goal of working in privileged environmental
legal positions at both the Sierra Legal Defence Fund and Justice Canada.”

Hometown: Ottawa, ON
BAH History, Queen’s University
M.Sc. Government and Political Science, London School of Economics
Current: Director of Policy, KTA Centre for Collaborative Government
Ottawa, ON
Prior to joining KTA, a public interest research firm whose mission is to promote the transformation of
government and governance through the use of information and communications technologies, Graham
was Chief of Staff to the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark. He is active in the Franco-Ontarian community, serves on
the CMSF Ottawa area interview committee, and "plays" at politics.
“The field of politics and public policy is full of opportunity for a young person who has drive and initiative. The
support and encouragement of CMSF over the years has given me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills
and gain valuable experience to perform at a high level despite my young age. More importantly, however, CMSF
has encouraged me to have an unwavering commitment to community and public service. The values CMSF holds
most dear—leadership, character and service—are exactly what politics, at its best, should be about. That is the
lesson I draw. That is what motivates my involvement today.”

     Hometown: Burnaby, BC
     University of British Columbia
     MD, University of Calgary, Internal Medicine, Respiratory Medicine and Sleep Medicine
     Current: Physician, St. Michael's Hospital
     Toronto, ON
     Chris is currently researching sleep apnea and teaching clinical skills to medical students at St. Michael's
     Hospital and at the Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology. He served on the CMSF Calgary area com-
     mittee, assessing and interviewing candidates.
     “Throughout my career, CMSF has inspired me to seek new and diverse opportunities, and to try and provide
     opportunities for others. During my undergraduate years, financial support from CMSF allowed me to study hard
     during the year, take on interesting summer work with the British Columbia Therapeutics Initiative, and play
     table tennis internationally. During medical school, I was inspired to take part in international electives and help
     other students set up similar initiatives. As a resident, and now as a staff physician, I have acted as a mentor and
     teacher to students, and will continue to do so for the rest of my career.”

     Hometown: Saskatoon, SK
     BA, Political Studies, University of Saskatchewan
     Current: Senior Manager, Provincial Consulting Leader, Meyers Norris Penny Advisory Services
     Saskatoon, SK
     Marianne began her consulting career in Toronto with Accenture and Deloitte & Touche. She has inter-
     viewed and assisted the CMSF Saskatoon regional selection committee and is active with Junior
     Achievement's Economics of Staying in School program. Marianne has recently taken on a voluntary
     management role in a writing project aimed at uncovering the history of the Canadian Light Source in
     “CMSF was, and continues to be, the wind in my sails. It provided me with the resources that allowed me to
     make the most of my undergraduate experience. That momentum, and at times direction-setting force,
     continues to inspire me to improve and enrich my life, and the lives of those around me. I give credit to CMSF for
     the energy and inspiration to take on the CLS History Project. I hope that it too will serve as a local tool of inspira-
     tion and leadership.”

Hometown: Toronto, ON
B.Sc., University of Toronto
M.S., Stanford University
Current: PhD. Candidate, Physics
Stanford, USA
“CMSF has helped me achieve my leadership goals in many ways: other CMSF scholars inspired me and helped me
set high expectations for myself, the support of CMSF staff has helped me keep the important values of volunteer
activities and community involvement as priorities, including giving back to CMSF. It was often my recollections of
other CMSF scholars, or conversations with the CMSF staff that gave me the final injection of motivation to find
the time to take on projects outside my research.”

Hometown: Woodbridge, ON
BA, BScH, Queen’s University
MPhil, PhD, University of Cambridge (UK)
Current: Research Associate, Global Equity Initiative, Harvard University
Boston, USA
“CMSF's founder Bob Cluett once told me that life’s challenge was to ‘take meaningful risks’. I’ve never forgotten
those words and, for me, that’s the most important thing about CMSF. That encouragement has helped me to have
so many meaningful experiences (an unforgettable summer spent in an aboriginal community in the northern
Yukon is but one example), to make meaningful friendships I still treasure today, and to take meaningful risks—in
all aspects of my life.”

Hometown: Toronto, ON
BA(Hons), Economics, Glendon College, York University
Rhodes Scholar, MPhil Economics, Oxford University
Current: DPhil Candidate, Economics, The University of Sussex,
Brighton, GB
“My current involvement with development work focusing on issues of fair trade, benefited from the financial sup-
port I had as a CMSF scholar. In particular, the scholarship freed my summers from obligatory remunerative
employment, and permitted me to undertake volunteer work. A key experience was volunteering with Carrefour
Canadian International in Senegal, West Africa in the summer of 1993. That experience gave my life the study
and work focus it now has on small producers and rural development issues.”

Hometown: Ottawa, ON
B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, University of British Columbia
Current: Electronics Engineer, Ferrari Formula 1 race team
Serramazzoni, Italy
“CMSF's support encouraged me to broaden my horizons. This is what allowed me to make the move to Italy and
become part of the community here. Most of all, though, CMSF provided a sense that my options were completely
open, and that someone was looking out for me in whatever endeavour I chose.”

                                                          CMSF VOLUNTEER SELECTION
                                                          COMMITTEES 2002-2003

     CMSF recognizes and thanks our volunteer evaluators who give generously of their time and expertise. Their tireless efforts and insight
     consistently help CMSF to discover and reward accomplished and innovative young Canadians.

     ST. JOHN’S, NL                                       Interviewers: Gerald Baier, Professor, Political     SUDBURY, ON
                                                          Science, St. Thomas University
     Chair: Janet Vivian-Walsh, Associate Assistant                                                            Chair: Donald Dennie, Professor, Department of
                                                          Jill McCaw, Historica Heritage Fairs
     Director of Personnel, Avalon East School District                                                        Sociology and Anthropology, Laurentian University
                                                          Terry Haggerty, Dean, Renaissance College,
     Interviewers: Carson Leonard, General                University of New Brunswick                          Interviewers: Pat Aitken, Policy Analyst,
     Student Services, Memorial University of                                                                  Government Relations, City of Sudbury
                                                          Assessors: Clark Hortsing-Perna, CEO, CMSF
     Newfoundland                                                                                              Pat O’Malley, Retired High School Principal
                                                          Catherine Hortsing, VP Business Development,
     Sheila Singleton, Associate Registrar, Memorial                                                           Marie Leblanc-Kerr, Teacher /President AEFO
                                                          espressoCode Inc.
     University of Newfoundland                                                                                Nipissing Catholique, CSC Franco-Nord
     Paul Coxworthy, Partner, Stewart, McKelvey,                                                               Assessors: Guy Eaudreau
     Sterling & Scales                                    MONCTON, NB (French)
                                                                                                               Sara Burke
     Assessors: Stewart McKelvey, Partner,                Chair: Louise McIntyre, Service d'aide
     Stewart, McKelvey, Sterling & Scales                 financiere, Centre etudiante, Université de          TORONTO, ON
     Jim Walsh, Barry Walsh & Associates                  Moncton
     Sheila Osbourne-Brown, Lawyer, formerly at                                                                1. Chair: Joanne Pooley, Consultant, Hewitt
                                                          Interviewers: Renée Savoie-Power, Service            Associates
     Benson Myles                                         d'aide financiere, Centre étudiante, Université de
                                                          Moncton                                              Interviewers: Michelle Dagnino, Graduate
     CHARLOTTETOWN, PE                                                                                         Student, York University, CMSF Alumna
                                                          Assessors: Louise McIntyre                           David Thompson, Principal, Greenwood
     Chair: Donald M. Deacon, (deceased 2003)             Renée Savoie-Power                                   College School
     Director, Trans Canada Trail Foundation                                                                   Tom Fife, Consultant, Former Senior VP,
     Interviewers: Valerie Downe, Director of             QUEBEC CITY, QC                                      Marketing, Conagra
     Sales, Delta Prince Edward                           Chair: Jean Robert, Dean of Student and              Assessors: Mary Lou Parisi, Guidance
     Nola Etkin, Professor, Department of Chemistry,      Academic Services, College Champlain -               Counsellor, Etobicoke Collegiate Institute
     University of PEI                                    St. Lawrence                                         Julie Boudreault, Senior Policy Analyst, Health
     Verner Smitheram, Director of the Centre for                                                              & Long-term Care, Government of Ontario
     Conflict Resolution, University of PEI               Interviewers: William Donnelly, Retired
                                                          Christian Ragusich, Director of Curriculum,          2. Chair: James Appleyard, President, King &
     Assessors: Nola Etkin,                               Ministry of Education, Government of Quebec          Appleyard Associates, CMSF Trustee
     A.L. Nick Blanchard, Community Banking
     Manager, Bank of Montreal                            Assessors: Danielle Bennett, Bureau d’infor-         Interviewers: Sally Flintoft, Director, Planning
                                                          mation et de le promotion, Université Laval          & Major Gift Communications, Toronto General
     HALIFAX, NS                                          John Keyes, Dean, Faculty & Academic Affairs,        & Western Hospital Foundation
                                                          College Champlain-St. Lawrence                       Margaret Rieger, Koralm Holdings
     Chair: Rod MacLennan, President, Tribune                                                                  Ryan Van Wert, U of T Medical Student,
     Holdings, CMSF Trustee                               MONTREAL, QC                                         CMSF Alumnus
     Interviewers: David Mosher, Geological Survey        Chair: Norman Miller, Director, Queen                Assessors: Ray Cantwell, U of T Graduate
     of Canada, Natural Resources Canada                  Elizabeth Oral Health Centre                         Student, CMSF Alumnus
     Susan Tanner, Associate Registrar, Dalhousie                                                              Lynn Petruzzella, CMSF Staff
     University                                           Interviewers: Stephanie Barker, Former
     Elizabeth Yeo, Registrar, University of King's       Program Director, Historica Foundation               3. Chair: Marlaine Koehler, Program Director,
     College                                              Debbie Larocque, Senior Development Officer,         Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail, Waterfront
                                                          Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University              Regeneration Trust
     Assessors: Jill Daley, CMSF Alumna                   Gaétan Lussier, President, Gaétan Lussier and
     Janet Smith, Dentist, CMSF Alumna                                                                         Interviewers: Woganee Filate, U of T
                                                          Associates, Former CMSF Trustee                      Graduate Student, Community Health &
     Chris Corston, Librarian, Nova Scotia Council
     on the Status of Women                               Assessors: Alexis Diamond, Learning Centre,          Epidemiology, CMSF Alumna
     Cathy Gaulton, Lawyer, Nova Scotia                   Dawson College                                       John Hart, Partner, Ritchie, Ketcheson, Hart &
     Department of Health                                 Kosar Khwaja, McGill University Medical              Biggart LLP
                                                          Student, CMSF Alumnus                                Joe Freedman, President, Student Awards
     FREDERICTON, NB (English)                                                                                 Assessors: Annabelle DeGouveia, Former
                                                                                                               Program Director, GWMSC
     Chair: Mary McIntosh, Director of Communic-                                                               Karim Bardeesy, Legislative Assistant,
     ations & Media Relations, St. Thomas University                                                           Legislative Assembly of Ontario
4. Chair: Peter Frampton, Development                Ian Williams, Associate Dean, Kinesiology           WINNIPEG, MB
Director, Learning Enrichment Foundation             Department, University of Waterloo
                                                                                                         Chair: Megan Adams, Senior Account Manager,
                                                     John Medina, CHRP, HR Specialist TIGER              The Kenna Group
Interviewers: David Sandomierski, U of T             Drylac® Canada Inc.
Graduate Student, CMSF Alumnus                                                                           Interviewers: Usha Mittoo, Faculty of
Deborah Hobson, Former Vice-President,               Assessors: Scott Agar, CAO Zehr’s Cambridge         Management, University of Manitoba
Enrolment and Student Services, York University      Chris Cowperthwaite, CMSF National                  Lawire Pollard, CEO, Pollard Banknote
Fausta Capogna, TRENT-ESL Coordinator,               Scholar                                             David Spitznagel, High School Teacher,
Trent University                                                                                         Winnipeg
Assessors: John Becker, Becker & Associates          LONDON, ON
                                                                                                         Assessors: Susan Eide, Retired, Former
Gwenne Becker, Becker & Associates                   Interviewers: Andrea Rowe, CMSF National            Administrator, MBA program, University of
5. Chair: Klara Michal, Consultant, McKinsey         Scholar                                             Manitoba
& Company, CMSF Alumna                               Michael Owen, Associate Dean, Faculty of            Lyle Eide, Retired, Former Director,
                                                     Science, University of Western Ontario              International Centre for Students, University of
Interviewers: Annabelle DeGouveia, Former            Jane Sexsmith, Academic Counsellor, Faculty of      Manitoba
Program Director, GWMSC                              Science, University of Western Ontario              Malcolm Smith, Faculty of Management,
Chris Summerhayes, DSBN District School                                                                  University of Manitoba
                                                     Chuck Kloestra, CEO & President, LINK
Board of Niagara                                     Corporation
Ray McNeil, Retired, Formerly at the City of                                                             SASKATOON, SK
Toronto, Economic Development                        Assessors: Matt Devereux, Science Outreach
                                                     Officer, Office of Dean of Science, University of   Chair: Reynold Robertson, Partner, Robertson
Assessors: Gloria Howard, Guidance                   Western Ontario                                     Stromberg Law Offices
Counselor, The Bishop Strachan School                Tom Graham, Teacher, Fanshawe College               Interviewers: Dale Pickett, Administrative
Dorothy Wolfson, The Bishop Strachan School          Roger Lenney, Windcroft Financial Counsel Ltd.      Coordinator, Potash Corporation
6. Chair: Mike Kogon, U of T Urology                 Irene Lenney, Windcroft Financial Counsel Ltd.      Kelly McInnis, Director of Student Financial
Resident, CMSF Alumnus                                                                                   Assistance & Awards, University of Saskatchewan
                                                     BELLEVILLE/KINGSTON, ON                             Herve Langlois, Educational Consultant
Interviewers: Steven Gray, Barrister &
Solicitor, Armel Gray                                Chair: Teresa Alm, Associate Registrar, Queen's     Assessors: Jerome Chomos, Educational
Maria Cioni, Principal, Maria Cioni +                University                                          Consultant
Associates                                                                                               Galen Van Cleave, Retired Educator
                                                     Interviewers: Mike Lattner, School Reform           Peter Smith, Retired Educator
Merike Remmel, Associate Registrar, University
                                                     Coordinator, St. Paul’s Catholic SS., Junior
of Toronto
                                                     Author & Business Manager, Ross Lattner Inc.        CALGARY, AB
Assessors: Amy Andrews, Former Research              Mary Lou Caron, Cooking School and
Associate, Ontario HIV Treatment Network,            Community Room Coordinator, Upstairs at             Chair: Stan Martin, Employee Relations &
CMSF Alumna                                          Loblaws                                             Human Resources Development, Petro-Canada
Don Parker, Vice-President,        Wayne Myles, Director, International Centre,        Interviewers: Kathe Jacek, Industrial Relations
                                                     Queen’s University                                  Manager, Shell Canada Limited
HAMILTON, ON                                         Assessors: Val MacDonald, Partner,                  Mark Hopkins, Partner, Conroy Ross Partners
                                                     MacDonald Cowan, CMSF Treasurer & Trustee           Limited
Chair: Michele George, Graduate Advisor,                                                                 Sue MacKenzie, Senior Director, Bitumen Oil
Associate Professor, Department of Classics,         Anne Williams, CMSF Staff
                                                                                                         Sands, Petro-Canada
McMaster University
                                                     OTTAWA, ON                                          Assessors: Kathryn Hanford, CMSF Staff
Interviewers: Nick Petruzzella, General                                                                  Peter Smith, VP Construction Services Division,
Manager, Six Nations Natural Gas                     Chair: Heather Spratt, Guidance Counsellor,         AON Reed Stenhouse
Elaine Lickers, Community Manager, RBC Six           Rideau High School
Nations of the Grand River                                                                               EDMONTON, AB
                                                     Interviewers: Claudia Lozano, Compliance
Ted Bober, Workplace Health and Crisis
                                                     Review Officer, Canadian Human Rights               Chair: Pamela Willoughby, Department of
Management Consultant
                                                     Commission                                          Anthropology, University of Alberta
Assessors: Jen King, CMSF National Scholar           Graham Fox, Director of Policy, KTA Centre for
Peter Self, Assistant Registrar, Graduate Studies,   Collaborative Government, CMSF Alumnus              Interviewers: Jennifer Jay, Department of
McMaster University                                  David Tuck, Senior Communications Advisor,          History & Classics, University of Alberta
                                                     Canadian Forest Service                             John Langdon, Department of History &
                                                                                                         Classics, University of Alberta
GUELPH/WATERLOO, ON                                  Assessors: Kelly Doctor, CMSF National              Rudy Sedlak, University of Alberta Pharmacy
Interviewers: Theresa Thibodeau, Musician,           Scholar                                             Student, CMSF Alumnus
Artist, Teacher                                      Jocelyne Courtemanche, Public Health Nurse,
                                                                                                         Assessors: Jennifer Jay, Department of History
Cathy Mackenzie, Student Advisor, Faculty of         City of Ottawa
                                                                                                         & Classics, University of Alberta
Science, McMaster University
     BURNABY, BC                                            CMSF DIRECT POOL ASSESSORS:                        Committee 2
                                                                                                               Chair: Janet Vivian-Walsh, Associate Assistant
     Chair: Doug Holtby, Retired, WIC Western               David Bailey, Retired Educator, Prince Edward      Director of Personnel, Avalon East School District
     International Communications                           County                                             Marny Hamilton, Assistant Vice-President,
                                                            Rhonda Bell, Office Manager, Azure Publishing      Client Services, The MS Society of Canada
     Interviewers: Diane Good, Principal,                   Inc.
     Windermere Secondary School                                                                               Garfield Mitchell, Executive Director,
                                                            Vali Bennett, Manager of Administration,           The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
     Jeff Pike, Doctor, St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver      Avana Capital Corporation
     Charlotte French, Student Academic Resources,                                                             Lucas Skoczkowski, COO, Redknee Inc.,
                                                            Julie Boudreault, Senior Policy Analyst, Health    CMSF Alumnus
     Simon Fraser University                                & Long-term Care, Government of Ontario
     Assessors: Joyce Horn, Retired, Career                 Sean Boyle, Commercial Real Estate Agent,          Committee 3
     Preparation Program Coordinator, Vancouver             Boyle Real Estate                                  Chair: John Lennox, Dean, Graduate Studies,
     School Board                                           Alec Brown, Retired Air Canada Consultant          York University, CMSF Trustee
     Nick Kontogeorgopoulos, Assistant Professor,           Ceri Forbes, Barrister                             Jack Darville, Partner, Pricewaterhouse Coopers,
     Department of Comparative Sociology &                  Sonja Forstner, Retired Guidance Counsellor        CMSF Trustee
     International Political Economy, University of         Peter Graefe, Post Doctorate Teaching Fellow,      Tamara Rebanks, Assistant Director, The W.
     Puget Sound                                            McMaster University                                Garfield Weston Foundation
     Russ Pacey, Superintendent of Schools, New             Marny Hamilton, Assistant Vice-President,          Mary Ann Chambers, Former Sr. VP, Bank of
     Westminster School District                            Client Services, The MS Society of Canada          Nova Scotia, Former CMSF Trustee
                                                            Mary Hanford, Office Manager, Southdown
                                                            Animal Clinic                                      Committee 4
     VANCOUVER, BC                                                                                             Chair: Rod MacLennan, President, Tribune
                                                            Sharon Hewitt, Secondary School Teacher,
     Chair: Carol Gibson, Retired, Former Director,         Richview Collegiate Institute                      Holdings, CMSF Trustee
     Student Financial Assistance & Awards, UBC             Bob Ireland, Retired Educator, Metropolitan        Stan Martin, Manager, Employee Relations &
                                                            Toronto Separate School Board                      Human Resources Development, Petro Canada
     Interviewers: Barbara Crocker, Associate               Neil Muldoon, Director of Operation, DS            Ruth daCosta, Executive Director, Covenant
     Director, Student Financial Assistance & Awards, UBC   Transportation                                     House, CMSF Trustee
     Nick Kontogeorgopoulos, Assistant Professor,           Earl Park, Retired School Principal, Scarborough   Megan Adams, Senior Account Manager, The
     Department of Comparative Sociology &                  Duncan Ratcliffe, CEO, Redknee Inc.                Kenna Group
     International Political Economy, University of         Pam Robertson, Senior Training Consultant,
     Puget Sound                                                                                               Committee 5
                                                            Financial Management, Office of the Provincial     Chair: Donald Dennie, Professor, Department
     Tim Rahilly, Director, Student Development &           Controller, Ministry of Finance
     Programming, Simon Fraser University                                                                      of Sociology and Anthropology, Laurentian
                                                            Kareem Sadiq, Graduate Student, York               University
     Assessors: Joyce Horn, Retired, Career                 University                                         Jean-Marc Letourneau
     Preparation Program Coordinator, Vancouver             Elizabeth Scarborough, Graduate Student, York      Danielle Bennett, Bureau d'information et de
     School Board                                           University                                         promotion, Université Laval
     Nick Kontogeorgopoulos                                 Carolyn Taylor, Director, World Youth Centre       Erika Rimkus, Executive Director, York Region
     Russ Pacey, Superintendent of Schools, New             Pilot Project                                      Learning Connections
     Westminster School District                            Mike Travis, Regional Manager, A.I.G.
                                                            Patricia Wong, Barrister                           Committee 6
                                                                                                               Chair: Wendy Rebanks, Treasurer, The W.
     VICTORIA, BC                                                                                              Garfield Weston Foundation, CMSF Trustee
     Chair: Suzanne Ives, Coordinator                       NATIONAL SELECTIONS                                Meg Connell, Former ED, The Canadian Club
     Wordstream Press                                       COMMITTEES 2003                                    of Toronto
                                                            National Co-Chairs: Bob Cluett, CMSF               Jean Robert, Dean of Student and Academic
     Interviewers: Karen Van Rheenen                                                                           Services, College Champlain-St. Lawrence
     Manager of Policy Standards & Practice, Kardel         Founder, The John Motley Morehead Foundation
                                                            Trustee                                            Stephen Couchman, Senior Advisor, PQR Ltd.
     Consulting Services Inc.
     Rhys Eyton, Corporate Rector, Former                   Aline Cool, Head of Guidance, Guelph
     Chairman, President and CEO, Canadian                  Collegiate
     Airlines International                                 Committee 1
     Terry McCalmont, Director, Parks Canada,               Chair: Nada Ristich, Senior Manager, Corporate
     Fort Rodd Hill, Victoria                               Donations, BMO Financial Group
     Assessors: Kelly Dodds, 7th Grade Teacher              Chantal Tie, Executive Director, Staff Lawyer,
     John Wilcox, Employment Counsellor,                    South Ottawa Community Legal Services
     Cowichan Valley Association for Community              Kevin Markle, President, Oak Hill Professional
     Living                                                 Corporation, CMSF Trustee
                                                            Ross McGregor, Chairman Emeritus, Ketchum
                                                            Canada Inc., Former CMSF Trustee

                                CMSF NATIONAL SCHOLAR ENRICHMENT

CMSF aims to maximize           CMSF provides additional opportunities to all National Scholars to enhance the value of their university
Canada's potential nationally   career and service to their communities, with meaningful and educational experiences. Through summer
and internationally by sup-     programs, National Scholars are encouraged to explore a wide variety of experiences, including intern-
porting the development of      ships, summer travel, public policy placements, community service initiatives, and volunteer activities.
tomorrow's leaders for          The Summer Enrichment program is voluntary, individualized and grounded in student initiative.
Canada's corporate and com-
munity sectors. CMSF will
further encourage innovation
                                SUMMER 2003 ENRICHMENT HIGHLIGHTS
and entrepreneurship in
CMSF National Scholars by:      LAUREN ALBRECHT
                                University of Alberta
•Expanding the CMSF             2001 CMSF Weston
 mentorship program to          • Teacher's assistant at the Chinook English as a Second Language College in Calgary, Alberta
 enable current scholars        • Taught international adult immigrants and summer exchange students from Taiwan & Mexico
 and community and busi-          through weekly conversation clubs and Friday Fun days in Calgary and the Rockies
 ness leaders, and CMSF         • Discovered a passion for teaching ESL during this experience
 alumni to meet informally
 and consistently. Mentors      STEPHANIE ARBEZ
 will provide students with     University of Ottawa
 the opportunity to explore     2001 CMSF Anonymous Donor
 career, academic and per-      • Worked as a tour guide in Ottawa for a variety of adult and school groups
 sonal growth issues.           • Volunteered at Camp Trillium, a camp supporting children living with cancer in Winnipeg

                                ESHA BHANDARI
•Producing and hosting an       McGill University
 annual leadership confer-
                                2001 CMSF Weston
 ence. This will serve as an
 induction program to           • Worked for the World Youth Centre in Toronto, a non-profit youth-driven initiative encouraging
 enable the incoming              social entrepreneurship
 scholars to participate as a   • Recruited international participants for the summer 2004 Pilot Project conference (as Enrolment
 group in developing a            and International Relations Coordinator)
 positive sense of member-      • Presented at the Model UN Leadership Conference in New York City
 ship, and to further devel-    • Attended the World Congress of Youth in Morocco
 op the potential leadership
                                LINDSEY CARTER
 qualities inherent in each     University of Western Ontario
 scholar —an important          2002 CMSF Trust
 qualification of receiving     • Worked with the Jatun Sacha Foundation in Ecuador, an Amazonian rainforest
 the scholarship.                 conservation group
                                • Led community outreach projects in the botanical & organic gardens, and taught English at a local
•Establishing summer              Quichua school
 internships at key public,     • Built a water tower and a traditional Quichua bamboo and palm leaf hut, and enjoyed horseback
 business, medical and            riding through the Andes
 non-profit organizations
                                MELANIE DERYNCK
                                McGill University
                                2002 CMSF Weston
                                • Studied Spanish and taught English to adults at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico
                                • Researched Mexican beliefs and attitudes towards conservation and the development of recycling
                                • Travelled extensively through the Mexican province of Oaxaca

     University of Western Ontario
     2002 CMSF Weston
     • Completed volunteer research in the Primary Care Research Unit (PCRU) at Sunnybrook and
       Women’s Hospital in Toronto
     • Studied epidemiological techniques and legal documentation issues as they relate to the rural
       health crisis in Uzbekistan
     • Collected and organized data from over 300 births in the obstetrics department on children
       orphaned by AIDS in Africa

     McMaster University
     2002 CMSF Weston
     • Worked with street children and at-risk youth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
     • Volunteered with the Brazilian Institute for Innovations in Public Health (IBISS) to increase
       community development and awareness in the region
     • In conjunction with international students from varying socioeconomic backgrounds, learned how
       education at the local level can further community development and social justice

     University of Manitoba
     2001 CMSF Weston
     • Assisted a plastic surgeon who specializes in reconstructive microsurgery in San Antonio, Texas
     • Completed work in experimental cardiovascular research with Dr. Naranjan S. Dhalla
     • Prepared for medical school entrance exams (MCAT)

     McGill University
     2001 CMSF Weston
     • Studied at the Los Cedros Biological Reserve in Ecuador, documenting the behaviour of the
       endangered Howler monkey (Alouatta palliata) to better guide future conservation efforts
     • Collaborated with eco-tourism project participants to train local guides, and assist in the Reserve’s
       publicity campaign
     • Travelled to the Galapagos Islands to study and observe biodiversity in its fullest form

     University of Guelph
     2001 CMSF Weston
     • Studied French at the multicultural Cité Universitaire de Paris
     • With a multitude of international students from various countries, explored the rich art and
       history of Paris
     • Explored the British agricultural system first-hand on a Young Farmers/Canadian 4-H Exchange,
       living with host families across rural England and Wales

McGill University
2002 CMSF Friesens/Lifetouch
• Lived and worked at the Hollyhock Retreat Centre, a vibrant eco-tourist education centre on
  Cortes Island, BC
• Assisted Hollyhock staff, and studied drawing, painting and t'ai chi
• Learned how to put sustainable tourism-based practices into use in a business environment

University of Guelph
2002 CMSF Trust
• Taught English and mathematics to a group of street kids in a church-based school in Mae Sot,
• Trekked through the Thai countryside on an elephant

University of Guelph
2002 CMSF Trust
• Volunteered at the Jatun Sacha Biological Station in Ecuador, assisting in ongoing conservation
  efforts aimed at increasing community awareness of environmental resources
• Tested new and safer fertilization methods for organic gardening
• Coordinated customer service at Destination Halifax, a membership-based tourism company

University of Ottawa
2002 CMSF Trust
• Travelled to Costa Rica with World Vision to organize nutrition fairs, make presentations in
  schools, assist doctors with patient consultations and enjoy local surfing & jungle excursions
• Participated in a Rotary Club leadership camp in Kingston, ON
• Volunteered at the Festival Franco-Ontarien and travelled throughout New Brunswick

Memorial University
2002 CMSF Weston
• Completed three academic courses and volunteered for the Peace-A-Chord, Lantern Festival,
  Nickel Independent Film Festival and the Granny Bates children's bookshop in St. John’s, NL
• Participated in the St. John's West Youth Forum
• Travelled to La Coruña, Spain on a cultural language exchange programme

                                       TRUSTEES AND STAFF

                                       CMSF's Board of Trustees serve as advisors to the Foundation on matters of governance, finance,
                                       strategic growth and direction, as well as making a personal financial contribution. We are grateful for
                                       their support and expertise.

                                       2003 CMSF TRUSTEES                                      TRUSTEES EMERITI
                                       James Appleyard, President, King & Appleyard            David V.J. Bell, Professor, Environemental Studies,
                                       Associates                                              York University
                                       Karen M. Bleasby, Vice President, Mackenzie Financial   Miriam Burnett, The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
                                       Pierre Boudreault, Federal Electoral Boundaries         Mary Anne Chambers, Former Sr. VP, Bank of Nova
                                       Commission for the Province of Quebec                   Scotia, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities
                                       Alan Broadbent, CEO, Avana Capital Corporation          Greig Clark, Management Partner, Horatio Enterprise
                                       Ruth daCosta, Executive Director, Covenant House        Fund, Founder, College Pro Painters
                                       Jack Darville, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers          Robert Cluett, CMSF Founder, Trustee, The John
                                       Bryan P. Davies, CEO, Financial Services Commission     Motley Morehead Foundation
     “Being a member of the            of Ontario (Board Chair)                                George E. Connell, President Emeritus, University
                                       Peter George, President, McMaster University            of Toronto
      CMSF Board of Trustees           George Georghiades, Educational leave, McKinsey         David Crombie, Former Toronto Mayor, Chair,
                                       & Company, CMSF alumnus                                 Waterfront Regeneration Trust, Former CMSF
      gives me the opportunity         William Herzog, Consultant                              National Chair
      to help further the              John Lennox, Dean, Graduate Studies, York University    Dominic D'Alessandro, CEO, Manulife
                                       Gaétan Lussier, President, Gaétan Lussier and           Virginia Froman, CEO, Virginia Froman Enterprises
      important work of                Associates                                              Martin Glynn, Former President & CEO, HSBC Bank
      CMSF. In conjunction             Hon. Donald Macdonald, Senior Advisor, Lang             Canada
                                       Michener                                                J. Douglas Grant, Former Chair, Sceptre Investment
      with my fellow trustees,         Val MacDonald, Partner, MacDonald Cowan                 Council
      it is an honour and a            Rod MacLennan, President, Tribune Holdings Ltd.         Dick Helmstadter, Professor Emeritus, University
                                       Kevin Markle, President, Oak Hill Professional          of Toronto
      privilege to contribute to       Corporation, Morehead Alumnus                           Gilles Jarry, Former Sr. VP, BMO Financial Group
      the development of               Craig Pho, Vice President, Burgundy Asset               Robert Korthals, Former President, TD Bank
                                        Management Ltd.                                        Ross McGregor, Chairman Emeritus, Ketchum
      worthy and accomplished          Joanne Pooley, Consultant, Hewitt Associates            Canada Inc.
      young Canadian                   Wendy Rebanks, Treasurer, The W. Garfield Weston        Youssef Nasr, Former Pesident & CEO, HSBC Bank
                                       Foundation                                              Canada
      students.”                       Grant L. Reuber, Past Chairman, Canada Deposit          Peter Nicholson, Former Executive VP, BCE
                                       Insurance Corp.                                         Antonio E. Sago, Former President, Jostens Inc.
      — Craig Pho
                                       Richard Rooney, President, Burgundy Asset               Lionel Schipper, President, Schipper Enterprises Inc.
      Vice President, Burgundy Asset   Management                                              Janet Stalker, Former Tax Specialist, Deloitte Touche
                                                                                               Donald A. Stewart, CEO, Sun Life Financial
                                                                                               Mary Turner, Canadian Tire Corporation
                                       CMSF STAFF                                              Frank Vasilkioti, Former President, Aegis Financial
                                       Kathryn Hanford, Director of Programs                   Services
                                       Clark Hortsing – Perna, Chief Executive Officer         W. James Watson, Former President, General Motors
                                       (Retired June 2004)                                     Acceptance Corporation of Canada Ltd.
                                       Leana Kruning, Administrative Assistant                 Karen E.Wilson, Barrister & Solicitor
                                       Lynn Petruzzella, Program Administrator
                                       Jane Rowland, Director of Development
                                       Jessica Tudos, Communications & Outreach
                                       Anne Williams, Financial Officer

                                       CMSF SUPPORTERS

                                                                 September 01, 2002 - August 31, 2003

CMSF is proud to recognize and         Principal Supporter ($500,000+)
thank our partner
                                       The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
universities. This support demon-
                                       *Co-sponsors of the Garfield Weston National Awards
strates a strong belief in, and sup-
port of, the CMSF evaluation
process, as well as allowing CMSF      Supporters ($50,000+)
to leverage all donations to the       Anonymous                     BMO Financial Group                 Scotiabank
foundation.                            RBC Financial Group through RBC Foundation
University of Alberta
Bishop’s University                    Principal Benefactors ($25,000+)
University of British Columbia         Avana Capital Corp.               Redknee Inc.                    Richard Rooney
University of Calgary                  The Morrison Foundation
Dalhousie University
University of Guelph                   Major Benefactors ($10,000+)
University of King’s College           Friesens                          The Heaslip Family Foundation   Lifetouch
Lakehead University
Université Laval                       Benefactors ($5,000+)
University of Manitoba                 Canadian Club of Toronto          Rod MacLennan                   Heinz & Margaret Rieger
McGill University
McMaster University                    Principal Donors ($1,000+)
Memorial University                    E.W. Bickle Foundation            HSBC Bank Canada                Potash Corporation
Université de Moncton                  Miriam Burnett                    Robert Korthals                 Deepak Ramachandran
Université de Montréal                 Dr. Robert Cluett                 KPMG                            Wendy Rebanks
Mount Allison University               CST Consultants                   Irene & Roger Lenney            Lionel Schipper
University of New Brunswick            Virginia Froman                   McRae Family Foundation         Richard Wernham
University of Ottawa                   Clark Hortsing-Perna              Paul Millar
Queen’s University
University of Saskatchewan
                                       Donors ($500+)
Simon Fraser University
                                       Jeff Baryshnik                    Robert Ireland                  Joanne Pooley
University of Toronto
                                       Pierre Boudreault                 Ruth Glennie                    Grant Reuber
University of Waterloo
                                       Jennifer Clark                    William & Pat Herzog            Robertson Stromberg
University of Western Ontario
                                       George F. Cooke                   Kevin Markle
York University

                                       Friends (up to $500)
                                       Jim Allen                         Glen Davison                    Donald Macdonald
                                       Keith Ambachtsheer                In memory of Donald Deacon      Ross McGregor
                                       Rose and John Andrachuk           Murray & Donna Douglas          Ron Novotny
                                       Patricia Arroyo                   Hammond Dugan                   Joan Randall
                                       John and Gwenne Becker            Sally Flintoft                  Marie Rounding
                                       Karen Bleasby                     Sonja Forstner                  Thomas Ryley
                                       Alec Brown                        Ruth Glennie                    Lawrie Savage
                                       Margaret Cameron                  Chaviva Hosek                   Lucas Skoczkowski
                                       Greig Clark                       E. Kendall                      Neil & Barb Vader
                                       Ian Clark                         Jane Kilburn-Boyle              Lynda & Robert Van Wert
                                       Arthur Condliffe                  Michael Laine                   Edwin Weir
                                       Aline Cool                        John Lennox                     Karen Wilson
                                       Ruth daCosta                      Janet Lewis                     Mark Yakabuski
                                       Bryan Davies                      Margaret Ann & Doug Lougheed
                                    FINANCIAL STATEMENTS

The Canadian Merit                  The financial statements reproduced below are excerpts from our audited financial statements and as
Scholarship Foundation operates     such do not contain all of the disclosures required by Canadian generally accepted accounting princi-
two major programs:                 ples. Readers are cautioned that these statements may not be appropriate for their purposes. For com-
The CMSF University Program         plete information on CMSF's financial position, results of operations and cash flows, reference should
and the Garfield Weston Merit       be made to the related audited financial statements in their entirety and available in our offices or on
Scholarship for Colleges            our website.
operated on behalf of the W.
Garfield Weston Foundation
and the related financials are
included in the Statement of        STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION               Year ended August 31,2003, with comparative figures for 2002
Financial Position as well as the                                                                      2003                             2002
Statement of Operations.            ASSETS
GWMSC financial data is
excluded from Schedule 1 –          Current assets:
University Program.                    Cash                                                      $ 1,013,040                       $ 764,412
                                       Accrued interest and other receivables                         69,906                          78,401
                                       Prepaid expenses                                                2,067                               -
                                                                                                   1,085,013                         842,813

                                    Investments, at cost (note 2)                                  1,524,893                       1,430,761
                                    Capital assets                                                    90,318                          87,867
                                    Less accumulated amortization                                     74,197                          56,382
                                                                                                      16,121                          31,485
                                                                                                 $ 2,626,027                     $ 2,305,059

                                    LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS

                                    Current liabilities:
                                       Accounts payable and accrued liabilities                     $ 16,542                        $ 14,995
                                       Awards payable                                              1,628,150                       1,124,700
                                                                                                   1,644,692                       1,139,695

                                    Deferred contributions (note 3)                                  330,167                         362,353
                                    Net assets:
                                       Unrestricted                                                  635,047                         771,526
                                       Invested in capital assets                                     16,121                          31,485
                                                                                                     651,168                         803,011
                                    Commitments (note 4)
                                                                                                 $ 2,626,027                     $ 2,305,059

STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS               Year ended August 31,2003, with comparative figures for 2002
                                                          2003                              2002
  Donations                                       $ 2,538,848                       $ 2,000,102
  Interest and other income                            84,920                            93,216
                                                    2,623,768                         2,093,318
   Non-grant expenditures:
      Salaries and honoraria                          385,268                           359,516
      Office                                          133,077                            60,713
      Travel                                           69,246                            59,826
      Rent                                             59,846                            20,267
      Professional fees                                33,603                            21,352
      Amortization                                     17,815                            18,092
      Miscellaneous                                     5,481                             5,216
      Fundraising                                       4,636                             5,137
                                                      708,972                           550,119
  Awards and grants:
      GWMSC awards                                    987,250                           387,400
      National awards                                 605,250                           604,384
      Travel and other grants                         208,821                           157,621
      Regional and finalist awards                    109,500                           112,000

SCHEDULE 1 — UNIVERSITY PROGRAM       Year ended August 31,2003, with comparative figures for 2002
                                                          2003                              2002
  Donations                                        $ 1,308,814                       $ 1,454,753
  Interest and other income                             84,920                            93,216
                                                     1,393,734                         1,547,969
   Non-grant expenditures:
      Salaries and honoraria                           229,298                           227,833
      Office                                            48,642                            27,828
      Travel                                            43,038                            39,771
      Rent                                              29,923                            10,133
      Professional fees                                 25,323                            15,176
      Amortization                                       8,908                             8,452
      Miscellaneous                                      4,369                             4,513
      Fundraising                                        4,636                             5,137
                                                       394,137                           338,843
  Awards and grants:
    National awards                                    605,250                           604,384
    Travel and other grants                            141,536                           128,444
    Regional and finalist awards                       109,500                           112,000
    Final selection weekends                            36,484                            51,956
    Provincial awards                                   58,500                            69,500
    Secondary school awards                             18,000                                 -
                                                       969,270                           966,284
Total expenditures                                   1,363,407                         1,305,127
Excess of revenue over expenditures                  $ 30,327                         $ 242,842

The Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation
53 Yonge Street, 5th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1J3

Tel: 416-646-2120
Fax: 416-646-0846
Toll-free: 1-866-544-2673

The Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation Trust is registered as a charitable organization with the Canada Customs & Revenue
Agency (Revenue Canada), registration number 855132643RR1. We welcome donations from businesses, foundations, and individuals.
All donations are tax deductible under Canadian law. Please contact for donation details.
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