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					Issue 4, 2011
Inside This Issue
Harvest Safety p. 3-4
                                              Making a Powerful Difference
New Members p. 4                              at the Illinois State Fair
Taking the Future Out for a Spin p. 5         The 2011 Illinois State Fair brought record crowds and new faces to the
                                              Energy Education Council tent. With temperatures averaging in the 80s, state
4-H Electricity Projects p. 6                 fair attendance totaled over 800,000 visitors, which was up 10 percent from
                                              last year. This year’s state fair allowed EEC to reach a larger audience with
A Note from Executive Director p. 7           its messages of electrical safety and energy efficiency.
EEC Wins Clarion Award p. 8                   Kyle Finley’s Live
Upcoming Events p. 8                          Line Demonstrations,
                                              which have become
                                              as much of a staple
New Features on                               as fried food and the
                                              butter cow at the state
                                              fair, thrilled audiences
Member’s Only Site                            with pops, bangs, and
The Energy Education Council continually      arcing electricity. His
creates innovative and new ways to            demonstration had to
communicate important and timely safety       be cancelled for a few
and efficiency messages with your members     days due to a family
and customers. In the last few months a       emergency, but his
number of new features have been added to
the Safe Electricity Member’s Only site.
                                                                              absence did not stop EEC from providing
The site now has new billboard designs                                        educational presentations for state fair crowds.
available. These graphics also make for                                       Shawn Miller, the focus of Safe Electricity’s
eye-catching bill inserts. Many more social                                   2009 "Teach Learn Care TLC" campaign,
media posts have also been added, including                                   generously agreed to step in and share his
posts that link to videos. Be sure to sign                                    story of coming in contact with 7,200 volts
in and see the newest photos in the Photo                                     while hanging Christmas lights outdoors. He
Library section too.                                                          discussed how his experience with electricity
                                                                              changed not only his life, but the lives of
To address energy efficiency, a new handout                                   those who love him, and he shared advice on
and bookmarks can be found under Print                                        avoiding accidents like his. You
Materials & Designs.                                                          can see his story at
                                                                              (continued on page 2)

    Illinois State Fair (continued from page 1)
    Many people stopped to talk with Miller after his presentation and to share
    how their own lives have been affected by electricity. Some were even
    familiar with his story. One man commented, “I started working for a tree
    trimming company several months ago, and on my first day of the job
    in training they showed us your video. It made a huge impact on me and
    showed me how dangerous the lines we trim around are. Thank you for
    what you are doing.”

    With the help of the Ohio Energy Project, EEC brought an energy bike to
    the fair this year. The bike allows riders to learn about the transformation
    of energy and the importance of energy conservation. Another lighting
    display showcased the different types of CFLs available—from warm to
    daylight and variations in between.

    The Ameren Fridge Pig was on hand to let fairgoers know how much
    energy they are wasting if they have an extra refrigerator sitting in the
    garage or basement. Many people stopped to pose for a picture with
    the hog, which gave volunteers an opportunity to start a conversation
    about increasing efficiency and cutting energy costs by disposing of
    old refrigerators.

    At the Prairie Power Inc. Energy Efficiency Wall, fair goers learned about
    air leaks and insulation and about what money-saving and energy-saving
    measures they can take around their homes.

    The Illinois State Fair was again a great opportunity for EEC to carry out
    its mission of empowering energy consumers. A special thanks goes out to
    Prairie Power Inc. for bringing in the Energy Efficiency Wall, to Ameren
    for the addition of the Fridge Pig, and to all of the organizations that
    provided volunteers.

Learning through Pedal Power
The Energy Education Council’s new Energy
Bike, built by the Ohio Energy Project, made
its first appearance at this year’s Illinois State
Fair. Cyclists pedal the energy bike, which
is attached to an electrical board, to power
different light bulbs and electronics so they
can see for themselves how much more energy
it takes to power a traditional incandescent
light bulb versus a newer CFL or LED bulb.
The energy bike is an effective tool because
participants can feel how much energy it takes
to power light bulbs and see the results of
their pedaling as the bulbs light up.

The energy bike is also easy to assemble,
transport, and take down, making it an ideal
educational tool for EEC to use at a variety of
venues and events.

EEC looks forward to using the energy bike
at more events, but for now it is set up in the
entryway of the EEC office. If you are ever in
the area, stop in and give it a spin.

Time to Communicate about Harvest Safety
                                             to share important safety information      section of the Member’s Only site,
                                             with farm workers and their families.      check out the new two-sided farm
                                                                                        safety tips on 1/3 panel.One side
                                             The TLC campaign tells the story of        summarizes actions farmers can take
                                             Jim Flach. He was a farmer, a teacher,     to stay safe in the fields. The other
                                             and a beloved friend and family            features the Flach story.
                                             member. While working in the field,
                                             his machinery made contact with an         Safe Electricity has many other
                                             overhead power line. When he stepped       resources available on its Member’s
                                             down from his equipment, he became         Only site to help you get the word
                                             the path to ground and suffered a high     out about electrical safety during the
                                             voltage electric shock. Flach died         busy harvest season. Keeping your
                                             several months later from injuries         consumers safe and informed can be as
                                             sustained in the accident.                 easy as copying and pasting. The social
                                                                                        media section of our website has short
                                             The Flach family has worked with           messages appropriate for Facebook or
                                             the Energy Education Council’s Safe        Twitter with links to longer articles and
                                             Electricity program to turn their          checklists. All you have to do is copy
The harvest season in Illinois has           tragedy into a teaching opportunity.       and paste these messages.
begun, and farmers will be putting           The videos, PSAs, and print materials
in long hours in the fields. Safe            that tell Flach’s story are a compelling   Our news release section offers
Electricity’s 2011 "Teach Learn Care         way to share safety reminders with         more in-depth information about
TLC" campaign focuses on farm                farmers and large equipment operators.     farming safety. These releases can
safety, which gives you a great way          Under the Print Materials & Designs        be distributed to the media, and the
                                                                                                         (continued on page 4)

Harvest Safety                                                                EEC Welcomes New
(continued from page 3)
related articles can be included                                               Associate Member
in your newsletters. There are                                    The Energy Education Council welcomes the Ohio
releases specifically focused on                                  Energy Project (OEP) as a Silver Associate Member.
harvest safety as well as general
farming safety releases. Our                                      They partner with schools, businesses, and communities
photo library contains images of                                  to promote an energy-educated and energy-responsible
fields and equipment available                                    society. The OEP provides free educational materials to
for you to use.                                                   teachers in Ohio and holds workshops to train educators
                                                                  and other professionals on energy efficiency.
An important message that all of
these resources contain is to stay                                EEC proudly debuted the energy bike that the OEP
clear of overhead power lines.                                    designed and built at the 2011 Illinois State Fair.
Farmers are at a heightened risk
of making contact with overhead                                   To learn more about the OEP, visit
lines since they operate large
machinery. Equipment should
be at least 10 feet away from
overhead lines—in all directions,
at all times. Conducting a visual
field survey before entering the
field to work is a good way to
                                        Mike Buffington
plan in advance in order to avoid
contact with power lines.               Joins EEC Board
Be sure to check out the
resources available to you as an
EEC member to help keep your
members and your customers           Superintendent of Electrical Services for Geneva, IL, Mike Buffington, is
safe this harvest season.            the newest member of the Energy Education Council Board of Directors.
                                     Buffington oversees electrical services personnel and finances and is
                                     responsible for operations and maintenance of the power plant.

                                     “I believe in what EEC does,” says Buffington. “I can see it being a benefit
                                     for my community.”

                                     Buffington has more than 30 years of experience working in utilities. He
                                     serves as president of the Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency and sits
                                     on the Board of Directors of Prairie State Generating Company. During his
                                     time in the utility industry, Buffington has increased customer satisfaction and
                                     created savings through enhancing existing power plants.

                                     In addition to a history of leadership, Buffington brings a broad knowledge
                                     base to the EEC Board, with a background in both finance and engineering.
                                     He has an understanding of public policy from his experience as a member of
                                     American Public Power Association where he has served on the Legislation
                                     and Resolutions Committee.

                                     Buffington, an Indiana native, is based in Geneva, IL.

Taking the Future Out for a Spin
On August 16, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce hosted
“Taking the Future Out for a Spin” at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL.

The event provided a first-hand look at the present and future of electric,
compressed natural gas, and flex fuel vehicles.

EEC’s Kyla Kruse was on hand to test drive some of the 16 vehicles there
that day, learn about trends in alternative fuel vehicles, and hear from Ann
Schneider, Acting Secretary of the Illinois Department of Transportation
on the state’s collaborative effort with the Department of Energy to invest
in alternative fuel vehicles and develop an infrastructure to support these
vehicles. This plan includes setting up 280 charging stations in Chicago and
the seven-county metro area. A charging network pilot, EVtown, is moving
forward in Bloomington-Normal as well.

                                                         Top 4-H Electricity Projects
                                                         Showcased at State Fair
    Having been selected at their local 4-H shows to represent        A total of 81 4-H electricity projects were shown at the
    their respective counties at the state level, 4-Hers              2011 state fair, which is an increase of 11 over last year.
    throughout Illinois brought Electricity I, II, and III exhibits   Twenty-four of these projects were given superior awards.
    to the state fair for conference judging from August 12-15.

4-H Task Force Members
Thank you to the 4-H Task Force members for all of their contributions as
another successful 4-H year closes and another begins! Members include:

Chris Boyd – Southern Illinois Electric Cooperative
Chris Grotbo – State Farm
Denise Kistner – U of I Extension
Bill Million – U of I Extension
Charlie Peterson – retired/volunteer
Dana Smith – Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative Co.
Melinda States – retired/volunteer
Larry Wachtel – retired/volunteer

                New Video Resources
                for Members
The Energy Education Council videotaped numerous safety
and efficiency activities during our 10-day run at the Illinois
State Fair. Kyle Finley’s full-length Live Line Demonstration
video is now available on our YouTube channel. Footage of
the exercise bike, lighting displays, energy efficiency wall,
and Shawn Miller’s presentations will be used in creating
additional video resources for members.

  New Consumer

                                                                                                  Work is underway on the
                                                                                                  2012 "Teach Learn Care
                                                                                                  TLC" campaign. The 2012
                                                                                                  campaign will focus on a
                                                                                                  survivor of an electrical
                                                                                                  accident. The video will
                                                                                                  feature him and his family
                                                                                                  as they promote electrical
                                                                                                  safety by sharing their
                                                                                                  personal stories and vital,
                                                                                                  life-saving information.
                                                                                                  Look for the full story in

                          A Message From Molly Hall
                      It has been another busy summer. Recent             Illinois, and a special presentation on electrical
                      hurricanes and earthquakes have certainly           safety from Shawn Miller, the focus of our 2009
                      brought energy safety education during disasters    "Teach Learn Care TLC" campaign.
                      to the forefront. Communication resources
                      specific to hurricanes—including news releases,     October is Energy Awareness Month, and we
                      sound bites, and talking points—have all been       are looking forward to sharing a line-up of great
                      added to the website.           new resources for members. Included in these
                                                                          resources are numerous social media updates
                      Safety and efficiency education were both           for both Facebook and Twitter that can be used
                      highlighted at the Energy Education Council’s       to bring attention to Energy Awareness Month
Molly Hall,           tent at the 2011 Illinois State Fair. In addition   and a new graphic on energy vampires that can
Executive Director,   to “Live Line Demo” presentations from Kyle         be used in newsletters, mail inserts, fact sheets,
EEC                   Finley and the Prairie Power Inc. Energy            and more!
                      Efficiency Wall, we had our new Energy Bike
                      developed by the Ohio Energy Project on hand,
                      a visit from the Energy Fridge Pig from Ameren                               Molly

Upcoming Events                                      EEC Wins Clarion
EEC Board Meeting
September 22
                                                     Award for Television
Springfield, IL
                                                     The Energy Education Council’s "Teach Learn Care TLC"
Home Energy & Weatherization Workshop                Auto Accidents/Power Lines PSA has been selected as a
September 24                                         winner of a 2011 Clarion Award for Television. The PSA
Mattoon, IL                                          featured the story of Indiana teenagers that found themselves
                                                     in a dangerous situation. After colliding with a power pole,
Safe Electricity Advisory Board Meeting              a power line fell on the vehicle they were traveling in.
                                                     Fortunately, some of them had just attended a power line
September 27
                                                     safety demonstration at their high school, and they were able
Springfield, IL
                                                     to use what they had learned to stay safe.

EEC Renewable Task Force Meeting (Webinar)           EEC will be honored at the International Matrix and Clarion
October 7                                            Awards Dinner Celebration held during the 2011 Association
                                                     for Women in Communications (AWC) National Conference.
World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC)             This honor will also be recognized on the AWC website and
October 12-14                                        featured in a press release.
Chicago, IL
                                                     Clarion Awards were first presented in 1972 to award
Become a Certified Energy Auditor                    excellence in a variety of communications disciplines. They
                                                     are open to men and women as well as individuals and
October 24-27
                                                     organizations. Past award winners represent media companies
St. Louis, MO
                                                     large and small, leading corporations, small businesses, and
                                                     nonprofit associations and institutions. Last year's award
2011 Sustainable Universities & Colleges Symposium   winners in the Television category included MSNBC and
October 28                                           HBO. The 2011 competition attracted nearly 400 submissions.
Normal, IL

Making the Most of
your Member Tools
Starting next week, you will be receiving
a regular e-note from us highlighting an
EEC/Safe Electricity tool or resource and
providing tips for getting the most from it.

As we have conducted webinars for                                                400 Chatham Road, Suite 201
members, we have found many want to                                                      Springfield, IL 62704
know more about the many new materials
being continually added. We understand                                                     Ph: 217.546.6815
you have busy schedules—and may not                                                       Fax: 217.546.6212
yet had the time to explore all of the                                    
available resources that could really
make your job easier.

We promise our e-notes will be a quick read
with tips you can put to use right away!


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